PSY - Korea [MV]

Oh almost missed this one... I actually listened to "Gangnam" 2 days ago dunno why but THAT WAS THE MOST AWESOME THING MANKIND HAS EVER DONE! EVER! <33333
About the Korea song it's a admirable and sweet cheering song for OS. That's all I have and can say about it. I should listen to his old albums as well because this guy is the definition of awesome!! :D

This months actor (part 5)

                                                                                 Chen Qiao En
                                                                             Taiwanese actress
I'm gonna make this short, really short. The biggest reason why I chose her is because of the way she cries XD She's the best crying actress I've ever seen on dramas and I've seen a lot. That's the only reason why I chose her for this months actor XD Her characters always seem to be really childish otherwise but she's a good actress, my mom even likes her >_>
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu
  • Beauties of the Emperor
  • Sheng Nu De Dai Jia
  • Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei
  • Jia Qi Ru Meng
  • Let's Dance
  • Easy Fortune Happy Life
  • Woody Sambo
  • Fated to Love You
  • Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
  • A Game about Love
  • Sugo
  • Prince turns to Frog
  • Women are Flowers
  • In Love With A Rich Girl
  • 100% Senorita
  • My MVP Valentine
  • Lavender
Oh she's the first female actor on my "This months actor" :O And I'm sorry that I suck =__= I usually post this the first day on the month but I forgot is this time -.-
                       Joe Chen | Showbiz Taiwan

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [Teaser 2]

Sometimes I hate this blog -_- I published this 30 minutes ago but everything just kadjgkadjg and deleted everything I wrote and did >______>
Is this really the song we heard on the first teaser?! Because this sounds... really good O__O It'll probably be the next Teen Top hit for me. Their "Clap" is still #1 on my list so I hope that this will be good! >:3
However... did SM fire their cameraman in A-CHA? In that case it feels like T.O.P Media hired him. I got dizzy after 3 seconds @__@
They will release their MV or whole album August 3rd, Only 3 days left! :D

B.A.P facts~ (part 3)

Duhh if I joined SM I would run up to SHINee, Suju, EXO, SNSD, f(x) or ANYONE for an autograph XD
Really?! O__O
OMG HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA Everyone got trolled!!! XD I can totally see this scene in front of me when everyone stands in a cirkle seeing that every memeber have blonde hair ;D

Manga recomendation: Ludwig Revolution

Yeah you're probably like the heck is that crap? But this must be one of the most awesome manga I've EVER read! It's the wicked version of Brother Grims stories. Everything from Snowhite, Sleeping beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood etc.
Prince Ludwig isn't your conventional prince charming. He appears to be an unbelievably attractive though in truth, necrophilic narcissist prince who has a fetish for big breasted women. However his father the King became very displeased with his unusual hobbies and sets him off on a journey to find a bride. So together with his constantly abused manservant Wilhelm, who is in truth his closest person, he sets off on a journey which leads to encounters with infamous fairytale princesses. An even more twisted interpretation of the already twisted original fairytales from the Grimm Brothers!
Lol I look like a psycho right now XD But I loved the art and the genre is horror however it isn't horror on that kind of way. It's a bit twist/blod horror ;3
Every character is really interesting and I love how they still connect every story to each other. Even íf they're the main point at one chapter they're still an important part for the develpment of the story. It's not one of those "Let's put all focus on Sleeping beauty on this chapter and dump her afterwards"
Read this one guys~

Careface, Careface shoot anonymous, anonymous~

created by: KYHD-because-your-heart-is-empty
Omg TT^TT Ricky was so young... and pure XD Jk..

That’s how he rolls.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH I saw this one a long time ago <33333333 HAHAHAHAH X''D
LOL wat .____.
Those EXO macros came from HEEEERREEE :D

EXID unveils 2 new members

It's been official since a long time ago that EXID will have a drastic change of members. They were originally a 6 members group but has turned into a 5 members group. 3 of them left (Yuji, Dami and Haeryung) and 2 new ones Solji and Hyerin has replaced them
The girl on the left side is really pretty :O
For you who didn't know EXID debuted last year with the song "Who's that girl" it was an average song with really bad acting xP But I hope that their comeback will be good this time.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Boyfriends maknae Minwoo who's turning 17 years old today (18 Korean age)!!! :D
I have to admit that no matter how dorky their group name sounds it's probably one the best names I've ever heard.
Stranger: So who do you like?
Me: Boyfriend ;3 If you know what I mean kekeke~
Okay not really but you get the point -_-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO After School's happy go lucky girl (lol..) Lizzy who's turning 20 years old (21 Korean age) :O You're not a teenager anymore... Well good luck.. with your life? <-- suck at these kind of stuff XD

Brown Eyed Girls - Solo comeback Jea & Ga-In

I'm sorry but I hate Jea's dress XD And Ga-In's hat?!

Okay back to the point. It has now been announced that Ga-In will make a solo comeback with her 2nd album around August. While leader Jea will release her solo album towards the end of September to early October. And that was all the info I got.
Both Jea and Ga-In are my biases in B.E.G and I LOVE Jea's voice *O* It's so pretty that I'm going all kdgjnaskdgnaskjdg~
So our women aren't that old yet, or they're old but they still have their spark left ^_~

D-unit - I'm Missin You [1 min Teaser]

Hmm... another teaser is out from the Hip Hop group D-unit. The song is composed by Teddy so all the YG fans are like "omg I LOVE THIS" lol XD
But I have to admit with one of the comments that their outfit doesn't really fit in this kinds of MV. Or I'm still waiting for my beat here but if it's going to turn out to be a "sad" song then the outfit is a bit misleading.

I also wrote the same thing in EvoL's long teaser, that some people can pull the whole "I'm cool and badass" look like CL or even B.A.P, while some people don't. So they looked a bit weird and awkward in the beginning. Sure I can't demand that much because they're a rookie group and it takes a long time to build up that "cool and badass" charisma but the company should chose something else at the beginning to show their real charm and let them be badass later.
That's all I had to say, adios folks I'm going to drive now and kill some people XD

To The Beautiful You - Behind The Scenes

Aww the ending ;'D <333
I'm actually glad that Minho is that typical sport guy who wants to do every stunt by himself (I think... XD) There are a lot of lame actors out there who uses stuntman to make a high jump for them -__- Okay it's not bad to have a stuntman especially if the actor is hurt or something but I respect someone more when they start from scratch and works hard to play ther characters well~

T-ara Hwayoung rejoining the group again?

Or not leaves more like she got kicked out. I wanted to stay up till 5 am to hear the news "fast" but ended up sleeping 4:30 am =__=

I bet that EVERYONE literally knows about this even if they are a T-ara fan or not.
 - Source
Dear god what to say! I see crap all over the article. This is what I call a big mess! No one can trust anything because of the 35932859 different shit they say XD All I'm going to say is: Please don't do it -_- Walk away like a boss and don't throw away your pride. BUT! Everyone seem to pity Hwayoung a lot and that's wrong because there's also a chance that Hwayoung actually is a bitch and deservs to be kicked out *sight~*
All we know is that this will be the Hot Topic for a whole month and I'm actually happy XD Because everyone seem to forget the whol Nichkhun controversy so it's good for him :3
Well there'll be a lot of articles about T-ara from now on...


T-ara's member Hwayoung will be leaving them..

Did you guys hear about this? Apparently Hwayoung will leave T-ara. CCM’s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, announced that she'd be leaving in a press release written by the president himself. “In deference to the complaints by T-ara’s staff of 19 people (5 stylists, 7 hair & makeup, 5 on-site managers, 2 team managers), Hwayoung’s contract as an artist will be voided effective immediately with no conditions.”


So what?! She'll be leaving because that the staff complained? All of the other T-ara members even want her to stay? 

“Although the staff of Core Contents Media stayed up into early morning discussing with the T-ara members who all wanted to stay with Hwayoung, we apologize in saying that we could not forsake the arguments of the staff members.”

What the hell did the staff say about her that made the company not even willing to consider keeping her? O__o

And even though she is leaving, T-ara will still be having their comeback as scheduled and realese their follow up song to "day by day" on August 15th (during the end of the Olypics). Their new single will be called "Sext Love".

100% Members Profile

I wrote about the non-debuted group 100% a while ago. Their agency is T.O.P media with Teen Top and they'll make their debut soon.

~ Member Profiles ~

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Seo Min Woo (서민우)

Nickname: MinBongJangGoon, MingGooRi

Birthday: February 8, 1985

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Blood Type: O

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Interest: Movies, music, online game, bowling, cooking

Special Talents: Dancing, painting

Education: Kyungbok University

Facts: He is an actor and ulzzang

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Kim Rok Hyun (김록현)

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: February 10, 1991

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: B


- He’s former member of duo group called “Jumper”

- He has been under TOP Media for seven years

- Also known as “Rocky”

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Jo Jong Hwan (조종환)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: November 23, 1992

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: AB

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Kim Chan Yong (김찬용)

Position: Rapper

Birthday: April 29, 1993

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: O

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Woo Chang Bum (우창범)

Position: Rapper

Birthday: October 7, 1993

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: O

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Jang Hyuk Jin (장혁진)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: December 20, 1993

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Blood Type: B

Stage Name:

Birth Name: Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: December 23, 1993

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: A


If you only saw my reaction... *scrolling down* "Okay first member, leader born 85. He's old so I'm safe.."
*scrolling down some more* "Second member born 91. Okay that was a drastic change from 85 to 91 danger zone but I'm still safe!"
*scrolling down some more* "Third member born 92. This is getting a bit dangerous... why isn't he 91?!"
*scrolling down some more* "Fourth member born 93. ALARM ZONE THE AGE IS SHRINKING!"
Then I saw that all the members inc. the maknae was 93 so I felt at ease~ ;D


The surprising part is that everyones stage name is their actual name. I found that pretty odd and fascinating XD Because they must be the only "new/fresh" group out there who doesn't have any stage name not related to their birth name.




Jay Park [Dancing to Dirty Bass]

YAAAAAY!!!!!! Me so happy when Jay uploads stuff xD And when he shakes his butt at 0:38 8D
I really like the.. place where they are dancing, it looks so dope! (I have to use the word dope at least three times when i write something about Jay. Dope)

Don't know if it is because I really like him.. But Jay Park must be the best dancer in this video O__o But I don't think it's because I like him. I think he's just a really great dancer.. and that's WHY i like him xD

JAY, we need more stuff like this, so keep it going (keep it popping, locking, shake it, never stop it, just keep on rock it) <---- read it in a robot-kind of way ^^. I know it should be like "keep rocking it" but then it wouldnät rhyme with stop it -.-'

My hair is made of hard plastic @__@

you got some competition...
By: isumer.tumblr
More like "Oh.. it's Taemin" XD
Created by kawaiivshentai
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D-unit - I'm Missin You [Teaser]

Apparently there has been a lot of talk about this girl group, one of the member Wooram is sister with T-ara's Boram (Well duh.. the name XD)
This is what I call something new, I guess... I don't really know what to expect from them because they seem to be an unpredicterble group. The song sounds really promising right now but it feels like the beat will totally change! :3
But they will debut August 1st to look forward to is folks'.

Another thing I found in Wikipedia was:
They follow a format of 2 permanent members with 1 new member who joins for ever album.
Wut? O__O  So there will be more than 3 members? I don't really know if you can trust this 100% but if it is true then I'm curious on the whole progress. I have never heard/seen any group adding a new member for every album. Think fo the day when they'll release their 12th album XD

EvoL - I'm sorry [Audio Teaser]

There's one thing teasers do to live up to their names... and that is to tease us >:3 hohohoho *lame joke*
No but this was amazing! My body wanted to quiver but the teaser was to short for me to do that. Even if Block B went through 1341321 ton crap, there's one thing we can't deny and that is the fact that BrandnewStardom produces awesome music!
I hope that they'll make their debut soon! Or now! There hasn't been any teaser pictures on other members either -_- Wonder why...


AOA - Evis [MV]

Is it only me who loves this song? o__o That daram daram beat at the beginning *bad at explaining things*, the choreography was awesome especially when only 3 of them started to dance. They were also in sync compared to other girl groups and everyone is so pretty!!! *breeaaathh*
Bombed too much at the same time XD but I really like them, they didn't go for a 100% aegyo style but they were still cute. I also like their whole angel story but truth to be told I had high expectations on that story. It was quiet plain. It was also a shame that the blonde girl or the "special angel" wasn't in those dance parts. She had a really small role even if the was the "special" one
duruduru Elvis~ ;D

BoA - Only One [LIVE ft.. someone you like]

It's Taemin who is the secret guset ^^ And it's so smart putting these two dance-machines together. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THEM MOVE!!! It's just to bad she's lip syncing. But I guess I understand since she's dancing very intese and it would just sound bad (even if she sings great) because of all the movements. But yes, this song is slowly growing on me xD

That group called:

I don't know if you remember it but I made a special post about those guys. I really looked forward for their debut because they seemed to be an unique group but the awkward thing is that their debut was.. 3 months ago (around april) =__= And I missed it... I didn't see any teasers/teaser photos on allkpop or fb, I'm a bit disappointed now -_-
A lot of people says that they spread that "2AM"-vibes, but you know what boys? It's your lucky day! I haven't listened to 2AM yet so for me 2AM will be the one giving ""-vibes >:3 Damn it's hard to both spell and remember the groups' name >__________________>
About the MV first of all, they seem to be pretty old around 22+ but let's skip the age.
Second of all I almost turned into a bitch becuase of their voices. 3 of the members had a voice that somehow made me annoyed while 1 of them had a really good one. But then I realised that my headset was broken so the sound was messed up and it ruined their voices XD
Lastly the best voice was that 1 guy who was good through my headset. Don't get me wrong everyone have awesome voices but it's something about that guy making me go all *uhuhuhusdkjgsdj*
Cho Hoon was his name...
I also read that it was Jong Hyun's birthday a few days ago so happy birthday ;D
Here is a small "members profile" ^^
Name: Yoo Haeng Hun
Position : Leader
Born : Incheon, July 24, 1986
Name: Cho Hun
Position :
Born : Seoul, January 13, 1988
Name: Lim Jong Hyun
Position :
Seoul, June 29, 1988
Name: Kim Eung Joo
Position : Maknae
Born : Seoul, October 05, 1988
LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAH WHAT DID I SAY?!?! They seem to be 22+ the maknae is 24 ;'D


2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Japanese ver. MV]

When did they announce that they would release a Japanese version? o____o *lost*
A small review, the song is actually good! .__. I thought it would be a little really weird because the Korean version is the IT when it comes to 99.7% of the songs. But it didn't sound bad at all, I also thought that the best part after the chorus (when CL sings) would be totally ruined but it worked as well~
Another Japanese version I find okay, keep it up gurls~ ^o^


Celebrity Twitters - Guy Groups (part 3)

Remember when I did these? Yeah, I'm going to do some more now haha xD

5Zic - 5zic
Cream - youngcream0214
KangNam - kangnam11
Sims - sims9102

Jonghyun - realjonghyun90
Onew - skehehdanfdldi (I didn't even know he had an account!! O__o)

Super Junior
Donghae - donghae861015
Eunhyuk - AllRiseSilver
Heechul - Deactivated his account :( used to be "Heedictator"
Henry - henrylau89
Kibum - ikmubmik
Kyuhyun - GaemGyu
Leeteuk - special1004
Ryeowook - ryeong9
Siwon - siwon407
Shindong - ShinsFriends
Sungmin - imsml
Yesung - shfly3424

Supreme Team
Simon D - babospmc
E-Sens - esens0209


Truth to be told I'm confused over the T-ara drama now =___= A lot of things seems to happen and EVERYONE is spreading rumours that Hwayoung will leave the group. Oh come on just shut up and wait till the President (of Core contents Media) will come and say that "OMG thing" he promised. Stop saying that they're dirty egoistic sluts/bitches, without knowing anything >___>
However I can agree that T-ara is a messy group and this can be another way of gaining people's attention.
Oh well in the midst of all the chaos HAPPY 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY GUYS! Keep creating awesome music!
This must be one of the coolest gifs ever :O
Their debut stage was on July 29th 2009 with their song Lies, and the MV was also released that day ^__^ you know the MV with Seungho I uploaded a while ago ;w; He kissed her </3 XD


Sexy free and single I'm ready to bingul, bingul, bingul, bingulu~

by brunaftw
Have to love how weird we kpop freaks fans are ;D Who (a normal person) the heck would ever think that the bear is actually a freaky peddo stalker? They will only see a animated bear while we... that's a peddo noona for us XD
Created by: fishyhearts
created by eunhyukkkie
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Omg have to see this show O__O 3 biases together... *dream come true* does anyone know hwere this come from?
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Created by kawaiivshentai
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created by katzylicious
I need to find this person and send a best friend request ;D Our paint skills are quiet similiar~
Created by rockyabody


That was a new way of doing the hand thing O_o
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO (U-KISS former leader) Alexander who's turning 24 years old today (25 Korean age) !!! :D It's a shame that you and Kibum had to leave and I'm mad over the way the company treated you guys =__= But everyone has moved on and I hope that you'll succeed as well! :D



Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Japanese short ver.]

I haven't been listening to Suju's recent album if I have to be honest... I don't know what I've been doing but at least not listening to their album. So I couldn't really hear any big difference between this one and the Korean one. It sounded awefully alike O__O
After searching a little bit Super Junior will release their "Sexy Free & Single" album August 20th, well less than a month left ;p

Kpop celebrities who is enlisting the army

Oh god I'm crying of happiness right now. A week ago I sat and wondered who has enlisted the army and who hasn't buuuuuutt... I forgot the whole thing and I sat over 2 hours yesterday wondering what I wanted to write again.
I found a list but it's not ever celebritie who has enlisted the army, it's celebrities who are in the army now and it's not 100% sure that their estimated date is correct~
Kim Yongjun (SG Wannabe)
- Enlistment date: February 16, 2012
- Estimated release date: February/March 2014

Hyun Bin
- Enlistment date: March 7, 2011
- Estimated release date: December 6, 2012

Jay Kim (TRAX)
Enlistment date: March 26, 2012
- Estimated release date: January 2014
Dari (Dalmatian)
- Enlistment date: April 25, 2011
- Estimated release date: March 2013

Kim Hye Sung
- Enlistment date: June 14, 2011
- Estimated release date: April 2013
Kim Jaewook
- Enlistment date: July 5, 2011
- Estimated release date: May 2012
Kim Nam Gil
- Enlistment date: July 15, 2010
- Estimated release date: May 2012
Shim Dongwook
- Enlistment date: July 20, 2010
- Estimated release date: May/June 2012

Heechul (Super Junior)
- Enlistement date: September 1, 2011
- Estimated release date: July 2013

Jung Taewoo
- Enlistment date: September 14, 2011
- Estimated release date: July 2013

Kim Jun (T-MAX)
- Enlistment date: September 29, 2011
- Estimated release date: July 2013

Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S)
- Enlistment date: September 29, 2011
- Estimated release date: July 2013
- Enlistment date: October 11, 2011
- Estimated release date: June 2013

Yunhak (Supernova)
- Enlistment date: October 25, 2011
- Estimated release date: June 25, 2013

Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky)
- Enlistment date: October 27, 2011
- Estimated release date: August 2013

Park Yunhwa (T-MAX)
- Enlistment date: November 6, 2010
- Estimated release date: September 2012
Choi Hyunjoon (V.O.S)
- Enlistment date: November 18, 2010
- Esitmated release date: September 2012

Go Joowon
- Enlistment date: November 18, 2010
- Estimated release date: September 2012

- Enlistment date: November 18, 2010
- Estimated release date: September 2012
Jung Kyungho
- Enlistment date: November 30, 2010
- Esitmated release date: October 2012
- Enlistment date: December 21, 2010
- Estimated release date: November 2012
Park Hyo Shin
- Enlistment date: December 21, 2010
- Estimated release date: November 2012
Oh Is Hyun Bin in the army?! T^T I did not know XD ... I thought it was Hwanhee from ZE:A and went all what the... so I searched on it and it's Hwanhee from the duo Fly to the Sky ^__^


BIGSTAR [Behind the scenes of their debut stage]

This needs subs -.- But it's fun to just watch them.
Haha but when that red-haired guy eats!!! HAHAHA he eats like me xD And the talled-haried guy is definitely the most handsome guy in this group. The funny thing is that before I even knew about this group and just watched a random clip of them I liked him as well. My type is slowly turning into guys with long hair haha ^^

Here is the actual debut stage ^^

Why don't they have same cloths? O__o is this really their debut stage? Yeah it is.... Hahaha maybe they changed cloths xD

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [Teaser 1]

*_______________* I think I fell in love with neon colors XD
The song sounds like a typical Teen Top song so it'll probably be an average one for me but it looks so sweet ;w;
Wonder if they'll do a MV for every song they mentioner in their teaser pictures, I hope they do it >:3
Once again I didn't find any specific date that theyäll release the MV or the album but it should be somewhere around August so wait angels~ *cheesy*

Eye Candy - B.A.P style

1/100 gifs of my babies; jongup the noona killer

Super Junior facts~ ^__^

&#8220;Once Eunhyuk went to a CD shop and bought a Super Junior album. The shop keeper didn’t recognise Eunhyuk, and asked him “Oh, you like SuJu?”&#8221;
Ouch! hahahah ;D
&#8220;Leeteuk once got hurt on his hand and he didn’t cover it on purpose, because he wanted E.L.F to be curious and worry about him.&#8221;
&#8220;Bonamana sold 72000 albums in one week, Mr. Simple sold 79000 in one week, and Sexy, Free and Single sold 84000 albums in one week.&#8221;
&#8220;Sungmin often seeks for fashion advice from Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Yesung, because they have good fashion sense.&#8221;
&#8220;Siwon is always the first to apologize when he is gets into a fight with someone.&#8221;
&#8220;Yesung is a very hard working person. When Super Junior is in the process of recording for their new  albums, Yesung is always the first to arrive at the studio and the last to leave.&#8221;
Because Eunhyuk drools so much in his sleep, once the members collected Eunhyuk’s drool when he was sleeping and showed them to him the next morning.
When Heechul fights with Donghae, it will be violent, where they throw things at each other. When Heechul is fighting with Eunhyuk, they don&#8217;t talk to each other - like a cold war.
&#8220;Once Yesung was bullying Donghae so Donghae called Yesung’s mother and told on him.&#8221;
Omg hahaha dorks will always be dorks~
&#8220;Before debuting, Shindong went to the SM Entertainment company and saw Yunho from DBSK. He wanted to take a picture of Yunho without getting caught, so he acted like he was talking to  someone on his phone while taking the picture. In the end, Shindong got the picture, but he also got caught.&#8221;
&#8220;Whenever Super Junior is on a tour, Yesung always borrows the master key for Super Junior’s hotel rooms from their manager. Yesung visits every member’s rooms when they’re asleep. He stays in each room for up to 20 minutes!&#8221;
Oh right! HAHAHA I remember this one! They talked about this in a show, why they didn't like to sleep beside Yesung I think ;D My little creeper.. or.. yeah that is kinda creepy =__=
&#8220;Eunhyuk really likes the Korean Drama “Secret Garden”.&#8221;
&#8220;Yesung is very stingy. Whenever someone borrows something from him, he always records it in his notebook.&#8221;
&#8220;Eunhyuk can’t tell the difference between cupcakes and muffins.&#8221;
Is there a difference between them? O__O
For more suju facts drag your mouse *kekeke see what I did there?* HEEEEERRREEE!!!
Btw I couldn't find that "next" button if you want to go to another page just write:
/page/*the page number you want*


Did you see the introduction for OS?

Korea was so pretty ;w; Hahahaha both me and Bo are freaks XD
by LoveFCuz
Created by kenyanprincejang.

My first macros T_T



Yeah some people say Jeesu and others say Jisu and I'm one of those people who say/write Jisu...
Ah~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY LITTLE JISU (Dalmatian) who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) well he isn't that old... And gosh he has changed so much compared to their debut days. He was that skinny little boy who just jumped everywhere XD

F.Cuz comeback!~

Hell yeah I'm hyped!!! I loved their NO.1 track and I hope that their comeback will be kickass just like their previous one!
Unfortunatelly Jinon (the leader) has a anke injury so there's a chance that the comeback will be delayed. More info read HERE. They didn't write any specific date or month for their comeback, but I hope it's soon .__.
I hope that they'll make a historical comeback making them more famouse and well known becayse they're so goddamn underrated that I'm getting mad right now (-_-)
Omg the ending hahahahahaha!!! They even dance more awkward than Kwangsoo ;'D <3

To The Beautiful You - Official Teaser #3 + school

Before I publish the clip, have you seen our new header? ^o^ Well it isn't done yet I kinda ruined the blog yesterday so BO fixed it but we're going to change the design a bit later~ XD

They are killing us with these teasers .____.
It's looking more and more awesome everytime I see a trailer, btw I think I saw Hwanhee :o Yes I did at 0:07 *careface* XD Omg I hope that he's Oscar I'm sitting and fangirling with myself *forever alone*
I also found a sample on their dorms and some pictures on their high school :3
Their dorm~ It's a big difference compared to the Japanese drama. This looks really fancy :O
This is what I call a big filming location O_O

Teen Top - Teaser pictures [Chunji & L.Joe] + Tracklist

Their teaser pictures are finally out!!! :D
I wrote that Chunji's and L.Joe's pictures would probably be über sweet but I can''t decide if it's sweet or hot.. more like . . . o___o Heaven?
I tried to search their release date for their new "Summer Special" album but they haven't mentioned anything. But their teaser should be out soon, a few days left~
However I found their tracklist, there will be total of 4 songs in their new album:
  • 반해 (Fall In Love)
  • 나랑 사귈래? (Would You Go Out With Me?)
  • Party Tonight
  • 나랑 사귈래? (Would You Go Out With Me?) [Inst]

B.A.P - No Mercy [Dance Tutorial]

Anyone planning on learning the dance to "No Mervy" by THE B.A.P?! Haha well here you have Zelo and Jongup showing you the steps

Love how BYG goes "yeah, we are the B.A.P" veeeery slow in the background at 0:32. I have to go now, but I'm so gonna watch the entire thing later hahaha. Good luck to anyone trying to learn it!!

I'm so sorry but I love you... nananana


We had some problems with the blog and the post making... thing, but everything is fine now (I think... =__=)
I don't know how we published those post a few hours ago but.. yeah. Do you know how many stuff I wanted to write but couldn't?! F.Cuz comeback, INFINITE's PV, To the beautiful you info etc ;w;

Well everything is fine now~ *consoling myself*

New Girl Group AOA

So recently a new girl group (AOA) released some teaser videos of their upcoming debut single "Elvis" (I think it's called Elvis haha)

Don't know anything about this group though.
All I know is that they come from the FNC. Entertainment, that they will be a band and that they are 7+1 members. 7+1 you wonder? Well, here is the story:

They are 7 angels (members) in this group - Seolhyun, Choa, Hyejeong, Chanmi, Yuna, Mina, and Jimin.

The "+1"-member is Y who is said not to be an angel, rather a half angel unlike the others who are introduced as angels.
The story so far of the group has been told as, “The seven angels always looked into the human world through their crystal ball and loved people’s music. One day, Y, the gate keeper, out of curiosity, opened the gate heading to the ground and came to earth with seven angels.”


I really like how they kind of showed this story in the Teasers xD
But yeah, so this whole "half angel"-thing is (according to a youtube comment) something about Y not doing all of the typical idol stuff like singing and dancing. She will be the drummer and that's about it (How can she dance if she's a drummer? So it does make sence).

They will have their debut stage on July 30th. So stay tuned!!!

~Mnet Chart~



Oh look at that July 26th... it's my sister's birthday XD

Ah~ Such a shame... Juniel only had 1 week to shine and now she's off the chart. However I'm happy that it's going so well for Wooyoung! His climbing up on the chart and the online votes ^o^

And truth to be told.. I haven't listened/seen psy's Gangnam Style *ashamed* it seem to be one of those really awesome and catchy songs out there, just like Eunhae's Oppa Oppa... I listened to Oppa Oppa 1 week after they released it -_-



INFINITE - She's back [PV]

The whole blog system is messing with me so I don't even know if this will be out... The PV was released a long time ago *trololo 7 hours* and I haven't listened to it yet. But see this as a test post gonna do an update later~

As you probably see our blog is f*cking up... really hard...

End of story~
No but we're trying to fix everything. We can't make posts either so I hope that this one will be published 

Evol - Magnet [Teaser 3]

Me: Ohh it's war time~ (you know with the 2NE1 comparison...)
It's a shame that everyone has to compare these "ghetto" styled group with 2NE1 -__-
The song sounds really promising and they are one of the groups out there I'm really looking forward to see. However only one thing... Some people have that natural swag/gangster style for example CL. She has that flowing charisma that makes the whole gangster concept really natural and awesome. While other people are trying to be a "gangster" but ends up looking a bit awkward. Unfortunately this group seem to be one of them. It just looked a bit weird in the beginning when everyone was like "OH YEAH *shake*" (well something like that) -_- I didn't really see that flowing gangster charisma in their dance. However these small single parts when every member did something (one girl swinging the flag, someone shoting the fire thing etc) looked badass and awesome.
Well you never know they can change my mind when the MV is out~

B.A.P facts~ (part 2)

Yesterday I part 1 was a bit small so let's continue with part 2 today~ ^___^


"New" Boy group: G.IAM

Read an article on Koreaboo were they wrote:
Red Apple Entertainment revealed a new teaser surrounding the upcoming release of their boy group G.IAM through the group's official Japanese YouTube channel. Though the video was released through the Japanese channel, it mentions they're planning for a Korean debut later this year, and that the group is "coming soon".

Though G.IAM might not sound familiar to most k-pop fans, they already released a single early last year called "Only You". They originally consisted out of five members, and planned to release an MV for their debut track. This music video was never revealed and in the process the group changed to another company. Struggling with member issues, G.IAM eventually added another member called Paolo, changing the group to a six-member one.

More information on their second debut or wasn't revealed, but it seems their new track will be released on July 27th. Whether or not their fan club is still named "The Global" hasn't been revealed either.
Oh so they're one of those "complicated" groups. But I'm considering them beeing a new group even if they debuted 2011 -_-
Damn O__O I actually like this... A LOT especially the part in the end. The rookie groups this year is awesome! EXO, B.A.P, NU'EST, BIGSTAR, A-JAX, C-Clown and the list goes on and on~
However they're pretty old @__@ The leader is 27 and the maknae is 21 XD So yeah *no comments*
But they seem to be a promising group >:3

BoA - Only One [Drama Version]

Was going to upload this video yesterday, but I worked like 10 hours.. so I'm uploading it today ^^

Ok, first the MV. There were some stuff I didn't get. Like when the guy took his phone and kind of.. took a picture? (1:22) After that I could only see him as a perv haha. But now that I look again.. it's someone calling O__o Maybe it's another girl.. and he's cheating :O And that's why she has to break up.. at the same place they had their first date. But during the end when she comes back in (or like in for real) she smiles and he smiles.. like she won't break up. So.. yeah. OH, and the guy looks soooo much like Baekho from NU'EST xD

And now to the song.. again. After 3 minutes I actually didn't mind listening to it. I actually sung along ^^

AMAGOD youtube has changed... again ;w;

By DJAceing11
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Awww hahaha we like your monkey ears~
created by luckytefi
No... because he got himself a wife now ;____;

To The Beautiful You - official posters

I made a post a long time ago showing their official poster but the quality sucked... so here's a better one

You can see all the EXO members more clearly now :D But is it only me who can't find Xiumin, Tao and Suho in this picture? o___o

The whole Nichkhun controversy

I don't think that I have to mention anything here, the whole world probably know about Nichkhun's accident.
As a die hard Hottest it's my time to sit and defend this guy but I can't =__= I'm at a 50-50 state right now. The reason why he had to drive a car while beeing drunk the heck do I know and I'm cursing at him because of it.
For you who didn't know here's a small text:
On July 24th at 2:30AM KST, Nichkhun was involved in a minor car accident in his Golf Volkswagen and a motorcyclist in a nearby school ground intersection.
According to JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun had been at a dinner with fellow agency artists following a practice session for an upcoming concert. It was said that Nichkhun had drank approximately 2 bottles of beers. At the time of the accident, police recorded his blood-alcohol level at 0.056%*** and his license was suspended.

Through an official company notice, JYP Entertainment apologized, "If there are further investigation to be done, we will be engaged in it sincerely. We apologize to everyone once again."

**NOTE: DUI in Korea is anything over 0.05%. Nichkhun recorded a BAC of 0.056%.
So yeah basically he don't have a license anymore but I'm getting this dejá vu feeling all over again. It's starting to become like the Block B topic all over again. At one part I'm angry how people are overreacting but he should've known better after all. It's a HUGE blow on your image in Korea compared to other countries and you can practically say that he's screwed for now.
They even cut him off from their Carribean Bay online ad. They've also edited out his parts on "Idol Star Olympics"
I'm more worried over their Japanese comeback and their rumoured Korean comeback. ;w;
Buuuuut it isn't his entire fault after all (or how do I know, you can't really trust allkpop either) but y u Drink and Drive? -___-
I feel more like one of those angry moms disappointed over her child. *sight* well I hope that you'll be able to recover from this damage, he'll get a lot of crap from J.Y.P himself >__>

To The Beautiful You - Official #2

Omg started to hype all over the place!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! Or this is gonna be amazing!!! Choi Minho you pretty little boy and cute Sulli ;w;
I thought that EXO would be one of the boys at 0:17 but I didn't find anyone -_-

Gahhh I LOVE Hana Kimi it gives me that feeling I had with my old class, you know the weird bond these 3 dorms have with each other ^3^
Release this already!! *sobs*

Teen Top - Teaser pictures [Niel & Changjo, C.A.P & Ricky]

I wanted to wait till the day when all the teaser were out but what the heck let's do it.
Apparently Teen Top are going to have another comeback around september, damn these guys are on fire... they had their comeback around 2 months ago. 
Well here are some teaser picture on le members~
What happened to your stomach Changjo?! Why do you have squares on them?! kasjgbsdkjfsad why Teen Top grow up so fast? ;w; And Niel you little teaser, trying to kill all of your noona fans out there *giggle* XD
How come all the young ones are getting hotter while the older ones are getting cuter? Bet 10 bucks that L.Joe and Chunji will be cute as sugerhoneybunnypies~
And Rickys hair <3___<3
Well if my brain work, I believe that these small texts are some of their songs in their new album.
I just realized that Teen Top hasn't made a Japanese debut yet. I find that pretty weird somehow...
Oh well I wanna see L.Joe's and Chunji's teaser photos now!!! :D

B.A.P facts~ (part 1)



A Prince - You're the only one [MV]

Yesterday A-Prince a.k.a TAKEN released their MV "Youre the only one" composed by G.O from MBLAQ. I'm surprised that they didn't release a teaser, or maybe they did? =__=
They debuted with the name TAKEN under Again45 ent but switched to NEW PLANET ent. making 3 of the members disappear while adding 2 new ones. Aww Gunwoo isn't in the group anymore (The creepy maknae)
Omg O__O I almost didn't recognize them!!! :O The blonde one was that Kevin look alike I did but he looks lioke Hong Ki now and the guy with long hair is the leader! Yeah I don't know their names -___-
The song was so so, it wasn't really that catchy nor "awesome" but it was sweet and it was a good job by G.O! :D

I can clearly say that this is much better than their "Young Boy" you could clearly hear everyones vocal skills in here. But I wasn't really a big fan of their MV :P It looked bad somehow ouo


Sasaeng fans all over again...

It seems like all the sasaeng fans are striking at this exact moment trying to drive all the kpop idols/celebrities nuts -__-
Receantly (3 days ago) was the actor/singer Jang Geun Suk's turn <-- yeah you know who it is ;)
On July 22nd, actor Jang Geunsuk wrote an angry tweet to "saesang" fans. It read, "First you install an antenna in my taxi, then you jump in an 'empty' taxi to follow me through GPS data transmission...You sure have so many ways. I've already repeatedly said before that I don't need you saesang fans, so back off! I don't want you guys. So annoying!"

This is not the first time that Jang Geunsuk has publicly expressed his anger and disappointment with saesang fans as he tweeted a similar post last year in October. It read, "You crazy fans, you think you can know everything I do just by following me everywhere? Smile while you still can because if you continue to annoy me, I will take action."

Unfortunately Jang Geunsuk's first tweet seems to have fallen on deaf ears as he has had to once more warn saesang fans to leave him alone.

Upon seeing Jang Geunsuk's recent angry tweet, many netizens left comments such as, "You should take legal action against those crazy saesang fans," "Wow, it sure is difficult being such a popular celebrity," and "Jang Geunsuk oppa, fighting!"
- Source
Finally an idol who at least scold them in public Xd I don't really know how the whole police thing works in Korea and how serious they take these kinds of matters. Because of them beeing idols etc. but instead of closing their eyes on these saesang fans (the police) they should give them a big FAT fine. Arrest them wouldn't work that well but the fine should at least work? The state will get more money and the saesang fans will be to broke to continue with the thing they do XD *easily solved* no I'm just kidding but I hope you know what kind of vibes I'm trying to pass over here..


My throat hurts .@___@

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Evol teaser pictrures - Say & Jucy

Oh god I wanna puke @___@ Went to the amusment park here in Stockholm (you in Sweden should know which one I'm talking about) and jesus I wanna puke now. Even when I'm sleeping I feel dizzy ;w; So I'm gonna make this fast!
Say is captioned as being the leader, vocalist, lyricist, composer and choreographer of EvoL.
And the second member, Jucy (Juni-J), is another pride jewel of Stardom. She is mentioned as being the rapper, lyricist and composer for EvoL.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Ohh the leader looks cool :O


B2ST - Beautiful Night [Dance Practice]

This is not an amazing song or dance. But I like it? It's like.. chill xD And Yoseob, he can dance?! And Kikwang hehehe you sexy B2ST!! 8D
I don't have much to say. I don't love it.. but it's not bad O__o

Boyfriend - Be My Shine [PV]

The song is.. OK. Hahaha Boyfriend has never really gotten my attention.. but we'll see. This is only a short version of their Japanese debut single. They're releaising the entire song "Be My Shine" on August 22nd. Then I can judge more xD So for now, enjoy!!!!

"The Ugly Reality of Kpop idol auditions"

Posts like these really shows that I have too much free time XD Started to randomly search of this and I found a really good tumblr site were he/she (I think it's a she) writes her oppinion while... using logic o__o So it's interesting to read every post. There was ever a better definition abou those saesang fans.
All I can say is "Warning" to all of you who are sensitive and want to keep these pretty images kpop has giving you, then don't read this post.


This one KBS show recently did a special feature about idol trainee auditions, and what the real deal is behind closed doors.


One trainee was found stating, “Even I knew that I wasn’t able to show off my full potential during my condition, but they gave me a positive review. But after I passed the audition, they demanded that I pay $2,700 USD.”


The trainee was also asked to call the director of her agency without alerting him that he was being recorded. When asked about the contract fee she was forced to pay, he replied, “There are no agencies these days that support you financially 100%. Since we do support you 100%, don’t leave us. Even if you say that we forced you to provide sexual favors, you really have nothing to say in the end.”

Another trainee hoping to become an actress later gave her own account, revealing, “The agency said they were looking for a small role and wanted to meet me in person. They instead dragged me to their home and force fed me various drinks, claiming that they needed to check my limit. After a while, they taped my mouth shut so that I couldn’t scream, and further claimed that in order to become a celebrity, I needed to have sex with him.”

What was even more shocking for viewers was that this all happened before she entered her third year of junior high school. (credit: allkpop)





This isn’t at all surprising, but it’s nevertheless disturbing. Issues like this keep coming up again and again, and I continue to wonder if anything is even being done about this.


The comments of this particular article brings to light a few good points.


Everyone’s saying only small sketchy companies would do such a thing, but in reality it’s the big companies that have the power. If someone said she was abused by the CEO of a huge company, do you think anyone would believe her? They’d say “no, you’re just bitter about being rejected”. Just look at the replies on this article, no one wants to believe their favorite companies are anything but beautiful and loving.
Everyone’s not saying that only the small sketchy companies would do this, and yeah, the big companies have power. Most are saying that smaller companies would do this because they’re mostly unknown companies, therefore it would be easier for them to get away with it. I, for one, think it’s unlikely something like this would happen in SME because of the age that SM takes in trainees, same for YGE, and JYPE. Also, the way the auditions are conducted in all three companies. SME, JYPE, and YGE aren’t the only big companies, but they are the three major companies in SK at the moment. We just think it’s unlikely they’d do something like that. I’m not saying a trainee hasn’t been subjected to that kind of treatment before and that it won’t happen in the future.



Watchdogs need to delve deeper into this issue, especially into the cases of the more popular agencies. It would be naive to say that the bigger names are completely immune from scandals like this, and I’m quite certain even today’s popular idols have gone through situations like this.






There’s another comment I kinda wanna address:


It’s sad that this happens almost everywhere. Here’s something that E.H.P posted in a forum topic, and it’s something I agree with about the Big 3:
“Okay, so if you’re from the U.S., I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “casting couch”? Well if you haven’t, it means trading sexual favors for a career advancement. This is prevalent in Hollywood. Gwyneth Paltrow and Lisa Rinna have spoken about the Hollywood tradition of sex-for-roles. A lot of other celebrities have mentioned it in their memoirs or interviews. It happens ALL the time.
BUT does that mean you can automatically assume that happens in DISNEY auditions?? No, you can’t. When people who don’t really know Korea make the assumption that SNSD must have had sex for their careers, to me, it’s the same thing as non-Americans making the assumption that Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, etc must have had sex for their careers.
Seohyun, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri, and BoA got casted when they were in Elementary School. Sulli, Taeyeon, and Luna and got casted at a really young age, too. I’m not sure the people who held the auditions told the young girls, “You’re going to be accepted as trainees into S.M., but you have to promise to have sex with us when you turn 15.” You can see youtube videos of Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun goofing around as elementary school kid trainees in the SM practice rooms, even talking to SuJu and DBSK members. I don’t think they were sexually traumatized elementary school kids.
Also, in large companies like SM, JYP, YG, auditions are recorded. And they have to pass the judgment of a whole PANEL of judges, some of which are FEMALE. So, it’s kind of hard to have sex with all of them in exchange for acceptance into the company.
There are so many reasons why it’s HIGHLY unlikely that female trainees didn’t have sex in order to debut. These are just a few.”
I’m not saying that SM, JYP, and YG haven’t had someone in the company do that, but I still think it’s pretty unlikely.


You cannot make assumptions from what you see on TV. Broadcasting agencies themselves have underground alliances with various entertainment companies (seriously, you shouldn’t even BEGIN to underestimate the financial and manipulative power of these bodies), and of course they’re not going to publicly release anything that would cause the slightest blow to these labels’ reputations. Auditions are recorded, yes, but where’s the proof that the dialogue (and representatives) in those recordings are legit? Again, money is power. When you are rich and influential, anything can be dreamt up and made possible.


And of course, idols who were sexually traumatized are not going to make it obvious when there are cameras around.


Here’s another comment that sums up everything else I wish to say:


It is very sad and unfortunate that situations like these happen all the time in so many industries but it is even more upsetting when you know the lengths of how far the industry will go to cover up the truth in order to maintain a healthy image toward the public. Young teenagers and children in the entertainment and modeling industry are always targeted and victimized because of their vulnerability and it would be nice if the government could do something about it. However, companies always hold the advantage in terms of money, influence, slander, and black mail in an attempt to discredit the victim. Also, victims are often too ashamed or frightened to reveal the truth due to fear of persecution and the possibility that no one is willing to believe them…


And to end, I agree with what other commenters have brought up: reveal the names of these companies already. So many young kids are aspiring to enter the entertainment industry more than ever, and there needs to be some kind of certified, public informant steering them in the right directions (like a UNION, maybe?!?!)


But of course, all these things are waaaay easier said than done. Ugh, this industry needs a serious cleanse. Fast.


- CRED!~


These kinds of stuff makes me wanna go to Korea start my own clean company and assist pure idols! The heck is this?! It's disgutsing that you have to go trough something like this to fulfill your dreams. Sure this stuff isn't just happening in Korea as a person mentioned in fact it's pretty commin in the whole world, but we're talking about kpop here.. so yeah XD

But this is nasty I just wanna #&%¤/%# some of the people over there -_- And no doubt that some of the most famous idols today may have been gone through something like this.




AZIATIX - Ready, Set, Go [MV] CHEESE!!! THIS WAS SO AWSOME!! I could not stop looking O__o Watching him draw the whole thing.. SHESUS!! This sure is amazing!!! To see that he did it all by hand as well, and all the techniques he used.. can't close my mouth haha.

So apparently this song is currently being used for KBS2‘s promotions of the 2012 London Olympic Games. No wonder, it's a really good song (like inspiring) and it says "Ready, Set, Go" hehe. So it's perfect!!! 8D

EXO M in Men's Health magazine

Truth to be told I don't know or I didn't even know about this. Apparently EXO M had a photoshoot for Men's Health magazine and I saw some of the pictures on facebook yesterday ^__^
Lol bananas?!
Me: Ahh~ *sight* he just wasted 2 perfect chocolate ice cream ;w;


Hello Baby season 5 [Preview]

Hahaha the beginning xD They look all "If the baby does anything.. BAAM!! *Slams hammer on the ground*" And the quality of this season looks really good. Like it's HD or something ^^ I just hope they're funny to watch, like SHINee xD I honestly don't think ANYONE can beat SHINee's season of "Hello Baby". But I'm really glad they keep doing it, because you never know hehe.
So the show starts airing tomorrow.. B1A4 FIGHTING!!

drag... *manly voice* QUEEN! *girly voice*

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Goddess dance practice - Yejin

Yejin... always mixing it up with Yejun from F.Cuz.
But o-m-g O___O DAEBAK!!!!! This is some awesome dance skills not that typical cutie little things but real gangster stuff! *lol how lame* XD Goddess and the one from BrandnewStardom (Evol?) must be the 2 girl groups I'm really looking forward this year! And YG's of course...
Amaze me gurls!~


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KARA's Seungyeon who's turning 24 years old (26 Korean age) today  . Have to admit that I don't really "know" KARA so well and I don't listen to their music either so... yeah

Random stuff #12

Love Rain BLOOPERS xD When he kissed her and she thought it was a dream blablabla ^^

Seriously the best WGM-couple out there xD

This bromance is to hot for me to handle O__o


Ohhh! They released a small MV for their intro song that I loved! It's a shame that the song it's only an intro, it's almost as good as "Hot Boy" -__-
What I'm more disappointed over is that the maknae doesn't have ONE part... he doesn't even have any camera time O_O

Kpop idols and their families

This is one of those random moments á la B.R.A were I'm actually making a post like this by my own XD I got pretty curious about idols who has a younger sister/brother or families in general. There isn't a lot of idols who actually voluntary show their families in media... or what do I know...
Xiah Junsu & his Twin brother (did he have a twin?!?!) Kim Junho
Sandara Park & Thunder
4402156039 99f957915b K Pop idols’ good genes run in the family
T.O.P & his siter (+ mom)
4402156397 02942ba6dc o K Pop idols’ good genes run in the family
Taeyang & his brother
4402178079 c784ce13e6 o K Pop idols’ good genes run in the family
Krystal & Jessica
4402921980 e271259535 o K Pop idols’ good genes run in the family
Kim Tae Hee & brother Lee Wan
4402157801 27401ca675 o K Pop idols’ good genes run in the family
Sooyoung & her sister
4402923338 b15d084568 o K Pop idols’ good genes run in the family
Mir & Go Euh Ah
 Kim Hyung Jun & Kim Kibum

CN Blue's Jonghyun on Vouge Girl

CN Blue's pretty boy Jonghyun was on Vouge Girl a while ago, but I never uploaded those pictures -___- It's a shame that CN Blue is so underrated because their music is really good.
I've said this to BO before but I'll say it here as well. In the kpop world there are 3 different stage-popularity and you can clearly notice it on youtube:

#1 - The popular/well known ones (usually between 10-30 0000+ viewes)
#2 - Those who are in the middle (usually between 2-9 0000 viewes)
#3 - The rookie/underrated ones (usually between 100 000 - 900 000 viewes)

Sure my numbers aren't really exact but you can check it for yourself when you see someones' MV.
Okay back to the point yes CN Blue is underrated and they're #2 on the list. But here are the pictures from Jonghyun's photoshoot~
Lol looks like a janitor on the last picture XD
But he's really pretty *u*

~Mnet Chart~

Can't believe that I forgot to upload last weeks chart -__- Not a drastic change but finally Juniel's "illa illa" is on the chart. That's an awesome song! Why wasn't in the top 6 when it came out?! And Wooyoung's Sexy Lady. I'm really happy for his sake, he deserves it (Sure it may look like the 5th place you you but it must be something priceless for him because that was his first solo album) and his album in general is good as well!
Sure I can admitt that I was a bit harsh on B.A.P's comeback, I've been seriously trying to listen to "No mercy" doe a while now. It's a good and catchy song, it's actually better than "power" but I'm not 100% satisfied with it. "Warrior" is still #1 ^^
Well for this "chart song" is:
Been raping this on my phone lately...

black. black, black and white~

isadbkasdjvskdjvskdjvbsjkdvbsdkjvskjd SO PRETTY!!! OuO
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Le Wonder gurlz and tha man!

Oh god my title =__= Such a wannabe XD
As you've noticed I haven't been updating that well today, I've been sleeping 24/7 because of lack of sleep but I guess that everything will go back to "normal" tomorrow ^o^
Saw a picture on fb that Wonder Girls uploaded with Akon
Did they use wigs when they filmed for Like this? .___.

Evol - Magnet [Teaser]

Oh daaaaman! This is what I'm talking about! finally a sexy but hip hop cool girl group! I've been waiting for this for so long! I've actually been listening to their audio teasers for a while now but I never uploaded it =_=
Brandnewstardom are the ones behind this girl group, wonder what happened with Block B :O They didn't write the release date for the MV but I guess it's soon.
A group that I'm really looking forward to. Bet that everyone will be Unni now XD

Song of the week #31

I'm not even going to have a long text before I put the clip up
B.A.P - No Mercy

I have no idea how B.R.A couldn't be impressed. Haha I love B.A.P's entire style. I love the whistle they have in every song, I love the random dance part they always have in the other half of the MV and I love how they sound so hard-core!!! It's so hard to explain but like.. when they sing. It's not pretty.. or hahaha yes it is!! But like when they sing, they almost growl. It sounds so freakin' good!! Well not everyone. Hahaha when Daehyun and Youngjae sing they sing like angels.

In the beginning of this MV when they sing "BOM, clap, BOM BOM, clap" and dance with their chest.. Jongup MY LORD!!!!! Stop teasing me xD And at 1:18.. hehehe Zelo you bad boy ^^ This is honestly the first time I ever find Zelo atractive. But dang, he's so young!!!

AND ALL THIS PELVIC THRUSTING!!! (1:25, 2:17, 2:24 etc.) Love the entire dance. It's almost like krumping, you know the dance style ^^

Oh and the song.. so addicting!!!! NO NO NO... NO MERCY!!!

Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (GIRLS part 1)


10/50 photos of NANA (Flashback era)

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Well for you who don't know what U.P.A.H.I  stands for it's "Über Pretty And Hot Idol* yeah the acronym is tacky as **** XD
But this weeks U.P.A.H.I will go to an awesome maknae!
ZE:A's Dongjun
Is that a hickey?!
Wae u have such an amazing face and body? ;w;


BoA - Only One [Dance Version]

Could only find the Dance ver. O__o But I don't mind xD

She still got it!! We'll I guess you can never lose it, so yes. SHE'S BAAACK!!!~ *SHINee sherlock voice*
The song was.. OK, something I could listen to if I'm sad or just really really bored ^^ And the choreagraphy could have been better because BoA can do amazing things!!! But overall it was good. 

S.W.A.G = Sleeping With A... Guy... in our dreams XD *bad humor*

Created &amp; Submitted by thechibitenshi
Me during school time...
Submitted &amp; Created by thechibitenshi
Oh.My.God... he should totally join M2STASCH XD
submitted by taeminlove Credit&#8217;s to the original owner.
Submitted &amp; Created by thechibitenshi
Ew XD Hot sauce?! Urine would be enought ;D


Jonghyun & Taemin, all fans go crazy!!!


My bad, this is like gold!! Oh my sweet mother of God!!! WHAT IS THIS?!!!!! WHY AM I SO EXCITED?!?!?!?!?! Taemin is stealing my man, but it's ok?!?!!!

I need to find the whole video OMG...

This video will have to do for now.. O__o



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EPIK HIGH's Tablo an awesome songwriter and rapper who's turning 32 years old (33 Korean age) damn you Ahjussi... I should just sit down and check out all of his albums one day. Have to do it soon. Well have a great day with everyone especially with yout wife~
Ah.. I'm fearing the day when I'll wirte "HAPPY BIRTHDAT LEETEUK! AND HAVE A AWESOMSE DAY WITH YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN!!! :D! </3 *running away*

B2ST - Beautiful Night [MV]

The song hasn't hit me yet. But I'm sure it will "HIT ME!!" (Bigstar - Hot Boy) sooner or later ^^
The MV however, God.. just love how birght and colorful it is!!! xD And Kikwang!! Haha he looks like an older Zelo 8D

And did anyone else notice the thrusting Hyunseung did at 2:22? xD (He's the one in blue)
So we now have a redhead, two blondes, a purplehead(?), a guy with orange hair and one brunette. Like the mix ^^

To The Beautiful You random information~

Have some small and random info about the new drama ^o^
It has now been confirmed that L (Myungsoo) wont play that aura guy in Hana Kimi. He wanted to focus on INFINITE's overseas activities (the one in Japan now) so no Myungsoo in the drama :/ Wonder who the aura guy will be...  one of my favorite characters so I hope that they wont ruin it -__-

Another thing is that some of the SM trainees may be seen in the drama as students or just... extra people. So it's time to have an eye on them >:3
Bet that I'm noona to all of them as well =__=
Hwanhee seem to also have a role in the drama drama... He should be Oscar :3


MBLAQ highlight clip from BLA% tour in Bangkok

Saw this clip yesterday and asdkfbskdjfbsdfh ;w; I wanna see them live so badly now!! Especially Run. That choreography must be one of the best ones I've ever seen.
G.O and Mir persorm their song too *o*

I don't really have time to write anymore have to help mi madre =__= I wanna sleep~


Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (part 5)

(Mehehe.. managed to sneak Jr. in as well ^^)

Although I cried “don’t leave” You left without looking back, Bad Girl..


I have to admitt that I don't usually listen to 2AM's songs. But I have to do it soon, they have amazing voices! :O
Oh well... 2AM debuted with their fitst single "This Song" July 21 2008 and they're still alive! However they made their debut performance July 11th, but I'm only counting on their album release-date -__-

 I seriously don't know what to write or "say" to them... HAPPY 4th anniversary guys, keep your hard work and be bigger one day!! woot woot~
Sorry I couldn't find any good pictures related to their anniversary >__>


Some kpop idols who have undergone plastic surgery

Plastic time!!~ XD
Not really... but I've made a similiar post about this before. It was when Kyuhyun admitted that he changed some things on his face and to make it clear once again I don't really have anything against plastic surgery. As long as that person want to do it for him/herself the he/she is welcome to do it ^^
The thing about plastic surgery in Korea is that probably 85-95% of all the kpop idols out there has at least done ONE thing. Everything from "small" adjustments to double-eyelid surgery. However my limit for plastic surgery is if someone gets forced or feel pressured to do it. For example (this isn't official and I'm not 100% sure) there has been a lot of pictures on Taemin and his shrinking nose. There wasn't anything wrong with it but it looks like he made it "smaller" and the thing I wonder is if he really wanted to do it. (He was under 18 after all ) Because it's a shame if the company force their idols to do it, or fans are worse as well.. the presure every idol gets to give out that "perfect image" for their one and only idols~ *euk so cheesy* XD
Some idols who have publicly admittet that they've gone thorugh plastic surgery are:


Alright. Obviously, the idol who has openly admitted to receiving plastic surgery and even jokes about it is ZE:A’s Kwanghee.  Kwanghee says that he’s fixed most of his face. It’s gotten to the point where the poor guy isn’t even able to drink some alcohol.




Next up is KARA’s Goo Hara. This gorgeous gal made an appearance early in 2010 and openly admitted to having some minor adjustments made to her face. She already had double eyelids before debut, but to make them more noticeable, her boss suggested surgery, which she agreed to. Instead of surgery,




After School
’s UEE is one tough trooper. She’s been criticized a countless number of times on her body weight and her belly fat as well as plastic surgery accusations.




Singer Solbi is another star that came clean about having the inner corners of eyes cut to have bigger eyes (EW). It was already evident with her swollen face (seen above) during a broadcast of Music Core.



- Source


Then we also have members from SHINee, SNSD, 2NE1, B.E.G, and I bet that even 2PM have done it :o



Random stuff...

I remember the first flashmob here in Sweden XD BO started to literally panick wondering why the heck we were going there.. with moustaches, that's a good question. But I remember a girl *hello if you're reading this* started to talk with us
This was out conversation:

Girl: So... you are?
G: And.. you do dance covers?
Me: No... not really
G: Do you guys cover songs?
Me: No.. not really
G: Do you write about kpop news?
Me: No... not really
G: Then what do you do?
Me: O__O ehm...
I will never forget that day XD The first thing I did was to run to BO asking "WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING WITH OUR BLOG?! o__o"
Bo: I... don't know .___.
Hahaha seriously what do we do with our blog? XD News + Random stuff? That's probably the only thing we do buuut we're enjoyoing it :D I think...
Ps. Both me and BO will be busy during the whole day (today) so the update kan be a bit shaky. We may be a bit late with some stuff because we wont be able to sit in front of a computer as we always do u____u
One of the best gifs ever created <3 ;'D Wonder if the girl knew the boy...


Kpop fan girl = forever single

Omg hahahahaha XD
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created by ayopotato, submitted by ayopotato
this is my sister&#8217;s macro, but she doesnt have a tumblr account, soo i told her that ill post it here&#8230; :D:D:D:D

sooo any wayyy
Kekeke XD  *burned*
hahahah! guess what??? JONGKEY


EXO comeback!

Dunno if you guys know it but EXO will finally make a comeback soon!!! :D they will release their new album's teaser photos on 24th July, Kai & Luhan are the first teasers to be released on 9th August. There will also be 7 songs in the album and 2 of them are already confirmed:
1. Let out the Beast
2. Baby don’t cry
I hope that My Lady and Emergency will be in the album as well! I somehow find it weird that they didn't chose My Lady in their first album, it was their first teaser after all...
Speak of teasers they should seriously release 32947923 teasers as they did before XD That was the highlight of the day when I went to school. EVERY morning, I turned on the computer and saw a fresh teaser on youtube before my class would start. I may be sick in the head but please SM... just do it ;w;
                                                 The best macro to describe every EXO fan right now...



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NU'EST's BAEKHO who's turning 17 years old!! (18 Korean age).
Welcome to the "careface age". Seriously 17 must be one of the most suckiest age ever existed XD
16 it's an omg age so is 18 and 17 is a number between them that's no use, you're literally waiting 1 year to turn 18 and graduate from high school...


INFINITE - She's back [PV]

I've been doing Idon'tknowwhat the whole day so I finally have some private time... with my computer <3 *o*
I saw that INFINITE released a PV for their 3rd Japanese single"She's back". The album consist of 3 songs:
1. She's back
3. She's back remix.
The single will also be released in 2 different CD editions and the full version will be released August 29th... wait a minute... AMAGOD I'VE ALREADY STARTED SCHOOL ALREDY?!?!?!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE DURING MY BREAK?! *brb trying to find a life*
You know what... I've been eating, sleeping and geeking kpop/mangas/dramas/reality shows during my break I have no regrets! >:3 YOLO!~
Lol love Woohyun at the beginning "*la la la I'm strolling around* YEAAAAHHH! *bam*"
And they look so pretty and cute!!~~ OuO Well have to wait till... August 29th *sight* TT_TT

Eye Candy - 2PM Style


2PM’s Taecyeon and Junho In Cosmopolitan Korea [PHOTOS]

JUNHO HAVE FREAKIN' ABS!! No chock though, everyone in 2PM has abs ^^

Movie Recomendation: Mulan

My favorite Disney Movie is probably Mulan *the irony* XD and I still love it. It's something about it that makes me go "HELL YEAH SHE SAVES CHINA!" and receanlty I found a "realistic" movie also called Mulan on dramacrazy.
Lol the description XD
This ruined my picture of Mulan ;w; But it was amazing!!! This is one of those MUST watch movies in life. Btw did you know that Mulan actually existed? *retarded* XD There's a big a story behind it but Disney never captured those moment. However this movie did! It was quiet realistic as well.
Once again you MUST see this movie! The actors are great and the other dude (you know the one Mulan starts to like) is good looking as well ô_ô Lol... that sounded bad somehow
 <-- not bad looking ey? OuO

BoA - Only One [Video Teaser]

And the song doesn't sound that bad. I never hate her songs, but I hope this one will blow my mind ^^ And PLEASE PLEASE dance in this MV. Because when she dances I get all excited xD Haha but yes, the MV will be out in two days (July 22th).
MAKE US PROUD MAMA! (just let me be your lovah')

2NE1 New Evolution - Concert poster making

2 Days ago I made a post and uploaded pictures on 2NE1's "making I LOVE you teaser photos". This time I have some pictures from their photoshoot for their World Tour concert posters :3
                                                                             Love this picture *o*
Lol Bom's and Minzy's outfits... or.. *sight* Those Simpson characters.. XD Gah want to comment something about their (Bom and Minzy) outfits but for crying out loud CL has a freaking unicorn on her dress, literally. This beats everything I've seen XD Even Lady Gaga's meat dress... or maybe not... o__o


Let's get random! :3

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B2ST - Beautiful Night [Teaser]

SHAZAAAMM! I'm tired and I'm hyped I've been sleeping around 6 am for 2 weeks now and I can't take it anymore lalalala~

Ahh B2ST <3 This my definition when a group makes a change but still have their own... style or vibes that screams B2ST for example. Seem to be another party song of the year however it does remind me of... don't know how to explain it but the whole beat isn't something new (like WOW new) but I really liked it! :D

I'm absolutely looking forward to the MV, it seems to be so bright :O The whole album will be released July 22nd, only 2 days left!


Damn reminded me of Minho with that haircut ;o
Happy Birthday (to the not-so-well-known group X-5's) Zin who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) I listened to them a lot before but... not anymore O_O Gonna do it tonight :3  <--- *careface fact*
Lastly (to another not-so-well-known group) B.o.M's maknae Yua is turning 18 years old today (19 Korean age). I actually like 2 of the members from B.o.M but I don't know anything about them .____.
Hope that you'll have a great bithday boi~

G-Dragon's Twitter and Instagram

NO ONE has missed this one. At least the Twitter part. Well for you who don't know, G-Dragon created a Twitter account a few days ago and has over 280 000 followers already O_O @IBGDRGN 
Apparently he also has have Instagram as well o__o  xxxibgdrgn (username).
So follow him my child XD But it's fun to see everyones tweets/pictures the best thing is that he writes in English as well compared to other idols. (Y)
                                                                   His profile picture on Instagram
He will also make a solo comeback soon so I'm really looking forward to it!! :D

Eye Candy - SUJU style

Sasaeng Fans (LONG TEXT)

I don't know if you guys have heard of sasaeng fans, but they are these extremly hardcore fans that would do anything for a picture of their idols. Not only pictures though, I think the proper word for them would be stalkers. Like creepy obssessive stalkers. I read so many crazy things they've done to their idols and I don't really know how to react.

For example there has been lots of scandals with sasaeng fans and JYJ/DBSK.

Things Sasaeng Fans have done to JYJ/DBSK members:
–Made a copy of the key to DBSK’s apartment 
–Followed Changmin, then broke his pinky finger 
–Froze DBSK’s phone account, checked their call history on their cell phones, and checked one by one to see if they called a girl 
–Looked for DBSK’s personal seal to register marriage documents 
–Snuck in lingerie in DBSK’s bags 
–Secretly ordered a bunch of pizza and chicken to DBSK’s apartment and forced them to pay for them
–Snuck into their apartment and kissed them while they’re sleeping
–Saved menstrual blood to give the oppas as a present
–Been the cause of their car accident 
–Found the phone numbers of family members and called them
–Hit Changmin with a bag full of rock
–Used members’ social security numbers to sign into various internet sites
–Tapped their phones


And more. (source~)

When I read this.. I didn't really know what to think. What kind of people would take fandom so far? Sure, I know how it feels to be in love with Idols and I know how desperate one can get at some times. But that is no freakin' excuse for behaving like this!! Who sneaks in to their apartment when they're sleeping, isn't that illegal?? O__o

I also read this report that told the Sasaeng fans side of it all.
Apparently, most of the sasaeng fans are outcasts from school. That means that they have more time to stalk their Idols. These fans can spend all their time stalking their oppas, going to their dorms, practice rooms and salons. But to get to all these places they need taxi, and for taxi you need money.

Lee (
15) spends about $1,000 USD a month on her sasaengactivities alone, which mostly goes into paying for the taxis that chase her oppas down.

Renting out a sasaeng taxi for a day costs $300 USD. She saves money by working part time at convenience stores and comic book rental stores, as well as saving $500 USD that would normally go into her after school classes.

She revealed, “I heard that there is also a girl that prostitutes herself to make money for her sasaeng activities.”

Sasaeng fans usually sleep or spend the night at PC rooms. Some will even be homeless during the summer and skip out on school. Extreme sasaeng fans go as far as to drop out of school completely.

The sad reality is that there are taxi services, as mentioned above, catering specifically for sasaeng fans. These special taxis will speed as much as 200 km/h to chase after vans that idols ride.

As if all of this wasn’t already hard to believe, there are actual companies that fans can hire to spy on and watch over their oppas’ every activity all day.

One official of such a company revealed, “Sasaeng fans are stalkers. They’re not normal,  they’ve mentioned killing someone, and even themselves. Some even ask us to find out what color clothes their idols wear to bed.”

One sasaeng even offered $100,000 USD if the company could steal her idol’s underwear.

The fans were then asked about the hatred and criticism they’ve been receiving since the scandal with JYJ came to light in the media.

Park (18) replied, “There are rules even amongst ourselves that we must keep. The fan that tried to kiss oppa broke one of our rules. I heard that, that particular fan was assaulted by other sasaengs for breaking the rule.”


So yeah.. what do you guys think about this? I could understand some of it. If I could see my idols on the street because I know they are there, I'd sure go and see them!! But not like this. Not stalking them like a crazy person, chasing them down with a cab -.-

C-Clown - Not Alone [1st Mini Album]

I'm Not Alone
In The Car
Damn... it's a shame that the intro "I'm not alone" wasn't a complete song because I really liked that one ;__;
Their album is really good for a rookie group, the best ones were probably "Solo" and "In The Car". Destiny was a bit eh... lol sounding like a hag all over again XD  But that's the way it is nanana~
If you haven't heard Solo yet, then do it, Do It, DO IT, DOIT!!~
The funny thing about clowns is that I love their creepy:ness. They do actually scare the shit out of me but I can't help to love them. They're so unique :O

T-ara releasing their new album

It was previously revealed that T-ara would be releasing several albums in the 2nd half of the year, starting with the mini-album, "Day By Day," which would be followed by "Mirage" and "T-ara's Effect." While new member Areum made her debut with the group in "Day By Day," 9th T-ara member Dani made a special appearance in its music video.

Along with the repackaged album, "Mirage," set to be released on August 15th, T-ara will be introducing a new electronic pop track called "Sexy Love." The track was produced by hit-maker Shinsadong Tiger, who has created hit tracks for T-ara such as "Bo Beep Bo Beep," "Roly Poly" and "Lovey Dovey."
- Source
Uno momento... Did anyone notice Danis' "special appearance" on Day by Day?! O___O How come I didn't see anyone/anything .____.
Oh well... their song Mirage seemed to be quiet promising. Or it sounded really good so I'm definitely waiting for it! Ang Eunjung will appear as well :3


Bo Bae's time to shine(e)!!!

Todays morning humor will be brought to you by Bo Bae.

Hahhaha look at Dae xD

you tell them, wookie!

Hands Up Era Things: #31
So much for humor.. Where the hell does B.R.A find all these macros?!?! Hahah i can't find any...

BIGSTAR - Hot Boy [Dance ver.]

Bigstar must be one of the best rookie group that has debuted this year. Hot Boy is catchy as *piip* and the choreography is so powerful! I love the beginning when 3 of them come forward while 2 goes back and the do that kick in the air and start shaking like gorillas all over the place <3
The random part was probably the half naked guy... wae? XD But I ain't complaining however... the quality should be better >;3

C-Clown - Solo [MV]

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!!! :D
HAHAHAHAHAHA Everyone is panicking, Maru has broken that "I'm-not-a-noona-wall" every comment is about them turning into noona, well gurls... welcome to our world~ Zelo broke our...
Do you know how happy I was when I heard this? Mainly because of them not having a pause in the middle of the song flashing their dancing skills XD And I really love that they pushed in some pictures on the members and their names when they sang or danced. I only knew T.K and Rome but I've practically memorised evey member after the MV. Dunno why but Siwoo reminds me of a Japanese man... -_-

But I REALLY like love the song. It was a good lift after B.A.P's No Mercy. T.K rapping parts are just awesome! And I like that the MV actually had a story behind it, I think... but I didn't get it =__= Have to rewatch it. 
C-CLOWN AWESOME DEBUT!! Have to watch their debut stage as well (Y)
T.K, Siwoo, Ray, Rome, Maru & Kang Jun (Seeeeeee I memorized them >:3)

To The Beautiful You - Official Teaser

I'm like dying inside I want to watch this so badly!!! But I'll probably wait till the whole drama is out otherwise I'll kill myself every week -__-
I see a lot of EXO members~ >:3
If you haven't read or even seen the manga/drama yet don't be afraid EXO will probably have a lot of camera time. Because there's a competition between the 3 dorms in EVERY episode so you'll always be able to have a big glimps on EXO ;)

B.A.P - No Mercy [MV]

omgomgomgomg why did I fall asleep downstairs?!?! ;w;
The song and the dance was good, I liked those parts when they sang with a really light voice :D And damn Himchan is looking more fine for every comeback the do. I actually looked really forward toward their comeback...

But... please don't kill me. I got so bored while watching this .____. No exitement at all. I've seen this stuff from B.A.P 3 times already I want something new from them. Yeah you may think that I'm one of those bitches you want to kill right now XD But this is my opinion. It's good when an idol can show us something new while having their "typical style/beat" in that new thing. However this was the same as Warrior and Power. Some fast rapps from Bang Yong Guk and Zelo, weird kicking and doing stuff on the floor dance, dancing in a room and in the end having a "pause" part where they can flash their dance skills. Sure other groups do this as well but it's the THIRD time for B.A.P now ;w;
Everything was good/great/awesome but... it wasn't WOW AWESOME. So I hope that you can show me something new next time, my glow for you is somehow disappearing soon...


B2ST Midnight Sun tracklist + Album cover

After 329856239 years Cube Ent. have finally released their new tracklist for Midnight Sun:
1. "Midnight (The Night I Count the Stars)"
Composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung / Lyrics by Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung / Arranged By Shinsadong Tiger

2. "It's a Beautiful Night" [TITLE TRACK]
Composed by goodnite, sleep well / Lyrics by 4realz / Arranged by goodnite, sleep well

3. "Not Me"
Composed by Rado / Lyrics by Rado, Yong Junhyung / Arranged by Rado

4. "When I Miss You"
Composed by Choi Kyusung / Lyrics by Choi Kyusung, Yong Junhyung / Arranged by Choi Kyusung

5. "The Day You Rest"
Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement by Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo

6. "Dream Girl"
Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement by Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo
- Source
It's one of those all in albums were they have pop-ballad songs and I'm actually looking forward to this. I wasn't really a B2ST fan but receantly I've been killing a.k.a raped schock and Breath.  And Midnight Sun wasn't bad at all.
Is it only me who also love these Album covers?! It's something about them that makes me go "OHHHH, AHHH, IHHH~" XD



Hahaha saw this clip of Kyuhyun, Donghae, Ryeowook and Sungmin from their appearance on SNL (Saturday Night Live Korea). OMG it was hilarious!! xD

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I freakin' love these guys xD This was such a funny sketch! ^^

Sungmin so cute ^3^

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU Making

I saw that YG released some pictures on 2NE1's I LOVE YOU making, or photos of their photoshoot... =__= lol why? XD It doesn't make sense... photos from a photoshoot...
Oh well here you have it:


Things you'll never hear a KPOP-idol say

Kai: "Please stop asking, I'm much too shy to take my shirt off..."

Minho: "woah. calm down... it's just a game.."

G-Dragon: " my favorite piece of clothing? hmm it would have to be just a plain old comfortable tee shirt."

 "Bleh banana milk? who the hell came up with that?"

Key: " I can't say whats really on my mind! that would hurt their feelings!"

Chanyeol: "I'm bored."

 "Aegyo? thats soooo immature."

 " Why hello there, would you like to venture over to my household where we can all dine on perfectly
quaffed waffles and later, we can all rest our craniums on a soft pillow while we happily slumber?"

 "I'm so ugly no man will ever find me attractive."

 " I'm sorry, but honestly I think SNSD noonas are just plain and untalented.."

 "Can i please have a few more lines in the next song? please?!"

 "I've come to a conclusion. Everybody, I'm Atheist"

 "I hate purple."

 "I hate this bamboo pillow."

 "I'm the most mature in my group."

 "I can see you."

 "Video games are childish"

 "I'm not hungry"

 "I'm full"

 "I hate chicken!"

Kris: "Yes, let's do it!"

 Tiffany's eye-smile and butt are ugly

 I hate pink

 I don't want to sleep

 "Xiumin isn't a baozi"

 "Cake is absolutely disgusting"

 "I hate corn"

 "I'm ugly"

 "I ate turtle soup today"

 "My voice is so high pitched"

 "Aegyo and greasy things make me vomit"

Lee Joon:
 "I hate variety shows"

 "I speak perfect english"

 "I can't wait to reveal my body today"

 "My tweets show how sophisticated I am"

 "Tomatoes are gross"

J.Y.P: "Whispering is inappropriate"

Hahahahahahhaa some of these were just too funny xD

I say yeeeh yeeh yeeh yeeeeyeye~

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Oh Minho~
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I didn't have to read the text to know that this was a potter-macro
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First cuts (?) from "To the Beautidul You"

Gosh the name of the drama is too long -__- Hana Kimi is shorter and easier XD
Receantly a few photos on the high jump scene with Minho was released.
To all of you who want to know about Minho's character here it is:
Minho is the lead male role and his character, Tae Joon, is a student in dorm 2 of the all boys school. Growing up, he was a gold-medalist at the high jump and he aboslutely loved it. Unfortunately; while he was in Am...erica for a tournament, he injured his foot so he was forced to give the sport up for a while. Even after his foot healed completely, he refused to jump again. Nobody at the school knows why he won’t jump anymore. Sulli’s character, Jae Hee, is a dedicated fan of Tae Joon and even left America just to come convince him to jump again. Tae Joon is the only person besides the school nurse to know that Jae Hee is a girl. Tae Joon is very cold and independent, the only “person” he’s able to converse freely with is his dog, Sangchu. After his accident happened, all his friends he had made at the school before were completely brushed off by his cold attitude. Throughout the drama, Tae Joon is forced to reflect on himself, and with Jae Hee’s help, starts to change.
There's also a lot of rumours that L (Myungsoo) will have a part in the drama as well. They say that his characters will be the guy who can see ghosts/feel the aura around people (my favorit character)
However there isn't any official statement about this but I hope that he'll get this role!! :D
Cred to the facebook page "To The Beautiful You"


I've been sitting here wondering what to write... and the only word I can come up with is "Thank You". Truth to be told it's because of Taemins girly look and zebra striped t-shirt I fell in love with kpop last year. The first clip I saw was "SHINee Lucifer dance ver." and the one who caught my eye was Taemin. With that pretty long hair, perfect legs and his awesome dance skills.
So Thank you and happy 19th Birthday our beloved Lee Taemin (20 Korean age).
We are watching you (or even stalking you) and your success! <3

Kim Kyu Jong - My Precious One [MV]

Omfg so many Kim and Jong's in SS501 TT^TT
Oh well during Kyu Jong's last fanmeeting he had before enlisting the army he stated that he would release a song & a MV for all his fans before enlisting the army and here it is *3 hours later* XD
Aww ;w;
I totally underestand the meaning "A MV for my fans". For you who didn't know the reason why a random chick didn't plopp up is because: we "are" that random chick. The only thing you'll see is her hand/arm and that is supposed to be our hand/arm.
Personally it's a sweet idea but damn... the fangirls will go more nuts and pervy because of this XD Especially at that coffe scene and the one were he "kissed" the camera. Fortunatetly you'll enlist the army soon so no stalking for you :p
Bet that no one missed the "A song calling for you" dance 2:20.
The song in general was only okay. It's nothing that made me go insane, quiver or love. It was only sweet especially the message and the reason behind it. So it was only averager but I love this mans voice <3

B.E.G - One Summer Night [MV]

How come I didn't see the clip on youtube?! ;w;
Oh well THIS is the reason why I love B.E.G. I got so carried away when I saw the MV. It's not the typical "everyone-are-dancing-their-asses-off" in a room MV it's one of those rare ones were the sMV actually have a story. But it was a shame that Ga-In and Miryo wasn't in it as well.
Their voices are amazing! They totally pulled it off even if it was a ballad song! (I expected a pop song... oh right the pop/dubstep song is "The Original", my bad...)

Btw did you notice how the story began? XD The chick just randomly bike-lifted with a pretty guy and it ended up them beeing together... damn I should totally do that when I go to Korea. Sit on a random persons' bike who can can be anything but sane ;D
HAHAHAHAHA AND BO!!! DID YOU SEE THE SCENE AT 3:24?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! A few days ago when me and BO went out (to buy some stuff) we started to talk about the whole "holding hand process" and demonstrated it out of the blue. We looked like 2 people (from the same gender) beeing in love XD Don't want to say the H or the G, some of you may...get "offended" :3
But I liked it a lot inclusive the story, and the twist in the end that Narsha saw everything from Jea's perspective. GREAT JOB GURLS~

New Girl Group: Goddess

Receantly 2 pictures of the new girl group "Goddess" was released showing us their "gangster" style XD
The four member group is scheduled to debut early next month with a single titled, "Farewell Party."
Ohh sounds interesting~
Posted Image
Posted Image
Dunno why but they give me that "Japanese" vibes somehow O_O But I'm looking forward to it. There isn't a lot of Hip Hop girl groups out there. They usually debut with an über cute and sweet song/MV so I hope that they'll bring out somthing new :3


Day 30: Favorite CNBlue song:

Last day, WOOP WOOP!

So CNBlue. I remember the first time I heard their song "I'm a Loner" hahahaa I laughed so hard when B.R.A told me what it meant (I didn't know the songs name by then).

I'm a Loner / Alone

Haha only me who didn't get the story at first? But then I read the comments below:
I really like the video and I don't get why people are saying that they don't understand it cause for me it was pretty simple... It shows that they were 'loners' and that in the end they came closer through music. The scream is to show that they all had enough and that they don't want to keep living their lives the way they had so far... I find this video meaningful and I love cnblue :D 

I felt so dumb while reading it! ^^ But I mean I got some of that, like that they had enough and.. stuff like that xD But yes, this is my favorite song from CNBLue 8D

B.A.P - No Mercy [Teaser]

The teaser for No Mercy is finally out and I have to say that... you can clearly hear that it is a B.A.P song miles away. This is the B.A.P style with the whistle, 39849137 km fast rap and those badass moves.
The song aounds promising and the voice that went "YeeeeaAAHHHHHHH" uhuhuh amazing!~

The whole album will be released July 19th (2 days left) and we'll have 2 MV served in fornt of us :3

To The Beautiful You - posters

It feels like I'll update a lot about the new drama so be prepared for it :3 A while ago I saw 4 posters beeing released for the upcoming drama To the beautiful you with Sulli and Minho:
                              I can't stop focusing on Minho everytime I see this picture ;w; So... pretty XD
                                                              HAHAHAHAHAHA lol too short </3 ;'D
She actually do fit well over here. However it's just her face uhhhhhhhohohh *inside rage* it's so cute and pretty, a little bit too cute so you can clearly see that she's a.. girl =_=


The difference between "Visual" & "Face of the group"

Once again this is the result of me trolling around trying to "underestand" kpop a bit more. Yesterday was "Black Ocean" and this time is the difference between "Visual" and "Face of the group" XD *retarded* I've been wondering this for a while now because I always see them as the same thing so I found a good site who explained it ^o^
                                                                      - Random picture- XD

"Well, generally “Visual” and “Face of The Group” are typically the same thing. Let’s make it specific! In the other hand, “Visual” is the most good-looking / most attractive member in a group, though not always. While, “Face of The Group” is the member who appear on variety shows more than the others, who are usually in the center of their formation, or the one who brings the most publicity to the group.


For example, I take U-Kiss as the reference. The “Visual” in U-Kiss should be Kiseop, but the “Face of The Group” is Dongho because he’s the member of U-Kiss who brings the most publicity to U-Kiss, or in the other words the one who makes U-Kiss well-known among the fans. The same thing goes to MBLAQ. The “Visual” should be Thunder, but Lee Joon is the member who appear in public the most, then he’s the “Face of The Group”.




I see... that makes sense XD

Is Thunder really the visual in MBLAQ? o__o Thought it was... Lee Joon



I say Donghae you say M2STASH, Donghae... Donghae

XD i got the photo from AKP
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cr. MiGuo
(via -vivian-)
Is that some hidden baby abs? XD
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idk lol
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B.A.P - 1st mini album [photoshoot + teaser]

A few minutes ago I saw that Mnet released some teaser photos for B.A.P's upcoming mini album "Goodbye" with those animated bunnies ;'D
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Zelo, Jong Guk & Young Jae
;w; So pretty, especially Himchan!! :O Love his hair <3 ^3^
As you've probably noticed we haven't uploaded the teaser for their "Goodbye" MV, why?... well we don't know, eveyone has probably seen it already but let's uploaded anyway
I don't know what to say/write... it's a ballad versioan á la B.A.P. I'm surprised that they still have the B.A.P vibes in it ^o^
A teaser for "no mercy" will be released July 17th and their comeback will be July 19th. Oh so the teaser will be released today :O

Did You know that...

The member TK (from the not debuted group C-CLOW) was going to debut with the group BtoB at first however he was unable to do it because of health issues. So he was practically a trainee under Cube ent. but switched to Yedang and is going to debut with the group C-Clown soon (!!!). He's only 1 week older than me >:3 *careface* XD
He's pretty ^o^ And he also reminds me of Kim Hyun Joong.

Look alike: Kim Soo Hyun & Kai

This *pointing on Kim Soo Hyun* is my new eye catching friend. He is so... PRETTY O__O I saw him guesting on Running Man yesterday but I've seen him here and there sometimes and he is so adorable, cute and dorky!!! TToTT I seriously wanted to cry because of him hahahahhah XD

Oh well he reminded... or not reminded it just screamed "Kai" from him. He's the older version of Kai, or Kai is the younger version of Soo Hyun. It's the lips, eyes and the nose who makes them look like "twins" lol XD But I can clearly say that they look more alike rather than Kai and Taemin.

C-Clown - Solo [60 sec. teaser]

I want to watch this teaser so badly.. (!!!) But I can't right now TToTT
Have to watch it later~ 

But the release date is finally out! The MV will be released July 19th only 3 days left. And B.E.G's MV will be out soon :O *random* XD

Day 29: Favorite Block B song:

YAAAAAY!!! Only 2 more days xD

Now to more serious business.. What the hell guys. I really miss Block B :( I really liked them, and now none of them are singing and it's all because of a interview..
These guys had talent for crying out loud! And I bet they still do.

But yeah.. I guess this is the world we live in. So my favorite song is definitely this one:
NalinA (Gorilla Dance ver.)

But I also like, correction, LOVE Freeze

When Block B comes back

I’m just gonna


Horror in the kpop world: The Black Ocean *long post*

Lol I just had to make the wole thing a bit dramatic ;'D
Dunno what I did yesterday but I read some old incidents about SNSD's flop concerts etc. so I searched a bit more on it and came across with the word "Black Ocean". As a newbie in the kpop world this is new stuff for me (and BO) so don't judge -__-

We all know that every group has its own color and during concerts fans buy/bring light sticks with the same color as the group, to... I don't know... wave and shake it during concerts to show their support?! XD For example Sujus color is Sapphire Blue and when you usually see concert photos you can see fans having light sticks in the picture. And a good definition for the "Black Ocean" is:
"Black Ocean basically means that the fans turn off their light stick, stop chanting the band's name, stop singing along, stop waving the band's balloon, basically stop interacting and just sit there doing nothing. It is usually used to show hatred towards that certain group or protest against the group."
Super Junior's "ocean"
And there are 2 big black oceans out there that a lot of people seem to talk about.
The first one is SNSD during the Dream Concert 2008. I don't really know what happened over here because it's so many stories/speculations behind this one. But all I can say is that it was a flop. People turned off their light sticks and some fans even screamed for Wonder Girls. No one really knows the "mastermind" behind this. Some people say that E.L.F's was the cause, or some fans brought pocket knifes and threatened the people around them so they had to "ruin" the concert, people got raped (this was a bit random...) etc. -___- No one knows the truth...
SNSD's Black Ocean
The second one is quiet new. Apparenly (well this isn't really a surprise) it's a fight between E.L.F's and EXO *SM get a fan name for them >_>* 
Here is another good explanation I found:
"When exo debuted many elfs changed to beeing exotics. So there was an arguement amongst elfs because of that and many elfs were upset. So there are some elfs that dont like EXO because their debut made them have a change of heart. And lately SM has been giving Suju unfair treatment and more focus to EXO so elfs thought it was unffair. (like the youtube charts incident, fans changing, reused mv shooting places, plain mvs, and the pre-recording)"

Eventually people probably (me) think that EXO are somehow replacing Suju soon. But I don't really feel any grudge or hate toward them. It's only what I think of the whole "Creating another 12-member group while Suju are getting older". I actually love EXO so it's a shame that some fans are nolifers who has to start a fight 24/7. There was a lot of rumours that during SS4 in Indonesia (were EXO M would perform) fans would do a Black Ocean on them (On EXO M). However it seems like there wasn't any so I'm glad about that (y) OuO
       Posted Image
EXO M's performance during SS4

But the whole "Black Ocean" thing is just... lame o_o There's a clear line on how disrespectful you can be toward a group and this crosses the line BIG TIME. This isn't really the best way to handle stuff even if you dislike a group. The whole thing that happened during SNSD's concert seem unrealistic. I can probably write down a whole book on this but I'll stop here XD

Congratulations if you've read the whole post, you really deserv it. I somehow find things like this interesting, not in a good way but to somehow see the bad sides on kpop as well. Yeah I'm not that sick yet but it's good to know some kpop history both good and bad ones so I'll keep trolling around and write it down here in the future~ ^3^


Sulli gets into here character~

A few minutes ago someone...  released a picture of Sulli and her short hair for the Korean remake of Hana Kimi "To the beautiful"
I can't deny the fact that I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to this remake!! Urgh can't they release it now -_- *impatient punk* XD
But I'm also on the majorities side who thinks that Amber would've suited better when it comes to the appearace. Because that... doesn't look like a girl trying to dress up as a boy. It just looks like a girl wearing a boys school uniform XD Okay I shouldn't judge to much and give her a chance... so shoot woman!~


Time's up, up, up yohohohohoho! XD

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HAHAHAHAHAH funny cuz it's true XD
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B.E.G comeback photo - Gain

And the last teaser picture is out and it's only 1 day left till the MV/album will be out >:3
Once again Gain looks... to put it simply hot and I have really high expectations toward their MV. So I'm rooting for you guys!! woop woop~

This weeks U.P.A.H.I (by Bo Bae #2)

So I've been watching Oh! My School again and this guy participated in episode 9. Haha yeah.. he was kind of hot xD So this UPER PRETTY AND HOT IDOL is..

SECHSKIES JIWON!! Don't know much about him other than he's a first generation kpopper and he was in the group "Sechskies".. and that he was born in 1978 which menas he's 34 years old O__o AND he's the rapper. hehohohihoho.. I always fall for the rappers xD Or often.. we have Lee Joon and some others that aren't rappers ^^

"Reading hurts.." hahahaha xD

Haha I don't know why I think he's sp pretty. Maybe it's just the fact that his personality was so daebak in Oh! My School and I like bad boys ^^

2NE1 meets popular guitarist Jung Sungha

I bet that all of you kpop fans have heard about this guy. An amazing guitarist who has made a lot of covers!
Found this article:
2NE1's Dara posted a spoiler on her me2day on July 14th (KST) revealing a picture of the group with guitarist Jung Sungha. Sungha, with over 812,000 subscriptions and 502,000,000 video views on YouTube, is becoming more and more popular. Thus, it is no surprise that the prodigy is seen holding a guitar in the picture - but Dara is holding one as well.

The picture has "I Love You" captioned onto the top. Furthermore, she says that the picture is, "the latest spoiler! 2NE1 met guitar prodigy Jung Sungha!!! Last year when I saw his guitar cover of 'Lonely,' it was already crazy good~ But to see it live was even better! T.T I'm so touched~ What will we show you this time around...!?! Jung Sungha + 2NE1 will be released soon ^___^ Please anticipate it!"
                    Posted Image
- source
Oh my god! I would've totally fanboed if I were him (Or he's probably doing it.. maybe fancowed* XD) O___O A collaboration with 2NE1!!! This isn't something you do everyday TToTT Well congratulations to you and I'm waiting for the collaboration here~ Gosh this is so cool :o

B2ST - Midnight [Teaser + Audio]

Yeah Yeah I know I'm late with this but I thought a post like this would be useless because everyone have already seen/listen to this. But let's do it anyway :3
Omfg Junhyung's hair is purple!!! HAHAHAHAHA XD Didn't notice that in their teaser because of his cap, damn that's awesome!!! And for you who didn't know B2ST filmed their MV in New York this time and gosh what is Yoseob wearing ._____.
I don't really find their voices "dramatical" as allkpop referred. But I really like it. It's somehow refreshing with a touch of... eh who am I kidding with this bullshit-writing XD Yes I liked the song a lot have to listen to it more soon. End of story! ;D
I haven't said it out loud before but Dongwoon is actually really pretty *u* I somehow find him more pretty than Kikwang and Yoseob :p

Eye Candy - Jay Park style


-[]- prew prew&#160;!! hahaha 

This guy.. I could just post photos of him all day! DANG BOY!! Please be my baby~

Song of the week #30

Let me jut tell you guys how I found this song. I actually found it yesterday ^^ I was looking for music-sheets (because I'm learning how to read them on the piano) and came across a song that sounded so beautiful. So had to see the real version, and just fell in love..

Song Ju Eun (feat. Bang Yong Guk) - Going Crazy

Song Ju Eun, a member of Secret.. her voice is so emotional!
AND BYG!!!! Your voice! It's so intenese and I could just hear these two people sing/rap all day. Like they don't just sing, they have feeling when they sing. And the song is so beautiful as well (even though I have no idea what they're saying ^^)

Now to the MV. Because I don't know the lyrics, I'll just guess. So this girl finds out that her boyfriend is cheating, and will NOT tolerate that. So she goes to nowhere and burns him and the car up. So then she has to walk all the way back home in killer heals. Yeah.. or maybe she's just going crazy xD and kills him because of that ^^

But guys, I really need to show you the live-performance!!

It's so dang beautiful!! TToTT

My latest shell~

We had a contest a long time ago were we made 2 "special" iphone shells. Unfortunately the person who won the first price recieved the shell a few days (1 week?) ago. But I did my best with that shell and I hope that she's happy with it as well ^o^
It was a SHINee inspired shell and I have to say that this was the hardest one I've done so far @__@ Especially with those Korean stage names ;w;
                     Key (Key) , Chicken (Onew), Dino (Jonghyun), Mushroom (Taemin) and Fire (Minho)
       Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho & Taemin (everyones favorite colors, except Taemin's, his was white -_-)
                           Lastly a compensation for the late shell. A "SHINEE" phone.. something >___>
Dunno if you're reading this but thank you for your cute message ^3^ Once again we're sorry for the late delivery but hey... what did you expect~ Schwepeps <-- Had to google it -_-


Hey! ... How you doin'

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Oh my thought it was Thunder for a while... (It's Seven XD)

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Yeppeuda =)
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You&#8217;re argument is invalid&#8230;.&#8217;Cause Wooyoung is on a bike lmaoooo
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B.E.G comeback photo - Miryo

Damn gurl has been workin' out lately!~ *snap*
I'm sorry but this must be the first time I find Miryo REALLY... hot/stunning! She never caught my eye in Abracadabra, Sixth scent nor in Sign. (Or yes she has but her makeovers weren't that... pretty) But now... WOW! :3
Only 2 days left! And the last one GaIn should come soon >:3

EXO pre debut pictures~ [Part 2]


The first row (From left to right):



The second row (From left to right):



The third row (From left to right):



The fourth row (From left to right):




Oh.My.God Kris was black XD
This is shocking but when you've been in the kpop world for a while you get used to it. Makeup, diet and makeovers can change you A LOT. But Kris O___O That was... something new...





Relatable stuff


so true :)

Look alike: Junyoung & Yoohwan

Seriously if you saw them (both of them) together in a park... <-- the best place I could come up with... Wouldn't you believe that they are related? THEY'RE SO ALIKE TT^TT
I sat and geeked ZE:A clips the whole night yesterday and Junyoung (leader) plopped up here and there and gave me that dejavú feeling. He and Yoohwa (Yoochun's little brother) are awefully alike .___. It's something with the face that makes them alike however Junyoung's lips are a bit... fatter/bigger/fluffier (?) than his XD


B.E.G comeback photo - Jea

                                                 Posted Image
The quality for the photo seem pretty... poor O__o
Oh well let's focus on her instead of the quality *talking with myself*  wahh she's so pretty @u@ She must be one of the members I really like, her voice is like... Idon'tknowwhat! It's amazing! :D

Only Miryo and GaIn's left~
And only 3 days left until their album will be released!

B2ST - Midnight Sun [Teaser]

LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAH XD Kikwang and Hyunseung ;'D (Y)
Shouldn't it be "Midnight" instead of "Midnight sun". And was it only me who got those "sad vibes"? You know when they said that the song would have piano and violin in it (?) and their teaser photos were pretty dark and mysterious as well...
Feels like SM all over again XD Just kidding... ;D

Dunno what to expect now but only 1 day left!!! :D Or a few hours*

Day 28: Favorite M.I.B song:

My God!!! I don't know if you guys remember the S.O.T.W I did with M.I.B's song "Celebrate".. But I'm still super duper in love with that song. I think I've listened to it everyday for like.. 4 weeks ^^ So here it is:


Why is it still so little views?! I seriously don't get it. The song is AWSOME and the MV is so fun to watch!!! I love the whole color-thing and the way they did the MV. It's like.. yeah fun! ^^

I just feel like M.I.B should have sticked to this type of music though. I remember when I heard "Only Hard For Me" I felt like this wasn't them. Because we had G.D.M and Celebrate from them first.. and then this? ^^ Maybe their trying to attract a different kind of group of people. But I support them :D However I perfer the old them..


BIGSTAR - Hot Boy [1st Mini Album]

Hot Boy
Baby Girl
Omo... their Engrish in Baby girl wasn't bad at all :O
I actually love this group! It just screams awesomness all over them however a lot of people seem to hate them because "they're similiar" to BIG BANG. But I don't really see any similarities. Sure the guy with red hair sometimes reminds me of GD when he raps but I don't see it as something negative. I saw a clip on their debut stage and they aren't bad live. They are also a really charismatic group which I also like... a lot.
So I'm rooting for these guys. Want to see more of them in the future ^^
Lol... the blonde one is actually the maknae :3

I can't take my sweat, sweat, sweat~

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xD I found the picture under DBSK&#8217;s name. But I can&#8217;t really tell who it is. T_T I added the words myself. :3 ~ Lolli-Kpop
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B2ST - Midnight [Teaser Photo]

Oh look at that... Apparently I've missed this one XD
Allkpop wrote some good stuff so here you go:
So.. they'll release the MV for Midnight July 15th instead?
But it sounds really interesting, if they're able to pull this off then the song will be amazing! Really looking forward to this!


Random stuff #10

Haha I always do these random-stuff thingys when I don't have anything to write..


OMG BRIAN JOO!! Hahaha Y U SO SEXY when you talk like a girl ^^
"I am beautiful and you is pitiful, I don't know whatchu talking bout' gurl" Daebak xD


Day 27: Favorite Miss A song:

Why is there always like two songs that I really really like and can't chose which one to pick -.-
Haha I guess I'll just put up both xD

Bad Girl Good Girl


Yes, not going to write so much.. ^^ These are my favorite Miss A songs! :D

Kpop idols who shares the same name

I've been thinking about this for a long time now and decided to make a small list on kpop idols who shares the same name. It's not all of them but these are the ones I remember/can find ^^ Sure some of the last name can be a bit different but I'm skipping the last name here...
* 2AM
* T-ara
* Jewelry
* 4 Minute
* Nine Muses
* CN Blue
* SHINee
* FT Island
* Teen Top
* (We also have Junhyung - B2ST)
* Boyfriend
* SS501

* 2PM
* ZE:A
* Super Junior
* SHINee
* U-KISS (former member)
* Boyfriend
* Shinhwa
* ZE:A
* BIG BANG (Seungri)
* FT Island
* F.Cuz (Former member)
* Girls Generation
* After School
* Super Junior
* Girls Generation
* She'z
Yeah... I'll probably expand it later when I have more time -___-

B.E.G - The Original [Teaser]

Ehh... hello random chick dancing with headphones~
Wonder how the MV will be like :O Because this is mindf*cking me on high level XD and the song didn't seem that bad either ^o^ Only 4 days left!!! :D

Btw I'm feeling much better now so... yeah...

~Mnet Chart~

Last week I wrote that 2NE1 would probably top the chart and the online votes... but I totally forgot Sujus Sexy, Free and Single, I'm ready to bingo~ :P
The song Sequela from ZE:A seem to be something new :o Or I haven't heard/read about it yet, does it come from their new album?

I'm sorry guys but I don't really feel that well right now, I ate some nuts yesterday and I'm one of them who are brutaly allergic toward it. So... yeah... See you later XD


It's Friday 13th

Junsu &amp; Wooyoung messing around&#8230;^_^
first frame i found at so credits to them.
second frame was made by me. my first macro ever \o/~
Get it?
Submitted and created by funnybear
I figured I&#8217;d make it a real macro and submit it. -jewelikesmaxxieee
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my thoughts on their encore XD
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO F.Cuz leader Jinon who's turning 23 years old today (24 Korean age)!!!
Dunno what to write here but F.Cuz must be one of the most underrated groups out there. I hope that you'll be one of the... top groups in kpop one day ^o^
Have an awesome day!! ;3

2PM Crazy Dance

Yesterday I was strolling around youtube and came across this:

Hahaha they're just too cute! I don't know if you guys feel it, but 2PM is different now from when Jay Park was a member. It looks like they have so much fun here just goofing around. They're still like big kids, but it's something.. yeah :/ But I support 2PM NO MATTER WHAT!! :D

Hahah but yeah, this clip made me smile ^^ I just love these crazy humans!

C-Clown members

HAHAHAH I have to love Yedang ent. they released all of them at once instead of mocking with us by releasing 1 teaser everyday *cough every-group-out-there cough*
He was one of the members who actually caught my... attention? eye? interest? XD
I actually thought that their MV wold show the "dark side" of the circus life... ohh I want a MV like that :O Damn... they should've done that T__T
  • Yoo Barom: C-Clown’s leader and oldest member was born on September 6th, 1990. His stage name will be Rome.
  • Siwoo (Kim Taemin): He was born on the 5th of May, 1993
  • Ray (Kim Hyunil): He was born on the 19th of April, 1994. His stage name will be H1.
  • Kangjun: He was born on the 21st of April, 1994. His stage name will be JunK.
  • Lee Minwoo: He was born on the 20th of December, 1995. His stage name will be T.K. Former trainee of CUBE DC Entertainment. He was supposed to debut with BTOB, but his debut was cancelled due to health issues according to Cube.
  • Jaejun: He was born on the 25th of September, 1997 and is the groups maknae. His stage name will be Maru.


OMFG!!!! OMFGLSDJGBALSDJB!!!!!! 1997?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm seriously crying here ;w; fml...
OHH!! My favorite one is born 1995!! Kekeke >:3

NU'EST - Action [1st Mini Album]

Not Over you
Happy Birthday

Aww ;___; Happy birthday was so pretty... but, okay I may sound harsh now but their voices didn't feel "right". I didn't quiver nor did I hear anything special in their voices even if it was a ballad. The song was sweet and beautiful but nothing that made me go all jdfndsak.
The song Sandy was a bit weird O____O Dunno why but it only felt weird XD but Not Over You was good and Action was awesome!
The whole "structure" in Action was exactly like Face, I hope that their next comeback song will be a bit different otherwise I liked thier mini album OwO Howeve I'm a bit sceptical right now about buying their album...

Eunkwang (BtoB) & Yoo Sung Eun - Love Virus [MV]

SOOOO CUTE!! The song wasn't amazing, but it works ^^ Haha saw this comment on youtube:

O__o that is so true!! I knew I recognized him xD2
Haven't heard from BtoB in a while now. I'm actually listening to their song "Insane" right now. It's really really good, COME BACK GUYS!!! I want more good music ^^

30 facts about kpop (just for fun)

1. Always give to your group a dramatic english name. If it's longer than tow words, use an acronym using the first letters. Example (Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star = U-KISS)

2. Fights between fans and anti-fans are a tradition

3. There is nothing that can obsess you more than the k-pop

4. Any group with "pretty" people could be an "Idol Group"
5. To be an Idol, you should have been a "trainee"
6. Each k-pop song, regardless of the tune, must have a movement that identifies it
7. The boy hugging, holding hands, kissing and touching is normal or even consider cute
                                                                     Omfg Yesung and Siwon ;w; <33
8. Nothing escapes the netizens
9. Some gifts from your fans can be as strange as for example, be written in blood
10. Someone will always leave the group... eventually
11. In a group will always be a: leader, vocal leader, maknae, principal dancer, rapper, pet, among others

12. The name of the group must have an inspirational meaning. It doesn't matter if it's grammatically incorrect or doesn't make sense
13. In everyday life, people with strange habits and humorous acts is considered strange but in the k-pop is considered 4-D and is charming

14. It's completely normal for a group member to has compromising photos with his/her fellow members like in the bathroom, sleeping, etc, after all they are from the same group, right?

15. Each k-pop song should have at least one sentence in english, it doesn't matter if it's grammatically incorrect
16. You're only a true Idol if you have a Chicken commercial

17. Boys dancing girl's choreographs is normal (Key!! xD)
18. The boys who looks like girls are HOT
19. You should always have something that identifies you in variety shows

20. To greet and introduce, each group has its own greeting and this most often comes with a hand movement
21. Don't mess with the fan clubs

22. The sexual scandals kill any Idols career

23. The fanboys are as crazy as the fangirls
24. Almost every song will be accused of plagiarism
25. The agencies have much influence on the artist's career
26. The idols are ALMOST always bad at math
27. The idols don't have only abs or thighs, no! they have "chocolate abs" and "honey thighs"
28. The ability to sing is optional
29. Don't say you don't like fat people because you'll be attacked
30. The netizens and fans are often going to exaggerate the facts
HAHAHAHA LOL! XD A big cred to the one making this list ;D He/She wrote "149 random facts" but I only found 30 :O
- Cred~

Day 26: Favorite A-PINK song



They all look so adorable TT_TT But THIS^ holy crap this!! I don't know why but I'm absolutely in love with this song! Have been ever since it came out xD

Loli, Loli POP POP!

It feels like Mir mistook Key for someone else...
Submitted by igetlame. Created by igetlame.
Yoogeun made Onew proud.
Love the fact that eveyone has the same outfit and looks the same and nichkhun... yeah the picture explains it
i&#8217;m getting addicted already in making macros. :))
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BIGSTAR - Hot Boy [MV]

4 words: Oh My Shitty God O___O

AHHHHHYALALALALAL!!! *fancow scream* This was... They are AMAZING!!! I'm so impressed with this group!!! Sure I couldn't really hear anyone have that "wonder voice" but their dancing skills are no joke. It's the first time I've seen a group beeing so aweomse O_O They beat B.A.P and INFINITE (well not the synchronization yet but they're on their way) their rap isn't that bad either.

As I said before that move the guy with braids did at 1:43 = Eyegasm!!! @__@ Loved the beat they had during "hot boy" woop~
I have to admit that it somehow raminded me of TAKEN'S young boy.. not a good thing. But that's because I have a small grudge towards that group XD However it just reminded me of Young Boy during 2 sec.
BIGSTAR GOOD JOB!!! I'm really looking forward for more. Lots of awesome rookie groups this year OuO

B.E.G comeback photo - Narsha

Omigod Omigod they're going to have their comeback soon!!!
They will release their single "The Original" July 17th, only 5 days left!! I'm REALLY looking forward to the comeback, their songs and MV's are amazing! They always have that awesome story behind it ^o^

Ahh I'm back..

Well that felt good... I can clearly say that Sandybell's ending was much happier compared to Candy Candy. But I feel completed somehow *weird* I've refreshed my memories with 2 awesome animes that I grew up with.

However that freaking box WAS FAKE! TT^TT It was only 3 episodes left but something was weird. The story was messed up so I had to search for it. It's 47 episodes not 40 as it was in the dvd. So I was desperate and finally found a channel that uploaded those Sandybell clips... dubbed in Spanish @__@  <--- my reaction while seeing those clips. I found arabic dub too though HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA so I called BO and he had to translate some scenes for me >:3
Oh well now the updates will be more regular ^^
image      image
Me a while ago...                                                               *1 minute later*

Day 25: Favorite ZE:A song

Here I Am


These are my favorite songs. I don't know much about ZE:A, so I don't have much to say ^^ Their latest song Aftermath is probably my favorite, but Here I Am is so cute!!! So yes, these are the songs ^^

It's going well for Wonder Girls

"Wonder Girls’ “Like Money” achieved the #1 position on the Bugs, MelOn, Soribada, Daum, and Naver Music real time charts."
- Dkpopnews
Well it seems like it's going perfect for Wonder Girs. I haven't seen any bad comments (yet..) and a lot of people like the dance and the MV. Good job gurls~

A-JAX - Hot Game [MV]

A-JAX!!!!!!! Welcome to the game! The hot game.. ;) Naah hahaha but their debut single "One 4 U" I really loved, after only hearing it once. But so many rookie-groups have great debut-songs, it's the songs that comes after I can tell if I like the group or not. And yes, I LIKE A-JAX!! I don't wan't to say "love" quite yet because you never know. But this song.. this song I LOVE! ^^
AND THE DANCE!!! They're all such great dancers, and the coreagraphy is so awsome and so cool!!! xD

Jaehyung : 0:24 .face of the group , sub-vocal(blonde)
Hyo Jun : 0:38 . main dancer , sub-vocal(red+black hair)
Seungjin : 0:46 . maknae , lead dancer(green hair)
Yun Young : 0:50 . vocal
Sungmin : 0:58 . main vocal
Seung Yeop : 1:27 . vocal
Hyeongkon : 2:16 . Leader , rapper

EXO pre debut pictures~ [Part 1]

It feels like I should do a part 1, 2, 3 etc XD So many pictures...
Lay, Tao, Kris & Luhan
Chanyeol & Kai
Xiumin, Lay and Chanyeol
Chanyeol, Kai, Suho and Sehun
That doesn't look like Sehun O__O

You wont see me for 14 hours...

*iphone camera ftw!!* XD Well as you can see I bought the anime "Sandybell" and it came yesterday woot woot~ I made a big post about this anime and Candy Candy on how important they were for me. This was basically my whole childhood in a box *depressing* XD
I saw the anime Candy Candy a long time ago and it ruined my life for 2 weeks =_= Btw did you know that it's a Korean one?!?!?! :O
Oh well I haven't been able to find Sandybell online so I bought it... with Swedish dub HAHAHAHAHA omg -_-
So brb you wont see me for 14 hours...
                                                                             I'm dorky and I know it~

Probably my second time writing that I hate this little title thing -_-

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:) hope you like it!
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:) hope you like it!
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My first macro :)
ROFL, sorry I just had to.
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BIGSTAR - Hot Boy [Teaser]

DAEBAK!!! :O Started to hyperventilate for myself when I saw the teaser! I LOVE the beat and when that guy (with braids) danced askjfaksjfbsak!!! =3=
BIGSTAR "debuted" with their reality show called "Brave Brothers Big Star Show" during May. So it's been a while and I think that their song Hot boy will be their debut song.

Wahh 2 groups that I'm REALLY looking forward to right now, C-Clown and BIGSTAR! But the title reminded me of TAKENS Young Boy :p
The guy with braids somehow reminded me of Taecyeon here O_o


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AA's (Double A's) "maknae" Kimchi who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today!!! :D
Ahh~ That stage name XD Well his real name is Yoo Yehyanggi. They should make a comeback soon :o HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE AWESOME HUY WITH AN AWESOME STAGE NAME ;3

NU'EST - Action [MV]

I just wanna cry TT_TT I can't listen to this right now so I'll write some more stuff about it later~
Update: So now I can write some stuff XD I've got to admit the song is really good I'm fangirling by myself over how pretty they are O_O I'm really fascinated over how charismatic Ren is, it's like he was born to be a camerawhore. No just kidding hahaha XD
I also love that even in their comeback NU'EST still had that... NU'EST feeling. Well I hope you know what I mean =_= It's the same with B.A.P
However there's just one little thing that I'm "#%#%" over and I'm not only implying on NU'EST now, but on every idol out there and that is I want something "new". I want an awesome MV! The best ones are probably Sunny Hills those are some unique stuff. Or Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth sense, Abracadabra, Cleansing Cream. So I'm just waiting on a group that'll schock everyone!

Random stuff #9


Jay Park - FIGHTING!


Looool Jay park

Kpop Official Youtube Channels

Well here you go... Dunno what to write but you have more controll over the kpop world when you follow a lot of channels instead of relying too much on allkpop or other sites. We are following a lot of groups but I'm going to use this to find other groups as well :P
Just click on the link so Enjoy~


AA (Double A)

AB Entertainment (EXID)


Brown Eyed Girls




Cube Entertainment -


DSP Media




Fluxus Music
Bye Bye Sea


FNC Entertainment
C.N Blue
F.T Island
Oh Wonbin


Girl’s Day


Happy Face Entertainment
Hot Potato


IS Entermedia (Dalmatian, SG Wannabe)


Jang Woo Hyuk


Jay.K Entertainment (HITT) Jay Park


Jang Geun Suk


Jellyfish Entertainment - Brian


J.Tune Camp (MBLAQ)


Jungle Entertainment
Drunken Tiger


JYJ§ JYJ Tour (US Tour Channel)


JYP Entertainment
JYPtv (JYP USA Channel)
Miss A
Wonder Girls


Pledis Entertainment
Hello Venus




Teen Top


Top Class







YG Entertainment
YG Concert
Big Bang
Taeyang (personal)


Woolim Entertainment
Infinite On Air


- Cred~




Day 24: Favorite JJ Project song:

Yeah, because this is such an obvious choice I'll just spam you guys with gifs ^^

Bounce (Live)

New boy group: C-Clown

Oh.My.Lord! Started to literally spazz when I saw/heard/read about them!! THIS is a group I'm hyping over right now. I wrote this a long time ago but I have this weird interest towards circus stuff and clowns so this was a  !"#%"!# for me their name is C-Clown!!! Clown I said XD
*quiver* THIS IS AWESOME!! "na na na Solo, SOLO!~"
The ending!! Everyone was like "Oh Bad Boy, Bad Boy watcha gonna do?!" and the sound and the clown in the end!! kasfbaksfbksaj *fancow* <-- the next level, after fangirl.
Hahahahahahaha lol XD so true...
Dunno why but the guy at the right corner (up) looks Japanese. I have a feeling that he's half Japanese or something.


Lol picture spam...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BELOVED LITTLE KIM HEECHUL Who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age) today!!! TT^TT So old... XD But he doesn't look like a 30 years old ahjussi so it's fine. However it's a shame that the whole twitter thing ruined your birthday. Or not really ruined but.. yeah you get my point -_-
We miss you <3 Come back soon and healthy!!~

Heechul deactivated his account on twitter

@heedictator Don’t follow me to the front of our house or the ward office. I thought maybe I’d become a little nicer after turning 30, but it seems like I can’t. Because there’s still a bit of post-accident trauma remaining, I’m scared of risking my life driving to escape (from sasaeng taxis) every single time. Even if I’m disappointed, and should know when to stop, because I have only one life to live, I can’t just let it off. It’s my fault, I lack an understanding heart. And (sasaeng taxi) ahjussi’s, please stop ripping off unknowing foreign fans, with smiles on your faces. Because living off kids like that while smiling makes you seem like a beggar. As a round-off to this tweet, I wish that there won’t be anymore victims like this.I will live quietly for the next 1 year without even tweeting. See you in a year’s time. Thank you to the many people who wished me happy birthday.(cr: allrisexiahtic)
[Trans] : Don't follow me to the front of our house or the ward office. I thought maybe I'd become a little nicer after turning 30, but it seems like I can't. Because there's still a bit of post-accident trauma remaining, I'm scared of risking my life driving to escape (from sasaeng taxis) every single time. Even if I'm disappointed, and should know when to stop, because I have only one life to live, I can't just let it off. It's my fault, I lack an understanding heart. And (sasaeng taxi) ahjussi's, please stop ripping off unknowing foreign fans, with smiles on your faces.   Because living off kids like that while smiling makes you seem like a beggar. As a round-off to this tweet, I wish that there won't be anymore victims like this.

I will live quietly for the next 1 year without even tweeting. See you in a year's time. Thank you to the many people who wished me happy birthday.

Well this sucks?!
I actually do have a lot of things to write but I don't have the energy to do it -__-
I can clearly say that we can't blame the fans too much because as a idol you have to accept this as a part of your life. There will always be crazy/stalkish/idiot/desperate fans or people who'll hunt you whatever you do. It's a shame that people actually go this far, the world is messed up after all...

Wonder Girls - Like money ft Akon [MV]

OMO!! Me so exited!!!~
Wait.. how come I didn't know that they were going to release it today? =__= Oh well IT'S OUT!!! I don't know if I should like it or love it. The song was good but it was a bit too much autotune. The dance was also good and the rap part didn't sound bad at all. <-- not Akons XD

Wonder what the response on this collaboration is going to be :O Have to search some more.
OH RIGHT!! HAHAHAHAH XD Did you guys see JYP? ;'D HAHAHAHA! Trolling around even in WG MV :3
But the thing I wonder is if they ever met each other (Akon and WG) because there wasn't any scenes with them together. For exapmle the song "Airplanes" by B.o.B ft. Haylee (from Paramore) they never met each other when they filmed the MV nor when they sang it in the studio. The first time they met each other was during MTV something when they were going to perform XD Pretty epic actually...

EXO appears in the remake ver. of Hana Kimi

Secretly eveyone knows that SM are making a remake of the Japanese manga/drama Hana Kimi. Personally I've read the manga and watched the drama and I LOVE it! ;'D
It was official a long time ago that the main characters would be played my Minho and Sulli. Dunno who's going to be the third one. But I also read that EXO (both K and M) are going to appear in the drama as well (!!!) :D *fangirling*

©  kjjkwang 

Highly possible to be the photoshoot for Hana Kimi(To The Beauitful You)’s poster.
- le cred~
I see Kreeesee OωO
This is going to be awesome!!! *running around like a crazy cow*

Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (part 4)


T-ara - Day By Day [Dance ver.]

Was it only me who weren't able to watch the whole dance version? @___@ I got dizzy XD 
Those flashed and the drunk cameraman made me... something. But the dance seemed... dunno it didn't look as catchy as roly poly, cry and lovey dovey.
But I still love the song :p



Wahh has it already gone 2 years?! O_O I remeber this was the group that I "followed" from their debut. Or this is the longest group I've followed. They've grown so much *happy tears*  They debuted July 9th, 2010 with their debut album "Come in to the world"

C.A.P - The leader who raps while talking
Niel - And his angel voice
Chunji - Niels savior
Changjo - The guy who's looking hotter every minute
L.Joe - The pretty (secretly) cooky one
Ricky - ... forever maknae XD

Hahahahaha gosh that sucked ;D
But guys I hope that you'll have a great day and keep working! <3





 Lol E.T phone home XD

T-ara - Day By Day [Mini Album]

Day by Day
Don't Leave
Love Play
The whole album is impressive! :D Tough competition now, everyone is making a comeback :p Day by Day was really good! It gave me that fantasy feeling especially with the flute, or was it a flute(?) at the beginning =__= The rest of the songs gave me a jazz feeling but it was still good! :D
I also watched their Day by Day MV it wasn't that long maybe 10 minutes? And the story wasn't really boring so it didn't feel long at all. They also put a lot of energy on the new member Ahreum but I underestand why though. I love Jiyeon's acting, gah such a bad girl XD But I got schocked that Hyomin had the third big role in the MV I though Eunjung would have it... Oh well the frustration when they write "To be continued" I WANT TO SEE THE WHOLE STORY NOW!! >:3 But did you listen to the song at the prewiev thing? IT WAS AWESOME! Really looking forward to their next album now ^3^
Another new member Dani will also plopp up soon. Or to be more exakt 2013 and she's 14 years old =__= What's happening...?! TT^TT I can get the whole thing that the youngest member is 16 years old but 14 is a little bit too much. The body hasn't really developed to the full stadium so it can be quiet bad if she overwork at such an young age. Sure a 16 year old isn't fully grown either but they're at the "end stadium" compared to a 14 year old...

My dad is growing a moustache

And it's so UGLY!!! TT^TT
. . . You know what... the irony behind my title XD
angry woo is angry.
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Oh baby I'm so ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly~

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The words were taken from Stewie&#8217;s 2Girls1Cup reaction video from Family guy.
My first macro ever ^^
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Awww :/
Is that... crushed hamburges?

Amazing fanarts!

Once again I trolled around and found a fanart on tumblr (on T.O.P) and there was a link to her drawing-site or something and kjjnskdgdskjgs!!! SHE'S AMAZING!!! I got so schocked when I saw the fanart on T.O.P. The hair and the eyes are so well done! I can't imagine how much time she has put into these fanarts O__O

Link to the awesome chick~ :3
         It's sick! Look at those eyes, eyebrows and hair! It looks like a real black and white photo O_O
1. Yong Hwa (CN Blue)
2. Bom (2NE1)
3. Nichkhun (2PM)
4. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
5. Lee Min Ho (Actor)
7. Eunjung (T-ara)

Kim Hyung Jun - Escape [2nd Mini Album]

SS501's Kim Hyungjun is back with a second mini-album titled "Escape" on July 9th after a 16-month hiatus.
Prior to the release of the album, Kim Hyungjun held a comeback showcase on June 29th in front of thousands of fans, giving them the first peak at his title track, "Sorry I'm Sorry."
4minute's Hyuna and BEAST's Hyunseung's "Troublemaker" composer Yun Taeseok takes the job as Kim Hyungjun's album producer.
Kim Hyunjung's mature vocals are highlighted in his title track, "Sorry I'm Sorry," while "Just Let It Go" is an impressive R&B ballad track.
Hahaha mindfuck I thought it was the leader Kim Hyun Joong XD This is my third album today -__- *trying to catch up in the kpop world* so much music OuO
Here's the MV for "Sorry I'm Sorry"
Intro - I'm
Sorry I'm Sorry
Just Let It Go
Got It Wrong ft. JQ
Bad Guy
Oh~ I love Sorry I'm Sorry!!! Truth to be told only 2 songs caught my attention and that was Sorry I'm Sorry and Bad Guy. The other ones was average nothing WOW!
I'M GOING CRAZY GAHH!!!! "Sorry I'm Sorry" reminds me of another song, I'm huming on the melody but I don't know which one it is TT^TT
*jumping to another thing*

Why is everyones comeback so sad? ;w; Young Saeng had cry and now Hyung Jun with Sorry I'm Sorry. The only one Hyun Joong had a more happy one with "I-don't-remember-the-song" bet that Park Jung Min will make a sad comeback as well XD

Day 23: Favorite Rain song

Hmm.. I guess.. well it's between Love SongHip Song and Rainism..
All of them has something catchy. Love song has that sexy-dance, Hip Song "Hip Song ROCK TONIGHT!" plus the dance and Rainism has "Bad boi~ gonna be a bad bad boy~" and the dance ^^

But because I am who I am.. I chose sexy-dance xD
Love Song

When he sings.. I get goosebumps O__o His voice is so good!! It sounds exactly like the recorded version but it's live. And RAAAIN, U SO PRETTY!!! Seriously, he is so God damn pretty!! I can't stop looking at him TToTT

Ahahaha and from 1:30 when the girls start screaming.. he got so much more cocky? Haha no but you could see in his face how he went all "they want me" xD But I don't blame him!!!! Evryone wants him ^3^
Then from 1:43 when the sexy-dance starts hehohohihieheho ;D

That moment when he didn't really show his body because he had a vest under is shirt under is shiny thing -.-

Jang Wooyoung - 23 Male Single [Solo Album]

Sexy Lady
DJ Got Me Goin' Crazy ft. Jun.K
Be With You
Falling Down
Couldn't Even Start
Only Girl
OwO I seriously like all the songs! His album is totally different compared to other groops/solo debuts. Lots of electro the ballads were even unique. But as I said before his solo debut is a huge success (from my aspect) I hope that you'll come high up in the charts <3 :'D
His song ft. Jun.K was also nice, I melted when I heard his voice û_û  Falling Down is also a huge favorite!

NU'EST - Action [1 min Teaser]

Kekeke I love Pledis ent. Woke up a minute ago so this was a good start ^o^

The song is REALLY good! O_O I fell for it right away. And I love how they managed to make  a MV from their teaser picture *cough SM.. cough*  The first part gave me that opera feeling with the music or the whole teaser gave me that opera feeling~
Gonna buy their album if it's good :D (y)

Sailor Moon Manga Gets New Anime Series in Summer 2013

Oh. My. God! Do you guys know how big this is?! After so many years and seasons another pne will come out ksjdnfksd TT^TT
"The idol group Momoiro Clover Z, publisher Kodansha, and creator Naoko Takeuchi announced on Friday that a new anime adaptation of Takeuchi's Sailor Moon manga is being produced. The new anime series is aimed for release next summer, and Momoiro Clover Z will perform a theme song."
- Source
I have to watch it again during my break now. Childhoos memories is coming back ;w;
This IS a huge thing for all the anime/manga/sailor moon lovers :3

I'm khunfused..

Why is she red-white?
by minhostopdropandroll

for @minhoismyho
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Oh my... look at the views O__O Not so many compared to now
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BLOCK B's little cucumber Kyung who's turning 20 years old today!!! (21 Korean age)
I hope that you'll make an awesome comeback together with a strong group!!!

Block B hwating!~

T-ara new member Ahreum

Dear lord I'm so confused =__= I started to write about After School and the new member there but it was T-ara... -_-
I wrote this a long time ago that T-ara would have a new member called Ahreum. She was in their "Day by Day" MV, have to see it... They have now released a picture of her and apparently she's 18 years old :P
This girl is a copy of Bom O___O Especially on the second picture... DAMN! O_O *schock* but she's really cute and pretty~


Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 (Sexy Lady) [MV]

Aw mai god my little boy has grown up... TT^TT Just a little... I can't believe that the awesome dorky guy has turned to this! (Nothing negative XD)
It was okay-good song. The song and the dance is catchy, especially the finger-on-your-head-while-you-move-it. however some stuff that I thought of...

#1 The girl who looks so freaking awkward when she dance hahaha XD at 2:34
#2 The actual fudge?! Was that a chipmunk voice at the dance part? Why?!
#3 The frustration when he didn't rip that shirt ;w;
Well he showed some abs but I wanted some shirt-rips in my MV's
Otherwise I belive that his first solo debut will be a success! Have to listen to the whole album now :3

Look alike: Woohyun & Hyun Bin

Daaaamn hahahaah XD This was another picture that I saved a long time ago so I don't know who I should give creds to -__-
Truth to be told Woohyun (INFINITE) doesn't look like Hyun Bin at all. It's because of that blue sweater (made in Italy... *lame*) they look awefully alike~ ^o^

Song of the week #29

I know that this weeks S.O.T.W should be SUJU's "Sexy, Free & Single".. but I haven't really spazzed that song so much yet. The Song of the Week songs I choose is always songs that I've been crazy about for the past week. That's why this song of the week is..

Jay Park - Abandoned

So this song is pretty much amazing. The MV sucks though, hahaha it really does! The only good thing was the dance. Did you guys see at 0:50 the tire? Like they just HAD to squeez that in xD And the girl.. yeah she was very chesty ^^ Thank God they didn't kiss!!! And the scenes they use are always the same. It's the same scenes as in "Know Your Name" and "Tonight"..
And now to Jay. I don't like the look he has in the beginning. He looks better with a bit more hair, like he has at 2:08. Maybe they filmed that part first and then had his hair cut to film the beginning xD Either way, him with short hair and glasses only makes him look lika a wannabe douchebag. But him with longer hair and no glasses.. that's like heaven O__o

I've actually spazzed this song for a while. Ever since I heard him sing the eng. version I've loved this song. Haha don't worry!! There isn't an english version of this song. But he did kind of sing it in english once.

When he speaks english.. I just TT_TT and when he sings!! OMG this dude, I'm falling in love with him all over again. Haha so much love today! First BoA, then Jr. and now Jay Park.

Random stuff #8

HAHAHAHAHAHA I bet that no one have missed this one!!
A lot of fans say that he lost a bet with the members and had to go out like that. Dunno what he lost in but I love this guy <3 At first I thought he was the shy and silence one (my first impression on him from their MV Be Mine wasn't that good) but I wasted a whole day watching clips on him. One of my favorite members from INFINITE~
As I said.. this man is <3
And Hoya y u so pretty? O_O
Omg Yesung </3 XD

Thank you ^3^


This weeks U.P.A.H.I (by Bo Bae)

B.R.A haven't taken the ones I want to be the weeks UPAHI as the weeks UPAHI for a while now. So the heck.. I'll just make this weeks UPAHI!!! xD
So this weeks Uber Pretty And Hot Idol (LOL at the name xD) is no other than JJ Projects Jr.!!!!!

JJ Projects maknae Jr.!!! He's born in September 22, 1994. SO YOUNG!!!

I freakin' love this dude. His smile, his hair, his voice.. his face!!!! Just his everything ^3^ And daaaang, his eyebrows!!!!!! Hahahah I think I'm on love with them xD


DAMN YOU YG!! What did I say yesterday?! They would release it if I was asleep or when I'm out... Do you know how many time I raped that f5 button yesterday?!
Oh well IT'S FINALLY OUT!!! :D
All of them looked... I wanna say pretty but the word hot fits better.Especially Dara! I think that YG has a weird... dunno what to call it but they seem to go all in with that sidecut while having a long piece hair on the other side. GD suffered enought and now it's Dara's turn XD
I also wrote that "this song doesn't really give me that 2NE1 feeling" you know what? It actually does especially when I heard Bom's "Eh eh eh eh eh"~ And CL's vocal is kickass goddammit and the way she and Minzy move... >:3

Once again 2NE1 has done it! But I still think that "I'm the best" will be their gratest hit. Gonna listen to their whole album, if I find it =__=


Day 22: Favorite BoA song:

Definitely this one

Eat You Up

Two reasons. #1, that it's in english and pretty much ghetto-swagarific. #2... THE WAY SHE DANCES!! Can you get an dancegasm? Because I think that's kind of what I get when I see her dance hehe. I mean when she dances.. DAAANG, I get so into it, and she is so hot when she dances. Hahahaha please don't mind me drooling all over BoA, but seriously. When she dances.. she dances better than the freakin' backup dancers!!

The only thing I didn't like with this MV was that it didn't have a story. At all. Hahaha ok.. so she dances. Meets a lot of people.. goes to this audition place and destroys everything. Just because she feels like it haha xD I don't really get what that has to do with the song. But the dancing is so AMAZING that I don't mind at all!! She can do whatever she want's in this MV, as long as she dances ^^

And now to the song. I love the actual song, but she dosen't have the best accent. She says everything right, but there is something there though that dosen't make it sound 100% correct. And it feels a bit autotuned.. other than that I give this song/MV two thumbs up!! :D

It took me 10 minutes to write something here...

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Veggies anyone?
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Hahahahaha that's my boys~ <3
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(created by bingeul-tingle)



That picture ^ is so true... Kim Kibum is someone you cannot fall in love with, he's the definition of perfect O_O I can't describe how pretty and cute he is... TT^TT
Okay I should stop there XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE AWESOME ACTOR KIM BUM (which one.. XD nah just kidding) who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age) he isn't that old... OuO And that babyface doesn't make him look older either >:3
Let's skip that babyface part... *u*


~Mnet Chart~

Apparently the chart didn't get updatds last week so I couldn't make a Mnet chart post and as you can see the whole thing has changed...
I bet that next week 2NE1's "I Love You" will be #1 on the Chart and the Online votes :P

Speaking of 2NE1's I love you.. they (YG) said that they were going to release it July 7th. And it is July 7th in Korea now. I sat there like a fool raping the f5 button for a whole hour without any result =___= They'll probably release it during the night when I'm sleeping or the day when I'm out T___T
Well this weeks song from the charts will be:

Wonder Girls - Like money [Teaser #3]

THIS IS HUGE GODDAMMIT!!! TO WORK WITH AKON!!! I didn't hype that much before because they never mentioned him XD I hope that WG can bring new people to the dark side a.k.a kpop world XD sdikjsdvdsb I want the MV nao!!!!! ;D

Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (part 3)

Day 21: Favorite B.A.P song:

Hahahah.. dude -.- "Warrior" is a classic, but I LOVE "Power".. So I choose.. POWAAAAARIOR!!! hahaha like B.A.P



Both of these songs are so powerful! The song is like WAAAAH!!! IN YOUR FACE!! kind of.. haha. And the MV's are so bad-ass and the dances O__o In both MV's they have this part where they just dance. On Warrior they have that "stomp the yard" feeling, and in Power they have that "spray away the insects" feeling. Both look awsome, and their rapping parts!!!!! They have such good rappers!!! BYG with his intense deep voice and Zelo with his super-duper fast skills ^^

Nothing more to say. I love ALL their songs. 

MYNAME - Summer Party [MV - Jap.]

Say ho! ho~
Say yeah! yeah~
A lot of summer songs has been released lately MYNAME, SISTAR and ilips (probably other as well) I actually liked it ^^ Even if it they sang on Japanese but they should release a Korean version too. It's good that Chaejin and Jun Q got some more lines and camera time compared to message -__-  And I got to admit Jun Q is more pretty now =3=
However I found some parts pretty awkward. For example when they stood there trying to look cool, or when they filmed everyone jumping and acting ganster something... XD (1:09) and that lovely moment when the maknae is trolling around (1:21)
They should make a "happy" Korean comeback soon too. The Hello and Goodbye made me depressed -_-

New girl group: ilips

The new girl group consisting 5 members (so far) are called the multinational group. Mina of Japan, Shirley of China, Mia of the United States, Suyeon of Korea and Sora. however two other members from Indonesia and Taiwan have not been revealed yet. So they're 7 members XD
Damn that's like countries all over the Asia~
They've gotten a lot of attention because of that and their song "Take On Me"are one of the cheering songs for the OS 2012 ^^
2 of the members who hasn't been revealed yet haven't been participating for their "small/mini" something single.
Take On Me
Hehe I actually liked it OuO it's really catchy and made me "mini-jump" aka when you sleep on your bed and want to dance but you can't move so you only shake on your shoulders...
From my side they had a good start so I'm going to wait till their "complete" debut ;D


A big fat recomendation: Kpopmart!

I bet that almost all of you know about the online page Yesasia? It's a place where you can buy kpop things and albums (inc. chinese, japanese stuff)
However I've been observing the page kpopmart a  while and it's awesome!! :D
I bought my Alive album and got it a week ago, gah I should've done a reaction video XD IT'S SO AMAZING I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO IT 3524621632 TIMES!!! weho~ My first album ;'D
Some deep talk: My dad was skeptical and refused to pay so I had to fix my own VISA card and pay for it myself. Yeah it was a risk but I craved for that album. Believe me you can trust them 100% They're so cute TT^TT They even send pictures on your package that they're sending ;w;
Yes that's my last name... XD
I compared the price between yesasia and kpopmart and kpopmart had cheaper albums compared to yesasia. I got 1 big fat poster, mini cards, photobook, the cd and one planning card thing -_- for 25$ (it was a bit more expensive if you choose the poster) and they deliver the things so fast O_O They wrote around 3 weeks but it came after 1 week~
            Hahahahahaha I started to cry/screm "OMG I'M AN YG FAMILY MEMBER NOW!!!!! LSDJFNSLD"
So yeah this was an aweomse page! Gonna order some more stuff... when I get some more money =__=
Click here to come to the golden page~

Sorry I'm a bad boy~

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im gonna be a good fan &amp; follow your instructions
im gonna submit my own macro (:
first one btw
First macro. Idk how you do that fancy font you see on regular macros, but w/e! Follow :)
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Sungjong is too damn pretty T____T
Hahahaha that's my line (y)
i love SHINee &lt;3

B1A4 to participate in Hello Baby!

Hahaha if you only saw my reaction on this one XD

Dunno why but it feels weird that they're going to "represent" Hello Baby season 6. Firstly (this may sound harsh) they aren't that popular compared to the other idols, they debuted last year. Secondly they're really close to my age so dunno it feels weird that they're going to be "daddys'" how old do you think that makes me feel?! XD
But I'm rooting for them! Make it funny guys ^o^ and it reminded me... I haven't watched MBLAQ's yet...
Btw I'm sorry that we haven't been able to make our "own" posts. Everyone are releasing teasers 24/7 so it's hard to make our own personal posts~
We usually do 7-8 posts everyday but around 4 pm (today) we had already "done" our daily 8-posts XD

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Audio]

Everyone seem to know about this... BUT I DIDN'T?! A dear friend of mine gave me the link =__=
The song is pretty good :O It'll probably be be stuck after 2-3 times. And I LOVE CL's part! It's just as awesome as the teaser!!! It reminded me of Duffy's "Mercy" in the beginning (the sound). It's also a new side of 2NE1 somehow. I LOVE YOU seem to be a more happier compared to "lonely, Ugly and Can't nobody" but a bit more sad compared to "I'm the best" XD I don't even know what I'm talking about...
My friend also told me that they are going to do the Big Bang style by releasing 1 song at the time. Well have to collect all of them into 1 post in the end xP

Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 [Teaser 3]

Dear lord anymore teasers then the whole song will be out XD
The beat and the song was okay I guess? Nothing spectacular the review will probably be better when the whole song is out :p
The dance look daebak and his outfit... lol XD Hands up feeling all over the place! wonder what the other members says about his solo debut :3
Here is the tracklist for his album:

2.Sexy Lady
3.Dj Got Me Goin’ Crazy (Feat. Jun. K)
4.Be With You
5.Falling Down
6.시작도 없던 것처럼
7.Only Girl

I also read a small description about it:


“Sexy Lady” is a song written and composed by Park Jin Young,
also known as “The Asiansoul.” The album includes two songs
written by Wooyoung’s fellow 2PM members, Junho and
Junsu (Jun.K)
, under the titles “DJ GOT ME GOIN’
” and “Be With You.” The first track of the
album, “2NITE,” was performed live by Wooyoung at his debut
stage on Mnet’s “20’s Choice” Awards yesterday.

- Ohkpop -

Really Junho and Junse?! NOW I'm really looking forward!!! :D



Wonder Girls - Like money [Teaser #2]

I got to admit this doesn't really give me that Wonder Girls feeling, and that small screen made me go mad all over the place xD
However I wonder how people got the info about Akon beeing in the Mv with them =__=
Well I'm curious about theur MV now!!! >:3

EXO-K - The Star Interview (funny cuts)

Hahahaha saw this funny clip on youtube from EXO-K's "The Star Interview". It's so funny how the person who made the clip shows the reactions and fails they do during the interview hahaha it was so funny! xD

Comment on youtube:

LOL 0:30!
DO: Mama mama~
Kai: *glances at DO*
DO: *grinning widely at Kai*
Kai: pfft.... 0:36

Hahahaha they're so cute!!!! xD And when D.O went "Kaishi" at 0:17 and Kai just goes "O__O.. yes" hahaha. Don't know if it's Kaishi he said or something else, but Kai's reaction was so funny ^^ And the end after they said their greetings thingy all groups say it just went awkards. From being THIS to "ehm.. hehe.. byee??" xD They all just look so cute in this video ^^ Damn it.. Kai so freakin' handsome O__é I've always thought so, but I don't want to like him like that :( Don't know why, feels like he's getting a lot of attention, I want to give my attention to the others! DAMN IT -.-

NU'EST - Action [Teaser]

Aw mai god HYPE!!!! This is some good s**t! Their comeback will be more awesome than their debut!! :D The members didn't undergo any "brutal" makeovers at all, or not that much. Ren looks beautiful as always and the rest of them is just !"%"!"@£$ ^3^
I love that they whispered the group name in the end. Finally I know how to pronounce that group name >_> ME and Bo always thought of "Newest"
Also found a funny comment:
Hahahahaha lol XD for the first time I saw a translation in that description box ;'D


Day 20: Favorite T-ARA song:

Urrgh.. it bugs me so much that all of their MV's are like 20minutes long -.- I never watch them. I really want to but I'm to lazy!!! O__o RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE


But ok.. so I like this song a lot:
Lovey Dovey (Zombie Ver.) [trimmed]

I absolutley LOVE this version. Ok.. haha this is the only version I've seen xD But I saw the entire thing okey?! This is the trimmed version though, so not all those movie parts are in here ^^ If you want to see the entire MV, click here.

But then we have that classic T-ara song.. hehe
Bo Peep Bo Peep

They have a version where they only dance. Yeah.. a dance version xD It's more cute than sexy like this one. At first I was like "WTH?!" haha but then I remember I read a comment that explained everything. After watching it again I got the story ^^ But the song is so cute!! And then you see this MV hahahaha.

ZE:A - Spectacular [2nd album]

Love Is Gone
Coy Girl
Body to Body
Never End
Begin With Kiss
Daily Daily
Someday Dirty
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH I started to clap like a retarded seal when I heard "Body to Body" totally love that song! "Move Move Move your B-O-T-Y"
Me: Should it be B-O-D-Y?
I bet ten bucks that it should be B-O-D-Y but they put too much force into the D hahahaha! Yeah BOTY!

I actually like their album o__o Or REALLY like it! It must have taken a lot of time making this, 9 songs (!!!)
The best ones was Aftermath, Hunter, Body to body, Never end and Someday Dirty.
I also realized that almost all of their songs begins with an "Yeah~" whisper XD

Well I really liked their album, gonna search some more on ZE:A too. They seem to be interesting ^^ Mazeltov~

Wonder Girls - Like money [Teaser]

My internet didn't work yesterday (night) and during a few hours A LOT of things has happened XD
Let's begin with Wonder Girls teaser for "Like Money". I didn't even know that they would release another MV... However the MV does look interesting, gave me that T-ara feeling from their "Day by Day" with the "digital stuff in the future" ;'D
When I read the comments people keep writing that they're going to make a collaboration with someone big in "Like Money" and a lot of people wrote that it'll be Akon O_O Damn... that'll be HUGE if that's the case!!!
Only 5 days left until the MV will be released!


My whole break has been wasted on this hellish little screen

Created by electric_jake. Submitted by moneytipsnmore.
Created by heepergengtillation



We surely don't have so many pictures on him but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR OWN USELESS MANAGER LEE who's turning 43 years old (44  Korean age) Lol hahahahahaha XD
We hope that you can make M2STASCH successful one day! Have a good day and date as much as you want XD

Day 19: Favorite 4Minute song

I reeeeeeeally like these:



Heart to Heart

I really don't understand why they have so little views.. these songs are actullay not that bad. I like all of them!! And I like all of the MV's O__o 4Minute is kind of hard-core, which I really like!! Except for the last one hehe, that was more like their über-cute MV ^^ 4Minute IS a really good group, good singers, good dancers, good rappers *caugh*.. HyunA is their rapper -.-' Yeaaaah, for you who don't know. I have a hard time liking HyunA haha. But still, that dosen't change the fact that I like this group. I'm drugging their "Muzik" everyday actually!!

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser]

Wahh their hair is daebak!! XD Btw did Minzy's teaser ever come out? o_o Or is it me who's slow and didn't find it?

Oh well I'm stuck on CL's part gahh it sounds so good!!! ;'D All the blackjacks are hyping as **** right now :P But that car scene with CL in the end reminded me of 2PM's "Again and Again" and SHINee's "Ring Ding Dong".
"Saranghe na na na na na na na everyday~" <-- stuck in my head XD "In my head na na na" <-- Now this song is stuck XD (CN Blue)

Kim Hyun Joong - Let's Party

Seriously my mind is exploding soon. This is the typical month just like last year (october-december when everyone debuted) when everyone are making a comeback *sight~* Yeah I'm happy for their sake but it seems like every artist wants to bomb us before the olympics, it's gonna be a war during Music Banks! I wanna be in Korea right now T____T
Okay Kim Hyun Joong released the MV for his second Japanese album "HEAT" consisting 2 songs "Let's Party" and "HEAT". This MV isn't uploaded on their official channel yet so I'll give you a link later.
It was okay? Dunno I didn't concentrate that much anymore. I've become more picky towards the songs now because of all the comebacks/debuts. But this didn't caugh my attention. However it must have been awkward to film that first scene in the parking lot XD

Thunder - Don't go [Audio]

I'm so lazy for waiting to listen to this >__>
After G.O and Mir here's Thunder's turn. They haven't really promoted the song "Don't Go" because he will only perform it during their BLAQ% tour, I think...
He doesn't have a bad voice but not the best one either. It's just a song you can listen to nothing catchy that'll make you go "OMG WOW" however there was some autotune here and there which I didn't like.
He had a hard time during his debut days but he's still fighting his way up. Well all I can say is keep fighting! =3=

ZE:A - Aftermath [MV]

THIS SONG!!! I actually love it! It sounds so happy (don't know if it is though, because sometimes they did sad movements..). So maybe not happy.. maybe just up-beat which I love!!! xD The dance wasn't all that. I mean it was catchy because I started moving with them at the end, but it wasn't so advanced. And I love how they only used two "scenes". That hallway corridor and then the scene with a hugh projection-screen behind them ^^ Smart.. they changed the scene with that screen, but didn't actually change the scene O__o


B2ST's comeback a bit risky?

Well instead of me sitting here like a nolifer I'm going to give you a small article allkpop wrote:
Hahaha are they having their comeback so soon?! Interesting a lot of idols seem to go overseas to shot for their MV's.
However I saw another post on tumblr yesterday and I can clearly say that most of the posts on tumblr are written by fans so there isn't a 100% sure source out there...
The funny thing is that it makes sense... ALL the groups seem to debut/have a comeback now or early August we've seen T-ara, 2NE1, Suju, CN Blue, NU'EST, MYNAME, ZE:A (etc) so far and I bet that more will come.
But I can't deny the fact that I'm looking forward to their comeback. I've had my eyes on B2ST lately and heck do I care about Olympics when I have a small screen in front of me... ^o^

Laughing time~ <-- so lame Xd

created by chanaholicrobotronic
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Haha wut? =__=
Insanity Wolf suits Kpop world well.
Submitted by gg-sunny
To all the fangirl freaks out there...
photo by fuckyeahleetaemin
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Created by:
i just had to xD raspberrychips
It's true TT_______TT


Firsly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO \OoO/ <-- trying to imitate his pose ^  Leader Doojoon from B2ST who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)!!!
He isn't that old actually, I thought that he would be much older :P Getting confident somehow... Actually if you think about it 6-9 years (age difference) isn't that much actually. It's just weird now but when they're 37 for example then you're 30 or maybe 31 so we can still dream and fight boys and girls! XD (y)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LITTLE DARI!!!! Who's turning 28 years old (29 Korean age) today! Gah now I got depressed again XD
For you who didn't know Dari is a member in Dalmatian (<-- the hottest comeback this year with the abs-flash) however he's in the army right now and will be out... dunno... soon? ;'D
Well everyone in Dalmatian is pretty old so I have no complains...

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser - Bom]

I seriously don't know what to write... all the blackjacks are thinking some naughty thoughts because of the bed scenes XD
I'm actually eager to listen to the whole song so I hope that their new album wont disappoint me~

Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (part 2)

Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ song:

Yeah.. I don't know how many times I've told you guys what my favorite MBLAQ-song is. So here it goes again..

OH YEAH!!!! Haha.. jk


And Lee Joon looks so f-ing hot!!! 8D and so does Mir, but I like their looks better in "Oh Yeah" hehe..
So why I love this song. This is the first song I fell in love with from MBLAQ. The first song I ever heard from them was "Oh Yeah". I liked how they looked.. but not the song. I did later, but that was after I fell in love with this song. So this has always been my ultimate KPOP-song!!!! MBLAQ was the first group I fell in love with and this was the first song. It's also the first song I learnt ^^ Kind of.. I know the sounds, but not the word xD

Anywhoo, I've showed you this clip before but I want to show it to you guys again since it's just so cute!!!

HAHAHAHAHAH those hands!!!!!! xD And Seungho just standing there like "..yep." And OMG MIIIIIIIIR, you look so amazing!!! ^3^ And G.O at 2:32 HAHAHA, wtf dude?! xD And Thunder's jacket...
BUT IT'S STILL ALL SO CUTE!! I freakin love you guys. If I don't get to see you.. my life isnt complete TToTT

T-ara - Day By Day [MV]

Wait, what?! It's already out? XD
Goddammit we're getting bombed here!

Truth to be told I haven't even watched Lovey dovey (the whole 20 min long MV) yet and I don't really have time watching this either -__- However I'm going to prepare some snacks tonight and waste 37 min 29 seconds of my life watching 2 MV's ;'D
                                    Foto: [T-ara releases “Day by Day” teaser photos]
After the release of “Day by Day” on July 3rd, T-ara will hold an official opening event for their fan club, QUEEN’S, on July 14th.

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [MV]

OMG!!!!!!! IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So amazing!! I knew that I'd love this song xD And they all look so hot! SIWON that beast!! And welcome back Kangin!! ^^ Hahahah I can't stop licking my screen!!!!!!! TO MUCH FANGIRL!!!!!!!!!


Hahaha "sexy, free & single, I am ready to bingo.." LOL xDDDDD AND THE DANCE!! So easy but it's hard to do it -.- SUJU Y U MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY?!! And only me who recognized one of the rooms? At 1:02.. that looks like the room in their "sorry sorry" MV ^^ only me whoo sees it? Or like their "Bonamana" MV.. hehe xD

Woman Powah!

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cr:as tagged.
Submitted by: Diary 619   Created by: Diary 619
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Submitted and Created by jonghyunnie
(via definitionofkpop)


Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 [Teaser 2]

Teaser numero dos on the single Jang Wooyoung XD *I'm so funny~*
His debut will be daebak! I'm really looking forward to his album, it seem to be something "special"/new compared to other songs and beats.
They also had an awesome synchronization so I'm looking forward even more! AND THAT MINI SMILE HE DID IN THE END BEEING ALL PROUD TT^TT  <333 (at 0:35)

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser - CL]

Oh it was released 1 hour ago! :O How come I didn't notice it? =__=
I actually loved that raspy something something voice CL has. It was a mix between singing and rapping (just like Big Bang's BLUE).
Only Minzy and Bom left :3

CN Blue - Come On [Tracklist + PV]

The word PV says the whole thing (If it's Korean or Japanese) so yeah this will be CN Blues' third Japanese album and they'll have their comeback August 1st.
It'll also be aviable in 3 different editions:

Limited Edition

01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)

DVD: 01. “Come on” Music Video
02. “Come on” Special Feature
Bonus: 01. 44-page Photo Book
02. 4-fold Mini Poster
03. Original Jacket + Sleeve Case
04. Serial Code

Regular Edition
01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)

Bonus: Serial Code (First Press Only)

Lawson Edition
01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)

Bonus: 01. 5 Calendar Cards
02. Lawson Edition Original Jacket
03. Serial Code



Compared to their other Japanese song (for example "In My Head") this song must be their most powerful one! It was quiet good but it feels like the song will be 10x times better if they released the whole song *duhh* instead if a small part of it XD I just realised the thing I just wrote makes no sense hahaha of course it will sound better it the whole song was released =_=

That limited edition album doesn't look wrong at all :O So much stuff and posters OuO

Day 17: Favorite KARA song:

I like their song "Step", but I definitely perfer..


Haha can't stop thinking about Yoseob, Kikwang, Nichkhun and Wooyoung when I here this song xD If you don't know why.. you must be a new reader. If you are, check out this post. HAHAHAHA xD

This song.. this dance is so funny. Not like funny HA-HA, but funny in a way that I like it. It's happy and silly to me ^^ Don't know why.. So yes, my absolute favorite KARA song is Mister :D

Did You know that...

The actor Yoo Seung Ho (that I adore and love!!!) was feature in T-ara's debut song "Lies". He played that typical cheating bastard, but gosh he looked so pretty and adorable TT^TT He was only 16 back then @___@
HAHAHAHAHAHHA I wante to say "The scene at 1:05 killed me" but look at that! The scene is right in front of your eyes without clicking the play button. Dear lord lucky Jiyeon ;w;
Truth to be told the MV seemed to be a bit awkward, him sitting/sleeping on everyone while getting touched here and there XD

Another thing that I also realised is that EVERY single song I've heard from T-ara is kickass good! Even the ones who isn't that well known for example I'm so bad and Oh My God.

MYNAME - Summer Party [Jap. Teaser]

Earlier MYNAME made a Korean comeback with the song "Hello & Goodbye". They also made a Japanese "debut" releasing Message - Japanese version. However they'll make a complete debut now in Japan with their summer special "Summer Party" and a teaser picture + teaser was released a few hours ago
Truth to be told I was one of those insecure people wondering if I should like Gunwoo's long hair or not but I have to admit... I'm weak when it comes to guys with a small ponytail. KJBSDLSDBGALSKDB HE'S SO CUTE AND LOVELY I JUST WANNA KEEP HIM!!!! ;____;
It seems to be a typical "home made" MV that both me and BO like. But we'll see if I'll get stuck on the song. I can't concentrate because of Gunwoo right now U___U *me no gusta* 

Kpop fans sharp as ****! ;'D


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2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser - Dara]

Omo! A few days left!!! :D (It'll be released July 5th)

I'm somehow irritated over myself who can't stop comparing their new songs with I'm the best =_= Sure all the songs have its own style etc etc but "I'm the best" seem to be a really hard song to beat. It was nominated for the best song of the year after all. But I do look forward to "I love you" but but... *out of words*  >__>

Yeah few days left hopefully teasers on other members will show up as well ^^

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

A rushed U.P.A.H.I incoming! Sat and watched football with le daddy. I felt sad for Italy especially Balotelli. The spanish people guarded him 24/7 XD Okay enough football....

I've had my eyes on this little fella the whole week now and he's ruining my bias list, especially the one in 2PM. More or less he's quiet underrated so this small post is dedicated for you Lee Junho~
Aw mai god he's so cute TT^TT


The future 2NE1~

Do you smell it? *sniff* *sniff* The smell of hate XD Gosh I'm so lame but have you seen this clip?
It's trainees from YG that is said to be "the next 2NE1" 4 years later. They're around 12-13 years old and gosh YG fans and their hate XD

A LOT of people are hatin' while others are trying to defend them. But hey! Relax! They're still trainees and regular girls working hard trying to fulfill their dreams. People say that the way they dance isn't suitable for 12-13 years old girl but it's actually good that they can practice these kind of dances at an early age. They're building up their stage charisma and people are exaggerating too much. It isn't that bad =_=
Well I have nothing against them. Idols debut and split up so this is pretty natural and they're talented as well! Instead of hating and bash the whole dashboard writing "THEY SUCK THEY CAN NEVER REPLACE 2NE1" can YOU imagine to train hard for 4 year like that? To dance everyday, have a strict diet, go on singing lessons and study with a life like this for 4 freaking years!?!?! If not, then shut up.
That's all I had to say folks!


Song of the week #28

SOOOO this week the song of the week will be by a girl-group *gasp* O___o YES!!! Hahaha a girl-group!!! xD

4Minute - Muzik

I actually like all of them in this MV. Even HyunA.. because she is so badass!! ^^ No, but I love this song, I really enjoy watching the MV... I didn't have any other S.O,T.W to put out. Hahaha so yeah, there you have it. THIS WEEKS SONG OF THE WEEK!!! 8D

I actually know the dance to this song. BOYAAA!!!~ Only like... 32194 dances left to go ^^


Today is Miss A's 2nd year anniversary (as you can see) ^^
They debuted with their song "Good Girl Bad Girl" Some people say that they debuted June 30 while others say July first @___@

Day 16: Favorite U-KISS song

Now.. this is a really really hard one for me. If there were like two songs I liked the most, I'd put both of them up. But right now it's like 1,2,3,4,5.. 5 song's that I absolutley LOVE from U-KISS ^^ So I'll basically just put up the ones with the best MV xD

But lets first list the songs that i love from them ^^
- DoraDora
- Man Man Ha Ni
- 0330
- Neverland
- Amzing
ACTUALLY there is one more that I love xD
- Bingeul Bingeul
Oh.. and one more
- Shut Up

To be honest though... 0330, Neverland and DoraDora must be my absolute favorite ones ^^ But I really like all of their songs. I don't think they've done one single song I don't like O__o

So to the MV's.. there is one that has a GREAT MV that actually has a story (like their only MV that has a real story xD). It's so awsome and.. just AMAZING T_T


2PM Show season 2

I started watching 2PM show season 1 last year but I never finished it =_= (The same with Idol army) but yesterday I watched all the 12 episodes and gosh I love them TT^TT I had my Big Bang period but I've switched back to 2PM again <3 Those two groups means everything to me.

Okay back to the point! It's official since long ago that 2PM will make a season 2 on 2PM show. Their manager said that they were going to film it this summer but I don't know when they'll release it. I also read that they would have another variety show o_o
For you who don't know: 2PM show is a reality show where 2PM do different games to show their sides from the viewers requests. Everything from their sexy, beastly, dorky, teamwork, sleepover, typical dorm sides :-) So the whole show is mostly based on what the viewers want.
I can ensure you that you wont regret this! XD Found the best comment to describe my bias from 2PM:
Well just erase the word leader*
Kekeke the water scene was fun to watch... if you know what I mean~


Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (part 1)

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Oh no I didn't

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This was probably my dad when my mom said she was pragnent XD HAHAHAHAHA jk ;'D
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This is my third congratulation post for you so I'll make is short XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR LEADER BO who's turning 17 years old (18 Korean age) HAHAHAHAHAHA DAMN! YOU'RE OLD You son of a *****!! ;'D
I hope that you'll have a great day my friendu~ And save some money because we're going to Korea soon! ^3^
*poor and lazy, only uploading 1 picture XD*
Another big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most kind, warm, childish, awesome leader Mr. Leeteuk who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age) gahh SM should change the group name soon XD Super Junior pfft... I wanted to say "Who do you think you can fool" but after a while I realised that all of them have a babyface and they're pretty dorky, so they can fool anyone :P

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