A-JAX (DSP Boyz) - ONE 4 U [MV]

... wow .__.

This arabic/middle east/hell/Davinchi/exorcism concept is something really unique. Of course there's idols who have a foreign girl in their MV's but this was different XD

Lets see, where shall I begin... yes! I totally forgot that they had already released a song before ft. one of the members from KARA. I think it was Goo Hara, because I've forgotten all the other members names >___>
The song was really good, surprisingly good for a rookie group and from the first glance you can immediately tell that a lot of people will relate this to EXO. Some of the steps looked like their song History and of course EXO was "first" with the exorcism concept and now A-JAX has copied it... bullshit! *my bad*

The guy at 1:14 my whole body quivered AMAZING voice!!! O__O It's a shame that he had such a small part -_- 
Hohohoh Abs... I wonder if they'll perform in those outfits *dreaming away* Tihihih gonna wait till their debut stage! >:3


MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [MV]

TT_____________________________TT Y THIS MUST END LIKE "IT'S WAR?!" But... in a reverse way XD
I was pretty schocked because it doesn't look like them at all! :O At least Jun Q and Chaejin got a liiiitle more parts compared to Message.
I wasn't that fond over Gunwoo's hair but you'll eventually accept it becuase he looks so darn sweet and cute in the MV!!! OuO And Chejin... Why does your hair look like a banana-chocolate ice cream? .__.

Well about the song, it wasn't that bad actually... as a matter of fact it was really good! :3 It was a nice mix between a poppy song and a ballad, so it was refreshing ^_^
The MV was also daebak! Especially the fighting scene. This must be the best fighting scene I've even seen in a Music Video!! It didn't look that fake and the shooting parts ksjnfasldbsal (Y) *exited*



BIG BANG - Monster [Teaser - Taeyang]

This somehow sucks... I've waitied the whole day for this teaser but I wanted to take a nap a while ago. EXACLTY when I fell asleep they released the freaking teaser -__-

I don't even know what to expect from Monster anymore O_O My brain can't really combine the melody from T.O.P's, Seungri's and Teayang's teasers. So I hope that the outcome will be awesome XD
And Gaahh!!! Taeyang TT3TT Y U sO PRETTY?!

Ps. A LOT of MV/Teasers will come up a bit later. Every company seems to release their MV's and Teaser's today =_=

Wonder Girls - Like this [Teaser]

Ohhh~ My sense of interest are tingle tingle *lame wanna be* XD
But it was really good :O And Sohee... so pretty *u*

As you can see the MV will probably be released June 3rd the same day as MONSTER (Big Bang) I don't want to be mean or anything but how did JYP think over there? XD I'm not trying to offend anyone or anything but it's pretty clear that Big Bang are somehow bigger than WG and they'll take everyone by storm with their MONSTER MV. Sure as a yt viewer you're like "So what?" but if you think on the business way in Korea (You can see this pretty clearly in variety shows when they talk about their record sales for example how the sale for this idol went bad because of Big Bang released an album on the same day bla bla) Wonder girls wont really have a big chance if you compare them to BB. It would be better if they released the song June 5th
Yeeeehhh a lot of text... I'm tired okay =__=

But woo~ I'm looking forward I somehow got some "Be my baby" feeling in this song ^_^

Dalmatian clip spam ^3^


They're so adorable TToTT Father and Mother watching their son going on stage XD And the two derps Youngwon and Jisu "Simon fighting!" x325436
Youngwon's and Daniels expression <3 XD HAHAHAHAHAHA


There's one thing I'm confused over and that's Jisu/Jesu/Jee su's freaking name! They spell it different everytime @___@ So my way is "Jisu"! If anyone knows how his stage name is spelled... please comment this post XD

*5 minutes later*



I can't help but feel like a proud mom everytime I see Youngwon *he's only 5 years older* xd I remember when I saw that manager thing and they started to talk about him "Everytime he dance it's like he's in another world, he can't hear nor see you..." and the funny thing is that they proved it right XD
Ahh~ And now he's all grown up dancing like a god!

Truth to be told I'm like "wth are they doing?" everytime they do that... >_>

Some Kpop related pictures~

A few days ago when I went to my grandpas funeral I found some stuff here and there that reminded me of Kpop *forever a geek*

Heh "Giant T.O.P" I bet that all the 7-Elevens here in Sweden has that Giant Top if I ain't wrong. So go and search my dear friends~!

Didn't know if it was KARA or KABA XD Took a picture of it anyway

And the most frustrating one.... >_> Everytime I see a car the only thing I want to hunt down is the car with the plate that has the words: JYJ, BAP, JYP, EXO, SME and so on. And the one I've been concentratin on a lot lately is EXO...

XEO HAHAAHAHAHAHAH Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Just change the E for god sake!!!
Oh right that's how the car plate looks like in Sweden ^_^


Some of the best Mashups ever!!!

B2ST + Dalmatian - E.R Fiction

U-KISS + B2ST - Shock Back

NU'EST + B.A.P - Warrior Face

B2ST + Big Bang - Fantastic Breath

Right? The songs mix so well with eachother it's crazy! I love finding clips like these, haha just random ^^ If you guys know any funny/entertaining clips of KPOP, PLEEEEEASE tell me! I don't have much more to watch on youtube :( Well.. of course there are all these dramas I have to see.. hehe. But I can't see them until my summer vacation starts T_T (which is next week on thursday ^^)

But yeah, these MashUps are AMAZING!!!!! So that's why I thought I should share them with you guys xD
P.S. All of these MashUps are made by youtuber 

A-JAX - One 4 U [Teaser]



The Teaser for their debut song "One 4 U" was released 2 days ago and I did not know! And holy mother of cows, did... you guys see it O___________O
This is what I call an epic debut hehehhohoh XD *pervy x 100* I seriously had a rage moment when I saw the teaser yesterday because they are one of the rookie groups I've been waiting for and the song seems to be promising! >:3 *dirty part of the brain speaking*

Teen Top - To You [Dance Tutorial]

Changjo teaching us how to dance to "To You", wohoo~ (just because it rimes xD)

Here you have the whole MV for Teen Top's "To You"

DAAAANG!!! Changjo looks hot O__o but what happened to C.A.P's hair? ^^ What happened to C.A.P's part in the song? xO

Niel was not all over the MV either like in all of their other MV's, which is good. I actually WANT to see the other members ^^ L.Joe has always been hot, but DAAAAANG to him too!!! However he also had a very small part? But yeah.l.. DAAAANG to pretty much all of them!! Haha and only me who thought of U-KISS's "DoraDora" at 1:51?? ^^

Oh la la~ >:3

 #the submitters mom

Sorry, I just couldn&#8217;t XDAnyone watching Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler? Heechul reminded me of someone here, but I really couldn&#8217;t tell who&#8230; then it hit me XD

created by &#8220;crazyill&#8221;.


Submitted by -hottestb2uty.





Not so many pictures.... -__-
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A-JAX's Park Sungmin who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) It's the Junho look alike ^_^

"TAKENS" sudden change...


... Funny cuz me and BO talked about this group a few days ago wondering what happened to the rookie group TAKEN. They're exactly like MYNAME and now both of them will have a comeback/debut. I wasn't really that fond over Young Boy it was just a plain okay.
This surely isn't small changes, it's a whole new group O__O Even the creepy maknae Gunwoo left the group XD

Oh well a few months left....

Lol we even had a category for the group TAKEN XD

Teen Top - To You [MV]


I got so depressed because I saw that Teen Top released their MV for To You this morning but I couldn't see it because I had a lesson TT^TT *too ambitious at school*

Wahh!! That foot-work-dance was just deabak!!! The dance was just too awesome!!! And I was really happy that Niel didn't sing 95% of the song. Everyone doesn't have equal parts but it's better than before so I'm a bit happy when it comes to that. The song isn't that bad either, a lot of people seem to complain about the tempo of the song because the teaser was slow. So here's the slow version:

I actually liked both of them O_O But truth to be told the reason why I don't "fangirl" that much over Teen Top's songs are because of their voices. I just want some more... power. But it feels like their voices can't handle it xd I want to get a WOW feeling so I'm somehow waiting for it.

Oh well Teen Top hwating! It maybe didn't fill all my expectations but at least a bit of it ^^ And Changjo... I think I got a new bias @__@

BIG BANG - MONSTER [MV Teaser - Seungri]


Gahh Y ME SO LATE?!?! My tooth hurts TT__TT

Yeah this is Seungris teaser that was released 23852735 hours ago, I was somehow surprised because I thought that the rap part between T.O.P and GD would appear but I heard GD and Daesung in there~ :3
I was quiet creeped out of the teaser especially when they filmed that weird wall XD

Funny random people, I love you guys! <3 ;'D


Idol groups acronyms [Boys - part 1]

As you know there're a lot of ido groups out there with random names filled with dots so I'm once again beeing a nolifer trying to search and write down each of them for you guys. Some of them may seem a bit familiar and some of them not.
Let's begin with our boys~ 

1TYM - (pronounced one time) 1 Time for Your Mind

AA - Double A

B.A.P - Best Absolute Perfect
B1A4 - One Blood Type B, Four Blood Type A/ Be the One, All for One
B2ST - Boys to search for top
BtoB - Born to Beat

CN BLUE - Code Name Blue
Code-V - Vision, Voice, Vital-Variety and Vital-Visual Signs AKA Bless

DBSK/TVXQ -  Tong Vang Xing Gi (Rising Gods of the Far East)

F.CUZ - For Century Ultimate Zest
F.I.X. - Four Immaculate Xtraordinaries
F.T. Island - Five Treasure Island

GOD – Groove Over Dose

HITT - Here Is The Top
HOT- High-five Of Teenagers

JYJ - Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong

M.I.B. - Most Incredible Busters
MBLAQ - Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality
M.I.L.K - Made In Lovely Kin

LED Apple - Logic Egoism Delete Apple
NU’EST - New, Establish, Style, Tempo

Gahhh!! I can't take it anymore TT^TT Well this is all for now... Lol LED Apple's was something different XD

                                                              Random picture I found XD

BIG BANG'S new concept just as X-MEN?



HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol the heck?! How could they think about X-men? "Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri also look mysterious like heroes from the movie" = We don't know who they look like so we just gave you guys one example and that was T.O.P XD
Ahh~ This was a good one, morning laugh completed! ^o^


Love that all the kpop macros contains the word bitch...


Created by @mightymerry


macro credits to Choisiwantsit

Lol this is the reality... XD




HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SNSD's Yoona who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) today!!!~ ^3^
Waahh she's so pretty TT^TT
I hope that you'll have a great birthday with the other girls and the whole SM family ... no I'm not jealous at all...

BIG BANG - Monster [Teaser - GD]



*10 minutes later*

Well there isn't really anything I can comment about the song because it was the same part with T.O.P's teaser.

But on the other hand GD himself... TT^TT I didn't have any problem to accept his blonde girly hair in Heartbreaker, his loong ass hair in Fantastic baby, that sidecut thing with a long hair, his weird red hair he had one time but this alejandro-lady gaga concept... was just over my limit.
I'll probably like it one day but for now, nahh.... and people complained about his hairstyle before, now take this! >:3

And yes I'm finally home =__=

Eye Candy - JJ Project style


I think it's JB to the left and Jr. to the right? O__o


B.R.A's current state


Long time no see... or it was actually 5 ½ hours ago I made a "time-post" haven't done a "live-post" in a long time, I suck at describing things >__> Even my teachers says that.

Well yeah I'm on my way home right now so the posts will be more fresh later on. I've never in my whole life experienced somthing like this (the funeral). I don't even know if you can call this a funeral... I'll probably write a bit more about it later. 

So yeah I'm sitting in a small car listening to BIG BANGS MONSTER Teaser - T.O.P. Seriously this is some real shit! If you listen to the intruments in the background it's just ~~~~~~ and thier voices on top of that! It feels like MONSTER will be like Bad Boy XD People probably think that MONSTER will be a song just like Fantastic baby but it will eventually turn out like Bad Boy... *that's what I think*

So yeah I got pretty depressed when no one screamed Fantastic Baby =__=



MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [2nd MV Teaser]


So the second teaser has been out for a while now! This one has a bit more dancing than the first one. The first one had more of a story behind it ^^ Remember what I thought the MV would be about? Yeah.. I don't know if I think that anymore haha xD

Anywho, MYNAME are great dancers, but I just hope the song is just as good. I really hope the english isn't awkward as well because when they sang "Hello & Goodbye" it sounded a bit awkward to me.. but maybe I'm just being too critical.

I want to go to Korea TT^TT

Hahahahaaha that took me a long time to figure out who...

created by spiffytiffy22

Dunno why but this made me laugh so hard XD

The fuck* did I just watch O_O

Yeah sorry for the language over there but this post definitely deserves the f word XD

I was trolling around on youtube trying to find a good HD MV from 2PM's new song Beautiful and this is what I saw, a completely normal clip right? ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I was like "Okay sounds differnt and oh it's a chick... ha? =___=" And the BAM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH The funny thing is that it isn't the first time I see that .. thing (guy) in a MV. Apparently there's a freaking youtube user out there who's trying to fool us with a normal still picture but in the end... it's something even I can't desctibe TT^TT

THE HECK IS THIS!?!?!? *life is ruined*
That clip isn't the only one, he even did the same with Big Bangs Monster and Teen Tops To you however I somehow find this entertaining HAHAHAHAHA XD




ASDKFNSDLKJBSD I'm starting to freak out everytime someone mention Dalmatian XD Oh Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIMON (Dalmatian) Who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) ohohoho 9 years older TT^TT

Well I guess that some of you know who Simon is? He's the new hot member in Dalmatian who "replaced" Day Day. Well not really replaced on that way but he filled that empty space when he left (That sounds so wrong in many ways) it's a shame because eveyone almost hates him. It's not his fault that Day Day left so stop hatin' -_-

                                              *trollface* is that Inati with a white wig...?!?! XD


M.I.B - Only Hard For Me [MV Teaser]

Remember M.I.B? Men in black? haha naaah, don't really know what it stands for.
Most Incredible Busters, thank you WIKI xD (Omg.. it even said Most Incredblablabla on the Teaser haha!)
But we have a category on our blog just for M.I.B if you want to check it out?! ;D

Anywho, I don't really know when they'll have their comeback.. but here's a teaser! 8D

O__o I think I saw Block B's Zico at 0:17 haha. But it sounded.. very soothing. Not that hype I thought this group would aim for, but it's not that bad. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when the MV gets out ^^


That last picture of him with green eyes.. mehehehe ^3^ But it didn't really look like T.O.P? Only me? Haha maybe, but SHESUS(!!!) his voice! It's so deep and.. mysterious. Haha it's giving me an eargasm!

so this is what they said:

TOP: Long time no see. Since i saw you last time, you have looked good. You have become prettier. You are always pretty to me.

GD: But something about you look different today. You have a cold look about you. Your eyes are filling with sympathy. In front of you, I look smaller.

Oooooh.. sounds serious O_o But daaamn, it's still so sexy! xD
Thank you youtube:er! ^^

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Guess who this weeks U.P.A.H.I will be >:3








Picture spam! >:D Hehehohoho It's our dear little Jonguo (B.A.P) who's having the honor *honor my ass xD* to be this weeks U.P.A.H.I. The funny thing is that he has brown hair right now and 99% of all the pictures are the blonde Jongup -___- And the picture on him having brown hair looks photoshoped like ****!
But keep going pretty boi~ It feels weird that he's the same age as I am O___O
I feel old urgh... >__>

YG Entertainment

Receantly I saw an interesting list on YG Ent. idols, pre idols and ex groups that I wanted to share with you dear readers *lack of things to come up with* XD

Recording artists

  • 1TYM
  • 2NE1
  • Big Bang
  • Gummy
  • Jinusean
  • Masta Wu
  • Perry
  • PSY
  • Seven
  • Tablo
  • Teddy
  • Yang Hyun Suk
  • YG Family
  • Kim Eun Bi
  • Kang Seung Yoon


  • Perry
  • P-Da
  • Teddy
  • E.knock (aka Kush of Stony Skunk)
  • G-Dragon (member of Big Bang)
  • Rina Moon
  • Choice37
  • Choi Pilkang (PK)
  • DEE.P
  • Bigtone
  • Lydia Paek (member of Quest Crew)


  • Jung Hye Young
  • Ku Hye Sun
  • Kang Hye Jung
  • Sandara Park (Dara of 2NE1)
  • Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P. of Big Bang)
  • Kang Daesung (Daesung of Big Bang)
  • Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri of Big Bang)
  • Yoo In-na


  • 45RPM
  • Big Mama
  • Heo Yi Jae
  • Ji-eun
  • Lexy (SB&W Entertainment)
  • Park Han-byul (now under of Barunson Entertainment)
  • Soul Star
  • Stony Skunk
  • Swi.T
  • XO
  • YMGA
  • Wheesung
  • Brave Brothers (now a CEO of Brave Entertainment)
  • Jang Hyun-seung (now under CUBE Entertainment a member of B2ST)
  • Kim Junsu (now under JYP Entertainment as a lead vocal member of 2pm)
  • May Doni ( now under LOEN Entertainment
  • Park bohyung ( now under B2M entertainment a member of spica)


  • Crazy Girls Dance Team: Kim Ji Hye, Yun Hee Jin, Yun Hee So, Bock Mi Ran, Won A Yeon, Kim Min Jung, Oh Hye Ryeon. Park Eun Young
  • Hi-Tech Dance Team : Kwon Yong Deuk, Kwon Yong Don (Kwon Twins), Park Jung Heon, Seo Ki Chul, Jo Sung Min, Kim Byung Gon, Kwon Cheol Jun, Kim Kwang Won, Kim Hee Yun, Hansol Lee, Song Won Ki

The surprising part for me was that YG has actors in their company XD *retard* does SM have any? O_O I realised it when I searched on Yoo In-na, she's so goddamn cute *o* (She was in Secret garden).



I can't see T.O.P or Taeyang O_o

Live Stream with B.A.P?!

Yes, you’ve read correctly, B.A.P will be right here for a live video chat, with the best fans in the world – YOU, our wonderful allkpop readers.   On June 4th, 2012 at 11:00PM EST we will be hosting this exclusive event. So mark your calendars and let the countdown begin.

In the mean time post your potential questions or just show your B.A.P love here on our forums, then drop by on June 4th, 2012 at 11:00PM EST to watch B.A.P answer your questions LIVE!

Baby’s, mark your calendars and get ready to hang with the one and only B.A.P, only on allkpop!

Leave your questions for B.A.P on the official B.A.P Live stream forum event thread.

Allkpop.. You guys are amazing!!! All I need to do now is make an account ^^ Then SPAM(!!!!!!) them with questions xD

Korean entertainments companies

Well this is just something randomly that I decided to post. It's actually interesting to... Eh who am I trying to fool yes it's a random post that can be funny to check -_- Geez... It's an old list so the new groups isn't in it but I've treid to fill it as much as I can~

101 Entertainment
- Kim Jong Kook
- Mighty Mouth

Amoeba Culture
- Dynamic Duo
- Supreme Team

B2M Entertainment
- Hyori
- Kyujong (SS501)
- Youngsaeng (SS501)

CAN&J Entertainment
- F.Cuz

CJ Media
- Cherry Filter

CnR Media
- Jungmin (SS501)

Cube Entertainment
- 4minute
- Beast
- G.NA
- BtoB
- A Pink

Core Contents Media
- Davichi
- Seeya
- Supernova

Daebak Entertainment
- 2AM
- 8eight
- K.Will

DR Entertainment
- Baby V.O.X (former)
- Baby V.O.X Re.V
- RaNia

DreamTea Entertainment
- Girl’s Day

DSP Media
- Fin.K.L (former)
- Rainbow
- Sechskies (former)
- SS501
- Puretty
- Rainbow Pixie

Fluxus Entertainment
Bye Bye Sea
- Clazziquai Project
- Ibadi
- Loveholics
- W&Whale

FNC Music
- C.N Blue
- F.T Island

Good Entertainment
- Lyn
- Shinhwa

GP Entertainment
- GP Basic

H-Line Entertainment
- Chocolate

IS Entertainment
- SG Wannabe

J.Tune Camp

J.Tune Entertainment
- Miss A
- Rain (former)

Jay K Entertainment

Jellyfish Entertainment
- Park Hyo Shin
- Seo In Gook
- Sung Si Kyung

JIN-A Entertainment
- Eru

Jungle Entertainment
- Drunken Tiger
- Leessang
- T (Tasha)

JYP Entertainment
- 2PM
- g.o.d (former)
- Miss A
- Rain (former)
- Wonder Girls
- JJ Project 

Key East Entertainment
- Bae Yong Joon
- Kim Hyunjoong

Laful Entertainment
- UN (former)

LOEN Entertainment
- IU
- Zia

Logi Entertainment
- Bae Seul Gi
- Taegoon

Map the Soul, Inc.
- Dok2
- Epik High

Mnet Entertainment
- Lee Hyori (former)

Monkey Funch Entertainment
- Dalmatian
- MC Mong

Nega Network
- Brown Eyed Girls
- Maydoni
- Yoari

NeuroN Music Entertainment
- 1sagain
- Ju Bora
- Heenain
- Donnie J

NH Media
- Paran

Nine Media Group
- Son Anna

Open-World Entertainment
- The BOSS
- Jun Jin
- X-5

Orange Entertainment
- Dragon N Tiger

P.L Entertainment
- Bada
- Planet 805

Pledis Entertainment
- After School
- Orange Caramel
- Son Dambi
- Hello Venus

POP/UP Entertainment
- M to M
- Wheesung

Sidus HQ
- Gong Yoo
- Jay Park
- Kim Shin Young
- Kim Sooro
- Moon Heejun
- Song Joong Ki

SM Entertainment

- BoA
- f(x)
- H.O.T (former)
- SHINee
- Shinhwa (former)
- Girl’s Generation
- Super Junior

S Plus Entertainment
- Kim Hyungjoon (SS501)

Stam Entertainment
- Ajoo
- Younha

Star Empire Entertainment
- Nine Muses
- Jewelry
- V.O.S
- ZE:A

Starship Entertainment
- K.Will
- Sistar
- Boyfriend

T.O.P Media
- Jumper
- Teen Top

TN Entertainment
- JTL (former)
- Tony An
- Smash

TS Entertainment
- Secret
- Untouchable
- B.A.P

Trifecta Entertainment
- Koyote
- Kwon Sang Woo
- Uhm Jung Hwa
- Yurisangja

Woolim Entertainment

- Infinite
- Epik High (former)
- Nell

Xing Entertainment

- Apeace
- Xing

YG Entertainment

- 1TYM
- 2NE1
- Big Bang
- Big Mama (former)
- Gummy
- Jinusean
- Se7en
- Tablo


Did You know that...

The Jo Twins (Kwangmin & Youngmin - Boyfriend) was in Sistar's MV Push Push? Trolololo I truly feel retarded now... It's the first time I'm clicking around watching other girl groups MV's (except for BEG, 2NE1 and Miss A) so it's a freaking schock for me everytime I see a boy from another group beeing in another MV xd

Apparently they're only 15 here, pretty young. 2 years ago? Yeah probably 2 years ago, Boyfriend didn't exist by then. Oh shit I just read that the Jo Twins has appeared in 300 comercials HAHHAHAHAHAHA WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?!?!

                                     Well this weeks discover XD Wonder what the next one will be...

BIG BANG - "Monster" Teaser Picture [Daesung + Seungri]

Daesung kind of reminded me of L.Joe with tthat hairstyle xD

Haha, he looks so bad-ass ^^ Don't know why I'm laughing though. Seungri has always been a bad-ass to me 8D


Sometimes I'm just too smart >:3

Created by MonkeydRoo

E7 - Dont Ley You Go [Teaser]

So B.R.A wrote about this group before.. so I'm not going to say so much about them ^^

I don't really know what to say. It sounds.. OK? It feels like the MV had a bit of a low budget, but it could also just be the quality of the video that's bad. But how they filmed it all and the dances and the background-scenes they are using feels a bit.. low budget.

I mean standing on a rooftop can't be very expensive. But I did see the eiffel tower in the background? Hahaha are they in Paris? O__o Because THAT plane-ticket from Korea to France is pretty darn expensive! And to get all the members, the managers and the crew there.. yeah.. maybe the budget wasn't too low ^^

E7 - I like it that [Teaser]


Yeah I found some internet here~ ^o^ Gosh I'm so tired I've been sitting in a freaking car for 9 hours and that chinese cermony gave me a freaking schock O__O Gonna tell you about that another time, but let's give it up for E7 the new rookie group lalala~

Apparently one of the member droped out of the group before the debut so they're only 5 right now. This are one of those typicaly über cute songs/MVs so I'm doubting a bit. So far I don't have so much to say about them but I'm gonna wait till the day the MV is out :3

Song of the week #23

I've been drugging this song for the past week and it's soooooo good!!

Group: JJ Project
Song: Bounce

The whole MV is amazing! When JB dances at 0:35 mehehehe.. HAHAHAH I honestly don't know what it is, but when he makes me go HNNNNG when he does those dance moves xD
And how it's all filmed like when they move, the camera moves with them? Do you know what I mean? O_o When they dance at 0:45 you see how JB and Jr. dances a kind of wave dance and the camera moves with them ^^

And that "everybody BOUNCE BOUNCE. Come on BOUNCE, let it BOUNCE BOUNCE~" is stuck in my head 24-7. And when they "shake it up" they look so freakin' adroable xD JB is the cutest one in this MV but Jr. is the most handsome one according to me ^^

So this is the S.O.T.W! ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DO!! xD

HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSARY Boyfriend♥

I'm not such a big fan of boyfriend but these guys deserv a happy 1 year anniversary post~
Well HAPPY 1 YEAR BOYFRIEND!!! They debuted May 27th with their debut single "Boyfriend"







JJ Project - Bounce [Debut Stage]

You guys have no idea of how excited I've been over JJ Projects debut stage! I was really getting crazy, because I want to see if they're as fun Live as they are in the MV ^^

Their debut stage was on M Countdown, 3 days ago.

GAAAH, THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!! xD Dammit! I'm sooooo going to stalk their lives now hahahaha ^^

JYJ banned from shows & other celebrities

Well I have to admit that I receantly found out thar JYJ are banned to perform from all kinds of Music shows/shows in general... The fudge =__= Yeah I'm pretty slow when it comes to these stuff >_<
Apparently the whole thing is because of the lawsuit with SMent...

A part of me wants to write "Gosh It's sick!" but this is the entertainment industry after all so it somehow makes sense. And SM isn't really rumoured to be the good guys in the industry game in Korea either. (Note: I'm not saying anything bad about the idols - for people who misunderstands this I'm just saying that SM as a company isn't really... yeah good)

Well enough aboout JYJ and SM. I also saw an article yesterday about celebrities beeing banned from different shows:

– Seong Young Chang, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Jeong Wuk, singer Chung Ahn, Cheon In Kwon, Na Han-il, Joo Ji Hoon, Yoon Seol-hee, Ye Haek-young, Oh Kwang-rok, Jeong Jae-jin, comedian Kwak Han-goo, Lee Sang-min, Seo Se-won, TV host Kang Byung-gyu, rapper Crown J, MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Sung-jin, singer Kim Yong Jun, Jeon Chang-geol and Yeo Wook-hwan.

– Actor Kim Jun Won, Yoo Yeon-sil, Jeong Myeong Hyeon, bands Rux and The Coach, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Na Han-il, Joo Ji Hoon, Ye Haek-young, Yoon Seol-hee, Oh Kwang-rok, Jeong Jae-jin, Kim Ji-Hoon, Kim Sung-min, Crown J, Jeon Chang-geol, Kang Byung-gyu, Kwak Han-goo, Lee Sang-min, Shin Jung Hwan, MC Mong, Kim Yong Jun, and Yeo Wook-hwan.


Damn that's a lot of names @__@ However I couldn't find anyone that I recognize so that's good! The reason why these celebrities are banned is everything from drunk driving, gambling, theft, different sexual scandals etc.
So the entertainment industry is harsh...

Only for you~

And off I go~ See you guys in 2 days I've prepared some posts so I haven't dumped you guys... yet ^^

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The heck is he doing? O_O

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isumer:   I just had to im sorry xD Lol

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BIG BANG - "Monster" Teaser picture [5th mini album - Still Alive]

Well look at that... I'm still awake XD
45 minutes ago Taeyang's (<-- had to be really specific) teaser picture on Monster was released. It somehow goes against the whole ALIVE concept. It feels like it's a "DEATH/DARK" concept instead, pretty cool actually. Or it's maybe only me who thinks like this -_-

Gahh few weeks left XD

SM I AM out?

Well my dear Ahjussi said that she receantly saw SM'a movie I AM on Youtube. I tried to search for it but I couldn't find it -_- So you just have to search for it ^o^






Allkpop's interview with Jay Park!


I~ Caaaaan't heeeeeeeeelp~ FALLING IN LOVE.. WITH.. YOU!~
Haha naah, but when they asked if he would sing anything else than hiphop & R&B and he said maybe stuff like Jason Mraz because it's "sexy", I just went 8D
Hahahha, there is something about it when he talks about sexiness or.. girls haha, something that makes it a bit harder for me to breathe. He can take my breath breath breath~

But one thing bugged me. When he said that he was trying to sleeve up his arm with tattoos.. WAE?! Like he want's to cover his whole arm with tattoos. Why does he want to cover up his beautiful body? TT_TT

And the thing I was waiting for "I'd be Ironman.. he's a pimp. He's DOPE" hahaa.. dope. My little baby xD
Now all i have to do is become Scarlett Johansson ;P

Teen Top - To You [Main Teaser]


And now the main teaser is out, it was a mix between the first one and the second one -_-  And that "bruise" on their cheeks hahahahaha *dying* XD But gaahhh they've grown so much TT^TT I remember when I checked them out during their debut days, they were so small *o*

Release the song goddammit!!"#¤!#¤£$ *impatient*

BIG BANG - "Monster" Teaser picture [5th mini album - Still Alive]

A lot of Big Bang spam lately but ahh~ Who cares XD
Receantly the teaser picture of T.O.P was released for their new song Monster and here it is:

... Shouldn't he be a white haired old man -__- No but BO uploaded a clip on him having white hair and a picture of GD having red hair so this is quiet confusing...
Hahahahaha and you can't clearly see that p on his name so it is "Tor" but AHHHHH TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD THIS!!!! ;D;D;D;D *fangirl scream*

BIG BANG - Jeju air [Photoshoot]

As you probably know there has been pictures all over the internet and allkpop has written about it. It's about Big Bang's add-aomething they have on an airplane to Jeju Island

This one...
They also had a photoshoot, and yes my dear friends I'm the slow one who hasn't uploaded them yet so here you have them~



                 It doesn't look like Daesung at all! O__O Something is different with his face, or teeth... >__>
















Auf wiedersehen, B.R.A will go~

Okay that seemed to be brutal, no I won't dissapear or anything but I'll practically leave this yellow house of mine for 3 days. I'm going to go ehm "travell to Sweden's lower parts" HAHAHAHAHAHA bad at Engrish.com. Yeah I'm one of those chickens who doesn't like to reveal my dastinations. But if you meet me scream Bomshakalaka or something :P Then I'll scream Fantastic Baby then we'll be BEST FRIENDS FOREVAH!!!~ ;'D

I'm going to attend to my grandpa's funeral both chinese and the swedish one (did you know that the chinese one is 16 hours =_=) so I won't attend the flashmob *sadface* wanted to meet everyone again but BO will probably go~

This feels like one of those careface posts but the update will be a bit bad from my part so you know that ^^ BO I'm leaving everything to you ^3^



serenatee:  Please don’t tell me it’s already been done cus I’ve been meaning to do this but I got lazy ;~;


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This is exactly what I meant about the whole bruise thing on the cheek on Teen Top's teasers.

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By DJAceing11

2NE1 Suprise comeback after 1 year



Has it already gone 1 year O_O Damn... time goes fast. Well who isn't exited about their new album? I AAMMM *waving my arm* XD But you can already feel that the new album will be a huge succes, this may sound wrong but... they're 2NE1 after all OuO
A lot of big groups seem to do a comeback this year. Big Bang will also release another album during the autumn and now they're gonna release an extended version of Alive. Huhuhuh this is gonna be a good year >:3




Happy Birthday to Wonder Girls pretty girl Ye Eun who's turning 23 years old (24 korean age) it feels like WG should gain more popularity, they've done some awesome songs and they even made a small debut in the US. I hope that they'll be bigger in the future~



No I haven't forgotten them yet but I just wanted to sit alone writing this... okay I'm always alone so that was a really bad excuse =_= Well back to the point, believe it or not SHINee are a really important group for me even if I don't pay that much attention towards them in our blog. Without them kpop wouldn't be a big part of my life nor BO's.
SHINee debuted May 25th 2008 with their first mini album Replay.
They were the first group I ever payed interest toward to and I got so freaking fascinated when I first saw their dance version of Lucifer. Okay Taemin's long hair and shirt made me all mindfucked so I had so search more. And THAT'S when I started to fall for kpop.

So HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! It has probably been 4 amazing years for all the Shawols. I hope that you'll keep beeing awesome and dorky <3

Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho & Lee Taemin~ ♥






BIG BANG - Special edition [5th mini album - Still Alive]

Yesterday? 2 days ago? I made a post about BIG BANG's Special edition album. I also posted 3 pictures on "G-Dragon, Seungri & Taeyang" and now they've released Daesung's and T.O.P's pictures.



Lol XD In a really weird way I love this "non-existing-human-beeing" concept. Somehow reminds me of 2PM dorky prank they did in their hotel. Oh right! They also released a teaser image on their new MV "monster"


HUHUHHOOHOHOH DAAMN!!! Why do I have the feeling that this will be AWESOME!!! Huhuh I'm quivering by only looking at the picture XD *nerd*


Teen Top - To you [Teaser #3]


Yeah this time I skipped the whole "making it pretty design"...
It feels like Teen Top are going for EXO's concept by releasing 235245 teasers XD Just kidding!

But shabam! C.A.P looking fine as always :O And *me seeing Niel in the bathtub* - Why?! O_O Y U so sad TT^TT However it feels like I'm building up this exitment about the song that will lead to me having really high expectations and in the end beeing disappointed -__-

But I hope that it'll satisfy my expectations *dirty* XD

Look alike: Minhyuk & Hyun Bin


Did you know how long I sat there and looked after a decent photo to use -_- Minhyuk IS a copy of Hyun Bin (Always writing Won Bin >_>) but a younger version. Hyun Bin is quiet old... probably 12-14 years older but you can clearly see the similarity on their faces. ^o^

~Mnet Chart~

Twinkle Twinkla aaooohh~
TaeTiSeo are once again  on the first place and INFINITE showed up in the list (finally..) But the most surprising thing (for me) is that JYP himself are also on the top 5 XD

What to say about the Online votes? It hasn't changed since last week XD So nothing to say over here~

SNSD Hyoyeon & Miss A Min [pre debut]

Haha awwwwww, found this cute video of SNSD's Hyoyeon and Miss A's Min when they were still in elementary school xD

They were so groovy!! (and so speeeechul~) Damn, to dance like that as a.. what.. 12-13 year-old? I was looking at Min's pre debut videos and DAAAAAAMN, she's always known how to dance! I mean it's crazy. Min is actually my bias in Miss A. Haha her personality is so amazing. So much talent and confidence and attitude in that little body (because she is really small O_o)

I think I'm tired ain't nobody~


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Hehehehe ew... the funny thing is I've actually watched that clip =__=

submitted by Dafferdoodlez


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I thought that was Seungri for a moment


B.R.A's mom... >____>

Well yeah today is my mom's birthday and she isn't even home =_= But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM who's turning...  ....  O.O Oh dear god... 48? 49? or something... I'm a worthless child.
And yes I seriously don't have a picture of my mom so I'm giving you a homemade paint that I made a long time ago ^^

Teen Top - To You [Teaser #2]


Yeah this was something different XD I mean the design... apparently it's a new thing called Remby that you can creat when you make a post. Well it looks pretty I guess? But it took too much time =__= *slow at doing things*

Okay about their teaser, I saw a Chancky <-- is that what you call it? O_O moment... How come everyone has some purple eyeshadow on the cheek pretending to be a bruise -__- they should at least have it on different places. Looks like someone just passed by giving all 6 of them a fat bitch clap in a row...

But I'm waiting for the song so bring it on~ huhuhuh >:3

What KPOP has done to me (part 5)

KPOP has made me jealous of poles and mike stands. I'll show you why:

And of course..

Damn.. imagine being that pole ( ̄ー ̄)

BIG BANG - Special edition [5th mini album - Still Alive]

I bet that if you're a V.I.P then you haven't missed this news yet >:3 I actually read it a few days ago but searched thoroughly yesterday. Well Instead of me "talking" <-- writing so much, I'll give you this instead:




WAAHHHH!!! :O 5 new awesome songs, my baf BO I thought they would make a reemake of Lie and Haru Haru but they only "took" the sad melody XD But I'm eagerly waiting for the song "pedigree" >:3
Less than 2 weeks left till June 6th!
And I saw that they released teaser pictures on some of the members yesterday, just as Alive but... a new version of it XD

Lol hahahaha died when I saw this XD Only T.O.P and Daesung left~

KPOP-fans can relate

Hahhaha so true. I talk to my computer in a baby squeaky voice when I see a picture of my bias xD

I hate summer =__=


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That's so cute T^T


created by lauraseattle
I have a necklace similiar to that O_O

Created by kawaiivshentai

raghd:  LOL
I think that I've uploaded this before but... HAHAHAHAHAHAH AWESOME!! Love that 20% of the macros are based on Mean Girls XD

2PM - Beautiful [The whole PV]


Oh my shitty god where shall I begin?!?!?!? ASLDJBASLDJ 2PMMMMM I'VE MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH THIS WAS AMAZING DAEBAK!!!! yaaaaaaahsadkvjn~  *fangirl scream*

Seriously just watch it TT^TT I'm freaking proud to be a Hottest! I probably had over 145 expresions during these 4 minutes it was awesome for god sake! The first thing that plopped up was "hehehe Power Rangers!" and when Wooyoung started to sing the whole PV gave Miss A's Touch feeling. Some of the dance moves in the end resembled the one in Touch. AND DID YOU GUYS THE THE THRUSTING IN THE AIR AND THE WHOLE "FALLING DOWN" AS A COOL BAD BOY WITH THE CHAIR?!?! That was the highligt of my week ^3^ I wonder if they really did it or if they used something to attach the chair with... *forever a mystery*

Their voices ahh~ *angel sound* I'm glad that everyone at least had equal parts compared to their previous songs where Junsu sang the whole freaking song alone -_- Even Chansung for the first time had some lines, love his voice OuO
2PM must be the only group out there who can pull off the whole singing in Japanese that I like. Because I usually don't fangirl much over Japanese songs so I'm like "eh" everytime a group release a Japanese song. But I'm your man and Beautiful took me by storm! 

Lastly Nichkhun and Taecyeon... I'm sorry but their haircuts are so ugly =_= Especially Nichkhun...




Teen Top - To You [Teaser]

It feels like I'll bomb you with teasers and MV's right now but I was busy the whole day so I couldn't really write some posts, and apparently BO died XD But earlier today I saw Teen Top's teaser For you:

Wehoho Chunjoe fight~ *overly excited* XD
I really liked that piano sound :O For the first time I'm really, really looking forward towards a teen top comeback. Because this comeback seem to be a bit different compared to their old ones. Or every comeback was unique but this one... I just have that feeling okay -_-

And C.A.P's Engrish~ <3



VIXX - Super Hero [MV]


Ha! Korean and their tendency to release all the MV's at 1 am XD I'm somehow feeling sorry towards all the kpop fans in Korean :P

Well VIXX MV for Super Hero is finally out and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I still don't know what to think about it but the dance was cool~ ^^ AND DID YOU SEE THAT?! One of the members was an exact copy of Jinyoung (B1A4) ksdnaskjd O___O

                                        Oh only 6 members O_O I thought it was 8 XD *bad at math*
The first guy on the left, THAT'S THE GUY I WAS TALKING ABOUT! And of course you can't see the whole face -_-

Daniel's voice problem

Yesterday I just realised that I haven't really heard/seen a complete and HD performance from Dalmatian's E.R. So I started to search a bit and watched their first comeback performance they did:


I was like O___O The fudge happened...?! Well they seemed a bit nervous. Youngwon and Jisu didn't really bring all they got, it was pretty low and off sometimes. But the biggest schock was Daniel... What was that?! :O It is absolutely forbidden to lip-sync during these kinds of performances, well if you don't have a really good reason and I know that Daniel is a great singer and you could clearly hear him trying to sing sometimes.  


It's the same (Daneil) during this performace too so I finally started to read the freaking comments XD And it's rumoured that he had a throath injury/was sick so he couldn't really go all in. I started to get teary and all XD Lol... However you can clearly see the developments in this performance. Jisu and Youngwon are great! And Inati and Simon has bean amazing since their comeback stage! I'm starting to like Simon more and more he is really talented ;-)



Their best performance so far in Inkigayo 3 days ago!! And it seems like Daniel has gotten much better he even injured his leg not so long ago. But they seem to be a bit spiritless <-- probably tired *the bitch has come XD* however it is their best performance, no doubt!! :D Everytime I watch Inati I start to think about the things he said in their show Manager goes on Strike, that deep talk he had about him beeing a trainee for 9 years wating for their debut TT^TT

sadfkjsdnlfkn Dalmatian keep fighting!! <3 You got a new Dalmate on you side ^o^



MYNAME - JunQ & Insoo [Teaser Photos]



Can you even imagine that this is JunQ? =________= I remember when I first saw Message I bet that he's the most underrated member in Myname but he'll be much popular right now. This is a huge difference compared to his look before :O


O_O ... Is that Insoo?! Daaaaaaammmmnnnn it's sick that 8 months has already passed since their debut and gosh he's looking fine... really fine! ÒuÓ However you can clearly see that he has lost weight *weird fact*
I'm looking really forward to MYNAME's comeback! Another teaser will apparently be released May 29 and the MV for "Hello Goodbye" will be released June 1 (Y)

Ahh~ I'm totally waiting for Chaejin and Seyoung. Dunno why but I have this weird feeling saying that I'll be a bit disappointed on Chaejin's teaser photo xd *lame*

It's friday soon~ >:3 note: "SOON"

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ABDNGBJSSLDBSDLJV I want that dog TT^TT and Siwon

(c) icansoarr

He is... soon

made by jaejoongism

They look so... perfect O_O

VIXX - Super Hero [Teaser #3]


Me: You see me trollin' they hatin~

I'm so lost when it comes to VIXX XD Apparently this is their 3rd teaser for their song Super Hero and the one I first uploaded was their second one... so which on is their first one O_O I don't really see any "problems" when it comes to this group but I'm always dazing around when I hear their teaser song. I don't really know what to think or like about them -___-

I saw a small part of Mnet something, VIXX meet MBLAQ and they played some games and one of the guys, gosh... he was REALLY awkward XD I can't even describe his awkwardness.
Wait gonna find it...

Can't find it anymore -.- Oh well...

TEEN TOP Comeback photo

Yeah my dear little Ahjussi uploaded a photo on "my" wall writing that Teen Top will make a comeback May 30 (8 days left) Didn't they make a comeback recently? O_O With the song Crazy or something yeah I know I'm pretty slow when it somes to Teen Top -_- But that was a few months ago if I ain't wrong...

Well they look MUCH better compared to their Supa Luv period, or they looked good a few months ago too but I prefer L.Joe in his brown hair color. And now this is a weird moment for me when Chunji and Changjo are the ones looking hottest in Teen Top (Niel and L.Joe was on the numero uno place before)

Well let's see what Tee Top will bring us this time OuO

BtoB - Irresistible Lips [MV]


*daze* did you guys see those kisses... O____________O

Oh my where to start ehhm... I didn't even know that they had a song called Irresistible Lips and the whole "releasing a MV" didn't make it better XD
Well about the song it feels like I have to listen to it a few more times. It'll probably stuck in my head just as Insane and Father but it'll take some time. And that ADGBADLJB Minhyuk ;w; He looks like Hyun Bin AND someone I can't put my finger on...
But his acting is really good O__O Or everyones acting is really good!

It was a cute story, Ilhon and Sungjae never fails to impress me. I have to say the way to promote this group is quiet different because I haven't really seen a rookie group before that releases so many songs/MV's at the same time. They usually debut, perform their song and then train for a few months and make a comeback. That's the typical thing for a rookie group but BtoB just bomb out stuff XD Not complaining over here I actually like it (y)


Simon & Martina meets Wondergirls, MBLAQ and Sistar

YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FREAKIN' REACTED WHEN I SAW SEUNGHO AT 5:16 (didn't realize it was him before ^^)

Simon.. Martina.. F you guys. WAE YOU SEE MBLAQ, WAE ME NOT SEE MBLAQ?! TT-TT
Seriously though, why the hell do they get to see them! B.R.A, we need to do whatever it is that they are doing, but do it 100000 times better so we get to see all our husbands xD

So the real interviews will come up pretty soon I guess, I'll definitely put them up when they put it up ^^

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

I somehow feel a bit naughty right now... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG Never mind that, seriously XD

The thing I want to point out is how we or I usually fangirl over boys who are in my age or a few years older. You never do that with men who are 30+ well Rain is an exception and maybe Inati? (<-- Dalmatian's leader. Well I haven't really been fangirling over him) But there's of course other men (that sounds so... old xD) I've found and they've been in the U.P.A.H.I list. The first one was Kim Jong Kook and the other one was Woo Hyuk and now I've found the third one:




Tony Ahn (former H.O.T member)

This guy is freaking awesome!!!! HAHAHAHA I LOVE his awkward and reserved humour and he's so lovely! <3 Sure he doesn't really have the abs like those 30+ guys I mentioned, or what do I know he hasn't flashed them yet. But ahh~ Have to search for more reality shows he has been in. I saw a Running Man episode with him yesterday and he surely didn't look bad over there and his awkward humour just made it perfect!

- This is the first time I've been photographed since I finished my stint (army) *standing there awkwardly wearing hot pants in the subway* hahahaha <3

Shindong goes ShunA

Hahahaha saw this funny clip yesterday of Shindong from SUJU. Hahhaha that man is hilarious!!

Artist: Shindong from Super Junior
Songs: HyunA's Trouble Maker & Bubble Pop

HAHAHA EVERYTIME! He just cracks me up xD And that he owns it, he's not very shy ^^

Baby Himchan~

Well I'm probably sitting in a rotten classroom trying to write my freaking math test that's 3,5 hours long... TT_TT
So I didn't really have time to make a good post right now, instead I'm giving you some childhood pictures on Himchan (B.A.P) that were revealed some time ago.



SDVSLDJVD Isn't he cute ;w;

Everybody say E-YO!

Made by lollidella-dream

created by: welladridrilovesyoutoo.tumblr.com

Hohoho I will >:3

created by http://birth-by-sleep.tumblr.com/

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By DJAceing11

Hahahaha at first I was like "Yeah! That's my wifus~" Then I realised EXO are 12 members and Kris is standing in the middle -_-


                    The Guardian of EXO, SuHo ♥  +credit on photo 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EXO K's LEADER SUHO Who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) Dunno why but I've somehow waited for this day to come XD My head had a countown till his birthday *weird*
Gosh he's so cute when he laugh ;w;

Oh Well if I ain't wrong EXO, or the whole SM family are in the US right now. No I'm not jealous at all, who wants to see them ha?! -_________-
But I hope that you'll have a really great birthday over there and keep beeing an awesome leader to an awesome group with awesome guys~

Juniel ft. Yong Hwa - Stupid [MV]

You know what the name for the MV must be Stupid XD Because they repeat it a lot in the Music Video, do yeah that's my conclusion!

Wahh Yong Hwa's voice in the beginning, died a bit... Well he has done a great job you can't deny that fact. But I'm still amazed everytime I hear a girl with such a high-pitched voice. Is that even possible?! *stupid question* It's so freaking high!!!! O___O <-- that just sounded wrong.

But it was really beautiful and sweet ^^ They say that she's born 1993, not bad for a 19 years old girl. Not bad at all... OuO
But I'm somehow feeling sorry for the girl because I started to think about it. She's pretty "new" or yes she is a rookie solo singer and just imagine all these brutal Yong Hwa fans. You know there are always these REALLY crazy ones that, yeah I can't even describe them. They'll hate or even haunt this girl because of him beeing in the same MV as her TT^TT Yes I'm serious and once again this is a fact XD

But Juniel Hwating! :D


Heo Young Saeng - Crying [MV]

Gahhh EVERYTHING Is just splash! Korea Y U Release everything 2 am at your country -_- Everyone are releasing their MV right now. Saw that Juniel also released her ft Yong Hwa...


Okay I should shut up about other groups, now it's Young Saeng's time to shine. Well I can clearly say that he still has the IT. His voice sounds wonderful as always but it somehow doesn't look like him O_O Something is changed... with his face xd
This is one of those typical dancing MV but what I'm surprised/happy over is that there isn't a chick walking here and there in the MV waiting for Young Saeng to chase her. It's just him dancing... with other guys XD

Oh! And I just LOVED that piano sound in the beginning, it was so beautiful TT^TT Well I'm gonna listen to the whole album right and maybe write something about it tomorrow ;-)

Good Job my dear~♥ ^3^

MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [teaser]



WHAAAA, SUCH A DRAMATIC TEASER!! That poor guy. Maybe she's like this bad girl that likes him, and when he's about to see her she is captured by some bad guys that she "belongs" to. So he saves her.. kind of. She dies in the end, but he kills all the guys as well. Soo.. yeah, haha that's what I think the MV will be about xD So sad though...

It surely is something different compared to their catchy Message song last year and I have to say it's a huge challenge when you do a MV without the group. Some people nails it and some people don't. So I'm sitting here like a eager cow waiting for the grass :3

/B.R.A &

Juniel ft. Yong Hwa - Stupid (?)


For your note I went to google translate and translated that korean word and they said "stupid" and you should always trust google so why not write it XD

Dear lord how could I forget to make a post about this?!?! I even saw this teaser a looong time ago -_-
Juniel a solo (girl) singer will make her debut May 22, tomorrow! And the one who wrote her debut song is no other than CN Blue's Yong Hwa. I bet that no one missed the part where he sat in the car and flashed his biceps. Daaaamn he has been working out! :O

In a recent interview Jung Yong Hwa said “Currently CNBLUE members are exercising very hard to make  green peas-like biceps. Sooner or later I will show you great appearance. Please look forward to it”. - Source



So this is what you guys have been up to...
This is a great way for someone unknown to debut like this. Juniel is getting a big push because of Yong Hwa. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to be mean or anything but if you think business then it's a great push for her career XD Not did he only write it for her, he's even IN the MV so all the CN Blue fans or more specific Yong Hwa fans will see it and a few will just randomly click and listen to it ^^
The things I'm saying right now is a oure fact so don't hate xd

But I'm one of those who're 50/50 (Yong Hwa fan and clicking randomly). So I'm looking forward to this only 1 day left OuO

FT Island childhoos pictures~

Yeah I was quiet bored yesterday = Don't wanna study. So I started to search on our Five Tresure Island's childhood pictures and got some good ones >:3

Lee Hong Ki


I see the Asian version of Harry Potter...

Leader Jonghyun


Jae Jin

Heh wonder what they censored... XD

Seung Hyun

Reminds me of the actor Kim Bum

Lastly maknae Minhwan

Thank you~ :3

Well I can't really see that much difference from their childhood till now, because Asian people tend to not age at all =___= But you can clearly see that Lee Hong Ki really IS Lee Hong Ki even if you watch his childhood pictures... I looked like a freaking man when I was born... well ehm... that's because I am one he-he XD

WE'RE SO SORRY + Taecyeon & Nichkhun

Haha no, but we're sorry that we haven't posted so much these days. But we both have been very busy.. so here you have this adroable video of Taecyeon and Nichkhun from 2PM dancing their stuffed animals to their song 'I'll be back'

I just hate the commercial in the beginning -.- Haha but Taec, Y SO CUTE!!! He just starts moving his stuffed animal *dirty mind... hehe* and then keeps moving it to the entire song. Hahaha he's amazing xD AND 2:12!!!! WHEN THEY LAUGH!! GAAAAAAAAAHSAKDHASFHALFHALDFAL SO CUTE! xD And then Taec gets this attack and drops to the floor at 2:16, and then they both just rage ^^

You're my #1~

by keiitronique

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Oh gosh lol hahahaha XD

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That's me... in public

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ROOKIE GROUP NU'EST's ARON who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age)!!! I believe that he's the oldest one in NU'EST, or...? Yes he is... all of them are born 1995 TT___TT


Currently at B.R.A resident:

Yesterday my mom left (she's going somewhere) for 2 weeks... 2 WEEKS!!! = Panick
She left me, my dad and my little sister all alone and this is the first time during my 17 years I've experienced this. I'm... eh like a bird with full grown wings but I haven't tried them yet XD No mom = No food.
BUT! My mom can be a bit... yeah so she literally prepared food for 2 weeks hahahahahaha We're so freaking hopeless without my mommy~




                                                 She even said "Ahh I should've bought more~" -__-

JJ Project [Bounce mini-album]

So JJ Project's debut album Bounce is out!!

#1 - Bounce

#2 - Hooked

#3 - Before This Song Ends (ft. Suzy from Miss A)

#4 - Bounce [instrumental]

It's so much fun hearing this song without them singing, because you hear when it goes from pop, to techno, to rock, to real gangstah' hiphop and then back to pop haha xD

My favorite song is no doubt Bounce!! I didn't really feel "Hooked", but I guess it was ok. "Before this song ends" was better than "Hooked", but Bounce takes the price! BOUNCE WAS AWSOME!! xD

Song of the week #22

This may come as a chock, but for the first time the S.O.T.W will go to a girl-group!!! Which girl-group then? Hmm..

Apink - Hush

I don't know what it is, but I absolutely LOVE this song!! It's so catchy, so good and.. so girly haha. But I still like it very much! So the Song of the Week #22 goes to APink's Hush! ;D

BIG BANG - Extraordinary 20's [Photograph collection] #2

A few days ago I uploaded a post about Big Bang's Extraordinary 20's photograpg collection <-- however it was only 2 pictures but now I have 4 more~ ^^
So let's enjoy them :3





T.O.P so pretty *___*

Kim Hyung Jun - I love you [OST]


After Young Saeng lovely Hyung Jun plopped up with the OST "I love you".
I'm pretty hopeless... I saw that they released this song 2 days ago and I clicked on the link to listen (a few minutes after it was released) but... I slept -__- with the computer and the youtube page on the screen. I woke up 5 am and closed down everything and went to sleep. And after 245093245 years I finally sat and listened to the whole song yesterday and it was amazing!!! O3O

His voice is pretty underrated but he's just amazing! Both singing and rapping. Good job big maknae ;-)

I miss MBLAQ =___= *random*

HAHAHAHAHAHA Such a bad humour!!! XD


Created by LoverholicTaemin.tumblr.com

I forgot...

4 days ago (May 16) the cute solo singer IU turned 19 years old (20 korean age) my bad... BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU IU!!!!



JJ Project - Bounce [MV]


It's out~
Gosh the blonde guy is so cool heheihihohoh XD No but daaaaaammmnnn! EVERYTHING was in this MV. Rock, retro, Hip hop, swag! Gosh it's a whole new thing! :O
And the JYP whisper is a classic. JYP himself even talked about it "Everytime we make a JYP whisper the song turns into a hit". That whisper somehow completes the song ^_^

Dalmatian members profile

Well I've obviously turned into a Dalmatian freak during this week so why not post a members profile. However it's an old one and the surely don't look like this anymore XD you can clearly see that Inati has gotten older TT^TT Oh well here you have them:

~ Member Profile ~

Birth Name:
Jang In Tae

Stage Name:

Rapper & Leader

March 6, 1981

Height/ Weight:
180 cm/ 66 kg

Blood Type:


Graduated from New Zealand Rotorua High School

One brother and one sister

Reading and acting

* Modeled in CFs for Pringles, Hanaro Telecom, SK SKY, McDonalds, & LG070.
* Featured in MC Mong’s 1st ~ 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Mongie’s Nomads”
* Appeared in 2010 Concert “Variety Mind”

Former member

Birth Name: David Kim

Stage Name:
Day Day

Main Rapper

September 20, 1983

Height/ Weight:
170 cm/ 60 kg

Blood Type:


Maryland University

Only child

Working out, translating and rapping in English

* Rap trainer in JYP and other companies

Featured In:
* Lee Hyori’s “Shall We Dance” & “Straight Up”
* Wonder Girls’ “So What”
* Uhm Junghwa’s “Come to Me”
* Wheesung’s “This Kind of Situation”
* Ivy’s “No”
* Son Dambi’s “Start”

In the army

Birth Name:
Lee Da Ri

Stage Name:


July 4, 1984

Height/ Weight:
176 cm/ 60 kg

Blood Type:


Yewon Arts University

3 older sisters

Fishing and drawing

* Featured in MC Mong’s 4th & 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Variety Mind”

Birth Name:
Park Jee Su

Stage Name:

Vocalist, Face of The Group

July 28, 1990

Height/ Weight:
180 cm/ 60 kg

Blood Type:


Graduated from Hanyang High School

An older sister

MIDI and piano

* Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Variety Mind”

Birth Name:
Daniel Chae

Stage Name:

Main Vocalist, Maknae

March 31, 1991

Height/ Weight:
177 cm/ 58 kg

Blood Type:


KENT Foreigner School

1 older sister & 1 younger sister

Watching movies & graffiti art

* UCC TV “How to Seduce Mr. Daniel”¨

Birth Name:
Lee Dong Rim

Stage Name:


April 1st, 1990

Height/ Weight:
177 cm / 62 kg

Blood Type:


Graduated from Hansol High School

An older brother

Hobbies/ Specialties:
Watching movies and dancing

* Placed 1st in Busan Youth Song Festival

Birth name: Park Jun Ho

Stage name: Simon

Position: Rapper

DOB: May 29, 1986

Specialties: rapping, dancing

You can clearly see the difference now and then... do you know how hard it was for me to memorize every member again because they've changed sooo much O___O Let's start all over again but with the "now" pictures












Ahh~ Long post XD What happened to you guys TToTT I wonder if theie personality is still the same... Well see it from the bright side. You got a new fan ^o^ Dalmate's ftw! *nerd*


Funny Parodies

#1 - As you guy may know, there were rumors about Taemin having surgery. I kind of believe that he did, but that's not the point, the point is this parody. HAHAHA it's amazing! xD

#2 this parody is about a fan girl named Nina who pretty much just stalks Super Junior. At first they're ok with it, I mean shes a fan right? And we all know Super Junior loves their fans but after a while they just get sick of her. This parody features two of my favorite super junior couples too! Kyumin (Kyuhyun and Sungmin) and Eunhae (donghae and Eunhyuk).
Blue letters are "sung" by Super Junior
Pink letters are "sung" by the fangirl Nina

Hahahah at the end when Nina starts singing: You wont see me, but I'll be watching. Not like a creeper, but like a ninja xD

and now for the best one!!!

#3 - SHINee's Lucifer xD

Key: "Take a look at my hair, I bet you think it looks cool. But the truth is that it looks this way because SM wouldn't pay to cut the rest off." HAHAHAHAHAH xD
And right after Taemin says: "Don't forget my weave. It looks expensive but it all c-c-c-c-came from Minho" HAHAHAH that's funny, because before this MV Minho had long hair and Taemin had short. Hahahah I C what u did there xD

~Mnet Chart~

The Mnet Chart is somehow weird =__= It feels like the songs on the online votes should be in Mcountdown. But TaeTiSeo deserve to be on the first place ^^ Woop woop~ But that Cherry Blossom Ending is somehow disturbing me hahahaha dunno why, I'm sick XD however I hope that Dalmatian will come up on the chart or the online voting next week because they TOTALLY deserves it >:3

INFINITE's The Chaser plopped up pretty fast on the online votes. I thought it would take them another week and MAMA is still hanging on there . . .

WTF? Innocent Joonie pole-dancing?!

Hahahhaa I still can't stop giggling! WTH did I just watch?! xD

Mehehehehhehe xD I'm all like "BABY! Don't hurt yourself ^3^" BUT DAAAAAAAMN!! Baby got back! hahaha, Shesus, still can't breathe properly xD

I'll be there~ It's funny I'm always using lyrics from songs as the title...

created by&#160;: MYHEun

Lol that was the biggest mystery when I was a kid... but one night when I "slept" I saw someone big and fat pretending to be the tooth fairy, open my door and putting money in front of my tooth. a.k.a my mom... HAHAHAHAHAH XD

Crated by MonkeyDroo

by ihaveapencilcase

HAhahahaha wtf Kelly Clarkson?!

created by: shinee&amp;b2st

R.I.P Sungmin's grandma

There are rumours that Sungmin's grandma passed away this morning. Dunno if that's 100'% true but all the E.L.F's are here to support you TT3TT <3



Favorite moments:

0:52 - Hahahhaa Daehyun's face xD
1:05 - I guess you know why ^^
1:23 - Haha poor Bang ^3^
1:37 - That whole part when they're dancing, HNNNNG!!! And Zelo at the beginning, gaah you sexy beast!! 8D
And when Zelo sleeps on Jongup's lap <3

AND DAAAAANG, Himchan looks good!! O_o

Groups you haven't hears of (part 34) [Special 1/10]


Well this group seem to be... just like MYNAME XD They've just vanished as Idon'tknowwhat.


I've only heard about them 2 times and after searching a bit, they're a 5 members group who debuted... last year O_O huh... I thought they debuted 2010 or 2009. They debuted with the song "One last Cry" and there isn't any information about them since then.

Jung Jung Kyun age 24, is the leader and vocalist of the group.

Jung Seung Hyun
age 24, is the rapper and vocalist of the group.

Lee Jong Min
age 23, better known by his stage name Soul J, is the main vocalist of the group.

Song Yu Jin
age 20, is the maknae and vocalist of the group.

Kim Sang Woo
age 20, is the lead vocalist of the group

Funny couse Song Yu Jin and Kim Sang Woo are both borned February 22

This was something different... It isn't that typical "the-whole-group-are-in-a-dark-room-dancing-their-ass-off-trying-to-show-their-amazing-dancing-skills"
They surely are in a room but the concept was more like a Dream Girls concept except for them not beeing girls... and having showy curves with bling bling dresses. Okay I should stop -_-

The member Sangwoo looked like Daesung while leader Jungkyung looked like Lee Hong Ki. I've actually been listening to this song a lot of times right now but it isn't "my thing" I actually liked the blonde guy's and Sanwoo's voices but I didn't like the rapper. And 2 of the members, I can't believe that I'm saying this... had REALLY irritating voices XD
It was a new irritating feeling that I've never experienced before and gosh I hate it! Jungkyun and Yujin has the "worst" voices I've ever heard O_O *cruel* Okay worst is a bit too much they can sing but I just couldn't enjoy hearing them...

Jungkyung looks like Lu Han over here...

JJ Project - Bounce [Teaser]

JYP's newest group JJ Project (I don't really know if it's "JJ Project" or just "JJ") ANYWHOOOO, It sounds amazing!! It has like this rock, hiphop, swag sound ^^ JJ Project will debut on May the 20th, only 2 days left!!! WEHOO~

I have big hopes about this group, hope they don't disappoint me :( NAAAH, I don't think they will xD

Did You know that...

Jungshin (From CN Blue) was in 4minute's MV Heart to Heart? HAHAHAAHAHAH I just realised it yesterday when I sat and geeked 4Minute ;D And the funny thing is that he's playing a playboy heheihihohoh and another funny thing is how brutal that MV is. Not do they only mess up his life but they also get him arrested because of him flirting with other girls =__=

Gosh he's so pretty TT^TT The scene where he and Hyuna sits together is quiet worrying. Because I somehow consider Jungshing beeing prettier than Hyuna xd

Why so sad? kekeke XD



Created by kawaiivshentai





Omomomo it's your birthday today!!!!!! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG (Big Bang) who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age)
Gosh where should I start? You amazing little guy you've turned into a fine man now! I hope that you'll have a really really really good birthday, a smile from you can make my (whole) day ^3^
And truth to be told you're the only kpop idol that makes be go crazy over your abs XD Dunno why but there's something about them that attracts me *trollface*


Heo Young Saeng - Crying [Teaser]


Omfg hahaha XD
Me: Heo Young Saeng... Heo Young Saeng... Young Saeng... YOUNG Saeng... YOUNG SAENG!!!!!! O_O

My mind went all blank because of the Heo BUT IT'S YOUNG SAENG FROM SS501!!!!! Y we won't hear anything from you guys TT^TT But he'll release his 2nd mini album 22th May 5 days left!
wonder when SS501 will "gather" as a whole group again and make a comeback... it'll probably be legendary! But they're quiet underrated so it won't be something big like Big Bang.



Eye Candy - Dalmatian Style

I hope Dalmatian promotes shirtless the entire time ;)

Day Day o_0 damn!Day Day o_0 damn!Day Day o_0 damn!

I can&#8217;t be the only one who thinks dirty thoughts when I see this
daegutang:  youngjeesu:  hello sexyback.  hello daniel *____*


Dalmatian schock...

I'm sorry but it feels like the bomb need to be released somehow... You can't have missed Dalmatian's comeback right?!?! I started to squeal for myself 12 am ASDJGSDLJ DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?! I've actually been searching on Dalmatian a lot, even before their comeback but their songs weren't really something WOW for me, but E.R is just amazing!
And I'm getting quiet mindfucked here, I'm watching their show "Manager goes on strike" and that was during their debut days. It's quiet hard to see who is who now when everyone has pumped up their bodies ksdjgfbksdj Jeesu/Jisu, Daniel/Drama & Youngwon WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS?!?!?!

They aren't puppies anymore, they're full grown dogs! lol...

Especialy Jisu that guy... O_O

LOOK AT HIM! It was pretty schocking for me to see that plain guy turn into that in a few seconds O_O (You know youtube clips XD)

From left to right: Inati (Leader) HaHa, Youngwan, Jisu, Simon (New member), Drama/Daniel (maknae)

It's funny cuz I'm watching the episode where Haha is with them and he looks 210984x bigger than them and now they're all like beasts! Wait a minute... that isn't haha right? XD HAHAHAHAHA It's their producer I think XD

And for you who didn't know, Dalmatian was actually a 6-members group. Dari is in the army while the other member Day Day quit the group because of personal reasons so Simon joined the group.


HAHAHAHA Eunyuk, you look like such a creep xD

 HAHAH Taec got a shock from the very loud fireworks

Block B derping ^^



The comeback eveyone has been waiting for is finally out!! It was a mystery if they would perform shirtless or not but they won't be shirtless -___- what a shame... XD
Good Job Dalmatian you deserv all the attention right now ^_^ I'm gonna upload a better quality later if I find one...

Baby I'm sorry~

Yeah the title said the whole thing. We're really sorry for the bad update here but I've been sleeping REALLY bad the whole week so I just passed out yesterday and woke up a few minutes ago. And BO... yea dunno what he's doing but the updates will be better now ^_^

So I'm giving you this!

YAAYYY I can sleep~


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Dedicated to Simon and Martina @eatyourkimchi

Jay Park - FRESH A!R:BRETH !t [Album]

I don't know if this is an album, a mini-album or just a mixtape, but our beloved Jay Park has recently released 6 new songs that you can get for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xieq3xu1med2mxx

01. Do What We Do

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, JAAAAAAAAAAY?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?! xD You guys do understand what he's singing about right? haha wth, dude, you're making me blush ^^ If this would be in korean I wouldn't have understood what he was singing about, but now I do. So that's a good thing haha

02. Be With Me 2night

A bit more appropriate, but that line "ooh, girl.. you different from these girl that I'd be sexing~". I think he's very,, into girls haha. No duh, but this feels more like him.. because you know.. he IS a bad boy ^^

03. Hopeless Love (ft. Cha Cha)

He said that he was cheating on the girl at 0:36.. Yeah I'm sorry Jay, but I don't know if I like this song. That line "I'm a d*** to you when I should be giving d*** to you..." in the beginning (the first thing he says) I can actually listen to the other two, but this.. yeah hahaha no comments.

04. You Know How We Do (ft. Dumbfounded)

There's something that happens with me when he raps. Even if he raps about very.. girls in a.. funny way. But to be honest, I think I'll se Jay in a completely different way from now on O__o

05. Hopeless Love
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA I can't see it? It says I have to be 18 years or older. WTF JAY? WTF?!?!?! What the hell are you singing about??!?! Well here's the link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TyYZgaQ9MQ&feature=player_embedded

06. Body2Body

Haha it's very catchy, but I feel like I got his point. We know "How You Do It", and we get that you have a "Hopeless love" and that you looooove girls!

But I can't deny that it's a very catchy song

This weeks U.P.A.H.I


Ilhoon BtoB - 17 years old

He's so pretty and cute *_____* I can sit here and post pictures on him the whole day~ I just wanna pinch his cheeks and laugh together O_O that was weird... laugh with him *trollface* he's obviously one of the good looking members in BtoB AND I have to say that his rapp makes me go SADFLKJASDBL!

No seriously have you heard their song Father? If not do it, if you have then you should know what I mean. I have never ever, EVER!!! xD in my whole life been able to listen to a rapp that blends in so well in a really calm and "sad" song. His voice was seriously perfect! But the other rapper ruined it a bit XD

And I guess that no one has missed the fact that Ilhoon and JOO are sibilings? JOO is an actress/singer under JYP and is 21 years old.

BIG BANG - Extraordinary 20's [Photograph collection]

Yesterday I sat and trolled around and found some exclusive *trying to be fancy* info about Big Bang and their photograph collection called "Extraordinary 20's"


Uhuhu interesting~ Love to see old pictures :3 They've actually already released 2 pictures from their debut days, 6 years ago they're so cuuuuteee~ and T.O.P is so preeettyyy or ALL OF them are so prettty~



An Exclusive Interview with Jay Park (2011)

So this video was made about 1 year ago, but it's still very fun to watch ^^

Gaaah, hahaha I just love the way he speaks!!! Jay, please marry me T3T

That awkward moment...

When you and your dad go to this drivers-licenses-cours-thing and suck... We were just 4 people (except for our parents) and it was funny, I think... We were so stupid XD HAHAHAHAHA Even the teacher said that it would be interesting to work with us *cough*'

by Betchaina
Ohh the guy is pretty OuO

Created by: Shineesnoona

By apple-cat.

by primadonna

BY DJAceing11

By DJAceing11

Created by kingdomwithoutthekey

VIXX - Super Hero [Teaser]


Heh forgot to upload this...
I have seriously nothing to say O__O I can't even come up anything about their song becuase I didn't really like it nor do I hate it. But it's more on the dislike side rather than the "neutral" Dunno why but it just made me think "Wtf..."

Well I have to love the creativity for evey group name this year XD *ironic*
A-JAX - The spray Ajax
VIXX - The cough drop Vicks
Hello Venus - The razor Venus
2BiC - Big Mac ... lol XD

But some info about VIXX: They're a 6-members group and their leader is N hahaha now I know that the leader's name is :p All the members where in Mnet's show MyIdol and where chosen by the viewers. And their agency is "Jellyfish Entertainment" ROFL XD


Dalmatian 2nd mini-album

And Dalmatian makes a fierce comeback with their 2nd mini-album "State of Emergency" and the new member Simon!!!

01. E.R

HNNNNNNG!!! I actually went HNNNNNNG when I saw them xD DAMN DALMATIAN!!
And the song, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! I bet you guys that Dalmatian will be something big. I can feel it in my fingers.. (I feel it in my toes~)

Hahahaha and when they wen't all topless xD DAJKBAEKLAJJAEGSRNGSR!!!
But I didn't really get why the girl kissed his forhead and why she smiled at the end O__o

02. Drive

03. Still By Ur Side

04. Hurt Me

Let me just say, I'm really diggin' their style!!! xD

INFINITE - The Chaser [MV]

The song is amazing!!! The MV however.. haha didn't really get it, and my Dongwoo didn't get so much spotlight :( And shesus, Sungyeol is so pretty in this MV (1:00)!! Don't really have much more to say than INFINITE FIGHTING!!! 

A-JAX (DSP Boyz) - Never Let Go [MV] + Extra


Gosh that was pure mindfuck XD I actually listened to their song yesterday found it randomly in youtube. I thought "They look so... familiar, why?!" so I read a bit here and there and these guys are the DSP Boyz XD They released a lot of teasers on each member for their show and their temporary name was DSP Boyz and their official group name is A-JAX. Pretty random.

Their MV for Never Let Go ft. KARA's Goo Hara. This isn't the whole song 2 minutes it's missing dunno why O_O But here's the full ver.

This is actually something daring for a rookie group. You know not following that typical trend where everyone dance in a room. They really put all the... *10 minutes later* afkjnskjd can't find the right word =__= koncentration? Focus...!! THAT'S THE ONE! DSP put all their focus on their singing abilities. Truly amazing! This is an interesting group ^^


Oh right! I also found the first episode on their show "DSP Boyz making the artist" (The same as MBLAQ) that was all the teasers for so here it is:
                                                                   Episode 2 & Episode 3

Clumsy IU

Haha soooo cute! And she always seem to bring herself up with a smile ^3^

2PM - Beautiful [PV]



Hohohhohjsdbf crazy fangirl ^3^
I've been waiting for 2PM's comeback for soo loong now TT^TT Thanks to their Hands up BO became a kpop fan *bowing 180 degrees* ¨
But I'm pretty eager to their Korean comeback but I ain't complaining Japanese is also fine~
The melody sounded so good and they're so pretty *u*

asdkfjsak My day is completed~

T.O.P och GD's new hair!!!!!

I bet you guys alreay know this, but T.O.P has gone white haired and GD red haired ^^

Hahaha he looks so ugly!!! WAAAEE?!?!?! T__T okey, he's never really ugly, but this wasn't a good picture on him..

Can't find a picture of T.O.P's hair, but here you have a clip:

0:33 "say WHAAAAAT?!"
0:59 and 1:01 "HUUH" Hahahaha wtf?! xD

Not their best perfromance.. It kind of feels like that performance SHINee did before when they were REALLY tired and got all the notes wrong and I don't know what. I guess Big Bang is tired? Please get some rest you guys :(

GD's hair however is much better here! And T.O.P looking hot as always ^^
So what do you guys think of their new hairstyles?

My eyes wants to explode...

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created by shikkuro.

Created by kawaiivshentai

Created by RobotronicMinho

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I actually like her short hair better than the long one ^_^


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SNSD's Sunny who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)



Oh dear lord the last picture... HE IS SO CUTE TT3TT
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CN BLUE's Jonghyun who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)

I hope that you'll have a really good day together with your groups and your families, it's your day after all ;-D

INFINITE - 3rd mini album [INFINITIZE]


Got a bit surprised when I saw that Woolim had already released their album but then I realised that Koea is 8 h before us so it made sense, But it's pretty random that they release a song 2 am... Well here you have it: (I only saw 5 of the songs but it should be 7)

The Chaser

Feel So Bad

Last Summer

I Like You


Ohohoho!!! The song Feel So Bad was just awesome as I said!! It was quiet similiar to their song Tic Toc from their First Album. But that doesn't matter because it was so good!! :D

Last Summer was also okay but those 2 songs well inclusive The Chaser was some songs that somehow got stuck. Otherwise Infinite's album this time had the same "melody theme" nothing really stood out that would give me the feeling "OH THAT'S Gonna be a big HIT!" like B.A.P's Warrior, EXO's MAMA etc.
It was an okay album~
But I'm glad for you Inspirit's after such a long time they're back ;-D

BIG BANG Alive tour - [Trailer]


Oh dear lord my whole body is quivering! Their intro is just ADGALDJGBA and the part when they all plopp up from the tube thing. DAMN! They should come to Sweden TT^TT I wouldn't min paying the whole cost for the ticket *spoiled brat* XD THIS is a grooup I MUST see before they disband or something. Or before I die =_=
I weren't really a Big Bang fan in the beginning but they're probably one of the most important group for me right now. They're a big inspiration to all of us I really admire them <3


This sucks because we in Sweden also have Live Nation and that's what the whole tour is "based on" (<-- the company that sponsor them or something -__- don't know how to explain it) but Live Nation said that Big Bang won't come to Sweden this time... *forever sobing*

YG Entertainments guurlss~


YG Entertainment recently revealed yet another ‘mystery girl’.

On May 11th, YG Entertainment released a video teaser featuring a potential member of the agency’s upcoming girl group on the YG-Life Blog. The new mystery girl seems to have outstanding dancing skills and, according to reports by media and fans, is rumored to be a 16-year-old half Caucasian and half Korean trainee from Thailand.

With three ‘mystery girls’ in total, including Kim Eunbi and Euna Kim, who were already known to the public through Mnet‘s ‘Superstar K‘, it seems like the members and overall structure of the new upcoming group shows several similarities to 2NE1, who made a powerful and impacting debut into the Korean music industry in 2009.

First, despite her young age of only 17, Kim Eunbi was one of the Top 6 finalists in 2010′s ‘Superstar K2‘. Many are anticipating that she will most likely be the main vocal or the ‘Park Bom‘ of this new group. During the second season of ‘Superstar K’, Eunbi showed her quirky and honest personality that captured the hearts of many male fans, which seems similar to 2NE1 Park Bom’s four-dimensional and dorky personality.

In addition, Euna Kim, who showed her talents and rapping skills in ‘Superstar K3‘ last year, could be connected to 2NE1′s CL. Euna Kim proved her potential and capabilities in rapping through her cover of Sam Sparro’sBlack and Gold” with Kim Eunbi. Other than that, her English proficiency and background in the United States seem to be similar to CL.

The second ‘mystery girl’, who was revealed on May 4th, gained attention from the public through her innocent and beautiful appearance. Although there hasn’t been much information revealed about this member, many are speculating her to be handling the ‘visual’ role of the group, which reminds us of 2NE1′s Sandara Park.

It has been said that the third ‘mystery girl’ revealed on the 11th is one of the best dancers from YG, with a fantastic sense of rhythm and powerful moves. Although she is only 16 years old, the video clip revealed shows her flexibility and skills in dancing to fast beats. This member seems to parallel with the ‘dancing-machine’ and the youngest member of 2NE1, Minzy.

These 16-20 year old girls have been taking away the search rankings on various Korean portal sites each time they were revealed through the YG-Life Blog. It seems like the marketing strategy by YG to reveal each ‘mystery girl’ one by one to build up anticipation has been a success so far.

Recently, there have been many girl groups making their debut in the industry. However, this upcoming girl group from YG Entertainment has been gaining a huge amount of attention from the media and public despite the fact that only a few members have been revealed. This is incredibly similar to when 2NE1 made their debut. 2NE1 transformed the definition of K-Pop girl groups, from innocent and cute looking to powerful hip-hop warriors. 2NE1 was a revolutionary group that swept the music charts during their debut, and now many are anticipating whether this new girl group will be able to follow in their footsteps.

YG has been trying to hide the personal information of these members and have been keeping them in complete ‘mystery’. With YG’s impressive marketing strategies, ability to set a new trend in the industry, and their top-class trainees, many are excited to see what this new group will bring to the K-Pop world.

- Allkpop

Well yeah... now I feel more depressed =__= another 16 years old chick...
Okay I'm gonna stop beeing an emo because this is actually interesting. Agencies such as SM, YG, JYP and Cube doesn't really "release/introduce" so many groups compared to other random agencies. That's why EXO became so big. This group will also be a big one because of YG so this is gonna be interesting.

I wonder if it will be a 5-members group or if it's gonna be more members. And YG seem to go all in, on other cultures as well. It feels like their standaard was "Just look like an an Asian and speak korean then you're in" (well and the singing, rapping and dancing part)
They should name the group "Mystery" hohoho *cheesy*

Look Alike: Nichkhun & Chunji

Nichkhun from 2PM and Teen Top's Chunji


Right?? It's something there ^^ I guess it's the eyes and the hair. AND the mouth.. And now, a funny pic xD

Haha, Chunji, so cute!!!!!! xD

Full House 2 [Drama] - Info

It was a long time ago the actors filmed for the drama Full House 2. It's the sequel from the first one (It's quiet popular if you haven't seen it then watch it! :D) However I haven't found any info about the drama in general, it feels like the time will come soon.

But I visited epdrama's page and found the summary of Full House 2:


Summary: For a variety of events, she must move into the home of a rich family, thanks to her resemblance to the wife of the grandfather of this family, he wants her to marry his little grandson (Ki Woong) After a few months the eldest grandson returns to Korea (Min Woo) which is a famous actor. Having a very bad relationship between them. Ki falls for her and she apparently begins to feel things for her fiance Little by little Min Woo will begin to feel curious about his future sister in law.

... O___O Ha?
Is this really the sequel of the drama Full House? Because it sounds like a whole new story, are you freaking serious?
Yeah I'm one of those pesimistic biatches who started to nag when I heard that Rain and Song Hye Kyo wasn't cast in the second season. But I'm seriously in schock... this can't be the sequel it's a whole new story!?
It feels a bit fishy but I wouldn't mind watching this however I think a lot of fans will be a bit disappointed. The girl is a bit "ehh" her acting was a bit off for me when I watched those trailers:




Who's the blonde guy?! O__O
*sight~* I'm pretty pesimistic right now but it feels like Full House is "ruined". Oh well have to wait till the drama will be released. Btw! I saw a clip on the cast and oh my lord the guy is so freaking pretty!!!!!


Isn't he pretty? *u*
No Min Woo
26 years old
(huhuhuh I celebrated with myself when I say that he was born 1986 I was like YEESSSS 9 years! NOT 10!)
Apparently he's in "My girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed fox" He had a big part in that drama...

It's funny how my talk from Full House went to No Min woo to "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed fox" XD

Jay Park [fanvideo]


This video made me very emotional. I'm almost 100% sure it's because of the background music though haha xD But Jay Park.. I honestly don't know why he is so great to me. He doesn't even have an amazing voice, sure he dances well and to me is very good looking. And then what? His personality might not be the best, but I still love him. AND HIS STYLE IN CLOTHS!!

Haha, I guess it's just the whole thing. You know, his everything.. that's what makes him so awsome. Plus I kind of have a little thing for bad boys ^^

I'm so sorry but I love you~

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Lol HoMin that's new. They should have Changmin's name first... Minho kekeke <-- If you know what I mean ;-D No you don't... =__=

created by califortunes

I started to question my sexuality when I thought Ga In was sexy as !"!#&#%

INFINITE - 3rd mini album preview


*3rd tiime writeing this text because my computer hates me SANDLVSAD*
Well I have to say that Woolim entertainment's way to promote INFINITE this time is quiet unique. Because during this 1 year (lol... only 1 year XD) I've listened to kpop I haven't seen anyone do a album preview. But I like it :3
And I heard Sungjong's voice (a lot) so I hope that he has many parts because his voice is special and lovely copared to other idols~ *hard to explain*

However the song that really caught my attention was the third song "Feel So Bad" It was pure ear candy, their voices and the melody blended so well ^3^



Junsu - Tarantallegra [MV]

Lol that hard name XD I can't watch it right now so I'll write something about it later. But here you have it Junsu's Tarantallegra~

*daze* O___O

Where shall I begin? DAAAAEEEEEEBAAAAKKK!!!!
JUNSU YOU'RE AWESOME!!! The MV Surely was one of a kind, but who the heck is that dark skinned* guy who rapped? =_=

This was a huge transformation from his previous song "In heaven" to this! (Btw I just realised the girl in "in heaven" is SONG JI HO!!!!! Hahahahahahah XD I'm so slow <-- yes it's the chick in Running Man)
And damn he's hot! The song was good, it wasn't really catchy when you hear it for the first time but it will probably be a really catchy if you listen to it 2-3 timees.

But the part where the foreign girl danced was pretty random, in matter of fact the whole MV is quiet random he brings the word wierdness to a whole other level compared to Lady Gaga XD The MV attacked me with the feeling "sadist" especially in the end when everyone held a camera and filmed him... kinky... 

Otherwise this was just daebak! I'm waitng for the day he'll perform it live ^_^

Song of the week #21

Not so much Jay Park anymore, right? At least as much as it was a week ago ^^ But then again.. the song of THIS week will be dedicated to him. 

Jay Park - I Got Your Back

I agree, not his best song ever. Fact is this isn't really the song I wanted for this "Song of the week". It was this song I planned to have:

Jay Park - Count On Me

But since it's more like a cover I thought it shouldn't be the song of the week. But I guess it kind of is now? Hahahaha ^^. And the picture in the second video, HIS SMILE!! O__é

Celebrity Twitters - Guy Groups (part 2)


Dongwoon - beastdw
Doojoon - BeeeestDJ
Gikwang - B2stGK
Hyunseung - It used to be "doublev89", but it seems like he has taken it away :c
Junhyung - Joker891219
Yoseob - helloimys

Block B
B-Bomb - BlockB2011
Jaehyo - Blockbhyo
Kyung - BlockBkyung
P.O - pyojihoon
Taeil - BB_taeil
U-Kwon - u_kwon
Zico - ZICO92

Dongwoo - ddww1122
Hoya - hoya1991
Sunggyu - leadergyu
Sungjong - infiniteyounges
Sungyeol - Seongyeol1991
Woohyun - wowwh

Mir - BangMir
Seungho - MBLAQSH
Thunder - MBLAQCD

That's it for this time!! xD If you want to know the Twitters for 2AM, 2PM, B1A4 and B.A.P just click here!!

I just cried my heart out ;w;

Can you even say that? =___=
A few days ago when I was bored (note: I didn't want to do my homework) I searched a bit on Loen ent. youtube page. They always upload clips from other groups. All the famous ones to rookie groups and I found this:


2BiC - Made yet another woman cry


I always tend to read the comments first and the word "cry" appeard a lot and I was like "yeah pfft.." but spare their words... O__O
Me after watching thins: *SOBS* ASDLNSALDJ SHHHHHH UHH <--- trying to breath *brb gonna kill those dudes who killed the dude*

It's so... sad ._.

2BiC actually debutet this year consisting 2 members (It's funny 44 groups has already debuted/will debut soon and it's only May -____- I'm wondering how many grops it will be in the end of the year. I actually made a post about it gonna find it)

                       There isn't so much fact about them but here are the guys Jihwan and Junhyung

Random Stuff #5

HAHAHHA, TAEMIN!!!! WAE SO CUTE!! He got really excited being a hyung xD

HAHAHAHAHA that is so me when people around me are trying to take a photo xD

And now all of the world will know about KPOP *Like A Baws*

No but seriously, hahaha Eli, you're amazing xD Did you guys know that he even has his own tumblr account?! http://ukisseli.tumblr.com/

You should check it out! It's not all pictures and stuff like that, it's more lika blog ^^

Life is too short...

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Hahaha wuuutt?!

I saw Sweden 5 times...


Wooooo!!!~ FINALLY!!! HAHAHAHAH XD I'm sitting here and geeking Running Man and this is what I see! Sweden x5, Go Sweden it's your birthday~  It's funny cuz I can't see Denmark, Norway nor Finland here >:3

Pledis entertainment fact~

In the previous post I wrote about the girl group Hello Venus and I mentioned some Pledis groups.

Girl groups:
Hello Venus
After School
Orange Caramel
AS BLUE ( After School's project group composed of members Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy and E-young)
AS RED ( After School's project group composed of members Kahi, Jung Ah, UEE and Nana)
ObolJange (Sub unit of After School's members Junga and Raina)

Boy groups:

AND! Now a new boy group that I saw on the list. They'll also debut this year (together with Hello Venus and NU'EST) O_O Why so many groups in a year? o_o
Oh well they're actually one of the biggest boy groups out there consisting 17 members!!!

Seventeen <-- group name

I was... pretty schocked. Because all the (really) big groups out there gets easily disbanded or aren't popular at all. The only big group that has made it this far is Super Junior.

Even allkpop wrote about them:


But the whole thing gives me a EXO feeling, to debut in 3 different countries... I'm not really fond of unit groups it makes the whole thing complicated xd
Just think about it, if EXO debuted in Japan too then it would be 3 different MAMA's XD Hahahahaahah The tactic can be smart in the beginning if you do it right but I don't really think that they'll succeed that well. They should release 1 song in 1 language and in the end develope it to other versions.

*lots of text over here XD*

Lol just imagine 17 more guys in this picture XD And this isn't all of them either...

Pledis ent. new girl group - Hello Venus

They've been "the latest" talk and I've been waiting to do a post about them. They acutally debuted 4 days ago with their MV - Venus. NU'EST are apparently in that MV:


The funny thing is that a lot of people have been watching this because of NU'EST. I couldn't really see them they didn't really have such a big roles but in the end I was like "Is that Beakho...?!" <-- his blonde hair stod out...

Well about Hello Venus, what to say? Their song Venus is a typical aegyo song and it's a simple dance. I don't really have anything good to write about them nor bad. They're cute and pretty and the girl with the blue hair is so cool~ OuO

Pledis ent seem to go all in right now. Apparently 4 groups will debut this year and they have 7 groups total. 5 of them are girl groups and 2 of them are boy groups. The 3 biggest groups from pledis are probably After School, Orange Caramel and NU'EST... <-- more info about this later ;'D

But yeah this was Hello Venus, nothing that really amazed me I'm waiting for a special girl group... You know a girl group that really stands out that has their own unique concept! :3


BtoB - Father [Special MV] + Special Parents Day [CLIPS]

The special MV for 'Father' (Once again)

Parents Day (Part 1)

Parents day (Part 2)

As you guys may have known, on May 8th was Parent's day. It's just like Mothers Day but because you didn't want the fathers to feel left out, they made it PARENT'S DAY!! ^^

Allkpop said:

The first part shows BtoB members Ilhoon and Sungjae visiting Hanrim Arts High School, where they passed out carnations to students. The video was heartwarming as it showed the students’ warm support for the group’s new single. BtoB then made a surprise visit to Changsub and Eunkwang‘s homes. The boys brought tears to their parents’ eyes at the sudden reunion when they performed “Father”.

BtoB further touched the hearts of fans with tearful video messages for their parents. In part two, BtoB transformed into messengers of love when they visited the home of a lonely father, who sent his family overseas for his daughter’s studies, and performed a special stage for him.

The recently added video features the boys spending an enjoyable time with their family, friends, and neighbors. BtoB shows their variety show skills and the cute video, along with the editing, made the special event that much more emotional and enjoyable.

That is so adorable!! You guys should definitely see these clips!

This weeks U.P.A.H.I




Chansung 2PM - 22 years old

Hohoh It's time for my boy to shine~
He's so freaking adorable!!! He must be the only maknae out there who isn't qcting cute and so on. And you can't deny the fact that his body is... ¤!"#%"¤! >:3
No but he's just awesome!

Gosh this is just sick... I can't even jump when it's 1,30 *shame* XD

BLAQteenpop ent. staff member - Birthday

Yeah the reason why the posts has been a bit... weird is because of this:

*cough* one of our staff members is turning 17 years old (18 korean age *trollface*) so we celebrated her birthday ;-) Yes the staff in BLAQteenpop ent are young...
Ps. Give me some creds for the awesome design! *just kidding* :3


EXO's new album!

The information about EXO's new album are already released. They'll release their full album this summer hohohho!~ >:3

1. My Lady
2. Baby Don't  Cry
3. Eldorado

4. Time Control (<-- I'm smelling Tao OuO)
5. Lighsaber

and other songs.
Damn... I'm waiting on Emergency >__> Having high expectations now but my lady will be out after 1249817 years... It was EXO's first teaser with Kai *memories*


BtoB - Father Special ver [MV]


Hahaha I felt like one of those impatient bitches that waited for the "Special version" I thought they would dance or something but the ending was soo cute *u* Their childhood pictures! :D

I actually like Father a lot, because you can clearly "separate" everyones voices and it sounds so "clean" and real XD Bad way on explaining...  and I have to say that of all the maknaes out there Sung Jae is the who has taken me... by storm (heheh see what I did there? >:3)  Well sure Zelo was a freaking talent god sent by Idon'tknowwho but Sung Jae must be the first maknae that has so many lines and he sings with pure emotions. He's amazing!

Is it only me who thinks that my texts are dirty sometimes? XD

~Mnet Chart~

Waaahh hahahahahahahaha! XD The Busker Busker is still left on the chart! *dying* It's amazing that they've been able to hang on the top 5. But I'm getting more... confused here. Why isn't B.A.P's Power on the chart? O_O Or U-Kiss Dora Dora? Strange...

At least U-Kiss and B.A.P are on the online votes but it's still weird ÒuÓ
And I just realised that Shinhwa are out on the online chart. Last week they where on the second place close to U-Kiss but now, they've vanished like thin air~

The birds outside my house are crying for help -_-

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Hahaha lol XD

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Huhuhuh look at that body *u* ... -_- *perv* Happy Birthday to 2 AM's Seulong who's turning 25 years old (26 korean age) Dunno what to write... you have a nice body and a reaaaally good voice! (y)

INFINITE - The Chaser [Teaser]

DAAAAMMMNNN DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!?!?!?! DID YOU SEE SUNGYEOL?! That's what I call a complete makeover! He's FREAKING HOT!#"#%")(%() AS SLADJGASL XD Okay I'm gonna relax a bit AND Sungjong O_O Woolim ent. has gone all in on INNFINITE now :3
And that car scene with L was just XD A tissue flying here and there

YG Style~

ASDLGKJBSLGJBSDLVJASD *brb taking suicide* are you freaking kidding me TT_TT But the girl who's born 1995 is really beautiful... okay back to the brb taking suicide, are you freaking kidding me?!?! I'm having a panick attack XD I didn't know beeing a kpop fan would destroy your self-esteem >__>
It feels like the groups that'll debut next year will be worse. The leaders will probably be born 1995...

Oh well YG bring it on!

Some EXO facts~

Lol XD Love this guy <3

Aww poor guy :3 But it's the same with Baekhyun. He was a trainee for 1 year while leader Suho was a trinee for 7 years O_O That's sick... But I wonder if each member especially Suho holds a small grudge agains Baekhyun and Tao. You know they where a trainee for 1 year while he was a trainee for 7 years. Truth to be told I would probably do that. It would be something "natural" XD


So Xiumin thought that Tao was a girl in the beginning

Hahahaha I laughed so hard when my friend told me this XD He should... learn some more Korean that boy~

This months actor (part 3)

Heh my bad for making this 10 day late XD Oh well but after thinking for a month . . . I've finally found this month's actor! :D


                                                                      Hiro Mizushima
                                                                       Japanese actor

Heh I can bomb you guys with pictures of him the whole day *u* It's funny that you can see a clear difference between a korean, chinese and a japanese person. If you would ask me 1 year ago my answer would've been "They all look the same..."

Bo Bae says: Why I can clearly see that this is a japanese person is because of the hair and eyebrows. Japanese people tend to have smaller eyebrows. Almost like they fix them, because they are way to perfect! Koreans have more messy eyebrows haha. And the hair. Koreans don't really have their hair parted anywhere. Japanese people have their hair parted a bit to the side. Do you see what I mean? Hiro has his hair parted a bit to the left. Lee Joon dosen't have his hair parted anywhere ^^ Bo bae ends with that.

Born: 13 April 1984 (age 28)

  • Gokusen (season 2) (2005)
  • Ame to Yume no Ato ni (2005)
  • Brother Beat (2005)
  • Pink no Idenshi (2005)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006)
  • Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikat (2007)
  • Watashitachi no Kyokasho (2007)
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007)
  • Gutannubo (Gout Temps Nouveau) 2007)
  • Churaumi Kara no Nengajo (2007)
  • Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) (2008)
  • Room of King as (2008)
  • Mei-chan no Shitsuji (2009)
  • Mr. Brain (2009)
  • Tokyo Dogs (2009)


  • Hatsukare (2006)
  • Lovely Complex (2006)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love (2006)
  • Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata (2007)
  • 100 Scene no Koi (2007)
  • GS Wonderland (2008)
  • Drop (March 2009)
  • BECK (2010)
I wanted to write "I've almost seen all of his dramas and movies" but I was wrong... (I've only seen those who are marked with a fat black thing) However I want to see Lovely Compley and Absolute boyfriend, have to find some time...
Otherwise he's an awesome actor! I love his character in Hana Kimi (the drama itself was amazing!) and he made a good job in Mei-chan no shitsuji but it was quiet lame XD The story is actually lame but you can't stop watching it, and it made me fangirl a bit in the end *trololol*
However Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikat was a big fat joke. I sat there for 2 hours looking like a retard. It sucked so badly, one of the worst and dorkiest movie I've ever seen -_- Okay gonna stop complaing in this post.

But you should definitaly watch Hana Kimi it's a classic and it warms your heart. I want to live a high school life like that TT___TT *forever sobing that my life isn't like a drama*

f(x) member Sulli shaves her head?!

saw this picture:

.. and thought that she had shaved off her hair. Haha, but then I realized that  she had her hair in a ponytail ^^ But she really reminds me of Zico here. Don't you think?

Only me who sees it? ^^

We are all pervs...

The funny thing is that it actually is normal... >_>

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Omo this is the something changmin is in... have to search for it >:3




Happy Birthday to cute-sexy Lee Hyori who's turning 33 years old (34 korean age). This girl woman IS STUNNING! I'm seriously envious, she's so godamn pretty for her age. I got a shock when I heard that she was over 30 years old in Running Man O_O

Mighty Mouth (ft. Soya) - Bad Guy

Must have taken a really long time to make this video O__o All those pictures they took, putting it together, making it all look good haha. Or those picture in picture Inception thing they did at 2:45..

3:35, my favorite move so far xD Haha I'll bust that move as soon as I get the chance. Just need to learn it ^^
Other than that.. It was a cute MV and the song was OK. But not much more than OK :/

Junsu - Tarantallegra [Teaser]

The name of the song was hard to write -_______- lol XD
But this teaser made me giggle all the way hahaha you can't deny the fact that the girls and the boys almost looked the same and it was pretty weird... or the whole thing feelt weird. It gave me that sadistic gang bang feeling O__O *never mind me* but damn that was sexy...
He looked a bit lame and girly in the beginning, you know when he walked... but it just became sexier every minute second* huhohoho :3

Boy I'm waiting for the MV and the song now *pervy smile*

I'm actually looking forward because this concept/teaser/everything seem to stand out compared to kpop in general. Well and those last 2 picture creeps me out as ****.
And the last picture on Junsu and his new hair cut/color he's... hot O_O

S.I.M.P #51

I just remembered that I forgot to do a special post... and that is the "This months actor" oh well gonna do it tomorrow instead XD

Okay! S.I.M.P! I've seriously been stuck on this song for a week soon O_O It's been on replay 24/7 and I get devastated everytime I hear it ;w;
It's a "new" song from an old group called Tritops, any bells that rings? Gonna do a special G.Y.H.H.O on them so more info about them will come up another day ;-)

Tritops - I'm badboy

Once again I'n giving you the MV

Gosh this is just... *forever sobbing*. I was actually pretty sceptical when I first heard it because it's a freaking copy of Bruno Mars Grenade O____O A lot of people are saying "Oh my god this doesn't sound like Grenade at all! Are you deaf" etc. well not really on that way but kinda XD

However after listening to it 24/7 I can finally state this: The intro is really similiar to Grenade, the melody is almost the same but that's it. The chorus is completely different but the same melody from the intro are played in the end. So you can say that the melody in the intro and the end resemblance Grenade and that's it!
For you who are denying it don't play stupid... hahahahaha XD I'm such a bitch...

The song is really amazing and the meaning behind it is so sad. I couldn't find a page where I could read the eng lyrics but you can find with eng subs on youtube. To make it short: The guy is quiet poor and wants to give the girl all the good things in the world. But he can't. So he thinks that he doesn't deserv her and she could live a happier life without him (because he's so poor) so in the middle of the MV he dumps her. And the girl gets devastated and takes suicide and the guy notice it in the end. Okay the ending was how I interpret it otherwise the things I wrote before is the basic story for the MV ^ω^

Their voices are something the angels threw down and.... okay that's a bit too much but their voices are just


Before my national exam yesterday little me (wtf.. XD) sat and scrolled around on the Running man list of episodes. I checked the last episode on the list that'll be aired next week 20th may and saw this:

HOHOHOHOHO!! MBLAQ will appear on episode 95 next week!!!! This is just... amazing *tears* But Mir won't be there -_- WAE?!
For you who didn't know Lee Joon appeard in episode 8 a long time ago. So If you're a MBLAQ freak just watch it ^o^ Or Lee Joon biased...

Thunder and the Running man crew-PD-I-don't-know-guy

Oh it's a VJ in Running Man XD (<-- Camera man)

I found this pretty weird... It says that Mir won't be in the episode together with the members how come he's... there? O_O

Random Stuff #4

iknowyoujelly:  O.O

HAHAHAHAHAH, CNBLUE's Jungshin. Poor guy ^^

It's so funny to see how happy Idols always get when they see a Noona-fan ^3^

hahahahahah sooooo me. I always do that when I'm bored.. or don't know what to say xD

A Pink - Hush [MV]

In the song, the girls send a message of encouragement to everyone out there who dreams of a sweet love story, but is too afraid to confess their bashful feelings.

It wasn't that bad. I... actually liked it O__o Loved the part when they went "Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush~", like the melody at that part was the best part of the song ^^ I've never really listened to A Pink before, but this song is definitely going straight to my phone! xD

My milkshake brings all the kpop idols to the yard

Made by Admin B of pervingonteuk

fabulous-el:  i found a funny video about mama cover teaser and i decided to make macro from that video xD
Hahahahahaha XD

macro credits to Choisiwantsit

macro credits to Choisiwantsit

At the fan meet&#8230; created by: MidoriAkiko

fyeahboyfriendmacros:  Kpop’s B1 and B2. Credits: Original photo - loveokjtwns

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Super Junior - Opera [PV]

Amagoooood it's finally out!!!


This is what we call pure perfection tralalalala~ *daze*
I sat glued like a... a... ehm.. yeah can't come up with anything right now but it was pure awesomness. The whole masquerade theme made clap and scream like a retarded seal XD

But I've got to admit the whole "disappearing and plopping up" again seemed weird... and the PV/MV or whatever you call it don't seem to have a "meaning" behind it. Or Suju's music videos doesn't really have a meaning behind them anymore xd Their old ones had some but SM surely put all their powah on EXO this time...

Ps. Yesung <3 heheohoho >:3

Another EXO thing #2

A few days ago i posted a weird fan thing when it was Tao's birthday. And now the same friend of mine that showed me the last exo thing post posted another text in our facebook group. But this time when it was Baekhyun's birthday~ ^_^

Chanyeol was wearing glasses when he arrived, Baekhyun was wearing paper shaped candle sunglasses, and a party hat who was given to him but Chanyeol. From left to right, Chanyeol, Sehun, D.O., Baekhyun, Kai and Suho. They did their self introduction and after that Baekhyun introduced himself as the birthday boy. The few on the left kept directing snow spray at Baekhyun.

Because of the strong winds, the few fans at the front kept being blown and Chanyeol apologized. Fans said it was okay. Manager brought out a huge cake and Chanyeol started encouraging everyone to sing. After the birthday song they took turns to wish him with messages.

Baekhyun got Chanyeol to go down one step and when it was sehun’s turn he said “sehun ah, you go down too”

At the start Chanyeol said he was Baekhyun’s room mate and they were in love with each other. Baekhyun was waving his hands madly and at the end they held hands and said “let’s love each other” and hugged. Everyone went crazy and all the members said ” I love you” while Chanyeol said “Let’s love each other.” Suho wanted to kiss Baekhyun and Baekhyun’s ears reddened.

Sehun, D.O. and Kai didn’t talk much today, just obediently listening or spraying snow spray. Kai looked sleepy. Sehun kept touching his eyes and dancing sneakily in a corner. Throughout the whole party Kai was just looking at Baekhyun and biting his fingers. From his middle finger to his index finger and his thumb, he bit it all

For the lucky fans, hey got posters and signed CDs. The number that Suho chose was his favourite number so he was really glad. Suho also mentioned that Baekhyun was really naggy, and that he would talk non stop from the moment he opens his eyes. D.O. agreed as well. Suho hinted about his birthday and Baekhyun tried to shove him away. When he asked everyone if they knew who’s birthday was next and then answered his own, Kai used his fingers to make the gun gesture and pretended to shoot at Suho, mouthing the words “Pa pa pa”

Kai stuttered when introducing himself and Baekhyun did Kai’s part of the dance and he was at the back being high by himself.

Baekhyun sat at the steps and started signing but was uncomfortable so he ended up signing poster on the floor. While Sehun was signing, he looked really serious as though he was signing a contact.

When fans got selected for the signed CDs, Baekhyun shaked a fan’s hand by accident (he was not allowed to). Baekhyun was asked what he thought of Chanyeol, and also how tall he was and he answered 185cm.

At the end D.O. tried wearing the birthday glasses as well but as his face was too small, after wearing the sunglasses fans couldn’t see anything.

When the party ended and fans left, EXO-K’s car passed by and because the window was opened, they could see Chanyeol. He was wearing glasses and the wind blew at his hair and he was smiling really brightly. Chanyeol also waved to the fans.

cr: _940114, DC, 洪灿洁少女心, MoTTTong, exo的小管家, KIKI-Aquarius,牙签要笑死了, Shivauntaem

Translated and compiled by heechvl@twitter, heecups.tumblr

Take out with FULL credits

Hm... I don't really know what these are, it can't be fanfics right?

B.A.P's 100 Day anniversary [CLIP]

ZELO!! Cleaning the table like a good little boy. Haha and Youngjae's hair xD
Zelo's hand wave at 0:55 O_O And Bang in the background ^3^

But where was Daehyun? :c He is one of thw two eye-candies I have in B.A.P (They all are my eye-candy, but I have two that I call "My Eye-candy". Jongup and Daehyun ^^)

HAPPY 100 DAY (since debut) ANNIVERSARY B.A.P!!!!!!

Bo Bae can relate


I, Bo Bae and B.R.A will visit South Korea in about two years. HELL YEAH!

(U-KISS - AMAZING... It really is amazing xD)

Not only Koreans Goddammit! Just seeing an asian I start to get goosebumps O__o

Some EXO stuff

Hahahahahahaha Sehun <3 XD I ain't judging.... oh god Sehun XD

Block B - Action (remix) [MV]

"O-lala, O-lala, O-lala, Olala~"

Only me who smiles during he MV? I get very happy when I see all of them happy. Especially P.O.
Zico wasn't in this MV due to his struggle with a bout of vocal cord nodules.. I miss seeing his face :c
Block B FIGHTING!! <3

Oh baby I'm so depressed, depressed, depressed etc.

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That look so... wrong.. in many ways O_O

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NOW I KNOW!!! He was in an U.P.A.H.I a long time ago and I wrote that he looked like Eunhyuk and someone else. NOW I KNOW WHO! EUNHYUK AND HANGENG!!!

Haha the difference between now and then XD


Happy Birthday (ex. group) H.O.T's, fromer member Jang Woohyuk who's turning ... pfftt.. 34 years old (35 korean age) gosh that's old... The chances are totally fading away~ But damn... he's really beautiful hot for beeing 34 years old O_O
Oh well I hope that you'll have an awesome birthday prettyboy :3 *feeling lame*




Aaaand the last one!
Happy Birthday Park Jung Hwa (the rookie group) EXID's maknae... *sight~* who's turning 17 years old (18 korean age). Once again... look at me and look at her =__=


I don't know if you guys knew this, but JB and JR from "Dream High 2" is starting a two-man-group in JYP. No one really know when they'll debut, but Allkpop said this:

JYP Entertainment has revealed the teaser to their “JJ Project“.

On May 8th at 12:00AM (KST), JYP Entertainment launched a new website for the “JJ Project” atjjproject.jype.com along with an official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Additionally, a teaser video for the 1st Single Album “Slot Machine” was also revealed.

Although there’s no official word, one could assume that JJ could stand for JB and JR from Dream High 2.

Stay tuned for more updates and check out the teaser below!

I really hope it's them!! My friend is going crazy about this haha, she has a little crush on JB ^^

It has to be them! Right? O__o Liked the music in the background. It gives me that old hiphop feeling ^^

Jay Park, whatcha doing?

Found this clip on youtube from Jay Park's official Youtube-account (jaybumaom0425). It was uploaded friday, so it's fresh fresh!

Haha love how he always slaps his hands together and make all those hand movements. Like a true Egyptian xD And his "Dope", haha get can't get over that. He says it ALL the time. "Uhm.. yeah.. it's gonna be DOPE!"

1:43, mmmmmmmmmmh! Hahahaha Jay, I honestly love you, you dorky wannabe, will be, is.. gangster! ^^

And when he's in the arcade-room. Sheeeeesus.. I so wanna be there with him and play :c Then that last minute? Jay, what's wrong with you?! Haha he looks high xD "I look like Snake.. Snake from the simpsons, yaah, totally" This is why I love you dude, It's all here!!! haha ^^

Celebrity Twitters - Guy Groups (part 1)

Okey, so because there are so many KPOP-stars out there with twitters, and I guess you guys also have twitter, I thought I should make this list of all the KPOP-stars twitters. Here we go!! (2AM, 2PM, B1A4 and B.A.P)

Changmin - 2AMCHANGMIN
Jinwoon - 2AMjinwoon
Jo Kwon - 2AMkwon
Seulong - 2AMONG

Chansung - 2PMagreement211
Junho - dlwnsghek
Junsu - Jun2daKAY
Nichkhun - Khunnie0624
Taecyeon - taeccool
Wooyoung - 0430yes

Baro - baro920905
CNU - b1a4_cnu
Gongchan - b1a4_gongchan
Jinyoung - b1a4_jinyoung
Sandeul - sandeul920320

Bang Yong Guk - realjepp
Daehyun - bap_daehyun
Himchan - himchanchan
Jongup - bap_jongup
Youngjae - bap_youngjae
Zelo - zelo96

DAAAAAAAMN this took a long time to make -.-' Shesus, and this is only 4 groups.. hahaha, but next part will probably be out tomorrow :)

If you don't have twitter, make sure you get it. Because this is truly the best way to stay tuned of what your favorite stars are doing! There's even this great app that translates the tweets from korean (or whatever language they're typing in) to your language!! IT'S AMAZNG!!! xD The app is called K-POP Tweet.


I just love that they always put up Behind The Scenes videos. It makes me think that they are more down to earth ^^

Daehyun at 0:56 hahaa THAT SMILE! ^3^ And Zelo does NOT look like he was born in 1996 O__o (1:42)..
2:23 hahahahahah Zelo and Jongup, WTF xD And I never really realized that butt-smack they do at 3:30 haha, sexi ^^

And one last thing.. Jongup dancing at 1:37.. mehehehehe ^^

Super Junior - The date for Opera MV

I just read a comment on youtube that the full version of their Music Video will be released 9th May, 2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!

yeah you can skip the Kyuhyun part XD

I've been drugging this a long time but I haven't really uploaded it on le blog~
BUT IT'S AKDSJFSLJDFB AMAZING! That Intro when they all just SHAPAM! And Siwon's charismatic gaze huhuhuhuh!
I'm a weird person *duhh... -_-* There's 3 things that I get hyped up/amazed over and that it:

#1: Magic
#2: Circus
#3: M

So this was just hell of an amazing thing! Sunny Hill's Midnight Circus made me amazed too so I'm waiting for a music video with magic in it (Not EXO magic nor Harry Potter magic). The kind of magic I mean is "The prestige" kind of magic <-- a movie. If you've seen it then you should know what I mean.

Update: Fail... Their MV for Opera was leaked yesterday I wanted to upload it but it would be wrong so I didn't *good child* just kidding XD No but seriously it would be wrong so I'm gonna wait for the original MV. And the quality seemed bad (Only watched first 10 sec)

I just realised something...

I haven't watched T-aras offcial MV for Lovey Dovey, that 24 minutes long MV XD

haha&#8230;.yeah&#8230;.You get it? If you don&#8217;t&#8230;Onew from SHINee and Ohno Satoshi
I didn't really get this but then I read this: haha….yeah….You get it? If you don’t…Onew from SHINee and Ohno Satoshi
Hahahahahahahaah such a bad humour


created by finkling By Jamie :)

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*forever alone*

cr: http://alwaysyouremine.tumblr.com

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Rania (After School) who's turning 23 years old (24 korean age)

EXO K Baekyeol - Starcall

As you probably know EXO K's Baekhyun is turning 20 years old today and I heard that they made a starcall ^^ I personally don't have the app but I'm considering downloading it. But I found the starcall clip on youtube :3

The random moment when Chanyeol plopps up out of nowhere looking like a dork XD Y U Take off your glasses? :O And gosh he looks like Onew, sooo muucchooo like Kai and Taemin (according to me..)

Koreans + English (part 5) Zelo Compilation

THE END?! He rapped to Kriss Kross's song "Jump". You know, JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP!! that song.. no? haha never mind xD

But he wasn't too shabby right? I don't know if it's that he spekas english well or if it's just that the company taught him those lines he said and that he dosen't really know what they mean. But I don't think so because it felt sort of natural when he said it. SO WELL DONE ZELO!! xD

Song of the week #20

Gosh, it was so hard for me not to post this song before today! I found this song.. wednesday I think, and I know that I'm very late because this song was released 2011 (when I actually listened to KPOP).

Song: Demon
Artist: Jay Park

IT'S SO GOOD!!!! This is now the song that I replay 24-7 on my phone. I know pretty much the entire song, even the rap part O__o But I guess because it's in english xD That's another thing I love with this song.. that it's in english! Another thing I like (about the MV now) is that he didn't kiss the girl ^^ Because in "Girlfriend" and "Know your name" he kissed one -.-'

What do I doooo~ (to love her)
Cause' she's a demon~

IT'S SO PERFECT! Haha, and just read that this is a OST for the movie "Hype Nation 3D" starring Jay Park himself as the main villain. I need to see tha movie.. along with "Mr. Idol" which he is starring in too ^^

Look alike: Uee & Sohee


I've actually been thinking abut this, Sohee (Wonder Girls) has always looked like someone but I just couldn't figure out who. However I just did it a while ago XD It was UEE (After School) It's something about their faces but the eyes make them "look different" (I hope you know what I mean =_=).
Truth to be told I've been hating Uee since the day I watched the drama you're beautiful XD I'm always like that. If I don't "know" the actor/singer the only thing I can judge is the character and she played the bad girl. So that's why, heh... but she was in a RM (Running Man) episode and I THINK that my view of her changed.. I think

But both of them are really pretty...

An EXO thing...

A fewdays ago a dear friend of mine, or to be more correct my ahjussi uploaded a text on our fb group. So I wanna share it with you guys~ :)

120502 during Tao’s birthday party (w/ fans)

*Tao said usually his birthday would be spent with 2/3 people but this time it was the with whole group so it’s special to him
*Chanyeol shouted “HUNHAN” and Suho burst out into laughter at a corner
... *Tao gave Baekhyun a nickname “beef” because they’re both Taurus and he does not know how to say that in Korean
*Tao saw the cake and K group today and cried..
*EXO-K and M did a part of MAMA together and then M’s MAMA was played and they did the chinese version
*When EXO-K entered the room M was playing with snow foam and they spray it into K’s member’s faces
*Tao’s korean wasn’t good but he kept talking and then asking his hyungs to translate .
*Amber was the one holding the cake, K only came halfway through the celebration
*Every EXO-K member took turns to give Tao and Luhan a hug. Sehun kissed Tao
*Tao kept asking Kris for help in answering questions
*Chanyeol helped Kris wear a birthday hat
*When K made their appearance Tao cried, he kept saying it was the most memorablebirthday spent ever.
*D.O. lighted the candles, Amber was holding the cake. Because the fire was too big, Luhan was asked to make it smaller but it became even bigger so Chanyeol pulled out the candles. Fire sparks flew so D.O. used the snow spray he was holding to spray at it and it caught fire. Members were blowing at it and lastly they wanted to chase D.O. out. (his expression>. O__O)
*All of them took turns to say a birthday message to Tao, and the Luhan
*Baekhyun and Chanyeol was playing really crazily with snow spray
(aigoo!! BaekYeol moments!!)
*Tao was asked of his ideal type, what he thinks of korean girls and age gaps but Tao said he has never dated so he isn’t sure
*Luhan cut his hair (i think what they meant is he got a new hairstyle)
*When asked who looked the most mature Tao said himself that he is really cute but also the one who is most like an adult
*Tao was asked who in K did he missed most when in China, he said he missed all.
*So they changed the question, who did you want to have a meal with the most? Tao answered Sehun
*They sprayed so much snow spray on Tao that he endedup looking like a snowman
*Tao sprayed a lot of snow spray at Suho when he was speaking so Suho’s situation then was really embarrassing

Cr: 洪灿洁少女心,DC,ceyenne,李孛蓓三杯倒T-T,BZ, 진유. 青都没了只剩春 - v, gall
Translated by: @heechvl
Visa mer

aaskdjvnfsakd such a cute picture T^T

Once again I hope that you'll have an awesome birthday mr Bacon~

I need to study *complain box*

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120430 EXO-K fansign Happy Birthday to our main vocal Baekhyun oppa^____^aww he is just like a cute kiddㅋㅋhis smileT____T  cr: b’spectraPlease DO NOT EDIT, TAKE WITH FULL CREDITS

120430 EXO-K fansign Happy Birthday to our main vocal Baekhyun oppa^____^aww his smileT^T soooo cuteT__T cr: b’spectraPlease DO NOT EDIT, TAKE WITH FULL CREDITS

Aww his smile *u*
Omo isn't that the maknae from BtoB? Sung something... Jungsung? Sung jung? *uno momento* Sung Jae* -_- Close...

Bacon~ <3

It's hard goddammit!! *sobs* He's one of my favorite members in EXO K but I can't even "seperate" him from EXO. If someone gave me a picture of EXO and asked "Point out Baekhyun" I would've first named all the members and in the end chose the last remaining person as Baekhyun DX I suck... He's a mix between Lu han and D.O >__> *wierd mix*

Let's skip the whole "#¤!%!# HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAEKHYUN WHO'S TURNING 20 YEARS OLD (21 Korean age)
Have an awesome time with those EXO people!! >:D

For you who didn't see BIG BANG on MTV World Stage

I believe that all of you (kpop fans) knew that BIG BANG where in MTV's World Stage yesterday, or at least all of you V.I.P's
So here's 1 clip from the World Stage yesterday for you who missed or wanna see it again ^_^

(Yeah I couldn't find part 2 out there...)

Dunno why but I had REAAAALLY high expectations, I didn't fangirl as much as I tought I would, but it was clearly one of the best 30 minutes in my life! I REGRET NOTHING! But I got a bit disappointed I thought it would be 1 hour but it was only 30 minutes =_= LMFAO plopped up after them.
And I'm sad that Haru Haru wasn't played, Lies and Last Farewell where in the background so me and BO waited for Haru Haru... but we did not hear any haru haru...


       Big Bang BIGBANG walk on the red carpet during the MTV World Stage VMAJ 2010 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on May 29, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.

Chansung's birthday present to Wooyoung

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH That's why I love you boy!~ THAT'S a random present O_O Giving a doll to a 23 years old man boy XD
But just think about it, if someone wanna go in to your room and BAM! That white tiger doll is in front of the door hohohoh ;D They should film that when one of the members are trying to come in to Wooyoung's room :3

Big Bang funny (Rollercoaster + Haunted house) 2012

Start looking from 1:00 ;) (and after rollercoaster part, there will be a part when they go to a haunted house, hahahahaha  must see!!! MUST SEE!!! xD Don't skip the last part, seriously..)

Omg, when they went to the haunted house. Daesung-shi so cute when he's scared! xD and TOP hyung hahahahaha, when he ran from the monster behind him in that long corridor ^3^ Or Daesung...

 Dae in haunted house

~Mnet Chart~

Wooo~ After 2 weeks the chart has finally been updated XD But I'm quiet surprised on Mnet's Chart O_O

It's a pretty weird chart considering the hit songs that has been released last week. For example I can't really see B.A.P over here.. nor U-Kiss. Strange... They'll maybe plopp up next week?
Otherwise I don't really have any comments because I haven't listened to these songs except for Venus and Volume up :P But congratulations 4Minute!

The online votes seem to go according to my "wishes", Gosh I'm so tired =__= Shinhwa are gone and B.A.P & U-Kiss are on top~ The only one missing is F.Cuz... it's a shame that they're so underestimated and "unknown". Their song NO.1 is really good, I've been listening to it 24/7.

The future of KPOP

Within 10 years, this is what the top-stories will be about on Allkpop:

- Girls’ Generation release new French album titled, “Croissant!”
- B.A.P members reveal, “We didn’t have enough money for different coloured hair dye when we made our debut.”
- U-Kiss win “Music Bank” + Other performances.
- Infinite’s L spotted in Melbourne, Australia wearing a plaid shirt.
- GP basic member confirmed for ‘We got married.”
- Dream High 9 releases final episode.
- Ex-Supreme Team member Simon D tweets, “our son just turned 4 yo.”
- Super Senior member Shindong used to be chubby?
- Wonder Women member Sohee reveals, “Some people still refer to us as Wonder Girls.”
- Infinite’s Sung Jong enlists in the army.

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD This is my late day/night humor ^^

Shake that ass guurl, let me see what you got~

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Oh gosh was THAT Sungmin O__O BO we finally found the answer to our question...

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B.A.P - POWER interview

Hahahah i so need to find those "Ripped-Pants" parts in the MV xD And poor Jongup, getting teased because he only takes 30 minutes to dress. Isn't that long enough? I mean 30 minutes?! Haha, they are all so cute! It's crazy how they all look so handsome and just.. beautiful!

Gosh, and they're all so dorky!! "We got the POOOW-AAAARIOR~... HOO!!!", ahahhaha Jongup's face when they all said "HOO!!" xD (4:28)

As you might know, my favorite is Jongup. But I have started to like Daehyun a lot too O__o (Jongup is on the left bottom-corner, and Daehyun is next to him.. on Jongup's right side ^^) But then again.. I really like Himchan and Bang. Of course I like Zelo and Young Jae too.. but not as much as I like Jongup and Daehyun ^^

EXO Members (pictures only)












Xiu Min

Hope this helps!!! ;D

Fangirling really HARD!!!!

I'm sorry but I'm sitting here *forever alone* by myself and screaming like an idiot XD THIS IS GONNS BE AWESOME!!!!!!

Everybody in Sweden are fangirling/boying over LMFAO's concert that'll begin.... 8 pm I think, while I'm freaking out because of this "¤%!%!
This is one of those golden kpop moments, just like EMA. Gosh that was a historical day, I REGRET NOTHING!!! (beeing a kpop fan) I'm looking forward to the day when I can see them live T__T

Homemade macro~

Urgh I need to take a shower... *random fact*
But I saw a "hamburger" picture on Big Bang and got a "macro-picture" in my head and got the inspiration from this one:

Bo uploaded it a long time ago ÔuÔ so here's the Big Bang version:

It doesn't change the fact that Seungri is always on the bottom while Taeyang is on top <-- see what I did there hohoh *referring to the second "hamburger"*

Btw GUYS DON'T FORGET!!! IT'S MTV WORLD STAGE TODAY!!! 19.00 (7 pm) AND BIG BANG ARE GOING TO BE IN IT!!!! (or it's gonna be about Big Bang) LJSDBVLJS HYPEEEEEEEEEE BO I'M  YOU'RE GONNA CALL YOU ME TONIGHT~ <-- heh see what I did there again ÒωÓ I'm so sharp today!

Eye Candy - INFINITE style

 Sungjong and Sungyeol kissed again! Troublemaker 20120225

Haha maybe not a very hardcore eye candy-post. But here you have INFINITE! xD

Movie recomendation: A millionarie's First Love

It feels like I should make a "WARNING!! The following movie is a typical sad movie that'll leave you half dead on your bed/sofa/chair/whatsoever all teary while thinking Fuck this Shit!"
Or that was what I did/thought XD Yes it's a movie that literally screams TRAGEDY or it feels like a normal one in the beginning but in the end... oh geez.. I did so not expect that ending so it kinda ruined my life hahahaha XD

And do you know what I realised a minute ago..? The guy is Hyun Bin O_O I fell in love when I saw him in Secret Garden and I recently found out that it was him *fail* XD


Truth to be told, I hate tragedies I HATE them. Who the heck enjoys watching a movie crying their balls off?! I literally feel how a piece of me breaks everytime I watch a movie/drama or even read a manga (totally avoids tragedy mangas XD) I couldn't even watch the drama version of Koizora, gave up after 2 episodes, I'm somehow cosidering watching the movie instead :3 Instead of suffering for 6 hours (it was only 6 episodes -_-) I can only suffer for 2 hours... reducing 4 hours of pain hohoho! >:3

But yeah I would recomend this movie for you guys who likes to... cry... o_o''  No I'm just kidding it was actually a really sweet movie and the message was pretty clear that no matter how much money or fame you have won't make you happier *yes it's that kind of cheesy stuff* A BIG FAT THUMB UP FOR THE MOVIE AND HYUN BIN! (Y)


Hello Baby season 5's Lauren Sings "RUN"

Isn't this like the cutest thing ever?! Haha when she sings "ahhhhhhhh~" xD SOOO ADORABLE! To you guys who don't know who she is. She was one of the babies from "MBLAQ Hello Baby" ^^

Saw this on the top comment:

I'm pretty curious about that... but I don't really think that she has a chance to see/visit them because of their work. But without a doubt Lauren will probably be a kpop star (If she wants to be one) she doesn't only have the looks but if she takes song and dance lessons she's able to be "something big" in the future *don't get me wrong now* because this little girl is quiet famous right now...

I can't take it anymore =__=

Truth to be told I'm seriously collapsing soon. I haven't been able to sleep in 3 days, I get teary 24/7, Í'm coughing my lungs out, I can't breath and I'm sneezing like a pig <-- yes I have to take another animal to specify myself XD
I can't even be outside for 5 minutes without dying and I've already increased my daily dose (pills) x3 Don't know if that's good though... O_O

DSLJASLDJBVSDV So I'm sorry if the posts are a bit fewer from my side T________T

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AWWWWWWWWWWW so cute ^_^

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J.Y . Park - You're The One [Dance Ver.]

Haha it's really funny that he does this kind of stuff. I used to see him as this founder of JYP (which he still is), but as you know.. just a founder. Now he's like this great superstar haha ^^

Sorry for not posting so many posts today. But B.R.A is really suffering from his allergies and I just got home.. yeah.. But it will be better!!! PINKY PROMISE xD

BIG BANG inspired nails #2

A long time ago BO made some Big Bang inspired nails so I tried it a few days ago. But it's a quiet simple nail art...


The fandom and the crown on one hand and "Big Bang" and #5 (5 members) on the other. I made it a little blue from their Alive concept ^^

Apparently Big Bang are going to release a full Studio album later this year and GD will release another Solo album during August.


Sexual Tension - Super Junior edition

Ouf, it's getting a bit hot over here hehe.. only me? ^^
Heechul is such a.. funny funny guy hahahahaha (referring to 1:31) xD

Strong Heart getting a new trophy

To be honest I don't know if allkpop wrote this a long time ago but I found a mini article (forgot the website -_-) that Strong Heart has gotten a new trophy for their winners. To tell you the basic stuff it's a show (the host is Lee Seung Ki, Kang Ho Dong was also one of the hosts but he quit or something?) where A LOT of kpop/korean celebrities sits and share stories and eventually "attacking" each other. To be honest I don't really know how to explain it but it's funny.
In the end the best speaker and the "sharpest" one wins and that person gets a trophy. After such a long time they've finally changed the design and this is the result:

                                                The old one is on the left and the new one on right.

The old one had it's charm but I like the shine(e) new one better *see what I did there >:3*

BtoB - Father [MV]

It's so beautiful T3T BtoB, they haven't made one single song that I haven't liked so far.

0:04-0:26/1:36-1:47/2:44-2:55 ChangSeob (lead vocalist)

0:29-0:40/1:27-1:35 HyunSik (lead vocalist, lead dancer)

0:42-0:52/2:31-2:33/2:38-2:40 MinHyuk (lead rapper, main dancer, vocalist, visual)

0:55-1:06/1:48-1:59/2:56-3:07 SungJae (vocalist, rapper, maknae)

1:07-1:22/2:02-2:14/3:09-3:23 EunKwang (leader, main vocalist, blonde hair)

2:15-2:26 Ilhoon (main rapper)

2:27-2:30/2:34-2:36 Peniel (rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)

Saw another comment on youtube that made me tear up a little

As a Korean American immigrant, my parents sacrificed a lot in order for me and my sister to grow up here. They gave up great jobs and left their families in Korea. It was really hard with all the language barriers and cultural differences and when I was little, I didn't realize all that they've done. I was mad at them because they worked all the time and had no time for anyone. This song makes me reflect and tear up. Thank you for such a great song BtoB!

This song is about the love and gratitude for one's father, so yeah.. I got a bit touchy there ^^-

My Lay Lay Lay Lay Lay~ See what I did there?

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THAT'S forever alone...

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By deelovestaemin.tumblr.com
Aw these macros totally amuse me XD

created by kawaiivshentai

Another Happy Birthday Post

I'm so confused right now =___= apparently Tao isn't the only one who's having his birthday today (no shit Sherlock...)

  Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
2 AM's cutie boy Jinwoon is turning 21 years old (22 korean age) today! :D Or to be more exact 2 AM's maknae*



Lastly Sungjae from the new rookie group BtoB is turning ... *depressing moment* 17 years old today (18 Korean age) the first thing I seriously did was to say "paahh... >_>" It seems like BtoB are gettig more famous. They've also released a ballad track called Father, lol XD
AND to be more exact once again BtoB's maknae*

Today seem to be the maknae birthdays -_- Tao, Jinwoon and Sungjae . . .


NOOOO idea who these guys are, but this song was not bad at all!! I guess they're not really a KPOP-group but they're asian.. and the settings in this MV feels a bit KPOP ^^

But it's not bad right? If you ever feel down, this is a good song to listen to!! ;D

FT Island - Neverland [Japanese]

I'm pretty slow with the whole "who's releasing music videos etc". I'm pretty tired too.. the pills I'm eating are like sleeping pills =___= *I'm serious*

Okay but FT Island released their MV for Neverland yesterday. They decided to sing Neverland on the opening music of the animation Ozuma that celebrates the 20th anniversary of Japanese broadcasting system WOWOW. I have to say that a true singer can sing in every language, Lee Hong Ki and the rest are amazing! But the song isn't really you know... "my thing" it sounds good but that's it.

The anime Ozuma

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Sorry guys... this weeks U.P.A.H.I goes to Tagoon from the group B.o.M <-- a ballad group. He's so AWESOME! Or his character in the dram.. dam dam dam daaaam~ Kpop the ultimate audition is XD HAHAHAHA I'M SO SORRY!!!!
But it's hard to not love this guy and his awkward Engrish (I think he's grown up in the US or something <-- his character) "Shit..."

There's no abs... BUT! If you check reeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyy closely you can see that he does have a 4pack XD

Lastly... this picture made me go ADLGBNSDLJVSDLJS ^3^

How to be Jay Park

Found this awsome youtuber yesterday, and I saw that he had made this clip called "How To Be Jay Park 2.0". Hahahhaaha, HE IS SO SPOT ON!!! xD

So my hole is kinda drippy.. *starts to think* HA-HA-HA that's what she said -.-

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA DUDE!! And when he went all "Man, imma go out tonight. Imma have a good time tonight. Lets do it!" and smiled like Jay Park.. HAHAHAHA this dude is to freakin' good! I mean, that's just like Jay!!!!!! xD

He made one before this about "How To Be Jay Park", and he looked a bit more like him in that video. So I'll post it.. just because he looked more like Jay in that one ^^

How To Be Jay Park (first video)

RIGHT?! "This week I'm gonna be touring in California, and.. it's gonna be DOPE!" hahaha, this dude cracks me up ^^

So I don't know if you guys gave noticed. But the "JayPark-fever" has hit me real hard. I can't stop stalking him on youtube!! That's how I find these weird clips about him haha. Hope you guys don't mind this whole Jay Park phase I'm having ^^

BIG BANG photoshoop by Terry Richardson

When Big Bang filmed their MV's in US (for Alive) they had a photoshoot with the photographer Terry Richardson. Apparently he's a really famous photographer in USA, the whole world? He has been working with Lady Gaga and other big artist (lol the only one I could think of XD). The first time they meet each other was 2009 and here's another "work" they've done together :3

This must be a familiar picture a lot of you have seen, right?
Well here's the rest of the photoshoot:

So pretty *u*
Wae Daesung?! XD <3 Is it only me or is G-Dragon getting more beautiful/hot every year day? And where the heck do they put that extension!? It looks so.. real O_O

Win Jay Park tickets!! (for you guys in america)

And of course there's a giveaway that's reasonable that provides you two tickets to go see Jay Parks concert in New York and Silver Spring, MD. Now the funny part is that yesterday, I should have been on a plane towards America. But because I have school, only my brothers were able to go :c

So if Jay Park has his concert in New York during these two coming weeks... God hates me :S

Haha okey, enough about my problems. If you live in america, make sure to enter this competition!!!! this is what you do:

• Follow APAHM’s twitter Share the story with the hashtag #APAHMxallkpop

• Comment below on why you love Asian culture (Don’t forget to leave your @username (Twitter)below!)

Thats it! Tickets will be distributed via WILL CALL.

If you’re from the West Coast, have no fear! allkpop will also be giving away two pairs of tickets to theSan Francisco and Los Angeles shows, so stay tuned!

You can also purchase tickets here

Contest ends 11:59pm EST May 7th 2012

Good Luck!

Read more about the contest here: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/05/jay-parks-apahm-tour-east-coast-tickets-giveaway


This sucks... I wanted to write down something, but I don't remember what O_O
Oh well... my mind is #&/!"/( I was "free" or something, monday och tuesday (because Sweden is weird) so my brain thinks that it's monday today =____=

Oh god Chanyeol hahahahaha XD

Oh my shitty god, I thought it was G-Dragon O_O

juliakungfu:  Your boobs don’t intrest Jonghyun.
Kekekekeke >:3







Lol he's totally owning an iphone XD

Awwwwww TT_TT Huang Zi Tao my favorite member from EXO M is turning 19 years old today-o (20 korean age) I don't know why but eveytime I write the korean age I feel depressed -____- I was quiet happy when I wrote 19 because I finally felt that 2 years of age difference, but 20... it just made him older ;w;

BUT CONGRATULATIONS TAO!!!! Have a good day with Kris hohoh (totally shiping TaoRis! <3)

TOUCH - Let's Walk Together [MV]

Member Junyong left the group due to mandatory military enlistment, and Younghoon departed because of family circumstances. In their place, vocalist Chulmin and rapper Kanghyun have joined TOUCH.

But here it is, TOUCH's comeback MV "Let's Walk Together"

Yeah.. my favorite is the guy in the cap. Hahahhaa, I guess you know why (if you don't then that means that you're new here. I like guys in cap's ^^)

Saw this comment on youtube:

Yeah.. I don't know if I'm creeped out or just happy. Why? Because of the fact that it's 7 years between me and Lee Joon and 8 years between me and Jay Park. So that she's 12 kind of makes me happy!! xD
BUUUUUUT... She might be a bit young NOW. When she's 16-17 and they're 24... wait no. When she's 20 and they're like 27-28 THEN it's okey!!!

It's funny because I feel like the age-difference between me and Lee Joon or Jay Park right now (i'm almost 17) is totally okey, but when she's 17 it's not okey for her to date 24-25 year-olds. She has to be 20 haha.. that's funny ^^

I found Sweden...!!!!

Okay let's begin the post with some info "My theme-post today seem to be about K-pop the ultimate audition" because every post I've made so far is about that freaking drama XD Even the birthday post... >___>

BUT! I started to freak out when I saw that tiny Swedish flag in that drama *happyface*

Okay it's blurry and the "whole world" is in that music-note-wall-thing muhahahahaha! *I see Finland...*
So Sweden isn't gone/dead... yet... <-- ha? =___=

Big Bang on Airplanes? O__o

Allkpop -

As many of you know already, idol group Big Bang was chosen as the official endorsement models forJeju Airlines.

After having their image plasted on an airplane, the boys of Big Bang participated in a photo shoot with Jeju Airlines. Recently, a behind the scenes video from the photo shoot was shared online.

Haha, would LOVE to fly in one of those airplanes!! Imagine being.. inside of Big Bang x'D Hahaha okey, not really. But still.. I wouldn't mind ^^

They're all so freakin' cute!!! And let me just say I like GD's hair much more like this.. ^^

Random Stuff #3

The Village Idiots

SUJU's Yesung Oppa

Blowing a balloon



B.A.P's New member


2PM [Undisclosed clip] MUST SEE!

So 2PM has these clips that are Undisclosed.. whatever that means ^^ But some of them are pre-debut and some are just pure entertainment. However I'll just post 2 of all the videos they have so just.. just look xD

10 out of 10 (Pre-Debut)

I Hate You

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS CLIP!!! THIIIIIIIS CLIP!!!!! This clip is amazing ^^ It all looks so good in the beginning, but as the time passes things just gets worse and worse xD

1. It all looks very good, as a typical "Dance ver." would go.
2. Junho drops his mick (0:45).
3. Jay ties his shoes (0:48)
4. Junsu dosen't know where he's supposed to stand (1:45).
5. Jay Park dosen't know what's happening and stops singing/dancing (1:50).
6. Taecyeon starts playing around infront of the camera (2:11).
7. Junsu sings, Jay Park becomes a camera-whore, TaecJay appears, Chansung rages, Wooyoung gets stuck on the wall, Junho's shirt flies of, Teacyeon attacks the floor, Jay attacks Teacyeon, Chansung attacks Jay etc. etc.

Hahaha, it all went so good in the beginning.. But what can you do, 2PM will always be 2PM ^^

Did you know that...

Park Yoochun (JYJ) has a little brother. Okay a lot of you maybe knew that but did you know that Park Yoochun's little brother is this guy?:

Park Yoohwan (A lot of you maybe knew this too because I'm the retard here -_________-)





I just noticed this yesterday when I googled his name. Okay I bet people already know from which drama I found him. I've been talking about this drama in all of my posts today -_- Yes I googled every character from the drama "Kpop the ultimate audition" the ones playing in that drama are actually Idols in real life. (members from ZE:A, Kino, BoM etc)

So yes I'm the retard who actually found out about this yesterday. Park Yoochun's little bro is that punk who's playing the arrogant dude in the drama. He is born 1991, and they do look alike when you mention him beeing Yoochun's little brother O_O

                                                            Yoohwan, their mom and Yoochun

Singing is my dream~

created by @rungy
sdkgjvnsdlvgjsdk this somehow reminds me of the awkward shower scene in the drama kpop the ultimate audition (I'm talkning about it too much =_=) But gosh it was so awkward hahahaha! 7 boys standing naked in the shower and all of a sudden one of them drops the soap HAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm somehow relating this to the movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry"... Oh dear god ._.

That's me... in the buss/train/car/home

created by -babymushroom

Created by shiningday

created by straightxedge@tumblr

By LoveFCuz
Hahahaha XD

Oh.. Ohhh.... OHHHHH!!!! It's... photoshoped? =_=



Well I don't really "know" 2AM but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Lee Changmin who's turning 26 years old (27 korean age)!!! Gosh that's... pretty old O_o It seems like everyone from 2AM are old while 2PM have the young ones
*a wild guess* I don't even know how old the guys from 2AM are XD



Lastly happy birthday to Kwak Younghwa who's turning 25 years old today (26 Korean age)!!! It's funny cuz I googled on his name today because he's playing one of the lead roles in the drama kpop the ultimate audition. So out of curiosity I searched his name (*cough* because he lookes good *cough*)

Apparently he's in a group called KINO. They debuted in Japan first, they're like the DBSK/TVXQ over there. But I don't really know if they've disbanded yet. However I can't really find any "Korean" news about them but I think that one of their songs are a Korean song ^^

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