Okey random headline but you have to fill out that empty no-lifer space otherwise you can't post a post XDD Sounds so ugly C:
I'm studying psychology now, the HECK I know why I do it O_o'' I feel like a child and Bo dumped me...

To celebrate our holiday REALLY GOOD (Long and hard hahahahahahah - Family Guy X'3) me and Bo are going to buy a lot of pooooo!! crap!! junk!! calorie food! And we will geek every korean movie we I know and probably watch Hello Baby SHINee WEHOOOO!!~~

Maybe something special will be uploaded tomarrow *smirk*
*Imagine me with a eyebrow lifting up and down while looking like a retard*
Not hard ey?

Me and Bo - kpop Flashmob Sweden

My god! HAHAHAHHAAH If you just saw the look that woman gave us when we got out from the dressing room. 
I feelt like one of those über terrorists X'd (Head: say wuuut?)

You Go Boy!!!

*Drooooling* O.o Gosh.. Minho you sexy beast!!!!!! Sure it looked a little stiff, but what'd you expect? The girl he's getting it on with is together with actor Ha Jung Woo. But hey, you sure could have fooled me! *Raiping the replay button*

UPDATE: HAHAHAHA, do you guys know what this is a commercial for?! It's a TV commercial for the shopping mall site Auction ^^ That's why when his shirt gets ripped of and the furniture breaks, he smiles at the camera and says: "I don't worry". Hahaha *LSHIFOMC*.. (Laughing So Hard I Fell Off My Chair)

Boyfriend - Don't touch my girl (Unedited version)

Yesterday (October 30) the groups agency released Boyfriend's newest Singel 'Don't touch my girl' in an unedited version. 

What do you guys think? I don't knoe why, but I enjoy these type of videos more then the "real" ones. It's the same thing with MBLAQ's G.O.O.D luv. I LUUUUV that video ^^

Anywhoo, hahaha at 01:53... FAY-UL!! ^^ Read this comment on youtube:

Haha, had no idea that it were the twins that made those FAY-UL's.. fail (that last fail was meant to me. If you didn't get that then... FAY-UL to you! ^^)

Forgot it!!! :O

CONGRATULATIONS TO BLOCK B FOR THEIR 200 DAYS AFTER DEBUT!!! (sounds wrong o_o) yesterday though...
Well I LOVE their song Freeze and I have to keep checking out their other songs as well. But congratulation!! And I hope that you'll be more popular one day so people can se how bad-ass-awesome you guys really are ;D

'Halo' or 'Tell them' O_o a bit confused... But I liked Freeze better >:3

After 3 days...

Of raping the replay button, my victim died of sexual plessure... mohahahhahah!!! o3o

Well as I said after raping that replay button (MYNAME's song Messagi) I thought of 2 things. Yes only 2 not 3.

#1 The melody in the beginning (not the Yaulalalalal arabic thing... after it) was "exactly" like B1A4 Remember

Go to 0:24

B1A4 Remember (The melody in the beginning, or something.. O_o)

And the second one.. it's sooo ugly hahahahahaha! Okay not ugly, but you can not get bugged at the little thing...
I don't even know what I'm writing -.-'
Go to 3:08-3:10 you get that oh-the-song-is-over-happy feeling and all of a sudden Seyoung just pulls down his shirt O_O
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH I'm dying over my dorkyness *facepalm*

Thinking about creating a category for MYNAME... yeah I'll do it ^^

S.I.M.P #39

Well on the last S.I.M.P Bo replaced me ^^ and I've noticed that my S.I.M.P is "!¤%¤"#&

sorry but the only songs in my brain is Messagi, Freeze and Super Boy. They're playing inside my brain 24/7 and it's a ugly mix xS
And I'm hungry
I need to study
I need to pack some things
I need to find a movie

. . . biggest problems evaahh!

Well back to the song. I downloaded it. It's a pretty, calm and "down to earth" song <-- wtf Green peace here I come!
It isn't that catchy either... I seem to have these - - - things when it comes to catchy song O_o
Never mind...

B2ST - Lightless

Hohohoh lyrics~~ want one of those now o___e


After Eunhyuk tweeted some pictures of him in London watching a soccer game, another Super Junior member tweeted some photos. It was Kyuhuyn that tweeted some pictures of him in a Barcelona-Shirt at a Barcelona soccer game!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TEAM IS MY FAVORITE TEAM?!?!?! Not that hard, eh? ^^ Yes, Barcelona. Do you know how much hotter he now is in my eyes?! (*^^*)

Oh.. just saw that he wrote "I am not a Barcelona fan but I bought a Cesc’s (Cesc Fabregas) t-shirt. He did not come and Messi is dominating ground.. Crowd is yelling MESSI"
Your hotness just disappeared.. O.o Well, not really. But it still sucks -.-

Worth watching! ^^

Remember C-real?

Do you guys remember C-real? The girl group that released a teaser of their new song that featured MBLAQ's Thunder (If not, click here). Well I never really showed you guys the video after it was released. So I thought "What the heck, I'll just show them now". But then I changed my mind. NAAAH ^^

So here you have it!!!
C-real - No No No No No

Not really my style.. but what do you guys think??

SHINee at the London Korean Film Festival!

Haha thank God!! I can't Imagine how "SHINee in London" would end up without SHINee ^^

"Shining group of  Korea, Shinee, is ready to rock London at ’6th annual London Korean Film Festival’. The festival would be held on November 3rd and famous Korean and British artists will perform at opening ceremony."

They will be so close, but yet so far.. *poetry voice*


MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! Slepp, ohh sleep, you wonderful little thing!
Just wanted to irritate you morning people/workers/school... things O_O I'm not "sane" right now... Have I ever been? Think if I'm insane, and the... okay -.-'

I've seen that Bo made a humour post for you guys later but I wanted to make one too, you know for old times sake ;D

Best excuse evah! If we are late Bo XDDD

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  CANNOT UNSEE O_O GD’s predebut pic belongs to ji-yong

True, true *nods* -__-

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by myshineesunshine

Omo he looks so.. O_O

Compare folk's! `___´ <-- uhh chinese man XD
I prefer the korea's...

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by constaepation.

Right now...

Almost forgot it!

At least I do... HAHAHAHAHA both in the blog and my friends XD = FAIL!

Eunhyuk in London

Just saw some pictures of SUJU's Eunhyuk at a Premiere Leauge game in London! That's so awsome!! :D He tweeted "Anchovy’s World Tour – the last destination: England!!! OMG, I’m thrilled to watch this match – Chelsea VS Arsenal"
If you don't know what Premiere Leauge is then.. ehm, it's soccer ^^

Is it not bad enough that I can't see a soccer game in real life?! Now I'm missing out the chance of meeting Eunhyuk. Not that I ever had a chance to start with. It's just that it sucks that he is closer to Sweden now then what he'll ever be and I can't do anything about it T-T..

A-Peace - Lover Boy

The first song that will be posted in 'Song of the Week' is by a group I just heard of 2 days ago -.- But truth is, the first time I heard the song, I liked loved it!!!!! This is my kind of music!!! ;D

The song is called 'Lover Boy'. Love the part "Lover boi, na na na na naaaaaa~" ^^ You'll get it when you hear the song O.o
Actually liked the MV as well. Laughed so hard the first time I saw it! At first I was like "oh, okey..". But when the marching band came I was all like "WTH?! hahahahahhaha, duuuuude, u serious?" But I did like the dance. Fact is... I'm going to learn it!!! It's very catchy and not to hard I guess. Was actually dancing parts of it in the gym today. Hahahah, a great way to attract peoples eyes (*^^*)

So.. yeah. This weeks song is Lover Boy by A-Peace!

Google sucks -.-' ...

.. or not. But like.. I have these problems sometimes. When I try to search for a KPOP group on google, loads of stuff pop up. But NOTHING on the actual group?! This usualy just happens to new KPOP groups. But still!

For Example, I was trying to find a picture of one of the members in M.I.B (the new kpop group B.R.A told you abot) and this is what came up when I searched for it on Google:

Hahhahaa, but anywhoo, as you can see on the post before this.. I did find the photo I was looking for ;D You know the Look-a-like I did with G.O and 5ZIC.

If you didn't see it, then just click here!

New Category!!!

New category, Song of the Week!!
Why? Well because I've noticed that my favorite KPOP song changes like.. once a week. And what better way to share my opinion on my favorite music with you guys then to not create this category? Did you get that? O.o Hahhaha no need to, just know that this category will be updated every Sunday ;)

Look alike: G.O & 5ZIC

You know the group M.I.B B.R.A was talking about before? Well, couldn't help but noticing that one of the members looked a whole lot like MBLAQ's G.O did before ^^


Hahaha, seriously(!!!), these are the only two korean guys I've seen with facial hair! ^^ They don't look bad in it, but I have to admit that G.O look a lot better now without his mustasch.
Well, I know that this goes completely against my and B.R.A's image. But we look good in it!! Don't hate, because you know it's true ;)

Dying x1000


I wanted to check the group MYNAME a little more "deeply". So I searched a bit here and there to see the members etc. and I remembered the first time I saw the members.
I got "stuck" (eww.. -.-' ?!) on a guy with long hair. He doesn't really stick out (like the red one Seyoung X'D) and he doesn't have that much "camera-time".. but me don't know... :O

Well! I started to see who was who and inside my head *I wouldn't be surprised if he were the maknae -.-*
Then I checked the name of the maknae Chaejin, checked some pictures and read some youtube comments and oh.mi.god it was the maknae <-- *ironic voice* -.-

AND THAT'S NOT IT! He's born 1995... like me... and his birthday is 26 December... a day before me TT^TT
The heck!?

Well I should maybe, you know... stalk them too ^w^ Because of that thing *points up*

BIG FAT *sigggghhhhtt!* another new group...


Okay ehm, it isn't just me RIGHT?! That's starting to get tired over these new groups that plopp up EVERYWHERE!
I fear for next year TT^TT

This time it's..


They also debuted a few days ago
here's the stage performance:

Before watching any groups stage performances I always listen to their MV first (to get the "good" impression)
And they aren't that bad actually. A pure hip hop group, not a pop group.
It reminded me a lot of T-ara's Roly Poly and Justin Timberlake's my love X'D <---- Dunno how I find these similies . . .

Love their lyrics, they have these ehh.. "wierd" messages behind them, and their not saying say girls dreams money. It's girls drinks money.

Bo and B.R.A style yeaaah!~~ XD .. or not

Well thumbs up for M.I.B even if I get confused, tired and ASDLKFD for all the new groups that popps up.
It's a competition on how to get populer, right?
85% of them will either be B-groups that only a few knows or even disband, while 25% of them will eventually make it to the top like SHINee, MBLAQ, Suju etc.
(For example) 2PM that I like, they haven't really reached the top like those groups *points up* but they are somehow on their way.

SO KEEEEEP FIGHTIIIING!!! <-- cheerleading voice

Ohh! I also read that they were said to be debuting with the most expensive debut album, 1.7 million USD

Did you know...

That Zico (The Leader) in Block B, was a trainee for SM and was supposed to debut with SHINee. However Minho took his place and Zico popped up in Block B ^^

Well... now you know... X'DD

Heheheohohoh omiligoshi *squeal* new group

There's a lot of new groups here and there, and here we have another one. But seriously hohohoh feels like they're getting an official fan ovah here...


They debuted this year, but I don't really know when, when... Found it! They actually debuted this month O_o 5 October, 25 days ago, HAWTING! <3


Not bad ey hahahahahahah *perv*
Members J.Heart <-- leader, Jonguk, Byeol, Eunho and Black J

Listened to their song 'Super boy' (scroll down) aaannd to only judge the song, it was really good. It wasn't an "oh-so-catchy" song, but it was good for a newbie group or a "rookie" group. Love the beginning and they dance like a kick-ass god!
They reminded me of MBLAQ aaaallll the way XD
The guy with long hair - Joon, one of the guy with short hair - G.O the one with no abs - Mir, the one with the cap - Seung Ho and the last one  - Thunder. They were a young version of MBLAQ *smirk* no just kiddding but yeah ÒwÓ

The song remonds me of something... But I don't remember what o__e''
And you can so not dislike the rain-abs part n__n
Give it a shot mah ladies... and gentlemen


I remembered a few days ago when I went to school. My day was really !"¤!"%?#" I was mad, I was late, and I was cold so just a liiiiittble bit more and I would've screamed like a bitch in the city XD
And while walking to the train (I was late as hell and had to do a test) I was listening to T-ara's song Bo peep Bo peep.
The first thing they say is "Don't lose you temper so quickly" like 12431 times. It was soooo tempting to just hit a random guy walking beside me.. o__e'

Is it just me who hasn't heard a *piiip* from Teen Top?! Bet 10 bucks that they will make "another" comeback. This is the wierd thing with kpop groups. They do a fricking comeback 3542354 times during their career, more or less they release a cd, get lost for 3 months, release another cd and get lost another 5 months or even a year and then make an über comeback, get lost lost again, and in the end they disband.

That's all I had to say folk's!

Haha SUJU x'D


SUJU Trademark

Okey, first one is 'Sorry, Sorry'. Second one is..??
And then... *Drumroll* Mr.Simple!!!! haha, le duh? ^^

But seriously, what dance is the second one? O.o

Let me share my life right now...

You’re all pretty much feeling like this on Sunday night:



You go to school/work, go home and eat food.

Study. Study. Study. Study. It’s precisely what you do every single damn Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night for the past 7 or more so years:



After 3 days of incessant studying, cramming, and what not, the breaking point for you is probably by Thursday night:



You’re just so overworked, stressed out and exhausted. And, obviously, the excess snacking and caffeine doesn’t even help to get you by the week.



On Friday morning:



Finally, it’s Friday after school/last class:



And, for some of you hardcore nerds or college students, sometimes the reality/reward of Friday after school/last class is:



Saturday is the best day. Ever. It means you get to take a break from everything, relax, and do whatever you want. It’s the weekend!

Waking up on Saturday morning:



IT’S SATURDAY. SATURDAY!! Repeated for emphasis.



You’re just like, “FUCK YEAHHHH.”






You practically run to your computer.












And then, your Parent/Adult/Guardian(s) come in on you when you’re in the middle of Tumblr spazzing and/or doing something of the sort and they say:

Parent/Adult/Guardian(s): Get off the computer and do your homework.

With a serious face.



Your reaction:



Baffled, you just stare at them in disbelief.



You serious?




Like, they don’t understand the stress you undergo: School. Studies. Drama. Work. People. Everyday shit. Not being able to use the internet for personal recreation due to personal restraint for benefit. Even Parents, themselves.

Tumblr and, basically, the majority of the internet, is what you use to get away from everything.

And, they just stand there, despite after listening to your detailed explanations of why you need a break in order to prevent yourself from having a mental breakdown, like:



Mm’kay, if that’s the case…




You stare at them for a bit and look back at your computer and continue what you were doing.



They raise their voice in dismay of your rebellion.




And, your parents are just like:



And, just walk away.

Suit yourself. /Regret nothing

Apparently, you’re just lazy ass to all of them. It makes no difference. /No motivation




But, in reality, you’re like:



/Okay. “I’ll do my homework.” Because you’re not the type to disobey your parents.




Just joking. Yeah, right. It’s Saturday. I know you ain’t going to be doing that shit until Sunday.


SUFFER WITH ME BITCHESSSS!!! <... REALLLY tired... need to sleep...
Homework taking over mah life... I don't even have a life O_o'

Have to defend myself...

You didn't win that round! >:3
Not posting the rest of the conversation eeyy~!
(previous  conversation)


Studying like an old pig...

Will write more later!


Gossip B.R.A

You sick bastard! \(x.x\)

Hhahahaha, Look what B.R.A just texted me! :

Addmit it B.R.A. You're just as sick as me!!!! ^^

Seungho, so cute!

Hhahaha, It's like he had run 100000miles and then sang Mona Lisa ^^^
Ouf, my Lee Joon. You didn't even react to the food! O.o

Cereal Guy

Why not? He was sooo cute as a child!!!!

Another Group?!

Damn!! New KPOP-groups just keep popping up!
Read an article about this group called ZE:A

"ZE:A held a special event: watching the movie, The Kick with 200 fans.

After the activity of ZE:A’s special single, “Exiting”, ZE:A invited around 200 fans to watch The Kick at Apgujeong CGV on the 31st at 7:00p..

ZE:A attracts attention with their various event. Previously, they went camping with 100 fans for two days and one night, and this time they borrowed the whole CGV for the fans."

Why can't MBLAQ do something like this?? T-T
Anywhoo, so I had to check who they were.

Apperently they debuted in January 7, 2010 with the song Mazeltov.

Then they took a break(?), but made a comeback in March 25, 2010. They have done quite a lot since this, and I don't know why I haven't heard of them before.

Here you have some of their songs:

ZE:A - Here I am

ZE:A - All Day Long

ZE:A - Watch Out!

And then this one. This is them dancing to Watch Out. They look soooooo cute! (*^^*)

I know.. a very long post! But what do you think? Have you ever heard about them before? O.o

Tiiiirreeeeedddd =__=

No.. I couldn't sleep till 2PM <-- XD just have to...

I woke up 12 pm and have to go out... with my mom O_o''
And Bo was sleeping all nice and carefree alone... in the dorm... without his mom... XD
And manager Lee...  HE'S OUT ON A MEXICAN DATE!!!!

Well I'm off to go! Pray that Bo will post some nice posts for yah~ *singning MESSAGI for myself* <-- addictive song...

had to fill out the space X'3

Groups you haven't heard of (part 2)

Okey time for part 2! The first one was hillarious!!! X'D 23 people....

However this time it's not a big difference! But they never debuted... fail...


I couldn't find any... good group picture because they never debuted and in every picture they seem to decrease the number of members XD

19... well A-Run was apparently the leader


It's pretty sick... why 20, or even 23?!
They where supposed to debut last year but I think that a lot of members quit so they couldn't "debut as a 20members group" or something...

But I saw 2 clips of some of the members dancing, and they weren't that bad. They were actually really good ^^ Especially the guy who took Taemins part and the guys in "Oh yeah". They were on fire! O_O

He even looks like Taemin...

Soo, not bad right?

Day 17: Favorite cover they did by another artist

MBLAQ - Lies, Mirotic, Sorry Sorry
Hhaha, really felt like joining the fans and just scream! ^^ They sang the songs so well and it sounded so great! :D

I also like this one:

G.O - If I ain't got you
Gosh... his voice! *curls*

Then just one more ^^:

Key, Shindong, Mir and Lee Joon - Muzik (4minute)
Hhahaha Is it bad if I perfer this cover over the real version? (*^^*)

Lee Joon - The one with the jacket
Mir - The one with piggy tales
Key - The one with the pink strapy think on his chest
Shindong - The one who raps


I don't think that any of you have missed the new awesome group MYNAME that debuted a few days ago, congratz~~

I made a  "mistake" and listened to the live version first... hahahaha XD It was pretty epic... They had black, cool leather outfits and looked "cold". Their song was a happy-go-lucky one hahahhahaha!!!
It's like boyfriend wearing black clothes + leather while singning boyfriend Ò_Ó

But I really like their MV!
And for the first time... I somehow think that they "shared" the text fair enough. Everyone had their time to shine. Sure they're debuting and so they might have to do that (You know, so everyone sees all the members, because it's the first time we see them? Wouldn't it suck if we missed one of them for not seeing them so much in the MV or hearing them in the song?)... but INFINITE didn't really do that.

You have to love 3 things!

#1: The YAULALALALALALAL! At the beginning hahahaha sounding like an arab eating a chicken while celebrating his sistsers wedding... *dying* XDDD HAHAHAHAHAH

#2: When they say ringe ding ringe ding ringe ding dong dong hoe hoe! XD misinterpretation on a high level!

#3: And the obvious one! The MESSAGI part!!!


They have a lot of potential, however they need to work hard now to reach the top...
And where the hell do they get these things <-- XD from?! They hide the groups pretty well before their debute O_o They just... plopp up U__U

Me right now...

Doin the bear style... O_o

Look what I found!

(Row 1 L-R: Kang Dong Won, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki) (Row 2 L-R: Won Bin, Yoo Seung Ho, Jang Geun Suk) 


Seriously is that Seung Ho in the middle!?!?!?! O_O I thought it was Onew on the first row to the right... but that was a random dude... and Jang Geun Suk XD You would've never guessed that it was him but when you heard his name you were able to see some similaries!

Pretty funny X'D

Thanks, a-llate - Scrubs

Well I think that most of you saw that über sexy picture Bo made XD
Yessss I saw Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene today (it was free, and I didn't have to do anything so...)

Well it was fun... not... I wasn't hyper AT ALL! I wanted to go home and sleep... I actually slept a bit XD
Me and another friend we were like "Ohh okey it's Robert..." everyone else "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

*ears exploding*
Well they thought I was a bit boring so I had to think of something.  Insted my brain tried to yeh.. ehh *Think like this it's MBLAQ, 2PM, SHINee, Suju, B2ST, FT Island, Brown eyed girls and mooooore kpop celebrities on stage*

*5 minutes later*


That's why I sended a text to bo that my lungs would explode soon hohohohoh!

I'm tired =__= Only slept 4 hours during the night, and 4 hours yesterday, and 5 or 6 hours the day before yesterday but  I still have to study... OH! I'M FREEEEEE!!!!!! HOLIDAY HERE I COME!!! I WILL LIKE SLEEP TILL
2PM (<-- get it xD) TOMARROW!

Well more update from me tomarrow have to keep living my never-ending-no-life...

S.I.M.P - Bo Bae

Okey, since B.R.A won't be posting a SIMP today I thought that I could do one instead. It seems like fun!! :D
Sooooo, the Song In My Phone that I'll pick..
*Looking at all the ones that B.R.A has posted, just to make sure I don't post one that has already been posted*...
*Inhaling after saying that entire sentence out loud* ^^
IS....... Infinite - 다시돌아와 (Come Back Again)

I really like this song!! It's easy to sing along with, Dorawa Dorawa~~
It has a great rythm and it just makes me want to dance!!! ^^
However it reminds me a lot of this song:

Go to 1:03.
COME ON!!! They have pretty much the exact same guitar-riff, right?!
omg.. I'm freakin' awsome that I even noticed that (*^^*)

If you want to know what B.R.A thinks of this song, just click here.

B.R.A and Robert

And which Robert? Twilight Robert! Yes, Robert Pattinson. B.R.A is in the same room as him as we speak!!! B.R.A is on.. a fan event(?) or something. You had to go up like 5 o'clock in the morning to get some tickets - that you might not even get - just to see him. Sure, if it was Lee Joon, Seungho, G.O, Yoseob, Kikwang, Jonghyun, Onew, Taeceyon or Jay Park (I think you get it) that came I would have done it. NO DOUBT. But not really for Robert. It's not the same thing.

Just got a text from B.R.A:
"Dude, my lungs are about to explode =.="

Hahhaha I bet that B.R.A is looking something like this:

Don't you think? ^^

Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy

Okey, so I read a post about this guy called Kim Hyun Joong and his performens for Lucky Guy (one of his songs). It got some really good responses, so I had to see the MV. 

Hhahaha the first thing that pops up in my head.. they are sooooooooo wannabe Megan Fox in transformers! ^^ Do you know what part I mean? You know, the part that got so much attention. With the car? Just.. just look from 3:00:


Groups you haven't heard of (part 1)

A long time ago I saw a page with (almost) all of the korean groups and I saw wierd ones O_o
Some of them never debuted hahahahaha XD fail!


They beat suju with their 21 members T__T The fudge... Everyone will only be able to sing one word and then... The song is over~
However they're composed of three teams in seven. So there's three groups... with seven guys... but they're still 21 O_o
Lol I'm seriously dying... HAHAHAHAHAHAH 21?!?!?! They "debuted" this year, 2011...

Their Teaser

And I thought that it would be a hell to learn Suju's members... and just THINK to write a members profile on them hahahhahahahahah XDD Bad humour showing up..

The MV

I can't stop laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Everyone just droped in XD I thought it was a mirror dance... but it was all the members hahaha oh my hahahaha!!!
No worry about backup dancers eey~~ ;'D

For you who wanna memorize XD Bad quality... Seriously this should be a challenge. To memorize every one of them before my high school graduation ;D

Bad humour again Ö_Ö

For you who didn't know..

I bet that all of you already knew this, but if you didn't then you can now.

As you might know, SUJU's member Kyuhyun is now in Spain. On october 27 he posted a tweet saying that early that morning, a random young man came up to him and said something he could not understand. All of a sudden the young man took up a knife and started to threaten him. In chock, Kyuhuan started to run and yelled for help. Finally the robber gave up running after him and left.

Thank God that you're okey!!!!! Please be more careful. Can't imagine what could have happened :'S

Day 16: Favorite hairstyle of any member

Pretty obvious who I'm going to pick, eh? ^^

OH MI GOD.. *hairgasm* Just love his messy, long, brown hair!! I know that Mir has a very similar hair-cut, but according to me.. Lee Joon suits more in it ^^

Hahahha remember the first time I saw him (It was on Idol Army) nad I was all like "wtf is wrong with his hair?!".

That does not even really look like him O.o But I guess that I'm used to it now, because I'm not so bugged by his hair as I was before. ACTUALLY... after the first 10 minutes I started to think that his hair was kind of hot ^^ Well, well. What to do? *forever a perv* ^^

Feel honored! XD

CAAAN YOU SEEE THIS?!?!?! b*stard -.- I am also supposed to be free now having my holiday, or what you call it U__U
But noooo I have to go to school and have a freaking test !#%"¤& put up a freaking tent <-- true story, and kill myself T__T

Feel honored my dear friend.... feel honored! X'3
I'm doing these... how can you say it, short post! I haven't even done the 2PM last day of the 30 days challenge, but I wanted to do it in peace when I write it ^w^

The awkward moment...

... when my friend took my phone and checked some pictures... and saw this


*Sight*~~ I couldn't find any onld lies in my old "brain storage" so the thing I did was to.. *take the phone* nervouse laugh..
If you saw her reaction hahahahahaha "What the fu... is this what you do during your weekends?"
Yes actually HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! O_o not really on that way but yeah...

Say oeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo bet you didn't read that..

Before I continue with my regular morning humour, there'll be an intresting post later around 14 (in sweden) laughed my ass/butt/titty/little-bobo out X'D

created by starxchocox
This was... cute O_o seriously!

^^ My first macro

created by haru :D

   created by: Edittan 
                                                                                                                       Oh no you didn't...!
  by kirria
I should have a screen on my t-shirt and put this on and go to my teacher...

created by: Edittan


So, what do you guys think?? (about the new design, for you who didn't notice ^^) Please leave a comment! The header might change. B.R.A want's a picture of us as well with the other KPOP-groups. Not a bad ide, but that will then come up later ;)

I know..

.. that I have not done ANY posts today. But the truth is.. I'm spending all my time trying to fix the darn design for this blog! The goal is that the design will be up tomorrow. Can't promise anything, but there's a good chance that it will be up!! :D

Hahahhahaha Mir, you never fail to make me laugh! ^^ ♥

Halloween... TT__TT

My school is wierd.. but good... still wierd...
They wanted to "celebrate" halloween a bit earlier (today). They gave us candy, snacka etc showed us horror movies and so on...

In the morning I was all tired and I had the worst FML aura XD So I went to the bathroom and the first thing I do is to... SCREAM! U__U

Got scared as hell, people I didn't even know came to me and wondered what happened....

THIS is what happened...

*wooo my face is on tha picture*
HAHAHAHAHA that's what I see... "I know all your secrets"
The funny thing was that it was dark okey... and I just saw blood on the mirror and though a killer was behind me all of a sudden -.-
Looks like a psychopath toilet TT__TT


S.I.M.P #38

I've been going all around to hunt songs... <-- you didn't get that right? *noding with you* :I

Well... let us say that I've been "discovering" new groups and songs (Like B Block = LOVE! Have to dig around to see some more) Ò_Ó
Well this is another "new group" (for me but Bo has already uploaded a song from them)
ANNDD!! BTW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SCHOOL = EPIC! <-- Will write a post about it later! XDDD Screamed like a sissy girl Ö_Ö awakward...

B1A4 - Remember        I'm missing you, do you remember me na na..~~

Found some epic comments on youtube XD

The biggest fail was that I never read "paper" so the meaning was
"at first I thought it was their sizes xD b1.. a4...LOL"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA guess if the pervy side showed up *naughty naughty* XD



Pretty... *dazzled*
AWW MAN! I thought they were 4 -.- but NOOOO they're 5 pfft...!



Fixin' the blog!!!

YES!!! From right now and for about 1,5 weeks I'll have "vacation". That menas that I have some time to fix the apperence on our blog. And so I will, starting now today!!!! Need to eat now, me sooooo hungry!!!! -.-
But just so you guys know!! :D

A bit happy for it!

Well some of you may read your kpop news from allkpop, at least I do it and I saw a post were Kyuhyun admits that he has been "under the knife"

Kim Gun Mo quickly showed the MC’s his eyes, and once they informed him that he would look better without double eyelids, he remarked, “That’s why I didn’t get it done“.

The MCs then turned their attention to Kyuhyun, asking how he acquired such double eyelids. Startled and flustered, Kyuhyun began stuttering and couldn’t speak clearly. Shocked, the MCs demanded to know if he had undergone the knife.

Both my parents have double eyelids,” he explained. “I was the only one that didn’t,” he continued, admitting to surgery.

Some people actually make a big deal out of this or about surgeries in general. I bet that there's A LOT of korean celebrities that's been under the knife and we should't really give a damn. As long as they're happy with their appearance then good for them. Then I will get happy too ^^ I think..? O_o

AND I'm really happy that he "came out" (LOL hahahaha XD) or confessed. There isn't a lot of celebrities who does that, they always make these improvise lies that they come up with in their head during 0,5 seconds, and as I said before I don't mind at all if someone make a plastic surgery or something. But they lose my respect for them when they try to lie. I rather want them to be honest and say that they've done a surgery... Like Kyuhyun!
So thank you! Now I like you even more! ;'D

That's it with the serious talk n__n

Look alike: Hong Ki & Chimp


No joke bro... It's so... Fugly TT__TT HAHAHAHAHA!
You have to agree that this is just... priceless!

Druging Block B for now...

Yesterday I sat and drugged Block B's song and ASFKLDG!!! It's so gooood!!!!
I haven't really focused on them before, but I've heard about them. It's a shame that they get compared with B2ST and Big Bang. It's a shame in general when groups get compared with other one.
I saw a guy that actually looks like Nichkhun ò_ó . . .

Can't help it but they really remind me of Big Bang-U-KISS-B2ST-Teen Top It's a freaking mix of every one of them O_o
Well well, they're still awesome! Dowloaded a lot of songs yesterday hohoho *looks around* o3o <-- tired...

Note: (One of the best look alikes will be uploaded later today XD)

FT Island time~~

It's really hard to keep up with all 3456787798 groups *insane*
If there's anything you want us to update more about or do anything extra just leave a comment ^^ Me and Bo are no lifers after all... >_>
However this time FT Island will take ovah  the funny morning post >:D (Btw do you guys get my wanna be american bitchy thing... something.. with the h at the end XD) na na na na~~

Onew? ;O

Jolie!!! ;D <3

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  (via fuckyeahkpopmacros)

(via fuckyeahkpopmacros)

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Submitted by notixneko  fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Submitted by: ftanum


Just had to... XDD

KPOP flashmob, 2PM

Know that the sound sucks, but still. We has sooo much fun just freakin' out like that! ^^ What I bet though, is that no one noticed all the people around us while dancing!! Hahahahhaa, I mean, just look:

Hahhahaha, wonder what they were thinking ^^ Probably that they wanted to join us, don't you think? (*^^*) Anyhwoooo, we had a lot of fun and that's the point! :D

KPOP-stars trying to shuffle!

Music Makes One” – The theme for this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011. And, what better way to show this than a “Song Dance Relay” open to fans across the globe! This is a chance to record a video message to your favorite idol, show off your shuffling moves, win exclusive MAMA prizes, win invites to MAMA 2011, and get a chance to go on stage.

What more can you ask for? This is a chance of a lifetime. Grab it now and start recording that shuffling video of yours! You only have till November 15 to do so. For more details, check out their facebook event page.


Something you want to do? If you do, make sure you also post the video to us! We would be more then glad to post it on our blog! :D

Day 15: Favorite photoshoot

I don't know.. but maybe this one?

Mainly because they look so cute, but yet so sexiiiii' O.o

All the categories!!!

Do you guys even have any idea how many categories we have?! Hahahahaha I'm creating (not Bo hahahaha mostly me... XD) a lot of categories here and there. I created one just a while ago... and I bet no ine even noticed it U__U

Some of you are like:

But many of you are like:

X'3 But I'm going to make a tutorial (my ass...) on our categories go through our categories and explain some of them ^^ hohohoh so this is just a "info-on-how-wierd-ass-M2STASCH's-blog-work"

2PM - We write anything about 2PM

30 days of 2PM - No lifer category (B.R.A)

30 days of MBLAQ - No lifer category (#1 BO)

30 days of SHINee - No lifer category (#2 BO)

B.R.A Time~~ - "Learn" B.R.A more or confession time of B.R.A X'D

B1A4 - Writing about the group

B2ST - The same thing over here

Big Bang - --II-- <-- = The same thing

Birthdays - Congratulation posts

Boyfriend - --II--

CN Blue - --II--

Concerts 2011 - We update about the "latest" concerts in 2011, or not...

Conversations between B.R.A and Bo - A totally useless category but.. yeah.. TT__TT

Everything and nothing - We literally write about everything and nothing. This post will for example be dumped over there >_>

Eye Candy - For you who want to drool >:D

F.Cuz - --II--

Fan girl sundays <3 - Homemade "You know that you're a fan girl" things...

Girl group(s) - We don't really write about girl groups as you can see, we're more ehh... fixed on boy groups. But sometime a little thing can popp up from the "girls side" so we dump it over there (lol me and my dumping.. x__x)


Kpop flashmob 2011 - About the flashmob here in Sweden

Look a-like -Kpop look alikes... XD

M2STASCH - --II-- Well about us xp

Macros/Gifs/Funny pictures - If you wanna laugh a little bit...

MBLAQ - --II--

Makeovah! - The newest category where I write ehh everything about the looks? hair etc XP hahahahahahaha!!

Members profile - Every member from different groups

Rating dance covers - Me and my bitchy side shows up and complain or praise some people

S.I.M.P song in my phone (B.R.A) - Well ehh.. the songs I have in my phone...?!

SHINee - --II--

SS501 - --II--

Stuff that should be in its own category - I was like wuuutt.. but these are really useless posts (funny though...)

Super Junior - --II--

Teen Top - --II--

The awkward moments... - Yeah these awkward moments.. XD

Those awesome korean related word on wordfeud - Well that's me beeing a dork. I'm always trying to find something that relates kpop or korea XD Even collecting members (you can see them in their respective category)

Those funny Omegle conversations - Well immature ones...

TVXQ/DBSK (and JYJ) - --II--

U-KISS - --II--

V.S Fights! - Between two people ;OOO Where I "compare" two celebrities and see who'll win the "fight" pretty dorky but... yeah...

That's like 38 different categories?! We're or I'm sick Ò_ó
Do you know how hard it was to write down and fix the link on every one of them?! XS
It can be a few posts on some of them but it can be because of
#1 No info
#2 We don't know...

SHINee short vs long...

... hair hahahaha XD



Key (It doesn't look like him O_o)



Well I really like when they had long hair, asian guys are the only ones that fits in long hair without looking all to gay.. However I liked Onew better in short...
Everyone look more "manly" ^^ *spazzing out*
BUT, BUT TAEMIN...! He looked REALLY good in long hair X'D Sure many people mistake him for beeing a girl, but the heck!
Aww.. the boys is growing so fast ;') I'm so proud them!

*doubble spazz* o3o

Oh my gawd! hahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!                 Original... big difference... U__U


More info later XDDD

S.I.M.P #37

I have nooo idea which songs I've been posting... and the whole S.I.M.P thing is getting worse XD

HAHAHAHA Lol... This was the third post I write S.I.M.P #35 XD Have to change it... *wait*

Okay this song is actually one of the reasons why I started to listen to kpop... pretty ironic X'D
I remembered when me and Bo were "new" in the kpop world. B2ST and Big Bang didn't really impress us that much but now the both of us is like AMAGOSH B2ST - FICTION!!!! MHUHUHHUH So we will wait for Big Bang... Just wait...

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

It's so god damn hard to take this song serious!!! XD

Random gif~ ... O_O


For you "night-readers" enjoy...

                                                                                            AWWW!!! So CUTEEE!!!~ 



B2ST - Beautiful

Gosh, there is so much new KPOP music in my phone that I can't even count ^^ A new (well.. new for me ^^) song that I'm listening to is this one:

The song don't actually start until 1:56 ^^
Not much more to say then

Hhahaha, or you could just not press play.. on the clip? Because it's the same picture. You see the picture of Yoseob?? In the... box? Hahhaha if you understand, then you do. If you don't... to bad for you! HEEEEY(!!!) That freakin' rhymes! Hahahha I'm a poet and I don't even know it! O.o

Hhahaha no, but what I'm trying to say is that it's the same picture in the "box" as it is in 3:08 ;)

B.R.A time... = Bad...

I remembered something... well not really remembered, but something I've thought of.

I'm one of those wierd people (duuh...), you can put me on a deserted island without me going all insane because I can actually "entertain myself" (If you could see me when I'm all alone XD)
My "brain" can actually entertain me <-- skitzo..

And my brain came up with one of the best quotes evah!

" Everyone on this earth is god damn ugly...
                  However some of us are just, a bit more uglier"

Oh that is... Manager Lee's .. bedroom


Remembered this song from the flash mob. Some did the dance, and when I got home I just had to see what song it was. DAAAAAMN, I think that 2NE1 will be the first girl group that I've ever liked! Feel honored ^^

Flash Mob (Sweden):

Awkward moments of MBLAQ . . .

I'm bored... I wanna drug MBLAQ now...

This made my night XD

-Miss USA
-Oh your Miss USA was really good!
-No I meant Is USA

aww MIR! :3

That's actually true...
He's also one of the best rappers in kpop. When he raps he has a different voice and personality but when he doesn't hold a mike then god know what he does hahahaha XD

This guy was born to make these failure . . . XDDDD Enjoy~

I remeber when I danced Abracadabra... know how you feel bro... know exactly how you feel...

This was THE MOST randomest (?!) shit I've ever seen on youtube hahahahahahahahahah!!!
When did Christina Aguilera and Bi Rain make a Pepsi Comercial together?! ;__;

I'm a horrible person...

But it's so god damn tempting... X'D



Forever alone~ TT__TT

My T-shirt



We were supposed to bring a white t-shirt with us where everyone could just.. write/draw anything they wanted. 

Lol... didn't really see what Bo wrote, saw that when we ehh... came back to the dorm... and he had to visit his mom again XD
And this time manager Lee was on a noodle date this time HAHAHAHAHAHAAH (I sometimes love myself)
(date #1 - Sushi date, date #2 BBQ date, date #3 noodle sate XD wonder what the next date will be...)

I remember that I wrote "Big" on a girls chest (hers) and "BANG!" on the second one XD It took me awhile before I got the joke...

2PM does aegyo!

kpop isn't that populer... yet...

I'm like obssesd with that omegle site X'D I met a really awesome girl yesterday and I was literally suprised 98% are perverted people 1% are idiots, 0,9% aren't even there and 0,1 % are normal.
I also talked with a dude named Jared haha so straight forward

"My name is Jared, male 18 years and I'm bisexual because everyone seem to ask!"

Me: O_o

Hahahahahahha ;D I should've become friends with him ;__; regret that now...

Well, you can also ask some questions and see people have a conversation about that question so I wrote "Do you like Korean music" and 12443693498 people skiped that question 2149823 said no and like 3 or 4 said yes. But I was happy like a mad cow...
There was a guy he had ADHD and !#""¤%"!#% Just wanted to jump inside his computer and gick him virus for checking to many gay-porno... nolifer -.- <-- mean the dude
And I got so frustrated everytime someone said yes I like this or that I just wanted to be in that conversation but NOOOO I could only sit behind that screen and see how my chances to meet a kpop fan faded away...

The first ones didn't work out that well...                   Stranger 2: = BITCH!

Hehehehe B.R.A humour shows up X'D "From?" "no"

CUTENESS on a high-level

Are they not just adorable? (*^^*)

Heechul ♥

Haha, you're just to die for!!!! I remember our very first post. It was B.R.A saying: "The feeling you get when Heechul is prettier than YOU, or any other girl... *_*"

Hahaha, well I don't think that it's so funny according to Heechul. But I guess that when he comes back from the army and sees me he won't se so sad any more ;).
However we sure do miss you!! (At least I do T-T) We'll be waiting! ♥

This. made. my. day!

OH GOSH!! hahahahaha, I freakin' love you guys!! x'D


Girls Generation (SNSD) - GEE


Hahhaa as I said before. EVERYONE is there right now.

"On October 23, SM Entertainment hold concert ‘SM Town Live in New York‘ at Madison Square Garden where famous K-pop idols viz Super Junior, Shinee, TVXQGirl’s GenerationKangtafx andBoA performed. These idols are already ruling on Asian people’s hearts and now marked their popularity in America also."

See this picture? This is in New Ark Airport. EXACTLY where Yonho and Sungmin are standing, I have stood. Gosh, this is really bugging me out!!!! T-T

Gotta love these clips...

The girl with the black cloths, fall was the most epic one XD
And Onew... Why am I not that suprised..? But it must hurt a LOT U__U
Taemins reaction when her wig fell XDDD !!!!

HAHAHAHA I'm Dying ovah here!

Seriously I can't describe how much I suck and how hopeless I am TT__TT

I had a really important work that I had to hand in "today", and I did... XD
You know we have a really mean system If you don't send it in exactly that time the "file" dissapear and you can't hand it over anymore and I handed in my work 50 seconds before it dissapeared *sight*~

Seriously do you guys know how hard my heart is beating? (listen to my heartbeat, it's beating for you.. listen to my heartbeat it's waiting for you na na na~~) I'm hyped!



How I feel right now...

Minho VS Taemin

Haha, I know that it's a lot of "SHINee" posts today. But you guys have to see this!!!

Hahahahahaha OMG, don't know how to explain my feelings after seing this ^^
*finds a comment on youtube*

That is pretty much how I feel ^^ Hahahha, Taemin sounds soooooo cute. And Minho, you sexy thing (*^^*)

The wierdest thing happened yesterday...

... and amagosh!! I was like scared to death hehe *bitchy-oh-so-girly-voice* ;O

It was like... my food talked to me..?! They seem to like 2PM too. Ehh wut a destiny...

I was like scared to death.. and randomly the fugly egg just popped up (*points down*)

Dam Dam DAAAAMMM!!! ~~

Like do you know what I mean OH-MAI-GOSH!


SHINee - Eye Candy

Day 29: A gift you’d give 2PM and why

Myself . . .

Nahh, I would probably make a "phone" chain/bling-bling/doll thing that looks like them. So each and every one of them have something from me ^0^


Saw these but I meant something like this:

For example: The ultimate Chansung doll... XD

Such a no lifer...

B.R.A is sick...

... buuhh yo whore xD <-- Mean girls

Well I stayed home today because of lack of sleep the whole week. I was.. how can you say it... all lost and I had NOOOO strenght at all. The same thing will probably happen this week to...

Buuuut I need to study now bai bai~

Pervy Taecyeon ^^

Hahaha noo, but he sure seems to like perforing their song 10 out of 10


Okey, I found some really funny pictures. But for you to understand you need to see this.

Now, watch from 0:36. Okey, now remember that for later todat. Just stay put, I'll show you the funny stuff later today ;D

2PM - 10 out of 10

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA this sure made my day!! OMG, they just.. hahahahah xD Why haven't I seen this before? O.o
And did you know that the girl is G.Na? Damn she got... B00B13S!!
And the end, hahaha typical guys ^^ No, but I'm glad that they didn't stay sad for more than 1minute ^^

*Droooooling over Taecyeon* 

I just had to try this...

Well on the prevous post Bo wrote a site called Omegle and I hade to try it hahahahahahah! XD

After a while I noticed that my sentense had some grammatical errors XD


So I saw that my friend tried this website called: Omegle. 
It's a website where you can either spy and decied what 2 strangers should talk about or you could be one of the 2 strangers. I decided to spy ^^

The first thing that happens:
(My question: wich country has the most good-looking people?)

Hahhaha, hell yeah!!!! ;D

Day 14: Favorite YouTube clip

Hahhaha I have a lot ^^

HAHAHAHAHA, can't stop laughing!! 

Seungho: Hi
Mir: Hello
Seungho: How are you?
Mir: How old are you?
Seungho: 24 years old. And you?
Mir: Yes

Hhahahhaa, Mir ^^ ♥

Gosh, hahahahaha Joons laugh is to die for!!! ^^

Seungho and Lee Joon soo cute!! And at the end, when Seungho sings in a rock n' roll kind of voice (*^^*)

And last but not least:

My Lee Joon, being Lee Joon ^^ SOOO F-ING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Kpop flashmob in Italy

So I guess that Sweden was not the only one that held a KPOP flashmob this moth. People from Italy held one for Super Junior. They want them to performe ‘SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 4´ in Italy. They actually ended up in a Korean website. So, if God willing, our Flashmob will end up in a Korean website!!! Who knows?! :D

The dance don't start until 2:55.
And may I say, WELL DONE ITALY!!

(Hahahha the first song, superman, as I've said before reminds me soooo much of a gangster movie where the "gang" walks towards the camera in slow-motion ^^)

Day 28: Your favourite body part of your bias


No just kidding but...
If I say the abs - it's to normal
If I say his mouth - you'll be like WTF?
(and then I mean the voice)

This is a really annoying question *sight*
Well face counts in body right? XD If that's so then my answer is...........
His (smile) lips (hahha lol X'D)  :)



It's ehh... thin and beautiful o.o


I thought my computer died XD When I visited a page a heard a dudududududdsodfjandsglkjn!!

My brain: Ohh man, now you've done it...
My conscious: Nooo what happened? Poor computer... poor me... poor school
My body: Error

But apparently the site had one of those ipod thing so the song Stay - MBLAQ was playing and it starts with that wierd dududunk ddududunk thing



Dream Team VS 2PM

Did not see the whole thing, but I did see til' the part when Taceyon is dancing against.. ehm, someone ^^ So funny when he was dancing to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson and ran to the other guy and was all like "... Beat it" hahahahahah ^^

Everyone is in The States

Super Junior's Shindong and Yunho is in New York and G.Na is in LA. PLEEEEEEASE let Shindong and Yunho be there for at least a month. PLEEEEASE!!! It would be so great if I got a chance to see them. I will be in New Jersey between November 22th - 29th. I bet someone from the KPOP world will be there by that time. Don't you think? Well, I'll sure keep my eyes open, hihi (*^^*)

Yunho and Shindong

Shindong at Times Square. I've been exactly where he is in the picture (*^^*)

And G.Na looking all pretty in LA.

Yet another Video ^^

This one had a little better quality and sound. I'm the one in the "hat" with sunglasses. I'm the one joining the flashmob at the "da, da, da, darrada, darrada" part in SUJU's Sorry Sorry. B.R.A is the one in the M2STACH that runs up to me in Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra.

2PM at New York Korea Festival

"New York Korea Festival was held on the 9th in New Jersey in order to celebrate 20th anniversary since Korea joined the United Nations.

About 100,000 people crowded at the concert, and the park was full of fans inside out. Fans gave an enthusiastic cheer when 2PM showed up and opened the concert with “Hands Up” and “10 Points Out Of 10.”

Besides 2PM, other singers which performed at the festival include TVXQ, Sistar, SHINee, 4Minute, B2ST, G.Na, In Sooni, Tae Jin Ah, Kim Tae Woo, and Maya."

New Jersey, eh? NEW JERSEY EH?!!?!?! Damn.. as I probably said before, that's the exact same place that I'll be in in exactly 1 month -.- And as you may know, bu the time I'm in USA, there will be a concert.. held in Las Vegas.. half way across the country. Well, well... maybe another time :S

B.R.A's point of view

I'm so tired TT__TT I seriously crawled up the stairs to my room, crawled I didn't use my feets just my legs I have to write this post fast before I ZZzzzZzzZz

Well it was an awesome day of course!!!! I was totally hyped up after the whole thing. Unfortunelly, I had to go home so me and Bo was there until Hands up (extra performance after the actual kpop song thing...)
Do you know what the best thing is? You stand there and just talk 3295343526 km/h and get a fan-girl-rage with someone you've never met before, and don't even know his/her name, but it feels like you've been best friend... since birth?! That's the greatest things with these kind of things.

Me and Bo are really grateful for everything and if you as a reader was there and is reading this, Thank you!!! You saw the mixed version of M2stash XD
Bo freaked out in the beginning and wanted to... ehh.. yeah let's skip that.

I met (almost) everyone I wanted to meet (However Jasmin and Sanna wasn't there :/ ) But I saw Yang, Greta, Jessie and a lot of new people. It's funny how you meet someone and think "Ohh so she must me around... 15?, 16?" and then BAAAM! Their answer is "No I'm actually 20 years old" Hahahahahaha if you just saw my face. It happened 3 times XD

I really like this picture XD

Ps. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry~~ the text can be a bit wierd because I have nooo idea what I've beeen writing...
to tired...


Can you see us? (*^^*)

Hahahhaha, we look like little babies having fun! (Well.. I guess that that was pretty much what we were ^^)

Yang, me and B.R.A :D

Version #2

So here you have the same clip as B.R.A posted before, bt with better sound ^^ More videos will come up!

Kpop flashmob

Found a clip from the flashmob. I'm sorry but we have guests etc. so I can't really blog about the day but it was freaking AWESOME! ASKDLGBSSDG!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I SERIOUSLY STAND OUT! You can see Bo at the beginning and me hahaha...
I'm popping up at Abracadabra and the funny thing is that everyone is sitting "down/on the floor"
and all of a sudden you can see B.R.A running to Bo...

Bo - Niiiceeee
B.R.A - That probably looks really ugly on the video

Day 13: Favorite MBLAQ CF

Haven't really seen so many CF's from them. But I guess that this is a good one! :D

Chocolate and MBLAQ.. Now that's a great combination! xD

WAIT!!! *light bulb* I remember seeing a CF from MBLAQ Idol Army

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA omg!!! Mir and Cheondung as girls ^^ Priceless!

Day 27: A member you’d date

It's really hard because you want to date everyone, righ?! O_O
But there's two guys that I'm thinking about

A. Nichkhun
B. Wooyoung

We've all seen that oh-so-pretty-adorable-cute side of Nichkhun but I don't know I also like Wooyoung. They are so cuuuuttee o3o

Meee soo empty, also emptyyyy!!! (<-- have you seen angry managment XD that soong...)

But my anwer will be ............................................
*5 minutes later*



I seriously want to go out with Nichkhun too (<-- I don't know but that sounded sooo wrong Ò_ó)
But it feels... to catchy/cheesy/normal/totally-of-course if I chose him because everyone wants to go out with the sweet Thai-prince but I want Wooyoung and his dorkyness, he also said that he likes younger girl sooo ^_-

Raaaaapeee x2


Look alike: Jia and Cheundong

I saw a dance tutorial with Jia (Miss A) and I somehow got a revelation. I was like "THUNDER!!!" (MBLAQ)
I donn't know if you see what I see, but this is what I see XD
You know triplets (Sandara, Jia and Thunder) hohohohoho!

S.I.M.P #36

My song-posts is getting irregular -.- But it will be better... soon...
I'm actually starting to like some girl groups a little bit more, and more. Slowly but surely... <--?!

I fear for the flashmob. I don't know any dances + lack of sleep -.-

Let's just enjoy a classical song from B.E.G and one of the flashmob's song (in Stockholm)

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra (Audio)

BIG-SIZE! *forever a perv*

Kpop flashmob songs (here in Stockholm)

#1 Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
#2 SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
#3 Boyfriend - Boyfriend
#4 B2ST - Fiction
#5 2PM - Heartbeat
#6 F(x) - Hot summer
#7 SNSD - Gee
#8 Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
#9 2NE1 - Clap your hands
#10 Miss A - Breath

Total: Around 7 minutes

Good luck B.R.A, good luck...

Even more depressed...


He even dances better than me (well duhhhh . . . ) still depressing.... I should know this dance by now, well I actually can but I still have a lot to learn ;__;

Junsu: OMO...
Rest of the 2PM members - WHYYYYY?!?!?!?!

Is that Kim Joon Hyung beside him? (Green jacket)

A depressing morning post...

It's weekend and I should sleep more TT__TT But no I have to wake up 8 o'clock.
1. Clean
2. Prepare everything
3. Eat...
4. Torture myself <--- sadist hahahahaha

Let's brake this sadness/no-lifer-ness with.. something funny...

Much better...

Narsha - Put you hands up
Old man - *?*



Hello guys. Sorry for a crappy update, but me and B.R.A are practising for the KPOP FlashMob here in Sweden. However, if the videos come up, we'll post everyhting (videos and pictures) from the mob tomorrow!!! Wish us luck!!! :D

I didn't know that...

... Lee Jun ki was serving the army! :O

Apparently he enlisted May 3, 2010 and will be "done" February 16, 2012.
I seriously love this guy, his acting and his movies/dramas (-.-') . I've seen My Girl and I cryed like a sissy-pig because of him TT__TT And I want/will see one of his movies, King and the clown. Seems pretty interesting!

I'm looking forward to the holiday, I am totally worked out and burned *sobs*
Need to practice for the flashmob tomarrow, I can dance 1 of them ONLY 1!!!!!


Day 12: Favorite Mir picture

You know the rutine ;)

Smack that, all on the floor~~ ^^

Day 26: A member you’d go to the club with

I've been waiting for this question for a long time....

TAECYEON!!! That's my answer!

Taecyeon = EPIC it feels like if I go out clubbing with him, there'll be a day I won't forgett.
Lol... I've been "waiting" for this question and this is how I answer it -.-





Arnold schwarzenegger... HAHAHAHAH

Uhh... O__O

And parteeeeyy~~

I see no difference post (BOMB!)





Jonghyun never changes ♥



Naaaw, my Jonghyun, just sooo cute!!! Hahaha even if it's a bit to much, it's still super adorable!

Couldn't find the part where they were laughing in 2009. If you do, please comment the link to us! Would be so funny to see it ^^

Me and Bo...

Or me...
I'm not going to bring my computer with me tomarrow because of some reasons. But do not be afraid my dear friends. There'll be a lot of posts during the day though.

Always saving the post... with a macro XD

Taemin did it...

It feels like I've spend my whole night chatting with people on facebook -.-
Well at least I'm more hyped up when it comes to the flashmob, ONE DAY LEFT! AND I CAN  ONLY 1 DANCE... 1 FREAKING DANCE! Well everything will be allright ^^

Let's just laugh a little bit...

Wtf... all the perviness...

Bo do you remember?

Hahahahahahahahah the *piiip*

For you..

A mix of hot/funny photos. Just as a "Yaaay, it's friday" start of the day xD

Well, Don't mind if I do (*^^*)

Day 25: A member you’d place the “I love you” game with


WITH THEM!!!! Hahahahahhahahaahahaha X'D
It's not a member, It's members
It's amazing how they don't laugh, I've seen this 31483187 times but I crack up every time.
poor Taecyeon U_U
The 1:34 are totally worth watching!

I was like, and he was like and the girl was like ohh nooo!!

A random headline -_-

Me are soon done with mah work for this week!!! NEXT WEEK WILL BE WORSE!!!!! hahahahahah XD False alarm, I don't really think that I'll do any "oh-so-wonderful" posts these 2 weeks. But there's only next week left then my POOFume comercial will come out hohohoho! (POOFUME!)
And there'll be a video with M2STASCH AAAAANNNDDD MANAGER LEE!!! <3
AND AND!! There'll be a korean marathon with Bo!

I'm really cheering for Brown Eyed Girls now during their comeback. They won #1 place on M! Countdown and Inkigayo! 
AM LIKE WEEHOOO!!!! GO B.E.G!! <-- To lazy to write down the whole name... T___T

*Goosebumps* x324942358034

I never get tired of this song. The charisma queen Ga In. And JeA is so freaking beautiful! Seriously I never noticed that before, and I didn't know that she was the leader.. I thought it was Miryo XD

Two things I thought of

#1. Miryo doesn't really have so many perts actually, and the only one(s) getting all the attention is the rest of the group.
#2. That bad-ass scream didn't work out so awesome as it did in their MV.

Seriously? -.-

Just read that Donghae and Eunhyuk from SUJU went to their fellow member Yesung's cafe, Handle & Gretle. So that menas that all the ELF's that were there got to interact with them -.- ... once again.. WHY THE **** AM I NOT LIVING IN KOREA. This is really starting to bug me :( Soon all of these KPOP stars will be to famous to walk around like this.

No.. just stay positive Bo, just stay positive ;) You will see them one day!
Anywhoo, here are some photos from them being at the Cafe today!

LOL, Dr.Pepper ^^

My new favorite song

(The song starts at 0:22)

B2ST - Fiction

I just can't stop listening to this song! B2ST sure is growing on me. So I guess that my favorite groups are MBLAQ (le duh -.-), SHINee (le duuuuh -.-), 2PM (...... -.-), SUJU and now B2ST!!! :D

Look alike: Cheondoong/Thunder & T.O.P

Hahahah, found a picture of Cheondoong while looking for photos of him (for my day 11 MBLAQ thing) and found a picture that looked a lot like BigBang's T.O.P

They both look like the Ultimate Ken-Doll ^^

Day 11: Favorite Cheondoong picture

Once again, I'll just post up a bunch of photos I really like ;)

(The blonde guy is Thunder ^^). Gosh.. Hope Rain is doing alright in the army ♥

*CURLS* Just love it when he winks (*^^*)


I read (HERE) that SHINee had beaten a 44 year record held by.. someone else, intresting.

The boys of SHINee recently released their third single “LUCIFER” in Japan on the 12th, and they have rose towards the top of the Oricon chart along with famous rock band L‘Arc~en~Ciel, seizing the #2 spot!

Their previous Japanese singles “Replay” and “JULIETTE” along with the most recent “LUCIFER” have all ranked in the TOP 3 on the Oricon singles weekly chart. This marks the first time for a foreign artist to achieve this mark, meaning SHINee has set a new record.

Furthermore, on Oricon’s main page, it read, “This is the first time in the 44 year history of the Oricon that a foreign artist (soloist included) released three different singles, and all 3 have ranked within the TOP 3″, making this achievement all the more significant.

SHINee has plans to release their first full-length album “THE FIRST” on November 23rd, and their fame in Japan will only grow from here.

The boys will also be holding independent concerts on the 27th in Nagoya Gaishi Hall, as well as on November 24th & 25th in Osaka.

I got stuck oh this:

"SHINee has plans to release their first full-length album 
THE FIRST” on November 23rd,"


Tottoro, tottoooorooo!

Has anyone seen that movie? Hayao Miyazaki is a genius! I LOVE his movies TT___TT They are so good *sob*
I have two movies, Spirited away and Howl's moving castle.
Spirited away is no doubt one of the best movies! I've also read the real book Howl's moving castle and it was so darn (!?!?!?!? O__o)  lovely! It was so freeeahhh >wwww<
I totally recomend it!

Okay that was pretty unnecessary... Let's just enjoy ourselves with some gifs/macros. Tomarrow is FRIDAY!!!


. . . *running away* I'm such a dork -.-



Was it only me who felt perverted...?

hahahahahah you should show this pic to everyone before watching 2PM's (haha pms xd) I'll be back. If I saw that music video first (when I discovered kpop) I would be scared for life. They have like, 325436 ton makeup and IT LOOKS SO GAY!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE GLITTER!!!

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

Okey, just saw this twitter post by SUJU's Choi Siwon (2011.10.19) "I think it was a month ago. I was on my way home after meeting Ahn Hyuk Mo. Students behind me said cheese together."

OH MAAAH... If I were on that bus. IF I WERE IN THAT BUS!!!! Then I would be in the same bus as Choi Siwon ^^ I really need to move to Korea, before they get so famous that they can't ride the bus like normal people..

BTW.. I would be pretty embarrassed to take a photo like that in public. Hahhaaha, I mean, what do you think those older koreans are thinking seeing him take a selca, just like that? "Omg! What is that? Is that.. from space?" (the phone)

Hahaha no noooo, I keed. I'm not making fun out of my future husbands people. Nooo way, no day! (*^^*)

S.I.M.P #35

Well my previous S.I.M.P sucked hahahaha XD
Before I continue...

... I'M DONE WITH BO'S IPHONE SHELL!!! Made it an MBLAQ concept >:D
I'm tired -.- 4 hours left before I should wake up TT__TT

Okay tonights song will be daaaam daaaam dammmm daaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!
Psshhtt before I spoil that let's discuss the song. Oh! -now I know which one I should chose. I posted a picture from this song and that was our, first and "real" post in this blog XD
When we had like 2 visitors... me and Bo hahahaha *facepalm*

The quote:
"The feeling you get when Heechul  is prettier than YOU, or any other girl" 
The feeling?! WTF? Is it not the awkward moment when* ?

I guess that you should know by now which song it is...

Super Junior - U

It's pretty sad when you see Heechul. I sometimes wonder what the heck those stylists are doing. Heechul looks like a FREAKING GIRRRLL!! Sure a beautiful one but it's still... bad?! I was like WOOAH when I saw that and sat there for like 20 minutes and wondered if that really was a girl -.-

Even Daesung thinks that I'm über awesome! ö_ö

No comments...


Day 24: A member you’d kiss

O_____o . . .

kiss ey...
Do they mean that ohh-so-deep-kiss-on-the-mouth-/almost-making-out or just a plain kiss on the mouth?
Well I guess they mean the first one :K *naughty naughty*

Ohh that was a hard one TT__TT
I just pictured myself kissing every single member from 2PM and I did sooo not fit with Junsu and Taecyeon it looked awkward (in my head) XD Lol...
But the one that actually looked okay was with Junho, dunno...

So that's the answer I would kiss Junho because it looked good in my head HAHAHAHHAHA not because I want to...
The plus is that he also look like Rain hohoho




Yahh seriously O_o
Love the way he smiles! >w<

B2ST, 4minute, G.NA perform in England

Cube Entertainment will hold their family concert, ‘United Cube Concert’ in London, England in December.

4minute, B2ST, G.NA and more will appear at the concert, which will be held on December 6 at O2 Brixton Academy in London.

COME ON!! First Spain, Russia and Brazil, then USA and now London. Guys.. don't you understand that my mother won't let me go to London, just so I can see you perform!!! PLEASE, just... just come to Sweden, marry me and... *cough* just.. just come for God's sake -.- It's one of my biggest wishes.. to see MBLAQ, SHINee, 2PM, SUJU and B2ST. But if God willing, that wish WILL come true one day!

Sorry x3

Sorry for not updating. But I had to go and see Lee Joon from MBLAQ. Yes.. I saw him!!!!!!!!!! I actually took a photo, you know, as prof for you guys ;D

FE!#¤%&de#%!!!!!!!!! Right?! It's hard to believe, but "that's just the way it is, way it iiisss ~aaah yeeaaaah" (2PAC - Changes ^^)

Anywhoo, but now I'll make sure to upload a lot of posts ;D

Just wanted to brag...

And show you guys my awesome bad-ass iphone shell ^0^

The light is pretty bad, it looks better "live" >:3

E.L.F, A+ and SHAWOL ;D

My top 4 AKDSGBH!! - groups
Sure I like a lot of groups but 2PM, Super Junior, MBLAQ and SHINee is, how can you say it... has a bigger "place" in my heart ;)
And if you haven't noticed it there's 3 flowers on the back together with 2PM and it's the same colour as
the-fan-name x__x

So it should probably be easier to find B.R.A on saturday (3 days left!!!), during the flashmob XD

Later (around 2 weeks later) when it's holiday, I'll probably have a little contest/competition or whatever, where you can win something *well duhhh* -.-
EVERYONE can be in it, even for you guys who don't live in Sweden
But more info later...

XOXO <-- so not me! *ahh* bitchy voice

S.I.M.P #34


I will write a more "proper" post when I get home ^^

U-KISS - Neverland

This is seriously a great song, a really "powerful" one! >_>

I think that I've already posted this song -.- Or?

Okay update, here we come!

I had clas a few hours ago when I wrote that retarded post because I forgot to upload a S.I.M.P yesterday but tonight will be lots of fun yaaay~~
No but there'll be a little more update, Bo is doing something... special so he'll be back late but B.R.A oppa will take over for now... hohohohho!! >:F

It sucks

This is the brightest star shining outside my house (the white little dot)

This is the stars shining outside this country...

My home sucks right now TT__TT

Lee Joon & Jonghyun

Naaaw, my two favorite guys!!! :')
One day we'll all be calling each other.. one day.


It's a morning habit so baer with it ^w^
These gifs/macros entertain me twice actuallt becuase this is a post that I'm writing during the night so the next day when I'm checking our blog in my phone I read the posts (to see if there's any grammatical errors, I swear!* XD) so I enjoy the morning post all over again.
Pretty lame but... yeah it's lame U_U


OH MY!!!!!! XD

What I wanna do now TT__TT


The three village idiots... love that village thing XD (Got it from Hello Baby SHINee)


This almost made my day...


THIS made my day... I don't have the energy left to write hahaha anymore -.-'

Kick-ass? Oh yeah!

Yeah I'm still awake but I've done the-most-awesome-shell-for-an-iphone-4-that-only-one-person-in-the-whole-world-has... and that's ME ;D


Evil laugh on high-level

I will show you some pictures tomarrow huhuhuhuh >:3

Day 23: Your favourite 2PM dance battle

Say wuuuuuuttt! Nahh just kidding. The one I saw wasn't really a dance battle... it actually was, my bad...

You can feel the perviness grow inside you hahahaha!
I was like ohh what are they gonna do now, and BAM they took their shirt off *__* I was literally waiting for them to rip the shirt off and Jay just made my day. However it was a shame that the whole group didn't do it TT__TT

Personally I think that 2PM won over SHINee, their dance was more bad-ass and SHINee danced the H.O.T (group) dance. The creepy group that gave me nightmares e___e
You can read it here X'D

Ohh Chansung looks so CUUUUTEE!!!~~ ;D

2PM never disapoints you...

The funny thing is that Joon from MBLAQ is probably the only one with the "flashing-abs" (<-- my version of honey abs) in MBLAQ and everyone is like OH MY GAWD!!! HIS ABS, BUTTER, EGGS, NOW! LET ME LICK IT!!! Or something...
But everyone from 2PM has ABS, but everyone is like ohh how pretty... or Haawtt!
That's it?

I'm like




I listened to Without you (2PM) today, while it rained... pretty funny X'D (it's rain, in their MV)
Just wanted to tell yah!

I'm busy as **** and I "schooled" BO for not doing a lot of posts for you guys TT__TT I'll be back on Friday... Satu... Sunday!

So "I'll be back", so be prepared to say "Hello, Hello" and when you say that, "'I'll promise you" that you'll say "Thank you". So I will be "not alone" anymore because I have my homeworks. Remember to also "put you hands up" and listen to SHINee's "Lucifer"

LOOOOOOlALLALALALALALALAL!!!!! -.-' Such a no lifer... I need to go...

#1 2PM - I'll be back
#2 SHINee - Hello
#3 I'll promise you - "A.N.J.ELL (you're beautiful drama)
#4 2PM - Thank you
#5 Park Jung Min - Not alone
#6 2PM Put your hands up
#7 SHINee Lucifer <-- Lol.. XD

Read an articel that Jang Geun Suk visited Heechul (or something) and bought some pizza. That's random... but sweet >w<

“For [the] Big Space Star who is helping protect our country, [this] Asia Prince has treated him to pizza. Big Space Star was happy receiving the pizza after he got off from work.”

This is what he tweeted and the picture.
Aww Heechul and his short har x'3 COME BACK SOON!!!

SNSD want's to answer YOUR questions!

Just read that SOOMPI will get an Interview with famous girl group SNSD!
Now they give you the chance to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask them. Just click here and ask away!!!!

Team Soompi will select the most interesting (and appropriate) questions and have SNSD answer them! You have a week to get in your questions -- we will stop accepting entries on Monday, 10/24, 9 AM EST (10 PM KST).

SNSD - The Boys

Yet another MV has been realsed today!!! This time it's SNSD's new song The Boys.


Day 10: Favorite Lee Joon picture

Ouf, there is a lot of pictures that I like!! ^^
But I guess that I'll do as I did with G.O.. just put up some random pictures that I like ;P


Yes.. I wan't one that one. (*^^*)



G.O, Jung Juri and Lee Joon. Hahhaha, Love their expressions ^^

That's what I did (2 days ago :O ) insted of studying

You usally say that a picture says more than a thousand words, but I think my pictures only say one word XD
Yeah I cut my bangs a few days ago. I was... bored...

It's not the first time either, one day I just got a I-don't-know-what-impuls and just cutted my hair off. Only on the front though, so I had really short hair in the front but long hair in the back. But I fixed that after a while and made that "tripp-trapp" haircut. It's short in the front and gets longer and longer as you go around my head... jus thought you wanted to know.

If my mom discoveres this... WOOOSSHHTT me have no head anymore. She will probably take out hidden nunchacks from her pockets and hit my head so damn hardback  to the country called China...

You know the line...

And partey, and partey and part and part and partey, I just had to o______o


Lol... all of those bend-ovah pictures X'D

I'm tired I hope that you enjoy/enjoyed TTYL <-- Paris Hilton my BFF ;'D Has ANYBODY seen it hahahahhaha!!!! TTYN* - Talk to you never TTYL ("B.R.A version") - Talk to you later!

Secret - Love is MOVE

So, the girl group Secret's new realesed MV is doing very well!! Almost 100k views in just one day. If you want to read more about it, you can read it here.

Secret - Love is MOVE

S.I.M.P #33

Hello >:D *creepy voice*

The funny thing is that you probably read that hello in a creepy voice inside your head, so your problably a little scared roght now? eeey? *creepy voice* X'3

I group that is getting biggaahhh! I laugh everytime I see their music video, sure it's all sad and deprseeing but the screaming part, priceless that really ruin the whole sad image hahahhaah!
I checked all my S.I.M.P's to see if I had uploaded this song before and saw my first S.I.M.P L-O-L that's all I'm saying... Rokkugo with suju n__n

I should shut up and just upload the freaking song now...

CN Blue - I'm a loner *dying*

What a great name..

- So what was your first debut song?
- Ehh.. I'm a loner ;__;
- Really? But I'm asking what your debut song was not if you're depressed or anything... o_o
- No, no... It's I'm a loner

XD I don't really wanna brag about the fact that I listen to a song called I'm a loner, oh HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA überbadhumour.donotsearchthis.com




Muhhuhuhuhuhjknfsdvbd <--- choking to death... Wrote chicking to death a while ago and started to think about Onew hahahahahahhaah X'D

My my that is really fugly

Missed me? Me and my long-ass text, do you even enjoy this e__e

Well let's not think about that, this is how I feel =__= My day today was... how can you say it... unbeatable in a bad way and I got scolded 1354023923454907 bacause of the-heck-do-I-know-I-just-got-scolded and seriously no reason at all!
It's because I get, ... like you know eeuuuhhhehehehe everytime I get home so I want some privacy but they don't like it so they want to scream EMO to me, but they can't because they don't know what emo means but it's close enough... O_o

They = parents
Yes I'm visiting my parents and dumped them a while ago to return to the dorm *caugh* *caugh* I think I'm getting sick XD

I don't even know what I'm writing TT__TT

I'm going to post a S.I.M.P soon but this was one of those "hello I'm alive, thank you" post ^^ soo... Hello I'm alive, thank you... please come again
hahahahahahhahahaha I need to sleep U__U

Feeling like Onew...
                                                                PORNO!!! - Busted...

Look alike: Taemin & Heechul

RIGHT?! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! SHINee's Taemin and SUJU's Heechul? Yes.. them.

Hahahaha, in this picture they look like freakin' twins! Right? ^^ But maybe they don't if you put two diffrent pictures of them beside each other..

*2minutes later*

I don't know.. maybe they still do a little. Anywho, the point of this post was to show you guys the first picture ⇈
So I guess that my work here is done! :D

SHINee basketball shooting

HahaHAhaHAhahHA, Air ball.. poor Onew ^^

SHINee @ Basketball Opening Ceremony

Did you guys see this? It was only yesterday!!!!!!!! (2011.10.16) :D

Wish I was there -.- Because not only do I love SHINee.. I love basketball as well T-T

Day 9: Favorite G.O. picture

Well, I have a few.





B.R.A is out..

.. and Bo Bae is in! I know that I might not do as fun posts as B.R.A, but at least I give you these:

Day 22: Your favourite 2PM cover of an American song

This group doesn't make any freaking covers -.- I just found one English cover and I loved it, seriously. But I somehow hate it -.-'
I got dissapointed when it came to "split" the parts. Junsu sang the whole freaking song. I wanted to hear Junho a bit more.
But Chansung took the price he only repeated "and it's only because of you" 4 times, in matter of fact not even 4 times he didn't even have the chance to say "of you" on the fourth time so that makes it 3 -.-

His voice didn't sound that good either, his voice was to "light" like Justin Biebers XD but I just wanted to listen and see how he sings in English TT__TT

Two reactions:


Cover: Because of you - Ne Yo

Bad quality, Great sound

Do you remember it...? X'D

Yesterday oh jesus hahahahahhahaha! X'D I started to think about our presentation. I remember M2stasch presentation when we were new in business ;D I don't know if you guys have seen it because we posted it a few weeks ago. Before watching it (If you even watch it -.-)

I just want to defend my voice... I think it cracked, when I said what my name stands for... BBbbbbEEeesSt Rapper AAevah!
And I have that awful habit of changing my voice... U__U

We want to thank manager Lee for bearing with us during these three months
and director Han for making this video,
and of course all of our so-not-existing-fans,
we are really thankful for all the comments you leave and those sweet messages ^^


Okay enough sweet talk... Personally I think that my burp at the end was epic X'3

Ohh! We forgott to say Super Junior e__e

I'm sorry

It's so tempting to just write sorry sorry sorry~~
Well that was not the point with this post. I just wanted to say that B.R.A will not be THAT active during this week. I will be, literally BUSY the whole week and go through something I've never been through my whole life. I had to even make a deal with my mom if I wanted to go to the flashmob. =__=

I have sleept around 23 hours during these 2 days because I know that I'll have lack of sleep during this week. So I just want to say sorry to you readers if I don't appear so much but I'll at least try to do 3 post everyday (Lol... that's pretty much...) It'll probably be a morning post, 30 days and S.I.M.P but a random post can pop up during my school time XP *effective stundent*

But Bo will be über active, right? >:I Stop visit you mom... manager Lee is worried HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU MANAGER LEE!!

Gosh it was a lot of text now but yeah... HAVE A NICEEEEEEEEE SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MONTH!!! WEEEHOOOO!!! 8D

image  image

=__= <--- Asian eyes...

Ah! I remember something now! <-- Lol >__>
One of my classmates he's asian, and you have no idea how much we fight... becuase of me... I think that he's a bit against me because I don't look asian... b*tch... No but he's a really nice and funny guy, he was one of my first friends XD

A conversation we had when we sat on the train.

*all of a sudden we started to talk about noodles* O_o H = Him B = B.R.A

H - Yeah and my mom make these noodles "glass-noodles"

B - It's rice noodles, right?

H - Ehh, no it's glass noodles

B - EHHH! No Rice noodles

H - Glass...!

B - Rice!

3 minutes later*



H - Where I come from, we say glass!

B - Well where IIIII come from, we say RICE!

H - Where the hell do you come from?! MONGOLIA?! (Mongo is a wierd short name thing for beeing stupid in you head TT__TT)

B - No... china... <--- talking to low that he can't hear it...

Random chick - Well according to me I think it's called glass noodles


B - *where the hell did you come from!?* O_O

Random chick - Well what do I know I'm 100% Swedish or actually I'm a little finnish and...

B - *firstly, care face -.- secondly geez mind you own business*

So he won that round...

*Rage-gifs XD*

Taemin's nose job?

Okey, so I've seen some pictures of Taemin (le duh ^^) and I've always seen the hook on his nose. But could it be true that he has made a nose job? This was discussed about 1 year ago. However I can't help but wonder, did he or did he not? What do you think?

I mean, there has been a lot of K-POP stars that has been under the knife. So I guess that it wouldn't be impossible for this to be true. Fact is.. I believe it is. But that does not mean I don't respect him or adore him any less than I did before ^^

S.I.M.P #32

It's Seungho's birthday today so this S.I.M.P will be dedicated to MBLAQ ^^ They must enjoy themselves. It's their 2 year anniversary (B2St's too ^^), Cheundong and Seungho's birthday. It.Must.Be.A.Lot.Of.Cake T__T

Apparently Bo is alive but he dumped me again when I went out ;___; cruel b*stard... at least answer my calls if you'r going to visit your mom 321455268 times -.-' Manager Lee is on a BBQ date hahahahahahahahahahahah XD
Like he'll ever get laid or something *dying* X'DDDD
I feel all alone and I can't turn on the AC because manager Lee said that we have to save money, cheep b*stard, YOU HEARD ME!!!

Back to the song. I don't really have a lot of songs in my phone with MBLAQ only 4 O_o So let's upload a classic one ;)

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa

SAAARaanGHEeheeheheheheheh Sarangheeeeee ga DAHAHDHDAHDASJKFDbsnadalk!! <--- how we sing in Sweden ^^

I don't really like when Thunder sing Mona Lisa live.... he sucks... I know it's harsh but I can't stand it, his voice TT__TT makes my ears bleed

I really like their concept it gave me a chock when I saw G.O, Joon and Mir




2 years with B2ST

OMG!!! I almost did not tell you guys. Today is B2ST's 2 year anniversary!!!!

B2ST FIGHTING!! I can actually say that I'm a proud B2UTY ♥

B2ST - Fiction

Day 21: Your favourite tweet by a 2PM member

I don't really have any "favourites" but I checked Nickhuns twitter a while ago. And I'm like STOP WRITING IN THAI!!! TT___TT Then I read Junsu's STOP WRITING IN KOREAN!!! TT__TT Hate it... feel like a lost donkey ass ... ?!

Well I collected some favourites that Nichkhun tweeted ^^

He's so sweet >w< Loved that wierd cheesy tweet XD
He and that goddammit t-shirt hahahahahahahahha ;D You made my day...

Get the job = Free coffee + free T-shirt
Like you don't have a life already -.-'

At least I do TT__TT

My first kiss!!

OMG, do you know how long I've been wanting to see this performance?! :D Well, now I found it!! Hope you enjoy, maybe not as much as I did (*^^*)


Hahahaha, at 03:07 ^^ And i actually like this song, and they did a pretty good job singing it!


Happ Birthday Sengho!!!

Right?! Awsome pictures of an awsome guy!
Sengho, just as B.R.A said, you inspire me. You are someone I look up to, and gosh... your lips X.X
Hahahahha well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 8: Favorite Seungho picture


I love all of his photos!!! However, I will upload a few that I just loooooooooooove(!!!) In about 20minutes. So make sure you see them ^^


The fudge?! X'D

Starting the morning with a what-the? post ^^ Well it's soon 10 here in sweden so daaahhhh!
I need to start doing my homeworks. Me and manager Lee couldn't wait anymore yesterday so I passed out around 11 hahaha BO GIVE ME A SIGN!!

Today B.R.A will have a photoshoot >XD and have to workout, honey abs you know ^^

That awesome guy, and his birthday! U_U

It's your birthday man!! Do you know how much I (somehow... I think) look up to this guy? He's so coooool!!! *___* Hahahahahaha I wouldn't mind having him as my..... *** ... brother? he-he >_<
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEUNGHO!! Also from MBLAQ! Turning 24 years old. You and Thunder pobably celebrate your birthdays together, right?! RIGHT?! ANSWER ME NOW! -.-'
I can't even congratulate someone normally... Bo should handle this @_@

Borned and raised in the month of October ;O

S.I.M.P #31

I don't even have time for this -.-

But let me make this short O. That the clue hahahahaha X'D

BO WHERE ARE YOU?!?! TT___TT YOU AREN'T IN OUR DOOORRMM *wink* *wink* *wink* *wink* <-- Wanna be Taemin.
Did you visit your mom again? pffftt.... Manager lee is waiting on you, we have to check tomarrows schedule e__e
Hyung come home I'm tired I have homeworks to do... It's not easy to be a korea-idol-model-study-man X'3 Trolololo

Manager Lee

Well that's our manager, he didn't want us to upload any pictures on him but.... yeah...
Okay the song now is from a split band, banana split hohohoho XD


OOOOooohh OOOOooooOOooooOOoOOO <-- lyrics hahahahahaha

I really liked Jaejoong with blonde/white hair ^^

The reason...

Do you guys know the reason behind our blog name?

Okay this is a totally unnecessary-post-that-no-one-is-gonna-give-a-damn-about adslkjbvajbnk!!! I'm mad and tired -.-' I have to pratice and kill myself but before that let's keep writing this "oh so unnecessary" post ^^

We wanted to name it 2blaqteenpop but we couldn't have the number 2 ( btw if you want to contact us, send a fan mail (?! <-- oh my XD), threaten us then you can just write to 2blaqteenpop@hotmail.com but we don't want any advertises -.-)

The reason why we chose blaqteenpop was actually because of MBLAQ, Teen Top and kpop hahahahahahah XD We wanted to add number 2 because of 2PM XD . But after a while we thought of something. We are 2 people in M2 Mustasch (but now the blog doesn't have number 2.. O_o) the BLAQ is because we're both "black" our color isn't white, sooo... and Teen because we are teens and pop because of kpop so it was a... automatic chain >:D

Now you know the lame-ass story ;'D
Me have to eat like a horse now.......... I like Engrish. I should seriously buy a t-shirt and write "I <3 ENGRISH!"

Asians rock!

Proud to be Asian~~

Day 20: A 2PM song that reminds you of someone/something


I don't really want to write anything long but this is the song... and together with the "MV" (It's actually a movie called Blind, I really want to see it, Haven't found it yet. I've searched for it... ehh for 4 months?) It gives me a special connection to the subject blind... not because of my sight -.-

The little guy is pretty cute ^^
Ahh.. the laugh at the end kills me! I WANT TO SEE IT GODAMMIT!

This movie is about a girl who was a police officer. She lost her job because she was involved in a car accident and lost her eyesight and her brother's life. Now, the other police officers are trying to find witnesses of the accident. The girl said that she was picked up by a cab after the accident, whilst the witness (pizza delivery) said it was not a cab but a car.The 3 of them set off to find the car.The girl then finds out that she is stalked by a mysterious man. /Youtube

Yoseob vs Kikwang

AWWWW(!!!) my boys are so athletic! And love the fact that Lee Joon from MBLAQ is there as well (*^^*)

Daniella, can you see this?

(G.O - Shaved) <--- (!!)

It's a picture that G.O from MBLAQ tweeted. They debuted the 14th October, it means yesterday so once again congratulations MBLAQ!! Keep fighting! 5 immature boys with great personalitys. I seriously want to see them make the show Hello baby with MBLAQ = EPIC!

“Hey everyone, time sure flies! MBLAQ is celebrating our 2 year anniversary! Thank you!! And to all of our A+ goddesses, you’re all going to be with us until the end, right? Love you all.”
- G.O

That sounded pretty dramatic.. "be with us until the end" *dam* *dam* *daaaaaam!*

A really fast look alike XD Dongho & Seungho

So what do you think hahahaha U__U
Seungho the older version of Dongho... These are also two of the guys I really like (in a group) However you can't chose a favourite when it comes to MBLAQ, it's quiet wierd !#%R"¤ EVERYONE IS AWESUUUMMEEE!!!

Day 7: Favorite picture of the group as a whole

This one, for sure!!!! :D

But now the post seem so empty, so I'll put up some funny macros of them ^^

Tha future

Do you think that B.R.A's predictions are right?

For you guys

If you haven't practice for the flashmob, here's sorry sorry.
It's the choreographers themselves (for Sorry Sorry ^^) Try to catch up hahahahahah! XD

S.I.M.P #30

The number 30 it reminds me about a list (I talked with Bo about this today) When I was 12 years old I think, I got a notebook from my teacher and she said that I should write down 10 things I want to do before I turn 30 and a few days ago I started to think about my list and how much it has changed during 3 years now. I'll maybe write down that list XD It was a dorky list...

Well now to the song. I don't really know which song I should chose because it's these "typical" songs that everyone has already listen to. Or old ones.
This time it's MBLAQ's turn. This song is actually a PURE joke XD A bad first impression when it comes to kpop hahahaha and BO saw it ;'D

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA X'D Everytime I see G.O I think of backstreet boys, don't you think so?!
And some things I've thought of...

#1 Have you noticed that Thunder has lenses?
#2 Joon's pants are fugly as ****
#3 I totally love Thunder's half white and half black suit... he's also asian XD (<--- get it?! hahahahahahhaha)

There's a joke that goes like this "Panda is the only non-racist animal. It's white, it's black and asian" (something like that) and Thunder reminds me a lot of that panda...

The funny thing is that Seungho had black hair in the music video and now turned blonde all of a sudden o_o

You too?! Nahh :3


Okey, another one! It's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too you Donghae from Suju that's turning 25 years old (everyone from Suju is getting old O_O). To be honest I haven't really seen you in any MV XD It's you and Kibum that I'm totally lost on when it comes to Super Junior. Didn't you "dump" the group or anything? O_o I thought that I read that somewere and Kibum went to China for his acting career.
But you're in Mr Simple MV ASKGNAFDSJNDFJN The heck I don't even know....

Well well If you were in Suju, You'll always be a Suju ^w^


Yeah... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3

Day 19: Your favourite 2PM interview

Interview?... It's not like I'm sitting and google their interviews... maybeeee O_o *sight* Then let's do it!
Well I found one ^^ I've uploaded something similiar to this I think it was the "opening" NG or something. But this is a pretty funny interview but a sad one as well:

Jay *English* - Hello I'm Jay
Nickhun *English* - I'm Khun
Chansung *BAM Korean* - I'm Chansung
Me: !"¤!#"%? O_o

HAHAHAHAHA Breaking the chain Chansung ;D

It was pretty sad somehow when they said that some of the members went on a diet. Sure I shouldn't be chocked but my Chansung was apparently one of them and had a haircut.
"But he's much sexier now, right?"
- Taecyeon
Well what to do, they have fought their way up. The funny thing was also when they tried to describe themselves

Jay: A lonong and deep story
Khun: A looong and deep story
Wooyoung: A looong and sweet story
Junho: Natural! <--- His only word XD

MBLAQ childhood photos

Haha okey, found some very cute yet funny pictures of MBLAQ as children ^^

Lee Joon ^^




And Seungho. Don't really know which one is him.. Do you???
However, I do think that it's the kid to the right. He has Seungho's eyes and head shape ^^

Behind the scenes!!!

I am really sad that I did not get to see the Hallyu Dream Concert this year, but thank god someone uploaded this "behind the scenes" video. I know that it's 30minutes long, but it's soooooooo worth it!!!

I love seeing my KPOP-idols live!! Like.. live live.. you know? ^^
And it's very funny how they put it all together, like in the beginning "must have item". HAHAHA soo true ^^

If you don't want to see the whole thing, I made it a bit easier:

04:10 - MBLAQ
08:20 - B2ST
12:10 - SHINee
15:35 - 2PM
17:27 - TVXQ (fan cam)
19:50 - Girls Generation

24:30 - Behind Stage
27:40 - After The Show

Sharing the moment!

Do you know how freaking cold it is...?! ... in our dorm... Bo is... visiting his mom and the manager, Lee (pfft... XD), is out on a sushi date ^w^ So I'm sitting here all alone with my banana for dinner. Those fishes made me full XS

I'm wearing gloves, a scarf, a big fat sweater, slippers and my "I'M BAD" cap!

Do you want to know something wierd about me (<-- ironic right X'D) I'm the one known for beeing too warm. I am like a freaking element all the time. However my friends love me a bit more during the winter, but stays away from me during the summer. I think my temperture is around 37.6 C? It's like having fever all the time.
There's a few times when I can get really cold, then I mean REALLY COLD! That's when I'm too tired (like now -.-) dunno why but I always get cold but my face becomes hot O_O
Aaand when I visit hospitals (I don't really mind hospitals but it just gives me the chills) I always tremble, pretty wierd actually.
So this was another B.R.A moment ;D


How B.R.A eats his dinner, a.k.a the banana

Found a new idea...                                 Thinking...                                            In progress...

Starting to choke...                                  Thinks that he will make it...                  Finally... done!

Lol... I tend to have these habits to "strech out" <-- ?! XD my nostrils.. so be cool I don't have such big... holes... (Bet you didn't even notice it but went back to check it and starts to laugh because I had right...)
Hope you enjoyed B.R.A, the movie in pictures - How to eat a banana!

2PM Junho's girlfriend..

.. IS ME!!! ^^ Naaah, but he did post this picture on twitter:

saying "The heart is my main gift and my face is a bonus. I give the heart to my fans, who are is like my girlfriends! I’m at Sokcho beach."

Hehe, So I guess that he means me right?? And then he's just telling me where he is so that we can meet up. But I'm really sorry baby.. I couldn't get a flight :/ Maybe next time ♥

Day 18: Your favourite 2PM cover of a song*

Okey I know I suck but I didn't find anything so instead I will entertain you with a dance practice ^^


First you were like ohh a perfect practice I see... just keep watching then..

The first fail - Junho drops his mike but cover it nicely (REALLY GOOD...)
The second fail - Junsu dance the wrong steps
Third fail - Taecyeon became a camera whore
Fourth fail - Jay suddenly plopps out
1235124436 fail - Jay crawls on the floor, Chansung jumps, Junho have ADHD syndrome, Taecyeon doing I-don't-know-what, Junho takes his shirt off, Wooyoung is sticking/climbing on the wall and Nichkhun is standing in a bitchy position and thinks "not again..."


I got bullied today...

... because I'm chinese... and bought fish XD ... and I'm eating it right now...
So sad, so sad! 

I'm trying to find covers that 2PM sings but I can't find any TT__TT
Well I'm going to eat my fish and keep searching..

Lucky guy, Kim Joon hyung came out a few days ago... it's special. It wasn't that catchy for me XD
AND IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE HIM AT ALL!!! "I was like what the hell? Did he have a surgery or what?"

U like it?

Niel...                                                                                     ;O *Sweat* the look kiseop gives to Kibum...

Soo... what do you guys think? The new fashion, it totally fits me, right?! XD


My day today

I should buy those eyeglasses...

trolololoLOLololo Heechul makes a parody of Orange Caramel...

... Shanghai Romance. The picture was released through his twitter


It's not the first one either. He has also made a "parody" on Orange Caramel, Magic girl with Shindong and Eunhyuk X'D


LOL~~ A genius I say...

Still tired...

I'm still tired so the morning humour is kind of random.
1. Look
2. Laugh
3. Enjoy
4. Look around
5. Think for yourself why you even looked around
6. just go to the next post
7. C yah!~~ <3

Lol... leave Britney alone, you bastards X'3                                     FAIL! I came to a porno site when I clicked on this picture HAHAHAHAH! thought you wanted to know...

Everyone does it... right?!

Day 18: Your favourite 2PM cover of a song

I'll make this one and 19 tomarrow, have to listen to their covers...

S.I.M.P #29 + AKDSGNDA!!!

Let's start with the AKDSGNDA!!!

Oppa is lost =_=
Oppa is tired =_=
Oppa can't sleep =_=
Oppa doesn't know what he writes =_=
Oppa thinks that this text is getting too much... =_=

Apparently I had nightmares during the whole night so I couldn't sleep and the night before... yeah let's not bring that up... so my sleep has been on the buss ride to the school and the buss & train ride home ^^ And I've been lost the whole day. I don't even remember what I did when I came home... I also stod in the kitchen with a cucumber in my hand, for 30 MINUTES?!?!?! lost... and my mom didn't even say anything ;__;
I didn't even remeber calling Bo! I took my phone and thought "I should call him" then I saw that I had already talked with him O_o'
Well enough with that I need to sleep soon and I know I'm sorry with the S.I.M.P thing but I have been soooooo busy but here we go!

Okay a song. This time, it's from 2PM >w< When will I meet you guys?
This song is a pretty funny one especially when you read the translation hahahah! You'll misjudge the whole song XD Well at least I did... Let me touch you and give you electricity, let me *something* your body...

2PM - Electricity

Love that JYP! OH, 2PM Weeeee'reee baaaack *childish voice*
You know what!?

Another thing that I love with 2PM... they're the only group that I know who say the company's (?) name in their song XD In every song they always say JYP! and it totally fits.
Super Junior
doesn't really say S.M Entertainment, Sorry sorry sorry~~ or SHINee...

2PM - Card Kissing Game

Hhahahahaha, this made me laugh so hard ^^

They are like sooooooo kissing! Hahahaha, it's barely anything between their lips ^^
And at 03:40. That almost made me pee a little (*^^*)
And then at 04:37.. haha gosh.. I fan-girled so hard xD

Here you have part 2:

Late night humor

Hahahahaha Dara, MBLAQ Thunder's sister. Soooo true ^^

MBLAQ backstage

This was MBLAQ backstage at the Hallyu Dream Concert 2011.
I really died a little at the end. My two only Bias's.. together :')

Day 6: Favorite live performance

Well, I don't really know -.-
But I guess that this one was pretty funny ^^

This was from Idol Star 7080 Best singer in 2011. I guess that it's supose to be a funny version of.. *cough* Oh Yeah? Hahahaha, because of the beginning when Mir says "Oh Yeah" in a funny way ^^

Luuuv it when my name is on macros xD

Gyuri’s musical ’200 Pound Beauty’ sells out first 3 shows in Japan

This was the head of an article in allkpop (here it is)


This was the first movie that connected me and my friends, or more correctly me and BO into the so called country korea. I remember when we first saw it Bo was all exited and loved it and wanted to see it again. But he wasn't that interested when it came to kpop or korea (<--- didn't even know about it XP) But now we're 110% kpop freaks and this movie has another mening for us. We're planing to see it again during the holiday >:D
Okay a totally useless and random post... the heck... ;'D


A strong one...

I'm starting to like Brown Eyed Girls more and more. I don't speak korean but to only hear this song is just #"¤#%"!½!!! It's so strong somehow and I truly can tell that there's a mening for it...

so i read this from a comment super early one when this video was released.....they said how this song is supposed to represent how artist these days are constantly being tied down by different forces from making the music they want to make and from being the people they want to be

Miryo is supposed to represent an artist tied down by the media, Ga-in is someone tied down by the rules place on music, JeA someone drowning in fame and Narsha's someone going crazy from fame

This was an answer I found. I seriously LOVE this song, and their voices! Finally a song where they don't mix their voices so much because in every freaking song (including other groups) their voices are ALWAYS mixed/autotuned I get mad as hell >:c
I want to HEAR their REAL voices -.-'

Na na na na na na na na macrosss!!! (<-- the batman song)



To many moving pictures TT_TT

created by Azarado
Lololol X'3



 Created by viickii
Claping lika a retard XD

dot dot dot


I'm so pissed!!!! -.-

COME ON!!!!!!! What do you mean that almost every KPOP group is in USA?! What do you mean that they are in New Jersey.. that exact same place I'm going to in about one month?!?!?!?!

Screw this sh*t.... Here's some funny pictures to make me cheer up a bit -.-

HAHAHA, this was during Idol Sports Day 2011 ^^

Okey.. this did not really help.. at all -.- But I hope that it at least made you smile (*^^*)


Why are everyone in New York?!?!?! TT__TT Someone who can tell me?
SHINee is in New York right now where key uploaded this picture on ME2DAY

NEW YOOOoOoOoOooooOooOoOoRK! People who want to play! Put your hands up!”

hohoh put your hands up... right! Junsu and Junho are also there and I think that B2ST are there? WHY?!
Apparenlty they're going to perform in New Jersey, ha-ha such a shame that you aren't there Bo XD Just your luck...

It feels like kpop have finally been taking out the thumb from their asses (-.-' . . . ) and want to make it a hit in the whole world. They're actually gaining more popularity now. So we will see in a year now... we will see...

Taemin VS MIR

Uhh!!! the maknae fight!
On the previous VS "fight", I'm sorry but it sound so lame! Sometimes I wonder, the heck is happening inside my head >_>
Okay on the previous VS fight I chose the two "middle" members from 2PM and MBLAQ (Taecyeon and Joon) this time it's the maknae's turn Taemin from SHINee and MIR from MBLAQ, again...
These posts takes 3215369 years to do but I'm going to wake up a bit late tomarrow so I will be a nice B.R.A (get it? XD) and make a wonderful post <-- self confident/ego boost X3
Let's take the same three points like the previous one:


Okey let me first begin with Taemin. Yes he won this round because I think that the hair-styler-dude has gotten much better compared with his hair a year ago. LOOK AT IT! It looked like a mushroom, how could they do that? But it has gotten better. I really liked him in long hair (Lucifer) but his short and blonde haircut doesn't look that bad.

Aaaanndd MIR his hair before reminded me a lot of Joon's but he have a new haircut. I don't really know if this is his "today-haircut" because this pcture is a few months old but if you're going to compare these two guys, Taemin wins for now...

Body a.k.a skinny-ass-"abs"?! Muscles... X'D

Why you guys have no showy abs, then oppa can judge you faster!?
I don't have so much so say... some of you think that Taemin would have won this time too, But if you see their left (right for you) arm you can see that Taemin is more... muscely but MIR's arm is bigger and there's a chance that Taemin is spanning his muscles. WELL! Both of them got a point :D




Yeah... Taemin is special on his own way but you can't deny that MIR is special in EVERY way. He gets high on air! I fear the day when he eats suger or drink coffe... OR ALCOHOL! So we're sorry Taemin but Mir won this round! (Please) Taemin fans don't kill me TT__TT)
The reason why Mir won is because of his personality ^w^ It's much more... funnier and wierder <--?! O_o than Taemin xD

I feel... bad -.-

When people say you're hot, It's your body. When people say you're pretty, It's your face. When people say you're beautiful, It's the inside!

My pictures are always crappy, WHY?!
We should write the word beautiful more that hot >__>

Minho... you look really beautiful TT__TT

Day 17: Your favourite 2PM CF

I haven't really seen so many CF's with 2PM. The first one was their Paris Baguett, Oh my hahahahahahahaha!
It was pretty lame but gosh the music was catchy - Marry, Marry Christmas!


However I prefer these behind the scenes, they seem funnier. My first one was with Taecyeon and Nichkhun, and boi I didn't mind at all... they were beautiful...
But I really liked Lotte Duty Free Shop CF (making) The 6 village idiots XD

Somewere at 1:49 Junho say Jack Sparrow WEEEEHOOO 8D
Love how Taecyeon fake pukes and all of a sudden an emotionless Chansung shows up and pat his back X'3

U-Kiss #2

These guys didn't dissapoint me AT ALL! Bet they all have girl/boyfriends now T_T
They are just korean boys... university korean boys... no.. nothing <--- skitzo :c

I really like the guy who dance kevin's part. When I first saw it I was like "Oh shit?! Is that kevin?" but then they put on the lights -.-

Everyone are soooo goooooodd~~
It's pretty awkward when someone really sucks and upload a dance cover and say "Please subscribe :)" bla bla


B.R.A will have some sleep, because I'll start at 11 o'clock but I'm so nice that'll make a post for you early people >:3 I am probably sleeping right now ~_~


Oh my god! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Can you also see that hand beeing prepared to smack that ass? XD






S.I.M.P #28

It feels like I'm tormenting you guys with my songs...
What song will I chose now >:3
I'm going to put SHINee on the spotlight right now, Why there's no news about them? It feels like they did their über awesome performance tour thing and vanished -.-' a break maybe?

did you guys know that I hate the summer? I hate it when it is too warm, I rather prefer the winter, but I LOVE the autumn <3 ^w^ <--- Random... getting tired ovah here

I remember one of their "hit" songs, and I can't take it seriously anymore because of Onew XD

SHINee - Love like oxygen

HAHAHA Oneeeeeeeeewwww!!!
Love that nod at the end, "YEAH! I did it..."  Oh Minho *Ha fivah*


Have to love that all the koreans are all-in when it comes to Power Rangers 8'D


How did I?! ;O *points down*

I've actually maDe a post about that I think, yOu sTu... wonderful little child ^^

Day 5: How did you find out about MBLAQ?

Hahahha, don't know how many times I've told you guys. But I guess that I can run the entire story this time. If you don't care, you can just look at the pretty pictures ^^

So it all started with my friend telling me that B.R.A had finally started to connect with his roots. Apperently he had started to listen to Korean Music. I laughed, but was happy for him ^^

A few days later we all met. B.R.A showed me this song called "Put your hands up". Yes.. by 2PM!!!! It was very catchy, bet when she then let me listen to "Ring Ding Dong" by SHINee, I gave up all my hopes. I mean, I literally laughed when I heard it (*^^*)

Anywho. B.R.A kept talking about this thing called KPOP and showed me some moves from MBLAQ's "Oh Yeah" MV. Again, I laughed.

I don't remember how, but we ended up watching MBLAQ Idol Army at B.R.A's place. I really enjoyed the show, but it was'nt until episode 4 that I became a true A+. Why? Well, the entire show was about Lee Joon, (My, today, ultimate Bias).

So that is pretty much what lead me to MBLAQ ^^
Now the only question is.. how the hell did B.R.A discover KPOP? :O

RaNDomneeeeheEEeessss!!~~ *crack*

I have my sanity for now but I don't know for how long I'll have it. This will be a totally, useless, random post and if you read it... poor you TT___TT

I'm thinking about the flashmob right now... I don't know the dances -.-' and..and...and... I want M2stash to be there but Bo wants to be a ... how do you say it. well! ASDHLKNGEF!! Well enough with the flashmob, How many of you will be there? It would be funny if we knew how many of our readers will be there ^w^

Did you know that Donghae wants to be a daddy soon hohohohohohoho!! *waving the hand*

Doin it all night long...

Ya, pervy noonas, oppas? it's time to make children XD I'm also a bit mad right now... Rain is enlisting the army today/right now, I haven't heard a SH*T about SHINee, 2PM Junho and Junsu are in New York and FML -.- WHY CAN'T THE WHOLE WORLD STICK TOGETHA?!
And I need to kill myself with all the work I have, If I want to go to the flashmob thing :I

The awkward moment when...
#1 You listen to your aweome kpop music and your phone falls out from your pocket leaving you and your headset (in your ears) alone while the phone itself is on the ground, and everyone is looking at you wondering if you are a retard...

#2 When you listen to A-CHA for yourself during the class and when you take of your headset (almost) everyone is looking at you, and your friend beside you is whispering "everyone heard that..."

#3 You visit tumblr and see those pervy macros and giggle for yourself and later discover that you'r sitting in the front line and everyone has been able too see what you've been seeing...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA MY GOSH! All these during 2 days x'333

This really shows how sexuall...overloaded ?! We humans are... If you can't take cucumbers or bananas seriously then you're one of them.
Welcome to the gang!
Well I have to dig my own grave right now, Bo isn't here to help me...
one of my teachers is a criminal.. and high <--- I'm not kidding about the first one and I'm not sure about the second one.

Omo my battery is disgusting hahahahaha XD Naahh is discharging

But, seriously... we would like to know who will be on the kpop flashmob ^o^ So please, do tell!

Mir, why so cute?

Goodbye Rain T-T

Today Bi Rain enlisted the army. As I said before, we'll be waiting for you!!

Members of MBLAQ, the group Rain created, were there to say goodbye to Rain.
Also over one thousand other fans from many countries such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Macao, Japan and more came to see Rain.

KPOP concert in USA?!

OMG!!! Just read that BEAST, 4minuteG.NADBSK and SISTAR will be performing in the legendary concert that will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on November 25, 2011.

And I will be in America on November 22!!!! But I'll be in New Jersey T-T
POR QUÉ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My life sucks -.-




Did I upload this?


Well at least now I have...
And Bo sucks -.- He deleted F.Cuz's category so now I don't know were to put thits post -.- well well. If you are a F.Cuz fan then you should know who kan is. He's one of the rappers ^^

I don't know if he looks better in blonde or brown hair. There's some pictures where he looks really ugly in blonde hair but in this one he looks pretty alright *giggle* hihihihih <-- -.-'
But in some pictures he looks REALLY ugly with brown hair and in some of them, okay. So it's a mystery dam dam dam daaaaaam!!

* Interesting... We actually have a F.Cuz category but not on the blog...
Ahh... now we have it -.- ... I suck...

Day 16: Your favourite 2PM lyric and it’s meaning

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hands up! - Party every night, it's too early X'D
Ohh they have a lot of songs but there's two that I really like. Only you and Thank you. But it feels like I should pick Thank you because the song is dedicated for us... HOTTEST! <3 WEEEEY!!~~ Saranghe 2PM ;D

That's probably it... I love the beginning when all the fans are singing and then BOOM the beautiful piano comes and that sweet voice of Junho shows up
The lyrics is really beautiful

I didn’t know I was going to tell you like this
No words were enough
I couldn’t say anything
I was so thankful
I didn’t know what to do

Why do you like me
Why do you choose me among so many people
What I could do for you is so lacking
So I made this song for you

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

I know how difficult it is
to live while loving me

But you keep standing in that place
without any change
Just for me

Why don’t you turn around
It must be so tiring for you, why do keep loving me
I didn’t know how to repay you again
So I made this song

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

That heart of yours,
The tears you cried,
All that, I.won’t.for.get.it.

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

YOU ARE DOING A LOT MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!! A crazy hottest coming through! TT_____TT
So we thank you, thank you 2PM
And we love you, love you ^^

Mihihihih This is for my hottest ;D I feel like a 110% geek right now

Just laugh will ya?! Big bag time...

Lol hahahaha

I do... he's asian XD badhumour.com


S.I.M.P #27

Ahhh I almost forgot that one... It feels awesome that me and Taecyeon have our birthday in the same day ^w^ huhuhahhahaha

Well back to the song... It's a beautiful song from FT Island I listened to it everyday when I was in Turkey. I couldn't sleep in the nights (because of the heat) so listened to the song instead and it totally fit the moment XD
While we're at moments, these are the top three moments + songs

#1 Listen to Thank you - 2PM when you sit on the bus and the sun rises, I get chills everytime it just fit... in TT_TT

#2 Listen to Abracadabra - Bown eyed girls or A-CHA - Super Junior when you walk. It feels like the music is a "background" music in your life so you think that you're all-cool-walking-with-your-bad-ass-music-and-feel-like-a-attention-whore-because-the-music-fits-so-freaking-well-with-the-way-you-walk a.k.a you actually walk like a retard... -.-'

#3 Listen to In heaven - JYJ when you're on your way home and feel like the saddest person in the whole world and want to collaps on the bus....... because you are too tired >__>

FT Island - Love Love Love

A beautiful song... I love how Hongki really sings from his heart :')

It's too much!!

There's too much news going on everywhere!
Kim Joon Hyung is realesing a new single, Lucky (SS501), Leetuk collapsed - Stress/too much going on, Junsu is going too all in with his debut song alive, JYJ is releasing 125453775 songs, Rain is enlisting the army tomarrow and 2PM is releasing a MV for their Japanese song ultra lover...

This is their version of being all über cute and it isn't that über cute it's perfect! It's note too much, like SHINee Hello or Boyfriend, Boyfriend (XD).
Everyone looks so pretttiiiiii~~ And Taecyeon?!... his hair is soo much better this way. But I don't really like Nichkhun's hair, it looks a little bit... wierd -.-'
ASGKNDFHKN!!!! LOVE the song >w<

Day 4: Favorite MBLAQ MV

Definitely NOT "Y"... -.-

Haha, no.. but all of their videos look pretty much the same. So I guess that it would have to be GOOD luv.
It's very unique and it feels very natural. Maybe because it is ^^ It's just MBLAQ being MBLAQ :D

I'm not a 100% sure wich one of these clips are the real MV. I guess that it's the second one. But I really like the first one as well, because that's just MBLAQ chilling you know (*^^*)
However I really like the MV too. It feels like it's not forced, you know?.. Yeah, you know ;)

We're pretty late Bo, aren't we?

Many of you know that it's 2 years ago since MBLAQ's debut and it's hard to write down how we really feel. They have changed our lives, both me and Bo's. More Bo's I guess. He's 100% A+ while I'm 99%.

We're really thankfull for you Rain for "making up" such a random and awesome group. I don't really have anything else to say except, MBLAQ FIGHTING! Aim forward and never give up, all of us A+ fans will support you guys!

The funny thing is that I'm listening to MBLAQ's GOOD Love ;D

(I don't know but Bo will maybe? write a whole freaking story about these guys soon ^^)

My god, it doesn't look lika MBLAQ :O

Do you remeber it?

A few days ago when I sat and ate some cake with my friends (Lol... pretty depressing XD) I saw a car that was pretty familiar to me. It was so random because it just popped up out of nowhere... (THE POST) <-- you can read about it over there...

That BEAST car ;'D
So lame and awesome... ^^

Day 15: Your most played 2PM song

I've already showed you guys 2 pictures. The most played one is Hands up xD However their japanese song I'm your man has been played over 85 times in a week, so it's a record...

It feels like I have nothing to write about becuase I already wrote pretty much everything about hands up yesterday. So...
Let's just entertain ourselves with some macros/funny picture from 2PM >:D
Btw it's so sweet that every member from 2PM support Junsu's solo debut. Everyone hope for the best! FIGHTING JUNSU!!~~ Omma is proud over you (How do you say it Umma? Ummah, Omah? -.- Well I say omma...)

Chansung TT___TT

Eww..                                                                                Oh my... *looks around* .... *smiles like a perv*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! WTF! Why is that man standing over there X'D

Me in the summer...

Late morning humour...

Well the previous post was.... yeah... but let's start with the morning humour again. It's the shelly day at the start of the new week ^^

This time the WHOLE SHINee will take over this post and not Onew and his chicken...

LOL~ Poor Taemin... :/                               Ohh.. HAHAHAHAHA 4 months pregnant... Taemin XD eyes...

I am disapointed in you Minho...


Well this is for you all pervy nonas...

I'm starting to pee....

The same thing happened all over again with the Gi kwang thing (Read it Here)
This time when I passed in my password


OH MY GOD!!! I laughed so much during the lessons everyone thought I was stupid or a retard. >__>
Did you know the chock I got?! I don't know how this happened but appereantly my background picture is Wooyoung dressing up as a girl and wants to cry...

Man this is just to much TT____TT

PHUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!! This really made my day!


A friend: What is it?


Friend: What the hell is THAT?!

Scared for life...

Rain joins the army tomorrow

As many of you already know, October 11 is the day Bi Rain joins the army. After 10 years of performing, it's now time to say goodbye T-T

"Rain attended Gangnam Hanryu Festival held at 7:00 p.m. on October 9 in downtown Seoul, and threw his last concert before joining the army, entitled Last of the Best.

On stage, Rain said, “Ten years have passed since I debuted. Time goes very fast. I’ve just kept focusing on going further and further ahead. Now I have some time to reflect my life and my inner soul, stopping by an expressway rest area. In the army, I’ll do my part with sincerity.”

He also added, “I can say that you guys also become something if you believe in yourselves.”

That day, he first revealed his cropped hair, electrifying his fans. He displayed fantastic performances full of his unique powerful energy. The audience cheered up him by chanting his name."

We'll wait for you! ♥

I'm floating on pink clouds right NOW...

Everything is... too good! FAN BOY-GIRL-TRANSE*** on high level!! ?! ... and ASDGKNFSG!! ;'D I need to wake up... let's see, about 6 hours? I haven't even done anything yet so I'll pobably get 4 hours sleep tonight YAAAYY~~

S.I.M.P #26

It's funny because I thought that they really sang AMIGO But I think that it was Bo... no I actually read a comment were someone went all "oh-gosh-you-stupid-ass-people it's not AMIGO it's A-MI-GO it's a korean word" bla bla bla... well MY baaad -.-
I think that some of you have already guessed what song it is.. >__<
I'm sorry but I am in a hurry so this post will be a fast post with no humour...

Ahh who am I gonna fool... did you know that I hate to shower?! I HATE IT!! It's so much work TT___TT
To take off the cloths and go in but while you're in there, it's pretty okay but the WORST part is to go out and dress up all over again. Gosh I hate to shower (don't think that I'm all disgusting now I actually shower frequently, for example now/today...)

Okey no more know B.R.A more X'D

SHINee - Amigo

They look soooo young!! Especially Onew and Key >w<

Kikwang and Yoseob

Can't decide which one I like the best -.-

So.. Kikwang is really hot. But Yoseob is just so darn cute!
I guess that you've noticed that I'm talking about looks and not their voices ^^

Anywho.. who do you like the best? (after apperence)

It's time...

Day 3: Favorite OTP

No doubt JooMi!! They look so cute together, and bring out that crazy side from each other. For example:

Hahahahaha, priceless ^^
And they do really look cute together..

Wish I was Mir..  T.T

Day 14: A 2PM song you never get tired of

I nevet get tired of their song, love all of them >//>
but there's one song that I'll NEVER get tired of...
put your hands up put your hands up pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-put your hands up and get you drinks up

This must be the MOST AWESOME song and video everrrr!!
Their cloths xD Especially Chansung... They have two different outfits one where he have a red jacket and another one where he has the most UGGLIEST jacket I've ever seen T_T It looks like an old rag from ... ****** ...


A funny thing that happened a few days ago when I hade badminton tournament, I played with a guy I was not familiar with but it turned up that he was pretty awesome and hillarious ;'D

He - YEAH BITCHES SCORE FOR US! <-- screams it

Me - YEAH! PUT YOU HAAAAAANDDSS UUPPPP!!!!! <--- screaming again

He - Do what?

Me - Nothing... *looks around*


The reason why I like korean songs is because of their "messages". Amercian songs right now is more like "party-sex-drugs-weeehooo-I wanna die"
However korean songs have a "meaning" especially when you look up for the lyrics. But I'm doubting with hands up HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Korean songs can be beautiful but they can also be so freaking RANDOM!

LOL ^^

Haha, please don't tell me that this has not happened to you ^^ Everytime I say sorry I start singing SUJU's song Sorry Sorry xD

Has this ever happened to you??

B2ST time

I laughed my ass of when I read the comments...

It's hard to read the comment but.... Geez my eyes hurts -.-


B.R.A shows up again with his bad humour so don't judge... btw you guys are allowed to "take/share" our pictures from our blog but you can't change it (For example. don't remove any texts on it) ^o^

Here we go again (part 2)

Okey I was a little bit wrong when I said that every dressed group is prettier than a real girl. Because G.O and Joon was the most fugliest girl I've ever seen XD

2PM - The whole pack...

This is what you call "do-everything-for-the-fans" U__U

I suck... Me could not find any other TT___TT

Random pic...

B.R.A was at a conference that's why the update is bad...

.   .   .  TT___________TT

Can you see one of the guy in front of me? it's a member from B2st >:3

Kang Ho Dong retire?!

Okey, now you're probably thinking "who the hell is Kang Ho Dong?!"
I never really knew his name etiher, but I did se him in some funny clips like these ones:

Yes my friends.. this guy:

It's a very funny show! Indeed it is.
But I don't know if the show will be the same without him T.T

Here you can read about the entire article: Last episode of SBS's Star king with Kang Ho Dong.

He was the host for the popular show called Star King, most of the korean celebrities/groups always "visited his" show but now he'll retire. The one taking over his place will be Leetuk from Super Junior. He's the new host for Star King. They've already recorded an episode.

S.I.M.P #25

Okey I am going to chose the most wierdest kpop song in my phone... I think that I deleted all of those for a few days ago xS Let me check...

Ohh look at that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA found one!! YAY~~
Seriously I think that neither of you know who this guy is if I don't post a photo. He's more of an actor that singer but he does have a lot of songs however this is in a drama he played in called "Mary stayed out all night", an epic drama 8D

Jang Geun Suk - My buss

I remembered that I had another song from this drama, I like this one better thought. It's catchy :D
It's one of those happy-go-lucky songs

Jang Geun Suk - Hello Hello

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL The previous picture I uploaded, FAIL! TT___TT

Look alike: Miyavi & Jay Park

I don't know if you've heard that name before but Miyavi is a Jpop celebrity, His songs is "Rock" Gosh I sound so geeky now -.-
Well for more information search his name...
But as I said I saw a picture of Jay Park and the first one I thought of was Miyavi, I have actually seen some of his videos and he's so cooool ~~ :D


Not the best Look alike picture but I'm in a hurry TT__TT (Jay, dork...)

Day 13: A 2PM dance you’d like to learn

Put your hands up WEEHEEEYYYY!!! Hahahahahahah XD Thay don't even have a choreography ;D I think...
A dance... I'll be back is cool O__O or without you!!! That OK sign X'D Lol..

But I want to learn Heartbeat. I LOVE that hansicap/trash-doll dance

It's hard to drw those OKEY?! I don't remeber the name of these dolls -.- I searched for trash dolls and Barbie dolls showed up hahahahahaha! :'D Barnie... 8D
Well but I hope that you get the point. That's why I want to learn the Heartbeat dance,
Listen to my heartbeat it's waiting for you~~ na na na


Everyone waits for him...

... I read a manga yesterday ( a korean one :O) It had the most rushed ending I've ever seen. Okey back to the point!
I saw a name that was pretty familiar...

hohohohohohohohohoho XD
Honey everyone waits for him...

He reminds me of Kyuhyun somehow...
Especially the first picture ^^

Have you seen it? :O

I don't know if you have discover it yet but Jay Park has turned himself in.... nahh just kidding X'D hahahahaha
Well he's blonde now... nahh I'm not kidding.
Okey I will stop but yes he is blonde right now *points down* :3


What do you think? He's somehow cute but I still prefer when he was black/brown... HAHAHAHAHA no not black like that but when his hair was black/brown O_o
He looked more like "Oh-Jay-Park-is-in-tha-house"

Btw "his" movie will be released or have premier the 27th October (you can read the plot here)

Is this good? TTnTT (Part 1)

I don't really know why but there's a lot of kpop celebrities/boy groups that dress themselves as girls, and the bad thing is that they look prettier than any other girls... that's just sick and depressing TT____TT

Dump the chicks, get the wig! 8D
Can you imagine a combination between two hot guys ex. ehh... Mohammed and Leetuk AHAHAHAHAHA just kidding but think of two of you biases and combine their looks he-he-he-he *dazzled*


U-KISS - Dongho & Kevin

Super Junior - Heechul, Kangin, Kyuhyun & Shindong

SHINee - The whole pack -.- + Taemin extra >:3

MBLAQ - G.O & Joon

Bo will be out

Hello fellow readers! I'm sorry to day that I'll be out ALL day. Or at least til eight o'clock. But when I get home, I sure will put a lot of posts up!

But B.R.A will probably put up a lot!! So don't diss us today. Just wait.. just wait ;)

U-kiss in tha spotlight! *Shineee~~~*


Ha..hah....hahha......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!! 8D

S.I.M.P #24

A song that I am totally hooked on right now!

-.-'  ... I'm hooked on a lot of songs, the firs clue is.... 2PM hohohoh!
Do you know what I'm going to do :D Bo thinks that I am the biggest dork... but I'm going to buy a T-shirt, a white one and write

"What time is it?, It's 2PM" Then I'll draw a clock where it is 2PM and write another text down "The HOTTEST time of the day"
Heh get it? X'D

2PM - Maja (as soon/right -.-)
It has 124235 different names...

I like it, it's catchy on a none-catchy way (!?) Ö_Ö
It feels like Junho sang the whole song xd I can't tell any difference between Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Junho when they sing (well I sometimes know when Junho sings...) But I know directly when Chansung, or Junsu and of course Taecyeon sing (he only raps... XD)

Oh my hahahahahah!!!!

I was like
"Is that Chansung standing next to Nichkhun? It doesn't look like him.. oh it's Taecyeon... well where's Chansung then?"


Oh my... he's the one standing like a sissy-girl TT__TT WHY?! hahahahahahaha

Mir why soo cuuuutttteeee~~!!!

LOOK AT HIM <3__<3 That chubby little boy that you want to chew and eat and... no I'm not cannibal -.-'
You can really see that his Mir, just look at the face!! ;'D

There's something that I've always been wondering. How can he be all happy-go-lucky all the time? He seem to... hyper O_o Can you really be that hyper?!

Day 2: Favorite MBLAQ song

If you had asked me this question like 4-5 weeks ago I would without ay doubt say Stay. But I've killed the song, and truth is.. I like Mona Lisa alot too. Oh Yeah is not even a option for me ^^ Hahaha, it's just a song that I can smile to, and the MV for me to look att Lee Joon (*^^*)

But.. yeah, I think that I'm still going with "Stay". It's a song, that even though I've played it 130 times in 4 weeks (according to Itunes) it's still a great song!

OH MY F*CKING GOD!!!!! This is why I love MBLAQ!!! Can't stop squealing! They're just to darn funny, and cute!! I mean look at them, trying not to laugh ^^ Gosh.. MBLAQ.. please marry me -.-

SORRYYYYY!! TT___TT (sorry, sorry~~)

We're so sorry that we haven't updated that much!!!! I don't know why but it seems like me and Bo are getting a life (lol...) XD

But under the weekend we'll, or at least I promise that there'll be a lot of posts, and good ones too, so don't dump us TTnTT


B.R.A rape... ;D

Day 12: Your favourite 2PM photoshoot

Are you kidding? What photoshoot?!

I've only seen one photoshoot and that is from Wild Bunny, but it was the most funniest photoshoots ever X'D
Everyone looked like... idiots except Nichkhun *__*
Let me just show you in pictures!
BEFORE I do that I should explain (for you who's already read about this when I wrote it on the first day can skip it) 2PM was in a show called Wild Bunny and they had a photoshoot were they could chose which theme they wanted. Because in every photoshoot they have, there's always instructions on how you should look, expression etc. but this time they chose EVERYTHING and some of them... were disasters hahahahahah XD








It was hard to find any pictures on Junho, so this is the only one... >_<


Taecyeon wasn't there unfortunelly...

MBLAQ - MONA LISA Live performance

So I just found MBLAQ's Hallyu Dream Concert performance!!!! *happy fangirl scream*

Jonghyun Oral fixation, part 2!!!

Thunders Birthday!

That's right! As B.R.A posted before, it's MBLAQ's Thunder's 21st Birthday!

Hahaha, well happy birthday Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all love you like hell ;D

PS. This is Thunder thanking us for all the congratulations:
When I first went to the Philippines, I was a loner that didn’t understand the language. That loner has now become a blessed individual who is showered with fans who sincerely wish him Happy Birthday. Thank you guys, you are the reason I am where I am now.”

I didn't know it was out?!?!?!!?!?!!?

My plan to stalk and rape Youtube failed -.-
Love that this is, this is, this is, part <3____<3

But it's a shame that there's a lot of special effects and auto-tune things. I really wanted to hear your beautiful voice :/ There's only one part where I can hear a bit of your "natural" voice (in the end)
Buuuuttt it was a really good song :)

Another one!! :O

It's your birthday ahaa~~¨
Man there'll be a lot of birthdays right now X'D
But our little Thunder from MBLAQ.. oh he'll turn 21 years old now, Geez that's old O_o I thought that he was 19, 20 or something but 21?!

Okey that doesn't really matter... All the MBLAQ (an kpop fans) wish you to have an awesome daay!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :3

S.I.M.P #23

My nap and hunger is over X'D
Okey we are on number 23, let's see... Ahh now I know!

I don't think that many of you have heard this song before but if you've seen this classical drama called Boys before/over flowers (It has like a 231543 different names -.-')
I really liked <--- note liked...) this song before but I don't know... I don't listen to it that much but it gives me memories ^^ bad ones -.-
Those kinds of memories when you sat all day long inside your house to watch dramas, when it was holiday, *sight* hoplesskid.com TTnTT

Ahhpp... now I'm tired again...

SS501 - Because I'm stupid

For you who didn't know, Kim Hyun Joong (The leader in SS501) is one of the main characters in this drama ^_^

This was a pretty picture U__U *wierd B.R.A incoming...*

This too... :3

Day 1: Favorite member and why

Well.. haha *pervy laugh*
As you might know by now, Lee Joon is my ultimate KPOP bias. Sooo.. I guess that it would be Seungho! NAAAAH ^^ Ofcourse it's Lee Joon! Gosh, my sexy little prince.

Why? The first KPOP song I ever heard was Oh Yeah! Maybe not the best song ever. Fact is that I made fun of MBLAQ ^^ I mean.. Oh Yeah? hahahaha. But anywho. After that B.R.A showed me a show starring MBLAQ.

The show was called Idol Army (*^^*) I remember the first time I ever really noticed Lee Joon. I'll show you the clip. Hahaha, when he yelled, I was like "Dude, that guy is craaazy(!!!)... crazy hot!" Hahahahaha no, but I really thought that he was crazy. But after seeing episode 5 I started to love this guy. Episode 5 was the episode that made Lee Joon my ultimate Bias!

Just the beginning in generall is funny.

My first reactions.
- Mir walking in at 2:22. Like wtf? Hahaha this guy is freakin' wierd? ^^
- Lee Joon at 3:18 "Idol Korea blablabla".... "EEEEUUUUAAAAAAHHHH!!" Hahahahaha, by then I had lost all hope for KPOP. But B.R.A made me watch the intire show -.-
- G.O comes in at 3:42. Still no hope for KPOP at all...
- Then Thunder comes (4:07) and actually makes me laugh! When he walks, but then stops and kind of go.. in rewind? ^^
- When Thunder says that he is "DungieDungie, dung du- du- du- du- dung Cheondung" also made me laugh (*^^*)

Okey, so this is not the entire episode, this is more of clip that summs it up. But I do recomend you to watch the whole thing. But anywho, seeing the sensitive side of Lee Joon made me fall for him pretty darn hard. And since then he's always been my favorite guy!

30 days of MBLAQ

Day 1: Favorite member and why

Day 2: Favorite MBLAQ song

Day 3: Favorite OTP

Day 4: Favorite MBLAQ MV

Day 5: How did you find out about MBLAQ?

Day 6: Favorite live performance

Day 7: Favorite picture of the group as a whole

Day 8: Favorite Seungho picture

Day 9: Favorite G.O. picture

Day 10: Favorite Lee Joon picture

Day 11: Favorite Cheondoong picture

Day 12: Favorite Mir picture

Day 13: Favorite MBLAQ CF

Day 14: Favorite YouTube clip

Day 15: Favorite photoshoot

Day 16: Favorite hairstyle of any member

Day 17: Favorite cover they did by another artist

Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ gif

Day 19: The member you want as your best friend

Day 20: Favorite picture of your otp

Day 21: Favorite episode of idol army and why

Day 22: Member you think is the weirdest

Day 23: Member you think has the best smile.

Day 24: If you had 24 hours with MBLAQ, what would you do?

Day 25: What you think of Seungho

Day 26: What you think of G.O.

Day 27: What you think of Lee Joon

Day 28: What you think of Thunder

Day 29: What you think of Mir

Day 30: Why are you an A+?

.... O_o

I am sleeping like a horse and eating like a cow...

No seriously do you know how much I've been eating?! and sleeping the whole day -.-'
It's a random and boring post so I'm going to eat some food ans sleep THEN I'll update

... TT___TT

I will eventually look like this....

Day 11: Your favourite 2PM picture

It's pretty dorky but it's a animated picture XD
But it's so sad TT___TT I got all teary (is that even a word?) when I saw it. It was so beautiful U_U

So I won't write so much instead, just look at the pic...

Look at them ;D It's Jay "coming back"
The funny thing is that I can see who is who hahahahaha ;'D

Crying: Chansung
Orange outfit: Taecyeon (fashion terrorist...)
The one after Taecyeon (potty hair): Junsu
The one after Junsu: Nichkhun
The one after Nichkhun: Junho
And the last one: Wooyoung

Is it freaky or funny XD?! But I LOVE this picture. It's a sad dream that came true in the picture, but will never come true in reality. Did you get that? HAHAHAHA! 8D

I really love these "relaxed" pictures compared to these "Oh-be-sexy-for-the-camera-bitch-because-it-loves-you-so-strike-a-pose" pictures ^o^

Like this one... it looks so... natural ;')

Made M2stasch happy TTnTT

"Nice blog ;) loved it, and after I saw/read it my mood went up ;P there were very funny things on it XD"

I remember when we got this comment on youtube. This made my day in a whole week. I don't know if you still read our blog, but thank you. This really touched me, actually it touched both of us up ;') (Me and Bo ^^)

and we want to thank all of you readers that you're visiting our blog daily. Our goal is to entertain you guys and give you a nice laugh ^_^
And we in M2stash want to thank all of our "fans", Lol XD
We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do


Thunder in C-real's teaser

Hello! Just saw this teaser from a new girl group called C-Real. Haha, funny name.. ^^
But anywho, guess who I saw! Okey, you probably know because of the headline. And yes!!!!! I saw MBLAQ's Thunder looking all pretty in it.

Gah.. wish Thunder (or maybe Lee Joon O.o) could starr in M2stasch MV -.-
But I guess that you can't have everything..

Today's morning humour will be held by only one guy...

... and that's him X'D

Jonghyun Oral fixation, part 1

Are U?

I have such a bad humour...

Boyfriend - Don't touch my girl

OMG!!! This was like uploaded just a few hours ago!! :D
Remember the teaser I posted up a few days ago? Well, here you have the MV!

Do you guys see that their style have changed? I kind of like it (*^^*) They look soooo much hotter now. Before, they just looked cute ^^

I mean, this was some of them before:

That wierd little teaser

Geez... now I look even more forward for this TT___TT his song will appereantly be release 7th October, this friday!!!! >:3
Jun.K incoming...

Jonghyun Oral fixation

Gosh.. found like 20 pictures of him.. doing this kind of stuff. Hahaha, will upload a "part 1" with some of the photos tomorrow morning. So make sure you see them!!!

WARNING to sensitive viewers. If you have a fetish or something like that with Oral Fixation (that sounded sooo wrong ^^) then you might not want to see the pictures I'll be uploading tomorrow. Just a tip ;P

Day 26 - A post dedicated to Onew

Onew.. my chicken lover ^^
You're so funny, just being your self. Don't know if you're actually trying or if that's just the way you are. However I love you! You actually make me laugh. Hahahaha and your Onew condition.. Priceless!!!!

I love your voice! Seriously.. when I hear SHINee songs, I can immediately tell wich voice is yours. You and Jonghyun are the two that I can really hear in your songs. It's sad, but I have to concentrate to hear any diffrence at all between Key and Taemin.

Does Minho even sing? But I do know when he raps ^^ Hahaha, anywho, back to Onew.

I just love your personality. Okey, haha is there anything I don't love??? ^^
I'll just end this post like I did with the one before. WITH MACROS!!

S.I.M.P #22

It's B2ST Fiction Bai Bai~~

Nahh just kidding XD The day I write like that, it's the day our blog has gotten raped by another human beeing, lol...
Okey I don't really like to spoil the song at the beginning so I always write "clues" (yeah really sucky clues... -.-')and my opinions about the song before I post it. My opinion now is that, it feels like everyone has forgotten their old songs... or maybe not.
But I love their new song A-CHA but I can't resist their old ones either, IT'S SO GOOOOD!!! <-- eargasm...

Super Junior - It's you

The MV is pretty sad, but beautiful TT___TT Btw is Leetuk wearing lipstic hahahahaha it looks so.. pink and red?!
Wellwell... Heechul and Kyuhuyn's voices in here <3___<3
Right! It's funny how everyone looks sad and all of a sudden one of them is smiling I was like "WFT?! Y U smiling?! U should be sad! ... traitor..."

To be more specific (The guy who laughed/smiled)

The MC's of Hallyu Dream Concert 2011

So the MC's were Minho from SHINee, Taecyeon from 2PM and star Park Shin Hye! :D (<--- Ohh it's the chick from You're beautiful ^^ /B.R.A)

Day 10: Your first thoughts on 2PM

Are they gay?!
Why do they have so much makeup? And why THE HELL does that dude have a metal thing on his face?
Well they are actually pretty awesome..... TT____TT YEAH!

hahahah that was my first thoughts :3 But they got better and better when I saw their shows, discovered their music and how awesome they are. It's pretty hard to remember the first thoughts because you never "think that way" If you like their music you keep listening, If you get hooked on you start to see variety shows, and then you're stuck.
That was my first thoughts of 2PM, I think. I didn't get all hyped and freaked out about any memeber as BO went when he started linking Lee Joon ^0^

Ahhh... I remember when I read an articel about this HAHAAHAHHAAHH! ;'D

First to upload was Taecyeon. He posted, “Looking for the missing Junsu! He just left his clothes and exited the hotel room!

Soon after, Junsu posted, “Looking for the missing Taecyeon! He just left his clothes and exited the hotel room!

Then, Chansung followed, “Looking for the missing Junsu-hyung, Taecyeon-hyung, and Nichkhun-hyung! They just left their clothes and exited the hotel room!

Next up was Junho, who said, “Looking for the missing Junsu-hyung, Taecyeon-hyung, Nichkhun-hyung, and Chansung! They just left their clothes and exited the hotel room!

Finishing off was their manager, who posted, “Looking for the missing Junsu, Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Chansung, Junho!” and “Wooyoung take off your clothes too… To be continued…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Wooyoung take off you cloths too
*perv* And that how the first picture is related *points down*
Chansung's expression on the photo (up there) was priceless!

Waiting for Wooyoung XDDDD Just imagine beeing there and untie those knots muhahahaha *whistle*


This part didn't really make sense with the subject, so yeah...

Me so happi <--- awesome Engrish

I read that Junsu is going for the soloooooo! Well I don't think that he'll leave 2PM if he do that then you'll see what I'll do... ASDGFNASFDGJBSAG!! you'll get a tramp stamp and people will rape you, everyone is going to say that you're an ego version of Jay and they will hunt you down, HUNT YOU DOWN I SAY! <--- tired  . . .

Love the pictures and his new image, it looks so... hot but awesome *hugs the computer* >w<
They'll release the songs 8th October so I'll be a crazy stalker on youtube yaaaaaay~~
Looking forward ^^

ME SO TIRED NA NA NA NA NA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This made my day!!! X'D
Btw that Boo , you whore is from mean girls XD


My bad... S.I.M.P #21

I never posted S.I.M.P 21 yesterday I was too tired XS But there'll be dubble today :3
I don't really think that you care about this hahahahaha Yea I'm lame and awesome! ^^ <-- How I met your mother.

This is actually one of my favourite songs with Infinite, it was the first song I ever heard with them but I somehow like their remix better >w<
And I feel sorry for the maknae as usuall.
Okey what else to write.........................................................................................................................
So now I've filled out the space huhuhuhuhu -.-

#1 I'm tired
#2 My cereals taste nothing
#3 My buss will come soon...

INFINITE - Be mine


I love korean fans X'D

The korean version of Backstreet boys...

I ain't suprised... Taemin does it again

Everyone usually say that Taemin himself is a baby and can underestand babies pretty well (Especially in Hello Baby) but I never saw it that clearly... but this video made it clear! XD

The baby : blab blab blab bla

Tae min : ~listens carefully, nodding and understanding~

other people : ~wtf-ing O_O~


Other people : OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

LMAO!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I Love that there's black clouds on everyone and all clear and shine on Taemin XD
No coments... No coments...

That first post...

I've made a new category called B.R.A Time~~
I'm a wied person, if you didn't knew that so there'll be a lot of wierd posts in this category so be prepared for really bad humour.

The first confession from my side is... I hate to shower -.-'
Am I the only one out there? Sure I actually shower regualary ( every third day, for example If I take a shower in monday I'll wait to Thursday ^^I don't count monday as the first day because I showered that day >__<)

One of the biggest problem is to take off the cloths after that you'll be used to that shower, and you don't want to go out and THEN the worst part is near.... put on your cloths and dry yourself up. I HATE IT!!! To much energy...

I was pretty tired when I made this -.-

We know... and we apologize

I talked with Bo today and when you actually check our blog...  it's messy as hell. I think (99%) that we're going to fix it. Especially the categories so it will be more organized compared to now, but bear with it a little bit longer. For you who never thought about this then stop read this post and enjoy your no-life-in-our-blog-club ^^

I'm pretty tired, however this is a classicer... the morning post a.k.a morning humour. Today SHINee will take over (I felt like a no lifer when I geeked funny moments with SHINee yesterday and funny moments with Taemin U__U I also saw a clip were Onew ate a burger TT___TT I needed to study but there I was sitting on my chair looking at some kpop celebrity eating a freaking hamburger... *Sight*, *forver an idiot*

These Onew-is-obsessed-with-chicken pictures never get old...


Okey.. SHINee didn't really take over this post... It was Onew and his chicken ;___; His obsession with chicken reminds me of G.O and his mustasch (MBLAQ) HAhahahahah XD

It's your daaaay!!

Today this little boi (okey wrong picture over there...) is going to turn 18 years old!! (That's like average for me now...) If someone say that they're turning 27, I rank them as an old man/woman it's because of the young kpop groups now days -.-'

Well enought with that HAPPY BIRTHDAYY CHUNJI FROM TEEN TOP!!!!!!

Hahahaha.. Yoseob ^^

Hahahaha, he looks very awkward.. xD
You do see him right? The one in the middle.. with the crazy printed suit ^^

And THAT'S why Chansung Pown everyone's asses!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Every one literally freaks out. Minho died a bit in the ending and Onew... HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!
"YYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLKKKKK" <--- sounded in my ears and the guys reaction afterwards.
And of course Chansung is sitting there as cool as always and acts like nothing...

Red Carpet

I made a new category "Hallyu Dream Concert 2011". Here is were we'll post up photos (becasue there is ALOT of them) and videos from the concert.

Here you have some of the groups walking the red carpet.





Miss A




Hallyu Dream Concert 2011

Okey, so apperently there was a concert yesterday (2011.10.03) and EVERYONE was there. I mean, everyone!!!
TVXQ,2PMSNSDSHINeemiss A, GD&TOPSe7enSECRETKim Gun MoZE:A4minuteB2ST,SISTARIUMBLAQ, Seo In Guk, In Guk, Kim Bo Kyung and Gil Hak Mi.

Photos of the event will be uploaded later today. But for now, you have to watch this clip. It's my bias Lee Joon from MBLAQ and Onew from SHINee.. jumping? together ^^ it's adorable!!!

This clip was from yesterdays Hallyu Dream Concert ;)

Day 25 - A post dedicated to Jonghyun

OH MAAAA GOD!!! I've been waiting for this day for like.. 25 days now!!! ^^

Where to start..
Well, I love you, let's start there. You're freakin' gorgeous and your voice *giggles* makes me smile. Have you guys heard JoJo? And in the beginning when he sings. (*^^*)

Anywho. You are one of the main reasons I want to go to Korea. If only I could see you once. ONCE, and I would be happy. Just the thought of being in the same room as you makes me blush. Hahahaha I know, lame, right? But it's true.

And your personality! You're sooo funny, and sooo wierd. Hahaha love your expressions ^^
And your smile.. it's to die for!

One day my friend, our eyes will meet, and we'll fall for eatch other. Just so you know ;)

haha. No, but Jonghyun fighting!!!!
Now, here are some photos of him ♥

Funny expressions ^^

Doomed and awkward

The first thing you do when school start (in my school) is, that you turn on the computer. I wrote in my password and SHAAABOOM!!!

This thing shows up. The heck I know what I did yesterday but it's Gi kwang U___U
Actually... It looks kinda pretty <3__<3 That's the problem XD
HAHAHAHAHAHA If someone saw this

"Who the hell is that?"
"Ehh well you know..."
"Are you guys together?
*I wish...*
"Ehh n..."
"Wait.. is he wearing makeup?!"
"The thing is..."
"Why does he have makeup? Are you guys really together because I don't think so.. Is he asian?!"

HAHAHAHAHA This is the only beginning of how the chocking conversation can begin at my school X'D

(It's an all high and fancy fashion school with rich bitches (<--- to many words...) (I think) so this isn't something usual for them. So they'll probably be like, ehh the heck...)

So B.R.A has to protect his damaged reputation in that school, you see 8D hahaha damaged... yeah it's pretty much broken... I wonder if I even had any... man I'm hungry xS

Day 9: The very first 2PM song you ever heard

>:3 Mohahahaha This was actually the... second? Third? group I discovered when I entered the kpop world ^w^

It was... I'll be back (I think >__>')

First impression: ASFAS WTF?! THAT LOOKS SOOO GAY!!! <--- The whole heavy makeup was still new for me. And they are like BOOOM exploded with black, glittery, pink makeup and leather/tight cloths hahahahahah X'D Jesus...

Second impression: Ohh it's that 'everyday I'm shufflin dut dut dut" hohohohohoh

Third impression: Who's THAT guy ~____~ the voice *falls*
(It took me around 2-4 days to finally know who it was... CHANSUNG FTW!)

But slowly I began to like this group :3 Soo~ me are happy to discover this group! n_n
I've already put up their I'll be back video >_< Ehh what the ****

2PM - I'll be back

I've been thinking on something. It's actually good that we're kpop fans...
When you're new in this, EVERY guy looks the same, no shit!
Seriously I got mentally ill, kinda. Especially when it came to 2PM they looked... the same! But after a while you can actually see the differences between asian guys and eventually your reaction will be
"ehhh they don't look the same everyone looks different"
So we "train" our brain system or something so we should be able to tell the differences between things easier now (based on B.R.A's knowledge XD) So wee should thank korea ^0^

Why you have that black thing on your face Junsu?! Your pretty face is covered TT____TT

In that case.... I'll do it too hahahahah

Look alike: Seungho & Gi kwang


Okey that wasn't the best picture... I never thought that they looked the same but when I saw that picture on Seungho the first thing that popped up was that guy on the right, who's streching his arm out, trying to take something? Still confused? Just kidding XD
That gaze and the fat lips <3__<3  Lol fat lips... it sounds like I'm having a fetish or something towards fat things O_o
I have to admitt that Gi Kwang is beautiful, I never saw that before ^^

A typical morning...


On October 4th, Oricon reported, “By recording 205,000 in sales, TVXQ has risen to the top of the Oricon weekly album chart. This is the first time in 11 years and four months since Bon Jovi‘s ‘Crash‘ that a foreign male artist has sold over 200,000 copies in the first week alone.”

They continued, “This is also TVXQ’s first time since their ‘Best Selection 2010′ album a year and seven months ago that they’ve returned to the Oricon weekly album chart, and is considered their first album to rank at the top. In addition, 205,000 copies sold in their first week is the best they’ve achieved so far in regards to their full studio album releases.”


It's pretty cool actually... after 11 years :O (Btw the song is Tone)

But I haven't really gotten hooked up with the new TVXQ (Well haven't heard any songs yet) I have only seen JYJ but their way of singing is more... ballad?
I liked the old TVXQ there was more.. EHUEHEUHE in their songs XD hahahaha

Ohhh... a teaser...

Well I don't know I still prefer those old EHUEHEUHE as I said. My mind is still on Mirotic, O etc ^w^

Sorry, sorry, sorry~~

Daram daram! I feel a bit extra happy right now ^^ I can sleep 1 hour extra yaaay! you know I really value EVERY minut and second when it comes to sleep. EVERY minut. even if I can sleep 1 min extra I feel much more alert ;D

I'm a really wierd person when it comes to my sleeping habits. I can't sleep during the night. I've tried many, many, many times (my mom even helped me -.-') But I just can't sleep. I have been like this, since I was born kekeke X'D
BUT! There's something bad... I sleep when it's morning *sight* For example I'm probably going to be awake the whole night to 2, 3 o'clock? wake up around 6? fix everyting. Sleep in the buss, train + lessons, a bit home and be awake the whole night again. That's my sleeping routine

Okey enough reading I bet that none of you read that... who wants to read first thing in the morning?!

This time our beloved B2ST will take over the morning humour ^^

Lol Gi kwang... Bet that 0,9% of the girls wants to have lips like that (no botox...) and the other 99,1% just wants to suck/kiss them (euww..) ;D

I'm not going to point put any names but...

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by BananasAndCream~

How come U___U
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gosh these three pictures...

Taemin makes a pretty girl!

Just realized. Taemin makes a very pretty girl ^^

Awesome guys!

No it isn't darling, no it isn't... We will support you 100% hahahaha XD
These guys are awesome! I've seen other dance covers as well. Their I'll be back cover was just! *doing that Italian thing kissing the fingers*
But I just couldn't put it up because I've already done it 2 times O_o

Imagine all the pressure the Taemin guy must have (a.k.a he's dancing Taemin's part)
Everyone, or most of the people will only sstare at him...
But you did a good job, yes you did, who's a good boy? ^^ *patting the computer*

Well I'm probably freaking you out so yeah..

S.I.M.P #21

Blackjack 21! <-- Random?!
I haven't "put" up this song, right?
Well it's a underrated group "no one" really know who they are and it's a shame, somehow... I think they have disbanded or something because one of their (lead) singers dumped them and wanted to go all in, for a solo career. Wut a shame... wut a shame *nods*

F.Cuz - Midnight Sun

It's one of my favourite songs TTnTT

Day 24 - The SHINee member you would want as your brother

This one is very hard.

Okey, so Key would be very fun to have as a brother. I mean, just imagine going out shopping with him. It would be like having a best friend as your brother!

Then we have Onew. He would also be a great big brother. He seems very mature, but yet very funny! You know, just an awsome guy you would want to hang out with.

Minho. I don't know.. he might not be my ideal brother. But I guess.. why not? He's funny, cute and can rap ^^ I feel bad though. I like him alot, but maybe not as my brother..

Taemin. Hahahhaha he would be like my cute little big brother ^^ But he's maybe to cute. I mean, I don't want to get feelings for my older brother. That would just be wierd O.o Hahaha, so no. He's cute, funny and just.. %¤"#!" hahaha. But no ^^

And last but surely not least, Jonghyun. NEVER EVER would I want to have him as an older brother. First of all, just being in the same house. I would go crazy! I would never let him go, and that's not a very healthy realationship to have with your brother ^^ So, noo!!!!!!!!!! Not ever..

So a lot of text, and no desicion. But I gues that it would be Key ;D

Guess who X'DDD

I will seriously give 10 bucks to the one guessing who this is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Gosh! My screeen got stuck in the perfect timing X'D This made my day!

Look alike: Sunjong & Taemin

Yeah you're pobably like "who the hell is Sunjong? Ahhh Taemin <3__<3"
Sunjong is that poor little guy I were talking about yesterday (in the post "Bo is dead!) that poor maknae who doesn't have any parts in Infinite. Well we also have the other maknae from SHINee that all of you surely knows 
-_- Poor Sunjong... Fighting!~~ XD

Don't you think so? When I first saw Infinite's BTD MV the first thing I thought of was that the maknae really looked like Taemin ^^ kekekekekeke >:3 Did you know that my grandma actually laugh like this? Sounds pretty evil sometimes *forever haunted* Lol...

It feels like these pictures are related...

I miss them TT___TT I remember seeing Idol world? something, summer edition with them. Man I started to love Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon's fights... Tom & Jerry unrated version X'D *giggle* -.-'

I'm still stuck on Jung min's Not alone though!

WE WILL WAIT weeehooo!

Day 8: Your favourite live performance

You know... I totally want to chose I'm your man when they rip their shirts of but... U___U *sight*
I'm too pure...  ;D
Live performanced eyyyy~~ <--- Cowboy accent
I don't really have a favourit but their first live performance I got hooked up on was this I think... yeah it was!

Sure it looked a bit dorky and funny the first 5 seconds but THEY LOOK SO FREAKING COOL ESPECIALLY WHEN JUNSU IS LIKE "I'll be back na na na na na na!" -__-'
It's impressive that they don't die while sing and dance TT___TT I've tried something more lighter and belive me I want to collapse...

Omo!!! Watch the last minute I beg you as B.R.A! That was just >w< a whole bunch of army people comes and take over the stage and the Epic ending... I can die happy!


I’m officially mad as hell >:S
This is the first time I’m saying it (it will not be the last either) but FML! Bo’s answer through a text “Yeah FYL…” thanks -.-‘
I was late in 1 hour and 10 minutes?!?!?! A whole freaking lesson because of the train *sight* I’m fine!...

Btw was it only me who thought that the pictures of Joon (Bo’s post) was disgusting hahahahaha X’D

Omo! Is it out?! I think this is leaked or something SHINee Ljucifer Japanese Version MV or PV, whatever, is out!!! ;OOOO Pretty similiar to the koren version


Goodmorning hell, bye bye weekend

To make it short let us have a tiny laugh at the beginning of this week, because we need it TT___TT
hmm... In todays morning humour Super Junior is going to be the "face-out"

                                                                                       The akward moment: When M2stasch joins Suju...

Geez~~ These mustasch pictures X'D

Oh it's miley :O


... XD naughty Heechul... naughty...


Oh my hahahahahaha please anyone?                                        TT____TT
Have anyone read this manga before?! :D

I'm so tired -.-

So.. this is just to make me wake up a bit. If it makes you more awake to, then great! :D


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