Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [6th Album]

Sexy, Free & Single
From U
Rock Star
Bitter Sweet
Day Dream
A Good Bye
Rage... I made a big fat post the moment they released the whole album but my post got deleted and I was in a hurry =_=

Oh well SLDJBGLJASBDJGSLA *fangirl time*
I have to admit I haven't been able to listen to all the songs only 50%. Read that "From U" was dedicated to all the E.L.F's out there. I thought that I would cry however I didn't but it was a warm song. BUT! When Somebody started to play a whole freaking flood started to pour out TT^TT
Lol everything I write seems so get deleted... I made another big fat update but everything just vanished O_O
Firsly I got a bit disappointed on Sexy, Free & Single I had really high hopes on it and it sounded different compared to the teaser. But it wasn't bad, it didn't really satisfy my high hopes for it.
Did you also hear that thing in the beginning on From U? That engrish voice (who is it? XD Kyuhyun?) said
"This song is dedicated to the worlds biggest fan club, dear E.L.F's my girls my angels"
I don't think they intentionally did this, but what happened with the boys? XD
Overall I REALLY loved Gulliver and Day Dream! My whole body quivered when I heard Day Dream. But I seriously got sad because I can't hear Yesung anymore O___O The first one I could easily hear in EVERY Suju song was Yesung but. I. Can't. Hear. It. Anymore ;w; I've been commenting every clip asking people when he sings XD HAHAHAHAAHA *I suck*

Lastly the last song "A Good Bye", was it only me who thought that it sounded like a slow version of MBLAQ's Stay? For example from 0:59-1:19 The only lyrics that plopps up is "Oh Baby stay with me nanana~"
But I liked the album ^^ It was a bit different compared to their other albums. Now the awesome MV for Free, Sexy & Single is left!


How come I forgot this? TT^TT
INFINITE had their 2 years anniversary... a long time ago XD To be more exact June 11th. They debuted with their singles "Come back again" and "She's back". There are a lot of groups out there who has debuted before INFINITE but I have to admit that INFINITE must be the best dance group out there. Everyone is skilled and they have this mega synchronization I've never seen!

Day 15: Favorite 2NE1 Song

Again, I have two songs I absolutely love!! So I pick both ^^

Can't Nobody (eng. version)

How can you not love this song?? And the reason why I picked english version is because I can sing along to it xD I feel so freakin' badass singing to CL's rap, then a little bit ashamed when I try to sing Bom's part ^^ I can't really sing that high.. B.R.A can, but not me -.- I'm more like the rapper of this group xD

And then of course.. we have I Am The Best

Minzy!!! I really think I'm in love xD She dances soooooooooo well!!! She is so pretty and so fierce and her voice OH MAI GOSH!!! hahaha, but this song just in all is so daebak! And the dance practis video is so fun to watch that I almost like it more than the actual MV ^^ Just saying..

Idol groups acronyms [Girls]

I just finished acronyms with boy groups a long time ago so this time I’m going to continue with the girls. We haven’t really been so active when it comes to girl groups. Or we have become more active compared to our first days. But we’re still working on it. (It’s just comment a post if you want some update about a specific group ^^ We would actually be more happy if you do that rather than find you annoying :3 )

Well girls~

2NE1 - Two N E One (twenty one) or To N R One (To anyone). I’m not really sure which one it stands for.


B.E.G - Brown Eyed Girls


C-REAL - Chemi, Redee, Effie, AnnJ, Lenny

Chi-Chi - Creative Electronic House Idol


f(x) - Flower: Double X Chromosome


HAM - Heart and Mind


New F.O. - New Five Order


RaNia - Regeneration Idol of Asia

SISTAR - Sisters and Stars
SNSD - Sonyeo Shidae or So Nyuh Shi Dae


This was all I could find, There isn't a lot fo girl groups out there who has a acronym as their group name compared to boy groups. I find it weird somehow...







Super Junior realeses medly for their upcoming album!

The new video released through SM Entertainment‘s YouTube channel is a highlight medley giving you a sample of the tracks included on the upcoming 6th album, ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘. - Allkpop

WAAAH!!!!! xD

The first few seconds, all I could think of was "Ah, Ah, hana, dul, set! Welcome to the Super Show! Let’s Go~!!
My name is DongHae! Let’s party tonight!!" AHAHAHAHA the music sounded exactly like Donghae and Eunhyk's song Oppa Oppa xD
And then the last song, waaaaah I really want to hear it! I want to hear all of them, but I feel like the last one will be my favorite ^^

Do you have afavorite already? ^^

But I'm Mr. naughty naughty~

HAHAHAHAHAHA I felt so busted XD

Happy Birthday To

The  rookie group VIXX's leader N who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)
E.x member Taemin from the so-not-known-group Code V who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age) Lol hahaha 30 years old!!!! XD
Well these was some random birthdays but they deserve it :P So a big Happy Birthday to N and Uhm Taemin (his complete name)


Daesung dancing Girl Group dances!

Hahaha saw this clip on youtube..

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA HE IS SO AWSOME!!!!!!! I'm falling in love with him xD He is so hyper?! That's why I love him. He has an amazing voice, a great personality and daaaaaaang DAT ASS!! ^^

I love finding random clips on youtube, haha I need to spend more time there so I can find more stuff xD

BLAQteenpop ent. first meeting...

Well yes and no XD

Sorry for the bad update, the whole BLAQteenpop ent. gathered today and had their first official meeting and M2STASCH (we) had a photoshot . . . XD Busy schedule @ω@
Some surprises will plopp up later (2 months trololo) But it's great news, I think -__-
Do you guys remember, I hope you do otherwise I'm worried... okay *Do you guys remember* the Power Ranger post I made a few hours ago? Well during our "photoshoot" today, we started to fool around and here's the result XD
Not bad ey? *proud* hahahaha XD
But everything will be back to normal tomorrow because I actually had a life today... >_>

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Teaser]


That moment when you see a T.O.P wannabe in the beginning hahaha XD Their style was quiet... unique :3 I seriously love that clapping beat *o* and that Russian pole dancing thing :D
ASDLFJNSDLFB *fangirl* Don't know what to say THEY'RE BACK!!! TT^TT

Day 14: Favorite BEAST/B2ST song

My favorite B2ST song.. I have two that kind of shares 1st place ^^ So I'll pick two!!!

Fiction (Orchestra Version)

Of course I like the.. no I LOVE the original version, but this one is so beautiful!! So that's why I picked this version instead ^^

I Like You The Best

Haha Yoseob so cute!!!! Don't know why but he really is in this MV xD Or, he's always cute hehehe.
And one funny thing I always remember from this MV. When they hit Kikwang at 1:56 there is Dongwoon, Junhyung, Yoseob and Kikwang. At 2:24 Doojoon plopps up.. with a red jacket!!? OUT OF NOWHERE!! Why would they make him so up in your face?? Hahaha, yeah.. that's funny ^^ And so are the bloopers at the end!! Some of the bloopers though are from their song Beautiful (the songs that plays while the blooprs are showing). I also REEEEALLY like their song "Beautiful", but I choose these two ^^

~Power Rangers~

Every kpop fan should or probably knows about the Power Ranger fever~ ;D Even if you aren't a fan of it (just like me) it's still a must know cartoon/animation. Just like Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse etc.
It's actually actually an American animation and has over 19 seasons (I don't think it's finnished yet). Has anyone been following the show from the start?! O_O  Okay enough about the facts.
You can clearly see that during reality shows idols usually mention the word "Power Ranger" a lot. So here's a small collection on our small Power Rangers!


Super Junior
Big Bang
CN Blue
B.A.P (one of the newest one...)
FT Island
Hahahahahahahaah lol XD  The best ones were Big Bang, MBLAQ and Yesung ;D If I ain't wrong MBLAQ had to stroll around like that in Idol Army or Kkaeal player... I think it was on Idol Army :3


I don't feel so good @___ @

Fake...? o_o
The funny thing is... it is totally normal =_= What has kpop done to me XD <3
big fat creds to the one who had patience (or enought free time...) to make this XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U-KISS Maknae Dongho who's turning 18 years old (19 Korean age) Kekeke only 1 year older than me OuO
U-Kiss hwating!! :D

CHI CHI - Love is Energy [MV]


WAAAAH!!~ not bad at all!! I actually liked it really much xD So this is a girl-group called CHI CHI. That's all I know. YEAH.. they're five member and one of them (Shine) is new to the group. Haha but the dance they do with their hands... tried to do it. HAHAHAHAHAH didn't go so well xD How the F does their hands move so fast??

Also read a comment on youtube that said "KPOP sure like to use dubstep as a bridge" or something like that. It's freakin' true!! Haha B.A.P NU'EST and now CHI CHI. I bet that there are other songs that uses dubstep as a bridge that hasn't entered my mind yet ^^

2NE1 - Teaser photos and comeback!

I saw the picture on CL and Bom a long time ago but I didn't know that it was their official teaser pictures XD
Their title track will be "I love you" (The text on Boms' picture) I wonder if "Are you ready?" will be a song? o_o
Ahh everyone are going to make a comeback during July-August T___T 2NE1, NU'EST (I made a post about it a long time ago and it seems like these big pages got to know it now O_O I feel awesome for the first time...), T-ara, 2PM E-T-C! <-- not a group XD
However I wonder if 2NE1 will be able to surpass their album last year and that awesome hit song "I'm the best" Well all I can say is that "It's YG... they can do anything". I thought that Big Bang would've been stuck on Fantastic Baby but then...! they released Monster, one of their best songs!


Day 13: Favorite f(x) song

Yeah.. like lots of other groups, I've only heard a few songs from f(x). My favorite songwas between Electric Shock and the one I'm actually picking ^^


Don't know why but at 0:44.. there is something about those dance-moves and that part in the song that brings up a memory.. with MBLAQ? ahhahahaha xD

Anywhoo, the song is so catchy and the MV is so fun to watch! Love the dance and the setting and the cloths and the hair and the makeup etc. etc. ^^

T-ara - Day By Day [Teaser]

Ohh I can feel it... this will be one of their hit songs! I love that T-ara has this dark and "action" concepts compared to other groups. The intrument in the beginning also made be quiver *o*
The new member Areum will be debuting with them in their promotion for Day by Day. However I suck so badly I don't even know all the members in T-ara so I couldn't really tell who she was (in the teaser). Personally I think that T-ara is a messy group if you only focus on the members. Some quit the group after their debut, some new was added, someone droped out and new ones are going to debut !"#@¤%&!  It's exactly the Same with After School...
They will release the MV for Day By Day July 3rd however I read that they'll release the whole album on August o_o

EXO Kris has 2 tattoos?

My dear little Ahjussi brought this up when I meet her a few days ago so I had to search it. And I can clearly say that there's proof enough that Kris has 2 tattoos. One on each arm.
                                                                       click here for a bigger picture
Not because I have anything against it, I actually find it interesting ^^ *weird* I wonder if other members in EXO have a tattoo as well. They (lol the fans*) also mention that he never wore any short sleeves, but idols doesn't usually wear any short sleeves in public -_-
Wonder how SM reacted on it XD 
 A lot of people are guessing that the tattoo on his left arm in a scorpio but I don't think that... looks more like a snake xp However you can clearly see that there's a text on the tattoo on his right arm ^^

Well now everybody knows that Kris has a tattoo XD

Mom: Your sister is such a good liar kekeke~

Hahaha lol *Korean version*
HAHAHAHA!!! The song is actually catchy but that phrase "I'm a loner" made everyone "O_O"
However this is my version on how I've interpreted the lyrics.
Sad but true :___;



A poorly made paint picture but you get the point XD
And he's so cute over here ajfbajhfsaghf ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CN BLUES' cute drummer Minhyuk who's turning 21 years old!! (22 Korean age) Once again I want to hear him sing in one of their songs =_= It's only Yong Hwa or Jonghyun, Minhyun do have a good voice let him use it! *riot* xD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SNSD'S maknae Seohyun who's also turning 21 years old today!! I need to stop with the big letter in the beginning of the sentence -_-
She was so pretty in the Twinkle MV especially on the "rock"/stage" part. Gah loved that outfit and her hair *u*
Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN FROM B.A.P who's-ruining-everyones-bias-list Daehyun, who's turning 19 years old today (20 Korean age). Gah that Korean age just made him look older =_=
I heard that B.A.P is preparing themselves for another comeback soon, they need to rest a bit :/ But man I do look forward it! OuO

SISTAR - Loving U [MV]

Aww I got warn watching this ;w; the transformation from the sad "Alone" music to "Loving U". Hyorin's voice is like an angel voice for me <3 I started to cry when I heard the duet/collaboration she had with K.Will on Immortal song >///<
Thumbs up for paddling with a surfboard (y) I wonder if they "hired" these people when they filmed or if they, just went to a random beach in Hawaii while incuding the people over there in their MV hahahaha someone in Hawaii right now:

*clicking on a random clip Sistar - Loving U*
OH LOOK AT THAT! I'm sitting over there half naked @__@
No but I like how SISTAR made the whole MV cute while beeing able to pull off that sexy image *referring to those car scenes* XD Have to listen to the whole album now!

2 weeks of my life summed up in pictures:

So folks'! How have your vacation been?


Rookie boy: Kang Seung Yoon

I saw a small album about a boy *pointing up* Kang Seung Yoon it was a Fanta Commercial Shoot. So I searched on him and some facts I found:
He participated on the show Superstar K2 (One of those Korea idol things XD) and ended up on the fourth place. However he signed a contract with YG ent. So he's a trainee right now O_O Good job man, YG isn't a bad company XD *duhh*
He's born -94 (18 years) and is currently filming a serie High Kick 3, with Sulli from f(x) ^^
Love his shoes *o*
Need to search on Youtube and hear his voice :P *desperate and have nothing to do*

2NE1 - Dara [Teaser Photo?]

All of you've probably seen this but let's upload it anyway xd
I belive that this is her teaser photo for their comeback if I ain't wrong XD And she looks amazing! She fits in sidecut. At least when you see her in profile. Wonder how CL looks like *dreaming away*

Day 12: Favorite Brown Eyed Girls song

Well.. I've only heard one ^^


Ehm.. haha the MV to me is a bit weird xD But as we have established before.. I like weird ^^ And that "Frontal Dance" they do, hahaha I remember when I was practicing for the Swedish KPOP-Flashmob and did that dance in school. My classmates didn't really know what KPOP was back then.. hahahaha those looks I got!!! xD Hahaha memories.. ^^

SISTAR - Loving U [Teaser]

AW MAI GOD HOW COULD I MISS THIS?!?!?!!??!?! *brb crying*
This makes me so exited!!! <-- sounds so fake XD No but seriously, and the voice in the beginning <3
It's one of those lovely "home-made" ones were they don't stand in a room dancing 24/7. Wonder if there was any fans over there in Hawaii who saw them :O
DSDFJSDNFLJSF I want the MV now! ;w;
The whole album will be released June 28th... 1 day left!!!! O_O *hype*


I like to write random words here because I need to fill this space...




HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF WONDER GIRLS MAKNAE Sohee who's turning 20 years old today (21 Korean age)
I made a birthday post to her a while ago but where the fudge did it go?! O_o I even published it...
Oh well happy birthday to one of my favorite members from Wonder Girls~ :D She's so pretty and cute *u* I also like that she has has some curves (compared to other idols who are reeeeaally skinny...)

Day 11: Favorite FT Island song

Hello Hello

I like a lot of their songs, but this one is so catchy xD And when Hongki does that weird thing with his hand when he sings "hello hello" and "goodbye goodbye" haha. I don't know.. it's weird ^^ But I love how FT Islands MV's always has a story in it. Like Severely. I looooove that MV O__o

Anywhoo, so this is one of the songs I like most by FT Island :D

Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 [Teaser]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH The first thing I reacted on "23, Male, Single" HAHAHAHA JYP XD I read the comments and everyone seems so react on that as well. Sounded like a dating site "Jang Wooyoung 23 years old single man living his dream~"

Well about the teaser, I love that fierce beat in the beginning and one word: eyegasm. Can you even say that? =_= Or maybe eyecandy... But damn did you see that!!! Wooyoung are one of those who looks REALLY good in light hair colors. The blonde one he had in Hands Up was awesome! It even looked natural :3
In the teaser they say that the solo album will be released July 8th. More than 1 week left... GAHH wooyoung ^3^


G.O & Mir - Wild [Audio]

Oh interesting! Yesterday I read that they would do a collaboration but I didn't know that they would release it so fast :O  But I actually like it. Gave me that MJ feeling in the middle of the song and Mir, one of the best rappers (according to me) just nailed it! So this was just awesome! :D

At the breathing part 1:27 was it only me who whispered MBLAQ? XD (<-- in their Y MV)
Apparently they'll perform it for the first time on their BLAQ-tour (July 30th) I wanna see it live! :o

Random stuff #7


NOOOO~ Hhahaha why did I laugh so hard at this?! x'''D Mir's face ^3^

EXO-K's Baekhyun.. hahahahahahah when they start singing along! xD Satisfactiooooh~
And what's up with the lights? O__o freakin' spazz attack!! xD

Kim Kyu Jong’s enlistment date

People the date it set ;w;
SS501's Kim Kyu Jong will enlist the army June 23rd but before his enlistment he'll release a "thank you" track to his fans. Damn... I'm sad right now ;___; Only 2 years folks... only 2 years . . .

Don't Forget MIB Livestream Today!!

Drop by June 26th, 2012 at 10:00PM EST (You Can Convert Times Here (EST – North America) to watch M.I.B answer your questions LIVE on our special event page. Oh, did I also mention 5 lucky winners will be picked from our forums to receive an autographed CD? - Allkpop

(So if it's at 10:00PM in Korean time, that would mean 3:00PM in Sweden and 9:00AM for you guys in the East Coast of USA)

And the link to the Livestreaming.. thingy:
I can't see them even if I really want to because I have wrok :/ But I'm telling you guys, these guys ARE good!! So give them a chance!! :D

Haha it's just so funny how they went frm this:

To this:

I remember when I heard this song. I was like WTF? hahah I thought you guys were gangsters!! Haha noo, but really a 180° change ^^

But my favorite is their song "Celebrate".. as you may know ^^

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Teaser photos]

The last teaser photos are finally out and on them are no less than:
Maknae Kyuhyun and deliver boy Siwon~
I still can't believe that Yesungs teaser photo really was Yesung =_= I thought it was Kyuhyun all the time but no... However Siwons photo surely is special. Doesn't really give you that "Siwon vibe" but I think I know where SM got that inspiration from:
This sexy-something fanmade picture XD Don't know who _star is but I saw that one of the users from allkpop shared it :3
But I'm really looking forward to their album and the MV! Only 5 days left!
If I ain't wrong this should be their tracklist:
1. Wiggle Wiggle
2. Sexy, Free & Single (섹시한 무료 및 싱글)
3. Bounce
4. Careless Whisper
5. Oppa won't Interrupt (duet of Leeteuk and Taeyeon)
6. Angel ft. Shaggy
7. I am the Bi (Heechul solo)
8. Mr. Sexy ft. Lee Soo Man
9. Hit Me Baby One More Time
10. Don't Overwork My Body ft. TVXQ and Lee Soo Man

Just pull it off <-- random...

Me during the school days~ XD
Lol XD
Long time no see Mean Girls macros ;D <3

A post dedicated for you...

... mom~ A post she'll never see and will never be able to read (because she can't no good read engrish kekeke) No that was mean... but true.
I bet that I don't speak for myself right now but you know foreign moms. They ALWAYS have to ask questions or to be more specific interview you for 10 minutes when you want to:
a) Go out
b) Meet some friends
c) Do something in general

The this with MY mom is that she always interview me when it comes to people I'm going to meet but people that she hasn't meet yet. A totally normal conversation:

Mom: So what did you do today?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: Where did you go?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: How many were you?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: What did you eat?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: How much did it cost?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: What did you do after that?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: How old are they?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: Where do they live?
Me: *aswering le question*
Mom: What's their nationality?
Me: *answering le question*
Mom: Are they fat?
Me: ..... O_O  *answering le question*


        Yes that's me and Bo... before our debut *cough* when we didn't have the thing called mustache XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF WONDER GIRLS MAKNAE Sohee who's turning 20 years old today (21 Korean age) one of my favorite members from Wonder Girls. She's so pretty and cute :O And I love her curves (compared to other idols. At least she got more... "flesh/fat")

FIX - She's My Girl [MV]

For those wondering why there’s only three members instead of four, leader Sungwoo will not participate in the promotional activites for “She’s My Girl”. He hasn’t left the group but he is focusing on activities as an actor for now. - Allkpop

Ok.. I didn't really get the story -.- Why did he kill her and himself? Read this comment on youtube:
Okay.. so from what I've gathered from the lyrics etc is that that dude is crazy and he loves the girl and wants her to be only his. So he decides to shoot her. What a great way to keep your girl.
Hahha is that really what happened? DUUUUDE.. it's cute but very creepy. And she smiled when he killed her? OH RIGHT, and when they first showed the gun I thought it was a hair-dryer ^^

On to the song. I liked it ^^ 

MBLAQ & IU - Rainism


Hahaha sooo cute Thunder and IU reunite! xD And when they like bumped into each other at 0:30 ^^
IU is so cute!! Like a really small pretty girl ^^ As long as she stays away from Joon I'm cool ^^ hahah

MBLAQ &amp; IU dancing to Rainism

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Teaser photos]

Wahh Kangin is finally back!! TT^TT  I don't/have that much to say over here but was it only me who started to daze around when I saw Sungmins picture? *u*
That's... one incredible bautiful man >__>  He's even prettier than 95% of the women on this earth XD

Did You know that...

*Sones and f(x) fans please don't hate me...*
Krystal from f(x) and Jessica from SNSD are sibilings? Or to be more exact sisters XD That my dear friends is what I call a huge schock for me O_O Yes I know I'm after and stupid but hey! I don't really listen to SNSD nor f(x) so you can't complain :P
Here was a good story from Wikipedia:
During a family trip to South Korea in early 2000, when Krystal was five years old, she and her sister Jessica Jung were spotted by a talent agency SM Entertainment, which earned her a cameo appearance in Shinhwa's "Wedding March" music video. The agency saw potential in both Krystal and her sister and offered them singing and dancing lessons, opting to professionally train them in a singing career. However, the offer was turned down by her parents, reasoning that Krystal was too young. Therefore, her parents at first only allowed her older sister to join the agency, who debuted as a member of girl group Girls' Generation in August 2007.

In 2002, Krystal began appearing in television commercials. She first appeared in a Lotte commercial with Korean actress Han Ga-in. In 2006, her parents allowed her to join SM Entertainment, and the agency enrolled her in dance classes, including hip hop and jazz.

What to say... I wonder if Krystal would debut with Jessica in SNSD if her parents would let her be a trainee in a early age. But I personally don't think she would do that. The age differece between the two sister is 6 years and the difference between the oldest and the youngest one in SNSD is 3 years. <-- My calculation XD






Truth to be told, they aren't that alike but the positive thing is that they'll have each other in the same agency ^^ However i wouldn't be able to be in the same company as my little sister =__= Oh dear lord NEVAH! Yeah our relationship isn't that good Dx



Day 10: Favorite SHINee song

There are so many like Lucifer, Replay, Ring Ding Dong etc.
But I'm going to pick the song that I really fell hard for as soon as I heard it.


DEFFENITELY one of my favorite SHINee songs xD And I know Minho's rap which is awsome because I can finally sing along (1:23) ^^ No but I remember when I heard this song.. man I fell so deep in love with it O__é

And the cloths they are wearing!! It's like hip hop but with a little funk on it ^^ yes, I'm still in love with this song xD

*Forever a loan* shark...




This... this *crying* little man HE IS the reason I became a kpop fan. Without him this weird life on mine wouldn't exist. The strong bond I have with BO wouldn't exist either. I'm so thankful and I respect him so much!
The drama "Full House" made me fangirl for the first time over a man so pretty & sexy as him XD
One of my ambition in life is to meet this wonderful guy and just... see and thank him ;'D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE BI RAIN (Jung Ji Hoon) Who's turning 30 years old today!!! (31 Korean age) Welcome to your middle age crisis~


Jo Kwon - I'm da One [MV]

I got a bit confused XD the whole song was around 2 minutes while 3 minutes and 41 second was, Idon'tknow. But I have to say it was really refreshing! Best ego song of the year!!! ;D I'M DA ONE biatches! No but it somehow felt like it OuO
Have to listen to his whole mini album ^^ He does resemble Jay Park a bit, especially in the beginning.
Oh and here's a small summary of the MV:

"Jo Kwon presides over a kingdom battling hunger, only to be overthrown in a coup de tat by an unexpected source."
- Allkpop
Then it makes more sense XD But I really liked it! :D
                             2AM’s Jo Kwon Shows Off New Album Jacket Image

Song of the week #27

This song is old-new. Like it's new.. but not as new as the newest songs out there xD
The song I feel like is this weeks S.O.T.W is..


That's funny, because when the song came out I felt like "huh, it's good.." but now I'm like "THIS SHIEEET IS AMAZING!!!" Hahaha, I love so many things about the song. Like how the tense builds up at 0:58. I don't know what it is, but there is something with the part between 0:58 - 1:15 that I love. I guess it's the music, and how the guy sings. 

Hahahah it's embarressing that I can't tell who is who. But just the entire song. And the MV O__o IT'S SO BLOODY GOOD!! When they sing "DoraDoraDooora, Dora bla Dora~" with their hands on (not in) their pockets and move their feet like that, it's so addicting. Hahaha and the entire Inception feeling. And when Eli says "I hate you" at 2:54, and it's a girls voice xD


0:12-0:16 DONGHO (the youngest,rapper)

0:19-0:24 the blonde ELI (rapper)

0:26-0:28 also the red shirt at pretty boy KEVIN (main vocal)

0:431:51-1:53 Gangster boy AJ (rapper,vocal)

0:46-0:49 HOON (main vocal)

1:12-1:131:23-1:24 SOOHYUN (leader,main vocal)

1:221:27-1:31 red hair KISEOP (main dancer,vocal)

WTH... who are the guys between 0:58 and 1:15? They all look the same ~.~ It's hoon, right??? It has to be him. Hahaha do you have any idea of how many of these "1:15 is him, and at 1:40 is him"-things I had to find to realize that it actually was Hoon?! xD And then we have Kevin and Soohyun that also sings during that part I love so much ^^ Lots of text.. my bad ^^

So the Song of the Week goes to U-KISS's "DoraDora"!!!~

Look alike: Donghae & Kim Jung Hoon

Then I realised he's the one on top~ <-- See what I did there ;D Well I found this picture... ... a long time ago. That guy Kim Jung Hoon seemed pretty familiar and once again I realised that he's the bad/good/something guy in Goong! (I gave up on that drama so I don't really know if he was the good or the bad one)
And Donghae, I bet that you know who he is so yeah..

Movie Recomendation: The world of silence

Hohoho sounds like a horror movie, but it isn't ^^
This must be one of the most amazing and awesome movies I've ever seen in my whole life TTuTT you MUST see it!
Gah!! I loved everything with this movie! The story, the actors and the best thing was that it had a twist! It wasn't a typical "oh that guy is the bad one". but it got more clear in the middle of the movie so the twist didn't last that long (<-- till the end xd)
I sat and cried like a donkey-ass !#%¤#!(¤ something, in the end. It was so sad ;___;
Apparently Eunjung from T-ara is also in the movie :3 But she didn't have a big role
 <--- that was her role XD
You know what... second thought I was actually really pissed in the end. The unrealistic part was: when there is a big fat fire doesn't a lot of smoke plopp up? The fire they made looked kinda fake XD BUT the part that pissed me off was that THEY STOD AND HAD A FREAKING TEA TIME DURING THE FIRE!!! If he just ran out fast and in again ALL of them could be safe and alive BUT NO they even made the whole scene into a "beautiful" slowmotion scene -__-
No, now I'm mad,,,

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Teaser photos]

No way that this is Yesung?!?!?!?! That doesn't look likw his face, more like Kyuhyuns face mixed with Beak hyun XD But is that reallt him? ;w;
Ohoho wonder how SM thought over here. I bet 10 bucks that crazy V.I.Ps will freak out and say that Super Junior has copied Big Bangs Alive concept...
I really like these teaser photos they feel... natural somehow XD SM is apparently going trough a history phase were they get inspired of... yeah =_= I also saw this picture:
Someone claimed that Dongae and Eunhyuks teaser pictures was inspired by 2 roman pictures ;-)


Some old Big Bang stuff :3

Dunno why but I started to search on their fourth album Tonight yesterday and I really wanna buy that album T_T
I can't believe that it has gone 1 year since I became a kpop fan and A LOT has happened since then ... *happy tears* and it's soon M2STASCH's 1 year anniversary XD
Their Engrish <3
Was it only me who found the party-hard-on-the-balcony scene hilarious? ;'D  I somehow feel sorry for some of the fans/people because I read a youtube comment were he/she said something like "How come I didn't know about the filming?! I live 10 minutes away!!"
Well this post was random...


*squeez* *squeez*

Lol XD
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Korean version of Pringles XD
Kekeke only Death Note fans get it~


I'm going to be all cheesy right now and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BELOVED THAI PRINCE NICHKHUN who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age) klsdjgvnskdjvb he's so pretty ;w;
Dunno why but I find this hilarious XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAKENs maknae Gunwoo (You know the rookie group who debuted last year with the song Young Boy?) who's turning 18 years old today (19 Korean age)
I don't really know what to write here but they're going to make a comeback soon, "I made" a post about it ^^. 50% of the members left and was replaced but I don't think that he was one of them...


BIG BANGS GD and his hairstyles

This is a proof that I'm having too much free time... I just found a picture, or pictures on GD and his 222 different hairstyles. Probably since their (his( debut.
Okay some of them may look the same but hey! You can NEVER have the same hairstyle everyday so practically no hairstyle is the same even if the haircut/color hasn't changed xd If you know what I mean >___>

Day 9: Favorite SNSD song

This one is SO EASY!!


The first time I heard this song was on DH (Dream High) when IU first started with the guitar and then everyone else came ^^ I haven't seen the actual drama, but after I heard them sing this song I fell in love with it ^3^ There aren't many songs I fall in love with after listening to it just once.. So GENIE FTW! xD

Here's IU singing the song (this is the version I heard first):

I always get so emotional in the beginning, even though I don't know whats going on and why they're singing it. But when IU sings in the beginning, it's so passionate. And when everybody else comes. I guess the song is emotional too in this version. Maybe because of the guitar ^^ Hahaha and when that guy starts crying, SO ADORABLE! xD

NU'EST rumoured to have a comeback soon?

There are a lot rumours around the rookie group NU'EST right now (You know the one who had a kickass debut this year? XD). Well, one of them is that they'll have a comeback around July-August with a summer inspired album/look but they'll still have the feeling from their FACE concept XD I don't even know what I'm writing about... >__>

Apparently they'll get a new makeover, but I like them as they are right now u_u AND The second rumour about their new makeover is that Ren will maybe go back to having brown hair~ Yes, he had brown hair before they dyed it and I'm not 100% sure but he'll maybe go back to beeing brown again ^^
So cute! ToT well ehm... I would've looked like a hideous monster high on crack if you placed me beside him -_-
My point is that he's cute no matter what kind of hair color he has XD

NU'EST (Love is in the air)

So what you di that you press the "Prnt Scrn" button. Then if you have paint or something like that you go in there, press ctrl + v and then you have your own love story with someone from NU'EST!!! xD I got this:

Yeah.. I only have one thing in response

Hahahahha JR, I wanted you to be my love T_T

Groups and their fan names ^3^

As you know all the groups out there (or most of them) has a fanname we have these popular one such as:
SNSD - S♥ne
2NE1 - Blackjack
Suju - Elf
etc. However there are also new/old (not so well known) groups out there who also has fan names without us knowing it or fan names who aren't that well known as those *points up* so I wanted to make a small fan name list~ :3 Most based on fan names I didn't know about ... -___-
A-Pink - Pink Panda
B.A.P - Baby
Boyfriend - Best Friend
Brave Girls - FEARLESS
Brown Eyed Girls - Everlasting
BtoB - Melody
Chocolat - Chocolatier
CN Blue - Boice
Dal Shabet - Darling
Davichi - Girls High
Double A (AA) - W
Epic High  - High Skool
Girls Day - Dai5y (Daisy)
JJ Project - JOYOUS
LED Apple - LEDA
M.I.B - Busterz
Miss A - Say A
M.Peror - Kingdom
N:SONIC - Supersonic
Rania - Raniation
Sunny Hill - HːLLЁR
Teen Top - Angel
The Boss - Master
TRAX - Traxian
Wonder Girls - Wonderful
ZE:A - ZE:A'S (ZE:A Style)
Wait... wasn't MYNAME's fan name nametag? How come it's MYgirl now =_= And about EXO's name (Exotrovert) I'm not 100% sure that it's official so we have to wait xd
However 2 of those names was just... firstly Sunny Hills that's a dangerouse one! XD The first thing that plopped up was HITLER and how do you even pronounce that?
Secondly Double A's fan name hahahahahahahahah! Should I laugh or cry? W?! ;'D
I wonder if some of the fan names are official?

I'm so bored =___=


Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Teaser photos]

Well I bet that you already know this but it's finally official! Super Junior will make their comeback July 1st with their 6th album "Sexy, Free & Single" The fudge? XD I hope that SM spends some more money on their comeback this time (compared to their Mr. Simple album)
                                                .... Hahahahahahahahahahaha Eunhyuks bride is ready~
A funny thing I read on allkpop:
"SM Entertainment is famous for releasing teaser photos that seem quite unrelated to their actual concept, so don’t be surprised when the boys are back with looks that are completely different from these!"
Hahahaha so true! XD I don't really know what to expect from these teaser photos but that does not look like Leeteuk :O  IHHHHH *fangirl time* wonder who the next ones will be... some are saying that Siwons or Kyuhyuns teaser picture will be next! :D

Dalmatian FTW

Allkpop said: "The boys of Dalmatian recently made a surprise appearance at an all-female high school in Suncheon on June 20th.

The reason for their unexpected appearance was for one particular first year student at the high school, who left a post on Dalmatian’s official fan cafe expressing her desire to meet the boys in person. Dalmatian happened to come across the post and decided to grant her wish with a surprise event.

Once at the high school, the boys remarked, “We heard there was a fan who wanted to meet us, so we have come just for her. We’re very happy to be able to meet her like this. Please continue to support us.”

Dalmatian interacted with the students in the classroom for about an hour, taking photos, shaking hands, and more. In addition, the members personally handed out snacks and signed CDs they prepared as gifts.

A representative of their agency stated, “We are planning to continuously hold these sorts of surprise events, so we hope fans throughout the country look forward to it."


WAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ DALMATIAN!!! You guys just gained so much respect from me O__o Haha I love these kind of stuff. It makes the idol seem more real and down to earth. I don't really like Idols that act like divas (not Jo Kwon diva, just divas that think they're better than everyone).

SISTAR - Loving U "Dasom" [Teaser Photo]

Apparently allkpop wrote an article about it.. 3 hours ago? XD Yeah I'm slowly and I know it~ But they've finally released the teaser pictures on maknae Dasom, one of my favourit members, or to be more exact my bias ^^
She's so cute *u*
Btw are those HUNTER boots? O__o

Girls Generation - Paparazzi [Dance Edit GOLD]

Those pink gloves </3 XD Don't know if I should love or hate it. However I really like their dance in Paparazzi. It gives you that typical SNSD feeling but it's still something new and awesome! And the song is great as well! ^ω^
8 members: *having a seriouse face while dancing* (<-- most of the time)
Hyoyeon: *smiles through the whole MV* ;D

Day 8: Favorite 2AM song

Yeah.. ahaha I don't really listen to 2AM O__o So i'll pick the song that first comes up on youtube ^^

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

This was.. AMAZING!!! OMG, I LOOOOVED THIS MV!! It had a story! I didn't really get all of it. Did she just leave him or did she die? O__o Because that would make sense too because they seemed to be so happy together. If they were happy why would they break up? And the song was so emotional T3T
So yeah, this is my favorite song from 2AM (And pretty much the ONLY song I've listened to ^^)

~Mnet Chart~

Ï don't really know what to write over here =_=
The online votes somehow makes me confused, don't know why and "The gloomy song" the fudge is that? XD Oh well congratulations to f(x) for winning Mnet Countdown this week ^^ You guys deserv it (y)
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!!! So this was the gloomy song?! XD The guy with the yellow shirt had the same line through the whole song, btw isn't he a comedian?

Idols and their pets

Found a "idols and their pet/s" list on tumblr yesterday. I can't really say that you can trust this source 100% but look at it more like a... fun list to read ^^ They also had some weird numbers on each name but I didn't really get it so I deleted it -_-
Jokwon - Haengwoonie
Seulong - Saebyuk
Chansung -Jeonggam
Junho - Ggomengie
Junsu - Audrey
Bom - Choco, Yeoreum [Summer]
CL - Ddochi
Minzy - Dougie
After School - Yaya, Hoho
Jooyeon - Gogi
Nana - Happy
Apeace - Gingko
Dongwoon - Yuri
Big Bang
G-Dragon - Gaho
Taeyang - Boss
T.O.P - Charlie
Brian Joo - Beckham
C.N Blue
Yonghwa - Jjingie
CSJH The Grace
Dana - Justin, Timber, Lake, Dodo
Lina - Haru, Mashi, Maro
Sunday - Nichi
Dalmatian - Bbangku, Nunie
Dal Shabet
Ah Young - Chanha
Subin - Louis
Kai - Jjanggu, Monggu

F.T Island - Peach
Hongki - Elisya
Jonghun - Pri, Madonna
Luna - Bap
Goo Hye Sun - Kkongchi, Bap, Jjangachi, Mandu, Soondae
Isak - Ra Im
Gyuri - Kingkang
Hara - Ang, Bang
Jiyoung - Jisook, Myungsoo
Nicole - Mocha, Chino
Seungyeon - Name unknown, Name unknown
Lee Hyori - Mimi, Samshik, Soonie, Soon Shimee
Mir - Soju
Thunder - Dadoong
Nine Muses
Sera - Mingy
Jonguk - Name unknown
One Way
Peter - Jjingu
Rain - Janggoonie
Di - Mandoo
Jooyi - Doongji, Name unknown
Joy - LamYai
Saem - Bon Bon
T-ae - Ttongji
Se7en- Aegi, Kanji
Seo In Young - Bok Soonie, Saeri
Key - Coco
Jonghyun - Roo
Taemin - Eve
Eric - Jamongie, Yaku
Hyungjoon - Choco
Jungmin - Laping
Super Junior
Donghae - Bada, Meo
Eunhyuk - Choco
Heechul - Baengshin, Champagne , HanJayHeeBum [Heebum]
Kangin - Gongju
Shindong - Jjaboo
Yesung - Ddangkomming, Ddangkommaeng, Kkoming
Zhou Mi - Ni Qiu
Injoon - Jang Boah

Tony - Tori

TRAX - Henry

Changmin - Mangdoong
Jaejoong - Jiji, Vick
Junsu - Bakira, Leo, Leon, Shadow, Shaki, Tigger
Yoochun - Harang, Namu, Norae, Name unknown
Yunho - Taepoong
Dongho - PpuPpu
Eli - Ongy, Tongy

Wonder Girls
Sunye - Mindol, Keomong
Yoobin - Choco, Michael









       Mir and Soju


SISTAR - Loving U "Hyorin" [Teaser Photo]

I've actually read this a long time ago but I was to lazy to make a post about it xd
SISTAR will officially make their summer comeback June 28 (only 5 days left) with their special album "Loving U". I also heard that they'll film the MV in Hawaii O_o That's pretty cool, but why Hawaii of all the places? XD
Love their song "Alone" so I have high hopes on their specail album. And Hyorin looking pretty as always ^3^ her husky, strong, light voice is also to die for!!! However she somehow reminds me of my mom . . . not a good sign . . . =_=

Everybody was kungfu fighting~

For you noonas..



So many x2 birthdays T_T Oh well 2 people that I really love? like? Something... is having their birthday today~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR PRETTY BOY Lee Minho who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age) he isn't that old actually O_O Or yes he's old compared to me but I thought that he was around 28. He's so pretty @__@
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SECOND PRETTY BOY *I feel so lame -_-* CN Blues leader Jung Yonghwa who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age).
A small part of me wants to be born in the end of  80's  while another part is happy that I'm born 95. As I Kpop fan... I believe that you know what I mean. The word age for us is something... gloomy ;w;


2BiC ft. Ailee - Love Again

Damn... this is some good ****! O_O I really liked it!
Ailees kickass rap in the beginning and their voices oh dear lord *eargasm* XD However it reminded me of another song  . . . don't know which one -_-
There's also a lot of talk about the MV and 2BiC in general. About their weight and the sexy girls etc. I'm too lazy to dig for some more info. Who cares just listen to the music folks'!

Some K-POP things...

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I wanna upload mooore TT^TT
Well for more "true story" macros Click Here~

2PM's Wooyoung [Men's Health]


Mehehehe.... T3T So now Taecyeon, Chansung and Wooyoung have been in Men's Health. Hahah the beginning of the video was a bit.. too much? Naah I don't know what to say. It just looked funny when he put his chest out and smiled like that xD But later in the video.. meheheheh xD He is so brown in this video too O__o Makeup.. xD
But daaaang, hid body!! I guess he really worked out for this shoot ^3^

Eye Candy - NU'EST style #2

This one is self explanatory. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Hahaha, so much bromance!!! xD

Did You know that...

A member from the rookie group CHAOS (Who released the song "She is Coming" last year) had a member whose name was Taeyang but he had to swith to another one because of V.I.Ps' getting angry at him XD
This is the guy... ^
The funny thing is that his birth name is Park Tae Yang however Big Bangs Taeyangs' birth name is Dong Young Bae HAHAHAHAHA, oh dear lord kpop fans ;'D I don't know if I should laugh or cry. And the only one having a "connection" with the birth and the stage name in Big Bang is Daesung. His birth name is Kang Daesung but the rest... is just made up stagenames ;P
The thing that I somehow hate about well known vs. rookie groups is, for example (I've said it before) Let's say that Block B release a song called "In the house" and 2 months later Big Bang makes a comeback with a song called "In the House" the fans wouldn't even care about 2 songs having the same name even if Block B were the first one. However if we switch the places were Big Bang released the song "In the House" first and Block B after, Block B would've gotten an.... ASDOFBSADLF BIG FAT STORM OF HATE from all the V.I.Ps and other fans. This is just messed up >_> Yeah it was the same with Boyfriends - Boyfriend and Justin Biebers - Boyfriend -_-
I know why it is like this but I'm just saying *once again* that this REALLY buggs me -.-

Day 7: Favorite 2PM song

Hahhahaa I know what song to pick ^^

DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE 2PM SONG!! Hahahaha mostly because of the MV, but still xD

2PM pre-debut ^^ Gaaah, they're so adorkable xD I love 2PM..

You touch my heart~

Damn... Donghae was really skinny O_O


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE YOUNGEST MEMBER IN SUJU, RYEOWOOK Who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age)!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! One of the youngest and he's 25 years old XD Suju Y U so old?! ;w;
This clip just deliver the message:
One of the comments:
the mc was talking about how to make fish cake.(i think) Then, leeteuk ask if there is any fish in the fish cake, the mc replied no. Suddenly, heechl said to leeteuk, "Just like there is no Junior in Super Junior!" :)
Hahaha XD
              miss A’s Min Flaunts No Makeup Face Through Selca Picture
kasjdfhksadjfbsd rage -__- I hate the whole system on the blog thing >_>
Well about her... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WONDERFUL MIN (Miss A) One of my favourite members, after Jia. Who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)
Hope that both of you'll have a really great day!! Ryeowook is probably shooting the MV for their comeback next(?) month !#%#"!%! :D

DSP Media new Girl group "Puretty"

Look at that, another one XD I've been writing about the boy group A-JAX a lot of times and for you who didn't know they're from the same company. The group consists 5 people and they'll debut in Korea and Japan around August. That's like... 1.5 months left @__@ IT'S WINTER SOON!!! >___>

Members (in no special order):
Haein, Shiyoon, Chaekyung, Somin and Jae Eun

Day 6: Favorite Wonder Girls song

This one is kind of hard since I really like 3 of their songs. I actually fell pretty hard for their new song "Like This", but I've liked "Be My Baby" for a longer time. And "The Dj is Mine" is the only song I can sing along to. Haha so I don't know. But I guess..

Be My Baby

This is not HD

W-what?! THIS IS IN ENGLISH?!?!?! MWAHAHAHAHA Now I can sing along to this song as well xD But I kind of perfer the korean version ^^

The Korean Ver.

This is HD ^^

Movie Recomendation: A million

As I mentioned on the previous Movie Recomendation I'm a big (lol.. XD) fan of "survival games". I don't really expect that you'll remember it -_-
However I found a new one and this one had some big and good actors, really interesting characters.
Lee Min Ki
Go Eun Ah (Mir's sister)
Lee Chun Hee
etc XD
How and where should I start... As you can see this is a typical "A survival game in desert/island totally isolated from everyone". I can clearly say that if you're a sensetive viewer then I recomend this movie for you guys as well because movies like these usually contains a lot of blood but not this one. Yet I prefered some twists becuase the story was a bit plain sometimes *serious analys* ;'D
But the contest was a bit weird >_>  And the only unrealistic part over here was that they never ate XD 7 days without any food and only 0,25 L water everyday (<-- I think XD)
And to all of you Lee Min Ki fans, yes he had one of the most f*ucked up roles OuO But he played it well woot~ (y)
It's a good "warm up" movie so just... watch it ._.


4Minute - Volume Up [India Ver.]

LOL, India ver. haha seriously? xD

OOOHHH... Hahhahaha this was a joke!! I hope O__o no but this has to be a fan-service video xD Like the guy with the saxophone in the beginning. WTH was he doing?! Hahaha from that point I knew that this couldn't be a serious video. But it's good that 4Minute can have fun ^^ I like that.. I LIKE-IT-LIKE-IT-LIKE-IT~

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Yeah I'm pretty slow =__= wanted to do a U.P.A.H.I post last week (Sunday) but forgot. Oh well I'm sure that no one has missed this picture on allkpop hehoho *If you know what I mean look*
You know when Swedish people wants to imitate a lamb sound we write "Bähähähäh" So how do you... foreign people without åäö write it? Behehehe? O____o Makes no sense...
Okay back to the real point with this post .___.

Yes Boyfriends maknae Minwoo!!! O_O DO YOU GUYS SEE WHAT I SEE?! Firstly I was shocked to know that he was the "real" maknae. I thought that the twins were a few months younger than him but no. :p
Secondly that babyface has totally fooled ALL of US.
Thirdly, damn... his abs OuO
Well okay yes everyone has abs but this was more like a shock for me... us.
It's a typical "don't judge a book by its cover" *lame voice* Well this guy totally proved it . . .

The whole blog thing is making me confused @__@

Well all of you (Swedish people) who are using should know what I mean. The WHOLE thing is upgraded and my mind went blanc yesterday =_=
I'm so high high~

Girls Generation Paparazzi Inspired nails video

Here's a night/day/morning/noon clip for you S♥NES.
This girl is seriously awesome! I've seen all of her nail videos (most of them are kpop inspired) however she isn't that well known she deserves more attention! Lol too serious over here XD

And no I don't know who she is ;)


After School - Flashback


After School's long awaited comeback!!!!! So what do you think? I LOVED IT... not so much :/ I don't like KPOP for all the sexyness. Hahaha okey, that's a lie. But I don't know, there should be more to it. I didn't like the song too much and the dance moves were decent. I didn't really get the MV either haha. A guy.. a gun.. girls dancing. I miss the old days when MVs actually had a story behind it T-T


Day 5: Favorite SS501 song

I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like this song:

Song: Love Like This

I've liked this song for a while now. Don't really listen to any other ss501 songs, so it wasn't too hard for me to pick a song xD (But I like I'm Your Man too ^^)

the leader Hyun joong is at 0:43

the maknae hyung jun is at 0:16

the hot guy Kyu jong is at 0:28

sexy charisma Jung min is at 1:04

and finally the best voice Young saeng is at 0:33

Not my opinions, just took it from youtube so you guys can know who is who ;D

DUUUUUUUUUUUDE... Just listened to Love YaBecause I'm Stupid and Deja Vu.. Don't know what song is my favorite anymore ^^ probably "I'm Your Man" or "Because I'm stupid" ^^

But here is the MV for I'm Your Man xD

Don't know why, but love that old and little creepy sound in the beginning that plays during the entire song ^^ And that they kind of start the course over and over again.. I like that too? xD

Idol groups acronyms [Boys - part 2]

Yes sir~ <-- weird? O.o  A long time ago I made an idol groups acronyms part 1 and thought that I should continue with it :p I stoped at the letter N = NU'EST.

SS501 - Superstar, Singers, 5, 0, and 1 symbolizes "five members united as one forever"
SHU-I - So Hot Union for Idols
SPEED - "Continue the race without getting tired" <-- the story behind it

The BOSS  (a.k.a DGNA) - The Boys Of Super Space
TOUCH - The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme
TRAX - Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-Mas
TWI-Light - Trend World Idol-Light

U-Kiss - Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star

VIXX - Voice, Visual, Value In Excelsis

X5 - Xenos Five

ZE:A - Children of Empire

Well these was some... special acronyms =_= Pretty far fetched but... yeah.

However I have to love these groups who has an "ego" meaning behind their acronyms for example SHU-I and TOUCH ;'D While some groups such as SS501 and SPEED has a deep meaning/thought behind it :3
Well this was probably the last Idol groups acronyms for boy groups but I'm going to continue with the ladies~ ^3^



Why MBLAQ is Weird

There is no doubt that MBLAQ is weird. But weird in a good way ^^ Want to know why they're werid?

Here is why: You know Bi Rain? That dude that trained them? This is him..

And this is MBLAQ:

Now you all know where it came from ^^

Ga In* Childhood pictures~

I wrote this a long time ago but I'll make these "childhood posts" on our dear idols~ ^^ *lame XD*
The fail was that I made a complete post on 2NE1s childhood but realised that I already made one a long time ago -_- Gosh my brain sometime...

Well this time it's 2PM turn!
DAMMIT! I've also done a similiar on 2PM >_____> Oh dear lord just kill me already ;__;
Fine! SISTAR!!! -.-
Oh seriously fuq this shit O__O Couldn't find any on SISTAR...
*sight~* Let's go all in on B.E.G @___@

OMG Am I surprised? No I only found pictures on the maknae Ga In .____.

Well now I'm... mad o__o

I seeee you through the windoooww~

Me: *Only seeing half of the picture* It's probably something about Twilight...

Super Junior comeback!!

If you're a regular reader at allkpop then you should've seen/read the article about Sujus comeback. Apparently Sungming is blonde, Yesung will change to red hair (Aw mai god) kyuhyun having a makeover etc. gahh!!! Wanna see their new looks TT^TT

AND Sungmin wrote this in his blog, or something XD

At last, Super Junior 6jib teaser..!!

not a lot of time left..
when can we perform..
I want to do it sooner..

Aww that cute little boy wanting to go up and perform on the stage again ;D Super Juniors comeback must be on my top 3 most awaited comebacks ^^


S.I.M.P #53

This must be one of the best kpop songs I've ever heard! It's daebak!! Dunno if you can say that they're the "first generation of kpop idols" however they truly are the root of the Korean pop (hip hop XD) just like Leessang, Epik High etc.

Yoo Mi rae ft. JK Tiger - Get it in

This is what I call awesome pop! She's an awesome rapper! (Yoo Mi rae) Btw I guess that some of you know this but they're actually married, she and JK Tiger ^^ They had a secret marriage until I don't know when but it's official now. I heard that in Running man XD *Third big source after allkpop and Wikipedia...*

                                                       The king and Queen in Korean Hip Hop~ ^3^

Did You know that...

U-Kiss has been in the movie "Mr Idol" and the drama "K-POP the ultimate audition". I "saw" them a long time ago in the drama kpop the ultimate.. yeah you know -_- however me and BO watched the movie Mr Idol a few minutes ago (with Jay Park hehihihoho)
Me: ... It's U-Kiss... OMG IT'S U-KISS!#?)/¤!"#

Kiseop, Soohyun, Dongho and Hoon (was i Mr Idol)

Eli, Kevin, Soohyun and Kiseop (was in K-POP Ultimate audition)

Funny Seungri is Funny

Hahaha B.R.A showed me this clip of TOP imitating Seungri at the GO Show xD

Hahahahahhahaha that's soooo funny! xD Seungri is so funny ^3^ I freakin' love him, he's always the weird one but in a funny way ^^ It's crazy.. I can't really choose my bias in Big Bang because I love all of them -.-' But I guess Daesung is still my #1 ^^

~Another shell~

Recently one of BOs friends asked me if I could make a "K-POP shell" for her and I didn't know her so well back then. So I started to freak out of happiness XD No one had ever asked for one so this was my first one ^3^



I started to shit myself when I wrote their names in cursive =___= Because when I do shells like these I don't have a second chance. I can't remove anything if I make a misstake TT^TT
But yeah here's the BIG BANG theme she chose ^^

There's a MONSTER under my bed ;w; <-- see what I did there? (BB)

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Me: I bet ten bucks it's a dude of course but I would still tap it *0.5 seconds later* The fudge is that?! Looked like Jonghyung XD

Gosh these meme figures has taken over the world... And I love it! ;D




Long time ago I didn't make a birthday post so I just chose a random guy I don't even know about. Well the only thing I know is that he's a member of the boygroup ZE:A.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Kim Taehun who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)

~Mnet Chart~

A bit late but hey... what did you expect?

Really?! The Chaser is still #1? That's pretty shocking. I thought that WG Like this or f(x) Electric shock would be #1 however f(x) Electric shock isn't on the chart at all. I saw their performance and I don't think they sang it looked and sounded too perfect.

E-E-Electric shock~
HAHAHAHA After 7 weeks EXO's MAMA got pushed down from the Online votes. Pretty impressing that they've been able to hang on ^^

Like I said before from now on I'll upload a song that I liked from the Mnet chart (inc. the online votes)
So this weeks "chosen song" is:


Song of the week #26

So I heard this song a while ago (when it just came out), and I remember that I really liked it. Last week I heard the song again and realized "hey.. this song should be my next S.O.T.W". And now it will be!! xD

The Song of the week this week goes to..

M.I.B - Celebrate

Y THIS MV ONLY HAVE 100.000 VIEWS?!!! This song is like the ultimate chill-party song. I could listen to this song all week!!! And the MV itself is so good!! It's not too much, it's just perfect for this song. It's colorful and happy (if a MV can be happy that is ^^), just like the song I guess xD

No but seriously, why haven't people heard this song? -.- For me this song is in the same league as all the songs from U-KISS, INFINITE and all those other not FAOKFNHAELGAEHLKGK AMAZING A-LIST kpop groups like Big Bang. Do you know what I mean? O__o no? ok ^~^Y

So yes, M.I.B's Celebrate became the S.O.T.W #26 ;D

Actress Lee Chae Young and her tweet~

Shortening the headline lika a boss! XD It was 25623 miles long on allkpop but here it is~


HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Dear Lord XD Don't get me wrong I'm not  supporting her or anything (as I usually do...) this was a really reckless thing to do. "I will take time to reflect in my actions" bullshit that she'll do that -_-
Oh well as a famous person you should at least know what you can do and what you can't, she's supposed to be a role model for her fans after all. I wonder how much crap she'll go through right now...

Day 4: Favorite BIGBANG song

WHOOAAA THERE BOY!! I can't pic one -.- And luckily they don't really say you can only pick one ^^ So here are my favorite songS from Big Bang. (Actually they're saying that you can only pick one song when they used the word song because I see no S in the end.../B.R.A)

Fantastic Baby
Still Alive
Love Song

Since I like pretty much all of them I thought I'd just upload my favorite MV as videos and the others like the links above. So here are some songs I LOVE from Big Bang and the MV that I also LOVE!! xD

Last Farewell

Hahaha love the beginning, and then out of nowhere GD goes "Base" and the actual song starts.. like a baws! xD GREAT beginning. And then the MV, MWAHAHAHAHAHA at the girl >ㅁ<
No, but the MV was so badass and so amazing! It's sick how much I like this MV!! Hahaha but why do the Big Bang members always walk around the characters like they don't exist? Same thing in Lies O__o But I like it, hoho~

And then.. of course
Haru Haru

Makes me cry every time.. DAMN YOU YG for making so good MV's T-T

If you don't get the story, read this (But watch the MV first, and if you still don't get it THEN read this ^^):
Okay here's what really happened. The girl pretends to go with T.O.P. and she gives him GD's ring and everything (their couple rings). She does this because she is sick and she doesn't want GD to be sad. She's going to have a surgery for her to pass away peacefully and everyone knew about it except GD. So Tae-Yang calls GD to tell him. But when he arrives at the hospital he is too late. T.O.P. gives him the ring and tells him that he lied and she really loved him. The end :(

Look alike: Joo Sang Wook & Seungri


Oh dear lord! I just found the future Seungri, 10 years later! XD Their faces are a copy and that gaze and smile!!! It's just adsfkjsdfsajk!! I "found" the actor Joo Sang Wook on a Running Man episode (76 & 77) that guy is amazing and awkward ;D I thought it was Seungris dad for a moment =_=
No but they're awefully alike in many ways, he's an older version of Seungri ^^ Or to be more exact Seungri is an older version of Sang Wook.

Gahh I'M LOSING IT SOON!!! I JUST HAVE TO SCREAM *Caps* IT!! MY EYES IS TWITCHING 24/7 THE HECK DO I KNOW WHY BUT IT'S TWITCHING MORE AND MORE (Compared to before) People think that I'm a psychopath =_= Something is wrong... *duhh*

I've the most sweetest teacher in the whole world ;w;

Some B2STly facts~

Hohoh I'm so creative * ^ pointing up*

Have been reading manga the whole day but decided to troll around on the net and found some B2ST facts ^^ I don't really "know" them but I'm going to watch some reality shows tonight ;3

The B2ST members were all fighting colds and the flu during the “Shock” MV filming

A fan went to a B2ST fan meeting twice, bringing an entire chicken. The members used the chicken to make baeksook

Because of Yoseob and Dongwoon’s regular snack patters, they’re always blamed for missing food

Yoseob and Dongwoon eat midnight snacks when the members play games because they don’t know the rules of the game

The members of B2ST think Doojoon is the smartest/most logical

B2ST was involved in a car accident after a Music Core broadcast. Luckily, it was a minor accident and nobody was hurt

The biggest fight the B2ST members have ever had was between Junhyung and Hyunseung over a cereal box

During an interview, Doojoon made Junhyung hold up all of his hands and feet. Doojoon: “He can’t count the number of girls he dated even with all of his fingers and toes!”

Apparently, Yoseob and Hyunseung’s personalities don’t match well

Hyunseung and Gikwang get the least sleep at night. They spend all their time on the computer

The B2ST members use AJ’s
(Gikwang) album to play tennis

To decide their bed arrangements, the members used the ladder game

Dongwoon is an awkward person on camera

For more facts Click here~

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That "biggest fight" over a freaking cereal box?! Da fuq XD And using Gikwangs album to play tennis, that's mean ;d

BIGSTAR - Dance Mission [dance video]

WHO THE HELL ARE BIGSTAR?! Saw this clip of them dancing from bravefamily's youtube account. I just have to share this with you guys O__o

The sad part is that they took away the clip that I wanted to show you guys. It was of them only dancing. IT WAS SO FREAKIN' DOPE!!!!! But this clip isn't bad either xD Watch them dance from 4:47. IT'S SICK, RIGHT?!?!?!

BigStar FIGHTING!!! But I don't know if they're a kpop-group that hasn't debuted yet or like a dance-group ^^ But they're apparently 7 members.. yeah, haha that's all i know ^^ In the clip I wanted to show you guys there were this guy with long hair. He was so gorgeous T_T

SHINee Misstakes of 2012

Hahaha I never get tired of these clips xD But not all of them are from 2012, right? Like the ones from "Oh! My School" are from 2011? O__o

But this clip is still amazing!! ;D And just so all of you know, all type of misstake-videos are in the category "Youtube". Just so you know..

Day 3: Favorite Super Junior song

Gaaah.. this is a really hard one since I pretty much like all of their songs O__o
But just because I don't feel like picking everyone else's favorite song, and since I'm such a badass my favorite SUJU song is...


Hahahha I have no idea if the song's name is Rukoko or not, but because they keep yelling "Rukkoko" I'm saying that that IS the name of the song ^^

Hahaha Leeteuk looks so badass in this MV xD Look at 0:40. Hahaha he's like "DAAAAYYYUUM~" AND WHEN HE EATS THAT BALONEY!! Now that's fan-serive. I don't think they went "ahh~ lets make him eat a bloney just because". Naaah, they probably knew what it looked like.

I was thinking about something.. when Idols eat pen*s-shaped stuff.. they do realize what it looks like, right? They can't be that stupid, right? It's all fan-service.. right? xD

And from 1:11 the MV just goes epic!! ^3^ Like the fighting scene between Eunhyuk and Shindong at 1:33, and hen Eunhyuk winns at 1:53. HAHAHAHAHA EUNHYUK!! Y U SO CUTE!

So yeah, this is one of my favorite songs out there from SUJU. I also like "No Other" "Mr. Simple" "Sorry Sorry" "Superman" "It's You" and all the other 34230 songs theu have ^^

Top 10 best Idol-tattoos

I wanted to make a better post about the whole "Idols that have tattoos" but I'm so freaking tired O.o I just wanna dooze off soon so I'll make a part 2 another time. But here's an article about Top 10 idols who has the best tattoos.

1. 4minute’s HyunA

4minute’s sexy member HyunA boldly showed off her shoulder tattoo in her album jacket photos. She’s already had the tattoo for quite some time, with some fans spotting it in the “I My Me Mine” music video. It says, “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive”, showing off the strong bond that her mother and her have.

2. Jay Park

Jay has quite a few tattoos, each one has it’s on sentimental meaning to it. He has his fan club name tattooed on his back, “JWalkerz”, on a heart monitor line. After he got these tattoos, however, he was faced with criticism coming from netizens for “tainting” his idol image. He responded, “Please don’t be too harsh that I have tattoos. I like it, it’s a stress reliever. Telling me not to get tattoos is the same as saying “Don’t rap” or “Don’t dance”. I express my mind through these kinds of things.” I don’t see what’s wrong with engraving your love for your family and fans that you care deeply about.

3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Big Bang’s talented leader has 3 simple word tattoos. One on his back and one on each of his forearms. The one that he has on his back has an inspirational quote that says, “Too fast to live, too young to die”. If you put the tattoos from his forearms together, they read “Vita Dolce Moderato”, which translates into “Moderate Sweet Life”. Simplicity at its best, folks.

4. JYJ’s Jaejoong

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite tattoos. In the center, in big, fancy letters, the tattoo reads “TVFXQ SOUL” and is surrounded by 2 treble clefs. The one on the left saying, “The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor” while the one on the right reads “A song will outlive all sermons in the memory”. Jaejoong also has “Hope to the end” tattooed below it and I’m pretty sure every Cassie can relate to it. It really emphasizes the meaning of “Always Keep the Faith”, which is also another tattoo that Jaejoong has on his chest.

5. BEAST’s Junhyung

Junhyung is another KPOP idol that has gotten himself inked. He has one on his chest which reads “Born again still your son”, showing the close ties between him and his parents. He also has a tattoo written in Latin saying “Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero”, which roughly translates into “Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.” This is totally true because tomorrow is never guaranteed, so might as well live life to the fullest!

6. Hwayobi

R&B singer Hwayobi has a big tattoo on her lower back reading, “Jesus Loves Me”. Showing her dedication to her religion, the tattoo itself is beautifully done, especially the heart.

7. Hwangbo

A beautiful tattoo fit for a beautiful woman. Although it’s big, Hwangbo’s tattoo is really something. Her full name, Hwangbo Hye Jung, is inked in big letters with a gorgeous flower at the end. Hwangbo’s also a lucky woman too, being the virtual wife to SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and stealing Infinite maknae Sungjong’s first kiss!

8. Se7en

Okay, if I made the choice of getting a tattoo, it would be this. Only in smaller form. Se7en’s tattoo consists of a treble clef that is attached to a wing, with a sun in the background. Obviously, it shows his dedication and love to music but on a deeper note, he said that “it expresses my desire to commit myself with music and to fly high with my goals I have set.”

9. BoA

The Queen of KPOP has a large tattoo in the middle of the back with the letter B. It obviously doesn’t stand for the letter in the alphabet, but her name. What’s also interesting about this tattoo is that there are two angels popping out of the two holes of the B. It’s a gorgeous piece of artwork and it matches well with BoA’s style!

10. After School’s Kahi

After School’s leader Kahi has a total of 4 tattoos: one star on each wrist, one on her lower back, and the biggest one being on the back of her neck. It says, “Born with Your Blessed” underneath a big star. Surrounding the star are the numbers 19 and 08. I’m guessing it’s supposed to say “Born with Your Blessing”, but that fact aside, I actually like it. People are also confused with the numbers, seeing how 19 and 08 have no connection. My guess is that it’s supposed to be 1980 because that’s the year Kahi was born.


2PM & 2AM - One Day [PV]


Well I thought that they would upload the clip on their 2pm channel instead the Japanese ent Sony something uploaded it on their channel instead and only Japanese citizen can watch it -_- The fudge?! So that's why the clip is from Daily Motion.

Brb dying of cuteness TT^TT DID YOU SEE THAT? AWWW!!! Wait I'm sorry to spoil the mood but Taecyeon... he looked like the asian version of Zlatan (<-- soccer player) *sight~*
But back to the spazzing!!! I should give 2AM more attention, amazing voices! Well they're a balad group after all. And I bet that they're hyped up as hell because they usually don't dance these "powerful" dances even Jo Kwon said that in their B.E.G parody. So they're probably happy ;D (I may be wrong right now XD)

The song was great! Awesome voices! The song also reminded me a bit of 2PM's Japanese song they released a week ago, Beautiful. Or at least the beat in the beginning.
I was really shocked to see that eveyone had a small part so it was nice. They were also synced when they danced so that's a big + And the scene in the end when everyone sat around the table ;w; *my life is completed*

                                                                A totally irrelevant picture XD

Y Me so tired?! =__=

He's prettier than him ~_~

Kekekeke XD





HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B1A4 little boy who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) damn that's pretty old O_o
I thought that he was around 18-19 XD
Another thing that I've "realised"/thought about is that, CNU must be the only young idol out there who wears glasses 24/7, that's his hallmark XD So I just had to search "CNU Without glasses"


And of course that goddamn teaser picture plopped up >_>

Is that really him?! :O

After School - Flash Back [Teaser]


Shazaaaam! That was some beyonce stuff XD But I liked the odd sound, haven't heard a song with a beat/sound like that so it'll be interesting. I don't really know so much about After School. I only know 4 members, Lizy, Kahi, Uee and Nana that's it XD

Well school is finally over!!! And that means back to the "idol" work XD Trololo. But me and BO have been talking a lot about the blog lately and we have some ideas. Hopefully everything will go as planned ^^ So wait and see, wait and see

YG's new girl group Su:Pearls

I made a spontaneous post about 3 groups that I looked forward to and 2 of them was from YG ent. It's confirmed that the group Su:Pearls consisting 4 members (from K-POP STARS) will have their debut during September. However there isn't any info about the other group Cupids.


It's rare that these big companies (YG, SM, JYP etc) "release" or make new groups debut so I bet that a lot of people are waiting for them. But I somehow have a feeling that almost EVERYONE will relate them to 2NE1 so we'll see how they'll pull everything off~

Day 2: Favorite DBSK song

Hahahha funny one.. since I've only listened to like 3 songs xD But my favorite would have to be (I feel like I should take a song that all of the 5 members are in)..

Keep Your Head Down is my favorite song from DBSK/TVXQ
I like Mirotic too, but Keep your head down wins this round.

Hahhaa they look like superman with those capes xD Sadly they're only two in this MV (Dance Ver.), and I like them all together. Even if Im new to KPOP, I don't like when groups split up. So yeah.. ^^

LOL BoA saying to Jonghyun "Keep your head down" xD

2PM Coca Cola CF

15 sec. Ver.

20 sec. Ver.

30 sec. Ver.

Hahahha after watching this three times.. Changsung's drinking sound. Hahahhaha xD Don't have anything else to say. When they did does karate-moves it looks like it must have hurt O__o

But the CF's in generall.. I didn't like them :/ It wasn't funny nor exciting. So for me the best 2PM CF so far is that "It's Skin" CF, hahahaha it's so EPIC!! xD

HAPPY 3 years ANNIVERSARY 4Minute♥

Yup Yup~
It's 4Minute's 3 years anniversary today~o  I don't really know that much about them but they released their first single June 15, 2009 and made their stage debut 3 days after ^^

But Happy 3 years anniversary 4Minute!! (Is it onlt me who thinks of Madonna and Justin Timberlakes song 2 minutes?)







JB & Jr. (Back in the Days)

Found this old clip of JB & Jr. frm JJ Project dancing xD

Hahahaha, so cute!!!! They were still kids here! As soon as you become an Idol you become sexy. I don't know what it is, but the way they style the idols make them looks so GHDAKJFBAJPGHWF HOT!!! Hahaha and since this was before they debuted they still looked cute! ^^

But heeeey, they could still dance! And Jr's wink at 0:22 *dead* He was so charming back then!! It's funny how I keep saying "back then" when "back then" only was like.. 2 years ago ^^

Megablasted <-- My hallmark


Rookie Actress Jung Ah Yool Commits Suicide

Rookie actress Jung Ah Yool (age 25) has recently passed away by committing suicide. Her last words through Facebook shed a sad light on her difficult life.

On June 10, Jung Ah Yool posted on her Facebook, “I woke up this morning and opened my eyes and I felt like I was standing alone in a desert… I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 19 years old but suddenly… in my room, where I have no place to rely…”

Again on June 11, she posted, “Nothing can comfort me,” expressing her troubled thoughts.

Jung Ah Yool was discovered in her home on June 12. Police are currently investigating the cause of death but they report that it is most likely a case of suicide.

Jung Ah Yool was in the cast for KBS2′s morning drama, “Love Love.” However, with KBS labor union complications, Jung Ah Yool’s contract was delayed and hence her payments were pushed back as well. A source revealed that “Jung Ah Yool had been having financial troubles of the late,” and “was very nervous about the future.”

Korea has the leading rates of suicide and celebrity suicide cases are not uncommon. Celebrities committed suicide include Park Yong Ha, Choi Jin Sil, Lee Eun Joo, Jung Da Bin, former president Roh Moo Hyun and more.



Damn... O_O Truth to be told I don't even know who she is, I haven't heard about her before and I don't really know what to say. It's sad that a lot of suicidal people go through that sadness/confusion in their lives. And it's sad that this was the only solution for her (<-- that she chose) R.I.P Jung Ah Yool.
I thought it was the Jung Ah in After School first but realized that she isn't a rookie actress... -_-

Girls Generation (SNSD) - Paparazzi [Dance Ver.]

SO GOOD!!! I really like it when girls can dance ^^ Even if they wern't 100% in sync, it still looked cool. And I love how they made like these three gorups that did their own thing, but all at the same time.. hahaha like at 0:39. Just in generall how all the girls complement each other. They all do different things, but it looks do damn good! And how at the beginning only a few does one dance, but in the end EVERYONE does it, like at 0:22 how they kind of pic up the other girls in the middle of the dance xD It's hard to explain.. BUT I LIKED IT!! xD

AND WEHOO~ No commercial in the clip!!! xD

Boyfriend - Love Style [MV]


Double up on the MV right now! <-- ha?

This is a typical post where I don't know how to start. First of all you may know that I'm not a über big fan of Boyfriend but I've seen/heard all their MV & Songs and I can say that after 1 year they're still hanging on with the cute concept but their dancing skills has improved a lot. But gah I'm somehow waiting for the day when they'll become really badass with a dark concept :3 *dreaming away~*

And I'm totally biased on Minwoo TT^TT So pretty... and cute... and wonderful OuO And the little gurl XD The disappointment when she didn't show up :p

                                                                           Lucky girl...


SNSD - Paparazzi [MV/PV]


Ohlala~ Bet that all the Sones are happy now. SM has finally paid some (more) attention towards their idols right now. First EXO, SHINee and now SNSD I'm totally waiting for Sujus' comeback this year!!! :D

I actually liked the song, a lot. Even if it was a Japanese one. It just floated really well even those "rap-parts" their outfits was daebak! And I just love that awesome moment when Hyoyeon got her own time to shine however it's a shame that some of them doesn't get a big part at all, for example Hyoyeon. She got what... one line/sentence? But yeah I know she's in the centre most of the time so it's a +-0

Really liked the MV and the song woop woop~

After School leader change~

This is gonna be a fast post because I don't really have time to write a big fat one. As you know and I also wrote about it a few days ago Leader Kahi will leave the group around August and a new member has  replaced her. However the new leader for the girl group After School is Jung Ah! ^^


Day 1: Favorite Song of 2011

My ultimate favorite song was released 2011 xD And if you don't know what song that is by now.. then I guess you're new to this blog xD

MBLAQ - Stay

NO DOUBT the best song of 2011 for me ^^

~Manga Recomendations~

Well a post that doesn't really have anything to do with kpop or Korea in general XD I have a small list on oneshot mangas (only 1 chapter, not long ones) that I recomend. If you don't read manga then I recomend it ^^ It's a bit confusing in the beginning on the reading style but you'll learn and get used to it :)

    Anya Kouro  3 Hearts  Ginrou no Sakura
    Anya Kuro, 3 Hearts & Ginrou no Sakura

        Meguraian no Kimi
    The mirror does not lie, Half & Half & Meguraian no Kimi

    Kuroorihime to Kawaki no Ou 
    Kuroorihime to Kawaki no Ou

Damn it! There was another one, a horror one I think about a guy who wants to travel in every train in Japan. However there is one (train) that no one is allowed to travel with because ifyou go inside it you'll never be able to return again... or something like that -_- gosh I've been searching for an hour soon. Oh well I really recomend these especially the last one (y)
you can always read them at mangafox, mangahere, mangareader etc.

B to the I to the G B to the ANG~

Is it really a bottle? O_o

Oh mai gawd Key, Minho and Taemin hahahahahaha!!!

Aww the two brothers ;w;

30 Days KPOP Songs Challenge

Day 1: Favorite Song of 2011

Day 2: Favorite DBSK song

Day 3: Favorite Super Junior song

Day 4: Favorite BIGBANG song

Day 5: Favorite SS501 song

Day 6: Favorite Wonder Girls song

Day 7: Favorite 2PM song

Day 8: Favorite 2AM song

Day 9: Favorite SNSD song

Day 10: Favorite SHINee song

Day 11: Favorite FT Island song

Day 12: Favorite Brown Eyed Girls song

Day 13: Favorite f(x) song

Day 14: Favorite BEAST/B2ST song

Day 15: Favorite 2NE1 Song

Day 16: Favorite U-KISS song

Day 17: Favorite KARA song:

Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ song:

Day 19: Favorite 4Minute song

Day 20: Favorite T-ARA song:

Day 21: Favorite B.A.P song:

Day 22: Favorite BoA song:

Day 23: Favorite Rain song:

Day 24: Favorite JJ Project song:

Day 25: Favorite ZE:A song:

Day 26: Favorite A-PINK song:

Day 27: Favorite Miss A song:

Day 28: Favorite M.I.B song:

Day 29: Favorite Block B song:

Day 30: Favorite CNBlue song:

WEHOOO~ Another challenge xD starting tomorrow.. WISH ME LUCK!! ^^

2NE1 World tour!!!

Gahhhh saw this article when I woke up and started to riot for myself when I saw that they'll be holding the tour with Live nation. just as Big Bang. But guess what Big Bang wont come here to Sweden so we can say Bye Bye to 2NE1 as well -_________-


TT^TT However I wonder why SNSD haven't done a World Tour because they have a big fanbase as well and it's not like SM are poor or anything. *random thought*

Juniel - My First June [1st mini album]

Illa Illa

Ready Go

Everlasting Sunset


Fool ft. Yong Hwa

My version of fool: Stupid XD *needs to learn Korean* Yes I know that this album was released more than a week ago but, dunno wanted to upload it XD Have to say that her album and voice is quiet refreshing after all the hip/pop <-- see what I did there OωO Fool, Illa Illa are big time favourites however I also liked Everlasting Sunset.
Apparently this girl debuted in Japan first and has already released 1/2 albums before My First June O_o (But Japanese ones)


Funny FT Island Game

Saw this very random game with FT. island hahahahaha, Korea.. you guys sure come up with the weirdest games xD

I don't know if it's songs they're trying to say, because at 1:50.. isn't that Wonder Girls "Tell Me"? But that's the only song I recognized ^^ So maybe not.. haha

FT Island.. what happened to them after "Severely"? O__o That song was released during January. It's freakin' JUNE NOW!!!! Make your comeback already -.-

Here you have their MV for "Severely". Only me who got teary? T-T

Some new groups~

Checked the whole "kpop list" a while ago and found 3 groups who caught my interest:

Look at that 2 girl groups from YG ent. Well the group "Cupids" was somehow predicted because they released a lot of clips/pictures on their trainees however SuPearls...? 
And 7 members seem to be something different too because YG's largest group is what... 5 members? So I wonder how the girls will be, "only" 1 year left *trollface*

And the Second one is the group 100% (love the easy name ;D) They're from the same ent as Teen Top, as you can see. Only 1 extra member.
I'm somehow craving after a really fierce group right now. A lot of Hip Hop and calm solo artist has plopped up but I want an extreme fierce group, 100x more fierce than NU'EST :P You're probably like *careface* But that's what I'm longing for now~
Dear lord I sound like a sexual freak goddess >.>


I seriously love this guy, he's the extra spice in Big Bang. He and Daesung are pretty equal on my bias list~


My heart just shattered into 1241243593475213984518364 pieces

However I can totally accept this XD

image image

Why the heck did I spam you guys with Seungri gifs? =___=

Misheard Kpop Lyrics

So I just realized that.. almost all the lyrics I listen to and thought I knew.. I didn't know them O__o
Hahaha here is some of the most famous songs that I thought said one thing but said another.

PS. The song, the time and what they are actually saying is written in the right corner ;D

Now when I think about it.. it's pretty obviouse that they're saying "to you to you to you now" since the song's name is "To You" hahaha xD But I really thought they said "do you do you do you now"

Big Bang, Haru Haru (5:12)

Big Bang, Lies (3:12)

MBLAQ, Y (O:11)

Hahahah I guess that's it for now!! xD

I want Gary as my brother ;__;

That look... is so ASDLFJBSDL somehow O_O

Hah! That's me... stalking everyone on internet :P

I seriously need to see this show...

I'm living in a nutshell @__@

Long time ago I didn't make a "B.R.A-day" post XD Well there isn't really anything "going on" in the kpop world and I'm planning on some post for tomorrow (yes I need to plan and see what I should write about >_> Those U.P.A.H.I posts doesn't just plopp up by themselves XD)


Well yeah as you know I don't have summer holiday/break yet and everyone else seems to have it -_- gonna sue my school! >:3 You know I had one of those weird talks with my teacher and my mom *cough* you have it every term. Some of you know what I mean and the teacher asked the typical question:

Teacher: So as you can see after this year the standard here is pretty high and we're going forward pretty fast. Have you found your way of studying yet? Do you study in time?

Me: *thinking - No... I've learned that you should study as hell during classes and a bit at home but do you know what? I'm so freaking lazy that I always sleep/talk or troll around during our lessons I bring everything home and collect them into a sexy pile of homeworks. When I go in to my room everyday the first thing I think
to myself is 'you need to study, tonight!' but in the end I'll always think ehh gonna do it tomorrow instead so the whole thing ends up me sitting the day before the exam, Oh I'm sorry I mean the night around 11 pm to panic study for a really big exam I have the next day. I only study for 2 hours and find myself sleeping on my books
or at my desk at 5 am. Wakes up 1 hour later thinking fml I'm so screwed while trying to brush my teeths and study at the same time*

*10 seconds later*

Me: Yes I have, I'm always studying 1 week before my exams and repeat everything every night *colgate smile*
Teacher: That's verry good! I'm proud!

Do you think that I have the ass enough to say that IN FRONT of my mom?! She thinks that I'm studying 24/7 when I'm locked up in my room *for example like right now*
Well I guess that I'm not the only one here I bet that you, exactly YOU have done this through the whole year...
Reasons: Because of K-pop




                                                                         Me right now~

                                                                        My mom right now~ 
                                                          Me right now after my moms right now~

f(x) - Electric Schock [MV]

It's out TT^TT I've been waiting for this since... Saturday? Sunday? something like that and I have to say that... SM are going cheap XD Dunno why but I didn't really have any problem with Suju's A-CHA for example (THAT was cheap, even cheaper than MYNAME's Message >_>) but this time it's a bit too much... SM's MV's doesn't really have any stories anymore, so it's a thumb down on MV's from SM but their songs are great :3

Well about f(x) it feels like I summarized everything I wanted to say on the previous... thing/part/column ;D The song is great of course but the MV and the choreography was week. They could've done something more extreme.
Everyone is so pretty ;w; And Sulli... I didn't even recognize her =_=

Cross Gene - Members profile

A few days ago the rookie group Cross Gene (the group consisting Chinese, Japanese and Korean members) released their MV for La Di Da Di, and it's really good (y) So here's a members profile~

~ Member Profiles ~

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Shin Won Ho

Presh Gene

Face of The Group

October 23, 1991


Blood Type:

185 cm

66 kg

Dong Ah Institute of Media & Arts


- Korean drama “Big” as Kang Kyung Joon

- Korean drama “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” as Lee Chan Sol

- Japanese movie “RUN40″ along with Takuya

- Model & actor in various TV CFs, dramas, musical and magazines

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Kim Sang Min

Organic Gene


July 7, 1992


Blood Type:

178 cm

67 kg


- Musical “Carpe Diem” in 2011

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Kim Yong Seok

Mypace Gene


January 8, 1993


Blood Type:

176 cm

64 kg

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Terada Takuya

Gorgeous Gene


March 18, 1992


Blood Type:

187 cm

68 kg


- Japanese drama “Sign”

- Japanese movie “RUN40″ along with Shin

- Korean variety show “Dream Team”

- Model & actor in various TV CFs, dramas, movies, musicals and magazines

Stage Name:

Birth Name:

Wild Chic Gene


March 20, 1991


Blood Type:

176 cm

66 kg


- Model & actor in various TV CFs and TV shows

Stage Name:

Birth Name:
Gao Jia Ning

Korean Name:
Go Ga Nyeong

Destiny Gene


January 12, 1993


Blood Type:

182 cm

69 kg

I'm somehow shocked that the only Japanese member is the leader O.O That was something new and puh~ I'm still safe with the whole age crisis... >_>  Feels good that the makna is 2 years older XD

BIG BANG - Extraordinary 20's [Photograph collection] #3

If you're a regular reader then you should know that I've made 2 previous posts about Big Bang and their Extraordimary 20's photo shoots. However they're always expanding this album so here's round 3.
Apparently you can buy it at kpopmart for 74$


                                                            Awww hahahahahaah so cute T^T 





Gosh this looks so wrong in many ways XD Of all the things the photographer had to take a picture like this, and on top of that, them standing opposite a wall >_>
But I can't really compain over the view... you know those 2 round things BEHIND men not in front. You know what I'll just sit in a corner shutting my mouth up.


The Big Bang that we all love and know..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Taeyang!!! x'D Freakin' HULK or.. monkey, or something ^3^

Girl: 6x7?
Joon: ..48!

HAHAHAHA wrooooong baby boy xD

Joon: 7x5?
Guy: ...45!
Host: It’s wrong! (to Joon) you almost let it pass!
Joon: ...W-wait! Isn’t 45?!

Hahahaha "Isn't 45?!", JOONIE?!!!!! <3 I thought asians had this math-thing all figured out. Well I guess not all of them ^^

Hahahah Daesung: Ah, that was dangerous!!

5 days left~

HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh dear lord sucha a bad humour XD

Kekekekeke XD

Was it only me who thought of MBLAQ?

Hahahaha aww don't make fun of my Sungjong~ ^3^

Comment on my post~ *dork face* :D

Well as you all probably know 2NE1 released the song "Be Mine" by INTEL and I made a post about it writing:

I heard that a lot of idols went with the flow and made some pranks during April 1st (inclusive Suju *cough* haha XD) So I searched some more and found an article on allkpop writing that it was fake *believing it 100%* ;'D  So yeah it was an April fools joke~
Have to love people who comment with a random name :P See what I did there?

Jun.K (2PM) - 사랑... 안녕 [OST]


Dunno why but I'm panicking TT^TT ASJBASLJFDASL AHHHH!! Didn't know if I should focus on Junsu or the drama I WANT KIBUM! Heh XD Started to cry like a pig because of the sweetness, that was so cute!!!! ;w; I started to feel those "forever alone" vibes when I saw the clip, I'm somehow considering watching this drama... and Park Ye Jin damn you cougar ;3 She's 7 years older and that romance they have... I want it too ;__;

Okay well ehm Junsu ;P It seriously didn't sound like him. Something was different with the way he sang this time. It didn't have that husky nose voice (<-- what I call it) it sounded so "clean". I'm somehow wondering if any of you underestand what I'm talking/writing about -__- But it sounded lovely!

I want Kibum.... >____>

       Free Image Hosting at

2PM & 2AM - One Day [Album Cover]


Ihhh manboobs not calm!!! So many things are happenning right now! Junsu released his OST for the drama "I love Lee Tae ri" AND THE SWEDISH DJ AVICCI IS GOING TO ASLDFNGASLDJG ---------
But damn the album cover OuO Wonder how everyones voices will be mixed together

This is the part where I don't know if I should put the post on the 2PM or 2AM category -___- Well we only have 2PM so...


*forever sobing* For the first time I'm proud to be a Swede!! TT^TT

Boyfriend - Love Style [Teaser]


*u* Dunno how many time I've watched the teaser but I can't get enought!! Minwoo is so god damn cute and all of them are seriously... growing up O_O Loved the 80 sound and the intro was cool as ****!
However they could've skipped the makeup on the little girl... it was a bit too much >_> Even BO said that~

Gahh Minwoo so pretty TT3TT


Teen Top - To You [Dance Practice]

Hahahaha, when they scream <3
And when Niel went "Oh, Zebra L.Joe" and L.Joe pushes/hits him xD Hahaha bromance ^3^ And how they said in the video "Zebra (x), Leopard" LOL xD

But there is one thing that I'm wondering. When they perform live, and sing.. they can't be doing these noises in the background, right? Soo.. how can they still be so awsome performing live? O__o hahaha I bet you that they yell like this in their heads while performing xD

B.A.P's Livestream with Allkpop

For you guys who missed the live stream with B.A.P on June 4th, don't worry. You can see the enitre video stream right here!!! xD

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

WAAAAAH, that's a long live video stream they did O__o Haha did you guys watch the entire thing? I'll do it later. I have some things to take care of.. some special things *wink*
But after the things I'll make sure to watch it! xD However I heard that there were many arabic tweets, WEHOO~ but they didn't understand them :/

So yeah, enjoy!!!!

f(x) - Electric Schock [Mini Album]


Electric Shock


Zig Zag

Beautiful Stranger

Love Hate

Let's try

As you probably know f(x) mini album is already out but I thought that I should do a fast review ^^
I'm seriously in shock... (electric shock~) no seriously All the songs are amazing ffs!
This somehow beats Big Bangs number of favourite songs in a album (however their songs are a bigger favourite) okay never mind that.

But f(x) this surely is an amazing first impression!! Really good ones are Electric shock, Jet, Zig Zag Love hate, let's try aksdjfnksdj Beautiful stranger ;w; But Let's try is really beautiful. Zig Zag is also awesome.

Man this is a all time favourite! I'm going to (must) buy Big Bang's Alive Special Edition and if I still have some money left f(x)'s album is next >:3 AMAZING GURLS!

Junsu (JYJ) - TARANTALLEGRA [Dance Ver.]

Now that is some hard core dancing!!!!! STARSTRUCK OVER HERE!! Kind of. Haha xD
The only thing I want to comment on really is the ending. I mean, sure it looks cool in a weird animalistic kind of way. But imagine recording that xD I've been infront on the camera and doing that.. would not be possible for me. Hahaha I would feel so awkward doing it!

But then again, he has been doing this for a while now ^^ anywho, this dance ver. was DAEBAK!!
"Tarantallegra, blablablabla, Tarantallegra, blabla.bla~" <----- stuck in my head now -.-'

Did You know that...

The chick who's in Teen Top's Clap MV is Lizzy from After School. Hahahaha do you know how many times I've watched that MV without realizing that?! O.o I feel so... useless XD *exaggerating*
I've seen her a lot on Running Man, but her hair was orange/red so that's probably why.

However the reason why I find it pretty weird is that rookie groups don't usually have these really "famous" people in their MV as long as they aren't from the same company of course. (For example. CN Blue in Juniel's MV's) But Lizzy comes from Pledis ent. while Teen Top are from T.O.P Media (Lol the name XD)
Well that was just my thinking :3

2NE1 X INTEL - Thumb Noise project [photoshoot]

Almost a week ago 2NE1 released the song "Be mine" inspired by INTEL (a brand) and I found some pictures from their photoshoot that I wanted to share woth you guys ^_^ *trying to be nice* XD












Gosh CL looks stunning and Bom's shoes on the second outfit ;w;

Aw mai gawd

Yesteday I visited my cousin and she showed us some pictures from her Egypt trip or something...
Grandma: Oh my! look at that wonderful beach!
Me: Grandma... that's the desert
Grandma: So it's the same thing anyway

O__o ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This just made my day!!! XD

EXO Fanclub name

My dear little friend texted me a while ago saying that EXO has officially a fanclub name. Couldn't find anything on allkpop, facebook nor Wikipedia *most reliable sources* XD

But EXO's fanclub name is:


The actuall fuq? Exotrovert?! EXOTROVERT?!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO EXOTIC?!?! IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER TT___TT It feels like SM hired some Swedish people for this one... Exo trovärt pfft -_-
Well SM I'm a mad Exotrovert, I surely am *brb gonna buy a plane ticket to Korea and have a talk with that old man*

Ps. Apparently she found out, about the fanclub name on tumblr~

MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [Dance Ver.]

It's not bad. But I've become so used to all these powerful and very in sync dance MV's. So this for me is not amazing, but it's not bad either. I dont LOVE the song, it's also okey. So to me, all this is so-so.

But one thing.. I've started to like the guy with long hair (the guy that has the main role in their MV). Hahaha I dont know why. because it looks like he has fish-eyes. Like they just plopp out xD No but.. there's something sexy about him haha xD Only me?

S.I.M.P #52

It feels like my S.I.M.P's should be more regular from now on and gosh our acronyms for everything is so... lame and ugly XD S.I.M.P?! S.O.T.W?! And worst of all... U.P.A.H.I sounds like someone is getting tortured while puking >_>

Okay let's move on to the point. This song isn't usually something that I listen to so I'm someow fascinated over myself. But I can't help it, it's somehow good and catchy :D
Give it up for *le gurl group*

JQT - PeeKaBoo


I heard that they disbanded long time ago but saw this comment:

Really Akon's company?!?! Well have to see if that's true... later XD
Tried to search "JQT" on yt but didn't find anything =___=

After School Kahi leaving the group

A really long time ago I saw a post allkpop made writing "After School's Kahi graduating" I didn't pay that much attention toward it but decided to search a bit more on it and read:

" On April 9, 2012, Pledis revealed a brand new member would be added to the group. The following day, the member was officially revealed to be Kaeun, who would join them for their fifth single, released on June 21, 2011. It was also confirmed that After School would release their sixth Korean single, in the Autumn.

It was officially confirmed that Leader Kahi will officially graduate from the group to pursue a solo album and stay with the company and studying acting. She will stay with the group until September, before leaving the group."

When a new member gets added an old one has to leave~ Easy calcuating math XD No but as you all know I'm not spazzing that much over girl groups as I do over the boys but I'm still having a track on what they do and shat they don't do. I'm also trying to open the doors to the girl groups too *trying to be poetic* XD
But I liked old leader Kahi, if I ain't wrong she's around 30? 31 years old? 


The new member Kaeun~



Well I just wanted to make a fast statement. I've done a "limited posts" on our front page so you can only see 20 posts from now on (if you wanna see more just click on our categories on the right side) SO! OUR BLOG ISN'T THAT SLOW ANYMORE!!! AH~ We have gotten some complaints about our posts bombs so some people can't even visit it anymore XD But it's better and much faster now! Amen!!

                                                                             Me right now~

Song of the week #25

Heard this song not long ago, even though it was made long ago ^^

Song: I Remember
Artist: Bang Yong Guk ft. Yoseob (B2ST)

Another song I have to learn on the piano -.-'
Haha no, but this song is so beautiful! And not only is the song beautiful, the MV is amazing! Even if I don't get the MV it made me cry. Do you understand how amazing the MV has to be for me not understanding it but still cry?! Yeah... pretty darn amazing.

So the S.O.T.W for this week is no other than Bang Yong Guk's "I Remember" (the leader of B.A.P)!

KPOP on Swedish Magazine~ (FRIDA)

Well FRIDA is a Swedish teenage magazine (for you who didn't know) and one of my classmates came to me a few days ago saying "Look what I found!" Lol XD

Hehehohiihi started to spazz as he** ;3


Hej FRIDA! Jag är ett jättestort fan av K-POP, fast det är inte allt många i Sverige som vet vad det är. Om ni skulle kunna skriva lite om K-POP och de största banden Big Bang eller 2NE1 (som faktsikt har en gemensam låt) skulle jag bli jätteglad!
/Från ett jättestort K-POP fan

Svar: Kul idé! Det ska vi göra under sommaren, så håll ögonen öppna!


Hello FRIDA! I'm a huge fan of Kpop, however there isn't a lot of people in Sweden who knows what that is. If you could write some things about the largest groups such as Big Bang or 2NE1 (who actually has a united (or something, probably lollipop) song together) would make me really happy!
/ From a huge K-POP fan

Answer: Fun idea! We will do that during the summer, so stay tuned!

Heh guess who's gonna buy that magazine during the summe? *MEEEEE!!!*
Gaahhhh Kpop is expanding here in Sweden ihhh *fangirl scream* not only the Big Bang song during the EM show but now this *u*

HAHAHAHAAH!!! Kpop dancing robots ;D


This is so awesome!!! I want one of these :3 The whole dancing thing cracked me up when they started to dance Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls) wonder how much these costs...
Gahh they were so adorable when they danced to Ring Ding Dong I WANT ONE OF THESE, NAO!

The company who made those kpop dancing robots has also made these robots: 

...... I'm seeing how my dream to earn one of those kpop dancing robots are fading away~
Someone rich who wanna marry me? No one? well screw this, why am I even making a post about robots -_- Oh right... the kpop dancing ones =_=

Like this jao! XD

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Dunno why but Ki Kwangs abs seems to be looking.. mad? o.O

Super Junior fun facts \^ω^/



One fan gave Heechul a cat so when Kibum saw it, he named it HEEBUM. When Hanhyuk heard it, he ask how come his name wasn’t included? So they added his surname,it became HAN HEEBUM. In the end,a member of TRAX wanted his name inside too,so they added a J inside. It finally became HAN J HEEBUM. They said that it′s name sounds like a JAPANESE CAT!

He always say that being a singer is God’s will. This is because when Kibum was living in America, he went to church every week. And on one of the week after service, he and his group of friends went to eat spicy ricecake. Unfortunately on the way there he lost his way. And that′s when he met one of the SM person that asked him to join.

Kangin had a unforgettable experience once in school. One summer,he sat in front of the fan. He started opening his mouth and making the ARH sound…so he said he finds it interesting and funny. So he started playing. Suddenly,a fly flew in his mouth. He said it was so accurate that it was stuck in his throat. He had a hard time spitting it out. He never dares to try this again.

Because of the limited space they have in the hostel and he was the last to join Super Junior, he didn’t have a bed,I think he sleeps on the floor (like those you sees in drama) So once they went to KTR, he told the fans and within that 2 hours, the fans sent in messages saying that they want to buy him a bed so he can sleep comfortably, this made the manager shock. So they went to buy a bed the next day. Feeling proud of having a bed finally, he took pics of the bed and posted on the net!

There was once when Ryeowook and Sungmin went to Kangin’s radio show. Everyone was chatting happily expect for him. Sungmin felt it immediately and asked him WHY ARE U SO QUIET? HAVE U DONE SOMETHING WRONG? He replied sadly that he thought today’s live was open to viewers so he styled his hair, dressed and wore makeup but unfortunately they are not going to open to allow viewers to see. When everyone heard it, they laughed so hard until they almost cried.

Before debut he was very close to Xiahjunsu and Eunhyuk. So one day after training, Leeteuk being the oldest decided to treat the both of them to buns. However he only had money for 2, so he thought maybe the 3 of them can share 2 buns. So when the train was here, Eunhyuk and Junsu said bye to hyung took the buns and board the train, leaving him staring back at them blankly. He thought that he could share but they left instead.

He said that he hates celebrating birthday. Because last year Super Junior went somewhere to perform. He was looking forward to 12 o’clock to come when all his members would give him presents but they all were busy doing their own things, making him so sad, so everytime they talk about birthdays on air he always complain.

Once when Kangin was sick,the next day he still needed to go on shows. He was so worried about Kangin, he wanted to tell Kangin that HYUNG IT IS HARD ON YOU FIGHTING. So decided to sit down and talk to him before saying that sentence but after talking for 30 mins, he was too shy to say, so he kept in his heart.

He loves pink like mad. Whenever he buys something he will not see the design as long as it’s PINK he will buy. So Sungmin changed his phone cover to Pink. Once Sungmin decided to have a change of style and not wear pink,but when he open his cupboard he realized that most of his clothes were pink,he gave up in the end about changing his style.

Everyone thought he was the most quiet member of the group but it is totally different behind the camera. All the members calls him “naggy Yesung.” There was once an interview when yesung talked for 2 hrs, in the end 90% was cut off. Yesung was angry but found it funny too and he said IS IT SO LONG UNTIL THEY CUT MOST OF IT?

Before debut he work a lot of different kinds of jobs. One winter he wanted a cell phone so badly. But his parents wouldn’t buy for him cause it was expensive that time. So he worked at a construction site, every-time he ended work his hands will shake a lot (carry too much heavy stuff)Finally,he bought his handphone!

He is always praised about his cooking skills. He was in the hostel cooking once and he only found onion, eggs and rice so he used these to cook. All the members praised him and asked him what is the name of this dish due to his poor korean at that time he wanted to say EGG FRIED RICE but instead he said BEIJING FRIED RICE. So that is how the FAMOUS BEIJING FRIED RICE come about.

He grew up in a strict family and he is afraid of his father. During a holiday while he was still in high school he went to a gas station to work without letting his parents know. On the 4th day of work, he said normally to every customer PLEASE DRAW YOUR WINDOW DOWN in the car that he was serving was his father. He quit his job the next day!



HAHAHAHAHAHA Awww Kangin and Yesung XD I seriously wouldn't mind sitting and having a chatt with Yesung~

And Siwon -__- Most people are, or people in Asia/Middle east are affraid of their dads but I'm shitting myself when I'm with my mom. She's the creepy one in my family. Truth to be told I'm always avoiding beeing in the same room as she is in. So I don't talk that much with my mom XD Heh...

f(x) - Electric Schock [Audio]

*Brb crying in a corner*

I FINALLY FOUND THE FREAKING AUDIO!!!! I thought that SM would release the MV or at least the Audio but they never did >__> And I got trolled over 5 times trying to find the freaking audio -_-

Ahh this is just awesome! I'm not really a f(x) fan but this was just amazing! Nananana E-E-Electrick shock! :3


ADJFBSDLJFASDGJSDALJFBDSF I DID NOT KNOW!!!!!! :O And it was on SVT too! (Swedish channel)
This surely was a huge schock damn! I wanted to hear it live TT^TT

You can hear it at 4:11


Have to admit that a Swedish channel has never been sounding so beautiful~ ;w;

f(x) - Electric Schock [Teaser]


Oh that sounded really good O_O I almost didn't recognize Sulli at all, no seriously it didn't look like her at all! :O But do you know what I absolutely love about this? All the girls make the dance really feminine while dancing to the song while amber makes it masculine. I get so freaking fascinated watching this.. *weird* XD

Their mini album will be released June 10th containing 6 songs:
Electric Shock
Zig Zag
Beautiful Stranger
Love Hate
Let’s Try


Oh right I almost forgot, it's Korea we're talking about so it's only 2 hours and 17 minutes left~

Teen Top - To You [Standing ver.]


Hahaha I was like "Wuth the?! Standing ver?" XD
But ahh~  I just love this dance! Especially that awesome foot work! The epic thing is that I thought it was their 2nd year anniversary today... But it's July 9th -_____- 1 month left and I also made that awesome post too but nooooo I can't post it >___>

This weeks U.P.A.H.I x2

Oh dear lord! I forgot to make an U.P.A.H.I last week... how could I forget?!?! O_O  Instead I'm gonna do a x2 today and the title for this week will go to EXO~ 2 of my biases from EXO K and M:






Aww D.O TToTT You can't hate this guy and his amazing O_O He's sp goddamn epic and awesome and his voice is just #%!#%"# *hyped* And you've got to admit that D.O must be the best stage name to make an OTP. For example Kaido, Chando, Dohun, Sudo(ku) kekekeke see what I did there? :3 No seriously do you see how perfect his name is?
Do Kyung Soo forever my bies in EXO K... and Chanyeol... and everyone else O_O



And lastly the Gucci Prince, Panda, awesome Tao from EXO M~ X3 That look he gives O___O
Well what shall I write here? That he's awesome? You guys already know that. So I'm gonna leave the Tap spot blank XD Because I've already fangirled over him before :3

Manboobs not calm...






Lol that name XD It's like another version of Hyun Seung (B2ST). Yeah I'm sorry that I don't post more pictures on him but I'm afraid that I'll upload a wrong pic (not on him) because I don't even know how he looks like hahahaha X''D
But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Shim Hyun Seong (Boyfriend) who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age)

Dadaaam~ *abrupt ending*

Eye Candy - NU'EST style

Since it's JR's birthday (leader of NU'EST), here you go!

This is the first time he.. actually looks like a handsome boy O__o (don't take me wrong. But before this, I always saw him kind of like a pretty girl ^^) OMG.. if you take away the hair.. I'm almost 100% sure that he would be crazy hot!!! I BET YOU that they made him like this because when they have a comeback they'll transform him into this sexy beast that's VERY manly xD

U-KISS - Believe [MV]

LOOOOOVE this song!! And the MV isn't to bad either! It kind of reminded me of their MV "0330" in the beginning because they just stood there ^^

And that the dance moves sometimes are a bit messy, I don't know if it's supposed to be like that, but I like it ^^ And Dongho is growing up!!!! GRRRRR xD
They all actually look very good in this MV 8D

~Mnet Chart~

Ohh The Chaser is still there after 2 weeks, well done INFINITE! ^o^ Noooo!! Y Ulala Session went down?!?! Hahaha I seriously love that song and the MV!

Lol brb dying that EXO's MAMA is still hanging on every week with 3% of the online votes XD And B1A4's impulsive song Sleep well good tonight, wut? Can you even say that? Sleep well good tonight? It's like saying "Don't eat sit now! O.o 
I'm not against B1A4 or anything xD But I'm not really a big fan over them, their music isn't really "WOW" for me. The only song I really like is "Remember" but that's is. *random fact*

I wanna do something new on the ~Mnet Chart~ every week. I'm going to decide one song that I like either on the chart or from the Online votes (it gives me 10 different songs to chose on, except if one song is on the chart and the votes like INFINITE of course)

The song I'm gonna chose is of course:

Love the randomness <3

Exactly 1 week left till Summer Holiday~ :3

Was it only me who started to look at his... cucumber?

Lol XD







*picture bomb* He's so pretty OuO There isn't a lot of kpop idols out there who has this butt-chin... a matter of fact he must be the only one? As far as I've seen.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JR (NU'EST) another bias of mine who's turning *I don't even need to search for it* 17 years old (18 Korean age) I don't even need to calculate on any member from NU'EST because all of them are born 1995... =___= *depressed*

Oh well have a nice day~o ^_^ (Saying e~yo)

BIG BANG - "Monster" [Japanese short ver.]


I'm sorry but they totally ruined the best part of the song, the beginning.
It's pretty obvious that I prefer the Korean ver. rather than the Japanese one. There are some Korean songs who is good in Japanese but not Monster. The awesome flow rap with rhymes they had in the Korean one was ruined here XD *not to be mean*

But ehh waiting for the day they'll release the whole version.


Cross Gene - La Di Da Di [MV]


So I guess all of them can speak Korean...? o_o
This surely was a special group. They didn't release any teasers hahaha just kidding XD Or did they release any teasers? O.o
But they got the perfect mix of each country and damn... they're pretty too.

That rug thing in the beginning totally fooled me. I though he was on the floor but nooo they only changed the angle of the camera XD The song was... okay? I couldn't really hear/decide if they sang in Korean, English or Japanese XD But after 3 minutes I heard the word Saranghe~ They were a bit unsynced at some places and I wanted to hear some power or at least their "real" voices.
Not claiming that they're totally hopeless but they need some more training.

Oh dear lord this totally cracked me up HAHAHAHAHAHA X'D

             052312 CrossGene members International boy group CROSS GENE reveals first member Takuya

TOP 5 Smiles [Singers/rappers, Male]

So I was going to make a TOP 10 smile-post but realized that I only know of like.. 5-6 smiles that I really like. Haha so it'll be a TOP 5-post instead xD

#5. Dongwoo (Infinite)


I don't know why his smile is so amazing, but I love big teeth and just a big mouth in general. I really don't know why.. it's just so charming and appealing xD

#4. Jonghyun (SHINee)

His smile looks a lot like Dongwoo's smile. But Jonghyun's smile is more like a smile you see in a commercial. Hahaha what I mean is that the shape of Jonghyun's mouth is like that standard smile you see in commercials xD The upper lip is straight and the lower lip is in the same shape as a rainbow. Dongwoo's upper lip is not that straight. Hahahhaha, don't judge me xD

But they both have a really big smile which I like A LOT!! xD

#3. Lee Joon (MBLAQ)

Haha awwww, MAH MAN!! SO CUTE!! You might wonder why he isn't my #1
Even though he has a great smile, there are 2 other I believe have a better smile. But that doesn't make me love him any less! In fact, it makes me feel like he is more real. If he'd be perfect.. I would NEVER be able to marry him. But now because he is only #3 in my smile list, I CAN MARRY HIM!! xD

#2. Jay Park

HAHAHAHHA BABYYYY!!!! Only reason I love his smile is because it's s dorky smile xD I mean, when he REALLY smiles. When he smiles for photos he looks gangster, but when he smiles for real he looks like the biggest dork ever. And that's adorable xD (These photos are from the youtube clip "Bromance" with Niga Higa. Haha he really couldn't contain himself when they played Justin Biebers song ^^)

#1. Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P)

Haha, so silly.. What's NOT perfect about his smile? Plus that he has like the biggest mouth ever! xD hahaha, but when he REALLY REALLY smiles it looks more like this:

Sure, his eyesmile is very cute! But.. that's a lot of gum? Sounds wrong saying gum, but that's what it's called ^^ But he still takes my #1 place as the male singer with the best smile 8D

Random Stuff #6

SUJU's #1 fanboys

Lee Joon.. you got something on your face haha

ribenaa:  JR, i love you.
My babyyyyyyy <3



Wow... 5 years o___o It's not something usual to write "Happy 5th anniversary" on a post. FT Island released their first album June 7, 2007 and are growing every day <3 Our dear Five Treasure Island HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY GUYS <33

Keep beeing dorky and korky, especially you Seunghyun and Lee Hong Ki... I'll be watching you >:3  One of the best singers out there. I've never seen anyone or heard anyone in my whole life sing with so much passion and feeling! *u*               



Let's go back to sleep...

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Omo!! My bias from T-ara is turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) ^3^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIYEON!!!! Damn she's only 19 and awesome .___.  What am I doing with my life >__>

Wonder Girls - Like this [Dance Practice]


That guy in the corner, just staring at them ^^ like a creep.. hahaha xD

That leg-squirrely dance they do look so hard O__o I mean I could probably do it, and it would look the same. But if you put me next to WG it would look all wrong. I wouldn't turn my hands or legs the same way at the same time as they do it. And since they all do it at the same time, it can't just be something random they do. There's like steps.

First you put your elbow there, Then you put your knee there etc. WTF?! hahaha, but I definitely want to learn the steps xD just LIKE THAT, YOO!! LIKE THAT!!~ hehe.. ^^

Juniel - illa illa [MV]


Damn... this just broke my heart ;w;

A MV shall not end like this! *whines*
But it was amazing! My high hopes wasn't for nothing, this must be one of the best songs this year ^_^
Have to love Minhyuks' awkwardness XD But ASFLASLJ I'm mad! I need some subs and a talk with that woman. Why didn't she make a sign that she was deaf or something >___>

Oh well life is unfair XD

f(x) - Electric Schock [Teaser pictures]

As you probably know f(x) are going to have a comeback June 10th with their 2nd mini album.Truth to be told I've only listened to "Hot Summer" =_= That's it but Amber looks cool as ¤!P)%¤!#=(&% Kpop world needs more girl like her *u*



Dunno why but I love their teaser picture O__O  It looks so... freaky XD Reminds me of a horror movie but it's cool :O I wonder if it'll be a "powerful" comeback or the typical "Oh so sweet~" ^o^


It looked so.. intense O__o what if they got hurt while shooting for this MV? Like at 1:14, I really thought Taeyang got hurt T_T.

Anyone else noticed that GD had pink eyes in this MV? Because I didn't. I only saw it just now haha (0:57)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ENGLISH SUBS!!! You guys are really learning how to make your international fans happy xD

KPOP Idols who smoke/d

Hm, how should I start... this can be a sensitive subject for most of you because a lot of fans tend to be disappointed when they see/hear that their idols are smoking. A lot of them even say "Ahh I hate him/her" "I'm not a fan anymore" bla bla... that's just... dorky as hell XD Sure the company should be more (or are even) stirct about it because the idols are representing the "youth of Korea". But they're human just like anyone else.

Personally I'm somewhat against smoking, or I don't really hate people who're smoking but it's not something that I would do.  It's a shame for them to destroy their health with that smoke but I also know that it must be really hard for them to just quit and I know that some people actually enjoys to smoke.
So stop the hate folks =_=

And the info I'm about the reveal can't be 100% sure. Some of them are smoking while some of them has been smoking but quit. A matter of fact a lot of them has quit so that's good ^o^ (Y)

Micky Joochun
Woo Hyuk
Tony An

Lee Jun Ki
Gong Yoo
Lee Ji Hoon
Joo Jii Hoon
kim rae won
Min Woo
lee dong wook
Won Bin

image  image






That's all I could squeez out for now ;w; The funny thing is while I searched about it not a single woman plopped up. They're hiding it really well O_O Apparently it's more strict when it comes to woman but I can ensure you that there are woman both actresses and idols who smokes but their company is hiding it rather well.

BIGBANG X Hyundai Card Rebranding Project [Photos]

As you've probably noticed  in every teaser there's a commercial for Hyundai in the end (of the teasers). To put it simply it's a collaboration with Hyundai and yesterdat they had a press conference were all the members appeared (duh...) XD

Of all the kpop groups out there Big Bang tend to mindfuck me the hardest when it comes to the color of the hair or even the haircut. Taeyang is the most faithful one who doesn't change it 24/7 but dear lord T.O.P and GD >__> I've probably seen them in 16 different haircuts/colors only this week. And it's been only 3 days!!!

It's amazing we party tonight~

This is probably the best macro out there... I should have it as my background screen hahaha XD


A manga that I'm currently reading



Tony Ahn (Former H.O.T) turning 34 years old (35 Korean age)

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 - Leader) who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age)
Y SO OLD?!?!?!?!?!?!

Woonsag (Double A . Leader?) who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)
Damn look at those nails O.o

Dongwoon (B2ST) who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)

Hyuna (4Minute) who's turning 20 years old (21 Korean age)
Only 20?!?! So she was 19 when Trouble Maker came out. Damn O_O

Gahh~ Yeah I'm lazy and didn't have the energy to make a "personal" Happy Birthday to everyone =__= Y SO MANY BIRTHDAYS?!
Well I bet that Cube ent. will have a big day, both Hyuna and Dongwoon. And allkpop will have a birthday spam too XD No I'm serious you'll see it with your own eyes later today!

2NE1 - Be Mine INTEL [MV]


Lots of MV/Teasers today @___@

This is somewhat a new side of 2NE1 that I haven't noticed. I've only listened to their pop songs so this was an interesting turn  ^^
I can't really say that it was one of their best songs, it's for a commercial after all. But it was sweet ^^ I liked that the company had a "home-made" MV mixed with the brand. And they're ao beautiful O___O Especially CL :O

But I heard/read that she (CL) has made a double-eyelid surgery. Apparently she even posted and wrote it on her Twitter. Not that I have anything against it but some fans are half rioting in a weird way O_o goddammit it's her body and soul! It's not like she's the first idol out there who has done a surgery, or double-eyelid surgery in general. Even Bom and Dara (<-- ?) has also done some surgeies.

Dal★shabet - Mr BangBang [MV]


This was something new... I should seriously spend my summer holiday by sitting in my room and check out all the girl groups :3
Dal★shabet debuted last year... yeah that's all I know XD

But the song was actually okay, close to good-okay than bad-okay. They all had good voices and they're so pretty *u* However there was some part they could've improved ith their dancing. They were unsynced at some parts, especially in the beginning.
I have to admitt that I also liked the whole "robery" part of the MV. It wasn't anything about love or them only dancing in a room. It was a nice variation. But you have to admit the fact that them holding the gun in front of their mouths was a bit... misleading =______= 


Jun.K (2PM) - 사랑... 안녕 [OST - Teaser]


OMFG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I just realized it's Ki bum!!! YES Sujus Kibum xD *retard*
Gahh it sounds so pretty ;w;
I'm so proud over 2PM they're improving so much as a group and solos. I'm really looking forward to thei comeback this year and the rest of the OST. Junsu is a great composer!


It's the drama were he had to pump a bit more and train (the body and swimming) I remember that allkpop wrote about it, of course...
The name of the drama is "I love Lee Taeri" and the woman is Park Ye Jin goddammit!! :D

BIG BANG - Special edition Still Alive [photos]

Dunno how many posts we've done about Big Bang and their photoshoots/teaser photos/photos for their Special edition album XD
But this will probably be the last one ^o^ I've probably uploaded 1-2 pictures before but now all of them.







BIG BANG - Special edition [5th mini album - Still Alive]

OMFG HAHAHAHAHAH I'm such a retard... BIG TIME! Didn't they say that they would release the whole thing June 6? Or was it only on Itunes -_-
Well Here it is:

Still Alive



Fantastic Baby

Bad Boy


Round and Round [Bingeul Bingeul]


Love Dust

Before I start to talk about the album in general I just wanna say how (some) fans are just wicked -__- No I'm seriously mad becuase if U-KISS would've released their song Bingeul Bingeul now they would've gained A LOT of hate. But now when Big Bang release a song everyone are like "Oh My Gawd a new song" Jesus, some fandoms aren't fair at all >_<

Okay about the album... I got all hyped upp when I saw the full version of the Intro Still Alive!!!! It was one of the best songs in their Alive album and they've finally a full version of it muhahahaha!
Truth to be told their special edition album is great but it wasn't as mindblowing as Alive. The two songs "Still Alive" and "Monster" only caught my interest. However Ego wasn't that bad at all~ I'm a bitt disappointed that I didn't pay that much attention over Love Dust because that's a really good song :O Yet Bingeul Bingeul and Feeling didn't really "speak" to me... gonna try listen to them again.

I was so sad a minute ago because I never found the song "pedigree" on their track, they said it would be a mix between "Lie" and "Haru Haru" but the word "Pedigre..." ISN'T A FREAKING SONG HAHAHAHAHA It's a synonym for the word Pedigree can be "The root/inspiration etc" and no one even told me about that .___. Well the song they talked about was Monster and yes I liked it. So my Monster a.k.a "Pedigree" song was awesome, lol XD


Block B - Burn Out [OST, Phantom]

So Block B just recently released their OST for the SBS drama "Phantom", so glad that they still make music :')

P.O in the beginning, haha such a husky voice xD The song was not bad, but what's up with their voices in the beginning?

Fact is.. I really like this song? It's calm but still not. Haha yeah, it makes me happy, but yet sad. It makes me hungry but still very full. Okey.. maybe not haha, but it IS very good!! But I can't really tell who is who by their voices.. is Zico in this song?? O__é


I need you! Baby! I'm not a monster~

Omo it's Daniel and Jisu O_O


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Then Asian version

SS501 Reunited!!!!!!!

I saw that a lot of people started to fangirl on facebook and I sat there like a cow with my books unable to fangirl with them ;w; Oh dear lord after 2 years.... after 2 years these wonderful boys !#"%#Y&!#%  TToTT


With the members of SS501 busy with their own individual activities, the public has been unable to see the group together since 2010.

However, Triple S fans in Seoul were able to see the five members all together this weekend, when Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Jung Min and Hyung Jun made special plans to attend Kyu Jong‘s final fanmeet before his army enlistment.

According to reports, Hyun Joong flew in after hosting his own fanmeet in China, and Jung Min looked on from the audience for unannounced reasons.

While Kyu Jong’s enlistment means that SS501 cannot be fully active as five until 2014, many Triple S fans have been posting their excitement about finally seeing the group together for the first time in two years. The five-man fanmeet energized Triple S fans around the world, with Hyun Joong reassuring, ”SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us!”

Although official photos have yet to be released, online fan communities and social media websites have exploded with messages, with the hashtag #SS501Reunited reportedly trending in Indonesia, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia for some time. Fanmeet attendees have also begun to post photos of the five men together at the event on the internet, sharing the experience with eager Triple S fans worldwide.

In related news, Young Saeng just made his solo comeback on ‘Inkigayo‘ last night with his latest song, “Crying“, and Hyun Joong recently topped Oricon’s DVD chart as the second international solo artist since Michael Jackson


This is some historical shit! XD Waaahh!!! They've reunited after 2 years, that's pretty long O____O Those golden words ”SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us!” hoho that just melted my heart away ;w; But I believe that it'll surely be something HUGE the day they finally make a comeback... just wait till 2014...

Teen Top - To You [Dance Ver.]

I really like this dance... Yeah hahahaha just got another "must learn" for this summer xD But hey, I HAVE SUMEMR VACATION NOW!!!! So starting.. tomorrow I'll learn all these dances ^^

But I really like this dance. The foot-work looks very complicated, and since they all to it at the same time it looks so daebak! And that "ooooh oooooohoooooh~"'s stuck in my head -.-' very annoying because that's the only part of the song I know ^^

SHINee - Replay (mirrored)

So today is my last day in school!! WEHOO~ I'm probably doing my last test as we speak (write.. read) O__o Hope to ace that damn test! Anywho. So summer soon, and damn there is so much to watch and learn!

First of all, I need to learn ALL the kpop songs on piano.
Second of all, I need to learn ALL the dances to ALL the kpop songs.
Third of all (if you can say that), I need to watch ALL the korean dramas.


So here is a good start for me. Learn SHINee's replay dance. This is the mirrored version, so it's easier to learn. But they still dance very fast. Hahaha Shesus, please help me xD

Better quality, but in JAP (but still same dance):

Yeah.. I'll make a video of me dancing to it when I know all the steps xD

B1A4 - Beautiful target [JAP. MV]

WHAAAT!??!?! B1A4 released a Japanese version of their WONDERFUL AMAZING song Beautiful Target! xD

Hahaha that awkward moment at 2:46 xD
(But I don't get the end. Did she spray him? haha)

OMG, this is like the cutest thing ever!! My brother was standing in front of me while I was watching the MV and.. haha yeah.. I don't think he thinks I'm normal anymore. I SPAZZED SO MUCH!!! Jinyoung, wae so damn cute!!? (The guy that falls in love) and all the others, HNNNG!! And not HNNNG in a hot sexy way, but in the most cute and adorable way there is. I love their fan-service. It's crazy how I actually like ALL of the members in B1A4.

I haven't really paid much attention to them lately, but now that they did this MV... I fell in love with all over again ^^

But the song. It dosen't have as much power as it did when they sang it in Korean. Like when Baro sings "Oh, oh, I'm up and high" the High word should have more power. Yeah.. hahahah other than that I don't have much more to say. This is one of the few JAP. songs I like ^^

So... watcha doin?

Aww Hahahahahaha XD

Oh my shitty lord HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I was like "Damn it can't be a Korean group exposing THIS much skin..."

Because he has no shirt

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA OHHH!!!! Those balls ;'D Didn't see them hanging there




Awwwwww TT________________TT I'm sorry but he's so goddamn cute!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR LITTLE MICKY YOOCHUN (JYJ) Who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) damn... he's getting old O_O I thought he was aroud 23-24 years old . . .


It's the R something 3.14 boys birthday today! :D Lol Sorry but if you search on "AJ U-KISS Birthday" a picture of Teayang plopps up having the text "Happy birthday Teayang" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a diss XD
AJ (U-KISS) is turning 21 (22 Korean age) today woooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU *I'm so lame* =__=

I Hope that both of you will use your special day wisely by using the members in your group hohoh If you know that I mean >:3 No you don't...

Song of the week #24 (4 in 1)


It's really hard for me to chose what song to have as the S.O.T.W this week -.-' I wanted to chose Dalmatian - E.R But now I wan't to chose Big Bang - Monster.

Then we have Wonder Girl's new song, M.I.B, MYNAME, Teen Top, A-JAX.. shesus!! KPOP world, Y U RELEASE ALL THE SONGS AT THE SAME TIME?!

So I'll just pick all of them.. kind of.

Dalmatian - E.R

Big Bang - Monster

A-JAX - One 4 U

Teen Top - To You

Yeah.. I'm not going to put them all up ^^ But here you have the links:
MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye
Wonder Girls - Like This
M.I.B - Only Hard For Me

Stuff about tomorrow...

*cough* best intro I can come up with. Well the point with this post is that me and BO can TOTALLY Assure you that... the update tomorrow will suck ass~ \^o^/

Not do I only have an exam tomorrow that I haven't studied for, no seriously I opened my books, or to be more exact: my computer files TODAY. And I've been trolling around during the lessons so I'm practically screwed and my whole grade is hanging on this exam. Oh my freaking god what am I doing here?!?! TToTT

BO will also have an exam tomorrow so yeah . . . Seriously someone kill me >_________________________>

But we'll try to make a good update tomorrow ^^






HAPPY 2nd year anniversary SISTAR~ Push push baby~ ^o^
Well I'm not a SISTAR fan but their song Alone caught my interest and the song Push Push is stuck in my brain =_= Good job SISTAR and have an awesome day, keep working :3

Look Alike: Zico & Cream

I don't know if you guys remember when I posted M.I.B's MV teaser for "Only Hard For Me". If you do you might remember that I said "OMG, I FOUND ZICO!!!" Hahaha, yeah, that's how I got this look alike ^^

M.I.B's Cream

Block B's Zico

Both (Cream & Zico)

And not only do they look alike, it feels like they act alike too. Both have that swag awsomeness ^^
I guess why they look alike is becaue of the eyes and the eyebrows. And maybe the nose.. and the lips. Haha but not the headshape. Zico has a more of a round face than Cream.

Did You know that...

The rookie girl group EXID who debuted last year with the song "Whoz that girl" only had 3 members around april (2012) 3 of the members droped out of the group, 2 of them wanted to keep studying and one of them wanted to become an actress. However There'll be 2 new members who will replaace them and their agency AB Entertainment have announced that they'll make a comeback around June, soon...


Big Bang Monster Photos

Why so cheesy? Because it's too hot... Ha-ha-ha XD

OMG HAHAHAHAHA Such an ugly humour XD <3

I do... the people above the girls are prettier ^o^

Some comments on BIG BANG'S "Monster"

It feels unnecessary to post the MV again so I'm gonna write a seperate post on Big Bangs Monster...

DAMN! They're just amazing! Everything made sense XD It was a complete song not 3 different ones that I always commented to each teaser. I seriously LOVED the rap between GD and T.O.P in the beginning. I wouldn't mind if 85% of the song went that way. The melody combined with their rap is just kjsadgkda <333 TT^TT My life is completed! Or not... The song I've been waiting for from the beginning is "Pedigree" I'm having REALLY high (maybe a little bit to high..) expectations on that song~ :3

Oh right did you guys notice this? *abrupt change*


THIS is what I call a genius! O_____________O  Or a person who can think reeeeaaalllyy far OuO Not an impossible thing to solve but this wouldn't really be the first thing to cross my mind "Hm... what that? OH! N = 14!! Then R = 18! Oh I think I'm getting it!"

I see what you did there YG... touché

Wonder Girls - Like This [MV]

So. Many. MV's. Today.

SOOO CUTE!! Haha loved when they started to dance with the little babies, and when the old people started to dance.. AWWWW <3 And when EVERYBODY dances, daebak!!!

This must have taken a long time to make O__o To retake all the scenes, the long hours and all the people in the background. I didn't really feel the actual song (I didn't feel "be my baby" eaither, but now I love it ^^ so you never know..), but this MV is amazing. It has that "home made" feeling that I like so much ^^

BIG BANG - Monster [MV]


GAAAH, Y U SO AWSOME?! Haha but they all had two looks (except for Seungri), onw hot and one.. weird? Haha no but for example

Taeyang - Funny at 1:28, Hot at 2:59 & 3:05
T.O.P - Funny at 2:38, Hot at 3:45
GD - Hot always, but when he has that mushroom hair he looks funny
Daesung - Funny when he has that thing in his nose, always SEXY otherwise ^^
And Seungri at 2:00, he is just hot all the way xD

And when they start kicking those things at 1:46, they all look so bad-ass beating the shit out of those manikins. And then we have T.O.P.. pushing the manikin ^^

But gaah, this whole video was so amazing! Their entire album "alive" is amazing. I wonder how they'll top this, because it's hard imagining them coming up with great stuff like this forever O__o
BUT HEY.. it's still BB afterall, anything is possible for them xD BIG BANG FIGHTING! <3

M.I.B - Only Hard For Me [MV]

This MV was out a couple of days ago (May 29th), but better late than never xD

So the song.. yeah.. not my style. But the guys are 8D Hohohiheho~ No but I always saw M.I.B as this swag group, and then they come around with this song. That really surprised me..

The MV is good, not great but not bad either.

0:12 - KangNam

0:42 - 5Zic

1:27 - Cream

1:48 - Sims

So I liked the two blonde ones (5Zic & Cream). Hehe just so you know xD
Actually, now after I've listened to the song 2-3 times, it's not that bad anymore. It's still not my style, but I don't mind listening to it ^^

~Mnet Chart~

Well ehm... about the list. I've only seen G.NA's teaser for 2 hot and I heard that a lot of people criticized her MV. Or it was a heck of a talk on the teaser because of the half naked men -__-
It feels like Sistars Alone should be a bit higher up on the chart because the song is really good

Oh! Young Saengs Crying is on the 2nd place o___o *amazed* and right! B1A4 had apparently released an impulsive song that no one really knew about. Or maybe all of you B1A4 fans knew about it but I wasn't really prepared XD And it's funny to see that EXO are still hangning in there with their 3.2% of online votes :p

MYNAME'S Japanese debut


Ohh~ Interesting, wonder how message sounds in Japanese XD It's amazing that they've succeeded with such a big comeback. They were gone for more than... 7 months? 9 months? and now they're making a huge comeback ^o^
The surprising part is that they also had a show hahahahaha XD Ta-Dah It's MYNAME lol ;'D Iäm too stuck on Ta-Dah It's B.A.P...

Well gonna wait for the Japanese message~

Well this sucks...

Troll XD

Oh my lord he looks like a mutant thing >__>

Lol the chick xD

I'm somehow considering doing this pose on my photos later on...

BIG BANG - Monster [Teaser - Daesung]


Seriously is it only me who feels mindfucked? O_O Every freaking teaser has it own beat and melody, are they even the same song?! =___= But I liked the melody in GD and T.O.P's teaser the best so I don't really know what to expect anymore...

Well about Daesung, dunno why but the image of terminator always plopp up in my head when I see that haircut. I prefered the old one ^o^
Gosh I feel so dizzy right now I don't even know what I'm writing -_-

This months actor (part 4)


                                                                         Kenichi Matsuyama
                                                                              Japanese actor




Heh another Japanese actor, I wanted to chose Toda Erika this time but I somehow had to chose Kenichi Matsuyama this time. Gosh he's so amazing. I've NEVER EVER in my whole life seen someone play a specific character as he has done. I've seen all those 3 Death Note movies and sure the movies wasn't really OH MT LORD but they were good however Matsuyama ju st took my breath away! He played the role L do freaking well that my life was almost completet! *tears of joy* I should maybe stop there...

I haven't really seen all the movies he has been in only 4 out of 398731 movies he has been in. But he always tend to die in his freaking movies -.-
AAANNNDDD he's married with an actor called Koyuki Katō, they even have a song together that they gave birth to around January Congratulations~!!! ^o^


Wining Pass
Bright Future
Guzen nimo Saiaku na Shonen
The Locker 2
The Taste of Te
Linda Linda Linda
Furyo Shonen no Yume
Custom Made 10.30
Otoko-tachi no Yamato
Oyayubi Sagashi
Death Note
Death Note: The Last Name
Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea
Ten Nights of Dreams
South Bound
Tsubaki Sanjuro
Dolphin Blue: Fuji, mo Ichido Sora e
L: Change the World
Don't Laugh at My Romance
Detroit Metal City
Kamui Gaiden
Ultra Miracle Love Story
Norwegian Wood
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Gantz: Perfect Answer
My Back Page
Usagi Drop

Kids War 5
1 Litre of Tears
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi
Sono 5 fun mae
Sexy Voice and Robo
Zeni Geba
Love of 99 Years - apanese Americans
Taira no Kiyomori

Well what to write...? Just watch his movies he's awesome!!! :3

B2ST pre-debut pictures~

Well as you know I've been posting a lot of pre-debut pictures on idols (and childhood pictures) so why not keep going ^^ I should do one on girl groups too =_=
Well now it's B2ST's time to shine ^o^







Ki Kwang














How to make a Viral Video

Found this on youtube. Trust me.. watch it hahaha someone from the KPOP world stars in it ;D

WAAAAAAH!!! RIGHT?!!??!!? WTF?!! B.R.A you and me need to do that! Hahaha let's get his number and make a video xD No dude.. seriously.. we need to do this -.-'

Haha but that shit cray! How the hell did they even get him? o_O
So yeah.. that's this mornings random post ^^

Did T.O.P get a new tattoo?

Remember before when GD and Taeyang got new tattoos? Well someone posted on twitter another photo from the same studio, but this time the person on the photo looks like T.O.P

realjiyong:  Someone posted it on twitter and people are asking if this is TOP.

But according to me, that looks more like Seungri? O_o
It could be him, right?

(This is Seungri. The jaw-line looks the same.. right?)

But the hair in the picture.. it feels more like T.O.P? Hahaha but the body feels more like Seungri?
Any of you who knows if this is true or not? And who it is? ^^
Now when you think about it.. that's not Seungri's ear in the pic 8O Seungri's earlobe is more round.. OMG.. Maybe it is T.O.P?! Or maybe it's just a random guy that made a tattoo in the same studio as GD and Taeyang ^^

But I don't get the actual tattoo, "You can't seek lady luck: Lady luck seeks you", WTH is Lady Luck?!

Movie Recomendation: Death Game Park

Dunno why but I have this thing when it comes to survival games or mind games in general. Love watching those, Hunger games are one of those, Liar game, Death note, Battle Royale etc. and here's the latest one Death Game Park.


Everyone thinks that Death Game Park would be something similiar to Battle Royale but it wasn't. It had its own "unique" story. I can clearly say this for you guys who doesn't like blood: There isn't a single disgusting scene. I was pretty surprised as well because survival games like this usually have it, sure some of them died in a brutal way but there was no blood u___u

However everything was flowing in a really good way and then the end came. I was like "Wtf..." I even had to search for it XD There's a lot of interpretetions on the ending but it still didn't make sense for me, some people say that you're in a computer game playing every character etc. (Click here) You who said that Davinchi Code was hard to underestand then watch this...
But I still recomend you guys to see it and today is a perfect day to do it ^^ In Sweden... rainy, cold and Friday everything is served in a nice silver plate! *<-- the heck was that? >_>*



Juniel - illa illa [Teaser]


I've been seriously raping the replat button since yesterday! This sounds amazing! Even better than her first song "fool*" (apparently the songs name is fool not stupid -_-) ft Yong Hwa. However her voice in fool was more soft/"cute" and in illa illa it seems to be a bit more powerful ;3 I didn't even realised that the guy was Minhyuk >___>
You know what... I'm actually starting like Juniel, I should search on her album My First June soon.

So... when will the whole MV be out? Probably June 3rd XD

It's Friday, Friday~

You better Run, RUN!

If you only knew...

And this awsome last one

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