Top 3 Running Man episodes!

I've probably mentioned this before but I'm a huuuge Running Man fan! I haven't really seen every episode they've released but I've probably seen around 90% of them. I had a hard time picking my top 3 favorite episodes of all time, because all of them are funny ;w; 

However if I had to chose: 
Ep 84-85: Guests - Big Bang
Ep 27: Guests -  TVXQ 
Ep 118: Guest - Choi Min Soo
Oh god this man </3 X''D 
There are A LOT of good episodes out there. All the episodes where Yong hwa (CN Blue), Tony Ahn (H.O.T) and Simon Dominic (Supreme Team) are guests in are really good as well. 
Here you have the Running Man episode list:

Running Man episode list 
And you can watch it online here:

Postat av: Daniella

Aaah, tack för påminnelsen XD Jag kom precis på att det var någon serie jag ville titta på men jag kom inte på namnet, men det var ju Running Man, det är ju så jäävla kul! Nu vill jag titta på alla avsnitt, men det kommer ta en jädrans lång tid :p

2013-08-08 @ 16:34:17

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