Jay Park - Nothing on You, Know Your Name, Girlfriend (Star Awards 2012)

GAAAAAAH!!! Love it when he sings american songs!! Hahaha, don't know what it is though, but whenever he sings an american song it makes me go "OLALAAAA~".. sort of ^^ Even if he's not really singing it in english..

And I know, I know.. the girl at the end -.-' She's a famous actress from Singapore, Jeanette Aw, so I don't really mind ;D

Here you have Jay Park singing "Nothing on You" but in english. (This cover was made before 2010 I believe)

He has improved so holy cow much since this!! (Don't want to use God's name in vain ^^)
But that doesn't mean he wasn't any good. A really like this cover from Jay Park!!!!! xD

EXO-K's Kai.. likes to touch himself

Hahaha I guess you can clearly say that he likes to touch himself xD

SNSD - Twinkle [Music Video]

Woot Woot~ It's out :3 I'm starting to love this song AND Taeyeon's voice <3__<3 It's like a... lighter version of Christina Aguilera XD

At the beginning I thought it was Onew who was the photographer but then I realised... it wasn't him. All of a sudden I see Baekhyun sitting in that beauty sallon making me a bit supicious with the photographer-guy AND THEN I see Kai and Se hun plopping up out of nowhere, and I solved the whole "who's-the-photographer-guy" jupp it's Chanyeol, Onew's kid ^ω^
Btw Kai was cute as !#%"¤!% His smile is so freaking ADORABLE!!!!!! TT^TT

And the thing I hate with the MV is... those freaking advertising thing in the bottom of the clip >_> SM Y U MAKE ME MAD?!

T.O.P and his hand movements

Hahaha, you can NOT say that you haven't seen BIG BANG's TOP hand movements he always does in their MV's and performances.

Hahahahahha right?! IT'S SO AWSOME! xD

Even his fellow members make fun because of it:

Big Bang - Lies (live on radio)

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, sooo cute! And they are seriously amazing when they sing Live O__o

"~Mnet Chart~"

I'm pretty pissed over here, well actually not >_> But Mnet hasn't really "updated" their chart yet. The online part is updated but not the real chart.

As you can see I only have the online vote. If you check on the "Mcountdown chart" the date is 19.04.2012, more than a week ago... Oh well! After 3 weeks Shinhwa are down and U-Kiss took that number 1 spot~ I'm somehow feeling really dorky right now TT__TT Mama is still hanging on there and B.A.P's Power will probably dominate the online chart next week ^o^

                                     I even made a lame picture -_- *read the text to understand it*

Off the topic: If you're a daily reader you should probably know that I've been doing these G.Y.H.H.O  (Groups You Haven't Heard Of) and there's a lot of groups we haven't heard of, of course XD But I'm gonna do a "Special 10 G.Y.H.H.O" It's groups we've heard of and only know by name but nothing more (or at least this is what I personally think) for example Dalmatian, N-Train, The Boss, F.Cuz these are the groups only few of us REALLY know about a lot of you have probably heard 1-2 songs and know some members but I'm gonna do a... "proper" check on 10 groups that I'll write about so we can "know a bit more (about them)" ^_^ So I'm going to try doing 1 group each week~

2PM Hide and Seek

These guys are just so adorable!! Hahaha, I love 2PM ^3^ Still a bit sad because Jay Park is no longer a member in 2PM :c

Hahaha but I really need to watch "2PM Idol Show". It looks like so much fun xD It's pretty much the same exact thing that MBLAQ did (MBLAQ Idol Army). Fact is, it's the same show, but different groups ^^ Haha, but since I LOOOOOOVED "MBLAQ Idol Army" I really think I'll love this season as well ;D

Did you just... O_O

Hehehehe XD

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shizznizzle:  That’s how he rolls.


Daesung <3

By LoveFCuz

By LoveFCuz


Oh dear god... I remember that gif BO uploaded with Junho and Wooyoung and this chicken, I die everytime I see it TT^TT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 2PM'S CUTE LITTLE !"¤!#% Who's turning 23 years old (24 korean age) I just wanna skjdfanksj all over you *3*  Have a really awesome day with the other members and please make a comeback soon!! :D

Jay Park Aegyo!!

Hahahha those last two, how the hell is that aegyo? xD

Jay Park recently showed off his special, 5-set aegyo in front of actress, Lee Si Young on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘.

On the April 28th broadcast of the show, Jay Park and Lee Si Young worked a long day, as they sat in the recording room bringing out ideas to create the perfect song.  However, Lee Si Young was having a hard time and mentioned, “I’ve been thinking all night, but the lyrics aren’t coming to my mind.”  Due to the exhaustion, the actress couldn’t help but mess up her hair in frustration.

To cheer her up, Jay Park started practicing all sorts of funny facial expressions.  After he perfected his expressions, he said, “Look here” and showed his special, 5-set aegyo.  Upon seeing his adorable face, the actress instantly cheered up and gave a bright laugh.

The couple also had a fun time together, watching Jay Park’s recent movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘.

*Cough Cough* What do they mean with couple? O__o WHAT THE HELL IS "MUSIC AND LYRICS"?!
Ohhh.. ok, it's like them doing a song for this group called "Tiny-G". So I guess that's what they mean with "couple" ^^ hehe.. oups xD

The mystery behind the chick

This is a total careface post but I just have to share this weird info XD I'm actually watching Kpop The ultimate Audition, I wrote about it a few weeks ago (It's quiet similiar to You're beautiful or at least the storyline)

<-- the poster

Did you know what I realised? The main character (the girl) I thought.. was Mir >_>

This girl...

Or they looked really alike and he do have a big sister so I searched her name but I got the result "Go Eun Ah" but their name starts with Bang BUT then I keept reading that name thing:

Heheheohohohohmuuuuu~ Gotcha >:3 I feel so... smart XD Yepp it's Mir's unni~ She's so cute TT^TT
But you should watch it, so far it's good ^^

Taetiseo - Twinkle


Lol Taetiseo XD the creativity you have SM... *ironic*

So here's SNSD's subunit song ô_ô  It was released 00:00 in Itunes (Seoul time) so it was released 17,5 hours ago? Hahahahaha Lol we're so slow TT^TT
Okay about the song... I thought it would be more power in it, judging by those teasers but it was pretty "light". As I said before this song truly gives you the Moulin Rouge feeling but it wasn't bad at all. I actually liked it. Even if it weren't as powerful as I imagined their voices are still beautiful together (okay that sounds wrong >__>)

They released a whole (mini) album but I'm only uploading Twinkle. Click here to listen to their new album ^3^


Song of the week #19

This song is veeeeeeery old! Haha, but I just heard it and it's now being constantly on repeat on my phone ^^

Big Bang - Big Bang

Hehe, it's so dirty xD But yet so catchy O__o
I really like the "old" Big Bang. However that doesn't mean that I don't like the "new" Big Bang ^^ I'm just saying, back in the days they had so much SWAG!!! It's CRAAAAAZY *TOP style* how much swag they had!

So yes, this is the S.O.T.W #19
They have plenty of other great songs that they made before 2012 that you guys really should listen to if you haven't. Just saying :)

Wanting Minho blonde?

I saw a picture on Minho beeing blonde and went all "NO WAY?! HAS HE BEEN BLONDE BEFORE?! When...?" O_O But no he hasn't... it was just a photoshoped pictures fans made. A matter of fact a lot of fans has made photoshoped pictures on Minho beeing blonde. And a lot of fans want him to turn blonde as well... I have to say it looks good, REALLY good ÔuÔ

Check it out:


So what do you think? kasfksjdfbs pwetty right? ಠυಠ
SM should seriously consider to color his hair blonde because he fits in it soo freaking well!!! The first picture made me just melt and die...

RIGHT! I bet that SHINee, f(x) and Hana Kimi fans already knows this but IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Minho and Sulli
are going to play the lead roles in the Korean version of Hana Kimi!!!
I really love the Japanese version so I hopa the Korean will be awesome as well, AND MINHO WILL KISS SULLI trolololololololololoolswdoignvasodj >____________>

J.Y. Park - You're The One [MV]

The song was not bad at all! But I don't know, there is something about him that I can't take seriously hehe.. But it's great to see that the founder of JYP has it in him to still do this kind of stuff. I mean, it feels better knowing that he knows how it is recording a song and a MV. It makes me think that he has more of an understanding towards the idols in JYP. That he knows how it feels with stress etc.

Yeah.. now I'm going back to sleep ^^

I'm so funneeey~

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S.I.M.P #50

Long time no see... Well I'm already on #50 O___O It's a group we aaaaalll know. But it's an old song

Giving you the MV too~ It's a shame that Big Bang's old music videos doesn't have that many viewes because their songs are really good O_O And I was pretty surprised when I heard that they sang the whole song in English. BUT IT'S A REEEEALLY GOOD SONG ^o^

And that moan in the intro hehehoho *3*

Ps. I just wanna kill the stylist who made T.O.P's hair TT^TT


Funny Infinite Misstakes

In honor of Infinites' leader Sunggyu's birthday, I wanted to put this compilation of Infinite misstakes xD

1:07, ahahhahahahahahahhahaha that made me laugh hard!!! xD
And L seems to be slipping alot O__o

Here you have a compilation of L slipping ^^

Hahahah that poor little handsome beautiful guy ^3^

Random stuff #2


And last but not least.. B.A.P:

LOL ^^

F.Cuz members profile ["upgraded"]

During our "young blog days" (oh how lame... XD) we made a members profile for F.Cuz but new stuff has been going on so here's another more "fresh" members profile. A lot of E.L.F's showed up when they released F.Cuz MV for NO.1 because of Shindong. So here you go new F.Cuz fans ^^

                                                                  ~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name:
Kim Jin Chul

Stage Name:

July 13, 1989

183 cm

68 kg

Leader, Rapper, Dancer

Anyang High School of Art

Previously been training to debut in the group ChoShinSung (Supernova)

Birth Name:
Choi Young Hak

Stage Name:

Dancing Machine of F.Cuz

September 30, 1991

184 cm

72 kg

Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist

Anyang High School of Art

He has been called the “Terminator” due to his good physical stamina and strength. Also has experiences from acting in several dramas prior to debut.

Birth Name:
Shim Ye Jun

Stage Name:

February 4, 1992

182 cm

67 kg

Lead Vocalist, Maknae, Face of The Group

Anyang High School of Art

Shim Ja In (Professional Golfer in Korea)

He has been called “18th Dimension” due to his fashion sense and eccentricities.

Birth Name:
Kim Rae Hyun

Stage Name:

June 8, 1991


178 cm

62 kg

Birth Name:
Kim Dae Geon

Stage Name:

October 27, 1990


179 cm

Former member of A-Peace & DoubleB21 (he left the group before their debut)


Birth Name:
Lee Seung Hyun

Stage Name:
Lee U

The Reason of F.Cuz

March 20, 1990

179 cm

63 kg

Main Vocalist

Sul Woon Do (famous trot singer in Korea)

He was an ulzzang prior to debut. First gained popularity in 2005 when he participated in many variety programs with his father. He’s also best friend of J-pop rocker, Takeru of SuG.

Daegun... A former member of A-peace?! Isn't that weird group that had over 20 member?!?! XD BO You liked them right? Or at least one of their songs? Look at that... the world is small after all :P AND YEJUN I JUST WANNA "!¤(!"¤=& do things with your face XD

You're my number 1! Oh ohoh~

created by robsterr-x

He blends in... so well ;w;

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I was in that weird period where I watched all the parodies kpop idols made (even those groups I didn't even "know" and Big Bang was one of them) So I saw their parody on Secret garden and heard Seungri's weird way of talking. My first impression on him was that he was a retard that couldn't talk XD *mean* but after watching the drama I realised that the character talked like that -_-' *careface-info*

created by kawaiivshentai


                                                Oh dear lord... this was a beautiful picture *____*




Na na na na NA NA~ *trying to sing happy birthday* -.- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO INFINITE'S LEADER SUNGGYU!!!! Who's turning 23 years old (24 korean age) I can't describe how much I love this guys voice <3 Sunggyu och Sung jong are the 2 members who cought my attention in Infinite (lol the maknae and the leader XD) There are too many Sung's (3x) in Infinite . . . (-_-)
Have a nice dayuuuu~ ^o^

Music Bank with B.A.P, U-KISS & F.CUZ


U-KISS - When Love Stop & DORADORA

F.CUZ - No.1

Who do you think should win? I don't know yet O__o

*Le tres teaser on le SNSD*~

There we go~ I bet that you've already seen them =_= And already heard the news about making a sub group with Seohyun, Tiffany and Taeyeon. The song sounds really amazing and promising I have to admit that I love that "AHAHAHAhahhhhhhhh" (lol) strong voice in the background. Have to see who it is o_o

But the song gave me some Moulin Rouge feeling with Christina Aguilera (A song that I really love and an artist I really respect, I listened to her songs 24/7 before kpop came into my life XD) But the girls are probably able to take the high notes ^_^
Waiting till the 29th April! ÒuÓ

B.A.P 2nd Minialbum Photoshoot (BTS)

Naaaw, they're so cute! GAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha love it when they act sexy, and then after the photo is taken they start laughing, it so freakin' adroable! ^^

B.A.P's minialbum "POWER"

01. Fight For Freedom

That "yeah" in the beginning scared me xD hahahaha ^^


Now when I think about it. I don't really know if their style really is hophop. It feels more like rock, but still not? Haha, don't really know, BUT I LIKE IT!

03. What The Hell

Liked this song. It's like rock but still calm. Didn't know rock could be calm O__o HAHAHAHAHHAHA it reminds me of the movie "spirit". That movie with a horse? 

Starts listening from 0:40 (but I recomend the whole song. It's very beautiful)

Movie: Spirit
Song: Can't take me (I'm free)

Don't really know what the resemblance is though ^^

04. It's All Lies

And there you have it!!!! B.A.P's second minialbum ;D



RUN AROUND LIKE A FREAK!!!!! It's not a proper comeback but they're releasing a repackage. Oh dear god they aren't gone *singning halleluya* But all the BBC's will support you guys! I'm really happy that you've stayed strong to make a comeback. GO BLOCK B!!!! TT3TT

Haven't seen this teaser yet, gonna do it when the class ends~

F.Cuz - For Century Ultimate Zest [Mini Album]


Answer The Phone


Rise Up

Be Good To Me When We're Together (Click HERE for the Remix)

Wahhhh~ After 1.5 years they're back!!! ^3^
A lot of comebacks lately, and Yejun YOU'RE FINALLY BACK!! *forever sobing* I've been listening to all of their songs right now and they haven't really caught my interest in a "OH MY ASGSDGSDG WAAAAY!!!" Their song was average nothing catchy or something that made me quiver either. But I really liked 2 songs. The first one was Rise up and the second one NO.1 (down). Btw was it only me who started to giggle while reading Janus? XD hehehoho

The MV made me laugh a little XD Except the fact that it sounds like they're saying fuck us on every MV (Because their group name is pronounced Focus hahaha ;D) I really liked those parts where Jinon rapped and when they did that weird dance while holding their arms and ksajdbfsk yeah you know what I mean -_-
Yejun... I have no words. So pretty and your voice <333 I JUST WANNA CUDDLE WITH YOUR LIPS!!!! TT^TT

But the story behind the MV was funny. At first I was like oh dear god that's just kinkey... all the fangirls out there will totally misinterpret this intro... However you got that "oh no" feeling when Yejun was on the chair... all beaten up TT_____________________________________TT and then that chick just, plopped up?! Ò__Ó and saved him so that was chill... then the same thing with the next guy (<-- that's where the funny part started) AND the next guy AND the next guy etc. I was just funny how she saved every member XD And I died over how bad the acting was AND THERE WAS NO BLOOD! :C

The end of the Music Video was a pure mindfuck for me hahahahaha XD It was really cool I was like "Eh..he?" you know the part where their clothes startes to shine ê__ê

Oh well what to do. The song was great and the members >:3 Nothing to complain and I hope that they'll be on the chart with this song because they deserv it! :)

                        Apparently Shindong tweeted about F.Cuz's MV for NO.1 so a lot of E.L.F's arrived XD

Kpop Artists Describing Things As "Head To Toe"

Haha I had no idea so many songs said "Meoributeo Balkkeutkkaji" (head to toe) xD Probably because I don't really speak korean. But in some of these songs, I swear I knew they said that O.O like Bi Rain's "Hip Song" and Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" ^^ I SWEAR I knew that they said Meoributeo Balkkeutkkaji there xD

The music in America is going under... >_>


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Oh dear lord... that must hurt !#&""#%

By DJAceing11
Well it IS friday...

Is that a skirt? O_O

credit: http://asiangrown.tumblr.com/





HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISS A's Fei (<-- I can't take that name serious XD It means Fat in Chinese...) Who's turning 25 years old (26 korean age) For you who didn't know Fei and Zia are actually from China... But Min and Suzr are from Korea ^^ I thought that Fei was the leader for Miss A apparently Miss A doesn't have a leader O_o The groups in JYP tend to not have a leader (except for Wonder Girls and 2AM XD)


B.A.P - Power [MV]

AH MAHH GAAAD OH MY SHITTY LORD!!!! SDJALFSADJLK <--- All the fangirls out there, including me XD

Okay back to a complete review! I have to admit, it gave me some Warrior flashbacks here and there but their dance seemed more complicated than ever! And Himchan and Jongup's voices blends so well TT3TT And did they say "money money money money" during those whisper parts? O_O
I just waited for Jong Guk and his "B.A.P"~ and it came ^__^

I can't be the only on out there who's thinking on these weird and hard parts right? The first thing I thought was "I wonder how many retakes they had to do in that can-spray thing..." They surely took a lot of retakes when they sprayed BUT I wonder how many extra retakes they had to do while they THREW the can in the air XD And another thing with the dance is, they probably went to gymnastic courses to learn how to kick that high! I'm not done yet! In warrior they fell down and now they fell BACKWARDS trolololo XD

I'm looking forward to other peoples dance covers on Power. I saw a lot of covers on Warrior and people didn't really dare to fall down "naturally". They always hesitated but fell in the end so I want to see how they will do now when they have to fall down backwards XD

Urgh lot of text... But B.A.P THAT WAS AWEEESOMMEEE!!!

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

It's a shame that a lot of people are hating toward this guy, calling him gay and so on. But do you know what? He AIN'T gay! He's just a kick-ass dancer... who dances better than any girl XD He even revealed that his first kiss was with After School's Lizzy O_O





Jo Kwon 2AM - 26 years old

I'm like: Let the pictures speak for themselves ÒuÓ dunno why but my keyboards are **** up bit so it's hard to write... this took me 10 minutes to write down XD But~  Jo Kwon is HOT GOD DAMMIT SO SHAAAT AP  >:3

Young Jae and Jongup (Teaser photo)

ASDLKJBFSDLJBSDA O___O Young Jae Y U so pretty?! And Jongup Y U look good in brown hair?! TT^TT
At first I thought it was NU'EST XD Baekho and Minhyun... Oh well they look smoking hot! HURRURURURURURURU AND RELEASE THE MV!!!!

/ Desperate B.R.A


I can't believe I didn't do this post yesterday T_T*
B.R.A left it so I could do it because.. well I really like him ^^

Okey, so Jay Park's birthday was yester day April 25th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Even though I'm a little late, I hope you had a great day!! ME LOVE YOU JAAAY!!! ^^

U-KISS - Dora Dora [6th Mini Album]


DoraDora [Title track]

4U (The song that Jay Park composed)

Tick Tock [Korean Version]


When Love Stops

*forever sobing* this was AMAZING!! <-- see what I did there XD Bad jokes everywhere... But U-Kiss' 6th Album is a huge succes without a doubt! :D Some songs was a bit better than other but it's the same with every album out there. However everyone seem to be stuck on Dora Dora but I'm stuck on Amazing. It's somehow better than Dora Dora. Don't get me wrong Dora Dora is catchy as hell but Amazing had that epic beat in the beginning that made me fall in love directly! ^_^

And the last song "When Love Stops" uhuhuh my whole body quivered it was so gooooooooooooood~ TT^TT All their voices blend so freaking well!!! And Kevin... no matter where you are, I'll always be able to know when you sing >:3 *stalker*
But that korean version of Tick Tock what did you think about it? I want to say that I really like it but I have to admit that I'm stuck on the Japanese one. It feels weird to listen to the Korean version all of a sudden. The Japanese version had more "tension" in it, especially Kiseop's part when he sang "Boku ra ni wa" with a BAM voice but it sounded so... soft in the Korean one XD

Lots of words... but to wrap the whole thing up, IT'S AN AWESOME ALBUM! I hope that U-Kiss will come high on the charts with their 6th mini album!



And I don't think that anyone has missed what Eli has done... he tweeted a.k.a made comercial for their new mini album to Barack Obama trololol XD Hahahahaha totally cracked me up! ;'D


THE MV IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

0:16 - DONGHO

0:23 - ELI

0:28 - KEVIN

0:48 - HOON

1:27 - KISEOP

1:52 - AJ

2:21 - SOOHYUN

There's something wrong with my internet and I can't watch the entire MV :c
But I'll make sure to see it when I come back home! ;D

I haz it~

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Created by LoverholicTaemin.tumblr.com

THIS is what I call bad humour XD

Created by shineecaps

Created by: fishyhearts





                                                         His smiley-face is just amazing ^3^

Aww It's my dear little (bias) Daesung's birthday today TT^TT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DAESUNG WHO'S TURNING 22 years old (23 korean age) he's still young O_O. I hope that you'll be able to watch your fans eyes (can you even say that?! *totally spoiling the mood*) while performing! Stay strong and have a really awesome birthday with your family and the Big Bang members~ <3

And another birthday, that I thought BO would write (but probably forgot) is for our former leader:


Jay Park!~ Who turned 24 years old (25 korean age) yesterday!!!! Woop Woop ^^

Ending the day with...


I've got to say that Suju must be the kpop group out there who has some... REALLY unique laughs. Big Bang are freaking normal compared to them XD But I have to love Big Bang's laughs, it's... dorky OuO
Something that I thought was, If you are a non-kpop fan and haven't seen T.O.P yet but heard his voice in a radio you would think that he's an old man. It's true, his voice is pretty dark and slow but I like it XD *weird*

1:03 One of the most sissy girl laughs I've heard in my whole life "he.. heh.. heheheh~"


Gonna do it short short~

Well wazaaaaaappp~

The update from my side have been pretty sucky and I'm sorry for that. Our school is like... yeah I don't really want to say it XD
But the update will be MUUUUCCHHOO better tomorrow ^u^

B.A.P COMEBACK SOON!!!!!!!! *trying to change subject*

2PM's Junho & Vanness - Invincibility/Undefeated (MV)

Allkpop says that the name of the song is "Invincibility", but the clip says it's called "Undefeated" ^^

This MV is sooo cute! Haha when they randomly start playing with each other ^^
When Junho kicks that suitcase at 2:51.. that must have hurt though, I mean I've kicked on stuff that's similar to a suitcase and that HURT! O__o

And that this whole song was in Chinese.. Haha Chinese is actually a very pretty language too! I guess you could make any language beautiful by having handsome people sing in it ^^

PS. Vanness is Taiwanese ^^ Just so you know ;)

Learn how to read and write Korean

Found this awsome "Lear Korean" tutorial.

Or at least how to read and write in korean ^^

Zelo & Daehyun (Teaser Photos)

ZELOOOOOO, You are too young for tattoos (even though they are fake. he's still to young.. haha)
No but can you believe that that handsome face is born in 1996?
And Daehyun, gosh, you hottie!! I don't know if I perfer the blonde or ash blonde look on him. He fits so well in both!

Make your comeback already!!!

I would like to Haha on the macros but I'm tired =_=

Submitted by shiningday

created by tvxqmacros.tumblr.com

created by kawaiivshentai

That's something really smart O_O I've never thought about it but you can actually give them a registration paper that you fold and let them sign. It can be a marriage registration hehehohohoho GENIUS!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TURBO'S FORMER MEMBER KOM JONG KOOK Who's turning 35 years old (36 korean age) You may know him from the reality show Running Man (I've wrote a lot about him). There's another little tiny leader that's having his birthday today but BO will congratulate him instead XD

Daniel Henney's new hairstyle

What ever man, he wen't to GD's hair stylist! Hahaha, only wanted to make this post so I could say that. Hahaha, he looks like a wannabe GD from Big Bang xD

Dear Family (I AM, OST)

I have no idea what they said, but it's so beautiful :')

And when I say Jonghyun crying at 1:35 T3T
HAHAHAH and 2:02, WTH?! xD
The guy they startes to hug at 4:49. Is that the founder of SM ent.? And gosh, the hug at 4:50 looked like a really good hug O__é And aww, haha leeteuk xD

It's so much fun to see these unseen (not anymore though) clips of all our favorite stars :')
I mean just the persons recording it is Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO-K, and EXO-M. ALL OUR FAVORITES GATHERED IN ONE GREAT MOVIE! Except for like Big Bang, MBLAQ etc.


Movie recomendation - Death Bell

I've been watching a lot of movies lately so there's a "risk" that there'll be lots of recomendations XD Even if I personally don't like the movie, I'll still recomend it to you guys or give you a "review" ^_^

                                                                               Death Bell


Huhuhuh! ÒuÓ
I started to watch this movie because of the plot, it sounded really interesting. When I read the comments everyone said "Yeah the reason I watched this movie is because of Kim Bum"
Me: Ohh is he... Oh he IS in this movie *fail*

What to say about the movie? It was good? Okay? Not an "OMG that was a good horror movie!!!" Sure there was some scenes where I randomly shit my pants but truth to be told it wasn't that scary. It was an average plot. Horror movies usualy have this weird "thread". Everything just happens but in the end eveything makes sense when you know who the murderer is. Don't get me wrong this also had that weird "thread" but it was a bad one. The Saw movies are a good example on a weird and twisting "thread" that I love but this one was average.

However the highlight in this movie was the end when a dark and ugly humour plopped up out of nowhere XD (Y)
But if you're a person that prefers light horror then this might be a good movie, especially with Kim Bum in it hohohoho >:3


Oh dear lord... this was a shit-it-my pants moment XD

And apparently there's a Death Bell 2, T-ara's Jiyeon is in it...

                                                 Hmm... I'm somehow considering watching this


Big Bang - Lie (2011 Live)

I always thought the song was called "LieS" not lie..
Anywho.. I REALLY WAN'T TO SEE A BIGSHOW!! :c They sound better IRL, how the hell does that work?! They look like they're so pumped, and just bdalkhfdslfåbaoafbqpoavd I wan't to see them so bad!! T~T

Almost forgot...

Do you guys remember the competition we had maybe a month ago? Well It was an Iphone 4 shell that we would personally make I was done with the 2nd place shell and sended it to her (sorry numero uno gonna send a mail to you soon) so she uploaded some pictures on her blog ^__~  Click here to rape her blog

She could only chose between "Engrish~" and "I'm so groove I'm so spechul~"  and she wanted something that would include SNSD, MBLAQ, 2NE1 and Big Bang. So the fandom names for MBLAQ and SNSD, the crown that represented V.I.P -  Big Bang and those... stuff that represented Blackjack - 2NE1 ^^

Hope you liked it :3

Dongwoon & Hyunseung (B2ST) - Trouble Maker

DONGWOON YOU SEXY B2ST!! (C what I did there? ^^)
Hahaha this is soo funny! Love ALL the parodys KPOP-stars have made of this song. Love this version of Trouble Maker even more because Hyunseung is in it ^^

At 1:00 when Hyunseung smacked Dongwoons but hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha xD That actually made me fan-girl very hard ^^

At 2:52


And the end, when they jumped in to eachother. I kind of saw that coming ^^ However the laaaast thing was so cute! When Dongwoon ran away xD

One day, I'm gonna go to Korea and say "Hyung" to someone!

AWWW THAT IS SOO CUTE TT^TT *don't get me wrong XD*

Created by ME

Created by BananasAndCream

created by tumblogniko.tumblr.com

Created by: vvipseungri.tumblr.com
Is it only me who feels an urge to touch and hug his abs? O_O

by http://gdkissme.tumblr.com/ ;)
HAHA Sooo baaaaadddd! XD

I don't get it O_O


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dying XD Me and BO sat and waited for B.A.P's MV for POWER and went all hyped "OMG 20 MINUTES LEFT" <-- Allkpop's countdown. So we waited till 00.00 and went  all wtf and realised. Their comeback is 27th April SALDFNSLDJFBSALJ ROFL. Gonna kill him... XD

Oh well woop woop~ 3 days left! ^_^
I saw that Eunhyuk uploaded a new haircut on his Twitter:

Wut happened with the blonde hair O_O

Nahh he looks good (y) ^3^ I really love his jacket O_O Read that some people said that Eunhyik has gotten skinnier and if you look closely, it's true...? Maybe not a huge loss but maybe 2-3 kg? The haircut makes his face look skinnier and a bit tiny but he has with no doubt lost some weight. Why the HECK am I talking about his weight?! >______________________________________>




Hahaha Lol XD



You know what... You can actually see a difference right now compare to the days when they where young. Their faces aren't that alike anymore.
Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOYFRIENDS OWN TWINS KWANGMIN AND YOUNGMING *don't know who is who* who're turning 17 years old (18 korean age)!! Pretty depressing that they're as old as I am >_>

Phantom - ICE (Phantom ver.)

I know I posted their MV of this song before, but this is a version with only Phantom. No Kim Yuna ^^
Did you guys like it? I bet you already know I LOVED IT!!!! Haha it's so much fun to watch people dance at random places with people in the beackground staring at them ^^

This song is being played on my phone 24-7 haha. This song is a promotional song. It's for hite, you know the beer Lee Joon made a commercial for once? xD Yeah.. ICE POINT!!

B.A.P - POWER [Trailer]


But my first comment to myself (yes I talk to myself, problem with that? ha? Ha?! XD) was "Ouf... they're bad boys now..." They where hip-bad in Warrior but they're BAAAAADDD in Power >:3 That sexyoverload:ness made the whole "#¤&#!" Bang Yong Guk, Zelo and Daehyun's charisma was pure awesomeness~
A lot of ness in this text ê__ê

But the thing I'm curious about is... who the heck is behind the bunny costume? O_O It's not one of the members. I heard that (during Simon and Martinas interview) they said that the bunny was a secret that would be revealed later. So it's maybe the 7th hidden member? Betting 10 bucks it's a chick xD

Lame... but true =______=

HAPPY 1000th day anniversary T-ARA



T-ara member Boram picture
T-ara member Qri picture
T-ara member Soyeon picture
T-ara member Eunjung picture
T-ara member Hyomin picture
T-ara member Jiyeon picture
T-ara member Hwayoung picture

Heh wopsi~ Almost forgot T-ara's 1000 day anniversary today (?) I think O_O I'm a bit confused on the exact date... But T-ara are now in Japan so they'll probably celebrate with their Japanese fans ^_^ It's amazing 1000 days Ò___Ó Almost 3 years.
Well T-ara HWATING!!!!! You're one of the BEST girl groups out there!!! Keep releasing awesome hit songs like Ya Ya Ya, Lovey Dovey, Cry, Roly Poly etc ^u^

DSP Boyz members profile

~ Member Profiles ~

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Seo Jae Hyung

Birth Date:
April 2, 1990

: 179 cm

: 59 kg

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Maeng Yoon Young

Birth Date:
February 15, 1993

Main Vocalist

Birth Place:
Seoul, South Korea

180 cm

: 61 kg

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Moon Hyo Jun

Birth Date:
April 29, 1991

Sub-Vocalist, Main Dancer

180 cm

62 kg

Playing football

He has nice body and pretty eye-smile

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Park Sung Min

Birth Date:
May 31, 1993

Lead Vocalist

188 cm

70 kg

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Lee Seung Yeob

Birth Date:
October 24, 1994

185 cm

63 kg

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Kim Hyeong Kon

Power Leader

Birth Year:

Leader, Rapper, Face of The Group

He was featured in Rainbow’s “To Me” MV

Stage Name
: Seungjin

Birth Name:
Ham Seung Jin

Birth Year:

Lead Dancer, Maknae

188 cm

70 kg

Hahahaha Hyojun "has a nice body" Rofl XD Sungmin somehow reminds me of Junho from 2PM O_O In a weird way, and DAAAAAMMNNN!!! They're tall as **** but I'm pretty surprised that they weighs around 70 kg. Idols usually weighs around 60 kg?

Funniest moment of Kpop dance parody

So worth 9 minutes!! Hahaha you guys MUST watch this!

So many Bi Rain parodies xD
Don't know in what category to put this post in, hahaha but since there is a lot of crossdressing in this video, I guess I'll put it here ^^

I think I found T.O.P's sister...

Okay not sister in that way, but a look alike XD Two days ago I watched a movie called "Too beautiful to lie" it was a good one ^_^ and one of the characters was so badass and reminded me of someone, and that someone is T.O.P :3

Heh yeah ^ω^ XD
Had to search like a maniac to finally find her. Her name is Myeong ji yeon, 33 years old. I though it could at least be T.O.P's mom but then I realised... She would've been 9 years old if she gave birth to T.O.P =_=
But he do have a sister!

Big Bang TOP KPOP Korean Music

Big Bang TOP KPOP Korean Music
T.O.P's mom and older sister

Okay not his sister either... Lol his moms handbag "TOP's mom" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That's what I call bragging to the fullest! I would've gotten one of those bags too if T.O.P was my child >:3 His sister is really beautiful and he resemblance his mom O_O

Myeong ji yeon

B.A.P - Bang Yong Guk and Himchan (teaser photo)

(Left: Bang, Right: Himchan)
I don't know why, but that dosen't look like Homchan to me O__o I think it's the hair ^^

Did you know Himchan also lost 5kg?! He was so thin already, why lose more weight? :c But to be honest, they both look AMAZING! Damn.. the B.A.P members are really hot ^^

Their official release is on April 27th, who else is excited?! xD
"They got the POOOOWEEER~".. I wan't to hear the entire song (power) :c NOW! *Stomps fot on floor*

I like chocolate...

HAHAHAHAHA This just made my day!!

Created by http://eatyourrice.tumblr.com/

trinithealmighty:  Can we join?
Hehehe... XD


DSP Boyz - Teaser

*brb dying* I've seen this clip on my "youtube dashboard", or whatever you call it... for 5 hours but I didn't notice that it was a NEW member XD I thought it was an old one >___>
But here's Seung Jin the last member~  Everyone is saying that he's the maknae ê__ê

Well I have to say that I'm oficially his fan! Everyone had awesome stage/badass/nice clothes and Seung Jin... wore sweatpants hahaha (y) XD This must the the first teaser on a idol with sweatpants because everyone usually wear tight-ass pants <-- It must be really uncomfortable O_O

Oh dear god... I'm talking about pants =_=

Update: The awkward moment when he's the leader...
Update 2: No he wasn't...
Update 3: Yes he's the makne... ADSFKJASDLJFBSDL

Eye Candy - Kai Style (from EXO-K)

This is so freaking cute!!!!! I wanted to find the "winner announcement" clip on youtuber for Music Core yesterday but I couldn't find it =_= /B.R.A

Big Bang before debut

SOOOO CUTE!! Hahaha GD had so much swag already as a child. And so did Taeyang. He was sooo cool as a teenager O__o And Daesung, gaaah they all were such cute kids. Even T.O.P xD

The first song in this clip "LA-LA-LA", if you haven't seen that MV.. watch it ^^ Hahaha T.O.P at the end, he starts doing his own thing dancing some weird moves xD That made the whole MV for me. And gosh, they were all so hiphop back then?! This was around their debut-era.. (the song)

Song of the week #18

I heard this song this week actually, and I can't believe it took me this long to hear it O__o

Big Bang - Big Bang

Yes, it's in english. Haha it sounds so gangster! Like the music has so much swag because it's not all that. It's like teo instruments playing. That thing that goes "dadada, dadada" and then the drums. And the part "B to the I to the G, B to the A-N-G. Frekafreka~" ^^ This song is generall is just so awsome! Sounds like a song that could be in a gangster movie. It would play when a gangster walks on a sidewalk and out of nowhere it comes up more and more gangsters that starts to walk beside him in slowmotion. They all have white costumes. See the picture? Haha it's hard to explain ^^

(via seungminkey)

So anywho, this is the SOTW for this week!!

Totoro nails~ !!!

I'm a bit sad TT^TT My nails are too short so I can' really do anything with them. Instead I'm trolling around in youtube watchin nail arts so I found this one:


She's quiet good O_O I'm totally gonna do this one! :3 When I have long nails.... and time... >____>

These are awesome! That Cube ent. inspiring nails was just... so freaking good! O_O

The irony behind these quotes:

“Only when the five of us are together can we be called TVXQ.”

“If anyone is to leave TVXQ, I will go back to being a regular high school student.”

Me: Trololololo XD Hahaha no I'm mean now ê__ê

Well here you have other (funnier) quotes from TVXQ:

Fan: Oppa, if your brief and me drop into the water, who will you save first? I believe that oppa is a wise person.
Changmin: My brief doesn’t know how to swim, so do you know how to swim?

The members were looking back on their trainee days…

MC: I heard you guys worked really hard before debute?
YH: Yeah. We had to go on diets often to keep fit.
YC: We always go to bed without eating dinner…
JS: It was hard for us to sleep because we were so hungry…
JJ: Last time, when Changmin and I really couldn’t sleep, we went out to walk around…
CM: We were really hungry that day, and when we passed a really high class restaurant, the smell of food hit us. Then Hyung asked me: “Do you like that?” I nodded. Hyung looked at me and said: “Then let’s walk back…”
MC: … What happened next… ?
JJ (@.@): We wondered in front of that store until closing time…

"I think I'd marry Yunho if I were a female. Because he's so manly..I think he'd protect me well." Jaejoong

"Jokingly I say to Yunho 'Let's not live together.' When that happens Yunho will start to panic and apologize to me." Changmin

Wae so asian? O_O

By: LoveFCuz.tumblr.com

created by: pearlymidnight

Originally from my sister. (jayluvpink)

credit: (jayluvpink)

created by chocolet

Hehehahahaha XD




Happy Birthday to one of T-ara's maknae Hwayoung who's turning 19 years old today!!! (20 Korean age) Daaaamn she's skinny O_O If you look at the last picture. That's like... a baby belly >_> My little sister is even bigger, I think?

A picture says more than 1000 words

Best OTP out there - GaGon

I talked (note: sms XD) with BO about this. Who are GaGon you might ask >:3 We started to fangirl about this because THEY'RE SO FREAKING CUTEEEEE TOGETHER!!! I have them as my background picture and I enjoy every time I unlock my phone XD

Let us introduce GaGon~

G-Dragon and his dog Gaho - GaGon

That's the picture I have as my background picture *sobs* it's, it's... so "!%¤"&"#¤ *brb don't know where I should hide*
At first the dog is... ugly XD Hahahahahaha But it's ugly in a really cute and pretty way! Those fat/skin things are really charming!
My friend: "Do you know what the dog looks like? It looks like it was really, REALLY fat but lost weight and that's the remaining skin"

son of a... but it's true XD

A mom with his her child~

DSP Boyz - teaser

The sixth one is out, now the last member...
It's quiet hard for me to take blonde guys with abs seriously. The only one who plopps up in my head is Daesung and that clip My chonny did ("My reaction on Big Bang's fantastic baby") the word that my brain repeats is
"Tensy ÓuÓ" hahahaha XD <-- when Daesung "tense" his muscels while beeing chained =u=

HyunA on SBS's "100 Million Quiz Show"

Okey, so read this article about HyunA being on this show called 100 Million Quiz Show and at the end they siad who else would be in that episode. My thought "Pleeeease not Le.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Yeah.. isn't that convenient for her. Because she once said he was her ideal type:

She said, “These days, there is this one guy that I have been keeping my eyes on. I have been watching him as a fan when he performs on stage…[Her fellow members teased, "Is she going to reveal it?"] I really like MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon.”

This might have been 2 years ago but I'm keeping my eyes on her O__é

U-Kiss pre-debut pictures













Kiseop, still looking like he did when he was young~

NU'EST - Face Album

NU, Establish, Style, Tempo


I'm sorry

Geez I don't know how I forgot to upload their "album". Or truth to be told I didn't even know that they had an album to that extend. I thought they where like any other rookie groups, releasing a song and do a comeback later. But they had 2 extra songs however Face will be the best one no matter what. ^_^
You can clearly hear Ren's voice in I'm sorry, it really sticks out. So yeah here you have NU'EST album? Mini album? Über mini album?

No one, who cares about meee~ >__>

created by: allrisemochi.tumblr.com

KINKI JINKI SPAMMMM         credits to Byzantium Sailor
*whale size* XD hahaahahahaha!



Junho & Vanness - Teaser


Oh IT'S THAT GUY!! I made a look alike with Vanness and Yunho <-- TVXQ (a few months ago) he's pretty big in Taiwan, or Asia in general. I've also seen him in a lot of dramas. He played one of the F4 guys in Boys over flowers (Meteor Garden*)
I was pretty schocked when I saw Junho. How the heck did this collaboration happen? O_O But I'm really happy that Junho finally have an activity outside 2PM, he doesn't really get that much attention and his voice is like a sweet angel~ TT^TT

About the song a.k.a teaser. It wasn't bad at all I loved the part at 0:35 it was so awesome! *daze* so I'm looking forward to the MV. And I don't think that all the hottest out there has missed this. There has been rumours that 2PM will do a comeback during the summer. I sat and thought about it a few weeks ago. Their Hands Up album was released a lloooong time ago, so it's time~ ADLSJFSDJAL 2PM woop woop!~


Official "I AM" trailer!!!

It came out a few hours ago, but better late then never!! xD

AWWWW, it's all of them pre debut!!! I need to see this movie O__o nu duh.. every KPOP-fan has to see it ^^

DAZE47 - R U Ready (MV)

Remember when I posted the teaser for this MV?! It feels like years ago O_o I remember me having so much expectations for this MV/song

The boy was such a hottie!! More then that.. I didn't really get stuck on the song. Hahaha, that's to bad though.. I really thought this would be something.

What did you think? Did you even watch the MV? xD

DSP Boyz - TeaserS

Hahahahahah! Totally missed the teasers XD Saw an article on allkpop that the FIFTH teaser was out and I was like "They've only released one... O_O"
But here they are:

Seung Yup

Sung Min

Hyo Jun

Yun young

This somehow gives me an INFINITE flashback with all the Sung and Yun's. Y U Korean people have similiar names O_O
Ps. These aren't their official MV teasers, it's for their program "Making the stars" <-- as you can see at the end of the clip

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I just realised something... I've chosen T.O.P 2 times XD Oh well he deservs it (eveyone deservs that.. but he's a V.I.P for now ;) did you see what I did there? hohoho)

Doojoon B2ST - 22 years old

Hmm B2ST must be one of the groups out there who hasn't "spoken" to me yet. They're funny and that little derp Yoseob is just "#%"/ but I haven't gone through a B2ST period <-- only me who still misinterprets that? yet... However I can't deny the fact that Doojoon is one of the hottest members (leader*) of B2ST. Ki Kwang is also pretty but when he flash his abs or something, he looks cute XD Not charismatic hot, but cute. So Doojoon snatched the U.P.A.H.I place.

Dongwoon is also pretty... *u*

U-KISS - DoraDora (MV Teaser)

"Doradora doora, doradora doora~" GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT'S SO COOL!!!! It has that "Inception" touch in it xD

~Mnet Chart~

Heh Busker Busker down, Shinwha up~ I should listen to that song... <-- Cherry blossom Ending.
But... where's EXO? O__O They should at least be in top 5 with MAMA, or at least be on the third place and take over 4Minute's Volume Up (don't get me wrong I don't hate them I've actually listened to Volum up and it was eh ah~ wasn't that and the girls are really pretty ^^ but MAMA is better than Volume Up)

Well EXO are at least on the third place when it comes to online voting XD It's amazing how Shinhwa has more than 50% of the votes O_O They'll break MBLAQ's record soon...

If only I could dance... TT^TT

Made by cybermuffin18

Created by: fishyhearts
I thought it was GD for a while =__=

created by: pearlymidnight
asdkjfvnaskdjf some people just have the IT...

created by risingods


Created by crickes.

I wonder if the person who made this macro is Swedish... O_o




Aigo Aigo~ EXO M's cute-old-baby-faced-little Lu Han is turning 22 years old today!! (23 Korean age) I just want to hug your face TT^TT Have a really good birthday and hug Tao from me :3

Got a bit what the... when I saw D.O there, but the guy to the left, who is that? O_O Chanyeol?

Funny SNSD mistakes

In honor of Jessicas B-day (that was yesterday), I thought I should put up one of those "SNSD Mistakes" clip from youtube xD


Sunny Hill - Princess and Prince charming

Look at that... this was pretty random. The companies doesn't really release any songs/MV's this "late" <-- (Swedish time) they usually release it 3 am when you're sleeping or 10 am when you're in school >_>

Okay! Sunny Hill's comeback! It feels weird without the guy but Sunny Hill must be one of the best dance groups out there and they have the best MV. I get stuck everytime I watch a MV with them, it's so unique, enchanting and amazing!! But this wasn't their best one *still prefering Midnight Circus*.
The song was okay, nothing AMAZING it was just okay. It didn't really get stuck on my brain like "The grasshopper song" and I got pretty tired with the autotune, it was too much. It's not like they can't sing.

But the coolest member is without a doubt Kota! SHE'S SO FREAKING COOL!!!!! (The blonce one) ASDFJBSDFL Be my mom <3 XD

U-KISS - Amazing (audio)

I can totally see this as my new workout song xD Hahaha, the beginning reminded me of that classical techno song "Satisfaction":

ahahah remember this song? ^^ The beginning of the songs are very similar.

So they released the song today? What happened to April 25th? Maybe the MV will come out then ;)
But yeah, this song was AMAZING (C what I did there? xD)

And apparently AJ helped producing this song. Not bad AJ, not bad at all!!

B.A.P - POWER [Teaser]

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG That was so... so... so... cool ^_^ Hahaha no jk but it was epic! AND ZELO HAS PINK HAIR!! All the noonas died a bit more because of it *__* so BO you weren't completely wrong, at least one of the members has pink hair.
But this really gave the same feeling as Warrior. Sure the image is a bit changed but if you're going to judge by "the whole thing", once again Power gives the same feeling as Warrior and the titles match too ^o^


B.A.P Image teaser #3

Heh forgot to post this in the morning but there's Young Jae and Daehyun's picture. Are they blonde or pink? =_= But I LOVE  Young Jae's haircut, it looks SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! It looked too fake and good during the Warrior period XD <-- misinterpreting all over again... It looks cooler and manlier >:3 And Daehyun... he looks the same. XD

Kpop in manga~

I'm somehow sick =_= I’ve only slept 2 hours because I sat and read manga the whole night... Goodbye E hello F XD But the manga I’m reading right now is “My boyfriend is a vampire” I know oh mah gooddd a vampire manga, twilight wannabe <- I’m tired okay -_-

The author is Han Yu Rang a Korean mangaka and the art is quiet unique compared to Japanese mangakas.


Small text... XD

And here's the related stuff


Lol Tae Yang corporation and SNSD XD hahahaha!


But read it! Han Yu Rang's and Hwang Mi Ri's (<-- another famous mangaka) art and stories are a bit weird and unique but it's fun to read them ^^

Great covers by Daeho (youtuber)

Saw on facebook that this girl had posted a cover by this guy on youtube called "DaehoTV". It was so beautiful X__x

Boyfriend (Justin Bieber) - Daeho Cover

His voice T3T When he starts making sounds like he does at 0.32 8D issssh~ my body starts to shiver. In a good way ;D I first thought this guy was a member in a KPOP-group, but apparently not. He is just a new (or maybe not so new. 6months old) youtuber posting music covers. But I'm sure he'll make it, I mean just listen to him! JUST LOOK AT HIM! He is so gorgeous!! And that thing he does with his nose ^^ Hehehe 

Mercy (Duffy) - Daeho Cover

RIGHT?!?!?!?! F-ing amazing!! There's something about his voice.. can't put my finger on what it is though. But it's something very special. Haha and the way he said "do" at 1:33, GAAH. Brb *dying*.

Girl's Day - Oh! My God (MV)

Me <3 this video xD

Hahhaa it's so funny! I really like these girls now ^3^ This is their 2nd mini-album O__o I need to get a look at their first haha.

The song however made me think a bit about SNSD's "Oh!" Because in this song they go "OH, OH" in the same way as SNSD goes "OH, OH, OH, OH" in OH! haha, that's alot of "OH" xD

Other then that, ME LIKE THIS SONG A LOT! ^^

Summer? HAH! It's snowing here...

I'm sorry but I have to stop this macro spam and show you this one:

*brb crying rivers* SM ent Y U treat Hangeng like sh*t?! TT^TT This was so freaking adorable~ I got all teary especially when Heechul talked about their nationalities. This was just wonderful! I haven't been an E.L.F for a long time but this are one of the reasons why I like them!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUJU'S (M) ZHOU MI WHO'S TURNING 26 years old (27 korean age). I haven't really been checking Super Junior M that closely, the only song I've heard with him is Super Girl. But he gives a Leeteuk/Siwon look alike vibe, right?! He's a mix on both of them (an exact copy of Leeteuk on the first pucture)

wihihohohoh B.A.P's goose (new nickname XD) a.k.a Himchan is turning 22 years old todayoo~ (23 korean age) saying eeyyo~
He surely have a charming side...

U-KISS releases teaser image for new upcoming album "DORADORA"

Going with our concept of ‘sexy and masculine’, the choreography to our new song “DORADORA” includes a lot of sexy wave dance moves,”

Mehehehehehhehe 8D
Their mini-album "DORADORA" will be released on April 25th, so stay tuned guys! I sure will, if you know what I mean ;).. What I mean is that I'll stay tuned, because I wan't to see those sexy waves. Yeah.. haha for you who didn't get it ^^


I guess that most of you Swedish kpop fans already know this but let's bring it up again! >:3

Me: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ASAJLSDBSLJDF *Running around the house naked* THIS is so freaking AWESOME!!! Some people said that it will air 7 pm (Swedish time) I'M HYPED for god sake!!!!

Spread the word my fellow friends~

MBLAQ's "how to be sexy" & Cute Onew (SHINee)

Hahahahaha wtf?! xD "Put rose in mouth and flap blazer", and the third pic... it looks like Seungho is.. hahahaha thrusting his pelvis against G.O. Or maybe he's just grinding against him ^^

I looked for this clip on youtube but couldn't find it :c
Soooo.. when is ver. 2 coming out? ;)

Hahaha once again, the third pic. "Noona? NOONA?~" gaaaah, sooooo cute! xD

Un questiones~

Well I bet that all of you who are born during the year 1996 are going to chose your high school soon (if you live in Sweden..) and I’m wondering if any of our readers has chosen my school… So is there anyone out there who has chosen this school?:



KPOP-Covers by Kaotsun (Youtuber)

I've been following this girl for quiet a while now. Her covers are AMAZING! just thought that I should share some of them with you guys:

Hyuna - Change

She looks just like HyunA here, right?! Haha, I actually like this song despite the fact that I have something against the singer -.-'

HyunA - Bubble Pop

Only posting this cover because she did such a great job! ^^

SHINee - Replay

Miss A - Breathe

Wish i could dance like her. But she's amazing, right?!?!?! Kaotsun on youtube. Follow her ^^

Groups you haven't heard of (part 33)

Wow this was a really long time ago... O_O I'm quiet busy right now, with school so I don't really have time to check a new group inclusive their songs and so on. That's why the G.Y.H.H.O posts has decreased XD
But I checked here and there yesteday and found this:

Free Star

There has been many new groups that have made their debut this year, however the rookie group craze has yet to die down, at least with girl groups.

Brand new girl group Free Star has recently entered the K-pop scene with their debut single Diss which was written by 4Tune's J-Rod. The group consists of 4 members: Min Jung (Main Vocal), CEO (Leader), TK (Rapper & Dancer), and Dam Yoo (Vocal).

All of the members have previous experience with musicals and films, and are know to be frequently practicing their dancing skills.

credit: allkpop

They're apparently a hip hop girl group but they disbanded 2011 because all four members left the company...

Phu~ It was quiet hard to find a song from this group =_= But I can't deny the fact that this song surely has some pop in it and efter listening to it 2 times... it's catchy. O_O And one of the girls had an interesting voice :3

B.A.P Image teaser #2

Well I'm sorry allkpop that I'm not awake 2:30 AM to post this picture faster...

Jongup have turned black~ back to black :3 However it doesn't look like him at all O_O I'm somehow gonna miss their blonde concept, it was quiet unique. Lol Zelo and that face XD *getting reminded of his warrior face*
Only Daehyun and Youn Jae left!

9 days till their comeback! ^3^

I don't want to be without you girl~

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HAHAHAHAHAHA Those are the 3 letters I hate the most, together...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SNSD's Jessica who's turning 23 years old today!!! (24 korean age) I see all the SNSD's  birthdays as something positive, because now I can get to know all their names while I congratlate them XD :3

Phantom - ICE (MV ft. Kim Yuna)

I know that they took the music, but dayum!!! IT WAS SO AMAZING! hahaha I really liked the original "barbra streisand", so I guess that might have something to do with it.

OMG... Kim Yuna is so beautiful. And she is my Joonie's Ideal Girl :'c
Haha, I'm gonna go and kill myself now

PS. The video was so much fun watching ^^

DSPboyz Jaehyung teaser picture

A bit late hahaha but better late than never XD Yesterday BO posted a teaser of a member from the new boy group DSPboyz, Jaehyung 22 years old. And allkpop released his picture a while ago ^^¨

I love that outfit O_O It's so cool! Especially that jacket and the V-shaped shirt gives a sexy feeling hoho ÒuÓ But DSPboyz are a 7-members group and I'm somehow fearing that the maknae will be born 1994...
*depressed mode* >__> forever not-noona :c

Jay Park is seriously perfect

Watch it from 4:35 to hear the story, then you can fast forward it to 8:04.


Y U SO OLD JAY???!! T3T You could have been my second husband :')

B.A.P - Image teaser

Omo how cool isn't this?! Their MV and album will be released in 10 days (27th april) guess who's gonna sit and spam youtube? >:3
And Himchan has changed hair color and is finally back to black~ Í think that Bang Yong Guk has also changed hair color...? I want to see how the other members has changed!! Jongup hehehoho! ^3^

Those awkward moments when..


Hahahahha, they're all are so true! xD

Drama - Kpop the ultimate Audition

Gosh I'm so slow hahahaha XD Yesterday I sat and scrolled down on my phone *interesting-fact.com* I discovered a drama called "Kpop the ultimate audition". Apparently MBLAQ are in it... O_O



I feel like a total retard somehow >_______> This totally gives me the "You're beautiful" vibe (You know the drama You're beautiful?) A girl dressing up as a boy, trying to be a member of a big idol group etc. It's only 16 episodes though and 8 episodes are out now. This is a must see drama no matter what! >:3 Gonna watch it... one day... during my summer holiday XD

HAHAHAHA I even thought that GD and T.O.P where in this drama... LOOK AT THEM!! The girl and the boy are a freaking copy of GD and T.O.P (Totally referring to their parody on Secret Garden)

Taeyeon and Sunye - When You Believe (The Prince of Egypt)

Herad this amazing cover yesterday by Wonder Girls member Yenny and Sun:

Blonde one = Yenny, Brunette one = Sun (Had a hard time figuring out who was who ^^)

It's so beautiful :') The song was sung originally by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and it is the soundtrack for the movie "The Prince of Egypt" (awsome movie BTW! xD) Gosh, but seriously.. they made an amazing cover of the song 

Hola si señor na na na na na~!

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Hahahahah all the Rebecca Black jokes~ XD

created by kateurina
Why am I only thinking on Junsu and the "I'll be back" time? O_O

Of course we do!

Jay Park writes a song for U-KISS

At first I thought this was funny. But then I realized.. he is actually a very good songwriter O__o I mean, he was the one who wrote "Abandoned". 

So yes, Jay Park will be writing a song for U-KISS's new mini-album (their 6th mini-album O_O) "DORADORA" that will be released on April 25th. "4U" is the name of the song. Well, I'm sure looking forward to this!! ^3^

Here you have his song "Abandoned", you know, as a preview of what he has in store for us ;)

Apparently he originally wrote the song in english, so here you have him singing the lyrics to the english version:

Hahahaha, 2:12 xD "Where did you go-OHOH..~ Naah, I'm just playin'"

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, he's just too cute!!!! T3T

DSP Boyz - Jae Hyung (Teaser)

Ouf.. hot ^^ But what's up with his dark circles? Didn't the BB-Cream work? Haha.. makes me think of Seungho xD Or wait. Maybe that's the point? Because it almost look like they put shadow under his eyes to make them look more poofy. or maybe it's just because it makes his eye seem more mysterious mysterious~ (B2ST).
Haha, I don't know ^^

Apparently DSP Boyz is only a temporary name. Wonder what it even stands for O__o Haha anywho, so this is Jae Hyung. Not bad *barack obama style*. This group will make their official on-screen debut on "Making The Star". Wasn't MBLAQ in that show too? I bet all of the stars debuted with that show ^^

Picture from Kangin's release

Haha lol "Kangin family" XD Aw think about the day when Heechul gets discharged TT^TT And what's up with the mask Eunhyuk ÒuÓ Well you look hot no matter what! :3 I may sound mean here but I just need to get it out... It looks like Kangin has gained some weight... just sayin' XD

Sunny Hill comeback!

I got pretty schocked when I read that Sunny Hill turned into a 4-member girl group I thought that the guy was kicked out XD But he enlisted the army. It's funny how he enlisted the army in a "quiet way" while Heechul had 21375621 fans crying for him :3 Okay he is a member of a really big group, oh well... But I'm looking forward to their comeback THEY'RE SO COOL!!!

And did you see..? I complained a bit yesterday that nothing is happening in the kpop world and look at that, 2 groups will make a comeback soon >:3 *powah*

Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

Last day!!!

Haha so eazy ^^

Kikwang (B2ST)


Junho (2PM)

Jonghyun (SHINee)

Haha maybe not as much "eye smile" as Kikwang or Junho, but it's still so adorable!! xD


His hair has grown *lol after 2 years* XD

B.A.P's comeback!!

Hahaha, it's so funny becasue they were never really gone ^^

Anywho, they will have their comeback next week. Yesterday and today they were and will be busy filming for their MV. Don't know much more, their agency won't release any teasers or anything O__é

Haha, what if they all have pink hair now? xD That would be so much fun! ^^

B.A.P with pink (more like purple) hair xD Haha 5min photoshop edit, do don't mind that I didn't stay in the lines ^^

I'm LOLing haaardd~

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Lol XD

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The time...

This is one of those typical "nothing is happening in the kpop world" okay things surely happens all the time but I mean a debut, comeback, something juicy, new or anything! So that is why our blog only contains pictures for now XD Sure it's a nice rest after the bomb that came january-March (all the rookie debuts, Block B thing and so on) oh well I should stop complaining here's a funny clip with 2pm <3

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That's the result you get when two non-100%-koreans are trying to say and answer a question XD

Nickhun: *Just reading those letters without underestanding*
Jay: ... Do you underestand it?
Nickhun: No...

ROFL XD I haven't watched every episode of Wild Bunny yet O_O I should do that...

It's finally out . . .

A few days ago (1 week?) I posted a post from allkpop about the sexual harassment in Open World and I just saw the "final" article about it,

Geez this is quiet aweful O_O It's REALLY aweful. And Open World ent. only have 2 boy groups and that is DGNA/The Boss (D-NA) and X-5, they mention the word idol so I assume that they're the ones.
What to say, it is aweful, disgusting and terrifying but what to do. The world is sick after all...

Song of the week #17

The new freakin' EPIC song is this S.O.T.W



Hahah the intro. I listened to it once, and I was pretty cool and that was the first epic feeling I got from this whole MV. But after once, it's just boring ^^

About the song. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why.. Maybe because it gives me an "oprah" feeling (the music not the show). And maybe because it sound like a choir in a church. I don't know, but it just truly was.. *whispers* epic. epic. epic. epic. *sound fades away*

Eunhyuk and Leeteuk talks to Justin Bieber?

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, AWKWARD! It was really fun though hearing them speak in english, trying to have a converstaion with whom they think is Justin Bieber, but in fact is Henry who is.. was(?) a member of SUJU. Don't really get that. Is he a member in SUJU-M? Because in the description-box for this clip it says that Henry was a former SUJU member? O__o

ANYWHO, hahaha please enjoy and laugh as much as I did ^^

Day 29: A k-pop song you never get tired of

Hahaha there's the obvious one:

MBLAQ - Stay

Don't really feel like I need to explain why ^^

And then the more random ones I never get tired of:

Block B - NalinA

B.A.P - Warrior

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Haha, and so so so so soooooooooo many more! Like
B1A4 - OK & Beautiful Target
2PM - Heartbeat & 10 out of 10
NU'EST - Face
That weird korean song I put up once


Look alike: Junsu & Hoya

Finally!!! I've been thinking on this sooo long!!!!
I knew that (INFINITE) Hoya looked like someone but I just couldn't put my finger on it (can you say that O_O The "Swedish way" sounds better... XD) Hoya's face is a bit "longer" compared to (JYJ) Junsu but those eyes, eyebrows and nose are copies~

Dunno why but when I see Junsu's face I wanna sing "shake that ass girl!~" *let me see what you got!*

MBLAQ funny MJ dance ^^

the thing starts at like 1:20

Hahahahha "Michael Jacksuuuun~" ^^ And Lee Joon's move the second time! hahaha, wtf? xD And I love how they all team up against him (against Joonie), hahahaha, that is some real sh*t right there! ^^

If you haven't seen MBLAQ Kkael Player, then go see it now! O__o It's seriously like the funnist thing ever! ^^

[This box need to be filled... with... >:3 ... letters]

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He look exhausted >:3

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Omo that's my word!! :D

by feistyirishfish

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Aww how mean T___T

Bad humour is bad...





Omo I nearly forgot! (No I forgot...) That it was exactly 1 year ago Block B debuted with the song Freeze. Or they debuted yesterday, 13th april. So I'm 1 day late -_-

BUT HAPPY 1 YEAR BLOCK B!!!! I really hope that you'll come back stronger than ever not as a single person but as a group. See this as a test and come back like bosses!! It's not over yet, all the BBS's, inclusive me are waiting for you guys! <3<3<3





Words we didn't know about before we listened to kpop

I hope that a lot of you can relate with me over here. As you know when we started to become kpop freaks (a.k.a when we became abnormal XD) there was some words out there that's pretty new for us. I was like a confused donkey =_=
So here are the words:


I remember that day like it was yesterday~ Me and BO were pure newbie freaks and all of a sudden we read the word "bias" on a blog/picture. We were like wtf..? What's a... bias? (BO even pronounced it "bais" <-- poo in Swedish) so we googled and searched here and there and finally found the answer!:

and I'm like

!"#%¤"#!% THERE ARE TOO MANY!!!!

Double eyelid:

Hhohoh this was a pure "What the f is that?" O_O I even doubted that the thing even existed. But the first thing I did was to search it because I read that "double eyelids are a BIG FAT + if you have it" And I bet that I'm not the only one who searched for it like a freak and got "#%"#% happy when I realised that I actually had it hahahaha XD
I've never been so thankful over those weird lines I have on my eyes ;D

It's pretty sick (for me...) that a double eyelid surgery in Asia is pretty common... In Europe everything is about the boobs, lips and ASS~ >:3


I thought it was something about a Movie Clip XD But no... that it stood for One True Pairing made me more confused but after a while words like Jonkey, 2Min, Eunhae etc. made more sence...

well I somehow hope that this helped you, if you're a new kpop fan ^_^ Everyone has been on the same boat... gosh I sound so deep right now >__>

Big Bang "BLUE" MV - Behind the sence photos

This may be a bit late but ... XD Here are some behind the MV photos ^_^

Why is it only 1 picture of Seungri and Taeyang? ;w;

Interviewes with EXO M

Here you have 2 different interviewes whit EXO M. The funny thing is that I have watched both of them =_= And they ask the same questions (I think) XD But they are a bit shy and quiet during the interviews and Kris is the one doing most of the talking.
So this is what EXO M are doing, interviewes. While EXO K performs >_>

But enjoy~

Ps. Totally recomend the second one! The host is... weird XD

Girl groups with & without makeup (part 2/2)

2 days ago I made a post about girl groups with and without makeup, so here's part numero dos~


Wonder Girls

Aww Sohee is soo cuteee!! TT^TT


I saw a clip on SNSD where they decided which one of the members looked good without makeup and the host had apparently seen them without it and everyone seem to... look aweful without makeup O_O (If you judge the comment the host said on each member :3)

Source for every picture~


Because they where BORN THIS WAY

Really, I did not know O_O

Hahahahahhaa such an Einstein. You'll get fat because potatoes are pure carbs

That was probably the best present he had ever recieved from a fan...

Oh dear lord XD

Herp Derp~

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Betting 10 bucks it's Dalmatian XD

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omomomomomomo XD

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by applecupcake

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~Happy birthday~

Happy Birthday to Yoonhye from Rainbow who's turning 22 years old (23 korean age)

The reason why I don't write so much in these Happy Birthday posts is because I don't really "know" them so it's hard to write something personal >___<

Movie Recomendation - Chilling Romance



I've been waiting so loooong for this movie, I remember that I made a post about this but the movie wasn't released yet. but you can see it on dramacrazy now.

Man this movie scared the shit out of me sometimes, especially when you sit alone in your dark room 3.00 AM *quiver* But I really liked this. I was pretty schocked when I saw that the guy was Lee Min Ki XD Didn't see that comming ê___ê
It's a really awesome movie totally recomend this if you have a dirty humour XD

Here's a teaser:

EXO debut stage

EXO fans are you happy now ^_^ No lip-sync this time, and they sound wonderful! <-- like an old h*g XD No but this was really good, the one I uploaded yesterday was lip-synced (if you didn't know) However I got a bit disappointed with D.O's (Lol simpson XD) voice in the beginning of MAMA. I thought he would be a bit more powerful and scream all the way~ 

And History hahahaha the fail thing is that some of them have really, really thight pants so nothing really happens when they do that shaky/vibration thing in the beginning ;D

Otherwise good job EXO K! ... So where's EXO M?


MBLAQ Pre-debut pictures

A few weeks ago me and BO found some pictures here and there on MBLAQ before their debut. So thunder wasn't really a member (If you didn't know thunder took another members place 15 days before MBLAQ's debut) that stranger in those picture is Kim Sang Bae.

Btw ALL the pictures aren't really pre-debut pictures . . . U_U







You know Seungho was skinny as h**l look at his legs on the second picture O_O He's looks much, much, much, MUCH better right now ^_^

They always say that the reason why a member quit/leaves is because of "personal matters" and it was the same with Kim Sang Bae. But I read somewhere that he actually ran away Ò____ó They didn't really say if he ran away from the dorms or ran away from home. But you can't relly trust that source 100%, it'll be a mystery till we die. If they don't announce it all of a sudden . . .

~Mnet Chart~

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH "What goes around comes around" well not really but if you remember last weeks chart. I said some "wtf?!" stuff about that Cherry Blossom Ending song (it was on the third (?) place I think) and now it's on the 1st place. Who the heck is Busker Busker?! Hahahaha XD

*Wait wikipedia has has the answer*

Busker Busker (Hangul: 버스커 버스커) is a Korean indie band, most famous for their runner-up performance in the Korean music audition television program Superstar K3 of Mnet. From November 14, 2011 until December 10, 2011, Busker Busker suspended all public activities.[1] However, they have since resumed their activities by participating in the Superstar K3 Top 11 Tour Concert and are also now recording their first studio album apart from the other Top 11 contestants.

Ahh... okay. Wait why where they suspended? O_O Oh well let's go to the online votes:

Ohh Shinhwa again :O Their fans are still Loyal~ No that sounded bad... But no one has beaten MBLAQ in the online voting part. They lasted a whole month with the song "It's war" O_O And Bad Boy has been hanging on there for a while... and B1A4's Baby I'm sorry -_-

Oh right this is Busker Busker! Funnt that the red haired guy looks really young compared to the other two XD

Some fugly things C:

Oh dear lord hahahaha XD I wonder how Narsha feelt when she saw a bigger and manlier version of her self. Gosh I'm sorry but that was some ugly chicks XD They usually look good, somehow but now hahahahah ;''D

This is what I was referring too u__u Sungmin.... Y U LOOK SO PRETTY?!


I want you and you want me~

by thecolourpruple@tumblr

Lol XD Aww I watched 238237 different clips with FT Island yesterday *careface* and they're such a cute group. They suck at math but they're still cute (or they're better than MBLAQ... eveyone is better that MBLAQ =__=)

Rain takes the boys to Disneyworld. Created by hottimeskpop.

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Give me that ab and we have a deal!

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- ginger_star

Happy Birthday to you guys ^_^

Misung - Sunny Hill who's turning 26 years old (27 korean age)

Effie - C-REAL who's turning 18 years old (19 korean age) say wuuutt O_O She's 1 year older than me @__@

EXO K on M! Countdown'!

I can't really hear anything... I think my computer collapsed >_>

Once again the fans has become impatient (inclusive me XD) There's (probably) a reason why they don't sing live but I'm waiting for that day. To listen D.O's voice live ;w; <3 ~
But I heard that Kai's injury is quiet serious (He sprained his ankle or something during History dance ver.) how does he manage to keep dancing?! O_O Don't push yourself too much even if it's your debut days... we want to see you dance in the future.

Kangin beeing released 16th April

Forgot to make an OMOMOMOMOMOM post 1 week ago. But yeah... OMOMOMOMOMM KANGIN WILL BE "FREE" SOON!!!!! 4 DAYS LEFT!!! Aww boi TT___TT We've missed your weird temper and competitive... ness O_O There was some rumours that Kangin wouldn't join Suju anymore but HE WILL DO THAT AFTER 3 YEARS!!! :D


I got sad all of a sudden... One out one in (It should be one in and one out but #!%!¤) Leetuk will enlist the army soon TT_______________________________________________TT Oh gosh that day will probably be a hell . . .

This weeks U.P.A.H.I


It's photoshoped right? HAhahahaha yes it is XD

dfsdfhdhfdfdsf TT3TT

Oh jesus~ The picture where he winked with one eye =3= 

As you can see this weeks U.P.A.H.I (Uber Pretty And Hot Idol, don't bully me because of that name XD) Is our Bingu T.O.P. His voice makes him 1010100101101100010x more sexier. Or he is already 4943293249... you know let's skip that. I'm quiet amazed because he must be the only idol out there that has such a big popularity without showing himself half naked or anything (haven't shown any skinn*). Or at least he's the one who has lasted the "longest". Bad was of explaining, oh well~ ^_^

Day 28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist


ZE:A - The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)

I know this isn't a cover, but it still kind of is haha ^^ They're just so adroable! xD This is one of my favorite covers out there by KPOP-stars 8D

And I actually just heard this other cover, but it's amazing:

SUJU-M's Henry - Give Me Everything Tonight (Ne-Yo ft. Pitbull)

This version is just.. and that he's playing the piano so good.. and his voice is just.. and when he rapps.. and his english is like..

I think I'm in love *3*

Girl groups with & without makeup (part 1/2)

We've made a similiar post about 2NE1 but this are one of those less talk, more picture posts XD


4 Minute

B.E.G - Ga In

Well what to say this is how girls look like without makeup Xd But truth to be told *I'm not beeing mean or anything* is that the girls in asia (I'm refering to idols now) doesn't look pretty without makeup. There're very few that looks good without it and Ga In are one of them. A lot of them look like a... wreck >_>

Taeyang on "Go Show"

Go Show is a show that will air on April 20th (just so you know.. hehe)

Hahaha but seriously, you guys got to see this sushi dance! ^^

RIGHT?!?!? Was that like improvisation or did he know how to dance the "sushi dance" since before? O__o haha, either way, it's freakin' awsome! xD

Laugh no matter what! :3

created by kawaiivshentai

Lol Hahahahha xD

created by jokersbb

created by kyujaemin

Hahahahahha (y)

Teen Top fan boying over Big Bang

Hahahahahahah OMG XD Of course it's the young triplets that's making this cover ;D
Ricky... T.O.P doesn't move that much e_e And hohohoh Seungri's part mama just let me be your lovah~ Ricky went all in with those arms XD
But the fail thing here is that they didn't "cut/shut" the real sound, so you heard every step they took, however if they did that, Niel's "WOW" wouldn't be heard... *getting confused*

So... who's holdning the camera? O_O It's A) Chunji or B) C.A.P
It's probably C.A.P. Because if it was L.Joe then he would laugh his ass of, the same with Chunji ^^


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EXO-K's MAKNAE SE HUN who's turning 18 years old (19 korean age) YOU'RE A CHILD wooop woop~ XD Only 1 year older than me and BO >:3 Make the noonas proud now ;D

SISTAR - Alone (MV)

Funny sound at 1:38 haha ^^ No, but not bad

They sure have those S-Lines (booty and boobies) haha. That's like almost the only thing I looked at the whole video O__o but they make it hard not to stare! xD

S.I.M.P #49

Dam Daraaaaam~

THIS group are one of those really underrated groups out there. So far I LOVE all their songs and Music Videos. They're so uniq O__O Yes I'm talking about Sunny Hill, they're so coool~ ÒuÓ

Midnight Circus

I'm giving you the whole MV now...

I have a... thing... when it comes to Circus stuff so this was a pure amazement for me or entertaining* But it's a shame that the guy doesn't have any part at all -__- And when they pronounce Midnight Circus is a bit... weird. Sounds more like "Midnight Suckas"
Btw did you see Ki Kwang? Mehehe >:3 And the teasers for the song aslkdjfanskdjf Ga In <3 I wanted to see that part in the MV >_> The reason why I haven't uploaded this song before: It's old XD *bad excuse*

10 Minutes of KPOP (Part 2)

EXO - '' I need you and you want me ''

Love that flap your pants dance xD

MYNAME - ''Yahlalalalala'' for 10 Minutes

X-F - "Princess"

Hahahah could listen to this forever! xD

B2ST - "Saranghae"


Rumours about a comeback

Hohoh me and titles~ ;D
But there has been some rumours about an old group making a long awaited comeback this year. The leader himself said that he was gonna come to a country in Scandinavia, everyone here in Sweden are going crazy xD Tehy're like "OMG SCANDINAVIA?! IT'S TOTALLY SWEDEN! Yepp it IS sweden because Sweden is the most populer country in Scandiavia" Hahaha but we will see XD

Have you figured out which group I'm talking about?


Day 27: Your favorite dance battle

Only seen like.. 3 dance battles ^^


1.Imma Be - The Black Eyed Peas.
2. 768 by Naturally 7.
3. Crunk De Gaulle (ft. TTC, Busdriver, and D-Styles) by edIT
4. Last Carnival by Norihiro Tsuru

Hahahahha omg, Joon, so random! I don't get why on stage he's so comfortable showing his skin, but as soon as the song ends he get all shy xD Maybe he has this alter ego on stage and when the song ends he turns back into normal? ^^

But anywho, love this battle, because they are all such good dancera! And shesus, back then Thunder was so skinny!!! (2:13). 

And the girls reacting to Lee Joon's shirt rip:
3:17 - Crazy Fangirls
3:19 - Shy Fangirls
3:22 - B2ST's DooJoon xD
3:28 - Can't stop blushing Fangirls

Another one I really like is this one

They're both so awsome! Love that they did covers of eachother as well 8D
HAHAHAHAH and SUJU at 3:16, WTF!!!! x'D

EXO members profile


~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name:
Kim Jong In

Stage Name:


Date of Birth:
January 14, 1994

Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of The Group

182 cm

Blood Type:


Father, Mother, 2 Older Sisters

Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, rocking)

Appeared in HaHa song CF with DBSK/TVXQ. He’s a friend of SHINee’s Taemin as mentioned in SHINee World.

Birth Name:
Oh Se Hoon

Stage Name:
Se Hun

Date of Birth:
April 12, 1994

Lead Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae

181 cm


Dancing, acting

He’s a former ulzzang

Birth Name:
Do Kyung Soo

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
January 12, 1993

Main Vocalist


Singing, beat box

Birth Name:
Byun Baek Hyun

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
May 6, 1992

Main Vocalist


Hapkido, piano

Birth Name:
Kim Joon Myun

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
May 22, 1991

176 cm


Blood Type:

Leader (Guardian of EXO), Lead Vocalist

Acting, golf

He’s also known as the second Choi Siwon

Birth Name:
Park Chan Yeol

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
November 27, 1992

185 cm


Main Rapper, Vocalist

Blood Type:

Playing musical instruments (guitar, drum, bass, djembe), rap, acting

He appeared in SNSD’s Genie MV (Japanese Version). He plays the guitar, bass and drum.


~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name:
Huang Zi Tao

Stage Name:

English Name:
Edison Huang

Birth Place:
QingDao, China

Date of Birth:
May 2, 1993


183 cm

64 kg

Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Singing, playing basketball, exercising

Martial arts

University of Hong Kong – Music

Favorite Idols:
Edison Chen, MC HotDog, Jackie Chan, Bryant, Shawn Carter

Loves blue color, Western food, basketball and black cat. His favorite music is hip hop and R&B. He’s also very conservative person.

Birth Name:
Lu Han

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
April 20, 1990

Blood Type:

178 cm


Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group

Beijing Haidian

Soccer, cube

Birth Name:
Kim Jong Dae

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
September 21, 1992

Main Vocalist

178 cm


Singing, piano

First revealed through the SM Orchestra section at SBS Gayo Daejun

Birth Name:
Zhang Yi Xing

Stage Name:

Date of Birth:
October 7, 1991

179 cm

60 kg

Main Dancer, Vocalist


Changsha, Hunan, China

Hunan Normal University High School

Guitar, dancing, piano

Listening to music, sleeping in, playing computer

Master language in Chinese and Korean

Appeared in 2005 3rd place Star Academy (Hunan Economic TV), SHINee dance concert instead of Jonghyun

Birth Name:
Kim Min Seok

Stage Name:
Xiu Min

Lil’ Fattie

Date of Birth:
March 26, 1990

Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

176 cm


Taekwondo, kendo

Won 2nd place on 2008 SM’s Everysing Contest

Birth Name:
Wu Fan

Stage Name:

English Name:
Kevin Wu

Date of Birth:
November 6, 1990

188 cm


Main Rapper, Leader, Sub-Vocalist

Language (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean), basketball

Vancouver, Canada

He enjoys reading books particularly self-improvement and inspirational

Say wut? English name?! They don't need any English name >___> Kris must be the first kpop idol (boy) that I can communicate without any difficulty!!!!! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!!!~


~Mnet Chart~

Oh I forgot to do the ~Mnet Chart~ last week so there'll be 2 charts this week XD

Woooo!!~  CN Blue on the 1st place, good job!!!
The one on number 4 seem to be a bit random... Cherry Blosson Ending, what's that? O_O And who's Busker Busker? XD Either way I'm a pure retard or that person surely is someone random...

Venus ê__ê Truth to be told I'm pretty impressed by Shinhwa. They've made a long awaited debut for all their fans and I really respect that. I don't really listen to them but I'm still impressed over the song they released, kpop fans surely are truthful ^_^
I sound like a bitch now but I'm disappointed to see B1A4's song there -__- I had high hopes for that song but it was a flop for me and the brutal use of autotune. The members have amazing voices, but everything just went sadkjsd >__>

I've lost my mind~

Created by funnykpopshit.        



(via fuckyeahkpopmacros)
Omg hahahaha XD

(via fuckyeahkpopmacros) 

shizznizzle:  Some serious shit

shizznizzle:  Oh, what a hoe.
Heheheheh good one!

Wow... Brutal...

Totally irrelevant picture XD

For you who didn't know: Open World entertainment are one of those 314134 entertainments in Korea (just like YG, SM, JYP, CUBE etc) they aren't really thaaaaat famous but you may know the groups X-5 and The Boss (DGNA/D-NA) they're in that entertainment.

This is some "fresh" news... and the reaction? Well yeah I feel sorry for the people in that company (if this is even the truth) but you never know this can be one of those articles where allkpop exaggerate, what do I know.

But this is also something common (except the fact that other idol groups where forced to do something like that) people in this world tend to ehm.. sell them selves for fame:

This person made my point more clear XD

Gosh I'm starting to get mad again.... THIS WONT BE AS BIG AS THE WHOLE BLOCK B THING!!! THE FREAKING CEO IS ACCUSED OF RAPING 30 GIRLS WHILE BLOCK B WHERE MISUNDERSTOOD!! Human beeings sometimes... asdgksadgajs rage -__-



A really fast Happy Birthday post to Da On from the group TAKEN who's turning 20 years old (21 korean age)
WHOOOO~ Happy birthday!!! :D

*end* XD

Hate you...

Yes those two friends of mine have been terrorizing me with THIS the WHOLE day:

Is it weird If I've learned everyone's name within two hours >______>
Great guys, great guys~

Top 3 favourites:

Tao (EXO M) - Lol I'm somehow feeling sorry for him and his Korean skills XD
Baekhyun (EXO K) - Awesome guy ;D

Well... and Kai of course :3

EXO - MAMA Album

Gosh how confusing... -_- well here are the both EXO's *pictures*


What Is Love



Two Moons


Funny that I'm writing the all the song titles when the title is on the top of the clip XD *retard*

Well as you can see all the songs above are from EXO K (EXO M will be under this "pause-text") What to say about EXO in general. Ehm I knew it would be exactly like this. I somehow miss the old days when you arrived at school and visited youtubes page and saw a new teaser on Kai every day XD
They weren't really an OMGLJSADBLSJDBLSAJD group but I have to say these guys surely have talent. Not only at singing but their dancing skills are just kickass. Let's see how they'll handle the reality (shows) part ^^

About the MAMA album. History and MAMA are no doubt the best songs I'm stuck on those two. And I can't take What Is Love seriously anymore XD I'm thinking on Simon and Martina everytime I listen to it ;'D But Two Moons seemed pretty different and interesting. It's with (feat) Key from SHINee, gives a big fat Americano feeling.

AND SADLFBSDALFKSDKBN!!!!! I HATE THIS!!! Why do I always have to read those top comments?! Now the song Machine is totally ruined hahahahahaha XD
0:37 <-- =

Oh dear lord...


What Is Love


Two Moons


The Chinese or to be more exact, Mandarin version aren't bad at all. It sounds even better sometimes and Mandarin rap surely is uniqe ;D I would've NEVER imagined 2 years ago that the future me would sit and listen to Mandarin rap or kpop in general. People are strange...
But the good thing in Machine here (EXO M) is that they don't "say" I put my dick... so yeah

But EXO hwating!~
You have finally debuted!!! :>

Oh right forgot heh...


Day 26: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist

I have postponed this post for a while now. Why? Because I don't know what my "favorite cover of a kpop song by another kpop artist" is :c I wan't this post to be serious, but since it's me we're talking about, these are my favorites:

Big Bang - SES

2PM, 2AM, SHINee & SUJU - Gee (by SNSD)

I like this one mostly because of 2PM ^^

Teem Top - Shy girl (by Secret)

2AM - Bad boy Good boy (by Miss A)

They Actually sound good O_o hahaha Jokwon xD

And last but not least
MBLAQ, SUJU & SHINee - Muzik (by 4Minute)

The first time I heard this song was here. After listening to the original.. I preferred this version ^^

Lots of crossdressing. Only crossdressing as matter of fact.. I LIKE BOY'S OKEY?!?!?! I'm not.. a girl lover -.-' hahaha if you know what I mean ;)

Big Bang pre-debut pictures

Warning: Picture bomb~

Omo seungri XD

Awww it's Daesung ;''D


Aww lill daesung~

OH MY SHITTY GOD!! THAT'S T.O.P!!!!! He was... chubby O_O
Bo Bae says: I've always known he was a chubby child, but never that chubby!

INFINITE Sungyeol & Sungjong - Trouble Maker

Hahaha I know, long time since this happened (in mid february) but still ^^

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! He fell at 1:08!! Hahaha okey, maybe why not I'm spazzing. THIS is whay I'm spazzing:

 Sungjong and Sungyeol kissed again! Troublemaker 20120225

That's a really good kiss right there. Jawline looking good and everything! (have a thing for jawlines ^^)
And when he ripped his dress. Very lady-like! Haha felt wrong somehow, you know.. ripping a dress. Girls don't do that ^^ But then again, I don't mind him ripping his dress ;)

teamans:  OMG
Ouf, mama like!!!

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys


Hahahahahaha BO!!!! ANOTHER MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!

3 movies I MUST see before the break ends!!! Oh my everyone from Suju!!! Yesung~ ;'D
Well guys watch this! for you who has already watched this, was it good? O_O

More fun!


Jooooonie, my little princess xD It's funny, because he wanted her to put her hand in his, but she kind of turned his hand, see? YOU SEE? SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!!!!! haha, yeah.. And the way he's walking. That's my Joon! ^^

When greeting a fan:



Fan pushing TOP.. to get to Daesung

Hahahaha, wonder how TOP hyung/oppa felt xD And look at cutie Daesung, taking fans letters and bowing to.. the camera? ^3^ For you who didn't know, he's officially my bias in Big Bang 8D

Let's be Dirteeeeyyy


Created by robsterr-x.

Created by BananasAndCream

Submitted by: fckyeaheunhae


Source: http://americankaur.tumblr.com

Super Junior and BRA

Hahahaha, not our B.R.A, but an actual bra that girls (and maybe some men) wear!

Apparently a girl threw up (.. feels like I mean womit, but keep reading) a bra on stage when SUJU had their SS4 in Paris.

This is how they reacted:

Hahahhaha everyone running away from Yesung after he touches it xD and his face after dropping it!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA xD

Shindong, playing with the bra like it's something veeeeeery interesting xD And aaaaaww, Donghae!! Hahah after taking of the bra from his head, he looked so shy and embarrassed ^3^

I think they handled the whole situation very good! WELL DONE BOYS! ^^

New Members?

What's up with all of these "new members to this group"? Why are so many groups getting new members? Read on allkpop now that apparently After School is getting a new member in May..

Not only After School, but T-ara and F.CUZ are also getting new members. You can't just simply.. get new members O__o Haha, no but it feels weird.

F.CUZ teasers on new members

Rae Hyun

Dae Geon

"Easy come, Easy go~" OMG, HE HAS SUCH A GOOD ACCENT!!*
"That's just how you live oh~".. never mind -.-

Hahha, but he was not bad! I mean the singing part then, not the accent part xD

I was a bit worried when Lee U left because he was the main vocal after all but the new members are just awesome!!!! But this guy clearly had an accent hahaha I'm sorry but the V turned into a B sometimes.
Lib.... (Live)

How do you guys feel about new members? O__o If there was going to be a new member in MBLAQ.. I honestly don't know how I would react.

NELL - The Day Before

Sorry for a half-hearted post (if you can say it like that). But I have so much to do!! So this is just straight out of Allkpop:

Being the first album to be released after such a long hiatus, the members have invested more time into this project to create the best sound that well showcases their talents. Their album title ‘Slip Away’ reflects the honest truth that the more you try to hold on to something, the more it slips through your fingers to become unattainable. Their title song “The Day Before” sings of a heartbreaking pain that’s different from the pain that life can bring, and in it, the members tried to capture the void that accompanies sad loneliness.

The members had much time to think over their long time away from the industry, and with this new album, NELL will captivate their listeners with their uniquely alluring style of music.

It's very soothing. Love the instruments playing, it's so... soothing too xD

BtoB (BTS, Polishing Diamonds)

                                               No Idea what they're saying in the beginning..

This clip was released two weeks ago. But I still want to put it up! BtoB will probably make it big time, don't you think? Or at least make it xD And I love how these guys aren't those typical "pretty bois~" that all the other boy groups are. These guys feel more relateable in a way.

What do you think og BtoB? Like them? LOVE THEM? ^^

SE7EN's photoshoot for 1st LOOK

Hohohoh Se7en, looking fine as always! Those lollipop pictures made me die a bit and the one where he touched (sounds so pervy) his stomach/abs? was just ajhnfajdsfhsdaf TT3TT Dunno why but the pictures somehow reminded me of Seungho here... weird...
Receantly allkpop wrote that Se7en lost around 100 000 fans when he went public about his relationship or something. But BO said that 100 000 people left his "fan-site", not that they just abandoned him. Well even if it was a site it's still sad... were they ever any real truthful fans if they just leave like that? >_>

Song of the week #16

I haven't done this in two weeks, so I'll put up two songs that I've been listening to a lot these days! xD

BtoB - Imagine

Only thing that bothers me is the guys speaking at 2:52.. the way he speaks. You know, he can't really pronounce the "s" in the words. Other than that, I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so freakin' amazing. I can spend hours listening to this song O__o

NU'EST - Face

This is also one of those songs I can listen to all day. And omg, JR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAH, come to me *crazy eyes*

I seriously love these songs. 2012 has been the best year for me like.. ever! So many new songs that I love, and it's only april!! 2012 will be DAEBAK <3

Late movie - Mr Idol

But I'm Mr Idol Idol Idol~

Okay that was pretty fail...
WELL! If you remember (don't think so) a looooooong time ago, during our blog days, to be more exact around October I wrote about Jay Park and "his" movie Mr Idol. And look at that! It was released like what? 6 months ago? XD *epic*
I was like oh is the blonde one Bae... never mind. (<-- Baekho, NU'EST) and the guy in the middle we-ho-ho~ *pervy smile*

But here's the plot

My brain went all "ERROR" it was too many names here and there, but the plot in general seem to be average and okay. the feedback was also pretty average but BO. We need to see this next time. It's JAY PARK after all...


Korean Hair Styling (for men)

Because I put up a makeup tutorial for girls yesterday, I thought I should do something for our manly readers xD
Here's something you can try at home.. if you got the time O__o

Hahaha it would be amazing if I could and wanted to waste time on making my hair look like that. But no, all I do is put my hat and glasses on and I'm ready to hit the streets! xD

I HATE MY INTERNET!! Tralalalala~

credit: Ahn Jaehyo kimzor

credit: fuckyeahkpopmacros

credit: kimzor

credit: freakinglytaecddicted
He got abs...

credit: fuckyeahkpopmacros

Hahahahaha XD


Today is After School's member UEE and Block B's smile representative U-Kwon's birthday!!!!!!! xD

UEE, turning 24 (25 korean age)

Or let's say Kim Yu Kwon. his stage name and real name made sense actually... O_O For example T.O.P. That was just a random name he got. Okay let's skip this talk XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO "I DON'T KNOW I DON'T KNOW" U-Kwon (that sounded so lame...) who's turning 20 years old!!! (21 korean age) That's pretty big here. Or "here" in general (except Asia) you're a grown up man!

It's sad that I wont see an article in allkpop where they write a celebration post -_-



4Minute third mini album

01. Get On The Floor

02. Volume Up

03. I'm OK

04. Say My Name

05. Femme Fatale

06. Dream Racer

07. Black Cat

.. There was not one single song I didn't like... O__o And usually it takes me a couple of times listening to the songs before I like them. But not now..
I guess this is the start of me becoming obsessed with 4Minute :c

MORE EYECANDY!!! (warning for sensitive viewers)

Look alike: L & Kim Bum


That doesn't look like L at all O_O Or maybe it does... well not that much (if you compare that picture and the drama Shut up flower boy band)
Both of them clearly have that babyface and they got a special look, or "gaze" that say "Are you mocking with me you son of a beach?!"

And they're pretty as SDFKLNKJBAFLSDFB >________________________>''

HyunA (trouble maker) makeup tutorial

I know that there are a lot of girls out there reading this blog, so this is kind of for you ^3^

I know that I have something against HyunA, but there is no arguing that she is very pretty. When I watched this, it made me wan't to try it O__o IT MADE ME WANT TO WEAR MAKEUP!! xD

Anywhoo, so enjoy! There are lots of these kind of clips on youtube. So if you ever want to look like ANYONE from KPOP, you can almost certinatly find something there 8D

The AZIATIX - Asian-American group

A few weeks (yes it's weeks not days anymore... XD) ago I found an Asian-American group consisting 3 people. They seem pretty big and they've done some collaborations with kpop artists too O_O

Jay "Flowsik" Pak

Flowsik is the rapper of Aziatix. He was born and raised in Queens, NY and has been rapping since he was 15, with his influences being rappers such as Tupac and Jay-Z. He has worked with other artists such as rapper Ice-T (with whom he recorded "Hate") and K-Pop group JYJ. He was also mentored and co-signed by Ice-T.

Eddie Shin

Eddie Shin (singer, songwriter) was born in Boston, MA. He has been writing songs since he was 16 and studied music at NYU; his vocals have a strong R&B influence. He launched a solo career from 2005 - 2009, starting with his self-produced album Just My Way and eventually releasing 3 singles including "Over." He has also written and composed songs for Lyn, Ivy, Wheesung, and Soulstar. For South Korea's G20 Summit, he co-wrote/produced and vocal directed the song "Let's Go," featuring artists such as Seohyun (SNSD), Jun-hyung (Beast), and Junsu (2PM).

Nicky Lee

Nicky Lee was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, is currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. He is recognized as an accomplished R&B/Soul Korean male vocalist with five solo albums released. He earned the title of “Best Male Singer” at the Golden Melody Awards (Mandarin Pop Music Awards) in 2007 in Taiwan. His music has been used in the movie The Forbidden Kingdom that starred international actors Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Nicky is also developing his acting career, and appeared in the movie “Mulan.”

From Left to Right: Eddie Shin, Flowsik, Nicky Lee

My brain is like "Damn... Eddie doesn't look that bad at all..." XD

So I listened to their songs and it feels weird to transform from Korean song to English ones *retard* XD Their songs didn't really give me a WOW feeling iit feelt like something missed. I needed som more power somehow O_O Sound weird... but I'm gonna see if I find any good ones, well here are some of their songs:

I actually liked this one ÒuÓ
Some of you may have heard about them during MAMA 2011. But this is the first time for me XD

4Minute - Volume Up (teaser 1 & 2)

1st Teaser

Teaser 2

‘Volume Up’ will contain a total of eight tracks, which is a high number for a mini album. The girls will be trying out new genres and musical styles they have not yet tried before through songs composed by hit maker
Shinsadong Tiger, as well as other top composers.

And their comeback is tomorrow..
It sounds OK. Not really what I expected when I heard the first teaser, but we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to hear if the song(s) are any good ;P

Dedicated for you man~

Hahahahahah what?!

akfjaksdfjbadf come to me? ToT



Ending it smoothly~


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww TToTT It's your birthday goddammit!!!! Y U so cute?! SHINee's dinosaur Jonghyun is turning 22 years old (23 korean age) today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU FREAK! <3 I'm so proud over you ;w; Have an awesome day and keep beeing healthy, don't kill your future baby and I hope that I'll make another birthday post for you next year!

- Is this the reality you wanted?!  <-- had to squeez it in XD


I know that B.R.A put out the audio, but just so you guys can see the MV:



I don't get why people are so disappointed. I really like this song, it gives you such an epic feeling!!!!! And the MV is also epic! The whole thing is just epic xD

One thing I don't like is that EXO K gets more attention than EXO M. It's weird because they do everything together. Same songs, same dance moves, same ammount of members etc. Only difference is the language, and chinese is not such a terrible language. I actually like the chinese version just as much as I like the korean ersion O__o

And now the lyrics! It sounds like they're singing "Kill your niece, Kill your niece. Shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heart the less, mayonnaise~" in the beginning, hahahahaha xD That's really all I have to say about the lyrics. But I really enjoy this song, it truly is EPIC!!!!! ^3^

Oh, and one more thing. How come EXO M's version has subtitles and not EXO K's? And it's not even in english or korean. It's syaing exactly what they are singing in the same language as they are singing -.-' Like.. what? At least make it in english or something, or in korean so the korean audience can understand..


If you're one of those people who read the comments while watching the MV then you should know the hate towards EXO and their theme for MAMA. Apparently a lot of Christian people are getting offended by this song and to make this short "JUST SHUT THE HECK UP" Just listen to it if you like it and stop listening to it if you don't like it. I'm seriously getting sick and tired of all the people who's trying to.... bring hate XD I really want to say "I don't really want to offend you Christian people right now" but you know what just buzz off >__> (I didn't get offended because of that Chinese take-out song from Block B)
I could just go on and on and on with bullshit stuff but I'm gonna stop XD

Just enjoy the music, that's what it is all about. (Majority of the people in Korea are Christian* <-- random fact)

/B.R.A &


Lol hahahaha I just shit myself in the beginning XD What's with the hell song :P But it was quiet good O_O I love their powerful voices!

Hahahahaha so true!!! ;''D

Well I have to go, but a better review on their mini album will be out tomorrow ^^

EXO Showcase

Well ehm... Truth to be told I haven't really watched this BUT I will do it.. one day >_>
I'm watching Skip Beat right now but here's for you guys ^^

Did you know that...

Hanhae (the birthday guy, today XD ) was a former trainee under Brand New Stardom ent. and he was supposed to debut with Block B - as the Main Vocalist but was dismissed in the end and debuted with the kpop trio PHANTOM instead.

                                                                                 This guy...

He and Zico have done a collaboration together, singing the song Billionaire by Bruno Mars:

It's freaking amazing! As good as the original one O________O

Found another one! It's Hanhae, Zico, Kyung, U-kwon and Mino (I guess that's the guy from B.o.M)

10 Minutes of KPOP (Part 1)

Big Bang - "Boom Shakalaka"

NU'EST - ''Teojyeo naoneun Jackpot, nuga mwora geon so what''

SHINee - ''I'm so curious, yeah''

Block B - "NailinA"

Hahaha so worth 40 minutes of my life xD

The mystery behind Big Bang's song Lies

Well the title said the whole thing. Not really... but the mystery about the murder weapon is finally revealed! It's not a pinapple its a:

So I had to check it a little extra and he/she is right it's not a pinapple it was a flower pot that looked like a pinapple

A pinapple "tags" doesn't look like that it's shorter and more "perfect" and the bottom is also bigger, otherwise that's a skinny ass pineapple XD

TaecJay OTP

The two americans from 2PM (X-Member Jay Park):

Only me who sees this picture a bit.. too friendly? xD

TaecJay!!! Omg, soooo cute! xD ahahahha, I'm so shipping them <3
To bad Jay Park is no longer a member of 2PM. I know that I always complain about that, but I really want Jaebeom/Jaybum to still be a member there. But I guess everything happened for the best :c

But I'm still SOOOOOOOOOO shipping Taecjay 8D

HAHAHAHAHAH, WTF?! xD (From the Youtube-clip "Bromance" Jaebeom did with NigaHiga)

T.O.Ptastic baby!

lol i found this not mine.
Hahahahahahaha I didn't really get it but it looks funny ;'D

chananacreampie:  @onichick HAHAHA Brian #win

created by: allrisemochi.tumblr.com

I love this backdancer.

*second time uploading this* XD




Truth to be told I don't even know who he is. Well he's in the group PHANTOM and I loved their song Hole in your face. But that's it...
Okay let's skip the whole I-don't-know-this-guy Happy Birthday to Hanhae who's turning 22 years old (23 korean age) today!! Woop Woop~

Eye Candy - Big Bang style

SUJU's Leeteuk is hella funny xD

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk apologized to the people who were inconvenienced by his April Fools’ Day prank.

The singer shared his real cell phone number on his Twitter and on April 6th he wrote, “Please forward all calls to this number! All other numbers no no! I personally apologized to those people. So only this number! See this number? But only one call! My phone is ringing nonstop.”

Ahead of his recent tweet, Leeteuk shared the first three digits to his cell phone number to the public on April 1st. His fans added ’1004′ from his Twitter handle ‘special1004′ to the three digits and called the number nonstop. But the number belonged to an average Korean citizen, who was inconvenienced by the high number of calls from Leeteuk’s fans.

Netizens who read Leeteuk’s tweet remarked, “Is this phone number real? I’m relieved that Leeteuk apologized“, “It’s not Leeteuk’s fault“, and more.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA come on!! This is just too funny according to me. I can imagine how that korean citizen reacted to all the calls xD I knew that this was fake though. B.R.A told me about this and I was like "There is no way Leeteuk would put himself thorugh something like that" ^^

But I don't get it. Did he on April 6th share his real number?! Because that he didn't want other innocent people to suffer from his prank. Or.. Aiiish~, I don't get it -.-'





HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA HE'S SINGING A FREAKING SONG ON HOW MUCH HE HATE CHINESE TAKE-OUT?!?!?!?! The heck hahaha XD This made my day! (y) "Why does everything cost 6.50$ our budget is only 5$ (SHIT*)" Oh lord hahaha Just listen!

I'm happy as Idon'tknowwhat that this song isn't "famous" because they would only gain more hate, this time from chinese people XD I'm half chinese but I don't really get offended. I totally agree with him. Chinese take-out is greasy as hell and you'll only feel nauseous. It somehow represent Chinese food in a bad way because the food isn't like that at all. Oh god I'm actually arguing about Chinese food XD

2NE1's Minzy freestyles

She starts dancing at 0:42

SHE IS SO COOL!! The dance moves in Chapter 3 & 4 were awsome!!!!!! Her taste in music is also so f-ing good! It's just the kind of music I jused to listen to before xD Well, that among other styles of music. But it's all about KPOP now ;P

And I love how she's not all about being sexy when she dances (even though I think she looks smoking hot while popping xD). Haha, and she looks so cute when her hat keeps covering her eyes ^3^. This all was freestyled by her.. O__o Creds to you Minzy!! <3

Big Bang VOGUE photoshoot

A few days ago I posted 2 boxing pictures with Big Bang on it. It was a photoshoot they did for VOGUE Magazine and here's the rest~

Lol XD

Hohohoh I seriously love watching these kinds of photos ^_^

Day 25: Your favorite k-pop music video

I have some I really like

B.A.P - Warrior

It's just so f-ing awsome! It has a new style that KPOP hasen't really done before. It's so hard-core! All my friends that don't really like KPOP like this MV. They might not like the song (which is very hard to believe), the LOVE the MV!!

Block B - NalinA

Gives a very "B.A.P - Warrior" feeling, don't it? And because I loved B.A.P's Warrior so much, it's not hard to understand why I love this MV ^^

Big Bang - Love Song

I've told you guys before WHY I like this MV so much. It's like they made the whole thing within one shot. They're also moving in slowmotion which means that they had to film it all in double speed (so their lips would move insync to the song). It's all just very hard to make, and I love that they did something different. Maybe not so different now, but back then! And not that I listened to them back then, BUT YOU GET MY POINT! xD

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby


Just watch this:

*sobs* It's funny that I sat there like an elephant and watched this till the end. It was freaking amazing! Especially when all the fans screamed!
Started to cry sometimes, especially when i saw GD do that TT^TT and Seungri... you big fat ego <3 Hahahaha
" T.O.P's silver hair was cool and good but I don't really think that Korea are able to accept T.O.P's Mint hair that easily..."

It's weird how my "dearest" list with group has changed so dramaticly during 6 months. My favourit top 5 groups will always be 2PM, MBLAQ, Suju, Big Bang and SHINee. But it feels like emotionally Suju and Big Bang are the ones that has a big place in my heart right now. That sounded pretty cheesy... but Big Bang is a true inspiration to every group in Korea right now. I've been watching "every" reality show they've been in during these days so seeing this sad but yet awesome concert made me love these guys even more! <3

I have to admit that I didn't really like this group when I first listened to kpop but now... these guys are

Hehehe if you take away that I and add the S with Big Bang, then the picture... HAHAHAHAHHA
*bad humour*

Super Junior dancing to SNSD's Gee

The dancing part don't really start until 5:35

HAHAHAHAHHA the laugh Kangin does in the beginning, WTF?! xD

You got to love SUJU for these stuff they keep doing! I know this is old stuff, but they're just so adorkable! 8D It's funny, because if I'd seen this before I would think.. not as cute stuff as I'm thinking now xD But here we are.. ^^

I've got yoooooUUuUuuuUu~ under my skinn...

 My first macros T_T

Created by funnykpopshit.

created by dubuluvshinee

created by dubuluvshinee

Created by funnykpopshit.
Gosh that must hurt.. right?

fuckyeah2pmmacros:   …even you okpotter, even you.  Thanks, never2much2pm!

by: rhea

CR: befriendmusic


Lol Ethel...


I wan't to give this blog a real makeover right now... but I don't really know what to do T___T
Gonna think a bit and talk with the-non-contactable BO.
Is there anything specific/new you guys want us to do? And yes I know that our grammar/spelling can be pretty awful sometimes, but at least we're trying. I'm too lazy to read my posts twice and correct the faults in it (It's the same with BO >:3 ) But we're trying to be better on it ^^ 



  Archivo:Tae hyuk taken 32487.jpg


A fast Happy Birthday to that Kevin look alike Taehyuk from Taken who's turning 22 years old (23 korean age) today~ C:
So what happened to TAKEN? >_> It feels like they vanished just like MYNAME, but I didn't really like TAKEN that much so... yeah XD 

Oh my lord~ T_________T

This is one of those "harsh time life of B.R.A" posts.
Well everyone knows that it's Easter right now, and Swedish people... *sight*~ Yes little children *note: Little girls* walk around knocking on strangers doors asking for candy (It's a wb "trick or treat" style). Well my point with this is that my little sister is one if them right now. She's walking around with a friend
(she's 6 years old -.-) and the funny thing is that my mom actually allowed it. I have NEVER EVER during my 17 years been given the opportunity to do that. Because my mom is overprotective bla bla... My parents has totally released the grip on the second child!

Can you see the fairness in that?

Let me do a list for you:

My little sister:
- Going to disco
- Kissing a boy
- Beeing in love
- Going out for trick or treat
- Going to a friends house 24/7


TT___TT This is just sad...
Well enought about that. My parents love me more *trying to console myself*

                                                                     Random macro...

Another story... *oh crap* >:3 A few days ago, or to be more exact 2 days ago an incident accured. I had my last class for the day and I sat there for 2 hours listening to my teacher. And of course the first thing you do is to stand up and then walk out, right? So I stood up... oh god -.- And I hear my friend say:

"Oh B.R.A you got a whole in your pants"
So I was like oh really where? is it on my leg? So I turned around and ALL of them (5 people) scremed

"DON'T TURN AROUND" <-- attention whores...
And half of my class allmost witnessed that hole... So I turned back and feelt it.... That lying son of a b***h. It wasn't a "hole". MY PANTS WERE IN 2 PARTS!

So this was my problem:
I had 1 jacket
1 sweater
<-- It doesn't have any arms XD
1 transparent shirt
I had to tie that shirt around my ass to cover that hole *looked like one of those kindergarden kids* while beeing naked on the top. But I wore my sweater with no arms. I looked like Thunder in Mona Lisa >____>

 <--- exactly like that...


The funny thing was to see everyones reaction when I said I had a hole

"I have a whole that's why I look like this"
"Oh come on it can't be that bad... OH HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS LORD?!?!?!?!"

And I'm like: Welcome to the daily life of B.R.A ^_^

Some Blaq facts~



Aww I remember this episode ;D

You know... the whole thing gets weird when you forget ti read cat and dolls T___T

For more Click Here~

New members in T-ara?

Hum... interesting. Well some fans thought that they would swap some members (there was an article about it a long time ago) but competing against SNSD...? Sure T-ara are one of my favourite girl groups out there but even if they encrese their members by two, it won't really make them able to compete against SNSD. Because SNSD.. well they are like BIG. XD

But who knows?

Well April 6th, tomorrow I see ^_^  *EXO will release their mini album on sunday!!~ - Off the topic*

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I actually saw him on the show Night after Night when GD and T.O.P was in it (Gosh that was an epic episode XD got some juicy info I never knew about)

I'm sorry for spamming here but this man looks too good for beeing 34 (35 korean age) years old O__O This is a perfect time for using ASFDFGDFHLKJ!! I mean just LOOK at him?!

When I first saw him *note: Once again saw = watching some pictures/clips XD* Eunhyuk immediately plopped up in me head. But there's another thing that I can't really put my finger on *sounding like an old *** *
There's another idol that looks like him but... who? T____T

Hard to believe that's him right? ... actually not... O_O

SM - I AM [Teaser #2 & #3]

Here we go with all the teaserd once again... just kidding~ XD
Haven't uploaded teaser 2 yet but teaser 3 was released during the night (Swedish time...) I'm somehow looking forward to the movie, it'll be released during May I think.
Btw kasdjbngksjdgb Did you see Jonghyun's wink in teaser 3 TT3TT  And my lovely Yesung had a really "big part" lol.. in the third teaser (y)


How can you look so good being beaten up?

Mehehe found these pictures yesterday on their official site, so why am I posting these now? Because I'm slow and I like it! My gawd GD on the first pic ;w;
I'm sensing some difference here... Taeyang is taking over T.O.P place XD
*standing in the corner looking all sexy while don't giving a fuck* = T.O.P in EMA

Haru Haru~


gdspot:  why yes dae that is what a phone looks like

Me: "What's the name of this group? O_O I haven't seen them *a.k.a haven't seen pics XD* on them before" Am I serious -.- retard level this high* the whole macro screams Dalmatian XD

Submitted by BinguTOP

Shake that assss guurll let me see what you got!



The update has been a bit slow these days... But it's finally holiday so it will be better ^3^


Happy Birthday to Code-V's that Seungho-Thunder-Ki Kwang look alike member Jaewon who's turning 23 years old (24 korean age) today.
There's another Jaewon who's turning 32 years old (33 korean age) today, he's a former H.O.T member - 1st generation idol.

 <--- that's him



Another Happy Birthday to Jiwon (T-ara former member, now in SPICA) Who's turning 24 years old (25 korean age) Gosh everyone is getting O-L-D~ >_>

*More correctly it was 3 happy birthdays*

EXO Mini album track list

1. Mama
2. What Is Love
3. History
4. 니的世界 (Angel)
5. 雙月之夜 (Two Moons)
6. Machine

What happened to My Lady TT^TT I'm waiting for that song goddammit! XD Well only 5 days left my dear... something. They don't have a fanname I see...



Don't wanna be a nagging biatch here but it feels like SM could've put a some more time on the cover... Isn't really the best one I've seen.

Did you know that...

Ivy Chen that plays Gong Xi in the drama Skip Beat (Extravagan Challenge*) wasn't really their "first-choice". The one that actually signed a contract to play Gong Xi was Ariel Lin. It's the same with the other main characters, Dun Helian, that Siwon plays. The reason why Siwon and Ivy replaced them was because of the director or something... *lack of info* XD No but they delayed the recording of this drama too much so the other actors had to break the contract.

File:20100525 Ariel Lin by linichen.net.jpg  
Arial Lin & Ivy Chen

I personally think that they did a right choice to pick Ivy instead. She has that "natural cuteness", I'm not saying than Arial is ugly but Ivy fits a bit better to play Kyoko* <-- The Japanese name.

Yeah I just spoiled the next episode of Skip Beat when I saw this:

I don't remember this scene in the manga -__- *ironic* (There's no scene like this in the manga)

Day 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Don't want to be mean but there are some I feel are a little bit overrated :c

2NE1 - Minzy
SHINee - Taemin

Sure, Minzy is awsome at rapping, singing and dancing. A real triple threat. But people are overdoing it all by saying "OMG, she is the best dancer ever!" and stuff like that. I mean, there are plenty of other girls that can dance as good as she. The only difference is that she dances more of a hip hop/popping style, and the others dances sexy/cute. Reason why Minzy is so cool is just because that she dances those styles. Would other Idols start dancing like her, I believe they would be just as good!

Same thing here. Because so many people love him, they overrate him. He's a great dancer no doubt, and unlike Minzy, I don't really think many can dance as good as him. So he's a good dancer. But then people go "AND HE SINGS AMAZING" and he gets to go on shows like 'Immortal Song 2'. Isn't that show for like.. main vocals? So Jonghyun should have been in that show, or like Onew. Why the heck did Taemin participate in that show? Because he's overrated... -.-

Oh taemin, don't be sad


3 fresh non debut male groups - 2012

A long time ago I wrote about a male group that will debut this year, ESQ. Well they haven't debuted yet so... But I found 3 new male groups on that list yesterday:

BO That Yedang group seem to be something for you, they're working with Jay Park after all XD

But that Topp Dogg I wonder how it will go for them... they're in the same entertainment as Block B, so it'll either be a huge flop because of the Block B haters or a success? As you can see they wrote "One of two upcoming..." that second group is a female group.

And the last group, gosh the name XD "Oh you know the group seven nine four two" you have to memorise those freaking numbers T___T I've enough numbers to remember XD No but they seem to be a interesting group :3 *don't want to sound like a bitch so I'm playing nice here* X''D

M.I.B - Celebrate (1min ver.)

It looks so much fun throwing colors at eachother! xD Poor girl though, not being able to throw back O_o

This looks like such a great song. The MV looks so awsome and fun and I loved the song, even though it was only like 50-55sec. long ^^ M.I.B will release their comeback album 'Celebrate' tomorrow (April 5th) and give a comeback performance on M Countdown.

You make me go insane *insane* you give me so much pain *pain*~

© jasleonie | tumblr

Lol XD Oh Right! I watched Big Bang Infinity Challenge yesterday and T.O.P revealed that he didn't have driver's license XD

Hahahahahaha such a bad humour!!!

created by fallingcandiess.tumblr.com




Omo! It's your birthday pretty boi~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR AWESOME SEXYASS DANCE MACHINE Eunhyuk who's turning 26 years old (27 korean age) DAAAAAAMNNN That's pretty old O____O He's almost 10 years older than me *9 years* Oh shesus talk about *don't even stand a chance to get him*

NELL is back after 4 years

Wahh they've been on a hiatus for 4 years. THIS is a comeback or Shinhwa's song is a comeback not when a group release a new mini album after 3 months break XD <-- talket with BO about this.

Well back to the teaser. It didn't really "give" us or me anything, just a melody so I can't really say that I'm hyped or anything because the song I REALLY liked from NELL was Walking through the time of remembrance yes this is a title for ONE song.
But yepp, I'm waiting ^_^

Ze BLAQ tour

No not the BLAQteenpop ent XD BLAQ like in MBLAQ. Well they'll kick off a tour during June 30th

One of our friends arrived in Japan a while ago *nupe not jealous at all* I LOVE SWEDEN! . . .  Only Swedish people get the irony.
Inclusive a concert in L.A April 28th.
You know what I don't even get affected by this anymore, Scandinavian people has already accepted the fact that they'll NEVER come here. So I'm just waiting till the day I'll graduate!~

Day 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated

I honsetly don't know. There are some I believe is overrated, but not really underrated. G.O of MBLAQ has a really great voice, but people don't seem to pay so much attention to him. Does that count as underrated? I mean, people know that he has an amazing voice, but they're more interested in all of the other members O__o

So I guess that's my awnser. G.O is underrated!!!!

How can you not want to pay any attention to this guy? X.X I mean, just look at him!!

Why is the hate toward a SONE so big? O_O

That's a question I've been thinking on a lot... The funny thing is that SNSD has A LOT of fans but there's SO MUCH hate toward those fans. Why? Wae? Por qué? Varför? Okay let's stop playing smart here XD

They've been training like freaks as other groups, they can sing (It's SM that always tend to mix their voices, or entertainmernts in general) and they can dance pretty good. Sure they aren't a hip hop, bad ass group but they are... SNSD, and they have that SNSD dance style :3 *duh*

I've actually been watching a lot of SNSD MV's lately, I can't really get a "Omo..." feeling from them. Their Music vedeos are entertaining and their songs are catchy (For example Oh! You can't deny that fact...) but that must be it.

I also have a confession to make here too. My whole kpop obssesion began with SHINee's Lucifer but that wasn't my first/real kpop song I listened to. When I dug into my brain I realised that my first kpop group wasn't SHINee at all... it was this clip *Exactly THIS one*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! AW MAI GOD MY FIRST KPOP SONG WAS THIS WEIRD ASS TEXT PARODY WITH SNSD *brb dying* I remember that my uncle *more like a big bro* uploaded this one on fb a looooong time ago. So my first group wasn't really, or it was SHINee if you count it that why but otherwise it was SNSD.

Huhuhuhuh T_____________________T
"I'll never forget our child, the pussy-obsessed Saddam can possess his soul to bone girls" W-T-F . . .
Another thing I realised was... Minho is in this MV ;w; *retarded once again*

EXO finally releasing their debut date

Foud this on fb a few hours ago:

That's just... *wait* 5 DAYS LEFT!!!! ON SUNDAY!!! Hahahaha after 6 months XD WAOW FANTASTIC BABY! Well I can't deny the fact that I AM hyped for their debut after watching every freaking teaser they've released -_-

You know what... I think that SM will once again troll us. They'll probably release it 1 week after so folks' EXO WILL DEBUT ON APRIL 15th!!! WEHO *kidding* :3

CN Blue - Ear Fun [3rd Mini album]

Hey you

Still In love

Dream Boy

Rock 'n Roll


In My Head [Korean ver]

Hohohohohoh This was some good stuff! Listened to every song and I enjoyed every second! CN Blue didn't disappoint me at all!! Started to get all hyped when I saw that thay made a Korean version on In my head. I've been listening to the Japanese (<-- original) everyday now . . . T____T
I've got to admitt it feelt weird. I sat and waited for Jonghyun's "Kokoro" XD But the top 3 songs was Hey you, Still In Love and In my head.

Release more awesome albums!!!!!! ^_^

SUNNY 10 CF with Big Bang!

Damn, lots of big bang now!! ^^ But they're growing so fast on me and B.R.A

So here's the "behind the sences" of SUNNY 10's CF with Big Bang:

They're all just so 

Big Bang..

And here's the actual CF:

Hahahhaaha, all of that made a 21 sec. CF!! xD But you got to love it. The song is so catchy and then that the drinks fit their outfits is just.. a very good thing! ^^ Gosh.. imagine being one of the girls dancing in the background. Would LOVE to have that job! 8D

L-O-V-E Pretty girl~

Jonghyun is also clearly upset created by thatdopekidemy

Hahahahaha the first time I saw this "... So Kai's mom goes around with no bra?" Then I saw it... it's Taemin -__- *retarded* XD But that's so sweeet XD

created by Horosha33
Wut is that a group? O_O

created by shengalina97

Edited &amp; macro&#8217;d by lollidella-dream

Xander and Kibum >__> HAHAHAHA Eli XD


It's my little horses' birthday TT^TT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVOURITE MEMBER PARK JUNG MIN WHO'S TURNING 25 years old (26 korean age) When are you guys gonna do a comeback with SS501 >________>

Well fighting horsie~ 
And take care ^3^
Oh! Release more songs like Not Alone, that was just amazing!

F.Cuz are coming back~

Wahhh~ *daze*
The new member ey... his voice is quiet good O_O No seriously I don't know what to say it was amazing. It's good to know that F.Cuz are going to make a comeback or let us say a debut with 2 new members. Rae Hyun is the first one and I got impressed. so bring the second one ^3^

2PM's Junsu gets a new puppy!

Introducing our home’s new family member Audrey! She was born on January 12, 2012 and she is supposed to become more gray as she grows! Grow up rapidly and healthily!

I WANT A PUPPY!!! :c Audrey is sooo cute! And it's cool because that's not really a korean name.. right? ^^



Saw this pic on fb and I'm going to throw *lol* for yah. And yesssss HunHan stands for Se hun and Lu Han from EXO. Well that's sweet?

Brb gonna study ^_^

Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group

I had these pictures in my "30 Days of MBLAQ", but since they are one of my favorite I'll post the again ^^

and now just random gifs

OMFG, MBLAQ in my heart forever <3

This month's actor (part 2)

I should actually write actress* but I'm to lazy...
I couldn't really do This month's actor yesterday because my internet was f****d up... but here it is ^^


                                                                                 Mike He
                                                                           Taiwanese actor

I'm like He... Mike He... hehehehe *bad humour XD*

Born: December 29, 1989 (28 years old)
A late december kid... welcome to the club!

Tv Series

* Love Keeps Going
* Sunny Happiness
* Infernal Love
* Calling For Love
* Bull Fighting
* Yukan Club
* Why Why Love
* Marry Me!
* Express Boy
* Devil Beside You
* I Love My Wife
* Love Contract
* Say Yes Enterprise: The Graduate
* Seventh Grade


  • Love At Seventh Sight -
  • You Deserve to Be Single
  • Future X-Cops
  • Bad Girls
  • The Golden Couple

Well shabam that was a lot of... series/movies. Truth to be told I haven't really seen a whole drama with him in it. I've seen some episodes (together with my omma) But his acting wasn't bad at all. It could look fake sometimes but it was "emotional". The drama Devil beside you is based on a Taiwanese manga if I ain't wrong. I wanted to read it but the story seemed to be so bad xd
And his character in the drama Why Why Love Gosh! I HATE those kind of character. *when he was sick* <-- if you've seen it then you know. He's like: "Oh I love you babe" then "I HATE YOU! YOU KNOW WHY?! BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU! SO I'M PRETENDING THAT I HATE YOU SO YOU'LL LEAVE ME THEN HAVE A HAPPY LIFE WITHOUT ME! *sobs*" and then "Oh I love you babe don't leave me"
Boo you whore stop whining -.-


Big Bang - Blue (YG on air)

I know that this clip was uploaded a couple of days ago, but I still want to share this with you. Love the quality in the videos, and thr fact that they're singing live is amazing! They sound soooo good!! xD

There are more of these "YG on air" videos with Big Bang singing their songs live. Can it get any better? Seeing our babies singing live in great quality. As you know, Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality!!!! (hahahaha MBLAQ..) and Big Bang sure does that!!!!!!!! ^3^

Two things though.
1, it's kind of funny how all the musicians are black xD
2, TOP didn't sing that "trauma" part. Why? O__o haha maybe he dosen't really know that word and that's why he dosen't sing it ^^

Me so sorreehh~




For a moment I thought it was Heechul...

My god my brain... I thought it stood "We did Seungri's favourite colouring book"

I remember when I saw the MV....




Hahahahaha that was one of the best scenes in marry stayed out all night XD

I'm like "SLKFNDD HOHOHHOHOHHOOHH IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY DUDE!" Happy Birthday to actor Kim Jae Wook who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age) TT_______________TT The heck... I knew you'd be close to your thirties but not this...
But I hope that you'll have a wonderful birthday! *like a hag-style* XD You're one of the best actors in Korea and I hope that you'll get more roles!! I'm waiting for a good drama/movie from you~

EXO - MAMA (MV teaser)

IS EXO DEBUTING NEXT WEEK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Here you have a MV teaser for their upcoming single "MAMA":

Only me who thought of something.. not so good when the car moved at 0:30? xD but anywho... OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! It was awsome! It was so matrix:y and just NDALKDBAKTRAÖavf!!! The special effects were so well done that.. shesus, don't know how to explain my feelings!!!


The teaser was pretty long though, but I guess it's not THAT long if you think about how many members there are (EXO-K and EXO-M has like 6 members each)

Brb I just wanna die...

Ni hao!

Fast update about yesterday. As you know I celebrated New year yesterday, the last one (Thank god for that) and 2 higlights that happened.

#1: There was an old lady (*my cousins grandma*) she sat beside me and made me literally die T___T Her question:

"So you're getting quiet old... when are you getting married?"

Old woman said wut? O___O  I started to choke those spring rolls in my throath.
Me: "M-M-married? nononononononononon I'm gonna grow up get rich and THEEEN marry a specific guy *cough my future husband in Korea cough*
Me: "Yes ma'm" *walking away*

#2: My relatives started to talk sex at the dinner table *including my parents, grandma, aunts, cousins and friends*

*Brb running to the corner of shame*

                                                                                       A picture I sended to BO while filming for my project
                             I went from that...                                                                  to this....

What happened...

Ps. The second picture... isn't photoshoped T________________________________T

2NE1 US Album~

Ho! <-- Random... That's what I'm talking about! GO 2NE1! Looking forward to listen to it :3 Shouldn't their collaboration with Will I am be in that album too?

I'm sorry but the update from me will be a bit shaky... my internet doesn't really work I'm using the internet from my phone right now and it costs like !%"#&! *greedy when it comes to money* Xd

Jonghyun's "schkhg" + SHERLOCK dance lesson

NOOOOOOOO idea how to spell that. But SHINee's Jonghyun always does that weird noise. Why? O__o

Jonghyun.. so cute! That's why you're my bias in SHINee xD Among other reasons..

You can hear that "schkhg"-sound he does at 1:32. Haha, he does that like all the time!!!!!!! Does anybody know why? Would love to know ^^
So PLEASE, if you know, tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

Day 21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias

I have a girl bias, but I don't really stalk her as I do with other kpop idols. So I don't really have a favorite picture O__o So I'll just post random pictures xD

CL (2NE1)

Dara (2NE1)

Minzy (2NE1)

I know it says "faorite PICTURE". But I like GIFs more!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Look what I found....


Hohohoh does this give you a flashback? (Yes I look like a zombie... weekend = No makeup and no "hair fixing" that's how we do it in M2STASH's dorm! >:3 )


I can't take the word Dorito serious anymore (I'm not the only one right?) I will always connect these wonderful crispy things with Lee Taemin. Pretty depressing -___-  . . .

2NE1 "Eh Eh Eh" compilation

Haha, have you guys every realized how much 2NE1 uses the word "Eh"? No? Maybe you should watch this clip then ^^

Here's a better video:

1. Fire
2. Pretty Boy
3. I Don't Care
4. Go Away
5. Clap Your Hands
6. Follow Me
7. Clap Your Hands.. again?

Haha, but "eh" truly is their signature.. ehhhhhhhh... word xD
And so is their "BRAAAAAAAAA" that they say. Mehehehehe.. B.R.A ^^

Jay Park's new hairstyle!!!

Saw this on instagram:

(he tweeted this pic on his official twitter account: jaybumaom)

HE HAS A NEW HAIRSTYLE!! The mohawk is gone, but he still looks smoking! xD I kind of liked his old hairstyle, but this hairstyle does not bother me ;P. It could've been better, but it's not bad!

(he tweeted this pic too on his official twitter account: jaybumaom)

GAAAAAAAAAAH, the cap!!!! Don't know how many times I've told you guys, but I just looove guys in a cap! Especially if they look good in it! (There's some people that can't really pull it off O__o) And trust me.. Jaebeom/Jaebum is one heck of a good "cap-wearing" man! ^^

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