Miss A's Min and B1A4?

These pictures have been circulating. The photos was snaped in B1A4's recording set. The guy is Baro and see the girl? Yeah, according to WM Entertainment it's Miss A's Min!!! I LOVE HER! xD

So I guess B1A4's comeback is getting closer! I know they haven't set a date (or revealed the date) for B1A4's comeback. But I guess it's soon! :D

IU - Good Day (Jap. Version)

IU just recently released the Japanese version of her debut song "Good Day".
Okey.. read this on AllKpop, but didn't reallt get it O__o haha I'll just copy the entire thing

On March 21st, 2012, Korea’s little sister IU will be releasing her debut Japanese single “Good Day“. Ahead of this release, the promotional video for her lead debut single has been revealed.

On March 1st (Japan Standard Time), IU’s official Japanese homepage added the PV for “Good Day”.

“Good Day” is an award winning song in Korea and helped launched her career into the stratosphere. Check out the Japanese PV for “Good Day” below!

There you have it!

A Laugh given to us from Big Bang

Hahahhaha, Taeyang's "YEAH" at 1:32 xD
Hope you laughed, I sure did ^^


Big Bang on Running Man!!!!!!!!

Yesterday me and B.R.A were looking at RM (Running Man). Did you guys know that Lee Joon was in episode 8?! xD Haha that's the one we watched. Apparently Big Bang's Daesung and Sengri was in RM too. While I was looking in Wikipedia to see what episode to watch I came across this:

Episode 84 that will come out March 4th, BIG BANG WILL BE PARTICIPATING! Gosh, can't wait! xD Even read this in allkpop:
Big Bang‘s Taeyang commented on his experience on popular variety show ‘Running Man’, and how the show brought out his competitive side.

Not telling you anything more (don't want to ruin the show for you guys). But if you want to read everything, you can read it here.

I'll be waiting ;)

Look alike: Vanness wu & Yunho

Yepp, Vanness wu is an actor from Taiwan (If I'm not wrong..) Saw him in the drama Autumn's Concerto and got all hyped and screamed "isn't that Yunho?!" Uhuhu my mom...  yeah you know what she thought -.- So yeah.. Vanness and Yunho really do look alike!
however it took me ASKFNSDLJAF 25 minutes to find a look alike picture TT__TT


His face somehow...

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Gonna start this post with some complaints. I've been sleeping really bad these past few days because I've been watching running man like an idiot *no regrets* and I've fallen in love with more people (<-- not really fall in love in that way -.-) Daesung from Big Bang is one of them >:3

And this guy is also one of "those" people: MAX, CHANGMIN!!

hohoho maknae flesh~ *creeper mode - ON*

Dunno why but during my "kpop rookie months" (best thing I could come up with right now...) I thought.. he looks weird. He has some facial features that's quiet unique, or something. But after Running Man that BAM thing hit me and that BAM was "He looks really good actually... he looks really good O__O" And that big giggle laugh he do TT__TT To be honest his way of laughing are quiet similiar to a girl having pms, it goes up and down (<-- the volume of his laugh)

I don't even make a sound when I laugh -_- I can't get enough air when I laugh so it leads to me trying to gasp for air... but fails so there isn't any sound.

Another one:

Oh Kai TT____TT You're back~
The song was actually really good :O Liked that piano sound in the background *trollface* no seriously XD But the best teaser with Kai was when he had those jail clothes, wait have to find it...

*3 minutes later*

YOSH! It was teaser 18 and it wasn't jail clothes -.- but that song was also good :O

I had a lot of nice things to say today O__O SM YOU'R WAY OF PROMOTING EXO SUCKS! ^_^

Far East Movement ft. Justin Bieber

I've always loved Far East Movement!! Especially 'Rocketeer'. But now they've made a collaboration with JB? COME ON!! I guess it's okey. I bet all of you KPOP-fans that also likes JB will go crazy (even though FEM are not really a KPOP group ^^).

I really liked this song (after 3 minutes ^^)!!!! It gets catchier after a while. But where was JB? O.o
Hhahaha anyone who wants to tell me? Is he the one who sings the chorus?


Omo how cute~ ;w;

Hahahaha XD Wait... who's the one standing beside him? O_O Isn't it Daesung? >_>
UPDATE: Isn't it G-Dragon O__o? /Bo Bae

In a really, really weird way this looks absolutely normal...

XD Totally gonna say this!

Macros dedicated for Big Bang's comeback ^_^

KARA - Speed Up (Jap. version)

Only watched 39 seconds. Okey, what I got out of those seconds:

hahahaha, didn't really listen to the whol thing, mostly because I have to do my homework now -.-' But I hope you like it!!! :D

M.I.B to open for Will.I.Am

Black Eyed Peas's Will.I.Am is going to hold a concert in Seoul called "Will I Am in Seoul".. makes sence ^^

Anywho, the opening act will be held by M.I.B
Remember them? xD B.R.A did a "G.Y.H.H.O" about them (click here)

Song: G.D.M
Group: M.I.B

Not such a bad song, eh? xD But the "girls drinks money" is weird and the grammar.. is not correct. Girls drinkS money? Hahaha, but it's not like I was expecting 100% english grammar (truth is.. I don't even have 100% english grammar O.o)

OHHHHHHHHH, hahaha if you look at the comments it says that it's supposed be "Girl Dreams Money" not drink. But.. that must mean.. that their english sucks!! Sorry, as I've said before, just keeping it real ;)

So yes. The concert will be held on February 29th. That's tomorrow O__o Guess I'll post the video of their performance then! Until then.. STAY HEALTHY! ^^


Spot Intro


Fantastic boy

Bad Boy

Wings (Daesung Solo)

Love Dust

Ain't No Fun

TT___TT *crying rivers* Do you know how happy I am?!?! The REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LONG AWAITED SONG: Fantastic boy!!! I'm gonna fix a ringtone with the "BOOM SHAKA LAKA!"
And Daesung's Solo sounded so happy and amazing!!! I love their 5th mini album.

Big Bang... Welcome back! <3
It's not Block B time or U-know Yunho time... It's BIG FREAKING BANG TIME!!!!

Update: Right... It was exactly 1 year ago Big Bang released Tonight... So you can practically say that they've made a comeback after 1 year. Big Bang hawting!!!!!

Big Bang - Alive (INTRO)

wohohoho.. can't keep track! Haha, okey so Big Bang released a new song/MV AND a teaser today!

It's good, more gangster if you know what I mean ^^ But I kind of feel like all their songs.. sound alike? O__o But I guess it's just the style they're going for. Can't wait until Fantastic Baby comes out! It has a bit different sound then the songs they've released so far ^^



Hahaha thought there for a moment I saw T.O.P dance (3:25). Dude, I've never seen him dance O__o is that not weird?

And that blue vest jacket GD wears.. Haha first thing B.R.A said "WAAAAAH!!!" Then I realized.. It looked like they had shaved of T.O.P's head and made a jacket of his remanings xD

But now to the song. This song was sad, but B.R.A said it made him happy in a way? Well, luh duh. Big Bang just released a brand new MV!!! (And song)

T-ARA - Lies (Jap. version)

Never really been a fan of T-ARA (but I loved their 'Roly Poly' xD). And I don't really have any comments on this song or MV. You know, it's not bad but it's not WOW either...

It's so-so ^^

*Le facts*



Drugging Jay Park

DUDE, just because he speaks english he feels more real. Just because he makes (made) videos of him self you talking and put them up on youtube I feel like he is someone.. normal?

Hahaha, sorry.. I don't know why I keep talkin baloney.
But check out the videos I found on youtube of the one and only Jay Park:


At first I got really annoyed at the girl screaming "OH MY GOD! *gaaaaaaaasp* OH MY GOD!" in the background. But then I kind of felt like screaming too, hehe ^^
Stop messing with my Bias-List -.-

So these are the types of videos I was looking at last night. There are soooooo many more videos of him covering songs (better ones as well). He even had his own youtube account where he uploaded reandom stuff, but for some reason youtube deleted it :c But thank you youtubers that re-uploaded them!!!!!!!!! ;D Only thing now is that he stopped uploading these random videos.. 

if you see this (oh man.. if he sees this. Hahaha don't know if it would be a good thing or a bad thing) MAKE SURE YOU DO THOSE DAMN RANDOM VIDEOS AGAIN!!! Please.. (a)


Submitted by http://rntdwndn.tumblr.com/

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Reminds me of Himchan and Herchan ;D

*brb dying* >________________________________________________________>

It's more like
*Looking at my computer*
*Looking at you*
*Looking at computer*
*Looking at you*

Huney you have no where to go... (<-- get it? He's in my computer xd)



Shesus, my bad! I'm used to B.R.A doing these posts. Anywho, today is RICKY from Teen Top's BIRTHDAY!! He's turning 17 (18 korean age). Duuuuuude (I know.. I say dude a lot nowadays...) he's born in 1995. ME TOO!! xD


/Dude I've already done a post for this... -_- /B.R.A

NAAAAW, guess he's always been that cute! xD


Dude, I don't know either. But it was hot ^^
All I know is that this is a PV (preveiw) of a longer commercial that will be about 4-5 minutes. Haha, sounds more like a short film then a commercial O.o

It'll be a commercial for women's fragrence.. interesting. Haha anywho, the Lamborghini was hot, and so was Yunho and Changmin ;)

Jay Parks proposal gets rejected!

OMG, hahahahaha seriously!! I was just druggig Jay Park on youtube and then I came across this on Allkpop (Check our blog tomorrow to see all the fun clips I found on him ^^)

Singer Jay Park offered to marry a fan in his attempt to persuade her to get a hair cut, but he was flatly rejected.

A concerned father of three daughters was a guest on the February 27th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘National Talk Show Hello‘. The father expressed his concern for his three daughters who have never cut their hair even once since they were born.

If you combine the lengths of his daughters hair (oldest having 70.86 inches or 5’11″, second daughter 66.90 inches or 5’7″, and the youngest 57.06 inches long or 4’9″), the total length comes out to be a bit over 16 feet long!

The father expressed his desire for the girls to cut their hair and added, “There have been a number of times where the girls could have gotten seriously hurt because of the length of their hair.

In addition, the father revealed that his second daughter is a huge Jay Park fan and eagerly asked Jay to convince his daughter to have her hair cut.

If you cut your hair, I’ll give you a signed CD, a hug and will even take a picture with you,” Jae generously offered, but the girl still refused.

Jay later went on to say that he would even marry her if she cut her hair, but unfortunately the girl rejected him again saying, “I’d feel burdensome marrying you, since you’re a major celebrity,” causing the viewers to laugh.

(if you only want to see Jay, go to 04:20. Oh yeah.. and there's something wrong with the video. It got stuck on 04:20 for me too!)

Seriously? Like seriously.. I would not even have to think before answering that question ^^ Fact is, I would've cut my hair after his first offer xD

Eat Your Kimchi - Meeting our Idols

DUUUUUUUUUUDE, I'm so jealous right now TT_TT This is why:

Hahahaha, they looked so small beside Martina and Simon xD Like little hobits, but in a cute way ^^

This feels so real! Not that they're not real. But when you see KPOP-stars perform on stage, it looks so far away, but now it all feels so natural!

Hahahaha real poet over here!!!! xD
And dude.. they look taller then SUJU O__o I guess it's the shoes, but still!!

And last but not least:


They get to meet these awsome kpop-stars, and me and B.R.A are stuck here in Sweden writing about them. ME WANT TO TALK TO THEM! :c

B.R.A, Inshallah that's us in like.. 2 years ;P


I didn't know about this O__O
Aww Daesung, I've been watching Running Man like an idiot these days (Didn't go to bed until 7 am today -_-) and I saw an episode with Daesung as the guest. Gosh I literally fell in love with him TT__TT I'm happy for your sake kid!


Groups you haven't heard of (part 29)

I always tend to write a weird "intro" text before the group but let's skip that crap for now and get down to business! ô__ô


I've been thinking on this and my conclusion is that they got the inspiration for the group name by the three P:s


They're one of those unknown groups that debuted last year (fail if you know them XD) They're a girl group consisting 5 people and the leader Jinsoo was going to debut with Rainbow, but.it.did.not.happen. :O dam dam daaaam~

Well that's all I know -_-

Shake Ur Body

It was catchy as hell, buuut (everything has a butt <-- se what I did there? :3 hohoh)
Some of the dance moves seemed a bit awkward and their pronunciation wasn't that great. It was hard to hear what thay said (I'm refering to the English words right now) so I thought they said: "Shake you, fatty"

BOM SHAKA LAKA! (<-- See what I did there again? :3)

Park Bom (no makeup) + Se7en - When I Can't Sing

I haven't seen so many photos of Bom without any makeup. But she actually uploaded a photo yesterday (February 26th)

Naaaw, she looks like such a doll!
With this picture, she wrote: "I just got home. What did you think of my performance today? I worked very hard with Se7en to prepare for it."

Apparently she had a collaboration performance with SE7EN for his new singel "When I Can't Sing". I LOVED THAT SONG, but why was Park Bom performing it with him? O__o Have to look for the clip on youtube..


OMG, hahaha out of nowhere she just plopped up xD But dang, this was so beautiful!!! And loooved Se7en's hair (just so you know ^^)

SM Entertainment to start a travel agency business

When I read this:

SM Entertainment to start a travel agency business

All I could think was "OMG, their going to let us see SM-stars if we buy something from their Travel Agency!!!".. or someting like that ^^ But when I kept on reading, SM stated this:

On February 27th, SM Entertainment released a statement saying, “SM Entertainment has acquired a travel agency specializing in Hawaii called, “Happy Hawaii” through a capital increase. We have changed the name to “SM Town Travel” through which we will be running a travel and tourism business.”

Furthermore, they stated, “SM Town Travel will combine SM Entertainment’s renowned brand with the global popularity of K-pop and Hallyu in order to invent various travel packages. It will also strive to become a cultural exchange business through education and culture exchange.”

President of SM Town Travel Kim Jung Hyun said, “We will present services and products that differ from the standard travel agencies and will continue to work to create a synergy so that SM can become a global entertainment and lifestyle agency.”

SOOO... we don't get to see the stars? T__T
Haha anybody care to explain? O__o

The Jo twins

Jo... ;'D hehe *bad morning humour*
Well I found 2 pictures on the Jo twins from Allure(?) They're probably old (The pictures xd) but I've gotta admit... they looked akjfbakdjfba cute? Pretty? Something~ -_-

I wonder.. is there other famous kpop twins out there except for Kwangmin and Youngmin (To be honest I don't even know if the blonde one is Kwangmin or if he's the brown haired one >_>)
It must be quiet annoying to be with your brother 24/7, but you'll also feel at ease and secure in the group... I think?

I'm just... yeah U_U  *confused~*

*giving you a cute pic so my confusion will be less noticable*

- I don't know what's in your mind!

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  ©

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Yay, cricket.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA This must be one of the best macros ever created! XD


I somehow don't get it . . .*retard*

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by http://loverholictaemin.tumblr.com/

=___=' Hahahhahaahahaha! True..

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by http://eatyourrice.tumblr.com/
Oh no they didn't!

Hahahahaha XD


I don't even know 3 of them but yeah... let's be happy and congratulate them ^_^


Let's begin with Jinsung from Monday Kiz who's turning 27 years old (28 Korean age). People are getting older =__=


The second one Sang Woo from Code-V is turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) YAH! Too old >_> (Btw the second pic reminded me of Eunhyuk somehow)


The heck is this.. nah I'm just kidding XD No seriously who is this? u__u Apparently it's SIMS from the group M.I.B who debuted last year with those weird wb English/Korean songs that people critiseized a lot (not in a brutal way but on the "meaning of the songs")
Oh right! He's turning 21 years old today (22 Korean age)


This little fella should be familiar, ha? Yepp it's Teen Top's maknae Ricky~ *depressed* TT__TT He's turning 17 years old (18 korean age) and he's as old as I am, and look at me. *no sucess in life* XD

Well Happy Birthday to all of you and we hope that you'll have an awesome birthday!!! :D

BIG BANG - Fantastic Baby

To be honest I got a chock! I thought Alive would be like Blue but with a little more beat in it but this is just... BOOM SHAKA LAKA!
This must be the best song in their Album. Really looking forward!!

Star Wars Dance Battle!!! (SHINee, Big Bang, SUJU, 2PM, DBSK)

0:05 - 0:40 Taemin (SHINee)
0:40 - 1:14 Seungri (Big Bang)
1:14 - 2:02 Eunhyuk (SUJU)
2:02 - 2:40 Jay Park (Former member of 2PM)
2:40 - 3:30 Yunho (DBSK/TVXQ)

Yeah, without any doubt YUNHO my man, you owned this!!!!!!!!!! Shesus, can he dance! Jay Park, my lovely man, you were so sexy it hurts.. but you got to admit that YUNHO FU*KING ROCKED THIS SHIT!!!!

I mean, no one was bad. Eunhyuk has always been a dancing machine, and so has Taemin. I believe that big bang should have sent Taeyang, but Seungri was not that bad! But everyone compared to Yunho is.. not that great anymore. Hahaha sorry, but I'm just keeping it real!

Me next to yunho on the other hand.. yeah, I would still be awsome ;D (SAJK!!!)

L.Joe's hairstyles


You've gotta admit... this is... just amazing and freaky at the same time. 25 freaking times?!?!?! And this is what, during 2 years? I wonder how many times Suju or SNSD has done. It's kinda sick how the artist get a makeover 24/7 X3

L.Joe has changed his hairstyle more than me showering every year... oh that was just nasty XD Not every year more like biomonthly... <-- trying to defend myself

Song of the week #13

Actually heard this song for the first time... 3-4 months ago? Then I forgot about it, then yesterday I got this spazz and just had to find it again! DAMN, it wa so freakin' hard to find it! I had no idea from what album the song was, from what year or anything that could help me find the song. The only thing I remembered was that the song was a cover of a spanish song.

Song: One For Me
Group: SHINee

FOUND IT! *like a baws*
This song is so beautiful!!! When I first heard it, I wasn't that big of a Shawol. However I remember me listening to this song over and over again. Literally raping the replay-butten (replay, replay, replay~). And now.. now you don't want to know the relationship between me and the replay-button..

There are so many songs that I haven't heard from SHINee O.o should actually put all of them up. Haha, you know what. That's exactly what I'm going to do. STAY TUNED GUYS!

~Skip Beat - Short review~

Well before I start babble I just wanna say that this post may contain some spoilers for you who are planing on watching Skip Beat (The taiwanese version). However for you who haven't even thought of watching it... GO AND DRAG YOUR FAT ASS TO DRAMACRAZY OR SOMETHING AND JUST WATCH IT FOR GOD SAKE!
For you who's currently on ep 9 (<-- the latest ep) keep reading this~ ^_^

Well to begin with I'm really, REALLY happy that they were faithful to the manga. Okay bad way of explaining XD When you usually film a drama based on a manga 70% of the plot will be made-up and the remaning 30% will be based on the manga but this one (Skip Beat) 90% was based on the manga and those remaning 10% was a bit made-up.

                                                                   That 10% in the drama...
                                              This must be the best 'made-up' scene in history u_u

Secondly the characters. This is pretty unusal but I love ALL the characters. Everyone acts so well, even Siwon and Donghae their dubbed voices even sounds okay and you don't really see that "mismatch:ness" between their mouth and the dubbing (They spoke Korean while filming and had to dubb their voices) But the 2 characters I'm really fond over is that manager and the second member in the Love me section (black, pony-tailed girl) those 2 are awesome!!! Especially the manager!!!!!! aww TT^TT

Thirdly all the songs are awesome! <-- short point XD Getting all hyped when Future by Mify Roomie begins to play ;P

Something random: You know... I always tend to... talk/discuss with myself or even do some movements when I watch a drama or a movie alone. The movement usually I tend to, is me showing the f*ck you finger to a specific character (yes in front of the computer -_-)
So I did it... I showed it to Siwon because he said something that irritated me XD (The dude who always connects with the charater to well... <-- me)

*8 seconds later*

                                                       Me: O____O ..... =___= What a coincidence...

Yeah >__>
But I REALLY REALLY REALLY Recomend this drama!! It's awesome! The best part in the whole manga (or the so called "climax of the story") will be on the next episode when Donghae and *the chick* finally meets AKFNSADGSBDGLSJDBJSDBV COME OUT FAAAAASSSSTTT!!!!

Even that chicken suit thing was flawless~

Oh! My bias list in Suju is completely ruined ^u^ *mad as hell* I only liked Yesung, Heechul, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. But now... Siwon just plopped up -.- damn..

B1A4 CF for Wuttisak!

HAHAHAHAH, it looked so forced!!!! Not their cuteness (that's all natural baby!!!), but their reactions and their "WOW"s and "OOOH"s. Don't tell me you didn't notice that O__o But what can you do. ALL CF's nowadays feel fake. Only reason I look at them and enjoy them is.. well, because of groups like B1A4. I'm satisfied with just watching them ^^ *le perv*

So Wuttisak Clinic is a Thai cosmetic company. It's funny how B1A4 does stuff in Thailand now but not in Korea. I WAN'T A FREAKIN' COMEBACK FROM YOU GUYS!!! But maybe it's smart to wait a couple of months, knowing that like 103e214fu82 other groups are having their debut/comeback now. So yeah, you wait guys. However, I'll be waiting for that comeback of yours O______o

Untz Untz Untz~

A macro dedicated for 2NE1 or to be more exact CL~

Created by: Edittan

Trololol just died a bit XD HAHAHAHAHH

created by 19900105

by iseul23

Created by BananasAndCream~
Pfftttt!!! ;'''DDD


credit: armanifan14 &amp; beebian

Happy Birthday CL *BRAAAAAAAAAA*

haha, had to put that "braaaaaaa" in there xD

But yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AWSOME LEADER of the AWSOME girl group that is just plain AWSOME! (she goes by the name of CL of 2NE1~... hahaha, see what I did there? xD) She's turning 21 (22 korean age)

Hahah naaaw, look at her! She was sooo cute! xD What happened? O.o
BIT*H, SHE GOT SEXY! That's what happened..


Omo didn't see this one :O
To be honest I'm getting a bit confused on YG's way of 'promoting' Big Bang's comeback. Sure the songs are great and I love Blue, but there's "to many teasers" out there. Not like SM's EXO (trololo XD) but they make me confused by releasing all the teasers for their songs. They should release one teaser then the song for the teaser and go on like that.

I don't even remember the previous teaser... TT^TT


Oh my lord. BO LET'S GO TO KOREA. NOW!!
I got a freaking shocked when I heard Kevin so I had to search. He lived in the States, did you know that O_O Maybe you did... I'M SO FREAKING JEALOUS!!!! Simon and Martina you're officially my gods right now!

Have to love the part where Soohyun plopped up and Martina spoke in Korean "Ohh" :O <-- his reaction XD
And Dongho... Dongho. Dongho.. Dongho

Kevin: "He's the one with the imaginary girlfriend"
Martina: "Ah Yes, I'm sorry about that"
Dongo: O__O ?

I thought the whole thing would be a bit akward but it just... it had such a flow o_o and the boys don't have free time at all... Yes of course I knew that but it was a different feeling when they actually said it.

One of the best OST

There must be a lot of Skip Beat watchers (is that even a word? -_-) out there. You know the new Taiwanese drama with Siwon and Donghae. Wah if you saw me yesterday, I sat and *forever alone* spazzed/fangirled like an idiot.
So... I guess that you've heard this song:

Mify Roomie - Future

The OST for Skip Beat. Her voice! <3
This must be the first Chinese song that I literally love (I just liked Hit 5's - Run)

                         Couldn't really find a pic on google so I saw this on Youtube XD She's pretty :O

Look alike: Seungho & Ki Kwang

Nope it's not Seungho from MBLAQ it's the actor Yong Seung Ho ^^ They both are so AKSDSDJLV ;w; so cute... Their way of smiling and their eye smile is quiet similiar ^_^ <-- that one

It's funny if you search on eye smile there's only korean people XD

Funny... *lame* XD

2NE1 childhood pictures :3

It should be easy to see who this is. It's 2NE1 dance maknae/machine Minzy~ I just want to pinch her cheeks TT^TT so adorable!!~



It's hard to tell but that's *le* Sandara~ Looked like a boy in the third picture XD (Not to be mean... I was a fat kid -.- *weird fact*) And the one on Sandara's back on the second pic is little doodly (random..) Thunder!! :D So cute *__*


You can somehow sense this member, lol sense.. It's the leader CL!! Gosh that woman is so freaking cool >_> It's amazing how the second youngest member is the leader... like Block... ASFNASJLF getting mad all over again -.-

I can't find a childhood pic on Bom ;__; Like a clueless ghost.. well not really.. OHHH!!! this is all I found though.... babyface.com


Shit Koreans Say

"Do you want to die?" hahahahahaha, SO TRUE! You can not NOT hear that in a korean movie/drama xD
"OPPA, I'm hungry" "Omma, food" "Bye me something" "Are you CRAZY?!"

Hahahahah, really liked this video xD Because it's so true!!!!!!!!!!

Everyday I'm B-L-O-C-K B-'I-N-G

cr: bulimicrainbowz

blockbmacroed:  Picture credits: as written on the pic

                                 Please, BBCs or people belonging in any other fandoms. If you support them, please sign up in the projects appearing around here&#8230; There may be only small things you can do, but they mean a lot, don&#8217;t they :) 
                                                                              Just sayin'

Am I doing this right?&#160;: /

shinigamidanna:  pandamacros:  BBomb and Taeil (Block B)  I forgot to say: reposting not allowed.  not without credits.   Please, don&#8217;t support reposts, okay?   I (ShinigamiDanna) posted this on Kpopmacroed on August/6/2011 . If anyone REPOSTS this instead of reblogging, please credit me. I guess I was too stupid to watermark my own macros back then. Okay, problem solved ^^ Still, let me say: if anyone reposts, please credit blockbmacroed. Thank you. 


blockbmacroed:  ARE YOUR BODIES READY TOO BBCS? ;)   
Mine to...

shinigamidanna:  Pic taken from zicovalove   

I just had to...


Just got mad all over again...

There's a petition where people can sign  "Block B should take suicude" thing. That's just... How can they live with themselves? Isn't it ironic? The things the anti:es are doing is 320370 times worse than the whole
Block B misunderstanding. They're (literally) murderers! You know what I'm sick as **** on this thing. I'm gonna watch Skip Beat -__-

Ryeowook graduating

I was like "Say wuuuttt?" After a while it did make sense XD He's 25 after all. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Waahhh I'm totally respecting this guy! To be able to graduate from college while beeing in the world's largest boy group. That's amazing *bowing my head 90°c*

This is some late info but Suju made it into Guinness World Records for beeing the largest boy group in the world!! AKFNASLJFAFNF!! Woop Woop~

U-KISS new singel (For Kiss Me's)

Naaaw, it's so cute that they made a MV for Kiss Me's (U-KISS's fans)!!! And the video is to die for! 8D
Don't know much about their comeback except that they'll have one ^^ I'm actually really looking forward to it! I've liked every song from them so far, so that's good xD

Didn't B.R.A say that their new Japanese album would be released on wednesday. The wednesday that was two days ago O.o OMO, if they've already made their comeback I'll... I'll listen to the songs xD Hahaha

Are you freaking SHITTING me?!

*Warning for a brutal post*

SBS, KBS, & MBC to restrict Block B’s appearance on music programs

Seriously I'm mad as **** now! The heck is this?! They're seriously taking this TOOOO FAR! I read that even P.O is hospitalized! ;O
And what do they mean with "Until the situation is resolved" HA! NOTHING WILL BE RESOLVED BITCHES! *phu*
I should seriously stop reading these articles about Block B -__-
Even those anties that hated them are starting to feel sorry. Have people NEVER done a mistake before? This is ridiculous, I wan't to fly to Korea so badly right now and beat everyone up. Some fans say that they want to go and hug Block B and show them that there's people who's ('still') loving them but I.. I just wanna beat up someone... badly.


BIG BANG "Bad Boy" Previewe


trololo so true XD
But it was okay. It's hard to say because the song is like, 5 seconds? But the melody sounded relaxing, as I said this album is the new Big Bang even their songs are different ;D


Hahaha so after watching Dream High 2's cover of 2NE1 I keept looking for other covers they did. Found this:

#3. What the hell is she doing? O.o

Then I saw this:

My first reaction = O___O is he also going to do that the entire time?
Hahaha, this was so funny! Love Kahi and JYP together 8D

Well, I'm going to keep looking for more covers, haha because it's so funny to watch!! xD

~Mnet Chart~

FT Island is baack~

Do you know how utterly happy I am that Block B is on the 5th place? I can't imagine how hard they've worked and how much **** they have gone through!
It's quiet funny they said some things that was misunderstood and they got attacked in different ways. The fans even sent threatening letters to Zico's mom and brother WHILE another part of the world: someone rapes and kills 3478 people but people doesn't send threatening letters to them nor their families . . . the world is sick somehow XD Why the heck would you attack someone elses family?

Beeing on the first place for 5 weeks(?) MBLAQ "It's war" is gone and FT Island has taken over. Once again I'm happy that Block B are on the 3rd place in the online votes ;')

BBC's fighting!~

Dream High 2 - 2NE1

Hahahhahaha OMG, J.Y Park does the dance sooo well! And the girl with the Dara-Hairstyle from Lollipop xD.. DAMN, and that afro guy! Hahaha, this was so funny! And what's up with Charlie Chaplin over there? O.o Then when a girl comes up and starts doing Dara's part from their song 'Fire' (you know, the indian-style part). In short, I liked this cover! xD

It feels like I should see this. My friend saw the whole Dream High drama (the first) in just a couple of days! Haha, gurl.. I don't know how you do it O__o. But I ruined Dream High (1) for me, because I saw clips on youtube and now I know EVERYTHING about it. Plus my friend told me stuff ^^

Anywho, anyone who knows if this is a show worth watching?

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! It's FRIDAY!~

Lol at the drunk passerby



fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by kawaiivshentai

by: fuckyeahtvxqmacros ~ photo source: back-to-five &amp; xingying
Yes indeed...

submitted by yuno-comebackas5

Trolololol XD




Happy Birthday to SS501's boi Kim Kyu Jong! Who's turning 24 years old today! (25 Korean age).
Everyone in SS501 are doing solo activities if I'm not wrong. But they haven't disbanded yet, that's pretty interesting. I wonder if they'll make a comeback this year.


Funny things from Big Bang's BLUE

I'm like terrorising you guys with Big Bang over here XD But they are a hot topic right now, okay?! Well this is almost like Block B's Nalina but Big Bang version. I found some small details in their MV that seemed.. yeah..

Uhuhuhhahaahu TT__TT That looks so freaking painful! It must be fake right? In that case, it was really, REALLY well done. Or? Is that really fake? O_O

I mentioned this before, about GD's hair but here we go~

It changes from blonde to red, red to blonde, blonde to red yeah you get the point. The funny thing is that you can also see his balck shaved hair in the corned of the cap XD

B.A.P's first fan signing event!

Naaaae, Bang Yong Guk!!! Haha, I'm starting to think he is my bias in B.A.P ^^ That would be the first time a leader of a group is my Bias O__é hehe.. there's a first for everything! xD

But it didn't look like there was too many people there. Man, if only I could see them :c

Big Bang's Preview "Love Dust"

I have to say that Big Bang's new album sounds different. It had that...
OH COME ON I forgot -.-

*5 minutes later*

AHH!! It had Block B's 100% in synch feeling in it.. somehow...  ;')

All this hate...

I just can't take this anymore TT__TT
Got all teary after watching this, DAMN I'm just getting more angry! SAJDBGSLDJBSALDBASDLJB!!!!!!!!!1!1

*phu* I'm starting to hate people more and more right now >__> They've already apologized and there are other groups who has done  WORSE things, but their carrer didn't flop like Block B's. I believe that the netizens and media are the biggest reasons for all of this. Media always tend to blow things up to make some money out of it and the netizens take the things media has written, and twists it a bit more with their lies.

LEAAAVEEeEeE BLOCK B ALOOONEEE *Cries like the Britney clip*

And I wonder what BrandnewStardom has done to them . . . (their company) O_O

What happened to the world -__-'

I'm starting to like Miss A more and more. Listened to their songs yesterday, "Bad Girl Good Girl" is a new favourite. Okay I'm gonna cut to the point over here XD I'm that comment-freak-reader where I sit and read comments from youtube -_- There was a lot of talk about Jia beeing a man so I checked that specific second they wrote (02:25)

This is what I saw:

Hahaahahah lol XD
Min and Jia are my favourite members from Miss A and I seriously doubt that she's a he . . .  It's not a he okay. Einstein wrote this on youtube:

So there's the logical explanation. Another one was "She's using a tampong" not incorrect... I see what you mean there... I see what you mean...
I also made a look alike a long time ago Jia and MBLAQ's Thunder, so you never know . . . dam dam daaaam~
I'm really tired right now so don't mind me..

                                                                       *le look alike*

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

These ones just plopp up randomly XD This weeks Sexy idol is someone I don't know but I "saw" him in Oh My School yesterday and his name is Hyunwoo! He's an actor, singer and MC for Music Bank or something, I don't remember.
So I saw this little part from Oh my school:

Lol XD Yes the quality is bad as *piip* but I got curious and had to search for his abs XD
Have you ever thought how abs can make you happy =__= Pretty depressing actually...

This was the result~



He's pretty.. but old trololololo XD *Totally-have-a-big-chance-on-him-in-general* He's 10 years older -_- born 1985...

Another one:

First time I'm early with this..

Such.a.baby.face OwO
I haven't seen teaser 16 and 19 yet =__= Is there a EXO freak (<-- my way of saying fan) out there who knows how many members they've presented? I lost it after Kai, Lu Han and Tao.

Let's go BLAQ

Me: For the first time I'm ging to study 2 days before the test and not 1!!

Trolololol! That failed, BIG TIME! Wasted my time on youtube. Watched Oh my school with Lee Joon. No regrets.

Posted Image

[Resim: tumblrl55jk6nmce1qbcx6d.jpg]
BB in my world: Bad Boy, Baby, Bieber Believers, Bo Bae (<-- not really..)

[Resim: tumblrl4s6l2mgl21qcpbqq.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl3y56vkitk1qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl45366sbwh1qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl37tihegni1qbcx6d.jpg]

Really O__O

That surely is interesting...

Before the official cast for ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was finalized, I was one of the first picks for the series.”

My company originally planned for me to film ‘Ninja Assassin‘ first, and ‘Boys Before Flowers afterwards,” he explained. “But I had shaved my head for ‘Ninja Assassin, and my hair was as short as the hairs on my chin… So unfortunately I was cut before I really even got a chance, all because of my hair,”

Have to admit that BBF is one of my favourite drama  I've ever seen. Him as a character... >__>

Allkpop also asked:

"Which F4 member do you think Lee Joon would’ve played the best?"

Pretty obvious ey?

Go Jon Pyo of course!!! XD

Not really.. you know (BBF freaks~) the role he could play is: Not that role Kim Hyun Joong is playing and not the one Kimbum plays but the 4th guy who's just rich and there XD

The one exactly standing on the left side!
That's the role Joon would've pulled off! :D

[More] BIG BANG Concept photos

I've bombed you guys with Big Bang now but here's some concept photos that I haven't seen on fb or other places/sites (It's me we're talking about =_=) So I wanted to share some~
Actually some of them has been uploaded on fb, oh well ^^

Went all ASDKNSADLJVS when I saw this pic =3=

So for a exchange Taeyang colored his hair white I see... If I ain't wrong it stand "BLUE"

Big pics ftw!~

Big Bang once again about BLUE part 2

Is it only me who finds Daesung's and T.O.P's voices really relaxing? o_o Especially Daesung in the last part and gosh you gotta' love them for the subs~ *ironic*
I'm loving BLUE more and more right now! It's.so.relaxing!

Finnished my 2 tests today *yay* 1 to go and 2 assignments left. After that me and BO can spend some more time on making this blog better ^^ Woop Woop~

Happ Birthday KEVIN!! (ZE:A)

(25 korean age. 24 "normal" age)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!! Only me who finds him VERY attractive? O__o His eyebrows are amazing! And only me who thinks he looks like Jay Park in the second picture? ..Maybe I should start listening to ZE:A? ^^

Key viva la DIVA!

XD Have to love my titles sometimes (y)
I saw this picture a long time ago, dunno where though.. But it's a picture on Key from Hello Baby wearing the same sweater as 2NE1's CL.

Here's the funny question: Is that a sweater for male or females? (Not to be sexist or anything :P)
Oh.. noticed something.. there's 2 wholes on CL's, A LOT of holes on CL's shirt while Key's "clean" ^^ Look at that XD Using the fabric as much as you can I see, also saw this one:

BOM has the dress type.
ASJFBALSDJFSDA Asian people always have to use everything till the end =3= It's a positive thing though, I think.
Pretty useless post but *le high fashion for both females and shemale*

Another one:

Kai where are you...? ;w;

KPOP fans can relate!

Hahaha, I actually have a shirtless picture of Jay Park as my background and ones an old ladie saw him. Ouf, that stare she gave me! Hahaha xD

Hehe.. my Lee Joon in B.A.P <3

The wonderful thing is that no one tells me I can't. They're freakin' planning the wedding with me!! I love my friends..

I've noticed that I do the "peace-with-your-index-finger-touching-your-cheek" pose that Lee Joon always does O.o

Who dosen't ;)


.. No comments

So... about M2STASCH.. ;w;

Yeah I have A LOT of things to do but this is how I spent my night -__-'

Hahaha I went all AKSNFJALSDBSD DON'T DO IT! XD False?

But the most frustrating thing was this one:

Me: *throws computer away sulking in a corner*


>__> fml..

Switch Wednesday to Hellday -_-

The person behind FUCKEAHKPOPMACROS (<-- I guess most of you know that tumblr site)


Hard to believe right? XD I though it was a woman... The surprises the world can bring (y) Awesome man...

created by sm-family-love.

Created by funnykpopshit

created by chraka
That didn't really make any sense TT__TT

Apparently I missed this one =__=


I'm somehow feeling sorry if there's a group who's going to make a comeback or debut during these days. Because Big Bang's comeback is HUGE so no one will really pay any interest for other groups (at least me XD)

I wonder how many views they got in 1 day... (youtube always get stuck on 301 views or something -.-) I bet it's over 1 million. dam dam daaaam~

Block B's first performance since Thaliand Scandal

Only me who felt something different? They didn't look as happy as they used to be. You know, all goofy and dorky. They looked like.. nothing. Don't know how to explain, but you can feel that there's something wrong.

I freakin' hate this. Why did it become such a huge deal with this Thailand thing. I mean of course I understand that people got upset, but the whole thing got a big over exaggerated. 

Oh, and one more thing. Zico rocked his new hair-style (if you can call it that)!!!! I first thought that it looked horrible, but after seeing this clip.. oh my ^^

Big Bang BLUE MV

*Brb crying rivers* TT__TT No seriously I got all teary and stuff (<-- lack of words)
I felt that weird bonding between all the kpop fans and remembered those days when EVERYONE voted like crazy when Big Bang was nominated for EMA.
They're still on the road~

Okay let's stop with the emotional thing. The MV was quiet simple, yes they went all the way to New York bla bla but it was still simple. You know there's one thing, Big Bang stands out a lot compared to other groups and that is in their MV. EVERY group have dance thing:ies in it, but I've never ever seen a MV where Big Bang dances. Haru Haru? Tonight? Blue? Love song? High High? (<-- GD & T.O.P) Nupe. Comment if you know one XD
The first thing that plopped up in my head "Lucky girl..."

The funny thing was how GD's hair swifted from yellow, to red and black XD And Daesung! Your voice is to die for in this song! <3

Well I'm REALLY glad for you Big Bang I LOVE this song! Big Bang Hwating!!

UPDATE (Bo Bae): That awkward moment when you start hating the girl, even though she has not done anything wrong.
Hahahaha, you should have heard me while I was watching the MV. "She's not pretty. She's so freakin' awkward. Why can she be in their MV? I would be way better in it" etc. Hahaha.. I need to get a life O.o


BIG BANG'S BLUE IS OUT!!! But not on youtube..


It's so good, I just wanna cry TT__TT

Look what I bought >:3


It's an English magasine where they write about things in Asia. Or to be more exact anime, asian movies, manga etc. There's a interview with SHINee, gonna read it tomorrow... Yes I'm a nolifer sitting in the library trying to study right now >__>

For Swedes:
For you in Sweden and wants to buy it, you can buy it at "pressbyrån". Well I couldn't find it in the small ones but if you live in Stockholm near Centralen you can go there. There's a BIG "pressbyrå" on the first floor, were everyone sits and wait for the trains (for example if you want to travel to Malmö, Göteborg etc) It costs 99:- but there's a special offer. If you bu a magasin for 99:- or more you'll get a 20% discount ^^

I just realised something... man that sounded do ugly... "Pressbyrån" the faq XD

Look alike: Tao & Kyumin


Can I just... hahahahahaah!!! XD Do you know how mindfucked I am?! Everyone looks the same in LED Apple =__= Okay only 2 people and that's Kyumin and Youngjun. (<-- That's a complicated group, they had 3 different leaders including this one right now (Youngjun)) Well let's skip the LED Apple talk. As you read Kyumin (Kyumin = Suju XD Okay I should stop...) is from the boy band/group LED Apple and the we-can't-forget boy Tao from the not-debuted-group EXO.

Their face really do look alike right? Especially their lips and eyes. (Pretty ironic everyone has that slanted kind of eyes :p)


B.A.P - Warrior (the making of..)

Watched this with B.R.A yesterday. Hahaha, had a very hard time figuring out who was who O.o but at least I recognized Jong Up (my Lee Joon in B.A.P) and Bang Yong Guk and Zelo (no duh, Zelo -.-')

Haha and one thing me and B.R.A reacted on was Daehyun's crotch grabbing at 2:33. It seems like everyone noticed that too ^^:

Haha and I totally agree with hellookiidokii!! ^^

They looked kind of serious in this clip (compared to how dorky I've gotten to think they are), but oooh so cute~

Did you know that... Onew likes chicken? XD

To make a short story short we've decided to "cut" the posts (because our blog is so slow xD Sorry~) so we'll probably cut with 2 posts and we will post some of them in different time. (6, 8, 10, 12, <-- pm and 2, 4, 6, 8 <--am, was our typical post-time)

The new mening of ofc...

Had to remake this pic:

G-Dragon talks about his Marijuana scandal

After a long period of silence, Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon opened up about his marijuana scandal.

On the February 20th episode of SBS ‘Healing Camp‘, G-Dragon remarked,

 “At the time, I took a urine drug test, as well as a hair follicle drug test. When I received the results, I was shocked and I felt like the results were unfair. I didn’t believe it at first, because I knew I didn’t do it, but the results stated otherwise. I didn’t know where things had started to go wrong.”

“There was something I felt that could have contributed to the results, and it was weighing on my heart so I talked about it during the investigation. After our concert in Japan (May 2011), we had an after-party where a lot people were in attendance. I think the fact that I received a cigarette from a stranger there became the source of the problem. That incident started to be closely investigated, and it just came out.”

“We hosted the party ourselves, and we were in a really good mood because the concert went really well. At that moment, I had a lot to drink, and my managers were doing their own thing, and I was alone. I went to the restroom, and someone offered me a cigarette. I thought it would be rude to refuse, so I accepted it without giving it a second thought,” he reminisced.

MC Lee Kyung Kyu then asked, “Marijuana is different from cigarettes, is it not? Why were you unable to tell the difference?”, to which G-Dragon responded,
“I was intoxicated from the alcohol, and I just figured it was a really strong cigarette. I never smelled [marijuana] before, so I couldn’t tell the difference. It looked like the cigarettes that I smoke.”

When asked, “You’re not lying, are you?”,

G-Dragon answered, “No, I’m not. It wouldn’t be possible for my lies to be believable, and if I was lying, I would never have been able to face the public.”


I never judged him, ever. I know that people do make mistakes and that just it, we're only people and people make mistakes! Easy as that! You'll always have my support GD!

Miss A - Touch MV

IT'S OUT!!!~

Yeeeeah.. not as good as I thought it would be O__o And Min!!!! She let her hair grow! Not that bad actually, but I perfer "korky Min", and she looks more korky with short hair ^^

And the dance (sorry for all the "hate". It's not actually hate, it's just thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I like Miss A!!! Or at least I like Min ^^). The dance was kind of simple.. yes! That's my word for this MV + song. Simple. Simple doesn't mean bad, it just means.. simple ^^

They belong to JYPent. and if you look at Wonder Girls and 2PM, they are NEVER simple!!! So what happened here? O.o Okey.. it's not THAT simple. But I guess you get what I mean ^^

The pic of Zico is out



      WAAEEE!!!! ;w; To be honest I thought it would look worse XD But he looks okay...


The thing I've been waiting on from Block B...

Block B’s Zico shaves his head in response to the Thailand interview controversy

Really... Hahahahaha!! XD
Bo the biggest reason why you liked Zico was because of his blonde hair XD
Okay back to beeing serious and all. Well apparently they did something wrong and they reflected over it and I'm proud of that. But I can't deny the fact that everyone is overreaction so GODDAMN HARD! (uhh dirty.. XD)
There's other artist who has made worse thing but they haven't gone through so much hate as Block B -_-

Well I'm not trying to imply anything here but let's calm down and forget this crap right now. They'll have more haters and their personal life will probably be affected but as a celebrity this is the life that comes along. Unfortunately. So let's just end this crap TT__TT
We like artist's because of their music~ Hu-ho-ha naaaaaa~~~

Btw is it only me who's waiting for a pic over here? X'D

Taeyang's talk!!

Hohoh I knew it! Now every talk/teaser is out!!! :DD

I just have to love the fact that Taeyang makeover was... yeah XD
Retarded me didn't really know when their song Alive was going to realease but here's 2 dates:

2012.02.22 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album Title Song 'BLUE' RELEASE!
2012.02.29 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album 'ALIVE' RELEASE!

Omo their title song will be released this Wednesday!! Aaaand U-Kiss Japanese Album! (Well the fact that I have 3 tests, 3 assignments to hand in and 2 homeworks doesn't stop me from fangirling mohahahah!)

Something random I noticed...

Loenent has uploaded 666 MV! 666!!!!! It's sick!! XD Isn't that the devils number or something? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It's funny when you 'combine' it with Ailee's Heaven.

KPOP Covers

Found these AMAZING covers yesterday on youtube:

2NE1 - UGLY (Piano Cover)

Not only is the intro amazing, he also plays like a god! Shesus, broke my replay button O__o

SHINee - Lucifer (Viola Cover)

Is that not completley messed up?! Haha and between 0:32 - 0:47 my head was blown away! DAMN GURL! She moves here hands so fast it's creepy xD

B2ST - Fiction (Piano/Violin Cover)

Now this is what I call talent!! She plays the piano AND the violin??!!! *le jealous* Plus that it sounds exactly like the actual song O__o And the "MV" is very entertaining to watch ^^
This girl, according to me, takes the prize out of these three covers. WELL DONE!!

Which one did you perfer? 8D

Groups you havent heard of (part 28)

This must be the group I have least info about:


They're a mixed group consisting 2 guys and 2 girls. They debuted 2009 (the same year as 2NE1 :o) but they disbanded last year (2011) because some of the members left the group due to "personal reasons". 
Really... o__o

Their comeback song during 2010

The first thing I thought of: Group incest XD You know they left because of "personal reasons".. My god now I'm getting all dusgusting again X'D

Right?! But Troublemaker took it to a whole other lever ê__ê

Big difference right? Could you imagine that the blonde haired one is actually the black haired guy in the first pic? O_O

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Hoe*

My version of it XD Got bullied because of it. BO knows why *cough* or maybe not O__O
U-KISS's Japanese album will be released February 29th, more than a week left.


Ha..? x2

Oh mai gawd~ *screams like a sissy girl* Look at Dongho and Eli!!!! his head is so tiny compared to his body XD

Get it? Man B.R.A XD Hohohoh ;'D

Me and Bo... and manager Lee right now:

For you who didn't know: BLAQteenpop is this entertainment that has 1 boy group so far (a.k.a M2STASCH ... ;w;). Yeah.. and that's M2STASCH in the picture (a.k.a us ^^) and manager Lee!! ^_^

Some of you may be confused but we're really thankful to all of you who has visited our blog! Saturday (2 days ago) was a special day. Why? We'll tell you guys within 2 weeks or so ^^
We're working really hard with this blog especially when you do around 8 posts every day TT__TT (yes even these lame-shortass posts are hard to do XD)
So thank you guys and:


Song of the week #12

This song may not be very popular (or you just haven't heard it yet)

Song: Run
Group: MBLAQ

This song. THIS SONG! Yeah.. I like this song ^^ Haha love the part in the beginning "run run, you better run run" and "baaaaaad boooois~"

This dosen't feel like that typical MBLAQ song. You know, love, a broken heart, Lee Joon and some girl in the MV -.-' Well, haha we don't know if there will be a girl with Lee Joon in this MV yet (if there even WILL be an MV for this song O__o). But I really liked it. Mostly because as I have told you guys before, I FREAKIN' LOVE HIP HOP!!!!! And this had a Hip Hop feeling to it ;D

So yeah, the SOTW is MBLAQ - Run

The big Block B scandal...


Not really...
For you who didn't know: Block B was i Thailand and got interviewed (To be honest I don't know so much either) and there was some misunderstandings where they claimed that Block B said innapropriate things.
They talked about the flod thing that happened in Thailand and it's a sensitive topic.
Some people say, the one who translated the interview translated the shit wrong, other say the thing he said was even worse, some people say that Nichkhun tweeted this oh shesus! KANFLADHFBSADHVBSADHK RAAAGGEEEE!!!

Their interview:
(It was actually 2 weeks ago -__- feels like the Jay Park situation all over again somehow)

The beginning made more sense now XD

Okay I don't get a ****! A lot of people are trying to translate this but it somehow gets wrong everytime. I saw a page were he/she wrote about this and said this was the "actual translation"

[Actual translation]

The interviewer asked if they knew about the floods so the members acted surprised.


Zico said, “Of course we know. We were only pretending we didn’t… it’s just for reactions.”


He continued, “A lot of families must have been affected by the floods. We hope they emotionally recover through our financial aid… because all we have is money.”


Another member asked, “How much do you have now?”


Zico replied, “7000 won.”

To be honest I don't really give a crap anymore -.- It feels like everyone will write some crap from their perspective. They (Block B) should apologise for the misunderstandings (or in general if they did something bad) they're a new "famous" rookie group after all. Everyone has done things like this. I believe that Suju, SHINee, Big Bang, EVERY group has at least been through something like this.
And people get so easily aggressive and influnced by small things. This is the time where you should sit and think before you start hating -___-

I am a big fan of Block B and I don't give a shit what people say right now. I'm just gonna wait till the whole thing ends and a final explanation will be out/realeased or something.
Block B has probably lost A LOT of fans and they're going through a hard time right now.

So stop hating and just wait instead of believing in everything . . .

Comments like these seems pretty unnecessary. I bet that 80% of the people haven't even watched the interviewe. Insted they just wrote a hateful comment and posted it @__@

Sorry for raging all of a sudden...

Seungri's talk!

ASFASKJFGBSA a few days left T__T

Read this on a comment: (from youtube)

"i thought we would never comeback" ... those words just touch my heart!
you are coming back! and you are coming back strong!
and we will support you every step of the way!


all I have to say...

Deep inside we're all freaks..

A normal person's reaction:


A kpop freaks reaction:

Sad, but true... TT^TT


~Manga recomendation~

Or to be more exact I recomend this manga artist ^^
Yesterday I finally (after 3258238 weeks) finished reading "From Far away" one of Hikawa Kyoko awesome work trololo XD I gotta say that I LOVE her art. It's old style but it's old style in a good way :3
Some of the mangas I've read from her:

From Far away, Chotto Friday, Miriam

Other one she's written:

Shiroi Mado no Mukougawa Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Chizumi and Fujiomi
Shiroi Mado no Mukougawa, Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki, Chizumi and Fujiomi

*abrupt ending*

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Starting next month (Mars 1) I'm going to do "Actor of the month" (Both male and female) from Asia ;) Or to be more exact these asian, asia countries XD China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan etc. have a long list on good actors over here...

Well this week U.P.A.H.I (For you who didn't know: Über Pretty And Hot Idol - Lame? I know -_-)

~Jang Geun Suk~

His hair in Mary Stayed out all night XD </3

I find this pretty interesting... innocent flesh~ =3=

*For le new ones he's also a solo singer ^^*
He wrote A LOT of songs for his previous dramas (OST) but also have a Japanese PV "Let me cry" <-- good one

That man is too hyped ;'D <3

Jay Park has such a sweet heart!

For you who didn't get it. The first two clips were when Taecyeon's (2PM) mick failed and Jay Park (former 2PM member) sang his parts instead. The third clip was when NichKhun's mick failed and Jay offerd his mick.

NAAAAAAAAAW, JaeBeom!!! You sweet, sexi, very into Hip Hop (like me xD), wonderful little booooi~
You make my heart skip a beat. Listen to my heartbeat~ It's beating for you~
SAJK!! haha, sorry, but my heart beats for Lee Joon ^^ But however, you do make my heart skip a beat <3

Did you know that:

Jaehyo from Block be was supposed to debut as a member of B2ST? However he had to leave due to an injury. So, with other words he was a trainee under Cube ent but is under Brand New Stardom right now :3
I'm curious about the injury but I can't really find anything about it... dam dam daaam~


                                                        My paint skills are getting better... XD

Oh My girl, I cry, cry. You're my all, say goodbye, bye

Yeah, right, you’re not. Okay.

(Submitted by twiciaaaloveskhun)

(Submitted by kawaiivshentai)

(Submitted by kawaiivshentai)

(Submitted by taocloud)


(Submitted by kawaiivshentai)

My first macro XD (Submitted by reiluvs2pm)
Butt..? It's a backpack O_O

Just watch it!

I read this in the description box:

Kai was in it for god sake!!!! Hahaha XD (The one with the red hoodie) I don't really hold any grudges against EXO or Kai if I'm going to be honest. It's just this crappy way of SM building up this non-existing-tension right now. I knew from the beginning that Kai was the longest trainee for SM in EXO and sure he deservs to have his time to shine, but 18 teasers?! TT_TT
You usually have 1 max 2. SM just broke the record...

TVXQ <3 Y U no 5 anymore... </3

I just died a bit...

Clumsy Junho and Chansung in the beginning XD Btw was that Nichkhun? O__O Couldn't really see it..
Well the subject: Jo Kwon the man of awesomeness! It looked so natural when he showed up out of nowhere.

The sickest thing is that I thought "If I was there I would totally do a shake that ass dance" and he did it -__- <3

T.O.P talk

It's to bad they didn't translate this. I mean, their comeback is a huge thing and people from all over the world are waiting for them.. So why not translate the freakin' video?! O.o

Haha rage..


just press here:

Right now SHINee is performing Lucifer!!!!!!
You can see Music Bank Live right now!!!!!!!! CLICK IT!!!

EXID on Music Core!

You know that new Girl Group EXID? Yeah, they just debuted on Music Core!!!! xD I haven't really heard their song 'Whoz that girl yet'. But I guess I will now, watching this clip with you:

*2 minutes later*

WTF!!!! MBC shut they video down :c

But you can still see their debut stage on M! Countdown:

The beginning kind of reminds me of Ushers 'Without you'. (When the first girl sings)

David Guetta ft. Usher - Without you

Other than that, the song was very catchy! ;D

SHINee Replay (practice video)

Have you guys seen this?!?!?!?!

Taemin, so cute in the beginning! And at the end, NAAAAW! 8D Can you imagine that when this was recorded he was as old as I am now O.o

And Key haha, he has loved being infront of the camera since day one! And Onew.. HAHAHA Onew at 1:30 xD I guess he's always been that clumsy ^^

They looked so great here! You know, so alive (not that they're not, but you know.. they looked.. up! ^^) and in sync. Really liked this video!! (Y)

Block B - Nalina

I'm not going to upload the MV but yesterday when I sat and watched it (The music video) my eyes cought these small weird, annoying, funny details.

I'm like the heck are they doing?! Especially U-Kwon O_O and Zico.
Kyung is doin Idon'tknowwhat...

Another thing I noticed was. Weren't they against each other? (These 2 groups) so... why are they together in that room? (I know it's a MV but still XD)

Since the beginning I've always thought that P.O is smoking crack or something over there ê__ê
There isn't anyhting in his hand but the "hand-position" gives you the crack feeling XD *Knows too much about it*

And the last one, that I found pretty funny. Everyone is fighting or doing something. All of a sudden BAM! There's a random chick standing in the corner and blends in with the floor.

Eye Candy - Changmin Style

Because it's Changmins (TVXQ) 24th birthday today, I thought that this Eye Candy should be dedicated to him! ;D

-122603:  /nosebleed

O_______o damn.. he's pretty darn hot xD Mehehe.. me likey~

Dead tired!

I shoud cut these macros. I'm posting too many macros everyday inclusive other crap so I'm sorry if our blog is slow or something. U__U

HAHAHAHAHAH *pervy minded freak*

I should seriously show this macro to my friend. That's just like her... She literally release a bomb and in the end she's always adding "I just farted" disgustingsonofa XD


Well Happy Birthday to TVXQ/DBSK's true maknae Changmin! Also known as Captain obvious (BO said that) This fella is turning 24 years old (25 korean age) that pic is probably from last year but he's 24 here so...

Jay Park on M! Countdown

Yeah.. that's not very attractive O.o His legs are smaller then the girls? Hahaha it all just looks wrong!

(This was yesterday, February 16th)

However, HERE he's hot!!! Hehe, he sure can dance! And I don't know why but the part when he sings "I wanna take it slow" makes me go ASDAWDFASENFRAELK!!! xD And always when I listen to the song, I keep doing the body wave and weird faces when that part plays. You know like:

ubiquitous-stars:  Can I get pregnant from this?

Haha yeah.. something like that xD

It's white...

...His hair is blonde white not blonde XD
I've got to download that app o__o Waaahhh~ I read (fb) that they're planing to do a MV for every track in their new album O_O That's a lot of MV's...

Another one:

I've gotta admit, I missed him TT__TT Got a bit sad when he didn't show up in teaser 17 (Hahahahah 17...)
I actually liked the intro (dance) O_O


Top 10 kpop maknaes

Well I wrote about Top 10 kpop leaders and Top 10 biggest kpop transformations so let's take le maknaes now~

Lol Taemin, looks like an innocent little girl XD
Wooo Chansung is on the 5th place gosh that was an ugly pic >__> I fell for 2AM's Jinwoon when I saw him in G.NA's Black and White. So cute~ *^^*

Lee Joon breaking chopsticks with his.. butt!!

Hahaha, what the hell did I just watch?! xD Who would have known that Lee Joon has that kind of ass! DAMN BOI!!~

Haha, this was so random xD And when he hit himself? ^^ But the guy that laughed at 0:44.. that laugh felt so FAKE! O.o But hey, my laugh was 100% real! Haha Joonie, you always bring a smile to my face. That's what makes you perfect for me! Plus that hot bodie of yours is not such a bad thing either 8D

~Mnet Chart~

That was an amazing twist... SE7EN on the first place O__O It's funny how The Grasshoppers is plopping up on the list. They released the song.. last year?
But I'm ashamed -_- I haven't listened to Miryo's new solo album, I haven't uploaded anything about her. However I read that her songs was a big success, congratulations~ (what a lame one XD)

After 4 weeks MBLAQ is still on the 1st place when it comes to the online wotes, my gawd they're hanging on...
Block B and B.A.P vanished pretty fast XD

T.O.P Transformation (from child to now)


Haha yeah.. I perferred him with his like dark chocolate hair with a "normal" chocolate color on the T.O.P (hehe, see what I did there? xD) If you don't get what picture I'm talking about, it's number 2 from the bottom ;D

And look at that first picture. He was such a cute chubby little kid!!!!! xD

Haha, and G-Dragons hair in the last picture!!! I'm sorry, but I don't really like his new haircut. That's not him at all! I mean, to me he is this hardcore little midget that's extremly hot. With his new haircut he looks like Marilyn Manson (except for that creepy face Marilyn has ^^ G-Dragon just has the same hair!) And is that hair even real? O.o

Haha enough about G-Dragon. T.O.P.. No matter how your hair looks, you'll always be smoking hot!!!!! ;D

Eunhyuk:i~~~~~~~~ spam...

HAHAHAHAHHAAH Awww! <33 the second one was priceless, like how can you not notice it XD


Have to share this:

SMtown in Paris


Aww so sweet ;W;

HAHAHA This crecked me up! The first thing to do... eat.

giB gnaB <--- only smart peopple get it... or not >_>

Let's hype it all daaaaay loooaaaaannnnggg *false voice* Found some pictures on Big Bang's Alive photoshoot. sitting here and spazzing like a donkey high on crack... well not really but you get my point.

... to be more exact 2 pictures on G-Dragon *fail* Hahaha! X'D
I actually like his hair. I've never seen any kpop dude/people/human/thing/groups have that ehm haircut? or something like that.

I saw this photo too:

Their MV filming in New York. T.O.P always standing in a corner looking all sexy XD Just like MTV EMA Hahaha aww ^o^

The root

Big Bang Preview <3

Lots of clips right now xd
Oh my... How can I say it, the song sounded really good but it feelt more like a "reborn" song rather that alive. I thought it would be some "alive-beats" in it. Well let's just wait...

Dying everytime I see this picture... O__O

Welcome back to the showbiz~

TT__TT Can't.stop.smiling...
That precious little man is back~
Those fans, have to love that there was a foreign old woman there cheering for him XD And he looked like Leeteuk when you saw him in profile.. pretty weird ê__ê

G-Dragon concept~



AKSDNBSLDKLKSDB LOOOK ATTTT ITT!!!! Well Bo made a post earlier today where GD's new hair was a bit... special. But in this pic is just ASFASNDFKLSDN!!! It looks so freaking cool! I ain't a 100% V.I.P But this was just amazing *happy tears*

I just fell in love with his new hair TT___TT GD obvoiusly had the biggest transformation in the group. I'm getting more hyped over this compared to EXO *duuhh..*

Another one:


HAHAHAHAHAHHA I listened to this one! (Gonna listen to 16th later)
My god! They sang for 3 seconds!! 3 freaking seconds!!

I read a comment were this dude said "More teasers are coming out, then it means their debut will be soon"

Yeah sure...

OBS!!! Random sh*t

Blaqteenpop does not stand for any harm that might cause you while watching this. That is all. ENJOY!

jengyu:  jigglelikezello:  sellega:  bigbangx2ne1:  artdivindefolie:  BigBang’s Comeback Hair Lookalike goldie696 @ LJ BASICALLYY!!!! OMGGGG I THOUGHT OF THE SEUNGRI ONE AS SOON AS I SAW IT LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!  LMFAO!  SCREAMING  OMG  TAEYANG THOUGH
Hahahaha, now I know where they got their transofmration inspiration from xD

when someone hears you singing a song in korean:

English speaking people

Korean speaking people

Other Fangirls

This was funny because in the MV I only look at Taemin dancing. In this picture I only look at Taemin dancing xD (the purple one) Taemin, WHY U DANCE SO GOOD?! It's very awkward for me not to look at Jonghyun when he is my Bias in SHINee..

Haha fail xD

Mehehe.. did you get it? ^^

kitty-kwon:   Daehyun’s fail.  LOL YOUNGJAE JUST SMACKS HIM
Hahah everyone goes "WAAAARIOR" and Daehyun fails xD And you just gotta love the smack Youngjae gives him! ^^

Who is that?! O___o
It's either Hoya or Woohyun from INFINITE... IT'S WOOHYUN!!! I think >__> /B.R.A

Groups you haven't heard of (part 27)

I've actually heard about them before *busted* Well not "heard" but when I checked allkpop I saw that there was some articles about them.

Brown Eyed Souls

The similiar group to Brown eyed Girls (but the male version, I think)
They debuted as a 4 member-group, 2003 (9 years ago) gosh that's like... forever! *fake-barbie-voice* the same year as TVXQ/DBSK. But a new member joined the group 2010.

Some of you have probably heard about them before, but I haven't :3

ASKFNALSJDFB Your daughter goddammit!

Really... well look at that! ;3

They've released 1349813 songs but I'm too lazy to upload it here... xd But listen to their song Go, it's a beautiful one ;')

So... they are the Brown Eyed Soul... I'm sorry but they look like members from the Yakuza or something XD

B.A.P cuteness

Left to right: Bang, Zelo, Jongup, Daehyun, Himchan & Young jae

Can't find the "1st look" photoshoot (backstage clip on youtube) with them :c
Could anyone comment the link?! GAAAHH.. want to put it up on the blog O.o

But the pictures.. TO DIE FOR!!!! xD

U, U, U, U-Kiss heeeyyy~

O___O Eli look like a god here 0__0 He's so... pretty...

*5 minutes later*

So ugly... ;w;
Hahahaha XD

Another one:

*facepalm* never saw it yesterday XD

To be honest, I'm too lazy don't wanna listen to it -__-'
That's all I had to say...


THE SWEET LORD OF IDON'TKNOWWHAT!!! He'll be discharged at 8:00 am today!!!! TT___TT
After such a long time. Do you know how many offers (role offers) he got during these 2 years?! It's gonna be a big fat comeback for him ^^

Seungri's photo

They're just flowing in right now~ 

They should use spray or something, his hair reminded me of Taeil from Block B XD
But ASNFASLKJFBASLFK Look at that O__O Hotness overload TT___TT Waiting for G-dragon now huhuhahhahahu.

This pic is probably leaked, like the photo of Taeyang yesterday... well well let's enjoy it ;D

Miss A - Touch (teaserS)

Miss A will also be having their comeback this year! Haha, so many comebacks O___o
Anywho, I don't really listen to Miss A, however I absolutly LOVE Min! Haha mostly because of the variety show 'Oh! My School'. SHE IS SO FUNNY!! xD

So here are their teasers for their upcoming singel 'Touch':

It's sounds good! Haha, but the "bzzzzz bzzz bzzz" ruins everything -.-' But hey, you don't call teasers a teaser for nothing ^^

EXID - Who's that girl

It's finally out~

I gave those 2 teasers some negative comments but I gotta admit that the song was catchy. It had some good parts, how the guy got mindfucked XD <3 He looked pretty funny somehow..
But it wasn't really "my thing". It was an okay song for a rookie group, if you compare EXID with SPICA, SPICA wins, big times!
Because as a rookie group you have to be careful with the song/MV. It won't really be a good start if the song/MV reminds you of other groups and this had a 2NE1 and SNSD feeling all over it, and the girl who rapped... didn't rap good at all. *random*

Who's that girl, Who's thaat giirll~

So it was okay, nothing else.

Top 5 creepiest fandoms

Hahahahaha laughing everytime I read the title. I spent my Valentine with a friend yesterday and the topic fandom came up. So we started to talk about which one's the most creepiest ones. The conclusion was
"Every fandom are creepy -_- but the worst ones must be in SM" Well most of them. But here's my personal
Top 5:

(Ps. I'm not claiming that all of you are like that but.. yeah there's really bad ones out there . . .)

2NE1 - It feels like these "YG" fans tend to be more aggressive rather than picking on someone mentally... compare to SM >__>
I'm not going to write something long on these pics just a sentence or two.

- Compare to other SM groups Shawol's seem to be more "light" :3 If you know what I mean hohohoh (They're the dirty one raawr ;'D Okay that sounded wrong -.-)

Big Bang - It was hard to give them a place (It was either #2 or 3) But V.I.P's way of protecting them seem to be different compare to other groups, their hate towards other ones have some love in it (in the hate) XD *weird way of expressing myself*

SNSD (Girls Generation) - Hahahaha I'm sorry but these wild Sone's are the bitches of the bitches XD They start fanwars with EVERY group XD Even boy groups. All these cat fights...

And #1 should be pretty obvious right now...

Super Junior - *quiver* Just the thought of it freaks me out ê__ê So.many.things... This fandom literally attack someone mentally (There was even a girl who took suicide...) crazy E.L.F's are crazy people, I'm pretty curious on how they got like that O__O

So that was my Top 5 creepiest fandoms. I'm not saying that the groups are crazy or bad I'm just claiming that their fans have those dark sides... some groups have more. So don't misunderstand, I'm not calling you crazy but if you're a crazy fan then I'm calling you crazy.

Be careful folk's and for crying out loud stop these fan wars. The groups doesn't go around and pick on each other so why should you fans do that?! Did they say to you "Ey yo! Go and spread some hate towards SNSD" No they didn't (at least I don't think so...) so just stop it -.-

I Am The Best (Sandara inspired nails)

Yes girls! (and boys.. I guess) I few days ago I made some nails with this as inspiration:

Haha, can you see her nails? Well it's like smileys on them. So this is what I made:

(Mehehe.. a little M2STASCH inspired look there to on the second picture. See the stasches? ^^)

See the thumb?! Took me a LOOONG time to do those misshaped smileys -.-'
And I like it that they're misshaped. It gives them personality! ;P

Some people have the "It"

You can clearly see that this is a total hit-pic (Ehh what?) How can you look ugly and really cute at the same time?! O__O
Da fuq...
A long time ago I wrote a really long text about Sandara and how people hate her. But 2NE1 wouldn't really be the same without her. She has that oh my feeling XD Hard to describe it -_-'

Taeyang teaser photo

Yes, B.R.A actually posted this photo yesterday. (So that photo was the real sh*t. But it looked so fake? O.o)

Hahahha, se the pink boxes? Okey, let me explain. First when I saw the picture I laughed. Is THAT his big transformation? Truth is, I perfer him in a mohawk. You know, that was him! That was his style, and the rocked it! But this is not to shabby, it's actually pretty much the same ^^ Then he has something on the left side of his head O.o I guess we'll se what it is later on!

Anywho, to the boxes. When I looked at his body you couldn't really see his abs, so I went for the nipples *le perv*. Hahahaha, 2 things..
#1. His nipples is kind of sad? Do you see it? xD They're pointing down ^^
#2. He is completley hairless except for there (and from is bellybutton down 8D). Hahaha, either he waxes or it's all photoshopped and they just forgot his nipples.

I KNOW, random post! But it's early in the morning and I didn't have a very good sleep :c
Hahaha, hope you guys are more awake than I am! xD

M-2-S-T-A-S-C-H is back~

Not really...
Taeyang's "real" picture should be released today... Gonna sit like an idiot and wait for it!

Remined me of Vinny in Jersey Shore XD

Don't you think so? 0.0




I thought it was Jonghyun O_O


End the whole thing with the best one:


Rooftop Pursuit - All I Need

Yeah... I'll leave it to B.R.A to make a GYHHO with this group O.o haha, but I can tell you that this is a three man group with Asian American men. Their music is pretty much indie style.. more I don't know. If you want to know more, Wikipedia is always there (if SOPA won't happen -.-'). But yeah, so this is not an ultimate KPOP group. This is just Asian Americans that likes to sing! xD


OMO.. They're amazing O.o They don't really look like that typical KPOP-Idol, but they sure got talent! The song is awsome, love the sound and their voices sound so great together!

And here is the MV of this song they recently released:

For me, the first minute was very awkward. But then I realized that there is a big difference between Sweden and America. In the states, you DO talk to strangers! Here in Sweden, if you talk to a stranger you're either a rapist, a lunatic or an old person. End of story. So that is why the first part was very awkward. I was like "NOOOO, You're ruining it! DON'T TALK TO HER! She'll think you're a rapist!!" when he talked to her. Haha, but yeah, I preferred the Live version! ^^


Sometimes I just need to write these unecessary, useless, stupid, awesome, butt posts.

Raise your hand if you're sick of school *RAISES MY FAT HAND* For you who haven't started high school yet... hoohohohohoh the hell that awaits you~ <3 But if you chose the right program then you shall not feel any regrets :3 I'm even ashamed over myself

Me: Omo~ We have math now, yaaay!
Friends: Yeah I totally agree with you "Yaay" -.-
Me: You know I wasn't sarcastic..

I also had a final exam last week. It was a "home exam" that would influence my final grade a lot. It all led to the push-push situation (You say that you'll start study a week before and be done a long time before the submission date - instead you'll push it to the next day thinking i'll do it tomorrow. And it keeps going on till the last day.. -_-)
So the whole thing ended with me sitting the last 5 hours (before the submission date) trying to write that pice of ****

Got my result yesterday: A
Teacher: I've been grading your work with a lot of thought and care. If you're not satisfied then have a personal talk with me  *Really... then I don't mind ê__ê*

Yes he did...

Before I start talking again, I hope you had an awesome valentine's and keep living folk's ^_^

B2ST Mystery

For god sake! It's dangerous -__-' You have to be in front of a computer 24/7 to hang on, in the kpop world. I didn't check up youtube for a few hours and plopp! This shows up:

The MV surely is special, it wasn't that typical 50% of the MV contains dace parts with the members and the other 50% is a random story behind it. Okay this was somehow like that but it was a close-up MV and you can't really call that a story XD Gotta love those tiny wb converse...

Yoesob and Doo Joon are the ones who doesn't really have so much "eye makeup" You can clearly see that...

Daesung's concept

AKSFNALSFJB I'm sorry ;w; Wanted to post this at 2 pm dunno what happened....
Well here's Daesung's picture on their "Alive" concept

His hair is white O__O Not blonde XD But it's the same haircut. He looked really, really good in white hair, reminds me of Jongup from B.A.P

I also saw this picture on facebook:

Is that really the "real" pic with Taeyang? So early...? In that case HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! OH MY GOD! Was that his "big" transformation?!

"Same haircut after 4 years, color top of the hair - Fans Happy~"
"Same haircut after 6 years, Let the hair grow a bit more - Fans Happy~"

Or not >___> XD But it's pretty Taeyang... it's pretty...

Movie Recommendation: He Was Cool

Haha shesus, like a week ago me and B.R.A watched this movie called "He Was Cool". SUCH A RANDOM MOVIE at first, but once you get into it it's not half bad! It's actually really good!!!!!!!!

It's like an action/comedy/love movie. Totally worth wacthing!


Don't really have the energy to write down what it's about.. Wikipedia FTW! ^^

The story is about a cheerful high school student named Han Ye-Won (Jung Da Bin). She is a sweet, clumsy and warm girl. On the other side, there is Ji Eun-Sung (Song Seung Hun), a student from vocational school and well-known as a bully. He is hot-tempered and rude but deep inside he is longing to be loved. One day, clumsily, Ye-Won leaves a message on the school website to reply to Eun-Sung's impolite message. She is shocked when someone calls her mobile and threatens her. Gradually, her best friend, Lee Kyung-Won, tells her who Eun-Sung is.

And then the rest.. we'll wikipedia kind of tells the whole movie, and that's not good!! Wikipedia FTW not!! O.o haha, no but seriosuly.. if you ever should trust me, this is when!!! Look at this movie, it's freakin' awsome!! xD

OH!! And the film is based on a novel written by Guiyeoni. Some maga-story if I'm not wrong. Well I don't really know, this is more B.R.A's area ^^

Hahaha, to bad that there isn't any subs. but as I said, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! It's so funny, and the guys are so hot and the fighting scenes are so awsome! 8D

Yeah.. so just watch it!


Yeah.. the picture sucks -.-' So here you have other ones!! xD



Happy Valentine's Day guys!! Hope there's a lot of love for you out there! And if not, you can always come here!! xD WE GOT SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE!!!!! <333

This must probably be THE most depressing day in the year =____=

Another one:

Note: Another one = Another EXO teaser XD

Okay I gotta admitt that is cool as hell but how will a flag harm him? o___o
And EXO's teasers surely are different (compare to other groups) but I gotta admitt that I miss Kai T__T

SUJU's Eunhyuk VS Big Bang's Seungri

Happy Valentines day everyone!!! Starting of this day with a.. waterfight? Yes, we'll call it that ^^

Mehehe, Seungri was like a rock! He didn't move when Eunhyk tried to do those things with his legs ^^ And Yui's comment at the end: "They both have very skinny legs." HAHAHAHAHHAHA, that was like the first thing I thought of when they filmed their legs. I was like DAAAAAIIIUUUUM!! xD

You go girl(!!) for actually saying what everone else was thinking ^^

And when they went in to the water, I honestly didn't know who won. I didn't even know when they played back the video in Slow-Motion xD I really thought Seungri would win, but apparently not O.o Anywho, well played darlings! (I know.. darlings? But hey, it's VALENTINES DAY!!)

You know what, you know what, you know what, what I mean MEAAAN!!

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com   created by madebymina

Created by borneanbasics.

Oh no you didn't...

created by: minjo-papi
the Onew version is better XD

The worst thing that could ever happen... >___> I hate it...


Happy valentine my dear friendu~

Daesung's new style!!

Okey guys, Big Bang's Daesung's teaser picture is out!!!! 8D

DAMN!!!!!!!! He looks smoking!! xD
I actually have to go right now, so I can't write so much, but again.. DAAAAAAAAIIIUUUUM!!!!!!!

Thank you! <3

We never had a category for FT Island >___> Noticed it a while ago... Well most of you kpop fans have probably heard of Simon and Martina, two wonderful creatures that will make you laugh like a donkey ^^

So they have kpop music monday's where they discuss about the latest kpop song. Today was FT Island's Severely's turn and I wrote some stuff before:

They're thinking exactly the way I did.. Especially with the "crossing the crosswalk" thing. That was the so called climax in the whole story but it just turned out bad...

SPEED By T-ara ver.1 & ver.2

WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!?

Was it only me who got an über headache and wanted to puke? >__> Was the cameraman drunk while filming it and high while editing this clip?
SPEED is apparently a male sub-unit of Co-Ed school (Don't know even what that is XD)
I don't know but their way of dancing seemed to half-hearted.

This seemed awkward... The whole MV is just a close-up on her face XD And sometimes random dudes just plopp up BUT The worst part with this one was probably when the guy sang at 2:00 I've never, NEVER in my whole life seen such a late mime (?) to the song O__O It didn't look good at all...

Okay I've been naging a lot today, but I'm just a bit dissappointed with the videos today. T-ara had an awesome Lovey Dovey in Tokyo and the mummy version (Guess that the drama was also good, haven't seen it yet) and all of a sudden they release these half hearted weird versions.
I'm not blaming the girls or SPEED, I'm blaming on the company!

EXID 2nd teaser

I'm sorry but it's so hard... (Lol hard XD) I bet that A LOT of people (Everyone XD) get reminded of 2NE1 when they see this. Like come on...
And the other thing is I can't see this as a serious group. I don't know why but the way they're beeing presented and their bad acting skills brings the whole thing down XD

Okay a group shouldn't be judged by their acting skills... in matter of fact, yes they're judges by their acting skills and this group just... suck so far *meanbitch*

Sorry for beeing so brutal but that's how I think right now, they'll maybe change my mind? But the standard is so high this year so groups that doesn't catch my intrest is more or less rejected.

2NE1 without makeup

BO made a similiar post about this but he wrote about CL (only) But I found a picture of every member from
2NE1 without makeup and the result is pretty chocking O__O

A huge freaking difference right? O__O The wonders of makeup... >___> To be honest they don't really look so pretty but.. yeah... T___T
Btw is it only me who thinks that Bom without makeup looks like Mir (on that picture)

SHINee Mexicana Chicken CF

HAHAHAHAHHA when I first read it, I directly thought of Onew. He must have been so happy shooting this CF xD

Jonghyun at the beginning O.o yeah, he just made go HNNNNG!!!

Mehehe, Onew so cute!!!!!!

This was filmed in like 2010, but I still feel like it's worth coming up in the blog (no duh, anything that has with SHINee to do is worth coming up on the blog! xD)

It goes on and on...



FT Island



And now it's time for the holy M2STASCH:  (Lol holy... XD)


A little love in the morning

I am SUPER tired, but this actually makes me smile and feel like this day will be better! I have a test at 3 pm, but yeah.. this song makes me forget about that! :D

Haha, the first time I heard this and saw the "MV" it made me laugh. Not at it, but with it. It's so charming! Today when I listen to it, I can almost sing-a-long xD I don't really watch the MV anymore, but I do listen to it. Fact is, I don't know why it's not in my phone yet O.o 

Hahahha and the "squid" dance he does!! Hahaha, I freakin' love you man! xD
And what's up with does girls beside him? ^^

Like a baawss~

This golden comment cracked me up!!! XD

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

or else this happens   (admin: I added ^ this part XD)

made by desirelyd

Created by: shineesujulover

And I was like Baby baby baby Ohhh!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


Sitting here and writing my essay like a baws...


Trolololo let's die....


                                                               Trolololoololo I wanna sleep ;w;

Amazing voice!

I don't really have a lot to say (I mean write) in these kinds of posts.
But that man... that man is pure talent TT  TT  Lol they danced sorry sorry XD *changing the topic*


A few days ago when I sat in the classroom with my group and studied I heard a familiar song. I was like who's listening to music right now, and the funny thing is that EVERYONE listen to music during class. So after concentrating a bit I heard it! It was MBLAQ's G.O.O.D. L.O.V.E I was hyped. I wanted to run around and scream like a cow: Who's listening to MBLAQ WHOOOO!?!?!?!RH!PWFBQICnsdzvpws >__>

-___-' It was my phone... *brb hiding in a corner*



I'm back... well I visited *le grandma* yesterday ^^ Funny woman~
My cousin and her boyfriend just plopped up *Intrestingfact.com* No but this guy.. can't speak Swedish T___T So we had to communicat in English and my parents speaking English that's just awkward. My dad learned English in the street so you can somehow imagine how the whole thing went... But he's nice (the boyfriend) he started to talk about Iphones with me >__>
Poor guy after 2 hours everything about my relatives where revealed. (He suspects that my uncle hates him XD)

My cousin: He's gonna leave me after this ;__;

Dad: Ehh! If he doesn't leave you after this then he's one of us

Cousin: My dear now you know everything - One of my uncles hates you if you don't marry me, my second uncle (my dad) who'll kill you if you don't eat all the food on the table, my uncle's wife (my mom) who'll kill any animal entering their house and...

Me: I'm the most normal one here... *evil laugh*

hohohoohoh that was a good one XD That guy was terrified for god sake ê___ê

Song of the week #11

Hehe, it's kind of funny how I started to like this song.

I saw this parody of the song, a very well-made parody!!!

Trust me, it's so worth clicking! Hahaha that "full stomach-dance" made ROFLLLCS!!!!!! (Rolling on the floor laughing like a little chicken spazzing)

Yes, the song of this week is no other than Teen Top's Supa Luv (or as I now sing it, Soup of Love xD)

Teen Top - Supa Luv (Dance ver.)

I know that this song is over 1 year-old, but I never really listened to Teen Top before, and after watching the parody the song got stuck in my head! And it still is ^^
"I got that Soup of love, love, love, love, love. That Soup of love, love, love, love, love~"

Seriously, if you didn't click on the link above, you really need to click it! xD

B.A.P before debut

I found a picture on 4 of the members from "The awesome B.A.P" before their debut, or before all of them went blonde xD

For you who can't see the names: Youngjae, Jongup, Bang & Himchan

Allkpop posted a picture on Himchan when he had his brown/black hair before... but Jongup he looks the same with and without makeup (Joon #2). Bang looks like G.O over here o__o

And this is Daehyun pre debut. He's dancing TVXQ/DBSK's Mirrotic. It doesn't look like him at all O_O

This is the only picture I found on Zelo but I'm doubting if it really is him... XD He looks so... tiny... >_>

Happy 1000TH day anniversary 2NE1!!

Damn, 1000 days.. Can't wait until M2STACH gets to celebrate that day! We haven't reached 200 days yet ^^

2NE1 Debuted with their song 'Fire' but they were also in Big Bang's 'Lollipop' before, so that was kind of an debut for them as well ^^ Gosh, imagine getting to perform with Big Bang as your debut performance xD

Well anywho, CONGRATULATIONS 2NE1 on your 1000th day anniersary! Hope to see you guys for another 1000 days! :D Stay happy guys! And keep making awsome songs!!!!

2NE1 - Fire

It's funny how CL is always the one riding a vehicle ^^

Big Bang ft. 2NE1 - Lollipop

Dara looks so cute! 8D And so does G-Dragon! mehehehe ^^


Big Bang Haircuts

I've seen a lot of pictures getting uploaded about Big Bang's new style this year. It's their complete comeback after such a "long" hiatus.
I'm seriously dying to see Taeyang XD How long did he have the typical shaved-on-the-sides-and-a-mini-mohawk? 4 years?
Well.. but you've seen T.O.P's new hairstyle that BO uploaded a few days ago:

It's bluueeee, blueeee I say~


:O It doesn't really look like him O__O But it looks OK? I think? It'll maybe look better in my eyes in their new MV...

And Seungri's who was revealed yesterday ^^

AWFKJBDALJVBADLJ Awww <3 It looks reeeeaaalllyy good!!! :D (Different reaction compared to Daesung XD)
You know what... it's exactly like Taeyang's hairstyle -__- But his mohawk is just... flatted >___>

G-Dragon - ?
Taeang - ?

We have to wait my little chickens, we have to wait...

2PM 'Market O Real Brownie' CF

Hahahaha, saw these random pictures on 2PM on tumblr. Apparently it was from one of their CF's they did back in 2009 xD

They just jump out of that poster! LIKE A BAWS! haha and Nichkhun's face at 0:14.. PRICELESS XD


Love how the girl with the brown jacket dropped her bag xD

But anywho, this CF dosen't make any sence at all -.-' Like wtf? They stand there and wait until someone comes by and then steals their Chocolate? Oh.. maybe it's because the chocolate is so good that they come to life? Or like.. that he has chocolate abs and needs chocolate because.. he has cocolate abs O.o

Hahaha, yeah, it's probably something like that! ;D

People are stupid... let's go to Korea... South...

Wanted to give you a "Boyfriend morning" because it's Dong Hyun's birthday but this is all I found -.-

I found other pictures too but they didn't want to be uploaded here T__T



mingclosetbunny:  CAREFUL, SIWON
What... O_O Have I missed something?

the single most famous heemin moment. featuring henry xD

*Le picture from Eunhae*

Saw this pic on Zuri's tumblr~

 @donghae861015 떳다오빠 뮤직비디오 촬영중 ^^ ELF 오빠들 또 뜬다잉&#160;!!^^ pic.twitter.com/REjbAp6A {Trans} @donghae861015: In the middle of filming the music video of 떳다오빠 ^^ ELF, oppas are appearing again~ing&#160;!!^^

Bet that most of you people have heard that Eunhae is going to do a Japanese version of Oppa Oppa. This was a picture Donghae uploaded on twitter and wrote: 

@donghae861015 떳다오빠 뮤직비디오 촬영중 ^^ ELF 오빠들 또 뜬다잉 !!^^ pic.twitter.com/REjbAp6A

{Trans} @donghae861015: In the middle of filming the music video of 떳다오빠 ^^ ELF, oppas are appearing again~ing !!^^

Well I really liked that über catchy and goofy Oppa Oppa so I hope the Japanese version will be as good as the Korean one ^_^



This will be a really fast Happy Birthday post because I don't know a **** about this guy >__> I'm not even a fan of Boyfriend xd
But Kim Dong Hyun from Boyfriend is turning 23 years old (24 korean age)
REEAAAALLLYY... Does boyfriend have such an old member?! :O ... XD Compared to Chansung, who's even younger than him he looks like a small baby TT__TT


I don't know how I could've missed this. I think B.R.A knew about it, but I didn't O.o

As you guys may know Big Bang will be holding a worldtour in 16 different countries (and in 20+ states) with Live Nation! AND as you may know, there's a Live Nation here in Sweden!

So if you guys want to see the one and only BIG BANG here in Sweden, please go to http://www.facebook.com/BIGBANG?sk=app_206193956067212 and vote for Sweden!!!! xD Wouldn't it be freakin' amazing if they actually came?!


Mehehe.. I would probably go crazy if they came here to Sweden *drooling* ^^

Happy Birthday DongJoon!!!

Dong Who? No, not DongWoo, DONGJOON!! The maknae in ZE:A ;D
Haha it's funny how the maknae of 2PM and ZE:A share their birthdays on the same date ^^ However DongJoon is only turning 20 (21 korean age)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE!!! xD

Okey.. maybe I shouldn't call him cutie O.o But in this picture he sure is cute:

RIGHT?! Shesus, could just die of his cuteness!!!! *almost dying*... *died*

Eye Candy - Chansung Style

Haha, lot of 2PM today, but I guess you know why ;)
(If you don't.. it's the maknae of 2PM's birthday today! :D)

Hahaha the last picture "Yeah.. I'll just eat this --- (what ever it is). Yeah.. you like that? Yeah you like it ;)" xD


Lol XD
F.Cuz Y U not make a korean comeback?!

... He has clearly been thinking on this...

The time of Kim Heechul:

This guys is just...

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Hahahaha what a joke but this is the... M2STASCH's "face-out" or something...


This guy is the whole "it"!!! *dying* XD
He can rap, he can dance, he can be ugly and he takes care of people especially his member *cough*
Without him my high school time would be boring as hell and dead >__> Without him M2STASCH wouldn't exist at all (Thank you 2PM...)

So thanks dude~ ;')

Me without you:


Me with you:

hehehehehohoh... -___-' x2


I've been waiting the whole week for this:


SPICA must be the best (girl) rookie group so far and all of them have amazing voices! If only the blonde girl had more parts then everything would've been more "perfect".
It was an awesome performance and I'm liking them more and more, but the stage seemed awefully small =__= Okay they didn't have any mega freaking performance but still...


~Mnet Chart~

This weeks Mnet chart surely looks different compare to last weeks.

MBLAQ has finally gotten pushed down after 2 weeks and FT Island is on the track. Se7en is also on the track ;) But Teen Top took the biggest punch. From 2nd till 5th. But T-ara is still hanging on ^^ *overly exited commentator over here*


Ohh... MBLAQ is still on 1st place on *le online* and new groups have plopped up out of no where xd B.A.P and T-ara vanished...

2PM Nails Tutorial

Yes sir! Because it's little Chansung's birthday today (that little fella' is turning 22 O.o) I thought "hey, why not post a nail tutorial on 2PM-nails!" Mehehe, but because I don't really have time to record me doing nail art I got you guys this:

Not bad, eh? xD The thing she uses to do all of the things with is a dotting tool. You can buy them at any beauty salon I guess, but a simpel toothpick works just as well!! ;D

So the index finger is from 2PM's Heartbeat, the middle finger represents Hands Up and the bunny/skull thing on the ring finger is.. well I really don't know O.o haha, but yeah! I liked this 2PM Nail Tutorial. If you choose to make them, make sure you post us a picture of the results!!!! :D


Because of little maknae Chansung, todays macros will be dedicate to 2PM ;)

(Submitted by kawaiivshentai)

(Submitted by twiciaaaloveskhun)

(Submitted by jugiminsm)

It&#8217;s not considered cheating if Wooyoung doesn&#8217;t know. (Submitted by Julie)

Yeah, right, you’re not. Okay.

 (Submitted by tachankhunwoo)

(Submitted by kawaiivshentai) 

(Submitted by kawaiivshentai)

Reminiscent of Flight by Night on Wild Bunny episode 1

A short one... but seriously it feels like my eyes want to plupp out and do something... I'm too tired...


2pm chansung abs

My little boi is getting big :O (That sounds so freaking bad . . . ) Well my favouríte member from my favorite group is turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) Is he really that old? O__O Wasn't he 20 or something a while ago >_>
Well that sucks...

so Mr. Hwang Chansung, I hope that you'll have an awesome day! Take care and don't disband 2PM yet just wait 2 more years... just wait...


T.O.P and SUH - FUBU..

Hahaha, loved how they said "FUBU" in the end xD
So I guess that this is some kind of collaboration between SUH (FUBU designer) and Big Bang's T.O.P

Don't much more, but damn(!!) it feels good seeing some recent photage of T.O.P without that crazy blue hair (not that I don't like it. But I perfer him with like.. chocolate brown hair 8))

Another one . . . Forgot to post it

To be honest I actually liked teaser 13. It was awesome and really well done! (It's funny that I've watched all the teasers XD) So it was pretty fun to watch "the continue of the teaser" And his smile in the beginning made me go ABADJLVBDAJVBDA *faint* DID YOU SEE THAT HOLY TEASE-SMILE!?!?!?!?!?! *Forever Kai-biased* I don't have any other options XD

Happy 100-day anniversary AA~

Debut 100 Days Anniversary
Music Remix and Video Made & Directed by AoorA

So freaking cute TT__TT Kimchi <3 XD
Good Job Aoora that guy knows his shit ^^ And like I said before "If they just removed Woosang's makeup a bit then he'll look really good" and all I have to say is ASFGSDKGNDSLGK!! Just look at him! O_O


Well sorry for the weird update today, yeah we've been dead xd No but we weren't really able to do many post today. But everything will be fine tomorror ^__^

Look alike: Hyomin & Jessica

Posted Image

Well I can clearly say that Hyomin (T-ara) doesn't look like Hyomin XD It's  because of the hairstyle... And Jessica... (SNSD)
You know what, I don't even know a **** about them and it doesn't really make the whole thing easier XD I just picked this one becuase they really do look alike in this picture so instead I'm going to give you this:

Posted Image

huhuhhahahu~ Ö__Ö

*Le random will always be le random*

U-Kwon (Block B) tongue collection #2

That's why...

.. I'm glad that I don't underestand Korean:


To be honest A LOT of Korean songs has really lame and bad lyrics, this must be one of them (TAKEN's Young Boy is another one...) but the song sounds so good and it's catchy as hell and we don't really underestand those lyrics soo... XD Wonder how Korean people react to this...

"Only look at me lady, you'll go crazy. Wherever I go there is screaming" No, the ego level is not high at all -__-'

But I can't deny the fact that it is a good song, and Jaehyo's Engrish <3 XD

KPOP Quotes (part 2)

Hahaha, didn't get that "more air time" at first. I was like.. don't you always have air? O.o but theeeeeeeen I got it xD Like air time on the TV! *Le duh* haha, I see what you did there ;)

As a fellow rapper.. I know what you mean bro.


Mehehe.. joints ^^


Okey.. very boring quotes -.-' except for the first one, hahaha B-Bomb nailed it!

My milkshake brings all the kpop groups to the yard...

... and they're like Ohlala~
It's Friday folks' *woop* *woop*~
Todays morning post will be dedicated to Mr Siwon~ (a.k.a Suju <3)

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Submitted by Poisonpickles   Holy fuck.
Hahahahaha perfect! For you Siwon XD

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Submitted by: iloveteukie2.livejournal.com

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  submitted by sinlover   LOLWUT

(via fyeahhenrylau)

Made by curiouscake!

Sometimes, the boys find it hard to appreciate all of their fans. (Sorry for the repost, for those of you who follow me on fuckyeahhangeng!)

I would not want to be in either of their shoes right now. ):
Oh no you didn't...

Hahahahah! Such a good combo with the previous macro ;'D

(Although I&#8217;m sure a lot of you wouldn&#8217;t mind if they stayed off.)

(Submitted by mixtapesandmemories)

But I still want to join. ):
heh.. XD

Unfortunately for us. ):

First post of the blog! (: For those of you who don&#8217;t know me already, I&#8217;m Shannon, and I run fuckyeahhangeng. I decided to start this second blog to celebrate Han Geng&#8217;s birthday! For those of you who follow me on fuckyeahhangeng, you probably already know how much I like making macros. And it kind of saddens me that I can only make macros for Han Geng (not that I mind!) when there are so many other amazing Super Junior pictures waiting to be twisted&#8230;so this is why I started this blog as well! Anyway, enjoy the LOLZ!
YAAAHHH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Found this after I wrote the title!!!! Hohohohohohoh~ *awesomeness overload*

*Le thanks~*


Look alike: Angry Birds and Siwon ;'D

This big guy, this pretty big guy, THIS FREAKING HOT-ASS SMEXY GUY *going overboard* is turning 25 years old today (26 korean age) Y is everyone getting so old TT___TT

Have a really aasssuuuuummme birthday and don't forget to, you know... come here to Sweden and take a stroll all alone in the park during the night... I don't really forbid you to bring every member from Suju but I promise you, it'll surely be something you've NEVER experienced in your whole life... *creepy*

The awkward moment if he read this one day XD HAHAHHAHAHAH!!!

Big Bang in the states!

SHESUS, today Big Bang arrived at the JFK International Airport! Apparently they'll be strolling around in New York City to film a music video for one of their comeback songs 'Alive'

This was filmed today ;)

OMG, T.O.P's hair!!!!!!!! hahaha, you could see him from 50 miles away! xD

And the funny part is that I might go back to the states.. in like 2 months. I bet you that EVERY FREAKIN' KPOP ARTIST will go to the states within 2 months. Then as soon as I get there, they'll all be in Europe -.-' 

Random clips

A new girl group that'll debut this year: EXID

Hahahahahahha EXO all over again, but with chicks XD Well I'm not gonna be a hater or anything but this teaser didn't really "prove" anything for me. EXO's 1st teaser with Kai was more thrilling compared to this. The dance moves wasn't something that amazed me either...

Is it only me who wants to pack Zelo in a bag and just squeeze him to death?! (0:56) he looks so freaking cuuuutteeeee~
And Jongup that boy isn't hot he's just... really, really, really pretty O__O

Random thing: I guess that some of you've heard: *Le* Music Bank in Paris this year (yesterday). Some of my "friends" (or to be more exact acquaintances) were there. So I talked with her today and all I have to say is "ALKJBFAJLSFBALJSFBFA" I want to CRY CRY can't you see the music... no but seriously... SNSD, SHINee, U-Kiss, T-ara, 4-minute, Sistar, B2ST and 2PM GOD FRAKING DAMMIT! Was there!!!! They've seen all of them TT___TT

I'm sitting here like a psychopath and waiting for the pictures to get uploaded on facebook... fml...

IU is back~

She's so pretty TT__TT

Totally agree with this person. All of her songs are enchanting especially You & I

Kim Johan ft. Lee Joon & Mir - Do You Remember

I was like "WUUUUT?!"

The former member of SOLID, Kim Johan, has made a remake of the song “Winter Story” that Jo Kwan Woo sang back in 1995.

Kim Johan ft. Lee Joon & Mir - Do You Remember

Remix Version

I really wanted to find "Winter Story" but I couldn't TT-TT 
Anywho, the song is okey I guess. It's more of a song I'd like to hear when I'm really tired. But the remix was pretty good!! xD It had more of a groove in it!!

I'll try to find the old version (Winter Story by Jo Kwan Woo) but it looks as if I wont be able to find it *le sadface* if any of you guys have it, don't be shy, post the link in a comment or something! I don't know why, but I really want to hear it O.o

New group E-7

I don't have any info about these guys at all >__> All I know is that they'll debut this year and they aren't 7 guys right now XD Another one will probably plopp in there. (otherwise they should change the group name to E-6)
however one of the members reminded me of Kim Hyun Joong.

Well let's wait and see. So far all of the rookie groups this year have amazed me ;'D

Suju childhood pictures ^3^

Look what I found!!!

Leetuk *forever a dork*
Gosh Shindong was pretty small/skinny/orsomething when he was younger >__>

AKSFNASLJFKB Ryeowook a chubby kid!! XD
And Kyuhyun so cuuteee~
Is it bad if Siwon looks cuter now compared to his childhood picture T__T

2PM Mr. Pizza CF

Actuall CF:

The making of the CF:

HAHAHAHA, Taec and Changsun in the beginning ^^
And the cheese! OMG, the cheese, it's neverending xD Imagine all the pizza they had to eat to make this CF! But they were so cute while trying to eat it! And Taec when he dropped some of his pizza in the beginning (0:19) tries to cath it, fails and ROCK HARD!! haha.. little Taec (who BTW is my bias in 2PM ;P)

And Junsu at 4:30 when he drops something from his pizza and just picks it up and puts it back on. LIKE A BAWS! haha no, but hey.. it's the 5 second rule ;)

Top 10 K-Pop Leaders

A few days ago I posted "Top 10 Dramatic K-Pop Transformations" and now I've another one ^^ The leaders~

At first I got a bit "What?! Taeyeon.. O__O" But after a while I somehow got why. But it feels like Suju's Leetuk should be at 2nd or 3rd place because that man has fought a lot~

This is what they wrote about Taeyeon:

"Girls’ Generation‘s “kid” leader has kept all nine members going strong since their debut without any serious problems. She may have considered stepping down in the past but she knows that Girls’ Generation needs someone to bring out the best in them and Taeyeon’s the perfect person for the job!"

Even if I ain't a SNSD fan, or to be more specific a "Sone" I can at least see all the hard work she has done and how she has been able to keep  all of the members together after so many years. AND they're also under SM so that's even more amazing XD

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know but I'm hot, HOOT!


created by kwanggieluver  Created by erridontknow
Shake that ass girl, let me see what you got~

Hahaha the best one!

created by randphotos



Well this guy can be a sensitive subject for some people. All the stuff SM made you go through T__T Well he's China's Michael Jacksson or something right now XD *Le king of pop* So the little big Hankyung has gone far~

Happy Birthday to Hangeng Suju's ex member who's turning 28 years old (29 Korean age) ASJFBASLJFBSALJFB THAT'S OLD! >_________________>  XD

Ailee - Heaven~

Omo it's out O__O
I'm such a retard... -.- Was it only me who cried in the end when everything made sense? XD
It was so clever... to do that :O Got pretty depressed now -__-'

But her voice is no joke! She's an amazing singer! Looking forward to her new songs :D
The standard is getting higher and higher~

Hahahahaha! I actually forgot that Ki Kwang (Is it Gi Kwang or Ki Kwang >__>) were in the MV. Was it only me who watched this because of the guy with long hair and beard? ê___ê
If you cut his hair, shave him, give him some makeup then he'll look pretty :O (What I thought of during the whole MV...) *depressingkid.com*

Chocolat - One More Day

Don't have much to say (because I didn't watch it ^^), but here is what Allkpop had to say:

"The music video follows Chocolat as they kidnap a man who did them wrong. Bound and hooded, he can only wait for their judgment…"

Okey.. they just said what it was about -.-' I guess I'll tell you guys what I think about the MV later ^^

Have you seen this?

It's a small part from B.A.P's "Ta-Dah it's B.A.P"

I.need.to.see.the.whole.episode! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA XD

Gosh don't just stand over there woman, attack him! Or something... The random:ness when he looked around and took off his jacket <3
Huney you're inpublic, no need to do that... And when he acted like nothing and ran away with the manager ;'D

New favourite - Bang Yong Guk <3

Lee Joon's hair over the years

Yes, these are the hairstyles Lee Joon has had over the past few years!

He also had that one time when he had braids. Did you guys see that? xD

Only me who thinks he really looks like that guy from Tokio Hotel?



This is real talent:

I'm starting to LOVE these girls... I listened to their debut song Russian Roulette 34982349832 yesterday!
I haven't been able to find their whole mini album (or was that even a mini album or was it like MYNAME with their messagi~ ?)

These girls has gotten really good critics from the netizen... (a.k.a youtube people XD)

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa (Parody)


Okey, maybe not that funny. But look at Mir!! hahaha, he looks so cute xD Their all laughing! Then Thunder comes out, looking all serious and alien-like ^^ Haha, dude, what happened to your eyebrows?!?!?!?!

And at the end when the.. MC's(?) wants the public to sing along to 'Mona Lisa' and points the mic out but NOBODY sings! Haha, poor Joonie, he looked so heartbroken!

Bam Ra ta ta ta Ta ta ta ta ta~

Am I the only one who's singing that piece a bit randomly? I'm puting a ra and a ta here and there. But eventually it sounds good XD


Hohoh Si! Welcome to *le club*

Is it only me wo thinks that the "guy-groups-macros" are a bit funnier compared to the girl groups?
Just look at it!:

You can't compare that *this*  to that *2NE1 macros* XD



Wazaaap dude~ :3 I somehow can't see any difference between him and Hoya -.-
Well well thid little fella is turning 21 years old today!! (22 Korean age) :O I thought everyone from Infinite was around 17-20 years >__>

So yeahh... Happy Birtday Wooyhyoung <--- Did you se wut I did there >:D

SPICA Russian Roulette

I always tend to be late with these stuff >___> But I can't help it I have A LOT of homeworks right now T__T

BUT I LOVED IT!!! :O However I wanted to "see" the russian roulette story a bit more. It would've brought more action and tension to the MV. Otherwise, it was awessuuummmee!!!

The blonde girl somehow caught my interest (can you even say that? XD) and I read that an ex member from
T-ara is in this group. Bet that it's the girl with brown pony tail... (0:27) She looks like a T-ara member XD



This is apparently another song they released before their debut, a month ago >__>

Eye Candy (Dedicated to Joon)

HAHAHHA, you dork ^^ I mean, just look at his face! He looks all fascinated.. (I have the exact same look when looking at him though, so I don't really blame him for looking like that! xD)

FIX's debut song?

I made a small post about this group called FIX. They were supposed to do their debut this year.

So I found this clip (It was uploaded a few hours ago)

I'm not really thaaat fond of ballad songs, but this was really beautiful T__T
But this song reminded me of another one... gosh can't remember... ASKFNASLKJFBN!!
Well have to return later about it... -__-'


Saenghil Chukkae Hamnida, Lee Joon Oppa!!! (Google Translate FTW!)

Damn, you're turning 24 (25 korean age)!! Could you please stop growing, wait until I turn 20 THEN we can grow old together <3

Haha, that's cheesy! But hey, when you're 27 I'll be 20 xD And that's not weird, right? O.o

Anywho, haha oppa SARANGHAE, I wish you a very happy birthday!!! Inshallah (arabic style ^^) I'll be there with you when you turn 26-27!

My future husband :') <3

U-Kwon (Block B) tongue collection #1

Haha, I don't know if this guys is creepy or just.. sexy ^^

I really can't decide if I think he's a creep or just simply sexy (in a creepy way xD). I mean, almost EVERY kpop artist does these toung thingis, but he does it on purpose. Like he litterly just puts his toung out, winks at you, does something with his toung and then does a sexy face. Kind of. Hahaha, not really, but you get my point! (I hope).

What do you guys think? Sexy or Creepy?

Top 10 Dramatic K-Pop Transformations

Found this thing here~ and wanted to upload it :3

I didn't really see any OMO changes when it came to Park Jung Min and to compare a childhood pic with now (Jaejoong) seem a bit... strange XD
But it's funny how half of them are under SMent. (If you include Jaejoong as an "ex" member of YVXQ)

But gosh Jessica from SNSD and Goo Hara from Kara O___O It's scary what makeup can do... and plastic surgery XD

Another teasaaahhh~

I don't really need to watch this... or I'll probably do it when I return home but here, for you guys ^^

BIG BANG - I Am The Best (2NE1)

Hhaha, I know that I've posted this before, but for you guys who haven't seen it yet.. WATCH!

The fact that it feels so natural is what makes it so great! Haha and love the fact that T.O.P sang Bom's part ^^ But damn, their good! I actually like this version xD

The original by 2NE1:

What's up with Dara's hair? O.o But it looks kind of cool though! Haha ^^

But could you imagine being a KPOP-guy group. They seriously have to spend weeks practicing KPOP-girl group dances. Haha, but hey.. I guess they'll do anything for fan service! (or anything their companies want them to do :O But I don't mind! OBS!!! As long as the members don't mind ;P)

MBLAQ macros #2

[Resim: tumblrl70oe8j5o61qbcx6d.jpg] [Resim: tumblrl72c63orpb1qbdwkg.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl63qz2gxht1qbcx6d.jpg]
Is it only me who's thinking dirty here? XD

[Resim: tumblrl535nxtkz91qa4uc1.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl5m3m9uakx1qa4uc1.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl5yxa1vyiw1qa4uc1.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl6q7qphgx31qa4uc1.jpg] ---->     

[Resim: rhfh.jpg]

[Resim: epicnessseries2bysheika.jpg]

[Resim: ohgodbymokonawarashi.jpg]

[Resim: 0575133001256666009psd.jpg]

[Resim: nodifferencebysheikagam.jpg]

*Le X birthday*

It's someones birthday today... But I'll let BO write it. It's his future husband's birthday after all ;D

It's amazing how stupid I can be -__-' Wanted to do a wb censoring style *sight* Do you know how long it took me... 11 minutes... THAT'S A LOT! I could've sleept instead >__>
So ugly... XD

Jay Park - Know Your Name

NAAAH!! Just came home and saw this!!!!!!!!!!

MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE *blushing* damn boy! You really know how to get me all giggly ^^ The dancemoves he does at 01:25 - 01:39. No words. And the pelvic thrust he does at 01:35. I got some words for that! hahaha, and right before does dancemoves he does a "Mr. Simple" move xD Did you guys see that?!?!?! At 01:20 8D
So in short, this dude can dance! xD
And the girl in the video.. she can have him -.-' hey, hey, ladies.. at 02:55 you can clearly see that there's a Jay for each one of us ;) NO NEED TO FIGHT!

ALSO he did an alternate MV called 'Acoustic Blue Version'

Naw, this was kind of cute :)
But yet creepy O.o haha did you guys hear the 'click' sound from his phone while taking a picture of the girl? CREEP ALERT!! xD How come he's always a creep in his MV's? Did you guys see his MV for 'Girlfriend'? CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!! haha, but I wouldn't mind ^^

Okey, honestly, didn't see the whole thing -.-' need to sleep!!! But his ears at the beginning, haha he's like a monkey xD But in a good and cute way! 


I'm the lazy one who haven't uploaded this yet =__=

It was quiet good O__O
Intresting... gonna check a bit more (the group) Was it only me who thought that the woman looked like Mir? XD Hahaha Or a mix between them...

Don't you think so? O__O

Ailee's debut...

ASKFBNALJDBDJ Screamed shen I saw Gi Kwang!!!!
Ailee... didn't find that much info about her but this is her debut teaser. However last year on MBC’s Chuseok special ‘Singers and Trainees’ Ailee and Wheesung performed.

Well I liked her voice, and it's an extra + because of Gi Kwang >:3 (Yeah that sounded bad -.-)
But the other dude hahahahha XD That long hair.... ;__;

My little JOONIE!!!

NAAW, can't help to love this little brat! Okey not brat, but me no happy :c. Y U LIVE FAR AWAY FROM BO?

But I saw this clip on Allkpop

"contestant Yoo Han Kyul chose MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon to demonstrate a few “couple yoga” positions.

Yoga instructor Yoo Han Kyul explained to Lee Joon the three important steps to successfully doing couple yoga. “Eye contact, skin ship, and your mind; you have to trust and follow me”.

After stretching their legs and holding each other by the shoulders Lee Joon felt shy and embarrassed by their close proximity but continued to do as he was told. Titling their heads back for 5 seconds, as soon as they came back to resting position Yoo Han Kyul leaned forward and yelled,“Stop!”.

As she lovingly gazed at Lee Joon and leaned in to kiss him, she continued, “I want your philtrum (the part between the nose and upper lip)“, bringing laughter to the audience."

HE'S SO CUTE!!!!! xD
Mehehe.. I would not mind having couple yoga with Joonie 8) I guess no one would really mind, but I would REAAAALLY not mind ^^

B.A.P 1st mini album - "Warrior"

#1: Burn it up (Intro)

#2: Warrior

#3: Unbreakable

#4: Secret Love (ft. Song Ji Eun of Secret)

Big Bang - Always

Okey, so it all started with me downloading a song, 'Lies' by big bang. While listening to it on my phone, during the end of thr song I heard this other song come up. It happened plenty of times, so yesterday I finally sat down and looked up what song it was.

Big Bang - Always

Haha, have not seen worse quality in a long time, but the sound is pretty good!
This is the korean version though, and the song in my phone was in english. So right now, I actually perfer the english version, so here you have it:

These past few days I've been really drugging Big Bang. Now I'm really excited for their comeback!!! Not that I wasn't before, but now that I really know like.. ALL their songs it feels more personal, you know? ^^

Hahaha Kpop in tha manga~

Okay not really... I'm reading a manga called "Immortal Rain" a mindfucked one =___= One of the main characters name is Rain XD *kpop in tha manga #1* (You know Bi Rain?)

Then I found this: *Kpop in tha manga #2*

Hahahaha BAP XD But it stood for Bio-Angel-Project -.-
The manga was release 1999 so I think B.A.P got their insperation from this one XD

Big Bang shows us pictures for the upcoming album!!!

T.O.P HAS BLUE HAIR!!!! haha, fits with one of their new singels 'blue' xD No but damn!!!! He sure pulls that blue hair off, real well!! And that look in is face..  makes me wannna go DADAWNURAWMwa!

Their solo concert '2012 Big Show' is also sold out now (wehoo~) so soon.. SOON they'll have their freakin' comeback that we all have been waiting for a long time now -.-'

One day MBLAQ, I mean M2STASCH got a new house...

Today's best macro:

Laughed my ass off yesterday while watching that asume clip. Mir and his Engrish <3
I'm gonna buy a t-shirt and write ENGRISH! on it >;3


Posted Image

[Resim: tumblrl55jk6nmce1qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl4qkt6vrp11qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl3s6lmdat21qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl3i8r6iico1qadhnd.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl385ivxltq1qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl3bb7wk9wk1qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl365skmssl1qbcx6d.jpg]

[Resim: tumblrl2tyi8odxg1qbtxmm.jpg]


Dos birthdays today, let's begin with the oldest one ^^

God bless Calvin Klein... ;w;

Heppy birthday to TVXQ's leader U-know Yunho who's turning 26 years old today (27 korean age) yeah I've totally lost my hopes when it comes to this guy -.- Not because I had a chance from the beginning...
But this one: *points down*


Yeah.. It's hard to find pictures on him because there's 24031958163948 gifs from Warrior... Well this little rookie fella Jongup (B.A.P) is turning 17 years old today (18 Korean age) Same age as me T___T *brb dying of happiness* Finally I have a chance... or maybe not -.-

Happy birthday to both of you~ ^3^

Song of the week #10

This might not be such a big surprise, but because I've already chosen 'Warrior' by B.A.P and 'It's War' by MBLAQ the only new song left would be...

Block B - NalinA

Only me who really likes it when they go "EEhheeHEehHEheH"? xD
And only me who thinks that Zico kind of looks like a gorilla in that jacket? (well, everyone with that jacket in this MV looks like a gorilla. However I only know Zico's name and face and that's why I only said Zico ^^)

Haha, no, but I REEEEALLY like this song! I know I've told you guys before, but this is my kind of music! KPOP mixed with Hip Hop = MY DREAM-MUSIC

I mean, having these sexy, beautiful and talented boys singing POP/Hip Hop is really a dream come true. That is why I really like Block B and B.A.P xD OH, and let's not forget Jay Park!!! I really like him too ^^

Goddamn... O__O

SHABAM~ I'm running around and screaming right now T__T
But it looked pretty fake over here... XD

...Looks more natural here!
Can you see who it is now? ^^


Yeah it's Insoo from MYNAME... I've never realised it before but he's really beautiful O_O


2PM childhood pictures

I love watching these old pictures! They've changed so much, proud omma ;') <3

From the left (up): Chansung, Junho, Junsu
Nichkhun, Taecyeon & Wooyoung

Okay this picture looks pretty photoshoped especially Taecyeon XD But they looked somehow like that...

The boy to the right is probably Nichkhun while the guy to the left is his brother ^^


Lol hahahahahahahahah the second pic with the white man bra, or something XD
Yepp our dear little Wooyoung

I don't really have to write his name or anything, right? =___= But you can clearly see it's him (His eyes and lips)

Groups you haven't heard of (part 26)

Well this is a complicated group XD ... or maybe not...


They're a 5 members group. They debuted as a due but 3 where added to form a 5 members group (easy mathematics) XD
They debuteed 2009 and they're from the same company as Teen Top :O (TOP Media) but this groups doesn't seem that well known as Teen Top... However the one who "produced" this group is Andy Lee currently the maknae in the boy group Shinwha (Who'll celebrate their 14th year this year ^^)

All the fact squeezed xd

This is the only song I found >____> So... yeah...don't know what to say... it's a song? XD It wasn't something for me. But I liked the beat in the beginning it was a "light" one ;3

This is probably when they were a duo (ink. the MV)

Inkigayo performances [12.02.05]

FT Island - Severely

Block B - NalinA

MBLAQ - It's war

Sunny Hill - The grasshopper song

B.A.P - Warrior

Teen Top - Crazy

Se7en - Somebody Else

In the end:

Teen Top won ;')
Well they clearly deserv it. Gosh a lot of groups is having their comeback right now T__T It's too much...
Also read that B2ST has finally "kicked off" their world tour show "Beautiful Show". Wonder which countries they'll perform in...

This weeks U.P.A.H.I


This boi... Can't describe him. He's persfect but somehow not >___> The charisma, his way of rapping and his DAKNFADLKFC talent (composing/write songs) O__O
And he doesn't look bad either.. XD His lips makes you go "AaaAahhhaeehh" - NalinA (you know the part U-kwong sings Aaahhha with an annoying voice)


Especially now! When he's blonde ;)

Give me some pills =____=

created by myshineesunshine

created by @dyzavanska

by 1oveintheice

created by randphotos

created by randphotos
Lol the combo XD

created by randphotos

Created by lattae-

created by randphotos

*le Block B fans*

At first I was like "What's the problem?" Then... I saw that they cut off the dance part >__>
I agree it's bad... if a group is gonna have a comeback or debut they should at least get a good "treatment" or something ;__;

And daaaamn 5 of 6 tracks O____O It's pretty obvious that Zico is talented...

Have you seen this? *retarded smile*

I've NEVER seen CN Blue's "whole" MV for I'm a loner... (Gosh the name XD I'm a loner hahahahha depressing >__>) 
I thought the one I always saw was the Full MV T__T The full MV contains their.. gha~ How can you say it... Whole story? -__-'  + Live performace in the end?! Ha?...

Well it's only the beginning though, so yeah...

Have you seen it before!? o_______o

SNSD's Jessica walks like a man?

Saw this "comment"

And was like "whaaaaaaaaaaat?~". So I had to look it up, haha *le no-lifer*

But that's all I found -.-' Wanted to see her walk! Found a clip where she was walking on a catwalk, but that's not really the same thing.. But anywho, if I ever see a video with her walking, I'll make sure to put it up! xD

Kim Heechul, how do you describe Kim Heechul...

I died... really hard when I read this article:

It has been reported that Super Junior’s prettiest member, Kim Hee Chul will collaborate with an underground hip-hop group, Defconn. Such collaborations, where an idol member is working with a hardcore rap group, is the first in K-pop history. Their joint effort will be displayed through the song “King Wang Zzang”, set to release end of this month (11/30). Apparently Kim Hee Chul is not only featured in the number, but he also helped write the lyrics.

I’m not sure about anybody else, but I was dumbfounded when I first encountered the news and had to mull over it for a couple of days before writing about it. All snarky jokes and mean commentary aside, is Kim Hee Chul seriously suffering from a multiple personality disorder?

According to wikipedia, “[multiple personality disorder] diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual’s behavior.” Any K-pop fan would agree that Kim Hee Chul has at lest three distinct personalities that we are all familiar with.

1) Self-indulgent idol member of Super Junior

2) Secret Garden – unexpectedly switching from resident useless boyband member to a songstress

3) Hardcore gangsta wannabe

It appears self-evident that Kim Hee Chul may be suffering from a multiple personality disorder. Despite that fact that seeking a shrink to relieve such psychological disorder is not the norm in Korea, I think we should all do Kim Hee Chul a favor and recommend the best shrink money can buy. Better yet, we should set up a donation fund so the boy can address these issues.

It's obvious that the writer is making fun of the whole thing ( I think... O_O) XD But still... it sounds.. wrong?
There was A LOT of hate comments XD But this must be the best one:

You go boi/girl~
Aww... Hangeng :/

SHINee - Lucifer (Misheard)

Gosh, hahaha saw yesterday (while looking at parodys of KPOP songs) this:

Never really thought about that! Hahaha, *crying with laughter* Taemin's "Duck! Duck! Duck! Duck! Duck!" hahaha, and at the beginning when Onew says "I gotcha' here some women" and points at Taemin, priceless!!!!! Or his "Try my thunder guitar" at 01:49 x'D

But Jonghyuns "Rub your cat!" at 01:36 I actually heard before ^^


Don't know why but around 2 o'clock in the morning *nolifer* I suddenly got that... impulse feeling and started to "dig deep" in tha group called INFINITE~ -__-'

They're seriously awesome! A lot of songs from their 1st album are great!


Must be the best song so far T__T

You know it's stupid... Tried to memorise their name but I knew Dongwoo and Sungjong from the beginning AND THEN...


ASLKJFNASLKJF GODDAMMIT THE HECK IS THAT?! I can't tell the differece between those names and some of the members *le sadface*

Biggest problem so far: Hoya and Woohyun >____> Feel like an old hag who can't see any difference...
(L - Prettyface easy to see...)

Well that was some random naging, here's a teaser from their 1st and 2nd concert (A bit late XD It was released 2 days ago...)

Woop~ Woop~


Go go ga ga~

created by cottonowl

Euw... >__>

created by sm-family-love.

No shit sherlock...

Lol XD



I'm crying rivers everytime I see him TT__TT He's so goddamn cute >_>
Happy Birthday to F.Cuz tiny maknae Yejuni~ who's turning 20 years old DAAAAAAAAMNNN!!!! Last time I checked he was 19.. Okay that totally makes  sense -.- (21 Korean age)

Btw what happened with F.Cuz? =__= The new member?

FINALLY SOME NEWS!!! Hohohohoho!!~

I'm like Partey and Partey and Partey~~

Well firstly congratulations MYNAME for your 100 day anniversary! I remember M2STASCH's epic 100 day anniversary >__>
Secondly wohoo! They secretly announced that they're gonna release an album.. when? I dunno... In a year? maybe... Never? Why not... XD <-- don't make sense at all...

B2ST - Fiction (Parody)

Hahahahahaha, saw this crazy sh*t on youtube:

Hahaha those poor guys TT-TT
And the "Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort" part cracked me up xD (Saranghae = I love you)

But seriosuly this youtuber is a genius!!!! He/She has made plenty of other parodys like SHINee, Teen Top, U-KISS, MBLAQ etc.

Check them out!! (Will probably post some of them in the future, but you could still check them out ^^)

~Mnet chart~

Kicking of with Mnet's chart once again ^^

Once again MBLAQ is on tha top. Shesus not even Warrior?! O_O
Well Sunny Hill is cuuuming up <-- you dirty little *giggle*
Well yeah I've been drugging Block B, B.A.P and Sunny Hill these days >___> The grasshoppers <3


For the second time in a row MBLAQ is numero 1 for the online people. T-ara lasted for two weeks and so has MBLAQ, wonder how the chart next week will look like >:3

But Block B should come up anytime now..

Block B, 2nd mini album - "Welcome to the Block"

Zico seriously fit in that hair o____o But Taeil... poor Taeil... XD

#1 - LOL

#2 - NalinA/Narina (something -.-)

#3 - Did You Do It Or Not?

#4 - 100% In Synch

#5 - Action

Hahahahaha Lol and their El O El O El O song XD ( <--- LOL) But... ASKVNASJVBASJLVBASDLJ!!!! I <3 #4
That was so good! O____O
O-lala, O-lala, O-lala  Have to love their lyrics sometimes XD

Groups you haven't heard of (part 25)

This will seurely be a short one because I couldn't really find sooo much info about them but let's give it a try ^^


Have you heard about them? O__o Well I haven't XD They're a 6-members group who debuted 2008 (That's a long time ago...) 
Ehm that's all I know...
Oh... -.- They disbanded 2009 *fail* Only 1 year?! o__o

It's so weird they give me a SS501, TVXQ and a tiny tiny bit TVXQ feeling... But most SS501! One of them even has a similiar voice just like Young Saeng...
They were pretty OK~

Almost as SHINee's Hello (The concept of the MV)

Park Jung Jin
Byun Jang Moon
Sung In Kyu
Lim Han Byul
Japanese member Tomo
Chinese member Haiming

Ha? Chinese and Japanese members... ê__ê
(They even sang the song "Yearning of the Heart" for the drama, Boys Over Flowers :O )

*Le best part*

You know when I saw B.A.P's warrior (Damn it's a lot of talk about B.A.P nowdays -.-) I cracked up at Zelo's rap XD Did anyone else notice his chocking-derp-face?

Both me and BO printscreened it XD *nolifer* and had the same pic :O *fate* trololo ... I'm AWEFULLY tired and gone so... just look at the pic -.-

(You can see it 1:49)

Btw is it only me who's waiting on MYNAME? They... died? Or something... O__O
And EXO! They haven't released a teaser for a while now... it's weird XD


BIG BANG inspired nails~

(I know, very lousy pictures..)

I'm a loner ;___;

Uhh... HAHAHAH Do you know how proud I feel right now?! I know the word Puta~ (Spanish) hohohohohohoho ;'D Finally I've learned something useful!

Btw it means whore XD

from Jay&#8217;s movie &#8220;Hype Nation&#8221;



powerrangerduelist:  Let me Baro those Sandeuls. Get it? Get it??? I’M SO FUNNY! XDDD

Daaaamn she's skinny...

Lol XD

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

That awesome moment...

... when Eat your Kimchi release the interview with B.A.P

The first thing I wonder is. Do they live in Korea or something? -__- *retarde-dude-over-here* Because I don't think that B.A.P went all the way to the US or England for this interview... So yeah...

And now these sweet moments, gosh Himchan <3 XD

"Our relationship level is at the level of communicating with each other in our sleep"

Who the heck does that?! x)

And you Jongup why y so quiet ;__;
But you can clearly see who's who in this clip compare to the MV >__> Everyone looked the same at that time -.-...

Another thing that BO told me. Zelo winks (can you say that? O_O winks? >_>) A LOT... He's like Taemin #2 XD

Huuuu starting to love these boys even more~


Haha this little dork xD HAPPY BRITHDAY TO YOU, maknae of SUJU. Not so young anymore, you're turning 24 (25 korean age)!!!!!!!!!! That's very old for a maknae, but you still got M2STASCH support! No matter how old you get, we'll always be there ;D

Jay Park - Know Your Name (Teaser)

FAN-GIRLING OVER HERE!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAH, he wants to know my name xD Mehehehe.. You can call me Bo ;)

SHESUS, really excited over here!! Can't they just release the freakin' song right now? O.o

It's out :O So fast...

The audio version of Junghyun's song Living without you is already out :o

It wasn't as "pure" as I thought (previous post). It had a reggae feeling in it~
This song was only... okay... -__- it didn't really amaze me in any way because the standars for 2012 is REAALLYY high right now, especially after T-ara's Lovey dovey, MBLAQ's It's war, B.A.P's Warrior and now Block B's NalinA.

Btw did he say "Hello Biatch!" ? XD Lol! Hahahahah ;'D

Mooshing/Smooshing (?) everything in this post

I've been mad the whole day and I'm angry as f***k right now... Had a math test, I came 20 minutes late and I didn't have time to do all the questions. I did 2, TWOOO!!!! And I answered WRONG on both of them. I've never failed on a test in my whole life, but this will probably be my first one... TT___TT Fml...

Well a lot of good news "appeared" today. So I'm gonna squeeze everything in one post instead of doing 135135 different posts:

Junghyun's solo song 'Living Without You'

The best was that it sounded so... "easy"/pure Gosh I suck at this XD But you can clearly hear that the song will be a "happy" song and not a badass one :3 I think... well looking forward to it ^_~

Block B on M! Coundown: NalinA

They are so FREAKING GOOD LIVE! Went all ADBFDALJADKL!!! Look at that charisma~ This is the second (best) song that has been released this year (compare to B.A.P's Warrior)
LOVE the "dance move" U-Kwon do XD You know the whole flapping with the t-shirt. Hohohohoh pure flesh >:3 *creepy*

Wrote about them in G.Y.H.H.O, If you remember... xD

Now they've finally announced their comeback, it's during March. After 4 years they're back ^^
This is what the guitarist Lee Jae Kyung wrote:

It’s not starting again, this is the actual start. Us, starting for the first time, the beautiful sounds Nell brings. We hope for your anticipation. I am very anxious for us to meet againThen, we will all be together.

Huhuhuh well I'm waiting... loved their song "Time spent walking through memories"

Look alike: Yong Guk & Gikwang

Yong who? YONG GUK!! The guy from B.A.P that looks exactly like B2ST's Gikwang! xD
I'm serious. When I saw 'Warrior' by B.A.P, Yong Guk looked just like Gikwang!




Me likey xD

Totally ünerly random, messy post~

My teacher saw my background pic (on le computer yesterday) gosh hahaha XD No one really knows who Onew is so they pronounce it "One-w" like 1 you know -__-'
She laughed of course and said "What a cute chicken" I was like "Ha?" *is she high or anything*
It's chopped off everywhere and doesn't have a head while sleeping in a sexy pose saying "I'm ready for you" how is that cute? O__o You tell me...


Well only 2 days left till the kpop meetup hohoh me and BO are like hyped monkeys 8D Especially on the competition part... no seriously we're freaks...
So see you guys there ^^ This time... we'll come as normal, human beeings (if you saw us at the flashmob, you know what we mean...)

So pis on you!
So peace Onew hohohohohoho feeling smart right now >:3

For you Sweeds XD

(The fly is asking the Bee if he's Bi (=Bisexual) and Bi means Bee in Swedish) XD

Block B tops the lists!!

"All five of the new songs off of their second mini-album ranked in the ‘Top 5′ on digital music sites likeMelon, Cyworld, Olleh, and Dosirak just moments after its release. Their comeback has been a hot topic internationally, with their music video being ranked as the top two ‘most commented’ on 10 hours into its release on YouTube. News of their comeback also trended #1 worldwide on Twitter as well as top search portal rankings." - Allkpop

HEY HEY HEY!!!! See, I'm not the only one that really likes KPOP mixed with Hip Hop xD It seems like everyone does! And truth is that America would probably be more accepting towards this style of KPOP rather than.. other styles of KPOP ^^ No, but I hope you know what I mean. Because B.A.P and Block B has more of an english sound, so it would (la duh) be easier for them to spread in the states! Just saying.. ;P

But anywho, I wish you the best Block B. Make omma proud!

Ring-a-Ring-a-Ring, Ring-a-Ring-a-Ring - Sunny Hill


edit credit to: nickey-.tumblr.com Macro by leeshinki

Created by Ji-kat
Yeah... me too...

Well ehmm a special macro dedicated for P.O It's his birthday~


by 1oveintheice

Big Bang and their parodies <3


This pic screams T.O.P somehow



That was a lot of pictures u__u He's soo cuuuttteee ^3^
Happy birthday to Block B's maknae P.O who's turning 19 years old today (20 Korean age) that's pretty old :O

Keep fighting~ Love your new song NalinA? Wasn't Narina before? o__o

SNSD on David Letterman!

I know, I'm so late with this!! Sorry guys! But as you might know, Girls Generation perfromed on The David Letterman Show!! THAT'S HUGE!!

I don't feel like this were their best performance, because the stage was so small compared to what they are used to perform on. And am I the only one that thinks that these KPOP-groups look better on Korean shows? Haha, I don't know why, but they don't really look as cute on american shows as they do on Korean shows O.o

But apart from that, they did a great job! KPOP IS GOING VIRAL! xD

The Lion King

Hahaha, found this on a site xD

Seriosly, haha what is this?!

*5 minutes later*

Okey, so I searched for this on the internet but couldn't find anything at all. So I looked closer at the pictures.. they do look a little fake, right? Hahaha, I can imagine how your reaction at first was when you saw the pictures. Bet it was exactly like mine xD

sinkintoyoureyes:  insomniascribbles:  laurenjuliette:  tjhxtaylord:  wierd!  i had to because it was&#160;!  HOW THE FUCK DID IT KNOW?!  creepy lol
O.o riiiiiight?! Had to put this up, because my left hand was on my lips.. yeah. REBLOG THIS PICTURE IF YOU WERE TOUCHING YOUR FACE WITH YOUR LEFT HAND JUST A SECOND AGO!! xD

SPICA - Russian Roulette (teaser)

Apperently SPICA is a new girl group, and they just released a teaser for their upcoming MV 'Russian Roulette'.

Yeah, haha maybe not that great. But some of you guys might have liked it?
Do you think that this girl group will be any good? I don't know yet, but they might surprise me! xD

I totally freaked out O.o REAAALLLY Looking forward to the MV. Note: Music Video, their song didn't really "grasp" me. But you never know... It looked so freaking badass~ :O / B.R.A

Block B - Nanrina

It's out!!!!!!~

And Zico, SHIIIT, hahaha he looks fine!~
Damn, Block B and B.A.P.. they put all my favorite music together. KPOP and Hip Hop all in one! Now that's what I'm talking about!!!

"No one in the corner has a swagger like them" - Haha, not but really, these boys go all gangstah' in the MV! Me likey! 8D

And what I like about these two groups (B.A.P and Block B) are that the teasers they relase actually sound like the song! Haha not like the other entertainments. Their music in their teasers sound like a completley different song from the actuall song!

FT Island 4th mini album "Grown up"

#1 - Severely

#2 - Even had lost a friend

#3 - I'm a foolish person

#4 - Grown man

We hope become lovers

I can't really listen to these songs right now but I'm gonna do it later hohohoh XD Read that FT Islands 4th mini album is topping the charts now. Well good job bois~


Hahaha, saw this.. review on B.A.P's NEW. HIT. SINGEL 'Warrior'

NO WAY.. NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!! They got to meet B.A.P?!?!?!

Okey, not really what I wanted to say about the video. Haha, they actually made me laugh, and truth is.. they made me understand the "hidden message" behind the dance.. *retard.com* Haha, I didn't really know that that was what they were trying to say with their dance. To be honest, I didn't even really pay that much attention on what they were trying to say with their dance. I put more attention on just.. them? xD

Anywhoo, they also have this big giveaway (the guys that made this video)!! Just so you know ;P

So yeah, this video for me is todays laugh/"aha"-moment ^^


Here's some nails I've dona receanlty ^^
I don't have anything special to write over here to let the pictures speak for themselves~



Can you see what it pictures?
(Yeah I know I failed with the mouth and the nose >___>)


                                                                     Da Daaam~ Pikachu XD

B.A.P Eye Candy

Na na na na na na na na Korea... South... XD

Look like brothers ouo

© taeminscock | tumblrOriginal Picture Credit: k0923

© taeminscock | tumblr


hottimeskpop:  credits: idk :(


Goddammit stop it HAHAHAHAHHAA

Sorry but the THE HECK is he doing >__>


Look what I found :O


Can't really see it now but here's a "tutorial" ? for their dance Warrior. Somehow I'm fearing the result of the tutorial XD

Have to studdy :O

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