You're Beautiful Actors-Style [Eye Candy wannabe]

Just finished the drama "You're Beautiful" in 4 days.. Haha I'm in love!!! With Shinwoo (aka Yong Hwa from CNBlue ^^)



Not really eye candy.. but I still enjoy watching these gifs ^^

"Seunghyun confesses he is currently in a relationship"

F.T. Island‘s Seunghyun confessed that he is currently in a relationship.

F.T. Island was a guest on MBC Music‘s ‘All the K-Pop‘, where the MC Boom said, “I know because I’m friends with the F.T. Island members, but recently all five members broke up with their girlfriends. They’re all single right now.

At this, Hongki looked at Seunghyun and said, “Seunghyun, are you single?“, flustering Seunghyun. When Boom saw the response, he said, “If you do have a girlfriend but say that you don’t, she’ll be sad“.

Seunghyun hesitated, but managed to gather himself and answer, “Yes, I have a girlfriend“.




Oh damn O_O 2012 had been the freaking years of relationships XD So many confessions and rumours all the kpop fans are getting depressed by this XD 


But what to say? Congratulations man! :D

And wait! Boom said "but recently all five members broke up with their girlfriends. They’re all single right now.” Wat O___O So all of them had girlfriends receantly without us even knowing that?! HAHAHAHAHAHA XD



FT Island - I Wish [MV]

No way.. I freakin' love this!!! The song is flawless, the MV is awesome and just dajklfalhgankögrnag!!#!"# *fangirling*. AOA should look at this MV and take it as inspiration. I mean they both belong to FNC ent. so how come FT Island can make a great MV "Band Ver." while when AOA does it, they honestly just stand there... There should be a story behind the MV, just like in this one!!

And shesus, the guitar-parts.. absolutley AMAZING! And just the music in general. Like the drums as well. I just realized that I've been starting to listen a lot to the actual music.. haha just like B.R.A. I don't only listen to the song. Now I pay attention to their voices and the music.

For example.. F(x) "Electric Shock". OMG, the bass in the background and the beats are so good! I always get amazed about that part of the song. This is probably because I have way to much time between leaving my home and getting to the school. So I listen to the music. And since there is no MV, I don't have that much to pay attention to ^^

Well, yeah.. I don't have anything bad at all to say about this MV. But Hongki.. your hair T_T I guess I could live with it. However.. I prefer you in longer hair ^3^


FT Island - I Wish [Teaser]

Dat intro .___. <333
Thought it would be just like MBLAQ's Oh Yeah, but then everything changed. I've been replaying this teaser
non-stop right now. It sounds really awesome! I want to listen to the whole album now :3
The MV will be released September 10th, only 2 days left. I believe that their album will be released by then as well.
01. 좋겠어 (I wish) (Title)
02. 너의 말
03. Stay with me
04. U(All I want is you)
05. 보내주자…
06. Paper Plane
07. WANNA GO (세상 끝나지 않는 노래)
08. LIFE
09. Compass (그 길)
10. Let it go!

UPDATE: Is that painted toenails? O__é / Bo Bae

Funny FT Island Game

Saw this very random game with FT. island hahahahaha, Korea.. you guys sure come up with the weirdest games xD

I don't know if it's songs they're trying to say, because at 1:50.. isn't that Wonder Girls "Tell Me"? But that's the only song I recognized ^^ So maybe not.. haha

FT Island.. what happened to them after "Severely"? O__o That song was released during January. It's freakin' JUNE NOW!!!! Make your comeback already -.-

Here you have their MV for "Severely". Only me who got teary? T-T


Wow... 5 years o___o It's not something usual to write "Happy 5th anniversary" on a post. FT Island released their first album June 7, 2007 and are growing every day <3 Our dear Five Treasure Island HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY GUYS <33

Keep beeing dorky and korky, especially you Seunghyun and Lee Hong Ki... I'll be watching you >:3  One of the best singers out there. I've never seen anyone or heard anyone in my whole life sing with so much passion and feeling! *u*               



FT Island childhoos pictures~

Yeah I was quiet bored yesterday = Don't wanna study. So I started to search on our Five Tresure Island's childhood pictures and got some good ones >:3

Lee Hong Ki


I see the Asian version of Harry Potter...

Leader Jonghyun


Jae Jin

Heh wonder what they censored... XD

Seung Hyun

Reminds me of the actor Kim Bum

Lastly maknae Minhwan

Thank you~ :3

Well I can't really see that much difference from their childhood till now, because Asian people tend to not age at all =___= But you can clearly see that Lee Hong Ki really IS Lee Hong Ki even if you watch his childhood pictures... I looked like a freaking man when I was born... well ehm... that's because I am one he-he XD

FT Island - Neverland [Japanese]

I'm pretty slow with the whole "who's releasing music videos etc". I'm pretty tired too.. the pills I'm eating are like sleeping pills =___= *I'm serious*

Okay but FT Island released their MV for Neverland yesterday. They decided to sing Neverland on the opening music of the animation Ozuma that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Japanese broadcasting system WOWOW. I have to say that a true singer can sing in every language, Lee Hong Ki and the rest are amazing! But the song isn't really you know... "my thing" it sounds good but that's it.

The anime Ozuma

Thank you! <3

We never had a category for FT Island >___> Noticed it a while ago... Well most of you kpop fans have probably heard of Simon and Martina, two wonderful creatures that will make you laugh like a donkey ^^

So they have kpop music monday's where they discuss about the latest kpop song. Today was FT Island's Severely's turn and I wrote some stuff before:

They're thinking exactly the way I did.. Especially with the "crossing the crosswalk" thing. That was the so called climax in the whole story but it just turned out bad...

FT Island 4th mini album "Grown up"

#1 - Severely

#2 - Even had lost a friend

#3 - I'm a foolish person

#4 - Grown man

We hope become lovers

I can't really listen to these songs right now but I'm gonna do it later hohohoh XD Read that FT Islands 4th mini album is topping the charts now. Well good job bois~


My gosh how frustrating...!!!!

#1: My whole body quivered when they started to play the drums AMAZING SONG!!
There's one thing I didn't get XD If he didn't run to the crosswalk wouldn't both of them be alive? He didn't really push her or anything he just blocked the way but in the meanwhile the chick had already crossed the crosswalk thing... so he just killed himself somehow... TT___TT

But you did it again.. Lee Hong Ki you're getting more and more handsome ;')

F.T Island - Severely (Teaser)


YES! I have been waiting for a new song from them ever since I started to like Lee HongKi xD

However this teaser reminded me a bit of Teen Top's 'Crazy' with all the running after the girl ^^ But yeah, can't wait until the full MV comes out!!~

They don't need any words...



Never get tired watching this X'3

HAHAHAAHAHAH poor kids...
Feel sorry for Hong ki but Jong Hun that's just... XD

FT Island is also one of these groups bands, where the oldest one isn't the leader. Hong Ki "should actually" be the leader however Jong Hun is. (It's only 5 days of age (?) difference) It messes up your mind -__-

Regret it...

I totally regret that I didn't listen to this song a long time ago... I've seen their new "comeback" song a long time ago but I never listened to it ;___;

It gave you a depressing feeling in the beginning, almost like Hello Hello XD but it was a warm song. This seriously made me smile. So sweet ÔwÔ <-- look more like a pervy smiley O_o
I can never get tired of Lee Hong ki's voice... he truly sings from his heart I really envy him ;)

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