SHINee misstakes

Haha, onew.. All the falls and his voice cracking up ^^. But truth is that he has an amazing voice. When you hear his voice crack up like that you know that he sings for real. And always tight before his voice cracks up he sounds great!!!! Then at 3:50 when Jonghyun dosen't sing in to the mic, SOOO cute! Or when Taemin actually caught his at at 4:16, that's impressive ;) haha :D

Update: Hahhahaha, when Taemins voice cracks up at 5:54. SOOOO cute!!!! And it kinda sounds like when goofy laughs ^^

Just died a little..


GAHHH, I JUST.. SHII*T!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. no, this is not fun anymore -.- (okeey, mood swings? ^^). No but seriously.. I have to say something. I like guys. YEPP, there.. I said it. I freeeeakin' LOVE guys! So seeing this makes me go crazy! Don't you?! I mean, how can you resist such a handsome face?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I really need to see this show.  have seen it before, it's apparently called "Hello Baby" or something like that. But first I need to finish MBLAQ Idol Army and MBLAQ kkaeal player ^.^

Day 6 - A SHINee song that makes you giddy

Hahaha, had to google translate the word giddy ^^. But okey.. so a SHINee song that makes me.. kinda loose my breath. Hmm.. this is also a hard one. I reeeally like their songs and their personalities, but I don't have a crush on any of them. So  there is not a song that makes me kinda giddy. But a song that makes me at least feel something close to giddy (I don't know what it is, but it is something :P)

NAAAW!!! The music video is soo cute! Like.. it's too cute. Onew in this video is just adoreble, and Jonghyun.. my SHINee bias looks great as always, but he is also very cute in this video! And don't get me started on Taemin. Haha, but his hair? Whats wrong?

But anywho. It's more the vide that makes me giddy rather than the song. But the song is very cute as well ^^

Hohohoh you got pwned Lee Joon by Yoseob! >:D

Me are sooo empty...

Seriously it's hard for me right now to write about something. I haven't written anything today so I had to just write something...
Bo has been the active one right now but I'll catch up!
Well let us just fill the empty space over here with a video!

Love this video :'D They look so cute ^^
Both Mir and Lee Hong ki are on the same show, and of course people always say that they look alike (me...)

Lucifer Dance to Roly Poly song ^^

HAHAHAHHAHA! Why does it fit so well?! It's crazy how well SHINee's dance to Lucifer fits T-ara's song Roly Poly!

Nichkhun gets a new haircut!

2PM's Nichkhun cuts his hair short! So, what do you think?

Personally, I like it.. a lot! There is not many people (well.. asians. Please don't get offended.) that can pull off short haircuts. But Nichkhun does it very well! I also like the natural look. You know the haircolor and hairstyle, it all looks very natural to me which only makes him look so much hotter ^^. But that is just my opinion.

Comment and say what you think of his new look! :D

Day 5 - A SHINee song that makes you sad

There is not really a SHINee song that makes me sad.. I mean there is not a song AT ALL that makes me sad :O Maybe it's because I haven't heard all of their songs, or maybe it's just that I don't feel sad while listening to them.

Do you know any sad songs by SHINee?


Felt bad for not choosing a song, so I made this picture of my two bias's.. biases(?) Well.. ^^
JongHyun from SHINee and Lee Joon from MBLAQ ;D

Key from SHINee dances MBLAQ's Mona Lisa!

As you should know by know, MBLAQ is my favorite kpop group. But SHINee is a great 2#. So seeing Key from SHINee dance to MBLAQ's Mona Lisa was very thrilling for me (*^^*) hahaha. Yes.. very easily entertained.

Funny SHINee


I LOVE Key's reaction when she started w/ JongHyun. It was like, *snicker* "Girl, please. If only you knew." And I'm not thinking JH's shudder reaction was one of excitement. More like, "Ew, please don't do that. My wife is watching."

When Onew gets married, he and his wife are gonna be sitting in opposite corners of the honeymoon suite on Jeju, staring at their feet. "So, the...the wedding was really nice." Wife, "Yes." "You were really beautiful." "Thank you." "So, um you wanna watch TV?"

jonghyun: omg, little girl touched me! Dx

minho: omg, little can touch/reach my shoulder! Dx

taemin: did she just skip me?

key: eew! go away!

onew: JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTZ. xD

HAHAHAHAHAHHA, that is just like so true!! And why did she skip Taemin? :O And Minho's reaction, wtf? hahahaha!!!! Does anyone know what variety show this is? PLEASE comment if you know!

Look alike: Lee Hong Ki & Mir

That was the best look alike picture I could find of Lee Hong Ki. Because he's blond in every single picture -.-
Well here's the look alike for today. Even Wikipedia says that, and Wikipedia is never wrong...
Lee Hong Ki from FT Island and of course hyper Mir from MBLAQ.

I wanted to show you guys a clip with both of them in the same show. But youtube thinks that I'm a nolifer and won't give me the link -.-
However if you want to see it (it's only 30 sek though...) Click here

Look alike: B.R.A & Jang Geun Suk


HAHAHAHAHA! Gosh I seriously laughed my ass of seeing these pictures... well well!
Here we have Jang Geun Suk and B.R.A from M2stasch.
Many of you may remember Jang Geun Suk from the drama You're beautiful or Mary stayed all night. Personally I've seen both of them.
And of course we all know the famous B.R.A from M2stasch U_U

#2 place in the most catchiest (is it even a word?!) song evaaah!

Ahh seriosly this is the third time I'm writing this =_= My computer doesn't have a life and wants to ruin mine instead. Well however you may wonder which song is the on the first place and it's of course our beloved Ring Ding Dong from SHINee! Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring... yeah you get it Ö_Ö

Okey and on the second place iiiisssss *durum* *durum* (fail drums... -.-)

Super Junior Rokkugo!!!!
Rokkugo rokkugo rokkugo male mal! Dam dam daaaaammm!!


                                   Hahahaha love the song! but it really sucks... but it's still awsome! -.-'
                                                    Aww Kim Heechul *sigh* gonna miss him :'/

Day 4 - A SHINee song that makes you happy

Now, as you know I can't really understand what they are saying in their songs. But I can guess.. plus google translator works wonderfully! So a song that makes me happy because of the lyrics is pretty hard for me to pick. However, there is a song that always make me smile. Ring Ding Dong.

Why? Well, haha, first of all Ring Ding Dong is one of the first kpop songs I ever heard. So when hearing that song I start thinking "How the hell did I get into kpop? I mean.. just listen. Ring Ding Dong?" hahaha, and then I start smiling to myself, just because of the fact that I don't just like kpop. I freakin' LOVE kpop!!! Did you guys get what I was trying to say? Haha, I had a hard time to get it ^^

Ring Ding Dong is like the only song that makes me think like that. And that is why I pick this song as my SHINee song that makes me happy!


Brother & Sister copies, MBLAQ #2


Can you see ANY differences?! O_o
Sure that's a he and that one is a she. Okey that's not the point!
These two people here must be familiar for you of course, or all of you kpop fans.

It's the brother and sister PARK! (Park Sang-Hyun, Thunder/Cheundung & Sandara Park, Dara)
We all know Thunder from MBLAQ and his sistah from 2NE1.
They do really look alike @_@ Like Mir and his sister...

Well both brother and sister have fought their way up, and look at them now!
Who doesn't know the group MBLAQ? or 2NE1?! Yeah... *Fighting!*~~



Sad moment TT__TT ...
Sungmin was the smartest one, wearing sunglasses

For you who didn't get what they said (neither did I) here comes a text.

Leetuk: “Thank you to everyone who has given us love. Heechul is also leaving for the army soon, so thank you for giving us such a special gift.”

Heechul:This was my last stage before the army. It feels great to have been given such a special award before my leave. I’m always thankful to Jungsoo (Leeteuk) as well as the other members. For the fans who have loved us, I love you too. Thank you to all the staff of ‘Inkigayo’ who gave us so much of their time, and I’m especially thankful to all the managers who put up with my bad temper. I’m not very good at expressing myself, so I’ll just leave it here. I’ll come back safely, stay healthy!”


MEE SOO SAAAAAADD!!!! *forever sobing*

The fashion terrorist...

I wrote this on 2PM's members profile, the so called "fashion terrorist" in the group, and now we will take a closer look.
You shouldn't trust all these photoshoots, magazines etc. our Taecyeon from 2PM has beaten everyone I know who has a bad taste in fashion hahaha! xD
For all of you 2PM fans out there, these pictured come from their show Wild Bunny (I totally recomend it to everyone ;) )


HAHAHA love their comment 8D You'll laugh your ass off if you see their show!! (well not literally...)

Day 3 - Your least favorite SHINee song

Like I said before, I just started listening to kpop 2-3 weeks ago. So I haven't really heard all of SHINee's songs. But.. Talk to you. It's not that catchy as their other songs. The beat and the music is very lame.. and because I don't understand the language those things are essential (REEEEALLY important). So yeah.. 

Wich SHINee song is your least favorite?

No comments... HAHAHA (Parody)

Onew: - Girls, Girls Listen to me!!
   - YAH *manly voice*
                      - Oh that scared me! *girly voice*

Do you know how much I repeated that part and cried? (<--- laughing...)

Gayo Fest 2009

Hahahaha, how can you not looove kpop idols? 
So the ones in this vid. is :

2PM, 2AM, Beast, MBLAQ, SHINee, Super Junior

If you can't see who is who:

2PM, 2AM, Beast - Sign (Brown Eyed Girls)
0:32 Hwang Chansung of 2PM 0:37 Lee Junho of 2PM 0:48 Yoon Doojoon of Beast 1:16 Jo Kwon of 2AM

MBLAQ, SHINee, Super Junior - Muzik (4Minute)
2nd song = Muzik ( 4Minute ) 2:14 Shindong of Super Junior 2:23 Key of SHINee 2:33 Lee Joon of Mblaq 2:39 Mir of MBLAQ (in pigtails)

2PM, Beast - Mister (Kara)
3rd song = Mr. ( Kara ) pink pants = NichKhun of 2PM, blue pants = Kikwang of Beast, yellow pants = Jang Wooyoung of 2PM, red pants = Yoseob of Beast

SHINee, Super Junior - Gee (SNSD) 4:53 Taemin from SHINee 4:58 Sungmin from Super Junior 5:01 Heechul from Super Junior 5:56 Minho from SHINee 6:05 Leeteuk from Super Junior

2PM - Bo Peep Bo Peep (T-ara)
5th song = Bo Peep Bo Peep ( T-ARA ) blue sweater = Kim Junsu of 2PM red sweater = Nickhun of 2PM yellow sweater = wooyoung of 2PM gray sweater = jun ho of 2PM

Thunder goes blond!

MBC Music Core 08.27.11!!

So this happened today? Performances by: Super Junior, G.NA, miss A, MBLAQ, INFINITE, T-ara, SISTAR, The Grace, Teen Top, Jarium, Chi Chi, Koyote, Dal Shabet, Brave Girls, BB. Boys and Chocolat

So the first thing I noticed was Thunders hair!! OMG!! hahahaha, I kind of like it, however I think Joon looks better in it (blond hair). My sexiii Lee Joon (*^^*) (No homo, just stating a fact... ^^)
But overall I thought that this performance was a bit lame. Not as "hype" as it could have been. It might also just be the song. What do you think?

Day 2 - Your favorite SHINee song

This one is really hard. It's two songs that I like a lot.. Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong.

But you can only pick one.. so it would probably have to be.. GAAAAH(!!!) why does it have to be so freakin' hard?! I cant choose, so I'll just pick one after the alphabet. L comes before R, so I pick Lucifer! Mwhahahahahha ;D

Super Junior - Superman (Official MV)

This song reminds me of.. like, when you see a movie and a gang walks towards the camera in slow motion, this is the kind of song that would be playing in the background ^^

It's very ghetto in my opinion, but that's just me. What do you think? And do you like the MV?

Day 1 - Your favorite SHINee member and why

Ehrm.. most of you would probably pick taemin.. key or Onew. Maaaaybe Minho, but my favorite is Jonghyun! I haven't been listening on k-pop for a long time now, so the first time I saw a SHINee music video was about 2 weeks ago. My eyes went straight to the one I thought was the best looking guy, JONGHYUN! (no homo)

And after listening to SHINee and not only see Jonghyun I saw that taemin is also reeeally cute, but more in a brother kinda way. And I love all of their voices. So to pick just one is very hard! That is why I'm picking the one I liked the first.

So all in all, my favorite SHINee member is Jonghyun!!!

Challenge accepted!

Day 1 - Your favorite SHINee member and why
Day 2 - Your favorite SHINee song
Day 3 - Your least favorite SHINee song
Day 4 - A SHINee song that makes you happy
Day 5 - A SHINee song that makes you sad
Day 6 - A SHINee song that makes you giddy
Day 7 - A SHINee song you know all the words to
Day 8 - A SHINee dance you know all the moves to
Day 9 - A SHINee dance you would like to learn
Day 10 - Your favorite SHINee couple/pairing
Day 11 - Your favorite SHINee music video
Day 12 - The very first SHINee song you listened to
Day 13 - Your favorite variety show cut of Minho
Day 14 - Your favorite variety show cut of Key
Day 15 - Your favorite variety show cut of Taemin
Day 16 - Your favorite variety show cut of Onew
Day 17 - Your favorite variety show cut of Jonghyun
Day 18 - The best dancer in SHINee
Day 19 - The funniest SHINee member
Day 20 - Your favorite SHINee moment
Day 21 - Your favorite SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star
Day 22 - Your favorite SHINee interview
Day 23 - Your favorite SHINee collab performance with any other K-Pop band/artist
Day 24 - The SHINee member you would want as your brother
Day 25 - A post dedicated to Jonghyun
Day 26 - A post dedicated to Onew
Day 27 - A post dedicated to Minho
Day 28 - A post dedicated to Taemin
Day 29 - A post dedicated to Key
Day 30 - Why you love SHINee

That's why I really respect this group <3 ( It's the first group to ever have my respect!)


Hello! Just saw a video from Leessang. Don't really know who he/she/they are, but I was very entertained by this music video :D

Weren't you? ;)

The only girl i like so far...

Love may be a strong word, but I really like the part when they cut her hair T_T
That's actually her real hair, no wig...


Many of you Suju fans ooooorrr Heechul fans know that he'll "join" (whatever you say) the army and will be gone for two years T_T
As a suju-heechul-fan I'm depressed what more can I say?
It's one thing I don't get. SM Entertainment should put Super Junior on a hiatus for 2 years so all the members can do the army thing, and after that they should do an awesome comeback instead of the so called one in one out way were they will drop in and out from the group like a barbershop -.-
Well what to do...

Does anyone want to do the "You're beautiful" thing? (a drama...) One of you fans can dress yourself like Heechul and take over his place in the army while he can still be in Super Junior. He can be a "new" member that will replace Heechul (himself) for two years...
So who's with me? :D

Joon.. this one is for you.

When we hear our bias sing:

When we see our bias do aegyo:

When we see our bias do sexy:

When we see our bias smile:

When we see our bias cry:

When our bias wins an award:

When our bias fails to win an award:

When someone hates on our bias:

When you hear that your bias will have a concert in your country:

When someone mentions anything related to our bias:

When fan girls reunite:

Oh! My School - SHINee's Onew

Hahahhaah you gotta' love the way he sings Juliette ^^ "Chunhyang.. aaah" hahahaha
And his laugh! OMG, hahahaha if you listen from 2:09 to 2:11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I freakin' heart you!!!! ♥

Mir.. You are cute (no homo)

Got these pictures from twitter, so they're fresh fresh fresh!

Mir and... a baby! NAAAW!

Mir and G.O.

Say what?!

The first thing I thought "Say What?!" (Don't you dare to scream what no

When I read news about them a few days ago, he seemed alive...
*Phuu* idols now days, they shouldn't take their own lifes for nothing... No seriously this was the worst
"made-up-crap-news-about-a-celebritiy" that I've ever seen.
If you are going to think "How do you know that this whole thing isn't fake?!"
Darling, Honey, bunny, sweetie, pie, (xD) you don't have to be Einstein to know this...

SS501 comeback?

Well folks you heard read it right. There have been news that SS501 will make a comeback at the end of December. Their contract with DSP Entertainment had ended a while ago and each member signed contracts from other agencies. However the band never disbanded. Each member took their chances for solo activities and now there is a chance that they will do their comeback.

Here's a intwerwiev with DSP:

Kang Hyun So: How are your boy bands and girl bands, and the famous boyband SS501?

DSP: They already promised not to disband although each of them have different agencies..

Kang Hyun So: How about their fans TRIPLE S?

DSP: They’re still waiting…waiting for SS501’s comeback..

Kang Hyun So: When will their comeback be?

DSP: End of December… I’ve talked with Kim Hyun Joong about it…

Kang Hyun So: I hope fans won’t be disappointed…

DSP: Yes

So you only have to wait a few more months to see if there'll be any news. Me, myself and B.R.A is dying to know if this will happen!! =__=

Hmm... must say that Park Jung Min is my favorite in SS501

Look alike: Yejun & Jung Min


Do you *sobs* Do you know how HARD it is to find a good look alike picture?! HUH?!?!? T_T

No you don't... well here we have another look alike. Yejun from F.Cuz (the maknae, if you are a regular reader you should've seen my members profile on F.Cuz, disaster...) and Park Jung Min from SS501.
I noticed their "look alike profile" when I listened/watched F.Cuz Midnight Sun. They were literally like twins... exept that Jung Min doesn't have "afro" hair (naahh I'm exaggerating now, let's say curly hair)

Love how the whole group lost the hope on the leader ^_~

M2stasch goes to school!

Barampam pam pam! Well as you know your pop idols M2stasch (Lol~ dying everytime I write that...)
Okey back on track as you know we have something we call school in this world that likes to torture every single person for at least 18 years... *sadist*  Me and Bo will start school now, soon. Bo will start tomarrow (today) and I will start tomarrow. But the blog will still be updated 24/7 so don't worry about that ^^

Your B-boy idols




Personally I have to say that MBLAQ won this round. And it's not because of Joon ripping his shirt and dancing ballet in the end HAHAHAH! ;D That was only... wierd...

Hahahahah, who else is laughing? ^^

Hahahha, Me neither ^^

Mblaq - Stay (Dorky version)

Funny ^^

Hahhahahaha, laughed my ass off the first time I saw this ^^

Kkaeal player, teaser!

That hidden parody by SHINee that many people haven't seen...

Well all of you SHINee fans I don't know if you have seen it but if you are a anti SHINee, a fan, a shawol or what so ever the first thing you will think of is "wow... that was lame" hahaha so enjoy!

Sorry about the thing earlier boyfriend here you go, a compensation for you guys... T_T

The groups...

Okey as you can see this blog only contains (98%) korean boybands. Me and Bo aren't thaaat fond of girl groups. They don't give me a WOW impression like boybands. While I'm at it I can say that I don't really have a kpop bias. I'm a bit wierd when it comes to that. I have a so called love-group-session where I change my love in a group after a while. The thing I get stuck on is:

#1 Their voices
#2 If he can dance well
#3 Interesting personalities

So if anyone in the group stand out with any of these three, they have caught my interest ^^ (but they aren't my bias or anything, just my favorite)
Now the groups that I have fallen inlove with and propably will:

#1 SHINee (They were the first group i liked, Taemin were/is my favorite because of his dancing skills and Onew for his personality.)

#2 MBLAQ (The whole group is awesome everyone have one of those three things Í wrote but Mir and Seung Ho must be my favorites because of #3 Mir= High 24/7 Seung Ho= Laugh no matter which situation it is)

#3 2PM This is the group that I'm stuck on for now... (2PM is exactly like MBLAQ hard to choose but Chansung is one step before everyone else because of his voice, after him Junsu and his vioce ~___~)


#4 Super Junior (I think) The one that makes me interested is Heechul he has an interesting personality...

#5-!%#/&?! - TVXQ/DBSK, SS501, U-kiss, Teen Top

SHINee's Jong Hyun and Minho shares a kiss!!!

Omg! Hahhahaha, did you guys hear about this? During a JOJO rehearsal, Minho leans forward to Jong Hyun
and pucker his lips. And then..? Jong gives him a kiss!

Good thing a fancam caught it. Here's a picture and the video. The kiss happens att 00:14 ;)

HyunA feat. Jun Hyung - Change

Normally I don't like HyunA.. maybe it's because there might be something between her and my kpop bias, Lee Joon. But I really liked this song. The beat, the tempo.. I don't understand what she is saying but still ^^.

Do you like this song? Do you usually like HyunA's music?

Brother & Sister copies, MBLAQ #1


When I first saw Mir's sister, Go Eun Ah on a show with TVXQ/DBSK I immediately knew that she was Mir's sister and the funny thing is I didn't know that he had one ~_~' ... fail


Such an old picture O_o
If you (crazy) MBLAQ fans have seen MBLAQ kkaeal player then you should have seen their before and after picture on Mir Lol~ hahaha!

Speaking of kkaeal player for all of you MBLAQ fans tomarrow there will be a MBLAQ kkaeal, parody teaser on youtube, or on our blog. So be ready for it ;)

KBS music bank

Hello sunshines! Just read that Super Junior's "Mr.Simple" topped the K-Chart for the second week in a row! Well, congrats Super J!!!

Personally I really like this song. It's so freakin' catchy! And I like their.. hand dance (?) that they do while singing "Mr. Simple, Simple..." (*^^*)

M2stasch presentation

This is M2stasch debut video!!!!! WOOT!

So kpop fans.. are you ready?

Making MBLAQ Kkaeal Player, parody

Look alike: Bi Rain & Junho

Seriously I don't think I'm the first one but I though that they actually were brothers. So I had to search for that but unfortunately they aren't.  :C ** XD

Bo Bae's first

Hello ladies! So this is my first time writing in this blog and many more to come. Not so much for me to say right now except hello (*^^*). Our first video is also ready, so we'll put it up as soon as possible!!!

2PM Members profile

”Stage name”: Junsu
Full name: Kim Junsu
Position: Lead vocalist
Birthday: 15 January, 1988 (23)
Specialty: Singing, Writing (write a Theme)

- Junsu auditioned for YG Entertainment (and got friends with G-Dragon, Big Bang). He was accepted in both YG and JYP but choose JYP instead.
- Have the best "taste" in fashion in the group

”Stage name”: Nichkhun
Full name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: 24 June, 1988 (23)
Twitter: Khunnie0624
Specialty: Playing the piano, Acrobatics
-Is often called the “Thai prince” (Lame fact but…~~)
-He have also been in the drama “Dream high
- Can write and do things perfectly with his both hands (O_o)

”Stage name”: Taecyeon
Full name: Ok Taecyeon
Position: Main rapper,
Birthday: 27 December, 1988 (22)
Twitter: taeccool
Specialty: Cooking
- His acting career got a push by being one of the actors in the drama “Cinderella Sister”
- Is the fashion terrorist in the group
- Sings and dance in his sleep
- (My birthday is on the same day as his hoho :3)

”Stage name”: Wooyoung
Full name: Jang Wooyoung
Position: Lead singer
Birthday: 30 April, 1989 (22)
Twitter: NBA0430
Specialty: Dancing
-He was selected as a JYP trainee through MGoon's JYP auditions by winning the first place. He competed with 5000 other people.

”Stage name”: Junho
Full name: Lee Junho
Position: Lead singer
Birthday: 25 January, 1990 (21)
Twitter: dlwnsghek
Specialty: Beat box, dancing, singing
-Junho was also in a competition like Wooyoung however this time it was JYP's Superstar Survival. Were Junho won (and came on the first place, of course) he competed against 6000 people and among them was Taecyeon and Chansung.
- Doesn't say hyung to Wooyoung (Wooyoung is older than him)

”Stage name”: Chansung
Full name: Hwang Chansung
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: 11 february, 1990 (21)
Twitter: -
Specialty: Taek Kwon Do, Kumdo
After loosing the first audition Chansung auditioned a second time for JYP and was accepted into the company.
- Is the maknae in the group

”Stage name”: Jaebeom
Full name: Park Jaebeom
(English name: Jay Park)
Position: Leader, Lead singer, Rapper
Birthday: 25 April, 1987 (24)
Specialty: Dance, Rap, Gags (comical acts)
- Got his contract terminated because of writing inconvinient comments on his MySpace Page (sad... -.-')

The feeling...

The feeling you get when Heechul is prettier than YOU, or any other girl... *_*

The new group in the kpop world...

Hello, Hola, Wuzzup, Konichiwa!

Two awesome people have joined the kpop world and will take over it and own it (Naahh, now we're trying to be (or I'm trying to be) cool)
This is only a Hello post were I want to say... ehh Hello.

We will intruduce us in a video tomorrow so stay cool and don't panick ^_^

You'll be able to read news about everything and nothing in the kpop world, bands etc. and of course you'll also follow us the new (wanna be) "group" M2stach!!!! AND, the dot over the i, you'll also be able to see funny parodies that we M2stasch will do ;)

Well that's it ladies & gentlemen!




We're two people who are living every fangirls dream (kind off...) In our blog you'll be able to read everything from the awesome duo M2stasch (us of course) to random stuff, news and about any other groups as well. We hope that you will enjoy visiting our blog and leave with a smile on your face! ^o^ /B.R.A - Best Rapper Aevah! & Bo Bae (but you can call me Bo)

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