Tosh.0 offended B.A.P?

For you who don't know who Tosh.0 is, he's a comedian who can sometimes cross the line. I personally love to watch his show but I don't really know how to take this:

Of course we only have one Miley Cyrus but Asia has five.

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His jokes are ususally like this and I would somehow be a hypocrite if I got offended by this XD So I'm a hypocrite right now... But it's a shame that B.A.P is getting "known" like this in the US -__- 



This months actor (part 8)

Lee Minho
Korean actor

Lol dat bad paint picture XD
It felt like it was his time too shine(e)... he's so pretty ;w; One of those flower-boy actors out there just like Kim Kibum and... and... >___> 
                                                                  asdfghjkl!!!! OwwwwwwwO
Damn his future wife/husband =__=
  • Sharp 1
  • Nonstop 5
  • Love Hymn (aka Recipe of Love
  • Secret Campus
  • Mackerel Run
  • I Am Sam
  • Get Up
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Personal Preference
  • City Hunter
  • Faith 
  • Public Enemy Returns
  • Our School E.T
Ohh... "That's it"? I thought he acted in tons of dramas... it's to so much though for being a "hot" (not body hot, more like status hot) actor. 
Here's body hot...

Boyfriend comeback + concept photo!

“meet a Boyfriend you’ve never seen before. Boyfriend will show you a charisma that is different from other ordinary manly concepts through their stage.”  - Starship Entertainment
I have to admit it doesn't look like boyfriend at all o_o I had some difficulties to find the twins and I've only found one of them XD They look pretty... hot OuO 
Me and Bo aren't really that fond over Boyfriend, it's maybe because of all that cuteness that we can't handle (Sure B1A4 has a cuteness as well but THAT we can handle) I hope that their comeback will be more fierce >:3
Their comeback will be on November 8th, more than a week left ;)

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me [Teaser]

OMG!!!!!!! SPAZZ!!!! Just yesterday I wrote about how much I missed Jay. And would you look at that?! God has answered my prayers, HE'S BACK!! xD

I honestly feel like I can tell the future ^^ Damn.. the post I'm talking about is here. Crazy huh?

Hahaha without any further ado, If You Love Me

NS Yoon-G and Jay Park. She recently put this picture up on twitter. It is said that the song will be released on November 1st. TOMORROW!! GAAAAAAAAAH, I'm so excited! xD

Relatable stuff..

Oh... I did that one time (the picture with GD and Gaho) they seriously thought he was my bf but got a bit "ehh?" when they saw his blonde hair XD That was one of the most sweetest moments in my life >__>

Macro time =3= [#21]

Lol XD
E.T phone home

I Miss Jay...

No, not you Miss Jay..


I meant that I miss Jay Park. What happened to him?! He used to upload so much crap on his youtube channel. Come on Jay.. I miss your crap O__o HAHAHAHAH I do!!!

Man.. I love his dancing, his singing, his rapping, his personality (even though it can be too much at some times) and just him! Dude, upload like a dance cover or something like you used to!

From 1:05, the way he moooooves~ so sexy xD But it feels so awkward ^^

I love both of these Jays. The cute and dorky one and the swag, all up in this ho* Jay. The reason why I love this remix is because I actually like the original one. Haha Jay is what I used to be. But then KPOP came into my life...

I regret nothing though haha. But Jay, COME BACK!!!!

Block B - Mental Breaker

I haven't uploaded Block B's album yet because there are too many songs =__=
However one of their songs "Mental Breaker" must be one of the best songs I've ever heard hahahahah XD It's from Kyung's teaser:
Love everything about this song! That "oh oh" intro and that jazz feeling asdfghjkl!! XD 
They should've made a MV for this one as well, that dance is epic! Have to learn it :3

Dressing up as your idol on Halloween

I've never in my whole life "celebrated" halloween in any kind of way. Sure I dressed ut as a trans-devil in elementary school but that was probably it o_o Yeah my mom did the makeup that's why I looked like a transvestite... 
a very kpop halloween going undercover as your favorite idol eyoai 1 A Very K Pop Halloween: Going Undercover as your Favorite Idol
a very kpop halloween going undercover as your favorite idol eyoai 2 A Very K Pop Halloween: Going Undercover as your Favorite Idol
a very kpop halloween going undercover as your favorite idol eyoai 3 A Very K Pop Halloween: Going Undercover as your Favorite Idol
a very kpop halloween going undercover as your favorite idol eyoai 4 A Very K Pop Halloween: Going Undercover as your Favorite Idol
a very kpop halloween going undercover as your favorite idol eyoai 5 A Very K Pop Halloween: Going Undercover as your Favorite Idol
a very kpop halloween going undercover as your favorite idol eyoai 6 A Very K Pop Halloween: Going Undercover as your Favorite Idol
Yeah because when I walk down the town as a boss having cloths like Orange Caramel people will come and say "OMG ARE YOU NANA OR LIZZY?!" Jk XD
Well the best way is to wear something that kpop fans gets that "aha it's ..." feeling right away. The best ones would probably be:
Hmm... BO we should dress up as GD and T.O.P XD 

Macro time =3= [#20]

My... *sight~* dad always does that and everytime he does it, it sounds empty XD
Lots of Suju macros lately...

Leeteuk's hair is off~

More like shaved here and there XD Shouldn't it be completely shaved? Or... ehh >___> Only a few hours left before his enlistment I bet that fan pictures will be uploaded everywhere :3
Some final words from all the E.L.F's would probably be:
Take care of yourself and say hi to Heechul ;____; 2 years will pass quickly so come back stronger! 
                                                              Leeteuk love you forever

Reasons to Love... #2

Big Bangs "Lies"-era

T.O.Ps hand motions


EXO's Lay injured

BO texted me a while ago and said that Lay was injured o______o
He's suffering from a coagulation disorder, a disorder which concerns the production of platelets to help blood clot. -___-
Okay to make it simple it causes him to bleed longer compared to others when he's injured and might also cause him to bleed inside his body.

[BO: My mom is a doctor, so I know this sh*t. When you injure yourself (like a cut on your finger) the blood thickens (it coagulates) to stop the bleeding. Then it creates this scab. Lay's blood can't do that. It can't thicken and create a scab to stop the bleeding. Instead it just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds.]
And I found this about his injury on tumblr: Lay had his waist injured yesterday, but he just didn’t say it. Today the security guys brought the wheelchair to the airport. But Lay just refused so as not to let the fans know about it.
Get well soon ;w;

Macro time =3= [#19]

Gosh I miss Heechul...

Current state:

=______________= I had a Spanish assignment that I had to hand in technically yesterday. We had to read a freaking book in spanish and make a reviewe. The funny thing is that I found out about our assignment 2 days ago so I've been translating the whole book (yeah I suck that badly) and wrote a review on it during these 48 hours *like a boss* I just want to shoot myself...
Our holiday has finally begun so we're going to spend some extra time and fix this blog, se be ready folks ;-)

EXO comeback update:

All the EXOtics out there already knows that EXO will have a comeback at the end of this year (I also wrote about it before) and this time I found a small update on tumblr, or more like what their hair colors are right now haha XD On 3 members though... =__=
Luhan has black hair right now while Kris and Suho hasn't gone through any changes (so far) damn how can fans see that this guy *pints down* is Luhan XD 


Song of the week #42

I bounce like this~
Ah, Ah, I bounce like...

Block B - Nillili Mambo

Omg, this song!! Just like their song "NALINA" it's super catchy. I keep singing it all day in school, at home and I can't get it out of my head xD "Nillili LALALA nillili YA nillili mambo~" and then the rest of the song that I don't really know but sing along to anyway ^^. And then that "Come on everybody taptap, twist your body!" , or when P.O starts screaming in the chorus "OH YEAH!", that part.
Thank you LOENENT. btw for making an english sub. (Y)

And this MV is one of the more fun MVs out there to wacth. I either like "home made" MVs or MVs with an actual story behind it. Like I said before, there's a reason why people love Big bangs "Haru Haru" and U-KISSs "0330". Now I even love B.A.P's "Stop It". Haha and now this MV. 

All the members roles in this MV, how they all have their own personalities and how everything is just so fun! And their dancing, so laid back and just.. SWAG! And how great this songs is, and how well they sing/rap. It's all just a 100%. I LOVE IT! OMG and their looks! Haha Zico's little virgin dreadlocks ^3^ And P.O's hair mehehehhe.. Love the scene at 1:57. So sexy~ Then we have Taeil.. looking very sexy as well. Just all of the members haha ^^

And the end.. priceless xD They got the wrong case (because there were two cases. One with the diamonds and one from the game with with P.O and B-BOMB. You can see both bags at 2:12). Epic Block B!

~Mnet Chart~

Lol I started to freak out there for myself XD WHY ISN'T NILLILI MAMBO IN THE CHART?! ;w; Well they're at least on the 3rd place on the online chart OuO But damn TVXQ is still hangning on there...
It's amazing how K.Will's song just plopped up on the first place :o I thought Chansung was in his MV first but if I ain't wrong Kang Sora is in there and the MV is about homosexuality... I should check it out XD

Macro time =3= [#18]

Suju special~~

Leeteuk enlisting the army soon ;w;

This is even more sad than Heechul's enlistment, don't gooooo ;w; What will happen with Suju?! HOW ARE THEY GOING TO HAVE THEIR THANK YOU MOMENTS IF THEY WIN A PRICE?! THEY WILL BE LIKE LOST SOULS ON THE STAGE!! But I wonder who will "take over" that leader part during these two years...

(Bo: I heard somewhere that it would be Eunhyuk... But I think Siwon would be a good sub-leader as well..)
Only a few days left before his enlistmen, they said that he'll enlist during the end of October? So only 4... days left?! >___>
Dunno if this a photoshoped picture but I found it on fb, he looks.... really good o__o
Oh dear lord Yesung will be the next guy ;_______; I'm going to run in a corner and wait there for 2 years when that day comes~

2NE1 facts [part 2]

If you haven't seen part 1, then CLICK HERE ^3^



Hard to believe it but 1 year has already passed since their debut with "Message", damn... so fast O_O I still remember that day they released that song and everyone spazzed over that "Yalalalala" XD
They're growing bigger and bigger in Japan and Korea so well done boys! And I will never forget that feeling when Chaejin is 1 day older than me ;w;
ohohohoh wait wat o_o Hold on a sec... when the heck did they release a japanese ver. of Hello & Good Bye and what the heck is "What's up"?! e___e
Oh they released what's up 5 days ago, it's a Japanese song. I see, makes sense now XD



Macro time =3= [#17]

Haha so true
[IMG]   [IMG]

2PM to guest on "Star King"

According to insiders, 2PM will be making a special guest appearance on SBS‘ ‘Star King‘ just in time for Kang Ho Dong‘s return to his MC position.

A representative stated, “Excluding Nichkhun, the members of 2PM will be participating in the [October 29th] recording.” Although Nichkhun’s known for his close relationship with Kang Ho Dong on the show, he has opted out of the recording due to his drunk driving incident.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has also been confirmed as a guest on the upcoming show. Although the recording will take place a day before his official enlistment, he’s reported to have decided to appear on the program as it helped solidify his image as a variety idol.

This episode of ‘Star King’ will broadcast on November 10 KST.




2PM won't be the only one to guest on Star King but Leeteuk as well before his enlistment. I went all:



Gonna sit there an wait for the episode... to be subbed XD And Leeteuk will enlist the army soon ;w;



YOUNIQUE UNIT - Maxstep [Teaser]

Lol I thought SM debuted a new group called Younique Unit XD
I've read about this before and if I'm not wrong it's a collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company. Have to say that the unit is quiet random. I thought Changmin was in it because of that scream in the song ;D I don't know, I find the group random but yet not, they're all the main dancers in their group after all *confused*
But the MV will be released next week (5 days left) ^__^

Nest Kids [SUJU Cover]

While streaming youtube, I came across these.. WONDER CHILDS!
All I know is that these kids come from Japan and that they dance ^^

Why aren't the audience screaming their lungs out?! I know I had haha. But maybe they did, we just can't hear it because they put the music over the entire thing, so all you hear are the songs. Hmm... hard to explain, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say ^^

These little kids did an amazing job! I'm so proud, even though I don't know anything about them xD

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

This weeks U.P.A.H.I will be a bit different considering the gender. It's the first chick I've ever chosen as an U.P.A.H.I and I don't know why I haven't done that before because I don't really refer to a specific gender in the acronyms. 
Oh well this chick must be one of the hottest and sexiest women out there. I wouldn't mind turning gay for her sake XD 
Uhhhh yeah Gain (B.E.G) spam all over the place~ :3
A random quesrion is there anyone out there who knows where these gifs comes from with Doojoon?
Someone wrote that they were from WGM but is somehow looks more like SNL. And Gain was with Jokwon in WGM so anyone... please XD

Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me [MV]

AHHH, so cute!! I spazzed so much when he tried to kiss her xD The MV is so cute! But dang, that's an empty school they go to ^^

The song, me like! The dance, not bad! Over all, not a bad MV ^^ But my favorite song from them is still "Oh! My God" ^^
To bad a member had to leave (Jihae). Eaven though I never really knew her, it's still sad when a members leaves a group, no matter what group or member.

Macro time =3= [#16]

Troll XD
OMG HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH X'D This gif made my day! Look at T.O.P, proud that he hit him XD 

Those !?@#&!

Pfft... those basatards just gave me away like I was some trash flying here and there -___- 
I wish... hahahhahahahahahha XD
Well he's not the first one the same thing happened during Suju's concert ;'D 


Remember this group??? M.I.B (most incredible busters. Not men in black -.-) Hahaha I used to obsess over this group, but don't know what happened after their song "Only Hard For Me". Hmm.. not that I look back, it was only 4 months ago xD It wasn't really my favorite song from them, but after listening to it a few times (just like all the other songs) it grew on me.

My favorite song though is without any doubt "Celebrate"

WHY SO LITTLE VIEWS?!?!?!?! Come on, this song is amazing and so is the MV!!! It's so fun to watch you know ^^
No more rage, this should be a happy post O__o

So today, it has been exactly one year since they released their song "G.D.M" (girls drink money). No wait.. it was released yesterday.. minus a year?! Hahaha waaaah, I'm one day late!!

Well happy 1 year anniversary you guys!!! Apparently they'll make a combeack in november as well. Good, I MISS YOU GUYS!! I actually do ^^

New boy group: EXCITE - Try Again [MV]

Look at that another group... A LOT of different groups has debuted but I'm too lazy to write about them XD To be honest it's a shame that over 100 groups debuts here and there, because they won't come anywhere like this especially when they're from an unknown company. For example EXCITE they're from Penta ENC like who the heck is that?! XD 
Sure there are "small" companies such as Pledis, TS Ent, Top Media but they're still known but new companies like that one won't really make their idols big if they don't have any unusual way of promoting them. 
Okay the song in general was a plain OK? I really liked the melody at some parts, it was unique almost as clown sounds XD The MV was a typical "Oh the guy is cheating on me and everything I throw is a bomb", the dance was so-so didn't really focus on that or it wasn't mindblowing. So overall they're another group in the big sack. Yeah I may sound like a hating harsh bitch but it's the truth and I only feel sorry for these idols who literally waste their whole youth to just practice and in the end they'll release an album who can't compete with other groups from bigger companies and will always be their shadows. 
But hey... they may prove me wrong?

Did You know that...

In the song "Going Crazy" Song ji eun (Secret) ft. Bang Young Guk (for you who has seen the MV should know this) there's this car scene with the chick and she has a man/boy/dude in the trunk and guess what... the guy in the trunk is Himchan! XD Hahahahahahah I seriously didn't know that and I've seen the MV... 8374682 times. Well it makes sense after all, they're in the same company.
I bet ten bucks that other members has been plopping up in Secret's MV's without us even noticing it XD 
                                                            You dumb ass for killing him </3 XD

Kim Jang Hoon - Nothing [MV ft. Paris Hilton]

Hahaha honestly, the only reason I'm putting this MV up is because Paris is in it xD What the fudge???! Maybe it's good? And apparently, this MV cost 1,3 million dollars to make because they made it in 2D and 3D and had like a hollywood staff..


Hmm.. The song was nice. If I didn't know Paris was in it, I might even have liked it more!! But since it's a slow song.. I don't care. I really liked it!! xD But the MV was not worth the money. It's nothing amazing. I like B.A.Ps "Stop It" MV a whole lot better!!! I don't think you need so much money for a MV. Just have a good idea and people will probably like it ^^

So this is the first song released from his upcoming album. His 10th album.. that's a lot of albums O__o
Don't know when the next song will come or when the album will be released, but probably within a week ^^

Macro time =3= [#15]

He looked like Hyunseung in the last gif :o
I wanted to write "Where is Minho then?" and the picture spoke for itself...

Kpop gifs in relatable stuff~

I visited a random blog and the person uploaded different macros on so-relatable things in life and one of them had some kpop gifs in it and I started to fangirl, alone... XD So I've been looking around here and there and found some related to kpop or Korea in general ^o^

B.A.P - Stop It [3rd Single Album]

B.A.P Just keeps on releasing new albums. It has not even been a year and they're already on their 3rd mini album!!

Stop It

AMAZING!! If you want to know what I think of this MV you could just click here <---- I don't feel like writing it all again ^^

Yes Sir

Not bad.. kind of has that old school feeling to it. But nothing more than that. I don't know.. I like all of their songs, but this song didn't really catch my interest. Plus that it's very very short xD

Happy Birthday

YES, THIS^ I LIKE! It's not amazing right now, but I guess it will be after repeating it a couple of times ^^. Don't know what it's with me and slow songs lately xD I just perfer them nowadays..

I can't belive that...

Before I start here I usually have a thread between the title and my text here so if you think that my way of starting a text is weird then read the title first... Okay back to *poiting up*
... NU'EST actually have over 11 million viewes on FACE O__O
I'm like when the heck did this happen?!?!? 11 million, not even... yeah I can't really come up with anything. 
Oh oh!! Not even EXO's MAMA has that many views *only 8 milllion..* and it feels like EXO's fanbase is somehow bigger than NU'ESTs. But this is amazing, whatever you guys did good job (y) However I'm a bit sad that they aren't nominated for anything in MAMA =__= Not even the rookie award.
Btw I love this war between all the EXOTICS, Baby's and NU'EST fans (L.O.V.E) because of MAMA XD 

Movie Recomendation: 71 Into the fire

Yesterday me and Bo sat there like two... nobodys and watched this movie together. I've actually been thinking about watching this movie for a long time now (mainly because of T.O.P) but I've always been pushing it aside.
Lol they didn't even write T.O.P's real name, just T.O.P XD 
To be honest this isn't a happy-go-lucky movie.. there will be tears, blood and a lot of *dudududududnk* sounds but it must be one of the best "war movies" I've ever seen. The fact that this is based on a true story made the whole thing just asdfghjkl~ It's hard to describe the awesomness about this movie without spoiling it so just watch it if you aren't sensitive when it comes to blood.
My picture of T.O.P is somehow weird now. Because he doesn't look like a kpop idol in my eyes anymore XD And it's sick how they managed to make him look so young in the movie. It was released only 2 years ago! He has lost a lot of weight since then.. I mean, his face used to be more... babyfaced ;3
But I'm really amazed that 71 student soldiers fought against hundreads of North Korean elite soldiers for 11 freaking hours!! Until the backup came. Respect! 

BtoB - Lover Boy [MV]

Urm.. I don't like the name of the song. Want to know why? Because it's the same name as A-Peace's song. The song I love and cherish.. and the worst part is that I'm probably the only one who knows that "Lover Boy" is the name of a song from A-Peace.

Haha but then again, there are soooooo many songs out there with the same name! "Bingeul Bingeul" by Big Bang and U-KISS & "Hands Up" by Big Bang and 2PM.

W-w-w-what?! The thing at 1:43.. it doesn't feel safe O__o and YESSSSSSSSSS, another one of those MVs I love xD But it's not really.. amazing. These MVs usually are, but it felt too professional. It need to be almost like they filmed and edited the MV themselves. Those are the kind of MVs I love ^^

But the song was nice. Like their song "WOW" a whole lot better though, and I recently started to listen to their song "Irresistible Lips". A-mazing xD

Macro time =3= [#14]

Omg HAHAHAHA GD and Gaho!! X''D
Who in the world would ever relate that to fried rice?!
Bo... T.O.P is everywhere ;w;


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO F(x) Krystal, one of the Jung sisters who is turning 18 years old (19 Korean age)!!! Oh so she's only 1 year older than us O_O She looks... older XD That was a surprise ;'D

Vote for MAMA 2012

Yes you can now vote for MAMA 2012 (Mnet Asian Music Awards) here --> 

I still remember last years MAMA, the little rookie me who didn't know so much about kpop XD Gonna sit there like a freak this year OuO I remember 2NE1's golden performance that was just (YYYY) Okay gonna stop with all the boring MAMA talk, just go and vote, you're able to vote everyday and the award will be in November 30th in Hong Kong this time. "My country" ^o^

Girl's Day - Don't forget me [Teaser]

I had a discussion with Bo about that boys' action over there... I somehow found him stupid to grab her hand and give her more pain by carrying up that arm of hers. Buuuut then Bo came out of nowhere and said "He's helping her by carrying her arm as well, stupid..." <-- or something. And that was the historical moment when I:
Jk XD But the boy looked cute, I think o__o didn't really see his face but it's obvious that he is pretty. I've been listening to Girl's day before but I don't really remember them that well but it was quiet clear that a member was missing and if I ain't arong here *cough youtube comments* a girl name Jihae isn't there and that is because of her leaving the group because of personal reasons.
The song seem to be one of those cute ones with powerful voices and the MV will be released 26th ^o^

Did You know that...

Both Kim Bo Hyung (currently a member in SPICA) and Jooyi (---II--- in Rania) were supposed to be part of 2NE1? I think Bo Hyung was a trainee with them (under YG ent) for 2 years and I know nothing about Jooyi XD Imagine 2NE1 beeing a 6-member group right now... It would feel weird, almost as weird as Suju beeing a 5-member group XD

B.A.P - Stop It [MV]

I know that I write this all the time, but DAAAAAAAAANG!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!! Hhahah I was actually going to bring up the tail thing when I saw it in the beginning. I first thought it was just something that got stuck (0:43). Because after that it was gone? Then in the end.. she squeezed it? Hahahha Didn't really get that part, but I get that she saw him. But how? That, I don't get ^^

Something else that made me laugh was in the beginning when she flipped her hair (0:08). She has no hair -.-' You get my point ^^ And when that sandwich "drops" on him. Hahahahhahaha and BYG's acting!! xD Then we have Zelo and Jongup. Everytime Jongup starts dancing (1:28).. I can't really contain myself xD Even though he didn't really dance. AND HE GOT TO SING?! Not very much, but more than he did in "No Mercy".

And himchan? He got happy when he hit her? Or just happy because he got to touch her? And seriously, what's up with the tail?! hahahaha yes, this is my reaction to the MV ^^

A MV I really like, a MV with a story behind it. A cute story!!~

  • Alright, I think I've seen 하지마 (STOP IT) MV enough times do draw some conclusions about Yongguk and the MV in general. Prior to getting hit by Daehyun, he is a human. Once he wakes up again he's been transformed into some kind of creature with a tail. While going after the girl we notice that he is invisible to her and others.
  • Hypothesis: He is an incubus. His existence is to have sex with people in their dreams/sleep and can't be seen in a conscious state of mind, i.e being awake. However here he is also a mischievous saboteur.
  • Conclusion 1: Zelo and Jongup are adorable school kids.
  • Conclusion 2: Youngjae is an adorable ahjusshi.
  • Conclusion 3: Himchan might have a thing for rough play.
  • Conclusion 4: Daehyun was able to see Yongguk as a human and as a demon so maybe he is an incubus as well.
  • Plot twist: At the end the girl can actually see Yongguk so she herself is probably a succubus or another demon that did in fact notice Yongguk beforehand.
Found this on tumblr. I can agree on some of the conclusions hahahah (the last 3 ^^).

Troll... ^^

Macro time =3= [#13]

Lol, damn that's honesty XD

That's why...

I haven't been able to make any posts today... Well I'm not a intern anymore, finally done after 5 weeks :3 I got an invisible friend too, a dreamer (for you who don't know it's... ahh~ Just click on M2stasch on the categories XD) I have a friend in Kambodja now. Imagine in 10 or 20 years from now on a random chick/dude just plopps up and asks if you're his/her invisible friend ;w; It's impossible but you never know ^o^
                                                                           Iphone pictures ftw!~
I also bought these wonderful, gorgeous, tiny awesome puddings from a chinese/japanese/korean store ;w; *careface* hey deal with it XD As you can see 1 is missing and that's because of a little girl who stared at me in the bus @___@ Damn her for staring at me . . .

Macro time =3= [#12]


Song of the week #41

So lately I've been drugging B1A4.. and I have a really hard time picking a song from them to put as this weeks S.O.T.W.

Buuut.. I managed to pick one ^^

Baby Goodnight [PV]

This is the Japanese version though. I prefer the Korean Version actually, but this MV is soooooooooo so so much better than the Korean MV O__o
I mean, they're so cute!!! I absolutely love their MVs (their Jap. MVs). The only thing I hate about this MV is the fact that Baro is cheating on the girls, and his fellow members are helping him cheat. That is so wrong in so many levels T_T

But to the song.. as I said, I prefer the korean version. They're actually cheating in the Korean Version as well hahahaha. I need to seriously read the lyrics xD Oh... My.. Gosh. The lyrics are about cheating?! WAAAAAH, need to be more careful with what I listen to.. but this song is so catchy!!! xD

And now to the MV again.. I don't get why their PV MVs are so much better than their Korean MVs.. for example:

Beautiful Target [PV]

I promise you, I'm falling in love with these guys because of their MVs. Plus that I've always liked their songs ^^ But the MVs help a lot. But the thing that bothers me is that I want to watch the Japanese MVs but listen to the Korean version of the song.. Wae are you guys making it so hard?! TT_TT

Seriously.. KPOP groups need to step up their game when it comes to MVs. No more "dancing, dancing, dancing in an empty room~" (see what I did there? xD). They should have a story in their MV like in the old days. Why do you guys think Big Bangs "Haru Haru", U-KISSs "0330" among other are so amazing??! I believe that it's partially because of the amazing MVs. Yes..

So the Song of the Week this week goes to B1A4 - Baby Goodnight (korean ver.)

2NE1 facts [part 1]

All the facts actually come from a tumblr blog but I did it... my way instead

B.A.P - Stop it [Teaser]

Mohahaha it's out >:3

I don't really think that this one will "break out" from their previous sounds either but hey... what did you expect. No but it's B.A.P after all and yeah I'm gonna stop ruining the mood now.
Did anyone else notice that Bang Yong guk, Himchan and Youngjae were half naked XD And we will never get rid of that whistle but I'm pretty fond of it. And Daehyun's voice ;w; Makes me go asdfghjkl everytime he does that scream-thing ;'D
The MV will be out 23rd!!! Only 2 days :3

What Kpop Idols' Diets Look Like

This is actually a "hot topic" or at least someting every kpop fan (outside Korea) wonders. I've been reading all kind of crap and I believe most of you have done it too. For example sick things like how they starve themselves, only eat one potato for their breakfeast/lunch/dinner etc. So I've been searching here and there and found some different types of diets ;3
1.Drink water every single second (well not totally every second) but only if you're hungry, because water fills your stomach and your stomach needs something to squeeze...

2. 6 hours of exercise a day... its true, kpop artist during their trainee times, they usually dance more than 6hours and only drink ALOT of water.

3. Eat fruits or veg when you're REALLY hungry and it hasnt been 3-4hours yet.... something like cucumber,apple,banana...

4.NEVER EVER SKIP MEALS! Skipping meals doesnt help you to lose weight, it make you gain more...

5. Eat alittle... but not too little... eat like 1small bowl of rice per meal...

6... Eat every 3-4hours a day... not 4-5hours...
I also found some idol/group diets on tumblr:
  • Changmin -  “I love eating ice cream. Instead of eating ice cream that contains high in fat, you can turn it into a high protein dessert by blending banana, skim milk, and nuts. However, eating too much of this can also lead to fat. It’s important to eat in moderation.” Cottage Cheese Diet - “Body-builders tend to eat a lot of cottage cheese since it contains 0% fat.”

A Pink

  • the girls thoroughly prepared to hit the stage by utilizing a meal plan that consisted of sweet potatoes and eggs. As a special side, they revealed that they’ll sometimes have blanched octopus. The girls were strict about not eating after 6 p.m. and pursued additional exercise on top of their daily choreography routine.


  • DasomHer diet meal shows to be made up of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables tossed in a salad. Although it isn’t any groundbreaking diet secret, the results certainly prove that it works.

Kim Shin Young

  • In the morning, I eat a bowl of brown rice with stir-fried vegetables. 2 hours later, I eat 10 almonds, soy milk, and a quarter of an apple. In the afternoon, I eat calamari or any another protein source with vegetables, and 2 hours later I once again eat 10 pieces of almonds and apple.”

Nine Muses

  • Paper Cup Diet -  First, prepare three paper cups and fill one with fruit, another with rice, and the last with side dishes for each meal.Make sure you do not fill to exceed the brim of the cups, the girls say. In addition, the rice should be brown or mixed-grain, and salty/greasy food should be avoided.The girls also emphasized that it’s important to always eat three meals a day, and exercise on a regular basis.


  • Junho - Junho’s small meal consisted of cabbage, sweet potato, and chicken breast- foods that are low in calories.


  • Follow my breakfast recipe if you want to keep on dancing ‘til you’re 60,” says Park, “Mix three types of nuts, two fruits of your choice, two more dried fruits, soy milk, misut powder (a powdered substance made of roasted rice) mixed with soy milk, and last but not least, vegetable extracts. All in all, the preparation takes about 15 minutes.


  • Park Bom - Park Bom eats a total of five meals a day – three main meals and two snacking meals. Trainer Hwang created the two snacking meals to allow Bom to enjoy her two favorite foods – corn and nuts.


  • Before an important broadcast or a concert, the girls eat about 1500 calories.They would usually eat seasonal vegetables, 5 heads of broccoli, 100 grams of baked chicken breast, 150 grams of brown rice.”

After School

  • UEE - She stated, “Usually, I pack my own lunch” and pulled out a drink made from grains. She explained,“This drink contains black beans, wheat, brown rice, soy milk, and honey, so it can be used as one meal.” Additionally, she also showed the cameras the lunch that she packed for herself. The lunch contained brown rice, tofu with dried bonito, and a chicken breast salad. It was revealed that the half bowl of brown rice was 150kcals, the whole grain drink was 110kcal, and the chicken salad was 205kcals. Altogether, the meal did not exceed 1,oookcals. To conclude, UEE said, “Many people starve themselves when they are on a diet, but that doesn’t help. You have to eat well in order to lose weight more easily.”


  • Jung Yonghwa“I went on a diet to change my image. I lost 8kg (~17lbs) in a month. I ate only 1/4 of rice that I used to eat and ate chicken breasts along with bananas. I also worked out at night by running on the treadmill“.


  • The salad contains grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, octopus, shrimp, and lots of greens. Grapefruits lowers cholesterol and helps fight against aging skin. Cherry tomatoes can break down fat, while shrimp has protein and greens are filling; everything within the salad ensures that the meal is full of nutrients.

Big Bang

  • TOP - During his time filming Iris TOP went on a strict diet only eating healthy food. While during his diet, he stated that in order to do this diet, people must eat food with no sodium. Any food containing sodium they are not allowed to eat. He also lifted weights in order to gain more muscle.
SNSD has been through a lot of fiet rumours on how theyr starve themselves. I read somewhere that both SNSD and Suju goes to the same restaurant and SNSD'S bill was more, but that could've been a rumour as well. But they don't only eat 800 kcal everyday that some people claim, they eat around 1200 kcal
But damn this is little food, if you only saw me and BO... we could probably empty a whole truck >__>

Macro time =3= [#11]

[IMG]       [IMG]

B.A.P - 3rd single tracklist



Track list

1.Yes Sir


3.Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday...? That was a bit random XD You can pre-order the album now at kpopmart och yesasia. I'm trying to save money for 2PM's comeback....... that will be in 100 years





2NE1 comeback in November!!!

"Although 2NE1 was originally scheduled to release a new album in October, due to their world tour, it is most likely at the moment that they will be releasing new material in November instead,” Yang Hyun Suk stated. “For the time being, we have scheduled for 2NE1 to record this month… You’ll be able to meet new songs overflowing with 2NE1′s unique style this coming November.”
Woop woop~~ Another comeback this year :D Even though "Love You" wasn't their best album, but it was really good, I have bigger expectations on their album this time ;)

Double A - Teasaer photos

Oh damn Joowon's teaser photot was just ... O__O
I'm a bit confused over their comeback because they're uploading things here and there. I thought they already had their comeback (they released a MV a few weeks ago) but apparently they haven't ê___ê

Reasons to Love... #1

Big Bang's "La La La"-era.

Their Shirt-Lifts mehehehhee

Big Bang - La La La


This weeks U.P.A.H.I

                         Lol I can't describe how much I love this home-made picture for U.P.A.H.I *proud*
Nichkhun is topping this weeks U.P.A.H.I, dear lord I feel like one of those allkpop writers beeing all fancy and using the word "topping"... what the heck am I even writing =___=
But we're happy for your "comeback" after the whole controversy and I hope 2PM will have a comeback this year!!! ^3^ Oh well let's go all asdfghjkl on some abs pictures for now
                                                                          dat nipple~ *pinch* XD
I'm sorry but this picture just made me go:
I love saying this word in front of my non-kpop freaky friends everytime I'm confused ;'D They're like "Ha?" And the whole things gets reversed. They're the one getting khunfused, haaaaaaaa~ *lame* (Y) ;D

Macro time =3= [#10]

Omg I remember seeing this yt clip XD
O____________O Hahahahahahah X''D
Wait... I'm a bit mindfucked over here. The first on trolling is D.O and the last guy is Chanyeol but who the heck is the guy in the middle?! I don't remember anyone looking like that in EXO XD

Groups in 2013

I just realized it's not long till November, only a week left (maybe a bit more...) :o
I checked out the list of kpop groups this year (so far..) and last year I made a list on everyone debuting 2011 and that was a pure hell to write every single one of them. But I'm more scarred this year. It's.So.Freaking.Many.Groups!!!! O___O I also saw that they've already registered 2 different groups for next year >___>
Really a sub-group on INFINITE? I haven't really seen Woolim ent. making this official, or maybe they have and I'm the slow one... But it stood that there'll be a sub-group with Dongwoo and Hoya.
And is Pledis ent.  going to debut another group?! They've already debuted 2 groups this year, and 17 members?!?!?!? *snap~* I wonder what 2013 will offer us ;____;

Phantom - The Boys [COVER]

Found this video a while ago when I was drugging Phantom. Haha oh my..

Not only does it sound good.. they freakin' look good!! Hahahhaa xD The guy in the middle.. where is he looking half of the time?! ^^ And when he groves to the guy on the left singing at 0:31 - 0:38. And that he's always fixing his suspenders xD No one should wear those.. but he looks hot in them O__o

So the guy in the middle is Sanchez
The guy to the left is Hanhae
And the guy to the right is KIGGEN

From left:
KIGGEN, Sanchez & Hanhae

Hanhae is freakin' handsome O__o

~Mnet Chart~

It's funny how I'm writing some bullshit stuff here every week hahahahaha XD I'm always writing "Omg I have to listen to this and that" but guess what after 1 week I haven't been listening to a s**t Yes I'm brutal and I know it~
But I should seriously waste some time to catch up in the kpop world and spazz for myself *forever alone* fb friends who lives in Narnia..
BUT! My predictions is that Block B MUST be on the chart next week! Because that song is just <3
Is it only me who likes that "ehh" at the beginning? It reminds me of Nelly Furtado's say it right ft timbaland XD Pretty far fetched but ehhh~ *See what I did there* >:3

HAPPY 5 years ANNIVERSARY Tritops♥

No one even knows who they are, me neither but they're still celebrating their 5 year anniversary XD The only song I've heard about Tritops is "I'm a bad boy" and that is one of the most amazing songs out there and I believe that their songs should be awesome because their voices are just asdfghjkl <3
They're the definition of underrated out there buuuut HAPPY 5 YEARS Tritops!! :)
*lack of pictures* XD That's why I'm uploading random pictures on them hahaha ;''D

Macro time =3= [#9]

Oh right! We know that some of our categories doesn't really work and so on. But we'll fix that during our break and maybe some more on le blog~ So we're sorry if you haven't been able to check out some specific thing on our blog ;w;
*sight*~ Please make a comeback soon ;___; I've been waiting for it so long now... all the other fandoms has already been spazzing around even V.I.P's!! >____>
Dat small hand...

Life is harsh sometimes...

And guys... this happened a few minutes ago .____________________.

Miss A - I don't need a man [MV]

How awkward, they released the MV 4 days ago and we haven't uploaded it =__= People haven't really been spazzing over their comeback yet, or at least not on fb...

Omg they look gorgeous! ê____ê Especially Fei and Min.
I actually liked their song, a lot! Not their best one (If you compare to "Touch" and "Good Bye Baby") but it's relaxing ^_^ And the message behind this is well thought and good as well.
And *sight~* JYP always tend to plopp up in every MV and this wasn't an exception either. Did anyone else notice him at 0:09?

New solo artist: Crazyno

I mentioned... a feww days? week? month? that I would write about the new guy Crazyno. He's queit underrated, sure he just debuted but I haven't seen so many people hype about this guys and believe me he deserves it X''D I bet that YOU don't even know who he is... am I right? Huh? huh? HUH?! Yes I'm sane XD
His dance is just <33 I've been dancing like that around some girls at the company I'm currently working at ;'D
This guy is just awesome! I laughed thorugh the whole MV and the song is awesome as well! It's obvous that he's really cute, pretty and asdfghjkl. But damn he sure can make himself look ugly OuO
Some facts about this guy:
His real name is Zyno Kim
And he's from Melbourne, Australia
He's from the label JFC Entertainment
Lastly he's born 1988 (24 years old)
I found a small text from tumblr about his MV:
"Already his first music video is to portray his ignorance of aspects of Korean culture and the adjustment required when entering a new culture. So let’s see how he does".
                                                                       Just look at him!!! ^3^
The End.

Look alike: Kangho & Uee

Long time I haven't made a look alike thing... I seriously don't know how I found some of the pictures I usually post for my look alikes. I'm saving them in a file and find the pictures after 2 months XD
I usually write small crappy things here to just fill out the space hahahaha ... =___= Let's go on with the "A picture says more than a thousand words" or is ut just we Swedish people who say lame stuff like that? ê__ê

Macro time =3= [#8]

Omg XD
[IMG]   [IMG]
Trololololo ;'''D                                                                                <--- Fits perfectly to that macro

U-kiss - Dance Practice [Intro + Stop Girl]

This was actually uploaded a few days ago.. (like a month ago ^^)

But dang.. first of all, Kevin looks kind of hot here (1:18 - 1:27). I didn't really realize that U-KISS could dance until now?! Sure, I've seen their MVs but because I didn't pay as much attention to their dancing back in the days.. I guess I just never really thought about it? O__o But Dongho.. he isn't getting so much screen-time or song-time T_T. And what happened with that hospital thing?! Is he ok??????????? Well.. I hope he gets well soon.

So to put this in few words, U-KISS can dance!! WELL!! I mean just look, they're in sync!!!! xD And they all actually look hot in this dance practice. And remember how I didn't like the song "Stop Girl" so much? Well it's growing on me ^^

B.A.P - Youngjae & Himchan [teaser photos]

Lol I started to freak out for a while... I didn't know who was who XD And I still don't know, but fb helped me there. The pink one is Himchan and the orange one is Youngjae. I thought Himchan was the orange one =__=
Hohoho the teaser will be out soon >:3

Those awkward moment when... [part 4/4]

Not so many left but let's shoot out everything~ shoot..? ê__ê

Block B - Nillili Mambo [MV]


My bad I didn't really have the time to write about the MV XD
Was it only me who started to get teary and all that kind of stuff? I was like "They're finally back! ;w; *sobs* I can't believe that the whole controversy thing was half a year ago O__O Time flies by pretty fast .___.
Back to the MV... I-LOVE-IT! This is what I mean with doing a whole new theme/concept but to still have the group vibes in it! This was seriously awesome! One of their best songs/MV's.
Seeing Kyung chasing a chicken seriously made my day~  And imagine seeing Jaehyo running around on the street shirtless :3
Aaaaand U-kwon's fail at the end (with the gun) ;'D
Amagod I'm spazzing like a freak XD I'm happy that they're back and I can't describe how much I love their concept this time (YYY) Now I need to search for the lyrics :p

.:Latest iphone case:.

As I mentioned before I'm sitting here and massproducing iphone cases XD
Actually BO send be a picture and said that I should do that for him:
I sat and laughed my ass of for 10 minutes, who the heck does he think I am?! XD Buuuut I had to make a B.A.P inspired case so I made it B.R.A version~ >:3
I got a bit disappointed in that B and other small things as well but it works?
So if you see anyone out there with a B.A.P case, it's Bo :p

Macro time =3= [#7]



2PM’s Junsu changes his name to “Min-Jun"

I'm sorry but I just had to bring this up...
I don't know if he's trolling with us but to expect his fans to call him "Min-Jun" all of a sudden is... too much O_O The thing I wondered was if he changed his name to Min-Jun compeletely or if it's his stagename (With 2PM) But I believe it's his real name? XD *retarded* And Jun.K is is stagename I guess..

But I'm actually speachless, this was a really abnormal way to just announce something. It'll be hard to call him Min-Jun now all of a sudden so he'll still be Junsu in my eyes.
I hope that JYP will release some more info about this matter =__= It's not April 1st yet guys...

B.A.P - Jongup & Zelo [teaser photos]

That's... a lot of eyeshadow on Jongup hahahaha XD
But I hope that their album this time will be a bit more WOOW!! :D No mercy didn't really give me that hype feeling as warrior did because it was pretty similiar to that (warrior) and Power. So I want something new but at the same time they should be able to keep that B.A.P vibes :3
Exactly 1 week left!!~

Block B - Nillili Mambo [MV Teaser]

Oh. My. God!!! IT SOUNDS AWESOME! THANK GOD!! I was so affraid that their "new" style would be very boring. I honestly didn't like many of the songs that was played in their teasers.. but this, THIS!!! This is just like the same old Block B I remember xD Swag, good sound and just awesomeness all over it ^^

AISH, and P.O looking fine as hell, and U-Kwon.. and ZICO!! And they all know how to dance now.. and they're all so schmexy!!~
SPAZZ!!!! djaisofhdasusf1k4ej23torhfwopwa!"!"RTGFEhrthjprse

The MV will be released tomorrow.. WHO ELSE IS EXCSITED?!

Those awkward moment when... [part 3/4]

Lol or maybe not XD
I believe that this person is SHINee biased... XD I should change this to Awkward SHINee moments insted

Macro time =3= [#6]

That's my mom...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MBLAQ's leader Seungho who's turning 25 years old today (26 Korean age)!!!
I'm seriously hyping for myself over here ;w; I can't believe that our dorky boy is getting so big XD
I hope that you guys will celebrate your birthday and anniversary well!! ^3^

B.A.P - Yongguk & Daeuhyun teaser

I didn't know that they would release another album O__O 4 albums in 1 year!! It's sick XD Not even NU'EST or EXO has done that...
Their 3rd single album will be relesed 23rd October just 1 week left :o
Ah I love teaser pictures~ XD Lol I feel like a freak :3
A friend of mine uploaded a picture on B.A.P in L.A and apparently everyone are blonde again. They did fit in brown/pink/blue or what so ever but blonde is just their trademark so I'm happy that they're blonde once again ^o^

Block B - Zico & U-kwon [Teaser]

Lol the Korean version of Jack Sparrow XD And shaving his non-existing beard (y)
Went all asdfghjkl when I saw his dreads and those blue eyes at the end O__O This is getting more and more interesting THE ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED OCTOBER 17th!!!! 2 days left!! :D
Totally forgot his teaser XD
This didn't give that Block B vibes as well (just like Jaehyo's) :3 Was it only me who wanted to sing "lost my mind nananana"  after that "Ahhh" at the end XD (You know EXO's song..)

This weeks U.P.A.H.I (delayed)

Forgot to do my U.P.A.H.I yesterday so let's have 2 different one this week XD That must be one of the most lame:st acromyn I've ever seen ê__ê For you who don't know it stands for Uber Pretty And Hot Idol...
After so many months I finally created an U.P.A.H.I picture ^__^ And this was the best I could come up with... >_>
^3^ This weeks delayed U.P.A.H.I goes do Suju's Eunhyuk~ It's funny because during our newbie days in the kpop world (me and BO) we actually... disliked him. This will sound horrible but it was something with his looks XD But he's one of the most lovely, beautiful, sweet somethingsomething guys we've ever seen in the kpop world or even the world (I think) XD

EXID - Every Night [Dance Practice]

Not the best dance ever, but I think it's the perfect dance for this song. Not too much or too little. It's just right ^^ And they are insync. Not 100%, but more than EvoL.. hehe

Anwho, I liked it.. I'm very tired now so it almost made me fall asleep (and that's why I liked it. But I liked their "I Feel Good"-dance a lot better. But I guess that this dance is easier to learn? Because the dance steps go a little slower. And NO(!), I'm not underestimating them. It's probably still a hard dance to learn ^^

The song.. I like it!!!! It feels like I'm very easy to impress these days.. ^^ But yes, I like it!

Macro time =3= [#5]

That's cheesy...


Usually when more than 2 people are having their birthday at the same day, all of my energy just *whoosh~* wtf.. XD
No but my point is that I don't really have the energy to write personal stuff for each person so I'll only make it short ^_^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Suju's Donghae who's turning 28 years old (29 Korean age)! Oh !#%#"#! 28 years old?!?!?! Ahjussi...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B.A.P's maknae Zelo who's turning 16 years old (17 Korean age) today!! :D That awkward moment when he's as old as I am right now =___=
                                                              Somehow reminds me of Lee Joon...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 4 Minute's middle-member Jiyoon who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!!!

Well I bet that a lot of people will fangirl/bying today, especially E.L.F's :p

Another iphone case~

I haven't said this before because I wanted to wait a bit more to see how things would turn out...
I made another iphone case a week ago? I made an INFINITE inspired case. I contacted an INFINITE fb fanpage and wondered if they wanted to have a giveaway with the case I made, and they said yes! :D You can now join the giveaway as well~
It's funny because I actually ruined the case and wanted to throw it away but decided to make some random things on it, and then it turned out fine XD

Song of the week #40

Well well.. for the past 2 weeks I've had very nice, slow and emotional songs (according to me). Maybe they're called ballads? ^^ Either way, maybe you were hoping for something a little bit different this week?

Hate to disappoint you, but I found this AMAZING song by a guy called Brother Su (Kim Hyung Soo). He's from the entertainment RealCollabo. He debuted in February 10, 2010 with the song "It Was You".. the song I've fallen in love with.

Haha he looks so cute!! Like.. sorry for the language, but a cute dork.
And his voice is just amazing :') 
So the "Song of this week" go to Brother Su because.. well it was you. And you deserve it. I could honestly lay down on my bed for hours just listening to this song. But I've become more careful and not over-repeating the songs I like. You know, if you play a song that you like too many times, it stops being as good as it was before. So yes, I could listen to this song all day, but I won't.. because I like it too much ^^

3 Years With MBLAQ♥

Well, as B.R.A wrote before.. there are two groups that share the same debut-date. Guess who? Haha noo, the headline doesn't say who it is at all ^^

IT'S MBLAQ!! They released their debut album "Just BLAQ(teenpop)" October 14, 2009. The same day they released their first MV, "Oh Yeah". Gosh, I've got so many memories with that song! Hahaha not very positive comments I had about the song, but they were kind of funny ^^ I was a very judging person back then..



- come to me, sweety
- yes, sir *-*


Still the same dorky dorks.. xD

However.. 3 YEARS!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love you guys soooo so much!!~ Keep beeing the guys you are, but can you for God's sake (and my sake) come to Sweden? T_T Joonie.. how are we supposed to get married if we haven't met? Through mail... but I still want to see my husband!! COME SOON 8D


There's actually 2 groups who'll have their anniversaries (omg if you read it fast it'll be ovaries XD) today and I'm a bit lost because I haven't really seen anyone on tumblr fangirling/congratulate them for their anniversary.
B2ST debuted in October 14th with their first mini album called "Beast Is The B2ST" and it has now been 3 years since their first album was released. So today is what I consider an anniversary to be XD
A lot of fans celebrates their anniversary from the day they performed their debut stage, but I do my own style and celebrate them on the date they released their first album ^o^
Yeah and B2ST had their debut stage October 16th so it's only 2 days~
But HAPPY 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY GUYS And may you be the B2st~ (See what I did there? XD)

Macro time =3= [#4]

Lol that was a good one!
Aw this reminds me of the movie "Ted" I saw yesterday XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Sunny Hill's maknae Kota who's turning 25 years old (26 Korean age)!! Wait if she's the maknae then damn O_O Are they really that "old"? O_O
This woman is so freaking gorgeous! I'm like biased all over her!! Especially in "The grasshopper song" I was like asdfghjkl ;____;


I've been working non-stop the whole week and I'm tired as f***! That's why the update sucked today ;w;
I actually find swedish people... amusing, if that's the right word. Some of you know that I'm currently an intern at a company called "Invisible friend" we had a giveaway a few days ago.
We're currently in an exhibition trying to advertise the company by talking and selling those dolls. And today....
I made a woman cry and after a few minutes she bought a doll O__O

I was like... this doesn't make any sense but sure here you go~
But it's fun I guess, tomorrow will be the last day and the updates will be mucho better ;'3
                                                              ^ Me right now~~ So.freaking.tired

~Mnet Chart~

Why so serious?
I just realized that I haven't heard poison yet, just the intro O_O I don't know what number 6 is on the chart but all I know is that I've A LOT to catch up now when it comes to kpop songs -_- Haven't checked out Gain's comeback either >___>
But why isn't CRAZYNO's MUSICHE on the chart? :O That is one of the most awesome !#%/# ever XD
Have to make a separate post about this guy, so much to fangirl but so little space...


As I mentioned in Hyosung's birthday post it's Secret's 3 years anniversary today!!! :D I started to hype when it was M2stasch's 1 year anniverary, wonder how the idols feel :p
I don't know why but I'm secretly biased on Secret (see what I did there?) no but I don't really "know" them so well but I've always liked them for no reason.They seem really... sweet ê__ê
Secret debuted with their MV "I want you back" October 13th (today, 3 years ago) and we wish them a happy 3 years anniversary ^3^ Keep beeing sexy and pretty~

Macro time =3= [#3]

Dear Lord I thought it was one of those body shirts, you know the ones small babies always have...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Secret's leader Hyosung (really?! She's the leader?! XD) who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age) today! :D That came like a shock o__o I didn't know she was the leader *shame* XD It's also Secret's 3 years anniversary today so it's a perfect timing for celebrating :3

Block B - PO [Teaser]

I think Zero just jumped put of Vampire Knight XD
This didn't teally "hype" me up except for his looks, that sounds so bad -__- A lot of people say that he gives that T.O.P feeling but is it only me who doesn't think that way? Sure his voice his quiet similiar when they rap but that's it...
I'm really hyped about U-kwon's teaser, BrandnewStardom release it already!!!! And Zico's XD

U-KISS’ Dongho sent to emergency room due to lung issues

Agency NH Media stated, “On the way to a scheduled event, Dongho experienced pains and was taken to the emergency room. After tests, they found that he’s suffering from pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest that leads to chest pain, usually sharp, when you take a breath or cough). Now, we’re evaluating whether he needs surgery.”

“Dongho is currently acting as the spokesperson for [the movie 'Don't Cry Mommy'] and is promoting U-KISS’ 7th album ['Stop Girl']. Excluding Dongho, the rest of U-KISS is going on with their scheduled plans. Although the planned schedule is important, Dongho’s health is the most important. We’ll be watching his progress after he receives treatment at the hospital and we figure out whether or not he needs surgery.”

- Allkpop
                 image   image
You know allkpop always tend to write titles that will make you shit yourself and this wasn't an exception. Started to freak out a bit but searched for it and guys... we can relax (for now). It's not a deathly injury and he wont die. As long as he gets a good treatment in time everything will be all right~

Top 10 Sexiest Male Idols

I've been publishing A LOT of top thing lists and we've been stuffing everything in the random category so all of our random **** is in there, somewhere... I've done some of them while the rest are from a page and that's where I found this one ^_^ Top 10 Sexiest Male Idols~

Other lists:
Top 10 Dramatic K-Pop Transformations
Top 10 K-Pop Leaders
Top 5 creepiest fandoms - Lol that was something based on my personal feelings XD
Top 10 kpop maknaes
Top 5 kpop rappers [Boys] - I'm starting to doubt on the guy who's in 3rd place...
TOP 5 Smiles [Singers, Male] - BO's list
Yeah as you can see we have a lot of lists here so just dig in XD But let's go on with the list I found online :3
Hm... the list isn't bad but it's old and I also have some people I wanted to switch out. I should make a personal one when I'm at the verge of not having a life XD

Ailee - I Will Show You [Teaser]

I wasn't even going to put this teaser up!!! But then I saw.. 0:15 O__o

HAHAHA my reaction!!!!!!! It's funny how I didn't realize it was MBLAQ's G.O until 0:15. I guess I was looking too much on Ailee. You know why? Because people keep saying that there's something between her and Jay Park, so I kind of only focused on her to see what she had that I hadn't.. True story.

Then at 0:15 when I got bored, I looked at the guy. AND OMGOSHITSFREAKINGOFROMMBLAQ!! Hahaha yes, well this song will be released October 16th. Soon.. the song didn't sound too bad. I haven't really listened to Ailee so much, but since I've been really into slow songs lately.. I might actually like this song? Only time will tell ^^

Kpop crossdressing all over again~ [part 2/2]

For you who didn't know I made a part 1 last week with different bois~ If you haven't seen the pictures yet CLICK HERE!
So let's continue with part numero 2
Omg hahahahahah T.O.P too?! XD
image         pj2NE.jpg
Well some of them do look bad, just like a trantransvestite XD However a lot of them look really good o__O
It's creepy what some makeup, fake hair and fake boobs can do to a man X'D

Macro time =3= [#2]


Block B - Taeil [Teaser]

This was really beautiful ^3^ That sweet voice of his~

I'm seriously wondering what kind of strategy they have this time... It's different songs and different teasers and I love it! It's not that "Hey let's introduce each member in different teasers but it should be the same background and the same song".
I was somehow waiting for something random to plopp up especially after Jeahyo's and Kyung's teaser XD But I really love this! Will they do a MV for every song, or...?

Those awkward moment when... [part 2/4]

18.(trying out photo format instead, ask me which one is better)
This was actually one of the most biggest shock for me and Bo hahahaha XD We never knew that Minho had abs because Minho was Minho but then this one just asdfghjkl

Jewelry - Look At Me [MV]

Not the biggest fan of Jewelry, mostly because I've never really noticed them. I knew that they existed, but because they haven't released anything in 1 year and 5 moths (which was before I started listening to KPOP) I haven't gotten a chance to like these girls. Who knows, maybe they're good? One thing I've learned thanks to KPOP.. never judge before you know ^^

HMM.. *processing*. I actually liked it. It doesn't make me want to know these girls more, it just means I like it. I liked their style and the song. But what's up with "touching your bum and stick it out while you drag your hands over it"-dance everybody does in their MV's nowadays?? O__o Not complaining though mehehehe ^^

Look at me.. look at me, look at me now *says in super-speed* ^^
Welcome back Jewelry! I guess we're all looking at you now ;D

Macro time =3=

I've finally decided to name these morning humour posts "Maxro time =3=" I'm seriously wasting 10 minutes of my life everyday trying to come up with a title and I've practically been writing everything I can >__>

Btw the reason why it is "morning humor" is because of the time here in Sweden. It's 6 am -__-

Imagine his future wife/husband... fried chicken, chicken pot, chicken stew, grilled chicken, chicken pie the list is endless XD

Miss A - Min & Fei [Comeback teaser photo]



Min's photo: “I pay rent with my money, I can buy everything I want to eat and clothes I want to wear, although it’s not enough I know how to be satisfied, that’s why I love myself.”

Fei’s photo: “Boy don’t say, I’ll take care of you I’ll care for you No No, Boy don’t play, if you aren’t going to be serious.”

It has been known for a while that Miss A would have a comeback soon and I've been searching for it as well and finally Allkpop wrote about it :3
They didn't write any specific date but I belive that after Jia and Suzy's photos, a teaser should be released after a few days?

Their comeback theme looks pretty interesting it seems to have a quiet big message behind it *duhh, independent ladies* XD Btw is it only me who thinks that Min looks like that rabbit guy in "Alice in Wonderland"?




Block B - Teaser [Kyung]

HAHAHAHA, omg, this made me laugh xD WTF?! He reminds me of my brother haha, he looks so funny but it feels like he's a bit serious ^^ and that makes it so much cuter xD HAHAHA and that random guy that started to dance with him (0:11), or the old man at the end looking at him like "Oh no! He's coming closer O__o"

Haha I love Block B's style in these Teasers. Don't know about the music though.. it's not really me. I liked their old sound much more, but then again.. they might surprise us!!

7 days now (October 17th), BLOCK B FIGHTING!!!

~Mnet Chart~

Finally the mnet chart got updated! I've been waiting for days now and they're a bit a late... however nothing has really happened with the chart. Especially the countdown e___e Only TVXQ's Catch Me has plopped up and I don't really remember how the online votes was last week but I don't think any drastical changes has occurred over there either.
Is it only me who get this weird feeling that we're waiting for something? It feels so slow lately.... I want christmas soon ;w; Or now! XD Ah~  Just imagine all the new christmas songs, snow and stuff all over the place .___.
This song isn't really on the chart, I want christmas nooooooowww! The best christmas song last year, made me all fuzzy now ;3

AOA - Get Out [MV]

DAAAMN, i liked it?! xD And I loved "Elvis". So I guess AOA is doing pretty well in my eyes ^^

and DAYUM!!! The girl at 0:35, looking like tomb raider and stuff!! 

1:37, there we have someone that actually got an acceptance letter to Hogwarts O__o
1:51.... that's the "Kill Bill"-girl -.-'

I bet that everytime someone showed up like someone else (or like, i costume) they were someone that actually existed. In a movie or IRL ^^

And the dance was good! Haha very sexy when they sang "OH. oh. OH. oh. OHoh", I seriously could not stop looking at their.. hair ^^ It kind of reminded me of A Pink in "Hush". I guess this entire MV reminded me of stuff ^^ But I still liked it! The song was not really like anything I've heard before, so that's awesome! A little variation you know xD


 image image
Lol it's fangirl/boy time for all the 318476123 million Suzy fans out there XD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Miss A's maknae Suzy who's turning 18 years old (19 Korean age). To be honest she's really sweet and beautiful and I don't really have anything against her but gosh she is a bit overrated sometimes. Allkpop and other sources had a period when they literally spammed about Suzy (and Uee..) on how sweet, nice or "amazing body" she had XD
Okay I should stop hating, happy birthday suzy :3
My internet hates me so this was the only picture I could capy and paste *too honest*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the first generation (was it first?) idol Kangta also a former member of H.O.T who's turning 33 years old (34 Korean age). I haven't really "checked" out old idol groups except for Koyote (if that even was their group name XD) but all I know is that I made fun of H.O.T and was scarred as **** when I saw some group pictures online XD


                                                                 Omg such an amazing picture! Love it ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Suju's "real" maknae Henry Lau who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age) today!! :D
I don't really know if I should get the feeling that everyone in Suju are old or if they're still "young", their maknae is 23 years old after all, not even leaders today are this old XD
Lol I thought Hayana was the second rapper but that was J-DA ê___ê
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Evol's Hayana who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today~ Wat only 19? o_o
Haven't really paid that much attention toward Evol so I don't have... anything to say XD

Jewelry - Look at me [Teaser]

Apparently Jewelry released a teaser 14 hours ago and I randomly found it on youtube XD

To be honest I haven't heard a single song from them nor do I know anything! Sure I know one thing or two about girl groups in general but zero when it comes to Jewelry!
Her looks is actually unique, she doesn't look like a typical Korean girl (the face) it's a mix between something and something XD And daamn the gurl can rap! That's hardcore rap and it sounded really good :O
Their mini album will be released October 11th, only 2 days left ;) Looking forward to this :3

R-rated stuff...

Oh damn! Who is dat? o__o

The winner~

Remember our random giveaway a few days ago?
The answer was 105 pins and the winner will be on Invisible Friend's official facebook page, so if you've participated go and check out if you're the winner~
We will contact you later today ^o^

Peanut butter jelly time~

HAHAHAHAHAH "I'm not bothered, he lives there" XD

Oh so funney



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO N:SONIC's maknae Bongjun a.k.a Black J who's turning 20 years old today (21 Korean age) I don't know why but something just hit me right now about how amazed I am with the age thing in the kpop world... The guys are actually adults but they're behaving like children hahahah and we fangirls love it X'D *twisted minds*

Block B - Teaser [Jaehyo]

HAHAHAHA omg the ending xD Well.. the song wasn't that good. I perferred Minhyuk's (B-BOMB) crumping teaser. Gosh, that teaser was actually sexy!!~

But this had a bit more humour in it ^^ I hope their album will be as good as their previous one. That sh*t was amazing!! Their full length album will be released on October 17th. ONLY 9 MORE DAYS!! 8D

15& - I Dream [Practice]

Not bad.. felt more like a "Live Version" though. Now when I think about it. All these Practice-videos are like Live Versions ^^ Just that you don't get it from different angels and they don't wear amazing/weird cloths. So yes, I guess this is just like all the others, but the others dance and these sing xD

But dang.. their voices!! And I just love the fact that Park Ji Min isn't super skinny. She's beautiful just as she is, but I bet you that she'll lose like 20 pounds within 3 months T_T

Just wanted to confirm...

I've actually been witing to write this post but I thought that all of you might already know this. But let's post it anyway XD *just because I can*~
To make it simple: The chick in GD's MV for Crayon isn't him. Or at least not the first part where she walks. Allkpop seemed to mindfuck everyone by saying "G-Dragon is getting positive comments on his curves" or something like that XD I never read that post so I don't know if they were serious about it or if they just trolled around with their readers. e__e
All the signs goes to his tattoos
He's still pretty as a girl but chilllaaaxx it wasn't him, the whole time... wonder who the girl was :o
[Bo Bae] UPDATE: But I mean the girls arms.. their so toned!!! And since GD don't have the biggest arms in the world (just some shape) I first actually thought it was him.. because of the arms. But then again.. because of the lack of tattoos (on the arms) we can see that it's not him. So her arms made me think it was GD but her arms made it clear that it wasn't.. HAHAHAHHA got it? xD

Kpop crossdressing all over again~ [part 1/2]

I started to search on female idols who was crossdressing but I found none! Except for Sullie and her short hair because of To The Beautiful You. The girls should do a crossdressing thing as well during their concerts X'D
He is skinny as ****!
1.jpg         2.jpg
Omg hahaha XD
Who the heck is this O__O

Song of the week #39

I've been really into ballad songs/slow songs lately.. It's just something about the music that makes me feel so "in peace"? Haha can't explain, but I bet I'm not the only one enjoying listening to slow music. It could be all from GD's "That XX" to Yiruma's "River Flows in You" (which actually isn't KPOP, but it's composed by a korean)

So basically the S.O.T.W this week will be a slow song.

Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa (aka. Yamapi)

I have no idea of how I found this song, but it's just amazing!! And the instrumental version is also just to die for. I have no idea who this guy is, but aaaahhh!!! LOVE THIS SONG!! It makes me so emotional, it's almost like B2ST's "You" (last weeks S.O.T.W)

I'm not even sure if it's korean hahaha, don't get a word he says and his name is Yamashita.. he's definitely Japanese xD

M-2-s-t-a-s-c-h- M2stach~

Lol XD

Phoebe <333


Gif spam @____@
I didn't know that he changed his hairstyle ê___ê I should maybe listen/watch to their latest song *doesn't even remember the title* -__-'
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BIG STAR's dance king Baram who's turning 22 years old today (23 Korean age) today~ Really 22 already? I thought he was younger >_>

SHINee - Dazzling Girl [MV]

OMG LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD  Me and Tudou aren't really bff's since 2 years ago so it took me over 40 minutes to actually watch the MV and 15 minutes to find the html address >__> Why haven't SM uploaded this yet?
I was seriously in daze for 4 minutes and 12 seconds *dazzling guuurl*~ Their pronounciation was really good on "Dazzling girl" I thought that they would have a really bad accent but it was really good (Y) Minho and Taemin didn't really have so many lines, especially Taemin but everything was compensated through their massive camera time. 
I'm in a fangirl mode here because everyone looks so good O__O Especially Taemin! Damn boy what happened?! I LOVE his hairstyle in this MV, it's probably his best style so far BUT Onew... what the heck was that?!
Wae are you having a pot on your head boy?! =___=
And Jonghyun was the only one wearing a vest, flashing his muscels here and there *not complaining* XD
I really liked the dance during the chorus when they jumped here and there. It made me smile like a little freak but it entertained me at the same time X''D
It was awefully good for a Japanese song so good job (Y) I feel like a proud mom ;w;
                               I notice some Keyho? Minkey? (heck with OTP names...) moment there >:3

KPOP fans can relate #1




I know noooothing about these guys. The only song I've heard is "Time's up" and I love it! XD I wonder if they have any variety shows, anyone who knows a bit more about this?


La la la la la la la pretty babe~

I'm so tired right now so you'll get a small morning humour this time...


Gonna make this really short because I don't really have the energy to write something personal to all of them XD Not because I usually do it, but you get my point -__-









This guy has seriously become more hot since.. o__o I don't know when.

But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MBLAQ's Thunder who's turning 22 years old today!! (23 Korean age) I didn't know he was so "old" e__e









HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EXO's "My Lay, Lay, Laym Laydy" XD who's turning 21 years old today (22 Korean age) Have a rellý awesome day with le exo~









HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KARA's Nicole who's also turning 21 years old (22 Korean age) today!! :3 not the biggest KARA fan out there but she deservs this ^o^







HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ROOKIE GROUP 100% MEMBER Changbum who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today~

It's the hot telephone guy!!! :O I still suck when it comes to 100% but I'm trying here...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU!!! Everyone is turning 20 >__>





Dalmatian "spam"!!

I seriously love this picture ;w; It's perfect in every way, inclusive his chest OuO ... XD I think I've found my OTP in Dalmatian! Jeel? Dansu? Something loke that -.-

BIGSTAR - Think [MV]

WAAAAH, HOW COULD I MISS THIS?! They released this MV 3 days ago T_T (October 3d)
But better late than never..

OMG.. she kissed him?! They never really kiss in MVs O__o Don't know who the guy she's kissing is though.. hehe

0:17 Raehwan (the lead in this MV) (Lead Vocal)

0:46 FeelDog (Leader +Rapper )

1:34 Jude (Maknae + Vocal)

1:47 Baram (Rapper)

2:39 Sunghak (Vocal) - sadly no close up of him in this MV

BARAM!!!! Wae u cut your hair?! I liked his long hair with that entire bad boy image he had. But I guess he still looks a bit badass ^^ But I wanted to see him dance more, like in "Hot Boy". DAYUM can this boy dance!! They all can dance!!!

But you know, there wasn't so much dancing in this MV.. we got a little in the beginning (which.. didn't really fit. They danced with so much power and the song was just slow and sad.. it didn't match up). But then between 02:49 - 03:00 we got some more! And it looked so good!! This song is not all that, but when this group dances.. I honestly don't care about the song. Like the dance MAKES the song good. Does that make any sense? ^^

Giveaway: An Invisible friend in Thailand!

I just realized that this giveaway sounds really... weird O_o 
Last week I wrote about the company (that I'm currently wokting as an intern at) called Invisible Friend, and what the point behind the company is (You can read it HEEEREE!!!) And we're finally going to have the giveaway!
It's really simple!
1. KLICK HERE and like their facebook page (to later know if you'll be the winner)
2. Guess how many pins there are in this glas/vase thing XD (just comment it on this post)

And then you're ready to go!! 
Simple right?
                                       The vase is 30 cm while the diameter is 5 cm. To make it simple.. it's big
So if you're into math you can always count approximately how many pins that can fit in this vase thing, or you can just guess and see if you're close to the result XD <-- that's my style...
The contest will end on October 8th 00.00 (Swedish time) and the winner will be revealed at 12 pm during the afternoon. And to be able to know if you're the winner you have to like Invisible Friend on facebook ^__^

The winner can chose between these dolls *scroll down* just like their invisible friend in Thailand. I totally recomend to read the previous post if you want to get the whole thing or you could visit their hoempage
Ps. Everyone can join the giveaway and it's free! They'll pay all the shipment etc.

Good Luck~ ^o^

Latest iphone case

I don't really have any homeworks right now so I'm literally mass producing Ipone cases here and there XD I just made an EXO case that I showed you last week. This time I made a GD & T.O.P inspired Iphone case  ;-)
A simple one~ :3
I just found out that GD & T.O.P had a new symbol because they had to change it:

"Their constant use of the "peace sign" for their promotional activities (such as the cover design for their album) also gained attention, with the duo explaining that since the mark is similar to the Playboy logo, their attractive, sexy, and fun sides have come out while promoting the album. The peace sign was later retracted after YG entertainment was asked by Playboy to remove the image for its similarities to its own logo. It was replaced by a typographic image of a heart composed of GD&TOP"
- Wikipedia
Lol XD *fail* But I still prefer this one ^_^

So call me maybe?

Wait wat... o___o Is that Kevin? Or.. Who's the guy with red shirt? >___>
It's funny cuz it's true...

Block B - Teaser [B-Bomb]

I actually find this pretty depressing, this morning when I visited youtube's channel I saw that Brandnewstardom uploaded this teaser clip 5 minutes ago but I couldn't watch it ;w;
Everybody say WEEHOO!!!~ They're back!!!
I've been listening to Block B's albums these days and I miss them .____. The whole controversy was just ridiculous (according to me) but that is quiet forgotten now however they've been through a lot of shit during that time. But then Nichkhun and T-ara came hahahaha XD *mean humour*

To be honest I started to laugh at the beginning because it looked lame but daaaaamnn! that was swag on high level! The whole thing just badum tsakfjasljdfbsajfd~
The MV will be released October 17th so they have plenty of time to release other teasers ^_^
Btw was it only me who couldn't stop focusing on his nipples?! O___O

This weeks U.P.A.H.I (by Bo Bae #4)

Ok, so when I'm picking the weeks UPAHI, I pick the ones I think are ho and that I look up to. So I started to think about this particular person.

Oh Gosh.. his smile!!! So this is Bang Yong Guk, born March 31, 1990. The leader and main rapper of B.A.P. Haha, he has that dorky sexyness all over him. I can't really see him as very sexy, because he gives me that "big brother" kind of feeling. But he's still so adorable!

And his rapping, it's one of the best out there. Another thing that makes him so sexy is actually his voice. It's so deep and husky, it basically pulls me in whenever I hear it.



Trainees that swithced companies

Yesterday I said that I would publish a list on previous trainees who switched to other companies. A lot of them were trainees from JYP o___o
The first one was their "original company" and the second/third one is their current one.

Baram (Big Star)   
JYP Entertainment → Brave Entertainment


B-Bomb (Block B)   
Woolim Entertainment → branNEWstardom


BoA (SPICA)   
LOEN Entertainment → B2M Entertainment


Bohyung (SPICA)   
YG Entertainment → B2M Entertainment


Chanmi (Co-Ed School)   
SM Entertainment → Core Contents Media


CL (2NE1)   
JYP Entertainment → YG Entertainment


Dongwoo (Infinite)
JYP Entertainment → Woolim Entertainment


Dongwook (DNT)   
DSP Media → Orange Entertainment 


Dongwoon (Beast)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Doojoon (Beast)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Eunkyo (Co-Ed School; 5Dolls)   
JYP Entertainment → Core Contents Media


Feeldog (Big Star)   
JYP Entertainment → Brave Entertainment



SM Entertainment → Worthy Entertainment


Gajin (StheOne)   
DSP Entertainment → GP Entertainment → EC Ebenezer


G-Dragon (Big Bang)   
SM Entertainment → YG Entertainment


Good Entertainment → JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Gongchan (B1A4)   
KeyEast Entertainment → WM Entertainmen


Honey (EXID)   
JYP Entertainment → AB Entertainment


Hong Jinyoung   
JYP Entertainment → Mnet Media


Hoya (Infinite)   
JYP Entertainment → Woolim Entertainment 


Hyomin (T-ARA)  
JYP Entertainment → Core Contents Media


SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment


Hyorin (SISTAR)   
JYP Entertainment  → Starship Entertainment


Hyosung (Secret)   
Good Entertainment → TS Entertainment


Hyuna (4Minute)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Hyunseung (Beast)   
YG Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Hyunyoung (Rainbow)  
SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment


Jaehyo (Block B)   
Cube Entertainment → brandNEWStardom


Jaekyung (Rainbow)   
JYP Entertainment → DSP Entertainment


Ji Eun (Secret)   
JYP Entertainment → TS Entertanment


Jihyun (4Minute)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Jisoo (Swincle)   
DSP Entertainment → Kant Entertainment


Junghwa (EXID)   
JYP Entertainment → AB Entertainment


Jungmin (SS501)   
SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment


Junhyung (Beast)   
Xing Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Good Entertainment → FNC Entertainment


Junsu (2PM)   
YG Entertainment → JYP Entertainment


Junyoung (ZE:A)   
DSP Media → Star Empire Entertainment


Kevin (U-KISS)   
Xing Entertainment → NH Media


Kibum (U-KISS)   
Xing Entertainment → NH Media


Kwangmin (Boyfriend)   
JYP Entertainment → Starship Entertainment


Kyungri (Nine Muses)   
Medialine Entertainment → Star Empire Entertainment


Lee Jongsuk   
SM Entertainment →  Well Made Star M


Lee Junki   
SM Entertainment → Mentor Entertainment


Lee Min (Young Gun)   
JYP Entertainment → Good Fellas Entertainment


Lime (Hello Venus)   
Medialine Entertainment → Pledis Entertainment


Lu Han (EXO-M)   
JYP Entertainment → SM Entertainment


May Doni   
JYP Entertainment → YG Entertainment → LOEN Entertainment


Minhyuk (BTOB)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube DC Entertainment


Minwoo (C-Clown)   
Cube Entertainment → Yedang Entertainment


Minwoo (ZE:A)   
JYP Entertainment → Star Empire Entertainment


Nam Gyuri (Seeya; Actress)   
JYP Entertainment → Core Contents Media


NS YoonJi   
DSP Media →  JTM Entertainment


Peniel (BTOB)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube DC Entertainment


Raina (After School)   
JYP Entertainment → Pledis Entertainment


Seyong (MYNAME)   
JYP Entertainment →  H2MEDIA


SM Entertainment →  Trifecta Entertainment


Son Anna   
SM Entertainment → Nine Media Group


Son Dambi   
DSP Media → Pledis Entertainment


Soohyun (U-KISS)   
Good Entertainment → JYP Entertainment → NH Media


Soyeon (T-ARA)   
SM Entertainment → Core Contents Media


Soyou (SISTAR)   
Cube Entertainment → Starship Entertainment


Sungjae (BTOB)   
JYP Entertainment → Cube DC Entertainment


Sungyeol (Infinite)   
SM Entertainment → Woolim Entertainment


Sunwoong (Touch)   
JYP Entertianment → YYJ Entertainment


Thunder (MBLAQ)   
LOEN Entertainment → J.Tune Camp


UEE (After School)   
Good Entertainment → Pledis Entertainment


U-Jin (D-Unit)   
YG Entertainment → D-Business Entertainment 


Star Empire → Happy Face Entertainment


SM Entertainment → YG Entertainment 


Woohee (Dal Shabet)   
Medialine Entertainment → Happy Face Entertainment


Yoobin (Wonder Girls)   
Good Entertainment → JYP Entertainment


Yoosung (Co-Ed School)   
F&C Entertainment → Core Contents Media


Youngjae (B.A.P)   
JYP Entertainment → TS Entertainment


Young Ji   
JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment


Youngmin (Boyfriend)   
JYP Entertainment → Starship Entertainment


Youngsaeng (SS501)   
SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment


Youngsky (One Way)   
JYP Entertainment → Yejeon Media


Yunyoung (A-JAX)   
Lion Entertainment →  DSP Entertainment





Daaaaamn that was a long list o__________O but you can clearly see that a lot of them are from JYP right? *random*



15& - I Dream [MV]

Their debut has arrived!!!
15& is a duo with "KPOP Star" winner Park Ji Min and a trainee from JYPent. Baek Ye Rin. They both sing, so I guess this is a vocal group ^^

From left to right: Park Ji Min & Baek Ye Rin

AMAZING!! They're such a powerful duo. That's the song. The MV however.. wasn't that good. It was cute in the beginning but when they ended up in front of each other at 3:20.. and when they just stood there singing with their hands. I kind of felt awkward... haha. I think that the MV would have been much better if they made it into more of a story.

You guys have seen Huh Gak's MVs right? I posted some up a while ago, but yes. That's what I'm talking about. These kind of songs deserve MVs like that. It makes the whole thing even better! I love this song, but I think I would've loved it more if the MV was a little better. I somehow feel like this was a bit rushed. Didn't Park Ji Min just win "KPOP Star". They let her debut so fast O__o That's why I feel like it's a little rushed. But maybe she didn't need much training. I just think that they should have put more effort in the MV, that's all.

Yeah I've been doing... stuff



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO T-ara's .... cutie (?) XD Soyeon who's turning 25 years old today (26 korean age) that's quiet old o__o Or "old" I thought she was younger, you know 23 years?
                                   Lol that's just like me XD
AMAGOD It's Chunji!!!! XD I thought of Changjo for a moment...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Teen Top's mother Chunji who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today!!! Really only 19?! O__O I don't know why but I thought he was one of the oldest member in Teen Top.. oh right... he is one of the oldest member XD

There's one thing I've always wondered. C.A.P will turn 20 this November will they kick him out of the group or just change the name? Sure it's almost the same as Super Junior but it's still acceptable but Teen Top seems to be a it . . . ehhh @__@

Those awkward moment when... [part 1/4]

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23. (reupload, there was an error)

Did You know that...

Big Bang's leader G-Dragon was a trainee in SM ent. for 5 years. This is actually something new for me even if I am a V.I.P XD There was also rumours that he woved to never become a singer after having his contract terminated when he was 8 years old. Well look from the bright side you aren't a singer, you are a rapper... XD *bad joke*
I actually saw a small list on trainees who swtiched companies (our idols today) I'm really surprised to see that 50% of all the trainees from that list was from JYP ent. o_____o Have to upload it someday ;)

If I were a boy...

O____O I love this gif...
Lol HAHAHAHAHAH faaaaiiiil!! XD
An old one ;''D Still good XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Wonder Girls awesome rapper Yoobin/Yubin (<-- what I call her..) who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age) today!! OuO She and Sohee must be my 2 favourite members in WG. I seriously love those parts when she rapps, it's something with her voice that makes her rapping sound masculine but you can still hear that it's a chick XD
Lol biases everywhere XD First of all Ilhoon and Sungjae are my el biases en el BtoB~ *end* My spanish skills here is just excellent! . . .
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BtoB's rapper Ilhoon who's turning 18 years old today (19 Korean age) aahh~ <-- not a scream ahh more like a sight ahh~ Keep showing your wonderful smile I'm going asdfghjkl everytime I see it ;w;

                                                          Perfect finish with Ilhoon and Sungjae >:3

TVXQ - Catch Me [Dance Practice]

Well.. it got better during the end xD At first they were not really in sync, but that improved during the end. AND OMG the transitions betweem them?! WAE SO GOOD?! It looked so cool, like how they lifted one guy and made the other one disappear behind them etc. And those wavy snake things they do. Kind of reminded me of High School Musical 2, but I still liked it ^^

One of those funny stuff #3

I've been trying to find one of these but with girl groups instead and I'm totally failing here XD The only gifs I can find it boy groups old and new ones. Gosh they sound like products XD
As I mentioned before this is more like a freaky fangirl thing so let's go on with Suju this time~
This was the first one I got and I was like asdfghjkl Hangeng ;w; <3 I thought he licked my fingers but, he can lick his intstead... Oh my god what is happening to me XD
I can't really decide if this is one of the most disgusting ones I've ever read or just sweet because he's my bias in Suju XD Firsty hand-fed istant noodles?! That's just... weird and messy and splashy at the same time. Secondly "Would you like somee sugar with that?" Instand noodles with sugar . . . *dam dam daaaaam* ._________.

"Who do you think is gay, lesbian or bisexual in kpop?"

I searched on "kpop select something" and the first and only thing that google wanted to show me was a thread on allkpop about this matter -__- *points up* and of course I had to click it ^o^ It's over 182 pages and heck do I have the energy to read all of them. But it was some basic guesses and some names that showed up *a lot* was

* Jo Kwon
* Key
* Kevin
* Amber
* Eunjung
And other ones as well
[IMG]   [IMG]
              [IMG]  [IMG]
To be honest I don't really care if anyone is gay, lesbian or bisexual. I'm not even religious so it doesn't really go against my "beliefes". They're human beeings just like you and they're living their own lives.

Okay that wasn't really the biggest point. Even if there are a lot of "hints" about an idol beeing homosexual, don't get fooled by it. To actually read serious comments such as "Yes he/she is homosexual" makes me go "wat? .__." Kpop is known for the word "Fanservice on high level" don't judge the idols by their actions because we seriously don't know how they're in real life. You never know Key may be the most manliest member in SHINee but SM decided to give him a diva character and the members has to go along with it as well.The most unexpected person can also be homosexual etc. Well you get my point, I hope...
Sure I get suspocious as well but I don't really go around and seriously claim that they're gay, lesbian or what so ever. It may be hard for them to "go out in public" as well considering that Korea are a homophobic country. So the only thing we can do is to enjoy the fanservice even if the service seems to be too good to be true. :3
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Makeup [Hyuna Style]

I always tend to look at makeup tutorials on Hyuna's makeup. So I thought I might share some videos with you guys I thought actually looked like the makeup she was/is wearing!

Hyuna's look from the "Gangnam Style" MV:

Trouble Maker Inspired Look:

Come on guurls, come on boiiiss!!

I see.. This is where Psy got the "horse riding" dance

AA (Double A) - AGEHA Dance [MV]

This track is co-produced by ‘Aoora & Frankie A.’ who both have a long working history with the group. They were inspired by “AGEHA“, the biggest dance club in Japan, so they created this track.

The music video was shot by the AA members themselves and also edited by member Aoora.

As you patiently wait for their official comeback, check out the MV for “AGEHA Dance” below.
- Allkpop

OOOOH, so this isn't their actual comeback? haha I see. And this sounds promesing. I like those kind of MV's ^^

Not the best "home-made" video out there, BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE! And they're finally back! I honestly never had a huge crush on these guys, but they belong to my "I just started with kpop"-era. So that's pretty special.. ^^
The song was.. ok. I'm not really thinking about putting it in my phone. It's good, but not that good O__o

But omg, the guy with that hair?! I hope you know what guy I'm talking about..

Yes, the guy with the rainbow on his head. Hahaha that is so freakin' cool!! I want that xD But I always wear a hat.. so that's kind of pointless ^^ But still..

Anyone here who is fangirling over their comeback?

S.I.M.P #56

Lol I'm like "WHICH SONG SHOULD I CHOSE?!" I think I chose U-Kiss Neverland 3 times before, not purposely more like I forgot that I chose it XD
Apparenly BO has been dead? These days so I'm covering up a lot =__=
Oh well todays S.I.M.P will be:

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because Of You
Bo... I'm going crazy because of you ê_____ê

BIGSTAR - Think [MV Teaser]

NOOO, I wanna see them "dance, dance, dance, da-dance.. fantastic baby~"

The song seems to be upbeat, but I just hope that they can really dance to it. This groups are one of those who are amazing at dancing. Better dancers than singers in my opinion, so goddammit, they have to dance!
But just the song in general, it doesn't sound so bad.

Their entire mini album "Blossom" will be released on October 4th.

Todays random hunt...

I don't know why but I just got that impuls thing and started to search on ulzzang's in Korea yesterday and geez everyone are so skinny... and pretty... and cute ;w; But the guys are too skinny goddammit! They're like toothpicks >_>
But I think I found a pwetty (yes it's pwetty not pretty >:3) one ._____.
Lee Chi Hoon~
                                                                            Lol the first gif X''D
Look at them! Skinny as **** and the dude to the right looks like a chick (It's probably Lee Chi Hoon XD) o__o He's more pretty than all of my friends combined together. Well my friends may be ugly... HAHAHAHAH Just kidding XD Eh what the heck they wont read this anyway, yeah you're ugly! ^3^
He's 23 years old (Damn O_O) And he was supposed to be a member in LED Apple but quit because of his different musical style. ê____ê

I say bom bom bom everybody say wehooo!

2...? Oh HAHAHAHAHA XD Dat mirror

AA comeback!!!

I'm like what the heck dude?! I've been seriously stalking AA 345678123 years and I haven't been able to snatch anything about a comeback and all of a sudden allkpop starts to troll around and writes a big fat essay on their comeback XD *inside rage* Well not really I'm actually really hyped!!! They'll have a comeback soon :D

"We always appreciate all of you who have been patiently waiting for AA’s comeback. Not to let you disappoint, AA and all staffs are hardworking and finally we are 100% ready to comeback! So there are a few things to let you know.

First of all, it’s about “AGEHA DANCE”. Music Video of “AGEHA DANCE” will release soon, before the official comeback. (The song will also release after a couple of weeks, with title song.)

“AGEHA DANCE” is co-produced by ‘Aoora & Frankie A.’ who have been always working with. They were inspired by “AGEHA”, the biggest dance club in Japan, so they created this amazing song. (As you already knew, AA was invited by “DAISHI DANCE” to perform in there last summer.) The video will release on AA’s Official YouTube Channel at 11PM, October 2nd.

To get much closer to W, the video of “AGEHA DANCE” was shoot as self-camera of AA members. (Especially Aoora edited the video on his own.)

Second, we want to let you know that some teaser videos will release from October 8th until the comeback. 20 teaser videos will be uploaded on AA’s Official YouTube Channel. They are preview for 12 songs, and watching the video, you can get to realize when the comeback D-Day is. So you should check every detail in them!

But you should know that the title song of AA is never included in teaser videos. It is totally brand new style that can take you to another level. (Trust me! :-D)

Most of all, it’s about time for AA to come back to all of you. Please notice that AA is finally ready to return. AA has been patiently waiting and hardworking to meet W again, just like W did. This is the moment that we all have been waiting for. So AA want W to come back again and show the greatest love and support ever.

We will be back soon with new things to notice. Please wait until then with passionate attention and love for AA. Thank you for reading this long notice."




What. The. Heck. did I just read?! 20 freaking teasers o________________o I don't know if I'm that hyped anymore... XD Wanted to write "JK" but I'm serious here. Why?! Waeee?! Do you guys want to bring up those harsh memories during EXO's debut?!

Oh well... I have to admit it does sound interesting. They've been in Japan for so long now and they're finally home I bet that their whole album will be Japan inspired :3


Let's wait and see guys... wait and see... >___>



Song of the week #38

So this is not really a new song, even though there are some out there that deservs to be this weeks S.O.T.W. But this old song.. OMG, it's so amazing! i can't stop listenting to it. But I have to.. or I'll kill it just like I've killed every other KPOP-song out there ^^


It's so good!! And the lyrics, imagine having someone sing that to you ♥‿♥
This makes me fall in love with B2ST in a whole other way. Gosh.. need to start geeking them too! But I have too much homework T_T

Anywho, so for me, this is the Song of the Week. What's your song of the week? :)

Old but gold moments [Part 2/2]

I did part 1 last week so let's begin the freaky monday with part 2  ^__^  It's christmas soon~ Yeah only 3 months left -__- *having a conversation with myself* XD I promise you guys, I'm normal in reall life... *cough* I think I'm getting a cold XD
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                                                                I seriously love this one hahahahaha XD
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Movie Recomendation: High School Debut

The movie is actually based from the manga (with the same name) I hesitated a lot but I finally decided to read it and it must be one of the most sweetest manga I've ever read ;w; I'm like FINALLY a girl who doesn't cry every chapter because she's afraid of losing the guy or some crap XD *harsh*

I'm like asdfghjkl y u so pretty *___* you know what I was actually a "Japan freak" before I turned into a Korean stalker. Well the word was may be a bit misleading, I'm still a japanese freak but I don't really show it XD
Back to the movie... to make it simple: If you've read the manga and haven't seen the movie yet it'll literally suck. The plot jumps here and there compared to the manga. But! It's a good movie if you haven't read the manga yet. The acting was really awkward at the beginning and I couldn't really, how do you say it... get used to the girls excessive acting but you got used to it *cough after 1 hour cough* but I really liked the guy! He gave that "Yoh feeling" from the manga but he should've been a bit more shy XD I'm like bombing everything I can over here ;'D
They should've made it into a drama instead, then the timeline of story wouldn't be so bad compared to the manga and they would've been able to capture a lot of moments but as I said it wasn't bad for a movie.
Congratulations if you've read this far but I'm not done yet >:3 the movie had some random parts that would crack you up as hell hahahahahahaha *flashback* XD It was so freaking random but I loved it! Especially that Engrish teacher "Harruuunnaaaa Look at me! Look at meeeee~"
;D just watch it, you wont regret it, even if you aren't into Japanese things (*movies, manga, style, music) just watch it and give it a try ^__^ I really liked the song, have to search for it :O

Omg it's October!!! :O


Sometimes, the boys find it hard to appreciate all of their fans.
(Sorry for the repost, for those of you who follow me on fuckyeahhangeng!)

That moment...

When you can't sleep and create random pictures with paint...
Urgh I need to sleep =__=
But I have to admit, my paint skills are getting better ê___ê

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