Happy 3 years anniversary Teen Top!!!~

Omo! 3 years already?! O__O I still remember their rookie days! I totally fell in love with Clap and got freaked out when I saw Supa Luz ;'D Damn... Happy 3 years anniversary guys!! Do another awesome comeback like No.1 :D


80 facts about Teen Top

One of those random fact posts, I don't really have the time to rea every single one of them but I read a few and though about sharing with you guys XD *lame*
* TEEN TOP’s balloon color is pearl light lavender purple. Their balloons have white stars on them.
*Changjo looks up to BIG BANG’s Taeyang a lot as a dancer.

* When he lived in America, L.Joe used his real name, Lee Byeonghyun, but the people around him nicknamed him Joe.
*The only person using his real name as his stage name in Teen Top is Niel. Niel is short for Daniel, his first name.
*Chunji’s stage name means ”to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth.
*If you put Chunji and Changjo’s names together, “chunji changjo”, it means “the creation of heavens and earth”.
*When Teen Top where guests on Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha’s radio, Changjo said his ideal girl is Narsha.
*Teen Top practiced their debut song “?? (Clap)” for about 3-4 months before their debut.
*A month after Teen Top’s debut, when asked about the changes in a month’s time, Chunji answered that he grew taller.
*When Niel was younger, he admired Se7en a lot. L.Joe liked Fin.K.L.
* Ricky likes to play board games, such as Monopoly.
*I f L.Joe could get close to any celebrity he’d want, he’d wish for it to be his role model, G-Dragon (BIG BANG).
* When Changjo was younger he did taekwondo and jeolkwondo. His dream was to become a bodyguard.
* One of C.A.P’s hobbies is design. He does graffiti a lot.
* Meeting the fans personally, like at a fan sign, makes Ricky happy.
* Niel describes Supa Luv as a song with a cold name but refined melody. He says it’s a dance song with a good beat.
* The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”, which means “rough and arrogant man dance”
* C.A.P has three tattoos:one on his neck, an angel/demon on his left shoulder blade&“carpe diem”written on his right shoulder.
* Leader C.A.P says they will become a Teen Top who always gives us different images of themselves.
If TEEN TOP were to choose between a sexy noon/a cute noona: Chunji&LJoe pick a sexy noona.Ricky&Niel pick a cute noona.
* Changjo admired Dong Bang Shin Ki a lot when he was younger. Ricky admired Jewelry, and Chunji g.o.d.
* L.Joe lived with his father in Korea before he joined TEEN TOP. His mother lives in the US.
* For Niel’s birthday last year, L.Joe stayed up at 3 AM to compose a birthday song for him.
* L.Joe lived in California for 5 years.
* The first time Changjo met Niel, he thought he looked like a Simpson.
* Niel relieves stress by tormenting Ricky.
* In TEEN TOP’s dorm, Niel and Ricky are roommates since they’re the loudest members in the band.
* Ricky says the Teen Top hyungs treat him and Changjo really well.
* When Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha asks Ricky if he knows how old she is, he shyly replies “two times my age”
* When asked about a manly member in Teen Top, Ricky answers that it’s C.A.P and adds that “he looks like a really cool man”.
* According to the other members, Ricky is the shyest/most embarrassed member of TEEN TOP.
* Ricky is the fake maknae and always claims to be the maknae even though Changjo is the real one.
* The most talkative member is Niel and the quietest member is Changjo.
* Chunji has a pink phone with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.
* C.A.P told Chunji that he has a small face.
* Niel was jealous at RickJoe, when they are practicing their kissing scene in mnet japan, elle photoshoot.
* Ricky was L.Joe’s first kiss.
* Niel Said To the students who think that uniforms are plain, you can wear it with a cool bag!
* C.A.P’s ideal girl is Jihyun from 4minute, while Ricky’s is Hyomin from T-ara. Chunji and Niel both like Song Yuri.
* Teen Top’s average age is 16.3 years old.
* C.A.P likes English but he makes lots of mistakes with English spelling.
* Changjo’s height is the same as niel’s which 1cm shorter than c.a.p
* Changjo doesn’t have sharp jawlines.
* When i become an adult, i want to fall in love.” – Niel
* CAP likes to write his own rap.
* "The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”; rough and arrogant man dance.”
* “C.A.P says Shinhwa’s Andy taught them directly before entering the army, and he always supports Teen Top, so they always feel thankful and stronger.”
* Since the fans keep on cheering for Teen Top enthusiastically no matter where they are, Changjo feels that Teen Top are getting more popular little by little.”
* Ricky always gives his hyungs a lot of aegyo and he talks a lot. -Chunji
* Ricky’s really mischievous and he’s like Teen Top’s adrenaline. -L.joe
* When I am watching the movie with others, I love scaring them at suspenseful parts. -Changjo
* I always try to have a kind heart. -Changjo
* He has a brother who is five years older than him. – Chunji
* He went for private audition and showed his skills by singing Neyo’s So Sick – Chunji
* He likes brain-game and loves to re-arrange puzzles. – Chunji
* He loves to play games on his iPod whenever he has free time in the dressing room.
* He often do 1000 pieces ones puzzle. He didn’t do it at the dorm, he usually do it at home with his father.
* He usually takes his dirty clothes home once a week and bring it back the following week. – Chunji
* Chunji & Ricky wanted to go to Disneyland when they were in Japan.
* If he get a chance to do solo concert, he wants to sing a ballad song. – Chunji
* Chunji got abs.
* Chunji looks like Jessica [SNSD]
* Chunji can’t sleep without pajamas, and him will feels weird.
* When I have free time I’ve gone by myself to the theater. -Chunji
* Ricky is the most hot tempered out of all members.
* His dream was to be a doctor specialized in cardiothoracic surgery. – L.Joe
* He has played piano for about five years and has a lot of interest in composing songs.
* He often look at the mirror to look for the perfect angles in showing his expressions on stage. – LJoe
* During the audition, he rapped to his own song and also a song by Epik high and Dynamic Duo. – LJoe
* He began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song “Heartbreaker.” – LJoe
* He said that he prefer to be a couple with Chunji instead of Ricky. Because Chunji can sing as well. – LJoe
* He promised the other five members that he would write each of them a song. – LJoe
* He said that Ricky was the one who welcomed him warmly when the first time he went to the practice room.
* L.Joe is the apparent skin ship devil.
* He was a model student and got A’s.
* LJoe first couple was Niel, then he ran away to Ricky and Chunji.
* L.Joe went to America when he was 12 and came back to South Korea when he was 17.
* L.Joe is the shortest member. And he wants to grow taller.
* Chunji likes solving puzzles. He usually does the ones with 1000 pieces.

C.A.P's tattoos

Well I'm not sure if it's new or just... old XD Their official fanpage on fb uploaded thiss picture a while ago showing his tattoos and I didn't know that he had 3 tattoos before o_o The angel thing is cool but nothing I would crave for :3 But does anyone know what it stands for? (The death angel something something)

Teen Top's L.Joe loses a lot of weight

So recently Teen Top released a video on youtube:

No idea of what they're saying. But I noticed how small L.Joe had become, and I'm not the only one

I mean, he has always been skinny.. but now he kind of feels sick. Like not skinny in a natural way T_T


Hahaha spam!!! But he looks so gorgeous ^3^ Man.. please eat, don't starve T_T I loved you the way you were, WE loved you the way you were :)

Because guys.. you can't tell me that something here is not wrong. Why did he lose so much weight? T^T

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [Dance Ver.]

It's outaaaa~ I've been working on our "1 year anniversary" clip so I didn't really have that much time to update the blog fast, and I bet that most of you have already seen this ^_^
Teen Top is actually getting better and better. They're on my Top 3 best dance groups out there. The thing I've been noticing is that they use a lot of footwork now compared to their Clap, Supa Luv and No more perfume period. You can clearly see that they've been working hard :3 (Y)

Teen Top - Funny Moments [Weekly Idol]

This show is so funny! Hahaha and I remember when I saw the episode with Teen Top. Laughed so much xD

'Random Play Dance' -game

HAHAHAHAHAHA When Ricky messes up and Changjo goes crazy (1:00) ^^
You've got to love their punishment, and that they do it even to their leader hahaha xD And Neil.. he never has to change position because he's always in the middle.. haha ^^

'Breaking the Plastic Wrapper' -game

Oh My.. their faces ^^ HAHAHAHAHHA CHUNJI!!! And L.Joe, that's so.. not smart ahhaha x'D

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [MV]

I sat and thought for myself "Shouldn't Teen Top's Be Ma Girl be out soon?" And look at that...
I've actually been listening to Teen Top more and more, started to hum something for myself a few days ago and I thought it was B1A4's "Baby I'm sorry" but I hate that song =__= So much autotune... but it was Teen Top's Crazy.
Their song Be Ma Girl is actually really good OuO It's that typical cute story behind the MV and the choreography was good as well ^_^ However C.A.P, L.Joe and Ricky deserves more parts -_- Especially C.A.P because his rapping (wanted to write raping..) is kabnskfajhbg (YYY) One of the best rappers out there~
That heart picture at the end seems to get more and more popular, even BO made one of those a loong time ago :3
I should look for their album... soon...

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [Teaser 2]

Sometimes I hate this blog -_- I published this 30 minutes ago but everything just kadjgkadjg and deleted everything I wrote and did >______>
Is this really the song we heard on the first teaser?! Because this sounds... really good O__O It'll probably be the next Teen Top hit for me. Their "Clap" is still #1 on my list so I hope that this will be good! >:3
However... did SM fire their cameraman in A-CHA? In that case it feels like T.O.P Media hired him. I got dizzy after 3 seconds @__@
They will release their MV or whole album August 3rd, Only 3 days left! :D

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [Teaser 1]

*_______________* I think I fell in love with neon colors XD
The song sounds like a typical Teen Top song so it'll probably be an average one for me but it looks so sweet ;w;
Wonder if they'll do a MV for every song they mentioner in their teaser pictures, I hope they do it >:3
Once again I didn't find any specific date that theyäll release the MV or the album but it should be somewhere around August so wait angels~ *cheesy*

Teen Top - Teaser pictures [Chunji & L.Joe] + Tracklist

Their teaser pictures are finally out!!! :D
I wrote that Chunji's and L.Joe's pictures would probably be über sweet but I can''t decide if it's sweet or hot.. more like . . . o___o Heaven?
I tried to search their release date for their new "Summer Special" album but they haven't mentioned anything. But their teaser should be out soon, a few days left~
However I found their tracklist, there will be total of 4 songs in their new album:
  • 반해 (Fall In Love)
  • 나랑 사귈래? (Would You Go Out With Me?)
  • Party Tonight
  • 나랑 사귈래? (Would You Go Out With Me?) [Inst]

Teen Top - Teaser pictures [Niel & Changjo, C.A.P & Ricky]

I wanted to wait till the day when all the teaser were out but what the heck let's do it.
Apparently Teen Top are going to have another comeback around september, damn these guys are on fire... they had their comeback around 2 months ago. 
Well here are some teaser picture on le members~
What happened to your stomach Changjo?! Why do you have squares on them?! kasjgbsdkjfsad why Teen Top grow up so fast? ;w; And Niel you little teaser, trying to kill all of your noona fans out there *giggle* XD
How come all the young ones are getting hotter while the older ones are getting cuter? Bet 10 bucks that L.Joe and Chunji will be cute as sugerhoneybunnypies~
And Rickys hair <3___<3
Well if my brain work, I believe that these small texts are some of their songs in their new album.
I just realized that Teen Top hasn't made a Japanese debut yet. I find that pretty weird somehow...
Oh well I wanna see L.Joe's and Chunji's teaser photos now!!! :D



Wahh has it already gone 2 years?! O_O I remeber this was the group that I "followed" from their debut. Or this is the longest group I've followed. They've grown so much *happy tears*  They debuted July 9th, 2010 with their debut album "Come in to the world"

C.A.P - The leader who raps while talking
Niel - And his angel voice
Chunji - Niels savior
Changjo - The guy who's looking hotter every minute
L.Joe - The pretty (secretly) cooky one
Ricky - ... forever maknae XD

Hahahahaha gosh that sucked ;D
But guys I hope that you'll have a great day and keep working! <3





 Lol E.T phone home XD

Teen Top - To You [Dance Practice]

Hahahaha, when they scream <3
And when Niel went "Oh, Zebra L.Joe" and L.Joe pushes/hits him xD Hahaha bromance ^3^ And how they said in the video "Zebra (x), Leopard" LOL xD

But there is one thing that I'm wondering. When they perform live, and sing.. they can't be doing these noises in the background, right? Soo.. how can they still be so awsome performing live? O__o hahaha I bet you that they yell like this in their heads while performing xD

Teen Top - To You [Standing ver.]


Hahaha I was like "Wuth the?! Standing ver?" XD
But ahh~  I just love this dance! Especially that awesome foot work! The epic thing is that I thought it was their 2nd year anniversary today... But it's July 9th -_____- 1 month left and I also made that awesome post too but nooooo I can't post it >___>

Teen Top - To You [Dance Ver.]

I really like this dance... Yeah hahahaha just got another "must learn" for this summer xD But hey, I HAVE SUMEMR VACATION NOW!!!! So starting.. tomorrow I'll learn all these dances ^^

But I really like this dance. The foot-work looks very complicated, and since they all to it at the same time it looks so daebak! And that "ooooh oooooohoooooh~"'s stuck in my head -.-' very annoying because that's the only part of the song I know ^^

Teen Top - To You [Dance Tutorial]

Changjo teaching us how to dance to "To You", wohoo~ (just because it rimes xD)

Here you have the whole MV for Teen Top's "To You"

DAAAANG!!! Changjo looks hot O__o but what happened to C.A.P's hair? ^^ What happened to C.A.P's part in the song? xO

Niel was not all over the MV either like in all of their other MV's, which is good. I actually WANT to see the other members ^^ L.Joe has always been hot, but DAAAAANG to him too!!! However he also had a very small part? But yeah.l.. DAAAANG to pretty much all of them!! Haha and only me who thought of U-KISS's "DoraDora" at 1:51?? ^^

Teen Top - To You [MV]


I got so depressed because I saw that Teen Top released their MV for To You this morning but I couldn't see it because I had a lesson TT^TT *too ambitious at school*

Wahh!! That foot-work-dance was just deabak!!! The dance was just too awesome!!! And I was really happy that Niel didn't sing 95% of the song. Everyone doesn't have equal parts but it's better than before so I'm a bit happy when it comes to that. The song isn't that bad either, a lot of people seem to complain about the tempo of the song because the teaser was slow. So here's the slow version:

I actually liked both of them O_O But truth to be told the reason why I don't "fangirl" that much over Teen Top's songs are because of their voices. I just want some more... power. But it feels like their voices can't handle it xd I want to get a WOW feeling so I'm somehow waiting for it.

Oh well Teen Top hwating! It maybe didn't fill all my expectations but at least a bit of it ^^ And Changjo... I think I got a new bias @__@

Teen Top - To You [Main Teaser]


And now the main teaser is out, it was a mix between the first one and the second one -_-  And that "bruise" on their cheeks hahahahaha *dying* XD But gaahhh they've grown so much TT^TT I remember when I checked them out during their debut days, they were so small *o*

Release the song goddammit!!"#¤!#¤£$ *impatient*

Teen Top - To you [Teaser #3]


Yeah this time I skipped the whole "making it pretty design"...
It feels like Teen Top are going for EXO's concept by releasing 235245 teasers XD Just kidding!

But shabam! C.A.P looking fine as always :O And *me seeing Niel in the bathtub* - Why?! O_O Y U so sad TT^TT However it feels like I'm building up this exitment about the song that will lead to me having really high expectations and in the end beeing disappointed -__-

But I hope that it'll satisfy my expectations *dirty* XD

Teen Top - To You [Teaser #2]


Yeah this was something different XD I mean the design... apparently it's a new thing called Remby that you can creat when you make a post. Well it looks pretty I guess? But it took too much time =__= *slow at doing things*

Okay about their teaser, I saw a Chancky <-- is that what you call it? O_O moment... How come everyone has some purple eyeshadow on the cheek pretending to be a bruise -__- they should at least have it on different places. Looks like someone just passed by giving all 6 of them a fat bitch clap in a row...

But I'm waiting for the song so bring it on~ huhuhuh >:3

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