~Gangnam style nails~

There's a user called "cutepolish", pretty well known in the nail art world in youtube XD But I love this chick and I've seen every youtube clip she has done :3 *stalker* and she uploaded a gangnam style clip a while ago ^__^
I'm totally gonna do this, when my nails grows XD
The thumb, pointer and the middle finger is easy to know but I had some problems with the ring and pinky finger :/
Lol that yellow shoe is far fetched as h**l XD


.:Nails:. - Super Junior SPY

Haven't really made a serious nail art for a long time now. My nails are finally growing so be ready >:3
I made one of those kpop inspired nail arts posts a few days ago, so I decided to do Super Junior SPY nails~ I have to admit that it was a half fail, especially on the right hand hahahahaha XD It looked terrible...
Is it only me who hate those freaking ads?! Damn you SM...


Kpop inspired nail arts

Omg that kiss thing ans those twirls looks amazing!!! O_O
I should seriously do one of these...


Girls Generation Paparazzi Inspired nails video

Here's a night/day/morning/noon clip for you S♥NES.
This girl is seriously awesome! I've seen all of her nail videos (most of them are kpop inspired) however she isn't that well known she deserves more attention! Lol too serious over here XD

And no I don't know who she is ;)


BIG BANG inspired nails #2

A long time ago BO made some Big Bang inspired nails so I tried it a few days ago. But it's a quiet simple nail art...


The fandom and the crown on one hand and "Big Bang" and #5 (5 members) on the other. I made it a little blue from their Alive concept ^^

Apparently Big Bang are going to release a full Studio album later this year and GD will release another Solo album during August.


Totoro nails~ !!!

I'm a bit sad TT^TT My nails are too short so I can' really do anything with them. Instead I'm trolling around in youtube watchin nail arts so I found this one:


She's quiet good O_O I'm totally gonna do this one! :3 When I have long nails.... and time... >____>

These are awesome! That Cube ent. inspiring nails was just... so freaking good! O_O

CN Blue inspired nail art (really short nails)

Well *cough* The nails I've been fixing receantly has been reeeellly short ;w; That's why I haven't made any nail art posts. But I was bored yesterday (skiping homeworks, HELL YEAH) so I took some white polish and made a disaster art XD

It's like comparing those nails to these:

I'm like: ;w;
We'll just have to wait for the nails to grow and you're going to see some badass kpop nail arts ;-)
(To see more nail arts just click on ~Nails~ on the categories at the right side of the blog ^_^)

Funky Nails

Hello~ Long time now since me or B.R.A did a nail post. So this is what my sister is wearing right now on her fingers:

Left picture, Left hand. Right Picture, Right hand ;)

IT'S SO MANY COLORS!! GAAAH SO. Many. colors.... *It's-so-big-and-fluffy voice (from despicable me)*

I Am The Best (Sandara inspired nails)

Yes girls! (and boys.. I guess) I few days ago I made some nails with this as inspiration:

Haha, can you see her nails? Well it's like smileys on them. So this is what I made:

(Mehehe.. a little M2STASCH inspired look there to on the second picture. See the stasches? ^^)

See the thumb?! Took me a LOOONG time to do those misshaped smileys -.-'
And I like it that they're misshaped. It gives them personality! ;P

2PM Nails Tutorial

Yes sir! Because it's little Chansung's birthday today (that little fella' is turning 22 O.o) I thought "hey, why not post a nail tutorial on 2PM-nails!" Mehehe, but because I don't really have time to record me doing nail art I got you guys this:

Not bad, eh? xD The thing she uses to do all of the things with is a dotting tool. You can buy them at any beauty salon I guess, but a simpel toothpick works just as well!! ;D

So the index finger is from 2PM's Heartbeat, the middle finger represents Hands Up and the bunny/skull thing on the ring finger is.. well I really don't know O.o haha, but yeah! I liked this 2PM Nail Tutorial. If you choose to make them, make sure you post us a picture of the results!!!! :D

BIG BANG inspired nails~

(I know, very lousy pictures..)


Here's some nails I've dona receanlty ^^
I don't have anything special to write over here to let the pictures speak for themselves~



Can you see what it pictures?
(Yeah I know I failed with the mouth and the nose >___>)


                                                                     Da Daaam~ Pikachu XD

~Nails~ ^^

I got a lot of comment on these nails that I.. ehm did ^^ It was an easy one and it fits everything ;D

And the AKSNCASLKJFC I have cramp, picture XD

So if you saw anyone on the subway having that nail art... I'm the one who did it ;'D

Tha nails~

After 35983 years I've finally made a freaking cathegory for the nails we make... T__T wo-ho... But it isn't on the cathefory corner thing, have to fix it tomarrow...
Well I can begin with "FRIDAY FRIDAY~" na na na!

Okay here's the nails I did 1 week ago (posting it now XD) 

ol the first pic look like a cramped person...


Really small and bad picture, gonna see if I can upload them a bit bigger later. Well can you see the art? It's zeeeB.R.A

SHINee Nails #1

Okey guys, thought I'd make some KPOP-inspired nails. Wanted to do MBLAQ nails, but had no idea of how I would do them :/ BUUT, saw this awsome girl that made SHINee nails and just had to do them myself! ^^

The girl's nails:

onew word.. AWSOME!
The nails are inspired by SHINee's MV 'Replay'

Here you have my.. sisters nails:

(DO WE LOOK ALIKE?! People keep asking us if we are twins, But come on.. I don't look like that -.-)

They are far from perfect, I know that. There is still some shit beside the nails, and the star I tried to make was not even close to what the girl made. Haha, but what the heck, at least you can see that it says SHINee (.. maybe you only see the SHIee.. no N ^^) and that's good enough for me! :D

SHINee - Replay

Party Nails!

Hey guys, saw that B.R.A posted up some picture of nails he made (or painted..). So thought, what the heck, I'LL DO IT TOO! xD

This design was made on my.. ehm, friend for new years eve! :D

Got actually very happy with the results! xD
So from now on, I guess I'll also put up some nail-designs in this blog. B.R.A.. we really need to make a new category for nails! ^^


Well... hahaha XD Did this a week ago and I haven't showed you guys yet... Really amateur but it's fun doing this ^o^ Would really appriciate it if you came up with tips on what I can do :)


Fail bunnies >__>
As I said just post a comment and write everything from poo, pee, dork, kpop, SHINee what so ever nails that I should do :3 Hohohohoh~

Le nails~

Well here's the result for another impulsive nail thing I had to do XD (Yesterday) . . . on eh.. one of my coustomers hohoho -__-'


Uh-uh those cherries... my back and patience went to h*ll
Quiet happy for beeing 100% handmade without any tools ^_~
Have to fix a specific category for the nails >___>


I was reeeaaally bored so I made... ehm one of my friends to come over ^^ So this time was a fail suju inspired nails... >___> *shame*

Meheheh do you underestand the Oppa thing? >_>

This was the most fail one... Tried to make a sorry sorry man with the same position...


*cough* Well beside our group M2STASCH me and BO have this secret beauty salon were we fix nails . . . T___T

So here's ehmm... one of our costumers... nails...


Have to personally say that I laugh everytime I see =3= XDDD

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