A-Prince official Europe tour dates

Urgh, I need to study -_- I have an exam on Wednesday and I haven't started to study yet so I'll be a bit off during these two days, so will BO. 
But before that... A-Prince has finally released the dates for their European tour!
OMG!!! IT'S STOCKHOLM!!! DESTINY!!!!! XD *jk* They could've landed anywhere here in Sweden but thank god it's Stockholm and it'll be 8/5 on a... wednesday?! O___O wut? XD AMAGOD HYPE!!!

A-Prince coming to Sweden!!!!


We're spazzing and having negative thoughts at the same time ;'D This is so random! Why Sweden of all the countries?! XD And how come they're the first group in Sweden XD Oh well this seem to be one of those must go concerts but me and Bo wanted to watch a really "important" group as our first kpop concert but if they'll have their concert in Stockholm then why not ;D


HAPPY 1 year (delayed) ANNIVERSARY A-PRINCE!!!♥

I started to search on TAKEN but couldn't find an pictures at all but realized that their name isn't TAKEN anymore... it's A-Prince XD 
So techically it's TAKEN's anniversary not A-Prince *sight* now it just got compicated -___- But happy 1 year anniversary the non-existing group TAKEN >__>

A Prince - You're the only one [MV]

Yesterday A-Prince a.k.a TAKEN released their MV "Youre the only one" composed by G.O from MBLAQ. I'm surprised that they didn't release a teaser, or maybe they did? =__=
They debuted with the name TAKEN under Again45 ent but switched to NEW PLANET ent. making 3 of the members disappear while adding 2 new ones. Aww Gunwoo isn't in the group anymore (The creepy maknae)
Omg O__O I almost didn't recognize them!!! :O The blonde one was that Kevin look alike I did but he looks lioke Hong Ki now and the guy with long hair is the leader! Yeah I don't know their names -___-
The song was so so, it wasn't really that catchy nor "awesome" but it was sweet and it was a good job by G.O! :D

I can clearly say that this is much better than their "Young Boy" you could clearly hear everyones vocal skills in here. But I wasn't really a big fan of their MV :P It looked bad somehow ouo


"TAKENS" sudden change...


... Funny cuz me and BO talked about this group a few days ago wondering what happened to the rookie group TAKEN. They're exactly like MYNAME and now both of them will have a comeback/debut. I wasn't really that fond over Young Boy it was just a plain okay.
This surely isn't small changes, it's a whole new group O__O Even the creepy maknae Gunwoo left the group XD

Oh well a few months left....

Lol we even had a category for the group TAKEN XD

TAKEN's 'young boy'.. is taken O.o

When I first heard TAKEN's song 'young boy' I could not help but hearing that it sounded a bit familiar (haha I know.. this again?)

Have you guys heard 'shots' by LMFAO?

If you listen from 00:13 you'll hear that the music sounds a lot like young boy by TAKEN.

Does it sound alike, or is it just me? O.o

hohohohihihih have to love youtube!

TAKEN in tha spotlight eeyyyy!!

Dunno why but I'm somehow stuck on TAKEN's Young boy O_o' it's pretty catchy but it sucks hahahaha XD Their dance moves are pretty "catchy" as well, like sujus sorry sorry...

However I wanted to read some of the comments and see what people thought of them... Many liked them because of their looks or that they looked like another group etc.
But many of them disliked the song HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD

HAHAHAAH Have to love these random people...

The first one - That blonde dude scared the shit out of me and the wb T.O.P has a creepy voice O_o

Second one - I checked the lyrics and THAT MUST BE THE MOST CRAPIEST SONG EVER! HAHAHAHAHA
Agree that listening to kpop has positive sides... we don't have to know what the crappy lyrics are about compared to korean people (and the opposite when there's a good meaning behind a song TT__TT)

Third one - No coments *holding in laughter*

Here's the lyrics

The best comment that made my day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


he..hehehe...heh new group

*twitch* *wink* ASDDG!!
Well nothing wrong at all. I wonder how many new rookie groups will popp up during... let's say 1 month? Bet 4 more will come.

This group actually released their MV and "debuted" yesterday


It's so freaking sick and wierd! Every one of the members look like members from other groups, I'm seeing Kevin, Junsu and T.O.P look alikes here... EXCEPT FOR 1 GUY! And thet is the dude with black hair, pale skin... and gray cloths...
Here's a good comment I found on youtube:


This surely is a catchy song... Imma young boy Imma young boy..~
But I don't really know... According to me they don't really "stick" out and I was a bit irritated on their voices. They mixed/autotuned 95% of the song, so everyones voices became wierd-husky-chock:y-dying voices TT___TT
a bit sad...
Well you never know, they might suprise me...

I read some comments here and there. There's a lot of people disliking this group... There's a new rookie group popping up every week =__= And I'm not the only one who thinks that one of the guys look lika Jusu from 2PM hahaha X'D

So what do you think?


(leader) Seongwon


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