G-Dragon - That XX [MV]

Was this the MV that was supposed to have an age limit at like 19+? Well.. they put beeps in the song, so I guess it's ok now? The song is honestly so good, but the beeps ruin everything -.-' And that makes me wonder.. what the hell is he singing about? It should be love, because he sings "Love is blind, oh baby you so blind". It sounds kind of funny.. "you so blind"?? Hahaha but I get what he means. So it should be about love right? But why all the bad words? And why was it supposed to have an age limit so that only people over 19 could see it?

But then again, the MV looks sad. And happy? Haha because first they look happy, then they cry and go mad.. then at the end they're together.
Yeah.. need to check the lyrics xD

But I like GD singing, but I perfer him rapping ^^

My latest creation~

This are one of those really random posts, but I wanted to show you guys one thing >:3
I'm one of those people who can't throw my cloths so I usually donate them every other month, but I always look at the cloths thinking "Can I do something else with this?".
I had a reallly biiiiig shirt and I wanted to give it a makeover ^^
So here's the result:


5 facts about Wonder Girls

I don't know how I did but I found an article People magazine (A quiet famouse one in US) wrote an article on Wonder Girls. However it was published 3 years ago o___o
Wondering who The Wonder Girls are? Already a pop phenomenon in Asia, the South Korean pop quintet – which includes members Sun, 20, Yenny, 20, Mimi, 17, Yubin, 21, Sohee, 17 – is making a splash in the U.S. with their infectious bubblegum pop tunes.

Their first single titled "Nobody" landed on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, making them the first group from South Korea to make such a mark in the U.S. But tween girls know them as the group that shared the stage with the Jonas Brothers this past summer.

Here are five fun facts about these five fresh-faced females:

1. They're tight with the JoBros:
The girl group lived the dream of tween girls everywhere: They spent almost two months with the Jonas Brothers as their opening act for the U.S. leg of their 2009 world tour. The girls bonded with the brothers on the road to the point that Joe has been spotted wearing the Wonder Girls shirt, and on Sun's birthday in August, the rock trio bought her a cake (cue adoring sighs). At the time, Sun tweeted, "The guys came to me and wished me a happy bday w/a gorgeous cake! Thank you to the Jonas Brothers for making my bday so special!!"

2. Their manager was a '90s megastar:
The man behind the group is a star in his own right. Singer-songwriter J.Y. Park became a K-pop sensation in the 1990s, releasing seven albums. He later opened an intensive music school called JYP Academy in Seoul where all five Wonder Girls studied before forming the group.

3. They are reality TV veterans:
The girls have already conquered the small screen. MTV Asia created a reality show about them called MTV Wonder Girls, which followed the group in their everyday lives. Also, Sun was the winner of the Korean equivalent of American Idol called Special Project: Developing a Genius before joining the Wonder Girls as the group's de facto leader.

4. They started an online dance craze:
Their popularity in Asia peaked when the video for their 2007 single "Tell Me" sparked a viral dance craze and inspired fans began to post their own renditions of the moves.

5. Yes, they like dressing alike:
With their '60s style bobs and doo-wop wardrobe, these sweet-faced girls embrace a retro-Motown vibe. The band told instyle.com that their main fashion inspirations are timeless style icons like Twiggy to Audrey Hepburn.

~Mnet Chart~

Is it only me who hasn't listened to Pandora yet? It seems to be a really good song or that's what I think XD Super Junior gained more votes since last week O__O It was also Leeteuk's "goodbye" stage if I'm not wrong but I couldn't watch it. I was afraid that I would cry like a freak XD Aww Leeteuk ;w; We will wait for you!!! <3333
Last week I wondered who SKULL was but it's a song ft HAHA .___. I seriously love their engrish and Kwang Soo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ;'D This made my day!

U-KISS - Cinderella [Audio]

Apperently this song is like.. random. Because they never said that they would release a song, and it won't feature in any of their upcoming albums. And if that is the case then I absolutley love U-KISS for releasing a song just for their fans. Plus that the song is very good!!! xD I really really like it!!! Honestly.. I don't think there is a single U-KISS song out there I don't like. This group is just perfect in every way. Don't understand why they're not my ultimate favorite KPOP-group out there..

THANK budah it's friday!

(via fuckyeahkpopmacros) &#171;&#160;its there for a reason .. o.o
Ahh prom... a day I've already forgotten. Seriously

Xia Junsu - Press Conference in NY

I haven't been paying attention towards this but Junsu is going to do a world tour...
I don't know but I somehow find it odd O__O Everything went so fast, is he really that popular (well he is popular) all over the world that he can gather thousands of fans in one place?
Oh well here are some pictures from his Press Conference in New York

T-ara - Sexy Love [Teaser]

Wait a minute... isn't this the "wrong" song? Or this isn't the song that they play during the end on Day by Day, I've been waiting for than one =___=

What to say... the choreography seems to be freaky and awesome! They've probably practiced A LOT for this. The beat was so so but I'm waiting for the upcoming song (Day by Bay) because the story just got interesting. Hyomin wakes up and Eunjung will plop up as well. >:3

It's a shame that everyone is hating them, because their music is good after all...
The song I'm talking about is this one:

[BO] Hahaha omg, I just wrote a post about this as well. So this is what I had to say:

The first thing I noticed was all the dislikes.. and I was like "Come on guys.. don't dislike the music just because of all the shit that has happened. It shouldn't matter too much.." But then I saw the teaser -.-'

At first it looked very cool!! But then they started dancing.. and then they started to sing O__o
"Sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth, don't you know?" WTF? hahahaha, nooo!!! Come on, I like your songs! But this.. was not so good. I don't really like it T_T

Then again, you never really know until you hear the entire song. I've misjudged songs and groups before..

Missheard KPOP lyrics (part 2)

Omg.. if you really listen, I PROMISE YOU he said "Curry Bottom" xD

^THIS!!!! xD

Kpop inspired nail arts

Omg that kiss thing ans those twirls looks amazing!!! O_O
I should seriously do one of these...


KPOP idols dancing to "Gangnam Style"

M2stasch should do one of these.. hahahahaha xD

Waka Waka ehe~



She's really pretty and cute OuO
I'm not a fan of 4-minute but this girl deserves a birthday post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 4-minute's maknae Sohyun who's turning 18 years old (19 Korean age). She's only 1 year older than us O___O


Tasty - Spectrum & You Know Me (dance practice)

Was released 9 days ago... but at least I'll post it now xD

Oh. My. F-ING GOD!!! This actually made my eyes tear up. Not because it was beautiful.. urm, wait. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! But that's not why my eyes got watery ^^ It's just that while they danced, I got this super fangirl feeling that I didn't want to show. So I kept it inside, but my feelings had to show in one way or another. So my eyes just started to tear up instead of me doing random noises only fangirls would understand.. hehe.

F-ing hell!!! (sorry for my language). These guys can dance like crazy!! Did you guys see from 2:08?! THAT'S NOT EASY!! And that they're doing it exactly at the same time. And then at 3:40.. it's too precisley. Just the whole thing is too perfect 8D

AND DANG.. these boys are sexiii~ xD

Taeyang on instagram!!!

A lot of idols seem to create instagram accounts and this time it's Taeyangs turn :3
If I'm not wrong, Min (Miss A) and G-Dragon also have instagrams and I bet more idols do.
UPDATE: from Bo Bae.. some of the members from B.A.P also has Instagram ^^
Follow him on "Youngbeezzy"


Haha what's up with groups using their names as the names to their songs? Boyfriend with Boyfriend. Tiny-G with Tiny-G and now K-BOYS with K-Boys.. Soon M2STASCH with M2stasch xD

What the fudge?? Hahaa omg.. This must be a budget MV. And the guys, they're not great singers, not great dancers or anything at all. They're like average. I mean, it would probably look better if they put more money into it. But it is what it is.. and it is not pretty O__o

HAHAHA and the girl?! Why is she just standing there? And shesus.. at 1:40.. only me who felt it was kind of awkward? ^^ They just stood there popping their chests xD

So the song. The song was good!! I liked it haha, but come on guys. You need to put more effort into the MV's you make. It attracts people so much more. This MV, it feel's like they filmed it with their iPhone.

So yeah.. in short. I'll give this group a chance. But don't mess up on the next MV -.-'

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

People should seriously stop hating him because of his nose -__- *random start* This guy is so charming without flashing his abs, I wouldn't mind if he was my future husband :P
Speaking of abs... Me, Bo + his friends went and watched the movie "Magic Mike" XD I had to wait 3 hours for my next class so eh why not watch a movie. Back to the point, I can't take abs or ass serious anymore hahahaha!! It was ass, dicks and abs EVERYWERE!! The movie wasn't "clean" for even 5 minutes. There was something naked aaaaaalll the time. But I can ensure you...  the fangirl mode had no scale anymore. We started to scream in the theatre (we were practically alone). So I recomend it, if you're a perv ^3^


B.A.P - Crash [MV] + I remember [Audio]

B.A.P Just released their repackaged album Crash, It contains 2 new songs. "Crash" and "I remember" ft. Daehyun.


YAAAAAY!! another "Homemade" MV ^^ They just , keep coming it, and I love it! And the song was awesome! And so was the MV!! And they all were just so cute... 8D

And they also released Bang Yong Guk's song "I Remember" but ft. Daehyun instead of B2ST's Yoseob. I absolutley love this song.. so I hope the remake is well done.

Bang Yong Guk ft. Daehyun

I don't know.. I perfered the version with Yoseob. This wasn't bad, but Yoseob had more feeling when he sang Daehyun's part.

U mad bro?


G-Dragon releasing a new single!!!

I don't really need to copy and paste allkpop's text over here XD The picture speaks for itself. Woop woop only 3 days left until his single will be out :D However... what happened with that new law about idols releasing MV's and Teasers? They were going to make it even more stricter or did they reject it? o___o


asdfghjkl LOL HAHAHAHAHAH Not so many posts today, we're sorry XD
My schedule looks like hell tuesdays and wednesdays however Bo... Bo sucks once again. We're sorry~ But the update will be better tomorrow ;w;

Left handed celebrities

Found a random list yesterday that I wanted to share XD Haha It's celebritites who are left handed.
The one with * are celebrities who consider themselves to be ambidextrous. To put it simply they can write and do everything with both hands~

- Danny

- Nichkhun*

After School
- Gahee*

- Taehwa

Block B
- Jaehyo*
- Zico*

Chun Jung Myun

- Day Day

- Jinon

- Luna*

Girls Generation
- Hyoyeon *

JJ Project
- JB

Jung Il Woo

Jung Junha

Jung Sunhee

Kim Hyesung

Kim Soohyun

- G.O

Moon Heejun

Park Shin Hye*

- Joy

Seo In Young

SG Wannabe
- Yongjun

- Jonghyun*

Super Junior
- Heechul*
- Ryeowook*

- Jay
- Karam

- Micky Yoochun *
- U-Know Yunho *
- Xiah Junsu *

Wonder Girls
- Hyelim

Yoon Eunhye
Damn almost everyone from TVXQ/JYJ O__O It was actually a lot of celebrities who are left handed I thought it would be around 10 people XD

Jay Park TV [ep. 3]

WARNING!!!! These clips are PG13 lol.. hahaha Just saying. So watch at own risk.
OMG.. the beginning.. hahaha wtf! And when they rubbed him against ice at 6:20. His laugh at 6:20!!! Hahahaha Jay.. "You're everywhere bro.. everywhere"


Or something... I've been trying to immitate Junhyun's voice in the beginning in Mystery 2 days now XD Hahahaha!! You know when he has that really raspy and dark voice in the beginning hohoh <3
Siwon: You moth* shat up!
Shindong: ... wat?




HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 2AM's diva leader Jokwon who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age). Guys like him in the kpop work are just <333 ;'D Imagine putting him, Key and Sungjong in a trio... ah~ OuO I can already see the epic scene in my head...

ZE:A - Phoenix [MV]

Korean Ver.

That dance move they do at 1:05.. heheheh ^^ Don't know why, but it looks so groovy! And sexy~ And the guy at 0:28.. HABBA HABBA!! 8D
Anywho, they apparently released a JAP. version as well..

Jap. Ver.

Gosh.. these MV's are so alike!! Had to really look to see that they weren't the same xD You can see it if you look from 0:45 on the JAP. version and 0:43 from the Korean version ^^ It's the same scene and all, but not really the same moves.

Anwyho, I perfered the Korean version (no duh), but I really like the fact that they made a Japanese MV and released it at the same time as the Korean MV! And that they look pretty much the same, but it's not really the same hehe.. you know what I mean ^^

But they have to get better on marketing themselves. Because I had no idea they were even releasing a song O__o but whatever.. ZE:A FIGHTING!! xD

Sweet quotes~

I don't really know if this is mean, sweet or just cheesy XD
It's good that some of the idols underestand that we actually do like them because of their personality. I bet that even if we fangirl over their body/abs we still like them because of their personality. The body is more like a big fat + XD
Happy Birthday <3

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 5)

BoA - Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Crown J - English

G.NA - English

Iconiq (Ahyoomi) - Japanese

Isak - English

Jang Ri In - Mandarin Chinese

Jay Park - English

John Park - English

Rain - English

Sung Si Kyung - English

Tasha - English

Tiger JK - English, Portugese (conversational)

Younha - Japanese, English

HAHAHAHAH, Omg.. 2PM ^3^

There!! This was the last part of my "KPOP idols, what languages do they speak?". Hope it helped. It sure helped me, because now I know which idol I can marry. Why? Well.. if he didn't speak english, how the hell are we supposed to comunicate? Even though if it's just conversational, *caugh* Lee Joon *caugh*, It's still english!!

G-Dragon - One Of A Kind [MV photos]

Saw that YG ent. uploaded some pictures on G-dragon's One Of A Kind MV. Those hair styles makes me go asdfghjkl why he have braids?! XD He looks like a girl from Holland...
I mean this one >______>
Damn, you can clearly see that he has been working out OuO
It was rumoured that he worked out A LOT because of his comeback but he never flashed his abs or anything except his arms... it feels like he did it for his sake rather than his comeback :3 (Y)


ew hahahahahah XD
I see wut you did there...



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO INFINITE's Sungyeol who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) today!!! :D
I have to say that this guy is AWESOME!!! I remember when I saw their MV for Be mine 1 year ago and I thought that he was the only member who looked really plain and bad? XD But now... I LOVE him! He's probably my bias in INFINITE ;'D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DUDDEEEE!!! I'm hungry as !"#!¤%&? now ;w; I've only eaten breakfeast ~___~

Teens react to "Gangnam Style"

NO WAY!! Hahahhaa they made a "Teens react to..." video about Psy's "Gangnam style" xD

"Open condom store" (02:55)
"But does he resemble Justin Bieber at all?!" "YESSSS!!!" (05:15)

hahahahaha these teens, they killed me xD But most of them seemed to like it, YAAAY!!! And we got another kpop-fan boy 8D Haha no but seriously, I loved this reaction video ^^ I mean like B.R.A's classmates saw this video and they LOVED the song ^^ PSY IS GOING VIRAL!! I know that you guys have known this ever since "Gangnam style" came out. But I'm just clarifying it.. he's viral ^3^

KARA - Pandora

SUPER LATE!! We know, but better late than never ^^

YAAAAY!! Liked the song and the dance 8D But didn't get the MV... I never seem to get the MV's these days -.-'

But yeah, KARA IS BACK!! Not much more for me to say.. hehe. I liked it.. didn't love it. But I liked it and that's all that is important :D (to me)

Movie Recomendation: 7 Days

It feels like I always recomend action/horror movies XD Should watch some romance too...
But this time it's a good one! :D
Firstly this isn't really a horror movie, more like a crime one. If you can watch CSI without any problems then you can watch this one as well :3
I really like the movie, it had a lot of twist were you could never guess who the bad guy was that's why I love it! You would've never expected that the "person" actually was the one behind everything and the motive was unexpected as well.
You can watch the whole movie on youtube CLICK HERE the quality is really good and you don't have to click for the next part either.!
And if you don't underestand what actually happened click here, scroll down and read the long comment XD
REALLY RECOMEND THIS ONE!!!~ :D Do anyone out there have a good movie recomendation? My "must see list" is empty soon (I want a Korean one ^^)


Song of the week #35

I loved this song since the first time I heard it. I mean after just 1 minute I adored this song. The reason why i didn't pick it as the "Song of the week" last week is because this song is still not in my phone. So I kind of.. forgot how much I loved it ^^

Super Junior - SPY

I just love how the mixed the goofiness with the seriousness. Because in the beginning they're like playful, but a bit more into the song it gets super serious! And then it goes goofy again xD AND THE DANCE, DAEBAK!!!

I know some people didn't like this MV because they thought it was too serious.. but I honestly love it! Sure they could have done it less serious, but that's why I like it so much. They mixed two totally different things and made it work! It's like mixing black and white. You get gray.. but SUJU got like.. PINK!! ^^

Boom, Clap, Boom Boom Clap!

Oh I thougt he grabbed junsu's,,,

New Girl Group: Skarf

Yeah I had some problems with my internet today so I couldn't make any posts... BO isn't here either.
Oh well I saw that CJ En uploaded a lot of clips on a group called skarf. They're a girl group consisting 4 girls Tasha, Ferlyn, Jenny and Sol 2 of them are from Singapore while the other 2 are from Korea. They also had another member "Yuki" but she quit before their debut.
Is it only me or does that orange/red haired girl have really big boobs? XD
I don't know but the last girls dip-dye looks really bad... It feels like someone puked on her hair and said "You're dead if you remove it". Some people look really good in it and some people don't, some people manage to pull off odd colors while some people look like terrible Xd
I was like this through the whole song ._____________________________________,
These kind of songs/MV doesn't really make me amazed or anything but the chorus somehow got stuck especially their "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" XD Their dance on 1:08 also looked cool but that's probably it.

It's sick how many groups that has and will debut this year. It's clearly more than last year. I bet it's around 70 groups right now but it'll increase later...
Update: Okay to be more exact 66 groups so far...


Oh holy f*ck! 12 years?!?!?!?! XD BoA is a typical idol that I know but still don't know. I was amazed when I read that she released her debut album when she was 13 years old! That's freaking amazing!
HAPPY 12 YEARS to queen BoA I have to dig after her old albums...
This girl is a legend O__O

The new winner!!!

Finally we have a new winner from our giveaway contest and it's the same "rules" I wrote on the previous post
We will send you a mail so answer it as soon as possible!
And the winner is:
Congratulations John ;-) You have 2 days to answer our mail~

BIGSTAR members profile

I've been looking for a good members profile for a long time now (No I don't know any of the members XD) and I finally found a good one ^^




~ Member Profiles ~





Stage Name: Feeldog


Birth Name: Oh Gwang Suk


Birthday: February 26, 1992


Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Leader


Blood Type: O


Height: 173 cm


Weight: 58 kg


Hobbies: Shoe collection, painting


Specialties: Ceramic art, basketball, beatbox




Stage Name: Baram


Birth Name: Lee Young Jun


Birthday: October 8, 1990


Position: Vocalist, Rapper


Blood Type: AB


Height: 175 cm


Weight: 63 kg


Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, observing people


Specialties: Writing lyrics, piano, fencing, swimming




Stage Name: Raehwan


Birth Name: Kim Rae Hwan


Birthday: February 15, 1992


Position: Vocalist


Blood Type: O


Height: 175 cm


Weight: 59 kg


Hobbies: Hat collection, writing lyrics, watching movies


Specialties: Piano




Stage Name: Sunghak


Birth Name: Jung Sung Hak


Birthday: January 16, 1993


Position: Vocalist, Rapper


Blood Type: B


Height: 178 cm


Weight: 61 kg


Hobbies: Shopping, browsing Internet


Specialties: Taekwondo, piano, jumping




Stage Name: Jude


Birth Name: Kim Dong Hyun


Birthday: November 25, 1994


Position: Vocalist, Maknae


Blood Type: A


Height: 173 cm


Weight: 59 kg


Hobbies: Listening to music, sleeping


Specialties: English, clarinet


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH lol XD Baram's specialty "Observing people" wtf XD Is it only me who's getting confused here because of their makeovers? It took me 10 minutes to see who is who after their makeover. The maknae does not look like he did before! Blonde hair and makeup will surely make you... look new .___.



WAR, hoo, Yeah, what is it good for absolutely nothing!

Is it only me who miss his blonde hair? He looked more dorky that way XD







Sorry it’s not FLH, but I just had to. &lt;3 (x





We will announce a new winner on the giveaway

I don't know if you've checked our fb page but I informed you guys that the previous winner never answered our mail we sended, and the deadline was 2 days (as I mentioned in the winner post). I'm sorry if you're away on a trip or something but we need to contact kpopmart as soon as possible.
So we will announce a new winner later today so stay tuned OuO



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZE:A's ahjussi Kwanghee who's turning 24 years old today (25 Korean age) no matter what people say this guy is really lovely OuO I wouldn't mind having him as my brother mainly because of his humour XD

We hope that you'll have a great day and send me one bear please ;w;

2 PM's comeback postponed

It has been reported that 2PM's comeback has been postponed.

Originally, 2PM has revealed that they would be making a comeback in September. However, Nichkhun recently halted his activities temporarily, spending time to self-reflect. Due to the sudden halt in activities, Nichkhun did not participate in JYP Entertainment's "FAN's Day" event in Korea and the JYP Nation concerts in Japan.

The new comeback date for 2PM has not been announced yet.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment said, "Nichkhun is still digesting everything. He self-reflecting a lot."
Well this sucks.. or yeah we already knew that this was going to happen but it still sucks ;( However I'm glad that the whole Nichkhun controversy has finally calmed down and I hope that they'll make their comeback soon. They're doing great in Japan but dude... we want you guys in K-O-R-E-A! *imitating Heechul's hand movements*
Is that... nailpolish? o__o

G-Dragon - One Of A Kind [MV]

HEEELOOOOOO, is that what he's saying? XD
It's so weird in many ways but I laughed trough the whole MV and I love it! Sure Heartbreaker was more catchy but it feels like the meaning behind this one is somehow bigger and more personal. Have to look up for the lyrics. This song didn't really make me go WOOW! but it's quiet entertaining. I think I died more than 3 time while watching the MV. Especially the part were he played with the kids.
And dear lord his hairstyles XD I bet it was over 15 different styles...
And Teayang in the end, priceless!!! ;D Did anyone else see his sushi dance?!?!
Just search on "Taeyang sushi dance" on youtube~

I'm going to search for his album now and see how the rest of the songs are ^^ Adios~

Really late morning humour...

I just realised that I forgot to do my typical morning humour with macros... >__>


Random thing...

Do you remember the movie recomendation I did yesterday? The movie "Kill Me Kiss Me".
During the end of the movie something about Sweden was brought up and I started to fangirl as hell XD I was like YESSS the Korean people knows about that!!!
I hope and believe that most of you know what this so called "syndrome" is... well to make it simple it's a syndrome were two robbers kidnapped a woman and the woman fell in love with one of the robbers... that's the syndrom (that the women fell in love with the one who kidnapped her)
Muhahahaha >:3

Infinite [Dongwoo's Hidden Camera]

T3T... This is why he is my bias in Infinite. Plus that.. I just liked him because I thought he was good looking and dances really well xD  But now, this is a contributing factor to the reason why my bias in Infinite is Dongwoo ^^

GAAAAH, It's just so horribly cute when he cries and can't stop and complains about how annyoing this is ^3^. And when he blows out the candles with his runny nose!! Hahaha little baby!! I think I always fall in love when I see someone cry.

Don't know if you guys remember (because I've told you like 1000 times before), but I fell in love with MBLAQ's Lee Joon after I saw his hidden camera on "Idol Army". And he cried as well.. hahaha I just love to see them feeling emotion. Because it's not that their sad. It's more like they wanted to cry before but didn't, and when they later found out it was a hidden camera, they can't keep the tears in because they kept them in for so long.. even if NOW they're not really sad anymore because they know everything was a setup.. but they just can't stop the tears. Hmm. hard to explain xD

Either way, Dongwoo is just too adorable in this video!! Haha ^^

~Mnet Chart~

Yaay~ after I don't know how long Gangnam style is finally on #1 ;D But why wasn't he there before? -_-
The chart has changed completely! Who is SKULL?! XD But I've heard Eru's song ft. Junhyun, I've been playing that song non-stop these days it's so freaking good ;w;
I'm surprised that Suju's SPY is still having a lot of online votes o__o


Omg ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIAS iN SUJU, My little Yesung who's turning 28 years old today (29 Korean age). This man is the definition of awesome and amazing!!! I've almost seen all the variety shows with him and every solo stage he has performed. his voice makes me quiver all over the place 'If you know what I mean >:3* just kidding XD And his humor is one of a kind... <3

Covers by DaehoTV

OMG.. found this kid a few months ago.. Didn't want to share his work at first, but he's to good to keep silent about!

Maroon 5 - Payphone (cover)

Daeho is on the left and Banseok is on the right. WHAT THE HELL!!! I hate falling in love with youtube celebrities -.-' Because you feel like you've got a bigger chance on them because they're not superstars.. but it's just as hard to get with them as it is with a freakin' KPOP star...

But GAAAAAH Daeho's voice T_T it's too much for me to handle.. Hahaha and since this has nothing with KPOP to do (except for them being Korean..), I decided to put up another cover they've made.

Big Bang - Monster (cover)

J.Y. Park (JYP) - You're the One (cover)

I almost perfer this cover over their "Monster" cover. Their voices are so pure and so easy to enjoy. I can't be the only one who get's like.. excited hearing them sing? ^^ 

Movie Recomendation: Kiss Me Kill Me

I downloaded some Korean movies while I sat on the train yesterday and one of them was Kiss Me Kill Me~
Ohohoh this movie was a bit unpredictable if I have to be honest (they usually don't) so they almost got me for a while XD But it was reeeeaaally good :O You will seriously love their awkward relationship. It's so sweet but... awkward XD I started to cry on the train to hahahahahahaha XD Damn...

Well I just forgot everything I wanted to write here but it is a really good movie so watch it o__o

Tiny-G - Tiny-G [MV]

WEHEHEY!! It was actually good!! (the song)
The MV could have been better. Didn't really get it ^^ The ending though.. when the girls shoot the basketball. The first shot was amazing (if someone could actually do it). The second one..? You honestly think that was cooler than the first? And the last one? Hahaha I could do that xD

No, but this was a little better than expected! I just hope they get enough support because as I see now.. the dislikes are many. But I liked it!! TINY-G FIGHTING!

EXO Comeback

Found this picture:

ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS!! (+3 days..)
And omg, it's a full album! YAAAY!! Hahaha who besides me is excited?! Even if I'm not a true "exotic" I'm still spazzing over here xD

But don't take this 100%.. because this is from tumblr and you never know. It might be fake. Some people noticed that "lightsaber" wasn't there. So yeah, this might be fake. BUT I'M STILL SPAZZING! xD

JJ Project's JB has gone brown!

Hahaha and as in "has gone brown" I mean his hair xD

Jr. and JB



So what do you guys think? These are photos from their appearance on "Dazed&Confused".
I like his brown hair actually.. it feels more natural ^^ But Jr. is NO DOUBT the best looking brunette in this group ^^

Now to the styling. I had nothing that bad to say about Jr.'s styling.. but JB on the first pic O__o That suit doesn't fit at all!! And a cap on top of that? If you're having a cover shoot with JJ Project.. please make sure that the cloths at least fit. They don't have to match.. but do you guys see how bad that suit looks on JB?! But because he's amazing, he makes it work ^^


Oh god I thought it was Taeyang a while ago..

requested macro from ivory-kisses.


Tiny-G - Tiny-G [Drama Teaser]

Hahahhaah i like these girls xD Like their sence of houmor and just the way they are ^^ Kind of reminds me of Girls Day. Gosh.. just fell in love with their MV "Oh My God" THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!! Haha yeah.. so i hope that Tiny-G's MV will be something like "Oh My God".

AND DAAAAANG, these girls are short!! xD

So the song will actually be released tomorrow, SO STAY TUNED GUYS!!

The winner of our giveaway contest!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Pranvera who's the winner of our giveaway contest ;-) To clearify some things, the only thing you had to write was the group who made you listen to kpop. Some people decidede to write some more but we didn't chose the winner based on their story. We had a random number generator XD
Pranvera, we will send you a mail and give you 2 days to answer it, if you don't.. we'll announce a new winner ^3^
I'm sorry that I couldn't chose all of you >__> I wanted to send a mail to kpopmart to give everyone a small discount but we're still new and small in the kpop world... blog something XD So I didn't do it. But I promise that more chanses will come :3

Finally home!!

After 5 days I'm fianlly home ;w; Internet <3
The worst part is that it's time for school tomorrow O__O What the heck have I done?! To make this posts as short as possible I just wanted to say that we'll announce the winner from out giveaway contest later tonight and we're sorry for the delay because BO sucks XD So stay tuned~

Big Bang's Seungri dances to PSY's "Gangnam Style"

Omg.. brb *dying* HAHAHAHAH SEUNGRI!!! You big lump of cuteness xD Love that he keeps doing these kind of videos. Like either showing us a tutorial. wishing someone a happy b-day or just.. ^these wonderful clips! And he did the dance very well!! Props for that ^^

EXO pre debut pictures~ [Part 3]

Found some more pre debut pictures on EXO ^^ There are a lot of pictures on them O__O I'm somehow shocked because I haven't seen any from B.A.P nor NU'EST yet...
Lay (Shinee's concert)

G-Dragon - One of a Kind [MV Teaser]

YAAAY!! The entire MV will be out on August 25th! GO GD! 
The song though, when he went "OOOOOOOOOOOH" it reminded me of Snoop Dogg's "Drop it like its hot". Only me who made that connection? 

Haha anywho, WELCOME GD!! The last time he made a solo song was Heartbreaker.. I think O__o And that song was released in 2009!! So it's been 3 years.. it's about time -.-' Haha naaah, but I can't wait to hear the entire song and see the full MV! 8D

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

A few days ago I made a small list on idols I've chosen as my U.P.A.H.I and I've clearly forgotten A LOT of great U.P.A.H.I's that you must choose!
This week will be one of Super Juniors' lick eye candy:
Choi Siwon~ OuO
You know 94% of Siwon's pictures is him beeing half naked, flashing his abs... I'm not really complaining but it wasn't that challenging to find pictures on his abs compared to other idols. So for the first time in history my U.P.A.H.I only took 10 minutes to do~ :3
O_______________________________O wat...? This isn't a photoshopped picture if I ain't wrong... when the heck did they dress up Siwon as a girl? *daze*


SOLO, solooooo~ Baby I'm SOLO, solooooo~

submitted by ☆sunshine @ MBLAQAttack
submitted by ☆sunshine @ MBLAQAttack
Aww hahahahahahaha ;D
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Whatta do, shawty?
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Submitted and created by jerarudo-kun.
OMG wat ._________________________.
feb.11,2010 Happy Birthday Chansung &lt;3 :)


~Mnet Chart~

I waited so long for the Mnet chart to update but it never did -.-

Well Hello!! :D I finally found some internet here so this is a "live" post XD Nothing happened on the Mnet chart except for Sujus SPY to plopp up on the 5th place. However DAAAAAMN SPY has over 77% of the online votes O__O That's A LOT. I'm surprised that Kim Hyung Joon's song is still there .__.

S.I.M.P #54

Long time I haven't updated my S.I.M.P... for you who didn't know or don't remind the word S.I.M.P, it stands for - Songs In My Phone. I've been founding a lot of new (old) songs that I haven't been able to discover before. B2ST has done a lot of awesome collaborations and one of them is this one:
 An Jin Kyoung ft Kikwang (B2ST) - Love is pathetic
I love this song so mucho ;w; Kikwang's rap in this one is (YYY) and his engrish in the beginning was surprisingly good as well! O_O I really like that he made this collaboration because he doesn't usually have any big parts in B2ST. Doojon and Junhyung has the biggest rap parts while Yoseob and Hyunseung has the biggest singing parts. So Kikwang is like the face out in their MV's.

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 4)

Gunwoo - English
Sungwon - Japanese (basic), English (basic)

Hanjun - English

Jay - English, Japanese
Jungmo - Japanese

Jaejoong - English (basic), Japanese
Yunho - Japanese
Changmin - English (conversaional), Japanese
Yoochun - English, Japanese
Junsu - English (basic), Japanese

AJ - English, Thai (conversational), Japanese
Hoon - Japanese
Kevin - English, Japanese
Kiseop - Japanese
Eli - English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
Dongho - Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, English (conversational)
Soohyun - Japanese

Wonder Girls
Sunye - Mandarin Chinese (conversational), English
Hyelim - English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese
Sohee - Mandarin Chinese (conversational), English
Yoobin - English, Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Yeeun - Mandarin Chinese (conversational), English

Haewon - English, Japanese, Russian

Kevin Kim - English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
Siwan - English (conversational)
Kwanghee - English (conversational)

OMG hahaha I remember this. So funny x'D

Look alike: Min & Hyosung

Is it only me who found them awefully alike?! I couldn't find any smiling picture of Min but they do look alike if she laughs XD Min's face is a bit smaller but both of them also have that eye smile ^^
Nothing more to write but they look alike, OKAY?! XD


AHHHHH <-- how a black cat sounds outside my window -_-

I just realised that some weird people may think that I'm racist now hahahaha XD But I'm serious... my neighbours found a black cat a few months ago and they've kept it. We have a small hill on our mini park (outside my window) and every night around 11:30 pm that freaking cat sits on that hill and "meow"... but it doesn't "meow" like a normal cat... IT FREAKING SCREAMS LIKE A DYING KID!
I don't know why but I have this feeling that this must be my 3rd time writing this story for you guys...
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"Happy birthday Kim Kibum" Which one of them? XD Trolol
This time it's Super Junior's Kim Kibum~ HAPPT BIRTHDAY TO YOU Kim Kibum who's turning 25 years old tiday 26 Korean age)... getting old ey?
Well we hope that you'll have a great day! I wonder if the drama "I love Lee Tae Ri" has opened a few doors in you acting career...
Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FT Island's crazy maknae numero dos who's turning 20 years old (21 Korean age) today :D Yuo seriously can't hate this guy, especially when you watch old videos or vlips from veriety shows with FT Island ^3^


AOA - Elvis [MV Band Ver.]

People seem to like this version more than the other versions because you can see "Y" in this MV (the girl playing the drums). Since she is a half-angel, she will only play the drums. Not sing or dance, and because people like the whole idea of them being a band, they feel like they should stick to that idea. And I kind of agree. they should stick to this, because there aren't so many KPOP-bands out there. They got attract a whole other audience which vould benefit them.

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 3)

Gyuri - Japanese
Nicole - English, Spanish (conversational)
Seungyeon - English

LED Apple
Hanbyul - English, French (basic)

D.Kash - English
Jaerim - English (conversational)

Thunder - English, Tagalog, Japanese (basic)
Joon - English (conversational)
Seungho - Japanese (conversational)

Kangnam - Japanese, English (conversational)

Miss A
Min - English
Fei - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese (basic/conversational)
Jia - Mandarin Chinese

Monday Kiz
Hanbyul - English

Nine Muses
Hyuna - Japanese (conversational)
Sera - English (conversational)

Aron: English, Japanese

Eunho - English
Jonguk - Mandarin Chinese

One Way
Chance - English
Peter - English
Young Sky - English

Hyunyoung: Mandarin Chinese

Joy - Thai, Japanese, English
Riko - Japanese
Leejo - Mandarin Chinese

Eugene - English
Shoo - Japanese

Key - English, Mandarin (basic)
Onew - English (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Minho - Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Taemin - Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Jonghyun - Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Eric - English
Andy - English 
Hyesung - English
Dongwan - Japanese

Dasom - English (Basic)

Jiwon - Japanese 

Hyunjoong - Japanese
Hyungjoon - Japanese, English (conversational)
Youngsaeng - Japanese
Jungmin - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Kyujong - Japanese

Super Junior
Sungmin - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese  (basic)
Donghae - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Eunhyuk - Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Kyuhyun - Mandarin Chinese (conversational), Japanese (basic)
Siwon - Mandarin Chinese, English (conversational)
Kibum - English
Henry - Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, English, Taiwanese (basic), French (basic)
Zhou Mi - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese 
Ryeowook - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Heechul - English (conversational), Japanese (basic)


Hahaha Heecul.. so cute xD

EvoL - Magnet (dance practice)

YAAAY!! Remember how I said I wish they made a MV for "Magnet" instead of their song "We are a bit Different"?? Well.. maybe they will!! xD

They have the material to become a great group. But this dance practice was a bit all over the place. Like it was very sloppy. If you look from 1:50, you can see how everything is just messed up. Nobody is doing anything at the same time. But with a little more practice.. DAYUM!!! These girls could become so great! 8D

NU'EST facts [part 2/2]

A few days ago I made a part 1, and you can read it here~
So let's continue with part numero dos ^3^
Lol I bet that 85% of the fangirls somehow gave up on Aron now. Pfft... innocent my ass we fangirls must probably be one of the most dirty minded people on this planet XD
On the other hand I believe that when Aron's fans decreased, Baekho's fans increased instead ;'D
Daaaaaamn O___O  I hope that the room is a big ass one... 5 people in 1 room isn't little...


Movie Recomendation: Unstoppable Marriage

Ohh I saw this one a long time ago it's AWESOME!!!! :D
There's a movie and a drama but I've only seen the movie (you can see both of them on www.mysoju.com/)
It's a great movie and the characters are lovely. The mom may be a bitch but her character was probably the most awesome one in the movie! She'll make you laugh from the beginning till the end, especially with her T.O.P "Shit..." (For you who don't know what I mean watch Big Bang's parody on Boys Over Flowers)
Watch it goddammit! You won't regret it! Or maybe you will...
 The trailer seem to be a bit slow but you can still watch it ^o^ Aww I wanna see it again~

M2STASCH brings the boys out~

submitted by rafithecool
(screencap by coffeetae) :D
submitted by alinajjang
I thought it was Zelo for a while O_O
Submitted by Nepotism (FuckYeahMBLAQ)


OuO <333
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME GUY ON THIS EARTH!!! Ha Dong Hoon a.k.a Ha Ha is turning 33 years old (34 Korean age) today!!! Gah this guy is akjfasjb :DD I bet that even if you meet him for the first time you'll never have an awkward or "silence" moment with him!!!


Xia Junsu - Uncommited [MV]

Meh.. it wasn't entirely bad. But.. yeah haha, I don't have that much to say xD The song was O.K!!
he says in the song "She told me that I be unfaithful and I cannot believe" and "She said you can’t be committed, I said baby i dont really get it

Dude.. what is it that you don't get?! Even in the MV he cheats on her. Haha like come on -.-' You only think you can stay commited.. but that's why you're making this song. To show how uncommited you are, no matter how commited you feel. We saw you getting all touchy with that korean girl.. that wasn't your girlfriend in this MV. Yeah!! We saw you Junsu.. O__o

haha ^^ i'm tired.. Just got out of work. GOODNIGHT GUYS!!

Twins in tha K-pop world

I promised that I would make a "twin post" a while ago, and there are actually lotsof twins out there... I mean in the kpop world. It's pretty common that both of the twins are famous as well, maybe not in the same group but they're famous.
I didn't find sooo many but it was many in my eyes:
1. Kwangmin & Youngmin (Boyfriend x2)
2. Hwayoung & Hyoyoung (ex. member of T-ara & Coed School)
3. Junsu & Junho (JYJ) <-- lol was it only me who thought of 2PM?
4. Luna & Twin sister: Unknown (f(x))
5. Huh Gak & Huh Gong (Solo & his twin was/is in Voice of Korea)
6. Kwon twins (YG backup dancers)*
7. Dae & So Ryung (Duo: Tasty x2)
8. Bang Yong Guk & Yong Nam (B.A.P)
                                                                       Luna and her twin sister
                                                                                    Junsu & Junho
                                                                          Huh Gak & Huh Gong
                                                                         Hwayoung & Hyoyoung
                                                                                 Kwangmin & Youngmin
That's all I could find... I made a * on the Kwon twins because there has been a lot of rumours about them:
They gained more attention when they appeared as backup dancers for 2NE1's Go Away and people started to notice them. But they've already been around for a while and are part of Hi-Tech, the dance crew that works with YG.
I've also seen them perform with Seungri and were even in his VVIP MV (the part where the little girl enters the room and there were a bunch of girls with colored hair and they were standing behind Seungri). You can usually find them in pics taken of YG Family together too. And yup they also appeared in Secret Garden briefly in episode 3 when Oska was like doing his dance xD it was really short though.
Some fans think they could be YG trainees, I'm not too sure about that but it's possible. Since we've been seeing more exposure of them, the chances of them actually being a duo or put in a group to debut is kinda higher. Backup dancers have actually gained quite a following
The Kwon twins~  OuO I don't know why but I get hyped by only looking at them .___. they should make a duo!! XD

Song of the week #34

This song was released this week, but gosh.. I'm stuck! It's so damn amazing!

Phantom - Burning

This video deserves so many more views.. Like the quality is amazing, the song is amazing and the MV is really good!!

Hahah one thing though. Don't know if I explained so well when I meant I got dirty thoughts from watching this guy:

First of all.. the faces he make.. while holding the hose where he is holding it..and spraying Phantom with water.. that almost looks white. Hahahahahah xD Gosh, but why did he make faces like that?!

But still, like the metaphor. Even if people try to put your light out, nobody can't unless you let them (totally made-up haha, but it sounds good)

Anywho, this song is so freakin' good! I'm honest. I love it so much! The guitar in the beginning, the chorus, their voices, their english accents and just everything.
Now I just need to know what they are saying ^^


I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

First, move out of the way, clean it all up
Or just cut out my heart and take it
I can’t live like this anymore
All the past memories are useless now
Because they aren’t memories but they are great pain to me

The pain remains and eats away at my happiness
Even you can say that my love was very big
I don’t even smoke but my insides are burning

I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night I’m burning down down

My broken heart has burned away, I became a complete bum
I became a complete bum – I don’t remember the last time I properly ate or smiled
There’s no meaning to life now, am I being immature?
I’ve just been blinded by you – doesn’t make sense – we were too young
Maybe I’m crazy please don’t let me down

I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night I’m burning down down

Everything became a heap of ashes, everything is burnt up
I became a loner again – only you could fill up my heart and life
Now I’m afraid of everything – my heart is not only chilled but numbed as well

Please help me even if it’s a lie
Baby I’m burning down

I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

Please come back again
Save me from here
Can you hear my voice?
I’m burning down

This song is to good to be true T_T
But maybe my metaphor was wrong. If it's a bad "burning".. maybe they need someone to put it out?

Kpop duo: Tasty facts + members profile

I hope that you've already listened to "You know me"? If not do it, NAAOOOO!!!
I've been trying to search some facts about them but Woolim ent. hasen't revealed that much about them...
Tasty is a new South Korean Pop duo under Woollim Entertainment  which debuted in 2012. The fun fact here is these boys are twins. They are also  called the “Tasty2Wins” or “Dragon Twins”. They are both of Korean-Chinese  descent and they are fluent in speaking English, Chinese and Korean.
Even fluent in English, maybe lived in America?
Stage Name: SoRyong/Lil D
Real Name: Jung  Soryong (정소룡)
Birthdate: February 25, 1988
Height: 185cm
Weight: 67kg
Intrerests: Skateboarding, Basketball



Stage Name: DaeRyong/Big D
Real Name: Jung  Daeryong (정대룡)
Birthdate: February 25, 1988
Height: 184cm
Weight:  67kg
Intrerests: Skateboarding, Basketball


It's funny how I sat and compared their birthdays >__> I need to begin school soon, I'm getting more stupid every day... However they aren't that young, 24 years is quiet "old" in the kpop world.

The thing about their debut was that you only heard them repeat the same word over and over again. Sure it was awesome but I hope that they will sing a bit more when they'll have a comeback. "You Know Me" rarely had any singing part, the bigest focus was probably on the dance, so all the fans know that they are good dancers.






Found a good website with HQ stills on their MV Click heruuu!



Seungri wishing GD a happy birthday!

Hahahhahaha, OMG, when he started to laugh.. i couldn't help but to laugh as well ^^ I couldn't understand a single word he said (except for like "hamnida") but stil enjoyed this video xD SO CUTE!!

Baby say YES!

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The giveaway is over!

I don't know if this post will be published but I don't have any internet down here but I just wanted to say that our giveaway is now over. We Will announce the winner in a few days so stay tuned ^^

Eye Candy - GD Style

jiyong’s smile after kissing seungri is so beautiful. and it looks like seungri was about to smile but then he put on his poker face and acted like he didn’t care. lol we know you liked it Ri :3



so jealous.  I want to rip out her hair &gt;_&lt;

Happy Birthday GD ^^

Two X - Double Up [Debut Stage]

Two X's Debut stage on M! Countdown. So what do you guys think? This song is really growing on me. However.. I wanted it to be more powerful. It's a really good song but that "POW!" isn't there.. and it never came during their performance T_T

However I'm super glad that they sang live. MBLAQ mostly always sing live, I hope Two X will do the same. I didn't feel like they gave their all in this performance though. Because like.. hmm.. I feel like they got these very powerful and strong voices, but it just didn't show!! But I guess they'll grow and learn with experience. Just like MBLAQ xD Looking forward to this group now, their album will be released on August 20th. Only two more days!!! xD

One thing I just read as well.. Two X stands for "Top Win One X". Seriously? J.Tune Camp need to make up better names for their group. MBLAQ stands for "Music Boys Live in Absolut Quality" LIKE COME ON!! hahaha, but it's smart in a way. How can you forget such.. amazing names? ^^

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

OMG Is that really him?! *totally lost* XD He has grown so much!!! :O
Such a big difference compared to his debut days when he was in the drama High Kick. Sure it was 6 years ago but that's not the point XD Or maybe it is...
Damn I almost didn't recognize him O__O

Well for this weeks U.P.A.H.I I've chosen the actor/singer Jung Il Woo hohohoh >:3 You know the "I" in U.P.A.H.I stands for Idol after all.. I was going to chose him anyway, but then I saw that he was a singer as well, so then I HAD to chose him~ He has a really good voice, not a powerful one but a smooth and calm one. :3
He looked like this 6 years ago
 That's why I had shock...

EvoL [Mini Album Vol.1]

01. Let Me Explode

02. I'm Sorry

03. Magnet

04. We are a bit Differenet


Wow.. I honestly wouldn't mind buying this album O__o The last song reminded me of Beyoncés "Halo" and 2NE1's "Ugly" hehe.. it was like a mix of those two songs ^^

But I don't think that they've should have made a MV for their song "We are a bit Different".. because that's not their best song. I mean, I didn't like EvoL in the beginning because "We are a bit Different" was the first song I heard from them (because that's the song they released a MV for).
If they would hvae made a MV for "Magnet" instead, I think I would've liked them so much more!! I like them now though, because I actually like their songs haha.

So what do you guys think of EvoL's first mini album? Kind of a mix between 2NE1 and something else, right?

Kpop in Swedish magazine :D

A made a post about this a looong time ago were I uploaded a picture from a magazine called "FRIDA". They promised to do a "special kpop page" during the summer and they did :D
I was like "BITCHES MOVE OUT OF THE WAY I'M GONNA BUY IT" I don't know if they still have it out there... 
It's issue #16 for you who want to buy it, if you don't you can always write a comment on this post if you want me to take a better picture on the text so you can read it ^^
I somehow find it weird that they chose groups such as Girls Day and Ulala Session...

Morning humour dedicated for you papa G~

I just felt like I need to do this. with all this exo-mania


It's a big day for all the V.I.P's/YG fans!!! IT'S GD's BIRTHDAY!!! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BIG BANG's leader G-Dragon who's turning 24 years old today (25 Korean age)!! He isn't that old O_O

I could probably write a whole essay on how awesome and inspiring you are but let's skip that... I'm mostly grateful for you creating amazing music for your fans. We hope that we'll see you as one of the best composers in this world and keep beeing a great leader for Big Bang as well :D Make your omma proud ;w; <33

BoA - The Shadow [MV]

Hahaha I'm sorry BoA, but the MV sucked!! Your dancing is always amazing, but wth? The special effects sucked and the MV made no sence.. haha ^^ But I liked the chorus of the song. It sounded good. But my favorite song from BoA is still "Eat You Up"

Kpop idols and their siblings [Part 5/5]

for you who hasn't read/seen the previous siblings post just click on the "Special Category" that's where we publish the most.. ehm "interesting/random" posts XD
- Andy: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Eric: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Hyesung: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Junjin: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Minwoo: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Hyung joon: Kibum (younger brother)
- Hyun joong: Youngjoon (elder brother)
- Jungmin: Name unknown (elder sister), Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kyujong: Eunah (younger sister)
Super Junior
- Eunhyuk: Sora (elder sister)
- Donghae: Donghwa (elder brother)
- Heechul: Heejin (elder sister)
- Henry: Clinton (elder brother), Whitney (younger sister)
- Kibum: Saehee (younger sister)
- Kyuhyun: Ara (elder sister)
- Leeteuk: Inyoung (elder sister)
- Shindong: Dayoung (younger sister)
- Siwon: Jiwon (younger sister)
- Sungmin: Sungjin (younger brother)
- Yesung: Jongjin (younger brother)
- Boram: Wooram (younger sister)
- Hwayoung: Hyoyoung (elder twin sister)
- Hyomin: Name unknown (sister)
- Jiyeon: Hyojun (elder brother)
Teen Top
- C.A.P: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Changjo: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Chunji: Name unknown (elder brother)
- L.Joe: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Niel: David (elder brother), Bosung (younger brother)
- Ricky: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Hyunmin: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Injun: Chaeyeon (younger sister)
- Jay: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Karam: Name unknown (younger brother), Name unknown (younger sister)
- Mika: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Changmin: Sooyeon (younger sister), Jiyeon (youngest sister)
- Jaejoong: Jinhee (eldest adopted sister), Seonhee (elder adopted sister), Mikyeon (elder adopted sister), Sookjin (elder adopted sister), Yooseon (elder adopted sister),Minkyeong (elder adopted sister), Ahyoung (elder adopted sister), Sooyoung (elder adopted sister), Name unknown (elder biological sister), Name unknown(younger biological half-brother), Yoojung (younger biological half-sister)
- Junsu: Junho (elder twin brother)
- Yoochun: Yoohwan (younger brother)
- Yunho: Jihye (younger sister)
- AJ: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Dongho: Dongjin (elder brother)
- Eli: Hannah (elder sister), Minah (younger sister)
- Hoon: Hoonbi (elder brother) - Kevin: Deanna (elder sister)
- Kiseop: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Soohyun: Name unknown (elder sister), Name unknown (younger sister)
Wonder Girls
- Hyelim: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Ye Eun: Go Eun (elder sister), Yosup (younger brother)
- Sohee: Soyoung (elder sister)
- Younha: Younjin (younger sister)
- Dongjoon: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Heechul: Heejun (younger brother), Heemang (younger brother)
- Hyungshik: Minshik (elder brother)
- Kevin: Michelle (younger sister)
- Kwanghee: Inyoung (younger sister)
- Minwoo: Ahra (elder sister) - Siwan: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Taehun: Name unknown (elder sister)
Oh my freaking god are you serious?! Did anyone notice that Jaejong has 11 "brothers/sister"?! What the?! O_O *empty* That's amazing.. I wanna throw away my sister so I'm amazed that you can handle it ^o^
Well this was the last part thank you dear source :D

B1A4 - Oyasumi, Good Night [PV]

So this is a remake of their korean song "Baby Good Night". The guys will be releasing their second Japanese album on August 29th!

AWWWW, THIS MADE ME BLUSH SO HARD!! but the ending.. f*cking bastard O__o He's like cheating on them?! I don't like it anymore. From absolutley loving it to freakin' hating it T_T
Because I mean, it was so cute how they helped each other and all the stuff he did for the girl.

Some things I realized though. The car's steering wheel is on the right side? Yeah.. haha and the girls at 02:30 haha

Here's the korean version:

OMG hahahaha they're both cheating here!! I perfer the Japanese MV. It was so much cuter xD But yeah.. don't like the fact that they're cheating -.-'

Well, got to go! I'm dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight~

Tasty - Spectrum [Album]

Spectrum [Intro]
You Know Me
Finally found the whole album XD Their debut album is queit good. Everyone seem to nag about You know me "Because it isn't a complete song" bla bla. I love that song, sure they song sing that much but I still love it. for you who really want to hear a "complete" song from them then listen to "Solo".
Spectrum was really good, loved that beatbox in the background. So is Buster too ^o^ They sang much more in Buster and it still gives you that "You Know Me" feeling. I really liked their album, I'll maybe buy it, when I have some more money >___>

Nice weather... <-- dunno what to write -.-

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That was me when I found out that Darth Vader was Luke's father... and that was around 5 months ago O_O
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Believe it or not but this tiny-ass picture took a long time to do -_- I couldn't find any "birthday" pictures so I had to do one by myself XD *lazy*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO N:SONIC's Byeol who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age) today!! :D
Y U NO MAKE A COMEBACK N:SONIC?! Is it only me who love their song "Super Boy" O_O One of the most underrated groups out there, but they should make a comeback now so more people will know about them ^^

Two X - Double Up [MV]

The sister group of MBLAQ.. yaaay -.-'... Hahahahaha no, but this was kind of good!! Like B.R.A, I don't have much expectations for these girls. But since they're under J.Tune Camp, they can't be anything other than amazing. So I'm rooting for you guys girls!!!

Got this wierd feeling about the girl at 0:43 - 0:46 (I think it's the same girl xD)...I think she and MBLAQ's Seungho would fit very well. I totally ship Seungho and.. that girl ^^ They both seem alike in a way. Haha just wait for it. People will realize this OTP and weird stuff and clips will be uploaded about them on Youtube.. You just wait. Mehehehhe 8D

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 2)

Daniel - English
Simon - Japanese, English

Dal Shabet
Jiyul - English

Dragon N’ Tiger
Karin - Japanese

K9 - English
Keunhwan - English
Kyle - English
Jihoo - English
Kyungmin - English

Epik High
Tablo - English

Chanyeol - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Chen - Mandarin Chinese
Kris - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English 
Lay - Mandarin Chinese
Lu Han - Mandarin Chinese
Tao - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English
Xiumin - Mandarin Chinese

Nuri - English

Victoria - Mandarin Chinese
Krystal - English, Japanese (conversational)
Luna - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Amber - English, Mandarin Chinese

F.T Island
Jonghun - Japanese
Hongki - Japanese
Minhwan - Japanese
Seunghyun - Japanese
Jaejin - Japanese

Fly to the Sky
Brian - English

Girls Generation
Jessica - English, Japanese (conversational)
Tiffany - English, Japanese (conversational)
Sooyoung - Japanese, English (conversational)
Taeyeon - Japanese (conversational)
Hyoyeon - Japanese (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Sunny - Japanese (conversational)
Seohyun - Japanese (conversational), English (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Yoona - Japanese (conversational)
Yuri - Japanese (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (conversational)

Hello Venus
Yoo Ara - Japanese

Tony - English
Kangta - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)

Wooyoung- "Is it my turn already?"
Yonghwa- "Isn't my turtle ready?"

This literally made me L-O-L xD

EXID - Hippity Hop [Album]

Better Together
I Feel Good
Think About
Whoz that Girl (part 2)
I Feel Good (Remix)
Y THERE'S NO HIPPITY HOP?! Damn that it only was a teaser ;w; They should've made a whole version out of it >__>
I'm starting to like "I feel Good" more and more now. The rest of the album was so so... nothing that really amazed me except for I feel good... I didn't even know that there was a part 2 on Whoz that girl O_O Their comeback song was great but the album was only okay. But I'll still keep my eyes open because one of their singers is AMAZING! :D


Phantom - Burning [MV]

O__o They are really good!!! Didn't get the MV though. Hahaha and saw a comment on youtube:

Lol xD (The girls threw alcohol on the fire at like 1:12...)
But I didn't really get the MV. Maybe it's like metaphoric. They have this fire and people try to put it out. But they can't ;D

But only me who got dirty thoughts when they showed that guy that.. urm.. this guy:

Hahaha yes? No? Maybe I just have a dirty mind xD But I really really liked this song. It's going straight to my phone!! ^^

Xiah Junsu - Uncommitted [Tracklist + Teasers]

I don't know why we haven't uploaded this yet but... here you go xD
So he's trying to make a move in the U.S as well. A lot of idols/groups seems to do it nowdays, or the big ones are trying however no one has really succeeded. Sure Psy is going to L.A now to do something but he didn't even try to make it in America.
Okay enough about that. I smell jelly all the way~ I read some crazy comments on youtube so I'm only waiting till the MV will be out and pop a nice bag of popcorn and prepare myself for a catfight on the comment section ;'D I sound so lame right now... the song was...? Couldn't really hear so much except for the word "player" so It wasn't the best thing I've ever heard.
But he looks hawt in that white... hair color XD


2.Tarantallegra Feat.Flowsik Of Aziatix (Oriental Ver.)

3.Uncommitted (Inst)

4.Tarantallegra Feat.Flowsik Of Aziatix (Oriental Ver.) (Inst)


OHHHHHH So that random dude in the MV who rapped was a member from Aziatix... makes sense now XD

The album will be out soon or to be more exact August 23rd. 1 week left folks'







Ah Ah Ah feel Go Go Gooood~

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Two X - Double Up

I may sound really cruel but I have nooooo expectations at all when it comes to this group XD Girl groups doesn't really give me that "O__O" feeling as boys do... especially if they don't have an unique concept that'll catch my attention. It feels like a lot of girl groups out there seem to be the same. It's the same thing with guys but girl groups doesn't amuse me on the same way as the boys do... I just realised that it sounded really pervy...

It's good so far but we'll see if they'll amaze me if the whole MV will be out. Their MV will be released August 20 only a few days left~


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Teen Top's Niel who's turning 18 years old (19 Korean age)!!! It's sick how these small boys are getting bigger and bigger ;w; *proud* I remember that time when I fell in love with Niel's voice *o* It was so husky and sexy that I went asdfghjkl OuO Happy Birthday~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U-KISS Hoon who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) today!!! Honestly I haven't really "gotten used" to AJ and Hoon yet. Don't get me wrong I clearly see them as 2 awesome members in U-KISS but I haven't seen any variety shows with them yet, I've only seen old ones with Kibum and Alexander. So I don't really know how they really act. (you know if they're dorky, serious, funny, lame etc.)
But he has a great voice... (y) XD

The first episode of "To The Beautiful You" out

I hate watching drama when it isn't finninshed because I can't handle the torture of waiting every week + that "hype mode" will eventually disappear because I want to see everything directly. I don't like to wait a whole week -.-

If you wanna see the first ep CLICK HERE~

Oh right I haven't mentioned this before but I'll once again leave my pretty room and go to another city, lower down on le Swden~ So I won't be able to publish "live" posts, gonna give all the responsibility to BO now XD I'm going August 17th (Friday) and will be back after 5 days... AMAGOD SCHOOL WILL BEGIN BY THEN!!! O_____________________________O
But I have done posts that will come up during these 5 days ^^ The contest will also end August 18th 23:59 Swedish time, so you can still participate ^3^
Oh that's Kai OuO


This months actor (part 6)

                                                                                         Ming Dao
                                                                                   Taiwanese actor
Lots of Taiwanese actors... should chose a Korean one next time xd
This monts actor is mostly dedicated to my omma~ This guy is her freaking bias. She has seen EVERY drama or movie with this guy. But he's a good actor... he doesn't look like a Taiwanse person right? My conclusion is that he's adopted from India XD
  • Sheng Nu De Dai Jia
  • Beauties of the Emperor
  • Happy Michelin Kitchen
  • Tian Shi De Xing Fu
  • Tang Gong Mei Ren Tian Xia
  • Boy and Girl
  • Chang E Ben Yue
  • Sunny Happiness
  • Zhong Wu Yen
  • Happy & Love Forever
  • Always Smile!
  • Let's Dance
  • Knock Knock Loving You
  • Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
  • Modern Youth
  • Angel Lover
  • Legend of Star Apple
  • The Magicians of Love
  • Prince turns to Frog
  • La robe de Mariee des cieux
  • Close to You
  • Life of Sentime

Orange Caramel - Yasashii Akuma [Full PV]

The girls will be releasing their album on September 5th.

HAHAHA soooo cute!! And the wink at 0:53 xD
Never really listened to Orange Caramel, only their song "Magic Girl". And Now I accidentally listened to their song "Shanghai Romance". I liked it!!! xD

So these girl will release their album on September 5th. Anyone excited for it?!?!! 8D

Xiumin time~ :3

Yesterday little aegi uploaded a tumblr post on fb and that was some sad **** ;w;


EXO-M has 6 songs in their mini album right? Xiumin only has a total of 6 lines.


Into Your World 在你的世界降落 就算世界都冷漠


MAMA 没有生命力 没感情 每天毫无根据 最后我怒吼 我狂奔 我回温 不想要世界变的冷


Machine 她 的泪滴怎么看不出来有情绪 x2


I counted before, 15 seconds in total.


Have you watched EXO M’s performances  of Into Your World? Other than the chorus, Xiumin only raises his mic 2 times. Each time for less than 2 seconds.


This is the boy who trained for 4 years in SM after winning the FIRST place of EverySing contest in 2008. This is what he got.


Kim Minseok has a cute appearance, just like the classic kind of handsome korean boy. Xiumin doesn’t have a lot of chances to showcase himself. His dancing foundation is really strong, but because of his height and built, he’s destined not to be the main dancer no matter how good he is. He can’t show case his dance skills so he can only sell his aegyo obediently. Baozi Baozi Baozi… Kim Minseok, are you sick of explaining this nickname yet? Tao, oppa, Tao, oppa… Kim Minseok, are you tired of explaining this joke already?


But what can he do?


Minseok is smart, he knows his own identity. He does well in what he’s supposed to do, he doesn’t lust after opportunities he can’t have. He shines, but doesn’t steal the limelight from the others. In the group, he contributes silently but doesn’t get a lot of attention in return. An idol like that nowadays is hard to find, especially in the industry in China.


He really touched me with one particular photo, at LA Disneyland. Xiumin was carrying Tao and Yixing’s bags, trailing behind everyone at the very back of the whole group. Chen was with the China line, together with Baekhyun and Sehun, playing everywhere. But Xiumin wasn’t. There were many photos taken that day, but he was barely in any shots.


Actually, not only on that particular day, but his official press photos and fan taken photos have always been very little. Even if there is, you have to look for them meticulously first. Xiumin is small, it’s so easy for him to get blocked by the other extremely tall and built members of the group. A small faded smile is always hanging on his face, looking at the younger members who are playing around happily.


Xiumin is the complete opposite of Luhan onstage and offstage. Luhan always has a shy image onstage, while Xiumin has to portray a witty and adorable image because that is his role. Off the stage, he is completely the big brother with a mature thinking and mindset. He is serious and calm, he doesn’t really participate in the craziness along with his dongsaengs. He doesn’t voluntarily step forward to showcase himself, doesn’t fight doesn’t snatch for the chance to. He doesn’t even really approach people on his own. His age and personality might have played a part in the maturity and responsibility in him.


To be honest, to be the oldest but not appointed as the leader, not being the maknae but having to act cute is extremely awkward for a Korean boy like him. Perhaps it’s the age gap between the dongsaengs, I’ve always felt that Xiumin is lonely on the inside.




                                                                                            * * *


My personal take on this. Xiumin is not my ultimate bias, but he’s on my top few favourites in EXO. As a dancer myself, I can see that Xiumin is clearly very good in dancing. If you’ve watched his practice video with Greg Hwang and Yixing, he was actually much much better than Yixing. Even now, there are certain parts of the choreography in History and MAMA that he executes much better than Yixing. I don’t know how he trained, but his strong foundation in dancing is very evident. His moves and angles are the smoothest and cleanest out of all 12 of them, and that includes Kai. But like what they said, because of his built and height, he’s destined to be deemed unfit for the role of the main dancer. It’s true.


I’m also extremely sick of the nickname Baozi. However, I thank Luhan for inventing it because I know he did it on purpose. He wants to create a specific image for Xiumin so that fans will find it endearing and pick it up. This is why Luhan often brings it up during interviews. He’s not stupid, he just wants to promote Xiumin and make the chinese fans take more notice of him. Xiumin knows that as well, that’s why he always accept the nickname graciously with a smile, always up for gags related to buns because that is the only thing he can do to get his name out there right now.


You know what makes me cringe the most? the fact that he has to bring up his “shouting” skills during interviews. It’s not exactly a skill, but it’s the only thing that can distinguish himself from the rest. I cringe so hard everytime he mentions it. Also, I will never forget the awkward facial expression he and Chen has whenever there are only 1 or 2 (or even none) banners and supporters for them while there are 948593545 fan boards and screams for Luhan and Kris. What pains me the most is that he and Chen still force themselves to smile infront of all of them, because one fan is better than having none. they accept their fate and try their best to fight on… because that’s the only thing they can do.


It was never fair for Xiumin. In this race to stardom, his starting line was far behind the others.


As international fans, we honestly cannot show much direct support for Xiumin to let him know that we love him. But just take a little more time to appreciate him and his efforts, reblog this translation to other exo fans out there, edit more photos of him etc. He might not see your effort, just like how we’re not able to see his, but every little thing goes a long way :’)






It's a sad reality, what to do? This is what a lot of idols have to accept, to be in the shadows of their competitors. Some of them handle it in a good way while some of them don't. It's also bad that everyone will start to "pity-like" Xiumin because of a post like this, he deserves a true fangirl who likes him for his dorkyness, dance skills, voice etc. XD Now I sound like a dating program >__>

I started to "pity-like" him as well in the beginning but I will stay with Tao till the end. It's a good insight to see how idols really fight for their dreams so pick your bias carefully next time ^^





Juliette, OHHH~ nananananna Juliette!

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Since when did they get so many in F.Cuz @__@
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Shock in 3... 2... 1....
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New Girl Group: Two X

Me: Doh'

HAHAHAHAH I was wrong in EVERY way... firstly they aren't a duo and secondly they aren't boys *duuhh* >__>
Damn so close XD That Su Rin looks really pretty :O At least when you see her in profile and Ji You looks like Sohee somehow.

Their group name ‘TWO-X’ stands for Top (T), Win(W), One(O), and ‘X‘ signifying ‘multiply’, and the girls are more than determined to show their best to the public.


[It's so typical J.Tune camp to come up with these kinds of group names... just like MBLAQ]


TWO X’s title track “Double Up” is slated for release on August 16th, the same day they will be holding their debut stage on Mnet‘s M!Coundown. Additionally, their first single album also titled ‘Double Up’ will be released on August 20th.


- Allkpop


Oh so it's only 2 days left :3 Wonder what kind of girl group they'll be...



EXID - I feel good [MV]

Wait wut happened with "Hippity Hop" :O I was somehow waiting for that one... but this wasn't bad either
The thing that bugged me most during their debut days was their song "Whoz that girl" the song wasn't really that bad but I HATED the acting in the MV. It was so bad that it even made the song bad XD I liked this one better especially the girl's voice in the beginning O_O Daaamn that was some good ****! However their dance in "Whoz that girl" was more catchy compared to "I feel good"
It was a great start! the new members seem to be awesome. I like that "mini-comedy" in the MV as well ^^ I'm going to search for their album now adios~


PSY - Gangnam Style Hyuna ver [MV]

This is one of those "side versions" no one really likes, but listens to anyways... no but I didn't really expect that much. I somehow knew that she would be dancing in a room.
I don't really hate it that much but it clearly sucked compared to PSY's version XD Her "Gangnam style" made me fly off my bed... O__O Such a baby voice e_e
But she knows how to dance but other that that... nothing can be said. The MV speaks for itself~

DON'T MISS 2NE1 LIVE!! [Live Stream]

Read on Allkpop that 2NE1 will be holding a Live Stream at Facebook's headquarters. That means you guys can catch them live on either Facebooks' Live App, or 2NE1's official Facebook page!! xD

The streaming will be held on August 22nd 5pm - 5:45pm AMERICAN TIME!! That means 11pm - 11:45pm Swedish time and like.. 6am - 6:45am Korean time (August 23d)

2NE1 ft. Sungha - Lonley

And since this will be an Q&A streaming, you guys can ask your questions here.


R-rated stuff...

Oh god those photoshoot pictures on Siwon made everyone fall of their chairs LOOK AT HIM @__@


E-7 - U [MV]

Lol I thought it was some people making a cover from IU's "You and I" XD
I finally realised who E-7 was because their name sounded awefully familiar... they are the group who released a teaser with every member in it and the company said that they would make them debut early 2012 >__> It's August right now...
At first I actually liked the song, it was one of those cute ones but not über cute so it made me like them even more. They were in sync and song is catchy as well but.... then that freaking dub-step came e___e why?! The song was perfectly fine without it! Sure NU'EST pulled it off pretty good but this one was too much.
The guy reminded me of Seto Koji, they don't really look that much like here... just watch the MV -_-
       Posted Image

AJ is in New York now~

This was one of the top news a few weeks ago. AJ (U-Kiss) revealed that he would go to Colombia University in New York to study for 5 monthe I believe? And during this time U-kiss won't release any albums without him. Was it only me who found it really sweet? ;w;

I'm starting to het this OMG feeling... Just imagine meeting AJ at your "own" university O__O
Like "Oh hello... I'm going in the same university as AJ does" XD

But good luck now!! I hop that 5 months will pas by really fast now!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B1A4's maknae Gongchan who's turning 19 years old today (20 Korean age)!!! :D He's so cute and pretty ;w; Even if I don't like B1A4's music I have to admit that they must be the only group out there who are having the most cutest/babyfaced members... or to be more exact they're the only boygroup out there (so far) were all the members can handle the whole aegyo thing~

Actor Seung Gyu Dies From Motorcycle Accident

Damn so many accidents today @__@ To be honest I don't really "know" who he is. I haven't seen any movies/dramas with this guy but I hope that you'll rest in peace.
Actor Lee Seung Gyu (30) died in a motorcycle accident on August 11th while returning to his home in Sadang-dong, southern Seoul, after watching the Korea-Japan men’s soccer match with his friends.

According to Seung Gyu’s agency, Taepung Entertainment, he was pronounced dead at the scene after his motorcycle crashed into a guardrail while he was turning a corner in Anyang, Gyeonggi. Although he was wearing a helmet, he suffered serious head injuries, resulting to his death.

The 32-year old actor was known for his role as warrior in the historical drama “God of War”. He made his debut in the OCN drama “Kid Gang” in 2007 and has since appeared in several other TV shows.


Jay Park - New Breed [MV]

Hhahaa I don't know if the song is called New Breed.. but now it is -.- And I guess this is the MV xD

Jay, keepin' it real!! xD I don't know if I love his new style or not. Or maybe I shouldn't say new style. I mean, this is the real Jay Park. I kind of like it.. but I think i liked the "nice" boy-style more. Maybe because I don't like him cussing.. Haha I don't really know ^^
I still love his music, like the style he sings in. I just don't like all the cussing. He should make a version where he beeps out all the bad words xD
But yes ladies and gentlemen, this is Jay!!! And I'll supporting him always! 8D

AND KEEP IT UP posting new videos. Keep it touch with your fans babe, this is what all the stars should do xD However, I guess not all of them have time to post videos like this all the time O__o But still..

To The Beautiful You - Clips

Found the 4th teaser with eng subs so enjoy ;D
Once again that toilet scene <333 I really want to see it ;w; ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!!! :O
Lol looks like Kikwang and D.O XD
Lastly I saw that "To The Beautiful You" uploaded a 9 minutes long preview on their page. The quality isn't that good but you can at least watch it... However I don't dear/wanna do it, I want to wait till the release day insted :3 *proud smile* XD

Song of the week #33

Forget to do this yesterday, so I'll do it today ^^

So the song of last week is a song that I've drugged for like..2-3 weeks now, AND I'M STILL NOT SICK OF IT?! xD

ZE:A - Aftermath

GAAAAAH, this song is too good -.-' Just love everything!! ^^
How the hell can they have so little views though? These guys deserv more..
But the dance moves kind of remind me of U-KISS's "Tick Tack" xD

NU'EST facts [part 1/2]

Daamn these facts are hard to do ;w; especially the picture ajdfabsjdf TT^TT After sitting here for I don't know how long, here you have some of them... btw the background picture for the facts is an animated version of their "Face" album cover, they're so pretty even if they're animated OuO
They should make a manga with these character kekeke >:3

Super Junior - Spy [MV]

First time I ever hear the song. Ok, so the song is devided in a few parts
Part 1 - Badass Intro (James Bond, totally get the conection xD)
Part 2 - Silly beginning?? (Starts at like 00:07)
Part 3 - Badass music starts and mad dance moves (00:26)
Part 4 - Now they go all serious (00:44)

And then the parts just randomly pop up again ^^ But dang!! I fell in love with this song from Part 2. Hahahaha xD And the MV!!!! Even though they're pretty much just dancing.. I LOVE IT!!!! Super Junior, you've caught my attention.. again ^^

And right! The dance they do at 01:09 (shile singing "ooooh") OOOOOH!!! *wipes sweat of forehead* sexii~

Lobey dobey, dobey oh oh oh oh~ XD

Is it only me who's thinking of the movie "Hangover"?
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Lol xD
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It&#8217;s my first time, so it isnt very good. Sorry :)
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That's how I was created! *bad dum tss* hahahahaha Just kidding ;D
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T-ara's Soyeon in a car accident

Well this news is spreading like a fire all over the place:
T-ara’s So Yeon and her staff members are recovering in a hospital after experiencing a car accident.
In the early hours of August 13, So Yeon, her manager and other staff members were en route to Busan on the Gyeongbu Expressway to film So Yeon′s KBS drama, Haeundae Lovers when their van hydroplaned on the rainy road, hit a guardrail and tipped over to the next lane.
So Yeon and the staff members were then rushed to the emergency room where they were treated for minor injuries and are awaiting results from their examination.
According to a representative for Core Contents Media, though So Yeon didn’t experience any major injuries, she is currently experiencing discomfort in her neck and back. All passengers were wearing seatbelts, and is credited as the reason there are no major injuries.
The Core Contents Media representative added that it has informed the Haeundae Lovers production staff So Yeon will be unable to make it to today’s filming for the drama.
It was just a while ago I read her interview and now this?! @__@ Get well soon! Even if T-ara isn't the best group out there they still make awesome music so I hope that you're fine~ ^3^


Truth to be told I don't listen to A-pink nor do I know who Bomi is lol XD But now I know ;D
But HAPPY BIRTHDAY to A-pink's Bomi who's turning 19 years old today (20 Korean age)... wait a minute... I just saw that Bomi is the second oldest member... OH DEAR LORD!!! THE MAKNAE IS 96! I DID NOT KNOW!!!! MY WORLD IS ONCE AGAIN GOING UNDER!!!
5 people who's younger than me so far... this is... TT_____________________________TT
*Those 2 chicks in T-ara
*brb running away*

HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSARY Bang Yong Guk♥

Hohoh I still have 6 minutes left till the day will end...
A fast Happy 1 year anniversary to leader Bang yong Guk!! It's 1 year since he made his solo debut XD

U-Kiss - Only you [Audio teaser]

I was waiting for BO to upload this but ehh... a bit late but what the heck~ :D
U-Kiss are releasing their 4th Japanese single and it will be released September 5th o_o
The song was actually okay, hard to judge it when you've only heard 40 seconds of it but it didn't really give me that WOW feeling like some songs can do (for an audio teaser).
Found some of their jacket photos
Hoon and Dongho are getting more and more pretty OuO


To The Beautiful You - Pictures~

Wait.a.minute... is that Tao?! O___O It looks like Tao... Why is he there? adkjgnadjk Someone? XD
I saw that Julien Kang is in the drama as well :O I know exactly what you're thinking "How the heck can HE be in a Korean drama?! O_O" For you who didn't know Julien Kang is an actor/model, he's half French and half Korean so that explains the whole thing.
His role in this drama is Jae Hee's (Sulli's) protective brother. I bet that a lot of people will be mindfucked on this one hahaha XD


Psy is everywhere!

When I visited youtube's homepage (without beeing inlogged) I found him on the "front page" >__>

I believe that you can see "Psy Gangnam style" without the red mark but.. yeah XD
HEEEEY SEXY LADY! He was on their trends but when I visited youtube's channel for trends I couldn't find him there -.-
Oh well weeheey kpop is spreading more because of this awesome guy!! ^3^

J.Tune Camp to debut a new group Two.X

J.Tune Camp recently has posted a series of tweets announcing the upcoming debut of a new group. This group, named Two X, appears to be shrouded in mystery as nothing else has been revealed about them besides these tweets.

However, the agency did reveal that Two X would be making their first appearance on August 13th for the prerecording of MBC's Music Core. Because a special stage will be held at Sokcho Cheongchoho Expo rather than at the Music Core stage, the shooting seems to be scheduled for a few days earlier.

Despite this, the tweets are confusing because of a conflict of dates. Although these later tweets all use August 13th as a debut date, the first tweet is labeled as August 16th. Regardless, fans eagerly await the appearance of this secret group.

Many guesses have been made about Two X, such as hopes of a known trainee, Sangbae, to be included in the group.
- Source
                            Posted Image
Really O__O This may sound dorky but isn't Rain in the army? Sure I believe that he has right and left hands here and there now when he's in the army but do they really have the qualifications to make a group debut? Oh well I'm looking forward to it!! :D It sounds like a duo with the "Two" and boys with the "X" ô_ô


NU'EST - Not Over You [MV]

Excuse me? I didn't even know they would make another MV for another song O__o

Ren.. shave? (0:46) Hahahaha wae u so funny pledis? He no have m2stasch xD But he could get.. If you know what I mean ;D

An Baekho omg, so cute!! Hahaha I don't think I saw him once not smiling with his mouth closed.
And to the MV. YES!!!! It was almost like one of those homemade MV's I love so much. It was like 50% MV and 50% something else ^^ And I totally understood the lyrics O__o because they had some english in it plus that the MV was very good at showing the story.

Plus that the song was cute as well, SO I LIKE IT!! :D

Celebrate good times COME ON!

You do?!?!?! ;w; I feel so honored TT^TT
don&#8217;t hate irina &lt;3
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Submitted by CierrasANinja
submitted by Monty0hm


G-dragon hype!~

Dunno what G-dragon is doing but all I can tell is that fans are hyping up as ****... however is it only me who's getting scared? XD His hints are somehow creepy but I still like it >___>
This somehow reminds me of Death Note. Especially the "design" of the alphabets OuO
I'm a bit late but I saw that G-Dragon uploaded a link on his twitter, and like every other fans I clicked on the link that the whole countdown thing made me even more scared hahahahahaha XD I'm a whimp now but I wonder how his comeback will be :O
Another thing I realized is that the countdown is... counting down in international time -_- (If you can say that) he doesn't follow the "Korean time" so yeah...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO f(x) Luna who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today!!! :D
Wut only 19 O__O I thought she was older, muuuch older XD
Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Wonder Girls leader Sunye who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age). I'm somehow surprised that the middle-aged member is the leader in the group o_o It's usually the oldest one..


Park Bom (2NE1) Reacts to "Kids React to KPOP"

Hahahahah she saw the video?!!!! I actually liked the kids reaction.. because that was pretty much the reaction I had towards KPOP in the beginning xD like it was cool, but still weird. Now it's just my life. Nothing to big.. ^^

Kpop idols and their siblings [Part 4/5]

- G.O: Hye Yoon (elder sister)
- Joon: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Mir: Name unknown (elder sister), Eun Ah (elder sister)
- Seungho: Seunghoon (younger brother)
- Thunder: Sandara (eldest sister), Durami (elder sister)
Miss A
- Suzy: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister), Sangmoon (younger brother)
- D.Kash: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Jeil: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Danah: Tagoon (brother)
Nine Muses
- Hyemi: Name unknown (younger brother)
One Way
- Chance: Chris (younger brother)
- Rain: Hana (younger sister)
- Hyun Young: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Noeul: No Ara (younger sister)
- Di: Dayum(younger brother)
- Saem: Saebyuk (younger brother)
- T-ae: Bi (younger brother)

San.e: Name unknown (younger brother)
SE7EN: Yeonmi (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Bada: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Eugene: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Shoo: Name unknown (eldest brother), Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder sister)
SHINee - Jonghyun: Sodam (elder sister)
- Minho: Minseok (elder brother)
- Taemin: Taesun (elder brother)





Hello everyone!!! As you may have seen in a previous post B.R.A made for our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY we will have a special Giveaway for you guys.

Because we now have a sponsorship from KPOPmart we can give you so much better giveaways than before.

So the prizes you guys have to chose from are:
1. Big Bang's album vol.2 "Remember"

2.U-Kiss's album vol.1 "Only One: Without You"

3. 2NE1's 1st mini album "2NE1"

AWESOME, RIGHT?!! So the winner in this contest can chose between these three albums, and KPOPmart will send it to your home, brand new (stardom xD)!!!

All you have to do to participate is:
- Like KPOPmart on facebook or twitter
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- Write a comment and tell us what group/artist made you listen to KPOP
(For example.. SHINee made B.R.A listen to KPOP, and 2PM made me listen to it)

Super easy, right?! xD But make sure you do all of these before you enter our giveaway, because we will check that you've done all of this before we pick our winner!
And no spam with the comments, we'll delete those...

So what are you waiting for? ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!! xD

The giveaway is now over!!



This is one of those sentimental holy moment where everyone should cry... okay not really XD We don't really have that much to write over here we only want to say THANK YOU!! :D It's sick how 1 year passes by so fast O_O We will try to make this blog better even if the year of hell in high school will begin soon. 

                                                         So here's a clip we made for you guys~
So yes there'll be a contest but the post will be up a bit later today ^o^
Btw "Håll Käften" means Shut up XD

NOONA AHHH~ <-- our version of Tasty's song XD

submitted by wootness
I thought it was Onew for a while O_O

Did You know that...

Or this is more like a random fact...
I found something interesting on tumblr a few day ago and that is:
MYNAME's Jun.Q revealed that he was in the same clas as Kai (EXO) in high school
Well both of them are born 93 so it makes sense XD *simple minded*
Apparently Kai is 94 and Jun.Q 93 XD I've noticed that we've made a lot of mistakes lately hahahaha ;'D We're too lazy to dig after more info... our bad we'll get better :3
It's cool I guess haha ;D Wonder if they were close back then... if not does Kai remember him then? :o


Wahh she's so pretty OuO
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO After School's *former member* Bekah who's turning 23 years old today (24 Korean age)
I don't know anything about her >__> All I know is that she's a girl (I think.. jk XD) and she's a member in After School ^^ But Happy Birthday to you~


"Open World Entertainment CEO sentenced to 6 years in prison"

Finally after... a few months the news about the CEO is finally out!
Well 6 years isn't enough to make up for all the disgusting things he has done towards the trainees. Well let him rot in prison for 6 years now, the biggest consequence is when he'll be released. He wont have a normal life anymore and hhe can say "bye bye" to the business world as well.
I don't know what's going to happen with the idols but I hope that a better CEO will take over his place -_-

Tiny-G - Tiny-G [Teaser]

Just saw this on youtube:

YAAAY!! A real hip hop girl group xD So this is Tiny-G, and they will release their song "Tiny-G" August 23d. My first reaction was "DAAAYUM!!! I'm going to like this group!!"

The song was good as well! Only thing bothering me is their pronunciation. But I think I'll support them even if it sucks xD However, they didn't dance in sync very well.. and because of that, this teaser felt a little bit messy. But if they fix it I bet they can blow us away with their upcoming MV xD

But hey.. I remember Allkpop saying something about Jay Park and a group called Tiny-G doing something together in the future a while ago. Only me who remembers that? O__o Haha I guess we'll just have to wait and see xD

WELL, would you look at that?! Found a picture of Jay Park and one of the members from Tiny-G. Meheheh ^^

Update: Apparently that's not a member, that's the actress Lee Si-young. She and Jay Park wrote a song for Tiny-G in the "Music&Lyrics" series. Thank you for telling me "Lemon" xD

BoA - Only One (ft. Taemin, Yunho & Eunhyuk)

WAAAH!! BoA get's to dance with all the dance machines in SM ent.

Only One ft. Taemin (SHINee)

Only One ft. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Only One ft. Yunho (TVXQ)

(The guys don't come in until 1:40)

So, who did you prefer?
I felt like Taemin and BoA danced the best together. Taemin has such a flow in his dance moves. But I got more excited when I saw Eunhyuk and BoA dance together. Then again, Yunho and BoA looked the best together. But Yunho is so tall so when they danced, it felt a bit awkward ^^

So in short.. Taemin danced the best, Eunhyuk made me fangirl the most and Yunho fits best with BoA (in apperence ^^)

Movie Recomendation: The King and the Clown

I wanted to watch this movie a looooooooooooong time ago because of Lee Jun Ki and the plot seemed to be pretty interesting as well~
Yeah I'm that weird persion who has a thing for clowns XD
It ended up me draging BO into watching this movie with me and I have to say that this... was interesting... It's not really a comedy but me and BO laughed trough the whole movie. Mainly because of our sick and disgusting humour and the king beeing a psychopath XD However I actually love-hated the movie it's one of those bittersweet movies you have to watch!

And Lee Jun Ki...

Me and BO: *Mind Blown* hahahahahaha
It's sick how pretty, and feminine he was O____O But their acting was really good especially the king so I hope you'll watch it. It's not a romance but it could be one if you have a wicked mind... Just like me and BO's ^_^
I seriously started to shit my pants everytime Lee Jun Ki was in the same room as the king @__@ This movie is not good with people having a poor heart XD I'm serious...


Tasty - You Know Me [MV]

YAAAAAAAAY!!! It's out!!! xD

*blown away* *running back to write more about the MV*

OMG!! THESE TWO xD LOVE the song and LOVE the dance! The lyrics may not be very meaningful (I don't really know, but it felt like they repeated that "Nona-aaaah!!" quite a few times, and the rest was dancing ^^) But dang, those dance moves, so sexy and so in sync xD So now I just have to wait for their other songs and see if they're as good as this one. I'm still waiting for JJ Project to do a comeback (just realized how harsh we are towards our idols. Expecting new songs after only like 2 months.. in america, they only do songs every half year or so O__o)

~Mnet Chart~

Waahh O_______O Why isn't Gangnam style on the Online votes!? I've become a gangnam freak XD B2ST is still hanging on there, I haven't listened to Beautiful night yet >__> I'm currently downloading some song till next week so I have to listen to it.
The only random thing is ZE:A After Effect... ohhh It's Aftermath!! Hahahaha XD *retarded* How come it's on the chart now? o__o it was released a long time ago :o


IDK if someone submitted a macro like this before. LOL. yes, I am addicted to Hello Yoogeun :))

F.Cuz - Dreaming I [MV]

Ha? It's out?! Didn't they say that the whole thing would be delayed because of them (some random people)banning the MV?
For you who didn't know the MV got banned because of the content. Because of Yejun skipping class end Reahyun having dyed hair in school. Yeah this seems to be stupid for some of us but that's their culture after all...
I got surprised at the beginning because this must be the first time Yejun is rapping and he wasn't bad ôuô The song wasn't bad either but "Midnight sun" and "No.1" is better however this song is on my Top 3 F.cuz songs trololo~ It's a sweet song and the story behind it is encouraging as well, it's a nice turn from all these "idols dancing their ass off in a room" ^u^
From left to right: Jinon (leader), Daegun, Kan, Raehyun and Yejun (maknae)

EvoL - We are a bit different [MV]

Wait wut... I think I'm a bit confused. I thought that they would debut with "Magnet"... Oh well not that this song sucks. The two rappes Jucy and J-DA wrote the lyrics for this song ^_^

Well what to say: DAAAAAAMN! This is some kickass stuff!!! I'm glad that I didn't see any 2NE1 comparison on the comments these girls are awesome! The choreography was really good and they were in sync. It's sick how good they rap O__O My whole body started to quiver when J-DA and Jucy rapped, they must be one of the best rappers out there among the girls! OuO
They have a really good debut song, have to see how their stage charisma is >:3
Oh right here the last member Yull:
       Posted Image
I'm sorry but was it only me who got distracted on those shoulder things? It looks like boobs goddammit
Hahahahahahahah both me and Bo uploaded it XD Well this was his opinion:
This. Song. Didn't cut it for me.. I didn't like it :/ But the MV gave me a "B.A.P - Warrior" feeling.. and I love B.A.P's warrior MV xD But I did like one girl. And I only liked her because of this scene:
(01:18) She looked so badass!! Haha and when I kept looking at the MV, she's the rapper!! I freakin' always fall for the rapper hahaha xD But she was really good as well. So thumbs up for the red haired girl! And all of the other members as well.. of course ^^


A fast HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MYNAME's rapper Jun.Q who's turning 19 years old today (20 Korean age)
I'm so sorry that I forgot to celebrate your birthday with the same post as Minhyun's ;w;

Tasty [Debut Stage]

(Intro + You Know Me)

HOLY MOTHER OF HNNNNG!!! Dear I say it?.. These two might be better than JJ Project O__o You've got to love their "NONA-AAAAH!!". Haha that might not be what they're saying.. but now it is ;D
They still haven't released their MV for "You Know Me" aka "NONA-AAAAH!!" xD It's suposed to be released today though, SO STAY TUNED!!!

These guys are just daebak! And so handsome xD TASTY FIGHTING!

Kpop idols and their siblings [Part 3/5]

For you who hasn't seen/read those previous posts you can read Part 1 <-- and Part 2 <--
Dal Shabet
- Ah Young: Name unknown (elder

- Gaeun: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Jiyul:
Name unknown (younger brother)
- Serri: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Subin: Name unknown (younger sister), Name unknown (youngest sister)
- Viki: Name unknown (elder brother)

- Ram: Boram (elder sister)

Epik High
- Tablo: David /
Sunmin (elder brother)

- Baekhyun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Chanyeol: Name unknown (elder sister)
- D.O: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kai: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
- Sehun: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Suho: Name unknown (elder brother)

F.T Island
- Hongki: Jaeyoung (younger sister)
- Jaejin: Chaewon (elder sister)
- Minhwan: Name unknown (younger sister)
- Seunghyun: Sehyun (younger brother)

- Amber: Jackie (sister)
- Krystal: Sooyeon/Jessica (elder sister)
- Luna: Name unknown (elder brother), Name unknown (elder twin sister)
- Sulli: Name unknown (eldest brother), Name unknown (elder brother)

- A-TOM: Jinkyu (elder brother)
- U1: Sooyoung (younger sister)
- Vega: Jungmin (younger brother)

Girls Generation
- Jessica: Soojung/Krystal (younger sister)
- Sooyoung: Soojin (elder sister)
- Sunny: Eunkyu (eldest sister), Jinkyu (elder sister)
- Taeyeon: Jiwoong (elder brother), Hayeon (younger sister)
- Tiffany: Michelle (elder sister), Leo (elder brother)
- Yoona: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Yuri: Hyukjun (elder brother)

- G.NA: Hana (younger sister)

- Hwangbo: Name unknown (elder

- Dongwoo: Name unknown (eldest sister), Kkot-ip (elder sister)
- Hoya: Hojae (elder brother), Hyojin (elder sister), Hojun (younger brother)
- L: Moonsu (younger brother)
- Sunggyu: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Sungjong: Seonkyu (younger brother)
- Sungyeol: Daeyeol (younger brother)
- Woohyun: Boohyun (elder brother)

- Jay Park: Jaehan (younger brother)
-Joo: Ilhoon (younger brother)

- Jiyoung: Name unknown (eldest sister), Name unknown (elder sister)
Amber has a sister whos name is Jackie... OuO cool~ XD
I just realised that there are a lot of twins in the kpop world @__@ I don't mean that both of them are famouse but they have a "other half" beside them XD Ah... I suck at describing things, I should make a list on kpop twins as well >:3

NU'EST picture thing style

Don't know really what to call these things, "Day Dream gifs?" "Freaky fangirl imaginations"  well let's skip that part... as you probably know it's Minhyun's birthday today so let's dedicate this post for him, gosh I sound so lame right now XD
My first try:
Lol the irony... Minhyun all over again, but seriously these kind of stuff should be called  "Freaky fangirl imaginations" do you know how big my grin was?! I even scared myself this is the result of our messed up minds >____>


 image  image  image




Let's take over the world! >:3

omg ikr
No shit sherlock :O
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Gahh almost forgot his birthday ;w; Geeked OS a while ago USA-AUS (basketball) such a dirty play XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NU'EST kjnasdkfjdsa boy Minhyun who's turning 17 years old today (18 Korean age) I don't know why but I always mix Minhyun and Aron together -.- HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! :D


A dear friend of mine (or both of us) is also having her birthday today :D Happy birthday to Daniella who's turning 15 years old todayo~ ^_^ <3




To The Beautiful You - Official Teaser #4

That toilet scene seems to be epic everytime I see it X''D adfnksjdfsdkj Y U NO COME OUT FASTER?! But Sulli's acting seems to be pretty good, or I got a better glimps on it on the 4th teaser :3
And this (SPOILER!!!) picture makes me go ........................................................
Yolololololo~ Who wants to be Sulli? *raising my hand!!*

Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (GIRLS part 2)

Oh wait.. that's Ren ^^







that’s cool . I didn’t know that only ‘Asians’ bleach their hair .

/reblogging for the Junhyung gif LMFAO

 The gif… LOOOOL

but but, i find them good looking lol

um………… not only asians does that.

wonder what she would think of this blog&#8230;.smh

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [Dance Ver.]

It's outaaaa~ I've been working on our "1 year anniversary" clip so I didn't really have that much time to update the blog fast, and I bet that most of you have already seen this ^_^
Teen Top is actually getting better and better. They're on my Top 3 best dance groups out there. The thing I've been noticing is that they use a lot of footwork now compared to their Clap, Supa Luv and No more perfume period. You can clearly see that they've been working hard :3 (Y)

Evol member pictrures - Hayana & J-DA

I'm so slow when it comes to EvoL right now =__= Shouldn't they debut soon?! XD They released 3 teasers and 2 (?) audio teasers... Read a comment a while ago, apparently they'll debut in 2 days. Everything will come out August 10th XD
I somehow find it weird that these teaser/members pictures are different. If you compare Say and Jucy's with Hayana (lol Hyuna...) and J-DA

F.Cuz - What is your dream [Teaser]

TT^TT The melody is so pretty <333 Eargasm~
Started to laugh for myself when Yejun watched their own MV in his iPhone XD wat .___.
The song seems to be pretty promising and the whole "change our hair colors to I don't know what" seems to work as well.
Their single will be released August 10th, so only 2 days left ^_^
You're not the only one ~_~

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

HAHAHAHAHAHAH I felt like one of those pervy dirty little bastards while searching for some pictures on this weeks U.P.A.H.I XD *scarred for life*
No but it's finally his time to shine now after so many months since his debut, that sexy little dance machine Kai~

Heeeeeeeeey Sexy Lady~

my first d-na macros.
my first d-na macros.
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ayykinnie :3

Just wait and see
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wooyoung’s vanity

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NU'EST - Face and Action nail tutorials

I recomended a youtube channel called "JK polish" a while ago. She makes some awesome kpop nail tutorials. Another one that I found a long time ago is "Lisaworld88" her nail tutorial are also amazing! All of her nail tutorials are MV inspired ones, groups such as B.A.P, SISTAR, 2NE1, B2ST, Boyfriend etc. She updates pretty frequently too ^_^
                      Soru: Tırnakların senin daha kadınsı görünmene neden olmaz mı?Ren: Bu tarz şık şeylerden hoşlanıyorum ve görünümüme iyi gideceğini düşündüğümden dolayı tırnaklarıma oje sürüyorum
Ps. These kinds of posts aren't really a collaboration thing or whatever you call it >_> It's more like a free publicity we're giving away xP

B.A.P facts~ (part 5)

Lol... XD

Tasty - You Know Me [Teaser]

Remember the group B.R.A told you about earlier?


^ yes, the twins from Woollim Ent. xD They've finally released their first teaser for their debut single "You Know Me"

SPAZZ!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!! xD Love everything haha. That beat, that you couldn't see their faces (in the beginning hehe) and those octopus arms. Yes.. this will be amazing!! ^^ Now all we have to do is wait until August 9th.

G-Dragon's second album

A lot of people already knows about this but for you who didn't here you have som info abou it:
Fans predict that the release of this album will mirror that of "Heartbreaker" in 2009 and be released on his birthday - August 18th. To this, YG Entertainment has expressed, "The details of the schedule have yet to be confirmed, but we're shooting for an August release."

"Heartbreaker" showed amazing sales, breaking the 20,000 mark. His upcoming album is equally anticipated, as YG revealed in March that G-Dragon would be collaborating with Ludacris for the album.
There has been some rumours that his teaser would be released on his birthday instead. He has also been working out a lot for his new album dunno if it is for his sake or to promote the album in a new way...
The Swedish kpop site also uploaded a picture that can be his Solo album picture but they found it at instagram~ ^^

Kpop idols and their siblings [Part 2/5]

Well here's part to of yesterdays kpop siblings~ Read and enjoy ^__^
Block B
- Jaehyo: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Kyung: Saehim (elder sister), Chan (younger brother)
- Taeil: Name unknown (elder sister), Taeil (younger brother)
- U-Kwon: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Zico: Taewoon (elder brother)

- BoA: Soohwon (eldest brother), Soonwook (elder brother)

- Tagoon: Danah (sister)

- Kwangmin: Youngmin (elder twin brother), Hyunmin (younger brother)
- Youngmin: Kwangmin (younger twin brother), Hyunmin (younger brother)
- Noah: Areum (sister)
Brown Eyed Girls
- Jea: Name unknown (brother)
- Miryo: Name unknown (younger brother)

- Ilhoon: Minjoo (elder sister)

Co-Ed School
- Chanmi: Name unknown (sister)
- Hyoyoung: Hwayoung (younger twin sister), Name unknown (younger brother)
- Taewoon: Jiho [Zico] (younger brother)
- Jaewon: Jaechun (elder brother)
- Sangwoo: Name unknown (elder sister)
CSJH The Grace
- Dana: Name unknown (younger sister)

- Daniel: Sharon (elder sister), Christina (younger sister)
- Dari: Name unknown (sister), Name unknown (sister), Name unknown (sister)
- Inati: Name unknown (brother), Name unknown (sister)
- Jeesu: Name unknown (sister)
- Youngwon: Name unknown (brother)
4 things I thought of...

#1 - Wat .___. Taeil has a younger brother named Taeil?!
#2 - Zico's brother is in the group Co-Ed School O__O
#3 - The whole Kwangmin and Youngmin on boyfriend was so unnecessary
#4 - There are actually a lot of "single" kids in Korea. Compared to here in Sweden.


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ur face says everything

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Lol hahahahahaha ;D
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Godzilla... is back
show me hu’s bettah

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don&#8217;t forget to catch up on this FABULOUS showsubmitted by luvotomy

EXID - Hippiti Hop [Teaser]

Well uhm...
EXID debuted last year with the song "Whoz that girl" and during their comeback, 3 of the members droped out/was kicked out of the group and 3 new girls replaced them.
Their song "Whoz that girl" wasn't that bad actually, it was so so. However the acting sucked -__- But their song "Hippity Hop" is quiet good. The rapper is good and it's a shame that everyone, EVERYONE relate her to CL. WHY?! Sure I can totally underestand that in "Whoz that girl" but in this... it's just !%&#?
The MV will be released august 13th (only 6 days left) so let's see how many more teasers they will squeez out~


You got to love the companies that always keep us fans updated with these type of videos xD

What the.. hell are they wearing??? O__o hahaha and Zelos pants rip at 1:56 8D
And when Daehyun "interviewed" the other members.you notice that his banana was opened? Hahaha he probably wanted to eat it.. but yeah ^^

And all these body paintings!!! xD But their best body paintings were in power, sooo sexi~ ^3^
AND BYG?! He's so adorable!! O__o and I totally stick to my decision picking him as my #1 idol with the best smile!!

To The Beautiful You - EXO picture

I saw that the page for "To the Beatiful you" got updated with a picture with all the EXO members :D *yay* I don't why but Tao, Chen and Xiumin isn't on their "official drama poster" so I bet that they won't be in the drama as well. Wae?!?!?!? ;w;
It somehow looked photoshoped but they have the same mark on their outfits as the rest of the group~

2NE1 - Global Tour 2012 [Official Trailer]

... TT^TT I bet that every blackjack, YG fan or even kpop fans starts to get depressed when they realise that they'll never be able to watch them live on their global tour >___>
One day...

Kpop idols and their siblings [Part 1/5]

I actually made a similiar small post a few weeks ago, but I uploaded some pictures on them instead. So here's a better, more "fulfilled" list on every (most of them) kpop groups out there~
Jinwoon: Name unknown (elder brother)

- Bom: Go Eun (elder sister)
- CL: Harin (younger sister)
- Minzy: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Sandara: Durami (younger sister), Sanghyun [Thunder] (younger brother)

- Junho: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Junsu: Junhyun (younger brother)
- Nichkhun: Nichan (elder brother), Nichthima/Yanin (younger sister), Nachjaree/Sherleen (youngest sister)
- Wooyoung: Junhwa (elder sister)

- Hyuna: Hyunho (younger brother), Hyunsuk (younger brother)
- Jihyun: Name unknown (younger brother)
- Jiyoon: Jisoo (elder brother)
- Sohyun: Name unknown (younger brother)

After School
- E-young: Taejin (brother)
- Kahi: Jimin (elder sister), Jaewoo (elder brother), Jihye (younger sister)
- Jooyeon: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Jungah: Hyunsoo (younger sister)
- Raina: Name unknown (elder brother)
- Uee: Yoona (elder sister)

- Hoyoung: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Wanchul: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Youngwok: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Chorong: Name unknown (elder sister), Seunghee (younger sister)
- Eunji: Minki (younger brother)
- Naeun: Seeun (sister)
- Baro: Yoonji (younger sister)
- CNU: Name unknown (elder sister)
- Gongchan: Minwoo (younger brother)
- Jinyoung: Jiyoung (elder sister)
- Sandeul: Name unknown (elder sister)

- Dongwon: Dongha (elder brother)
- Doojoon: Doori (elder sister)
- Hyunseung: Geurim (younger sister)
- Junhyung: Junsung (younger brother)
- Kikwang: Hyekwang (younger brother)
- Yoseob: Haeyeon (elder sister)
Big Bang
- Daesung: Bora (elder sister)
- G-Dragon: Dami (elder sister)
Seungri: Hanna (younger sister)
- Taeyang: Hyunbae (elder brother)
- T.O.P - Hye Yoon (elder sister)
Lots of sisters O__O Or is it only me who's seeing it? There was only 4 group that all the members had a sibling and poor Chansung forever alone kid XD

Jay Park TV?!

WHAT IS THIS?! There are already 2 episodes out. This isn't good for me. Last night I had a dream about him :'( We were so close!!! Dang it.. I hate the feeling when you really like someone and you know you can't do anything about it. But Jay... one day, ONE DAY you'll read this and fall deeply in love with me mehehehehe xD Just because.. no particular reason why, you just will ;D

Episode 1

WAE ME NOT THERE?!!??! He's pretty much just walking around O_O Hahahha and the place at 2:40 reminds me of "I Am Legend" the movie. It's so empty.. and dirty O__o

at 4:51 "all work and no play, makes Jay, Cray.zay..baybay?" it should have been "all work and no play makes jay cray.zay, but the person who can fix it is.. bo bae, my baybay" RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!? xD

And such an awesome ending xD

Episode 2

He's like a big baby hahaha, a big baby that thinks he's badass. Don't know if it's cute.. or annoying? Haha naaah, he's cute xD And I love that he speaks english!!

Some of you might think "what the hell?! why is he like this?" because he was such a sweetheart in 2PM. Well as you guys may know, how you see the KPOP-idols are probably not the way they are IRL. I mean, they have to act staright and not do any mistakes because netizens can be very brutal. Just take all of these new stuff happening with T-ARA and Nichkhun. Netizens are being so harsh that T-ARA might not even make it another year. Netizens have so much power in the KPOP-world. That's why they can't act however they want (the idols). They need to "please" us or it won't go well for them. Nuf' said..

This is the real Jay!

I said Nobody, nobody but you, YOU!

ur in for it now
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Hahahahahaha XD
made by xl0v3xg3ntlyyx

VIXX - Rock Ur Body [Teaser 1]

HAHAHAHAHAHAH I don't know what the heck I just saw but this thing was amazing!!! XD
VIXX never.. "grew" on me with their song Super Hero but you never know this song may be the IT. I'm actually listening to Super Hero right now so let's see how things will develop lol XD
I don't really have anything to say about the teaser, or I can't say anything about it. Dunno what their concept will be this time but the whole video game thing looks amazing! ;D

Super Junior - Spy [Repackage album]

Read a lot about their repackage album "Spy" but I didn't really have the time to upload it. But now I have ALL  the time in the world~ My relatives left a few hours ago and the first thing I did was to - sleep.
Only U
I don't know why but I'm that weird person who always tend to have really high expectation of songs having the word "Haru" in it... *breaaath* such a long sentence XD
This repackage album my dear friend is GENIUS!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Especially SPY that's just awesome! A lot of people says that it's a messy song but I actually like it. That is what I call a unique song~ The rap part at 0:40 reminded me of Gulliver, with that dark and speedy rap.
But I really like this one, Only U is so pretty ;w; and Outsider is almost as good as SPY ^^ Wonder if I should buy this album...


Don't know if you guys saw the game last night (I did hehehe) between UK and South Korea. KOREA FREAKIN' WON!!! The game was so exciting! They had an extra time of 30 minutes, but because the scores were still 1-1 they wen't on to penalty. 4 out 4 UK got, and so did Korea. As you guys may know, there are 5 "standard" shots. If it's still an even score, they let the rest of their team shot. Hard to explain hahaha. But anywho, so they are at their last shot.. UK MISSES!!!!! So it's all up to .. don't remember his name haha. But "don't remember his name" SCORES!!! KOREA WINS!!!!
I JUMP FOR JOY!!! hahaha xD

And like.. Baek and Ki are two very handsome guys O__o (They play in Koreas soccor team.) Plus that they're like born in 1989-1985 ;D

Baek Ji-hoon, 1985 (couldn't find a better pic -.-)

Ki Sung-yueng, 1989

The pictures don't make him any justice.. so here's a video xD

Well done Korea!!! I will be watching you in the semi-finals and God willing the final!!!!

Did You know that...

Our maknae Hwang Chansung (2PM) has actually been in 2 different dramas! One of them are "High Kick" a quiet famous one, with Kim Kibum. He didn't really have a big role but he had a "big role" I seriously love his character ;'D I'm actually watching it right now, totally recomend it! :o
Another one is a Japanese drama called "Kaito Royale" My reaction was W-T-*?! Why was he in a Japanese drama? Morover why was he the main character, or one of them?! It's cool, but why? XD Did they dub his voice just like Siwon and Donghae's in Skip Beat?
Well have to watch this one too :p

Just gonna stand here and watch me fangirl~

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Is it only me who thinks of naughty stuff over here?
Follow me for more of this :D
which I do. ah, I do.
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PSY on Swedish iTunes chart~

Muhahahahahahaha!!! Well done folks', well done >:3

Look alike: Moon Geun Young & Nichkhun

Another look alike I found~
At first glance they don't really look that much alike but it's something with the face... or more lik the lips and the nose. It's hard to tell on which way they look alike but they somehow do look alike =__=''

Teen Top - Funny Moments [Weekly Idol]

This show is so funny! Hahaha and I remember when I saw the episode with Teen Top. Laughed so much xD

'Random Play Dance' -game

HAHAHAHAHAHA When Ricky messes up and Changjo goes crazy (1:00) ^^
You've got to love their punishment, and that they do it even to their leader hahaha xD And Neil.. he never has to change position because he's always in the middle.. haha ^^

'Breaking the Plastic Wrapper' -game

Oh My.. their faces ^^ HAHAHAHAHHA CHUNJI!!! And L.Joe, that's so.. not smart ahhaha x'D

Psy Gangnam Style making the MV

I should've uploaded this a long timee ago but hey.. what did you expect? XD Sorry I just have to do it ;'D YG uploaded some pictures on Psy's Gangnam style making the MV so here you have them ^__^

















This guys is amazing! <33 ;'D









KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 1)

As many of you 100% know, our beloved KPOP idols speak more than one language. Or at least most of them do ^^ So here is a list, so you can see if you can comunicate with your future husband/wife in future or not. I know I can talk with Jay, but itäll be very hard for me to understand Lee Joon ^^


Changmin - English (conversational)

Jokwon - Mandarin Chinese (basic), English (basic)



CL - English, French (basic), Japanese (conversational)

Park Bom - English

Sandara Park - English, Tagalog

Minji - Japanese



Nichkhun - English, Thai, Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Taecyeon - English



Juwon - English


After School

Kahi - Japanese (conversational)



Changwoo - English



Naeun - Mandarin Chinese

Namjoo - English, Mandarin Chinese

Yookyung - English

Big Bang

Taeyang - Japanese, English (basic)

Daesung - Japanese

Seungri - Japanese

G-Dragon - Japanese (basic), English (conversational)

TOP - Japanese (basic)


Block B

Kyung - English

Zico - Japanese (conversational)



Donghyun - Japanese, English (basic)

Minwoo - English (basic)


Brave Girls

Yoojin - Japanese, English (conversational)


Brown Eyed Girls

JeA - English (basic)

Miryo - English (basic), Japanese (conversational)


Chi Chi

Nara - Japanese



Juliane - English

Melanie - English

Min Soa - English

Tia - English



Cheryl - English

Meng - Mandarin Chinese



Horan - English

Alex - English

Christina - English


C.N Blue

Yonghwa - Japanese, English (conversational)

Minhyuk - Japanese

Jungshin - Japanese

Jonghyun - Japanese, English (basic)



Jaewon- English

Sangwoo - English, Japanese

Sol - Mandarin Chinese


CSJH The Grace

Dana - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese

Lina - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (conversational)

Sunday - Japanese

Stephanie - Japanese, English, Spanish (conversational)

LOL, 10:20 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA (didn't watch the whole thing -.- was there any more funny parts? ^^)

Source... facebook -.- hahaha

~Mnet Chart~

Damn B2ST is taking over :O Haven't listened to Beautiful night yet >__>
Nothing to say over here... Wooyoung is still left of th chart and that's good (y) However Gangnam style whould be in the 1st place on the chart and the online votes x)

Stop Stop Stop Breaking my Heart~

This is for BLT.
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Lol hahaha XD

New duo Tasty?

Posted Image
The mystery behind Woollim's upcoming performance duo is slowly unraveling. A new photo has been posted on tasty2wins, the official website for the group called Tasty. Replacing the dark silhouettes of two dancers, this image clearly shows the faces of the two members.

Although they are twins, they seem to be going for two completely different styles. The member on the left looks at the camera with serious eyes and sports the more traditional brown hair with minimal styling. However, his twin on the right is making an exaggerated face at the camera. Furthermore, his hair is a variety of colors, from his brother's chocolate brown to blonde and perhaps even blue.

Even their outfits are slightly different - while they both sport suit jackets, the twin with brown hair is wearing a simple necklace and the twin with the more creative hairstyle is wearing a thick black one.

Although the audio clip on the website is still the same as before, fans should be expecting more updates as the initial video teaser hinted that this new boy group would be hitting the industry sometime this month.
Oh dear lord this looks amazing!! I don't know why but I'm hyping up as I-don't-know what. Gonna keep my eyes open on these two guys because I smell awesomeness~ *lame* I should sleep now XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Jang Geun Suk who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age)!!!! :D He's actually pretty young o_o I thought that he would be 28 or something xd
This man is... huge for me ;3 <3 I admire him so much and he's so kjbsdkf awesome!! I'm ashamed that I've only been listening to his Japanese songs =__= Have to listen to the Korean ones as well~



I'm so freaking tired and exhausted right now o____________________o It's worse than a week at school, my little cousins are killing me, KILLING ME ;w; But they're cute ^o^ I wanted to upload a picture on them but decided to not do it. So I'm sorry~

The update will be a bit better tomorrow, BO is working right now so he can't update that much either :/

A conversation between me and my aunt's husband:

Husband: Do you know what... sometimes when I talk with people they look a bit lost, you know like I'm speaking chinese with them...
Me: Well... you are speaking chinese with them so that may be the problem?
Husband: ...
duhh... Gosh this post is so random that my mom.... I can't even make a mama joke anymore well have a nice day or something I just wanna collaps T_________T
I'm looking at my sister everyday while repeating the same question for myself...

B.A.P facts~ (part 4)

Olé~ Let's continue with some B.A.P facts ^___^ If there's any specific group you want me to find facts from (to the point that you're actually too lazy to search for it or can't find any) then write a comment and I'll try to find.. something :p

Koreans + English (part 5) Big Bang



Hahahaha those "Mr.Black" scenes made me laugh so hard xD Then at 1:57, GD pokerface hahahaha, and when he went "I'm rapper TOP, I'm rap" and that whole part.. I kind of misunderstood the whole thing


Hands down the best one!!! Hahahaha when he talks to the girl from singapore and he goes "UHMM.." for like a whole minute xD And when she says "they're sleeping" and the guy in a white shirt just says "OK.." hahaha so super awkward ^^ And when he says he want's to be a white horse.. and GD says he want's to ride him O___O yeah.. this was just so... AWESOME! xD


"What's up, we're big BANG" x4
It's really sad.. I haven't seen Daesung in any of these videos :(

Teen Top - Be Ma Girl [MV]

I sat and thought for myself "Shouldn't Teen Top's Be Ma Girl be out soon?" And look at that...
I've actually been listening to Teen Top more and more, started to hum something for myself a few days ago and I thought it was B1A4's "Baby I'm sorry" but I hate that song =__= So much autotune... but it was Teen Top's Crazy.
Their song Be Ma Girl is actually really good OuO It's that typical cute story behind the MV and the choreography was good as well ^_^ However C.A.P, L.Joe and Ricky deserves more parts -_- Especially C.A.P because his rapping (wanted to write raping..) is kabnskfajhbg (YYY) One of the best rappers out there~
That heart picture at the end seems to get more and more popular, even BO made one of those a loong time ago :3
I should look for their album... soon...

Big Bang Alive Making Collection

I saw that YG released some preview pictures for Big Bang's Alive promo period. For more info about that Click Here~
Started to hype up for no reason... it's Big Bang pictures after all O__O Well here are the pictures ^^

HA HA HA *mblaq breath* M2STASCH

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Lol XD
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Tough guys luv stuffed toyses  too!!
Fire safety is for bitches anyway.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SS501's maknae Kim Hyung Jun who's turning 25 years old today!! (26 Korean age)
Wahh!! You aren't that small anymore >__> I remember when I watched some clips suring you debut days, damn you were small... really small ;w;
Great comeback and keep fighting!! We will one day see SS501 stand on the stage and perform again <3

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single [Short PV]

I don't think this is the official MV for the PV (Japanese ver.).. I just think a fan clipped the audio and the original MV together ^^ But it was very well made!! ;D SO GOOD JOB!!! I don't mind this version. Because I haven't drugged this song yet I'm not very used to the korean version. So this sounds good to me ^^ Maybe not to you guys that have listened to the korean version like crazy!! haha, so yeah, what do you guys think of the Japanese version?

Evol - Let me explode [Teaser 1]

I'M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU.. GUYS! It's the second time I'm sitting in front of a computer today, it must be a freaking record =__= I'm spending all of my time with my relatives so I don't have much time to update~
The third teaser... it seems like everything gets more different for every teaser a group releases. I thought that this would be a hard style pop but it was more like a cute pop. And their bad-ass image looked much better now compared to their latest teaser. It looked more natural now. It's a shame because I wanted a hard style pop group but neither D-Unit nor EvoL seem to be the "thing" I'm looking for... So my last hope is on Goddess.
And stop comparing them to 2NE1 because they're nothing alike -____-
Update: Ops it was a different song XD Makes sense now... I'm getting a bit confused when it comes to EvoL now u__u

Did You know that...

There are a lot of rumours that the 2 old guys playing some kind of chess in Psy's "Gangnam style" are Daesung and Seungri. The same thing happened in 2NE1's "Clap your hands", fans thought that their background dancers were Big Bang.
I don't know... I've been speculating and watching HD clip on Gangnam style and the making of the MV but it's just not them.. Sure "Daesung's" nose is a bit crooky but how come his hair color is black? During their Alive time/album (what so ever) he had blonde hair and now he has grey hair, but in the MV the person who is claimed to be Daesung has black hair under the gray wig. And that doesn't look like Seungri's face either...
You can even watch the clips in 1800 HD but I don't think it's them...
Same thing with 2NE1's Clap your hands
That actually did look like GD :o I'm not 100% sure here either but the chance of the background dancers beeing Big Bang is somehow bigger than the old people in Psy's MV beeing Daesung and Seungri.

Simon & Martina [Talk about the T-ARA scandal]

For you who don't really know what's going on with this whole T-ARA scandal, let Simon & Martina explain it to you. They also say a bunch of other stuff, but it's really good! So I'd say "Listen to the whole thing" xD

Nuf' said.
NOOO, haha I also wanted to say.. THEY MENTIONED JAY AT LIKE 8 MINUTES INTO THE VIDEO!! xD I love Jay..

HAPPY 5 years ANNIVERSARY Girls Generation♥

Well I'm not really a die hard Sone but I can't help to love their bond. Dunno why but it screams "family" from them and I hope that they'll take care of themselves and celebrate a 10th year anniversary one day. Keep fighting and act like a boss! :D

New drama poster for "To The Beautiful you"

The first poster goes for a ‘resort’ concept as the seven main members of the show including Sulli, Minho, Lee Hyun Woo and others are dressed in a summer dandy look. ...
The second poster is being called the ‘Flower Boys Corps in Track Suits’ poster and shows the young actors now out of their school uniforms and in track suits. Sulli can be seen the lone smiling individual among the guys.
A representative for the drama’s production shared, “We attempted a lot of things to create posters that showed the drama’s colors, the main actors’ characters and their relations. We plan to gradually release the individual posters for the To the Beautiful You leads. We ask for your continued interest and support.”
To the Beautiful You will premiere on August 15.
I'm getting more hyped!!! O___O  eajfnkaejfa why isn't Tao there?!?! Wanted to search and find the "reason" but I couldn't -_-

Do you know how hard it is to write something in here?! T__T

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Omg hahahaha XD
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA That was my reaction when I heard of his stage name for the first time ;'D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO After School's current leader Jung Ah who's turning 29 years old (30 Korean age) Daaamn she's old O__O She doesn't look like a 30 years old woman to me at all! :O She's actually one of the member who has been in After School since their debut. She and Jooyeon are the only ones the rest droped in one after one XD

After the whole t-ara incident I've been thinking on girl groups and their relations. I've only come up with 3 girl groups that has a, or seem to have a close relation together SNSD, 2NE1 and After School. Their story with members getting admitted is the same with T-ara but it isn't as messy as T-ara's. I wanted to say SISTAR too but it seems like they secretly have grudges towards each other...
Okay this was a birthday post so let's end the whole thing XD

D-unit - I'm Missin You [MV]

Before I go on with my blabbering, I just wanna say that some relatives from my moms side are here visiting us so I don't really have that much time to update you with recent news... I'll leave that to Bo ;D
There's one thing I find really weird... they released a 90 sec. teaser. Only 1 hour before they released their MV... why?! o__o
And guys... what did I say? :D I was waiting for my beat and that beat of mine showed up after 2 seconds!!! Muhahahahah *awesomness~*
The song was actually really good, however 2 of the girls has REALLLLLYY high pitched voices so I was like sakdbvkdsahvkj while one of them had "normal", and I really liked the dance part during the end of the song. It was a half shuffle turn xD
Good start! Have to listen to their whole album, when I have the time.. >_>

Song of the week #32

YAAAY!! Another girl group this week xD This song came out a while ago, but I didn't "feel" it then. But oh boooi~ do I feel it now ^^

f(x) - Electric Shock

Don't know why, but at first I felt like this wasn't really their style. I liked the song, but felt that it was fake in a way. I hadn't really decided what kind of style they had (not that I'm the one choosing their style exactly xD). But after a while.. it didn't matter anymore O__o Plus that I love their song Danger/Pinocchio which has the same feeling to it as this song. Kind of ^^

This song either way is so addicting! Haha today when I was on the bus and listened to this song, I had to do the movements they do. And it's super embarressing because.. that's not normal hahaha xD But don't worry.. I did them very descritely ;D

F.Cuz comeback & Album Jacket


F.CUZ has revealed jacket photos for their new song “Dreaming I(child)”.

As a teaser before the release of F.CUZ’ new song “Dreaming I(child)” on the 10th F.CUZ reveals jacket photos showing off an unique hair-concept. 

In the jacket photos released on the 1st F.CUZ has even more extravagant fashion to express the lyrics which is about being full of hope. To give a message of hope to the general public as well as portraying their own resolutions and ambitions they took pictures with both bright and light colors, combining them to form a sense of unity.

F.CUZ has given this style of fashion the name “Hope Fashion” drawing much attention from the public. The main point of this “Hope Fashion” is shown through their 5 hair colors which includes red, lavender and orange. Pulling these colors off is hard but the members of F.CUZ have managed to pull theirs off beautifully.

The song “Dreaming I(child)” is a joint production by Monday Kiz’ leader Lee Jinsung and the composer Melodin Junyoung. While the song is grand it starts off with a calm melody made by string instruments. Later it combines a drum beat which resounds in ones heart with a rough but beautiful piano melody, which is the characteristics of the song. The song was made on the basis of the frank talks (they’ve) had with the members of F.CUZ.

The producer Lee Jinsung said “The members of F.CUZ have always worked hard for their purpose which is wanting to sing. I wanted to make a song that was filled with their openheartedness. The lyrics for the song was written while getting ideas from the members themselves and discussing them together which made it easier for me.”

The song “Dreaming I(child)” is filled with F.CUZ personal experiences and talks about getting hurt and frustrated but also about an ambition to move forward. To make the song even better they had to record it multiple times as they kept changing the melody and lyrics.

F.CUZ plans to start their activities with a performance on M! Countdown on the 9th and the song will be available on online sites starting on August 10th.







O____O It's almost as drastic as Teen Top's Supa Luv period... They looked better in No.1 especially Yejun but I like their long story behind their hair colors and the concept for the new album so I'm pretty fired up for their comeback. Only 9 days left and I hope that Jinon will take it easy with his ankle :/



This weeks U.P.A.H.I (by Bo Bae #3)

Ohh, I got a good one for you guys this week!!! xD


SHINee's Jonghyun!! After seeing what he did to Taemin on that concert.. hahaha Oh my xD I've always known that he has abs, BUT DAAANG!!! His body is to die for ^^ Plus his smile is one of the best out there.. and he's super handsome xD

Sungha Jung ft. 2NE1 photoshoot

lol dunno why I wrote ft. but it felt right, okay?! XD
It's pretty official now that the youtube guy pr star Sungha Jung is making a aucoustic version of "I love you" with 2NE1. I saw some photos YG uploaded with them in the studio. Damn... bet that everyone is feeling a bit jelly now >:3 (Sorry, I just had to use the word jelly >_>)
This is an awesome way of promoting him... his future seem to be quiet promising, maybe a contract with YG? :o

Nya-ong <-- how a cat meows in Korean

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He sure knows what we want xD
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Moni Sara Ceci keke


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SNSD's Tiffany who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)!! I hope that you'll have a great day with your chicks~

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