Macro time =3= [#83]

HAHAHAHAHAHA That was something new "Key's disco stick" 



Wah~ Love the first pic ;w; 
Happy Birthday to U-Kiss' maknae Dongho who's turning 19 years old (20 korean age) todayo~

Kpop idols with beard

We fangirls are always used to seeing our idols with milky, perfect, shaved skinn. However kpop idols are just like any other guys and I believe hair grows here and there as well *smirk* okay that was weird, but you get my point. So here are some idols who hasn't shaved... yet~ XD
left up: Nickhun (2PM), Seulong (2AM)
left down: Shindong, Heechul (Both - Super Junior)
G-dragon, Taeyang (Both - Big Bang)
Yunho (TVXQ) Not beard - beard more like... "Hey I'm leaving a shadow" - beard 
I just have to upload this photoshopped picture on SHINee as well X'''D

Macro time =3= [#82]

mc- when you’re getting ready to work, who is the slowest?
Wow.. ehm...


Happy Birthday to my favorite voice-boy in B.A.P, Daehyun who's turning 20 years old today (21 Korean age)
And of course Happy Birthday to SNSD's maknae Seohyun who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) today!
Lastsly *catching my breath* Happy Birthday to CN Blue's drummer Minhyuk who's turning 22 years old as well (23 Korean age)

It's getting hot in here...

*so hot* 

I just saw a pic on facebook a few minutes ago, on Sandara Park. It kinda blew me away ;''D

I thought it was photoshopped but it seems that this photoshoot was taken before she joined YG/2NE1. She was pretty famous in the Philippenes back in the days, but why is the cover in english? XD
I don't really "mind" this but I just love that cheesy qote:
"Sandara Park heats up the weather in wicked leather" 
Well, ehm.. okay? XD


Happy Birthday to Wonder Girls' Sohee who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) today :3

Look alike: Kim Sae Ron & Thunder

I saw that allkpop wrote an article about that child actress Kim Sae Ron and the first person I thought of was Thunder (MBLAQ). That picture where she smiled reminded me sooo much about Thunder ô_ô  Otherwise they don't really look alike :p

Macro time =3= [#81]

*taking notes*
*walking at the sidewalk* 
*A man - riding his cow* 
Q: Why did SHINee become so popular over the years?

Q: Why did SHINee become so popular over the years?
Onew: ... True *happy face*
Taemin: Awww heeeeeelll  no! Bitch said wut?
Jonghyun: ...  yeah... maybe..
Minho: Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttt ajkfbsnajdf hahahaha

Bang Yong Guk's siblings

I randomly found a picture on facebook, on BYG, his sister and his brother. I didn't even know he had a brother & sister o__o *lost*

Lol I thought the guy on the second pic was BYG with a wig hahahahahahahahahhahaha X''''D 
I did not expect that .____. His sister is hardcore as ****! :O She doesn't look Korean at all, she reminds me of Queen Latifa, but he's an exact copy of his brother ~ô_ô~ 

Ermahgerd =___=

The "look alike" category had some weird virus so I went through aaalllll of our 83 look alike post to find that god damn virus-post and guess what... I found it ;w; SO YOU BETTER CLICK ON THAT CATEGORY OR ELSE...! your bias will come and give you a kiss~ ^3^ 

I've decided to fix and delete all of our posts *cough it's "only" 3849 posts cough* as you've noticed some of the pictures are "broken". >____> Dear shisus, 3849 posts... *brb shooting myself* 


Macro time =3= [#80]

Damn, how did all that glitter fit in his hand?! O___O 

Protecting yourself: you're doing it right.
"Infinite offstage: Poor Grandpa Gyu probably lost 10 years of his life being woken up so abruptly by Sungyeol’s flying ass."
Omg poor guy X''D 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JUNG JI HOON!!! Who's turning 31 years old (32 Korean age)
Ermehgerd I can't believe it's his birthday today ;w; He will be discharges soon :O 

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Ohh long time no see~
Well for you guys who doesn't know what that fugly acronym stands for it's "Über Pretty And Hot Idol" yeah I know it's lame -_- *don't judge* 

But my latest eye-candy is >:3
Nu'est Ren
I'm not really that kind of person... how should I explain it .____. Ehm... I'm not that kind of person who feels "attracted" toward a guy who's reeeelly feminine. Or someone who's messing around with our heads with genderbender stuff XD *cough Ren* 

BUT! I have to admitt that Ren is one heck of a pretty boy, and that attractivness (is that even a word?) hit me when I saw their MV for Hello.
Look at him people! XD Those eyes! That lip ;w; I'm out!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOUUU NICHKHUN!!! Who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age) 

I've decided to write small birthday posts from now on but I just have to release all the crappy-energy-flow-air stuff I have right now. I haven't been so active in the kpop world during these 6 months, however! I've been following 2PM's comeback from day 1 and I can't describe my disappointment towards (most of) the hottest all around the world. I've seen all their live performances on youtube, I've seen Nichkhuns parts as well, I've both seen and listened when all the fans gets quiet when Nichkhun sings. Dafuq dude?! You are there to support them, to support their comeback after 2 freaking years and the first thing you hottest do is to shut up when one of the members starts to sing?! The thing that Nichkhun did was stupid, he shouldn't have done it in the first place but he's a human being. People are stupid but we learn from our mistakes. What happened before is history and we fans, especially hottest should support him when he's going through a hard phase. Did all the Vip's shut up when Daesung sang his solo on Big Bang's Alive tour? I don't think so. So please just stop this bullcrap, if I was there I would've screamed for 100 people, so go Nichkhun and happy birthday. 

I'm done with my ranting.

Macro time =3= [#79]

Lol, who is that o_o I.can't.see 

Oh my shisus… Baby G (@.@)


Recommendation: Korean manhwa

At the beginning I wanted to write a big ass post but after a while I asked the question:

"Dude... would you even read this crap?" 
- Maybe, maybe not. 
Well that escalated quickly. First of all Korean manhwa is manga (you know the comic things with drawings) however they're called manhwa instead of manga (manga = japanese). Some of you may know this but I'm a huge Japan fan as well, I've read over... *wait a sec* 317 mangas/manwhas according to mangafox and that's an incorrect number, and I've seen over 16 animes (I'm currently watching Naruto and Bleach XD) 

Okay that text was a bit unnecessary but I really want to recomend Korean manhwas! I guess that most of our readers are Korea freaks so manhwa would be better suited for you guys? You know a lot of dramas are usually based on manhwas or mangas and as we all know the books are often better, compared to the movie/drama. 

Some drama based on manhwa/manga:

Boys over flowers - Hana yori dango (manga)
Playful kiss - Itazura na kiss (manga)
To the beautiful you - Hana kimi (manga)
Princess hours - Goong (manhwa)
Full house - Full house (manhwa)
Well these were some of them. Seriously if you don't have anything to do then reeeaaadd!! Well it isn't read - read, like normal books. It's an awesome feeling and everthing just... flows~ 
Websites that I recommend: 
* Mangafox
* Mangahere
* Mangareader

You don't really need to create an account but it'll be easier to keep track on your mangas, see if they're updated or even bookmark on the page you were on. They usually have an advance search or something similiar where you can choose manhwas.

The categories are pretty similiar to fan fictions.
A tip I have for beginners is to: 
* Read one shots! (one shots are manga/manhwas with only 1 chapter, duhh.. XD) you have to practice a bit on the picture order. It's a bit tricky but you'll get the hang of it. 
So go out and read my fellow friends!  Use your brain! X''''D Wouldn't mind if there were some manga/anime nerds out there who wants to start a nerdy conversation :3
No.. oh.. okay... 
And yeah... it turned out to be a big ass post after all. >_>


Hm.. lot's of birthdays now..
Gahh asdfghjkl ;w; *drool*
Happy Birthday to CN Blue's leader Yonghwa who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age) 

Gahh asdfghjkl ;w; *drool* x2
Aaaand of course Happy birthday to actor Lee Minho who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) 

Dear lord, Lee Minho are one of those dazzling-perfect-amazing-Idon'tknowwhat human being that looks perfect! He's so beautiful that I can't even... TT__TT It surely was a #1 sperm that won XD 


YG new boy group

I believe that all the yg/kpop fans haven't missed this:

Briefly introduce us the new YG boy group.
There are two boy groups in preparation at YG Entertainment, and because we do not yet have official group
names for them, I will go with Groups A and B.
Group A consists of 5 members whose average age is 20 years old. Two of the members in this group are
KANG SEUNG YOON, whose solo debut date has just been confirmed,
and an ex-contestant of K-Pop Star, Lee Seung-hoon.
Group B, on the other hand, is a younger group with 6 members whose average age is 17 years old.
The then 13-year-old little boy rapper, B.I., who featured in MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” in 2009
has been appointed as the leader of this group since he was 14. This year he celebrated his 17th birthday.
Between A and B, who will be the first to debut?
As you can see from BigBang who took 7 years to actually make a debut, it is impossible to debut
two boy groups at in a similar timeframe.
After much consideration, we are planning to reveal one of the groups this year. I will leave the rest
to the audience completely to see how the plan goes.
For this, we have been shooting something called Real Survival Program every day and night.
It will show the scene of a fierce battlefield between groups A and B.
The official name of this survival program is WIN, which stands for YG’s previous promotional phrase,
The structure goes like this: the group that wins the most votes from the watchers can make a debut
as soon as the program finishes. The loser group may be broken up or face member replacement.
Nothing will be predictable.
The winner of WIN will be given with an official name WINNER. This WIN Program will be aired
one episode a week for 10 weeks from the second week of July. WINNER will be making a debut
the day after the 10th episode finishes.
The program may sound harsh, but this is a competition no professional artists can avoid in this field.
This will be a program that portrays the reality in the most transparent manner.
How will WIN be run and how can the watchers participate?
YG is fully in charge of WIN Program, and the structure of the show will house many different forms.
WIN Program is a much-invested content with many experienced TV show experts involved.
The show is produced by subcontracting and we are expecting to air it on national television.
We will be cooperating with renowned foreign portal sites for our international fans.
Foreign language subtitle service that includes English, Japanese, and Chinese will be provided as well.
In order to include the expanding market – i.e. the mobile market – we are in negotiation with
Kakao Talk to encourage watchers to participate not only through portal sites but also through mobile devices.
How will KANG SEUNG YOON, who already has a debut date,
be affected by this WIN Program?

I have been watching KANG SEUNG YOON prepare his debut intensely for the last 3 years.
And to cut to the chase, I simply think he is “born to be a celebrity.” He’s just got that much talent.
So it was my ambitious plan to make him a multiplayer, who can handle both solo and group activities at the same time. KANG SEUNG YOON has been preparing with group A members for the past 3 years.
While his solo album aims to show an analogue sentiment he possesses, his participation
in the group will aim for a wider variety of genres.
Have you ever imagined KANG SEUNG YOON dance?
Have you ever imagined him sing with other group members who are dancing to a strong hip-hop beat?
If you haven’t, you will be seeing it on WIN Program from July. I personally believe that
KANG SEUNG YOON is now ready to fly further and higher after 3 years of hard preparation at
YG Entertainment since the young age of 17.
If group A wins the WIN survival, he will be carrying out both solo and group activities
simultaneously as planned. And if group B wins, he will only be working on his solo album.
When specifically will BigBang members release their solo albums?
I will be back next Monday with more details!
2013.06.21  FROM YG 
- Source

Hahahahahahaha omg this is what I call survival for the fittest! ;'D But it seems pretty interesting. Beeing able to see a small glimps on how the "idols" compete is something new. This may sound wrong but I'm looking forward to see this :O

Exo facts~

Well here are some Exo facts for all the EXOticts out there. For more facts visit THIS site, I've been picking a few ones and made it into "picture-fact-things.."

Lol, this was a random one X''D


Happy birthday to Suju's Ryeowook who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) 
Snap~ An ahjussi soon... 
Lastly Happy Birthday to Miss A's Min who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) 

Macro time =3= [#78]


And this is the reason Taemin doesn’t get close up reaction shots v.v
"And this is the reason Taemin doesn’t get close up reaction shots v.v" 
Pfft XD


Macro suju
Awww TT^TT 

Rookie groups 2013

To be honest neither me or BO have been able to keep track of all the rookie groups during these 6 months. We've been focusing on school and... other things .__. 
I don't really know any rookie groups except for Lc9 - Mama beat. That my dear friend is a badass group >:3

But here's a small list on all the groups that have/will debut this year :3
Ego Bomb
Never Mind - lol what kind of name is that?! XD Anyohaseyo we're ah~ never mind...
Heart Rabbit Girls
Ladies Code
M4M (Mystic 4Mula)
Topp Dog
Global Icon
One Piece - The boss is probably a manga freak..
LU:KUS - Almost like U-kiss... 
Littles - "New girl group consists of 3 members, their average age 14-15 years old."
Boy's Republic

Sub-unit groups:

INFINITE H [Infinite] 
2Yoon [4-Minute]
ZE:A5 [ZE:A]
T-ara N4 [T-ara]
QBS [T-ara]
uBEAT [U-kiss]
Wow... ehm, what to say? DUDE? Where's the creativity in this?! TT__TT  "Heart Rabbit Girls" what?! No?! It seems that the companies doesn't calm their tits down. They need to sit down, with the idols, and come up with an awesome group name! The only thing they focus on is to debut those groups but the name... THE NAME PEOPLE!  "Brit" is an old, r-e-a-l-l-y old name here in Sweden so that groups is ruined xd
The only one sounding cool was M4M, that was a good way to combine the alphabets and the number. 
But the group Littles - "New girl group consists of 3 members, their average age 14-15 years old." I'm sorry but that's a bit too much for me. Casting away that noona-is-a-perv warning I just want to say that being an idol at 14-15 years doesn't work. That's waaaay to early for them to see the ugly side of fame. It's the same thing with the group Seventeen from Pledis. One of the boys is what? 12 years old? Dude I played with lego and barbie at that age! I had barbie sheets until I was 15 >___> 
I don't even know anymore... I respect the fact that they work hard to achive their goals but they're still young, REALLY young. What the heck are you doing parent(s)?!  
That's the boy I'm talking about... >__> 

Something weird

I don't know it's only my computer that does this, however if a weird window-thing plopps up all of a sudden from allkpop, this one:
Just click on "avbryt" (Cancel). Have to contact allkpop and see what this thing is -_-

Macro time =3= [#77]

Wahh we're finally back with the morning humours ;w; Kpop macros I've missed you so much.. 
Lol wth…
Oh snap... 

Comeback clip *facepalm*

We decided to our own comeback clip, just like other idols out there. But you know what.. screw this crap, I'm over with this XD The clip is so goddamn awkward, but let's upload this crappy video and continue with the blogging instead.  
Ps. The sound is really bad.. 
Oh god.... >_____________> Pft adios! 

M2stasch... is back \(◦'⌣'◦)/

We've been waiting so long for this moment (only 6 months XD) ;w; We wanted to write some cheesy, happy and sad things about our so called "comeback" but... nothing really plopps up. These 6 months have been a pure hell in high school and we're finally done with the sh*t!


There'll be some new stuff on this blog and we decided to not bomb you guys with 29857293 posts everyday. We realized that the quality of our posts just got worse and worse the more we wrote, so now we'll never force a post, insted we will write about good things when there are good things to write about.
However our comeback isn't really a comeback, we just want to inform you that we're still alive *I'm still alive~* and the update will begin later this month.

That's it folks'






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