EXO's MV for growl will be released soon!

A few days ago the teaser for Growl was released and "EXO′s new music video for Growl will be released at midnight on August 1 (KST) through EXO′s official webpage, SMTown′s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Weibo."

So it's only a few hours left ;w; 

Macro time =3= [#102]

Am I weird if I haven't listened to the song yet o___o

Joon trying to give the pen back to his fan, but got ignored

"Sit still and no one will notice..." XD


Ehm. wow. 





Suju funny moments and mistakes during performances

Gosh I seriously love watching Suju mistakes on stage, well that sounded wrong... I've probably seen them over 3 times (each clip...)  

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Who brings the phone to the stage?! 
I also realised that Heechul is the laziest Suju performer live... and I like that.
This is probably the best and the cutest one! ;D Butt slapping and rock, paper & scissors on stage. But best of all when Hyukjae rejected Donghae's high five X''D
I find this quite unbelievebur~ To know every single dance move and seeing these small mistakes or funny moments are just... unbelievebur~ XD

And Bo is gone...

Well not gone, gone, but he's on his way to London right now *jealous* and his internet isn't working either so I'm writing his goodbye post ;w;

GD's tattoos

I've probably written a similiar post a long time ago on GD's tattos. However he sure has some new ones since then.
Hm.. five of them seems to be new (for me). The one with a text and a heart (in the middle), the one with a heart, F and $ (lol.. love, fuck and money) , the crown, those two X on his stomach and the one with Roman numerals. 
Totally digging the dead smiley on his stomach XD And the crown does it represent Big Bang? o_o
Lololololo *facepalm* XD "New tattoos" my ass X'''''D So he got 4 new ones. The heart, F, $, the one with the crown, Roman numerals and the on & off tattoo behind his ear, 
I plan to have a tattoo behind my ear as well but with a music note instead. 

Macro time =3= [#101]

Dat dress...

Once again... I'm home ;w;

Yes sir I'm home right now (after 1 month...) Well there won't be any "Off I go posts" anymore. At least not this month so... it feels good to be home  ô^ô 
And all of you are like:

Korean body lines

When I usually read random articles on kpop celebrities bodies, words like s-line, v-line and other stuff plopps up and I'm sitting there like a retard wondering what line is what. So I found a website that explained most of the lines:
s-line body 

S-Line - Ample breasts and buttocks when viewed from the side


S-Line (second use) - Side view: forehead to bridge of nose to tip of nose


V-Line - A slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin


V-Line (second use) - The line in-between the breasts


W-Line - Breasts viewed from the front


X-Line - Long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist


U-Line - Exposed lower back in low cut clothing


M-Line - A "six pack" of abdominal muscles on men


D-Line - A pregnant (or pregnant-appearing) abdomen


B-Line - Big breasts, big abdomen


O-Line - Generalized obesity


Apparently there are other lines as well but it seemed a bit complicated =_= But here's the SOURCE if you want to read a bit more. 


It feels like they missed the F-line, the fat line XD Or we can name the W-line into Whale line instead ;''''D XD hahaha *lousy humour* 



"Normal" ppl Vs. Kpop fans

The pronunciations of these two are different. But how they are written (in English) looks the same. 
Lol  XD
Le Source~ 

Macro time =3= [#100]

It's funny because no one really need to explain this picture. It's Dongwoo
Ohh I remember this scene XD

Macro time =3= [#99]






Happy Birthday to DMTN's Jeesu who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age) todaaaaay!!! They will always be Dalmatian in my eyes ;w;

Happy 4 years anniversary T-ara!!!~

Today is 4 years ago T-ara debuted with their song "lies", they've been through A LOT. They were on the highest peak of their career, they released one kickass song after another and everyone loved it! All of a sudden a lot of crap started to bloom everywhere and these girls have been through heaven and hell. But I hope that they'll keep releasing amazing songs like before and now. HAPPY 4 YEARS ANNIVERSARY T-ARA AND KEEP FIGHTING! *Korean spirit* 

Ugly hairstyles through the kpop history [part 1/1 - girls]

Da daaaaaam!~
As I mentioned before I was going to do a ugly girl hairstyles as well :3 I've already made boys PART 1 and boys PART 2.

So here's le ugly hairstyles á la gurls... even I get confused reading that sentence. I didn't find so many ugly hairstyles from the girls side so they only deserv 1 part *cough compared to the boys cough*
It's a horrible green colour =_= Sure if it was a bit more... "anime" colour but not this XD
Aaaaand Dara takes the price~
I seriously h.a.t.e that hairstyle and colour O_O It gives her head a weird shape...

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Lc9 - J-hyo

Dis man my dear friends is so adorable akfjnasdkfj ;w; The first time I heard Mama beat I l.o.v.e.d his voice at the beginning, he's so wonderfurrr~ And when he smiles ;u; *my feels*. Haven't really searched on Lc9 so much but he and King are my favorites ^~^
This picture... //forever sobing//


Macro time =3= [#98]

I prefer the third one...
It was worth a shot...

Celebrities that'll get discharged from the army 2013

I sat and wondered how many k-celebrities would get/has gotten discharged from te army this year. A found a list on tumblr and there are a few ones:
Heechul (Super Junior)
    - Enlistement date: September 1, 2011
    - Estimated release date: August 31, 2013

Jung Taewoo
   - Enlistment date: September 14, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013

Kim Jun (T-MAX)
   - Enlistment date: September 29, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013

Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S)
   - Enlistment date: September 29, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013

Yunhak (Supernova)
   - Enlistment date: October 25, 2011
   - Estimated release date: June 25, 2013


   - Enlistment date: October 27, 2011
   - Estimated release date: August 2013

   - Enlistment date: November 7, 2011
   - Estimated release date: August/September 2013

Min Kyung Hoon
   - Enlistment date: March 6, 2012
   - Estimated discharge date: December 2013


Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain)
   - Enlistment date: October 11, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013


Dari (Dalmatian)
   - Enlistment date: April 25, 2011
   - Estimated release date: March 2013


Source~  & Source 2~


I haven't really read any news about this but isn't Rain discharged already?  And I guess that Dari is discharged as well? But he isn't back in DMTN yet, did they kick him out? O_O



Macro time =3= [#97]


Did you know?

I like this page called didyouknow on fb, they post random facts about everything so I found a funny one:
I'm like really O_________O 3 months? She turned into that after 3 months? Btw shouldn't it be Jjang* 

Macro time =3= [#96]

kekekekeke XD
That looks wrong in so many ways... 
The heck hahahahahahaha why is he fixing his hair?!

Macro time =3= [#95]

Onew - ruining programmes since -89
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH Dat is one sexy rice planter ;D
That is one pair of ugly pants... 


Happy Birthday to Epik High's Tablo who's turning 33 years old (34 Korean age) today!! :D 
This guy is freaking epic! You can't really describe him but he's simply awesome :3

Drama recommendation: Full House take 2

Finally! After 6 months I decided to watch this drama... when I were in Cyprus XD Totally ruined my vaccation but that's not the point. 

A lot of people (kpop fans...) know that Full House 2 is actually a remake of Full house, it's not a continuation of the first one, like I thought at the beginning.
To be honest I don't really know why they did a remake on this, I'm not saying that the drama was bad but it can never compete with the first one. Well of course nothing can compete with the original (if the original itself isn't bad). 
The drama had some good and bad stuff, I totally hate the main characters hair XD At least during the first 10 episodes, some things were a bit off and some questions were unanswered. However I was still hooked. They did a good remake considering the fact that Full house was kick ass and for the first time I wanted the main character to chose the good guy in the beginning instead of the douche -_- *surprise*
Yet it feels like they missed a bit of the concept/point. It should have revolve around the house and the marriage contract a bit more. Especially the marriage contract, it ended after.. what? 3-4 episodes? 
No matter how much I nag I actually liked this drama a lot. I really liked the actors and it gave some nostalgic feelings :3 You should go and watch Full House and then Full House take 2 if you haven't!! NAO! 

Jang Man Ok - Hwang Jung Eum
Lee Tae Ik - No Min Woo
Won Kang Hwi - Park Ki Woong
Yoo Seol Ah - Jin Se Ryeong
You can actually watch every episode on youtube CLICK HERE or on Viki's website CLICK HERE


Happy Birthday to NU'est's Baekho who's turning 18 years old (19 Korean age) today!! :D Really he's born -95 O_O *lost*

Crossdressing: Infinite style


Why isn't Sunggyu here ;w; Couldn't find any crossdressing pictures of him, strange... 
I find it quite funny that over 80% of the crossdressing pictures of INFINITE is of Dongwoo. wae?! O_O
(Bo Bae: Because he looks hella' fine as a lady!)


And off I go again!

Well this is awkward... 
Once again I'm going to visit 2 different cities here in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. 3 countries in 9 days so I'm going to get my ass whopped. I've made posts beforehand AND if you are a kpop fan you have permission to hit, jump och slap me while fangirling~ (If you see me)
So... *brb coming back after 9 days*

Macro time =3= [#94]

Okay ÒuÓ

EXOTICS sending death threats

I just read that Exotics are sending death threats to Russian kpop fan for taking pictures with EXO. That is just freaking absurd =__=  There's even a fb page revolving this

I don't even... Exotics...
Seriously, what's wrong with people? Why do they have to feel like they posses something that isn't theirs? Well this post isn't mainly directed towards Exotics, there are other crazy fandoms as well. Damn I'm getting mad over saesang fans and ******Agajsdgnslkzjlfcsa >___>
Grow some balls, hit the puberty and mature a bit god dammit!

Youtubers React to KPOP

HAHAHAHHAHA OMG, I think I freakin' snapped when they played Lucifer by SHINee (because it's like one of the songs that introduced me to KPOP ^^)

Favorite moments:
0:52 - hahahahahahahahha, it's like ridiculous. But I like it O_O.
1:06 - They look like characters from every 'final fantasy' game I've ever played.
2:31 - I got a boy on my shin~
2:59 - (Ryan's smile)
3:07 - especially the lady in the center. (Taemin NOOOOOOOO xD)
3:28 - Dreamy guys...! (HELL YEAH BUDDY! We got another one to join the darkside ^^)
3:40 - Yeah.. yeah, I can definitely fap to this (O__O)

Omg, the girls reactions though! Hahahahah "fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap". HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
I absolutley adore these videos ^^

Macro time =3= [#93]

Don't mind if I do~ 
Those chics had a good view

2PM in Frankfurt

I just saw a post on fb a few days ago, that 2PM and other Korean celebrities will go to Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, to celebrate the 50-years exchange of nurses and miners between Germany and South Korea. The mini concert is held 26th october and I just wanna cry ;w; 
I seriously wanna go but I don't have any money *every kpop fangirls problem* nor do I have the time... >__>

I'm home ;w;


I've never, NEVER been so happy to be back in Sweden again. I'm safe and that's it... kai? bai! XD 

In Honor of Taemin's Birthday


Macro time =3= [#92]

HAHAHAHAHAHA ;''D The first pic is not a jpg.


#Brace yourself all the noonas are coming!
Happy Birthday to SHINee's maknae Tamin who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today! It's gonna be hype x20 today, we're waiting allkpop XD

Macro time =3= [#91]

Really... female it'll be hard to find that 
The story of my life "Why is that kid so chic?!"


This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I believe this is the third time a chic is on the U.P.A.H.I post...? Oh well, I've been biased on this group for a few days right now and allkpop even said that she had the best body among the girl groups~ 
SISTAR's Hyoring =3= 

To be honest, yes she looks great! No doubt, however some things I want to mention is that the reason why everyone hype over her body is because of the boobs. If she didn't have big boobs her body would've looked like a stick, just like any other female idol. She may look curvy with the boobs but she have a reeeeaaallyy small waist and doesn't "have" any stomach either. (for example, the pic down there) 
Well she's quite tiny as well, I think she'a round 163 cm (5’4.2") the shortest member in the group. 
But I can't deny the fact that she looks really good, so banzai with those boobs, legs and tanned body of hers ;D
Lol.. R-RATED!!! XD

Jay Park - I Like 2 Party [Dance Practice]

Oooo boy, o boy, o boy, o boy!!!!~
I just love Jay Parks dance videos, since he us such an amazing dancer!!!!!!!!! Gaaah, just want to do.. things to this boy! xD

I don't know what it is with Jay, but I can't stop loving him. I remember before when I had a little problem accepting his language (he cusses a lot), but now I'm used to it? So now I'm back in love with him. Gosh.. haha stop doing this to me!

And just to show you guys exactly how amazing this boy is at dancing, check this out:

He's got a cute butt.. ^^
And I don't know what it is with me and those "aaahhh" sounds. Like the one he does at 0:33. LOVE IT!!!~
I know it's not him doing the sound, but he does that sound in a lot of his songs haha ^^
And yeeeah. SEE HOW AMAZING HE IS!!!!!!! ♥.

2AMs Jo Kwon in a Gay Bar?

One K-Pop Boyband Member Visit Gay Bar in Thailand?

Shocking news came from K-Pop idol. Recently a photograph with the caption 'famous Korean idol seen in gay bars in Thailand' outstanding. Photos are spread across a variety of online communities in Korea and Thailand is also reaping the attention of many netizens.

On Monday (15/07) of the sources said if one member idol group 'A' was in Thailand. Quoted from the Daily Star News, the source upload a photo similar to the one of the Korean idol group members who were visiting a gay bar in Thailand.

Shortly member idol group 'A' the writing on his Twitter account when he was on his way to vacation, which adds unsuspecting netizens thought that if one of these idol groups could be true is in Thailand.

After seeing the photo postings, many netizens who assume if the group members are Jo Kwon of 2AM. But the truth of it is still a question mark because of the assumption that the evidence was not strong enough. What do you think, Chingu?


So.. what do you guys think? Shocked? Haha I'm not. And even if he really went to a gay bar, it doesn't necessary mean he is gay. But nevertheless.. I've always had second thought about Jo Kwon. But I don't mind if he likes girl or boys or even both! Do what makes you happy brotha'!

Macro time =3= [#90]

Lol so honest ;'D
Really -_- Really Kevin? Rose >___________>

Minzy facts ÒuÓ

Found a tumblr post full with Minzy facts ;'D But I somehow lost it so I can't give you the link -_- However I saved some of them so here you go Minzy fans~
Lol, okay... I don't think anyone would mind this :p

Macro time =3= [#89]

Best.freaking.answer! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD
Lol Kiseop the main dancer...
Well ladies~~ Are we thinking the same here? brohohoho

tumblr messages... #2

I made a "tumblr messages... #1" a looooong time ago. Didn't find so many this time *cough only 2..* but CLICK HERE for #1 :3

Two favorites from #1 ;D


2PM - Heartbeat + Again & Again [2009 MAMA]

Okey guys, I know this is very old. But I was stalking Jay Park the other day and came across this video of 2PM. This live perfomance was performed after Jay had left the group due to all the controversy about what Jay had written to a friend on Myspace. If you guys don't know the story (which is pretty old) I could make a post about it. But most people probably already know the story because it's an old story. However that's not the point. This video is the point.

I don't know how well you guys know these songs. But in the second song (Again & Again) they actually kept Jay's spot empty and nobody sang on his parts. To me, this was very emotional. I don't know if it's because they sincerely cared for Jay, or to make all the anti-fans they got to be happy. Again, if you guys don't know the whole story, I could make a post about it. But either way.. I appreciate what they did here.

Here is the actual MV for 'Again & Again'.

Haha I don't know why I posted this. I guess I was just very touched, and... haha just enjoy it God dammit!!!!

Ugly hairstyles through the kpop history [part 2/2 - boys]

And heeeereee we go with part 2 on ugly hairstyles through the kpop history~ To check part 1 click HERE~ :3

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I have to admit over how darn suprised I am right now O_O He's.hot. I always saw him as the cute member in CN Blue... I'm like mama just let me be your lovah~ right now ~^3^~ 

2NE1 CL's Sister

Saw on CL's instagram (chaelin_cl) that she had posted a picture of her and her babysister.

Apparently her name is Ha-Lyn (CL and HL xD) and.. that's all I know of her. Don't know age or anything either, except that she's younger than CL. Hehe ^^ And since CL was born in 1991.. yeah, you guys do the math!

So what do you think? Do they look alike?

CL and HL (old pic from instagram I think)

B.A.P - Warrior [Misheard]

Hahahaha guys, this is amazing. I love these misheard things, even though I never ever ever ever heard them sing that to begin with.

See what I mean? I never heard them sing those things, but while looking at this video and reading the lyrics... ahhahahahaha omg x'D It actually sounded like they were singing it!

Favorite lines:
- Water is back (0:04)
- No. Girl, show your caaaandyyyyy~ (1:13)
- My ship can butter ten girls!! (2:01)
- Yeah punch your mother. Sue the other guy... (2:06)

Gosh, I love B.A.P ^^ <33


Happy Birthday to Suju's Kim Heechul who's turning 30 years old (31 Korean age) today! Ahjussi~ 
Awmaigod Heechul will be discharged august 31, it's soon!! *my feels* ;w;
If you can’t accept 15 of us, Why do you even call yourself an ELF?
—  Kim Heechul, Super Junior

Happy 3 years anniversary Teen Top!!!~

Omo! 3 years already?! O__O I still remember their rookie days! I totally fell in love with Clap and got freaked out when I saw Supa Luz ;'D Damn... Happy 3 years anniversary guys!! Do another awesome comeback like No.1 :D


Misheard Kpop Lyrics [#2]

The title pretty much says it all ^^
Click here for part 1.

(The songs name, group and what they're actually saying are all in one of the corners in the pictures.)

NO WAY?! Hahaha totally misunderstood that line.. from your love to "be alone".

Ask ZE:A?!

Found this ZE:A site when I was trolling around on tumblr a long time ago. And if I'm not mistaking... I think you could ask the actual ZE:A members any question you'd like to ask and they might answer you O__o


and they always answer with these funny gifs xD Gosh.. imagine having them answer one of YOUR questions xD Have to spam them with questions now 8D


And that's the site :D

Update: it says now that the page is on a hiatus. Don't know for how long, but hopefully for only like.. 2 more days hehe.

Macro time =3= [#88]

Lol Jonghyun at the corner XD

excuse me hoya no one asked for ur sass
Captain obvious ;'D


Happy Birthday to Block B's derp face/cucumber Kyung who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) 

S.O.T.W #47

Hello guys! Remember me? No...? That's ok ^^
But you do remember my song of the week I used to have, right?! No...?

Haha well just to bring back your lousy memory, every week I pick a song I feel have ruined my life. In a good way though! It's basically a song I've had on repeat for the entire week.

Sooooo, what song will be the S.O.T.W this week?

T-ARA N4 - Jeon Won Diary

Haha not only is the MV very charming, the music is actually catchy! And so is the dance! I go craxy whenever I hear this song, like "YEAAAAH, IT'S MAH JAAAM!!!". Haha yeah, I like it a lot ^^

And I know this isn't a super new song, but I'm a bit off at the moment regarding the KPOP world. So please have patience and I will ctach up :)

What song do you guys have as your S.O.T.W?

Happy 1 year anniversary Juniel!!!~

Today is the day were one of my favorite solo artists made her comeback ^3^ Happy 1 year anniversary Choi Jun-Hee (Juniel)
I'm not the person who likes cutie-hubby-sweet idols, but I seriously l.o.v.e Juniel! She's so darn cute ;w; And I love all of her songs, so keep up the good work and do another duet with Yonhwa :3


Ehm *daze*~~ 
Happy Birthday to actor Kim Bum who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age) today! :D 
Love the fact that when you search on Kim Bum 2385298734 different people plopps up ;D

Ugly hairstyles through the kpop history [part 1/2 - boys]

I've only listened to kpop for around.. 2 years now? And I've seen A LOT of fugly hairstyles here and there. Some of them have been cool but some of them are just a big fat no. So I've decided to upload some pictures on hairstyles that are a bit too much for me ;'D Here's part 1 out of 2 on all the boy-groups (I'll do one for the girls later :p)
I get the fact that those kind of hairstyles were "hot" (see what I did there ÒuÓ) before, but nah!
I'm sorry but papa YG, WAE?! WHAT is this TT__________TT
Dude... you missed some...

Baozi is getting skinny TT______TT

I saw this picture some time ago on Xiumin (EXO) and I can't describe how shocked I am O_O I've seen a lot of pictures where idols have lost a lot of weight because of the pressure and I still get shocked every time. It's a shame that they have to go through so much for a debute or comeback ;w; He looked so cute before, but looks like a freaking toothpick on the second picture.

Macro time =3= [#87]

The heck?! Botox?
Huyk: Lee Soo Man... no.

Macro time =3= [#86]



Happy Birthday to B2st's leader Doojoon who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age)

Happy Birthday to Dalmatian/DMTN's Dari who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age) oh snap hahaha XD

He's currently in the army and I don't know when he'll get discharged, I don't even know if he's still a member in the group o_o The company haven't statet anything yet.

And off I go!

I haven't really told you guys but I'm going to Cyprus soon :3 To be more specific it's only a few hours left so this is a last minute post. Don't worry I've made posts beforehand and Bo will begin to update as well :D So take care while I'm going to die ;_______________; 
So... *brb, coming back after 2 weeks*

INFINITE 1st World tour

Ermahgerd! INFINITE announced (a long time ago) that they would do their 1st world tour and like any other kpop fan I'm sobbing my ass off because they won't come here to Sweden *duhh..* They have released their first world tour poster as well. 
So pwetty ;w; 

"2013 INFINITE World Tour “ONE GREAT STEP” will be happening at the following countries:"

Korea: Seoul – 9-10 August

Hong Kong – 18 August

Japan: Fukuoka (5 September), Hiroshima (10 September), Kobe (13-14 September), Yokohama (18-20 September)

Thailand: Bangkok – 27 September

Singapore – October

Taiwan: Taipei – October

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur – October

China: Shanghai, Beijing – October

USA: Los Angeles, New York – November

Peru: Lima - November

UK: London - November

France: Paris - November


Oh snap, 4 months! o_o Bo let's go to London or Paris!!!!!!   


Macro time =3= [#85]

... no words needed here
That's me in every P.E class... Or I'm practically the one who passes the ball to the opponents...

Miss A Jia t-shirt collection

I just saw that Miss A's Jia have designed her own t-shirt collection :3 It looks... good? Nothing spectacular but I liked the black one :o
She also sended one to SISTAR's Bora 

Currently barfing

My aunties and grandma are here aaaand as you guys know women ALWAYS (at least my relatives) talk about the human body. Or to be more specific how to remove fat, make your boobs bigger and so on. I see titties flying EVERYWHERE! I've seen some boobs that I shouldn't have seen... I'm getting tired and brainwashed right now *brb ranting and running away* =__= 

#Story of my life


Macro time =3= [#84]

asdfghjkl let me give you a hug ~^3^~


Happy belayed birthday to Suju's leader Leeteuk who's turning 30 years old (31 Korean age)!!! :D


Today is Bo's 18th birthday (19 Korean age) so Happy Birthday to you!!!!~~~~ 

We've been out today so the update haven't been that... good :p Oh well we'll begin with the update tomorrow :3
Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

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