Crossdressing: Infinite style


Why isn't Sunggyu here ;w; Couldn't find any crossdressing pictures of him, strange... 
I find it quite funny that over 80% of the crossdressing pictures of INFINITE is of Dongwoo. wae?! O_O
(Bo Bae: Because he looks hella' fine as a lady!)


Kpop crossdressing all over again~ [part 2/2]

For you who didn't know I made a part 1 last week with different bois~ If you haven't seen the pictures yet CLICK HERE!
So let's continue with part numero 2
Omg hahahahahah T.O.P too?! XD
image         pj2NE.jpg
Well some of them do look bad, just like a trantransvestite XD However a lot of them look really good o__O
It's creepy what some makeup, fake hair and fake boobs can do to a man X'D

Kpop crossdressing all over again~ [part 1/2]

I started to search on female idols who was crossdressing but I found none! Except for Sullie and her short hair because of To The Beautiful You. The girls should do a crossdressing thing as well during their concerts X'D
He is skinny as ****!
1.jpg         2.jpg
Omg hahaha XD
Who the heck is this O__O

Shindong goes ShunA

Hahahaha saw this funny clip yesterday of Shindong from SUJU. Hahhaha that man is hilarious!!

Artist: Shindong from Super Junior
Songs: HyunA's Trouble Maker & Bubble Pop

HAHAHA EVERYTIME! He just cracks me up xD And that he owns it, he's not very shy ^^

Sexual Tension - Super Junior edition

Ouf, it's getting a bit hot over here hehe.. only me? ^^
Heechul is such a.. funny funny guy hahahahaha (referring to 1:31) xD

Dongwoon & Hyunseung (B2ST) - Trouble Maker

DONGWOON YOU SEXY B2ST!! (C what I did there? ^^)
Hahaha this is soo funny! Love ALL the parodys KPOP-stars have made of this song. Love this version of Trouble Maker even more because Hyunseung is in it ^^

At 1:00 when Hyunseung smacked Dongwoons but hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha xD That actually made me fan-girl very hard ^^

At 2:52


And the end, when they jumped in to eachother. I kind of saw that coming ^^ However the laaaast thing was so cute! When Dongwoon ran away xD

Funniest moment of Kpop dance parody

So worth 9 minutes!! Hahaha you guys MUST watch this!

So many Bi Rain parodies xD
Don't know in what category to put this post in, hahaha but since there is a lot of crossdressing in this video, I guess I'll put it here ^^

Some fugly things C:

Oh dear lord hahahaha XD I wonder how Narsha feelt when she saw a bigger and manlier version of her self. Gosh I'm sorry but that was some ugly chicks XD They usually look good, somehow but now hahahahah ;''D

This is what I was referring too u__u Sungmin.... Y U LOOK SO PRETTY?!


INFINITE Sungyeol & Sungjong - Trouble Maker

Hahaha I know, long time since this happened (in mid february) but still ^^

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! He fell at 1:08!! Hahaha okey, maybe why not I'm spazzing. THIS is whay I'm spazzing:

 Sungjong and Sungyeol kissed again! Troublemaker 20120225

That's a really good kiss right there. Jawline looking good and everything! (have a thing for jawlines ^^)
And when he ripped his dress. Very lady-like! Haha felt wrong somehow, you know.. ripping a dress. Girls don't do that ^^ But then again, I don't mind him ripping his dress ;)

teamans:  OMG
Ouf, mama like!!!

Super Junior dancing to SNSD's Gee

The dancing part don't really start until 5:35

HAHAHAHAHHA the laugh Kangin does in the beginning, WTF?! xD

You got to love SUJU for these stuff they keep doing! I know this is old stuff, but they're just so adorkable! 8D It's funny, because if I'd seen this before I would think.. not as cute stuff as I'm thinking now xD But here we are.. ^^

New Category

We now have a new category!!
It's called "Kisses and Crossdressers" and it's under Random.

I guess you understand what this category is all about xD

You guessed right:

Yeah I just died while scratching my eyeballs


The girls got suspicious XD

Have to love the part were the MC stood up like a hyped hyena and laughed ;''D Ahh these guys made my night. It's a shame that the girls react in a... how can you say it, shy way. I would scream and dance with them XD
They even cover their eyes, like come on x)


OUF!! It's getting hot in here!

(SO WHAT?!) so it can only mean~
That Bo bae. Found some more of. THE KPOP KISSES!~

If you've heard the song, then you get it ^^ (Nelly - Hot in here)

No, but truth is, I found this clip after looking for a clip for 'KPOP kisses (part 3)'.
And bo-hoy did I get over excited!!! xD

Now tell me that you didn't O.o

KPOP kisses! (part 3)

Naaw, bromance :')
But Heechul from SUJU is such a slut -.- No.. I feel bad saying stuff like that because he is in the army :/..

Yepp, that's better ^^

KPOP kisses! (part 2)

Super Junior - Siwon and Heechul

Dalmatin - Youngwon and Daniel

DGNA/The Boss - Hyunmin and Mika

This is all I could find for now. But I know that there is A LOT more ^^
So a part 3 will come ;)

KPOP kisses! (part 1)

Just watched some videos of KPOP-groups.. kissing eatch other ^^ Hahahha. So I thought that I should share these moments with you guys xD
Don't know what group... (Maybe Suju or TVXQ? Looked like Changmin on the first one /B.R.A)

Don't know what group here either -.- (Huh maybe U-KISS? /B.R.A)

B2ST ^^


Super Junior

Big Bang (T.O.P and Seungri ^^)

2PM - Card Kissing Game

Hhahahahaha, this made me laugh so hard ^^

They are like sooooooo kissing! Hahahaha, it's barely anything between their lips ^^
And at 03:40. That almost made me pee a little (*^^*)
And then at 04:37.. haha gosh.. I fan-girled so hard xD

Here you have part 2:

Is this good? TTnTT (Part 1)

I don't really know why but there's a lot of kpop celebrities/boy groups that dress themselves as girls, and the bad thing is that they look prettier than any other girls... that's just sick and depressing TT____TT

Dump the chicks, get the wig! 8D
Can you imagine a combination between two hot guys ex. ehh... Mohammed and Leetuk AHAHAHAHAHA just kidding but think of two of you biases and combine their looks he-he-he-he *dazzled*


U-KISS - Dongho & Kevin

Super Junior - Heechul, Kangin, Kyuhyun & Shindong

SHINee - The whole pack -.- + Taemin extra >:3

MBLAQ - G.O & Joon

2AM +2PM is.. Dirty eyed girls!!

LOL hahaha, 2PM and 2AM made a dance cover on Brown eyed girls song Abracadabra a while ago ^^


Gayo Fest 2009

Hahahaha, how can you not looove kpop idols? 
So the ones in this vid. is :

2PM, 2AM, Beast, MBLAQ, SHINee, Super Junior

If you can't see who is who:

2PM, 2AM, Beast - Sign (Brown Eyed Girls)
0:32 Hwang Chansung of 2PM 0:37 Lee Junho of 2PM 0:48 Yoon Doojoon of Beast 1:16 Jo Kwon of 2AM

MBLAQ, SHINee, Super Junior - Muzik (4Minute)
2nd song = Muzik ( 4Minute ) 2:14 Shindong of Super Junior 2:23 Key of SHINee 2:33 Lee Joon of Mblaq 2:39 Mir of MBLAQ (in pigtails)

2PM, Beast - Mister (Kara)
3rd song = Mr. ( Kara ) pink pants = NichKhun of 2PM, blue pants = Kikwang of Beast, yellow pants = Jang Wooyoung of 2PM, red pants = Yoseob of Beast

SHINee, Super Junior - Gee (SNSD) 4:53 Taemin from SHINee 4:58 Sungmin from Super Junior 5:01 Heechul from Super Junior 5:56 Minho from SHINee 6:05 Leeteuk from Super Junior

2PM - Bo Peep Bo Peep (T-ara)
5th song = Bo Peep Bo Peep ( T-ARA ) blue sweater = Kim Junsu of 2PM red sweater = Nickhun of 2PM yellow sweater = wooyoung of 2PM gray sweater = jun ho of 2PM

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