Mohahahahah Just wanted to braaag~ for nothing -.-

Haven't really thought about this before but gosh I miss BO TT^TT Y U SO FAR AWAY?
Well I sended a message to him through facebook let's see if he will anser or dump me -.- No matter what I do people tend to always dump me *sadface*

Well I'm going to have A LOT of things to do (homeworks, yaaay~)
So I'm sorry if don't reply/answer to some of your comments :)


You can see the word right? *sight~*
Everyday when I sit on that stupid buss I wonder "What the heck am I doing here in Sweden?!" Seriously I just want to flee away... -.-'

Feel honored! XD

CAAAN YOU SEEE THIS?!?!?! b*stard -.- I am also supposed to be free now having my holiday, or what you call it U__U
But noooo I have to go to school and have a freaking test !#%"¤& put up a freaking tent <-- true story, and kill myself T__T

Feel honored my dear friend.... feel honored! X'3
I'm doing these... how can you say it, short post! I haven't even done the 2PM last day of the 30 days challenge, but I wanted to do it in peace when I write it ^w^

That awkward moment when..

Okey, so B.R.A is doing those.. "awkward moments when..."
So I thought that I should do those as well!!

A place that every kpop fan have promised themselves to visit...

Or finding their future husband or that their "boyfriend" is currently living there and is famous... you can see it in different ways ^^

TT____TT only 3 years left...
Ahh btw me and Bo have made this "promise" that we'are going to korea when we finish our school XD
Otherwise if he don't join me I am going alone 8D My dad even promised me that if I have good grades he'll pay the trip sooo, school here we come! >w<

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