SM & C&C Merging

It took me while to actually get these [THIS & THIS] articles but I think I've gotten a grip on it. To put it simply SM ent. and Woolim will practically merge into one big entertainmment. Woolim won't really belong to SM but you can say that... they're a sub entertainment called Woolim Label :p (like kpop sub groups). 
A lot of (particularly) Inspirits' seems to be unhappy about this matter and I'm a bit, meh, as well. It'll benefit the groups in Woolim ent. A LOT but I'm a bit unhappy revolving the "pride perspective". For example, Infinite was seriously, a piece of dust when they debuted but they've risen to become such an inspiring and strong group by themselves. However it feels like they'll ride on a train together with SM now. But I'm still happy over the fact that they can become more popular over a short amount of time, thanks to SM. 
I can't really comment anything regarding how the music will turn out, but I seriously hope that Infinite will have their awesome beat and personality in their songs. We have to wait and see guys, wait and see.

Crossdressing: Infinite style


Why isn't Sunggyu here ;w; Couldn't find any crossdressing pictures of him, strange... 
I find it quite funny that over 80% of the crossdressing pictures of INFINITE is of Dongwoo. wae?! O_O
(Bo Bae: Because he looks hella' fine as a lady!)


INFINITE 1st World tour

Ermahgerd! INFINITE announced (a long time ago) that they would do their 1st world tour and like any other kpop fan I'm sobbing my ass off because they won't come here to Sweden *duhh..* They have released their first world tour poster as well. 
So pwetty ;w; 

"2013 INFINITE World Tour “ONE GREAT STEP” will be happening at the following countries:"

Korea: Seoul – 9-10 August

Hong Kong – 18 August

Japan: Fukuoka (5 September), Hiroshima (10 September), Kobe (13-14 September), Yokohama (18-20 September)

Thailand: Bangkok – 27 September

Singapore – October

Taiwan: Taipei – October

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur – October

China: Shanghai, Beijing – October

USA: Los Angeles, New York – November

Peru: Lima - November

UK: London - November

France: Paris - November


Oh snap, 4 months! o_o Bo let's go to London or Paris!!!!!!   


Another iphone case~

I haven't said this before because I wanted to wait a bit more to see how things would turn out...
I made another iphone case a week ago? I made an INFINITE inspired case. I contacted an INFINITE fb fanpage and wondered if they wanted to have a giveaway with the case I made, and they said yes! :D You can now join the giveaway as well~
It's funny because I actually ruined the case and wanted to throw it away but decided to make some random things on it, and then it turned out fine XD

INFINITE [Dance Practices]

Yesterday I wrote about ZE:A's dance practice video. I mentioned that I thought Infinite was the best "in sync" dance group out there. This is why:


Be Mine

Come Back Again

See what I mean?! They're crazy! It's all in sync, it's powerful, they move very sexiii~ xD Haha it's all just perfect! And in the last one (which is my favorite BTW. Both the song and the dance), they looked like they had so much fun!! And omg.. Dongwoo, YOU SEXY MOFO! (sorry for my language.. for those of you who know what MOFO means ^^) but daaaaaang boy! You're making mama go crazy.. mehehehe, but I don't mind.

So yes, this is my favorite group when it comes to dancing. 2PM is also pretty good, but they're more like athletes dancing. Infinite is like dancers dancing ^^


Infinite [Dongwoo's Hidden Camera]

T3T... This is why he is my bias in Infinite. Plus that.. I just liked him because I thought he was good looking and dances really well xD  But now, this is a contributing factor to the reason why my bias in Infinite is Dongwoo ^^

GAAAAH, It's just so horribly cute when he cries and can't stop and complains about how annyoing this is ^3^. And when he blows out the candles with his runny nose!! Hahaha little baby!! I think I always fall in love when I see someone cry.

Don't know if you guys remember (because I've told you like 1000 times before), but I fell in love with MBLAQ's Lee Joon after I saw his hidden camera on "Idol Army". And he cried as well.. hahaha I just love to see them feeling emotion. Because it's not that their sad. It's more like they wanted to cry before but didn't, and when they later found out it was a hidden camera, they can't keep the tears in because they kept them in for so long.. even if NOW they're not really sad anymore because they know everything was a setup.. but they just can't stop the tears. Hmm. hard to explain xD

Either way, Dongwoo is just too adorable in this video!! Haha ^^

INFINITE - She's back [PV]

The whole blog system is messing with me so I don't even know if this will be out... The PV was released a long time ago *trololo 7 hours* and I haven't listened to it yet. But see this as a test post gonna do an update later~

INFINITE - She's back [PV]

I've been doing Idon'tknowwhat the whole day so I finally have some private time... with my computer <3 *o*
I saw that INFINITE released a PV for their 3rd Japanese single"She's back". The album consist of 3 songs:
1. She's back
3. She's back remix.
The single will also be released in 2 different CD editions and the full version will be released August 29th... wait a minute... AMAGOD I'VE ALREADY STARTED SCHOOL ALREDY?!?!?!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE DURING MY BREAK?! *brb trying to find a life*
You know what... I've been eating, sleeping and geeking kpop/mangas/dramas/reality shows during my break I have no regrets! >:3 YOLO!~
Lol love Woohyun at the beginning "*la la la I'm strolling around* YEAAAAHHH! *bam*"
And they look so pretty and cute!!~~ OuO Well have to wait till... August 29th *sight* TT_TT


How come I forgot this? TT^TT
INFINITE had their 2 years anniversary... a long time ago XD To be more exact June 11th. They debuted with their singles "Come back again" and "She's back". There are a lot of groups out there who has debuted before INFINITE but I have to admit that INFINITE must be the best dance group out there. Everyone is skilled and they have this mega synchronization I've never seen!

INFINITE - The Chaser [MV]

The song is amazing!!! The MV however.. haha didn't really get it, and my Dongwoo didn't get so much spotlight :( And shesus, Sungyeol is so pretty in this MV (1:00)!! Don't really have much more to say than INFINITE FIGHTING!!! 

INFINITE - 3rd mini album [INFINITIZE]


Got a bit surprised when I saw that Woolim had already released their album but then I realised that Koea is 8 h before us so it made sense, But it's pretty random that they release a song 2 am... Well here you have it: (I only saw 5 of the songs but it should be 7)

The Chaser

Feel So Bad

Last Summer

I Like You


Ohohoho!!! The song Feel So Bad was just awesome as I said!! It was quiet similiar to their song Tic Toc from their First Album. But that doesn't matter because it was so good!! :D

Last Summer was also okay but those 2 songs well inclusive The Chaser was some songs that somehow got stuck. Otherwise Infinite's album this time had the same "melody theme" nothing really stood out that would give me the feeling "OH THAT'S Gonna be a big HIT!" like B.A.P's Warrior, EXO's MAMA etc.
It was an okay album~
But I'm glad for you Inspirit's after such a long time they're back ;-D

INFINITE - 3rd mini album preview


*3rd tiime writeing this text because my computer hates me SANDLVSAD*
Well I have to say that Woolim entertainment's way to promote INFINITE this time is quiet unique. Because during this 1 year (lol... only 1 year XD) I've listened to kpop I haven't seen anyone do a album preview. But I like it :3
And I heard Sungjong's voice (a lot) so I hope that he has many parts because his voice is special and lovely copared to other idols~ *hard to explain*

However the song that really caught my attention was the third song "Feel So Bad" It was pure ear candy, their voices and the melody blended so well ^3^



INFINITE - The Chaser [Teaser]

DAAAAMMMNNN DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!?!?!?! DID YOU SEE SUNGYEOL?! That's what I call a complete makeover! He's FREAKING HOT!#"#%")(%() AS SLADJGASL XD Okay I'm gonna relax a bit AND Sungjong O_O Woolim ent. has gone all in on INNFINITE now :3
And that car scene with L was just XD A tissue flying here and there

INFINITE - Be Mine Japanese ver.

Hahahaha I don't know if I'm mentally retarded or just lost -.- They released the Japanese version 1 week ago and I haven't listened to it. I always tend to get disappointed in Japanese versions but this one was quiet good. Not as good as the Korean one but it was still good.

Sung Gyu's voice is also more powerful in the korean version but it sounded pretty lame here XD And L showing that confident side as always~

INFINITE Second invasion Evolusion teaser

Well this one came out a long time ago... (a few hours* XD)
Omo! That was just.. daebak! It sounded soo good O__O And the members hehehehohoho... still looking fine as ever! Btw did you see that Jung Shin look alike?! Couldn't really see who that was but I just have one work to say: Smex!

However while thinking about it... INFINITE has been releasing a lot of teasers but with a "larger gap". for example they don't release a new teaser every week. They wait like.. one month? Or something, before they release another one. When will they debut?! TT_TT

This week or..? e____e

INFINITE's dancing CF for Samsung Galaxy Player!

INFINITE is all over now! All over "allkpop" that is ^^. They apparently made individaul clips with them dancing together with the Samsung Galaxy in their hands.

Sungyeol (Position: Vocal - Born: 1991)

What. The. F.
Hahaha his dance moves the first 12 seconds (up til' the spin) is just plain awkward. But he still looks so cute!! xD

Dongwoo (Position: Rap - Born: 1990)

YEAH BABY! That's my baby.. from INFINITE ;D Haha seems like they all will be shuffling ^^

Sunggyu (Position: Leader and Main Vocal - Born: 1989)

It's not as awkward anymore ^^ (the dancing)

L (Position: Vocal and Visual - Born: 1992)

To be honest, they all actually know how to shuffle. It's not easy you know O__o haha even though they do it in a very goofy way, it still looks.. good. Maybe not the first time you see it, but after the fourth clip it looks good ^^

Sungjong (Position: Vocal - Born: 1993)

Woohyun (Position: Main Vocal - Born: 1991)

Liked this dance best so far xD

Hoya (Position: Rap, Vocal and Dance - Born: 1991)

NOOO, THIS WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt! xD Maybe because he's the "dance" guy. I guess that means that he is the lead dancer? ^^

INFINITE comeback teaser!

DONGWOO!! mehehe, he's my bias in INFINITE ^^ But omg!!! I love ALL their songs, so it's a good thing that they'll make more xD

We have so many comebacks this year. Wich one are you looking forward to the most? (the ones that will come and the ones that has already happened).


Don't know why but around 2 o'clock in the morning *nolifer* I suddenly got that... impulse feeling and started to "dig deep" in tha group called INFINITE~ -__-'

They're seriously awesome! A lot of songs from their 1st album are great!


Must be the best song so far T__T

You know it's stupid... Tried to memorise their name but I knew Dongwoo and Sungjong from the beginning AND THEN...


ASLKJFNASLKJF GODDAMMIT THE HECK IS THAT?! I can't tell the differece between those names and some of the members *le sadface*

Biggest problem so far: Hoya and Woohyun >____> Feel like an old hag who can't see any difference...
(L - Prettyface easy to see...)

Well that was some random naging, here's a teaser from their 1st and 2nd concert (A bit late XD It was released 2 days ago...)

Woop~ Woop~

The pattern

Everytime a group is having a concert their ticets sells out like that *snap*
It's literally impossible for a random dude to buy those... ticets

Usually all the groups sell out their tickets less than a minute and well... INFINITE are on their way.
For ever month that passes by the time will reduce by 1 minute XD
Shesus the day when me and BO go to Korea, no matter which group it is WE ARE GOING TO SEE A FREAKING CONCERT!! ASDGJADKFLGS!!!

INFINITE - Dongwoo, so cute!!!

This could be one of the cutest things ever!!!!!!!!!!
And this was not that long ago either. November 22 ^^

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