Fail... Oppa~ Fail... Oppa~

Tried to watch MBC Gayo Daejun and it was confusing as ****! XD Sometimes they speaked Japanese, KARA performed MR 2141 times, it was comercial here and there 2NE1 just plopped up out of nowhere but it seemed better that SBS Gayo Daejun. X'D
Saw Hyun seung and HyunA, I thought they would perform Trouble maker but the parts I saw they only rubbed against each other... it was a bit too much XD 
Well well Eunghyuk and Donghae made my day XD
I haven't listen to their song "Oppa" yet but I did... live... and it was awesome...

Some clips will probably be uploaded later~
Well have a awesome new years eve!! :D

My reaction when the clip lagged XD
Say wuuut ;'D

Ahh here's some of them! >:3

This is what I meant with rubbing O___o

HAHAHAHA I feelt like a 10-year old child on christmas eve!!!
I say SHINee you say Oppa!~
SHINee, Oppa~
SHINee, Oppa~
XD The epicness when Key, Taemin and Minho plopped up ;DDD
Wonder who wrote this song ê__ê
<3 You guys once again made my day!~

See any resembelence?

Okey, I'm still pretty hung up on the concert last night (2011 SBS gayo daejun)

Remember TVXQ's intro?

Pretty darn cool!!!!! But it reminded me A LOT of Beyoncés performence on the 'Live Billboard Awards 2011' earlier this year:

Think the '2011 SBS gayo daejun' got a lot of their inpsiration from here? ^^ Maybe not.. maybe it's just like a new "thing" that people use on their concerts nowadays. Or maybe it's exactly like I'm saying.. that Korea got their inspiration for all the intros from here ^^

What do you think? O.o

FINALLY!!! MBLAQ's performance!!

I finally found MBLAQ's performance on the 'SBS gayo daejun 2011' concert that was held yesterday (December 29th)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

My little boys.. ok, maybe not little. My BIG boys are growing.. bigger? Hahah no, my little boys are getting so big!!!
It feels good seeing G.O in a haircolor other than black.
Mir, ouf, W U SO SEXY?!
Joon.. haha.. my Joonie~ LOVE YOUR HAIR, YOUR VOICE, YOUR DANCE.. your everything ^^
Not much to say about Cheondoong, great like always!
And Seungho, dude, what did they do to your hair? O.o But I dont know.. it's not bad, but I perfer you in longer hair :P

2011 SBS Gayo Daejun - MBLAQ dance

Okey, still haven't found when MBLAQ actually perfromed. But found this:

Mehehehhehe :3

2009 SBS Gayo Daejun?!

OMG, you can like.. watch the entire 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun on youtube!!! xD

If you want to, then here you go:

Just realized that you can watch ALL the previouce SBS Gayo Daejun concerts on youtube -.- well, hahaha at least now you know that xD Just search for: "(the year) SBS Gayo Daejun (what part you want to see, like 1 or 2)"

2011 SBS Gayo Daejun - Performances!!!

YES!!!!!! Allkpop posted up all the performances!! :D


After School



Super Junior (Opening)

Super Junior + SNSD (moves like Jagger)

Found all of these performances.. but not MBLAQ or B2ST!!!! BUHUU TT^TT

Heh.. *fan girl*

Yeah we're going all hyped because of the SBS Gayo Dajun. It was freaking AWESOME! My plan for today were: cleaning the whole house and do some stuff.. but no -.- Got stuck and watched the whole SBS Gayo Dajun . . . *fail*

But no regrets! I sat there and screamed like a cow! CL WAS FREAKING AMAZING! That woman is my role model! And 2PM sheesh wanted to scream but I couldn't -.- ...

The most epic moment were when the orchestra part came everyone looked awesome! Siwon playing the drums, Sungmin bass guitar, a chick playing the piano, one of the TRAX members rocked and... kyuhyun played the harmonica HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA XD <3

Lee Joon sang GO's part in the beginning... he didn't look so well O__O or was it only me? He looked kind of pale and lost sometimes... :/

Okey I've fangirled enough here ^^ Started to print screen when 2PM plopped up XD

Hehe got all hyped when Chansung talked ^w^
Got a bit confused thought that Junho and Wooyoung weren't there but apparently they were... O__o
Mehehehe hands up were probably the most epic performance there! (Just check the clip later)

SBS Gayo Daejun 2011 - MBLAQ red carpet

Because I missed the whole concert exept the last 10 minutes I begged that Youtube would have some clips or something. But apparently not yet :/ However I found a clip on MBLAQ on the red carpet :D

GFALÖFNAÖL21"!"#!¤# Fangirling!!! xD They are soooo cute!!! And especially Mir, being korky and lovable as usual!!! ^^

2011 SBS Gayo Daejun


My line of thoughts:
1. OMG, IT'S LIKE EVERYONE (that is attending the concert)
2. But not the entire SHINee?? O.o
3. EXO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mehehehehe, EXO will be there :3
Okey, so the concert won't be aired until 8:50PM (korean time I guess) And right now it's 7:39PM (korean time) xD So veeeeeery soon, maybe one of the greatest concerts will be held! ;D GAAAH, can't wait!!!

MAMA 2011

Kim Hyun Joong - Male singer

SNSD - Female group award


2NE1 - Song of the year

Super Junior - Album of the year (*Male group award and *Most Popular K-Pop Artist in Singapore)

Love the Hello-we-are-super-junior hand thing XD

Baek Ji Young - Best female singer                              HyunA (best make out) - Best dance performance (solo)

B2ST - Best dance performance (Male group)

Miss A - Best Dance performance (Female group)

A Pink - Best new female artist

Sure some of the groups won 2 or 3 prices but me are too lazy... except for Suju XD
3 reaction:

#1 Aw mai god that kiss TT^TT If BO was here HAHAHAHAHA X'D
#2 Y SANDARA's HAIR ALWAYS LIKA THAT?! But it was pretty cool during the performance ^^ She was badasss...
#3 Spazzed a bit and got hyped "Ohh it's that actress/actor" "OHH HE WAS IN THAT DRAMA!!!!"
(Saw the guy in Full house and the chick from My girl <-- bad way of explaining XD)

Livin mah own lifu <-- adding some jalapeños (Japanese) XD

The title explains it eeyyyy...
I'm trying to study... but I can't TT^TT I'm having a ASDGSFDG test tomarrow but I can't help it. I'm sitting here *forever alone* and watching some clips from the MAMA muuuuhhh!
2NE1 are getting more awesome and awesome for moi! CL and that kick-ass voice at I AM THE BEST <3
ASGHDFJHDSD wish I was there *dreaming away~*

Sweden - The country God forgot...

I'm waiting huney, I'm waiting...
*creeper mode x100*
Starting to wonder if kpop now will get a bit bigger when they hear about Will.I.Am collaborate with 2NE1, humm...

AND! I wonder what Will.I.Am thought of these korean groups ^^ Want to find an interview! HERE WE GO!~ (Super Mario ^o^)

Brown Eyed Girls has arrived!


TT^TT ASFFSDHJKHJGFDS x10 Wellwell... It was a fist in the face when MBLAQ, B2ST and TVXQ arrived and this was a slap on the ass with a chair who had razor blades -___- BEG the first girls group I liked... I'm starting to like 2NE1 even more now ^o^
But  if 2PM where there shesus I wonder what I would've done... probably packing a bag, jumped out from the window and off to go!~
Wonder how BO feels XD

In vegas...

Do you know how jealous I am on the people who'll be in that vegas show TT___TT like come on!!! I'm even jealous at BO... at least he's in the same continent as them -.- ..... only a few hours away...

Maybe not a few hours... but yeah... they're still close compared to me...


And I also saw this picture *points down* it made me even more depressed -.- It's like... Swedish summer over there compared to the "winter" withoutanysnow in Sweden!

Oh no, Jason~ But, Seungho’s face seems a little too bright..” - G.O Twitter

*brb gonna smash my forhead on the key board*

The frustration for BO





I'm talking I was talking with bo a few minutes ago and we talked about the contest (it'll end tonight soooo... join it ^w^) HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA mad all over that's all I can say. Most of them (everyone I think) has arrived in LAS VEGAS, BABY! And of course MBLAQ is also over there XD RAGE for BO! Well it's a shame it's soo close but still a long way to go~

2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters

OMG!!! Only 2 weeks until B2ST, MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, BoA and... haha don't really know any else that will attend, but until they will be in the states performing in the '2011 BILLBOARD K-POP MASTERS' concert! xD

Gosh.. I'm not as depressed as I was before about me being in the states and my Bias is in the same country.. yet I can't see them. THANK GOD!! I really dont wan't to be sad *no duh* ^^

Anywhoo, some interviews were released with B2ST, MBLAQ and BEG.

SHINee at the London Korean Film Festival!

Haha thank God!! I can't Imagine how "SHINee in London" would end up without SHINee ^^

"Shining group of  Korea, Shinee, is ready to rock London at ’6th annual London Korean Film Festival’. The festival would be held on November 3rd and famous Korean and British artists will perform at opening ceremony."

They will be so close, but yet so far.. *poetry voice*


Hahhaa as I said before. EVERYONE is there right now.

"On October 23, SM Entertainment hold concert ‘SM Town Live in New York‘ at Madison Square Garden where famous K-pop idols viz Super Junior, Shinee, TVXQGirl’s GenerationKangtafx andBoA performed. These idols are already ruling on Asian people’s hearts and now marked their popularity in America also."

See this picture? This is in New Ark Airport. EXACTLY where Yonho and Sungmin are standing, I have stood. Gosh, this is really bugging me out!!!! T-T

2PM at New York Korea Festival

"New York Korea Festival was held on the 9th in New Jersey in order to celebrate 20th anniversary since Korea joined the United Nations.

About 100,000 people crowded at the concert, and the park was full of fans inside out. Fans gave an enthusiastic cheer when 2PM showed up and opened the concert with “Hands Up” and “10 Points Out Of 10.”

Besides 2PM, other singers which performed at the festival include TVXQ, Sistar, SHINee, 4Minute, B2ST, G.Na, In Sooni, Tae Jin Ah, Kim Tae Woo, and Maya."

New Jersey, eh? NEW JERSEY EH?!!?!?! Damn.. as I probably said before, that's the exact same place that I'll be in in exactly 1 month -.- And as you may know, bu the time I'm in USA, there will be a concert.. held in Las Vegas.. half way across the country. Well, well... maybe another time :S

B2ST, 4minute, G.NA perform in England

Cube Entertainment will hold their family concert, ‘United Cube Concert’ in London, England in December.

4minute, B2ST, G.NA and more will appear at the concert, which will be held on December 6 at O2 Brixton Academy in London.

COME ON!! First Spain, Russia and Brazil, then USA and now London. Guys.. don't you understand that my mother won't let me go to London, just so I can see you perform!!! PLEASE, just... just come to Sweden, marry me and... *cough* just.. just come for God's sake -.- It's one of my biggest wishes.. to see MBLAQ, SHINee, 2PM, SUJU and B2ST. But if God willing, that wish WILL come true one day!

Behind the scenes!!!

I am really sad that I did not get to see the Hallyu Dream Concert this year, but thank god someone uploaded this "behind the scenes" video. I know that it's 30minutes long, but it's soooooooo worth it!!!

I love seeing my KPOP-idols live!! Like.. live live.. you know? ^^
And it's very funny how they put it all together, like in the beginning "must have item". HAHAHA soo true ^^

If you don't want to see the whole thing, I made it a bit easier:

04:10 - MBLAQ
08:20 - B2ST
12:10 - SHINee
15:35 - 2PM
17:27 - TVXQ (fan cam)
19:50 - Girls Generation

24:30 - Behind Stage
27:40 - After The Show

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