~Gangnam style nails~

There's a user called "cutepolish", pretty well known in the nail art world in youtube XD But I love this chick and I've seen every youtube clip she has done :3 *stalker* and she uploaded a gangnam style clip a while ago ^__^
I'm totally gonna do this, when my nails grows XD
The thumb, pointer and the middle finger is easy to know but I had some problems with the ring and pinky finger :/
Lol that yellow shoe is far fetched as h**l XD


Official fanclub names~

Well not really "official" but 2 of them are official ^__^ 
The duo group Tasty's fanclub name is Twings
And this is what Woolim ent. wrote:

Twings – a combination of Twins + wings.
Using Twins and Wings, it means that fans will become the twin brother Tasty’s wings


That's actually really sweet ;w; To be their wings.. I like that XD



                     It's one of those "I don't know if their eyes are closed or if it's eye-smile" moments XD


The other official one is the group C-Clown,  they alse released an official clip about it they had a korean version and an English one...


Lol I thought it was with eng subs but it is really an English version O__O Damn his engrish is really good! Love how he stood there and just talked while all the members were "o____________o yeah..." If I'm not wrong the one talking is Rome/Barome the leader...
For you who didn't get it their official fanclub name is Crown ;-)
Lastly the group Evol, I don't know if it's official but I found the name in tumblr and I guess it's their fanclub name? It's said the their fans are called Voller ^o^ Love would be better, you know backwards of Evol

PLEASE READ THIS: You can get an invisible friend in Thailand

Lol did I get your attention? XD

We in M2stasch haven't really asked you guys for anything but here it comes~ Some of you may know that I'm an intern at a comapny called Invisible Friends. To make it short:

You buy 2 dolls but only keep 1.
The dolls have a serial number so you wont lose it and the other doll will be send to another country where a child is in prison, orphanage you name it. So it's like a charity company.
That's the short desciption but it's soooo much more! And I've been talking with the woman and said that we had a blog and she decided to give us 1 doll that we can give away ^^
They have to pay their own trip to actually give the dolls to the children before hand so the winner here will have an "Invisible Friend" in Thailand who's living in a HIV home without any parents.
                                               So one of our winners will have the doll 909 - 998
Fast facts:

* The dolls doesn't have a face because the children will draw their own unique faces.

* The reaSon why it's called "Invisible friend" is because you'll never be able to know who has the doll (except for the destination) but the child will know that there's actually someone out there who's thinking about them.

* Every doll has a "meaning" behind it. It can either stand for Joy, Mercy, Fighter or Dreamer and every ragdoll has its own statement from the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child
Dreamer - This doll is to remind us that every child has the right to think freely
Fighter - This doll is to remind us that every child should be protected from torture.
Joy - This doll is to remind us that every child has the right to play.
Mercy - This doll is to remind us that every child has the right to care and medical attention.
Well these are the dolls you'll be able to chose from and we will write more about the giveaway later.

Thank you if you've read this post, it means a lot ^^
We hope that you'll participate~

P.T.B - Protect The Bias, only 1 person understands this :)

I never get sick of these "mean girls" macros XD


you’re CUTE sungyeol! don’t mind her! XD

Anyone else see the slight resemblance between Kibum and Harry? No…? Okay don’t mind me. -.-;;


SpongeBob IS Asian!!!he loves to cook!he loves his job!he knows karate!he loves his friend!he loves to LOL!he talks a lot!

 oh my!!!
leeteuk sungmin, siwon, eunhyuk, donghae =)))))))))))))))))


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO F.Cuz Kan who's turning 21 years old today (22 Korean age)!!! :D
To be honest he looked like a really bad version of... no one but his eyebrows... *sight* just look at this picture:
Do you see what I mean? Well he looks really wow right now XD

B2ST - Midnight sun Jap. ver.

I haven't really been druging the Korean version of Midnight Sun yet so I don't really feel any "weird vibes" as you usually do when a jap. version of a song is released ^o^
They didn't really dance in the MV either .___. That's actually weird for me XD And all of them are handome as well ;w;

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

He's one of those... o____o pretty-flowerboy-hot guy who seriously got the whole it .___. there aren't a lot of guys like that in the kpop world and you can't help to go asdfghjkl when it comes ti him ;w;
Damn you future wife/husband -___-
Well this weeks U.P.A.H.I goes to the "asdfghjkl" boy Kim Hyun Joong
                                      Me: *destroying the computer screen while trying to take the roses*


As you guys may know, starting today until monday (1st of October) it's thanksgiving day in korea which means that all of our stars will hopefully spend their time with their families and relatives. Here you have some of our belovd idols wishing us a "Happy Chuseok Day" ^^


Hahahahha, the guy in the middle didn't say anything! Maybe that's why they gave him that place.. you know.. it kind of evens out. He didn't say anything, but you can see him the most xD




Two X

OMG.. their voices are so high pitch O__o haha




Gosh.. there are too many of these videos xD And none of them made any sence to me! Haha, they seriously need to start subbing these videos O__o I mean, international fans cover a pretty big part of the fan bases..


PSY Press Conference pictures

Lol doing the gangnam dance XD
Aw he looks so sweet ;w; I bet that he's surprised and happy over the succes gangnam style brought to kpop but you can clearly see at some moments that he's getting a bit tired over it. He really got that "horse riding" stamp on him, so when everyone meet him they expect him to do it. It was the same during the VMA when he was on the red carpet :/

And I was like bejbe bejbe bejbe asdfghjkl

created by madebymina
Awww Seungri </3 hahahahahahahahhaha XD

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Get a free iPhone case~

As you've probably seen on this blog I've been decorating my own iphone cases and I have a lot of time right now because I'm currently an intern at a company so I thought that I could do an iPhone case to one of our readers ^o^ You don't have to pay for anything and you don't have to live in Sweden, it's FREE~ :3
I have one black and one white so you can chose which color you want and it fits for both iphone 4 and 4S. You can also decide exactly which design you want on the case the only thing you have to do is to comment this post and I'll chose the first one (it's not a contest or giveaway) XD Just be the first one to comment, leave your email so I can contact you later ;-)
Ps. I have to accept the comment first so don't be afraid if something popps up ^^
                                                   My latest case XD I'm having it on my phone now ^u^
It's a bit messy because I made it fast but I was desperate for a new case, my old one is almost destroyed >__>

S.I.M.P #55

For you guys who don't know what S.I.M.P is it stands for "Song(s) In My Phone" yeah a bit dorky XD I usually made 1 S.I.M.P post everyday but not anymore o___o
Todays song is an old one that I've been raping lately~
2PM - Just Like The Movies
Is it only me who get this biographic picture in my head while listening to the song? I really love the bittersweet feeling you get while listening to it and the tension that builds up from the beginning to  the churos is really amazing. And then *bam* the drums plopps up . . . did you just realise what you read? O__O I'm shocked over how serious I was *daze*

Old but gold moments [Part 1/2]

I seriously love to read this awards kpop moments everyone had/has everything from your newbie days beeing a kpop fan till now ;'D I've already uploaded these pictures before but ehh why not do it again OuO
                                    Submitted by Anonymous
  Submitted by raikozu21  
                                                                   This one is just... sad ._____.

~Mnet Chart~

Lol that seems to be a big blow for FT Island XD To be pushed down from #1 to #5 during 1 week. However they're still hanging on the online votes :3 But! Something I just realised, G-Dragon's "That XX" haven't been in the list yet O__O Why not?!
And U-Kiss song Stop girl... pft the churos "stop girl in the name of loooove" is stuck on my head since 31513 weekd ago -__- But I'm not that fond over the song. They've released better ones.

What's your M - m nananan what's your 2 - 2 nanan XD


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Suju's what to call him... >__> I want to say chubby boy but some of you might see it as something negative while I see it as something positive.
Gosh.. TO Suju's chubby boy Shindong who's turning 27 years old (28 Korean age) :D

M-TIFUL - Sick Enough to Die [MV]

Rookie vocal group M-TIFUL has released the video for their newest single “Sick Enough to Die“.

Actor Choi Won Jun and member Rae Won made their debut as M-TIFUL with a digital single this past June and returned with their first mini-album ‘Broken‘ this week. The duo’s album was made with the help of rookie composer SE and producing team Real Guys. - Allkpop.

I honestly have never heard of them, that's why I copied it straight from Allkpop ^^ But why M-TIFUL? Why not B-TIFUL? It sounds like their empty..full. Hahaha empty-full xD

But here you have their MV:

Only me who thought that the voices didn't match the video? Like the video was a little before the sound.. O__o

The song however is beautiful! They sure can sing :') But didn't really get the MV. They.. protected her? Haha, don't have much to write since they didn't dance. But their singing is amazing!

SHINee - Dazzling Girl [Teaser]


I’m a bit late with this but ehh what the heck…

This was just wow! HAHAHAHA I sat there all focused on the chick watching herself in the mirror and then BAM everyone in SHINee came and throw themselves everywhere *wobble* *wobble* XD But the dance looked really awesome! And their concept now is somehow new but old. You start to think of “Hello” because of that cuteness but it isn’t a 100% cuteness. It’s more like cool-cute >__> and I like it!


For the fangirl part: OMFG ASDKFAJSDHJHSAB THEY'RE SO PRETTY AND HOT!!!! Taemin has *pfffft* changed soooo much since their debut XD Mushroom hair...

I’ve also been dreaming about SHINee lately *random* It feels weird… apparently they know how to speak Swedish in my dreams ê____ê


If I ain’t wrong the MV or “PV” will be released October 10th so shawols’, be patient~




I've probably been using every kind of word in this thing...


8 months with B.A.P

A lot of babys' *lol* are having a mini celebration nao~
It's B.A.P's 8 month anniverary, today, yesterday, tomorrow .____. They debuted with Warrior, September 25th but everyone seem to celebrate it today e__e
And I'm like "Wat . . . ~____~"
They've actually done A LOT during these 8 months... 3 different albums/MV's, actually 4 inclusive Crash, a lot of interviews and shows... That's what I call a hectical year. A lot of people *cough, me, cough* usually think that B.A.P, EXO and NU'EST are the most "wow" groups this year. Or the be more exact they're the top 3 boy groups who has left a good impact/impression for us kpop fans (there are other groups as well, note: I said top 3) but if you compare these top 3 groups B.A.P is the one who has been onging all the time and then NU'EST, lastly EXO. <-- sure they've done a lot of concerts with SM Town...

You know what I can probably write a whole essay on this without having a point... so let me just say well done B.A.P and may you always release powerful albums!~  happy 8 months ;D

Look alike: Eunkwang & Kota

THAT'S THE ONE!! XD Found this picture on google today and I've been thinking that Kota (Sunny Hill) was looking like someone... but someone I didn't know ;'D
Oh have to go uno momento..
Update: Heh my bad I had to leave... well where were I... right look alike x3 *geek* I actually thought that they were siblings so I searched a bit and guess what! They aren't siblings kekeke~ >:3

HAPPY 5 years (delayed) ANNIVERSARY Sunny Hill♥

HAPPY 5 YEARS ANNIVERSARY Sunny Hill!!! They debuted September 20th with their album Love Letter.
If I ain't wrong the guy is serving his military service. This group is so badass that I can't help to love them, especially the girl with blonde hair or "the one standing beside the guy on the latest pic".
5 years isn't little so keep releasing these weird MV's filled with joy~
                                                                                Not bad looking ey~

Big Bang members talk about Seungris Scandal

The members of Big Bang have updated fans on Seungri following his recent scandals, and spoke carefully, yet honestly about their feelings on the situation.

On September 25th, G-Dragon held his ‘GD Friends Live‘ through portal site Naver, and was also joined by fellow members Taeyang and Daesung for a talk session.

The three of them began by updating fans on T.O.P., who recently injured his hand on the set of his upcoming film, ‘Alumnus‘. Turning to the topic of Seungri, G-Dragon began, “Seungri is doing well. He’s filming in Japan right now. He’s fine.”

Despite the message, the three of them looked a bit uncomfortable talking about him. Taeyang spoke carefully, “I’ll just be frank about this. We reprimanded him a lot. He’s reflecting on his actions now. Don’t people make mistakes? I think for us, as his brothers, we need to forgive those mistakes. These are problems that we must carry with us. Once again, we reprimanded Seungri and will make sure that it won’t happen again.”

G-Dragon knelt down on his knees and held his hands up following Taeyang’s speech while Daesung added, “Shall we finish this off by saying ‘Seungri-ya, we miss you. We love you’?”

Taeyang honestly replied back, “I can’t actually say that I love him right at this moment. I think he needs more time to reflect.”

G-Dragon also stated, “I nor any of us, are in any position to be reprimanding anyone, but I will work hard if it means that we can show a better image to everyone. I think it’s all up to us as to how well we do. He’s currently self-reflecting, I know because I’ve been through it before. These times aren’t just wasted times, but times that truly help your life. Thinking about it in a different light, you can see it as a good experience as well. If you all view him in a good light, I’m sure that Seungri will be able to show you a better image as an even better man and adult.”

Concluding, G-Dragon stated towards Seungri, “Seungri, I don’t love you yet as well but I will love you and I miss you. Fighting.”

- Allkpop

What the hell is Taeyang looking at?

Sounds a bit.. harsh? No but like.. I totally understand them, but to say that they don't love him is a bit rough. It's now that he needs to be loved. But maybe this will also give Seungri a chance to really think about what he did. And it's just like TOP said. We're all human, we all do mistakes and we learn from them. Just look at GD. Last year was not the best year for him with his scandals, but he learnt and people love him now more than ever! Just give Seungri a chance to fix the mess he has made (ehm.. just realized how that sounds. You know.. because of the scandal ^^). Hahaha maybe you guys aren't ready to joke about this, but I am. I never even felt like this was such a big scandal. But other people did, and that's why Seungri is now self-reflecting.

Oh, and reprimanding means reprove.. which means:

1. To voice or convey disapproval of; rebuke.
2. To find fault with.

You better run... RUN!


Kim Soo Hyun’s epic transformation
Kim Soo Hyun <3 Everyones crush...

24K Funny Dance ("Gangnam Style"-inspired)

The dance routine is set to the tune of 
Koyote‘s old-school hit “Purity” (“Soon Jung“). - Allkpop
But it's them singing, right? Like only the tune is from Koyote? Right..? - Bo Bae

UPDATE: just saw 1:32.. It HAS to be them singing!!! HaHAhaHAhAH jk xD But you should've seen my reaction when I heard the girls voice and the guy popping up. I first thought it was him because I thought that it was 24K singing.. but then after one millionth of one second, I realized that it wasn't 24K ^^

Hahahaha omg the kid at 0:50 to the right xD He's like "Uhm.. I don't really know if that's how you do it O__o"
0:16, the guy in a white shirt.. WTH?!

Hahahahah guys.. I seriously need to fly to Korea.. like now! And just walk around. I promise you I'll find 24K dancing somewhere haha. I really really love the fact that they dance in public areas (as I have mentioned before). Hahaha the kid in the park (0:15 - 0:25 and so many more parts)

24K.. I like your SWAG!!! 

Lol:ing all the way to Narnia~

Loling...?! Obviously my vocabulary is getting very poor =____=
A few weeks ago a broker came to our house to check it out. My dad usually calls them over to get am idea of the value of our villa (don't get any high hopes, it's just a plain villa..) and of course they visit every room in the house. That includes my room, and I got 2 big-ass pictures, one of 2PM and one Big Bang poster and the guy who came a few weeks ago stared at those posters wondering what kind of human beeing I was...
Now another broker is here *note: When I mean now I mean literally right now* and checked out our house and this time I also have a Super Junior "Mr Simple poster" (2 weeks ago) on my wall. This one:
HAHAHAHAHAAH His expression was priceless! I promise that the expression was like finding out that your 80 year-old mom is having.. triplets. XD


:O I forgot to congratulate him as well!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO C-Clown's maknae who's turning *sight~* this seriously hurts... 15 years old (16 Korean age) This is the time when I seriously sit and think for myself "What are you doing with your life B.R.A? What the heck are you doing?..."
But he's cute :"3 Really cute... he doesn't look like a 15 year old boy either... *peddo noona is growing*

15& [New Duo Group]

JYP is already ready to debut a new group called 15&. Maybe you guys have heard of Park Ji Min.. the girl that won "KPOP-star", yes her. She's one of the two members in this new duo group! The other girl is still a ♫ mystery, mystery GIRL~ ♫

The new girl has apparently been a trainee for JYP Ent. for 5 years, and now she's 15. So she started when she was 10 (simple math ^^). But that went very fast for Park Ji Min!!! It wasn't that long ago she won "KPOP-star" and she's already debuting ^^ Well good for her! Her voice is amazing!!

Their debut track will be released on October 15th.

And here you have Park Ji Min singing "Rolling in the Deep"


eeeeyoooo you got my...

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haha, i lied. posting .. a few more. support us? [x
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TT^TT I seriously want to cry... but I don't know why >__>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SMEXY ACTOR Hyun Bin who's turning 30 years old today (31 Korean age)
dear lord why so old?! He's currently serving his military service and will be back December 16th, come home fast!!! >:3

Psy in Swedish newspaper, again!

Not literally but I made a similiar post a week (?) ago were they mentioned Psy in the Swedish newspaper called "Metro". In the newspaper there's a comic part with comics... XD And they "mentioned" Psy over there:
It's more like "Send a good quote for this picture and you'll win a ticket" <-- or something. And this was todays quote ^^

TVXQ - Catch Me [MV]

Wahhh :O

I don't really have high expectations when it comes to SM (You know their MV's) it's their trademark to put the idols in a room and make them dance so I'm over when it comes to that part. But this was just.. :O It didn't "sound" like TVXQ at all! It was a new side of them ^o^ And 3 things I seriously love is:

1. When they burp out some words in the beginning. It doesn't sound like a weird autotune, they're burping :3
2. Those parts when they use their metalic arms to create something something... that's just amazing!
3. The dance move when they push Changmin up from the floor 4:12, I'm like how the heck... Do you know how much strenght and muscles that requires?! Do you?! Me neither but I can't do it...

All I know is that I have to see a live performance... and to check out their new album~
Mai gawd they're gorgeous!

2PM facts~ ^o^

Taecyeon will turn into one of those who is more noisy, over-react and get aggressive when you're dealing with a woman
Chansung was a taekwando and Gumdo champ
Taecyeon is good at skiing and cooking
Jo Kwon of 2pm was so close to Jaebum that he easily cries when Jaebum comes to mind.
Jaebum chose jessica as his ideal type in several variety shows
Nichkhun is the only K-Pop idol who comes from Thailand
Chansung have a pet cat named Jungkam
Although Jaebum is no longer a member of 2PM, on Nichkhun birthday last year Jaebum wished khun a happy birthday.
Chansung can eat 40 servings of shabu-shabu

Chansung is the most bizarre member during sleep, like walking alone in his sleep (this has happened since childhood, and once he even went out of the house), delirium, his sleep position is always tilted, like sleeping on the floor never even had time to turn on the laptop, but behind the bed again. Also, before bed, Chansung prepares food at his bedside, and in the middle of his sleep, would wake up and eat the food earlier and then go back to sleep again.

Taecyeon and Chansung is the most powerful members in eating. They can eat up to 25 servings
Junho passes out anywhere when he's drunk
In addition to his big appetite, Taecyeon is a strong alcohol drinker, not yet an alcoholic.
Taecyeon is 'forced' by JYP to always plug an angry face on stage and when the album cover photo shoot
Junsu wants Wooyoung as his in-law, but Nikhun who has two sisters wants NONE OF 2PM MEMEBERS as his in laws
Junho and Junsu are equally obsessed with SNSD. Junsu because he’s always nervous when you hear the name and saw one member of SNSD, while Junho have targeted a member of SNSD who think he's cute.
I just realised that I resemble Chansung a lot o___o Sure I don't really prepare food beside me but I always have water beside me and food in my bag XD I also sleepwalk *rarely* and the floor is like a bed for me . . .

Stop gurl in the name of luub

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ahh~ Imagine to say "G-dragon touched my head"
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Block B's oldest member Lee Taeil who's turning 22 years old today (23 Korean age) hard to imagine that he's the oldest member, especially he and his special pillow... XD

Song of the week #37

Ok guys.. this may not come as a shock to you. This weeks S.O.T.W is

G-Dragon - Crayon

Everything is just perfect. The beginning, hahaha when he goes "aaaahhhhh" at 0:20 and then when he starts trimming the hair on his chin. Why so hansome!!!? DUDE, seriously, when did GD become this good-looking?! I guess it all started during the "Fantastic Baby"-era. At least for me. That's when I started to see him a bit differently ^^

Back to the video. The colors are just so.. fun! Haha can't explain it, but love the colors in this MV. And gosh.. at 0:56.. meheheheheheheh xD SO CUTE!!! But yet so sexiiiii~
And the girl that's on the TV from 1:03. I honestly thought there for a while that it was GD. But you can't see all the tattoos he has. So it's clearly not him. Hahaha but I know I'm not the only one who thought that it actually was GD. Don't know why, but I honestly, deeply and truly believed there for a while that it was him! Haha don't know if he should take that as a compliment or an insult O__o But she was hot.. so maybe it is a compliment ^^

1:13 LOL.. a guy with no pants on the top-left corner ^^
1:53 Very Isaac Newton of you xD
2:10 THAT ASS!!

And then starting from 2:15 when it all goes really fast. That's my favorite part!!
2:38 - Why so serious? xD

My favorite look of GD in this video is at 1:46. Love the messy hair ^^

The song.. IS JUST AMAZING! Honestly, no word for it. Haha Cray On.. love how they made it all like about actuall Crayons (that you draw with). Hahaha but yes.. he actually means "get your crazy on" if.. someone out there didn't get it ^^

T-ara - Day by Day Jap ver. [Teaser]

Really a Japanese version too :O If I ain't wrong it should be released September 26th XD
Day by Day isn't T-ara's best song but it's quiet different compared to their previous hits. It has that calm effect that I really like ^^

I'm curious on how the Japanese rap will sound but I don't really have high expectations because the churos felt... weird e___e *too used to the Korean version*

Drama recomendation: IS - Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei

Recently I saw a Japanese drama called *pointing up* It was quiet short, only 10 ep but it was still good ^^ The next one on my list is to watch "To The Beautiful You" but I'm waiting for the drama to be completed and facebook is torturing me with sweet pictures T__T
The drama is actually based on a manga (with the same name) so you can always read it ^^ I really like the idea behind the story it was something meaningful compared to other drama/movies I've seen. However the drama itself was only OK. It only kept you entertained at some parts. I was a bit disappointed on the ending as well ... =__= And that mom... jesus! One of the most psyched characters I've even seen O___O I would've ditched her as fast as I could XD
But I really do recomend this drama if you don't have anything else to watch. Not an amazing one but it works ^__^

I see wut you did there...

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the funny thing is... isn't that Wooyoung up there? Because they're only 6 and Jay is over there as well...
*totally ruining the macro*
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In the future... I'll name my kid to "Kim Kibum" XD And laugh at him... C:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHINee's Diva Kim Kibum a.k.a Key who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)!!
Really O__O ... He's born 1991? I thought he was an 80's kid. Ah look at that, you learn something new everyday XD

More than 400 people participate for “Gangnam Style” flashmob in Sweden

AMAGOOOOOD!!! Started to hype as hell when I saw that allkpop wrote wbout us :D
Me and BO XD This is from another clip...

Changmin (TVXQ) Eye Smile

I can not be the only one that has noticed Changmin's "Half-eye smile". Haha if you haven't noticed it before, here are some pictures:


You get the point. Haha but it's so charming!! His Eye smile is really something special.. plus that he's super adorable! ^^ Haha and he seems like such a funny guy! Have to watch shows with him (variety shows). Right now though I'm watching "Oh! My School", but after that I'll make sure to watch something with Changmin.. and Yoochun!!! He also seems to be a very funny guy xD


This weeks U.P.A.H.I

First of all... I want that album o__o it looks so cool~
Secondly This weeks U.P.A.H.I goes to the Psy flow :3 An awesome guy who said 2012's best quote:
Kpop surely is weird... I would've never thought that it would grow this much because of Psy. Oh well HEEY SEXY LADY!~

BtoB - WOW [Dance Ver.]

Haha, feels like I'm posting so many clips these days. But there is so much going on!

I.. freakin' love this! The dance during the chorus is just to die for! I get in such a dancemood when I hear this song, and when I see them dance.. I don't know what it is but I feel like fan-girling, but in a much more mature way? Can't describe it -.-'

And they dance so good! Maybe not like 24K.. did anyone else notice Sungjae's mistake at 1:24 (all the way to the right). That's the only mistake I noticed though ^^ so WELL DONE BOYS!

24K - Hurry Up [Dance Practice]

Wh..wh-what is this?! They're amazing! Haha still hung up on that "PARTY ROOOOOCK!!!!!~". He is literally screaming it xD

(UPDATE: Apparently they're screaming "Palliwa" because that means "Hurry Up" in korean.. I think xD Haha thank you Sanna for mentioning it!! But hey.. It sounded like "Part rock" or "Body rock" to me.. yeah ^^)

I'm a bit frustrated though. There are so amny new "dance-groups" debuting like BIG STAR, 100%, 24K etc. What if these groups debutet like 1 year ago. They would've been like one of the very few dance-groups out there and the competition wouldn't have been as big! Infinite would have been their competition, but now they've got all these other groups O__o

I don't get why every year, entertainments release groups that resembles the other groups. Or maybe it's just coincidence? Because I know that these groups train for years, and maybe when they decide on debuting, so does the other groups. So maybe it's just tough luck..

But I really liked this dance practice! And the fact that they did it in the middle of the street is just amazing xD Hahaha the guy from 2:00 just standing there and enjoying the free show. I'd porbably do the same ^^

Ma booo <-- random..

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Dear Lord hahahahahahah XD
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HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHA X'''D Shouldn't it be more like "Is this how Shindong feels like?" ...
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Gangnam falshmob ^o^

For you who don't know there will be a big flashmob here in Stockholm, September 22 14.00 at "Sergelstorg a.k.a plattan". Me and BO will go there but we only know how to dance the horse-riding part XD Almost 2700 people will come according to fb but I don't really think half of them will come -_-
Oh well hyyyyppppeee!!! Anyone here who will come as well? :D


 " It doesn’t matter where I stand; whether at the front or at the back, in the middle or at the side. As long as I can get on stage and do what I love, that’s enough for me."
- Hyoyeon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SNSD's Hyoyeon, one of the most amazing women ever existing on this planet ^3^ who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age) May you always have that bright smile and dance like a queen~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [To Bo's bias... XD] to JJ Project's leader JR who's turning 18 years old (19 Korean age) today!! Wait.. are they only 1 year older than us?! ONLY 1 YEAR?! HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!? O____________O

New Boy Group: OFFROAD

Oh dear lord I wanna puke soon @__@ I ate too much pizza... okay this was totally unralated with this post XD

To make things short it was an average song. I liked those jazz parts here and there, there wasn't anything WOW with their voices either and no one really impressed me XD Except the guy with 1351313 kg makeup on his face. He has a lot of charisma ^^
The guy in the middle was the one I mentioned before :3 The black haired one was funny as well ;D
You know what.. it's a shame that these ent. companies half-suck. NO ONE (almost) didn't know who they were and when they would release their MV. I just randomly found it on fb. A lot of small companies in Korea sucks at promoting their group in a unique way. A few groups have only come far and one of them for example are B.A.P. The reason why everyone knew about them before their teaser/MV for Warrior came out was the odd concept were every member was blonde. That was the biggest reason why fans started to acknowledge them. LED Apple tried it too by coloring every members' hair red. But they practically failed.
So please Korea... be more creative instead of adding "let's debut a group and see what will happen afterwards" groups in the kpop world. Because they're everywhere! Over 70 group has debuted this year, and the year isn't over yet!

Ps. I'm not mainly focusing on this group it's just something that plopped up in my mind after watching their MV.

G-Dragon - Crayon [MV photos]

Guhahahuhauahh I started to drool when I saw the second picture I have to have it as my background picture on my phone OuO He has been clearly working out if you see his arms ^o^

~Mnet Chart~

Go Go FT ISLAND!~ *power rangers* XD I'm so lame...
They do deserv the first place because that song is really, really, really good! O__O Love that spanish vibes the song gives you :3
However... Why isn't BtoB's WOW IS NOT HERE?! (on the chart..) ;w; all the 90's children are fangirling over that song XD That mix between N'SYNC, Backstreet boys and Britney Spears ;'D

That awkward moment...

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Omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD For you who don't know it's the korean move "Antique bakery"
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EXO's Chen who's turning 20 years old today (21 Korean age) every EXO fan are hyped because of his birthday ^o^
I also found a picture on his... cake?
Lol Harry Potter XD


;w; And I've missed you guys~ ... >__________>

I had 3 exams today and I'm like asdfghjl finally ovaahh!!! I'll be away from school for about 6 weeks ^^ I'm going to be an intern (praktik) somewhere, starting next week so I can update mucho >:3



The DJ at the end HAHAHAHA.. sounds like she got an orgasm xD But I totally understand. This is pure eargasm!! ^^

U-KISS - Stop Girl [Black & White MV]

The first time I ever feel soso about a U-KISS song..
I liked everything except for that "Stop in the name of love" part. I mean.. I'm a very cheesy person.. but that was just too much! Hahaha it sounds so cheesy!! Don't get why i feel like this.. I just do ^^

But I liked the dance and all hehe. And OMG.. that weave everybody has now. The one that Dongho has, Ren has and GD had.. and Dara of 2NE1 kind of has ^^ It's not.. that pretty. It's probably very styslish (I don't know), but it's not the prettiest hairstyle out there xD

So what do you think about the song/MV?


This will be a über freaky fast birthday post, no text at all:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B.E.G's maknae and my bias, Ga In who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age)
Lol I didn't know that there was gay porn in tumblr XD *lost* Found some random... stuff while searching for day day...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Dalmatian's former member Day Day who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age). Damn he's older than Ga In O__O

REALLY random things

Usually when I troll around I find these weird kpop pictures and I always tend to save them XD So I have a bunch of weird stuff...
I'm like O___O What the? What have I missed?! Dongjun half naked, wearing a wig and a skirt.. I've totally missed something here XD But he looks okay ^o^
Lol HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHA X'''D They should make the picture blanc~
Okay let's skip the whole "I have a bunch of them" more like 4 pictures XD

BtoB - WOW [The Making Of]

"Get away.. I'm cooler than him" - Changsub (3:52) HAHAHAH xD
And look at the guy with the silver jacket at the end (the guy in the top left). Look at that pose. You go girl! ^^

Why did it say that this was part two? Haha isn't this part one?
And this is part two:

And this is part 3?! Omo.. what happened to part 1 O.O
Waaah, when they played that game xD So cute!! ^^  And they're so mean to Eunkwang. Why do they keep trying to send him away?! xD
From 04:08.. random.. hahahah

TVXQ [Comeback Teaser Image of Max]

These "Comeback photos" are a bit boring.. they haven't changed at all -.-' I guess the thing fans are getting so excited about is just the fact that they're having a comeback ^^

Can I be the one girl, I should... something something...

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MYNAME comeback!

Hahaha what did I just tell you guys? There's a comeback-epidemic going on here xD

We still don't know when they'll have their comeback, or the name of their 2nd single album. All we know is that "MYNAME is coming soon" ^^

Here you have their first single (which I aboslutley love!! I even think I had it as a S.O.T.W once ^^):


Gosh.. this brings back so many memories xD It was almost one year ago they had their debut with song. And the beginning "YALALALALAALA".. kills me everytime haha. But it's so catchy! I still think "messagi" before I say "message". However.. I don't say it. No one would get it ^^

They also released "Hello & Goodbye" a few months ago. Just realized how little views this MV has O__o these guys are way too underrated!! I mean this MV made me get teary.. and if a MV manages to make one teary.. it's a freakin' good MV -.-'

100% - Bad Boy [MV]

I.Love.It! Everything! This is a promising group OuO
The dance was "ordinary" nothing "WOW" but I liked the kick they did during the end ^^ But their voices <3 I think I fell for the guy who screamed nanana WAEEEEEE XD And another one as well...

Btw was it only me who thought that the guy in the car gave me some Kris (EXO) vibes? No okay..?  .___.
This is 100% different compared to Teen Top (see what I did there?) however TOP media always tend to make the idols run while shooting the MV o____o 0:09

TVXQ comeback! + Yunho [Teaser Picture]

What time is i? It's TVXQ COMEBACK TIME! xD
On September 24th they'll release their album "Catch Me". So soon~

Feels like there will be an "Combeack"-epidemic soon ^^ First Exo, Block B and now TVXQ xD

The last time we heard from TVXQ were during their "Keep Your Head Down" era.

Ahh.. absolutley love this song :') And it was released January 3. it's about time you guys did a comeback! O__o

Hey I just met you...

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U-know time: Getting raped... see what I did there? XD

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO f(x) Amber who's turning 21 years old today (22 korean age)!! I bet that the reason why everyone loves Amber isn't because of her only beeing Amber. She's that tomboy (Is that how you spell it? XD) Every kpop idol have been waiting for. It's giving us that "WE DON'T HAVE TO BE GURLY GIRL!!!" feeling XD Well she's really pretty... happy birthday XD *plain*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Brown Eyed Girl's leader Jea who's turning 31 years old (32 Korean age) today!!! Omg hahaha so old XD But she doens't look like a 32 year old woman...  she must be one of the most gorgeous and prettiest woman/girl in the kpop world O_O I totally fell for her when I saw the MV for Sixth sense. She and Gain are just asdfghjkl <3

Block B comeback?

It's been a while that we haven't updated this category .___. but the news about Block B having a comeback has been out for a while now:
A lot of people got distracted because of his tattoo but was it only me who started to jump here and there when he laughed at the end of the clip? I'm like "YES! they're alive..."
About his tattoo, A LOT of people are freaking out here and there because of it and I found a good explanation on tumblr.
The tattoo on Zico’s chest, the one you can see from the collar of his shirt, isn’t real. It’s fake like the ones on his forearms. They were made temporary for their new MV shooting. I think most people have seen the pictures, but for those who have not, he had fake tattoos in the ones that were leaked. I’m not going to reupload or share them publicly out of courtesy for Stardom.

But! In their pictures from Incheon Airport, his forearm tattoos were faded. The one on his chest isn’t going to be as faded though, because that part of the body doesn’t come in contact with a lot of stuff unlike the underside of his arms.

Zico hasn’t had the time for a new tattoo (the time between their last performance and roughly around the time they started filming). It wouldn’t be ideal. It wouldn’t have been healed properly. It would most likely still be scabby and gross looking.

You can tell the ink sits on top of the skin - even in the low quality of the video. When you have a tattoo, it becomes matte looking, because the ink is under the skin. The color wouldn’t be as bold and vivid in comparison to the temporary method they used.



Seems legit





Classic [MV ft. J.Y. Park, Wooyoung, Taecyeon & Suzy]

I honestly have no idea what this is.. but they told me about this MV on kakaotalk ^^

0:23 MMM-MMM-MMMM!!!

The song is so cute!! And did you guys see Cahnsung?! xD
Wooyoung and Suzy.. they actually fit together ^^ They'd make one of the cutest couples out there I think xD

3:17 "It's timeless just like plastic".. I don't know if that's a very romantic way of saying it ^^ Haha because plastic isn't very romantic you know.

Ok, so to the MV. I think it's that Suzy is supposed to marry JY Park, but runs away with Wooyoung because they have this "classic love". Wooyoung and Taec are friends, so when Woozy runs off together, Taec has their back and fights against JY Parks assassins. Hehe.. my little hero ^^

EXO comeback *confirmed*

I just realised that everyone got trolled hahahahah XD It was mentioned that EXO would have their comeback around September 9th but it wasn't 100% sure. However it's finally confirmed now! Or "confirmed"...

“The SM Entertainment lineup includes TVXQ who are gearing up for their comeback later this mofollowed by Girls’ Generation who may release something as soon as this October in Korea. Afterwards, EXO will be releasing their full-length album, but as of now there are no plans for SM to debut a new artist or idol group.”
- Allkpop
So it makes sense that EXO will debut around November ^o^ However I also heard that SHINee would have a comeback as well?





Pia & Zico - Oasis [Acoustic Ver.]

OxO ZICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, I really want you guys to make your freakin' comeback already.. T_T But maybe this is a good start, you know.. start slow ;D

So this song is an OST for the drama 'Golden Time'

Ehm.. just 9 seconds in the song and I'm like WTH? ^^ Can you see the subtitles? It said "I need you, I need love - I am a sad camel walking on a barren land.."

Well, if you only listen to the song, it's quite good. And who would have thought that Pia was a boy? ^^ In Sweden, "Pia" is a girls name xD

Honestly, the biggest reason why I wanted to show you guys this song is because Zico from Block B is in it. It might not be his best song, but at least he's making one! And soon maybe Block B will reunite and release more awesome songs!

But once again, this song.. the more you listen to it, the better it gets ^^

In and out

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idr if i posted this before or not, its just so random xD

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Oooopp.... op, op, op, op, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! I wanted to write Ohop! Almost like a ooohoooo ... =__= You have to hear in live before it makes sense. The week is almost over and I forgot to make a U.P.A.H.I >:3
This weeks *fast dedication* goes to~~~~
Mr Minho... Choi Minho
It's late, I'm tired, sick and this is my reaction now:

100% Tracklist

                            Andy and TEEN TOP introduce their new junior group, ’100%’


woop woop~ Tracklist~

Well I just found their tracklist and I can't really read Korean so you have to guess for the songtitle on numero dos. But I'm reeeeeaaalllyyy looking forward to their debut! Those teasers sounds really promising and amazing! :D

The album will be released September 21 so the MV will come out... soon?

Track list

01. We, 100%
02. 나쁜놈
03. Still Again
04. 나쁜놈 (Inst.)





G-Dragon - Crayon [MV]

Words cannot describe the awesomness in this MV!!! O___O

HAHAHAHAHA OMG where to start?!?! I went through like... 3194879 different emotions while watching this! Hyped, happy, exited, dorky, fangirl etc. I started to hype as hell when he took of that shirt OuO And laughed through the whole MV. This is a new side of GD I haven't seen and it's awesome! And that girl part... ahh~ X'D
The song itself is quiet good, I still prefer That XX and lastly One of a kind. It's not bad but I still love That XX :p Btw is it only me who thinks G-Dragon is getting ***** hot? O____________O I never got those vibes during tonight or from their first albums but after Alive he has gotten more and more handsome! ^3^
Did he really pierce in his ear?! ê___ê It must hurt like ****!

100% - We, 100% [Teaser 1&2]

No way!! This is awesome xD This group can dance!!! (I think..)
And it all sounded very good. Except for that "100%"-voice. In the first teaser, it felt like he rushed it. In the second teaser, he said it with so much emotion(!!) but the accent ruins everything O__é

So who else is ready for their debut?!
But I don't really know when they're releasing their song.. It doesn't say in the info-box OxO

One of those funny stuff #2

As I said before this isn't something "funny" it's more like a freaky funny thing making you more obsessed than you are... *dam dam daaaaam*
Btw it's both EXO M & K
It's funny how I got the first one 3 times but with different members =____=
But then!!!
Kekekekekek~ >:3 Oh stop it OuO

Gangnam macros~

I've been saving/finding a lot of gangnam macros everywhere now so why not dedicate one for Psy~

HAHAHAHAHA I love this one!!! ;D


:OOOOO How could I forget?!?!?! ;w; 

... It's a bit awkward that I almost forgot his birthday .____. He's one of my biases in CN Blue after all XD
yeye~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CN Blue's maknae Jungshin who's turning 21 years old today (22 Korean age) May you always keep that long hair of yours <3


Me right now... I hope that you're admiring the awesome art here~ *paint ftw*
I'm both dead and sick right now. I've been out the whole day and that was a big mistake... I want to cry, dance, scream, pee. No I don't but, yeah ê__ê

One word: Adios~

*random post that shouldn't be published but I'm doing it anyway*

Psy on Swedish newspaper!

Usually when I go to school I always take one of those newspapers called "Metro", yeah those are free here in Sweden, anyway... all of a suddden I saw Psy on one of the pages and started to fangirl with a friend beside me XD

"Psy a South Korean rapper's MV "Gangnam Style" has been seen for over 158 000 000 times and is on the second place on the Swedish iTune chart. This week Britney Spears got a private lesson with the special dance by himself on "The Ellen Show". and Jay Leno has also been showing a fake humour clip with the presidential Candidate Mitt Romneys head on a person who's dancing "Gangnam Style""

You know what this was a fast as hell translation so it sounds weird at some parts XD But I have to go now~

Huh Gak - Hello & I Told You I Want to Die [MV]

Okey guys.. this is such an emotional song. My eyes start tearing up just listening to the firt few seconds.
If you cried to Huh Gak's "I Wish"... then get ready to cry rivers!

Hello (part 1 of the MVs)

I Told You I Want to Die (part 2)

I... just can't stop the tears TT_TT
Not only is the MVs so God damn sad, but his voice in the background makes everything worse!!! (in a good way). Gosh.. and I thought before that Big Bang's Haru Haru was the best "cry to"-song out there.

Anyone else there who cried, or am I just too sensitive?
TIP!! Watch it by yourself. When I watched it with B.R.A... That guy has no emotions!! He didn't shed one single tear. My tears ran from my eyes like a freakin' waterfall!!

I luuub you~

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (Y) Well the reason why we haven't been writing about his "sex scandal" is because the whole thing seem to be... dorky... firstly we don't even know if that's true, the whole thing can be a big *****. secondly, so if he had sex? we fans don't need to know that stuff especially the bad wb fanfic allkpop wrote (also called article...) about it XD I don't know why but I could totally see YG in front of me scolding Seungri's ass ;'D
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Spica - I'll be there [Teaser]

Wonderful comebacks/debuts everywhere~ *flying away* Okay that was obviously random... It's hard to belive that the year is almost over .___. Only a few months left and a lot of big groups will have their comeback soon ^3^
Okay about SPICA, In my opinion they are the best girl group who has debuted this year. They haven't let me down (so far) I loved Russian roulette and painkiller. However this is a totally new concept and I'm actyally really curious to see how it will turn out o__o Actually it's like a bigfoot step from Painkiller to this ê__ê
The MV will be released September 19th ^u^

BtoB - Press Play [2nd Mini Album]

01. WOW

02. Press Play ft. G.NA

03. I Didn't Know About Love

04. My Girl

Ok, so there is no doubt that the first song is my favorite. However, "My Girl" and "I Didn't Know About Love" are very good as well. "My Girl" is like this amazing RnB song that makes me very relaxed and.. it makes me feel good!! ^^

One more thing.. I didn't know that the entire album would be 90s inspired xD They all have that hint of the 90s in them. Or maybe not a hint, it's super obvious that the entire album is 90s inspired!! ^^ AND I LIKE IT!! I love the 90s (the music.. and the clothes that they wore during that time ^^), and the 90s was my entire childhood. So thumbs up for that!!!! ^3^

So what did you guys think? I didn't really like "Press Play", but I adored all the other songs ;D

100% - We [Teaser]

Oh .________________. This looks really proimising! I was wrong in so many ways! I thought that they would be another version of Teen Top, but I was so wrong XD
I'm actually quiet hyped over their debut :3

HAPPY 2 years (delayed) ANNIVERSARY Dalmatian♥

Amagod I'm so soreeey!! Dalmatian debuted August 31th and and... it's September now ;w; HAPPY 2 YEARS ANNIVERSARY DALMATIAN!! May you have another comeback as you did with your previous one, if you know what I mean >:3
And we're wating for you Dari~

~Mnet Chart~

O__O You know what is it only me who don't get how all the T-ara fans are thinking? Are they pity voting/hate voting or fan voting for them? I personally love "Sexy Love" but I'm getting a bit sceptical when they are #1 on the online votes. Well well... I also listened to Pandora, *cough after 2 weeks cough* And that song is aweeessommmee!!!! XD 

Btw what happened to Suju's Spy O__________________O

Huh Gak - It Hurts [MV]

Just realized. Long ago I wrote about a song that made me cry so hard, and that I didn't want to put it up on the blog because I wanted B.R.A to see it with me first ^^ Or wait.. maybe I never even said that. But I thought like that! So later today I'll post the song(s) xD

Why I wrote that here is because the song(s) are from this artist ^^

(The girl is A Pink's Na Eun... why are all the members of A Pink so pretty!!?~
Oh, she's also the girl in B2ST's MVs "I Like You The Best", "Beautiful" and "Breath")

Omg.. Huh Gak's voice is just so beautiful!! (He's not the guy in the video). And the story.. all of his songs has these amazing stories behind them. This is actually part 2 of the story. If you want to see part 1 click here. Trust me, it's worth it :')

But seriously, this guys voice.. I could just sit and listen to it all day.
So stay tuned for later today, because I'll show you my absolute favorit "cry"-song. I cried even more to it than I cried to Big Bang's "Haru Haru" O__o

she's a maniac~ MANIAC!

created by: Edittan
Omg hahahahaha it's one of those bad ones just like "Himchan & Herchan" XD
By SlaveOfLunacy
For you who don't underestand: The Ring
Nobody knows.


Ups... I made this post September 12th but their birthdays are today XD *fail*
Damn he looked really hot in the last picture O__O
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Block B's leader Zico who's turning 20 years old today!! (21 Korean age) duudee you're turning into a man!!! ;D
Hope you'll have a comeback soon because believe me... The T-ara controversy gave probably every group out there a second chanse to make a comeback XD *not beeing a bitch*
This girl is my freaking bias in After School, she's so hot O__O And pretty XD No but she must be one of the most prettiest idol out there *o*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO After School's Nana who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)~

Secret - Poison [MV]

DAAAANG, that first girl got curves!! xD Sexiiii~
And this felt like an "evil" version of Charlies Angels ^^ You know, the way they made things work and how they got the information they wanted etc.
And I got that in the end, we were supposed to get that "AHAAAA" feeling.. but I didn't get it O__o Or maybe I'm just slow haha ^^

And the song.. not bad! Very catchy. And OMG the dance!! I'm surprised that this video didn't get banned O.O I mean it's very.. sexy. Hahaha the beginning, I was afraid I was going to see something I shouldn't see an idol do xD If you know what I mean, hehe..

New Boy Group: 100%

I wrote about 100% a looooong time ago you've probably forgotten it... *sad* XD Oh well it's finally official their debut single will be released September 20th.
And this is what allkpop wrote:

The 100% members were first introduced to the public this past summer on SBS MTV‘s ‘TEEN TOP’s Rising! 100% – Issue and War‘. CEO Andy of Shinhwa previously revealed, “The members of 100% joined the company as trainees before TEEN TOP, but TEEN TOP ended up debuting first. I feel that it was because of good timing that we have TEEN TOP and 100% where they are. Like Shinhwa, I hope that 100% will be a group that goes on to have a long career.”

This must be the first group who's debuting with an athletic theme. Sure some groups have been trying the school theme but no one has ever done this one ;-)
I don't know what to expect because they're called "Teen Top's *brother* group" so I somehow think that they'll have a similiar music style with Teen Top~

G-Dragon - 1st Mini Album [Photos]

O___O Lol the last one XD the difference between the first and last picture XD I actually liked it, a lot. Especially that "old-theme" pictures.
However was it only me who LOVED the 4th picture? I want that hat ;w; And his lips asdfghjkl *dead* ///

U-KISS - Stop Girl [MV Teaser]

Hahahaha omg.. what to say. I loved it until 0:21 "Stop in the name of love". NDALSFNALLASDG it's sooooooo bmfaölfnsklgsng (and not in a fangirl way.) WAEEEEE?!

Please don't let this be a cheesy song, PLEASE! I've honestly liked every single song U-KISS has ever made. So please don't disappoint me now guys T_T

Hahaha and did you guys notice at the end that they spelled "Coming Soon" as "Comming Soon" xD And Dongho at 0:17 looked like NU'ESTs Ren ^^
But I thought that they wouldn't release any more music without AJ? O__é Because I didn't see him in the teaser???? Well well.. The entire 7th mini album will be released on September 20th!

Close to me nananan~

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the solo artist G.NA who's turning 25 (26 Korean age) today!!~
Truth to be told... I thought she was muuuuuch older, around 30? XD I don't know why but it's something that makes her look older .___.

About blaqteenpop...


How should I begin with this crappy post... a while ago I saw that a "close" blogger stoped updating her blog because of her studies and I've been thinking about this as well... A lot of people say that second year in high school is pure hell and I'm that nolifer who's thinking "eh it's school?" but I was wrong *dramatic voice* I've been in school for... what 2 weeks? and I want to hire an assassin right now, so he/she can kill me. We.Have.So.Many.Things O___O That's why our blog has been so sucky lately

So to make this short I've been thinking about stopping to update this blog but... but I can't ;w; I have to see how things will turn out my dear friends~
This is everything I have until next week, yeah it's in Swedish my bad...
Note: I have 3 exams in 1 day, I actually had 4 but we complained a bit and decreased it to 3 instead ;3

U-Kiss solo image teasers

Wait... didn't they say that they would have a "break" while AJ is in the US? Or was it me who totally misunderstood the whole thing? XD
Oh well, apparently U-Kiss is going to release a 7th mini album called "Stop Girl"           
                 Posted Image
                 Posted Image
                 Posted Image
                 Posted Image
What's up with the side-cut and having a long hair extension on the side? o__o It's one of those "I don't know if he actually look really good or really bad" moments >___>
But this looks promising, somehow. They haven't released a teaser or anything but everything U-KISS does is awesome! (y) However Doradora wasn't their best album... *abrupt ending*

T-ara's Black Ocean

I wrote about the word Black ocean a few months ago and it should be somewhere in the blog XD I don't know if you've seen the latest news about T-aras black ocean:
Standing in front of fans live for the first time since the T-ara controversy, T-ara experienced the longest performance ever with no excitement from the audience.
On September 8, T-ara stood on stage at the 2012 World Conservation Congress K-Pop Nature+ Concert, where the members were unfortunately met with cold responses from fans.
As soon as the group took the stage, it’s said that some members of the audience turned off their glow sticks and refrained from cheering, creating the ‘black ocean.’ Fan accounts say that a group of fans started chanting, “Ryu Hwa Young,” referring to the T-ara member who was kicked out of the group earlier in August.

T-ara performed Sexy Love on Mnet’s M Countdown and MBC’s Music Core a week before, but this was the first time performing its newest song live.

After the performance, the news of the ‘black ocean’ started seeping into online communities, where fans had a divide of opinions. Some said that the T-ara members made their comeback too soon, while others said the media was over exaggerating the event.
I, personally don't have any grudge towards T-ara, their music is still awesome and I love the way they dance but seriously... this was quiet predictable. I don't know how that CEO thinks but all I can say that his plans are half failing. Sure T-ara is still selling a lot of albums but their reputation is still sinking like a rock. That CEO is probably thinking that they should keep going with their activities as if nothing has ever happened but you know... kpop fan remember EVERYTHING, literally XD
Well at least they got some applauses after their performance...

BtoB - WOW [MV]


WOW!! Haha the way the scream wow.. rawr xD
But man.. I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS, I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS!! Hahaha and the cloths, omg.. such memories ^^ Even if I was born in 1995, and missed 5 years of the 90's.. it still brings back memories! You guy do see what they're wearing right? It's like typical 90's. But there is so much swag in it! LOL.. swag ^^

So you probably already know that I love the song. But the MV?
I aboslutley fell in love with the dance (even though it wasn't all that). Haha did you guys notice the butt-touch at 02:04, and the "I Am the Best"-dance at 03:16? ^^
But I didn't really get the MV ^^ Or.. maybe I did. Ok, so there's this girl.. and she's like WOW. Then you can see how she blows everyone away, literally (02:28). And the boys LIIIIIIIIKE IT, th-th-they LIIIIIIKE IT~ ^3^

Haha, I'll be playing this song on repeat for the next couple of days ^^
Now we're waiting for a live performance!! 

My body hurts @__@

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BtoB - WOW [Lyric Trailer]

What the fudge is a lyric trailer?

So that's a 'Lyric Trailer'.. It's amazing.. O__O Hahahah omg.. this song! I'm almost ready to put this teaser into my phone. "put this teaser into.." sounded wrong hahahahha. Well you know what I mean~

Gosh, you gotta love the guitar, and when they go up in falsetto (0:37 - 0:55), OH MY SWEET LORD!!! And how they just made the teaser in general, genius. It almost felt like karaoke xD Yeah, and I'm still sticking with my
"Backstreet Boys/Michael Jackson/NSync"-feeling for this song. Haha this sounds just like the 90's, BUT I LOVE IT! However, their english pronunciaton could have been better (talking about the first few seconds..)
Dude.. I can't wait for this MV and entire song to be released. ARE YOU READY?!!!! OH-E OH-E OK!!

It's BtoB ya'll.. you better be ready O__é


New Boy Group: Wonder Boyz

Lol Wonder Boyz XD I've actually been waiting for a group whose name is "Wonder Boys" to debut. Well would you look at that ^o^
They will debut during October, so it's good for me (y) XD The text reminded me of Twilight *geek* haha and they're going to make a reality show called "Ta-dah It's Wonder Boyz" just like B.A.P (haven't seen it yet O__O)
The first episode of ‘Ta-Dah! It’s Wonder Boyz’ will be broadcasted on September 18 so people in Korea... get ready!!


Oh dear lord we're sorry XD My internet didn't work yesterday and I had school the whole day while BO was just BO ;'D
Our bad guys~ ;w;

Funny Headline..

Bo Bae has them too O__o


HAHAHAHA, why am I laughing so hard?! x'D

And lastly, FUNNY ENGRISH!!! (non KPOP)

KPOP Orchestra

Omg.. hahahaha, DAEBAK!!! So these are the songs I heard:

1. Lucifer (00:07 - 00:026)
2. Ring Ding Dong (00:26 - 00:38)
3. Bonamana (00:38 - 00:52)
4. Man Man Ha Ni (00:52 - 01:07)
5. ??????? (01:07 - 01:21)
6. Shock (01:21 - 01:38)
7. Haru Haru (01:38 - 01:47)
8. I Hope (01:47 - 02:14)
9. ??????? (02:14 - 02:42)
10. Mystery (02:42 - 02:53)
11. HUH (02:53 - 03:08)
12. Bo Peep Bo Peep (03:08 - 03:21)
13. ?????? (03:21 - 04:20) This might be two songs...
14. Believe (04:20 - 04:51)
15. GEE (04:41 - 06:27)

What the hell was on those "??????"-parts? O__o But still, SHESUS, THIS IS TOO COOL!! xD Need to start my own orchestra now..

T-ARA - Sexy Love [In Tokyo MV]

It's freakin' crazy how they move like that!!! I tried to see if maybe they paused and played the video to make it look like they move like robots. But if you look from 1:50, you can see that the guy walking in the background is walking normaly. Like he's not stoping and then walking again as if the video would have been paused. So the girl dancing at that time is just that good!! Or.. did he stop? It almost feels like he stopped O__o So maybe the girls aren't that good at moving like robots O__é

And the girl at 2:14 is really pretty. Like really super pretty ^3^ And the little girl at 3:24 (to the left). Is that the new member that's 14 years old? Because I heard something about a new member that would be 14 years old. And she looks like she could be 14 years old xD

OH AND GUYS!! guys.. GUYS!! It's one of those MVs I love!! Haha these MVs is so much more charming than real MVs.. Because here you can feel the idols being more down to earth and relatable. But then again.. I love watching MVs that has a great story behind it. These don't really have a story. It's more like a home-made clip ^^ But that's why it's so charming!!!


FT Island - I Wish [MV]

No way.. I freakin' love this!!! The song is flawless, the MV is awesome and just dajklfalhgankögrnag!!#!"# *fangirling*. AOA should look at this MV and take it as inspiration. I mean they both belong to FNC ent. so how come FT Island can make a great MV "Band Ver." while when AOA does it, they honestly just stand there... There should be a story behind the MV, just like in this one!!

And shesus, the guitar-parts.. absolutley AMAZING! And just the music in general. Like the drums as well. I just realized that I've been starting to listen a lot to the actual music.. haha just like B.R.A. I don't only listen to the song. Now I pay attention to their voices and the music.

For example.. F(x) "Electric Shock". OMG, the bass in the background and the beats are so good! I always get amazed about that part of the song. This is probably because I have way to much time between leaving my home and getting to the school. So I listen to the music. And since there is no MV, I don't have that much to pay attention to ^^

Well, yeah.. I don't have anything bad at all to say about this MV. But Hongki.. your hair T_T I guess I could live with it. However.. I prefer you in longer hair ^3^


R-rated stuff... once again

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Lol Yesung standing there like a happy kid XD

Some pictures of AA in Japan :3

For you who don't know who AA (Double A) is.. search for them XD They're a group who debuted with a song called "Going crazy" (?) And I've been seriously waiting for a comeback now... However there aren't any news about them having a comeback yet but I saw some pictures that were uploaded on fb during their time in Japan. Or maybe they're in Japan now O_O

Song of the week #36

Ok.. this is a "not so super new" song. But at least it's a song -.-

AOA - Elvis

I feel like I should put up the 'Band Ver.' because everyone is in the MV. But they just stand there.. Sure they're a band, and maybe thats like the true side of them. However I prefer watching them dance than just standing there.

Ok, so the song.. IS AWESOME!!! No idea what they're saying, but it doesn't matter ^^ And they're all so pretty O◡O And gosh so talented, and so cute, and so.. everything good xD I hope they make other songs like this! This was great!! Really really really like this song. And what the heck.. here's the 'Band Ver.'

It's ok the first minute, but then it just gets boring -.-' Only me who thinks so??

INFINITE [Dance Practices]

Yesterday I wrote about ZE:A's dance practice video. I mentioned that I thought Infinite was the best "in sync" dance group out there. This is why:


Be Mine

Come Back Again

See what I mean?! They're crazy! It's all in sync, it's powerful, they move very sexiii~ xD Haha it's all just perfect! And in the last one (which is my favorite BTW. Both the song and the dance), they looked like they had so much fun!! And omg.. Dongwoo, YOU SEXY MOFO! (sorry for my language.. for those of you who know what MOFO means ^^) but daaaaaang boy! You're making mama go crazy.. mehehehe, but I don't mind.

So yes, this is my favorite group when it comes to dancing. 2PM is also pretty good, but they're more like athletes dancing. Infinite is like dancers dancing ^^


YG's Child Actors

I had noooo idea that YG ent. had 2 child actors in their company O__O I think they're the "only" children over there, if I ain't wrong. Both of them are brothers and I saw some pictures of the younger one in YG ent. family application, that's how I found out about them~
Child Actors- Yang Brothers… The Newest addition to the YG Family!

Yang Hyun Mo (right on pic)
•Born in 1999 (13y/o)
•Acted in Goo Hye Sun’s 2012 Movie: “Fragments of Sweet Memories”
Yang Gyung Mo (left on pic)
•Born in 2001 (11y/o)
•Debuted in Kang Dong Won’s 2010 Movie: Haunters; dubbed as “Little Kang Dong Won”
•Acted in Kim Soo Ro’s
He's also one of the casts in the new drama "Fortune tellers"
This kid... can't be 13 ._____________________________. When I was 13 I wore cloths with cartoon characters, weird pants, i had barbie sheets and the word makeup didn't exist in my world... I also met BO when I was 13... oh dear god I'm so old *running away*
This guy doesn't look like an 11-year-old kid either... when I was 11... hahahahahahahaa just kidding XD
I'm surprised that YG ent. actually has some child actors, or maybe I'm the slow one over here but I have to search more about them, later... >__> They're so... small @__@

I feeeeel goood~ Not really..

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ACTOR/SINGER Jung Il Woo who's turning 25 years old today (26 Korean age)!!! :D
I don't know why but he's secretly my bias I've seen some dramas with this guy and I love his acting, especially in High kick ^o^
Well I hope that you'll have a great day!!! ^3^

Going to watch the VMA now~

I know that it was aired like.. 2 days ago. But me and my friend still hasn't seen it -.-' But it'll air 8:30 PM so need to hurry!! Hahahaha you guys know that Psy was there right?! I haven't watched any clips on youtube or anything because I want to fangirl when I see it on TV hahaha ^^

But here is something I haven't watched from the VMA's.. hope it's good ^^

Ok, not going to ruin anything for me now. Haha have any one of you guys seen it yet?! (the VMAs that is xD)

Dimple Couple shares their first kiss [WGM]

I'm not the biggest We Got Married fan. But I do like some of the clips on youtube xD But now that Lee Joon will be there.. I honestly don't know if it makes me want to see the show even more or just not at all -.-' Haha, but I guess it's good for my future husband to practice a little before we get married ^3^

Anywho, the Dimple Couple (Lee Teuk and Kang Sora) said their goodbyes in the last episode as the dimple couple. Because I don't know anything, here is what Allkpop had to say:

The two spent their last moments together at the “dimple house” where they went through their photos, items, and wedding album. Leeteuk surprised viewers with his attempt to kiss Sora on the cheek. He failed at first, seeming shy and hesitant, and Sora responded, “Why didn’t you?” He was later successful, however, giving her a smooch right on the lips.

Love how she just let her hands fall down, just standing there. Naaaw, and they were crying T_T. Well, they had a good run!! xD

ZE:A - Phoenix [Dance Practice]

Can't help it. Just love the dance moves they do while singing "fire fire fire burn f-f-f-f-fire burn".

This dance is not bad! It's actually pretty good, and I like that it feels kind of like a MV but it's really not. Then again, that takes a way the feeling that this is just a practice. You know, something so we can see the more "down to earth" side of our idols. This makes it feel not so "down to earth"-y. You get what I'm trying to say here? Haha but I still liked it!

However they could have been more in sync. ALL groups have this problem -.-' except for Infinite.. and Teen Top ^^ Those groups are crazy in sync!

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I'm like: Wut the heck did I miss? @__@
I haven't been paying that much attention towards Cross Gene, the only song I've heard is La Di Da Di Da (<-- did I spell it right? XD) I should listen to Rock your body as well.
However this is just... *_____* Hahahaha the hand in the first pic, I seriously want to touch his abs O__O They seem to be.. too perfect.
Oh btw it's Casper from Cross Gene :3

Siwon Rumours

There were some rumours that the reason why Siwon didn't join Suju in Taiwan was because of him having hepatitis. First of all, take it easy. Hepatitis is a kind of liver disease and you can have everything from hepatitis A to G. Some of them are curable while others can be serious. However Siwon does not have hepatitis.
It was said that the news came from legit sources, but his dad confirmed that Siwon never visited the hospital.

So I believe that everything is fine and if it was something serious, SM would've said it as fast as possible. I don't know if they'll announce anything right now but once again, rumours said that SM would have a press conference about Siwon's condition today. (?)
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FT Island - I Wish [Teaser]

Dat intro .___. <333
Thought it would be just like MBLAQ's Oh Yeah, but then everything changed. I've been replaying this teaser
non-stop right now. It sounds really awesome! I want to listen to the whole album now :3
The MV will be released September 10th, only 2 days left. I believe that their album will be released by then as well.
01. 좋겠어 (I wish) (Title)
02. 너의 말
03. Stay with me
04. U(All I want is you)
05. 보내주자…
06. Paper Plane
07. WANNA GO (세상 끝나지 않는 노래)
08. LIFE
09. Compass (그 길)
10. Let it go!

UPDATE: Is that painted toenails? O__é / Bo Bae

Uno, Dos, STRESS!

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Is that photoshoped? HAHAHAHAHAH

Umma style!

OMG hahahahaha (Y) :D One of my friends uploaded this and gosh... Can you be my mom? They are a kickass duo!!! XD The son reminded me of my classmate I thought it was him for a while @__@ Well Psy surely is the new it in the Music world, go kpop! *lame* XD

Eye Candy - HNNNNNNG!!

1/100 gifs of my babies; jongup the noona killer

Koreans + English (part 6) B1A4

Haha too cute!!! The guys.. omg xD And did Baro really say "I know sh*t" at 0:37?! Hahahaha, and Saendul "NOO!!" at 0:33. It's asnfsdgnsdlkgr, HE SOUNDS SO AFRAID! xD

Haha, these are some of the english parts from "Hello Baby" ep. 4

~Mnet Chart~

I'm soooooo tired and exahausted, thank god it's friday!! I have 423523 homeworks and exams till next week and this has absolutely nothing to do with the post XD

I have to admit, I'm completely off when it comes to the kpop world. The only song (new) I've heard is GD's that XX. Otherwise I don't really have the time >_> I need to find a clip on GD's live performance because that my friend is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard!
SPY is still on numero une with over 50% of the votes and I seriousl have to watch Leeteuk's goodbye stage ;w;

BtoB - WOW [MV Teaser]

0:15 Peniel

0:16 SungJae

0:17 HyunSik :) <XD

0:19 EunKwang

0:20 IlHoon

0:24 ChangSub

0:29 MinHyuk

No. F'ing. Way. THEY'RE BACK!! I've been waiting for you guys! xD And this teaser is amazing. The song first reminded me of MBLAQ's "Oh Yeah" and after a while I started to think about Michael Jackson's "Black or White". Then it reminded me of something else.. can't really remember what the song was called, but I think it's from something the Backstreet boys did ^^ And they're all good, so this song can't be anything below good!

But then again.. I've been wrong before. The entire song will be released on September 12th. Only 5 more days!

Dirty dancing~

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Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo new couple on WGM~

Yeah this is some "old" news because it's spreading like fire! I texted BO in the morning while laughing my ass of! Muhahaha it's official BO, your little hubby is in a fake-marriage! ;'D

It was mentioned previously that actress Oh Yeon Seo had been recruited as part of a new couple for ‘We Got Married‘ and that Lee Joon was one of the candidates that the show had been considering. It seems the two are now confirmed as the new couple for ‘We Got Married’, taking the place of Leeteuk and Kang Sora.

According to a broadcast representative, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Joon have been confirmed for the show’s season four, and are scheduled to begin their lives as a “married” couple starting with the episode airing on September 15th.

Oh Yeon Seo has been rising in popularity with her role as CNBLUE Minhyuk‘s love interest on the extremely popular drama, ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly‘, while Lee Joon has been earning laughs with his slightly “4D” character on various variety programs.

With their recruitment, Leeteuk and Kang Sora couple will be saying goodbye. Rumors of Leeteuk leaving the show had been going around for a while as it seemed inevitable with his enlistment coming up. He and Kang Sora began their appearance on ‘We Got Married’ back in October of last year and will now be wrapping up filming for the show.

‘We Got Married’ season four will continue on with couples Oh Yeon Seo & Lee Joon, Yoon Se Ah & Julien Kang, and SECRET‘s Sunhwa & ZE:A‘s Kwanghee.


I see... Searched a bit on this chick and I found some MV she has been in:

  • LUV - "I Still Believe in You" (2002)
  • LUV - "Orange Girl" (2002)
  • Big Mama - "Never Mind" (2006)
  • BGH4 - "Please" (2006)
  • Kim Jang Hoon - "Smile, Because I Am a Man" (2007)
  • Fly to the Sky - "Chui Jung Jin Dam" (2008)
  • Big Bang - "With U" (2008)
  • 2AM - "You Wouldn't Answer My Call" (2010)
Well let's see how this will turn out ;)

SECRET - Poison [Teaser]

... I know nada about Secret but I got really hyped when I saw their teaser. O__O Love this dedective/sexy theme they have and I was like "I see what you did there" when I saw their name for the MV Secret Poison, you know hahaha XD One of the girls looked really familiar then I realised, it was Hyosung >___>
Btw is it only me who's waiting for someone from NU'EST to plopp up in their MV?

G-dragon - That XX [Audio uncensored + Tracklist]

I don't know if some of you have searched or found this yet but a few days ago I found the uncensored version and I can clearly say that it sounds better without those *piips* XD
The lyrics are quiet meaningful that's why I love GD's songs. However I always wondered why the song got censored, obviously it was something bad in it but what? They also write XX on the translation but then i saw the comment XD

Me: Ohh... OHHHHH!!! Dat was some dirty language!
XD But it makes sense now ;D
I really want to buy his album, it looks so cool :O You can pre-order it now but I want to listen to all of his songs before I buy it. I want to see if I love the majority of the songs in the album ^o^ *lame person*
      G-Dragon 1st Mini Album - One of a kind

01.One Of A Kind

02.크레용 (Crayon)

03.결국 (ft. ? of YG New Girl Group)


05.Missing You (ft. 김윤아 of 자우림)

06.Today (ft. 김종완 of Nell)

07.ALBUM BONUS TRACK : 불 붙여봐라 (ft. Tablo, Dok2) 
It's so pretty ;w;

24K - Hurry Up [MV]

A new group!! 24K (Two Four K).. I thought it stood for like gold. Because we use "karat" here in Sweden but in USA you use "Carat". So I guess that was a stupid theory ^^ The name would only make sense in Sweden then xD

So yes, this group is apparently divided into two groups, 2K and 4K. 2K is the hip hop group of the group and 4K is the band. I guess kind of like AOA ^^ (that kind of band)
More like 2PM and 2AM / B.R.A

Hurry Up

Hmm.. this song was building up my excitment so much at the beginning but sadly the BIG BANG never came
-.- I mean the song was OK. It had some good parts, but it wasn't amazing. However I really liked the entire last minute ^^ Like EVERYTHING that happaned from 3:00 until the end, I liked ;D

But omg.. -.- when they screamed "PARTY ROCK" or "BODY ROCK" (couldn't tell the difference). It sounded seriously like they were just yelling and got a sore throat. That'swhat it sounded like to me. A couple of teenagers having sore throats trying to yell ^^

So what did you think about 24K? :D

shake it, shake it~

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Well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO C-Clown's pwetty (I know it's pretty >_>) leader Barom/Rome who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) today~ Ehm... *awkward silence* Well I hope that you'll have a great day? It's not like we know that much about C-Clown, they should make a show ^o^
And now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZE:A's rapper Minwoo who's also turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) today ^o^ I've finally memorised everyone's name in ZE:A so I'm starting to make this work XD
It's so much in the school so it's hard to put all our focus on the blog as we did during the summer (duhh XD) I'm going to have an exam today... after beeing in school for 1 week... XD (Y)
Okay we don't give a shit about me now HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!

ASDFGHJKL Have to share my story!!

I've been fangirling for myself the whole day now!!! You know Gangnam style has opened a whole new road for kpop and I just noticed it today XD I have a classmate that I'm trying to turn into a kpop freak (It's a chick) but it isn't going well... HOWEVER!!!

During a lesson today:

A (guy) friend: *humming a song*
Me: Oh so yo've heard it? :D
Him: Yeah
Me: *Damn... which song was it?!* O__O

*10 minutes later*

Me: Can you sing it again?
Him: Yeah...? Nanananananana Gee Gee Gee Gee

No, but I started to fangirl really hard. Then another friend (guy) plopped up and started to hum that melody
Me and the other dude: BABY BABY BABY!

The whole class watched us like freaks but I'm hiiiigh, I'm soo hiiighh!! and that girl friend of mine (that I'm trying to turn into a kpop freak) started to sing to 2PM's Hands Up and all of a sudden another girl passes by and says "Ah that song sucks"
Me: At least she knows the song ;w;

I think I love my class right now... <3333

T-ARA - Sexy Love [Robot Dance Ver.]

WAAAH!! TOO COOL!!! Hahahha this was freakin' awesome. They really moved like robots and really looked like dolls xD And the song, no matter how lame the lyrics are, it's super ctachy! ^^ Told you.. sometimes I just need time to like a song. Because now I really like this song!! YAAY!! xD
And I like the dance as well... ^^ But it looks funny when they smack their butts (0:32). Haha and then they go like "whoops.."

HAPPY 3 years (delayed) ANNIVERSARY f(x)♥

Well HAPPY 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY f(x)!!! :D I'm not a big f(x) fan but I somehow love Victoria and Amber.
They just make me go asdfghjkl XD I don't really know what to say but happy 3 years f(x) and keep doing an awesome job! I loved their latest album, I have to buy it :p

Look-Alike: Jung Eunji (A-Pink) & Sulli (F(x))

Saw this look alike yesterday.. omg, IT'S LIKE THEIR TWINS!!

Jung Eunji


I'm telling you guys, if these two girls had the same type of eyeliner they would look identical!!! But because Sulli has a winged eyeliner (it goes beyond where her eye's stop) and Jung Eunji just has an eyeliner (it stops when her eyes stop), you can tell a slight difference between them ^^

G-dragon - That XX [MV Pictures]

Firstly I just want to say that I totally fell in love with this song! I cried over 4 times when I heard it for the first time XD *lame* but it was so beautiful and there was something that made me think of.. something? The song had that typical french flashback? Or was it only me who got those "I'm in Paris walking down the street" vibes while listening to the song, especially at the beginning.
And GD O__O Shazaaammm he was so freaking, hot! I haven't really thought about GD beeing hot or anything, more like the shy and cute leader with good sense of fashion but this MV was mindblowing!
I spazz everytime I watch the bathtub scene, he.looks.so.perfect! It's a big difference compared to this MV and One of a kind XD

I can't decide if I should chose this one or the previous picture as my background picture ;w;

Taeyeon (SNSD) - Closer [OST 'To the Beautiful You']

So beautiful! But I couldn't eatch the MV because it has to many spoilers -.-' And I honestly feel like I should see this drama because I fangirl over so many gifs from this drama ^^ And I don't even know what happens!! I mean, I got the idea, but I want to know everything! xD

But anywho, this song is so emotional and slow and so much better than SNSD's PV "All My Love is for You". That was another slow song.. but not as good as this one. This one was really amazing!! Even though I have no clue of what she sang about ^^


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Looool hahahaha ;D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B1A4's Baro who's turning 20 years old (21 Korean age) today!!! :D 20?!?!?! EVERYONE in B1A4 looks sooooo younger compared to their real age, except for Gongchan.

Psy is taking over everywhere!!

Wooohoop~ Congratulations to Psy who has over 100 000 000 views on Gangnam Style!!!!! Damn this is what I call KING!





Heeeeey sexyy ladeeey!!




Dedicated to 2PM

Hahahahaha man, if you've been drugging 2PM you'll know all of these clips!! It's too bad that if you haven't seen them, because you'll probably not get why it's so funny. but if you have, you probably smiled during the whole thing. At least I did xD

Happy 4-year-anniversary 2pm! <3333


This is one heck of a emotional time for me XD My first anniversary post with these awesome guys <3 I'm not a person who can express myself in.. words, or anything at all .___. But I have to admit, I started to cry when I saw Nichkhun's picture on twitter while listening to "Thank You".
                                                                  I started to cry like a freak XD
4 years has gone by and I seriously feel a bit sad that I didn't discover kpop during your debut days because I wanted to be with you guys from the beginning. however I can proudly call myself for a HOTTEST and without you guys.. I wouldn't be a kpop freak as I am today. SHINee may have given me that small push into the kpop world but you guys made me stay. Without "Hands Up" neither me or BO would be here, so Thank YOU <3
Keep supporting each other and never change!! You're the only group out there who have a sick relationship with each other that no one except a HOTTEST can underestand. Ignore the haters and keep smiling no matter what.
          Happy 4 years anniversary and make an epic comeback my 6 sons/brothers/... something <3
Belive me I'll see you perform live one day... one day~

Girls Generation - All My Love is for You

Not bad.. not amazing. SNSD however is always amazing, so maybe my mood just isn't set on "emotional" right now so I can appreciate the song. So if I listen to it later I'll probably love it xD But right now.. it's just boring. SNSD always have these catchy and up-beat songs that can get stuck in your head for days! But not this time O__o

But like.. that "hey-eyeyey yey" part is a little addicting. So that part will probably be stuck in my head today. Just that part though.. haha xD

It's 2PM time~

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I've probably uploaded this 123489 times but I can't stop laughing every time!! ;''D
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by kirria

PSY receives invitation to attend the U.S. MTV Awards

PSY will be attending one of the world's most prestigious music award show, MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

It has been reported that PSY was formally invited to attend the 2012 MTV VMA, which is set to be held on September 6th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Only award nominees and performers are usually invited to the video music award show, but with the recent global popularity of "Gangnam Style," MTV has extended an official invitation to the rapper.

It was revealed that PSY's VMA participation was influenced by the role of Justin Bieber's agency. This appearance seems like quite the opportunity for PSY to prepare his entry into the U.S. music industry.

PSY has been quite busy nowadays due to his domestic activities and his trips overseas. He recently returned from a trip back from Los Angeles after visiting Scooter Braun, the talent manager heading Justin Bieber's agency. PSY will leave to participate in the VMA ceremony, in which he will stay for an additional two weeks. It is said that he is scheduled to appear on a famous talk show.

Meanwhile, PSY continues to reign YouTube charts as the #1 watched video as he nears 100 million views, a first for a Korean singer to reach the number so quickly. He is currently at 97 million views.
I have to see MTV Music awards...  I bet 10 bucks that they will mention him a LOT. I do love gangnam style, it's one of the most epic things that thas happened this year/in this world. I'm happy for his sake and it's awesome that almost EVERYONE knows this. Buut is it only me who feels like there's too much gangnam style right now?
This is one of those omg things the world is over using. However I'm still listening to the song everyday and I love it everytime but there's still a part of me who's going a bit "ehh" because of the "mass use" of gangnam style. If you know what I mean?

Well I should sleep now >__> I have to wake up soon...


Are you freaking kidding me?! I made a big fat post but everything got deleted O____________O fu... or not you but fu the blog XD
I've totally forgotten the whole anniversary part and there are 2 groups I haven't made an anniversary post yet so those will come later.
A lot of people say that U-KISS debuted 28th August while others (me) thinks that they debuted today.
This is what Wikipedia wrote:
The group debuted in South Korea on August 28, 2008 with a release of their first mini album, New Generation, (N-Generation)’’ on September 3
So... is it 28th August or 3rd September? O___O Oh well HAPPY 4th YEARS ANNIVERSARY U-KISSSSSSSS!!!!! :D
Ps. Be ready soon... a lot of anniversary posts will show up XD

Jay Park [Gangnam Style Dance]

He doesn't really start until 01:10.. but oh my. I don't mind watching him just stand there ^^ He looks so good! Like the old Jay. Don't know why, and it's really sad, but since I saw like the "real" Jay Park.. I've liked him less. I like guys who are respectful and nice but still got swag. Have this weird thing for bad words (cussing).. I don't like them -.- And I don't like them coming out of this wonderful boys mouth. I can handle a few cuss words, but they're never ending! He cusses non-stop!

In this clip though he looked like the Jay I freakin' fell in love with. Hahaha maybe it's because he looks more innocent ^^ But still got that swag baby!

EXID - I Feel Good [Dance Practice]

Not bad.. better than EvoL's "Magnet" dance practice. But I didn't get stunned.. I only get stunned when the choreogrophy is amazing, strong and POW! haha. I like "POW" dances ^^ and catchy dances. But I absolutley adore this song. It's been playing on repeat on my phone the past week xD

And what's up with those "Mickey Mouse" hands they do at 1:53 and several other times? xD Anywho, they're kind of in sync which is good, but it could be better. But I like it girls, KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP!

Kpop idols and their cartoon characters look-a-like

I seriously don't know how I end up in these kind of websites but I just do it >___> However I somehoe found this quiet entertaining, so here you go~ XD

Big Bang’s TOP and Ken



SNSD’s Jessica and Barbie 



2NE1’s Park Bom and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel



2NE1’s Dara and Beauty and the Beast’s Belle



2NE1’s Minzy and Mulan 



JYJ’s Yoochun and Mickey Mouse



Super Junior’s Siwon and Mulan’s Shang



BEAST’s Yoseob and Tweety



Super Junior’s Donghae and Finding Nemo’s Nemo



Lastly, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Seungri and Tom and Jerry





O___O I seriously thought T.O.P was Ken for a while then I realised that photoshop existed in this world... XD And THAT didn't look like Yoochun at all!! I was 100% sure it was JR, or an older version of him but that doesn't look like Yoochun at all!!!



T-ara - Day and Night [MV]

So beautiful T_T.. but in the info-box it says release 2012.09.04. So tomorrow?? What will be released tomorrow? O__o Like a longer version of the song? OMG.. not another 20 minute-long MV.. Hahah this is really bad because I never watch their MV's and that means I never really listen to their songs. And because of that.. I don't really like T-ara.. because I haven't had the chance to fall in love with their music e.e

But this song was very beautiful. Like calm and stuff ^^

T-ARA - Sexy Love [MV Drama Ver.]

I watched like 1 minute, then realized this was one of those super long MC's T-ara always make -.-' I'll just watcch it when I get home haha. I probably won't, but B.R.A probably will!! xD

I aaammm soooreeey wo-oh-ohh

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It&#8217;s been so long I don&#8217;t remember where I found this. xD
Hahahahahahaahahahah ;'D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO INFINITE's maknae Lee Sungjong who's turning 17 years old today (18 Korean age)
asdadfkjbdf I love this guy!!! <33 He's that friend every girl wants to be... gay XD There's also something with his voice that I really love! Woolim give him more parts! >:3
Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B2ST's Hyunseung Trouble makaaahh who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean ageI today!! what to write O__O I suck at writing something personal when I don't "know" the member XD duhh...
Have a great day? *awkward*

T-ara - Sexy Love [Dance ver. & MV making]

It feels like everyone are clicking on the MV to dislike the clip o__o Like what the heck just stop it -_-
I'm getting a bit irritated now...
Well I just realised that the song that was played during the end of Day by Day MV is this one. But there's something wrong with the beat. It feels like it's 2 different songs. Oh well, a lot of people haven't realised this yet but this is only the DANCE VER. not the actual MV. Their MV (Day by Day, follow up) will be released 4th September so take it easy.
The song wasn't that bad actually. I didn't really have that much hope but it's quiet good, even if the lyrics seem to be a bit messed up XD Not their best song but it works, I'm amazed that they can release a hit after hit.
They also released "Sexy Love" MV making. Why didn't they release the MV before the dance ver? o__o

T-ara - Teaser pictures & Trcklist

Lol what's up with those weird conversations?! XD
I'm starting to get a bit khunfused (see what I did there?) I believe that this album is their "follow up" from their day by day album, right? But where's the song they had during the end of Day by Day MV? Or am I completely wrong here? Because their teaser for Sexy Love didn't really look like the continue of their previous album XD

.:Nails:. - Super Junior SPY

Haven't really made a serious nail art for a long time now. My nails are finally growing so be ready >:3
I made one of those kpop inspired nail arts posts a few days ago, so I decided to do Super Junior SPY nails~ I have to admit that it was a half fail, especially on the right hand hahahahaha XD It looked terrible...
Is it only me who hate those freaking ads?! Damn you SM...


B to the I to the G to the B to the ANG

Awww hahahahahaha XD

I was outside...

Lol such a careface title.... I came home a few minutes ago, my family draged me out to celebrate a kids birthday party and I don't even know what her name was.

Me: Dad... what's her name?
Appa: I don't know?!
Me: It's your friends kids birthday O__O
Appa: And your point is...?
... wtf XD I heard some of the people call her Lolita

Me: ... o___o *thinking*
A few minutes later my dad came and said her name was Dorita.

Me: ... o_____o *thinking*
You know what... I'm tired as f'ck, I'm writing a post about a kid whose name we didn't know >___>
Godnight folks, godnight...

This months actor (part 7)

                                                                                   Park Hee Soon
                                                                                    Korean actor
I.Love.This.Guy! It's sad that I've only seen 2 of his movies but he's so freaking awesome! I love his characters no matter how nice, bad or wicked they are, and his acting is great as well! I don't know what it is but he posses something that will make you feel stuck. His acting is somehow natural, it doesn't look that excessive either.
  • Suspect
  • The Scent
  • Gabi
  • Cine Note
  • The Client
  • The Showdown
  • A Barefoot Dream
  • A Million
  • Why Did You Come to My House?
  • The Scam
  • BA:BO
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Seven Days
  • My Friend & His Wife
  • Love Talk
  • Antarctic Journal
  • A Family
  • So Cute
  • Boss X File
  • Three
  • 2001 Imagine
  • Sado Sade Impotence
  • Four Gold Chasers
  • Reservoir
I have to watch his movies especially the scam and the scent! I've been waiting to watch those but I don't have time anymore -.- I also saw that Kwang Soo is in the move "The scent" as well X'D

A-Peace - Hero [PV]

NO F-ING WAY!!! Just like 1-2 weeks ago I started thinking about A-Peace because I heard their song "Lover Boy" on my phone. Gosh... I absolutley love that song!

I remember hearing them being active in Japan, but haven't heard from them in a super long time. Do you guys remember them? They were like this 21 membered group, and they were the first "Song of the Week" in this blog xD

So here is their Japanese song "Hero". They'll release an entire Japanese album on September 26th.

Hahaha omg.. it sounded like a bad movie soundtrack or a soundtrack in a "Mortal Combat" or "Tekken" videogame xD And the MV wasn't the best quality either. But I'm just sGosh.. 21 members O__o If they don't dissapear again for 1 year I'll damn sure learn the names!! Haha.. yeah right ^^

One more thing. If you haven't heard their song "Lover Boy" YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!

Boyfriend - Be My Shine [Full PV]

No idea why, but this reminds me of a christmas song ^^
Boyfriend.. they've still not caught my attention. I don't think they ever will because their style is cute, and I like more edgy stuff xD But yeah, because the song sounds so christmasy in a way, it makes me like it. Other than that.. yeah.. haha nothing much.

It's September O__O

Hahahaha lol XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Wonder Girls Lim who's turning 20 year old (21 Korean age) today~
Damn I'm really tired so I'll make this post short. Happy birthday. end.


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