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Hahaha aww Yoseob was going to lift his hand as well XD



They're talking about peeling fruits so don't misinterpret here... XD

Leeteuk in the army

I feel a bit late for uploading this picture but I found it on tumblr a week ago or something, on Leeteuk and his... gang? the rest? other people? XD
Imagine beeing a man and enlisting the army at the same time as a kpop idol XD Like "Oh shit I have Rain beside me o__o"
Rain come back ;w; *off topic*
But he seem to have a good time over there ^__^ Take care~ He won't really read this but... -__- Take care~

Getting khunfused...

I've been waiting for MAMA for almost a month now (even if I don't take that award show seriously I wanna see all the live performances :3)
Buuuuut.... I'm getting a bit confused over the time... They're saying that the show will be on air 5 pm KST so it should be around 8 am in the morning here in Sweden but I can watch the show YODO! (nah I'm just starting school later than usual) . However the countdown thing on the website is 21:10:*seconds* so it's basically saying that the show will be on air around 6 pm..? 
Is there anyone out there who can explain this?! XD

Yoseob - Caffeine [MV]

Was she.. unfaithful? O__o
Ok, the MV. Hahaha it wasn't amazing.. lots of "Matrix"-dance moves there. The dance wasn't that great either. I like the song more, but the MV gets like a 5-6/10.

I honestly don't have much to say. It was decent.


HAHAHA omg, at 1:31, Yoseob is doing a "B.R.A". That thing he does behind Junhyung xD

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Lol if you only knew.... Btw it's a porno book

wait.. is this sugar and spice? oh god that movie fucking scared me when I was little..
especially this part:



Damn that's a perfect skin O__O
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BtoB's Minhyuk who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!! He's so pretty ;w; 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SPICA's Joohyun who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age)!!! Oh damn that pretty old O_O You don't usually debut a group around 25-26 years old these days...

A-Prince coming to Sweden!!!!


We're spazzing and having negative thoughts at the same time ;'D This is so random! Why Sweden of all the countries?! XD And how come they're the first group in Sweden XD Oh well this seem to be one of those must go concerts but me and Bo wanted to watch a really "important" group as our first kpop concert but if they'll have their concert in Stockholm then why not ;D


The secrets of kpop idols!

FIRSTLY! Before you read this. I found this on tumblr where a girl explain some things (I will post it after this). But I personally don't believe 100% of this. Sure some of them are probably dating here and there, and the relation between the members aren't the best but the majority somehow feels... crap XD
Oh well WARNING for a really long text (I read the whole thing >__>) And another WARNING if you're a sensitive fan who can't handle some crap stuff XD
“My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop. She found it pretty shocking that I’m so into Kpop because the last time we met (like 4 years ago), I was always listening to either RHCP or Eminem. She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years (until last July) and shared some insight view of the industry (we were talking until 4 in the morning. I’m drinking my 2nd cup of coffee now in office). At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. You don’t need to believe it. It’s fine because I also won’t be able to provide any proof of her story. Most of the stories are old stories that already here (mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread. That immortal thread ) because I want to hear her view about it. So here they are:
“Before it goes any further, I just want to remind you all that this is purely based on my friend’s opinion and perspective. I won’t say it will be 100% right or accurate or objective (because she also dislike or being biased towards some idols). She’s also not active working anymore since this March (“I’m going to married, why should I bother working hard again?” LOL. I envy her) I just think an inside perspective will be interesting to shared. Again, you don’t have to believe all of the stories here. I won’t even bother trying to convince you all.”
  • About SHINee (especially Onew): She said SHINee is starting to lost their sparks between the member, specially Onew. She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business. SM is also not a help neither. They are so focusing on EXO now (because they invested a silly huge amount of money on them already). That’s why SHINee’s comeback was ‘just like that’. So I guess most of the postings that state Onew is kinda depressed is not that wrong at all.
  • About the gay/lesbian rumor. Well… she is sure Key is pure gay.
  • Minho is as competitive as his image in TV. He’s also kinda moody, and yes, he’s a noona killer!
  • Minho really tries his best to be such a perfection. You know, the handsome, smart, athletic, strong, type of guy. He looks up to Siwon so much (wow, like a surprise there!)
  • She likes Onew the best actually from all of SHINee member. Minho is the least she likes (don’t kill me…)
  • Minho dates a lot, she said, mostly rookie actresses.
  • Taemin is pretty shy with woman. She dates about twice with another idol but never in a relationship, she thinks.
  • They were closer before. Onew is always hard to approach but not as hard as now. Right now she said, the arguments between them are more often than before. the members are trying hard to get some spotlight on them.
  • Yes, Onew is reluctant to start a new relationship with woman but he is not gay, AT ALL~
  • She thinks it was more likely a fans service. Most of Korean men still prefer Korean women as their wives, more of the cultural thing.
  • Key’s personality on and off camera is quite the same.
  • She said Jonghyun and Minho is the most different person on/off camera. No one in the industry have the courage to be ‘a spoiled brat’. Like I was saying before, no one treats them as a star in the industry. All of them, all of the idols, despite the bad character, are truly a hard working person. They know they need to work harder and harder if they want to maintain their popularity or reach a higher popularity
  • She just said Taemin was dating a girl before, I’m not sure if he still is now. But that girl was from a small company, can be considered as a new group (sorry for teasing…)
  • Taemin is the most quiet. If his hyungs playing around in the dressing room, he’s just smiling or respond to it casually. She can’t have a long conversation with Taemin. But she thinks it’s not a bad attitude.
  • I think, from her stories, it is as a whole. Minho is always been ignorant.
  • Onew can’t just leave~ he has a (almost a lifetime) contract with SM so he can’t just leave…
  • Since the dating rumor with Shin Se Kyung, Jong Hyun has a worse relationship, specially with Onew.



  • The same thing goes to f(x). SM is actually preparing for a new girl group right now (and also a solo, she said). Thank God Khuntoria is a big success that still can help F(x) to maintain the popularity. But the bond between F(x) member is better. Luna is really a kind-hearted person, she said. A very humble person and very lovely. Krystal is indeed a very moody and a bit spoiled girl. Sulli is more like-able than Krystal. Victoria is also nice off the camera and Amber is a fun person.
  • Amber is actually having a bit bad relationship with a member of SNSD. She said I better not mentioning any name because it’s pretty sensitive. “You just won’t never see Amber with this girl standing side by side. Like, never”



  • EXO is not that close with each other. They mostly being busy with their own gadget in the dressing room (I’m so sorry, I don’t know the difference between EXO-K & EXO-M so I just asked it as EXO in general
  •  But no, she doesn’t know if Chanyeol is so happy because of drugs or it’s his character..
  • “I don’t know which one is Kris”, she said, LOL
  • SM is pretty nervous with EXO now because the result with them is not as great as they’re expected. You can expect more ‘grande’ thing with EXO within next year. SM is still trying.
  • I know nothing about EXO, LOL. I don’t even know who is who in EXO so it is hard for me to remember the details she told me about EXO. Overall, she told me that EXO still have a loooonngggg way to have a good relationship between them.
Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
  • I asked her who is the bitchiest or at least the most unpleasant member all of them and she answered Jessica. LOL, i think it runs in the blood. The nicest member for her is Hyoyeon and Seohyun. About plastic surgery, yes, almost all of them have it.
  • And Yuri is pretty flirty to women, in her sight. Heechul is straight and Siwon is pretty gay but still trying to be a straight. And Yunho is confirmed to be gay (no surprise)
  • They (SM) won’t neglect SNSD, I believe. SNSD is their most success idols (yes, more than Suju and DBSK). SNSD and SM fight so much for their position right now (thanks for JYP’s decision for bringing WG to the US) and they value it so much.
  • She’s being suspicious about Yoona dating someone. But she thinks he’s not an idol.
  • Many saying Sooyoung is dating Siwon (was) but she never see any sign of it (“or maybe it’s because I have no interest in Siwon” LOL)
  • Besides, Sooyoung is also a devoted christian so they are pretty match to each other. But again, she never see any sign of them dating.
  • Seohyun is hard to approach (as you can see in WGM). Yong Hwa is actually trying to keep their relationship, but Seohyun just being cold
  • No, she said Seohyun is apparently not interested in dating right now.
  • Well… she said Jessica is pretty often goes on a date with celebrities in Korea.
  • Yuri is having a good relationship with GD, TOP and most of 2PM member. They are party buddy  But they won’t show their close relationship on the camera because SM won’t like it.
  • Tiffany is dating Nickhun, my friend is suspicious on Yoona dating someone right now, the last time she met them in dressing room (during The Boys promotion), she saw Hyoyeon talked a lot in the phone.
  • She believe at least SNSD or f(x) member dated Suju/DBSK member. So the gossip about Jessica/Yoona with Donghae or Hyoyeon with Eunhyuk or Taeyon and Leeteuk or Victoria with Kyuhyun/Changmin or Sooyoung and Siwon are possibly true. It is makes sense because their only possibility to have a love relationship with their crazy schedule is just within the label artist.
  • Owh my friend told me once about Yuri could be in a relationship with an actress (Son Ye Jin?) but I can’t remember the name. But I guess that’s the name.. (but I’m not sure… I’m still having trouble to remember Korean names ). I don’t even…. Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste??? I don’t know her name is Son Ye Jin… (I’m lame.. I know..)
  • My friend just told me that Yuri was having a kind of relationship with an actress (still can’t remember the name she gave me). At first the manager/inside staff thought they’re just best friends but slowly they have suspicions because the actress looks more like a girl in love rather than a friend.. so.. yeah.. it could be..she said that the actress bought Yuri plenty of things including car. She said nothing about visiting SM, tho..
  • Sunny is not that pleasant. not that ‘aegyo-ish’ too in real life. Sooyoung is one of her fave member in SNSD beside Hyoyeon. She believes Sunny is not dating anyone right now. many say Sooyoung dates Siwon but she said she never see any sign of it
  • Many of SM’s artists are actually fans of Big Bang but they just can’t show it on the screen. Hyoyeon is actually a huge fans of Big Bang.
  • Again, our conversation was not being precisely with names, but she told me that Yoona is really, really, really famous among celebrities and rich people in Korea (like it’s a surprise). In a week she can have like 2-5 dating invitation. But Yoona is actually a very picky person after she got famous (well. I’m sure we all will be picky too) so she barely accept the invitations. But Kim Soo Hyun’s really cute so who knows?  But she’s being suspicious Yoona is dating someone now, but a non celebrity. Well, Yoona is not her fave member or her least like member.. so I think Yoona is alright (It’s not helping.. I know…)
  • SNSD is close.. but of course it has a level of closeness (?) I mean, member A could be reaaalllyyyy close with member B but not that close with member C or prefer going alone rather than going with member D which I think is normal. You just can’t like everyone, right?


Super Junior (Suju)

  • About Super Junior, she said Kangin is no longer interested in idol life. Suju might be ended up like Shinhwa, never get banned but not that ‘live’ neither. The nicest person is Sungmin and Donghae and the most annoying one (for her, again) is Shindong. Additional info, actually the most handsome member in Super Junior is, believe it or not: Kangin. Kangin is free from plastic surgery and the real definition of handsome Korean man (specially when he lost weight). She told me some of daughter’s from government official asked him out on a date.
  • She also told me that Ki Bum had a huge fight with one of the member (physically) and that’s why
  • Ki Bum will never ever going back to Suju. There will be no more 13elive.
  • Oh, a bit about Suju. She said the real leader is actually Heechul. She said “Once Hechul is enlisted in the army, somehow I feel the member are being scattered around”
  • Well.. she said most of Suju member dated SNSD member once.. so.. it could be?
  • I think Siwon is trying to keep it straight
  • My friend was laughing when she heard some are suspicious Kyuhyun is gay. No he’s totally not gay. My friend even said this boy is easily fall in love with girls.
  •  Heechul is really like Sohee…
  • Siwon is really a confusing person.”sometimes I’m not even sure if he’s off or on camera when we meet. I think He always think that the camera is always on with him” And I guess it’s because he have this burden of being a perfection for his fans and also his family so his character is really hard to tell..
  • Ryeowook… for my self, I’m sure he is gay so I didn’t ask about it anymore
  • I’m not asking about TeukTae.. but she did said that “sometimes I think it is almost impossible for idols to stay faithful with their partner. The shorts are keep getting shorter and shorter lately” LOL
  • She said there is no way JYJ could win the lawsuit against SM. The government knows exactly how big is the contribution SM made for Korea (economy and culture). They’re just gonna keep it as long as possible.
  • About Jae Joong, she is sure he is straight because he never dated any other guy except Yunho (at least in Korea). But yeah, maybe bisexual is more accurate.



  • She said Yunho is pretty girly in the dressing room, LOL
  • In a sense that he loves to do aegyo and love pretty (I don’t know whay she said pretty) clothes
  • When the break up happened, she said Yunho didn’t leave his room for almost a week
  • I’m not sure if I can say this (because I have no proof and won’t have proof of it) but her friend once pick Yunho up from a gay bar
  • YunJae (Yunho x Jaejoong) is real, according to her (and I also believe it too). They were so ‘cute’ (that’s her words) in the dressing room. Once Yunho being kinda jealous because my friend keep giggling with Jaejoong and told her to not being too close with Jaejoong (When she told me this I was literally screaming YOU LUCKY BBBBBBBBB…….)
  • The interesting part is, she said Yunho was going back to SM actually to protect Jaejoong from SM. I don’t know what is it mean (it was already almost 3 and we were more like mumbling rather than talking).
  • They are still very popular like back in their DBSK days. But their songs’ quality is another story…
  • Jaejoong is actually straight. He dates women. It just Yunho is an exception



  • About 2PM, I asked her if 2PM is really all jerks and she said she’s not sure if they are jerks, but they are definitely love to play with girls. Some of them are a bit arrogant but she doesn’t know for sure because she rarely work with them.
  • Idols do dating each other. Not in a term of a stable relationship but like going out together. And again, she mentioned 2PM as the most active group in asking girls idol out.
  • Her JYP colleague told her once that Jay is not the leader, at all. most of the member like to make fun of him and sorta ignoring him. Actually, JYP never ask Jay to leave 2PM but Jay took that ‘opportunity’ to leave 2PM without any bad rumor on 2PM. He is a nice guy. It just a matter of he’s having a hard time to adapt with the culture and the business in Korea.


Miss A

  • About Miss A, because I’m a fans, she told me that Min is almost as depressed as Onew. She (Min) receives a very lacking of spotlight despite she is the almost like the main vocal and the main dancer in the group. The whole spotlight is Suzy is pretty bad, actually. added with their pretty failed last comeback.
  • Almost like Hyuna, I guess. Suzy is also awkward with all the spotlight but she has no courage to refuse.


Wonder Girls

  • About WG, she said the group is dealing with sort of lack of confidence after their flop with Like Money. She said, ‘JYP made a huge mistake with his breaking US Market thing. Now he have no idea how to fix it’
  • Yubin and Sunye are the best, she said. Sohee is quiet but not shy. And yeesss…
  • Yubin has an on/off relationship with a male idol for almost a year now. My friend did mention Taecyeon being so close with Yubin but because most of 2PM member are girls chaser, so…



  • Sadly she didn’t work with YG artist.. But what she heard around, 2NE1 is pretty clean. The bond between the member is also nice.
  • She have no idea about 2NE1. she’s also have no YG insider and all the rumors she heard about Sandara is just she’s picky and once dating a famous actor.


Big Bang

  • When I asked about Big Bang, she said she only met them in music program and never being their stylist. Well, BB is love to party (except Daesung) which is not a secret anymore.
  • Seung Ri is a real life player, It’s not an image, he really is. her friend once (a wardrobe crew) once being teased by Seung Ri. It’s not a surprise, I guess. We even know he loves it rough on bed
  • TOP is the most handsome guy in Korea, she said (no complaint on that)
  • GD is really really cold. He barely smile in the backstage. He was more friendly before. But he is a one humble person, he just don’t smile thet often.
  • Taeyang is being described as ‘I’m sure he was a black man in the previous life’ LOL. I don’t know what is that mean. Maybe because he has too much swag in him.
  • Daesung, before the accident, is a very bright and fun person. He loves to make jokes backstage and laughing. After the accident she haven’t meet them again but her colleagues said Daesung is really really quiet now.
  • Most men idols are envy with Big Bang, but more in the sense because GD can writes song. The group is also involved in their MV and tour concept which is most of idols can’t.
  • Yes, they don’t have ‘real’ idol friend.
  • A LOT (females celebrities targeting on BB). Mostly GD and TOP are their target.
  • GD do dating a lot. GD just can’t stay single for a long time.



  • She loves Infinite. Those guys are the best she said (not a fan, so I didn’t asked for more)
  • She said Infinite is the nicest rookie idol so far. They are a really hard working idol and one of the most humble group in the industry. She said some of the member were dating their stylist
  • She doesn’t know about the secret dating thing. But likely it isn’t true because it will be too risky for a rookie group like them to make such a rumor. That’s why they choose dating their stylist instead, I guess
  • Infinite is a rookie now, so they are still being careful about starting a close relationship with other idol.


After School

  • She only met After School in music program. All she knows that After School’s main problem is just spreading the spotlight within the member, specially after Kahi left. And yes, they like to keep it clean so not even insider know their personal life.
  • Not sure if the are still but yes, many idols are intimidated by Kahi. The same thing goes to Hyori and Rain. None of them can keep their heads straight in front of them.
  • She (my friend) doesn’t have any particular image on Nana (except she is gorgeous) because she never work with After School. “She’s pretty fine to me”


Brown Eyed Girls

  • She has nothing with BEG. I asked her already when she told me about the WGM thing. She met them once during the Sixth Sense comeback and they all look nice. They are not the young girls anymore so the relationship between the member is more…. normal? LOL, I think they don’t do aegyo2 or showing too much skin-ship within the member.


Beast (B2ST)

  • I’m not a fan of B2ST so I can’t remember all the names, but overall she said B2ST is not that close with the member. It’s more like A is close with B but not with C type of relationship.
  • Kikwang (I only know this guy in B2ST) is a player and actually a type of guy that “girls should stay away from”.



  • She said that Hyuna is actually prefer being together as a group rather than doing it solo. She said once she saw Hyuna having a bit argument with the manager because she doesn’t want to be features alone in a show and asking why the rest of member can’t be involved too. She heard that Hyuna is actually a strong candidate for this WGM season (because 4Minutes’ comeback was also pretty failed) but probably she refused it.
  • The real Hyuna is not bitchy at all. not even as sexy as she is in the screen. She’s a strong character, but not bitchy. My friend once talking with her about a good body lotion product and she can tell she’s pretty nice.
  • I don’t know her relationship with other idol.. but some of man idol asked her out.


  • Well.. there’s a bit attitude difference comparing to their debut days.. “they’re just enjoying their peak time”.
  • Many, many, many idol tried to ask KARA’s member to go on a date. But the member keep it clean and mostly refuse the invitation.
  • She said KARA is a bit ignorance in real life.
  • It is no way I don’t ask her about T-ara controversy. the interesting part is she was involved in Ya Ya Ya MV when Hwayoung just being added (Is it right? I’m too lazy to google to confirm) and she can see that the member indeed ignoring her. Hwayoung even eating lunch with the crew and not the member. She tought ‘oh well, it’s because they are still new and young and it will get better’ but… And yes, about the Music Bank incident, Hwayoung indeed being locked up outside.
  • “T-ara better doing their activities oversea”, she said.
  • She loves MBLAQ.  Seung Ho is a moody person. G.O and Thunder are quiet person. Joon is as he is in TV but a bit more player in real life. Mir loves girls. All of them once dated celebrities. They were HUGEEE when they were debuting and many female celebrities came to them.
  • The latest dating information she has on MBLAQ is G.O is in a relationship with a celebrity. Joon is also dating a non celebrity. None of them ever dated their stylist noona.
FT Island
  • Hongki is a player.
  • They are good band mates. They do drinking and playing together outside their schedule but their relationship with CN Blue is still pretty awkward.
  • She didn’t mention any names.. just that Hongki dates a lot (I’m not a fans so I’m not digging up for more…)
  • Most of them are occasionally smokers. None of them are heavy smoker.
CN Blue
  • CNBlue is clean~ I’m a fan too so I was expecting something scandalicious about them but there aren’t  She knows nothing about the other member and she just knows about Yong Hwa wanting to get close to Seo Hyun after WGM. Not helping.. I know~~
  • She knows nothing about ZE:A  But she said they are not being taking seriously in the industry.


  • I hope it won’t sounds too harsh, but she believe IU is not that innocence. “Woman’s instinct” is her reason.
  • She gives no explanation why she thinks IU is not that innocent. she just said you just can feel it (I’m sure she’s being biased. Maybe her fiancee is a big IU’s fans, LOL)
  • About Rain.. well.. she said she won’t be surprise if he is gay. He’s not a playboy, for sure. He barely dates woman.
  • BoA just broke up early this year, she said. The guy is not an idol.
  • She’s one of the strong candidates to be the next SM CEO.
Kim Hyun Joong
  • Owh, owh, I’m such a huggeee fans of KHJ! Glad someone remind me about this! She met KHJ in one of game show (I think it’s called Secret? Is there any show named Secret? I guess it’s not a famous show, then…) and she can see that KHJ is really a nice man. His friends came to the show and she can see KHJ is just as normal as his friends.
  • “When I saw him in that show, I wonder if he realizes that he is a big star?” I melt right away when my friend said this
  • I asked about whether KHJ is gay or straight or bi, but my friend just smiled and said “at least he has a good taste” WHICH I HATE IT  . She was playing around with my curiosity because she knows I love KHJ so much!

Ehh my image on these idols isn't really ruined they're human beeings after all and a lot of things can be bullshit as well so don't take it so seriously ^o^ But some of the things was really funny hahahaha XD Especially those "He is totally gay" parts ;'D

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HAHAHAHAHAH XD Aww I can't believe that he will enlist the army soon ;w;
This is so true! Especially Viki hahahaha I can't even focus on the drama because of the comments XD
HAHAHAHAHAAHAH It took me a while to get it XD


So, I went to look at Gangnam Style again because of how all these celebs are tweeting it, I see this comment and just couldn’t help myself!! Ahaha!

they dont know it yet… LOL!
It's more like say goodbye to your grades...


Ohhhhh it's Jewelry XD I thought it was a member from Secret but I couldn't really recognize her *slow*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Jewelry's leader Eunjung who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age)!!! Oh damn is she that old?! XD I read some stuff about them and they're a quiet old group O_O And a lot of past members as well...

Yoseob - The First Collage [1st Mini Album]

So B2ST's member Yoseob recently released his entire 1st Mini Album.. which also is his debut album as a solo artist!

1. Look At Me Now

Omg.. hahaha the beginning is very catchy, and the rest of the song. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I liked it xD It sounds like such a kids song!! But dang it, I like it!

2. Caffeine

Not bad, but I liked "Look At Me Now" more. Hahaha but the album seems promising so far! One crazy song and one emotional song. So far, so good ^^ OH, this is the title track btw! The song actually grows on you the more you listen to it.. I kind of love it now ^^

He.. kissed the girl? Hahaha I wonder what fans will say xD

3. Just Do As You Always Did

How do idols/companies pick their title tracks? I mean, this song or the first song would be amazing as title tracks as well for this album O___o. This song is so beautiful.. hahhaa must be hard to pick a freakin' song as the title track!

4. Even Then, I

Not bad either.. but not amazing. But I don't hate it ^^

5. You Don't Know

This song, I love!!! It's weird how I feel that this song is soft (his voice) but at the same time not so soft (the music I guess). But the mix is wonderful ^^

Random Guy, Yoseob and Junhyung.

As I told you guys before, Junhyung (Yoseobs fellow member) helped producing the music. I actually think he did all the producing!


Kpop idols with piercings

I wanted to make a post about kpop idols and their tattoos but realized that I've already done that -_- It's somewhere in that "Special category" I'm too lazy to give you the link XD 
But I found some kpop idols with different piercings here and there:
I want one of those as well :3
Posted Image
Wow... Wow.. Woooow.... wait a minute XD Why does he have a piercing over there o_o Or has Sweden educated us wrong the whole time? XD It can't be photoshopped, right? *confused*
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Oh damn...
There was some rumours that he has a tounge piercing as well. I couldn't find any picture either but I don't think he has it. Singers doesn't usually pierce their tongues.
Well all the kpop idols (even the guys) literally have at least 1-2 earings I should'de made a post on those who doesn't have it...
But these idols are the ones I found "interesting" so yeah XD

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HAHAHAHAHAH FT Island XD And "Used to Bang" lol XD
Hahahah This was one of the best part in that show ;'D


Aww ;___;
He's so cute and creepy at the same time XD HAPPY BIRTDAY TO EXO's Chanyeol who's turning 20 years old (21 Korean age)!! Oh so he's born 92 :O I thought he was older :3

SHINee - 1000 Year, Always By Your Side [MV]

Oh wat is dis? XD SHINee has seriously been going all-in during these months. First Sherlock and now 2 japanese comebacks is a row... they had a japanese comeback 2 months ago, literally.
That awkward moment when you thought that the song would be a really sad-badass ballad one. I haven't seen their teaser for this either XD But yeah there's probably a really sweet and sad story behind the MV but I didn't get a shit >__> The only thing I got was that SHINee was those 5 black cats outside the window. I think... 
Did the dad die or? asdfghjkl *retard* Have to find out the story one day XD Or are SHINee those death-time catcher something -___- Okay I give up :_____;
Secondly... dude... you can never wake up so perfectly after an operation like the little kid did. I got a operation when I was around 6-7 years old and I felt like a dry poop when I woke up XD
But the song itself was... okay. I fangirled more on sherlock but this was nice to hear... *lost on words*

Chansung starring in a new drama "Secret Agent War"

Damn I find this news pretty huge O_O I was pretty shocked when I read it and allkpop hasn't published any articles regarding this either...
After searching a bit I found this:
The series is based on the hit movie Level 7 Civil Servant, and will feature a pair of spies who keep their identities a secret from each other while they navigate the muddy waters of dating. It’s like Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The Dating Years, which is a fantastic premise.
The 20-episode drama will be written by Chun Sung-il, of Chuno and Level 7 Civil Servant
- Source
It sounds really good :O And I found the news about Chansung on Kakaotalk XD But here's a post about it:

On October 31st, the drama’s reperesentative gave statement that they added Chansung, the member of boy band 2PM, on the cast list.


Chansung will take the role as Hwang Chan Sung, an also rookie agent, but his appearance and act really different with the sloppy and clumsy Gil Ro (Joo Won). And of course he will involve on love triangle with Gil Ro and Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee). Chan Sung is the perfect agent, good on martial art and appears as the neat, stiff and sharp person but actually he keeps the secret wound on his heart.


- Source



Do you have any idea how much I'm fangirling over here?! ;w; He doens't really get that much time to shine and when he get that little time I'm going all sdfghjkl! *typical reaction as my #1 bias* XD

I'm really looking forward to this! :D




Macro time =3= [#43]


Oh Ace

Song of the week #46 [B.R.A]

Yeah I feel sorry for BO XD His internet doesn't work so I decided to take over this weeks S.O.T.W :3
I never got the story behind the MV but everything made sense after watching Simon and Martina's Music Monday. So it was basically the same person with different feelings (bla bla) and I didn't really get the point of her leaving him. They tried to make a good story behind the lyrics but ehh... they didn't really suceed with that.

But! The song is just asdfghjkl! It's the first time boyfriend has (EVER) made my mind tingle XD They're so pretty and... pretty ;w; and good in this MV. The orchestra and everything else is just *dazzled*
However the chorus made me laugh a bit XD Apparently they're saying "You're not a bad girl" I seriously thought that they said a korean word. I didn't even hear the "You're not a" part O__O
Is it only me who love that prince-style outfit? ;___;
Oh snap the fans XD I couldn't even hear them sing >_>

SNSD male edition...

So many comebacks latel and I'm writing a post about them XD But this is so freaking epic hahahahahaha! They nailed this so perfectly ;w;
The genie ver.
The outfit and those "sexy" moves are just,... (y)

Macro time =3= [#42]

They forgot: "Leaving: I'll be back~"

by: fuckyeahtvxqmacros ~ original post: x
I want a Korean comeback soon ;w;
Ouch! XD

Gangnam style the most viewed on youtube

And I'm like baby, baby, baby nooo~~

FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for this since yesterday! XD And now... let's go for one billion guys! 
I actually find this really fascinating that gangnam style gor over 800 000 viewes during what? 4 months? While biebers baby got it during these 2 years or something? GO PSY!
Congratulations ^o^


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U-KISS Kevin who's turning 21 years old (22 korean age)!!! I can't believe he's... oh wait. of course I can believe that I believe *random* 
But gahh ;w; Happy birthday to a really wonderful man. His voice is really unique, it's one of a kind so keep doing what you do <3

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Side note:  Bo's internet hasn't been working during this week that's the reason why he has been a bit off from the blog XD 
Oh well it's time for this weeks U.P.A.H.I and I've once again realized that... we should have girls in this category as well :3 The one and only girl I've chosen as a U.P.A.H.I was Ga In and now it's time for the second one >:3
Secret's Hyosung~
She's somehow one of the few kpop idols out there with "omg-damn-curves" and she's so adorkable ;w;

Macro time =3= [#41]


I ain’t even going to question it. 
Damn this is a big fat incest XD
Lord Of The Wings
Lol I'm like Yunho... but I hate kids XD
K-Pop Macros - 2pm bigbang mblaq shinee ss501 superjunior ukiss - main story image
Me and Bo are going to book our plane tickets to Korea.... next year X''D

"Seunghyun confesses he is currently in a relationship"

F.T. Island‘s Seunghyun confessed that he is currently in a relationship.

F.T. Island was a guest on MBC Music‘s ‘All the K-Pop‘, where the MC Boom said, “I know because I’m friends with the F.T. Island members, but recently all five members broke up with their girlfriends. They’re all single right now.

At this, Hongki looked at Seunghyun and said, “Seunghyun, are you single?“, flustering Seunghyun. When Boom saw the response, he said, “If you do have a girlfriend but say that you don’t, she’ll be sad“.

Seunghyun hesitated, but managed to gather himself and answer, “Yes, I have a girlfriend“.




Oh damn O_O 2012 had been the freaking years of relationships XD So many confessions and rumours all the kpop fans are getting depressed by this XD 


But what to say? Congratulations man! :D

And wait! Boom said "but recently all five members broke up with their girlfriends. They’re all single right now.” Wat O___O So all of them had girlfriends receantly without us even knowing that?! HAHAHAHAHAHA XD



tumblr messages...


~Mnet Chart~

Lol I'm getting mindfucked here XD There isn't any new songs on the countdown but all the songs has switched place here and there instead >__> But I'm still surprised to see Lee Hi on #1 she just plopped up out of nowhere. Her live performances are actually okay but she need to work on that stage charisma a bit more but it's much better than her MV XD
And boyfriends Janus totally deserv the #1 place on the online chart, that song is just (YYY)

Macro time =3= [#40]

Omg I haven't thought of it at all O_O
<33 ;''D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Teen Top's L.Joe who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age)!!! A lot of people are spamming fb right now because of his birthday and I'm like stap it! :___: No but we hope that you'll have a really good daym it's my turn soon >:3

C.A.P's tattoos

Well I'm not sure if it's new or just... old XD Their official fanpage on fb uploaded thiss picture a while ago showing his tattoos and I didn't know that he had 3 tattoos before o_o The angel thing is cool but nothing I would crave for :3 But does anyone know what it stands for? (The death angel something something)

Look alike: Kim Soo Hyun & Key

To be honest they don't really look that much alike. Kim Soo Hyun and Kai looks a bit more similiar to each other (I've already done a look alike on them XD) However they really do looke alike on this picture O_O Especially the face and their feature. ^3^ That.,, smile, eyes, nose... <3____<3 

Macro time =3= [#39]


Sunday by Choi Siwon
Praying in the front aisle
Praying in the back aisle
Got to make my mind up which pew do I take?
It’s Sunday, Sunday. Gotta get to church on Sunday.
Every body looking forward to the sermon.
Sunday, Sunday gotta get saved on Sunday


Omg he looks so cute over here ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO INFINITE's awesome rapper Dongwoo who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) today!!! :D He's actually Bo's bias not mine so... he wish you a happy birthday as well? XD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BtoB's Leader Eunkwang who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) as well!!! Amagod so old already? XD
Well we hope that both of you will have a really awesome day and eat a lot of cake~ :3

Block B’s Zico and Hwayoung dating?


A recent hot rumor in the K-Pop idol scene is that Block B‘s Zico and ex-T-ara member Hwayoung, have been dating for a few months now.


We reached out to our sources at Stardom Entertainment and although the company denied the rumors, an employee who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed that the two have been and are still dating.


- Allkpop




Imagine that you visit allkpop and all of a sudden you see this as the #1 popular story...

I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything but gosh I find this pretty hilarious ;D The source seem to be a bit ehhh and they don't really... "fit" together if you know what I mean. I could never imagine both of them to date each other. But if they do congratulations! :D (y)

This year has been epic with all of these "breaking news" 

As Bo said the king and queen of scandals this year totall fit each other~





Worst stage outfits

Yesterday I saw a clip on T-ara's stage performance and I loved their outfits OuO and I started to think abou the worst stage outfits in the kpop world. So I googled around and found some outufts I (note: I, ME) consider to be bad ones...
The shorts and jackets doesn't look bad but that wb skirt thing was just... >__>
Girl's Day
Big Bang
Posted Image
Dunno who they are...
Well this was all I could find for now 

Yoseob to make solo debut

Yoseob (B2ST) will be having his solo debut with his first mini album The First Collage‘ coming out November 26th. The tracks are produced by his fellow member Junhyung. Man, I hope this will be epic! Yoseobs voice is freakin' amazing!!!!!! And Junhyung seems to know what he's doing, so this could really be daebak!

The Track List:
1. Look At Me Now
2. Caffeine
3. Just Do As You Always Do
4. Even Then, I
5. You Don’t Know

Teaser photo for the song "Caffeine". So maybe that's the title track?

I hope for some dance-songs, some slow songs and some emotional. He's really good when it comes to emotional songs.. hehe ^^

Junseob fighting!!

Macro time =3= [#38]


Taoris meme.
Omfg hahahhahahahahahaha X'''D
Awwww hahahahhaa ;D
I should totally marry that guy... we would fit so well XD

U-Kiss - Distance [Short ver. PV]

Amagod panic! So many things at the same time!! XD Juniel released a MV for Bad Man, Sunggyu released his album yesterday, B.E.G is releasing different teasers for their concert and I'm like: @____@
Back to U-Kiss*
Short ver?! Is it supposed to be longer?! XD Allkpop wrote that this is supposed to be an early christmas present for all their fans but to be honest I didn't really get those christmas vibes from the song except for the MV and the bad white light to make it loo exclusive *nagging biatch* XD But it was a nice ballad song I suppose? Nothing that really caught my attention.
But their Japanese album will be released December 12th so we have to wait a bit more. And I'm sorry for the bad update I've been a bit off today and BO came home from a field trip or something after 2 days ;w; So I've been bombing you guys with gifs instead ;D

Expectations VS Reality...


Macro time =3= [#37]

It's funny, I'm writing macro time but I'm bombing you guys with gifs .____.
And then we have Seungri:

As requested by anon ^^
I’ve actually never used this meme before, how interesting! Click here to find out more ^^
Omg I wrote exactly a comment like this on his Nigahiga's clip XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYNAME's Seyong who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) today!!! :D Just like Jinyoung O__O What is this?! He can't be 21 years XD Or is it just me who's living in the past thinking that I'm still 14 years old >__> Okay let's just skip that... but damn... we're getting old ;w;

Seungri has created a Twitter account :3

Woot woot~
Latest news Big Bang's little maknae created a twitter avoount 5 h ago, or that's how long I could go back in his tweets and he's really active XD 110 738 111 221 followers in 5 hours isn't bad O__O Damn 500 more followers after a few minutes >_>
Lol like that name X'D So far Heechul's twitter name was the best ;''D Heedictator <3 
                   Embedded image permalink
He even started a conversation with Ashton Kutcher XD
@aplusk Hey! Do U remember me!! We met the 3 days ago in L.A! SlS!!!!
Embedded image permalink

How kpop idols hide their faces without makeup

We've made a lot of posts before about different kpop idols with and without makeup ou can read them here:
Girl groups without makeup PART 1
Girl groups without makeup PART 2
Guys without makeup
B2ST without makeup
SHINee without makeup
2NE1 without makeup
Yeah.... XD Just... check them out :3
Oh well back to this post. I found some pictures online showing how different kpop idols cover their faces while not wearin any makeup. Sure it's a bit careface but this blog is random so deal with it.
SHINee's Key & Minho
Dunno who they are... 

Kev Jumba vs. Jay Park

Streaming around youtube (as usual) I came across this interesting video.

Hahaha, how come I didn't see this before??? O__o It's actually kind of funny xD And here.. here we have my ideal Jay Park-personality. He's a little gangster, but not too much.. just perfect mehehehehehehe ^^

Jay Park has starred in so many other Youtube videos it's crzy! Need to look for all the other clips haha. Maybe he could join in on one of M2STASCH's videos xD

(Bottom to top)

But.. didn't he meet G.NA?!?!?!?! Hahahhaha damn, another mistake dude! xD

Hehe.. humble Jay ω

Macro time =3= [#36]

HAHAHAHAHAHHA How the heck can you make it shorter?! XD But the dude managed to do it...

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Uhuhuh I almost forgot this weeks... I forgot last weeks as well ;w;
After 26153721856 years I finally found the perfect man for this:
           Suju's sungmin
                                                                     Oh dear lord this picture ;____;

B.A.P - B.A.P

Lol I just have to love TS Ent. sometimes XD Naming the clip B.A.P
Everyone is hyping around wondering what this is *cough me* and I have noooo idea. Maybe Comeback? Announcement for a tour? They don't have "Stop it" or "Crash" in the MV mix.
So TS Ent. What are you up to...?

Song of the week #45

Yaaay, feels good to be back!

I haven't really been up to date with the latest KPOP news and songs that have been released, so the S.O.T.W this week will be an old song. But for me it's pretty new because I've never really heard it before xD

JYJ - Empty

Ok, some pointers. Love the fact that the entire song is in english (so I can sing along).
I can actually tell Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong apart! They all have such different but great voices.

However.. Yoochun, haha I don't know man. I love his voice, but when he goes "Weeeeeeeeen" instead of "win" and "understeeeeeeeend" insted of "understand". Hahahaha, don't know if I love it or if it annoys the crap out me.

They can dance?! They have non-korean backdancers?! Yaaaay ^^

I've been kind of biased on Yoochun for a while. I don't know much about this group or even about Yoochun. I know stuff like they were a part of TVXQ before but then problems accured and stuff happened etc. and then we have those sesang fans and so on.

But other than that I don't know anything. The reason why I've been biased on Yoochun isn't even because of his voice, it's more because of his personality. Haha I saw him play "Zelda" and then it was done for me. I love him now xD

You have got to love his laugh at 2:05 and 2:35. Then that thing he does at 2:11.. I've been doing that lately?! Haha Jonghyun of SHINee does that as well.. it's not normal haha.

That last part.. hahaha they're so into the game! And they're so cute screaming together xD
Yes.. this is why I love Yoochun hahaha ^^

7!! - Fallin Love

I'm not really that... wow when it comes to jpop or jrock but there are some song here and there that I actually like. And one of them are Fallin Love by 7 oops!! I actually found it while watching High School Debut (Great movie :3 It's the theme song) and the song is catchy in a non-catchy way XD
The difference between this one and kpop MV's is... HUGE. I'm like "I'm in a whole new world O_O I come in peace..." >__> 

Macro time =3= [#35]

Finally someone out there who gave out every fangirl's message to the idols...
He... has a girlfriend O_O What is he? 11 years old or even younger? wth...
Me and Bo saw Mean Girls yesterday such a cliché XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B1A4's leader Jinyoung who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)!!! Are you serious?! He can't be 21 years old!! O__O He should be... 18 or something XD 
And he's really pretty ;w; *random* He's OMG pretty like a girl like Ren ...

Everything is fine now~

After 12498716387 years all of our categories are finally fine/done/okay now! It won't be any errors or problems if you want to check anything specific or to read old posts :3 *like a boss*

.:Latest iPhone case:.

Hahahahahaha XD One of my latest iphone cases and gosh the balloons ;'''D They're so misshaped that I cry for myself sometimes >___> *ironic* 
I desided to write downthe groups I liked:

* 2NE1
* Miss A
* 2PM
* B.A.P
* SHINee
* U-Kiss
* Block B
* Suju
* FT Island
* CN Blue
* Big Bang 
* B2ST
I wanted to creat some more balloons but there wasn't room enough ;w;

~Mnet Chart~

Omg I feel like a cageman by not knowing anything XD To be honest this blog is helping me to catch up stuff that happens everyday in the kpop world. Without it I would be doomed...
Oh no drasticall changes I haven't heard Park Jung Min's Beautiful yet!!! :O Amagod XD And that "primary" thing on the 6th place made me a bit confused... but I found an explanation
"Producer Primary has released his new album “Primary and the Messengers LP” featuring 23 artists. 
This will be the last of his “Primary and the Messengers” series. 
The composer and producer has been active as a part of hip hop units such as Primary Score and Primary Skool. 
His album includes 18 groups (23 artists), such as Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, Bumkey,Simon D,Jay Park, and 
MBLAQ‘s G.O, setting the record for the most featured artists in one album."
Ahhh I see that is random O_O Have to dig some more about the album :3

Macro time =3= [#34]

Guess who?
roll like a buffalo ㅋ
Good save my dear friend, good save...

Back on track

The regular update will start tomorrow~ :3 
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Teen Top's Changjo who's turning 17 years old (18 Korean age) today ;D

M2stasch need a break

Okay how shall we start this... 
To make it short me and Bo are getting generally tired and we need to take a small break and see how things will turn out. We have a lot of homework and tests now during our second year in high school, and there has been some ups and down on this blog ;w; We've somehow lost all out energy on it XD BUT! We're really thankful for our readers out there and I get all warm thinking there are people who are willing to visit and read our posts ;D
We're not going to update the blog until Friday so we just want to say have a good weekend, take care of yourself and we'll be back after a few days of rest and see how things will turn out. <3

A 2PM member in a relationship?

2PM‘s Jun.K revealed that a 2PM member is currently in a relationship.

On the 11th, Jun.K featured on the first episode of tvN‘s ‘The Romantic & Idol‘ where he held an interview with the staff. He said, “It’s been a really long time since I dated someone. People around me sincerely tell me to date.

When asked about if anyone in 2PM was in a relationship at the moment, he answered, “There’s no one in 2PM who’s in a relationship right now. No actually… there’s one.” After he made the confession, he quickly became flustered, saying, “Wait, I’m getting tricked into saying this.


I was like O_____O You serious? XD It's hard to guess which member because all of them... *sight* never mind XD But all I know is that it can't be Chansung (>:3), Taecyeon or Nichkhun. I suspect Wooyoung or Junho, more on Junho's side XD It's a Hottest vibe or at least how I feel. 

I also read an awesome comment:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH X'''D It took me a while to get it but all I'm going to say is: *points down*

GD's latest tattoo

After EMA ended I checked out some twitter posts here and there and saw that Taeyang receantly uploaded a picture of him getting a new tattoo so I wanted to wait and see how long it would take allkpop to write about it and look at that! After 2 days! :3 *ironic* 
Well Taeyang isn't the only one getting a new tattoo. GD uploaded a picture on his instagram where he showed his latest tattoo and damn... I LOVE it!
I want one as well XD I think I'll have a tattoo behind my ear when I'm old enough. Maybe a music note? 
But it looks so good and well done! I thought it was a photoshopped picture at first glance o_o

Macro time =3= [#33]

HAHAHAHAH I'm sorry but I crack up everytime I see this XD

the nicest fan ever.
LOL what drama is this from? :O
Aw Donwoon ;w; hhahahahahahaha Look at Jonghyun trolling around XD
it's not macro time anymore, more like gif time ;D

why yes dae that is what a phone looks like
Because Jesus is right beside you...

I just realized two things...

Firstly, Sandara's birthday was yesterday (12th November) so I practically wrote every b-day post one day before =__= 
Lol random...

Secondly, after thinking for a while... you know prom is that "special" day for a teenager where you go with a nice partner and have a good one-night dance XD You know like those tyical American movies -_-
Do you guys know how my prom was?

I was a self independent women who went to the prom in a limo together with 8-9 other people without a partner and the only person I danced with during the prom was... BO ;__________________________; I saw the pictures a few days ago and damn We didn't even wear our shoes XD 

Psy on Oxford Union

Hahaha aww~
This guy is seriously awesome! It's hard to describe him... he's that guy who fulfill every fans kpop artist dream by beeing awesome. Okay not even I got that but 2 words: "Shit happens" XD (Y)
And I think I saw Eunhyuk there...
Right?! XD

Rihanna's fans are raging on twitter...

Well it's obvious that all the Rihanna fans are raging as **** because of this XD It was the same last year when Big Bang won (but with Britney). But hey doesn't this prove that your fanbase is smaller than that "random chinese dudes"? There's a reason why he won after all so stop hating~
However there was one girl I just loved:

Macro time =3= [#32]


EMA: Hangeng & Psy Red Carpet + Winning!!!

OMG OUR TITS ARE NOT CALM!!!! Both me and Bo started to literally scream our ass off when Hangeng won! Even more than when Big Bang won the world wide act last year. Everyone especially the Jonas Vrothers were like "The fuq is that?!" hahahahahahah ;'''D And his Engrish!!! First time in history where 2 people speak Korean and Chinese on the World Wide Act XD

And let's not forget Psy!!! It was obvious, or was it only me who thought that it was obvious that we would win? But it was so awesome!! He thanked papa YG and his small speach for his wife~ ;_____; Everyone started to "awwww" the ass off XD 
CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!! ;D It's 2NE1's turn next year!

Don't forget to watch EMA tonight!

I have noooo idea how things will turn out tonight. Hangeng has a really big fanbase but he's competing against Rihanna as well and Psy... he's like the biggest hit this year but for god sake we have all the belibers after us XD 

Song of the week #44

Hello guys!! So again, this weeks song will be an old song from a girl group (or more like a sub-group ^^)

TaeTiSeo - Baby Steps

Yes, this is a sub-group for SNSD ^^ Gosh, the song is very beautiful! Found it while looking at random video clips on youtube. They have actually made quite a few songs together that I've never heard of. Maybe because I'm not a hardcore Sone. Actually.. I don't think it's even fair to call me a Sone. Sure I like their songs, but I do absolutely not know all the members and their personalities etc.

Either way, this is the S.O.T.W for me :)

Here you have the lyrics:


Swedish celebrity wrote a song for Block B

Yesterday I found out that the Swedish "star" *trollface* Kevin Borg who won Swedish Idol actually wrote my favorite song in Block B's album "Blockbuster". Hw wrote the song Mental Breaker and I was like O___O
                              Photo: I received Block b's new album this week all the way from wonderful Asia ! Very glad that the album Blockbuster is doing so well with me being one of the Songwriters/Producers on it. Yeah Babyyy !!
"I received Block b's new album this week all the way from wonderful Asia ! Very glad that the album Blockbuster is doing so well with me being one of the Songwriters/Producers on it. Yeah Babyyy!!"

Well I have to say that I'm fangirling and beeing surprised at the same time! Sure there are a lot of swedish songwriters who compose songs for kpop idols but this is Kevin! Keving Borg! XD 

Macro time =3= [#31]


Thank you for the logic explanation LOEN 
More memes:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 2NE1's Sandara who's turning 28 years old (29 Korean age) today!! :D Are you serious?! 29 years old?! She doesn't look like a 29 years old woman and she's really beautiful O_O 
I don't know what to write ;w; I'm not really biased on 2NE1 but I love them as a group... 

IU and Eunhyuk [LOEN ENTs side of the story]

Hello. This is Loen Entertainment.

This is an official statement regarding the picture that was revealed early this morning through IU’s Twitter.

First, we bow our heads and sincerely apologize for causing concern to all the representatives and all the fans of IU and Super Junior.

The revealed photo was from this summer when IU was very sick and Eunhyuk had come to visit her at her home, and was taken then when they sat on the sofa together; it was revealed to the outside due to IU’s mistake through her related photo uploading service while IU was making a mention on Twitter.

IU is sincerely sorry for bringing harm to her sunbae Eunhyuk due to her error.

Lastly, IU and Eunhyuk are close sunbae-hoobae who have been close since IU’s debut, Eunhyuk is close to the point that he has even dined with IU’s mother. We ask that you do not exaggerate or make assumptions about IU and Eunhyuk’s relationship due to this incident.

We will return to greet you as a more matured agency after having learned from this incident. We apologize once again.

We are sorry.

Loen Entertainment


Urm.. only me who thinks that they're full of sh*t?! Why hide their relationship? They state that they're just very close friends, but why are they both without makeup, why is he without a t-shirt and why do they both look very tired? It honestly look like a very cute couple-picture.

I never thought that IU and Eunhyuk would find eachother. They don't really.. fit together. But whatever floats your boat!

Another reason why I actually believe that they're really dating is the mindset that Eunhyuk has. In "OH! My School" he said that he believed that it's important for an idol to keep his relationships a secret to not harm the fans. If they honestly weren't dating, why didn't IU or Eunhyuk meantion it earlier? That the photo was just a friendly photo? Because they didn't know what to say. They couldn't come up with a lie that suits the picture. They look very comfortble here.. why deny it?

Maybe it's like LOEN says, but companies have lied before. That's just my opinion though. What do you guys think? You think they're dating? And if yes.. would you ship them?

"It’s now rumored that they’ve been together since 2009.
- First column of words on Hyuk’s cyworld post said
“ji-eun ah, jagi ah, go hwa”
- Ji Eun (IU’s name), Jagi (you knoww), fighting! 
+ the Strong Heart screenshot:
on IU’s board, it said “Oppa, I came!”
on Eunhyuk’s board, there was heart drawn on."

OBS!! I heard that because of this.. SM Ent. will let Eunhyuk go to the army? TT Is that true? Right now it's only a rumor.. please don't let him go!! It's hard enough letting Leeteuk go.

‎1. Leeteuk is already in the army and Eunhyuk was left as the temporary leader
2. Eunhyuk just tweeted about his Mom’s bakery
3. then.. IU just mistakenly tweeted their photo together with Eunhyuk
4. Eunhyuk or Super Junior’s fans and IU’s fans got some terrible shock
5. without thinking they go to twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc. and are in rage
6. Bash here Bash there.. Calls IU a b”tch and others.. 
7. LOEN ENT. (IU’s agency) already posted their SUPER LAME reaction
8. Rumors kept popping up like: 
- SM with Super Junior are having a meeting about this 
- SM will cancel all Hyukkie’s scheds….
- SM will send him to the army because of this issue
- IU’s fans will go to Hyukkie’s Mom’s shop and cause some trouble, they will also burn SUJU’s album outside the shop”

SHESUS, LET THEM BE!!!!! Why is it that they get so much sh*t while B2ST member Junhyung can date KARAs Hara?

Kpop idols with instagram

I believe that I made a "instagram" list a long time ago but it wasn't really a list more like a few idols who had it XD I don't really follow anyone on instagram... because I don't have it >__> 

BoA (solo) - Boakwon

G-Dragon (Big Bang) - XXXIBGDRGN
Taeyang (Big Bang) - Realtaeyang
Tablo (solo) - Blobyblo
Eli (U-kiss) - U_Kisseli
Hoon (U-kiss) - Yeohoonmin
Brian Joo (solo) - Brianjoomuzik
Min (Miss A) - Therealminnn 
Nichkhun (2PM) - 2pmnichkhun
Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P) - Realb2ng
Moon Jong Up (B.A.P) - Upcb
Zelo (B.A.P) - Zeloworld
Leo Recepion (kid from Hello Baby season 5) - Recionleo
Jia (Miss A) mjbaby0203
Lim (Wonder Girls) - wg_lim
Simon D (solo) - simon_dominic
Dari (Dalmatian) - iam2dari
Ailee (solo) - aileeonline
Nicole (Kara) - _911007nicole

Macro time =3= [#30]

I don&#8217;t remember who this is I thought it was chanyeol but who knows lol
B(a)ro see what I did there? XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FT ISLAND's drummer and maknae Minhwan who's tunring 20 years old (21 Korean aage) today!!! :D Oh my 20 years old... You can finally live your life XD *lame*

IU and Eunhyuk dating..?


A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently going around. The photo was posted onto her Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes.

The photo shows Eunhyuk clearly, but only shows a part of IU’s face. The most shocking part is that the two seem to be lying on a bed, and that Eunhyuk has no shirt on.

Furthermore, fans have pointed out that the pajama is the same one that IU got from her fans, that she tweeted in the past. She tweeted it when she burnt her top after she tried to make ramen.




Hahahahaha AMAGODDDD!!! I'm like running around screaming DaaaaAaaAAaaatiiiinnnnggg.... Sure nothing is really official but even I think that's a bit suspicious. But how the heck can you upload a picture on twitter "accidentally"? 





~Mnet Chart~

Update: Lol bad update... I have a lot of things to do so let's make this short XD
I'm surprised to see Lee Hi's 1,2,3,4 on #1. Sure that song is really good but to climb up so fast :O AND FINALLY NILLILI MAMBO IS ON THE CHART!!! XD So it means that it has been on the 7th place the whole time? o_o
And damn all the cassi's are still voting..

Macro time =3= [#29]




HAHAHAHA That awkward moment when you watch your own clips
there should be a dino on jonghyun...

Who is Lee Hi?

I don't know if it's only me but this girl just randomly popped up out of nowhere! No teasers, no announcement, no nothing! (Or I never found/read anything) 
I found it pretty random that YG debuted a solo singer all of a sudden, especially her beeing so young. I guessed that she would be born -97 or something but apparently she's 16 years old. 
I found this.. pretty awkward XD Her voice is pretty and unique, YG made the right choice to make her a trainee, but she looks so lost and awkward in the MV. No dancing spirit at all and she doesn't move her mouth that much either o__o Even if it is her first MV I found this "standard" low for YG. She should be fierce and have a lot of charisma or something. Her voice is ready but not her mind.
I'm sitting here and bashing all over her but hey.. it's the truth ;3 With some training she'll become a nice polished diamond~

Boyfriend - Janus [MV]

Janus. Only me who pronounced it J-anus? It sounds so dirty.. hehe.

Who are they and what have they done to Boyfriend? O__o Haha no, but seriously!! They actually kind of pulled it off. Except for the twins.. I feel like they will always have this cute image because that's just what they do best. I actually liked this song. Haha who would have thought!? Especially the chorus "you're not a bad girl!" If that's what they're saying. It sounds like it is.

Oh, and the twins.. Kwangmin is the one rapping and Youngmin is the one singing.

Now to the MV. I didn't really get it. I bet that it has this amazing story behind it, but you need to understand the lyrics to get it. And I start school soon so I don't really have time to read the lyrics. But you can read them here.

So, was it a great story behind it? :)

Macro time =3= [#28]




Not so many pictures but let's live with that...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE Solo singer Se7en who's turning 28 years old (29 Korean age) oh lord 1 years left to 30 o___o
Lol leeteuk sitting there like a boss giving them thumbs up XD


A gif that's probably on behalf of Bo as well ;______________________________;
I've been attending school for only 3 days after 6 weeks and these 3 days made me go all 
That's why we've been a bit off... I'm tired, cold and want to watch criminal minds.

Kris new son... the alpacka >_>

Hahahaha I just can't stop thinking about this XD I've read some stuff here and there about kris getting a son and so on. After beeing confused for a few hours I finally got some answers:
The so called son is a stuffed alpaca, apparently it's a gift from a fan, lucky fan =__= *trollface* (Only Swedish people can get the full thought behind "lucky fan" lyckliga fanskap...) 
I thought it was CNU first and a goat (that animal) and who the heck started to spread the whole "it's his son" thing?! XD 
Now you can see it's an alpaca...

Macro time =3= [#27]

   Taemin ~ Mommy.jpg

Teen Top's L.Joe loses a lot of weight

So recently Teen Top released a video on youtube:

No idea of what they're saying. But I noticed how small L.Joe had become, and I'm not the only one

I mean, he has always been skinny.. but now he kind of feels sick. Like not skinny in a natural way T_T


Hahaha spam!!! But he looks so gorgeous ^3^ Man.. please eat, don't starve T_T I loved you the way you were, WE loved you the way you were :)

Because guys.. you can't tell me that something here is not wrong. Why did he lose so much weight? T^T

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me [Dance Practice]

Feels like I only post stuff about Jay now ^^ Well what can I do, there's so much going on! xD

Hmm.. people keep shipping these two. I don't like -.-' Hahahah, no but they fit together. I bet you that when he sat down on the couch he was sooooo checking her out! Haha because DANG can she move her hips!

The dance is very simple, and you kind of need a partner if you want to dance it (not really.. but it looks a bit lonely if you don't have one ^^)

So what do you guys think? Are they a good OTP?

He has gotten quit skinny O__o EAT WELL!!

HAPPY 7 year ANNIVERSARY Super Junior!!!♥

Omg are you serious?! 7 years already?! Dear god where to start ehm... I don't usually write anything personal *cough an essay cough* on anniversaries but it's Suju. I remember the shock I got when I read that they were 13 members I was like "How the heck does that even make sense?! Imagine... 13 Beyonce's on stage" 
I started to watch their old MV's 2 days ago everything from "Sorry Sorry" to "It's you" and I got sad. Mainly because of the fact that all of them will never perform on the stage again (If not a miracle accure) and because of everyone who has to enlist the army sooner or later.
I don't even know what my point is =__= All I want to say is that I hope that every one of you will take care of yourselves and each other. Just go and enlist the army and take the stage by storm guys! 
Forever an E.L.F! And Hottest, A+, V.I.P & Shawol XD *totally ruining the mood*


Wow.. even I get dizzy @__@
Hahahaha everyone are like AMAGOD KREAAAASSSS BUURTHHHDAAAYY!! On facebook... XD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EXO M's leader Kris who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) Haha yess!!! He's born 1990 XD I have this cool-status where everyone who's having their birthday from 1990-95 are cool while 89 older or 96 younger are... uncool XD
;w: <333
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MBLAQ's G.O who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age) *uncool* XD There are only 3 groups out there where I can't chose a bias, or yes I can but it's hard, I seriously love EVERY member and that is 2PM, Big Bang and MBLAQ. So Happy Birthday son <3 

Girls Generation won't have a comeback this year...

Girls’ Generation will not be making a Korean comeback this year.

According to insiders in the music industry, Girls’ Generation had originally targeted for a Korean comeback at the end of October or in the beginning of November. However, it’s rumored that they have decided not to comeback this year.

One insider stated, “Girls’ Generation has expressed their desire to comeback at the end of October or in the beginning of November. However, they have decided not to have any activities this year. There is the fact that they’re already late for their target comeback, and they if were to have a comeback they wanted to make sure their music was perfect. They won’t be rushing to make a comeback this year.

However, the girls will be continuing their Japanese activities. Their 6th single “Flower Power” will be released on the 21st, and their 2nd album, ‘Girls & Peace‘, will be released on the 28th.




- Allkpop


I'm not really crying rivers here but aw :/ It's good that they think of the quality of their music instead of just mass-producing. I hope that EXO will at least have their comeback =_=




Woop Woop~~!!! It's Double A's anniversary today and so far they've only released "Going Crazy" and one single. It's a shame that they're unknown but soon guys... soon... They also released a youtube clip for their fans yesterday but Joowon isn't there

Movie Recomendation: New Police Story

Firstly I just want to say watch this movie! Secondly it's not a Korean one. I thought it was an English movie but boy if I were wrong... The awkward part is that I've seen this movie 2 times before XD It's a chinese movie (not mandarin but cantonese)
Wow... that was a really sucky description...It's more like "The one setting the traps are some teens who doesn't know what to do with their lifes so they decide to play a game with human life instead" 
Yeah the main actor is  Jackie Chan my #1 actor of all time! :3 OuO
One thing I noticed is that my Chinese sucks balls... I could only underestan 70% of all the things they said but I should underestand 100% -___-
But I really recomend you guys to watch this movie:
And this is where I found both of my Idon'tknowwhattocallthem.... Daniel Wu and  Nicholas Tse. I should totally go all in on chinese people Bo XD HAHAHAHAHAHAH . . . 

Macro time =3= [#26]



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Kpop's Queen BoA who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) today!!! :D I don't reaööy know what to write because I haven't really been spazzing over her yet. But she sure don't look like a 26 years old woman...

~Mnet Chart~

After beeing a lazy ass for the past few weeks I finally decided to catch up with all the MV's/songs I've missed, at 4 am yesterday XD And I have to admit that I almost love all  the songs o_o K.Will totally deservs to be on #1 place! The song and the message behind the MV was amazing! And TVXQ are hanging in there on the online chart... 
But where's Block B's Nillili Mambo on the chart?! It should at least be on the top 3 -_-
For you guys who didn't get it. He's gay. ;D

Song of the week #43

Ok guys, time for another girl group!!!
I think me and B.R.A are secretly biased on this group. I've actually learnt all their names and faces and can almost hear a difference when then sing! xD

Secret - Starlight Moonlight

It's so addicting ^^ "blah blah blah shala-la-lala. shala-la-lala~" And what I love so much about Secret is that all of their MVs have this story. They're never just in a room dancing. Hm.. I actually think I prefer this cute-style they had over their "Poison-Style". But Poison has made them more known out there, so I guess that is what works for them T_T

HEY! Did you guys notice Band Young Guk from B.A.P in the MV? Yes? Well did you notice Himchan and Jongup? No? Hahaha ok, let me show you:

The red one is Jongup and the green one is Himchan (1:12). They switch places sometimes and Himchan sits on the bench instead and so on. But yes, there you have them!!! Hahaha it's so funny how they're like in all of secrets MVs ^^ I wonder if they're in their "Poison" MV as well O__o

HAPPY 1 year (delayed) ANNIVERSARY A-PRINCE!!!♥

I started to search on TAKEN but couldn't find an pictures at all but realized that their name isn't TAKEN anymore... it's A-Prince XD 
So techically it's TAKEN's anniversary not A-Prince *sight* now it just got compicated -___- But happy 1 year anniversary the non-existing group TAKEN >__>

Macro time =3= [#25]

I've uploaded this before but gosh I love it!
Was it only me who started to stare at his nipples? Oh you too? Well... *high five*


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BIG BANG's Bingu T.O.P who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age) today!! You serious? 25?! O_O I can't believe that you've grown so much ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Teen Top's (heh T.O.P's XD) leader C.A.P who's turning 20 years old (21 Korean age)!! It's a day I've been waiting for actually... it feels like TOP Media (heh T.O.P XD) are going ro make an announcement about Teen Top changing their groups name or... memeber >__>

Found him!

After waking up I started to watch "Around the world in 80 days" and there I found him! XD It's the guy I saw in another movie where he... ;w; He.. yeah the ending is sad. 
Well the guy I'm talking about is Daniel Wu:
Isn't he cute? OuO
I had a freaking crush on him buuut... I found out that he's 37 years old now.. and he's married... TT^TT
     Daniel Wu Picture
Y SO OLD?!?!

Reasons to Love... #3

.. Lee Joon

- His Sexyness

- His Dorkyness / Cuteness


- His body

- His Dancing

- His Smile

So I guess it's quite obvious that I love him the most for his dorkyness and cuteness ^^

Macro time =3= [#24]

I'll probably cry of happiness the day 2PM have their Korean comeback
yesung- like a boss.jpg
Wait... Yoseob is there, Seungho is there and Lee joon is the one with the bananas...? o____o


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NU'EST Ren!!! One of the biggest confusions in the kpop world after Amber XD Who's turning 17 years old (18 Korean age) today!!! ;'D I bet that after 2 years Ren will become the manliest member in NU'EST. Just wait and see... wait and see...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SS501's Otter Youngsaeng who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age)!!! Omg he's getting old O_O He doesn't look lika a 27 years old boy... man? =__=

Sorry for the bad update:

I've been sitting here trying to find some inspiration at the moment so our bad ^~^
And we hope that everyone who's living in the US are beeing careful because of Sandy! It'll be over soon...

Macro time =3= [#23]



credits to choisiwantsit
Lol hahahahahaha 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B.E.G rapper Miryo who's turning 31 years old (32 Korean age). I've never realized that she's so pretty ;__; 

Sully for High Cut

He looks gorgeous! OuO I don't know if I OK-like her hair or love it, her long hair somehow looked better. But she looks more grown up with short hair.

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me [MV + M! Countdown]

It's so sad TT I didn't really get the ending.. so he was just one of many? I liked the song though, their voices really match together. And I loved the fact that Jay was singing in english at first ^^

They recently (today) performed this song on M! Countdown actually!!

Wooah, Woaaah.. to close! Hahah no, I'm cool with it. But DAAAANG she can move her hips! And she's so tall O__o hahaha or maybe it's just Jay who is very short ^^ And the ending!! What the fudge? Did he really get scared? xD

But she didn't sing live right? It's too good to be live... haha
Found this pic:


Hahahah Jay Park photo-bombing AOA's group picture xD

This weeks U.P.A.H.I


                                           TBS, aw mai gawd that's the name of my High School XD
Well this weeks U.P.A.H.I as you all can see goes to Mr Kwon Ji Yong~ He seriously gets more and more attractive for every comeback Big Bang has ;w; 


Macro time =3= [#22]

I'm spamming you guys with Yesung macros because he's one of the most wonderful persons that has ever existed on this earth!
And... because I can >:3
Oh that was a new word XD Love it!

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