Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 9

Sorry for the late calendar thing, we'll post 2 smiles today instead :3
Yesterdays smile was no other than Secret's leader Hyosung
So congratulations anonymously person who always guess right when no one does .___. who are you...
Guess this one~ 

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 23 & 24 ANSWER

This is gonna be a special (!?) answer XD
I, or both me and BO got a freaking chock when we discovered who this dude were O____o

Yesterdays abs~


I thought that they made a mistake and wrote the wrong name instead of Joon. He look so plain and skinny everytime you see him but I got another picture proof.

*deep chock* no man seriously don't underestimate skinny guys ;___;

Well this was the last... thing... we'll see if there'll be another one next year ^^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 23 & 24

The whole christmas calendar pretty much ***** up the last days XD
And stupid me forgot to post this so here you, have it after 2 days! I wanted to save the best and "hardest" for last >:D

So the last round of whose abs?

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 21 & 22 ANSWER

Yes, the abs. The abs of day 21 & 22 was:

Super Juniors Sungmin!!!!!!! Just have to say, very pretty face O.o

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 20 REAL(!!) answer

You told me this was TOP:

That is not TOP! -.- (But to be honest, it kind of looks like him ^^)
This is Day Day from Dalmatian..

Haha, thank you Jessie for setting things straight around here. B.R.A.. I'm very disappointed -.- Not for you saying it was TOP from Big Bang, but for making me look like the idiot I am :/
You ARE an idiot... especially after the über fail with Key's abs XD HAHAHAHAHAHAH/ B.R.Ather

Hahahahaha, no ^^ It's not like anyone even guessed on his abs -.- But now you know xD It's Day Day's abs from DALMATIAN

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 21 & 22

Where were I yesterday?! How come I didn't do the calendar O.o?
Well, well.. here you go. Abs for today and yesterday!!! (Only 1 person though)

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 20 ANSWER

Last nights AB (teehee) belonged to...

TOP from Big Bang!!!!! xD

He dosen't need abs.. he's still very hot O.o
Don't you think? (a)

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 20

Okey guys, Whose AB(s) is this ^^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 18 & 19 ANSWER

So yeah!!! The abs from last night (+ the night before) was from the two beautiful boys:

2PM's Changsun and Teacyeon!!! 8D
Come on guys, don't stop guessing 'who's abs' xD !!!

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 18 & 19

Okey, because I didn't put up some abs last night, I thought that I'd make two this time ^^ Soo, who's abs are these??

OMG... just realized that "Who's abs" is grammatically wrong. It's supose to be Whose abs, because "who's abs" means "who is abs" HAHAHHA. But I don't really want to change it, because it looks better like this.
This was only just so you guys know that I know that it's wrong ^^

But anywho, WHOSE abs are these? ^^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 17 ANSWER

Think that BO forgott/didn't have time to write the answer. But here I go~
The answet for 2 days abs ago (that sound so wrong XD But I don't have the energy to write something fancy..)

Hyunseung brings the boys out~

Christmas Calendar..

No, but no one comments on the Calendar thing anymore.. *deppmode*

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 16 ANSWER

Hahahaha, because I posted "day 16" VERY late, I thought that I would give you guys more time (well not more.. it's still 24h ^^) on guessing who it was.

Well now.. the one the abs belong to.. Day 16. Yesterday. Friday. December. 2011.

U-KISS's Kiseop!!!

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 17

Okey guys, this one should be easy!!!

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 15 ANSWER

Hello!! So here you have that funny "abs picture" from thursdays that I wanted to show you guys ^^

The dude with the abs from thursdays was no other than:

Suju's leader Leeteuk!! xD
This picture just looks sooooo funny!! Hahaha the face he does while showing of his 'not-that-great, but-at-least-you-can-se-them' abs. Like a little boy.. getting a new.. toy? Hahaha, no, but you get it xD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 16

MOHAHAHAHA, with only a few seconds remaining of the day!! Haha, sorry for the crappy quality. But I just wanted to post this freakin' post before the day ended ^^

Soo, who's abs???

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 15

Hahahah this photo.. ^^
Can't wait until I can show you guys who this is!!! xD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 14 ANSWER

Don't know what to write -.-
But okey, here we go!!!

Last night's abs was from no other than:

Big Bang's Seungri!!!! 8D

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 14

Day 14. Not long now until christmas!!! 8D

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 13

Well well well ladies. (I guess that you all are ladies, if not, don't be afraid to leave a comment and tell us!! We would be so happy knowing that me and B.R.A are not the only guys *blink blink* reading the blog ^^)

Anywho, so who's abs was it last night?
No other then, and I quote, "THE KING OF ABS!"

He looks very handsome in this photo. But I don't know.. I can't really look at him more than just a.. father figure. Probably because that is what he is to my husbands (Lee Joon) group MBLAQ ^^

You guys also have to see this picture.

BI RAIN AGAIN!!! hahaha, he looks so good, but yet so cute! *drooling* 8D

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