Lee Hyun Woo ft. Kwang Hee - High High [Cover]

So recently I've been crushing on "To The Beautiful You" actor Lee Hyun Woo. He looks like such a charmer! THAT SMILE! THOSE EYES!! T^T haha he's very good-looking ^^

AND HE CAN SING (rap)!!! I know that nobody can replace GD and TOP... but hey, it's still a great cover! Maybe he should debut as a singer? Hahaha maybe not.. he's good as an actor.

And he's only born in 1993!!! WE GOT A CHANCE LADIES.. and gentlemen... hahaha xD


Nest Kids [SUJU Cover]

While streaming youtube, I came across these.. WONDER CHILDS!
All I know is that these kids come from Japan and that they dance ^^

Why aren't the audience screaming their lungs out?! I know I had haha. But maybe they did, we just can't hear it because they put the music over the entire thing, so all you hear are the songs. Hmm... hard to explain, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say ^^

These little kids did an amazing job! I'm so proud, even though I don't know anything about them xD

Covers by DaehoTV

OMG.. found this kid a few months ago.. Didn't want to share his work at first, but he's to good to keep silent about!

Maroon 5 - Payphone (cover)

Daeho is on the left and Banseok is on the right. WHAT THE HELL!!! I hate falling in love with youtube celebrities -.-' Because you feel like you've got a bigger chance on them because they're not superstars.. but it's just as hard to get with them as it is with a freakin' KPOP star...

But GAAAAAH Daeho's voice T_T it's too much for me to handle.. Hahaha and since this has nothing with KPOP to do (except for them being Korean..), I decided to put up another cover they've made.

Big Bang - Monster (cover)

J.Y. Park (JYP) - You're the One (cover)

I almost perfer this cover over their "Monster" cover. Their voices are so pure and so easy to enjoy. I can't be the only one who get's like.. excited hearing them sing? ^^ 

Great covers by Daeho (youtuber)

Saw on facebook that this girl had posted a cover by this guy on youtube called "DaehoTV". It was so beautiful X__x

Boyfriend (Justin Bieber) - Daeho Cover

His voice T3T When he starts making sounds like he does at 0.32 8D issssh~ my body starts to shiver. In a good way ;D I first thought this guy was a member in a KPOP-group, but apparently not. He is just a new (or maybe not so new. 6months old) youtuber posting music covers. But I'm sure he'll make it, I mean just listen to him! JUST LOOK AT HIM! He is so gorgeous!! And that thing he does with his nose ^^ Hehehe 

Mercy (Duffy) - Daeho Cover

RIGHT?!?!?!?! F-ing amazing!! There's something about his voice.. can't put my finger on what it is though. But it's something very special. Haha and the way he said "do" at 1:33, GAAH. Brb *dying*.

KPOP-Covers by Kaotsun (Youtuber)

I've been following this girl for quiet a while now. Her covers are AMAZING! just thought that I should share some of them with you guys:

Hyuna - Change

She looks just like HyunA here, right?! Haha, I actually like this song despite the fact that I have something against the singer -.-'

HyunA - Bubble Pop

Only posting this cover because she did such a great job! ^^

SHINee - Replay

Miss A - Breathe

Wish i could dance like her. But she's amazing, right?!?!?! Kaotsun on youtube. Follow her ^^

I'm depressed TT_TT

I really want to learn to play the piano like this! I do know the basics, but I want to know more than just the basics TT_TT I've tried to learn the notes and it's going.. okey I guess? But I need help!!! GAAAH. Anyone who knows a good youtube clip where they teach you this kind of stuff? Or just anything. I'M GETTIN FRUSTRATED! I want to play the piano :c

Hahaha okey, very depressing post. But right now I'm depressed, so this is what you get. But no worries, I'll get happier after I eat something xD

Scary moms...

They are scary... in a really cool way O_O
I believe that some of you (?) have seen some of their covers. They are a mother - dance group/class. I'm seriously amazed! They dance SO FREAKING good, and they're in sync like hell for beeing so many AND those outfits are just the dot over the i!

I'm like:

*Watching the dance covers*

*5 minutes later*

*Looking at my mom*


"Nahh never gonna happen..."

BIGBANG Contest Participants

I don't know if you guys have heard about the contest BIGBANG has arranged. If not, you can click here.

Anywho, found some very talented participants on youtube I wanted to share with you guys.

IzzyLovesMusiCk - Bad Boy (Female Version on the ukulele)

OfficialDmeanor - BLUE (R&B Version)

metalsides - BLUE (Violin version)

urbangermany ft. TheBeatboxHitmanTwo - BLUE (Acoustic Beatbox cover)

HAK107 - BLUE (Guitar Version)

I don't know if this guy is participating in the contest, but he's awsome so I'll put it up anyway ^^:
asianpianist - BLUE (Piano Version)

Be My Babe collection (dance)

Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys members ;
SungJong (Infinite)
Mir (Mblaq)
Shindong (Super Junior)
Kwanghee (ZE:A)
HyunMoo (One of the MC)

2PM + Jokwon


Thunder (MBLAQ)

Hahaha, so cute! He kind of fell while he was dancing. And the part when they sing "baby~".. it looked like he did a fake pregnant belly with his hands! ^^ And that he then apologized *le making weird face because I think it's so cute that he apologized*

I remember before.. I didn't really like this song (when it first came out), but it has grown on me!!!!!


This dude (AsianPianist on youtube) is amazing, and he's not getting the attention he deservs. That's why I'm going to upload some of his covers.

SHINee Medley

MBLAQ - This Is War

U-KISS - Neverland

2NE1 - Ugly

His music speaks for it self 

KPOP Covers

Found these AMAZING covers yesterday on youtube:

2NE1 - UGLY (Piano Cover)

Not only is the intro amazing, he also plays like a god! Shesus, broke my replay button O__o

SHINee - Lucifer (Viola Cover)

Is that not completley messed up?! Haha and between 0:32 - 0:47 my head was blown away! DAMN GURL! She moves here hands so fast it's creepy xD

B2ST - Fiction (Piano/Violin Cover)

Now this is what I call talent!! She plays the piano AND the violin??!!! *le jealous* Plus that it sounds exactly like the actual song O__o And the "MV" is very entertaining to watch ^^
This girl, according to me, takes the prize out of these three covers. WELL DONE!!

Which one did you perfer? 8D

Dance Cover - Crazy (teen top)

Saw this dance cover of Teen Top's Crazy by McKers.

Not bad, right?! xD I guess the fact that all three of them is the same person makes it a bit cooler, plus that he looks a lot like MBLAQ's Mir ^^

(MBLAQ's Mir & his sister)

Haha, but the cover is still pretty good! Plus that he is kind of cute ^^ (even though I can't see his eyes -.-) And that he has to learn the dancemoves for three persons. Sure, they are mostly the same, but sometimes he had to kick the opposite direction or something :P
Yes, this cover gets an 4/5, or an 8/10!

These guys are just <3

Hahahahah the ending!!! XD
The scream reminded me a lot of Mir O___o

These guys are just awesome! Once again I couldn't keep my eyes of the Taemin guy...

Other dance covers:

Have to love how the guy with the white T-shirt plopped up together with them in synced!

MYNAME - Dance covers

Hmm.. I just got that wierd feeling and wanted to see if anyone had made a dance cover yet and guess what... yeah I don't even have to write it.
Even if I suck at dancing (HAHAHAHAHAHA X'D more than suck) I can't help but to complain about other peoples dancing, pretty ironic actually ê___ê

#1 Have to love that the boy with the black pants randomly plopps up
#2 That the camera man suck XD

They where out of sync in some places (mostly in the beginning - the hard part of course) otherwise they where awesome!! Especially the guy with the  black pants, geez! oh snap gurlfriend!*

Puuuureee entertainment... I'm not going to be mean he's even better than me... but.. seriously... yeah... at least he tried ^^ You know what let the clip speak for itself!

Also found this:

Her voice sounds really refreshing (hahah breath commercial) and she pronounce the korean words really good O_o However you can clearly hear that she can't take high notes so she "stays on the light voice-track-thing"
I must THE WORST person ever existing in this world when it comes to explaining things ;_____;

U-Kiss #2

These guys didn't dissapoint me AT ALL! Bet they all have girl/boyfriends now T_T
They are just korean boys... university korean boys... no.. nothing <--- skitzo :c

I really like the guy who dance kevin's part. When I first saw it I was like "Oh shit?! Is that kevin?" but then they put on the lights -.-

Everyone are soooo goooooodd~~
It's pretty awkward when someone really sucks and upload a dance cover and say "Please subscribe :)" bla bla

Awesome guys!

No it isn't darling, no it isn't... We will support you 100% hahahaha XD
These guys are awesome! I've seen other dance covers as well. Their I'll be back cover was just! *doing that Italian thing kissing the fingers*
But I just couldn't put it up because I've already done it 2 times O_o

Imagine all the pressure the Taemin guy must have (a.k.a he's dancing Taemin's part)
Everyone, or most of the people will only sstare at him...
But you did a good job, yes you did, who's a good boy? ^^ *patting the computer*

Well I'm probably freaking you out so yeah..

A new category

Okey I have made a new category called rating dance covers. I really like to see people who do GOOD dance covers and yes I am a bitch when it comes to judging. I am really picky.

Here's one cover I found 2PM again and again

I am laughing my ass off every time I see this. Seriously?! At the beginning the one who have Jay's part seemed to hyped and the space? I love how they dance WITH the wall xD
And the guy at 0:49 he's tripping over himself hahahahahahahahahahah ;D

Some parts were OKEY but it didn't impress me at all...

Omo!! O_o Chansung, Junho and the two kids "¤&¤/!!&)( I HAVE to see that ;O
Lol~~ they are dancing at a rice field hahahaha :'D And Chansung when he gets hyped and just jumps x'D

This girl is #"%#/&(!! awesome! Clones FTW!

Mir's twin brother? :O

These boys are pretty good and seriously that dude (who dances Mir's part) looks exactly like Mir except that he's a bit shorter... I don't know why but I can't stop laughing when I see this video hahahaha ;D

Dance Covers

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Seriously these girls are AWESOME!
Have geeked (almost) every dance covers they've made. They are usally 5 however I love that they are 9 on Sorry Sorry hahaha ;D

SHINee - Lucifer

Well done... ;)

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