This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I believe this is the third time a chic is on the U.P.A.H.I post...? Oh well, I've been biased on this group for a few days right now and allkpop even said that she had the best body among the girl groups~ 
SISTAR's Hyoring =3= 

To be honest, yes she looks great! No doubt, however some things I want to mention is that the reason why everyone hype over her body is because of the boobs. If she didn't have big boobs her body would've looked like a stick, just like any other female idol. She may look curvy with the boobs but she have a reeeeaaallyy small waist and doesn't "have" any stomach either. (for example, the pic down there) 
Well she's quite tiny as well, I think she'a round 163 cm (5’4.2") the shortest member in the group. 
But I can't deny the fact that she looks really good, so banzai with those boobs, legs and tanned body of hers ;D
Lol.. R-RATED!!! XD


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