Christmas Calendar 2012 - Last photo

Oh I totally forgot it XD Hahahahaha I suck ;D <3
The smile 2 days ago wasn't an idol as I mentioned, it's a person all the kpop fangirls wish they were and love her for the way she acts. She's the queen of YOLO
Jung Juri
I remember reading a gif where she explained why she acted the way she does towards the idol and her simple explanation was "I only live once" or something like that..

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 24

I'm a bit mad because of the one-day-late calendar, my internet didn't work yesterday so I couldn't do a merry christmas post either -__- But I hope all of you had a really great day yesterday!!! ^3^
But "yesterdays" smile was no other than Big Ban'g maknae Seungri!!
And finally last smile of the year!

A tips: It's not an idol

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 23

Yes sir! Yesterday's smile belongs to SNSD's Sunny so congratulations Sanna (again.. XD) 
Whose smile this time :3
*doing it small because I can* >:3

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 22

Well this is awkward XD I've totally forgot this Christmas calendar thing but it's only 2 days left ;D 
The smile 4 days ago was no other than EXO's Chanyeol~
And here's today's smile~ :3

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 17

These christmas calendar's are getting a bit off-track here XD 
But yest-yesterdays smile was no other than 4-minute's HyunA ^^
Lol mass producing smiles XD Whose smile? :3

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 14

Oh god I'm finally "free"~ TT____TT Not so many exams left so I can finally write some more posts >:3
But we haven't made the calendar thing for a while now and we're sorry -_- And the calendar... 3 days ago XD Was no other than Jay Park, so congratulations Robie ^_^
And here's today's smile

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 11

Yeah no one really guessed on yesterdays smile but it was no other than T-ara's Eunjung :3
A new one today~

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 10

Oh god I'm so exhausted =__= I feel like a wimp for complaining so much XD Both me and BO are quiet busy now, it's the last rush before the holiday next week :3 Woop woop~
But yesterdays smile was of course Suju's Donghae :D
Guess whose smile this time ;)

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 8

Eeeeeeyy >__>
Wanted to write Hello or something but that...didn't go so well XD Yesterdays smile/mouth or something was Teen Top's Niel ^__^ I just wanna squeez them :3             
Well guess todays smile :3
Ps.The update today may not be the best one because I have a freaking exam I need to hand in tomorrow and I haven't even started with it XD *fail* 

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 7

Urm.. I have no freakin' idea who this is hahaha, but that was the smile of yesterday..? Is it Bom (2NE1)?...
Update: Hahahahahaha XD You noob *refering to BO* Yes that's Park Bom from 2NE1. That is actually her before all the operations.
Not the best smile out there but... her lips... @___@

Anywho, and today we have another nice smile ^^

Who is it? Tell me, tell me, tell me now~

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 6

Yesterdays calendar was a bit more tricky and I knew that a lot of people would think that it would be G.O's mouth, but nevah!  Because yesterdays mouth/smile was no other than....
Bi Rain :'3
Here's todays calendar, guess who ;')

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 5

HAHAHAH LOL I was like brb shooting myself XD I'm trying to make this harder but goddammit! >__>
Yesterday's mouth belonged to SHINee's Jonghyun so congratulations to all of you XD 
But THIS time... >:3  Good Luck~

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 4

Urgh... you guys are too good TT
Yes, yesterdays mouth belongs to SUJU's Eunhyuk. And congratulations to Sanna who answered right :3

Good luck with this todays mehehehhe ^^


Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 3

Hmm.. I think this is too easy for you guys, so no more smiles! More like random shapes now (of the mouth ^^).
Yes.. Yesterday's smile came from Sulli from f(x).

So from now it's going to be a little harder (hopefully hehe).

Hmm.. maybe this is too easy as well -.-' Haha we need to pick harder people. But the point was actually to make it easy in the beginning, but I think we underestimated your powers of knowing every single body-part of our idols.

So.. who is this?

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 2

So yesterdays "Smile" was very easy to recognize.
Yes.. it was Bang Yongguk from B.A.P my #1 smile of all time! xD
So congratulations Emelie for guessing right :3

So, can you guys guess whose smile this week will be?

Well.. can you?

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 1

YAAAY! It's already December 1st, and you know what that means? Only 24 days until Christmas! Just like we did last year, we will have a "Christmas Calendar" during 24 days. Last year we had abs as our theme. Not complaining hehe, but this year we're going for something more genuine.

We thought we should start the calendar very easy. So guys, can you guess whose smile that is?

We will also post it on our page as well just CLICK HERE~

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