After 4 days I'm finally done with my test ("home test") The funny thing is that it's only 2 questions... BUT IT'S 2 QUESTIONS FROM HEEEEEEEEEELLLL!!!~

I'm pretty happy right now. I have a homework till tomorrow I have to do and math... have a test on thursday and I haven't opened the book yet hahahahaha.... hahaha.... haha... haaa... -_______-'

Had to take 10 minutes break and entertained myself with these:

The best one:


Dream High 2 covers 'Trouble Maker'

Mehehe, saw a post on Allkpop that After School’s Kahi & Kim Jung Tae made a cover on “Troublemaker” on ‘Dream High 2′

Not really what i had in mind, but I guess that it was kind of funny? Haha, when the guy fell at 1:01 ^^

Anywho, my friend LOVE this drama. I mean, she finished it in just a couple of days! However she's pretty sad that Dream High 2 won't have the same cast as they did in season one. But hey, they can't please everyone!

Se7en - When I Can't Sing

SE7EN HAS RELEASED HIS MV FOR 'When I Can't Sing' !!!!!!!

His voice O___o I haven't really payed much attention to this guy, but I can truly say that his voice is one of the best I've ever heard! DAMN! That I've never really heard him sing before is messed up!!

And what's up with koreans lips?! Haha between 1:32 - 1:40, I couldn't help but to glare at his lips O.o don't take me as a perv (well.. maybe you should! haha) but they're freakin' gorgeous!!

Then the dance scene at 03:38, it kind of reminded me of EXO's Kai ^^ They gave me the same type of feeling, except that Kai was a bit more aggressive with his dance moves and that there was more special effects in Kai's "video".

OH BTW, this song was apperently a colab. between JYP and Se7en. It's really such a good song!!!! KEEP MAKING MORE OF THIS!!

The sad moment...

.. when you weren't able to see Block B's 30 SEC. (OAEJDVDSLV OH MAI GOD *ironic*) teaser. XD Sure it's 15 seconds more buuuut cumme uuunnn~

Died when I saw Taeil XD Hahahahahaha That haircut U__U and Jaehyo trying to be all G (gangstah) and Hip, but he looks soo cuuutttee ^3^
This seem to be a really good, badass song :O High hopes~

HAHAHA Someone out there agrees with me... >__>

Pretty funny, wrote about them on the previous post

S.I.M.P #47

After 44 S.I.M.P's I've just realised that this is almost like a "Today's song" XD Well + some crap, info and a nolifer comment from my side... -.-
Let's see a song I haven't chosen yet... Gonna give you the whole MV this time ^^

Block B - Tell them

The king of awesomness WOOOOO~!! Love the beginning B-L-O-C-K is back~ Boiz and girlz ;D

Aww Zico <3 That wonderful little boy ;___;
I didn't like U-kwon in the beginning because he looked so.. "disgusting" <-- (For you Swedes I was referring to "Sliskig" but there isn't any good english word for that -__-' )
But now he's a little punk!~ XD

For you who wanna "know" who's who

Zico - 0:26

P.O - 0:56

Kyung - 0:43

Tae il - 3:12
(It's hard to see him "alone")

JaeHyo - 2:12

U-Kwon - 1:13

B-Bomb - 2:17

It's funny I don't know how I learned all their name -.- It's the same thing with B1A4...
Hope this helped all of you "incoming" Block B fans XD

MBLAQ live on Shim Shim Radio

Saw that MBLAQ recently sang 'This Is War' on Shim Shim Radio. 

This Is War LIVE (Shim Shim Radio)

Then I remembered that I saw another clip on youtube when they sang in the same studio. And guess what, I found the clip! xD

Stay LIVE (Shim Shim Radio)

I actually perfer them being dorky ^^ It feels more like MBLAQ! Plus that I also like their "style" more in the dorky version O.o


Stay LIVE (Starry Night Radio)

HAHAHAHA, I've put this video up before, but it gets me everytime! THIS is why I love MBLAQ!!!!! ^^
It's like when the other members sing, they mess with them, but as soon as it's their turn to sing they get all serious xD Hahahaha, and Joon... Joonie. He's just standing there like a loner ^^

Something funny...

I searched blaqteenpop randomly on google (Yes I know I'm a dork but sometime you just have to do it~) BO also did it XD So we found these weird bloglovin on Swedish, English and from other countries. So I checked it out and we have 4 followers >__> Ha?

And HAHAHAHAHA on the corner they wrote how many posts we did every week *facepalm*

165?!?!?!?! We are high or something?! T____T
I checked other blogs and the highest/average were around 50-60 posts, ;___; we're doing 3x more. But there was one famous blog who did 157 posts . . . Man sometimes it feels too much XD

Honest question over here that WE would really appriciate if you answered. We don't care if you're too lazy just do it -.-
Are we writing to many posts daily? Should we chill out and write around 5 posts everyday instead of 8-10?

Baby Yoseob!

OMG, look at this cute little baby!!

B2ST's Yoseob is just so cute! I mean, look at that little baby picture! It's funny how he almost has more of a babyface now then he did when he was a baby ^^ He didn't really have those BIG CHEEKS that I immidieatly start thinking of when I think of Yoseob O.o

This photo was posted on Yoseob's twitter with the text "Yoseob eating ricecakes."

This annoying box needs to be filled -__-'


2PM INVASION!!!! >:3

Junsu's puppy eyes ;__;

Must be Junho..

created by leonastaemints




>___> I suck... XD Well Today or yesterday was Gunwoo's day~ trololo Well he's the leader for MYNAME ^^ For you who didn't know. He's turning.. let's see, 23 years old O__O (24 Korean age) he's... old u_u

Well Happy Birthday? Dunno why but it feels awkward -_-'

My background picture...

You know after 1:00 o'clock during the night, I always tend to sometimes forget what I do. It feels weird... So I woke up this morning and realised that I changed my background pic yesterday HAHAHAHAHAHA My friends reaction when they saw it >____> 

And yes those notes over there are tests and homeworks for this and next week TT____TT

Block B - Nanrina (teaser #2)

dfahrwqE""!¤!%RRFfgtae!!!!!! Reminded me a lot of B.A.P's 'Warrior'. But this is still awsome! Mehehe, as I said before, this year will be epic!!

Gosh, Zico's look between 0:25 - 0:27. That was just like BIG BANG's T.O.P look!
(Like the look he gave. Not his apperence ;P)

RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! xD

And did they really sing "gogo gaga, gogo gaga" ? That's kind of funny ^^


My gosh how frustrating...!!!!

#1: My whole body quivered when they started to play the drums AMAZING SONG!!
There's one thing I didn't get XD If he didn't run to the crosswalk wouldn't both of them be alive? He didn't really push her or anything he just blocked the way but in the meanwhile the chick had already crossed the crosswalk thing... so he just killed himself somehow... TT___TT

But you did it again.. Lee Hong Ki you're getting more and more handsome ;')

EXO it's out~ After 3492348 teasers

Update #2 Read on Sandra's blog that this was another freaking teaser to "show us" D.O., Baekhyun, Sehun and Luhan voices. W-T-F >_____________________________________________________> *no comments*

Update: Well... ehm... what to say... I'm... disappointed? This was the "flop" I was waiting for. You know SM releasing a lot of teasers and in the end they release a song that doesn't take us by storm. Yes I know this isn't it. It's MORE but if they wanted to release something for now, it should've been something better.
Instead a lot of lovers will turn to haters because of this song >___>

To be honest it was just a plain OK but I'm waiting. Because there's A LOT more as I said and good stuff will probaby come. I'm looking forward to the MV on their first teaser with Kai My lady? My lover? Something like that, and there was another one as well...

But for now B.A.P has totally taken me by storm~ just sayin...

I can't really listen to this right now nor complain XD
All of you must've seen it by now but there we go...

Korean version

Chinese Version

I'm sorry but Lol hahahaha 2 different versions XD

B.A.P vs. HyunA

This must be one of the best MashUp's I've ever heard! The song's go so well together, it's crazy!!!! xD It even sounds better than the original songs O.o (Weeeell, maybe not the original 'Warrior', but it's better than HyunA's 'Change'. This song is more BAM! if you know what I mean ^^)

If you haven't heard the original song's before ( O____o ) then here you have them:

HyunA ft. JunHyung - Change

B.A.P - Warrior

~Mnet chart~

Dunno if you find this interesting but I find it pretty interesting so if I find it pretty interesting I'm gonna post stuff that is interesting for me on this not so interesting blog.
Did you get it? XD

MBLAQ is still on the 1st place :O ohh... But B.A.P will probably come up on the list next week because they performed 27th if I ain't wrong over here, and this list was updated 26th.
But the Grasshoppers is up hahahahahahaha XD Lol love that song <3

Then we have the online votes ^^
MBLAQ is on first place there as well :O But T-ara is one step down (they were 4th last week) But Waaarriiorr~ is on tha list :DD

Gosh I feel like an useless reporter who's just saying the same thing all over again >__> Like people can't get the statistic...

LED Apple - Time Is Up (Teaser)

Don't know if B.R.A has told you guys about this group yet, but yesterday LED Apple revealed a teaser of their new lead singel 'Time Is Up' that will be released on February 2.

Haha the teaser was not that bad! Liked the wings they gave that guy ^^ And at the end when the.. key(?) on the girl stopped spinning and they said in the background "Times up, Times up", all I could think of was "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE GUYS! SHE'S F-ING COMING FOR YOOOU!!!!!" hahahaha xD

Read that the group was supposed to be some kind of K-rock band (Lol k-rock XD) Well you can actually hear that on the teaser! ^^

Look and see, Look and C, Look and Pee~

Created by fictionata.
Aw mai goodd~ HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA He was so ..... when he where a child XD
To be honest this comic guy is always right. He doesn't really have a girlfriend now. He's just hot that's it :3

Looks like Kevin Ò__ó

It's funny cuz there's only 4 pics, this person have just made a pattern XD


Once a BLAQ always a BLAQ~

B.R.A's IQ...

If you just knew what I've been through these 3 days. The funny thing is I don't even go out from the house *forever alone* My action life is in this house XD Except for yesterday, I visited my granny ^^ She came home from a trip so half of my relatived were there.

And this was the biggest fail in history:

*Le aunt droping a glass on the table so all the glass fragments landed on the table and IN the food*

So that was all the food we had we searched through everything and found some glass in the salad & yogurt. So everything was chill but I just couldn't eat my food >__>

Aunt: Do you want me to cook something else for you?
Me: NO, no need to I'm going to eat this ^^
*watching the food over 10 minutes*
Aunt: I know you have a grudge against the food let me cook something else!
Me: NO NO NO no... I just need a... napkin
*starting to eat the food*

So I almost ate everything and my family didn't have any problem at all, the food was glas free ^^

*taking the last bite*
Me: O___O *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*
Aunt: Is something wrong?
Me: NO, not at all *swallow*

YAHHHHHHHHH I though I where going to DIE?!?!?!?! TT____TT But everything is fine... I ain't dead... yet..

                                                                            Random gif~

Another thing that happened a while ago:

*Me eating some rice cake* <-- people from middle east know what I mean XD It's literally "rice cake"

It's more or less burned rice XD HAHAHAHAHA It sounds so disgusting but it's really good :O

Omma: Don't you want to pour some sauce on it?
Me: No..
Omma: Why? (needs to know EVERYTHING)
Me: Nahh I can't...
Omma: Say it *gives that creepy angry look with the tiny asian eyes* <--- Chinese people know what I mean XD

Me: Fine... That sauce is to girly for this rice cake, because this rice cake is really masculine so it need a "bad girl" saouce and the bad girl sauce is exactly over there *pointing at the meat sauce* because that girly sauce fits the gay rice over there. They blend really well and give you a good combination between sauce and rice. That's why I don't want to have this sauce.
Omma: What have I ever done to give birth to a child like you. Both me and your dad is smart but look at you...

That was mean -___-'

Song of the week #9

Had a really hard time choosing wich song I'd take, because there are two songs that I feel like should be this weeks SOTW. So I just chose both of them as The Song of the Week #9!

B.A.P - Warrior

Shit, this song is being played like at least 10 times a day on my phone! Not only is the MV great, the boys looking great and their dance moves being great, but the song is actually freakin' great as well!! xD

MBLAQ - This Is War

No duh this would be the SOTW ^^ MBLAQ has done it again! This song is just so freaking (yes, it's even worth a "g") great that I.. I can't even put words to it -.-' BGFAERFGBQ124BGRT24HBDQAWDNJFDABFDSASGVadjhfasvghjasSGwhjerr324"!¤!RTRFaeqfa#!""RFsfasddWWQ

Yeah.. that's what I have to say about this song ^^. I don't really know in what place "This Is War" comes in my "MBLAQ, best songs"-list. But trust me, it's very close to Stay (wich is like my ultimate favorite song in KPOP xD)

"Groups" you haven't heard of (part 24)

Gonna go straight to the point right now ^^ Yesterday I wrote about the show "Block B MTV Match up"

So I wanted to do a research on the group:


They're a ballad group consisting of 4 members. Hahaha that's all I know XD And Mino was a former trainee with Block B.
AAAND everytime you search of B.o.M, 2NE1's Park Bom plopps up -__-'
That's it. Nothing else U__U

Their debut song: Without you

*Le members*
<--- That just sounded... bad and lame ;__;

To be honest I'm not a big fan when it comes to ballads. It's pretty rare for me to like that, right now I like 2-3 ballad songs but that's it :/
But for you guys who like it, here you have B.o.M ^^ 

Thought of something. Isn't it hard to go from a Hip Hop training/group to a ballad group and not move at all? =__=

The guy on the right is Mino
(The only member I recognise XD)


I was like Say whaaaaat!

My reaction Ò____Ó
Then I read the article: (Lol how simple minded I am XD)

Omo~ T__T Is it only me who wants to see that performance because of the accident? I know, I sound like the devils child but I wonder how the whole... process accured.
The part they "stomp in unison", it must be in the middle of the MV if I ain't wrong?
Had to check it out and it must be that part :3

Saw an awesome comment on the MV and it was EXACTLY how I thought about the group and that person had the EXACT problem as I had:

It's true, TSent. is smart as hell with the whole blonde thing. But somehow I don't think they thought so far. It was probably a coincident that they wanted to dye every members hair blonde.
And not beeing able to tell Jongup and Himchan, welcome to my world~ Gosh they look like twins in the MV for god sake... -__-'

Look alike: Sandara & Han eun jung


To be honest I don't know how I really found any similarities between these two... fine their nose and mouth recemblance a bit but that's it. The look alike was much better in my head T__T
So yeah as you can see it's Sandara from 2NE1 and Han eun jung, she's an actress (Have you seen Full House? Yes she's that annoying designer.. xd)


~Nails~ ^^

I got a lot of comment on these nails that I.. ehm did ^^ It was an easy one and it fits everything ;D

And the AKSNCASLKJFC I have cramp, picture XD

So if you saw anyone on the subway having that nail art... I'm the one who did it ;'D

Just sayin'

I read about a group called FIX on allkpop where they tried to do Idon'tkowwhat. Some of you may have heard of them before they where actually "revealed" last year around June. But they're going to debut this year :O

One of the members Jungwook is actually cousin with Suju's Ryeowook ^^

Why are they 4?! They should be 5 T__T
However they somehow reminded me of Hit-5 (or their clothes XD , a chinese group)

Hope that they're good...~

Crying of happiness TT^TT

Where do you guys come from? <3
I wonder how long I can keep going with this morning humour. Surely there's A LOT of macros and new ones are created all the time. But there'll probably be one day when it's gonna be hard to find any new ones...

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

created by: Edittan
Old one ;'D

Same pic, different text~

Lol "It won't suck itself" XD

Big favourite right now:

I'm starting to like Wonder Girls more and more actually. They don't really have that über cute nor über sexy "thing" ? XD They have "sexy" clothes but their dance is much different compare to other girl groups (at least in Be my baby). It reminds me of old school you know (or maybe now -__-')

Have to love the fact that allmost all the groups in JYP, have to start with "JYP..." both WG and 2PM had the same "JYP, it's 2PM/Wonder Girls we're baaack~" with that playful voice ^o^

But I actually like the Eng ver more o__o

*Le English version*

I really like the girl in the middle :O Sohee* that's her name XD

Kpop weird facts (part 2)


That's a smart boy~

I can totally relate to this -__- 
I learned how to ride the bike when I was 9 years old TT___TT

Ohh hahahaha XD Bet that a lot of women will be single until then ;D


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm sorry but this totally cracked me up!


Jay Park music

Yes, my obsession of Jay Park is still growing!
Some songs I really enjoy listening to and watching:

Jay Park - Abandoned

This song is not really for me, but gosh can he dance!!! So this video is more of an eye candy than an.. ear candy ^^

Jay Park feat. Dok2 - Level 1000
Haha, really like it when he raps! It's like pure 2!!4@T"R#" eargasm!! However the music itself pretty much suck. It's kind of boring -.-' and they don't really dance in the MV either.. haha. But still, it's JAY PARK!!

Jay Park feat. MinKyung - Tonight

.. the first 45 seconds just made me go ASFADGFTRSNGTLSD!!! xD The MV is a bit awkward, but his good-looks makes it okey ^^
Then the actual song. It's pretty catchy - "Dance Dance, everybody get up!" - and the dance they do while singing that part. You know when they put their hands up and it kind of looks like their thinking "YAAAAAAAAAAY!!" haha, or more like JAAAAAAAAAAAAY (park..) xD well.. not really, but you get what move I'm thinking about, right?

Show to watch~

A few days ago during midnight, I randomly clicked on a clip "Block B mtv something" and watched episode 5 >__> Didn't really care to watch the first episode xd *rebellious kid* I wanna watch the whole show right now :O

To be more exact the name was "Block B MTV Match up" it's Block B feauturing B1A4. I haven't really been that all in on Block B but when I saw 3-4 of the members cry about the Minho (?) Mino? guy I started to cry like a donkey ass with them TT___TT It looked so freaking sad alright?!

Zico , B-Bomb,  Mino from the group B.o.M,  PO & B-Bomb

*Le sad moment*
But it was pretty funny hahaha XD
*First the Block B members eyes got a bit teary so they went and fixed their makeup
*Then the guy Mino got teary and fixed his makeup <--- He look so cute :o
*They meet and started to cry rivers
*They fixed their makeup again
*Got a bit teary
*Got calm and started to make a fuss about their big fat "cry-bags" XD

And Taeil that sweet little wonder child who cried when 4MEN had a rehersal ;___; They're soo sweet and Zico... he cut his dreadlocks >___> ASFCKBASLJ

Got a bit schocked when I noticed Zico is 19 and is the leader -.- He's the second youngest but it's the leader... so that was something new...

Well I've been talking (?!) writing* enough so here's the LINK if you wanna see it with ENG subs ^^ It's 8 episodes total.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Guess where Key is...

Well I commented on a blog and this was the code that plopped up and as you can see, I related those codes to these "stuff" <-- Lol wtf? XD

Miss Heechul and SHINee ^o^

F.T Island - Severely (Teaser)


YES! I have been waiting for a new song from them ever since I started to like Lee HongKi xD

However this teaser reminded me a bit of Teen Top's 'Crazy' with all the running after the girl ^^ But yeah, can't wait until the full MV comes out!!~

One shot manga~


A fast recomendation on a one shot manga (1 chapter)

Megurian no Kimi 

To be honest it sucks. But it sucks in such a good way that the manga seem hilarious!!!
I don't even know who the author is -__-'


 this is the reason why all of the members are blonde. dedicated to ma childs c:

Isn't there a kpop artist who's stage name or real name is just Kim? Kim ft B.A.P Hahahahha *bad humour* 

created by emybean

created by: Edittan
Old vs New version XD

aktfbaby:  Hopefully the shirt will remain off.
What's a moob?
Update: I believe it's man boobs /Bo Bae

aktfbaby:  Oh JJ, what a tease

aktfbaby:  Yunho: King of the Derp face


created by: Edittan

L.O.O.K.I.N.G. F.O.R.W.A.R.D

Do I even need to show it? Yes..

Sure a lot of you have already seen it but hwating Big Bang!~
They're probably the most anticipating comeback group this year :o

Random pic~

Just have to show you this XD

Master of cheating~

-Knock knock... - who's there?


Hweeeeeellll yahhhhh!!!~ I'm 100% pepp on this song. It sounds so freaking AWESOME

Great year I say, Great year. Perfect for new kpop rookies XD
Three great debut/comeback songs this year, is without a doubt:

T-ara - Lovey Dovey
MBLAQ - It's war
B.A.P - Warrior

And gosh Block B that beat =__= wanted to write something else but I'm gonna do it tomorrow instead...
Waiting for 2nd February... Omo it's 6 days left :O 

B.A.P Debut stage

This song will NEVER get old. And I literally pee on myself everytime Bang Yongguk sing WARRIOR!~ with that husky manly voice XD

Here for you who can't see the difference here XD I was one of them... goddammit the hair colour was the key to
separate them and now they ruined it >__> Trying to see their haircuts instead but it isn't correct -.- Himchan has long hair compared top the pic I uploaded earlier today T___T

Funny... B.A.P members

Well instead of studying I did another thing yesterday. I searched for tha B.A.P membah's. The funny thing is that there was a guy in their MV that I couldn't let my gaze away, is that how you say it? O__o looking away, couldn't stop looking?
Well I hope you know what I mean. But poor me didn't know who the heck it was >___> I mentioned yesterday that there's a member who's also 16 years old so I thought how big are the chances that he's the one..? around 17% actually - yeah had to count it T__T

To make it short: It's him HAHAHAH XD *asumness this high* well when you see a picture of him he's a freaking copy of Lee Joon O__O (His name is Jongup scroll down to see him)

So here's all the members in B.A.P ;-)

Birth Name:
Bang Yong Guk

Stage Name:


Artistic Name:
Jepp Blackman

Inversion Rapper

Leader & Main Rapper

Birth Date:
March 31, 1990

182 cm

60 kg

KyungHee Cyber University

Baseball, basketball, playing by himself

Special Talents:
Writing songs and lyrics


Guk made his solo debut with ‘I Remember’ featuring BEAST‘s Yoseob. He is also known for having successful promotions for both his collaboration with SECRET’s Ji Eun for ‘Going Crazy‘ and his duo with fellow member Zelo.

Birth Name:
Choi Jun Hong

Stage Name:


15-Year Old Genius

Maknae, Rapper & Dancer

Birth Date:
October 15, 1996

182 cm

63 kg

Rap, dance, beatbox

His ideal type of woman is S.E.S’s Yoojin


Birth Name:
Kim Him Chan

Stage Name:


Instrument Ulzzang

Sub-Vocalist, Rapper

Birth Date:
April 19, 1990

180 cm

69 kg


Birth Name:
Yoo Young Jae

Stage Name:



Main Vocalist

Birth Date:
January 24, 1994

178 cm

65 kg


Reminded me of Seungho somehow :O

Birth Name: Jung Dae Hyun

Stage Name:


Busan’s Won Bin

Lead Vocalist

Birth Date:
June 28, 1993

177 cm

63 kg



Look at him!! Doesn't he look like Lee Joon o__o But he doesn't really look like that in "real life" I haven't really met him >___> But I saw their document thing "Ta-Dah it's B.A.P" and he didn't look like Lee Joon at all T__T

Birth Name: Moon Jong Up

Stage Name:


Dance Shindong

Birth Date:
February 6, 1995

176 cm

66 kg

Sub-Vocalist & Main Dancer


This group  is a big hit for me. Especially Jongup and Himchan, I'm totally gonna watch every move they make from now on hohohoh >:3
(This is also the first group where I lost my peddo noona virginity, Zelo <3 You're my first one... That sounds so sick >__>)

T.O.P pre debut!

OMG, haha found some photos of BIG BANG's T.O.P when he was younger xD

Haha, who would have thought that this little.. cutiepie (? Maybe not cutiepie, but something like that) would turn out looking like this:

It's funny beacuse he has done that thing with his brow since he was young xD (reffering to the first picture)

I guess it's amazing what you can do to someone with just makeup, styling and workout. Not saying he wasn't cute before, but you get my point! ^^

#1. Find a korean
#2. Marry korean
#3. Make korean handsome
#4. Have korean all for my self!!

Koreans + English (part 4) Teen Top

Ricky: How is the weather today?
ChangJo: It's fine
Ricky: Fine, and you?
ChangJo: WHY?!?!

Hahahhahaha, They made my day!
And L.Joe is so hot -.-'

Why does koreans always sound so feminine while speaking english, but so manly speaking korean? O___o

Tha nails~

After 35983 years I've finally made a freaking cathegory for the nails we make... T__T wo-ho... But it isn't on the cathefory corner thing, have to fix it tomarrow...
Well I can begin with "FRIDAY FRIDAY~" na na na!

Okay here's the nails I did 1 week ago (posting it now XD) 

ol the first pic look like a cramped person...


Really small and bad picture, gonna see if I can upload them a bit bigger later. Well can you see the art? It's zeeeB.R.A

It's out~ Again...

Hahaha 12 down 12 to go (I think)
It feels lika a wb Suju with 12 members instead, seriously =__= This must be their way of introducing each member so it'll be easier for us to memorise. Truth to be told... I've totally lost it >__>


Created by me [jjang-tastic]


Why.do.you.have.a.turtle.AND.a.cat O___O
*sight* it's Yesung after all XD <3


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this was soo bad hhahaha!!!

Just random

Feel bad for not posting anyhting today, so thought I'd just give you guys some eye candy ^^
(But tomorrow I'll put up posts like usual ;P)

Mir&#8217;s doing it the way the choreographer intended &#8230; Joon&#8217;s just having sex on stage

Dal Shabet - Hit U

Okey guys, don't really know anything about this group.. but listen to this song!

Song: Hit U
Group: Dal Shabet

The song was not half bad! But it reminded me a lot of Miss A's - Good Bye Baby (If you listen to 'Hit U' from 1:11 - 1:40)

Miss A - Baby Good Bye

Other than that, you really SHOULDN'T mess with Dal Shabet haha! The MV was freakin' hardcore! xD

Comparing 2 groups…

As a kpop freak (or fan* it sounds better -.-) the 2 groups who’s gotten a lot of attention this year is B.A.P and EXO. Right now I’m totally on B.A.P’s side XD I don’t care from which labels they’re from, I’m just referring them as groups right now.
I was pretty excited with the whole EXO thing in the beginning. I was like “Wooow” :O but now.. I'm like nu-uh they’ve been going on with these teaser for to long. (Okay it isn’t their fault, it’s their companies) It’s way to many teasers. It should be maximum 5 where they present all the members ones, or the members could just share one teaser. B.A.P was smart. They were a duo at the beginning, and people knew them a little bit during the end of 2011. Then the news came that they would be a big group so people got more curios (Well.. at least me TT__TT) and now they’ve debuted with the most kick-ass song of this year with the most kick-ass looking members XD

If EXO would just debut, I believe that a lot of people would still “support” them. It feels like their “former” fans have gotten tired of them.
Personally I’m not thaaaat tired of EXO, but it would be more fun if they would debut now ^^
EXO and B.A.P should’ve debuted on music bank on the same day. Then MBLAQ should appear and sing “This is war” hohohoh get it? *ugly humour*

For god sake I'm obsessed with these guys ;___;

It feels good to know that Zelo is the maknae.
One is 16, two is 18 & two is 21. Hohohoh don't have to cry if I like any of them STILL A FRESH PEDDO NOONA~

Kpop weird facts... (part 1)


Look at that BO :O Now Joon's a stalker =__=


*DYING* Do you know how BAD this sounds XDDD Especially when a creepy pervy kpop freak reads it XD

Leave Taemin alone!! TT___TT - Britney Parody (Btw did you know that it was a HE?! O__O I was pretty schocked...)

Half of it was out >___>

I've been sitting and drugging this since... since... o__o yeah...
Wonder when the other half/whole MV will come out :O

You know there's 2 members from B2ST that I can never memorise -.- One of them is Dong Woon (who's in this MV like duhhhh -__-') and Jun hyung. Gosh to many Hyung's in this world...

[Best one!!] Look alike: Kwangmin & Youngmin

These guys are just like a copy of each other!! :OOOO

These guys must be the best look alike, in the kpop history... lol *ironic*
I find this quiet hillarious *amused with my own joke*

For you who didn't know: Yes Kwangmin and Youngmin are twins and they're in the tooübercute ASFALSDJB group Boyfriend.
If I'm gonna be honest I like these... bad boys groups/songs more. Sure it doesn't matter if there's some songs who's a bit cute but it feels like Boyfriend is too much >__>
But they are cute indeed ^^

Look at that...

Their dance version for the intro was out (didn't notice it) :O Before I start talking about other things, I really, REALLY want them to make a longer version of the intro. This was the "song" I looked most forward to >__> But it was the goddamn intro... *le BIG sadface* BAM~ BAM~

My gosh the screaming again XD hahaha!
You know Teen Top has really gotten better. You can clearly see that they've trained really hard. They dance better and they're (REALLY) synced O__O Compared to their debut days~ (According to me..)

And I LOVE their dance in the intro It looks so disgustingly awesome - wut?
0:10-0:18 & 0:42-0:48 - uhuhuh and those synced part *u*

Okey done drooling here...


Hehe just had to write that XD *points up*
Todays morning humour will be dedicated for Jaejoong (Gonna "use" TVXQ macros instead it feels like it's more macros there, than in JYJ)

This was a good one XD

Betting 10 bucks that the person who did this macro was skilled in doing porno movies ;'D


Lol... XD

Happy birthday to the old JYJ member "Hero" Jaejoong who's turning ASKDNASLKFCN 28 (!!!) years old (29 Korean age) My gawd next year in Korea >___> He's gonna be 30... Damn THAT'S old T__T

B2ST - I Knew It

B2ST recently released their new singel 'I Knew It'!!

Song: I Knew It
Group: B2ST

This song is so beautiful! It's like soothing, and their vocies are just so "#Yw3133!¤¤#!"!!
I honestly think that this year will be one of the greatest for KPOP. We have so many new groups debuting, so many groups doing comebacks etc.

2012.. only got one thing to say to you:

B.A.P - Warrior

IT'S OUT!!!!!!

Song: Warrior
Group: B.A.P

The song, the dance, the guys, THE EVERYTHING!
SHESUS, I'll sure keep my eyes open for these guys! xD

Update: The MV was released before, but without any music. So someone else just took the picture and put the song over, SO ENJOY THE MV BEFORE IT GET'S REMOVED! ;D

Update #2: Their MV is officially out on their channel so that one *points up* is from their channel so watch this one instead ^^ ASFJKANLJFA Everyone is so good looking O___O / B.R.A     

EXO new teaser...

Yeah I'm watching Hello Baby with BO right now... so...

But I heard that they'll release 24 teasers for EXO . . . O____O
They'll probably debut next year -__-'

This weeks U.P.A.H.I


Yeah.. betting 10 bucks that you're like "The heck is that..." It's Jongwook from N:SONIC!!! It's a shame that they're thaaat underrated they seem to be... dorky XD Saw some backstage clips with them hahaha they live in their own dorky world ;D

My bad that there isn't so many pictures on him -__- Only 1 or 2 and I don't really know what to write about him. Don't know a ****!
Well well what to do...
When I saw/listened to their debut song I was like "I'm officially a N:SONIC fan.."

That's why hohohoho~ Looks like pure virgin boys waiting for their prays... Okay that sounded wierd >__> *high and tired*
Yeah the read marked thing is Jongwook. The funny thing is he doesn't really have any abs here (It's on their "way") but when I saw Mcountdown backstage where each of them did I don't know what and SHABAM! I looked like a derp high on crack xD

Like do you see the difference O__O Talk about push in the gym the last months...
Here you have the Mcountdown thing ^___^

hohoh we also have this:

My god the 100% focus on the toys, and the spider XD And the "Push, push, pchi, pshi"
*rubbing the spider on the face* XDDD
Gotta love how all the rookie groups (B1A4, MYNAME, AA and B2ST? o__O) shows up in the end ;'D

Btw he somehow reminds me of Lee Joon...

Jay Park Tribute!

Okey guys, I'm officially in love with this dude! Of course Lee Joon will ALWAYS be my #1, but Jay Park is now my #2 xD

Love him in this gif. He looks like the man of my dreams here (a)

fyeahjaypark:  jaetaegasm:  I really enjoyed this choreo  this dance was sexy as hell

It's funny because they drew the shirt on his skin ^^

Is it bullshit or just bullcrap?

Saw this post when I had class yesterday and I shrieked like a cow... attentionwhore.com *trolololo*
Well after a while my useless brain started to think a bit. You know I heard that the reason why they don't reunite is because of personal matters. (Dunno like a fight between the members, was it Changmin and Jaejoon? Something about their family. Well shouldn't bring up stuff I ain't 100% sure on...)

I can't really find anything witty here to say bacause I haven't really been a hardcore cassiopeia I just enjoy their music, it's sad that they've split up and I want them to reuinite again. But not through a company I never had heard of before, the heck Avex?! Not even... ... yeah I've lost my hope on SM I don't really think that they will dp anything >__> But I rather want them to personally make up

SHINee Nails #1

Okey guys, thought I'd make some KPOP-inspired nails. Wanted to do MBLAQ nails, but had no idea of how I would do them :/ BUUT, saw this awsome girl that made SHINee nails and just had to do them myself! ^^

The girl's nails:

onew word.. AWSOME!
The nails are inspired by SHINee's MV 'Replay'

Here you have my.. sisters nails:

(DO WE LOOK ALIKE?! People keep asking us if we are twins, But come on.. I don't look like that -.-)

They are far from perfect, I know that. There is still some shit beside the nails, and the star I tried to make was not even close to what the girl made. Haha, but what the heck, at least you can see that it says SHINee (.. maybe you only see the SHIee.. no N ^^) and that's good enough for me! :D

SHINee - Replay

Morning post dedicated for 2PMuuu

Lol hahahahaha XD


 Here&#8217;s what Junho wanted for Christmas for 2PM&#8230; Submitted by _sunmoonstars
me.. mee... meeee ;D MEEEE AJLFNGFSALJ#%!!


Submitted by mysterygirl4ever

>u< ;'DDD


Didn't know he was blonde before o__o


The awesome, funny, cute, ASFKNSALFKN Lee Junho from 2PM is turning 22 years old today (23 Korean age) as you can see -.-

I hope that you'll have a great day despite the Junsu accident :/ Keep supporting each other and stay healthy!!~ <3

Wonder Girls in America!!

The Wonder Girls attended the CVG Cinemas to premote their movie The Wonder Girls Movie just a few days ago in LA!

The girls that was in their song 'The DJ is mine' , School Gyrls was also in this video. Kind of fun to see them, and hearing that theit group and Wonder Girls are pretty close 8D

ALSO, thought it was kind of funny when they asked J.Y Park (JYP's founder) to go away from the girls so they could take pictures of only them xD (from 0:47 to 0:51)

But anywho, really want to see this movie! J.Y. Park said that this was a pop-version of Rush Hour, and I LOVE Rush Hour! xD So yeah, this is a movie I'd like to watch ^^

Just had to show you guys...

I just want to  . . . . . . 
I'm tired, hungry and annoyed right now but I'm not going to nag... Saw a macro that two girls from my class did gosh I started to pee my pants XD They made my day <3

It's funny, cuz it's true...

Well Hello~ my dear classmate if you found this blog  ^^

Mehehe.. kill me

The headline is not meant in a bad way. It's more like "OMG, this was soooo random, kill me now!". Haha maybe not, but something like that ^^

MBLAQ's Lee Joon and After School's Lizzy danced together for MBC's Lunar New Year Special 'Pit-a-Pat Shake' that aired today.

Not bad at all actually! I really enjoyed this *pervy look*. Haha, no, but Joonie looked very.. hot xD

Teen Top - Crazy (dance practice)

Yesterday Teen Top released their Dance Practice video for their new song 'Crazy'

Haha, you got to love it when they scream ^^
But this was soo good!!! I really liked it O.o This actually looks better then when they dance in the real MV xD

What KPOP has done to me (part 3)

KPOP has made me question my sexuality..

U-KISS, Kevin

SUJU, Heechul


U-KISS, Dongho

SHINee, Minho

(Last picture.. xD) SHINee - Taemin

TOUCH, Seonwoon

FT Island, HongKi

FT Island, Seunghyun

Teen Top, Chunji

I really don't.. I just.. I DON'T KNOW! TT-TT
KPOP has made me weird...

Groups you haven't heard of (part 23)

I somehow feel depressed everytime I write that part ... XD
This group is pretty wonderful fell in love right away!~


Started to think of Niel O_O
Well this band where formed 1999 but they debuted 2002. They're 4 members ^^ Read that they "get" their insperation from British bands and one of them is Muse. I listened to Muse a lot before I started to listen to kpop ^^ asume band~

But they went on hiatus 2008 for military service (That's what I wanted Suju to do. That EVER member enrolled the military service thing and made a comeback 2 years after instead that one here and 3 there would go -__- , gosh I nag a lot...)

Well... there's a rumour that this grup will make a comeback this year o3o wonder if that's true.

Really love this song, it sounds so... clean o__o Hard to describe but it's simple but really good (y)

Then we have this one, but I still prefer the first one <3

MBLAQ auditions

Hahah shesus, found some clips of MBLAQ's auditions!!!!!!!!

Did you guys know that Thunder auditioned for JYP? O.o

HDAKJW"!#532 This was so awkward!! Like the beginning?!?!?! WTH, can you imagine how dorky he was xD But is was cute ^^

This is also Thunder. Don't you think he looks a little like Taemin did in the replay MV? ^^


Haha my little baby!!!! He lookdes so cute, and not nervous at all!! O.o
But the dancing.. AWKWARD PART DOS!!! hahaha these guys did not know how to dance before xD What was that? If you compare these two guys then and now.. shesus. But I don't mind. I can't dance either, so this makes me feel like there's still is some hope for me ^^

Didn't find the other members Audition-tapes :/
But hope you enjoyed!! xD

~Mnet chart~

Now MBLAQ's This is war (or It's war) has finally plopped up on the chart. However they're on the second placce in Mcountdown's chart...


They're in the first place on the Online vote hohohoho~
Wuuut!! T-ara is only on the 4th place ;___;
Boyfriend I'll be there... that was random O____o

Le Derp

Hahahaha, while watching SHINee - Replay my computer got stuck. This is all I could see:

Haha, thought the picture was kind of funny.. no? Okey :(


Noo, this is starting to look like 'the morning humor' ^^

I'll just stop now -.-'

The lovely moment when an old man praise your nails <3

The title seems awkward but yes it's true... ;___; <3 He made my day!

created by: Edittan
I wonder if the idol can decide if they want to do this for example:

Company: We want to color your hair purple, can we do that?
Idol: Sure ^o^

Or if it's like:

Company: Yeah... you're gonna color your hair puple for the new album ciao~


Quoted from a member on GAF.

created by http://kairuxriisu.deviantart.com/

created by: Edittan
Didn't you say that you would learn this move BO?
>:D hohohohoh~

created by randphotos

The Shit factor *this high*

Hahahahahaha I was like MY GAWD THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE so I had to count them and it was all of them, 13 ;___;
It look so cramped compared to now... AND HEECHUL! WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOU'R HEAD?! Read that it was extensions so it's cool~ XD (Because he had it during debut)
Also read that Yesung weren't there, the blonde dude looks like a chick but... still not... It's a shemale... >_>

*Le brain* - Ohh look it's 8 PM you still have some time to do your homeworks...

*2 hours later*

Too late now~ MUHAHAHAHAH

Guy marries his pillow (Le Random)

Hahahaha, that is so freakin' random! xD Is that even legal?

This is what I found:
Lee Jin-guy was 28 years old when he married his huggable body pillow, with an Image of Fate Testarossa on it.

Fate Testarossa

Also read something about her beeing a Dakimakura (searched the name on google.. and hahahaha WTF?!?!?! Sorry, but can't post that kind of photos in this blog ^^). Fate Testarossa is apparently a character from the anime series magical girl called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Anywhoo, the guy even dressed his pillow in a wedding dress and had a local priest performing the cermony! I don't know if this guy is a nerd, mentally ill or just really fell in love with his pillow? ^^

VERY RANDOM, but I felt like this was something you all would like to hear about xD (mostly because the guy is korean ^^)


Saw on Daniella's blog that the first episode of MBLAQ Hello Baby is out!!!!!! I don't dare to watch it TT___TT

I'M GONNA WATCH IT!!! Dunno when...

Should we love or hate SM?

I'm finally writing this goddamn post. Before writing down my thoughts here I just wanna say that you'll read this on your own will so don't hate. I'm one of SM's fans who's writing down some complaints and thoughts about them.

Let's start with the "Have-to-protect-myself-speach". I actually do like SM, without them these wonderful groups as Suju, SHINee, f(x), SNSD, TVXQ, TRAX etc. wouldn't come as far as they have right now.
(Unfortunally I can't say that as long as you train and fight you'll make it far. A part of it is true but without SM they wouldn't have come AS FAR AS they've today, get it?) 
Without SM the posibility for me to like kpop is close to 0%. However the thing I'm not so fond of is how they treat their artists. To be honest they look like cold hearted people who only see money in front of them, they don't really see their idols as a real human beeing. By their way of using them till the extend that they collaps or get some serious injuries. But a small part of me actually believe that there's a thought behind every decision SM make (Well duhh...) even when they push the idols a bit too far... They are good business men/women afterall.

Lee Soo Man the founder of SM ent.

I could probably write down a whole freaking book about the things I hate and what they've done to each group. But I won't... however the groups that have taken the most shit from SM (what I think) is no doubt Suju or TVXQ but I'm more at Suju's side over here. Just imagine how much crap they've been through and how much crap they're going through right now.
Before I continue for you who didn't know there's a world wide project that 2 girls from France have started about Suju and the way they're treated. For more info CLICK HERE.

The text can be messy tight now because I'm jumping here and there but I don't want to put all my focus on one part because I know It'll lead to a whole freaking novel.
But here's the thing I've thought about (it involves Suju that's why I've mentioned them a lot) all the focus right now is on EXO, that's obviously SM's diamond right now, that they're trying to polish. It has lead to a lot of haters naging here and there because they're in the spotlight, bla bla and nothing is hapening. I read a comment on youtube where this person said:

"Why is SM doing all these useless pre debut stuff (about the SM fashionista thing) let them first debut and then let them get recognized for their work"

So I've been thinking about it, (note: I, IIIIIIIII!!!) the reason why SM is going all in on EXO. In allmost every show we see Suju. Our dear little leader Leeteuk makes his sad thank you speach like it would be their last one anytime (Recievinbg prices etc.) and I've mentioned this before that all the members in Suju are getting old. They don't have that much time left and a lot of the members will enlist the army soon.

My speculation is that SM is trying to make EXO extra big and populer so Suju's disbandment won't look like a huge loss, that EXO will be a "fill-up" for a lot of ELF's that there's another group who can be "measured" to Suju (Nevah!). They're 12 members in EXO after all and 13 in Suju... surely this sound dorky and I can be hated for this =__= But this is what I thought during the moment and I'm just writing this down like a plain ELF without knowing what to do.

Shesus, Shibrows, Gosh just look at them *___* They've a charisma EXO unfortunally never will achive...~

That's all I had to say~ Eased my heart over here
At least I hope that after these 13 years SM will finally know how to AT LEAST treat their idols. It's a miracle how these really old groups have lasted so long.
It's amazing how hard you can fight for your dreams ;')

SO! Everybod say wehoooo!!
I wonder if you really read the whole thing =___= I wonder if anyone have read this crap X'DD
(sorry if it where some gramatic errors or something. But I'm tired as **** ^o^)

About my dreams...

No not "My dream is to marry a Korean guy" Pfft what dream, it's the truth!~
I mean dream, literally dreams. You know these movies/pictures that plopps up when you're asleep. Well you get what I mean -.-

To begin from the start I don't really have normal dreams... (duhh.. -.-) No seriously I have pretty wicked dreams that gives me scarres for life T___T
We have this "dream book" at home so I thought of 2 bad dreams I had during these months and 1 "good".
Before I start just want to say that it's a Swedish book so I'm gonna do a fast translation (they've these "fancy" words so, yeah... xd

Dream #1:

Actually a week ago I had that a long action dream where I where robbed in my own house. My parents just watched tv while I saw the killer/robber slowly approach our house...

"To be robbed in the dream gives notice about losing a close friend" - I can say that it's partly true...

Dream #2:

This was a random dream I don't remember that much but all I know is that someone random kissed me =___=

"To get a kiss: Lucky no one knows your secret" -  . . .

Dream #3:

This must be THE MOST disgusting dream I've ever had in my own life... Dreamt that a psychopat with knife hands came in the mall and chopped my head off while saying "I hate cowards" (something...) and my friends just stood there watching me -.- It lead that I saw my whole body inc. my head all bloody on the floor and I woke up because I couldn't breath anymore >___>

"To dream that you're dead means that you'll have a good health" - I was like "ohh that isn't bad at all..." then I continued reading the rest...

"To see your own dead body suggests an unpleasant life" - Me: Dammit.... TT__TT

Well this was a random post... but random stuff is.. fun eyy~?!

Squeezing a random pic so the post will have a connection to kpop...
Went all ASKFANDJVABDNVJLAD when I saw this pic ;__; JUST LOOK AT THEM!!! (From the SM fashionista thing) Taemin look so... mature? Compared to his mushroom hair before XD

Party Nails!

Hey guys, saw that B.R.A posted up some picture of nails he made (or painted..). So thought, what the heck, I'LL DO IT TOO! xD

This design was made on my.. ehm, friend for new years eve! :D

Got actually very happy with the results! xD
So from now on, I guess I'll also put up some nail-designs in this blog. B.R.A.. we really need to make a new category for nails! ^^

Don't call my name, don't call my name EFKGWLM*

*Every Freaking Kpop Group Who Love Me... Yeah that was pretty far-fetched ...

^^ My first macro

created by: harushineekjh
Aww this reminds me of SHINee Hello Baby when Key... HAHAHAHAHA Touched that doll and the head fell off XD

created by haru :D


aktfbaby:  Sexiest Tinky Winky ever &gt;O&lt;

Edited and submitted by @haitherefranddlolol Original unedited picture from @b2st-shock

created by: Edittan   created by: Edittan

No... TT__TT


That was the lovely "birthday friend" of mine -__-

Once again: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

No Dim Sum =__= *forever depressed*

Well we didn't really do anything specific over here, why am I here -.- I should be in China or something.
Saw some New Years greetings from a few groups so let's just... watch them

Teen Top:

Ricky - Hype mode and gosh I can't take C.A.P seriously with that haircut ;'D This is what I see in front of me:

XD And he didn't rap while talking :O He's getting better. I remember during their debut days, everytime C.A.P talked it sounded like a rap song >__>
And Niel's priceless "Yo, Yo, Yo~" in the end.


What's witht the sing-everytime-the-filming-start XD
It's bad I don't even know their names XD They seemed awkward sometimes... But the most priceless moment was when Ghun kicked away his shoe XD (the middle one)
My internet had a rage moment and stoped at the part where everyone laughed XD

Had to find who was who xd They're pretty "young" or they're young!
Ghun (Leader) - 22 years
Taefung - 20 years
Haewon - 20 years
Zin - 18 Years
(Maknae) - 16 years

The maknae is as old as me for god sake T___T

It's wierd... why haven't other groups done one of these New Years greeting videos? o__o wierd... x2

Dance Cover - Crazy (teen top)

Saw this dance cover of Teen Top's Crazy by McKers.

Not bad, right?! xD I guess the fact that all three of them is the same person makes it a bit cooler, plus that he looks a lot like MBLAQ's Mir ^^

(MBLAQ's Mir & his sister)

Haha, but the cover is still pretty good! Plus that he is kind of cute ^^ (even though I can't see his eyes -.-) And that he has to learn the dancemoves for three persons. Sure, they are mostly the same, but sometimes he had to kick the opposite direction or something :P
Yes, this cover gets an 4/5, or an 8/10!

*Le random day*~

Uhuhu my week has been a ASFCHNASJLFBSA week =___= I've only sleept 4-4½ hours every day and that's bad... Slept 13 hours yesterday muhahahah <--- inhuman in my world

*Random pic so the post don't seem to be overflowing with a long ass text*

Do you know that in my 16 years I've never been confused as I were yesterday. I should choose my friends better when it comes to my new classmates >___>
It was one of my friends birthday 2 days ago and we planed to celebrate it in the lazy way~ = Watching a movie and eat dinner. So this was the plan, the ticets were booked and so were the place to eat! We only had to wait for the day...
But to make it short this is what happened:

*Le brithday friend* "You know I actually have a lot to do so I can't really make it.." - Cancelled
*Me and the rest* "So what shall we do? Can't the 4 of us see a movie?" - Still on
(* ---II--- *) "There isn't any movies so let's just go home" - Cancelled
(* ---II--- *) "Oh this movie then? Let's watch this!!!" - Still on
(* ---II--- *) "It's too late... every movie sucks..." - Cancelled
*The whole gang* "Let's just order pizza and rent some movies" - Still on

The WHOLE thing accured during 2 hours, ONLY 2 FREAKING HOURS! We sat and screamed in the subway and that gorgeous old man literally stared at me the whole time <33 -__- *ironic*

Urgh... those dark circles... totally deserv to be in the Yang family~ (Yang Seungho)

Well that wonderful birthday friend on mine have 2 cats and I'm allergic to furr. So I started to have some reactions during the night when I planned to go home... It was pretty funny, I looked like a drug addicted dude who was high and it was my "weapon" when I went home with my friends *scared of beeing killed during the night* Hohohoh the awkward moment when you're once again in the subway and people give you those looks O__o <-- Those looks.
So if you saw someone like that *points up* then it was me~

And today... I can summarize my day in one word and a dot:


^^ That's all folks I hope that you had a better day T___T

Song of the week #8

Okey guys, we're up to #8!! Haha not like B.R.A's S.I.M.P.. I think he is on his 45th, 46th simp? Haha, can't wait until we get to that number on S.O.T.W!!

So the song that I have been drugging this week is 2NE1 - Can't Nobody (English)

First of all, I can almost sing along to the entire song (well.. beacuse it's english ^^). And yes, I prefer this version over the Korean version O.o

This song is such a badass song! I men, I really feel like a badass when I sing CL's part in the beginning word after word. Hahaha, you got to try it! Learn the words (or just have them infront of you) and sing the first part. And make sure you sing it with attitude! Then come back here and comment on this post telling me how freakin' BADASS you felt! xD

Now let me just say, I love Minzy. I love her attitude, her voice, her dance and her body! She is one of the few KPOP female stars with some damn curves! She's not fat, but damn that ass! She also has a little more meat on er legs wich makes her so much more sexiiii ^^ (I know, first time I obsess over a girls body, must be a good change though. Me not talking about Lee Joon or any other hot KPOP guys? ^^)

And Park Bom in this video, so cute! Haha, when she tries to be all ganster between 2:15 - 2-23 just makes her even more cute! ^^

Look alike: Siwon and Kangta

Posted this macro yesterday so why not make the look alike ^o^

Some of you can be like... Kangta? (Or maybe not -.-) Yeah I was like that first but when I read a bit more I was like "Ohhhh" It's the lead singer of H.O.T :O Damn that I don't remembered his face XD I've seen it 13413 times. And I remember when I saw him at first "Is that Siwon's dad?" XD *facepalm*

Well well thay both have that relaxed "oh-I-don't-give-a-shit" face XD
I guess many of you know where Siwon comes from? *His moms virg**ia (Hohohohohoh really bad and disgusting humour HAHAHAHAH XD)
Well ohh not? Yepp he's that smexy ass member from Suju ^^ Jepp Jepp~

The awkward moment when Kangta look just as old as Siwon... even younger? U__U Wait... Kangta is only 33... and Siwon is 24.. okay well... 9 years... Is it a lot?  O_O
*That syndrome where you have to write a lot of ... in your texts* TT__TT

Mir is so cute!

I can't help but to "aaaawww" the crap out of this picture!! :

I know, Right?! xD SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!!!!!! MBLAQ's Mir tweeted this picture with the comment: "I found a curious new car at home.. It goes forward when I put a foot on the pedal and shake the steering wheel. It goes up to 10km"
I know that I have mentioned the kid behind him in the picture before, but now I can't remember who it was O.o I think that it's his nephew or something (his sisters kid).

But yeah, somethimes Mir is just to die for 

I go by the name of B.R.A from M2stasch~ - CL, 2NE1 (Fire)

... Everybody set the rules on fire~ Gosh that woman has a badass level *this high* you can't see it -.-
Well I've been planing to write my freaking rage post of SM but I just don't have the energy... Well it's gonna come soon...

I don't get it >___> *retarddude.com* 
(Bo Bae answers: The Group 'My Name'. They sang the song Messegi~.? Their fans are called Name tags? Get it? What's 'my name'?)


AHAHAHAHA the haircut XD

created by: harushineekjh

created by starxchocox

created by afflictedpoet13

Saayy wuuuuut

I wanna hu!, I wanna hu!

I think that's the lyrics for one of Spice Girl's songs...

*wait a minute*

Hahaha Lol XD *amused*. try to read/sing the first parts out loud. HAHAHAHAHAH Music back then didn't make sense at all... Music today doesn't really make more sense... Music doesn't make sense at all
*B.R.A's philosophy*
I tell you what I really want, So tell me what you really want, I'll tell you...~ SHUT UP GOD DAMMÍT NO ONE WANT'S TO KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!!!!!! <-- My inner thought..

This surely is an impulsive night post -__- No bien... *Trying so show my Spanish skills ovah here*
Me: Why are we going to the mall tomorrow -.-
Omma: It's New Year...
Me: O____o That doesn't really make sense... Can't we eat Dim Sum?! :OO
Omma: No use, you're going to sleep till 2PM (<-- hohoh got that right now XD)

The mystery about the dim sum case isn't solved yet: To be continued!~

Mehehehe trying to think of a bulletproof plan for the dim sum here...

Nothing to do~

HAHAHAHAHAHHA And I ain't even a Harry Potter fan XD

This was bad... really bad XD In a good way


Well... hahaha XD Did this a week ago and I haven't showed you guys yet... Really amateur but it's fun doing this ^o^ Would really appriciate it if you came up with tips on what I can do :)


Fail bunnies >__>
As I said just post a comment and write everything from poo, pee, dork, kpop, SHINee what so ever nails that I should do :3 Hohohohoh~

Kpop facts~

Rubber  ... Carrot ...  toy...?! o____o

no shit...

Lol.. that was mean

HAHAHAH XD say wut?`

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA This deserv the "Say wuuuut?!" ;D Who does that :'D (Except him...)

It's New Years evuuu~

Today/Tomorror (depends on which country you live =__=) is Chinese New Year!!~ We don't really celebrate it in a massive way, because It's only me, my mom and my little sister who's chinese around here XD
But we do get present and we eat A LOT of food.

But just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys :DD It's a special day. Be with your family, eat a lot of food and stay healthy ^^ (Yeah.. I celebrate 3 different new years. Swedish, Chinese and Persian XD <-- failkid.com)
It's the year of.. dragon? I think...

Aww Yoseob XD Love his jacket/thing ;'D


[ALL] So~ BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST

[Dujun] Finally, Korea's most celebrated holiday is here! Sul-Nal (Lunar new year) that is!

[Dujun] Are you guys enjoying the holiday with your family and relatives?

[Dongwoon] They all are. Resting and watching this video.

[Dujun] Anyway, we do not have the holiday off. Feb 4th and 5th are approaching fast

[Dongwoon] On these dates, BEAST's world tour will be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

This guy can be considered as an idol right?
Well it's the awesome Lee Jun Ki!!! He was one of those 21415 people who opened the world called "K.O.R.E.A" for me ^o^
His face is... "pure and clean" <-- How the heck should I explain it -.- But his face is really pretty that's all I can say. And Yesung is a freaking copy... somehow...

And that awesome asian-hair TT____TT


This little fella' is over there right now. But he's going to return soon. This year?

Fount this picture:

But it was awefully alike another one that I've seen...

This one:

After checking for about 10 minutes I realised that his photo was photoshopped XD 10 MINUTES?!?!?! I'm a retard -.-
Well both of the pictures have that "scar" Rain has in his shoulder.


This post is dedicated to Teen Top's L.Joe!

Haha, this guy.. this guy is just amazing! He looks beautiful (trying not to use the word hot. Do you guys remember what B.R.A said before? Hot only represents his "body", but beautiful also represents his inner. DON'T FORGET THAT! xD )

Me eyes so tired...

aestheticbulimia:  BOOBS

If you just knew how much I laughed...

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com
Lol... wtf XD

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com


I just can't do it anymore... too tired =___=

My ass this is a teaser >__>

W-T-F ....

Got hungry..

I'm going to do this one!! One day... next week? Looks really good :O (y) And the guy is doo cuuuteee *u*
I'm licking my computer (soon...) >__>

Big Bang performes Tonight!

OMG, guys!!!!!! Big Bang performed today on TV Asahi‘s ‘Music Station.. ALL FIVE OF THEM! Gosh, they haven't done that since last spring O.o

Big Bang - Tonight

*Joys of tear..* no wait.. that's not right hahahaha *Tears of joy* ^^
But now I REALLY CAN'T WAIT until they have their "real" comeback ;D

Groups you haven't heard of (part 22)

I wonder if it is anyone out there who's actually reading all of my "Groups you haven't heard of" U__U
Well this is a quiet messy group. They debuted 2006/2007 but they changed members like a human changing clothes everyday >__>

A lot of people who's in famous boy groups today, were once in this group:


Apparently they disbanded 2009. They were actually a 5 members group. Here's the list with the ones beeing in this group but eventually droped out.

Hahahahaah Everyone from D-NA is former members from Xing XD

Their debut song In your hands. Aww It feels like watching videos from when you where a child T___T Kevin looked so different here O___O And Kibum...
Who the heck is the rest 0.0

I actually liked this song :O
Hahaha I was like "What's with the foreign people invading this MV -__-' " Then I read the title HAHAHHAHAHA "Study abroad" XDD Pfftt...

Woo new members here hahahahah XD Just found out that the guy with Pony tail in D-NA, his name is Injun. The funny thing is he's right in front of us... (The pic before you start the youtube clip) You can spot him anywhere he never change XD (the appearance)

Well, they seem to be a ballad group...

Ohh Kim Kibum :O

Woo Kevin ;D

Top 10 Female Rappers

Haha that's funny because I have no idea who the girl that came in first place (Yoonmirae) is ^^

Jay Park - B-boying!

SHEEESUS! Found this clip of Jay Park rapping on youtube:

Okey, for you guys who didn't know. Before KPOP, I was a HipHop kind of gal dude. I LOOOOVE HipHop and R&B, and I still do!!! So having an korean (and a beautiful one as well) rapping to a song that I love with his own lyrics makes me go FAG#¤"!GTEWA3211#!! . Haha and the weird part is that I freakin' LOVE guys with a hat. I mean I really LOOOOOOVE guys with hats. All guys, according to me, looks better with a hat on (well I mean there are some that don't.. :/). And his tattos, they're also very beautiful! They look great on him. This video basically just made me fall in love with him O.o

OHH, and the last part when he says "& I just spit all over my mac book" made me LOL xD and the sound he makes at 01:47 O.o.. Yepp, I'm falling hard for this guy!

ToT Nooo...

Noo...this made me a bit sad TT___TT
Apparently his dad was 59 years old and diead because of a heartattack.

Man he was injured a week ago, and now his dad dies ;___;
R..I.P <3

Read that Junsu's dad wasn't really that fond of his decision of being a singer. He didn't really approve it. However Junsu was in a lot of competitions and won a HD tv for him, so he approved it XD

Take it easy~ And cheer up ;')

SM fashionistas

Oh.. well I'm slow -.-' there has been like 5 clips on youtube that was released yesterday from SM. Hahaha, my bad ^^ but here you have them!

EXO 3124%Q!#%"gtwsg xD

EXO + SHINee's Taemin
omg, Taemins hair!! *harigasm*

SHINee's Taemin + EXO's KAI
I don't know how to explain, but when they got all serious at 0:40.. my inner fangirl just wanted to screm, but I didn't so insted a weird sound came out? Hahaha it's so hard to explain, but I think you might know the feeling!! xD

f(x)'s Sulli
Okey, this clip was just awkward -.-' they like zoomed in her lips and just let us watch them for like 10 seconds, and her makeup? She's a natural beauty, why kill her with makeup? Yes.. very awkward ^^ Can you imagen beeing her? Having to stand there while someone is filming your lips, your eyes.. just like a creep O.o hahaha

See that rubiks cube in the beginning? Yes, I can also solve that. I REALLY CAN! xD OHH, and Taemin is soooo cute! xD

Don't want to put up all of them -.-' so here you have the rest:
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8 (That is f(x)'s Krystal and Sulli?!?!?! haha, and isn't that EXO's song in the beginning O.o?)

Friday Friday~ - Rebecka erectus Black...

created by ajiakenkyuu
The first one I noticed... Chansung XD

created by ajiakenkyuu

created by: Edittan
Haven't they already done that? >__>

created by haechi-kyu

created by: Edittan



This video has been circling around..

.. and god dammit, I just have to share it with you!!!

(Jonghyun from SHINee)

Can he be more perfect? O.o or is it just the cameras good quality that makes him look so good? xD And his "ha, dul, set" (just typing what I heard. Know that it's probably spelled differently ^^)

M! Countdown - MBLAQ & Rainbow Pixie

Just wanted to share this with you guys. Rainbow Pixie performed today at M! Countdown with their song 'Hoi Hoi'. MBLAQ also performed with their song 'White Forever' (One of my favorite Christmas songs ^^) AAAAND a special stage for their new singel 'This is War'!!!! xD


White Snow

This Is War

JDQJ3123¤!#"¤" Am I the only one seeing how extremly great this is?! Haha, and am I also the only one realizing how buff they've all become?! I mean like, Thunder has a great looking body, Mir has chest muscles and G.O's arms!!!! haha, Seungho doesn't really have to have a body to look smoking, and Lee Joon has always had a body ^^

I still don't get if Rainbow Pixie is like.. Rainbows sister group.. or something ^^ This is what allkpop says: Rainbow‘s first ever sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie, has just recently stepped into the music scene with their debut title track titled “Hoi Hoi“. But I still don't get it? O.o Anywho, here you have their performance!! ENJOY! :D

Couldn't find their performance O.o but here you have their debut stage! ^^

B.A.P - Warrior (teaser)

FINALLY, B.A.P relaeses a teaser for their MV!!! xD

Oh gosh, that was freakin' hot! O.o haha, I got really excited when they like trashed the car! *le weird*
Can't wait for it to come out! ;D

Le nails~

Well here's the result for another impulsive nail thing I had to do XD (Yesterday) . . . on eh.. one of my coustomers hohoho -__-'


Uh-uh those cherries... my back and patience went to h*ll
Quiet happy for beeing 100% handmade without any tools ^_~
Have to fix a specific category for the nails >___>

Look alike: Sandeul & Sungmin

Well Sandeul from B1A4... he looked much cuter than I though :O I made my mom listen to "Because I am a Common Man" (He sang it on a radio thing) her first reaction "He's ugly" HAHAHAHAHAH WTF?! The video was blurry, OKAY?!
Have to check B1A4 more when I have time... I haven't seen T-ara's Lovey Dovey drama version yet >__< Too long..

Well back to Sungmin now... yes he's from Suju XD Lol...
Their eyes and lips was really alike and both of them have that typical babyface :3


... Who this rebellious kid is ~__~


It's him...

Our littledittlemittlekittle dongeligoong Kiiim Heeeechuuuul~ O_o *high*

M2-STASCH! ... We're back~ - 2PM

Huhuhu this cracked me up! HAHAHA

created by: Edittan

created by: Edittan

created by: Johannanas

created by:Johannanas

2PM O___O

Wow, wow, wow, wow... wait... let's take a chill-pill and take one thing at the time. They somehow put 3 different news in 1 article...

#1: HAHAHAHAHAHHA WAAAHHH REALLY?!?! Man looking forward to THAT one hahahaha XD Really curious how Junho will pull it off XD With his wierd temper/personality ;'D (The thing where they would teach Japanese people korean)

#2: Was that a statement, that an album would be released?! :O Okay not a new song but it's still a new album :O

#3: The last one was pretty random... "Teacyeon and Chansung have been cast in Japanes dramas..." why Japanese O__O Well it was something new... Chansung in the acting department :o Taecyeon has already been in different dramas (Cinderella sister, Dream High 1 & 2 and probably more) but Chansung he haven't really been in a drama before...? o___o

Uhh have to get some more news about this!!

Going with the flow~

You know that typical moment when an idol snaps a selca with him/herself with a cake and allkpop writes " [...] thanks all his fans on his birthday" or "[...] shows us his celebration with the members" and bla bla...

So B.R.A is going with the flow~

Diz wus mah birthday caku~


It was close right? Hahahahahah my lame:ness level *thiiis high*

Ps. My birthday where 27th December (A late pic on the cake X'D)

Thumbs up for T-aras manager (y)

Lovey Dovey á la Tokyo is out, a few hours ago. 3:10 the best moment hahaha C:
This was pretty cute and "free" like these kinds od MV ^^
They even tried to dance/shuffle with high heels :o

KPOP Quotes (part 1)

Yes everybody, there is a new category! And it's called 'KPOP Quotes' *no duh* ^^
So yeah, this is part 1 of a lot of parts! ;D

ELF: Oppa, if I see you with a girl, I’ll die.
Kyuhyun: God bless you in heaven.

Q: “If you were to be a Girls’ Generation member, who would you be? and why?”
Kyuhyun: “Sooyoung tortures her members a lot. I like her.”

Kyuhyun, Super Junior

Changmin (aka Captain Obvious), TVXQ

Sungyeol and Sunggyo, Infinite




The most important works is done!! Hohohohoho!!! Everything went to h*** but it's done!

Okay couldn't really concentrate that much yesterday so I watched some parts drom MBLAQ sesame (kkaeal) player. It's awesome no matter how many times you see it... The best and most touching part was this:

TT________________TT It was so sweet when Joon was in chock and said "No one has ever supported me..." It just... AEHNDSJLVBSDLVBAD warms me up

From: 01:42 U__U

MBLAQ it's war dance ver.

It's oouuutt~
Loved their dance in "It's war" eppiiiccc~ *hyped* Hahahah the first 23 seconds XD
The best part is 2:19-2:29 gotta' love it ^^
Btw is that a new practice room? :O

Keep Fighting MBLAQ~ It's gonna be a good year for you ^_~

B.R.A is coming back!

I know that these past few days have been messed up and I apologize for that! But I just got a niece and B.R.A has a lot of homework. But from now on (well, from 12:00 pm) we will both be taking care of the blog! So don't worry, everything will be back to normal! :D

Heheohhahei with BO!

Princess Joon is not happy.
Haha, Joonie. Never fail to make me smile ^^

Hahahah, SMEEEEELL ^^ (if you are a VIP you'll get it)

Macros by @morbidsilent
Haha so true! You got all of them right here ^^


Minzy a.k.a the dance machine will turn 18 years old (19 Korean age) AJSFBASDFJD She's just 1 year older than us T___T And look at her and us... she's in the worlds best group (literally) and only beeing 18 and we... we... we.................... yeah we're trainees....

But Happy Birthday little guuurl~

No comments...

Well I'm gonna be back tomarrow, feels wierd to not writing posts over here O___O Feel like a retard... "feel" ...
Oh right! Wanted to take a break from all the homeworks so I saw a clip by Bubz the name of the clip where High School Girls.

*Me going away from the computer to take a glass of water, mom sits on my chair*

Omma: What's this?! *staring at the computer*
Me: What?
Me: It's not porn...


Baby Soul + Yoo Jia - She’s a Flirt

Okey, I have no idea about who these are or.. anyhting at all ^^ Wish B.R.A was here. He's the one that knows how to get information about all these new groups/artists. So yeah, I'm pretty much going to copy and paste from Allkpop. Don't know what I would have done without them! ^^

Oh god, was I the only one that felt a bit awkward watching this? O.o

Woollim Entertainment‘s new female act, Baby Soul + Yoo Jia, have just revealed their debut MV!

The song is called “She’s a Flirt“, and it holds a smooth R&B style with guest verses from INFINITE‘sDongwoo. Interestingly enough, the video seems to focus on the relationship between two girls. Viewers are debating on whether or not it’s meant to be interpreted as a romantic relationship.

DONGWOOOOOOOOO! I LOVE HIM! xD But, yeah.. not as much as I love Joon ^^
But back to the.. group? I don't get it, is it a group? I guess the song was okey, and the MV was like nothing I've ever seen before. That could be a good thing though, because I'll probably not forget this MV in a while :P

CAP a bad father?

Saw this on Allkpop:

So I had to see what it was that CAP said. Apperently they asked questions to Teen Top on Mnet Wide Entertainment News that the group recently attended. They discussed where they would like to be in 10 years. Then they asked CAP if he could see himself as a father, and he said "I want to raise my kids really well. I want to support them so that they can do everything their heart desires." and I'm like, there's nothing bad with that, right? But then I keep reading. Cap continued by saying "If I have a girl, I’ll discipline her by giving her a spanking and keep her at home."

Netizens really got upset hearing him say that. I don't really mind because I don't think he was to serious, but I guess other people think he was. Anywho, CAP then apologized saying "I made a major mistake by saying what I did on last week’s episode of Mnet ‘Wide Entertainment News’, and for that I sincerely apologize." and also added "I was just trying to be funny and entertaining during the interview, and what I really meant to say just came out wrong. I was rebuked by a number of people, and I feel that I deserved it… I feel terrible that my team has been criticized because of my actions, and I just want you guys to know that I am reflecting on my actions. I promise to be more cautious in the future and become a prudent person"

SCORE!! I was right! Hahahaha ^^ But I mean, who knows. Maybe he meant what he said, but had to apologize for saying it because otherwise his group would be badly thought of. I don't know.. what do you think? Did he just want to be funny, or was there some kind of truth behind what he said?

SHINee's new song!

Haha, got you really excited there huh? ^^ Well I'm not really lying. SHINee has made a new korean song for Etude's 'Skin Malgami'.

The song starts at 01:55. But I recomend you to see the whole thing, it's soooo cute! xD

DJ123¤#!¤"frWERW4 This is one of those ÜBER CUTE songs! Haha, so cute, when Minho starts rapping, but not rap- rapping. It's more kind of a sweet cute rap ^^ And the way everyone else is groving while he raps! OMG, and Jonghyun at the end, "SHAKE THAT!" hahahaha, made my day xD

But now I really want them to make a new song in Korean. Not remake their old songs into Japanese -.-' COME ON GUYS!! We're waiting ;D

EXO Teaser 10!!

My bad for not posting this up earlier, but I don't use a computer at my school and I just got home -.-'
But here it is!!!

Everyone, this is Lay! Very hot SM, it really is!!
More and more members are popping up, but can't you guys just get over with it?! I WANT THEM TO DEBUT!! ^^

Taemin flirting!

Wish I was that little girl!!!

saw these comments:

HAHA, you really need to check out 0:24 - 0:28! And when Key touched the little girl, LMAO!! xD

Taemin can..


I really thought that that was Taemin in the beginning! ^^

OnTae moments:

I kind of feel bad for Onew here O.o
Haha, it feels like Taemin is just teasing Onew.. poor Onew <3

Funny kpop!!!

Oh gosh xD

Sheesus.. ^^

Haha, power rangers.. classic ^^ (2PM)

I agree with you 100% !!

This is just.. -.-' AMAZING! xD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YAHH!!! x2 Kangin & Kiseop

Well today we have 2 borthdays ^^
First one Kangin from SUJU!!!! Well he's in the army now :O Fight well~ Hohoh did you get it? ^_~ Trololol >___>
He's turning 27 years (28 Korean age) man that's old... ahjussi...

AKNFASDLJFADFN Almost shaved O___O It was quiet pretty...

AAANNNDD!!! The second one KISEOP!!! From the lovely U-KISS will turn 21 years old (22 Korean age). Though he was younger O__O Well at least his birthday ends with the year within -90's (If you're borned 1989 you're too old >_<)
Yeah I'm refering to all you kpop/ korean boys out there...

Reminded me of Ki Kwang here :O

Posted Image
BO this is the part I meant in Tick Tack ^^

Well hello~ I'm quiet busy I'm killing myself with homeworks. As I said before I have a discussion review thing tomarrow and I just read the book yesterday, so the thing that's missing is the review. So I'll be busy these days (Have to do another one too, tomorrow) So wonderful BO is gonna take over the blog ^^


For you guys who'll begin High School this year:

You're gonna do the biggest mistake in your life and will SUFFER AS HELL! Welcome to hell~ ^o^

DBSK Changmin talks about.. special videos!

OMG!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA, could not stop giggle while seeing this video!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT?! Haha, I know that they are normal people, but still! Hearing them talk about.. "sepcial videos" still gets me ^^ I bet I turned all red while watching this video xD

MBLAQ press conference for 'HELLO BABY'

"During the press conference, member Lee Joon revealed that children don’t seem to like him because he is “greasy”.

I was shocked when the children called me greasy after they looked at me,” he said.

When asked for his thoughts on being in ‘Hello Baby – Season Five’, Lee Joon admitted, “It was a problem because I didn’t get too close with the children.

He continued, “I thought I was doing well with them, but they don’t like me. I wasn’t aware that they didn’t like me, so I was surprised when they told me, ‘You look greasy’.

I was worried that they wouldn’t like me, and unfortunately, my concerns were correct. They do not,” he said, causing everyone in the room to laugh." - Allkpop

Naaw, poor Joonie ^^. But I'm really looking forward for this season! I mean, the children are from Vietnam, France and Canada. There must be some kind of language barrier! Haha, we'll just have to wait and see ^^

Haha, how are children going to raise children? Just like SHINee, but this CAN'T go as well! Right..? O.o

Groups you haven't heard of (part 21)

Well got all hyped yesterday and wrote that "Like a baws" post and here's the funny thing with times G.Y.H.H.O
This kpop group's name is:

The Boss

Hahahahahha XD Perfect~
DAMMIT! >___>

The Boss is just one of their names otherwise they're also called D-NA -.- It's a pretty "popular" group even I know about them, sheesh... It's not a group we haven't heard of anymore U__U *le sadface*

Well let's write about them~ na na na~~

They're a band... really a band? Consisting 5 members. They debuted on March 4th 2010 and I read that they're gonna release a new album this year. Damn it's gonna be a lot of songs and groups this year xS Well I should maybe start listening to them (^3^)
They spend 2011 to promote their songs in Japan, I guess that's why I haven't read that much about them in allkpop XD <-- my only connection towards the wonderful land called Korea...

Their debut song "Admiring Boy"

Oh gosh it's them? :O I've actually heard this song before... That fingersnap thing in the beginning reminded me of Boyfriends, Boyfriend (Which genius name their debut song as the group name -.- It sound so... lame O__O)
The whole image gave me a boyfriend feeling to be honest, you know that über cute thing BUT! They're at the limit actually. It's all cute and so on but you can still watch it and actually think that this is ok.  
So they pulled it off, however they're really cute *u*

I'm seriously a sucker when it come to guys having a small pony tail~ ASJFBASLJFCBSADLJ HE'S SOOOO CUUTTTEEE ^3^ And his voice isn't bad at all

I think I got a epileptic attack while watching the black and white change dramaticly =__=

To be honest... the blonde one looks like a girl...


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA This made my night ;')
The first part was just random XD *stoneface* a few seconds later *trololololo*
and Karam (apparently his name) ... no words...

Walking - falling
Standing - falling
Dancing - falling
Running - falling

You don't even have to try sitting, just go and sleep >___> XD HAHAHAHAH aww no seriously he's worse than me...

KPOP Tappers

Haha, I know that I've put up a lot of Tap Tap posts (Tap Tap is an app on Iphone). But when I saw this, it made me happy.

There is this thing called 'battle'. You can play against other people and like.. win. Haha, easy! So while I was checking for songs other people challenge you to play, I saw these:

I know, usless post. But I got really excited knowing that there are other KPOP-freaks on Tap Tap ^^ Okey.. this was a REALLY usless post -.-' 

Look alike: Amber and Jonghyung

Look at them :O Especially the first pic. I'm not really a big fan of f(x) but Amber seem so freaking cool o___o



So... The awkward moment when I try to write a post but don't know what to write...
No but seriously what more can I write? I've already said that they look alike XD
Yeah I'm pretty empty righ now so..

Do you want to be a KPOP-star?!

Well, here's your chance!!!!

"SM Entertainment has just revealed to allkpop that they’ll be holding their SM Global Auditions in five different countries this year!

SM is famous for producing many of Korea’s top K-Pop stars, such as BoATVXQSuper Junior,Girls’ GenerationSHINee, and f(x). A few of those stars were discovered through the SM Global Auditions, such as Super Junior-M‘s Henry, a finalist of the 2006 Global Auditions, and f(x)‘sAmber, who participated in the 2007 U.S. auditions.

For this year, SM will be holding auditions in South KoreaJapanChinaCanada, and the United States. The American audition dates and locations are as follows:

- Saturday, February 18th: New York, New York

- Monday, February 20th: Chicago, Illinois

- Sunday, February 26th: San Francisco, California

- Saturday, March 3rd: Los Angeles, California

Auditions are open to anyone and there is no application fee.

For more details and information, please check the SMTOWN official website."

So if you live in The States, Japan, South Korea, China or Canada, then GO FOR IT!!!! Seriously, if they came to Sweden.. haha I would so go for it! Like I would go for it so hard that other people would not be able to go for it.. get it? ^^ Maybe not.. I don't even get it! BUT SERIOUSLY.. go for it -.-


Aww HAHAHAHA Kyuhyun... XD

Oh This is do freaking true!!!! HAHAHAHAH XD elementary school all over again...

Like a badass freaking BAAAWWWSSS!!!

FUUUUUQ YEAH!!! After 4 hours I've finally read that lame, disgusting, boring, sleeping pill book!!! and the worst part it... I have to be ready with a review and memorise the WHOLE thing till Tuesday >___> Because I have to talk about it TT___TT And I have another book that I have to review and memorise the whole thing till Wednesday XD So I have to do this for book 1 tomorrow and on Tuesday for book 2.

Thought you wanted to know... -__-'


Song of the week #7

Sorry for being away so long! But hey.. I GOT A NIECE (my brother got a daughter ^^)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywhoo, this weeks S.O.T.W will be.. *DAM DAM DAAAAM*

U-KISS - Man Man Ha Ni

Haha, first it was supposed to be U-KISS - 0330. But after posting that post about little kids dancing to KPOP-songs (one of them danced to this song), I haven't been able to listen to much music. I mean, I listen to this song ALL THE TIME! haha xD

Love when they grab their chest, "ripp their hearts out" and like.. throws it away. It's so sexy O.o *drooling*
Well.. sometimes they grab their ties. But it's still sexy!!!!

So yes, this S.O.T.W is no other than U-KISS's Man Man Ha Ni!

~Mnet chart~


Weeheeey~ T-ara ;D It's pretty amazing that IU is still there :O But it's wierd that MBLAQ 'It's war' isn't there and it's heck of a surprise to see Monday Kiz on the list O___o



I read on allkpop first that it was CN Blue's 2nd year anniversary. I doubted a bit so I had to research a bit. To be more exact they debuted August 19th 2009 in Japan. But they debuted January 15 2010 in Korea.

BUT HAPPY 2 YEARS ANNIVERSARY DUUUDEES~ They're gonna release a new albume soon, really looking forward I love these guys and their indie pop XD
They also got cell phones apparently... Hongki gonna be mad... <-- Oh my school anyone?

Yeah... tiny photos...

Hahahah everyone looked at each other instead of the camera XD

TT____TT ^3^

All these -pops

There's a lot of pops... J-pop, C-pop, K-pop there's another pop right? I think I've forgot one...
Well on a G.Y.H.H.O I wrote about a group Hit-5 they looked and sounded lite kpop but in the snd it was C-pop (Chinese pop)

But I've actually found another C-pop group. C-pop isn't that bad actually it's exactly like k-pop. Dunno but they mabe changed the whole pop image like kpop. Well the other C-pop group I found is

Top Combine

You can actually hear them singing in Chinese compared to Hit-5 running *__*

Gosh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Gotta' love this song! And the choreography. Especially the part where they sing "Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky". It look so lame and awesome XD It remind me of a "middle-east" person who's threatening to hit someone on the face.
You who're from those countries in the middle-east know what I mean hahahahah!! XD

That kind of hand-possition is what I mean ^^

MBLAQ time~

You can't really say that this is a members profile, more like a... yeah..

I actually got a schock when I read their birth names XD I knew Mir and Seungho but the rest hehoehoeiwo

Park Sang Hyun                     - Thunder
Yang Seung Ho                      - Seungho
Bang Cheol Yong                   - Mir
Lee Chang Sun                      - Joon
Jung Byung Hee                     - G.O

Funny ey~ ? Got a bit "ehh really" on Joon's name >__>

Her's some fact about them


- He doubts his lean body and is shy to show it off
- He is mostly mature and responsible, but when he decides to be like a kid, he will become very childish and reckless
- His best feature is his soft, plump lips


- Despite his outer mature appearances, he is actually quite comedic and childlike
- Has a firm butt and legs and a fit body Hahaha Lol..


- He knows how to dance ballet
- His nickname derives from his toned, sexy, sleek, delicious looking abs
- Although he has a buff body, he is playfully shy about showing his skin sometimes
- Enjoys being silly and messing around with Mir
- He knows English well, but his pronunciation is very adorable yet bad - Dunno but I'm doubting here...
- Can sometimes be made fun of for being a “babo” (fool)


- His older sister is Sandara Park of 2NE1
- He is considered the most innocent member in the group
- Although his body is not the best in the group, he is not afraid to show it off - ASFKNASDFL This kid has abs goddammit!


- He has a very humorous personality and fun side of him
- Considered as the most outgoing and silliest in the group
- Looks slightly similar to Lee Hongki of F.T. Island - You mean clone...
- Likes to speak Engrish for fun -despite his lack of skills- and wrote only Engrish in his journals

LA LA LALA~ <-- Lay.t

This morning humour can be a bit "late" XD It's funny because the morning humour has a precise time 06.00 AM (Swedish time) ^o^

I've been thinking... (Yes I've upload this macro before) Is it "the awkward moment when..." Because of their sneakers? (If you compare the the foreign guys shoes in the middle) or that they're standing on their toes to look taller? Heechul doesn't stand on his toes but he's still in that "awkward box" o__o


Ever wondered?

New group

Well weeheey once again a new group x)
This time it's a girl group called Lay.t = Lady?

Apparently allkpop wrote:

A new girl group has arrived on the Korean music scene. The group is named Lay-T and consists of 5 members: Areum, Daeun, Woori, Nara, and Sarang. They plan to differentiate themselves from other groups as they fuse the genres of Trot and Disco to make a new genre dubbed Tisco.

When I listened to their music it didn't really sound thaaaat different. It wasn't something new but there's some kpop song that sound like that. The first one I thought of was T-ara's Roly Poly.
But I actually liked their song Come catch me, it was catch:y <-- get it? XD Man I'm so lame >___>

Come Catch me

It was actually really good O__O
They've also released another song called:

Malang Malang

ASKFLJFAFKLAS The first part reminded me on an old 80's disco beat thing :3 And the song got pretty schocked... Started to think about 3 things. #1 Hayao Miyazaki, #2 Candy Candy (An anime I saw when I was a tiny little kid ^3^ You can practically say that I was an asian freak when I was borned ;'D) #3 Sandybell (Another anime)

Hayao Miyazaki The genious behind these ASFASF movies --->

Candy Candy (also a manga) & Sandybell as you can see they're pretty old.

You know what! I'm gonna tell you a funny story... last year I started to think about my childhood and these anime plopped up in my head. And I remembered I rented both of them 4 times (from a video store you know :P ) But the funny thing was, an asshole rented Candy Candy the last cassette (It was 10, where the story keept going in each of them. It's the same with Sandybell) and lost it >__> So I were only able to see 9 cassettes and never knew the ending. So I searched it last year and realized that those 10 cassets wasn't all. It was over 160 FREAKING EPISODES!!! And I saw less than a half when I rented whem -__- So I saw the whole serie all over again and that was probably THE most stupidest thing I ever did last year. I didn't eat normally for 2 weeks, I sleept 3-0 hours everyday and got depressed T___T It's the saddest story evah~ Everytime I think of a specific scene my heart starts to ache -.- Gosh I hate it I HATE ITTEJGNSDVNSDK XD But I wanna see Sandybell now... the problem is I can't find it online U__U

So if ANYONE knows where you can see Sandybell online COMMENT THIS POST LIKE NAAAOOOO!!!!

As you can see..

Or maybe you can't XD
BO had some "things to do" and haven't really been aviable to blog or talk. (Fine maybe talk..) He also need some rest (according to mee SO SLEEP DUDE!) I'm in a 911 situation with my homeworks, have to be prepared with a speech this tuesday but guess what.. I haven't even read the book >___> Actually I have:

* 2 speeches
* 4 homeworks
* 1 review
* 3 have-to-do-for-the-lesson things TT___TT

kill me... But I'll try to update the blog as usual tomarrow~




I'm like HOHOAHHAHAHEHEHE HUGA CHACKA HUGA CHACKA!!! It's your birthday!!! Man you get hyped when a member from your favourit group have their birthday >___>

Well Kim Awesomebadass Junsu Happy BIRTHDAY!!!! You're turning 24 years old (25 Korean age) today-o~  It isn't that old actually but for me it is.. TT__TT

Have an awesome birthday at 2 o'clock, it would be more awesome if it were 2 pm XD <-- hohoh get it? XD
*lame* . . .

Sunny Hilluuu~

Yeah I'm a bit late... it was released yesterday actually.
Gosh it's impossible to sing along with this song O__O It even beat Suju's Superman... (In speed) But it's catchy as hell. It's a shame thought, the guy has like one line in the enitre song and that was autotuned. Wanted to hear it T__T But he had a lot of camera time so that was maybe Loen's way of thinking,

Dorky me:hehehehe! >__>

I should seriously do my homeworks... but no... instead I'm reading manga *shame*
Well a funny thing I found yesterday

Hahahahaha Her...

Are you hiding something..? XDD

Btw he look really good in his new haircut in 100% ver. He looked cute and dorky before but now... ouf~ he's a man.. who's dorky xD



About Shindong.. [warning lots of text]

Do you remember last weeks U.P.A.H.I (For you don't know it stand for Uber Pretty And Hot Idol -__-)

Wrote the whole "He was the only 'large-sized' one in Suju" bla bla bla. Read a post about him on tumblr

“‘Lose some weight! Why can’t you take care of yourself?’ When I say this, the person might think, ‘Look who’s talking!,’ but I would reply, ‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl.‘” - Shindong

This comment was made than none other than Super Junior’s hefty member, Shindong, a little over a year ago when the topic of weight gain among women was brought to attention. Shindong wasn’t the only Super Junior member to become intertwined in this scandal as Yesung stated that he felt overweight women were “lazy”. Leeteuk also added to the flame by expressing his own disgust in full-figured women and stated he disliked them for not taking care of their bodies.

, I believe, (while slightly risky) boldly stated his preference with a backing reason which I don’t find too much of an issue with. Ignorance may be to blame for Yesung’s comment (as some women who are overweight may have severe depression, health problems, or bad genetics making it difficult to keep a trim figure over just being “lazy”). However, Shindong, though excusing his own obesity, is quite obviously promoting inequality towards women. I know Asia is a male-dominated region, but this behavior is inexcusable for any man! I don’t understand how someone whom has been heavily criticized for his own unattractive appearance and has experienced the feeling of being an underdog when it comes to looks could be so unjust to a woman with weight problems (especially since women are naturally more prone to obesity than men). Shindong even clearly states in his ‘ideal type’ that he wants an “adorable, petite” girl. In fact, the girlfriend he proposed to last year (though unknown if they have been married or not already), he discovered by first seeing her picture and requesting someone to introduce him. (Isn’t it odd that he has to have someone ‘petite’ and ‘adorable’ when he is obese and unappealing?) I completely understand if men aren’t attracted to heavy women, but if you’re heavy too, then what’s with the high standards?

In fact, alot of men have this fairytale. I myself have witnessed it when my average-looking (and unattractive) male friends expected to marry an all-around perfect girl. They were so obsessed with the gorgeous, non-existent girl in their heads that they refused to date anyone else (…they watched too much Japanese anime, really). The thing is, they didn’t even TRY to look better. (If you want someone good-looking, shouldn’t you yourself try to look good too?)

I find we women look for more in a man than just looks and sometimes we can love the person even if they’re not our ideal type. With men, it seems that appearance matters most. If you’re drop-dead gorgeous and you become very fit, then it’s OK to have high standards (just don’t be stuck up about it!), but if you’re average-looking and never planning on improving, what makes you think you should have a perfect-looking girl at all times in your life, even when you’re old?? This frustrates me because I find that too many men treat us women like we should be flawless and they should be allowed to have flaws. What’s even more irritating is that women seem to accept it. Ummm…figuratively speaking…but…if I worked hard to look incredibly gorgeous, you better be as hot as Tegoshi Yuuya!

It wasn’t long ago when I defended Shindong by saying, “He has a cute face!” or “He’s a kind, beautiful person!”, when others called him “ugly” and “fat. I’m more reluctant now to defend him after finding out about this incident. While I forgive them for their remarks, I do feel an indifference towards both Yesung and Shindong in comparison to other Suju members. (I continue to enjoy Super Junior mainly because of Kim Heechul; I loooove him!) ^^;

(I wasn’t going to post this out of fear of offending ELFs, but I worked on it for hours…deleting & rewriting…trying my best to get my point across without looking like an anti or a senseless troll with the intent to bash Yesung, Leeteuk, and Shindong.
This article doesn’t just address a mere idol scandal, but a worldwide concern moreso. While we love our idols, we should remember that they too are human and treat them as such at all times which means accepting the fact that they are imperfect just as we are. I hope that this post will be read without biased
oppinions and with reasonable thought.)

Don't know if you really had the energy to read the whole post ~someone~ wrote. I'm not mad or anything but it's wierd XD That quote he said 'I'm a boy and you're a girl'. XD HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
It's true that people should be fit but hey who am I to judge. Everyone thinks differently. They consider that women should keep fit. So? Even if it can be ironic for someone "large" to say it Í can say that we kpop freaks aren't really that "sane" either with our standards now XD

And I fully agree with the author that some women leads out of eating disorders, depression and so on. But I don't really have any specific things to say as I said earlier. Just read and see what your own feelings tells you about this. It's fifty-fifty for me actually ;')

But Shindong is still a good guy ^w^ He's actually losing weight now, a lot...

For you who are A+ and E.L.F~! Both togetha...!!

You know, about all this fandoms... It's wierd when can you officially call yourself a "V.I.P" for example? Well I don't really know about that but I can "proudly" (Lol XD) say that I'm a Hottest, A+, Shawol and E.L.F. Sure I love 2NE1, Big Bang, FT Island, B2ST, T-ara, B.E.G, etc etc etc. but dunno I don't really call myself a blackjack or anything...

Okay that was pretty random and so not the point with the post XD Just a "Useless thing I'm thinking of.."
About the A+ and ELF, I found a show where MBLAQ and Suju compets against each other. Not MBLAQ against Suju. It's mixed ^^ However it's only 3 people from each group

* Seungho
* Joon
* Thunder

* Kyuhyun
* Yesung
* Shindong

Huhuhuhu my favourites >:3 Shame that Mir wasn't there XD Both maknaes... Well I've only seen half of it but man it's hillarious XD

Yesung: "Seungho YOU'VE GOT TO WIN THIS!" <-- doesn't want the punishment...
The funny thing is that he's the oldest one over there >___>

The show is called Shin PD and to look at the first part: (It's 9 parts )



A lot of other groups has also been there to compete against each other SHINee, B2ST, U-KISS and more ^o^

So I recomend it (y)

A rage comic I read...

Hahahahaha potatoes... well that wasn't my point really... I wasn't only stuck on the chinese/Korean/Idon'tknowsomethingasian letters no... it was because of this

Do you see that orange wierd thing *le duhh*. That's an icon from Mysoju where you can see Korean/Chinese/Japanese dramas/movies. This person is probably a drama freak? Heck it would be funny if that person actually reads our blog hahahaha "Hello~" *wave*

Couldn't find that icon thing on mysoju right now but for you guys who've been a drama freak during a long time and seen clips from that website should know this wierd smiley thing ^^


I have no idea why I wrote that title -___-'' I'm pretty bored... but I have a big fat pile with homeworks that need to be done till monday xd
Screw this let's laugh! Here we go!~ <-- Super Mario

Created by aikyuketski

Me during the lessons yesterday when my classmates rubbed the whole "Ha-ha you're going to the dentist Friday 13th" in my face -.-

And I was like:

But little me obediently went to the dentist while not thinking "Great I'm gonna die today... I haven't even stalked any kpop celebrities..."

 credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

And gosh hahahaha! When I sat on the chair... that woman literally raped my mouth... I had NEVER, EVER in my whole life experienced something like that. She had both of her hands IN my mouth and wanted me to respond to her questions I got drowned in my own drool *euw...* I sounded like this "Gurlldsgl.. yeeehhh I duuun usssse" and she didn't evén though of taking her hands OUT of my mouth >___>

In the end when I went out I had to take a chill moment and thought...

created by perolinha

Why does everything look more sexy in slow motion?

gbi-b:  well then……. -clears throat-

 jiyong’s smile after kissing seungri is so beautiful. and it looks like seungri was about to smile but then he put on his poker face and acted like he didn’t care. lol we know you liked it Ri :3



Happy Birthday to Kim Min Soo who's a ex member from the group Monday Kiz. I wrote about them in a G.Y.H.H.O, love the song Gajima... T___T

But the reason why he's a ex member is because he ain't alive anymore. He died in a motorcycle accident 2008 but would've turned 27 years old today (28 Korean age) But R.I.P and happy birthday ;')

I've been sitting the whole day in my room...

While watching these videos

EVERYTHING IS JELL-O!!!! It looks so cool and delicious but I couldn't handle eating all that ê____ê Too much sugar... Looks fun ÒuÓ
(There's more clips just search it on youtube och click on their name in the clip ^^)


Ehm... thanks for the comment? :)

About the Loen post I wrote yesterday, I got a logical answer:

Oh hahahahah the name!!! XDDD Somehow feelt a fist right on my face... Humm it was almost as I wrote:

Quote: "Hoho Loen you're gonna upload all of our Music videos in the future"

But now I know it! Thanks~ 

Had to share a feeling I have now... Bo's in the hospital waiting for the goddamn baby to plopp out from the stomach T___T
Dreamt that I got robbed a while ago and te guy wanted to kill my dad + the family. I was the only one getting scared >___>

MBLAQ Hello Baby preview!!

Aww hahahahah XD Dunno why but when I saw this I started to worry.... for the kids. I'm actually REALLY worried about Joon =___= XD

I read this on a comment:

On a website I found, it said "The lucky kids to take care of are Lauren, Leo, and Dayoung who are from Canada, France and Vietnam."

ADVJNDALJVABSLASJV So many kids?! O__O and Canada, France and Vietnam?! Are they half Korean or something? Now I'm seriously worried >___> But I don't think that they'll take care of 3 foreign children...

~MBLAQ Scribble album~

Little Me is a few days late but MBLAQ's whole album for Scribble is out!!! ASFJASFKJSA!!! It's so freaking awesome!!! They have done a REALLY good job and they deserv all the prices right now! And it's time for them to catch up, they're back on track together with other groups as well.

This time MBLAQ totally kicked ass!ES

Gonna be a nolifer and upload their album here ;)

#1 - Run

Gosh Mir's rap! <3 and those golden words "MBLAQ is back!~" (MBLAQ is BLAQ hohoho hahaha XD)
It reminded me of TOUCH's Rockin the club...

#2 - It's war

ASFNASLFJBASDLFJBSDA!! This must be better that Stay... The rare thing is that the song isn't catchy in ANY way but it's SO GOOOD! They don't really repeat any words so you can memorise and make it catchy. It's so.. natural o___o
And once again Mir's rap! <3 He's probably the best kpop rap artist I've heard even if he's so dorky XD His voice is so... dark and masculine...

#3 - Scribble/Grafitti

Aww haha you've got to love MBLAQ! No matter what they have to have that spanish wierd feeling in one of their songs~ Examples like: Oh yeah, Mona Lisa and now this ;D

#4 - She's Breathtaking

Dunno why but I really liked this one. It's on the second place after 'It's war'. Love the beginning xD

#5 - Hello My EX

This one was pretty average... It wasn't as breath taking as their other songs.

But I really liked loved their 4th mini album. MBLAQ once again you're back! Hwating!~ And Hello Baby next XD *oh my*

Look alike: Park Shin Hye & Yoon Eun Hye

These two girls I always mix them up O__O I thought it was 1 person all the time but the name changed everytime I saw one of them =___= If I'm not wrong both of them are actresses. I think than Park Shin Hye where in the drama You're Beautiful together with Lee Hong Ki, Yong Hwa and Jang Geun Suk.

And the other one ê___ê  Coffe Prince ey? xD Man me and dramas...

*5 minutes later*
Yep I was right (y)


OMG, the baby is coming, the baby is coming!!!! I did this post in just one minute, so if I spell stuff wrong.. B.R.A you know what to do ;P

Hahaha, look at all their faces ^^
L.Joe - *pout*
ChunJi - *Jizz in my pant*
Niel and Ricki - *OH YEAH!*
C.A.P - *awkward...* haha
Changjo - the only normal one. Kind of ^^

For you who doesn't know who is who, I pretty much just said their names in order. From left to right ;)

Teen Top - Crazy (Dance version)

It's crazy how ALL of them can look hot O.o except for Niel. He's cute ^^ Don't get why people think he is soooooo sexy? haha! xD

Another thing. When they say, stop stop breaking my heart, why do they have their hand over their delicates? ^^ OHHHH.. Now I get the picture in the top of this post! haha xD

And one more thing.. this was now more like a 5 minute post ^^ haha, have to go now! BYE!

Did you know?

That Seyong from MYNAME has been in a drama called I Believe in Love/My love My Family.
Found out a few days ago when I saw this clip

Hahaha Lol *fail* XD He's the one with red cap and jacket.

I don't think that he had such a big role in the drama...

Well now you know XD

Pictures de EXO~

So cute *__* (Se Hun)

This was just a disgustingly look alike pic on Taemin -__-

Somehow it feels like the whole EXO is incest XD Okay that didn't make sense . . . BUT Y DO THEY LOOK LIKE BROTHERS?!

I just had *********************

created by: Edittan

created by: Edittan

    credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

created by kyuhyun-shii.

 credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

 credits to choisiwantsit.tumblr.com

*crying rivers* it's Friday 13th. This day is doomed to be bad... and I'm going to the dentist >___> Well remember me as an awesome person and don't push BO too much!~ TT__TT

Junsu hospitalized //sobs// ;w;

The article says pretty much it... You'll be back~

BO is getting a baby!!!

Okey, maybe not BO, but my brother's wife's water broke this morning (that means that she is pregnant :P). But she's still at home?! GAAAAH, can't she just go into labor? Because I want to be there when my first.. siblings kid gets out!! And it might be like tonight at 4 am. I just want this to be over.. I WANT HER NOW!!!!!! Oh, yeah, it'll be a babygirl ^^

Me suck*

Yeah gonna upload the fan art pictures here..

Love the way she wrapped it XD


;) Muhahahahaha!

Eunhae - Oppa Oppa cover dance (á la M2stach!)

Yes everyone, we made our own video and we're going to send it to I AM!!! If you don't know what that is then.. just enjoy the cover ^^

I have to give some creeds to me and B.R.A . We trained for the dance 1 DAY, and then recorded for 1 DAY and then for 2 more days B.R.A cut all the pieces together, and here you have the results. Not bad ehh?~ Haha, please don't mind minor mistakes, as I said, we made this video within a couple of days. 

BUT PLEASE ENJOY! hahaha, and don't forget to leave a comment xD

My Fan art...

Well a few days ago I brought the post and my 2PM fan art from Sandra had arrived (to be honest it arrived 1 week ago XD But it was to big and I was to lazy so I didn't take it from the post office thing)

But I SPAZZED like hell and now it's up on the roof, yeah it sounds wierd but I have a wierd roof...

[I can't really upload pictures right now because I'm uploading a clip on Youtube so I'll do it in an hour or something]

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

About last weeks U.P.A.H.I I read something and I'm gonna post is tomorrow... but let's see this weeks ^w^

*_______________________________* And I worked my ass of to find a picture of him with a bare chest >__>

Man now I'm just getting mad... NOW I find a lot of pictures on his abs -.- Well give it up for 2PM's uber cute but dangerous Junho ~__~

Got to love that pinkredpurple hair ;D

It's a shame because Junho reminds me a lot of Mir but a... more grown up but more childish version? Mir is like 5 years old but Junho is 7 years old XD
But he doesn't really get that much attention in the group... he's like the Eunhyuk in the group with MUCH less attention. Gosh, I have to talk about other members to describe this guy =__= Well I hope you get what I mean XD

Groups you haven't heard of (part 20 <-- wooo!)

I've been pretty lifeless, I think I'm starting to get sick AGAIN. Dunno why but during the holiday my eating habits have been pretty... wierd. Can't eat so much anymore and I'm ALWAYS getting sick >__> I've been sick 4 times now during the break O__O It's sick... Have to eat more XD <-- my only solution for a worthless problem over here... and I've sometimes been spitting blood from my mouth -.- urgh yeah that sound pretty bad when I'm writing it down...

Okay back to the point  a group we haven't heard of. It was the first group who where written on the list of 2010 debuting kpop groups and that is *drums*

Bebe Mignon

Gosh they where TOO CUTE for me ê___ê You get "uhhh =__=" Well I'm only writing my opinions over here.

Doo Bi Doo Ba

The first part however is pretty catchy XD Doo Bi, Doo Bi, Doo Bi, Doo Aeh <-- something..
They've also done other songs as well but I didn't want to hear them xd

Stupid Oppa

the blonde one seem so short XD She even wore high heels...

LOEN funny guys...

XD This is a pretty random post. But one ting I have, or everyone has been noticing is how Loen ent. uploads every groups MV's XD (Teen Top, T-ara, MYNAME, B.A.P, 2PM, Boyfriend, INFINITE, X-5 etc.)

Even groups that doesn't belong them. Loen doesn't really have any "famous" groups.

* N:SONIC <-- should get more attention...
* Sunny Hill - There's a guy in the too O__O
* B.E.G - (Brown Eyed girls) <-- I think B.E.G belonged to Nega Network before
* IU - not a group but what I've heard she's in Loen

Well that's all the groups they have and the only one I recognize is B.E.G.
They should promote their own groups more rather than uploading other groups/companies MV's. Dunno if they have a deal or something where they said "Hoho Loen you're gonna upload all of our Music videos in the future" Well something like that but it's still funny XD

I couldn't really compare with JYP or YG because every one of their groups have an individual yt chanel.
Funny how Loen have 635 while SM have 418 ;'D



Once again...

I don't wanna be busted but the 9th teaser is out XD It will pobably be 35 teasers before they debut ;D

Have to see and listen to it later. Every teaser is kinda special got to love that beat and the unusal songs. Have REALLY high expectations for this group. They can be a hit group or a flap group so show us SM... show us wut you can do...

Hahah, POWNED!

Yesterday when I was bored I went on my phone and did that Big Bang funny thing I posted up before (click here) and this is what I got:

HaHahHAahAHah, I feel so powned right now!! Why did he laugh? Why did he say "damn you"? I mean sure, I could make something up like.. he laughed and said damn you because when he kissed me he fell in love with me even after promising himself that he wouldn't because I'm a bad boy ;)

Haha, YES!!! That well be my explenation for this thing. I didn't get powned, T.O.P just fell in love 8D

Getting dried out~ @___@



Wonder Girls unleash MV for new U.S. single, “The DJ Is Mine” ft. the School Gyrls

"“The DJ Is Mine” will be part of the OST (soundtrack) for the ladies’ Teen Nick movie, “THE WONDER GIRLS”. The high energy track was written by Crystal Nicole Johnson, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter who’s worked with Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield and more.

The music video will be launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today in 3D." - Allkpop

THAT'S JUST AMAZING!! xD Finally a kpop-group releases an entire song in english!! NOW WE ACTUALLY HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE!! Not that we never did before ^^ But I believe that a lot of people want the songs to be in english (sure not us, haha I even leart the words to their korean songs.. ^^).

But about the song, I actually liked it!!!!! :D After listening to it a couple of times ^^ The only sad part is that it's so auto-tuned :/ But I guess that that is what america likes now? You know.. techno style.

OMG, can't believe I found it!!!!!

I remember a long time ago, I asked you guys if you knew who this was:

No onew could tell me who it was, and it drove me crazy!!!!!!!!! But yesterday when I was watching some clips n youtube I saw this:

IT WAS BI RAIN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are taken from the parts between 03:28 - 03:46. Gosh, he looks so hot *drooling* O.e

And another thing, haha what the hell?! They're like at this very elegant and chic place and everyone is dressed very proper, and from nowhere Bi Rain comes up all sweety and sexy looking and sings "I'm gonna be a bad boy" and "I'm gonna be crazy". Hahahha it just dosen't make any sence to me ^^

Rainbow Pixie - Hoi Hoi

Hello everyone! Just wanted to show you a MV of this group called Rainbow Pixie. Isn't there already a group called Rainbow? O.o

Anywhoo, actually liked their song Hoi Hoi. It was soooo cute!!!! xD

Right? It's soooo cute!!! ^^

MBLAQ Hello Baby event poster~ :D

Awwww wonder how old and which gender the child will be. It would be funny if it where a boy just like SHINee's Hello baby. But it would probably be a bit plain to do it all over again with another group... it should be a six years old guy in his "anger-year" XDD Lol... It wouldn't really be Hello Baby* anymore...

But man I'm REALLY looking forward to this. I remember when I where a newbie in the kpop world and saw SHINee Hello baby. I was sulking and wondered if MBLAQ would do one one day ;'D

MBLAQ Idol Athletics 2012!!!

MEHEHEHEHE, found these clips!!! xD And they're only 1 day old!!!! WEHOO~

Hahhahahahaha MIR!!! I really want you as my big brother! <3

Haha Mir and Seungho ^^ Maknae and Leader LOVE

Omg, he's really throwing the mandarins O.o like.. hard hahaha. But love how B2ST's Yoseob then came and told him "what the f*ck are you doing? You need to throw it like this, not this" and then he demonstrates on.. one of his members ^^

Love the whole B2ST - MBLAQ love thing ^^ two of my favorite groups getting along so well is like heaven!!

And does anyone know if they show this "Idol Athletics"-day as an episode, or do you have to have the right channel to see it? Because I can't find it on youtube *le sadface*

EXO another teaser...

AKSFCNADSLKJFALSFCN mad now XD Want to write a post but I can't . . . don’t wanna be busted hohoho -_- Well saw that another teaser where out for the fourth? Fifth member of EXO-K, Su Han. Can’t see it TT__TT gonna see it when I return home. But it seem that he’s the only one there without Kai…. Dam dam daaaam~  XD

But I talked with BO about this and I heard that he’s the longest trainee in EXO. He has danced his ass off during these years. We don't even know how long he has been a trainee for SM. THINK OF ALL THE TORTURE!!! ;__; Well that’s all I had to say for now ò__ó

Upd: Ohh just saw it but I couldn't listen to it. DAAAAAMN was that all the members? O__O

Kids dancing to KPOP songs

Little kid dancing to U-KISS's Man Man Ha Ni
Hahahahha, Alexanders face at 00:28 ^^

OMG!!! Look at what the kid is doing to f(x)'s member Sully in round 2!!! hahahaha, to die for xD
And the part when he imitates Bi Rain from one of his live performances of his song 'Love Song', haha.
This kid is just amazing ^^


The things he say is actually true -.- I saw some pictures where he didn't look the way he does now and he do look like a Korean, just a tiny bit. You can see that he's Japanese ^^

It's true what hair and makeup can do...

Joon in underwear ad 8)

Omo, found these pictures of my little Joonie from MBLAQ!! ^^

...... Didn't really pay attention to the girl until the last picture. DUDE!!!!! Come on? Joonie, I know that you feel uncomfortable with other women, but I trust you and I know that I'm the only one for you. So it's okey ;) <3

Hell has once again started... for me...


I was like what wut, where?! And then I saw Onew...

Lol Shindong...

*brb dying* XDDDD

*dying x2*


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD *dying* *something in Korean* *piip* *piiiip* *piiip*

I read yesterday that B.A.P (Bang and Zelo group XD) filmed a serie thing... where they probably wanted to give us fans an introduction and let us see how each member are. The name of the show is ‘Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P’.
Hohooh this is the part where you say "ohh I like the blonde one..." -_- Well they reminded me of a lot of Eunhyuk copies XD

CLICK HERE to see the first episode (it isn't subbed)

Big Bang funny.. thing

HahAH, Saw this on Jasmin's blog.

So what you do is that you just press 'Prnt Scrn' and then go to paint or any other program that you can paste the "prnt screen"-photo you just took in. So 'Prnt Scrn', open paint and ctrl+v!
If there is something that you don't understand then you can just ask!! :D

Example (this was the one I got):

SCORE!!!! hahahaaha, didn't want to 'Prnt Scrn' more then once, because it would feel like I would be cheating on Taeyang O.o

ADFNADLVNDASLVDJSANVJ!! <3 Me and maknaes... ÒuÓ /B.R.A


as you all know (guess no one...) I LOVE to read manga ^^ But I'm quiet picky, duh.. but that's not my point!
My point is that during these years I've read mangas the most prettiest crying scene/person I've ever seen was a few days ago when I read the manga Dengeki Daisy (A really good manga with an awesome humour = REALLY bad humour XD Gotta love that the chick is mentally strong compared to other shoujo mangas where they cry if their bofriend doesn't answer the phone >__>)

But this crying person was a guy but it looked to SWEEEET~


Haters can just go and poo!~

KPOP stars shuffle!!

WOOOW, they were not bad at all!!!! xD

First group: INFINITE
Second group: I think it was IU ^^
Third group: Super Junior!!
Fourth group: .. everyone

So, don't you think that they did a job well done? ^^ Well I really enjoyed watching it, and I really liked the remixes of the songs! 8D

New teaserrrrr

Hahahah FINAALLY a new member, but once again Kai is there hahah XD Well apparetnly new new member... is a good dancer ^^ No seriously I don't know what to write about them anymore -.-

Child ~

Who would've guessed that this old puddie (<--- ê__ê) is:

Never changes....

Well if you focus really hard you can actually see some resemblance now and his childhood. Well it's the little Yesung~ XD

(O)Le Tired =___= <-- gonna be a lot of these now...

I'm exhausted like *piip* well after a hard training yesterday *no cough* me and BO are soon ready. We're goint to hopefully (if everything goes as planned) film today so yeah.. Thought you wanted to now it ^w^




Just wanted to show you...

One of the best and prettiest pictures I've ever seen *crying rivers*

I'm like O_____O

*brb dying*

Kim Hyun Joong

Random Facts
• The oldest member and the leader of SS501
• 4th-dimensional (weird or crazy, living in his own world)
• He is a heavy sleeper
• He is a spontaneous person
• Doesn′t like to speak English because of his weird pronunciation
• Is a charismatic leader and brother to the members
• Was given the nickname Kim DogCow because of his cow-like eyes and puppy-like face
• He wants to treat his girlfriend like a guy friend (walking with an arm around her shoulders, and calls her “Hey”)
• He is not a scaredy cat
• Is close friends with DBSK′s JaeJoong and Yoochun

Hahahahahah DogCow LMFAO XDD

MBLAQ does it again..

HAHAHAHAHAAH You know what just a while ago I wanted to write "Oh my god it's so awesome bla bla" Don't get me wrong, before I do that...  how come Lee Joon always kill someone and himself in every freaking MV he's in HAHAHAHAHAH I just find that hilarious. Like in Y he killed his girlfriend? And in the end he was about to take suicide.

And this one... he first shoot the man and in the end he kills himself -__- why y have to kill yourself?!
But back to the "oh my" part. I LOVED IT!! I LOVED IT after 5 seconds it was so freaking AWESOME the song is competing against Stay now. It was a real hit. Everyone looked... not hot . . .  BEAUTIFUL! Yes they looked hot
And Thunder he gets more and more cute compared to the days when he debuted (don't take me wrong XD) AND he finally got a kiss~

Gonna drug this A LOT so if you excuse me...


hahaha, you have to love this game!!!!! xD

01:18 "it smells" haahhahahahaha, and what happened at 01:42? xD Must be hard playing
this game while laughing ^^, and love the fact that almost everyone here has a mullet!

Hahahhaha poor Kangin, forcing the card into Eunhyuk's moth xD No, but I wouldn't mind playing
this game with him *wink wink*

What KPOP has done to me (part 2)

Okey, B.R.A told you guys this before, but I'm going to tell you one more time. KPOP has made me lose all interest in.. non asian guys! Seriously, that's just messed up. Like, I would rather go out with an "half good-looking" asian than a good-looking non asian.

Hahaha, isn't that messed up?!?!?! Well, that's just one of all the things KPOP has done to me ^^

hahahaha, I searched for 'half-good looking' on google to see how you really spell it. The first thing that comes up:

Hahaha, don't tell me that that is not ironic ^^

UPDATE: However, I would still want the asian to dress western. You know, I'm still very "hood" and love guys that dresses "classy hood". Hahahahhaa, yes, there are styles like that ^^
And yeah.. I'm not racist. Racist is when you.. don't like a specific group. I FREAKIN' LOVE ASIANS!! xD Or is racist just thinking that everyone from the same race is the same? O__o

Le eye candy

Hehe got it XD

Just got scarred for life T_____________________T

Ahh! Here we go!~

 Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Man Junho got REAL ass XD He is the one on the 3rd, 7th and this pic XD

BIGBANG's 2012 greetings

Don't really understand what they said.. except for the "happy new year"-part ^^ I mean, the pictures that plopps up helps, but still. However it's great to see something new from them! Don't you agree? xD

Back to tha dorms...

Muhahahhaha many of you had their last day of freedom yesterday eeyyy~ Heheheohohoh I'm gonna begin school hell this Wednesday in yah face~

Buuuutt... M2stasch have to say goodbye to their families because now we have to return to the dorms XD Harsh life of beeing a trainee... Manager Lee have also signed us up for a wierd thing and we have to train like #%"#% these days. Dunno if we will make it in time so we will see~ If we do that then we're gonna show you guys ^^ *tension* *tension*

Well here's the morning humour for you who have to face hell today~

If I ain't wrong... that's Sujus colour?

Ohh HAHAHAHA Remember this one... yeah when I did that.. my cousin smacked my OWN hand on my OWN face -.- Saw everything black for a moment...


Hahahahaha XD Eunhyuk... the bullied one in Suju T___T I actually feel sorry for him... he's too nice...




Hahahahahahha XD

Well that's all for now folks~ *waaaavee*

WANTED - This Song (Teaser)

Song: ... It's a teaser -.-

Don't know anything about this group. But I put it up because there might be some of you that do ^^ ENJOY!!

I was like wuuuuut, then I saw the head line..

But then I got all wuuut again when I read this comment...

Then I got O___O Really...


*le sadface*

“Hello beautiful world. I lost my grandmother on my mom’s side. That’s why I’m in Korea now and leaving early in the morning for Osaka,” he wrote. ”Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.”


It's pretty ironic...

Yesterday when I sat and geeked IU's songs I saw that Loen released the song Good Day 7 february 2011... and it was 7 february yesterday... 2012. Muhaha pretty cool *like a baws* . . .
Yeah I just wanted to share  this totally unnecessary thing ^w^

F.I.X and CHAOS debutes on Inkigayo


"CHAOS may have hit some speed bumps with the name controversy involving Park Taeyang, but thanks to their fresh sound, the group will undoubtedly right through towards the upper levels of fame." -Allkpop

Group: CHAOS
Song: She Is Coming

And here you have the actual MV:

Actually liked this song xD It's catchy ^^


"Rookie group F.I.X kicked off their ‘Inkigayo‘ debut with a strong performance of “Please Don’t Say" - Allkpop

Group: F.I.X
Song: Please Don't Say

And here you have the actual MV:

.... O.O OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!! GUUUUUYS, that is Eunhyuk from Super Junior!!!!! xD *spazzig* What is he doing there? ^^ This song was not my style.. at all. But at least now I can see the MV without feeling like I'm forced to see it!

Naaw.. the MV was really sad yet cute. You should definitely watch it!

~ Korean Movie ~

Well surely I was home... depressed -__- but at least I sat and geeked Korean movies and I saw one of them yesterday. You can't really call it Yaoi (a genre in manga = "Boys love") it was more like a Shounen-ai (another genre = "Boys love" O___o but.. Yaoi is more "Boys love" lol I suck at explaining..)

But it was sweet, I think :'3 I watched it mainly because of Kim Jae Wook. When I saw him on Mary Stayed Out All night I could clearly see that he was different... he played his role really good as the director thing. Love his acting ;)
AND! Of course this was a twisting turn where he had a "gay-role" (I don't want anyone here to take the word gay as an insult here but I'm gonna use that word) I was in chock on how good he managed o play it . . . O_O


If you wanna see it click HERE!


Me during the whole movie: Okey I'm going to watch it normaly and not overreact or giggle if anyone kisses or touch the same sex/gender...

*after the first scene*


I don't really mind homosexual people at all but I'm not really used to watching it, you know kiss and that stuff. It feels like it's something I can live without seeing, even if it is sweet it's just... XD hard to see without having your jaw wide open... some of you underestand what I mean...

Like these scenes... How did he do that *u* *fascinated*

Kim Jae Wook

He personally stated that playing the gay role was pretty tough. I somehow underestand him.
But it was a really good movie, I really liked the ending :D It also gave you a warm family feeling but something was a bit sad :/
Recomend you to see this movie! (y) Ps: There's a BIG risk that you'll start licking your computer screen bacause of the cakes ToT

Koreans + English (part 3) B2ST


Best moments:
1,20 When Yoseob says 'bless me' after sneezing
4,19 yeah it is my FACE. charming. HAAHAHAHAH
7,02 My position is lappo HAHAH (when he tried to say rapper xD)
11,08 Give me four stars, i give you my young sister ROFLMAO AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

Best moments taken from Paula~
Hahahhaha, I totally agree with you gurl! Those ARE the best moments xD


I was reeeaaally bored so I made... ehm one of my friends to come over ^^ So this time was a fail suju inspired nails... >___> *shame*

Meheheh do you underestand the Oppa thing? >_>

This was the most fail one... Tried to make a sorry sorry man with the same position...

Hotness O.o

*droooooooooling* O.e

Warning! Fallowing morning humour is not suited for children under 3...

A lot of "Oh shit sex makes babies?!" macros XD
Well  it feels like I shouldn't spam this blog with macros and gifs all the time -.- Apparently it's getting more slow T____T



Well some of you can be "Ehmm yeah.. heh sure dude happy birthday"
But it's Ho-ik the true maknae in last years rookie group AA (Double A) Bo wrote that they'll have a comeback this year so we're gonna wait... just wait...

But happy birthday Ho-ik who's turning 19 years (20 korean age) you know I talked with Bo about this.
We've decided to go to Korea when we graduate and he'll be 19 and I'm gonna be 18.. So our korean age will be 20 and 19 mehehehe you old hag!
Wait O__O If we go to korea let's say 20 June... DAMMIT He's still 19... >___> (His birthday: 1st July)
Okey random stuff here gonna quit right now.

The thing about beeing homosexual =___=

It was a long time ago I wrote a good-for-nothing-post, well I haven't really done anything -.-
To summon my whole week I can say that I was stuck in the house for 4 days without seeing sunshine =___= 2 soon 3 days ago I finally went out but shut myself in my room again for 2 soon 3 days -.- depressive...

1st Januari was a day where I promised myself to do my homeworks. *Getting more and more deprest when I see that pig fat pile of homeworks...* BUT I haven't done a *piip* . . .

About the titel... -__-'
Somehow I think that my family and relatives thinks that I'm homosexual -.- 

Case #1
*Le me and uncle eating cake during new years eve*

Me: So would you be surprised if I came out... and you know said that I was homosexual?
Uncle: Not really.
Me: *stoneface*

Unfortunally I droped a glas of milk on the carpet when he wanted to say why = Me, my cousing and le uncle had panic = We have a really expensive carpet = We ran around like chickens trying to be cool and not let the whole freaking family see that = Because my mom would've scream right on my face in front of everyone. Well Well we were cool enough so no one noticed mohahahah! Wonder if the carpet is alright =___=

Case #2

*Le me and cousin (another one) chatting on fb)

Cousin: WHY ARE YOU STILL AWAKE?!?! (it was 4 o'clock in the morning...)
Cousin: Does something bother you?
Me: No..?
Cousin: Like love or anything...
Cousing: Are you sure?
Me: Yeeeessss! I'm sure :@ I haven't really been in love so I can't really SHARE anything over here -.-
Cousin: Ahh well it'll come... That special *saying the oposite sex* will come
Me: I know.. -.- Wait how do you know that it wont be a *saying the same sex* <-- As me
Cousin: So... are you attracted to the same sex? It's nothing bad about it..
Me: You know what I'm gonna go and sleep right now... PS. I'm not gay.

*brb while I go and sulk*



Song of the week #6

FIRST S.O.T.W 2012!!!!!!!!!!! Wanted to put up U-KISS's 0330 (love that song btw), but don't want to start the year with such a sad song :/

So, the song of this week will be:

Song: High High
Artists: G-Dragon & TOP

LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!! xD Haha, the course could have been better I guess, but like the song in generall.. just love it ^^

Hahahaha, thought first that the voice in the beginning (so cute btw) said "was, was it me?" but she's.. he's(?) saying "1.. 1, 2, 3" xD Also love the part when they say "G.H.E.T.T.O E.L.E.C.T.R.O". It's so catchy! ^^

PS. the girl that hugs TOP at 01:40... Would kill for her job -.-'

I listened to this song...

...more than 30 times yesterday... or more =__=

It's so disgustingly good!!! ASDJBSDJVBSD Thought it was another song for their mini Album 100% ver But it was released a year ago.
Pretty impressive the song was composed by G.O and the lyrics was written by G.O and Mir o___o

Dunno what to say I'm amazed.... Mir?! The lyrics are probably something weird and made up but I don't underestand what they're saying so... No kidding XD They've done a REALLY good job it's in my top 3 MBLAQ songs ^^

#1 - Stay
#2 - Mona Lisa
#3 - Can't come back
#4 - I don't know, Baby U, Cry, Oh yeah, Rusty, etc. X'D

Look-alike: Jung Eui Chul & Suju Kyuhyun

(Pictures on the right: Jung Eui Chul, Pictures on the left: Kyuhyun)
Haha, me and B.R.A call Jung Eui Chul the suicide-guy ^^ Why? Well, in every movie/drama we've seen him in, he has like.. either killed or wanted to kill himself xD Not a very good nickname .

Hahahha, anywhoo, so the actor Jung Eui Chul and SUJU's member and maknae Kyuhyun do actually look a lot like each other O.o don't you think? Thoguht about it when I was drugging SUJU a few days ago, but it never came around to post a 'Look alike' until B.R.A told me to :P

But still.. they really do look alike. RIGHT?! xD

Groups you haven't heard of (part 19)

Well I said that I would write about a specific group XD
Here we have them:


It's a female group O_____O
There isn't so much info about them -.- They debuted 2011 and are a 3-member group. However one of them quit so they're probably 2 left (easy mathematic... XD HAAHHAHA... haaahah...haa.. ha... TT__TT) and they haven't disbanded yet. That's all I know!

I'm sorry but you can clearly see that they're one of those "mistake groups" during 2011 (sounds harsh xS)
I wonder why the companies do this -.- Doesn't they lose a lot of money somehow?

With and without makeup

So, I was at church yesterday (coptic christmas ^^) and I have a friend there I can fangirl with. We started to talk KPOP and then our other friends keept making fun out of us -.- "But they have makeup?" etc. hahaha, but truth is.. they look better with makeup. Hate to break it to you, but koreans.. no asians in generall look MUCH better in makeup. Even the boys~

Just a demostration (B2ST.. + MBLAQ's Mir):


Without makeup & With makeup


Without makeup

With makeup. Hahaha, maybe not that big of a difference. But that's because Yoseob is a pretty boi~


(The guy in the middle) Without makeup. BUT COME ON!!! He looks good without makeup -.- This post only proves me wrong when it comes to koreans and their makeup.... JDASDJADWPDKASL.. 

Come on... is this him with makeup? Only found pictures of him with veeeeery little makeup on. This guy looks gorgeus without makeup. BUT SERIOUSLY(!!!) maybe I just took like.. a very pretty group? Haha, have you guys seen MBLAQ without makeup? Not that pretty. Or SUJU... some of them are horrifying. Naah, I'm being mean, but a lot of the KPOP-stars DO look better with makeup (dudes)

Giving up on the B2ST members. Here you have MBLAQ's Mir ^^


Not really without (you can see some eyeliner) With (The skin is much better, and so are the eyes ^^)
but you get the point.

Le dorks will always be Le dorks

There's one thing I've always wondered...
How do every kpop groups/celebrities react on the whole OTP thing ... Eunhae, 2Min, Jonkey etc. HAHAHAAHA wonder if they're like "Oh heh... yeah it's just for fun *facepalm* it's not like.. it's real or anything" or if they're actually laughing at the whole thing and just act X'D Want to experience that ;'D

B.R.O?  BOA? BORA? HAHAHAHAHAHHA So freaking ugly! We need to expand M2stasch Bo... -__-'

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Too.Many.Pretty.Boys . . .

This is a "special" U.P.A.H.I yeah it's really disgusting how we I just randomly pick pretty boys here and there -.-


Yeah it's the awesome Shindong! <3
When I read those articles about him dieting and losing weight made me pretty sad. A part of me thought it was sad because he was the first "big" idol I had seen and in Suju too! One of the biggest boy groups in Korea AND he's under SM! SM are known for only taking in pretty people. So he was different of course. But he claimed that he wanted to do it for his girlfriend and for himself to be more healthy.

But after geeking Suju for 2 days and seeing shows with him I know why he (partly) did it... (losing weight) The only thing they talk about when he enters is food -.- It's like they're making fun of his food = weight and one time his stoneface cracked a bit. The time when he didn't laugh as always, I saw the sadness TT^TT

So disgustingly me who only brings up slim and trained boys in this U.P.A.H.I shit, wants to give you Shindong this weeks honor to be an Über pretty and hot idol!! (My god I can't describe my dork level right now -.-)

Just had to show this...

Wut a *** licker XDD

Ops I did it again, I played with your ****

For you who haven't seen Mean Girls just do it...


chrizt24hzrds:  You better run~ created by tabitabigo

REALLY bad humour -.-

created by ukissme-kevinwoo

Created by Goguman


ADSFJVSDJKB Why do you have to be so awesome?!?!!

Saw T-ara's stage performance for Lovey Dovey no one have really seen their dance version  (it isn't released yet) but here they danced and why do the simple dance moves look so complicated?! The hand thing with cry cry and now the feets on Lovey Dovey...

But I've geeked this song the whole night now T___T I REGRET NOTHING!!

Now it's a shuffle-thing XD
Ohh they're doing the basic steps in shuffling... Asked my cousin to teach me that... yeah I failed..

The group I wrote about...

I may be a bit late, again... -.- but I wrote that a group called CHAOS would debut. Allkpop did the whole "Oh my god they're compared to EXO a lot bla bla" But no you can't compare those 2 groups. It's obvious that EXO-K & M are the best group who has built up this tension this year. SM know what they're doing but I'm getting a bit tired of EXO-Kai all the time =__=

Well here's their debut song:

CHAOS - Idon'tknowthenameofthesong -.- upd: It's: She's coming XD

They had their stage debut today, I think Ò__ò

The song was quiet different compared to other Korean songs... it was refreshing in a wierd way o__o But shesus their voices justt wanna go there and touch their necks O3O

One of them looked like Yesung when he had makeup and that messy black hair and the other one... I THINK KYUHYUN AND EUNHYUK FUCKED!! :O

 Yesung Mr. Simple MV - super-junior photo
Not exactly like Yesung but it gives a Yesung feeling from Mr Simple XD

The unknown child from Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk
TT_____TT Just watch the MV and you'll underestand...

Once again... those look alikes...

^^THIS!!!! AND to have smutty smut sex in the practice room&#8230; *it&#8217;s a fic i&#8217;m writing but will probably never finish* OTL

Saw this pic on tumblr ô^ô and the only thought I got was the look alike I did

That's an e after the you'r -.-
I can't be blind right? (No... you're only wearing glasses and can't see anything with them... -__-)
They reallo do look alike, in a strange way XD

This was some real fugly ass boygirls HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Ahh... it gave me a good laugh X'D
(Sunjong from Infinite is the one with purple dress)
It was to many "Girls bring the boys out" Hahahahah ;D

I read a comment on youtube a long time ago and it he/she said:

I respect anyone taking this path!

Me too... all the shit they have to do TT______TT

Yesung = Ye Sex & Sungmin = Sex people AFBJSDAFJL HAHAHAHAHAH

AHH...~  I litreally DIED while watching these clips HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I couldn't breath. Haven't laughed this much alone in my whole life WATCH IT!

Shindong and his crew: UAHHH AHAHHAHHAHAHH WAHHH!!!
Girl: King Kong! :D

Me: *facepalm*

There are 4 people each group. The first person gets an English sentence. He has to pass on this sentence to the next person. However, they switch turns. If the first person explains in English, the next person had to explain it in Korean, Then English again etc.

The second part is about name explanations in English. Hard to explain, but it is funny xD

Oh gosh this one!! I couldn't breath anymore!! HAHAHAHAHA Some of them suck.. REALLY HARD XDDDD
Btw who's the other group? :O They looked like they where in pain... Yesung talked lika a drunk dude ^3^ XD 21431 km/h ;'D

Best quote ever: If it doesn't come out by the mouth, it comes out by the anus.


Donghae: Seyeon is thinking... is thinking... Seyeon.. Seyeon.. Seyeon... Seyeon? O_O *looking confused*
Donghae: Pass...
Kangin: What pass?!?!?!

Have to see this show HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Eunhyuk had the worse one O____O That was quiet nasty... ;'D And Yeseung, Yesung, Yesung... Do you know how many people wished that they where the barbie doll? I don't wish it -.- Heck that I want someone to lick my feets yuck!
But it looked quiet sexy when he licked her hand o.o

Eunhyuk: Hit me on the throat

"You're a singer. We can't do that."
"He doesn't sing much anyway... xD"

Lol that was mean ;D

Once again it's out...

Reaf on facebook during the night that SM would releas another teaser...
To be honest I'm not thaaat hyped anymore -__- Too much Kai and after seeing him on 3 teasers he doesn't look like a Taemin clone anymore. Some features look like him but not that much anymore...

Come on SM... come on

My My you lost your kiss-virginity T____T

Dunno if there has been any news about it but I'm waiting for a comeback from MYNAME. It feels like they stoped after their debut T__T They where one of the best groups that debuted last year.
Well for the first time I searched their name on Youtube and found som clips hohohoho!~ Ò__Ó

#2 - HAHAHAHAHAHAH That Ya Ya Ya! Panick moment XD
#3 - He's so cuuuuute O^O He reminds me of Chansung O__O A LOT.. especially his looks in this clip. And that baby voice TT^TT

#2 - Now he reminds me of Lee Jun Ki... A LOT O____O

What KPOP has done to me (part 1)

KPOP has made me jealous of dogs and cats -.-

MBLAQ's Lee Joon and a dog

Big Bang's G-Dragon and his dog Gaho

SUJU's Heechul and one of his cats, Heebum

SUJU's Yesung and his puppy Kkoming

JYJ's Jaejoong and his cat JiJi

JYJ's Junsu and one of his cats Tigger



G-Dragon and Gaho (as a puppy, he's all grown up now!!)

I mean, who can be jealous of a dog/cat? Well.. that's just what KPOP has done to me -.-

I say M2stasch, you say oppa! M2stasch Oppa~ , M2stasch Oppa~

picture credit to Kimchi Hana @ SFI, macro made by randphotos

HAHAAHAHAHAHA This was a good one (y)


Omo the face expression hahahahahah XD





AN AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME friend of mine had a chat with a guy from the Korean embassy. Instead of me writing the whole s**t here, I just wanna summarize the whole ting.

A freaking kpop grop can come hear to Sweden O_____O

Get all the facts and read everything on their tumblr!

For you Swedish kpop fans there'll be a kpop meetup during February 4th if you haven't signed the formula then Click here! There's only room for 100 people.

Ehh gonna put the whole thing here getting hyped as hell XD (*Swedish*)

Hejsan allihopa som en del kanske har sett av vad sandra skrev tidigare har jag idag haft möte med en kille från koreanska ambassaden ikväll. Och till att börja med kommer han att hjälpa oss med eventet den 4 feb och han kommer även att komma dit och hålla ett lite inledningstal.

På eftermiddagen av eventet kommer vi ha en tävling där vi kommer att dela upp er i 20 olika lag med 5 st i varje och det laget som får flest vinster av dom spelen och lekarna vi har förberett kommer att vinna pris. Som ambassaden har fixat, not telling vad det är dock det får ni klura på ;)

Okej nu till dom stora sakerna, han från ambassaden var super snäll och positive till eventet och om det här lyckas och blir super bra så kommer han försöka fixa en större lokal till nästa gång så ännu flera kan komma.

Och han sa att han jätte gärna skulle vilja ta hit en kpop konsert till Erikson Globe. The thing is we måste fylla den. Jag kommer fixa en lista som alla som skulle vara intresserade att gå på den ska skriva på och sprida den vidare, den kommer att vara på engelska för enbart i sverige tror inte jag att vi kan hitta 33.000 kpop fans, men ni får gärna motbevisa mej ;) Så sprid den här listan till alla ni känner i Europa som gillar kpop och vi kanske kan få hit en konsert, If we are lucky :D

Well for you non Swedish or Swedish kpop fans they wrote that if we're able to fill 33 000 seats on the Globen arena the chance for a kpop group coming here would be quiet big but I read that they only have 16 000 seats -.- *fail*

Well to show that Korean embassy dude there's a interest for a kpop group to come here to Sweden all we have to do is signing a formula. It doesn't matter if you live in Denmark, Russia, Spain lameass Sweden will welcome you with open arms ^^

So CLICK HERE and write your name and country then you're done ^^

Gosh got tired... to many formulas and sign this and that -.- *brb gonna sleep*
Sorry if the text was all messed up but I where to hyped when I write this...

Bo... I wanted to do this with you...


But in the end...


Omo once again! O____O

*brb while dying...* ASDJFBADJFBADLJFBDLFBALFB!!!! <--- it feels like I'm trying to communicate to people with my own homemade language -.-

But this was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO goooood. I'm a real sucker when it comes to violins so this is just a.. !!!
Mir when did you become so pretty?! o__o But I don't know... Seungho fits with... more hair.... and Lee Joon was extra sexy in the end 0__0


Omo it's out...

A long time ago -.-

It sounded much better with the MV now XD 3 reactions:

#1 - AWWW SUJOSDLBFDLS C.A.P hahahahah so cute with that hair TT^TT
#2 - Got a freaking schock when I saw that Niel didn't sing the WHOLE song compared to Supa Luv and Clap.
#3 - I would've collapsed if I where L.Joe -.- Wonder how it feelt to record the MV... He's running 3/4 of the Music video...

Hahahahahah found this awesome comment on the first teaser XD

AND! The song that I'm REALLY looking forward to will apparently be released later? It's in the end of the MV the so called "mini-teaser" ^w^

Hwating bois!~

That's why I love him for the 2513523 time..

Omo Lee Joon was there... A guy from Block B, Yesung, Hoya and 2 random dudes XD


His reaction on the result! <3 ;'DDDD

You know I saw a list, or a lot of lists about each member if they have been in any Music videos, Movies, dramas etc. it was a Suju filmography.
EVERYONE had been in a television drama, even Hangeng and Kibum but it was only 1, ONLY 1 person who weren't in a drama... and that was Yesung T____T *disappointed*

Groups that debuted 2011

I think that I’ve counted wrong but it should be around 61-63 groups who has debuted this year. It’s pretty sick and there’s other groups as well that isn’t on this list. Like how many of them do we really know -.-
I’ve just “noticed” some of them because of G.Y.H.H.O for example Piggy Dolls, N:SONIC and A-peace.
Some of them seem a bit “huh?” For example Trouble Maker >___> Shesus did they creat a freaking group because of one song they sang together -.-
Some of the groups are funny XD Ei-Yo hahaha, gonna do a G.Y.H.H.O ^^

The groups:


Bang & Zelo

Trouble Maker


New F.O


Woman Power












April Kiss

Sweet Revenge



Swing Girls


Super 8 bit









Eye To Eye

BGH to

Carcaro Girl





Sistar 19





A Pink

Block B

Brave Girls








Coin Jacksson





Piggy Dolls

Dal Shabet

It took me 1234143 years to write ever single one of them -.-
Well 2012 right now let’s how that list will be x’)

I get dizzy everytime I see these pictures -__-

Teen Top comeback stage!

Teen Top held their comeback stage today at the M'net countdown.. show? ^^

Wow... just died a little ^^


*cough* Well beside our group M2STASCH me and BO have this secret beauty salon were we fix nails . . . T___T

So here's ehmm... one of our costumers... nails...


Have to personally say that I laugh everytime I see =3= XDDD

Yesung freak all over again -_____________________________-'

ASJFASDFJKN Is that really him O___O

I really do sound like a freak here but he must be THE most different person I've seen (not meet -.-) in my whole life XD He deserv to get the word "Random". There's probably 1 in a 1349823479231 billion like him (and there isn't so many people on this earth -.- so yes there's only 1 Yesung) I REALLY envy his future wife/husband/nothing T________T

Some of the quotes I found yesterday while geeking Suju ^^



Uhuhuhuhuhu no I ain't thinking pervy toughts over here just wanna go and pinch Chaejin's fluffy cheeks ;___; *forever alone*




HAHAHAHAHAHAH Poor Hoon XD AJ all hyped  (That is AJ... right? 0.0)
And Soohyun... draging him away T_____________T Why?!

Homemade macros...

I've been a major geek over here but this is some of the macros M2stasch has made. I've acutally uploaded every one of them but I thought that I should collect all of them here in a morning humour post ^^

That's all I had for now -.-





Who's turning 22 O__O years old (23 korean age) Well apparently I had a 6 years old older brother ^^ <3

Have an asuuume time!!! ^3^

S.I.M.P #46

Gosh this was a LOOOONG time ago~ =___=

Well wull! <--- in my world it's a wull...

I literally listen to this song EVERY day. It gives me a MBLAQ feeling dunno why...
They debuted 2007 O____________________O I thought it was 2010... I see, I see. Well I wrote about them in a G.Y.H.H.O

ADSGASDG Just listen to it 2 times then you're stuck!

I'm the one getting psyched here... Code V = MBLAQ ...
Just noticed that in EVERY photoshoot MBLAQ always wear black clotches hahahaha, BLAQ... ah I see...


Life took away 3 great things from me yesterday... No matter if you're alone, sad, lonely, depressed (I just repeated those 2 things twice...) these 3 things will ALWAYS support you...

#1 - Sleep
#2 - Food
#3 ... . INTERNET!!!!

That was just over the AJBGJBKLDASLBKJADLBJKDSLLNB I literally DIED! I'm using the internet from my phone right now -.- And I'm wasting money...

Well I'm gonna write as many posts as I can ^^ So stay tuned~
Btw we're sorry if we bomb you with comeback posts XD Goddammit Korea...

How I feel right now =___=

AA comeback!

Haha, another group to have a comeback in February!!!! xD
I really liked their debut song 'So Crazy' and I'm really looking forward to their comeback! :D

Song: So Crazy (debut song)
Group: AA (Double A)

Teen Top is outa~ *ASFASF* Intro? Another song?

Saw on youtube that Jasmin uploaded Teen tops Crazy :O

Teen Top - Crazy

Teen Top Go Go~
Put your hands up!~

I thought that the song would be a bit different. It didn't really sound like their teasers did... it sounded better
-__-' <--- Teaser (For you who didn't underestand: The teaser sounded better I'm wating for the song on the second teaser it sounded disgustingly good o_o Can you even say that?!)

Got a bit scarred for life whe they sang "baby baby babee~" the only thing that missed was Ohh~

Big Bang's comeback

As you should know, even if you're not a VIP (the name of Big Bang fans), is that they'll have a comeback in late February, early March. I now read that the boys had planned to release an album ahead of their 'Big Show' concert in March. Officials believe that for that to happen, Big Bang's album has to be released by late February at the latest. That means that the songs could actually come earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

SHEEESUS, can't believe how excited I am over this xD

A good song from Big Bang:

Song: Love Song

Love the fact that TOP and G-Dragon sings here. Usually they just rap. Sure they rap too, but it feels good hearing them sing as well ^^

Another cool thing is that the entire MV is filmed in one shot!! That menas that they could not mess up.. ever. Do you know what I mean? And the fact that it feels like it's played in slow-motion. If it is, that means that they must have recorded the MV in like.. double speed. Because they're still singing in sync with the music (their lips are moving when they should move) and it's slow-motion? That's even harder dude!! Plus that they must have lip-synced in double speed.. because it's in slow-motion.

Did anyone get that? O.o Haha, please tell me if I suck at explaining, because it feels like I keep rambling of a lot these days ^^

Supernova - Be My Girl

"Despite their promotions in Japan, Supernova‘s Sungje and Ji Hyuk still managed to record an OST track called ”Be My Girl“ for the new drama ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ (in which Ji Hyuk plays the role of ‘Yoon Ho Jae’).

“Be My Girl” was composed by Park Hae Woon, who has composed for DJ DOC, Baek Ji Young as well as OSTs for other dramas like ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’.

" - Allkpop

I don't really know anything about this group, but for you guys that do, HERE YOU HAVE THE NEW MV!!! :D

Oooohh!!! It's that type of MV that I really enjoy watching! ^^

Funny Super Junior

Hahhahaha, watched this last night. SO FREAKIN' EPIC!!!!!!!!!! Love the fact that they are so chill (or just.. unprepared) during their performances ^^ Like... if you watched the video, you'll understand exactly what I mean xD

Oh! My School - Heechul~

So from yesterday til' today I've watched 8 episodes of Oh! My School
One of the episodes I saw today, it came "friends" to the show. Like friends of one of the people in the actuall show ^^ You'd think that Heechul would be there for his fellow member Eunhyuk, but noooo(!!), he was there for FT. Islands Hongki! ^^

Anywhoooo, so they play this game "I'll fix it" (it says "I'll change" one the clip I will show you, but it's supposed to be "I'll fix it"). One of the players say something to the other player. He then ask's him to "fix it". If the other member doesn't say that he'll fix it, the other player wins! Easy~ What's so funny about it is that you get to know so much about the players ^^ And the only reason you'd give up in this game is because you don't want others to know about the stuff the other player is asking you about! xD

But oh my.. Heechul is a KILLER in this game!! ^^ Just.. just watch ;)

Gosh, can't stop drugging this show! ^^ I have stuff to do, but I never do it because I'm watching this sh*t! No, my bad.. it's not sh*t O.o But it's FUNNY AS HELL!!! XD


MBLAQ's new single 'Scribble' is #1 on several music charts!!!

"The song triumphed over T-ara‘s new song “Lovey Dovey” to claim the #1 slot on both Soribada andBugs Music, while impressively securing the #3 spot on Mnet’s music chart following T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey” & Davichi‘s “We Were in Love“, as well as placing 4th on Cyworld Music." - Allkpop

Gosh.. I can't.. I can't express how happy I am right now :')
But as I said before, this song is different from their other songs. Seungho will rap in this song, and Thunder will sing (do vocalist stuff ^^). It's like their trading positions in this song. Seungho takes Thunders part and same thing the other way around. Can't say that they did not pull it off, because they dure did!!!!! xD

MBLAQ - Scribble

"The boys will also be releasing a MV teaser for their title song “It’s War“, and their fourth mini album officially drops on the 10th." - Allkpop



B.R.A's computer is struggling right now. So I'll be in charge for this morning post ^^

WTF happened?!?!?!?! O.o HAHAHAH, can't stop laughing though ^^

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Hahahha.. mean girl xD

New Categories!!!

Okey guys, we have now added 2 new categories!!~

Everything that has to do with either Movies, series or dramas will be posted here. Stuff like reviews, youtube clips, parodys etc. (OBS!! Parodys will be put in the "group category" if it's only ONE group making the parody. If it's several groups or several parodys from different groups we post, it will be posted in this category. Got the picture? O.o hahahaha ^^)

Everything that's from youtube will be put here. Not songs or MV, but stuff that has no other place to go too. Like sometimes I put up stuff from Kevjumba/Nigahiga. Those type of stuff will be posted in this category.
Stuff that we don't know where to put either (like this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1iBQJ4dfwc&feature=related) will also be put here.

That's all!!! Hope that it will be easier for you guys now to find specific stuff (if it's so that you need to find any spicific stuff ^^)

CHAOS - She Is Coming (Teaser)

The new boy group CHAOS have released a video teaser for their debut song 'She Is Coming'!!

The entire MV and song will be released on January 6th!

Only me who thinks that the second dude looks like SHINee's Onew? ^^

The old man did wuuuut?!

Saw this picture on facebook:

It's really hard to guess that this 40-year old man is Park Jin-Young the founder of JYP =___=

Got a freaking chock -.-'

Found some interesting stuff about JYP, or to be more correct the trainees

Former notable trainees
  • Shin Soo Hyun (now under NH Media as the leader of U-KISS)
  • CL (now under YG Entertainment as the leader of 2NE1)
  • Ji Hyun (now under Cube Entertainment as the leader of 4minute)
  • Hyomin (now under Core Contents Media as the former leader of T-ara)
  • Yang Yo-seob (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of BEAST)
  • Lee Gi-kwang (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of BEAST)
  • Son Dong-woon (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of BEAST)
  • Song Jieun (now under TS Entertainment a member of SECRET)
  • Kim Jae-kyung (now under DSP Media as the leader of Rainbow)
  • G.NA (now under Cube Entertainment as a solo singer)
  • Hyorin (now under Starship Entertainment as the leader of SISTAR)
  • Ha Min-woo (now under Star Empire Entertainment a member of ZE:A)
  • Eun kyo (now under Core Contents Media as a member of Coed School and 5dolls)
  • Park Chorong (now under A Cube Entertainment as the leader of A Pink)
  • Jo Kwang-min (now under Starship Entertainment a member of Boyfriend)
  • Jo Young-min (now under Starship Entertainment a member of Boyfriend)
  • Seyong (now a member of MYNAME)
  • Lee Hyun-ji (former member of project group Banana Girl)
  • Lee Min (now a member of Young Guns)
  • May Do-ni (now under LOEN Entertainment)
  • Hong Jin-young (now under Mnet Media)

All the big celebrities have been trainees at JYP. CL, half of the members from B2ST etc. o__o That's some real stuff...


I never knew sleeping would be so painfull TT^TT I haven't been sleeping for 24 hours now I can't even move -.- MY BACK TOOK AWAY THE MOST PRECIOUS THING I EVER HAD!!!! Now I have nothing -.- And I'm hungry as hell everyone in China can probably hear my stomach growl because I can't eat -.- Do you know why? Because my throat hurts as hell! x2 NOW MY BODY TOOK AWAY 2 PRECIOUS THINGS I'VE EVER HAD!!!! TT_________TT fml...

Well I spend my whole day rotting and trollololed here and there. Visited allkpop's website and a I saw a Swedish ad at the corner:

Fuck 2 sluts a day....
We need more men to fuck our female members. Fuck a local female tonight
(had to google translate lokal tik =__=)
Men, join free. No creditcards required
Fuck now!

This made my day XDDD And it made my back hurt even more when I laughed like a ass..butt...hole...



He must be the most sweetest guy I've ever seen~ T___T
If this where an american dude I would with no doubt say that he's gay... EVERYTHING is possible in korea. The guys are hot, pretty, funny and nice BUT THEY AREN'T GAY!!!! :O I think... O__o

Idols with glasses...

Well it's all known world wide that an Asian person has eyes like this ---> =___= and that's = wearing glasses
(I'm one of them -__-')
Idols doesn't usually wear their glasses in public they have contacts or doesn't wear anything at all. So here's the idols who wears glasses ^w^ (Btw! To be honest I can't really say 100% that they have bad eye sight because many of them wear glasses for a fashion accessory but these guy should wear glasses)

Ok Taecyeon

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image
Leeteuk                                                                                                      Yoochun


Gi Kwang (Read that he fixed his sight with lazer, dunno is that's true)

Lee Hong Ki

Lee Joon

Key (Have to love that Tawmin is behind him XD)

Well that's all I could find for now, but gosh they look really hot O___o Idols can pull everything off -.-

Alexander - I Just

Former U-KISS member Alexander releases his first solo MV!!! xD

Not really my type of music, but I believe that he's going to be just fine without U-KISS. I mean, a lot of other people like this kind of music. SO YOU GO BOY!!!!~~ 

Groups you haven't heard of (part 18)

This group was pretty random... XD Nahh just kidding!

Black Beat

They're the... can you say 1st generation idols? o.o Bu they where a 7-member group but they're always 5 in their MV. They debuted 2002 but disbanded 2007. They were "under" SM but they refused to promote them after their 1st album.

Got a shock when I heard this O___O It's so beautiful! One of the best thing is that everyone have an "equal time to shine'' compared to idols now.

True, true...



A bit slow =___=

Yeah I wrote that post about EXO-K during the night and the teaser is alreday out X'D

It's hard to comment something because we already know his outstanding dancing skills but it's too much Kai
-__- Apparently he's the "face-out" for EXO but I also want to see Lu Han and Tao <--- his martial skills is just ASJLASFLJSAFLJFS!! (Btw heard that he's born 1993 o_o)
ANNDD CHEN! He doesn't even have a teaser -.-

Well that's all the nag I had for now... Come on SM you can do better! >:3

Gonna puke soon... -___- (A bit "late")

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Ah! There it came...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Heechul time~ :'D

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Heard some rumours that EXO-K's MV for My Lady will be released on Thursday :DD
A lot of songs/teasers are getting released right now -.- WE WILL BE BOMBED! T__T Well bring it on! Biatches~

Upd: during the night I read that a teaser for My Lady will be released today were we'll be able to see Kai dance (again...)

Raping some pictures from facebook...

Half paralyzed... <-- One of those nolifers in bed TT___TT

Gonna make this short.

See I did it short... <--- Aw mai god that was a really bad humour ;'D

But yeah I'm half paralyzed right now don't know what happened but I can't move AT ALL. My back is all stiff and I can't even walk. I've been sleeping on the bed since 6.00 PM and woke up a while ago. My sleeping habits are getting worse every day-.- I'm sleeping around 5-6.00 AM and wake up 9.00. Gonna collaps soon -.-

Hahahahahahaha if you just saw me and my family (didn't tell them about it <-- my back) My grandma BAAAM! Hit me on the back while laughing, started to cry TT^TT Then I had to bend over to kiss them etc. PURE HELL!

Well gonna watch Oh My School now (started to watch it when I visited BO this morninr ^^)

Is it only me who love Simon D's attitude? XD

Teen Top - Teaser #2

To be honest, I don't know if this is another teaser for their upcoming single 'Crazy' or if it's just lika a teaser for.. their combeack? ^^ But you can't help but to really enjoy this teaser, because it's exactly what it's doing to me.. teasing O.o No, but they looked HOT!!!!!!!!!

Their new singel 'Crazy' will be out very soon!!!! :D DON'T MISS IT!!!

Update: It is the teaser for their not-yet-released song 'Crazy'

MBLAQ - Scribble (NEW SINGLE!!!)

YEEEEEEEES!!! MBLAQ has finally released their new single 'Scribble'!!!!! xD

Not really they're style (according to me), but I like it ^^ Now I just can't wait until they release the MV!

Right... T-ara again...

Hahahahah here's the drama version XD Didn't they say that they would release 6? 7? 8? different versions? Well gonna watch this one when I don't have a life. Probably tomorrow ^^

My MUZIK - A lá BO

Saw on Itunes that I'm like.. raping all KPOP songs O.o

1995 TIMES?!?!?!?!?! NO WAAAAY!!!! And heeeeeeeell nooo that I've listened to SHINee's Amigo 1472 times?! -.- I know that I've been raping the replay button to B1A4's OK, but not that many times O.o I bet you my brother listens to KPOP behind my back. That's why Itunes keep telling me that I've been raping KPOP songs ^^

T-ara - Lovey Dovey in Tokyo (Teaser)

OH. MAI. GOD!!! I love the beat you hear in the beginning, the catchy course and just the entire teaser! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE SONG COMES OUT!!!! I bet you that the song will be ha huge success
2012 is going to be a good year... for KPOP... we're all going to die -.-'

Something I've thought about..

Big Bang's TOP must be hell of a kisser. I mean, in every parody I've seen Big Bang in, TOP always kisses one or several of his members ^^ Plus that he has kissed plenty of girls! O.o

You know what, haha. He's like.. a slut!! O.o

NAAAH!!! me kid, me kid ^^ Truth is.. I wish I could get one of those kisses O.o

Some of the performances...

Go Yesung~
Go Yesung~

Screamed like a pig XD HAHAHAHA He was even more cool with the sunglases! <3

MBC Gayo daejun

I may sound like a bitch but I agree... I don't know the way Hyuna "present" (or dance -.-) it, is pretty slutty... for example the clip I uploaded from SBS Gayo daejun (I think?) Were she rubbed herself against Hyung Seung. Sure it's a choreography but the way she does it is... yeah. Gain and Jokwon had the same choreography as they did in Trouble maker but Gain made it more, sexy..

Ohh interesting version...
I think I get the point with the balls/balloons to smash them away you have to put your hands up ^^ hohohoh *bad humour* x)

That woman... the shirt... all of them.. just... pasdfnk!
That's why I wanna see them live one day...

*nod* *nod* hahahahah *u*


Man I'm mad :@ Spend my whole night looking at Sungmin from Suju... HE LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE... don't know who O_o

Well my friend posted this on my profile a few months ago, so I wanted to share it XD hahahah REALLY bad humour...

AHAHAHA tiny pony X'D

I'm so cool~ so cool Party like a superstar!~

Haalaaa!~ I seriously want to personally thank the genius behind Oppa Oppa XD
Hey won't you take me to Ohh Ohh~ Funky town!

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These two were pretty random ê___ê

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Though it was Key O__O

Posted Image    Posted Image
Does he do that spread-the-leg thing on every show -__-

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Posted Image
:O What an awsume picture!! (y) XD

Ho Ha HE!~

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH boys, boys, boys... and boys...
Eli <3 Y U so hyped? XD And Kevin's girly girl kiss in the end ;'D *shy*


Well I don't even "know" you XD But you deserv one . . .

Oh my god it's him HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA X''D
To be honest I don't really like Boyfriend they haven't made that OMO :O Impression on me... I don't even like their music -__- I remember when I saw their MV for boyfriend my first impression on him was: alien ... O__O (Not to be mean...)

But happy birthday Jungmin who's turning 17 today (18 korean age) he doesn't look like a -94 0_0 One year older than me...

Is there anyone out there who thinks the same? O__O

Something to look at ◕‿ ◕

I know.. random. BUT SOOOO CUTE!!!

Can anyone tell me who it was (group, person) on the first macro? O.o I recognize the face(s), but can't really tell who it is!!! -.-
It's INFINITE... (I think... XD) /B.R.A 

An angry A+

I heard that during yesterdays MBC Gayo daejun MBLAQ and U-KISS got some different treatments XD I saw a clip on MBLAQ's performance on Sanna's blog. Man I got angry as *******************

G.O, Thunder and Seungho's mic! :@
W-T-F -.- You could see the the confusion on G.O's face... Well, not gonna let out all my rage now. Instead let's read other fans rage XD

Obviously Gayo daejun this year sucked... Everything can't really be perfect, of course there'll be some problems here and there but it feels like they should've been a bit more professional when they know that the biggest event/concert/something of the year will be held by them. (Aiming at the 3 of them SBS, KBS and MBC)
Let's hope that this years Gayo daejun will be better (y) This was my first one after all XD

Groups you haven't heard of (part 17)

A group I haven't even heard of =__= but I've ben geeking their song a while now *__*


It was pretty hard to find info about this group but they are a duo that debuted in 2010.
It's their debut song My Luv that I've been geeking (duno why but their song reminded me a lot of the Chinese boy group, Hit-5 - Running)

Now we also know the members XD
They look old ... hahaha x) around 21+ ? Oh my god! Have you seen what kpop have done to us (me) -.- beeing 20 right now is old for us (for me XD) actually 20 is the beginning of your life!!! I'm sick ê___ê


Mehehehehe ö_______ö

MBLAQ comeback teaser!


The Teaser... so pretty TT^TT It's like a freaking die hard movie hahaha XD
But the song was pretty different compared to their other songs. They usually have this DA DA DA DA TUM TUM TUM DA DA DA TUUUM! feeling... -__-
Well 'Stay' and 'Mona Lisa' are some examples...
But Sungho, G.O and Mir wasn't seen in this teaser -.- *sadface*

Yaahhhh looking forward now :D A lot of things will plopp up during 2012 (gosh that feelt wierd to write O__O)

Upd: MOHAHAHAHAHAH! Even wrote it before allkpop! 1-211 for me

Then take us by storm ;'D

Everybody say WEEEHOO~


Why didn't you say weho? SAY WEHO!!!

Finally a comeback from SHINee :D But it feels bad to say finally -__- They've been working really hard in Japan so they actually deserv some rest but SM... yeah =__=
Well I'm looking forward to this it was thanks to 'Lucifer' that I got inloved with kpop ^^

Twitter update:

“To update you on my recent whereabouts, I’m currently ripping my hair out over writing the lyrics for SHINee’s new song. I’m also preparing a book titled ‘Trend China‘ as well as the release of ‘Youth’ in China, so I’m trying to pick up on the language while I’m at it. In addition, I’ve begun writing essays for the middle aged.”

Afraid? Or secure?

In my household my mom usally say that she has 3 children. Me, my little sister and dad. No, it's not just a saying, he's seriously a child! He can't even take care of my little sister without panicking XD and he collects toy cars... so yes he's literally like a child and no he's not mentally ill...

Well to my point! I like the "wierd" members in every group (everybody is wierd but the one who that has that extra touch in their personality x') ... ) wonder how the family would turn out if you married that person... I'm not saying that they would be sucky parents but it feels like they would be more or less.. like my dad XD

Yesung (Super Junior)

Haha don't get fooled by his looks XD He would probably be that embarrassing dad who doesn't know that he's embarrassing, because he thinks that he's absolutely normal ^^

Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

He will without a doubt be a loving dad who'll play and joke a lot with his children... but will be the king of gags in front of his wife?/husband? >___>

Onew (SHINee)

(He look so skinny on the first pic o__o) I'm seriously worried about this guy XD He gave me all the proof I needed during SHINee Hello Baby ;D They should make a documentary about him when he has a child . . .

Taecyeon (2PM)

I don't know why but he feels like a "panick-dad". The baby cries ---> panick ---> dumping the kid to the mother.... XD

As I said, I'm not saying that they would suck as beeing a dad but they'll probably be pretty interesting.. future dads. By judging on their personalities it feels like they'll be just like my dad... that is beeing one of the kids rather than the dad ^w^


Jus... look at him XDD (Yesung)

I don't think it's wierd at all~ ^^

Someone is missing...
Suju, B2ST, Boyfriend, MBLAQ
SHINee, Big Bang, FT Island, B1A4 ...

2PM!!! okay fine -.- SS501, TVXQ, CN Blue etc =___= But you have to have 2PM *____*

Can't sleep without it...

Have to thank Sandra, (or maybe not -.-) who uploaded this cover on fb.

I got stuck! It's so freaking amazing!!!! My whole body shivered, have to listen to this song everyday now T^T
I haven't really been a B1A4 fan but now I'm all in on Sandeul XD
ASDFJSDVASNFK just listen 30 seconds!

Original by Park Hyo Shin

To be honest I like Sandeul's cover 100 times more than the original :3 His voice is to die for...


Hahahahahah pretty depressing but funny. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do XD

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Posted Image
a classic ;')

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Posted Image Posted Image
That's a nice ass 0.0

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Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted Image
HAHAHAHAHAHA Aww... XD I've lost mine a long time ago >___> that's why I'm wierd...

In a food coma...

I.can't.move... nor speak =___= and I'm tired as a.... drugged cow trying to sing while giving a lap dance to her owner who's drunk and get turned on by cows who gives lap dance! Okay that was maybe a bit far-fetched.

The update weren't that awesome during the night but me and BO celebrated new years eve here and there ^^
But the update will be normal during the day (eseweden time <-- how persian people pronounce it XD)

 <--- How I feel right now... *urgh...*


29164912849 people have their birthdays today -.- but I only "know" 2 of them XD
Well Happy birthday baby Sungmin from Suju who's turning 26... years old (A bit confused now... it'a a new year... well 27 Korean age) That's old XD
AND Xiah Junsu from (TVXQ/DBSK) more correct JYJ he's also turning 26 years old ^^

Well hope that both of you will have an awesome birthday on the first day of the new year!


It's amazing how you can turn from that <-- to this --> O___O *drool*


ASGFSHHDGFSA So cute *_____*

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