Fail... Oppa~ Fail... Oppa~

Tried to watch MBC Gayo Daejun and it was confusing as ****! XD Sometimes they speaked Japanese, KARA performed MR 2141 times, it was comercial here and there 2NE1 just plopped up out of nowhere but it seemed better that SBS Gayo Daejun. X'D
Saw Hyun seung and HyunA, I thought they would perform Trouble maker but the parts I saw they only rubbed against each other... it was a bit too much XD 
Well well Eunghyuk and Donghae made my day XD
I haven't listen to their song "Oppa" yet but I did... live... and it was awesome...

Some clips will probably be uploaded later~
Well have a awesome new years eve!! :D

My reaction when the clip lagged XD
Say wuuut ;'D

Ahh here's some of them! >:3

This is what I meant with rubbing O___o

HAHAHAHA I feelt like a 10-year old child on christmas eve!!!
I say SHINee you say Oppa!~
SHINee, Oppa~
SHINee, Oppa~
XD The epicness when Key, Taemin and Minho plopped up ;DDD
Wonder who wrote this song ê__ê
<3 You guys once again made my day!~

New year greeting! <3 ;'D

Secret Garden Parody #2

ahahhahahaha, some clips xD (A lot of clips these days O.o)

#1. Taecyeon & Daesung

#2. G-dragon & T.O.P


What they are saying:
The Guy: *Doing "push ups"*
The Girl: Are you not going to do them right? (the oush ups)*
The Guy: You don't want me to do them right.. *Starts doing them right*
The guy:
Ms. Gil Ra-im (the girls name), since when did you become so pretty? Last year?
The girl: *Leaves*

Hahahha, that was a very rough translation. But it's pretty much what they are saying.
Don't it just bubble inside of you when you see this? I can't stop giggling when I see these xD

Another group...

A long time ago, I wrote about a group called Piggy Dolls

And a while ago I read that the same company that created piggy dolls has created another boy group called CHAOS

Hahaha I've practically copied the whole article XD
They've removed the teasers O___O Well, have to find or wait for it. Gonna upload them one day... XD

But it seems interesting... I can't judge anything yet but if their skills are as great as EXO's then EXO surely have a rival incoming. Cut the whole "have a cute smile", 2012 will be a year where A LOT of groups will debut so the group have to literally stick out and SM has once again done that, let's see if they'll also do it with CHAOS. It's quality time...

So yeah... another Taeyang -.-

One more thing! It's funny how the year haven't ended yet but there's already 8 new groups on the list of "Debuting groups 2012"

See any resembelence?

Okey, I'm still pretty hung up on the concert last night (2011 SBS gayo daejun)

Remember TVXQ's intro?

Pretty darn cool!!!!! But it reminded me A LOT of Beyoncés performence on the 'Live Billboard Awards 2011' earlier this year:

Think the '2011 SBS gayo daejun' got a lot of their inpsiration from here? ^^ Maybe not.. maybe it's just like a new "thing" that people use on their concerts nowadays. Or maybe it's exactly like I'm saying.. that Korea got their inspiration for all the intros from here ^^

What do you think? O.o

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

This guy is just.... pretty *___*



*I'm looking at him*
*Looking outside my window*
*Looking at him*
*Looking outside my window*
*a loud sight~*
While thinking fml...

-___- What the hell is this thing called country? O___o Sometimes I wonder if I were a rapist who killed a whole family in my previous life -.-
Y IS THERE ONLY UGGLY ASS BLONDE GUYS HERE IN SWEDEN WHO THINKS THEY'RE ALL HIGH AND COOL WHEN THEY SLEEP WITH CHICKS AND DRINK EVERY WEEKEND?!?!?! IN KOREA A COOL DUDE WEARS PINK AND ACTS CUTE . . .  (maybe not -.- a cool dude in Korea flash his abs while letting other people on the other side of the world drool while watching him XD Hahaha *shame*)

Kekekek~ *perv*

Spend half of my night watching small parts of this show. But this was the best!!! hahahahahahahha XDD

The awkward moment when Nichkhun joins Sulli with the dance moves... and does it better XD
But THE BROTHER LOVE T____T When they fell and he was like "touch-outside-the-box" O____O The girls XD Hahahah <3___<3
AND the end... was it only me who got all hypnotized and saw those hard... man boobs? XD The T-shirt got wet so...

My god I'm getting a bit too hyped ê___ê

It shines O____O

Karma is a biatch...

Posted Image
Mehehehe XD

Posted Image
So cute~ TT^TT

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

A deep moment...


"I hope Pinocchio was a doll forever. I wish Sleeping Beauty would sleep forever. And I wish that Peter Pan was an old man. Sorry, that’s too good to be true."


-U-Kiss: Alexander

"I want to buy a house for my family"

HAHAHAHAHAHAH this must be the best quote! XD  

-T-max: Yun Hwa. [mnet interview]

"I know about women. I know that they’re not men."


-SHINee: Minho.

"To be honest, if you end up liking a girl, wouldn’t she look pretty no matter what she wears?"


-2PM Taecyeon

"Honestly, I don’t like posing normally when I take pictures"

Me neither >__>  

-2PM Taecyeon

"I dislike fighting."

 TT^TT <3  

-Big Bang: Seungri.

"I feel sometimes whatever I said will be misquoted and everyone will think that I’m an arrogant and irritating guy. So I hope everyone will not misinterpret my words and actions. I’m not a bad guy, hope everyone understands that whatever my thoughts are, there are reasons and conclusions."


-SHINee: Key.

"You can’t choose between Love and Friendship. They’re like a package: You either get both or you lose both…"




"I’m so glamorous even in pajamas."

   HAHAHAHAHA this and the "I want to buy a house for my family" must be the best one XD

-Super Junior: Hee Chul




Depressed kid -.-

It's Friday... in the middle of the night... and I plane cheese right now =__= What am I doing with my youth -.-

Well another clip will (hopefully) be uploaded tomarrow XD So yeah...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Had to show you these pictures XD

Wonder Girls vs. Wonder Baby

GOSH, she is to die for!!!!!!!!! xD

FINALLY!!! MBLAQ's performance!!

I finally found MBLAQ's performance on the 'SBS gayo daejun 2011' concert that was held yesterday (December 29th)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

My little boys.. ok, maybe not little. My BIG boys are growing.. bigger? Hahah no, my little boys are getting so big!!!
It feels good seeing G.O in a haircolor other than black.
Mir, ouf, W U SO SEXY?!
Joon.. haha.. my Joonie~ LOVE YOUR HAIR, YOUR VOICE, YOUR DANCE.. your everything ^^
Not much to say about Cheondoong, great like always!
And Seungho, dude, what did they do to your hair? O.o But I dont know.. it's not bad, but I perfer you in longer hair :P

Girl groups performing boy groups songs ^^

As you may know (if you've followed us for a while now) I have put up a clip on the Guy Groups dancing and performing Girl Groups songs:

BUT TODAY I found a clip with the girl groups performing to Guy Groups songs!!
The clip:

Manga recomendation!

I don't know if there's anyone out there who's reading manga... but it's worth a try. Personally I LOVE reading them ^^ So many different characters, stories, arts etc. I've probably read manga about 3-4 years? Sheesus if you knew how many I've read XD

A mangaka that I recomend for you as a reader or as a non reader (you should try :) )
It's the famous: Kamio Youko.
If you're a k-drama (or even a j-drama) freak the you should've heard about Boys (over) before flowers/ Hana Yori Dango.
Yepp she's the author and she has also done other amazing works ^^

Hana Yori Dango   Matsuri Special  Cat Street
From left: Hana Yori Dango, Matsuri Special & Cat Street

I've read all of them *proud* (Read Cat street receantly)

Ore no Hanashi wo Shiyouka                     Tora to Ookami
Ore no Hanashi wo Shiyouka                                  Tora to Ookami - On going work
(Spinn-off from Hana Yori Dango)

The art isn't really my favorite but it's not terrible either. It's pretty average :)
There's a lot of pages for you who wants to start reading manga here's one of them:
I'm a member XD But this one is also good:

Ta taaam~  Urgh feel like a nerd XD

2011 SBS Gayo Daejun - MBLAQ dance

Okey, still haven't found when MBLAQ actually perfromed. But found this:

Mehehehhehe :3

2009 SBS Gayo Daejun?!

OMG, you can like.. watch the entire 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun on youtube!!! xD

If you want to, then here you go:

Just realized that you can watch ALL the previouce SBS Gayo Daejun concerts on youtube -.- well, hahaha at least now you know that xD Just search for: "(the year) SBS Gayo Daejun (what part you want to see, like 1 or 2)"

Yeah they released another one on KAI

His way of walking O__o XD
But I rather want to see other (new) members instead of making 2 clips for 1 person -.- *naaag*

These guys are just <3

Hahahahah the ending!!! XD
The scream reminded me a lot of Mir O___o

These guys are just awesome! Once again I couldn't keep my eyes of the Taemin guy...

Other dance covers:

Have to love how the guy with the white T-shirt plopped up together with them in synced!

Teen Top - Crazy (Teaser)

Remember when I told you guys that Teen Top will have a comeback next year?!?! Well, here is a teaser of their new song Crazy!!!! xD

Drama version. It sure is -.-
Hahhaha, no, BUT I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!! 8D

In the end... I touched it >___> *look previous post* XD

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Hahahah raaaappeee! Shindong's expression XD

Posted Image
The guy behind him looks like he's in pain O___o

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Aw my god! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I remember when I was new in the kpop world the first thing I saw was SHINee Lucifer dance practise clip. Not did I only get psycked when I saw Taemin's shirt but I thought he was a chick XD
THEN I showed it to BO "Is that a chick?" XD I somehow feel sorry for him during that period...

Posted Image

Ending it with the JonKey couple! <3

Posted Image

I don't know what to do!!!! TT^TT


Saw this lame article on allkpop that I have to write about XD It's about Netizens compare the buildings of idol companies

From left to right: 1. SM, Cube, DSP Media 2. YG, Loen, Starship 3. JYP, Core Contents Media, Dream Tea

They commented about the buildings (you can read it here ) YG and JYP are actually the coolest one after is LEON and Cube. But SM XD Hahahah... well at least it blends in if you don't wanna stick out. But I read that SM is the oldest one. They built it 1997 while the rest of them were built 2000 -

So yeah..
Ohh I saw this comment XD

HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHA you made my day ;'D <3

2011 SBS Gayo Daejun - Performances!!!

YES!!!!!! Allkpop posted up all the performances!! :D


After School



Super Junior (Opening)

Super Junior + SNSD (moves like Jagger)

Found all of these performances.. but not MBLAQ or B2ST!!!! BUHUU TT^TT

Heh.. *fan girl*

Yeah we're going all hyped because of the SBS Gayo Dajun. It was freaking AWESOME! My plan for today were: cleaning the whole house and do some stuff.. but no -.- Got stuck and watched the whole SBS Gayo Dajun . . . *fail*

But no regrets! I sat there and screamed like a cow! CL WAS FREAKING AMAZING! That woman is my role model! And 2PM sheesh wanted to scream but I couldn't -.- ...

The most epic moment were when the orchestra part came everyone looked awesome! Siwon playing the drums, Sungmin bass guitar, a chick playing the piano, one of the TRAX members rocked and... kyuhyun played the harmonica HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA XD <3

Lee Joon sang GO's part in the beginning... he didn't look so well O__O or was it only me? He looked kind of pale and lost sometimes... :/

Okey I've fangirled enough here ^^ Started to print screen when 2PM plopped up XD

Hehe got all hyped when Chansung talked ^w^
Got a bit confused thought that Junho and Wooyoung weren't there but apparently they were... O__o
Mehehehe hands up were probably the most epic performance there! (Just check the clip later)

SBS Gayo Daejun 2011 - MBLAQ red carpet

Because I missed the whole concert exept the last 10 minutes I begged that Youtube would have some clips or something. But apparently not yet :/ However I found a clip on MBLAQ on the red carpet :D

GFALÖFNAÖL21"!"#!¤# Fangirling!!! xD They are soooo cute!!! And especially Mir, being korky and lovable as usual!!! ^^

Yeyeyeye! Debute - Teaser - SBS Gayo Daejun

Saw that B.A.P released their debut teaser can't watch it XD Geeking SBS Gayo Daejun 2NE1 - UGLYY!!!!
<333 GAHH FAN GIRLING!!!! I'm the best was just a while ago!!

But here you have it:

Upd: SHAABOOOM!!! So many blondies! O____O Lokking forward now XD

Big Bang - Secret Garden (Parody)

Hahaha, 'there is no tissue' xD This is not Big Bang.
But here you have the parody that Big Bang did:

Another kiss scene from the parody ^^

Love the fact that TOP licked his lips before kissing Seungri ^^

Actually, I'm going to watch the entire parody right now!!!!! xD
If you want to watch it too:
Link 1
Link 2

Tap Tap Revenge (an app) - KPOP

I've known that Tap Tap Revenge had KPOP songs for a while now. But it wasn't until recently that I actually got the songs (the cost.. money O.o But because I'm badass, I got them for free ^^)

The songs I got were:
BigBang - Tonight, Stupid Liar
GD & T.O.P - High High, Oh Yeah (feat. BOM of 2NE1)
2NE1 - Can't nobody, Fire, Ugly, I Am The Best

IT'S SO COOL that I just wanted to share this with you guys ^^ hehe 

2011 SBS Gayo Daejun


My line of thoughts:
1. OMG, IT'S LIKE EVERYONE (that is attending the concert)
2. But not the entire SHINee?? O.o
3. EXO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mehehehehe, EXO will be there :3
Okey, so the concert won't be aired until 8:50PM (korean time I guess) And right now it's 7:39PM (korean time) xD So veeeeeery soon, maybe one of the greatest concerts will be held! ;D GAAAH, can't wait!!!

I'm a depressing child -.-



Description of a test *points down*

Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What are the first five words that you see?

Just to clarify something, this test is not empirically (scientifically) supported. It’s for fun.

myanma:  within-neverland:  babocheoreom:  psych-facts:  psychology2010:  Our psychological state allows us to see only what we want/need/feel to see at a particular time. What are the first five words that you see?   Just to clarify something, this test is not empirically (scientifically) supported. It’s for fun.   Lust, crush, malice, passion, coke. xDDDDD lol!  Crush fool secret tea cut  Crush, secret, suicide, rage, kiss.  kick, tea, past, arm, man o.o

Fool, sin, scum, hate, maniac, passion, crush, secrets, obsession *9 wrods insted* XD Didn't remember the 5 first ones O__O)

I feel like an emo now -.-'

Koreans + English (part 2) MBLAQ

Hahaha I know that mir is messed up (in a cute/funny/adorable way), but because I've seen this vlip so many times, the thing that this time made me crack up was the way Seungho said 'friend-u'!! Hahahah, Oppas!!!

You can see Onew, Shindong and many others in this clip too. However from 0:00 to 4:30, it's only Lee Joon. All of the other members of MBLAQ you see from 4:30 until the end ^^ Hahahha they're so cute!!! And they do actually know some english.. kind of ^^

Well, at least Seungho and Cheondoong know their english ^^

Last one:

Mir is just... to great!!! xD He makes me laugh (a)

Found this comment on youtube for this clip:

Hahahahha, can only imagine how funny that moment must have been ^^ Wish I could have been there and experienced it myself.. :/

A pretty short one! ~ ~ ~

Posted Image
HAHAHAHAHA I just can't... it's still creepy as hell...

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Hahahaha ;D

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Mostly of the pictures we have are a .JPG file and all the pictures on kpop groups/boys/girls/abs are in a .JPG file -.-

Posted Image
Then you should come over to M2stasch



The former (ex XD) member Kim Kibum (# 425t32) from U-KISS is turning 21 years old today (22 korean age). Well Happy Birthday to you! ;'D
(He's also big bro for the youngest member in SS501 Kim Hyung Joon ahh~ it's so freaking ALDKJNVSDLN There's also the leader Kim Hyun Joong -.- The only difference is the freaking G!!)

I just had to...

Creds~  <--- Hahahahahah XD

It's pretty awesome to be forever alone with your computer...
It's freaking AWESOME! XD I'm sitting here while geeking suju, youtube clips I'm loving Eunhyuk more and more! TT^TT
Yesung, Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong & Eunhyuk They're too many!!

The -Awwww factor *this high*

I'm like So sweet *sob*
They've done it 10 years now... 10 FREAKING YEARS!!! :O
Celebritie/groups such as Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, Lim Jung Hee, San E, and Joo have been there and the reason is:

This small gift began in the year 2002 when J.Y. Park‘s parent received a successful heart surgery in the hospital. The representative also stated, “We did not officially reveal this to the media before because it’s something we’ve conducted secretly for a while.

TT^TT It's even more sweet that he didn't really brag about it in the beginning but "went out" (hahah lol XD) after 10 years!

Starcalls on youtube - SHINee



OMG, hahahaha, his "hehe" at 0:34!!!!! xD





hello everyone i am adult shinee's minho !
not long ago it was age coming day
so i am also in my legal age now ! haha i was underage when i just debut !
till now i can't believe that i am an adult now!
still i am legal age now skin is also ! oh ^^
i still love who i am now! , i hate growing up!~
no matter what the grown up Minho will work even harder!
and bring everyone to see the next level Minho will give, stay tune!
know it, now i am adult , i will wait for everyone to be legal age adult soon! those who are still underage i will wait! haha.
no matter what , goodbye !
not hanging up? but time is up ! goodbye!

Hope to get a STARCALL from them soon ^^

Everybody fell...

...Inlove with Eunhyuk while seeing this clip... I fell BIG TIME TT^TT Y U SO AWESOME AND ATTRACTIVE IN THOSE BAGGY SHORTS?!

His dance skills is disgustingly good...


Okey guys. As you may know, I've gotten some STARCALLS from Boyfriend and B1A4. But I want from SUJU, SHINee or 2PM :( Haha, no, but I guess that they are way to busy to make these Starcalls..

If you want to send them a personal message (which I believe you can) then just do as they say ^^


Haha, when Taemin says: "pick up the phone and say 'hello hello' in a friendly way" it sounded soo... cute? xD

Super Junior:

Did not find the others O.o (of the guy groups ^^)


I'm a nolifer... visited Slogan Makers website and found some catchy frases for M2STASCH ^__^
The last one cracked me up X''D

Korea’s Marketing Strategy - How to Sell Anything


Ice Tea:

Credit card:

Cell phones:

I don't know how some are relevant, but I'll buy it! ^^


The best of the best! (y)

Posted Image

Posted Image
Hahahahaha XD

Posted Image

Posted Image
Yeeejjuuuun! <3

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Aw shesus! This made me shit in my pants O____o What the fudge! The shibrows!!!

All the macros cracked me up XD Except for the shibrows thing 0__0 scarred for life...

Oh heeeellll...

That's a lot of viewes... It's usally 1-2000 views.
Everyone is looking, I mean REALLY looking forward to this group. They haven't released anything but they'll be a really big hit! SM has a gold mine over here. But I hope that they wont use and push them too much -.-




The cute little Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls is turning ... 30 years old O___o 31 korean age... DAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!! That's old!! The youngest one nowdays will be around 13 years old.... Shieeeeet hahahahaha XD *chock*

I seriously wanna puke~ =___=

The headline tells you the whole story...

This was probably the most wierdest birthday I've ever had. I did.... nothing O___O
We slept around 06.00-06.30 (AM)
Ate breakfast 14.00 (PM)
Ate cake while geeking on the floor (where the mattresses were) till 16.30 (PM)
Went out for a walk for 30 minutes
Went in again and geeked on the floor while eating old chips.

I got seriously depressed -___-

I'm full. I wanna puke. The BLAQteenpop ent. crew went home a long time ago... Now we'll just wait for New years eve and then school -.- *barf*

THANK YOU for congratulation me!!! <3 I'm a lazy person so I don't really have the energy to write a thank you comment back XD But I'm grateful! Kamsahamnida!!! :D

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 23 & 24 ANSWER

This is gonna be a special (!?) answer XD
I, or both me and BO got a freaking chock when we discovered who this dude were O____o

Yesterdays abs~


I thought that they made a mistake and wrote the wrong name instead of Joon. He look so plain and skinny everytime you see him but I got another picture proof.

*deep chock* no man seriously don't underestimate skinny guys ;___;

Well this was the last... thing... we'll see if there'll be another one next year ^^

Who are Davichi? O___o

Well I've heard that (group?) name everywhere and I'm like the heck is that?
I read before that they're 2 girls (Thought it was bois~ -__-) But I don't know... wanted to write about them here for you who don't know who they are!

Davichi (Korean: 다비치) is a South Korean duet female group made up of Lee Hae-ri (이해리) and Kang Min-kyung (강민경,姜珉耿). Davichi is derived from the Korean word "Dabichi" meaning the light to shine over the world. Debuting in 2008, they won various new artist awards, and released a mini-album in March 2009, with the lead single "8282" fast becoming a chart-topper

I see 2008... a long time ago XD
But they've collaborated with a lot of groups (Can't name any right now -.-)

Ho-ho-ho BO we shall collaborate with them XD Haahahahhahahahahaha ;D Worthless manger...

I couldn't really concentrate on the song that well because of the story their voices sounded really powerful but WUT A JACKASS!!!!! I got  all teary and maaaaaaaaaaad!!!! :@
F*ck him!!! Now I'm pissed! You don't do this >___>

*spaazzzz x3*

Is that even a human beeing?! O___o
Unfortunately SM or allkpop haven't written any information about the third dude XD Well his name is Tao.... Taaooo~ 

Can you find him?

adorkable-love:   Guess what? Teen Top’s L.Joe went to Sunset High School!! My friend was somewhat friends with him…and he let me see Sunset’s yearbook (My cousins and friends go there….I went to Lincoln though…almost transferred to Sunset…sighs) but LOOOK!!! haha  CAN YOU FIND HIM!? lawl of course you can OREGON, SUNSET HS :) He’s the only asian in here because his name is Lee Byung so he’s like in the beginning of the yearbook…Sunset’s a pretty asian school

Hahahahahahahha XD Can you see an Asain dude here? Well gues who that is...

Yes it's L.joe from Teen Top

13 facts:

1. He was born on November 23, 1993 in Gunsan (North Jeolla province).

2. He has a brother who is five years older than him.

3. He moved to USA when he was 12 years old and came back to Korea at the age of 17.

4. He received the name “L.Joe” from his friends in the United States. L stands for Lee.

5. He was a model student and got A's.

6. His dream was to be a doctor specialized in cardiothoracic surgery.

7. He has played piano for about five years and has a lot of interest in composing songs.

8. He often look at the mirror to look for the perfect angles in showing his expressions on stage.

9. During the audition, he rapped to his own song and also a song by Epik high and Dynamic Duo.

10. He began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song “Heartbreaker.”

11. He said that he prefer to be a couple with Chunji instead of Ricky. Because Chunji can sing as well.

12. He promised the other five members that he would write each of them a song.

13. He said that Ricky was the one who welcomed him warmly when the first time he went to the practice room.


So that picture is probably from his High School years when he moved to the US ^^
The 11th one was so mean hahahaha XD The heck you don't say that kind of stuff...

It's a big difference... from that to this O___o
The wonders of makeup!


Today is B.R.A's birthday! He turns 16 (17 korean age). Gosh, don't know how my life would look without you, without M2stach. *Drama queen* ^^
No but seriously, haha you make me laugh because you're funny.. looking!!! xD



Sorry TT^TT

Today will probably be one of those REALLY lame ass day with half hearted posts.
But we promise that the update will be better now in the future and extra good tomorrow ^^


The first pic that appear when you search on M2STASCH XD *forever bored* ...



They should name the group to 2PAM mehehehe >:3

W.O.R.D! (y)

*Le drunk humour*

Gonna dedicate this morning humour to Ok Taecyeon this morning ^__^ (2PM)

Posted Image




love-xtc:  braja:  selky:  Junsu is so hipster, yo ▲▲▲  lol

*spaazzz x2*

They released this 1 hour ago the second member of EXO-K & EXO-M


They're too in synced XD Hahahaha no but they look so... perfect O____o Me and BO hahahah XD

The teaser video for EXO-K and EXO-M will be released on the Korean official homepage. It has both the first member’s figure, Kai, and also the second member, Lu Han.

He's 21 years old O__O
They've probably pushed him reeeeaalllyy hard or them... It's a group they've put all their energy on :I
Kai doesn't really look like Taemin in this clip right now... :o
But I'm really curious now... SO BRING IT ON!!!

Got a chock when we read that he's 21 years old O____O


(Boys night out)

Yes, me and B.R.A are with our friends just chilling. We're going to watch a VERY funny show called 'No Laughing High School'. There are other ones called No Laughing police station etc. But because me and B.R.A have already seen this one, and we know it's funny as hell(!!) we thought that we should see it again.

Recomend you to see it too ^^
Link to part 1:

ENJOY!!!!! xD


Mr Ok Taecyeon who's turning 23 years (24 korean age) ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It isn't that old actually O___o
Well I'll always remember yout birthday cuz it's mah birthday today too!! XD Exactly 7 years older than I am...

Well we hope that you'll have a nice day so upload some pics that allkpop can write about X'D


A bit late but I had (butt, random~) a lot of things to do today...

 Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Lol XD

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There's a lot of people out there who gets mad everytime you mention "past members" or "those wonderful times". I don't really get mad of course I'm one of those people who always see forward not backwards but it's wonderful to sometimes glimp and enjoy those old times.

To be honest I want them to be 5 again when I saw their 8th years aniversary clip and I saw 3 empty holes in the clip were it belonged to Junsu, Jaejoong och Yoochun.
(On the left, middle - between their heads and right)
But I also admire Changmin and Yunho for still fighting and not disbanding TVXQ (Or it's maybe SM's choice but they're the one who's still going all in for the group to not disband). It's amazing to see them fighting for their dreams and they're still the best!~


Next year I want to write a 9th year aniversary text so keep going! <3

They look so sweet TT^TT

Koreas Christina Aguilera/Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey

This must be the first korean song I've heard with such a powerful voice...
Sure a lot of members in different groups probably have powerful voices but they don't really get a chans to show it because they always get "weak" songs. You'll always hear their average voices. But I really like this girl/woman XD

Lee Young Hyun...

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 23 & 24

The whole christmas calendar pretty much ***** up the last days XD
And stupid me forgot to post this so here you, have it after 2 days! I wanted to save the best and "hardest" for last >:D

So the last round of whose abs?

Underrated groups (1/2)

There's 2 groups that people just know who they are (or just their names) but their music is pretty underrated I want them to get a "puuff" up so people can discover them even more.

Tha first one is: CN Blue

Some of you are like "Ohh yeah it's them *smiley face*" But have you listened to one of their songs? Do you know what they've been doing? Or is it just one of those groups name that you know... my bad not group, *band* They're a real band after all...

All their songs are different compared to other bands, it's like... a indie kpop band? No dunno but it has that catchy rythm that you enjoy listen to ^__^

One of my favourit songs from them:

Hohoh the badass:ness XD
Have to love that the guards are foreigners hahahahah ;D

Jung Shin that pony tails of your TT^TT


He look so pretty ô__ô

Well my point over here is try to listen to their songs~

Koreans + English (part 1)

Hahahaha, their accent is awesome. But Leeteuk.. didn't seem to understand what Nichkhun was saying ^^

2PM and 2AM members trying to speak english. Hahahah, and Taec who is fluent in english is all "what the fudge?!" And tell me if I'm wrong, but dosen't it sound like Jo Kwon is saying: "What the fuck do I...?" at 0:20? O.o

They both speak very good english. I posted this mostly because it's so funny to see how jealous Yoseob gets ^^ He's just sooooo cute!!! xD

Anywho, so that was it for this 'Koreans + English'! :D

Song of the week #5

This one goes south~

Group: Block B
Song: Freeze

Love like.. every part of this song!!!
- The intro
- The "Naegero (naegero), Kakkaiwa (gakkaiwa)" part
- The "dungdungdung" part
- The "shio, shio, shio" *in a high pitch voice* part. You know, when it sounds like one of the guys is shooting with an imaginary gun? xD
- The "I like the way you move, STOP" part (english translation)

Haha, is there any parts left? O.o However, I don't get why the name of the song is freeze? They just keep saying STOP? Maybe they say freeze in Korean? :O

*2 minutes later*

Nope... nothing O.o

UPDATE: Is he saying "Fu*k us" at 1:25? O__o Probably not.. but it's funny how it REALLY sounds like he does xD


GOT ANOTHER STARCALL FROM B1A4!!!!!!!!! But this time it was from Baro and CNU. This one was sooo random! At first, they sounded really bored. Then out of nowhere, Baro starts crying(?) and then they start screaming?!?!?! Hahahahha xD

Mehehehe.. Me love this app ^^ <3

Something I thought about IU's YOU & I

It looks so sweet *O*
But stupit me never get the whole story XD All I know is the *age* time machine *Guy* Love. That's enough things to know to let me create my own story ;D
I wanted to listen to this song a really long time now but I just couldn't move my lazy fingers to search for it -.-
But it's awesome and sweet!

But the thing I've been thinking on is... they probably had an audition to find the perfect guy XD A guy who has feelings of steel. Think to have a stone face while someone approaching you with a feather and tickeling your face. I would go nuts... and the feets to!! O____o

Dont know if I'm gonna die of "awww's" or just laugh my ass off


I finally have a friend from SHINee ADLJFNDS AWWWW these two lame and awesome leaders for two lame and awesome groups!!!
And Onew's "Ohh really!" ;'D
It feels like I should dig more into B2ST... ^____^

Me so tired =___=

Well... ehh after 4 days the whole BLAQteenpop ent. are gonna come to mah house and eat till we die!!!! >:3
and after a sleepless night the whole crew will probably go out like hooligans and celebrate my birthday :3
But let's start of with el classico!

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Right Round*

Posted Image

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Posted Image Posted Image
*dying* XD

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HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA what the fudge!

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Accordin to me... that guy:

Gonna follow the flow~

My whole body just shivered when I heard Henry's voice and when Amber plopped up I got like.. stone~ -__-
No more words!

My house is blowing away soon O___o I'm to affraid to sleep XD



Oh lord he's too beautiful =___=
Seriously this guy is the freaking Casanova who has messed up a lot of bias lists around this tiny world...

Well what to do Happy birthday Chaejin!!! ;'D Turning 16 (17 korean age) eeeeyyyy~ well just wait tomarrow it's my turn XD *le dork*
I wonder when MYNAME are going to release a single or album. They popped up out of nowhere with messagi~ Do anyone know if they'll plopp up once again next year? o__o

B2ST with and without makeup



I actually like them both ways. I mean, I like them without makeup, but on the second picture they all look so HOT! ^^ But yet it's not to much like some KPOP-stars have it.

So, not to much dofference, ey? Of course there are some differences, but not that big when you think about it 8D

B.R.A's christmas

This will probably be a messed up text so be prepared if you're gonna read it...

Let's begin with the reunion. Man what a fail hahahahaha XD Sometimes I think that there's a curse around my relatives. Especially my family hahahaha XD Heard some stuff yesterday that I didn't even know happened. My house is goddammit unsafe. I'm more safe out in the middle of nowere naked than sitting here making this post.
It's like the freaking mafia are after my relatived including my family ê____ê

Offering a lot of pictures on myself lately... O__o (me yesterday)

Well the most precious moment yesterday was after the dinner when me and my cousin (I'm 19 hours older than him >:D) went to his room and collapsed on the bed. He started to talk about his girlfriend and that chick is perfect! O___O SHE EVEN LIKES KPOP!!!!! I noticed that in the beginning so I was all hyped. So I started to text with her *creepier than a stalker* and he said that she sometimes forced him to listen to kpop songs *yesss*


Him: I only like one song... the beat in the beginning otherwise it sucked!

Me: he-he-he :@ Soo... Which group was it?
Him: Dunno..
Me: Big bang?
Him: What?! No
Me: 2PM?
Him: No... I think it was 2NE1 or something...
Me: Really... then it must be I'm the best =__=
Him: That's the one!

*turn it on* (<-- phone XD)

Him: Yepp that's the beat ;'D ...... nega jail jalaga! 
Me: O_____________________________O 
Him: What? 
Me: Nothing... *the power of love is scary...*

Yeah that made my day ^^
After that... spend my whole night eating and opened my presents, I got:
* Perfume (I don't really like perfume... but gonna try)
* Book
* Computer bag
* Money
* Accessories

Impossible =___=

This is what I do 5 o'clock in the morning:

I did a test were you have 9 minutes to write down all the names for 30 groups (170 people) it's freaking impossible I tried 3 times, the first one was pretty relaxed because I thought I had a lot of times but you'll spell the name wrong and some names can be so annoying -.-
got a black out on suju XD


I didn't even know some of the groups XD And totally failed at girl groups... Pfft... Secret and Kara

Do the test here

You'll probably even miss these simple name, forgot to write Hong Ki or se7en sometimes =__=

Teen Top comeback!!!!!!

Read this on Allkpop! xD


Yeah I just died while scratching my eyeballs


The girls got suspicious XD

Have to love the part were the MC stood up like a hyped hyena and laughed ;''D Ahh these guys made my night. It's a shame that the girls react in a... how can you say it, shy way. I would scream and dance with them XD
They even cover their eyes, like come on x)


Your idols... which idols...? O__o

They all have the mental age of kindergarteners.

Lol cracked up at the 7tn gif XD Is that INFINITE? Tried to look carefully but I'm doubting...

Half of my brain scarred itself...

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*dying* read the cook wrong to cock. That sentence made me --> O______O
Cook Cock --> sperm --> Eat it *shiver* ---> Naked --> = Sex...

Posted Image
Legally Blonde <3

Posted Image

Posted Image
And they're like...~ *forgot the lyrics* It's better than yours?

Wonder Boys - Be My Baby

Hahahhahaha, saw this clip:

This is a cover of Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
Hahaha, love the fact that they actually sing "Make me your lady"!!!! xD

And OMG, Mir's haircut!!! And the guy with the piggy-tails O.o *hairgasm* + *Hot/cute - gasm*

The Wonder Boys:
Shindong (SUJU)
SungJong (Infinite)
Hyun Mu (...)
Kwang Hee (ZE:A)

Original by Wonder Girls:

Found the source of the problem

Gosh I'm literally blind... They even wrote it 2 days ago >___>

“We originally were going to release the 22-minute long ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video on December 24th, but we have decided to delay its release to January 2nd, 2012. We would like to bow our heads in apology to our fans. We promise that the release date will not change. Once again, we would like to apologize.”

They continued, “We made the decision to delay it because we felt that the movie wouldn’t receive the spotlight it deserved amidst the year-end awards, T-ara’s ‘Cry Cry‘ promotions, and their collaboration with Davichi. We worked hard to create a music video that won’t embarrass any of you so please look forward to it.”

22 minutes?! Shesus well I AM mad and disappointed but they're smart. Every group will releas a song during January ( probably in the beginning) and a lot of groups will also debut so be ready to get a bomb right in front of you face. It's like the sale after christmas but this time with kpop groups.

The competition will be tough so you got to have the best song to make it ^^ It'll probably be even harder for you as a group...


I even ran home because of this but no.
They haven't released T-ara's Lovey Dovey, I'm mad -___-

Gonna be emo now~
Merry christmas for 15324625 time, we're gonna be more active tomarrow ^^
Hope you had a nice day ^3^

Your Japanese Name!

Found this on Greta's blog.

What is your Japanese name?


My name: Tufu Tukaku (Bo Bae)

Mah' homies name: Tunoka (BRA)

My sisters name: Shinokamiru (name is a secret)

B.R.A's sisters name: Kekuzikitekuri (name is a secret)
Hahahha how do you pronounce that? ^^

So, comment and tell us what your Japanese Name is!!! :D

An ad (advertising) I saw while visiting a website

"Win a photo
trip to South Korea"

Go. and. hang. yourself.
Somehow planning to buy a big fat camera and take a good random picture and send it (y)

Nahh now I'm to angry >__< *pout*


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Got a christmas messagi~ from B1A4 this morning!! Sandeul and Gongshan said some random stuff in korean and wishing me a merry christmas.. sure I didn't understand everything, but I enjoyed just looking at them ^^^



T-ara is gonna release their upcoming song for Cry Cry today :D
Mehehe waiting like an idiot~

A good subject over here!
I've talked with Bo about this a lot of times (more corectly it's he who's bringing this up)

"I would actually pick an half ugly asian guy than a pretty guy from another country, because he's asian..." - Bo (When we ate at a Chinese restaurant, yes I have to tell you that, it was buffet too)

The comment was somehow like that, so would you really do that? (hahahaha half ugly XD) I'm doubting, it depends on his personality... I think..? O___o


(I can't really chose a "pretty" guy froom google so here's a home made one)


I would rather see theur personalities insted ^^ (Yes I'm one of "those" people)

Fail when I searched on Korean guys XD
This ain't half ugly ê___ê

Gonna take it chill...

The head line tells the whole thing... As you know it's christmas todaaay~ 
Every member from M2STASCH will return home today to celebrate with their family *cough* So the update can be a bit shabby today but we're gonna try ^^

But everone from BLAQteenpop ent. wants to say "MERRY CHRISTMASU!!!" even that manger Lee who dumped us for a slutty santa -__-



Heechul: Oh no! I lost my friend!
Police: Oh really? Is he short or tall?
Heechul: Uhmmmm, short. short-
Eunhyuk: IM LONG!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Eunhyuk <3 He and Heechul must be on the second place in the awesomness meter in Suju!

"I collect cars...everyday!" -Eunhyuk

- Yeah Sungri... We're a team. Don't say anything stupid.

Seungri must be one of these asuume maknaes who isn't Oh-my-I'm-innocent-and-shy-don't-hurt-me

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x-small morning humour

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Because I'm naughty, naughty..

Posted Image

Posted Image
>o< barbie dolls are a pain in the ass..

Posted Image

Have to end it with this one:

Posted Image

HAHAHAH another member?!

ADSGLSDGNASDG Hahahahaha *dying*

A fifth member now?! I thought it would only be 4 O___o
Hate this... just show us the faces already!! *whine* but I'm looking forward for the new F.Cuz right now, so they can make an über comeback soon!

This was just >__> why do you have to make it blurry, PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!
Taking it to a whole other level... -.- no lifers


Just read on Sandras blog that I was the winner on HER contest XD

MUHAHAHAHA going all crazy over here, thinking of having a fan art of 2PM, gonna do I-don't-know-what with it every day/night/daynight

This is one of her fan arts (sent to the YG family) this girl is a freaking god~  X'D


Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 21 & 22 ANSWER

Yes, the abs. The abs of day 21 & 22 was:

Super Juniors Sungmin!!!!!!! Just have to say, very pretty face O.o

It's christmas soon!! A few hours left ToT

Have to love my dear little monkeys! They tried to be serious in the beginning XD But in the end...
Yeah I can't even speak Korean but they probably said thank you to all their fans, all the places in Japan they've performed/ will be performing ( I think...)


Sitting here like a hyped 10 year old . . .

SHINee brothers... and sister

Wanted to wriite Brothers and sisters XD
But Onew - Only child
Key - Only child
Jonghun - Older sister
Minho - Older brother
Taemin - Older brother

Trollololled around internet and found this picture on Minho's brother:

Choi Min Seok

So does it looke like him?
I can't really guarantee that these pictures really are their brothers and sister but just gonna make this post for fun ^^

Taemin's brother:

Lee Taesun

Read on Gretas that this could be Taemin's brother. Had to search a bit and on some of the sources they're 100% sure that this is Taemins brother.

Jonghyun's sister:

Saw a 16 seconds clip with Jonghyun, his mother and sister after Onew's musical. And this is all I found hahahahhahah X'D
On one of the comments someone wrote that her name is Kim Song Dam.

While I searched around to find pictures on their sibilings I found a page with SHINee's family background and Taemin seem to be the "least-informing" one XD They don't really know so much about him but I really loved this line:

"Taemin's family is said to be the least well-off amongst the members. as a trainee. he did not own a MP3 player and had walked around wearing a set of headphones that was just tucked into his pocket and not attached to anything. when he was found out, he simply said that he just wanted to avoid having girls come up to him for a chat."

HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH smart dude... smart (y)

Well here's the page for you who wanted to read! :D

2PM's craziest fan.. EVER!

Hahhahahaha, saw this clip on facebook:

Funniest parts (according to me):
1.HAHAHAHHAHA, SHIIIIIET!!! Taecyeon just keeps saying: yes, yes, yes. Hahhaha, he looks so scared that poor little boy ^^

2. Nichkhun: Dosen't your throuat hurt? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! xD
It' like only one of them handled it in.. a pretty good way. And thar was 

3. Fan: Oppa, It's Jihyun!!
JH: huh?
Fan: Jihyun!
JH: What did you say?
Fan: Jihyun!!
JH: Huh?
Fan: JIHYUN!!!!!!!!!! *rage*
JH: Ahhh~
Fan: *starts rambeling some random stuff. It sounds like she's just making random noises ^^*

SHINee + Sweden!!!??


And it just keeps going! SHINee wearing hoodies/shirts that says 'Plesaure Swedish' , 'Memory Swed.' and 'Swedish Compilation'.

But why haven't I seen these pictures before? They were taken 2009.. and now it's almost 2012 O.o However I don't really get why they are wearing shirts like these. These pictures was taken for CLRIDE. But is that company even Swedish? Saw that B2ST also had a photoshoot for CLRIDE, but they didn't wear cloths with Swedish stuff on them O.o It's just so.. random.

But hey, I'm not complaining ^^

Look alike here and there <--->

Never thought of that >___>

Minho surely looked different here with 3253 ton eyeliner. He doesn't look like that... at all...

B.O.F chick~ X'D
Forced my friend to watch the drama but she couldn't handle it because she thought that Goo Hye Sun was too ugly ê___ê

The unexpected..

Yeah I made some gingerbread yesterday... pretty wierd because Asain people don't do that...
Scratch the word Asian and put B.R.A in the scentence. Yeah I don't really do that kind of stuff, insted I buy it. It taste better... Everytime (when I did it before) I do it, I always burn the gingerbread.
How can you burn it?! O___o 21435246 times?!

Couldn't really put it on the plate XD it was to thin...

Tha collection!~ For the first time I didn't burn them OuO

M2STASCH BO & B.R.A, yeaaah! *gangsta style* XD                     2PM HOTTEST yeh~ *Japanese style*

KPOP <3 LILILILI YEAAAH!? *Abdullah style*           A+, Nametag (XD), E.L.F, SHAWOL (fail...) ye--- *emo style*

And the mustache heeeeeel yeah! *B.R.A style*

Something funny: Kpoop HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA XD Accidentaly wrote it, *died* XDDD

Once again...

If I ain't wrong I uploaded this clip a loong time ago. But once again here we go!~
I just randomly watched this I didn't even know who TVXQ was but fell for them, or more correctly, I fell for Jaejoon's personality after this X'D HAHAHAHAHAHAH He sucks... Karma is a bitch.

After this I started to watch other mini shows they made ^w^ one were they had a cooking contest live and once again Jaejoon felt the rage of karma...
Oh here is the show I saw ;'D But that's a pretty shabby quality so here's another one but this one doesn't have an "introduction" of the show.

*No comments*

When a Tumblr Famous person loses a follower:

When one of us casual bloggers loses a follower:

When a Tumblr Famous person gains a follower:

When us casual bloggers gains a follower:

It's exactly the same with our blog XD

I get über happy for every visitor we get and the reason why I or even both of us have kept on bloging like crazy cows is because we enjoy to entertain you as a reader :) When we were new at this... thing, a reader commented on youtube and said
*wait gonna copy it*

"nice blog ;) loved it, and after I saw/read it my mood went up ;P there were very funny things on it XD"

That made my day x21431324 better, and I still haven't forgotten it :D And everytime we get a comment like that, it makes my whole body shiver of hapiness. I get hyped like a pig high on crack ö__ö

It's actually pretty hard to combine all the studies we have + update the blog regulary *sounds like I'm a freaking hero* hahaha XD
So we're sorry if the updates can be halfhearted sometimes but that's because of some personal "problems/stuff/something something" we have.

But we hope that you'll smile (at least once -.-) when you visit our blog :D <3

It's christmas tomorrow... yeah I know I bring it up too much TT^TT

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Mean girls all over again X''D

Posted Image
Don't really get it... but it looks fun ^w^

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image
Brutal one O___o

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Good one XD

Posted Image
Was it only me who thought from the very first beginning that this game had a pervyness that the pervymeter couldn't handle? (Human language: Was it only me who thought this game was really pervy?) Saw it when 2PM played it, or was it 2PM? Yes it wa... -_-

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image
So cuuute~ >___>

Posted Image

Posted Image
Hahahahahahahaha Lol XD
Wasn't the first pic harder to explain?

Posted Image

Posted Image
That mask/makeup thing seriously make me shit my pants O___o

Well todays "morning" humour was a bit longer... One day all the macros will be uploaded in this blog... then what will happen with the morning humour :O

It's bad...

If a guy can look just like, or even better than, a girl...
Wonder how she feels... wonder how HE feels... Okay no comments it's Key we're talking about -.-

Aww that parody they made during their debut XD
Onew: *girly voice* Oh my liste to me, listen (<-- something like that..)
*1 second later*
Onew: *manly voice* YAAHHH!
*0.5* seconds later*
Onew: *girly voice* Ohh that scared me!


It's the Nichkhun look alike ^^ Jaehyo from Block B who's turning 21 today ;D (22 korean age)
It feels like I should geek Block B a bit more during the break now, one day left until christmas eve!!!!

Wonder if he went all rage because of his birthday... 1 day before christmas... that's harsh.
I was supposed to come out from my moms belly 24th December ^^ But apparently I was lazy so... yeah...

During the period...

Hungry as fuck:

Angry as fuck:

Sad as fuck:

and lastly, Irritated as fuck

Did you read this BO?! Mehehe go and get some babies with Joon then I can be that awesome buddy!

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 20 REAL(!!) answer

You told me this was TOP:

That is not TOP! -.- (But to be honest, it kind of looks like him ^^)
This is Day Day from Dalmatian..

Haha, thank you Jessie for setting things straight around here. B.R.A.. I'm very disappointed -.- Not for you saying it was TOP from Big Bang, but for making me look like the idiot I am :/
You ARE an idiot... especially after the über fail with Key's abs XD HAHAHAHAHAHAH/ B.R.Ather

Hahahahaha, no ^^ It's not like anyone even guessed on his abs -.- But now you know xD It's Day Day's abs from DALMATIAN


As always I visited allkpop's website and saw that SM introduced one of their members in a new kpop group
KAI-K and they'll also introduce a KAI-M (I think... one is korean the second chinese)
Have to read more about that...


Was it only me who thought that it SCREAMED Taemin? I thought it was him for a second XD
The looks is Taemin and the carisma, Minho *_____*
Mai gawd.... looking forward to this group XD Dunno if anyone concentrated on the song, in the background but it was pretty good 0.0

Tha face is exactly like Taemin O_____o

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 21 & 22

Where were I yesterday?! How come I didn't do the calendar O.o?
Well, well.. here you go. Abs for today and yesterday!!! (Only 1 person though)

Groups you haven't heard of (part 16)

Just wanted to make the GYHHO really short today.
This group have also been through a lot. They debuted 2005 but went to hiatus 2008 because one of their members died. I think that they were a 7-member group, but one died and 3 of them transfered to another group.

Monday Kiz

I. can't. find. any. words.


The guy with glasses, his way of singing and his voice sometimes reminds me of Lee Hong Ki. (When he takes really high notes)
Really beautiful, listen!!

Don't know the name of this song -.-

The member who died, Kim Min Soo, was 24 years old when he passed away and died in a motorcycle accident...

The prize numero dos!

Well the second winner uploaded some pictures of the price she got, and the thing she got was:

A badass Taemin doll XD (Forgot to cut the rope thing in the end -.-)
Everytime I hear the name Jasmin, Taemin plopps up XD I guarantee that if you read her blog... you brain will just.. hahha XD *no comments*

But we once again hope that you enjoy the gift! The Taemin doll went better than the CL doll -.- her ponytail broke . . .
Instead of Made in China it was Made by a chinese

Even more depressed right now

HAHAHAAHAHAHAH XD BO wrote that he's probably watching a movie, well I'm probably on my way to school right now... So freaking unecessary! We begin 12-13:30 PM that's just ASGFLFDSAJGA brb wanna go and shoot the pricipal!

Pretty worried that I wont be able to see and upload T-ara's upcoming song 24th December -__- Have to see...

Also read that U-kiss is goning to release a song for the fans today~ Wonder if it's released already ^w^

They look different... O___o like photoshoped... a lot...


everybody say WEEHOO~
you: WEEHOO~

^^ no, but finally it's time for some holiday. Only two freakin' days left until christmas eve!!! GAAAH, can't wait!!!!!! :D Well, right now I'm probably watching a christmas movie in my school, just chilling. After the movie I'm going to go and get a gift card at the bookstore, then home to just sit and relax!

(and Probably watch the first episodes from Oh! My School xD)

OMG!!!!!!!! HhahhaHAhahHA, Lee Joon!!!! My little baby, I like dat ASS!! ^^
And Kikwang, when he danced with that chick. When he was pushing his butt out (hahahahaha) he did it with so much shyness. If you can say that. But like, he was so shy when dancing with her!! SO CUTE!!!


Who is this?

Haha, it's Kikwang from B2ST in Oh! My School.
Gosh, I think that 'Oh! My School' is going to be my drug during these 2-3 weeks ^^

Different morning humour... It's comic time!~

Posted Image
That is so true... It's pretty chocking because more than 6 months ago makeup, tight jeans/cloths on guys would just scream HOMO (yeah I'm sorry that I'm a terrible person but you would also think that way so just schush!)
but now...

Posted Image
This cracked me up X'DDDD

Posted Image

Wanna watch this episode again XD HAHAHAHAHAHAH Jonghyun karma is a bitch that's why the little kid ran into your pee pee! X'D That was priceless..!

Like A Boss
Like a pure baawws!

*forever alone*

Yeah I feel depressed -__- EVERYONE had/got (or something) their christmas break today -.- Me oh no don't mind me! I just went to school today had normal classes nothing wrong... Instead I'll get my break tomarrow -.-
*depressed x20*

But I got a christmas present from my school ^^ and my 2 aunts ^^ and my uncle ^^ and my grandma ^^

*points up* chinese people... always send the gifts earlier than expected.
Text on the post card: Ho Ho Ho the Chinese santa has arrived and want to give present for 2 wonderful children! B.R.A* & B.R.A jr.*

* My name
* My little sisters name

Otherwise I'm normal (not the personalit, I mean emotional...) The presents are ready and the outfit MUHAHAHAHAH Oh right. Gonna go to a "family-christmas-party" that is held every year.
Do you know how much I HATE parties? O___o Fixing yourself up, be pretty bla bla *yuck*  I want a normal christmas TT^TT


Posted Image


hahaha noo, I know that it was a while ago it was Lee Jinki's birthday (December 14). But I found this amazing picture.

Hahhahaha, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (like.. not now. But when it was your birthday ^^)

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 20 ANSWER

Last nights AB (teehee) belonged to...

TOP from Big Bang!!!!! xD

He dosen't need abs.. he's still very hot O.o
Don't you think? (a)

GD & TOP - Oh Yeah (Japanese version)


Song: Oh Yeah (Japanese version)
Artists: G-Dragon & T.O.P ft. Park Bom

Don't know why, but I have waited for this MV to come out!! I don't even.. like reeeally love this song. But I love how YG Entertainment put all the KPOP-stars from their company in like the same songs. It makes it more fun to listen to/watch.

Sujus Eunhyuk ugly?



Okay should explain myself XD
Little me banged the computer (...) and found a little page fact something, something... where they said that Sujus Eunhyuk was said to be the ugliest one in Super Junior. No I'm not going to be nice now but THE FUCK?! HOW THE HELL can you say that?! O___O

First phrase: nobody is perfect, I'm still a bit scarred for life on the macro where he went all crazy (eyes plopping out) with Taemin XD But no, he ain't ugly!!
He even wanted to do some cosmetic surgeries but didn't, because he didn't want to "remove" his natural beauty and that's good boi!!

That guy is freaking gorgeous the way he his!~


Who said his ugly?! You just come here and I will !&(%#%"½ *Piiiiip*
Actually if he wanna do a surgery or anything in general of course I'll support him, I'll support anyone.
I don't really care if he/she personally want to do it. But I get mad, sad and rag(e)y when people call them ugly and they decide to change their looks because of that. You shouldn't get influenced by people that easily!

If you, really YOU deep insinde want to make a surgery on your liking then do it :)
As long as you feel fine and want it without other people influences then that's good! (y) So it's good that he didn't do any brutal surgeries (can't really say that he's pure because you never know what SM can make these guys go through to look pretty -.-)


For all you b2utys!!

Hahhaha, naaaw, they're just so adorable!! (*^^*)

Did I show it?

When we filmed the clip for our 200 day aniversary me and BO had 2 wierd connecting t-shirts XD Don't know if you noticed it...

That was a big-ass picture O___O

Le Moustache . . .

Like a BAWWSS...



Shouldn't it be M2STACHE?
Y WE HAVE M2STASCH <-- that's the Swedish way of writing mustache...

NO! It's our uniqe way of having our group name... WEEHOO (Trying to pepp myself for the biggest failness ever...)

A bit late but it's asuume~

Yeah this was like uploaded 2 days ago on allkpop...
But I got hyped? Glad? I smiled!! ... I'm pretty off right now -.-
But it was a nice surprise to expand the group a bit more to 6 dudes instead of 2 dudes (Gosh the look at the third guy, so... evil 0.0) And Mr Bang (HAHAHAHAHAHAH sounds so wrong...) will be tha leader.

I'm somehow looking forward to this group even though Bang and Zelo's debut song dissapointed me a bit. But I hope the group will make an über awesome debut, high hopes over here! Pretty curious who the other members will be >:3

Bet that the youngest one will be 14 -__- This year will be the year were I'm gonna feel like a big fat peddo noona... The last one during this year was Chaejin (MYNAME) that were in the risk zone... next year the leaders will be in my age... So, now let's forget the maknaes and go all in for the leaders!~

Prize numero uno

That V.I.P doll is hers ;D So cute ^w^

Well one of the winners were Sandra, and her bias was CL from 2NE1. So we tried our best to make a miniature CL, but her ponytail fell off or something like that, we're sorry TT^TT
But we hope you liked it, it's our first time so don't judge if it's a bit... yeah.. you know ;3

Hopefully the second winner will upload a picture soon~

I heart KPOP! ;D

Posing for Photos:

Other people:

Me and my friends:

When someone pinches your cheeks



You (inside):

Le ----- no no morning humour! *pout*

I'm pretty stressed now... dunno why O__O Hahahahaha have to buy a christmas gift for the daddio... and I'm visiting Toys R Us website *sight~* Yes my dad is turning 48, no he isn't brain damaged or something, yes I'm goint to buy a toy car worth 399 Swedish crowns, yes I'm stupid from the root of my head...

Posted Image¨


Hahahahah ;D

araaaiighht!~ GAMBAI!

Posted Image Posted Image

Onew quotes:

~"Ever since I turned 22, I've grown weaker. I think I'd die after riding a slide once." -Onew

~"Don't say random stuff. It makes me do random things." -Onew

~"If you keep crying, I'm going to throw you to the tiger... STOP!" -Onew

~"I receive a lot of snacks and yogurt that have nearly the same name as me." -Onew

~"When the situation is awkward, say 'LAA'!" -Onew

~"I want to play Geum Jandi in Boys over Flowers." -Onew

This guy is a freaking genious XD Maybe not... the first one was epic and the last one was.. strange hahahaha ;'D
Have to try the LAA one time :O

Hot Debut Star

OMG!!!! B1A4 won:


YEEEEES!! hahahaha, okey no. Don't really know if it's such a big deal, but I sure am glad for them! xD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 20

Okey guys, Whose AB(s) is this ^^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 18 & 19 ANSWER

So yeah!!! The abs from last night (+ the night before) was from the two beautiful boys:

2PM's Changsun and Teacyeon!!! 8D
Come on guys, don't stop guessing 'who's abs' xD !!!


Saw this clip on Sandras blog where they introduce the new member! FINALLY!!! BUT I HATE/LOVE IT XDD
They're smart, only filming some parts, leaving the rest to be a mystery. Then a lot of people will wait like horny cows wondering what the new member looks like... a.k.a me... -__-'
But I really like it ^^ COME ON GUYS I'M WAITING FOR YAHH!!!~

Guess that there's no more room for B.R.A TT^TT

Latest SHINee weight and height

Hahhahaha, I don't know... maybe this type of information is good to know?? ^^

NOW: Onew-177cm 63kg,
THEN: Onew-177cm 62kg

NOW: Jonghyun 173cm 61kg
THEN: Jonghyun 173cm 60kg

NOW: Minho 186cm 62kg
THEN: Minho 184cm 62kg

NOW: Key 179cm 60kg
THEN: Key 178cm 59 kg

NOW: Taemin 177cm 57kg.
THEN: Taemin 177cm 55kg.

Our boys are growing!!! Okey, maybe not Taemin and Jonghyun in height, but all the others are! Hahaha, and they are finally gaining some weight! They were so skinny before O.o

Only one thing that shocks me.. how can it be that Minhos weight is the same? Has he not like gained 100kilos of pure muscle? 8D


Creeepy x2

A few months ago I wrote that my food gave me the 2PM message on everything I ate!! :O

AND NOW THE SAME THING HAPPENED!!! :O But on different places ^w^ . . . hehe

On the snow...

2 TIMES :OO (Haha get it? 2PM 2 times XD)

And like on the stove?!?! O___O
Hahaha superstitious advertising, BOSCHHHHH X'D

Do you dudes see what me and BO go through daily? *faint*

The reaction!! :O

Visited allkpop, as always... found this article/picture:

And I reacted on only one thing... Bet that BO  knows what XD

It's a freaking churros!!! Well that's just me reacting on food -.- *sight*~
Didn't know that the people in Korea ate this stuff... or it's maybe originally from Korea? O___o
If you've visited the christmas market in the city you know what I mean XD

Oh! It's exactly 1 week left until my birthday... yaay~ Finally! I feel like one of those leftover children that was good for nothing and was born at the end of the year HAHAHAHAHAHAH X'''D

What they would be, if they weren’t a kpop idol …

T.O.P: Snake Charmer

Doojoon: Window Washer

Kevin: Makeup Artist

Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Chansung: Sexy Lifeguards

Jay Park: Drug Addict

Kikwang: Bank Robber

Seungri: Kikwang's stupid accomplice who got caught


Take a chill pill...

Before starting with the typical morning humour just wanted to say that all of us should just take a deep breath and relax about Kim Jong's II death. Rather than be worried for the celebrities we should be worried for North Korea in general ^^ Let's just keep our happyfaces while supporting them in this wierd chock, and let's see what happens :)

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image
Hahahahaha XD

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
MMMMMhhhhhmmmmm.... *snap*

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Ahh... HAHAHAHAHAH Have to end this with T.O.P's epicness ;D


Shesus!! HAHAHAHA!!! The fudge?!?!! The beginning literally gave me a heart attack, I almost died! O___O
And the even more funniest thing is this comment

So I wasn't the only one XD
Well the song! The two girls I like in Brown Eyed Girls are Jea (Leader) and Ga-In (maknae). Her voice is like a ADSGJLBSDGLBJ thing that you can't describe! I literally shudder everytime I hear her voice in sixth sense! *melting* 

Kim Jong-Il dead

I read that news during the morning that Kim Jong-Il the North Koreas dictator is dead. I think his dead was caused by a hearth attack.
Dunno if you've already heard this... I also read on Sannas blog that it's a high risk that Korea can go out on a waaaar~ dam dam DAAAM!
But it's not that sure yet... I'm not sure at all -.- But if that's going to happen I'm gonna take my non existing sword go to the army have a talk with Bi Rain on how I can be an awesome ninja and after that... I'm gonna do something...

Kim Jong Il has died (Video Thumbnail) 

Pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his son Kim Jong-un burnt during  anti-North Korea rally in Seoul last month.

I can tell that the people didn't love him o____o

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 18 & 19

Okey, because I didn't put up some abs last night, I thought that I'd make two this time ^^ Soo, who's abs are these??

OMG... just realized that "Who's abs" is grammatically wrong. It's supose to be Whose abs, because "who's abs" means "who is abs" HAHAHHA. But I don't really want to change it, because it looks better like this.
This was only just so you guys know that I know that it's wrong ^^

But anywho, WHOSE abs are these? ^^

Asian names..

.. "Whatever sound a spoon makes when you drop it on the floor will be the name of the newborn."

You guys ever heard of that? Hahaha, well truth is that a lot of asian people have names like: Chan, Chen, Chow or Genji (found on internet ^^).

But now all of a sudden their names are like.. Julian.
For example:


I don't mind this at all. It would be easier for me to pronounce the name of my and Lee Joons baby if his/her name was something like this ^^

It's just funny. However I don't want them to name their kids to more "western names". I don't want Asia to be more like America. I love Asia just the way they are!!~ I love their music, their style, their culture etc. DON'T CHANGE!!!! O.o

Maybe I'm overreacting. I mean like Dara's name is Sandara, and that's not like Cho Hee or something. But then again there are a lot of other KPOP-artists with the more "traditional" name like Seungho, Chansung etc.
Or maybe I'm just being racist. But how can you be racist when you love them O.o?? Hahahhaaha, NOOOO, I'm not racist!!! I'm freakin' supporting the asian culture!!! ;D

Groups you haven't heard of (part 15)

This is actually an impuls G.Y.H.H.O found this group yesterday before I went to sleep. They aren't on that kpop list I check. Got pretty surprised ^^ They all look so good :O

Read some comments because I thought it was a bit strange... they are a Chinese group O__O


I got a big shock O_____O They don't look like Chinese guys, the song doesn't sound like Chinese either...
Man I'm so confused now...

But seriously does that sound like Chinese to your ears?

It was a big blow right on my face o______o


You know what I don't care if they're JYJ and TVXQ right now. No matter what I'll call both of them TVXQ -.- In our blog they'll always be the old TVXQ well except for the times when they release a new song or something x)



"Abs" ? o__o



Just spazzed a bit but dunno... Junsu's were yeah... a bit unattractive?
What do you want me to say? HOT? REAAALLYY HOT? To be honest that was a real "turn-off", the second pic looked like a beer stomach or ölkagge as the Sweeds say...

Ahh! Found a more decent pic XD

Look how creepy...

A long time ago when I made some breakfast (eggs) for moi, BO and manager Lee, this was the message on the frying pan:


... -___-
My breakfasts are asuume!

Mehehehehe Bo...

No I don't want to piss you off at all XD
They look cute~ :O
But I support both of you 298574 % It's only a photoshoot... and she.. looks ugly... he's really annoyed with her *heh* can't you see? =D

Ironically I found thiis:

Only best friends:












<3 You're my B.R.Ather from another (BO)mother

Oh no I didn't...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image 

Posted Image

Posted Image
I seriously love these mean girls wb macros XD This must be the 24359623 one ;D

Posted Image Posted Image
AW MAI GOD EVEN MORE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I recomend you guys to see it no matter if you're a chick or a dude just watch it XDD

Posted Image

Posted Image
*Dying all over again*´
Mean girls again XD Gretchen... - Taec...
Wonder how he/she had the energy to do these O___o

I started to pee on myslef when I talked with one of my homies yesterday:

Me: I'm sorry but I just can't take them seriously... they look like a bad couple, a disguting couple...
Homie: nooo, don't be cruel :(­ just because he looks like a dickshit...­­

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That must be the most awesome word someone have ever created!

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 17 ANSWER

Think that BO forgott/didn't have time to write the answer. But here I go~
The answet for 2 days abs ago (that sound so wrong XD But I don't have the energy to write something fancy..)

Hyunseung brings the boys out~




Happy Birthday to the middle boy Junhyung who's turning 22 years old today~ (23 in Korea)

For you who don't know the deal behind why you're 1 year older in Korea, is because they count you as a "human beeing" during the 9 months you're in your moms little belly. So when you plopp out you're almost 1 year old.
So I'm going to turn 17 soon in Korea but 16 here ^^

Okay back to this! Hope you'll have a nice day!! :D You were actually the first member from B2ST I got "curious" on or something like that e__e

Pretty sad...

This is probably gonna be one of those "useless B.R.A posts" but today was my last tennis practice/lesson thing. After 9 years... that's pretty long O___o How should I be able to keep "fit"?! That was my only training were I at least ran like a cow during the week -___-'
But I enjoyed every single year! I've meet a lot of new poeple, (both idiots and nice ones ^^) meet my competition (every single lession... gosh have to win over this dude in everything we do XD) and I've been on the verge to collapse because I had to win against a pro hahahahahahah (the result 0-11 <-- that's even sets XD one set is 4 points so 11 x 4 = 44 points against 0 man I suck...)

Random pic on Mir and Woohyun ^w^

Well now I can dedicate all my time to do my homeworks = sit and geek tumblr, youtube and blogs >__>
:O  !!! It's christmas soon!! Less than a week left, 6 days... dam daaam~

Christmas Calendar..

No, but no one comments on the Calendar thing anymore.. *deppmode*

Groups you haven't heard of (part 14)

When I first found the group and read about them, they seemed hopless because of the things they "went" through...


They were much better than I though O___O
They debuted 2007 but didn't have a successful debut. And a member called Taemin left before their comeback. I got seriously mindfucked when I heard Taemin XD Started to search everywhere "Tamin leaves Code-V?"

Apparently this is taemin...

Their song Addiction, man I seriously LOVE this song ö.ö Their voices, all of them are amazing!
This group is clerly uderrated... :/


... That dude's legs are too skinny...

I dedicated my whole night for this guy:

He imitates an animal sound, (a puppy’s sneeze)

then he said that he can imitate something from a game. (Street Fighters)

not only that he can also do…

and of course…

                                                                                            He immitates the fight of the white characters XD
after that

I just can't describe his awesomeness! I LOVE him, seriously O__O He's even more awesome than Seungho!!! :O
Oh! I posted a gif yesterday about everyones "expert areas" found a clip on that XD


Loved the comment!

I got pretty curious when I heard Eunhyuk say that he trained samulnori, it sounded cool but everyone laughed... especially Junsu.
And this is what I got:


My expression: O______O

*2 seconds later*


Well that's cute? I think... Suju members are special after all... The only one who had the time to shine from Suju were Kangin XD

Boys will always be boys~

Ricky’s Drawing of Chunji

Chunji’s drawing of L.Joe

Niel’s drawing of Changjo

L.Joe’s drawing of C.A.P (with Niel’s version on the right XD)

Changjo’s drawing of Ricky XD

C.A.P’s drawing of Niel,
Karma is a bitch...

Ricky's version of Chunji was pretty similiar ö___ö

A quick recomendation ^w^

Saw the show SUPER JUNIOR-Explorers of the Human Body I thought it was an one episode show thing but it was a whole freaking serie -___- Saw episode 9 were TVXQ showed up. Without noticing the time was 06.00 XD *shame*

But seriously watch it X'D You'll laugh the whole time~
I was pretty surprised when I saw Kibum and Hangeng over there O___o

It's probably the show when they did that wierd gas thing that made every member laugh 31596295 times XD
I wanted to count how many that were in the show, shesus the whole group doesn't even fit in the camera -__- so they have to cut them in half when they film . . .

It's funny how I saw 12 in the show but in this pic it's only 9 O__o

Ahh my bad it was 13 after all... All of a sudden I thought that Suju consisted 15 members -.- Because of thise phrase PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE.

Hahahahahahah XD A quote "It seem to be a little to full here..."

Baby can't you see the look in my eyes~ , No I can't biatch, I'm blind...

Posted Image
Dunno why but I started to giggle XDD

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image  Posted Image Posted Image
For the first time in history someone is doing something right...
That must be a promotion for their drama Oh my Lady! If I ain't wrong... haven't seen the whole drama yet XD I'm stuck on episode 6?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Night? Morning? something something*


Just had to bring the pervinessssss~ and show this:

Mehehehehehe... *raaape*

How a dinner can end...

Well well I just want to sleep now -__- Had to wake up 11!!! Because "I-had-to-eat-breafast-wiith-my-"lovely"-family" It's more like the time to piss B.R.A off O____O
Just came home from a dinner "party" or something? The only thing I can do over there is to eat XD Don't have any tv, computer, friend, human beeing around me. Only me, food and iphone... and the obvious answer popps up ^w^

After beeing tired to eat the food the iphone shows up and this is the result:

The first pic "normal", the second one close to "normal", the third pic going over the line between "normal" and retard

The fourth pic... over the retard meter going to "no comments" meter...

So this is what you call a "selca" right? ê__ê

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 16 ANSWER

Hahahaha, because I posted "day 16" VERY late, I thought that I would give you guys more time (well not more.. it's still 24h ^^) on guessing who it was.

Well now.. the one the abs belong to.. Day 16. Yesterday. Friday. December. 2011.

U-KISS's Kiseop!!!

Realized something....

It's exactly 1 week left till Christmas eve... that's pretty sick...
I remeber last year when I sat and wondered what this year would "offer" me. And look now... kpop and
hahaha XD Wonder what next year will be like...
I have a feeling that every fan will go through one of the saddest moments in kpop history but deep inside we'll always root for that group.
Okey I sound pretty depressing over here but that's what I think ^w^


My brain got a little fizzle dizzle and I can't really see which group this is O___O
Can a human soul tell me?

That's why I love Yesunglll

Bug collector hahahahahahahaha XD

Mr Lee Taemin

hey hyung

lol look at these girls running

they’re like this

no taemin you’re doing it wrong


Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 17

Okey guys, this one should be easy!!!

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Man I really suck when it comes to this category O___o
Always forget to post anything, something -___- But let's not take this category to serious hahahaha XD
I didn't really find any "HOLY-SHIT-ABS!" picture on this guy bit he's pretty ;)


The ex. Suju member, Hangeng!

You know what, I'm happy he quit from the group. No it's not because of him beeing useless or anything but it seemed like he was treated like a über garbage who isn't a human beeing. All the things I read yesterday... SM surealy treat their idols like crap, sometimes?
Can't really be too sure but SM is a REALLY big entertainment business who's having some of Koreas most famous idols. But they don't feel that... reliable...
I wonder how Suju's treated or even worst SHINee...
Those guys have been tortured live in front of our own eyes with 21465534231 concerts, japanese singles, new korean album bla bla bla...

A part from the thing I read yesterday:

"It would take an unfair sum of money to end the contract, he was not allowed to request to revise his contract, he was forced to do things that were not in his contract, he was forced to do things against his will, he was fined
if he disobeyed the company, missed any events or was late, and there was unfair profit distribution. Along with this, it was disclosed that because of SM Entertainment's refusal to give him a day off in over two years, he had developed
gastritis and kidney disease"

That ugly humour of mine...

A few days ago when I sat on the buss I started to picture a special scene from SHINee's Hello MV. When you "saw" Onew's perspective and when he stood outside the door with a bouquet of flowers acting all cute...

Well to who was he acting all cute? This was my imagination X'DDD


The master skills of paint...

Song of the week #4

As you guys might know by now, Big Bang is growing on me.. BIG TIME!!

So this weeks 'Song of the week' is no other than Big Bang's Haru Haru!!
The first time I heard this song, I almost cried. After reading what the actual story behind the MV was, I watched the video again and then litterly cried!! 
Plus that I really love this song. Like REALLY love it!!! REEEEEAAAALLY!!!!!

My tip to you before watching the MV:
1. Watch the video and read the subs.
2. Read the story behind the MV.
3. Now watch the MV again but this time, just look at it. Don't read the subs.

Story behind the MV:
(Taken from Youtube)

Okay here's what really happened. The girl pretends to go with the T.O.P. and she gives him GD's ring and everything. She does this because she is sick and she doesn't want GD to be sad. She's going to have a surgery for her to pass away peacefully and everyone knew about it except GD. So Tae-Yang calls GD to tell him. But when he arrives at the hospital he is too late. T.O.P. gives him he ring and tells him that he lied and she really loved him. The end :(

Did you cry as much as me? O.o

Big Bang comeback~

On December 16th, representatives of YG Entertainment confirmed, “Big Bang has decided to hold their ‘Big Show‘ concert in March of 2012. Ahead of the concert, they’ll be releasing a new album. They had halted their activities this year because of unpredicted accidents, but they’ll be returning to their official activities for the first time in nearly a year through their ‘Big Show’ next year.”

WAAAHHH!!! Looking forward to their new album!!!
Also read that GD is staying in the studio everyday to fix it or something -___-
I feel sorry for him. So many things he has done and what does he get from the media? (not the fans, bet that all of you fans support him ^^) Crap is the answer. Like duuudeee they made the whole "smoked two puffs marijuana" thing so freaking big. You didn't have to write an freaking article about it! Just let it be...! Like almost every problem he has gotten since this is because of that shit.

(Sorry bringing out the rage side)

Well as I said, looking forward to this >:3

Right also heard some rumours that if Big Bang had't won the EMA they would've disbanded, because of all the crap they went through. Is that really true?

Before and after picture XD


Mehehehehehehe X'DDDD *dying*

weekend humour...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Eww... >___>

I saw a family (mom, kid, grandma) and it made my day. The kid in the subway
I dumped my iphone and listened to them... they probably thought I was mentally ill or something XD


A few hours ago.. (2 hours -.-) someone commented asking about the contest:

When do you quit/finish the contest? And name the winners

Man I hate anonymous comments -___-
Well for you guys who don't know, we've already ended the contest and named the winners, I would like to make a "click here to come to the post" but no one ever clicks, so here's a picture instead...

So hope this answered your question x)
There'll probably be more contests in tha future~

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 15 ANSWER

Hello!! So here you have that funny "abs picture" from thursdays that I wanted to show you guys ^^

The dude with the abs from thursdays was no other than:

Suju's leader Leeteuk!! xD
This picture just looks sooooo funny!! Hahaha the face he does while showing of his 'not-that-great, but-at-least-you-can-se-them' abs. Like a little boy.. getting a new.. toy? Hahaha, no, but you get it xD


One thing I've always been thinking of... Everyone from FT Island have that awesome-super-straight-thorny hair -__- *jealous*
Weeeheeey~ 20 years old now.. starting to get old XD Sorry but the first one I think of when I hear/read your name is Chaejin >___>


Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 16

MOHAHAHAHA, with only a few seconds remaining of the day!! Haha, sorry for the crappy quality. But I just wanted to post this freakin' post before the day ended ^^

Soo, who's abs???


Hahahhahaha MyChonny is so f-ing funny!! xD He keeps putting these small KPOP enteries in his videos. For example this one:

Look from 02:33

Dad: BamBaRa..Ta..Ta..Ta
Chonny: Jeil Jalaga?.. OMG
(From 2NE1's I am the best)

Hahhahaha, you make me laugh John ^^

Muhuhuhuuhu TT^TT

Onew you cute little awesome piece of fart...
It's a shame that Minho and Jonghyun weren't in it >___>

STARCALL - Boyfriend

Haha, just got a starcall from Boyfriend!!! xD They couldn't see me, but I saw them. Naaw, the looked so cute ^^

Everyone that can download apps on their phones can download starcall. It's awsome(!!!), you just download it, pick the stars you want a starcall from and one day you might get it! ^^ However they don't have everyone, like they don't have MBLAQ, B2ST.. those are the only ones that I can think of right now ^^

But seriously, if you love KPOP you should definitely download this app!!! xD

Groups you haven't heard of (part 13)

Trolololed around and found these guys...
They were actually one of those who debuted 2010 but are pretty underrated. Or to be more exact "The-ones-who-did't-win-the-fans-heart-and-flopped"
Also read that their maknae quit...


Familiar? No? Yes??
They are a bit tooooo underrated, it's a shame :/

Haven't found anything about the members or a "members profile"




It's creepy how awefully alike they are with those U-KISS pictures O__O




Yall get what I mean? 0____0

The song was pretty okay after listening to it 2-3 times ^^
It was like a... parody of Block B's Freeze, or to be more exakt Block B's Freeze was a freaking parody of TOUCH's Rockin the club.
They're so... alike!!!! ê____ê *dying a bit*

Le US VS Korea

Posted Image

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the kpop choice...
US When you turn 18 = SHOT,SHOT,SHOT DRIIINKKK!!!
Korean when you turn 18 = You start with banana milk...

To be honest (revealing myself ovah here) I have never been a "drinker" during my wole life.. I'm that sweet little mamas girl -.- *yuck*
No party, no drinks, no drugs. Accidentally I drank some thaangs before (yeah accidentally!)

Had to share the good stuff ^__~

Donghae & Eunhyuk - Oppa, Oppa

OMG, they have just released a new singel!!!! xD

Live Version:

Did you guys like the song? I think it's very catchy ^^
*Oppa, Oppa~ blablabla like a superstar~*
Haha, and I really like the dance ^^

So I guess that my list of dances I want to learn is:
1. The scorpion dance from Infinite's BTD
2. A dance cover I saw of GD&T.O.P's Knock Out
3. The Oppa Oppa dance ^^

Gonna continue BO's morning humour

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Seriously look at those eyes O___O

Posted Image
AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA Bet it's something pervy... like a man doing a chicken. Onew is on the verge of screaming XD

Posted Image Posted Image

For you guys who didn't know..

Youtube has FINALLY made a KPOP category as a specific music genre! ;D FINALLY the world has opened their eyes (okey.. not world. Or youtube is actually pretty much the world ^^)

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

Cuteness ♥


Hhahahaha, found some very funny pictures ^^ B.R.A is still not.. making these morning posts -.- So just bare with me guys ♥

Hahaha, so true ^^

.. O.o

Hahhaa, damn, didn't even notice it at first!!! xD

No comments.. 8D

KevJumba does it again! ^^

Hahahha, I don't know if you remember the last time I posted a video of KevJumba performing a few seconds with the song 'Mr.Simple' ^^

Well, here you have the sequel!! xD

(From 02:00)



Celebrating with myslef now!!! MY INTERNET WORKS!! MATHAFOQER!!!!!!!!!!! I LITERALLY CRIED!!!! TT^TT My life haven't been this miserble since the day I watched a anime called Candy Candy!!!!!!

Oh yeah to just break the whole thing me and BO posted the prices today so you (winners) will either recieve it this week or next, probably next. But they're on their way ^^
Remember to send a picture or anyting to us ^w^

Now I'm gonna update the blog!
Gosh so happy tudelu~ *wave*

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 15

Hahahah this photo.. ^^
Can't wait until I can show you guys who this is!!! xD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 14 ANSWER

Don't know what to write -.-
But okey, here we go!!!

Last night's abs was from no other than:

Big Bang's Seungri!!!! 8D

The pattern

Everytime a group is having a concert their ticets sells out like that *snap*
It's literally impossible for a random dude to buy those... ticets

Usually all the groups sell out their tickets less than a minute and well... INFINITE are on their way.
For ever month that passes by the time will reduce by 1 minute XD
Shesus the day when me and BO go to Korea, no matter which group it is WE ARE GOING TO SEE A FREAKING CONCERT!! ASDGJADKFLGS!!!


Mehehe the cake~

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's a shame that you guys can't make peace and just *plopp* be together -__-
Have a nice birthday boi~ Getting old eyy, 25 yeard old 0__0

M-A-D as ****************************************

No, there isn't any bad word that long -___-

Pretty ironic yesterday I was all happy, beeing free from homeworks doing nothing, geek tumbl, youtube and kpop thaangs... but -.-

MY ASDFSDFHRGFJLASFJGS INTERNET STOPED WORKING!!! NOT ONLY THE COMPUTER EVEN THE PHONES!!!! The whole internet around the neighbourhood is Idon'tknowwhat. So I can't do anything. I literally died of boredom yesterday. I SAT on my bed doing nothing, just send rage text messages to BO.

And yes I went all the way to my school to write this post, and I don't even have to go to school... I'm sick... in my head o________o

Gonna do my best over here but I can't guarantee anything -.- *sight*~

BO tried with the morning humour and he actually succeded but I'm gonna continue here mohaha! So enjoy...

Posted Image
They totally made a big mistake when they filmed Leeteuk like this hahahahhaah XD So many pervy thing you can do with these pictures... 

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

You know I'm actually going to "find a job" (through school) You swedish people know what I mean ( XD )
And I hate that sweden doesn't have a SM Town wb -.- I'm trying to find a "job" in the entertainment industry here in Sweden, which enterneinment . . . ê_____ê


GOD!!! Have spent like two hours just drugging Big Bang on Youtube ^^
A song I now can't stop singing *Bbuk-e-gayo, very bbuk bbuk bbuk bbuk Bbuk-e-gayo~*

Hahaha love the music video ^^ It's just so chill, and they just walk around like.. what ever dude ;P.

I'm Bbuk-e-gayoing for them ^^ (Bbuk-e-gayo which means falling for something or going crazy for something. Not as in an romantic way, but as in that something is so freakin' awsome that you just.. Bbuk-e-gayo xD)

FINALLY, I'm starting to love Big Bang. Took me long enough -.-

Taking over the morning humor.. for today

I know that B.R.A is always the one making these morning humor posts. But his computer is not collaborating with him. But don't be sad(!!), I can be funny too!!! ;D

Hahahha, these actually scared the crap out me!!! O.o

Yepp.. couldn't find any more funny photos -.-
You know what.. I'll just leave the "being funny" part to B.R.A and he can leave me the part of "being Bbuk-e-gayo*", I do enough of that for both of us xD

Not everything.. but maybe these Morning Posts ^^

*= You'll see in the next post ^^ (what Bbuk-e-gayo means)

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 14

Day 14. Not long now until christmas!!! 8D


jwcfree is a youtubechannel I strongly recomend you to check out. It's this guy who plays AWSOME guitar. Man.. he makes me feel bad, because I want to be able to play just as good as him T-T. But we all know that that's not going to happen ^^

He has made some Big Bang covers as well!!!

Big Bang - Haru Haru


Big Bang - Lies


Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 13

Well well well ladies. (I guess that you all are ladies, if not, don't be afraid to leave a comment and tell us!! We would be so happy knowing that me and B.R.A are not the only guys *blink blink* reading the blog ^^)

Anywho, so who's abs was it last night?
No other then, and I quote, "THE KING OF ABS!"

He looks very handsome in this photo. But I don't know.. I can't really look at him more than just a.. father figure. Probably because that is what he is to my husbands (Lee Joon) group MBLAQ ^^

You guys also have to see this picture.

BI RAIN AGAIN!!! hahaha, he looks so good, but yet so cute! *drooling* 8D

Hapsa B.R.A

It means happy sad -___- Well I had my final test for this year!!!! (actually for this term before the holiday but it sounds more awesuume when you say year XD )

I STAYED UP TILL 03:30 PM GOT ALL HAPPYFACE CUZ I KNEW EVERYTHING AND I COULD SLEEP FOR  2 HOURS!!! But the last part about the financial economics was ASDGJLADSGJ for me, didn't have the energy to read that anymore. So I read really careful on the parts that I thought would come up during the test but NOOOOO!!! THAT BASTARD HAD TO CHOSE QUESTION ABOUT THE FINANCIAL ECONOMICS!

RAAAGGEEEE!!! Sat there all quiet for 15 minutes because of that test -.-
Well it went as it went, now I've learned unnecessary things (the ones that didn't show up in the test -.-) Yeah my brain will get to full...

BUT IT'S WEEKEND FOR ME NOW!!!! Gonna be be home for 4 days MUHAHAHAH!! Kpop, youtube & manga FREAAAKK!!! Mehehehe...

Well the update will get better now, it's soon christmas to so that's another reason, gonna sit all alone at home and be a no lifer... ê___ê


Right now..

.. I'm probably taking a BIG test in math -.-
Yepp, that is what you get for going in.. science class(?) You know, with a lot of classes like Biology, Chemistry, Fysiks and math.

So yes. The test is a total of 2 parts. The first part will be for 90 minutes. The second one will be for 120 minutes -.- This test will decide if I'll get an A or a B as a final grade in math O.o


A good song:

Group: U-KISS
Song: Tick Tack (Japanese)

OUF!! It's getting hot in here!

(SO WHAT?!) so it can only mean~
That Bo bae. Found some more of. THE KPOP KISSES!~

If you've heard the song, then you get it ^^ (Nelly - Hot in here)

No, but truth is, I found this clip after looking for a clip for 'KPOP kisses (part 3)'.
And bo-hoy did I get over excited!!! xD

Now tell me that you didn't O.o

KPOP kisses! (part 3)

Naaw, bromance :')
But Heechul from SUJU is such a slut -.- No.. I feel bad saying stuff like that because he is in the army :/..

Yepp, that's better ^^

No matter what I just can't skip these morning humours~

Gosh I suddenly wanted to watch Skip Beat, the one Siwon and Donghae are in... LOOKING FORWARD!!!! :O I'm actually reading the manga and it's a pain to wait every week -.- I got really interested when I saw Donghae, he seemed to be the perfect asshole boyfriend hahaha X'D

Posted Image
This was just awesome! <3

Posted Image
Aw mai god hahahahahaha XD No matter what these kind of macros are dirty XDDDD

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
HAHAHA oh my is that the dudes serving the army in korea O__O Compared to Sweden every guy is plain, white skinny ass bitches who wants to be cool while serving the army... (Not to be mean or anything HAHAHAHAHA)
They're however FORCED to do it... (korean dudes)

Posted Image
I know ê_____ê

Posted Image



OHH I've been waiting for this XD (or maybe not O__o) HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL LITTLE CHICKEN MAINIAC/ BEST LEADER EVAHHH~ Go and eat you awesome chicked cake ^w^
I really respect you and love your awesomeness and and your voice :O !!! TAKE CAREEEE!!!! :DD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 13

Who's abs?! xD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 12 ANSWER

OMO.. Sanna.. I just, I.. -.-
But dude, I'm only like this because I freakin' envy you!!! Hahahha, I also want time to just look at KPOP-stars abs and because of that know how everyones look without hesitation! ^^

So yes, last nights abs was from SooHyun from U-KISS!!!

1 month old, but who cares

"Love is a sickness, can I get a witness"~

2 days ago Youtube were my BFF. Drugged U-KISS, Big Bang and Tablo.
Gosh why didn't I listen to Tablo before?! He's a freaking god!!!! I LOVE HIS ASFGBKSFHNB BAD!

The rap in the beginning must be the most wonderful, awesome, prettiest rap I've ever heard!

SMent ...



I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT!!! MUUU!! Okey gonna take a chill-pill... SADGWKFB!!! SM Y U MAKE THIS?!?!?!?!?!
Gosh went all hyper when I saw the whole SM family, just... TT^TT
Started to scream for myself. THIS SONG IS SO FREAKING LOVELY AND ADORABLE!!!!
The bois~ meeehh... they should sing more English songs O__o Yesung goddammit how can you sound/look both sexy and cute?! O_________O AND Henry also sang! :O (Mehehe feel über smart for knowing who that is >:3 )


And when SHINee popped up, Taemin and Onew TT^TT
Geez what a mental breakdown hahahahaha XD
This song made my day... Gonna kill myself and studdy for the test now...

You know what? Gonna finnish high school, go to Korea and have a happy time, return to Sweden and finnish university THEN I'm gonna GO BACK to Korea and start a freaking Entertainment industry and promote (?) new kpop groups/stars then I'm gonna have this lovely family!!!! And it'll probably take, 10 years? And all the old groups have probably disbanded so they can all be my employees/managers! <3 MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Best plan evah~
It's a bulletproof plan...




oh hey teayang

meet teamin




I weren't really a KissMe fan before Xander and Kibum had to leave U-KISS but I got mad as hell when I read the whole situation >___> who the heck does that?!
Well it's not a rage time right now this is what I saw on allkpop

Meheihihohohahahah!!~ XD He should go back to the company before and scream:
"In your face mathafaqers!!" >:I Not really, but yeah...
I listen to all of his songs and how can you say it? They where pretty average in a refreshing way. I didn't really get "stuck". But the song that cough my attention were Bad girl (English version) His 7 languages isn't a joke -__-
I have a long way to go~

Bad Girl

Another thing that I also have noticed is that, he's so cuuuutteee nooww!!!!! TT^TT


Just look at him!! :O When he was a member (or the leader) in U-KISS (Left pic) and now (Right pic)
Like his haircut better now XD

The symptoms of a kpop addicted freak XD

Hearing certain words that now have a completely different meaning

For instance “tofu”

Somehow you always manage to break out in song during conversation

Then you break out in “random” dances

Soon enough you start saying some korean words
“aigo, umma, omo”

All you listen to is kpop

You know all of the most recent kpop news

You freak out over comebacks/debuts/ect.

You love watching korean dramas/variety more than what you used to watch

With or without makeup? (SHINee)

It's bad.. It's really bad if a guy is more ugly without any makeup. It's ashame, because a lot of kpop celebrities- guys, have pretty faces but makeup have ruined everything so they practically look like crap without it -__-
So here's a small check-up to see who's still got "it"


Well duuhh... Onew even looks better wtihout makeup. But they over did it in Luficer HAHAHA XD I remember it clearly, Lucifer was the first kpop song I had ever listened to and the first sight... seeing Onew with 215231 tons of makeup was a huge chock for me XD
But I think that everyone from SHINee looks pretty normal without any makeup ^w^


When this dude have makeup it's very "light" that it's hard to see, so the difference isn't that big..


Ahh I also remember this... looked like a makeup shotgun XD


Aw mai god that little baby pic!!! Such an old picture!!! :O Wonder how old he was there... 13? 14?
Well he obviously looks better without any makeup ^__~


Hahahahahahah This guy have makeup in EVERY single picture. Found a gif were he didn't have so much, just a little around his eyes... I can't really say that he fits with makeup but at least he need some eyeliner...

So it looks a bit more like this...

Ze morning humour~

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Man I don't have so many HA-HA-HAs anymore -_____-

Posted Image Posted Image
We have a new member in M2STASCH!

Posted Image
Mehehehe I know someone who should buy this one... X'D

Onew condition...





Dunno why but I feel so slow and lost right now... I have a test on wednesday and I can't  a *piip* of. Doing the old style and studying the whole night tomorrow...
For you who's going to chose a high school next year... well here's a future guide on how you'r life will look like... >__> If you're gonna chose the economics, you have me XD
That ADSGJLSDGN!! (stupid) science thing... (<-- Actually know a word for that line but I've forgotten it XD) then you have BO ^w^

Right! For you guys who won the contest, we fixed everything today and wanted to post it. I gave everything to BO so he had to fix the envelope etc. and I ran to my bus. But we failed... I had the stamps  *___* *shame*
Died when I sat in the bus... Well we're going to post it on Wednesday so it will come to yah soon~

Me and BO are like... identical twins with these guys -.-

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 12

Wehoo time for number 12... only 12 days left ;'DDD
Dunno but this can be a harder one...

Dam Dam Dam Daaaaam~
Who's abs..?

Exu Fibvu (X--5) Is outaaaa!~ ê____ê

Wanted to give it a korean/japanese touch XD
Their song is actually pretty catchy after listening to it 3-4 times. The beginning with the electro parts always remind me of SHINee Lucifer, when Minho? get that wierd robot voice and everyone is like turning around (-.-)

Well oh my... the MV... the dance was pretty... lame XD It was really girly...
The first thing I thought of when I saw the guy with the white jacket "Attention whore -__-" Hahahahah XD Well it's a bit harsh X'3
So what do you think? Didn't like the MV but the song is getting catchier ^w^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 11 ANSWER

Last night's abs, ANSWER:

SHINee's Lee Taemin!!!! Hahaha, well done guys! All of you who guessed, guessed right xD


Forgot it hahahahahahah XD Fail...
Well Happy Birthday DUUUUUDDDEEEE!!!

Seungri (21 years)
Have an über nice day together with your homies and give T.O.P a hug smack on the butt ^^ mehehe...


Check tha swaaag~

2ne1, Before and After



Do you guys think they have changed much? O.o
I really don't ^^ Maybe just their hair color. But they stay true to their image and I like that!!!


CL - With and Without makeup

Who would have thought that that was 2NE1's CL without makeup?!?!!?
I mean, the first time I saw her like that, I was like "theee fuuuu*k?"

These pictures are taken during the same time (I think..). She has lost some weight since then and has clear skin now. But still!! Is that how she looks like without makeup?? But it gives me hope ^^ I don't have to be perfect to be big within KPOP xD

2PM - Woo Young

Saw this clip:

Hahaha I know. Why can't I stop watching these clips?!?!?!?! xD
Anywho, first of all.. THE POSE HE DOES AT THE END!!! (he is the one in yellow pants)
So charming *drowling* 8D

But what I wanted to say was that I really like him with long hair O.o
Is it only me?

I prefer him with longer hair, just sayin ^^
But the best haircut he ever had, according to me, is this:

Yes, I know that this is not the lenght of hair I prefer on him -.-
But don't know what it is with me and Koreans with blond hair. Not Taemin blond or Lee Joon blond (sorry baby~), but more like this blond. T.O.P has the same kind of style, but his hair color is more like.. silver? ^^
Actually, when I think about it, Woo Young is the best looking guy in the MV 'Hands Up'!!!!!!! To bad he dosen't look like this all the time T-T

Yepp.. just saying.

Groups you haven't heard of (part 13)

To think that I've been a nolifer and posted 13 posts on groups we haven't heard of XD
Well this group is pretty wierd... I think that they're wierd? :3
It's a kpop group but they don't have any korean songs... that's because they debuted in Japan with Japanese songs or to be more exact jpop :I


Some of you who like jpop may have heard about them? They debuted a few years ago...
Actually 2008, soon 4 years O__o (If you count that 2011 is over soon) Damn that's a long time ago XD

Their debut song Emergency. It was pretty... weak? It feels like the "real beat" came around 02:34 when the
dam dam~ came (reminded me of Britney Spears Oops I did it again XD)

Here's the membersssssssssssssssss......

They're pretty old O__o The makne's age is the age the freaking leaders in the new groups have >___> Man I feel depressed...

3 of the members reminded me of... *ahh wait..*

It's pretty scary... those three guys remind me of Ryeowook, Heechul (Suju) and Changmin (TVXQ) O__O
But with hair extension (Except for Heechul because... yeah.. you know...)

Two dudes that have shaved their facial hair...

The whole 'have a mustasch' trend isn't really a trend when it comes to kpop...
You should be clean and cute XD We don't really fit in BO =___= *shame*
There' only 2 people that have shaved their facial hair and the look... well.. yeah you can judge -.-'


I actually liked his mustach TT^TT Got really dissapointed when he shaved it :/ It's funny when I were new in kpop and started to like MBLAQ EVERY one of the members looked alike but G.O that sweet angel stood out because of that holy mustasch *____* Especially when I saw Oh yeah X'D


Y U DID THAT BO?!!?!?!?!? O___o

That reaction...

Man my reaction was two times worse -___-''
Goddamn you Leeteuk! ...

My B.R.Ather, let's not BOther the morning people in Swedeeen~

The fudge...


MEAN GIRLS x2 HAHAHAHAHAH XD Big Bang version...                    Just wait.. *dying x2134123* HAHAHAHAHA!!!




To both of the chicks Eunjung (23) and Qri (25) from T-ara!! >:3 They're pretty old O__o 
Wonder how it feels to have the same birthday as you buddie-member... Must be harsh to share the cake -__-'

Mehehehehe XD


Just minding my own business, looking at 2NE1 youtube clips of their live performances. Then PAOW(!!!):

Why is youtube doing this to me? WHY!?!?!?! T-T
Like out of nowhere. What does HyunA and Lee Joon have to do with 'Ugly - 2NE1 live'?
Wait.. ^^ I GET IT.. hahaha, she's ugly O.o

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 10 ANSWER

I just can't let it go HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH BO I can't describe how much you suck!! Gonna laugh at you even more tomarrow!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH The 100% photoshopped picture! ;'D Priceless!

Well the answer for yesterdays abs were right ^w^ Woop Woop!~

The pic is from his comeback music 'Lunatic' if I'm not wrong.
Rumors have said that it isn't him that is singing the song, he isn't the guy behind the mask because YG haven't uploaded it, so it was strange and bla bla bla...
But it is him! (Okey I don't really have any proof) You can clearly see that it is Daesung because of the jaw... and the face XD Even if it's behind the mask..
Well my point is that yes, that should be him -__-'

T.O.P... is HOT

I know that saying T.O.P from Big Bang is not any news, but I didn't realize it until I saw this picture.

See that look? *DYING* See that smile? *DYING* I don't really know what it is, but when I see someone giving that EXACT look, I get all hypnotizes.. and giggly ^^

That makes me wanna.. SHOUT! KICK MY HEALS UP AND (Shout!) THROW MY HANDS UP AND (Shout!)~~
Hahhaha, sorry if you don't know what song that was. Maybe it's easier like this.. it's not KPOP.

But back to T.O.P. ndaklndakdjaDalkdnalksdna..

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 11

OMI.. only two weeks until christmas!!!! WEHOO~

I feel like many of you SHOULD know who's abs these are ^^

I also want one of these TT^TT



So pretty.... *________________*

They don't need any words...



Interview with Will.I.Am

After the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) I wrote that I wanted to find an interview with Will.I.Am and see what he thought of the Music Awards. Shesus Sujus performance must be the most AWESOME one in history...
Okey back to the point!
I found an interview but it isn't really about the MAMA. It's more about the collaboration with 2NE1

Mehehehe you go boy! You make them famous outside of Korea! Bet that the asian chick didn't get a *piip* of what he said XD *Just smile and wave... smile and wave..* Okey I sound pretty bitchy now -.-'

I talked with 3 other person about the whole "kpop-getting-famous-all-over-the-world" thing. Yes you surely want it but deep inside I somehow don't want it to happen. It wouldn't be that special anymore, you won't have the same feeling when you fangirl with someone and think that both of you are "special". It's a holy moment for all of us kpop fangirls when we find another kpop fangirl. But the other side you want to prove and show the world the music of miracle..
It's almost like you want to eat a piece of the cookie but still keep it (I think that was the way you said it -.-)

Well well what should we do...


Do you guys remember the post I made with every member of 2PM's abs? Where there was at least one picture of every member except for Junho -__-
Who am I fooling, you'll never click on that link... here's a pic!

It was a rage moment for me XD he either blocked or turned around -.-
BUT! I finally found it a few days ago!! The golden picture!


Even BO asked me if he really had abs, and yes he does! But he doesn't really show it off ^^

Tam tam~ pervy me..

You know the first time I saw this picture my eyes focused on one thing...

Just look at the picture 10 seconds and you know what I mean...

Is that a boner? 0___0
Another thing that I wondered when I geeked Trouble Maker yesterday... I wonder how it went when they filmed the MV for Trouble Maker. Didn't see any boner there (HAHAHAHAHAH I'm sorry I'm pretty off right now) but that chick Hyuna rubbed herself all over him soo...
He was either trained somehow or just... not turned on by her.. ?

2PM moment~~ ^3^

Found some gifs/macros on the pervy side of 2PM mohahahah! *___*

woww... this was just... pervy all over the place... >____>

OMG, hahahaha, he really squeezed his butt!!! O.o / Bo Bae

This was the most epic one XDD

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Nichkhun, Nichkhun, Nichkhun (That I even had the energy to write his name 3 times O__o) he's the one making the majority of all the butt-touches XD Gonna chop your hands >:3

Can anyone tell me....

who this group is? I thought of 2PM first because of the "training room", and because there's a dude having long hair XD But if you look closer it doesn't look like them and I can't really "see" where the dance come from... So who are they?


Me: Wow dad you're IQ is starting to sink, reeeaaalllyy looww~ Just like...
Appa: Yeah continiue the whole sentece... *evil smile*
Me: *Glancing att mom*
Omma: *Giving that oh-please-say-it-look with a twitching eye*
Me: ... Yeah you're IQ is starting so sink like always..!

*walking away*


Man if you knew how stupid, I seriously mean it, REALY stupid my parents are X'D It's pretty funny watching them sometimes... or maybe not...

Well the prizes are done (It was actually done 9 hours ago) and we're going to send them to you guys on monday! Dunno if you're reading this but yeah...
Don't judge, we tried really hard XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA what have we done... *shame*

That was probably it ^^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 10

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHA BO... *dying x247975434* Yes you are able to die so many times -.-
Well 10th December ey~ ... Soon christmas O___o

Let's cut the long talk and guess todays abs ^w^
And the heck with making the number all pretty. Doing the B.R.A style all the way~


Yes!!! Now we have a "button" kind of thing that you can see right under the header. So if you enjoy reading our blog, please show us your support and like us on facebook!!

Going to feel pretty.. bad if no one likes us.
forever alone~

Hahahaha, naaaah!! But it feels like I'm writing a "forever alone" post ^^
But I'm not!!! xD
Or am I... O.o

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 9 ANSWER

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okey, this day dosen't count ^^

Last nights abs was (at least that was who I thought it was -.-)

But because I was so blinded by his abs, I could not see that his face.. was photoshoped in. Because I was blind.. because of his "abs" -.-

Feel so ashamed now!!! Hahahah found this picture:

You think those are his real abs? ^^ I mean, it must be hard to photoshop such a blurry picture. But then again.. I was wrong about the other picture *points up*

Man.. like come on! I just totally ruined my picture I had of Key in my head -.- I mean, going from the top picture to this picture. It ain't pretty!!! T-T

So my bad!!!!! Sorry if I.. distracted you guys(?) from your winner path (talking to you sanna ^^)

Boyfriend - I'll Be There

IT'S OUT?!?!?!?!?!! It came out December 7.. When did I post the teaser?? O.o
Hahhaa anywhoo, I said that this was a song that I think I'll actually like.. a lot.

What do you think? I liked the first 20 seconds. Hahahhaa, they tricked me so good!! I thought the song would sound something like the beginning/teaser sounded. I guess the song was.. average. They're still not my style. Maybe next time ^^

Of Coruse..

"2NE1 is to give a performance at the MTV studio in Time Square, New York, which will be broadcast worldwide.

On December 12(NY time), 2NE1 is going to sing their hit songs at the MTV studio in New York. The performance will be broadcast around the world."

Yeah, I knew that they would be there, but not perform -.- Of course. Just my luck. Whenever i'm not in New York, ALL Kpop-stars are there. When I'm there, they decide: "No, Las vegas is better". But then when I get back to Sweden, they decide: "you know what? New York was better" -.-

Grrrh... I really want to see them :(
To read the entire article, click

Ki Kwang

"B2ST’Gi Kwang released pictures of himself, who was transformed into Jo Ma Ru of the series Me Too, Flower!

On December 10, this cute singer tweeted a picture with the comment, “I’ve always wanted to be a policeman since I was little. Thrilled to wear a uniform. How do I look? Hope you like my character.”"

I shall obey, my Lord.. ^^

Sorry sorry sorry sorry~

Yeah forgot the morning humour today so let's have it now ^^
Love these lame macrose XD


HAHAHAHAH the look Minho gives XD

I actually thought of something.... Have you ever wondered how these kpop celebrities are in real life?
Haven't you thought that maybe you as a person (or all the fans in general) have been über fooled by these guys. The company can for example say to Taemin that he should ´play the innocent guy with puppy eyes but outside the "fame" he's the biggest playboy ever existed XD
Or Leeteuk if he's the biggest bitch in history or that Key (SHINee XD 1032459 keys...) is actually not a diva at all...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA me and my lameass fantasy ;'D

Hyunseung bring tha b-boy out~

When I discovered B2ST or something like that, Hyunseung was my least favourite and I got that huge chock when I read that he's the second oldest in B2ST XD His babyface is indescribable O__o
But in Trouble maker (totally hooked on that song right now ASGFSDHASDF it's good!) he looks like a baby god...
Trouble mekaahh~

And the first song I listened to with B2ST was Fiction and he were just -.- not "pretty"... (in my eyes, gosh I sound so... disgusting O___o he's actually pretty, more than pretty but if we compare the look before and now it's a huge differece)

From that... to THIS!

Love that "messy" hair and the parts where he had his red costume on *____*
That's not a boi anymore... that's a man... But the baby face popped up during picture 2 XD But picture 1 was just nananananan~
And I love the ending in that MV MOHAHAHAHAHAH! That biatch is all like:

"HA! It'll be hot soon my dog..." (hahaha got it? XD Hot my dog, hotdog)
And he's like "pfft... yeah...." *SHABAM* The gun just popp up "Who's laughing nao biatch?!"
"Oh no a gun :O" *shoot*


.. we will probably not post so much posts until.. 6-7 o'clock? (Swedish time)
That is only because that TODAAAAY me and B.R.A will fix those prizes we should have fixed a long time ago. (Remember the contest we had? Yes, those prizes ^^)

But no worries, we WILL post some posts today ;)

UPDATE: we will ofcourse update as we fix the prizes. You know, on how it is going and stuff like that ^^

A question...

Well little me ironed the clothes as a kid high on sugar.
The point with this post was that I wanted to ask a little question. What do you guys want us to write?
We do actually have a lot of things to write about, but a little to much. Sometimes we don't even have the time to upload a post in a specific category.
So is it anything you want us to write extra about? For example the groups you haven't heard of, S.I.M.P (HAHAHAHAHAHA . . .), a specific group? Etc.

So bring it on!~

k-entertainment:  emovillagepillage:  o————————————-o:  fucking crazy   he’s lucky  he pushed off already facing downwards, instead of at the horizontal point. he’s lucky he still made it. pretty much anyone else taking off at that angle would have went straight for the concrete.
Died when I saw this TT^TT Bet that he broke a leg or something XD


I wrote about a grooup named X-5 in Groups you haven't heard of
They made their comeback a few days ago in Music bank and I don't really know what to say... :O

It didn't sound that good live unfortunally... and somewhere it just sounded wrong O___o Between 00:33 - 00:37 The scream just, cracked, bad and sick XD Something was wrong with his voice. But the song is.. I don't know, it's one of those hard-songs-to-judge-because-it's-so-freaking-average :O
But you can't complain the looks ^w^ meheheh...

But the clean version (or how you say it -.-) was a bit better

A "dangerous" comeback XD Lol...


The lameass moment when you need to iron clothes during "midnight" -____-''
Man this sucks, a whole pile with cloths pfft...
Well gonna lift up my lazy ass and do it.

Did you know that I have a review book where I review korea/ Japanese movies/dramas ^w^
Now you know it...

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 9

You'll probably never get this one O.o
Haha, but you could try!!! ^^

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 8 ANSWER

YEEEEEEEEEY(!!) we had two people participating in last nights Christmas Calendar!!! xD

So last nights abs was from...

Super Junior's Siwon!!! ^^

2PM Vending Machine

"This vending machine, given by 2PM’s manager, is twice taller than an ordinary one, so 2PM members need to collaborate in order to get drinks. However, it is interesting that the drinks are also twice bigger than ordinary ones. The “2PM” vending machine is installed by a coke brand for which 2PM are working as models.

2PM’s manager saw 2PM member Chan Sung’s comment on his Twitter account that says, “I’m always sorry to bother my managers to get drinks for me,” and just gave a vending machine to 2PM."

ahhHahHA 2PM in my ♥

But why are they doing it so complicated? I promise, me and B.R.A would not do all that. I would just stand on a chair and B.R.A would then take me on his shoulders. If we still couldn't reach the cokes, he would start jumping or somthing ^^ Hhahah or the other way around. Right B.R.A??? ^^

KPOP taking over the middle east?

Can't believe that I have not posted up these pictures yet!!!

2 days ago, right before hitting the gym (yeaah, I do that ;)) my mom was watching TV. At the same time I was also talking in the phone with B.R.A and all of a sudden my mom says "Isn't that the group you like?" and I was like.. *mom.. come on* But I did go in to the livingroom to see who she meant. All of a sudden I se Big Bang!!!!!!!!!! On Egyptian Tv?!?!?!?!?! Maybe not Egyptian, but on a chanel we Egyptians have. Forget that, it's a chanel EVERY middle eastern have called.. MBC.

Hahhaha, started to fan-girl with B.R.A on the phone and was like "I need to take pictures!!!"
So during 7 seconds I had taken 8 pictures ^^ Not going to post all of them, because a lot of them came out blurry ^^

KPOP taking over the world!!!! 8D

Lol XD

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA the last gif was the most epic one X'D *dying*

The underrated members...

A week ago? Or something... (3 days ago hahahahaha XD) I got all serious and posted a 2NE1 post about Dara, about how underrated she was in the group and that a lot of people thought that she was useless for 2NE1 and didn't deserv to be in that group. After thinking a bit, there's a lot of members here and there that are pretty underrated. Sure fans/people haven't really said "Oh my god he/she doesn't deserv to be in that group" bla bla bla, but you can clearly see that (And Dara is a great example) we have other members that are pretty underrated (at least what I think)

MBLAQ - Thunder
When I listened to MBLAQ for the first time I was like "ehh should he really be there?" But shesus MBLAQ would NEVER be MBLAQ without that quiet, cute little embaressed Thunder. He's actually really awesome especially in MBLAQ kkaeal player where you can "see him" a bit more...

2PM - Junho
It feels like he's the bullied one in 2PM XD Not in a good way either. That guy is like a Mir copy (MBLAQ) but I don't know... It feels like every member is in the center while he's in the corner showing his bright smile TT^TT

This may sound a bit mean but I haven't really a real "answer" on his underrated:ness XD In my eyes he haven't really done anything waaoooww, sometimes I wonder why he's even in U-KISS O__o The company should do something, make him stand out or anything becuase... he feels like one of those extra fill-ups in U-KISS (Gosh that sounded so mean...)

Teen Top - Ricky & Changjo
It feels like EVERY member except for Niel is underrated -__-' Hahahahah XD The company had the worst strategy ever where they decided to only concentrate on one group member. Seriously Ricky and Changjo probably have one line in every song and then of they go~ They should like... have a special prgoram or something X'D You know, so we can get to know the other member!

Personally I believe that all of them looked better in their debut song Clap...

Well I sat there all calm and wrote an über great post, and of course my computer just wanted to screw my life a bit more and deleted the whole !#%#%¤ thing so this is the second time I'm writing this so I'm sorry if the whole post was half hearted... :/


Look alike: AJ and Siwon


Dunno why but when I saw that picture of AJ, Siwon just popped up in my head O___O



The world won't die with a bit humour!


if only zombies looked as good as they do.. :) photo from: Lol-Dbsk @tumblr words by: Rysa88

lawl. epic. credit to the original owner.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

By: angeleyeskathy

By: angeleyeskathy

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH Woooooooooooooooooooooooowwww~ (Hehe it's wow or wow <-- warewolf >:3 )

LOL Onew ^^

Q: Why Minho?

Onew: Because he looks funny.

oooooh, BUUURNED!!! ^^


12.09.1991; Flaming Charisma is born.

Hope you have e great one! Sorry for not being able to
celebreate it with you. Maybe next year ;D


This dude is more awesome than he looks...

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 8

Okey Sanna, it feels like this Calendar was made for you ^^ Soo, can you guess who's abs these are? ;P

PS. of course all of you other readers can guess! xD
It's just that after 8 days, Sanna is the only one that has T-T

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 7 ANSWER

OKEY GUYS!!! We're already on day 7. Two weeks now until christmas!!! Everybody say weehoo~

So last night's abs was from no other then...

Lee Ki Kwang from B2ST!! One of the two bias's I have in B2ST ^^

MBLAQ is Back...

Well not literally but they've released a christmas single!

I read that they've been pretty busy overseas (probably in Japan) but they had to releas a classic christmas song for us ^^ (Let me imagine what I want >:I ) Well it isn't THAAAT classical but gosh I LOVED it! It had that calm christmas melody (well you know what I mean...) but they also had that awesome beat in it! AND THUNDER! AW MAI LORD! I haven't heard you sing before, Y NOOT!?!?! :O *dying of shock*
G.O never dissapoints me with his awesome voice, that man must be one of my favourites! ;'3

Well here you have it! I really enjoyed the song ^u^

I'm back mohahahah! And the writing thing is f*cked up :O

I can't really see the whole screen over here (Is it only mine that's a bit wierd BO? Huh?)  So my bad if I write something wrong on the other half -__-
Well I'm back on track. Haven't really checked our blog (properly) during these 2 days ;___; I had one of my tests today, it went as it went so I only have 1 left!! MEHEHEHEIOWAVSDKJVB!! HOLIDAY!!! SLEEEP!! KPOP >:3

AND! When I went to that christian school to "present" my high school (or something) I saw something! XD They weren't that bad, some of their rules where a bit strict compared to other schools. No nuns -.- I looked forward to that... Dunno if there was any readers over there but the students were nice ^w^
AND NOW TO MY POINT!!! I saw a freaking Seungri (From Big Bang) clone over there!!! But it was a mini version XD I seriously wanted to go to him and say
"Soo... you don't have any idea if you where adopted from Korea or something? O__o"

But no... I didn't do it... >___>

Well that's probably it, gonna eat my cupcakes worth 6000:- (Swedish crowns) TT^TT
My phone is !"#%¤#&# I can't really talk in my phone anymore XD Well well...

He's a successfull mix between Junsu, Junho (Both 2PM) and T.O.P

2PM - It's skin CF


INFINITE - Dongwoo, so cute!!!

This could be one of the cutest things ever!!!!!!!!!!
And this was not that long ago either. November 22 ^^

Lee Joon and red wine

Yupp.. that's my Joonie ^^

Boyfriend - I'll Be There (Teaser)

I've never really been found of Boyfriend, but it feels like I'll like this song. A lot ^^ Just hope that I don't have to high expectations, because then the song will suck -.-

And it feels like the boys have grown. They looked so small and tiny in Boyfriend (the song) and now they look like this O.o Mehehe, me like 8D

Christmas Spirit!

Hhahahahahha Oh GOOSH, literally L.O.L 'd to this video ^^

Merry Christmas you guys!!!!! xD

The Scorpion Dance



Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 7

You reeeeally should know what to do by now ^^


Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 6 ANSWER

Yester day's abs..


JAY PARK!!!!!!!
Hahaha Sanna, I don't know if I'm supposed to be impressed with your skill of knowing how every KPOP-stars abs look like, or if I should be scared ^^

2NE1 ♥ Egyptian culture?

Hahaha, I'm really diggin 2NE1!!!!!!!! watched a lot of their old music and couldn't help but to notice that they have parts in their songs that you WITHOUT ANY DOUBT know are Egyptian.. things ^^

For example:

From 01:45

From 02:40

Hahah okey, can't find any other MV with Egypt as inspiration ^^ But still O.o

*Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock*~

MUHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH AFTER 1 MONTH!! (3 weeks? 2 weeks?) IT'S OUT!!!!! The song will probably be this weeks most listened song! (for me...) mehehehe! Hoon, Eli and Kiseop just got even more beautiful in my eyes
And that kickass dance they do "wannabe-half-shuffle-have-to-get-rid-of-the-dirt" ^^ 
It's a shame, I want to hear/see AJ a bit more... well well Btw was it only me who thought that Kiseop "playing/droping" (what so ever -.-) that dirt was... hot and mysterious? O___o (00:30-00:33)

Good job guys! Thumbs up! (y) Wouldn't mind seeing a korean version of this :3

B*tch please -.-

Who the F do you think you are?! -.- Gosh, don't want to get all defensive, but B*tch please..

Jonghyun and Minho FTW

Hahahhahaha Laziness at it's best! ^^
But is that even allowed? Don't they get like.. disqualified?
However, I don't really care. They're just so adorable!!! ^^

Groups keep fading away..

.. I mean, I haven't heard of MBLAQ or SHINee in a while now. B2ST neither.. what is happening? :(
Sure, MBLAQ did the song Baby U.. but then? And SHINee haven't made any new songs, they just keep turning their old songs into Japanese.

I miss you guys :(

MBLAQ - Stay

SHINee - JoJo

B2ST - Fiction

Morning Humor á la BO

"What is this double screen for?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA xD

I just can't get enough of this lady x'D

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 5 ANSWER

Okey guys.. did anyone guess right on the 5th calendar abs?
The right answer from DAY 5 is....... *drum rolls*

DBSK's Yunho!!!!!!! xD

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 6

Can you guess?? ^^

Lee Joon shi lovely~

Hahahhaha, Gosh... He sure is lovley ^^ <3
During the Christmas holiday, B.R.A won't be the only one geeking shown ^^ I have to see this freakin' show!

Stuff I can relate to..

Argh... that happened to me like two days ago T-T WHY LEE JOON, WHY?!?!?!?!

Hahaha, me and B.R.A??? ^^

Yupp, if I had enough money
- I would fly to Korea
- See a concert and go backstage
- Talk to my Bias
- He'd fall in love
- If not, I would just make sure that we meet again.
- If he still hasn't fallen in love with me.. I'd just buy him?


BIG BANG - I Am The Best


Hahhahaa, DUUUDE!!! THIS IS AWSOOOME! This is my favorite song by 2NE1, and having Big Bang sing it makes it even greater! xD

This was from the YG Family Concert that was held this month (December) the 3d.

I really want to learn those dance moves O.o Challenge.. excepted.. not yet. But soon ^^ When I have time off from school -.-

Minzy is 2 cool for NE1

Hahhahaha get it?? ^^
No but seriously, I freakin' love Minzy!! Just like.. the way she dances, the way she is and the fact that she is so young!! She's only onw year older then me... and it makes me feel so unaccomplished when I think about it -.-

Have you guys seen her dance?!

Gosh.. I can almost do that ^^ (at least that is what I tell my self to make me happy 8D) haha, but guuuuuuuurl, you can dance!!! I haven't really noticed any other female KPOP-star that dances HipHop/Popping like Minzy does it, and that makes it even cooler that she does it. She's freakin' ICE COOL BABY!!!! ^^ Because she was so cool..? Urgh.. early morninghumor ^^

KPOP kisses! (part 2)

Super Junior - Siwon and Heechul

Dalmatin - Youngwon and Daniel

DGNA/The Boss - Hyunmin and Mika

This is all I could find for now. But I know that there is A LOT more ^^
So a part 3 will come ;)


The fudge... Isn't that taking the thing a bit over the top?
Sure I really look forward for the second part and have high hopes but to make 5 versions?!

The agency stated, “A total of three music video directors will participate in the production of ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video, and a total of five versions including drama, dance, and club versions will be released.”

They continued, “‘Lovey Dovey’s first music video, the drama version starring Qri, will be 17 minutes and 30 seconds long, and will be released on the 24th, Christmas Eve… the teaser for this production was revealed on December 1st.”

“In addition to the drama version, currently 4 other versions of ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video are in the making… We are working hard to show you a variety of sides,” they added.

Well ehmm what to say? Instead of making so many versions they should focuse whole hearted to make a REALLY good one. I doubt that even I will watch every one of them... when I read the comments they got more critic that praise because of this. But we will see how this will work out... I have a feeling that the last versions will be a flop somehow. It'll be too much!


I'm sorry if I've been a bit off... but I'm going to be back on track thursday night, I think? Well the reason because of the bad update from my side is because of an accident...
A funny one actually HAHAHAHAHAHAH! But I don't know. After 30 minutes I got a big chock and just sat down looking at the wall (literally)

Well the funny accident for you who wanna know:
The whole day yesterday was a mindfuck day (sorry for the language) I didn't have control AT ALL! When I came home nobody was home. I heard that I would be alone till 9PM so I was über happy (FREEDOM!!) so I decided to make some cupcakes ^w^

AND THEN! While I made the cupcakes I talked with BO (the phone) and all of a sudden

BAM! *blubb* *blubb*

I literally saw how my Iphone just sank like Titanic down in that dough/batter I stared to scream. And stupidass smart me took up the phone and went to the zink and started to wash the phone with water. After a while I thought that it wouldn't be that good for the phone (daahhh) So I started to lick it (?!?!?!?!) After licking/washing/rubbing it I checked it and everything seemed fine BUT! I couldn't call anyone ;___;
I can't hear anyone through the phone and the speakers doesn't work that well... FML...!!! So I have to talk with the headset if anyone call me.

The worst part was to say it to my parents X'DDD

Me: Dad... I broke my phone... it was because of water (a white lie... couldn't say the truth XD)
Appa: You're hopeless...
Me: What should I do?! TT^TT
Appa: That's your problem... Man wait till your mom comes home, the whole city will be able to hear her scolding
Me: TT_________________________________________TT

*Almost killing myslef seein the clock ticking and tocking*
*Mom comes home*

Me: . . . he~ *looking at dad*
Oppa: Did you know... meheheheheheh!!
Omma: ?

*5 minutes later*

Me: *sight~* *Have to drop the bomb sometime*
Me: Omma...
Omma: Yes~
Me: I have to drop the bomb now so yeah...
Omma: Which bomb?
Me: I broke my phone, I spilled water over it...
Omma: :O Doesn't work anymore?
Me: *She's taking it... a bit to well O___o*
Me: Well I can't really ca..

And there we go~ I sat there 10 minutes while she screamed right at my face -___-' And dad laughed... FML x2 Well after that I weren't really sad/mad/scared I was more or less chocked over how stupid I actually where. And I can't really grasp the vallue of money...

So I need to think a little....




Those biggest problems in every fangilrls life...

Mehehehe best argument I've heard in my whole life! >:3


For more~

Minzy short or long?

(Okey hahah the second pic was pretty blurry XD) But when I saw her
in Can't nobody, she looked pretty hot O__o She fits with long hair however she's the only one having that ultra short hair in the group. She look badass/hip hop, in short hair but more, I don't know, mature and sexy? With long hair.

They should let her grow her hair a bit more ^w^

So what do you think? ;)

Le dorks XD

When SHINee is told that they are kawaii (<--- cute)

Minho covers his face with his towel

Key quickly hides his smile

Jonghyun gets overly flattered

Taemin buries his face in his hands

… and Onew falls

Thought of something yesterday... Seung Ho and Ki Kwang are probably the 2 kpop celebrities I know who has fat/big lips... -____-


 He actually bringed the boys out while SNSD got none.
HAHAHHAHAAH This cracked me~ XD

You mean lips right?


Sweet bois~ It's out!

Their MV for White confession is finally out! Died when I saw the teaser, everyone where soooo über doodley moodley cuuuteeee~ TT^TT Unfortunelly I can't listen to the song now. But enjoy~ It's Christmas soon!! 19 days left!!! :D

For yaal out there!

I don't know if any of you go to "Södermalmskyrkans kristna skolan" well if you do that then come by and fangirl with me hohohoh XD But yeah... no.. yeah... Tomorrow will be my time... I'm going to stand there (Don't know where) and talk about mah school! Gonna stand there alone with a random person I've never met and 2 teachers that I haven't met either (Sometimes I wonder if I think with my ass or nose -__-)

So feel free to fangirl kpop with me mehehehe! It would be an honor! ^w^

Well.. ehmm... See you there if any of you readers go on that school (I doubt it... it's only 250 students XD The chance that any of that 250 students read our blog is... 0.0000000000000000001%)

You wanna be on TOP?

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 4 ANSWER

The day I've been waiting fooor!~ *forever alone* XD
The answer for yesterdays abs is....

Beastly Taecyeon from 2PM






My god I got dizzy as hell @____@

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 5

Here's todays "guess-who's-freaking-abs-it-is!" :') Yesterdays answer will be up a bit later today~ ^^

One thing I noticed....

Well yesterday I geeked 2NE1 to tha root of it! Man they're so awesome TT^TT Everytime I listen to one of their songs they just get more awesome!
But when I listened to Can't nobody I remembered another song T-ara's Roly Poly, especially in the begining  XD I'm not saying that they copied or anything just said that it sounded pretty similiar! Love both of them ^w^

2NE1 - Can't nobody (From 00:15-00:42)

T-ara - Roly Poly (From 00:00-00:15)

I also read on a lot of pages how Dara is hated in 2NE1, bet that most of you Blackjack's know it or some of you feel the same. But I really like Dara. She fit in 2NE1. Sure she doesn't dance as good as Minzy, her vocal isn't like Bom nor CL but she's awesome in her own way and 2NE1 wouldn't be the same without her. I also saw an audition clip where she wanted to start acting? Or something and in the clip she sings pretty well.

It's true she seem so pure and honest. Who would say that they would cry?! And when they asked her why she wanted to be famous she proudly and purely (is that even a word?) said that she wanted fans. A normal cheesy, buttlicking man would say "Because this was my dream since I was little.. bla bla" -___-

And she's awesome! . dot! XD

I don't get it...

Why is Chansung Related to bananas?!

chansung + banana = sexy 

 <--- Fail -___- Take it easy...

The fudge... No seriously I really need an answer on this before I die! Anyone out there?

Look alike: Kevin & Chunji

Well it was more like a I c no difference picure XD They actually don't look alike, AT ALL! But now... it's pretty different O__o
And I don't remember seeing Kevin have that hair color . . . dam dam daaaam~

The comic guy shows up again!

*Daaam daaam daaam daaam, DAM DAM* - Sujus Superman!




HAHAHAHAHHA It's true XD (It's funny cus is true...) Wonder if they thought about that

Wtf the hand?!?!


You've heard this joke before right?:

"God made heaven and earth and rest was made in China"

Just wanted to share it XD

MOHAHAHAHAHAHAH . . . tired =___=

I wrote it before but let me do it again. These girls kicks ass and I LOVE their dance in Cry Cry. Heard that they only won 1 award for this. They deserv more!! :O

Well have to learn their name sooner or later...

Song of the week #3

Gosh, I haven't updated this category in quite a while now O.o
But anywho. The song of the week will be....

Group: B1A4
Song: O.K

Why?? I can't get enough of it. When they sing "I love you yoooooooou~" I can't help but to dance the dance move they do ^^.
Biggest reason:
Yesterday when my brother and I was fixing this thing for his house I let him listen to my KPOP-music list on my phone. There were only two songs he did not comment on (like.. there were only two songs he didn't have anything bad to say). Infinite - Come Back Again and this one, B1A4 - O.K. However I don't know if it was because he had other things on his mind (Like fixing that thing we were fixing ^^) or if he actually didn't have anything bad to say xD

White, Black and Asian! >__>

When people can't distinguish Chinese, Japanese and Koreans apart.

me: you must be new.


HAHAHAAHAHAH XD So true... I saw a movie yesterday, Starsky and Hutch and they stalked a korean guy:

Them: So who hired you?!
Korean dude: I don't know, It was a white man!
Them: Can you describe the white man?
Korean dude: How the hell should I do that? All of you white people look the same!

XD *dying* So true... well the white guys think that asian and black people look the same...
Asians thinks that white and black people look the same...
Black people thinks that asian and white people look the same

And I can see the difference between all of them XD I'm black, white and asian X'DDD

It's funny because it's true...~

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 3 ANSWER

The answer for yesterdays abs issss!!*

Little dirty XD Eunhyuk!!!! Wo-ho hahaha Sanna you did it again ;D dammit... You won this round >:3

Christmas Calendar 2011 - Day 4

Hahahahah I'm dying XD Me and my paint skills... Well well guess todays abs ladys n gentlemen muhahahah!

The answer for yesterdays abs will come up soon... ;')


Kim Heechul does it again

“The first time we kissed, the girl stopped and laughed, she said “you’re a terrible kisser,” my pride was so hurt. She said it’s due to lack of experience, so I told her “I’ll get more experience,” so I called the members in our dorm. All 13 of us. So we got together and practiced together.” - Heechul

Man I miss him and Kangin... I've heard a lot of rumours that Suju will soon "split/disband" soon or something. I read somewhere that when Kangin returns from the army he won't be in Suju anymore. His contract with SM had either ended or he didn't want to be in it anymore because he were treated badly. However Heechul is still signed through contract with SM. Wonder what'll happen... Rumours are rumours but how it's sad... it feels like they'll disband soon TT___________________________________________TT WHHHY???!?!?!!

When that day come... I bet that EVERY E.L.F will cry, I'll also do that ;____;

Perv this high*


Guess who this little fella is :D Feels like he's a victim over here ;'3


Teen Top's little Ricky ^3^

I don't get the whole mask thing

I guess that many of you have seen kpop celebrities use these wierd facial mask thing. But why?! 0___0




Well you get my point right now, right? Well why do they use it? o__o is it like a cool accessory for them? or..

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