Korean body lines

When I usually read random articles on kpop celebrities bodies, words like s-line, v-line and other stuff plopps up and I'm sitting there like a retard wondering what line is what. So I found a website that explained most of the lines:
s-line body 

S-Line - Ample breasts and buttocks when viewed from the side


S-Line (second use) - Side view: forehead to bridge of nose to tip of nose


V-Line - A slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin


V-Line (second use) - The line in-between the breasts


W-Line - Breasts viewed from the front


X-Line - Long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist


U-Line - Exposed lower back in low cut clothing


M-Line - A "six pack" of abdominal muscles on men


D-Line - A pregnant (or pregnant-appearing) abdomen


B-Line - Big breasts, big abdomen


O-Line - Generalized obesity


Apparently there are other lines as well but it seemed a bit complicated =_= But here's the SOURCE if you want to read a bit more. 


It feels like they missed the F-line, the fat line XD Or we can name the W-line into Whale line instead ;''''D XD hahaha *lousy humour* 




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