Day 29: What you think of Mir

Hahhaa Miruuu! As I have said before, you are like my long lost brother. We would have so much fun together, like seriously. I can't wait for the day that we'll be able to play together! Hahhaa, not the same was as me and Joon will play together. Oh gosh that sounded sooo pervy!!!! Okey but nuff about that.

Mir, you are.. wierd. But I like wierd ;) hahah. You're so funny and I can't help but smile when you go all "Mir" on everyone/everything. Plus that he's cute as hell!!! xD

Hahahhahaa, so Lady-like ^^

And just because the images don't give him justice, I'll give you some videos 8D

Many many happy! ^^

Day 28: What you think of Thunder

Thunder is pretty cool I guess ^^ as I said in the post "Day 27: What you think of G.O", Thunder and G.O are the guys I don't really know what to think of. MBLAQ would be nothing without them, but I feel like I don't really.. know them?

He is cute and has a lovley smile. I think... I like his personality (Don't know for sure how his personality is. At least not as I do with Seungho, Mir and Joon ^^). In Kkaeal Player, he sure was funny and just adorable. But still a bit to quiet for me to know him.. like really know him. Not that I really know any of the members. But you get it ^^

But just as I do with all the other "what do you think of.." posts, I'll give you some photos to enjoy ^^

Oh god, hahahahaha!! I so remember this look on Thunder. It was on the first episode of MBLAQ Idol Army and I couldn't help but to think that this look looked a lot like Justin Timberlake did during his earlier years ^^

Hahhaa don't you think?!?!?!?! xD

Day 27: What you think of Lee Joon

What do I not think of him? O.o make any sence? No?

Haha okey, if I out it like this. Since episode 4 on MBLAQ Idol Army, I have thought of him at least once every day. His korky personality makes me blush, his smile kills me (imagine then how many times I've died ^^) and his dancing O.o OUF(!!!) his dancing sure is a BIG turn-on! (*^^*)

This dude is the reason I started to like KPOP.. kind of. Hahaha at least that is how I want to see it ^^ But I do really love him and support him no matter what. Even if he ends up marrying HyunA -.-'

Day 26: What you think of G.O.

Well I really don't know. I mean I could never imagine MBLAQ without him, but yet I don't really pay any attention to him either. Don't get me wrong.. I think that his voice is angel-like and I can't stop laughing when he is with Jung Juri. But I guess that I'm just not as big of a fan to him as I am to Joon, Seungho and Mir. Same thing with Thunder.

But that doesn't mean I don't love him. He is still 1/5 of my ultimate favorite KPOP-group!! Plus that he is very beautiful and has a great personality (*^^*)
(But I need entertainment goddammit!! xD)

Day 25: What you think of Seungho


#1 - His humor
#2 - His smile
#3 - His voice
#4 - His dance moves
#5 - His mad piano skills
#6 - His toes (hahaha no, but I love everything about this dude!)

This guy never fails to make me laugh. Either it is because he did something really funny, or just because of his laugh. Yes.. I laugh when Seungho laugh ^^ This guy would be like my ultimate ideal-brother ♥

Day 24: If you had 24 hours with MBLAQ, what would you do?

What wouldn't we do?? If you know what I mean ;) hahaha no, but probably like.. play games? Have you guys seen MBLAQ KKaeal Player? The games they play there? We'll I'd love to play those games with them ^^ They look like they're having so much fun while playing! Plus that I would kick they're ass in every singel challenge ^^
Then we would probably go to an amusement park. Lee Joon and I would ride everything together (+ all of the other members, of course!)
Theeeen we would all go to my house and down to the basement and...  I would look them in and have them as my pets. Not Lee Joon though. I can't lock my husband in the basement.. that would be crazy O.o

Day 23: Member you think has the best smile.

In the beginning of this challenge, I was all like "well duh, hahaha, who do you think I'll pick? ^^ "
but now I'm like.. "I'm sorry my one and true love. My future husband. The man who will change my name to Bo Lee. I'm really sorry to tell you that.. the member with the best smile in MBLAQ is.. SeungHo!"

Day 22: Member you think is the weirdest

Mir.. for so many reasons ^^

Hhahahahahahaha, the last photo.. can't. stop. laughing! x'D
He is like one of those creepy guys at a club hitting on hot girls, hahahha, I don't know. But it just looks so funny ^^
Now when thinking about it, Seungho is also pretty weird.. but Mir is weirder. Actually.. all the members are weird -.-

Day 21: Favorite episode of idol army and why

TT-TT. HTH am I supose to pick one? I loved every singel one of them!! Well.. maybe not episode 3. It could be because I did not see it.. haha who knows ^^
(Because of me, I said that it was a boring episode X'3 /B.R.A) Actually.. when I think about it, I never saw the last episode either O.o

Anywhoo. I guess that I'll pick one that I've seen. Truth is also that I liked some episodes more then others. So if I had to pick, it would probably be one of these:
Episode 1

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

1. Because that was the first time I ever saw MBLAQ for who they really are. You know what I mean?
2. The beginning when they introduce everyone, hahaha that was not a very good first impression ^^
3. I saw Lee Joon's abs for the first time 8D
4. The charades. JOOMI was so hilarious in that challenge!
5. The mouse game, priceless!!!
6. Hahahaha, and last but not least... the card kissing game (*^^*)

Episode 8

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

Why? Because of the Blindfolded IceCream eating contest ^^ Hahhahaha, poor Mir. And the Power Rangers part! ;D

Episode 9

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -

1. The horror movie wannabe part in the beginning ^^ That part kind of scared me as well O.o
2. The game 'Household Preparation Quiz'.
3. Lee Joons hair -.-
3. G.O's meaning of ESC ^^ hahaha, that one made me laugh so much!!
4. The CF shooting in the end 8D

Episode 10

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

I liked this episode mainly because of the multiplication game. Hahhahahaha JOOOOON, wtf dude? ^^
Hahha aand at 2:50 on part 4 when Cheundong touches that fish (*^^*)

Day 20: Favorite picture(s) of your otp

JOOMI!!! ♥

I really tried to find a clip of JOOMI in MBLAQ Idol Army. I didn't, but this will do. It's nit the entire thing, but at least it is a part ^^

Hahhahaha, just love it!!!!!!! (In the beginning)
Actually, the entire clip is funny. ENJO0Y!! ♥

Day 19: The member you want as your best friend

HA! Easy one, MIR!!! Why? Well, he is like the friend that would never get tired of me. When I say: "Hey.. let's play something", he would be all like: "HELL YEAH LETS PLAY SOMETHING!!"

Hahhaha. I really feel like he is my long lost brother. Everyone seems to think that he is crazy, but I see him as.. me? Usualy I am just as hype as he is, true story! ^^

Sure, some of the other members would be fun, but it would be freakin' awsome to have Mir as a brother!!! (*^^*)

Yepp, that's about it! ^^

Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ gif

I don't have one, I have a few. So I guess that this post will be: 'Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ gif(s)'

I could keep putting up Gif's I like of them all day. But I don't have the time.. sorry -.-

Day 17: Favorite cover they did by another artist

MBLAQ - Lies, Mirotic, Sorry Sorry
Hhaha, really felt like joining the fans and just scream! ^^ They sang the songs so well and it sounded so great! :D

I also like this one:

G.O - If I ain't got you
Gosh... his voice! *curls*

Then just one more ^^:

Key, Shindong, Mir and Lee Joon - Muzik (4minute)
Hhahaha Is it bad if I perfer this cover over the real version? (*^^*)

Lee Joon - The one with the jacket
Mir - The one with piggy tales
Key - The one with the pink strapy think on his chest
Shindong - The one who raps

Day 16: Favorite hairstyle of any member

Pretty obvious who I'm going to pick, eh? ^^

OH MI GOD.. *hairgasm* Just love his messy, long, brown hair!! I know that Mir has a very similar hair-cut, but according to me.. Lee Joon suits more in it ^^

Hahahha remember the first time I saw him (It was on Idol Army) nad I was all like "wtf is wrong with his hair?!".

That does not even really look like him O.o But I guess that I'm used to it now, because I'm not so bugged by his hair as I was before. ACTUALLY... after the first 10 minutes I started to think that his hair was kind of hot ^^ Well, well. What to do? *forever a perv* ^^

Day 15: Favorite photoshoot

I don't know.. but maybe this one?

Mainly because they look so cute, but yet so sexiiiii' O.o

Day 14: Favorite YouTube clip

Hahhaha I have a lot ^^

HAHAHAHAHA, can't stop laughing!! 

Seungho: Hi
Mir: Hello
Seungho: How are you?
Mir: How old are you?
Seungho: 24 years old. And you?
Mir: Yes

Hhahahhaa, Mir ^^ ♥

Gosh, hahahahaha Joons laugh is to die for!!! ^^

Seungho and Lee Joon soo cute!! And at the end, when Seungho sings in a rock n' roll kind of voice (*^^*)

And last but not least:

My Lee Joon, being Lee Joon ^^ SOOO F-ING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Day 13: Favorite MBLAQ CF

Haven't really seen so many CF's from them. But I guess that this is a good one! :D

Chocolate and MBLAQ.. Now that's a great combination! xD

WAIT!!! *light bulb* I remember seeing a CF from MBLAQ Idol Army

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA omg!!! Mir and Cheondung as girls ^^ Priceless!

Day 12: Favorite Mir picture

You know the rutine ;)

Smack that, all on the floor~~ ^^

Day 11: Favorite Cheondoong picture

Once again, I'll just post up a bunch of photos I really like ;)

(The blonde guy is Thunder ^^). Gosh.. Hope Rain is doing alright in the army ♥

*CURLS* Just love it when he winks (*^^*)

Day 10: Favorite Lee Joon picture

Ouf, there is a lot of pictures that I like!! ^^
But I guess that I'll do as I did with G.O.. just put up some random pictures that I like ;P


Yes.. I wan't one that one. (*^^*)



G.O, Jung Juri and Lee Joon. Hahhaha, Love their expressions ^^

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