One of tha latest work from F.Cuz. Dunno why but their song(s) seem to be about average. It isn't something I get that hooked on (compared to Midnight Sun) It remined me of Wanna be your love... seriously that must be wven cuter than bofriend's boyfriend, yuck...
Can't handle too much cuteness TT^TT Well I'm still waiting for the new member!!!!!!
And shouldn't this be in Japanese? Y it sound like korean? Owo

Oh! holy shiii*T

Did you guys see this clip on youtube from yesterdays '2011 MAMA'?

Yes.. that is 4Minute's HyunA and B2ST's Jang Hyun Seung kissing!!!!! Ôô
I guess that I'm kind of happy because now it feels like it's nothing between her and Lee Joon *evil smile*

But I read that they said: "Since the two stars were presenting their unit group for the first time onstage, we decided to make the performance memorable by adding a kiss. But their lips didn’t touch, only their lips and cheek touched."

My ass(!!!) that their lips didn't touch!! Does this not look like a lip-to-lip kiss?

And as I think about it. What the hell was this? They didn't sing or dance. They just.. moved? and Kissed? ^^
Is that a boner?! O_o'' /B.R.A

T-ara comeback stage M! Countdown

These gurls are awesome! :O I actually LOVE their dance for Cry Cry. Especially when than "come on come on" part shows up and they do this jump-shake~ -__- I should attend a course where I can learn how to explain better *über sadface*

Groups you haven't heard of (part 12)

Sight~ second time I'm writing this -.-
Well this group actually debuted this year, during the end of August... pretty wierd because they aren't on that kpop list I usually check. So it means more groups have actually debuted this year without me knowing it.. dam dam daaamm~ (well duhh ò___ó)
They're only 4 people and the maknae is turning 19 today ^w^

I haven't really found any info about them (pretty fail if you've heard about them before XD)
But they're a.. how can you say it. A ballad group, like 2AM psshhh~


It was quiet pretty... But (there's always a but ;3) I didn't really got hooked on that way. Still prefer these badass songs hohohoh :'O But everyone surely had beautiful voices :)

HAHAHAHA Go kyuhyun!

Hey you dug your own drave X'''D

YAH! hehehe Gonna meet the punk soon~

MAMA 2011

Kim Hyun Joong - Male singer

SNSD - Female group award


2NE1 - Song of the year

Super Junior - Album of the year (*Male group award and *Most Popular K-Pop Artist in Singapore)

Love the Hello-we-are-super-junior hand thing XD

Baek Ji Young - Best female singer                              HyunA (best make out) - Best dance performance (solo)

B2ST - Best dance performance (Male group)

Miss A - Best Dance performance (Female group)

A Pink - Best new female artist

Sure some of the groups won 2 or 3 prices but me are too lazy... except for Suju XD
3 reaction:

#1 Aw mai god that kiss TT^TT If BO was here HAHAHAHAHA X'D
#2 Y SANDARA's HAIR ALWAYS LIKA THAT?! But it was pretty cool during the performance ^^ She was badasss...
#3 Spazzed a bit and got hyped "Ohh it's that actress/actor" "OHH HE WAS IN THAT DRAMA!!!!"
(Saw the guy in Full house and the chick from My girl <-- bad way of explaining XD)

I'M BACK!!!!

Hi guys!! Just came back from the states 8D. But it doesn't really look like you guys missed me ^^ B.R.A.. well done mah brotha'!!!!
Well, I just thought that you should know that I'm back ^^ <3

Kpop all the waaay~

Russia =________________=''

Sweden ASDFGHJ *barf* O____O

Africa... U______U

Korea, HELL YUEHHHH!!!!!!! ^3^

Well not sating that other music sucks... but... ehh the fudge THE RUSSION WAS NO JOKE O_o scarred for life... *faints*

Back to life...

Something negative beeing a kpop fan *forever alone* TT^TT

I’ll always be like

“No you ain’t Asian so you can’t be with me.”

“No you don’t like Kpop so you can’t be with me.”

“No you ain’t willing to move Korea so you can’t be with me.”

“No. I’m still technically married to my bias and you don’t want that, so you can’t be with me.”

And so on.

I am going to definitely end up being single all my life.

Just enjoy it~ Mehuuu

photo cr to owners. :) words by @rizzesaycheese

photo cr to owners. :) words by @rizzesaycheese




by lovelovejj Credit:Cupcakegoddess
All the SHINee drama~ ;D


Credits to the real owner.

Credits to the real owner.

. . . but MUUU on you!

That's why God invented Google Translate ^^ *nod* *nod*



This is probably your reaction

But yeah that was my reaction to 10 minutes ago too XD But happy birthday Junwoo, dunno who you are but now I somehow know ^^ 19 years old, a maknae hohoh! Well I'm going to write about that group later today ;) mohahaha! >:3

Livin mah own lifu <-- adding some jalapeños (Japanese) XD

The title explains it eeyyyy...
I'm trying to study... but I can't TT^TT I'm having a ASDGSFDG test tomarrow but I can't help it. I'm sitting here *forever alone* and watching some clips from the MAMA muuuuhhh!
2NE1 are getting more awesome and awesome for moi! CL and that kick-ass voice at I AM THE BEST <3
ASGHDFJHDSD wish I was there *dreaming away~*

Sweden - The country God forgot...

I'm waiting huney, I'm waiting...
*creeper mode x100*
Starting to wonder if kpop now will get a bit bigger when they hear about Will.I.Am collaborate with 2NE1, humm...

AND! I wonder what Will.I.Am thought of these korean groups ^^ Want to find an interview! HERE WE GO!~ (Super Mario ^o^)


Noona you're so pretty~ na na na

A big fat happyface *SPAZZZ!!*

About the post before The group Bang and Zelo ^^ Zelo is born 96!!! huhuhhuhuhuhuhu.... huhuhuh... huhuh... huuu.... man that's depressing TT^TT I'm a freaking NOONA?! Well I don't know if his birthday is 2nd December or 12th February (Don't know how the korean dudes write) if that's the case, the gap between us isn't that big... only 1 ½ month... hmm... *dazing away~*

Ohh look at that a teaser :O *shock..* -.-

I liked Bang's voice it was that manly, husky, thing... XD But I want to hear Zelo's a bit more. His part over there was pretty much it autotuned :/
I'm feeling the olderness <-- made up word
Got pretty depressed when the majority said that "Oh my god!! Zelo is 1 year older than me" bla bla. So a chick/dude who's born in 1997 is fangirling over Zelo TT^TT That child is like... 14 now?! Too young! Gonna tell your mom, did yah hear me!! *stalking you on youtube*
I don't even know what I'm saying =__= just have to calm down the chock *phuu*

Next year.... The youngest one in a group will probably be... 99 or something O__O *faint* The day when the youngest one will be 2000 XD My sister is borned in 2006 so that day will come... I'm planing on sending her to korea so she can become famous and after that... will be nasty... HAHAHAHAHAHHA JUST KIDDING XDD
But I'm gonna make some deals with SM, YG, JYP or anyone so she can become famous and then I'll be in tha HEAVEN~ backstage pass ohh yeeehhh

Thiz doz not look like daz... U__U

Rumooursss! (copycat XD)

Well I saw an article this morning on allkpop but couldn't post it -_-' But I'll do it now ^^
A few weeks ago I wrote that 55 groups or something, debuted this year but now it's 57 Ò__ó'' And the post I read was the new groups that'll debut next year. One of them will debut this year (1 december, only 2 days left :O ) but they're only 2 people

Well at it's big companies we're talking about and if you're working with them you'll become famous no matter what. In these 57 groups 1/10 of them are working for "the big companies" that's why they're famous however the rest of them aren't... famous... The only one who has gotten famous without working for a "big" company are MYNAME (H2 media, have you heard of it? O_o)

But here we go!

From SM Entertainment we have: M1 and M2 consisting a 7- and 5 - members group.
Gosh it reminds me of SHINee x100 XD Especially the guy in the middle (single photos) Taemin copy... somehow...

TS Entertainment it's those 2 guys Bang Yong Guk and Zelo they'll debut in 2 days ^^ The youngest one, Zelo is 15 O_O AWMAIGOD!!!

Aygo~ So cute TT^TT Looks like he's 11 XD

And the Pledis Boys (<--- Wtf is that a name for a group XD) There will be more news about them 1 December, when Bang and Zelo will debut ^^ *points up*
Why is there a little chick with them on the last pic? O__o random...

And we also have the mighty YG Entertainment with a 2 members group? Rap group? (wouldn't be surprised -.-)
Well I'm not going to be a bitterfitta as we Swedish people say (you don't need to google translate it here we go: "bitter cunt" -__- worst translate ever...)
The first guy reminds me of Yesung somehow ê___ê

The second group from YG isss.... Big Hit. Apparently they stand out for their uniqe rap...

And the last one from JYP (Thank YOU for 2PM hohoh XD) is 2THE.O. Is it only me or do JYP have a fetish again the number 2? ö__ö 2PM, 2AM and now 2THE.O? (pretty cool actually XD to the o) They seriously THINK when they name their groups. Like those catchy lines with 2PM or 2AM. Not like Pledis boys hahahha XD Sorry... ;D

No matter what I'm actually looking forward the new groups ^^ Even if they drive me insane... -__-'
Yhe ones I'm looking more forward are 2THE.O (not because of JYP), M1 and M2 (especially M2) and Big Hit. So I have a lot of expectations now... huhuhahaahMUU!
Gosh it took me 32545 years to write this -.-


damnthatswhatshesaid:  Click Here If You Want More Funny Shit On Your Dashboard.


One of these big ass post to Suju ^^

kpop-confessions:  However, distance no prevents it I feel this absurd love for him.
sheslikemagic:  sweetseob:  shiningstarkibum15:  Teukie said Super Junior will go “Until the world is covered in Sapphire blue”  FUCKING NETHERLANDS JUST BECOME BLUE ALREADY  FYI Netherlands IS blue xD Germany isn’t~

This guy is uniqe alll the way~ his laugh (Leetuek) it's just... how can it exist O_o XD
well... this was more like a releas all the pitures/gifs/clips on Suju post :D

fyeahkimyewook:  I love how yewook put their hands on each other’ waists ;_;  credit&#160;: karrrri DO NOT EDIT THE PHOTO



I thought BO made some posts for this week too but NOOOOO~ That's why the update haven't been that good... Well he's fine AND THAT STUPID KID WILL COME HOME TONIGHT... I think?! O_o''
Apparently there's a lot of korean/chinese people over there so if plan Korea fails, let's go to the US! I don't know if it was today or yesterday he went to Chinatown... <-- me want to go there too ;____;

Well that's it with me and my nagging here's a second version of hands up hahahahaha I can't stop laughing it's so... ugly XD Wooyoung was over the top I couldn't take him seriously at ALL! But it was so cute in the end of the clip ^w^'

When all of them made 124234 cuts

Aww Poor Junho XD Getting pushed by Junsu. His clear face "Ohh no you didn't biatch!"
But it looked pretty lame making it ;3 Think like this, they're in a club without any music while jumping around like retards trying to dance XD I wouldn't be able to have a "straight face"

... Word!

The way he wear his glasses.

The way he dances.


His acting skills..


I haven't really seen him in any shows (have to do it... TT___TT) But he seem so AWESOME AND COOL!!!!!! ASGJSSDD!!! I don't know but he's my favourite in Suju, and his voice goddammit that's how I fell in lohohohohohvvvveeee~ <3__<3

Well dudum...

Dunno what to write here... Gonna meet the punk tomarrow, I have a test tomarrow, Gonna have a private talk with my teacher and mom tomarrow (so screwed~) and I'm going to meet a friend from the flashmob this Friday ^w^ Weehooo~

ya...hhh I'm tired =___= I've actually been thinking on something, if you were dead the you wouldn't feel tired all the time! asuuume sleep forevah!~ ;3 I like it... XD

No comments~  XD This guy is right in every way Ò_ó

mihihihi macro time *giggle* =___=

leader FAIL. XD  by: Rysa88

photo credits to owners. macro by @rizzesaycheese :)

Credits to the real owner. Credits to the real owner.
Harsh words from such a fine woman...


My gawd korean people laugh in a special way... O_O Bet you've heard Leeteuk HAHAHAHAHAHAH XD Spund like a girl giggiling and is waiting for someone raping her... XD

by lovelovejj

by lovelovejj
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA This was just... it cracked me up! XDDDD

About it...

A bit earlier during the day (yesterday) I wrote about this new group PHANTOM (check it here) And seriously they're awwesome! I listened to them during my elssion and got a huge schock. Okay not THHHHHHHAAAT SWFJBKS good but it was really good compared to other groups -.-

Give them a shot ;')

Hip hop group~

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Well this weeks U.P.A.H.I is this guy *points down* a few days ago I finally realized that he's a God!~


Started to doubt a bit when I saw some pictures on Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Siwon >___> Y U SO PRETTY?!

Failing so hard...

Hola mis amigos <-- the only words I can on Spanish -.-

Well it was bad I sleept like, 3 hours? So during my three first lessons I sleept. I was guuuunnneee.... I don't even remember what my teachers said >___> gonna fail so hard...

I've seriously been drugging T-ara's cry for 1 week now it's sooo gooodd!! *__* So I wanted to check the lyrics (in korean) so I was like ohh yeah at least you can sing it if you practice haaard and THEN!
This word showed up


Dam dam dam daaaaammm *New group*

I haven’t really heard of this group before (duhh it’s a new group of course) but I saw a new group popped up in the list and allkpop has apparently posted their track “whole in your face”
It’s a 3 members group consisting these guys  *points down*

PHANTOM (like the name ;D *giggle*) <--- dooork!

No seriously I didn’t find any pictures on them but the leader’s name is Kiggen ^w^ hohohoh… Well I can’t listen to them right now I have classes *fail* but me will do it later I’ve heard that they’re pretty good.

AA bomb!!

aa-woosang:  sleep well ma bebe …. see u in ma dream&#160;?! zzzz Bye, goodnight?! ㅋㅋ Goodnight Kimchi, goodnight Oora hyung&#160;!! Jajangjajan ~~


Are they really practicing? Ò__ó


kpopboyzlove:  kimchi twitter

There's Soooooooooooo many pictures on them but now I can't find them -.-

Extra: Two types of greetings


Best friends:

Hahahahahahhahah BO XD *facepalm* If you saw our way of greeting each other X'3

When you’re waiting for your favorite part of a song to come up

Hold up!

It’s coming….

Wait for it…


So true...

Tireeed =___=

I sat till 01:30 yesterday to write my review... hmmm........................... and after that... yeah that's another story XD Well BO will come home soon muhahahahaha! It's either tomarrow or Wednesday <-- Gonna meet him thought you wanted to know it. It's christmas soon :O Dunno what I'm going to buy so let us have a christmas humour ho-ho-ho-ho *started to imagine Taemin in a cat woman suit, wtf?! Need to sleep*


Aw mai god so cuuutee~ ^3^

© angeleyeskathy
hahahahaha lol XD

© angeleyeskathy
Finally! Someone did this macro 8D

No comments... NO COMMENTS I SAID!! O__O


Well I didn't really find any christmas macros -.- only the 2 first -.-' x2


It feels like I've gotten these ASGASDHDG feelings pretty frequency these days... it's hard to be a fangirl *sight~*
But I saw this on allkpop:

*brb dying*

SAY WUUUUT?!?!?! I've been waiting for this moment like... 2 or 3 years now. In mysoujo or something (drama page) they said that they would upload Full house 2 during 2011 but they didn't *sadface* and now this?! :O

The three leads of the upcoming drama remake, ‘Full House 2‘, No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong left for Japan on November 27th through Incheon Airport.

The three will be filming in Japan as the show will first air on Japan’s TBS channel, in March of 2012. The drama is receiving much popularity in Japan. The show is also gaining much interest abroad as it will add to its cast Japanese and Chinese stars, making it a real ‘Hallyu’ drama.

‘Full House 2′ will follow the original plot of Woo Soo Hyun‘s comic book that tells the tale of a mediocre writer engaging in a contract marriage with a petulant top star.

Okay I'm a bit wait what?! Shouldn't Bi Rain be the main character?! ;___; He's in the army folks. I thought he would play the role together with Song Hye Kyo once again. I'm a bit dissapointed now... This drama was the root of me and my korea obsession. Gonna have high hopes right now. But Full House won't be the same without the "real" main characters" TT^TT

ASDFGHJKL!! The winners

*Crying rivers* I'm somehow regretting having this contest TT___TT Well I should probably announce the winners before the day ends *10 minutes*
I seriously wanted to pick 4 more -.- But we will see, if we have more ehh... stuff/things left from doing the price for the winners me and BO will announce a few more people... IF we stillf hade "stuff left"
*7 minutes* Okay these two people are the winners ^^

Jasmin <3
Sandra <3

Congratulations ^o^ I'm going to send a mail to you guys :D

*3 minutes*
Btw if you don't reply to my message during 3 days I'll announce a new winner and if you never got the message write a comment or send a mail to us so we know it :)

Greetings from Sweden, Stockholm


Ran out and jumped while screaming and started to sing hands up... lovely... ;D And today is EXACTLY 1 month left till my birthday hohohoho! :D

Well tonight I have to hand in a review, 2 hours left and the only thing I wrote a few minutes ago was the title... panic... -__-' 


My mom

Me and my friend through texting


You know people actually laugh at me when I say that I had an A in Home Economics. My old friends, my new friends and my mom hahahahahah X'D
Especially when I tell them stories about my food and cakes. But it's pretty interesting. No matter how bad and then I mean DISASTER it goes during the process of making the food. The result is always superb and the taste O_o
My muffins get flat but they still taste good XD <-- though you wanted to know... It feels like I should make another wierd category "B.R.A's food" x'D *dying*

A few days ago when I made some food my stomach was all in on mashed potatoes. So we had 1 boiled potato in the fridge *random* and I just did what I had to do...

My way of doing it HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA it's like the hot chocolate... My mom gets quiet disgusted out when I cook X'D But she likes the result. ^w^ mohahahah!


It was pretty funny I wanted to season it a little so I took the pepper and thought "oh a little pepper to make it spi...........CYYYY!!!" *YAHHHHHH!!!!*. The whole lid got off so 1/10 of the pepper was is the mashed potato and stupid me didn't take a spoon to remove the unbeliveble amount off pepper insted I... poured salt... a big amount because I used the wrong side with the big whole -.- *shame*
But suprisingly, it... wasn't strong nor too salty... wierd... I'm really sensitive when it comes to salt (BO knows it XD EVERY day I complained on the school food! They only used salt to spice the food, WTH! >:I)


*RAPING THE REPLAY BUTTON* OMIGAAD!!!!!! We just totally had a moment there!

What Happened:
Sungmin was like "dude, Bo is there" and Tae was then all like "Thats right!! Hi Bo" and then couldn't stop looking at me because it was love at first sight. So Sungmin had to wave his had for him (*^^*)

Awkward song moments x3

Scarred for life... Especially Chansung... ;____;

#1 SNSD (Girls Generatio) - The boys
#2 2PM - Without you
#3 INFINITE - Be mine

Serious post! Will k-pop really take over the world?

Just wanted to upload a picture so the text won't end up in the corner

Little me was a nolifer yesterday so I searched on this XD

Okey it gave me a laugh but I clicked on the last one and found som articles. There's a woman called Esther Oh her article is pretty interesting where the title is "K-Pop taking over the world? Don't make me laugh". Sure my first reaction was bitch... but the things she write over there are quiet true (READ IT HERE) It's true that a lot of kpop groups have tried to take over the U.S without succeding.
You have to be "special" or stand out somehow.
I also read another article on the same page when they interviewed some citizen and asked what they thought about SNSD (Girls Generation) Most of the reaction where the same when they said that they where pretty bla bla bla or they wont really take over the US because they don't really stand out, they compare SNDS a lot with The Pussy cat dolls.
Here's some of the reactions:

Okay I was probably the bitch who chose the negative comments but the other ones where like "ohh they're okay" or "I think that they could take over" (You can read other comments here)
Hahahaha the second boy XD All the kpop fans know what you mean. When you're new in the "kpop world" every goddamn human look the same hahahaha ;D When I showed MYNAME to my friend her first comment was "Oh my god I'm sorry but ALL of them look the same O_o "


Random pic on MYNAME ^w^


Personally I believe that kpop will be bigger but I don't really thing that they'll take over compleatly. Sure SM and YG is finally going all in when it comes to concerts in other countries. But US is still stuck on the sassy and the over sexyness like the first guy claimed. Koreans aren't that much of a scandal person. If you compare posh21 page for the american celebrities with allkpop (posh21 and allkpop is exactly the same except that allkpop is for.. korean celebrities)
Most of the post are about how this and that made hasch in the basement, is cheating, drugs alcohol etc. while in allkpop they write about comebacks, festivals and the worst one can be "bla bla bla tells she had a relationship" or "bla bla bla admits that he went through a surgery", well you get my point.

AND! Another thing. There's a lot of people in this world that don't really get the complete point with music. To completely take over US the song must probably be sung in English like the second comment boy said, and that's the problem. If these big companies want to make the groups famous abroad for example. SM, JYP, YG, LEONENT, CUBE ENT etc. they HAVE to learn every member english, at least the basic and pronunciation. Because I don't really think that the citizen would get that hooked on to korean songs. Otherwise kpop would've been bigger now.
MBLAQ is a pretty good example... many many happy... Engrish XD

Okay that's it hahahaha congratulation for you who read the whole thing :O
I'm sorry if there's some grammatic errors but I'm too lazy to read this twice XD

S.I.M.P #45

Well let's take a song I listen to everyday...
It's another rookie group ^^ I've actually been writing a lot about them (no not MYNAME...) I want more people to write and listen to them ^^

AA - Because I'm crazy

After listening to it for a while, I actually like Kimichi's voice. It's somehow different compare to other singers :I And guys... don't underestimate their dance. I tried to do that go-low-while-doin-the-air but it was hard enough to go down their way... and do the air -_-'

When you see someone hot XD


with friends:

with parent/s:

Then we have a sweet (wierd) one :)

Can do a sexy dance

Can make me happy with a funny thing

Can playing guitar

Can show a love with his sweet kiss

Can sing very well

Has a cool style

Has a good looking

Has a perfect hair

Has the sweetest smile

Look awesome with glasses

Look young everytime

Love a child

*whiiiispeeeee* <-- freaky...

So cute *__* I though Sunny was Leeteuk hahhahaha x3 Hyoyeon is actually my favourite in SNSD Well I'm not really a fan but I somehow like her ^^ She's badass... XD

Love her awesome sweater! :O

credits to owner.

credits to original owner. photo credits to owners, macro by @rizzesaycheese :&gt;
Man that seriously freaked me out 0__0

same as always, photo credits to owners, macro by @rizzesaycheese :&gt;

creds to the creator:)

By: angeleyeskathy

 Gif not made by me. :&gt; but this is really funny that i have to share this =))))))))))))))))))))) Enjoy! :&gt;
Btw does anyone know where this gif comes from? (movie? Drama? MV?)

Credit:Cupcakegoddess Please donate to me for CHOC Walk!

 I do not own this own. credits to the owner.  
Uhhh... the drama...

By: angeleyeskathy


In the post Groups you haven't heard of (part 7) I wrote about a group called 1TYM and that they where one of the first (or they where the first) group YG created/had. But they went on a hiatus and everyone did their own thing. The leader Teddy Park (hahaha love the name XD) has produced hit tracks for YG, impressive ;)

BUT! They never disbanded. And now as you can see there's a "rumour" or something, that they'll perform in YG family concert ^^ I really like them, especially the song HOT ;D

From allkpop <-- Duhh -.-'
Right and Jinusan I also made a post about him, Taeyang and GD where in his MV a long time ago. When they both where kids >w< It's somewhere in the blog... In the November archive, or October... or just click on BIG BANG -__-

Need to sleep the chocolate didn't work

The wierdness in my family...

Sister: Christmas is a day where it is everyones birthday!

That was a quiet different way of seeing it . . . ê__ê

And HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH My appa gives a straight answer when you text him. Yes or No is his answer because he can't write with an iphone (probably because of his fat fingers...) I'm not mean just honest ;D

Me: Where are you?
Appa: Mc finskes
Appa: P
Me: ?
Appa: Mc Somalia
Me: Do you mean mc Donalds?
Appa: Yes

(That's why I said his fingers are to fat XD)
*5 minutes later*

Me: Where are you now?
Appa: Burgir Kung
Me: Burger King? -.-
Appa: Yes


Take me awaaaaa.....yy.....

Brown Eyed Girls has arrived!


TT^TT ASFFSDHJKHJGFDS x10 Wellwell... It was a fist in the face when MBLAQ, B2ST and TVXQ arrived and this was a slap on the ass with a chair who had razor blades -___- BEG the first girls group I liked... I'm starting to like 2NE1 even more now ^o^
But  if 2PM where there shesus I wonder what I would've done... probably packing a bag, jumped out from the window and off to go!~
Wonder how BO feels XD


What would I do without you?! TT^TT

You're welcome

There you go!! Fixed the design.. through the phone.
All the things I do for you guys ^^
Hope that all of you are enjoying your school xD

A lot of talk about this..

I know it's a lot of talk about the akinator but I seriously love it XD I geeked it A LOT when I was younger, it was pretty creepy...
Well as you can see I thought of Chansung (2PM) but this was his guess... fail!

If he fails 1 time you should click on no and then yes when he ask "Go on?" so you can let him guess 3-4 times after that he'll admit defeated mohahahaha!
So I did it again:

*Bravo* he guessed right after.. a while -.- AND AND AND THIS TOO!!!


Am I right?

Sanna was this you? XD Hahahahaha

What happened...

A picture you've already seen...

OMFG hahahahaha XD Leeteuk in middle school. You usally say "Awww... you where so cuuuute when you where a little child" *2 seconds later* "Soo... what happened?" HAHAHAHAHA But now it's more like "Ehhhuhuhu you looked so wierd when you where in middle school" *0 seconds later* "Why do you look wierder?"

Like a bahahahahawwwws

A while ago I wanted to complain about SHINee again. You never hear anything from them -.- But they're in Japan and had their concert in Osaka, they should rest a little more otherwise they'll get toooo tired :'/

Look alike: Daesung & Onew


It's hard to say their "look-alike:ness" but when I saw that clip where Onew talked with Daesung for the first time I just got that wierd "feeling" (my ass.. XD)
I shouldn't really write that much the whole text will eventually popp up in the corner so it'll be quiet annoying to read it XD


Guys(!!!!!!) you need to check this website out:

This is how it works:
1. Think of a person
2. Akinator asks you questions
3. you answer
4. He guesses

And guess what.. he guessed right when I played!!! xD
Can you guess who I thought of? ^^

Suju: On & Off #2




Okeay ehhmm.. you've seen my disaster work a.k.a the design but that shouldn't hinder us from anything so let me describe some things:

#1 When you want to read a post you have to read it on the right corner while the pictures/clips are on the center of the blog.

#2 If you want to read older post you've to scroll down to the last page and there's the whole archive.

#3 This will probably go on till... ehhmm... maybe next tuesday (I'm sorry TT____TT) but I have to wait for BO Si I'm sorry if you can't take this XD If it's that bad you can always come back next wednesday :)


Day 29: What you think of Mir

Hahhaa Miruuu! As I have said before, you are like my long lost brother. We would have so much fun together, like seriously. I can't wait for the day that we'll be able to play together! Hahhaa, not the same was as me and Joon will play together. Oh gosh that sounded sooo pervy!!!! Okey but nuff about that.

Mir, you are.. wierd. But I like wierd ;) hahah. You're so funny and I can't help but smile when you go all "Mir" on everyone/everything. Plus that he's cute as hell!!! xD

Hahahhahaa, so Lady-like ^^

And just because the images don't give him justice, I'll give you some videos 8D

Many many happy! ^^

They're alive

Yesterday I saw that F.CUZ released their PV (finally) wanted to post it dorectly but decided to do it.. now.. <-- useless fact -__-'


I can't really say I'm speechless in a good way. I don't know I probably had really high hopes and in the end
I  got a little disappointed. It wasn't bad nor good, but it lean more at the bad way.
It feels wierd that they're only 3 people but Jinon (the rapper) he surely can dance even if Yejun was in the center my eyes got hooked on that little fellah! *meheheheh* >:3

Soooo I don't really have that much to say about this, it was average I wanted to hear the power in their voice a bit more. Midnight sun was superb compared to this. (Ohmelligod Yejuns voice ^3^) Well sorry for all of you F.CUZ fans but I'm waiting for the new member and I want to see them make a good comeback! GOOO!!~ (No I'm not gonna say FIGHTING F.CUZ!!~)

Aww man! Still depressed about the design TT___TT

This cheer me up ^o^ *forever a perv*


Gosh this Sejin couple XI EVERY tumblr that I visit has literally BOMBED every single post with AA's pictures. They're getting more famous...

Btw! do you remember the post where I wrote about Mir's eye injury and Seungho going to SHINee's van? Here's a gif that shows Jonghyun's expression a bit clearly C:

How I feel right now



Feeling like shi*

ughh~ *sound like one of those pervy rapist men that ate lunch an hour ago*

Not because I know how they sound but... you get the point XD or maybe not O_o
Well I'm not feeling so well. Pretty full and tired. Had to swim today or HLR to be more exact. We trained how to save of someone from drowning >__> fail... both me and my friend drowned when I wanted to "save" her I got 1235426215 tons of water in my mouth and nose *___* (chlorine water -__-) that's why I'm full, I didn't even eat a complete dinner hahahah XD

AND AND when it was my turn to lift up a doll from the water. HAHAHAHAHAHA DISASTER! My teacher even said that if that was a human beeing he/she would've been dead... 0__0 <-- my reaction.

So yeah adios!~ *quick end*

Have.To.Sleeeep =___= - the update tomarrow will probably be much better ^3^


Right! The contest is over now. Two winners will be decided on sunday ;') Even if it only was a few people that joined it we're still happy ^w^ It's our first contest afterall . . .

In vegas...

Do you know how jealous I am on the people who'll be in that vegas show TT___TT like come on!!! I'm even jealous at BO... at least he's in the same continent as them -.- ..... only a few hours away...

Maybe not a few hours... but yeah... they're still close compared to me...


And I also saw this picture *points down* it made me even more depressed -.- It's like... Swedish summer over there compared to the "winter" withoutanysnow in Sweden!

Oh no, Jason~ But, Seungho’s face seems a little too bright..” - G.O Twitter

*brb gonna smash my forhead on the key board*

Awkward ^^

Hahahha Chansung, wtf? ^^
And Taecyeon.. your smile at the end O.o TO DIE FOR!!!
For you who didn't know, Taec is my 2PM bias xD


coming into k-pop all innocent like

“these songs are good!”

“these dances are cool!”

“these guys are cute!”

then first you start seeing this

and then this

then finally this

and now your innocence?


and now when someone asks you what k-pop is like, you’re all


50% of all the gifs were on Gi Kwang X'D We like...~

Groups you haven't heard of (part 11)

Wooooooww this group was just... This will be a short post becuase I don't know... I don't have so much to write about this group. During the whole "research" I was like "What theee...." *stone face* 0__0

Rubber Duckie

How they came up with that name I don't know... if I wanna know? I don't know <-- did you get that? XD
They're a female group consisting 3 members. Everything about them is unknown XD Even their company. They "debuted" (or what you call it) 2010 and the leader is Baemi that's all I know XD

Well yeah I couldn't really listen to the whole song. I don't say that they're bad because I haven't really given them a chance but I just can't give them a chance ê____ê


Day 28: What you think of Thunder

Thunder is pretty cool I guess ^^ as I said in the post "Day 27: What you think of G.O", Thunder and G.O are the guys I don't really know what to think of. MBLAQ would be nothing without them, but I feel like I don't really.. know them?

He is cute and has a lovley smile. I think... I like his personality (Don't know for sure how his personality is. At least not as I do with Seungho, Mir and Joon ^^). In Kkaeal Player, he sure was funny and just adorable. But still a bit to quiet for me to know him.. like really know him. Not that I really know any of the members. But you get it ^^

But just as I do with all the other "what do you think of.." posts, I'll give you some photos to enjoy ^^

Oh god, hahahahaha!! I so remember this look on Thunder. It was on the first episode of MBLAQ Idol Army and I couldn't help but to think that this look looked a lot like Justin Timberlake did during his earlier years ^^

Hahhaa don't you think?!?!?!?! xD

Feeling shame..

Instead if studying I spent my whole night staring at Onew and his conditions XD

This was the most epic one XDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and the horror music ;D

He and G.O should make a who-can-slap-the-other-forhead-hardest you can seriously hear that SHAPACH!~ sound

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA They really look alike O__o Daesung and Onew haven't really thought about it. The most EPIC conversation in history XD

Onew: YOU PUNK!!!


Onew: I'm really sorry for saying such a thing to you...
Daesung: ONEW! YOU PUNK!

ahhhhh........... yeah... "You've made a new friend" HAHAHAHA XD *kindergarden style*  but I was surprised when Onew said that he haven't meet Daesung in real life huh...


Another thing I've been thinking about... Onew and Seungho combo! THAT WOULD BE THE MOST WIERDEST BUT AWESOME COMBO EVAHH!!!~

This was the only thing I found both of them together -.- it looked pretty awkward between both of them . . .

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA the cockblocker X'D (<-- read that somewhere)

Chunji: L.Joe and I are friends with benefits

Niel: No affection in front of the camera!!

Chunji: tehehehe Niel, you’re so fun—

Niel: *evil stare*

Chunji: ny— oh…

L.Joe: Ricky, I want to pose with you like this…

Ricky: Ah, you’re making me feel all tingly inside ~

Niel: *target sighted*

Niel: No affection in front of the camera!!

L.Joe: Dammit

Ricky: My innocence was almost taken away!

Niel: I’m watching you……..

Have to fill this space...

Going all wild and crazy... well no I don't know what to say... 
I'm going to have an annoying school day, manager Lee dumped me a long time ago and BO is in tha US. Going to meet up a friend later and have our typical donut-friday day where we're beeing depressing while eating donuts -.- I need to get a life ;___;

That's why I have BO HAHAHAHAHAH XD <--- Bet that no one got this joke...

I wanted to stand in that wierd high school fair thing and present my school while meeting some people from the flashmob but nooo I have to swim like an idiot and learn how to save a human life -.- Geez if someone is drowning... well such a shame for that person . . .  HAHAHAHAHAHA no I'm just kidding well couldn't they have it another time -.-



Happy Birthday you awesome little chubby boi!~

About the contest.

Me and Bo have decided to postpone it one more day so it'll end tomarrow, Friday 00.00. And the winners will be named on Sunday ^^

Bo come home soon TT^TT


The frustration for BO





I'm talking I was talking with bo a few minutes ago and we talked about the contest (it'll end tonight soooo... join it ^w^) HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA mad all over that's all I can say. Most of them (everyone I think) has arrived in LAS VEGAS, BABY! And of course MBLAQ is also over there XD RAGE for BO! Well it's a shame it's soo close but still a long way to go~

Lee Joon expressions

Excited Joon ♥ :

Dorky Joon ♥ :

Orgasmic Joon. LMFAO ♥ :

Surprised Joon ♥ :

Cute Joon ♥ :

Sexy Joon ♥ :

Pika Joon ♥ :

Just plain weird Joon. LOL ♥ :

A bit late...

I surely am after when it comes to these stuff... >___> Well U-KISS you're back after a while and gosh I LOVED the song... (Tick tack, tick tack...~) or something. It's a PV after all but it was sooo good want a complete MV on it O_O
And it didn't sound bad at all for beeing japanese. GOOD JOB U-KISS HWATING!~

(Do you know how much I wanna fangirl right now?! ASDFSFHGDJK their awesome dance and not to mention
their looks ;___; Kevin, Kiseop and AJ muhuhuhahauhsdgh <--- a cow high on crack)

It's right, right?

I haven't really talked about this group B1A4 that much, they're okay nothing I've been WOOOW or ADSGAFH over. But BOs wb future husband is here X'D



Oh right!

Well that party thing my dad said = F-M-L -.-' He litterally draged me to my grandmothers house and he MADE me wear PRETTY clothes and did you know what we did? Just guess, oh pleas just do it!
-_TT^>ASDGHDFH <-- If you could make any face/expressions it would look like that...

AND YOU SAY I'M RANDOM?!?!?! TIME IS MONEY MY DEAR FRIEND TT^TT No study, no work, no work no money, no money no good future, no good future no korea, no korea no übersexyhusband! THERE I SAID IT!

Well now I'm *phuuu* I'm a strong independent B.R.A. This reminds me of 2 things.

#1 - Yesterday when I where at school

*standing in the "food line" (or something) chillin with 3 other friends (guys) while waiting for my food*

One of the guys:
OH MY GOD! It smells like sperm over here!

Other guys: *curious* *walking to the first guy and sniff extra at his place* OH MY GOD IT'S TRUE!

Me: Ehhmm.. how the hell do you know how sperm smells like?

All of them: *Giving the idiot look*

Me: Ohh... Ehh.. I mean... yeah.. of course *eww...*

Guess who didn't want to eat the creamy white pasta carbonara after that -.-
Those 3 guys where actually my first friends in that school and one of them is Asian. Pretty funny XD

Oh and the second one humm...
Don't remember it anymore TT___TT Once again I'm gonna bring that annoying side and nag like a little iny
miney whine hoe
how tired I am ê___ê
Because of dads lameass thing yesterday my whole plan for study-like-a-pig crashed so I stayed up the whole night to do math.

A small part of me wonder why I chose economic... However the time like yesterday made me realise why I did that. I actually love math (<-- OM MAI GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD *lost my humanity*) I hated it before because I suck at the problem solving thing and that's the part where you get a high grade. The only part I'm good at is thinking fast. My brain is one of those wierd made in china brains where I can calculate a sum faster and a calculator. That's because I'm chinese -____- And BO's the opposite.

My tacher wanted to test me about the whole brain thing when I had one of those wierd chats (my mom were with me) she said a number and told me to calculate it fast. And if you fail then you're fail so I had to make sure that my answer was right so I sat there and calculated it 6 times before they where done with their first one. *want to play smart over here*
But yeah that's actually true... Geez that was a lot of words -.- Cred for you who read it. No seriously If you've really read this leave a comment saying "WEHIHO!" <-- it means you've read everything till the end XD

Day 27: What you think of Lee Joon

What do I not think of him? O.o make any sence? No?

Haha okey, if I out it like this. Since episode 4 on MBLAQ Idol Army, I have thought of him at least once every day. His korky personality makes me blush, his smile kills me (imagine then how many times I've died ^^) and his dancing O.o OUF(!!!) his dancing sure is a BIG turn-on! (*^^*)

This dude is the reason I started to like KPOP.. kind of. Hahaha at least that is how I want to see it ^^ But I do really love him and support him no matter what. Even if he ends up marrying HyunA -.-'

Bet you didn't notice

I bet that all of you pervy minded people/fans/freaks or something (I belong to the something group hohohhahahamuu) thought of something innapropriate when you saw this picture on... Yesung? Though that it was Kangin.. no it's Yesung!

Well once again I bet that you never noticed this:

The half naked Heechul on the mirror hohohohohoho!


TT____TT so pretty... It's the same with Quasimodo. Some of their songs are just too underrated. They should make a MV for this song. Totally druged it yesterday *____*

So tired that I can't keep my eyes opened =__=

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess   fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess  nahhhhhhhh&#8222;,i still love jonghyun no matter what


Have ýou seen Big Bang (cinderella sister? or something) parody! MUST SEE HAHAHAHAHAH X'D

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  by i-da-naaaa   

Nahh.. the true rebel will always be Heechul XD

created by ohhaithereguise

MOhahahahahah *happy face*

hohohohoho! *flatter myself* Finally some news, the biggest cliffhanger evah in a MV! I really liked the song and the MV so I'm looking forward for the next one ^3^
Was it only me who got confused when they said

"Lovey Dovey will be released on december 24th, a day before christmas"

Last time I checked december 24 WAS christmas Ô_ô or is it only me who's plain stupid?

S.I.M.P # ... O_o 44!!!

I'm so goddammit lost -.- I need to study but I'm texting about work with mi amiga. I'm thinking going to work during the summer to save some moneeey till my graduation. I will work every summer and save to my trip to Korea (yeah I'm thinking 8 steps ahead) mohahahaha! >:3

Well okey the S.I.M.P I had a song marathon with this band today. They're pretty underrated Y CAN'T NOBODY SEE THEIR AWESOMENESS?! O_o

FT Island - Missing you

I've always been a sucker when it comes to violins. When I hear someone or something (-__-) play a violin I get stuck and can't move so yeah...
FT Island Aza Aza Fighting!~ <-- Full house.
Right! I read that FT Island is #1 in the Taiwanese something... XD Good job! But.. I don't know.. Taiwan seem pretty off hahahahaha X'D

The hopless of hopeless...


Me: O_O Hahahahahaha good one... *looking at the big pile of homeworks that should be done for tomorrow*

Dad: No I'm serious, HURRY UP!


No seriously I feel like a mad cow right now O__O

Mir and G.O

Haha don't know why, but this picture actually makes me LOL ^^

G.O disturbing Mir while he’s eating by reclining his seat back.

Mir is not amused.

No shit he's not amused! Hahaha, I thought that Mir could never get mad? Well maybe he's not mad. He's more like annoyed. But still ^^ and yet, this is still sooo cute! Mir is like "dude.. I'm trying to enjoy this shit.. -.-" and G.O is all like "mehehehehehehehe"

It's out >__>

Their teaser surely sucked compared to their song. Everyone judged the group when they saw the teaser and assumed that they suck, once again... You hve to love the geeky MV XD wtf the UFO goes to the whiiiite (?) house and doing Idon'tknowwhat...

Well I don't know I sat and thought for a while and got a little 2NE1 feeling then I saw this comment:

So I shutted my mouth up and hided in my shell... well what to say this dude obviously know what he/she talks about TT^TT well that's what I thought. mehehehohoho -.-
No but seriously what can you do... It's hard to not compare these new rookie groups that debutes now. No matter what you'll always see some similarities.. (<-- getting deep...)

I also got some SHINee (Lucifer) , Suju (Sorry Sorry) and U-KISS (Neverland) feeling hahahahahahah X'D If you see it you'll know what I mean OwO
However it's a shame that they used so ASDGDFGJK much autotune O_o Like Come on! 99,999999999% of the song was autotune -_-'
But I'm going to wait for their second song and... yeah and see some more o3o

This is how we do it!


This is how we in M2STASCH make hot chocolate in tha house^^

I don't really have any comments so yeah... B.R.A:s way of making hot chocolate... pretty awkward -.-

Guess who X'D

Day 26: What you think of G.O.

Well I really don't know. I mean I could never imagine MBLAQ without him, but yet I don't really pay any attention to him either. Don't get me wrong.. I think that his voice is angel-like and I can't stop laughing when he is with Jung Juri. But I guess that I'm just not as big of a fan to him as I am to Joon, Seungho and Mir. Same thing with Thunder.

But that doesn't mean I don't love him. He is still 1/5 of my ultimate favorite KPOP-group!! Plus that he is very beautiful and has a great personality (*^^*)
(But I need entertainment goddammit!! xD)

Man O_o stop taking over the tumblr world!!! ;O

This dude is totally taking over the tumblr world with that ASFDSGHSAH smile -_-

Chaejin with a mic saying Seyong xD it&#8217;s funny :P

puffofseoul:  Chaejin from Myname

And I can go on and on, and on, and on ~~

Mohahahahah Just wanted to braaag~ for nothing -.-

Haven't really thought about this before but gosh I miss BO TT^TT Y U SO FAR AWAY?
Well I sended a message to him through facebook let's see if he will anser or dump me -.- No matter what I do people tend to always dump me *sadface*

Well I'm going to have A LOT of things to do (homeworks, yaaay~)
So I'm sorry if don't reply/answer to some of your comments :)

*le morning humour*

It's L.Joes birthday today so the morning humour will be on Teeeen Tooops behalf!


Mmmhhhmmm *Snap*

[Resim: mrya434.gif] [Resim: dsw7bbt.gif]


[Resim: sqibrb7.gif] [Resim: f24z618.gif]

CN Blue canceled their concert

I bet that most of you Swedish readers have known this from Foki XD She were supposed to go on their concert that where held in Thailand but it got canceled because of the flood. Instead it'll be held next year in February.

Was it only me who WO-HO:ed for myself (beeing an ego XD ) but hey! I want to see them too ;___;

Such an annoying gif hahahahahah -_-

At least it's going better and better for them. They're getting more famous around tha Asiah


You're getting even more prettier for everyday that pass by *sobs*

Today is your day eeyyy~ If I'm not wrong you'll turn 17 today, or 18 O_o no it's 17... I'm 15 so... (MAI GOSH how depressing -_- I feel like one of those leftovers whose birthday is in the end of the year TT___TT)
You know I was born pretty late. I where supposed to be outside this world the 24 th December (Christmaaas~) but something happened... ê_____ê

Okay it's a post dedicated to L.Joe over here... As I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Allkpop will probably write an article about this to, so I'll post it tomarrow XD

The lovelyness (making up words all over again) with MBLAQ

Seriously these guys are just... <3

I don't know what to say about this hahahahaha XD It's Seungho condition~ Jonghyuns reaction hahahahaha ;D

In the morning I read (don't remember where...) that Mir got a seriously eye injury during a show they did called KOICA or something. Didn't really "dig into" that anymore but I found a clip.

He must be the cutest maknae I've ever seen TT^TT You can see through his lies ;D But he's right haha
"This eyepatch make it look more serious" X'D

There's even Eng subs ^^ Well you maybe knew that -.- 

Said so...

Remember this post? I posted it 18 hours ago, I think? XD
And this is what I found

Ha! in your face hahahahahah XD Well it wasn't a cake or anything but... it's something about him and his birthday -.-

Day 25: What you think of Seungho


#1 - His humor
#2 - His smile
#3 - His voice
#4 - His dance moves
#5 - His mad piano skills
#6 - His toes (hahaha no, but I love everything about this dude!)

This guy never fails to make me laugh. Either it is because he did something really funny, or just because of his laugh. Yes.. I laugh when Seungho laugh ^^ This guy would be like my ultimate ideal-brother ♥

Had to share this

Blondes Will Rule The World!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA X'D This made my day yesterday...
Well dunno why but my whole system have collapsed, after hearing that my mom will come and have a chat (XD) with my teacher (something every school here in Sweden does to see How your child "develope", develope my ass) This will probably be the main conversation

Teacher: So how is it going with the homeworks then?
Me: Ehm fine I guess
Mom: This little child is always inside the room all alone making the homeworks (drooling over half naked bois)
Teacher: I see *doesn't see any result at all*

I feel a bit screeewed -.- and I have the WORST, time in my class. 18.00- Idon'tknowwhen my mom tend to have this wierd thing, when she talks with a teacher they don't talk about how I do during class etc. no they talk about the family, favourite food, spors etc -.- I'm like What the hell?

One time I sat there for over 2 HOURS with my old teacher EVER SINGLE TIME! I prayed for god that I wouldn't be the last one in because if you have someone after you they can't talk 123985239 year BUT THIS TIME I'M THE LAST ONE!!!! WHO THE HECK IS IN THE SCHOOL 18:00?! NOT ME!


Look alike: Dongwoo & BOM


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD Hey~ It's his birthday so there's some extra post on him ;D
It surely is amazing what a wig and makeup can do ;___; But they actually do look alike, so don't deny it!

The original of originals, I don't even know what I'm writing -.-

Oh! My School

Really need to see this show ^^

Hahhaha yes, that's next on my 'must see' list ^^

B2ST:ly On & Off (#1)


Hahaha last gifs epic XD
It's funny how different they actually are on and off the stage, hum...

The new couple: SeyJin

Sometimes I just think about dressing up as a guy (*the irony* hahahaha XD) and run to korea storm SM, YG, JYPE, LEONENT or ANYTHING and join a group... TT____TT

What am I saying ;O I'm a guy... I'm in a group... and I'm somehow in a "none-debuted" group that will soon debut with a real song! Pfft.. and one day I will stand in that corner of that gif and it'll be a text standing
"B.R.A Saw what u did there..."


*le sadface*

This "morning humour" will be a saaaad one (Gosh that sound so lame -_-') As you know Little Bo will dump us Swedish thing here in Sweden and will 'off to go' too tha US! YOU HAVE TO STALK EVERY KPOP GROUP/CELEBRITEIS/ASIAN PEOPLE YOU SEEEEE! EVERYONE WILL BE THERE!





I think I'm somehow overreacting... -.-'




I wouldn't mind at all if you like... found.. an awesome souvenire related to Asia or anything for your favourite maknae *angel face* ^w^
Well you're probably sitting on the plane while I'm posting this -.-

Morning fun with Joon




To tha awesome rapper rapper Dongwooo from INFINITE!!! He's turning tweeeenttyyy.......... 21 years old today ;D
Started with 2 sexy gifs... EVERY pricture on him he's either a girl or closing his eyes, so that was the best thing I could find  -__-

Just gonna stalk allkpop and see a article where you post a selca on yourself with a cake, or just the cake.. Spare my words you know it's true hahahahahaha X'D

After 500 years...

I finally decided to watch T-ARA's whole MV for Cry Cry. I'm starting to REALLY like the song, it's so beautiful TT___TT

Reaction #1: MURDUUUURERRR!!!
#2: Walking in slowmotion FTW!

It felt like a whole action movie XD However the hits and kicks  where pretty lame, you could see that they didn't even touch each other (okey ehhmm... do not misconstrue) In the end I sat there for myself
"Gosh I think A LOT of dust came in BOTH OF MY EYES" lamedudeovahhere... He can't dieeee!! 

But it was a good one :) Is it a "To be continued" song (there was a mini clip i the end) like B2ST thing...

I'm probably late but here's the ballad version

I also liked the ballad verision but a bigger part of me stick to the original version ;D

Uhhh a deep post...

Saw this on allkpop

Say WEEHOOO! Good job YG! It feels like I can write a whole article about this.. but I won't... Their way of thinking is really good actually. They gain 2 big thing from this.

#1 The idols won't be "fake" everyone has a natural beauty.
#2 This group will get a lot of attention because of this, so the only thing that requires is that their music should be good, and I doubt YG's music are bad. ^w^ Then the popularity will be KABOOM! lol...

But it's such an isult to BOM (2NE1) hahahahaha that chick is plastic all over but she's still good XD

Happy or sad??

Am referring to the first quiz that B.R.A took. I had 5 right and he only had 4. But that is still not good enough. I feel like I don't know sh*t about KPOP anymore :(

Well, to my defence(!!!) the questions were super random! ahaha ^^ If you want to take it and see if you can beat me and B.R.A just click here.

I was bored..

.. and was looking on TUMBLR for some funny facts. I found this:

Hhaha seriously? I guess that it wouldn't have been such a big deal if the person said: "Jia is the second shortest..". But now it said "I'm the second shortest..". Like dude, come on!! Don't fake it ^^

Am I the only one spazzing when I find somethign related to KPOP on a site that has nothing to do with KPOP? xD Like when I found this, I spazzed!!! ^^ When I watch youtube videos and out of nowhere they start to talk about KPOP!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

I'm a disgrace to kpop...

I was bored yesterday and wanted to do some kpop quizzes

BUHUHUHUHHUHU ASDJGBSDKGB!! *running like a mad cow and screaming like an idiot*

The second one was a bit harsh TT___TT The first one even said FIGHTING!~ man that felt much better...
I also did one fan test HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH It was a Swedish kpop fan test actually O_o one of the question was

You can't believe this but Jaejoong was in an car accident, what woould you do?

a) Tell your mom that you're tired and want to go and sleep. But you actually go and hang yourself instead.
b) You cut yourself so badly that you get anemia and end up in the hospital
c) You cry a lot and pray for him, you write a lot about him to your blog / photo journal of how happy you are over him and so on.
d) You are an anti-fan and celebrating right now with some Soju and food. <_ <

I don't know why but the c) seemed the most normal one ê___ê

You can see the result in 2 different ways

#1 - MY GOD DUDE YOU CAN'T EVEN BE A 100% FAN?!?!?!?!
#2 - You think like a psychopath


Groups you haven't heard of (part 10)

My gosh to many parts... It's funny, it feels like this group had too much confidence while making up the name hahahahaha X'D Give it up for


My shesus, holy maria, muhammed! Praise the group... but it actually stands for Groove over dose

They debuted 2009 however they disbanded 2006, long time ago... They where under the powah of JYP... wait JYP ohh!! It's the same company that 2PM, 2AM and manyothergroups have ^^ hohohoho smart dude over here XD

It's their debut song 'to mother'
I read one comment where the writer turned on the emotional button and started to write a whole essay, comment on youtube on how sad it was but the lyrics... THE LYRICS X'''D
It was pretty fail when that bully-kid wanted to throw down his lunchbox, he surely pushed it down but the food never fell out O_____o XDDD

Sistar - to mother (cover)

KPOP kisses! (part 1)

Just watched some videos of KPOP-groups.. kissing eatch other ^^ Hahahha. So I thought that I should share these moments with you guys xD
Don't know what group... (Maybe Suju or TVXQ? Looked like Changmin on the first one /B.R.A)

Don't know what group here either -.- (Huh maybe U-KISS? /B.R.A)

B2ST ^^


Super Junior

Big Bang (T.O.P and Seungri ^^)

*stalking* thiiiis hiiigh!

What people think I’ll be doing when I visit Korea:



Site Seeing

What I’ll really be doing:

Searching for my husband

Epicness SSss SsSssSsss <-- wb Harry Potter






Well todays morning humour was a bit short... well well...


Sorry for this lame update these past few days. But as you may know, on tuseday I'm leaving Sweden for USA. YEPP, that's right!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD *über happy* So today I first went to church, then my cousins were here and visited and didn't leave until now. Plus that there is nothing to blog about, and as soon as I find something, I post it during next week. You know, because I'll be in the states and may not have a computer around me at all time.

Just for your information ^^

You right now:

Me responding to you right now:

NAAAH, hahaha, just thought that you guys had the right to know 8)

Just wanted to share the funnyness... <-- is that even a word?! O_o

Man Daesungs ass hahahahahahaha ;D T.O.P ... looked like he was stuffed... with something
Well well 214 people thought exactly like moi ^^

The way of presenting! >w<

Hohohoh love these really lame way of saying "Hi we are that" <--- XD
Block B's where pretty cool :O And doubble A XD Reminded me a lot of 2PM
Omo~ BIG BANG HAHAHAHAHA XD Seriously GD must be one of the most politest leader (didn't know what to say) evaahh! He's the leader however it's only him bowing while the rest of the mebers doing Idon'tknowwhatlikesvreamingandshakingtheirhands...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Suju is a freaking crowd ;D A joke where you've probably heard 3214235 times "Well they'll never be short in background dancers" or "At least they save a lot of money on background dancers" XD

Well we M2STASCH also have one if you haven't noticed!

Mehehehhehee >__>

S.I.M.P #43

Let's make it a short S.I.M.P this time ^^ Well when I say the word kkaeal player I think most of you MBLAQ fans know which group I think of... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH My idiot called brain... If you only knew how stupid it is.

Me and a group have to come up with a new business idea, it's a wierd school work. Idea after idea I allmost went crazy. Then I thought of an automatic screwdriver but we already have it...

Me: Well something automatic *thinking of simpson a automatic hammer*
Friend: You can always make an automatic hammer
Friend: HAHAHAHAHAHAH! And that makeup gun! XD
Me: I know! How about an automatic chainsaw!!!!!!!! *happy and serious*
Friend: ...!

Well back to kkaeal player, I want to watch it all over again after seeing some episode here and there those  boys TT____TT if just kidnapping weren't illegal...


It's a shame that some of their songs are underrated. This is one of them... people only know Stay or Mona Lisa.
Have to love that Cheondung is the one always "starting" their song XD Mona Lisa, Cry, Stay and probably one more XD


Gotta love the picture on G.O :O

So.. true O_o

When a fan girl first gets into K-Pop:

Couple of weeks later:

Couple of more weeks later:

But in the end, her heart will end up like this:

Reminds me a lot of mine and Bo's Bias list hahahahahaha XD And the funny thing is that there was 14 names on that list... one more... one more...


AW MAI GOD! Aoora and Kimichi BROMANCE FTW!!! *crying rivers* TT___TT <-- will give you the real deal!


MY AAAaAAAaaAaaaaAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *power vocal!* (they should name the group MYASS instead of MYNAME hahahahhahahaha XD <-- dry humour) You know what *wait*
So! I even counted right now. He has 6 (camera) seconds, If you exclude that part from where he dances with the whole group, but only 6 seconds where his on screen alone. Even that wierd dude that popps up, JoonQ I think, even has 9 seconds! O__o

Okay deep breath... Well this guy has probably been messing a lot of bias lists XD


It's pretty lame-awesome that my picture shows up on Google page 8 when you search on MYNAME seyoung -.-'' HAHAHAHAHAH X'D I suck...

Nemas problemas!

kpophasconsumedmylife:  chonnny:  oh shit  we are all going to die.  How am I still alive? :O

Well I already laugh so much that my life span is probably 235346 years old so I don't really mind shorten it ^^

The teaser

Do you remeber the new group New. F.O I wrote about yesterday I think.. or maybe 2 days ago.. well whatever they've realeased a teaser for their MV Bounce

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought it was pretty epic... fail... movie? UFO? say wuuut?

HAHAHAHAHAHA Haters will hate X'D


Hohohoh this is perfect!




Lol the hands XD It was a misleading* picture!
Well today is the birthday of the *holy of mother god* <--- WTF?! ;___;

Little Seyoung from the new rookie group MYNAME will turn 20 (I think... yepp 20) I showed Message to one of my friends XD Shesus god her reaction hahahahaha!

Well as I said Happy Birthday keep fighting and one day you'll be the next

Btw he looks really different compared to their MV Message Ò_ó

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my future husband look-alike

I can't believe I forgot his birthday!! B1A4's member and leader Jung Jin Young's birthday was actually yesterday.. November 18. I feel bad T-T

But hey, better late then never, right?? :D

Happy Birthday!!!! :D 

A korean movie I recomend

I've actually seen a lot of korean/japanese movies/dramas, I'm a big freak actually TT____TT''
Well if you're one of those no lifers who's sitting alone at home during the night this sad movie will be perfect! XD

Temptation of wolves


Okay their way of describing the plot sucks. The movie is actually a little B and the chick was somehow annoying O_o but the plot was really good. There's a lot of fighting scenes and blood... and TEARS GODDAMMIT TEARS I SAY! TT___TT

Groups you haven't heard of (part 9)

Ohh they seem to be really good... However they aren't thaaat populer (I think?)


Hahahaha the name XD It's actually the the length difference between the two members ^^ They are a korean indie band that "debuted" 2009. The guy is relly good 0_0

One of their MV ^^

*died a bit*

Love how the pwned everyone XD When he first started to say random words everyone was
"ehh hahahahahaha okeeeey" and BAAM the song came and evryone was all like  "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" hahaha ;'D
But they're good. The first indie group in kpop (that I've ever heard about)

Freak all over again! Mohahahah

Finally! Some news are popping up from these guys. They've been in Japan for almost 3 months, or more. And this is what I get -.-

Fan girling in the middle of the night (y). In their old MV Kan looked... wierd... Especially in Jiggy gosh he looked so freaky but now with his white hair = T.O.P #2 TT_____TT ANNNDD YEEEJUUUN!!! Y U SO CUTE IN THAT BLONDE HAIR?!?!
Huh LeeU isn't in it, so it means that he left the group now... well well they're looking for a new member after all *curious*

Mehehehehehh - To be continued

MYNAME - Dance covers

Hmm.. I just got that wierd feeling and wanted to see if anyone had made a dance cover yet and guess what... yeah I don't even have to write it.
Even if I suck at dancing (HAHAHAHAHAHA X'D more than suck) I can't help but to complain about other peoples dancing, pretty ironic actually ê___ê

#1 Have to love that the boy with the black pants randomly plopps up
#2 That the camera man suck XD

They where out of sync in some places (mostly in the beginning - the hard part of course) otherwise they where awesome!! Especially the guy with the  black pants, geez! oh snap gurlfriend!*

Puuuureee entertainment... I'm not going to be mean he's even better than me... but.. seriously... yeah... at least he tried ^^ You know what let the clip speak for itself!

Also found this:

Her voice sounds really refreshing (hahah breath commercial) and she pronounce the korean words really good O_o However you can clearly hear that she can't take high notes so she "stays on the light voice-track-thing"
I must THE WORST person ever existing in this world when it comes to explaining things ;_____;

Bo you should be used to this... but ey! I actually support you!

Telling people how you plan to go to Korea, live in Seoul and become his wife and live a happy life together and people just stare at you like you are crazy.

My reaction while telling them:










Their reaction while I tell them, thinking I was joking around:








My straight face, telling them that I WASN’T KIDDING:






Their reaction when they found out that I was serious:








My response to their reactions:























































Huh the whole thing got wierd... well my bad -.-'


The cereal guy with tha Suju~



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a good one! XD










Seriously?! I would have never guessed that ryeowook was a "chubby" guy (compare to now)




Zhou Mi



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA This was the most epic one X'D


Thought of something

There isn't anything "special" going on in the kpop world right now. It's sort of empty.. The daily news can only post stuff like "hey!! a group won this or that award in Music Bank, Inkigayo" etc. or "hey! they uploaded a selca" , or something awkward they've done or maybe about a new song or something...

It feels so... quiet...


MBLAQ kkaeal player - a review in gifs...

For you guys who haven't seen MBLAQ kkaeal player, here's the whole story in tha gifs!~ <3 Love these guys! Seriously, you CAN'T pick a favourite (when it comes to their awesome personalities, not the b-o-d-y) Everyone, EVERYONE are special. Even Thunder the shy one X'D

Hahahahahahaha XD you have to LOVE their punishments... Reminds me of Jay (2PM) in 2PM idol show... gosh I peed on myself when I saw that ;'D

Once again... have to love their punishments ;_____;


image image
You can't seriously describe this guys awesomness... I envy his future wife/husband (YEAH wife/HUSBAND you never know...) TT___TT

Joon: What is the most sensitive part of your body?
Thunder: Cheek fat! I’m not gaining weight but my cheeks are.



Those 3 golden moments where Seungho runs away because of the punishments >:D

I don't know if anyone from the flashmob thing reads our blog but here's a complete list of games they played in kkaeal player... we should do these :)

  • Bandu game.
  • Joon’s 12789 game.
  • Cham cham cham.
  • Loudest butt-slap contest.
  • High note contest.
  • Hold the longest note contest.
  • Calling Bang Cheolyong and hangs up on him.
  • Calling Bang Cheolyong and have him hang up on you.
  • Joon’s head-between-legs flexibility contest.
  • Joon’s running buddha position contest.
  • ‘Backwards’ long jump contest.
  • Indoors 100m ‘circle’ race.
  • Palm pressing game.
  • Solo dance to ‘Y’ at amusement park.
  • Thunder’s rock-paper-scissors joint-bending game.
  • Joons’s cross-legged race.
  • Chicken fight.
  • Jjak 12789. (w/ Mir on the phone)
  • Kkoongkoongdda.
  • Pacifiers charades.
  • 31 game.
  • Hyung-line degrading Mook-jji-ppa.
  • Ddabong game.
  • Upgraded serious Ddabong.
  • Apartment game.
  • Drink water the fastest contest.
  • Forehead wrestling.
  • Joon’s upgraded 234567 game.
  • Michael Jackson ~ game.
  • Playground tag.
  • Confirming-if-LeeJoon-is-a-babo quiz.
  • Spin and ring the buzzer contest.
  • Twister.
  • Luck pirate king game.
  • Eat the most sushi contest.
  • Drinking hot soup the fastest contest.
  • Drink water the fastest contest. (diluted ver.)
  • Intense apartment game.
  • Cross-legged rolling race.
  • Hohohohohoh XD
    I'm sorry if there was a lot of gifs that made you dizzy ÒwÓ

    A small post about a new group nananan~

    It feels wierd if I make a big post about this when allkpop receantly posted about this group xd

    New. F.O

    If I ain't wrong, they haven't really debuted yet but they're on their way

    Well here's a members teaser ^^ That MIMA reminded me of Amber (f(x)) somehow O_o It is mucho wierd (trying to play smart ovah here)

    I also found this comment and I have to fully agree. Even if I judge these new rookie groups pretty harshly (well mostly for myself) I even give them a shot. So no matter how much I complain about them in our blog I always enjoy these new rookie groups where I can eventually see new talents or even similies to other celebrities.
    Sure nowdays we only se similies between every member from this to that group but hey! What did you expect? (Had to put in that Shweeps commercial thing X'D *Ugly humor*) Well yeah... Hey!~ it's the showbiz world everyone will get compared to everything ^^ Even to a jackass


    Maybe not, but look at this picture:

    Hahaha get it??? ^^ If you don't then watch this:

    It's all of the members signature moves in the MV. Kind of epic, right?? xD

    I'm not a bitch...

    It has been a heck lot of talk anout T-ara's comeback 'Cry Cry'
    Wonder what the deal is...

    I think that me or Bo have uploaded this clip before but yeah... NO it was the teaser XD Geez 15 minutes?! O_o is it a drama or a music video? -.-'
    My dads computer sucks so I can't really listen to it now...maybah latah!
    They've also made a huuuuge (<-- a bit excessive...) comeback in music bank

    Ahh now it works ^^ To be honest I was to lazy to see the MV hahaha XD So I listened to the audio version. To be honest
    (x2 Ò^Ó) it was a quiet good song but it reminded me a lot of Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again' hahahaha ;'D
    But it seriously did...

    S.I.M.P #43

    It's that über-sexy-hot-awesome group nao!
    You seriously have to admire them they are soo goddamn AWESOME!
    I guess that most of you already know which group I'm mentioning, So giiiveee itt upp tooo!!!

    Brown Eyed Girl - Sign

    I was pretty surprised when I saw the actor. I really like their "put-your-whole-soul-in-to-the-MV" thing. I think that I've read about him somewhere . . .


    JeA's voice is like a drug for me.. <3 ;O
    That was a small S.I.M.P from me. No matter how bad/harsh and terrible this sounds, I'm just realistic.
    I believe that all of these "old groups" will disband during these 2-3 years. Many of them is getting older (Suju, B.E.G, SNSD etc) Instead a lot of new groups between 1990-1995 are or will be popping up ^^
    So I'll become a peddo noona soon... just wait...

    Maknae lump... O_o'

    Beast - dongwoon

    bigbang - seungri

    CN Blue - Minhyuk

    Coed school- Sungmin

    Ft island - Minhwan

    Infinite - Sungjong

    Mblaq - Mir

    Shinee - Taemin

    Teentop - Ricky

    2PM - Chansung

    Super Junior - Kyuhyun

    U-Kiss - Dongho

    MYNAME - Chaejin

    Hohohohohoho I felt like one of those old hags when I found a gif of Chaejin X'D
    That boy is a freaking rare kind... Maximun 3 seconds camera time in their whole MV. His voice and dancing is actually pretty average or even underneath that, he needs a lot of training but he has that charisma-thing that capture all the peddo noonas TnT

    Dancing to Neverland...



    Uhhh I remeber this episode with SHINee Hello Baby! It was so epic hahahahahaha X'D

    I remember that the Onew, Key and Minho team wondered what Team Jonghyun and Taemin are doing and Key started to touch some baby girl cloths and said "I hope it's not these thing" or "I wouldn't be surprised if they where checking girl cloths" I don't know... it was something like that T___T and then they filmed Team J-T and that's what we see X'D

    La Suju! la la la la~

    X'''D diirrrtttyyyy


    Daam Daam Daaaaaaam!~

    True... so true...

    Thunder and Joon moment

    Hahhaha they're just soo cute!!!! 8D

    Awkward day...

    My WHOLE day was epic... I usually get (at least) 4-6 hours sleep however yesterday... I don't even wanna talk about it -.- Okey here we go! I read a freaking manga till 03:30 and sleept 04:00 and it was sooo AWESOME BECAUSE I JUST HAD TO WAKE UP 06:00. 2 hours of sleep that totally fucked up my sleeping schedule (not because I had one...)

    I even texted my friend and said

    "I have a favor to ask you... can you scare me when I enter the school?" HAHAHAHAHA her reaction XD

    But she did it, and succeded I screamed like a stuck up pig. So I thought that this little "oh-my-scare-me" thing would make me get a little bit hyped (and not fall asleep during my first lesson) EVERYTHING went as I though BUT... he (tha teacher~) turned the lights off and started to talk and the next thing...


    It was pretty awkward he noticed me sleeping 5? 6? 3? 4? times? and the same thing happened during the English lesson... (The goddamn woman had to turn off the lights again) AANNNDD science (The goddamn man had to turn off the lights ASFAKADSGL!)

    So I practically sleept in every lesson ;____;

    Conversation with my friends:

    Friend: So who's going to swim tomarrow?

    Me: Well I can't

    Friend: Why? :O

    Me: I just can't do it! It allmost ruined my whole vacation! No matter what I just couldn't get in! *sad face*

    And OF COURSE one of my classmated (guy) only heard the last one and stared at me TT^TT
    I made my own day... X'D


    [We will have this post as our "number-one" post however the new posts will be after this one, so you can only scroll down]

    Okey guys, it's here!!!! The moment you all have been waiting for *in a deep manly voice*...

    Na Na Na Na~

    Okey *serious* It's an easy contest where you only have to write a comment on this post or e-mail us on why you love your favorite KPOP-group.
    And who's your bias (in your favourite group).

    "Mini rules"

    - You have to write down your email so we can contact you if you win.

    - You have to write your comment in English.

    - And the day we announce the winners we will send an email to you and you will have to send your home adress *stalker* XD. But that is only so we can send you the awsomest prize evah!!! However if you don't reply during 3 days we'll announce a new winner. dam dam dam~

    And just a last thing. We don't really care if you live in Sweden, US, Bangladesh or anywhere else. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, remember that! So what are you waiting for???! JOIN NOW!! :D

    You have until November 24. That means Thursday next week ;P

    PS. The prize is something that we put a lot of effort in and bought with our own money. So it's not like.. "yeah, you won the honor of winning..(?)" haha ^^

    Here's an example for you guys who didn't really get it ^^

    Well we hope you got the point -___-'


    Bi Rain gets the 'Respect Reward'

    On November 17, military officials said, “Rain will receive the ‘Respect Award’ among five citations, such as Loyalty, Courage, Responsibility, Respect, and Originality Awards.”

    “There is not a big difference between the five awards, but we decided to give Rain the’ Respect Award’ because Rain was considerate and respected other soldiers during the five week training.”

    Not bad at all Rain!! Haha you go boy!!! 8D
    Hope that these 2 years will go fast. We want you back with MBLAQ (and I'm a poet without even knowing it.. because back and MBLAQ rhymes ^^) Plus that we want Heechul back.. and all of the others that have gone to the military.

    Bi Rain and group Koyote’s Beck-Ga today.

    About the contest...

    ...We mentioned yesterday in our video. I have to talk with BO a little bit and 18.00 (Swedish time... probably 12.00 for you guys somewhere in the US and 02.00 in Asia XD)
    the contest will start ^^

    It's a small "fun-wierd-ass" thing we wanted to do for you readers ^^
    Sooo... just wait ;)

    Random pic~ XD


    Joon heart Egypt

    Okey, maybe not heart egypt. But look at this video ^^

    Haha, is he not just to die for?!?!?!?! (Lee Joon)
    Damn, I really need to win like... Miss Egypt or something ^^
    But one thing I don't really get. Does she understans them speaking? Or is she just standing there like "ah.. yeah *just nod and smile. just nod and smile*"

    BIG morning BANG

    Gosh what a sucky headline hahahahhahaha X'D


    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I did... and the picture made more sense...


    OHHHHHHH! *snap*


    The fudge...

    Read this on allkpop, and my face was like The f*ck... O_o
    I'm sorry but firstly THE HELL if she plays. She's 24 years old let her be! O_O Sure they can be all sensetive with "You're an idol bla bla bla young kids, rolemodel" She's not turning into a gambling freak and it's her money. AND! THE MOST IMPORTATNT ONE... SHE'S IN VEEEEGAS!
    No matter WHAT if you're in Las Vegas you have to go and gamble! (at least once xD)

    Sometimes they do things like this toooo big, she's also a human beeing and wants to enjoy tha life~

    This cracked me up XD HAHAHAHAHA (y)
    They should be happy that she's honest and tells everyone what she's doing. Not beeing all fake and pretty -_-'

    Jung Juri

    The one every fangirl wish they were. And this is why:

    Hahaha Jung Juri and B2ST's Kikwang. Hahhaa and Doojon's expressions, they're like "eeeewwww, Dude, I feel for you!!!" xD

    I envy you.. O.o haha you lucky, lucky girl!!!!

    Hahhaha at 02:20. That was when Taeyang from BIG BANG was going to do this *I think*:

    Oh my.. hahahha, I reeeally want to be Jung Juri right now ^^ She has touched every singel KPOP-hotties, and that is why everyone wants to be her xD


    Well yesssss~ Today is M2STASCH 100 days anniversary and we have made a "Thank you" clip for you guys! Check it ^_~


    Enjoy~ ^^

    Did you know I suck at dancing? ... Now you do -.-'

    As you heard there'll be a contest where you can win something... HAHAHA XD Well there'll be more info about it tonight so be prepared!

    Say WEEEHOOO!~


    The cake manager Lee prepared for us... We need to get a new manager O_o'

    Bias list...

    *5 minutes later*

    This is how both of us entertain ourselves... Well my bias list is actually based on their personalities so don't judge XD (I think...) O_o

    RAGE! Ò____Ó

    Pure RAGE!

    I'm sitting here raping my computer (literally RAPING it! I'm taking my pen and poking in every possible holes I find SO SUFFER!)

    Well just wait a little bit more and something wierd will come upp soon ;D


    Groups you haven't heard of (part 8)


    ARE YOU SERIOUS? My whole face screams WTF?!

    Piggy Dolls

    Well ehh... They debuted this year and the "special" thing with them is that they're known because of their large size during debut, but lost a lot afterwards.
    Don't get me wrong I don't mind them beeing large size or anything it's pretty awesome actually. But the randomness of this group is just too much hahahahah XD

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA I was like WTF?! x2 Food?! (The song start at 2:05) Have to love their powerful voices :)

    Okay the MV was pretty fucked up XD <-- sorry for the language BUT DAAAMN! They GOT SO SKINNY?!

    It's hard to believe that they actually trained away all fat... but what do I know

    S.I.M.P #42

    You got to love the ego in it XD HAHAHAHAHAH

    Ey yo! Finally!
    Is this what you've been waiting for? Brand new CD!
    I'm all by myself!~

    HAHAHAHA X'D Aww... Seriously I'm loving these guys more and more. It's a shame I never paid any attention to their songs before.

    G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

    However his cover on This love (Marron 5) where one of the first songs I listened to when it came to kpop.. soo.... *proud*

    He's so adorable!!!!


    You can see the word right? *sight~*
    Everyday when I sit on that stupid buss I wonder "What the heck am I doing here in Sweden?!" Seriously I just want to flee away... -.-'

    Day 29 - A post dedicated to Key

    I'm too lazy too write down things right now.. But Diva, that's the word popping up.
    Let me just express my feelings through pictures!

    Ohh hahahahahahahahahah!


    You're just awesome!

    Sorry had to post this pic up hahahaha XD It was this one I talked about ^^

    BTW! It's a special day today muhahahaha!

    Tired as hell =___=

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by kawaiivshentai

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA What the... is wrong with that...sakjgn ... face -___-'
    Everything because of this goddamn gif -.-

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by
    I think that I've uploaded this before... but here we go again ^^

    So cuute~ TT___TT




    I don't know why but I just want to complain about the group Teen Top BUT! I won't...
    Instead Happy Birthday little Chanjo it sucks that you're as old as me but look where you are and look where I am TT___TT *depressed*

    Well be a healthy guy and stop . . . nevermind... NA NA NA~~

    Wu-hu baby pictures

    Seriously I'm absorbed in a manga and I ASDSFGLK all the time XD
    Well wanted to share some baby pictures from TVXQ (when they where.. ehh... "full" XD)

    TVXQ Kim Junsu TVXQ Kim Junsu
    TVXQ Kim Junsu TVXQ Kim JunsuTVXQ Kim Junsu
    Guess whoo.. well duhh his name is on one of the pictures -.- It's the amazing Junsu <-- sound like a reporter high on crack... Well dunno which one of those two boys is him o____o

    TVXQ Park Yoochun  TVXQ Park Yoochun TVXQ Park Yoochun
    You can see pretty clearly who this is, especially on the first and the third picture. Well it's the fat cheek Yoochun ^w^

    TVXQ Kim Jaejoong  
    HAHAHAHAHAH a bald kid XD Well it's Jaejoong ê____ê 

    TVXQ Jung Yunho
    Well this was the only one I found on leader Yunho (alone) so yeah...

    TVXQ Shim Changmin TVXQ Shim Changmin
    Asian kids always tend to be cute -__-' well hohohohoh *thank you* X'D And the lAAAAAAss~ Changmin!

    Oh my GAWDD TT_____TT Sooo cuuuteee~ It's the doubble J ... - Junsu and Junho!! o3o 

    Seungho's brother!

    Naaaaw, they look soooo alike!!!!! Seungho's brother is just a tiny bit taller. Hahha okey, maybe not so tiny ^^

    However I can't tell who is who in the baby pic. Can you? ^^ I didn't really have time to look it up either,
    because I need to sleep -.-
    It's 23:00 and tomorrow I'll have a TWI-DAY with my buddy. That means sitting from 4 o'clock to 2 o'clock watching every singel Twiligt-Movie in the cinema. Hahha, and that is why I'm making so many posts now. So I won't feel bad for not updating.

    We'll GOODNIGHT folks! Or.. it's 19:10 now (That's the time I want the blog to put this post up ^^)

    Oh right, can you guys tell me who is who in the baby pic? ^^

    Ugly humour...

    I've wasted 2 hours of my life to goof around and watch Big Bang's parodies. I'm dying. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! Y T.O.P KISS EVERYONE?! O_O HUH? I've seen him kiss GD 214425354634 times now... he seem pretty familiar with it... The only one he haven't kissed is Taeyang. Well that day will eventually come ;____;

    HAHAHAHAHAHA That's the ugly humour that popps up after a while X'D

    Day 24: If you had 24 hours with MBLAQ, what would you do?

    What wouldn't we do?? If you know what I mean ;) hahaha no, but probably like.. play games? Have you guys seen MBLAQ KKaeal Player? The games they play there? We'll I'd love to play those games with them ^^ They look like they're having so much fun while playing! Plus that I would kick they're ass in every singel challenge ^^
    Then we would probably go to an amusement park. Lee Joon and I would ride everything together (+ all of the other members, of course!)
    Theeeen we would all go to my house and down to the basement and...  I would look them in and have them as my pets. Not Lee Joon though. I can't lock my husband in the basement.. that would be crazy O.o

    hohohohoh WE'RE BACK!

    Just wanted to say that... BO is watching a Twilight marathon to 2 o'clock (<--- morning) Hahahahaha XD
    And I'm... carefree.... manager Lee is out on a hippie date so yeah...

    But the update now will be mucho better!

    Love the fact that I have a lot of wierd pictures as my background (in tha computah) where it stands: "The word normal doesn't exist in my word..."


    Lee Joon ♥ Seungho

    excuse me while I ADASDASFDLKASJFSDJFS!

    I died during these 11.42 minutes...

    I've read this manga 242354 times, seen the korean version, japanese version and other parodies 214134 times. But this... this was... yeah...

    Reactions step by step:

    * OMFG T.O.P is playing that bastard! XD

    * I can't decide if Daesung is ugly or pretty ;___;

    * Their acting... X''D


    * Seungri licking his lips when they....


    * T.O.P's random "SHIT" <--- That made my week!

    * And Daesung's OH MY GOD!

    * After 10 minutes I finally snaped on Seungri's annoying way of speaking. He's saying one word at the time O_o Please.Don't.Bla.Bla...

    * The awkward moment when Big Bang is trying to do a group hug and T.O.P doesn't like it and Seungri is an outsider.


    Well there you go! XD

    This weeks U.P.A.H.I

    Seriously I suck hahahaha XD

    What are you looking at?! O_O

    Is it only me that thinks he's still hot when he's holding a gun trying to kill a random guy? ê___ê


    na na na na na na na morning humour!



    What is the leading cause of pedophilia?   Sexy kids.  12-year-old Britneys in the making!

    My tribute to the Hobutt. (I didn&#8217;t even resize It.)

    Especially when you wake up under a heap of toilet paper rolls.
    eww... O_o

    TT___________________________TT This cracked me up ;'D HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

     They didn&#8217;t even pay me to promote them&#8230;
                                                                                  Whhooosht~ XDDD

    Long time..

    since I posted something in this category ^^

    Well that should be enough to satisfy you guys for a little while now xP

    Nu mattur wut...

    ...Me and Bo's studies will be more important so we're sorry if the update during this night wasn't that good. But I have a science test tomorrow (kill me) and I'm going all in for that one tonight but the update will be pretty good tomorrow after school.

    And it's a special day for M2STASCH this wednesday ^^ So stay tuned~ <-- hate that word -.-

    That's not me beeing cute... that's me thinking T___T

    B1A4 concert sold out!

    The tickets for B1A4's concert in Japan was sold after only one minute!!!!
    Hahhahahah B.R.A ... what did I tell you???~ ^^ When we are going to buy tickets to an 2PM, SHINee or MBLAQ concert.. we need to be ready and have like.. 10 computers in front of us O.o. Just to make sure that we'll get the tickets 8D

    "B1A4 will also keep busy with their follow up song “My Love” from their second mini album."
    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    Super Junior, Mr.Simple Japanese.ver

    It's out...
    Well ehh... it actually (almost) sounded like the korean version. However I still prefer the korean version it's more "EHAHAHAHR!" in it ^^

    Wo-oh (new group)

    It feels like allkpop or another source will write about them soon. (or they maybe have done that without me even noticing T___T)

    Women Power

    Heard about them yet? Well it's a three members group. At first they where all solo performers but joined forces XD

    They all have amazing voices, I just... melt o3o

    This was released 6 days ago.
    Suki (the leader) surely has a great, awesome, strong ASFDDSGF voice!

    Lol at the first comment hahahahaahah! who is whe, who is she, who is she XD
    Good one!

    Day 28 - A post dedicated to Taemin

    Right, I was the one taking over this challenge...

    Taemin... Taemin.. Taemin.... .                  .                      .

    Well you were one of the 2342435 reasons why I started to listen to kpop. It was becuase of that zebra t-shirt you had during the dance version of Lucifer. end!

    Well little boy, you're growing ^^ two words. Be careful. There's a lot of peddo noonas out there... we can say that I'm reading *cough* one *cough* blog *cough cough*... chesus I think I'm getting sick... *cough* XD
    Take care of yourself and don't feed Onew.
    The whole macro-world is getting overfull with Onew and his chicken XD

    thiz iz whut I mean!

    I feel like one of those über pervs everytime I search for some kpop celebrities/groups. In every picture they stare, and look right into your soul...~

    B.R.A is thinking...

    I thought of something (oh no)
    and that is all the new kpop groups that has "debuted" this year, 57 groups and more will probably come during this last month(s). How many of them is known then?

    If were're only going to count the boy groups (the only one I recognize, dunno any girl groups) who has succeded is:

    Block B

    Surely the B groups (a.k.a. those three last groups, they begin with the letter B XD) is more populer than MYNAME because they debuted earlier this year. Imagine only 4 of 57... geez that's only a few O_o
    We also have these oh-that-group, feeling when we hear


    However I haven't really heard any of their songs -.-' Have you for example heard of the group CHI CHI? or BBan, Swincle? All of them was ehh... "made"? before Boyfriend.
    So this practically shows us every group had like 1,7% <--- made up statistic XD to suceed:
    (Actually! *wait 5 minutes* bringning a calculator. If you divide 100 with 59 = 1,6949... and if you round off the sum it'll be... 1,7 O_o 1,7% My.God! My head isn't that stupid afterall... *stunned*) 0_0

    Okay back too "to succed:"
    You need to:

    a) Be badass
    b) Have a catchy song
    c) Be mysterious, REALLY cute, cold, funny, awesome . . .
    d) Fuck up everyones bias list! XD

    It was 34 female groups, 22 male and 1 mixed (who "debuted this year) for you who wanted to know it...
    Well congratulations Block B, Boyfriend, MYNAME and B1A4!

    Hahahahahhaha When I searched for MYNAME I though "someone is missing..."  afer 10 minutes my brain finally got that they're only 5 people XD

    Look alike: Yoojun & Junsu


    Well the worst look alike pictures evah!

    But that was the only one I found of Yoojun (TAKEN) TT___TT A lot of people say that they look alike (random people from youtube...) but I also thought about that when I saw Yoojun for the first time.

    I've thought on something...

    and that is... Yesung is cool as hell! 0_0 He has a charisma that suck me in.. or something... if you can say that -.-


    No seriously how do you even manage to do these kind of expressions even if you perform? huh?
    You tell me!? O_O
    Okay ehh... this wasn't really a good example on his coolness so let us see these instead:


    Powned all the way~


    Y U SO PRETTY?!?!?!?! T___T


    A few hours ago when I wanted to comment a blog I had to write down this wierd code thing and this was my code:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH my ASS that I could see that little text -.-

    SHINee childhood pictures

    I guess that some of you have seen some of the pictures from "SHINee Hello baby" but some of them are new. Onew's was priceless when he ate that phone hahahaha X'D


    Well you can clearly see that this is the chicken freak leader Onew ^^

    I didn't find so many picures on that little Minho TT__TT

    They wrote that this picture *points up* was Minho but it looks more like Taemin

    I only found these kinds of pictures on Key hahahaha XD

    And the best one!

    I suppose that all of you SHINee fans know who this is... The epic Jonghyun!

    If you knew...

    Those two kids 3:11-3:37

    Check it... I'm waiting...


    Well did you see who those where? HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I never noticed anything before I read the comments... Yes those two boys are G-Dragon and Taeyang from Big Bang. They where "noticed" through this MV and that eventually lead them to sign a contract with YG hohohoho cool eey?

    mehehehe Owo

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 7)

    I seriously like this hahahaha XD It's interesting to "dig" back and see how kpop was before. It's a shame that no one even mention the old kpop music anymore. Everyone is trying to adapt to the "new" thing a.k.a autotune, high teach, lots of makeup and wierd ass clothes.
    Well what to do...

    1TYM (pronounce: one time)

    I actually liked them XD hahahahah!
    I think it's the first group YG has "created". They debuted 1998 and haven't disbanded yet. Their latest song was released 2005 though... So they haven't made a comeback.. yet!

    I can't really describe the awesomeness in this MV because of the simpleness (me and my made up -ness words ê__ê)
    One thing I wonder is why the chick left him and why SHE was the one crying while giving him the key back O_o ?


    YG surely goes all in when it comes to hip hop groups. In matter of fact do they even hace a none "hip hop" group? 2NE1, Big Bang... These are actually the only groups YG have O_o (If you exclude disbanded groups and groups who has changed companies, more or less only 2 groups)
    I read that YG would introduce 2 or 3 new groups next year? Or something... So that will be interesting (betting 10 bucks it'll be something with Hip hop) X'3

    The catchiest song evaah! ;D
    Have to love that the MV starts with them swearing *piip* *piiip* *piiip* HAHAHAHAH XD

    Hot duggu duggu hot duggu duggu HAWT!~

    T-ara - Cry Cry

    "On the 12th, Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, reported that T-ara cried a lot in their practice room as they heard the news that “Cry Cry” topped all charts.

    After the release of “Cry Cry,” it topped all charts such as Gom TV, Bugs, Cyworld Music, Olleh Music, Naver, and Soribada.

    “Cry Cry” is co-composed by Jo Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun, and it tells a woman’s feeling toward her lover before their break-up. The song is passionate Spanish style with strong beats and fancy guitar sounds.

    “Cry Cry” is also released in three versions – original version, ballad version, and music video version, so it can be enjoyed in various styles."

    Not a bad comeback at all!! Hahahha, well done ladies! ;D

    Group: T-ara
    Song: Cry Cry
    Here you have the entire MV. It's about 16 minutes.. hahaha, so I thought that I'd put up just the audio as well ;)

    It's catchy. Thought that it would be more.. deppressing because of the MV and such. Guess that I was wrong ^^


    I don't know of I love these fan arts or hate them ;___;

    shinee_jh_200709  shinee_tm_200709


    You know what.. nevermind... Why so much makeup folks' -__-

    2PM collection

    Oh god that head line could be a misunderstanding. It feels like all of you morning readers isn't that "oh-weeey" to read, first thing in the morning, Soo... instead there'll be good picture for you guys to watch ^^ (Well it's morning here in Sweden)
    It's funny how 1 or 2 members from a group can have some abs and everyone literally freaks out but in 2PM EVERY member have abs and everyones reaction are "ohh yeah pretty" *one drop of drool*

    A blurry picture on Junsu. He doesn't really "flash" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH <-- tired humour) himself as much as Taecyeon for example... shy I see ^w^

    Nichkhun, the first picture is from a Coca cola CF together with Taecyeon. Loved to see when they failed with the whole toss-the-cola-to-the-other-dude-while-looking-cool

    Wooyoung - Hmm... both of the pictures are from 2PM You're beautiful parody (That parody seriously made my day for a whole day! I swear! *dead serious* XD)

    Hah.. hahaha.. HAHAHAHAHAAH! In.EVER.single.picture he's either covered, covering or showing his back!
    There's none! no! finito! nothing! nevah! pictures on him showing his stomach/abs or something TT___TT
    You won this round . . .

    Chansung - Why couldn't you be this obedient Junho huh? Look at this pretty boi doing my work easier!

    Taecyeon - It feels like I should write a comment over here... here you go!

    And Jay too ^^ Even if he's out, he's still 2PM's truthful leader :)

    It's funny when you search on 2PM abs and it's only chan...chan...chan...chan... CHANSUN that pops up. Like 80% of the pictures are of him ^^

    I just had to

    A few days ago I uploaded Knock out by GD & T.O.P
    So I just had to do this

    LOOK at T.O.P XD Priceless...!!

    Time á la TVXQ









    HAHAHAHAHAHAA This cracked me up X'DDD


    EMA all over again...

    I was bored and checked MTV and it was the BEST timing evah! The song with David Guetta and co. had ended aaannnnddd it was time for the best wordwide act! I litterally died XD
    texted + called BO immidietly was hyped as hell and screamed *in a low voice that only me heard* BIG BANG's turn, BIG BANG!

    Seriously it was a hyping moment all over again! XD I sat there and screamed for myself when they won. BUT THEY CUT OUT GD THANK YOU SPEACH IN KOREAN! O_O WHY?!?!?!?! I LOOKED FORWARD TO THAT! TT__TT

    Ahh here's a interviewe with them :O GD's english is actually really good especially the pronunciation and Taeyang wasn't that bad either *proud~*

    I never noticed that but after reading this comment and seeing the clip again I seriously laughed so hard that our neighbours even heard that...
    It wasn't right on that "casual" way. He even stood on that "I'm awesome an hot" pose (you can see it in the screen if you don't click on the play button)


    Day 27 - A post dedicated to Minho

    Well wo-ho B.R.A here.. such a surprise -.-'
    BO is finally studying, now he know what kind of hell I'm going through -.- He said that I should take over the 30 days of SHINee, so here I am!

    Okey a post dedicated to Minho. I always thought that he where the shy type. Doing nothing and saying nothing.
    But after seeng some pictures and clips everything changed!
    Keep beeing a awesome rapper and one day you'll find that it... and be a good boi~

    Take some breaks because all of us Shawols see how tired you guys are but you're still doing 12435 concerts. So take care of your health and don't suffer while doing all of these kinds of things, you should enjoy it and not see it as a duty you have to do ^^

    Enjoy your dream and be happy~


    These fan fics...

    Saw this clip:


    And started to think of fan fictions. It's not a real clip, the original. Do not fear my lovers! Lol...
    Well and after thinking of fan fics I started to think about You're beautiful

    I also wonder that...

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this was so epic! XD
    I remember the first time I saw this... I peed my pants! It's so... true O_o I read A LOT of fan fics before so yeah this was a hit on my fugly face... but not anymore... don't have, time an-y-more?

    This one too!:

    So sweet *__* You know I wouldn't mind if they actually went inpublic and said that they where gay or a couple... Supporting JongKey FTW!~

    cold TT___TT

    My room is cold. BO is dead (again). I'm tired. I need too study.

    Top 4 biggest problem on earth...

    Oh! BO is alive! halleluya!
    I feel all alone... in our dorm XD
    This is how I run the time (<-- can you say that O_o)

    A pretty sloppy 20-minutes-painting

    The dramatic side of B.R.A~

    pfft... X'D

    Kpop groups/celebrities with white hair

    or silver or... something really bright -.-
    Well I thought about that shen I saw TRAX Blinde and the guy with white hair O_O muhaha! okey the worst statement ever but.. yeah
    However I haven't really seen so many celebrities with white hair... it's raaaree~

    TRAX - Jungmo                                                                   Big Bang - T.O.P

    Teen Top - Well wigs all the way~

    2PM - Wooyoung                                        JYJ - Jaejoong                         2NE1 - Minzy

    Yeah that was it.. -.-'
    They actually look good in it, especially T.O.P *__* 
    White hair FTW!

    Look alike: G-Dragon & Zico

    Well the only thing I thought of was the hair of course XD ... wait a minut... it's EXACTLY the same haircut O_o

    Oh right! I geeked Big Bang yesterday, and I though of something... T.O.P has a really sexy voice 0_0 Especially in tonight, that was just like! *hohohoh*

    hahahahahahah! monkey...

    You seriously have to LOVE this song XD It also beats 2PM's Hands up with NOOO choreography. And the dorkyness <3 , gosh T.O.P's reaction when they sat there and popped those bubble plast. Made my nigh...


                                                                                       HAHAHAHAHAH Get it? X'D

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by Sumirechan

    Good one...

    Watch out, Thunder! Here is some serious competition.

    Lol... XD

    Physics is getting physical. To be continued&#8230;

    Day of 11/11/11...

    When you check the time

    You either

    A) Make a wish I wanna meet my bias/I want____/ect.”

    B) “Awww man I missed it!!”




    I don't really get this 11/11/11 day...
    Tireeeeeeed.... gonna sleep noe ;___;


     2NE1 - Sandara Park

    2NE1 - Sandara Park

    Her awesomness beats your awesomness... That's all I could come up with -_-
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUAWESOMECHICKIN2NE1 is turning 27 now, if I'm not wrong... damn that's pretty old O_o no seriously when someone is 23 or 24 me and Bo's reaction is "My god! He's too old" <-- fine it's only guys but... yeah...
    she's 30 soon :O

    Well we hope that you'll get a mega awesome birthday! and say rain to Thunder ^^ (hohoh get it.. no -.-) The irony bi RAIN has "started" the group MBLAQ and THUNDER is one of the members XD I suck...

    Apparently MTV hates Korea...

    Well uhu my day... hahaha I wasn't a cold hearted biatch instead I helped our opponents (shame on me..) BUT WE WON THAT SHIT! And our work can be the next law here in Sweden (yes it was a wierd school work but if we have a new law about the youth unemployment, you should thank meeee!! *mad-face* XD)

    About the head line... All of you kpop freaks have noticed that right? Especially during the EMA, BIG BANG WAS #1 ON THAT TWITTER THING BUT THEY ONLY SHOWED GAGA AND GAYIEBER! O_O
    And when I came home I saw that MTV was showing every winners (during that night) MV. Little me thought that Big Bang would be in it, so little me could fan-girl even more. So I saw more than half of it and ASDFGHJKLK!! Big Bang never showed up . . . *three sad dots* They finnished the whole thing with Gagas Born this way -.-
    More like *fuck this way* -__-

    Sorry for my language but me are mad!

    Rage... -.-

    Day 23: Member you think has the best smile.

    In the beginning of this challenge, I was all like "well duh, hahaha, who do you think I'll pick? ^^ "
    but now I'm like.. "I'm sorry my one and true love. My future husband. The man who will change my name to Bo Lee. I'm really sorry to tell you that.. the member with the best smile in MBLAQ is.. SeungHo!"

    2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters

    OMG!!! Only 2 weeks until B2ST, MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, BoA and... haha don't really know any else that will attend, but until they will be in the states performing in the '2011 BILLBOARD K-POP MASTERS' concert! xD

    Gosh.. I'm not as depressed as I was before about me being in the states and my Bias is in the same country.. yet I can't see them. THANK GOD!! I really dont wan't to be sad *no duh* ^^

    Anywhoo, some interviews were released with B2ST, MBLAQ and BEG.

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 6)

    Oh my HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH! This is the first group in the list I'm checking and gosh the name XD
    *dying x24443*

    Young Turks Club (Y.T.C.)

    The heck?!?! XDD

    As you can see it was a mix between girls and boys (or can you O_o)
    They debuted 1996 and disbanded 2008, not that long ago actually... only 3 years.
    I don't know if there's 2 or 3 girls -.- or 2 or 3 boys sight~ well 12 years is not that bad, long time as hell...

    I actually listened to this -.- Sounds like these old chinese ballads my mom always listen to...

    Look alike: Bo & Geunwoo


    a.k.a Creepy guy...

    OMO~ O__O they look tooo alike...
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Seriously my eyes are just to awesome sometimes! ;D
    The notsofamous BO from M2STASCH and the notsofamous#2 Geunwoo from TAKEN

    Taken m2stasch... oh no you didn't :O <-- O_o


    *Sounds like Seyoung in the beginning of Message*
    hahaha XD no lifer...


    Hahahaha mindfuck... X'3
    Well I actually have some comments *careface*

    #1 I was finally happy that every member from this group had the same amont of "singing parts" (except for the second rapper he could've gotten a few more lines)  otherwise me are happy ^^ (Not like MYNAME where Chaejin has 4 lines and 3 seconds camera time -.-)

    #2 Reminded me a lot of MBLAQ's Stay when they where on that red heart thing part... O_o

    #3 The maknae's voice *crying rivers* so pretty... it's almost like Jang Geun Suk's...

    The MV was released 2 days ago...

    Michael XD


    Isn't Mike* Tyson? o_o

    Tired as poo~ =__=

    The swedish business B.R.A

    During the whole day I'm going to play smart and be a hard bitch judging everyone. Wish me luck! <-- I'm serious O_o
    BO is dead... well he's trying to catch up with the school work (Finally after 3 months -.- now you know what I go through! hohoho)
    Well let's just laugh a little, IT'S FRIDAAAAY!! So tempting to upload Rebecka Black's Friday XD

    &#8220;Don&#8217;t be a drag, just be a queen&#8221;.

    Message to self.fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by kawaiivshentai  The power of Kpot&#8230; caught on tape!
    -__-'  ah... I'm sorry TT__TT


    … or like tumblr.

    R.I.P. Park Bom&#8217;s pretty face.
    Old one ;D I've never realized what this chick has done 0_0

    I&#8217;m READY READY READY for you guys to TAKE IT OFF!  The MV is out. THE NINETIES ARE FUCKING BACK! Is being a frustrated ajumma more or less pathetic than being a pedo noona like me?

    OH hahahahah never thought of that . . .

    HAHAHAHAHAH!! Bo.. "knock knock..." "who's there?" "Raizo I'm your father.." XD <--- bad humour
    Bo: "Is that really his father?"
    Me: No -.- He's everyones father
    Bo: Ohh..



    FT ISLAND's truthfull maknae is turning 19 today!!!! Why u so uber cute T__T
    Give Hong ki a big fat slap and enjoy your bithday!!! Don't really have anything else too say -.-

    2NE1 the best band in the world!!! woop woop~

    No one have missed this right?

    Read an article here

    JYJ Long vs Short

    I promised that there'll be the other half hohohohohohoho <-- mad as hell now...

    Jaejoong - I actually liked him with the blonde hair. That was actually the reason why I started to like TVXQ XD I saw his blonde hair got curios and started to love them ^w^

    Yoochun - He was cute with long hair :) *hohoh perv on high level* well he looks more "manly" with short hair

    Junsu - That's the "only" haircut he has -.-

    My time for excuses!

    Well as Bo said he's sorry.. HAHAHAHA XD

    I'm also sorry but I didn't have any access to internet yesterday so I went to school and tried to fix it and I'm so useless O_O This whole day was fail! Only 2 things went right, however those 2 things made my day ^^


    #1 I had access  to internet all the time, it was my big fat hand that pushed a button and disconnected the whole thing...

    #2 It took me 2 hours to get home.

    #3 It was caos on the way home when I was in that bus. It took me 1235467 years and for you who didn't know I have car/motion (something) sickness
    (The only thing I need is braces then you have a high class dork! I have glasses if didn't notice that either)
    So it was this close for me *Imagine my fingers make that "little" sign* (<-- ?! 0_0) to puke on that 56 years old lady's face who was chewing gum like it was a freaking steak! -_-

    #4 I just wanted to fart................................... end! But nooooo I was pushed into a corner while listening to Big Bang's tonight. I feelt like a Swedish version of T.O.P

    Difference between us two:

    T.O.P - Sitting in a limo                                                Me - Sitting in a corner of a bus
    T.O.P - With a hot chick                                               Me - With an old woman looking like a man
    T.O.P - Going around with a limo                                  Me - Is stuck in the trafic
    T.O.P - Watching the great wieve outside the window     Me - Watching a man poking its nose in the car outside

    Sight~ I can go on and on -.-

    The positive stuff!:

    #1 I had the best result in our math test in my class
    (That must be THE MOST random thing I've ever been trough... I'm the one always having an E and EVERYONE in my class is one of those über dorks that have A in everything... that was a real ha, in your facec moment) The funny thing is that I suck at math but I'm going the economics XDDDD

    #2 I BOUGHT POCKY!!!!!!
    I sat and searched for pocky during my science class and I found a shop. It only took me 35 minutes to find it!!!
    Another thing if you didn't know about me I have the worst local mind a person can have. It's sick! It took me 25 minutes to find a school one time... and it was right in front of my face TT___TT

    Well that was my day... how was your? *trying to smile*

    HAHAHAHAHA couldn't hold muself so I had to taste it ;____; It's the most simple but the best thing I've ever eaten! The chocolate will be for tomarrow >:D I will show those punks what we asian are capable of! Always bully me and my asian food -.-

    Our bad..

    well, mine the most I guess. I've been so caught up with schoolwork, plus that everytime I want the computer, my brother needs it to study -.- So the posts has not been as uppdated as it normaly is. We, I, apologize for that. I still have a lot to do. But at the end of this week.. oh gosh.. at the end of this week(!!!!!!!!!!!).. there will be A LOT OF UPDATES!!!!!!!!! ^^

    OMAH... hahaha that is Kikwang with the hat!!! And how do I know that? 8)

    He has the same outfit on my iPhone's homescreen (*^^*)

    Late morning humour with Chansung! (15 reasons why Chansung is a good ninja)

    1. He rocks hairstyles no one ever could

    2. He eats his hyungs

    3. He’s a Bibliophile

    4. He’s always been the cool kid

    5. He’s flexible

    6. He’s unpredictable


    7. He’s a good actor

    8. His whisper is the Lucifer

    9. He’s as transparent as Wooyoung’s T-Panty

    10. He owns something Nickhun never does

    11. He’s the only person Junsu ever slept with

    12. You could throw some food at him, blind, and it will still go in

    13. Posting Minjae’s baby pic and claimed that it was him

    14. His Twitter

    15. His sweet mighty abs

    Was it only me who thought that picture with Junsu was soooo cute~ TT___TT (when they "sleept" together)


    Useless -.-

    Sorry amigos I didn't have access to internet at all yesterday. The only internet I had access to was through my phone (without paying) and thet was while sitting on the tiolet XDDDD So I literally sat on the toilet trying to make posts but MY ASDFGHJKL! phone wouldn't make some -.-

    TAKEN's 'young boy'.. is taken O.o

    When I first heard TAKEN's song 'young boy' I could not help but hearing that it sounded a bit familiar (haha I know.. this again?)

    Have you guys heard 'shots' by LMFAO?

    If you listen from 00:13 you'll hear that the music sounds a lot like young boy by TAKEN.

    Does it sound alike, or is it just me? O.o

    Day 22: Member you think is the weirdest

    Mir.. for so many reasons ^^

    Hhahahahahahaha, the last photo.. can't. stop. laughing! x'D
    He is like one of those creepy guys at a club hitting on hot girls, hahahha, I don't know. But it just looks so funny ^^
    Now when thinking about it, Seungho is also pretty weird.. but Mir is weirder. Actually.. all the members are weird -.-

    To much suger!!!



    OMO~ Isn't that Chansung O_o
    The heck...

    God bless things made in China Asia!

    Look alike: Taehyuk & Kevin


    In profile *happy smile* ... -_-'
    Well they don't really look alike but they somehow do. Everyone from TAKEN look like some one and the first one I thought of when I saw Teahyuk was Kevin.

    I bet that during their "rookie" (wtf?! 0_0) year they'll hear A LOT that he/she/this/that one look like the one from that group etc. Must be pretty tiring... Almost like teachers trying to pronounce my name XD

    There's only ONE techer who has during this 15 years pronounced my name correctly. I remember that day EVERYONE stood up and started to applause... pretty dorky but that was a halleluya moment for me but he quit after 1 day -.-'
    It was almost 4 years ago, It was the first time I meet Bo (you were so "annoying" in a wierd way XD HAHAHAHAHA You always raised your hand everyone where like "Is that dude gonna EVERYTHING?! O_o")

    Good times... ;D

    hohohohihihih have to love youtube!

    TAKEN in tha spotlight eeyyyy!!

    Dunno why but I'm somehow stuck on TAKEN's Young boy O_o' it's pretty catchy but it sucks hahahaha XD Their dance moves are pretty "catchy" as well, like sujus sorry sorry...

    However I wanted to read some of the comments and see what people thought of them... Many liked them because of their looks or that they looked like another group etc.
    But many of them disliked the song HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD

    HAHAHAAH Have to love these random people...

    The first one - That blonde dude scared the shit out of me and the wb T.O.P has a creepy voice O_o

    Second one - I checked the lyrics and THAT MUST BE THE MOST CRAPIEST SONG EVER! HAHAHAHAHA
    Agree that listening to kpop has positive sides... we don't have to know what the crappy lyrics are about compared to korean people (and the opposite when there's a good meaning behind a song TT__TT)

    Third one - No coments *holding in laughter*

    Here's the lyrics

    The best comment that made my day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


    Here you go!

    For you who wanted to stalk them a bit XD
    Here you have the group members in TAKEN ^^

    Seriously O_o I thought he was the maknae #2                  Yoojun

    Taehyuk                                                                                Seungyul

    Geunwoo/Alex - Dying x1000 he's the maknae XD

    Can't still believe that he's the maknae -.-

    Can't believe I listened to this...

    The worst 3 minute and 58 seconds in my life X'D


    In real life á la Suju

    In reality, Donghae doesn’t give you beautiful roses.

    In reality, Heechul’s heart doesn’t start to vigorously beat when he’s around a girl. It’s just the massive square mileage of an ego that feels painfully violated.

    In reality, Leeteuk doesn’t want to date you but just fap to the thought of you.

    In reality, Eunhyuk likes to be the submissive one.

    In reality, Han Geng tells all his friends how fast he made you come last night.

    In reality, Kyuhyun doesn’t believe in destiny, but in his own good looks.

    In reality, Sungmin goes to donate blood to pick up chicks who are weak and easy from massive blood loss.

    In reality, Zhou Mi doesn’t want to see you pole dance because he’s better at it.

    In reality, Siwon looks up your skirt when he ties your shoes.

    In reality, Ryeowook doesn’t want to wash your fucking car.

    In reality, Yesung calls you Moon Geun Young in bed.

    In reality, Henry shares his food.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Ryeowook! X'D



    Do you know how retarded I feel when I sit alone and laugh like a retad?! O_o
    Well I know that you actually anjoy these hohoh ê___ê

    One word: Necrophilia.


    fuckyeah2pmfaces:  Uh huh clubbing 2pm style  Who knew 2PM was into that kind of party? (Trust me, you won&#8217;t regret clicking that link)



    If you want something done, do it yourself. (By the way, this is my new background picture)
    Isn't that pretty epic? It's almost like reading your own book or have your song as a phone/alarm signal.. ;___;


    OH MY GAWD HAHAHAH!! (The horror movie "the shining")                       (original)

    I thought it was a CF for a phone or something -.- But then I realized it was a song... and laughed my ass off when I saw Tacyeon XD

    • Expectations:

    • Reality:


    Just had to take my big foot down and...

    A totally useless headline -.-'

    Well I've read a lot of places where some kpop celebreties decide to drop or not search into schools/uni <-- I know it sounds ugly but I don't have the energy to write the whole word XD
    Well we have two examples from allkpop
    (I'm going to play smart over here so just keep reading! >_>)

    I've read some of the comments where people nag too much about this... Sure if I'm going to bring up that
    bitchy -parent-side my only comment would be "You have to study :O What will happen after your career?" but it's good that some of them decide to drop out or not attending university this year.

    Some of them will surely decide to attend university when they have the feeling that they don't want to keep going on with the whole celebrity-red-carpet-famous stuff (I have to say that I admire my way of explaining things X'D)
    and some of them won't attend university or keep studying at all. They will probably  keep going with the "famous-stuff" but they won't be in the spotlight. Maybe a producer? Song writer? Manager? etc.

    AND! something everyone think of, It'll probably be a bit impossible to combine university/school with their job. Especially university. The whole thing would be unessecary because they won't have time to study. Instead other people who has the desire to study can take their place ^^

    Well insted of sitting here behind a screen and complain here and there we fans should just support them instead of complaining. They have their resons for droping out and we should just cheer for them! It's their dream after all!! SO KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP .... IT ... GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! <-- thought I would say fighting eey~

    Big Bang meets Katy Perry!

    Big Bang met singer Katy Perry at the EMA 2011!! :D This picture was taken before the actuall show. I bet you they were reeeeaaaally nervous ^^
    I know I haven't really posted anything about their win at the EMA. Hahaha, their "win" ^^. But I really am proud of them. I did not cry, but my heart started to beat very fast after they called up Big Bang to the stage! I couldn't do much more. My entire family was sleeping -.- But I curled. I curled hard!!!! (You know, as fan girls do? " *curls* " Hahhahahaha, please don't misinterpret ^^

    Ohh dear SHINee..

    Just watch this *points up*
    Onew XDD "I'll be sorry"

    Burned! HAHAHAHAHA JongHyun's reaction revealed everything about him! ;__;

    Me right now...




    I was actually going to have a test this thursday and the awesome me didn't even study for the big-ass-mf* test BUT! It's postponed, to next week!!!

    2PM tickets sold out

    "Tickets for 2PM’s Japanese arena tour sold out in one minute.

    2PM started to sell the tickets for three additional concert on the 5th, and one hundred thousand tickets sold out in one minute."

    B.R.A.. How the hell are we supose to see our KPOP-Idols when we are in Korea if the tickets are always freakin' sold out after just a minute? O.o

    Well.. I guess that we'll just have to be faster then every other carzy obsessed KPOP-fan ^^


    SHINee in London - Photos

    SHINee is now back in Korea after performing on the 'SHINee in London' concert that was held as an opening act for the 6th London Korean Film Festival.

    SMTown also uploaded some photos of them performing on Facebook!!! :D

    I then found some cute pictures of them just hanging around in Great Britain :
    Who is that on the right? O.o Probably just a fan *curls* I want to be that "just a fan"!!!

    Feel sorry... I SAID FEEL SORRY!! TT^TT

    How guys have PMS hahahaha X'D
    Well the update from me can be a bit bad during the afternoons but today I had to begin earlier and quit later

    FML, like you always dooo~~
    FML, when you take me tooo~
    FML, when you grab my ass and stick it insiiiiiiiidddeeee!~
    FML, when you don't let me start~~
    FML, when you feel so haard!~
    FML, when you go on and on and on and on and OOONNNNNN!!!!~~~~

    A song á la M2STASCH! (The funny thing is that I didn't even had to think about the "lyrics", it just... came <-- XD get it HAHAHAHA)

    I don't know why but it feels like it's written all over my face . . . 0_0

    TVXQ Long vs Short

    HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lol they're only 2 people XD The other "half" will come tomarrow instead ;D



    Well what to say... They surely went all in when it came to the long hair part XD
    However they look more mature with short hair... old mature O_o In matter of fact.. go with the long hair... you look younger XD then all the TVXQ fans won't feel depressed because of the age difference... ^^ see how nice I am heh... -.-'

    S.I.M.P #41

    OMELIGOSH! These guys... they are just too awesome!! I seriously love them!!!! It's sad that I haven't seen all of their shows (those I wanted to see) me need more time!!! :O

    Well they'll never disappoint you and they are so über cute TT^TT

    U-KISS - 0330

    Dongho and Eli ;___; = Badass huhuhuuhuh!!
    And Soohyun... SOOHYUN YOUR FREAKING VOICE!!!!!(3:17-3:24) that voice is just ASDFGGBHAWLJRLJR!!

    Seriously during 15 years of my life (soon 16) I've never, EVER been fangirling. Do you know how wierd it feels? Even when all of my friends where in that wierd twilight period, Taylor, Hobo Robert, Abs etc. I never fan girled once not even when I saw Taylor -.- But when I saw Big Bang win that award on a tiny screen 214235 miles away from me, I screamed and almost cried like a fat cow trying to suck its own milk... and I get hyped everytime you name kpop.. or abs >_>
    Okey back to S.I.M.P!

    I haven't really been oh-my-gawd when it comes to Hoon and AJ because I've always seen shows where Kibum and Xander was in... but Hoon also has a great voice, he must be one of the lead singer? Or am I wrong? Dam dam daaaam!!!

    Before XD


    Have to love this natural style better than the one with heavy makeup and all... And Eli, you haircut is just magnificent! <-- that barber-gay-guy-in-a-ghetto-shop

    Some of the reactions from tumblr when Big Bang won

    Normal People:

    “OMG, I’m so proud of them!”







    I’m so proud of them

    I’m so proud of kpop fans.

    we’re one family! <3

    Meanwhile on the LadyGaga’s side…

    who’s the Chinese group over there? Do anyone know them? huh?















    HELL YEAH!!!


    BO... I'm your father!


    cr:  By :D


    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  cr: Clara  ITS MY MACROOOO!!! -one of the admins :)

    HAHAHAHAAH!!! perv...

     by :)

    by :D
    This made my day!! XDDD

    by :D¨

    The majority of the macros was from U-kiss... lovely boiz ;'D



    Chansung does it again... btw yes that tatoo is a fake one.
    Let's not be dirty minded over here XD

    Me Tomorrow Morning...

    I don’t want to go to school!


    slowly waking up…..



    I’M LATE!


    to the bus stop…


    sitting in the bus…..


    sitting in class….


    when i get home!


     So true... ;____;

    Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

    Wonder girls released their 2nd album on the 7th!!! It's called Wonder World and contains a total of 13 songs. One of these songs are called 'Be My Baby'. The MV to the song was released yesterday (November 5th).

    It's not amazing, but it's not entirely bad either. I don't know what to think. They don't give me that WOW feeling that 2ne1 has given me. I guess that I'm just not such a big fan of KPOP Girl Groups..

    "On the 6th, Wonder Girls’ producer Park Jin Young said, “Singers have to improve themselves, not change themselves. If they keep trying to change, they will eventually lose their own color. I had that in my mind when I produced this album of Wonder Girls. I wanted to make music that only Wonder Girls can do. However, it is surely different from their previous ones,” through his Metoday account."

    What did you think of the Song/MV? Is it a Wonder Girls style like Park Jin Young wanted it to be or not? O.o I wouldn't know because I don't really listen to them. But you might? 8D

    Just have to...

    Finally MTV updated their blog yesterday and this post went up! Have to loe that they had Big Bang's picture ^^
    It feelt like they had a problem towards korean people -.- ASDFFGHGH (<-- you can chose which word you want) on them!

    I haven't been all in when it comes to Big Bang (for the 124345 time) but I've read a lot of news and crap and bla bla.. about them and they really deserve this ;) *proud*

    Remember this picture:

    XD you'll see...

    Day 21: Favorite episode of idol army and why

    TT-TT. HTH am I supose to pick one? I loved every singel one of them!! Well.. maybe not episode 3. It could be because I did not see it.. haha who knows ^^
    (Because of me, I said that it was a boring episode X'3 /B.R.A) Actually.. when I think about it, I never saw the last episode either O.o

    Anywhoo. I guess that I'll pick one that I've seen. Truth is also that I liked some episodes more then others. So if I had to pick, it would probably be one of these:
    Episode 1

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -
    Part 5 -

    1. Because that was the first time I ever saw MBLAQ for who they really are. You know what I mean?
    2. The beginning when they introduce everyone, hahaha that was not a very good first impression ^^
    3. I saw Lee Joon's abs for the first time 8D
    4. The charades. JOOMI was so hilarious in that challenge!
    5. The mouse game, priceless!!!
    6. Hahahaha, and last but not least... the card kissing game (*^^*)

    Episode 8

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -
    Part 5 -

    Why? Because of the Blindfolded IceCream eating contest ^^ Hahhahaha, poor Mir. And the Power Rangers part! ;D

    Episode 9

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -

    1. The horror movie wannabe part in the beginning ^^ That part kind of scared me as well O.o
    2. The game 'Household Preparation Quiz'.
    3. Lee Joons hair -.-
    3. G.O's meaning of ESC ^^ hahaha, that one made me laugh so much!!
    4. The CF shooting in the end 8D

    Episode 10

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -
    Part 5 -

    I liked this episode mainly because of the multiplication game. Hahhahahaha JOOOOON, wtf dude? ^^
    Hahha aand at 2:50 on part 4 when Cheundong touches that fish (*^^*)

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 5)

    I can continue with this anyyytime~! XD

    Well this time it'a actually two different groups... only 2 members in each one of them. One of them is a male group and the scond is a female. And in both of the groups the members are twins ô_Ô

    #1 Ryanghyun Ryangha - debuted 2000


    #2 Shyne ( Sooo wanna be.. wait a minute...) debuted 2004, SHINee - 2008
    AHASFHAFWASFG!!! Ohh my... xD just kidding ;'3

    Neither of them have disnbanded and it's funny to see that none of them has a "leader" :'D

    Thank you god for inventing Lóreal hair color!

    However they seem to serving the army for now...


    Their dancing skills is not a joke O_o

    So they're 24 now...

    Their voices are not a joke O_o
    Reminded me a lot of "Britney Spears" - style, but better.. well eyy~ BIG BANG powned Britney yesterday soooo!

    Don't really know what hapened to these girls but old groups surely are interesting...


    Okey I tried to write down those last two as good as I could XD
    Finally when I decided to sleep yesterday (around 01.00)
    my MOM randomly barges in too my room thinks that she's quiet as an ant but actually walks like an elephant



    Note: There's an invisible U efter YO ^^

    Welcome to my life...

    Never get tired watching this X'3

    HAHAHAAHAHAH poor kids...
    Feel sorry for Hong ki but Jong Hun that's just... XD

    FT Island is also one of these groups bands, where the oldest one isn't the leader. Hong Ki "should actually" be the leader however Jong Hun is. (It's only 5 days of age (?) difference) It messes up your mind -__-

    This weeks U.P.A.H.I

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! U.P.A.H.I that must be the worst made up short name thing I've ever come up with XDDD But it stand for Uber Pretty And Hot Idol so deal with it!
    The one who's going to have the honor is....

    It's the big dude Bi Rain! Geez if you just saw me and Bo after Ninja assassin hahahaha

    <--- Exactly like that -.-'

    Regret it...

    I totally regret that I didn't listen to this song a long time ago... I've seen their new "comeback" song a long time ago but I never listened to it ;___;

    It gave you a depressing feeling in the beginning, almost like Hello Hello XD but it was a warm song. This seriously made me smile. So sweet ÔwÔ <-- look more like a pervy smiley O_o
    I can never get tired of Lee Hong ki's voice... he truly sings from his heart I really envy him ;)

    Morning humour with Bang... BIG BANG!

    I can't say how happy I actually am! I never really paid any attention to Big Bang before but yesterday every kpop fan in this little world joined forces and made history with BIG BANG! Even if I sat as a no lifer, I felt the powah! Somany time I voted TT__TT SO HELL YEAH! 11.06.11 a date to remember!
    Haven't slept so good during these 4 days ;__; feel like a dry grape -__-'

    I don't know how many fb status I've liked, I don't know how much I've been spazzing, I don't know how many times I've seen the clip where they win the award and I don't know how many times I've been thinking:

    "I have tortured myself for 2 hours by seeing Justin Bieber appear 2353456745 times in EMA but it
    so worth it to just see BIG BANG's speech
    for 30 seconds" <3

    Not at all~ na na na...


    And the 2 minutes and 15 seconds clip that makes every kpop freak cry and shout

    HAPPY BIRTDAY TO YAHH!!! (Kimichi)

    318424_261047950608575_257828254263878_726419_303785672_n_large 376602_260053937374643_257828254263878_723222_363176980_n_large


    It's a shame that there isn't so many pictures on you but what the heck...

    18 years old.. not bad eey~~
    Get more popular now!! It would be easier to stalk you guys ^^ Hope that you'll have an asume day!! me and m asume engrish! n___n

    I'm like crying rivers...


    My mom - O_o ...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Their thank you speach in Korean XD *died*

    My friend: Yeah and I totally get what they're saying...



    T.O.P's shyness and Daesung's smile ;_____; <3

    Some pictures I've stolen from FB ^^ hohoho

    OMFG SAW THEM BEHIND Bruno Mars!!! *FAN GIRL*!!!


    I feel like a freak now -.-

    It's the red carpet time (a slight chance that they'll be there)
    And 42 minutes left!!!! BIG BANG WEEHOO!~

    Eye Candy - SUJU style

    As you all should know by now, today is Super Junior's 6th anniversary!!!!!! That is why this post will be all about them ;) *pervy smile*

    Dong Hae toung:

    And all the other members ^^:

    Song of the week #2

    Hello everyone!! Sorry for not posting anything at all today. The first thing i did today was go to church, then I ate with my family and friends and when I came home my brother had to study.. with the computer -.-

    He's making dinner now and that is why I have some time to use the computer.
    SOOOOOOO, this weeks 'song of the week' is from the new group MYNAME with Message

    Can't help but to feel embarrassed when the guy in the beginning sings "yalalalalala" ^^ I mean, what if someone who didn't like KPOP would hear that? I can only imagine how I would react if I were them (*^^*)

    I hate that person...

    Thanks to a specific person on Youtube I can't take Block B, Freeze that seriously anymore -.-

    Block B - Freeze

    Sound like Fuck us 1:24-1:26 *sight~*
    This isn't the only song either...

    F.Cuz - No one

    Sound like fuck us too 0:09-0:10
    Well I actually noticed that hahahahaha X'D *proud*

    It's funny because every song that F.Cuz make will sound Fuck us somewhere because their name is pronounced "Focus" <-- try saying that fast
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH poor goup ;3 <-- totally enjoying it!

    MBLAQ Long vs Short

    hair again >XD Like SHINee

    Their long hair compared to SHINee's long hair is a little bit different... -.-'

    Seungho - He has flat hair on the first and some hair gel on the second one XD Well their long and short haircuts are just... short o_o

    G.O - well... at least the side of his head was shaved X'3

    Lee Joon


    Aww MIR ;'D

    Well.. it's short -.- hard to say if they fit in "long" hair or short... Thunder fits in short, Mir and Joon fits in that "middle"~ hair-thing... Seungho and G.O no commetnts ;__;


    Believe me this is going to be a short text, but here we go!

    6 years ago an awesome group debuted on SBS with their first single "Twins"
    Today they're one of the biggest kpop group! They have been giving a lot of smiles, laughs, tears, anger and fright to their fans.
    Today is the day where all of us E.L.F's want to say:




    Good luck and stay healthy! Keep beeing that dorky Suju, we'll support you guys no matter what ^^
    SARANGHEE!!! <3

    doesn't deserv a headline...

    Sometimes I just realise how pathetic I actually am -.-

    I haven't been aleeping at all... During these three days I've.. let see... well I sleept around 07.00 in the morning 2 days ago 04.30 yesterday and no sleep today... because of a stupid manga!! ASDSDGDFSH!!!

    After 83 freaking chapters that dude finally say "I Love you" and that made my second -.- *trolololololo*
    I should get a life...

    Oh!! I was a PRO at this when I was a little kid XD But mine had more effects... of stupidness.. gosh ;___;


    Before that!

    I read the previous x2 post, a.k.a my S.I.M.P *sight~* I seriously don't know what I'm writing when I'm tired -.-
    Well todays morning humour (why do I say morning?! It can be in the middle of the day or even night for some of you guys -.- Yes I have the so-called-world-watch in m phone) 

    Will be SUJU's!!! <-- there's a reason and it'll come up later


    It even make more sense than my mom... XD HAHAHAHAHAH!!

    Photobucket Photobucket
    Harsh word for a macro... harsh words ;'D


    Happy (official) birthday, Siwon!   
    Hehehe get it? (If you combine these two gifs together) ^^


                                                                                 Ugliest gif I've ever seen XD with suju...

    I don't know if the most random thing is that Minho is there or that Eunhyuk is touching his finger tip? Going for the first one...

                                                                                                                      I can also do that!!!


    They are in Belfast now!!! *WOOSSHHTT*


    It don't seem to be so many fans over there... compared to SHINee when they visited london... At least they controlled their screaming.
    In the beginning




    *Taeyang waves*




    Totally looking forward for tonight!!! I think that their price will show up in the end... it's a shame because I want EVERYONE to see it! ah~ the day have come where kpop will take over the world... *sound like a über freak*

    S.I.M.P #40

    Long time ago... a week -.-'
    I feel depressed now... youtube doesn't want to collaborate with me now so the song will probably be uploaded later.. I think?

    Well I druged this song a whole week, loved it XD
    LET'SGIVEITUPFORYOUDON'TWANTTOKNOW <--- aren't these really hard to read? Because when I visit other blogs they totally mess up my mind but it's so tempting to see what the massage is... you know who you are . . . *three mysterious dots*

    CN Blue!!!!

    First step


    niga something something bla bla bla lala, don't give up..
    Ne sadkcjsdfsdkdng

    *10 minutes later*

    Please don’t go go go, sadkfsandfglj! na na na na na...

    I need to learn Korean -.-'

    So there you have the song hohohoh! The funny thing is that when I upload that song later you'll notice how well I actually remembered it and how correct it is! muhaha!
    Another funny thing is that I think I've chosen one song for my S.I.M.P like 3 or 2 times X'D Have you even been noticing that?

    NOW YOUTUBE WORKS!!!!!!! THANK YOU BILL GATES! (What did you think, god?! pfft...)

    Tadaaa~ Got to love the badass MV so you'll have the whole MV instead ^^

    SEEEEE!!! I was correct right?! mehehehehehe!

    I remember when I chatted with someone from omegle and wrote
    and he said "why did you give me that link?"
    *facepalm* -.- HAHAHAHAHAH XD



    You gotta' love this man! The omma in MBLAQ, the wierd omma... with mustach O_o You can always join
    M2STASCH ^^ but you need to grow a mustasch
    *baby voice* XD what an ugly humour...

    HAVE A NICE DAAAY AND DON'T LET MIR HYUNG DESTROY YOUR CAKE! O_o or let Seungho eat all of it... or let Joon destroy it because of his stupidness -.-' *sight*
    Just be with Thunder n___n *nods*

    Day 20: Favorite picture(s) of your otp

    JOOMI!!! ♥

    I really tried to find a clip of JOOMI in MBLAQ Idol Army. I didn't, but this will do. It's nit the entire thing, but at least it is a part ^^

    Hahhahaha, just love it!!!!!!! (In the beginning)
    Actually, the entire clip is funny. ENJO0Y!! ♥


    Yesterday when I where on my way out to watch a movie

    Omma -
    Don't start a fight when you go out ^^

    Me - What? O_o

    Omma - It's Friday night and there's a lot of people out there so don't start a fight -.-'I know how stubborn you can be... if anyone needs help or anything just do it and don't start a fight!

    *walking away*

    Since when did I become rebellious kid?! ;___;

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 4)

    I think it's part 4? Yeah it is..
    They were actually the first group to have a rekord number of people. Even before Super Junior. They debuted 2005 however they disbanded 2006.
    They were the female version of Super Junior XD


    Huh.. they seemed to be the real thing a long time ago... 2 of the members joined a new group called JQT I don't really know if you've heard of them but they debuted 2009

    Their MV for One more time


    Well have to say that the song is catchy as hell hahaha but some of them seem.. so young O_o

    Seriously..?!?!?! 12?! 0_0


    No matter how mean I can be now I have to agree with this comment. They surely have a lot talent, they are awesome dancers, even the youngest one. But they didn't really have that kind of... idol look. Surely kpop was different 6 years ago (OMO.. O_o) but they would probably make the members go through a lot of plastic surgeries to be "fit" for todays kpop.. ehh... times...  AASFSFDH!! I don't even know what I'm writing =__=

    It's funny when you see the kpop group list. from 1996-2008 it's only 3-15 groups that debuted but when you see from 2009-present it's like 2134653 different groups trying to debut xD Tougher competitions eey~

    Jay Park - Girlfriend

    Former member and leader of the KPOP-group 2PM, Jay Park, has released the MV for his song 'Girlfriend'!!!! :DDD

    Point of view:
    1. He's pretty much.. stalking her. *no duh -.-* Hhaha, Jay.. you don't need to stalk a girl and take pictures of her behind her back. You could get pretty much anyone!!

    2. At 01:14. WAAAH!!! Couldn't help but to feel sorry for the guy. Gosh.. haha that scene was soo embarrassing! ^^

    3. Naaw, at 02:30. HE GOT HER!!! *no duh -.-*

    4. *Caugh* Ehrm.. at 03:30.. I don't know that I would be so comfortable seeing pictures  of me like that O.o
    Weeeell, that was just my point of view ^^ What's yours??

    5. Even though he is a stalker.. they kiss at 04:10 T-T

    Another New group

    Well after searching a bit here and there I finally found some information. They debuted a month ago actually. I don't know if you've heard of them before but I got stuck on the group name hahaha X')


    They debuted with the song "What are you" but they don't really have a MV for it. However there's a video with pictures of them insted ^^ Easier to see the member too

    When you listen to it first time you're like ehh.. yeah.. okey but then you listen to it again and your reaction will be okey... and without knowin it you'll rape that replay button without an reason. I don't really know what kind of reaction it gave me O_o but I kept listening to it and I didn't really hate it either... If they could fix a MV everything would probably be better. I didn't even find a voice that was "sticking out"...

    It's an interview with them ^^
    The first thing I noticed was that the blonde guy was tired... o.o You could see how "off" he was and I somehow feel sad...
    Because when one of the members starts to sing, I doubt many of you noticed this but you could see him doze off. The guy behind him made a little "puff/push" O_o to wake him up...

    I didn't even notice for example that the guy in the middle, sitting was Leetuk's clone -.-

    This person helped me XD HAHAHAHA

    real name, stage name, nickname-position/attributes

    Jeon Janghyun - Kangon/Jeonjjang - Leader/Hidden Card-explosive vocals - dance

    Hyundong - d.Kash - Diamond-rapper - producer

    Lee Donghyun - Eunchan/Jaerim - Start-vocal - visual pretty boy(?)

    Sanghyun - Chanran/Zach - Wings-vocal - style, modern dance major(?) w/experience in musicals

    Hanyoung - Aaron/Jaeil - Maknae/Blessing-vocal - actor(?)

    Daesam - Tae-Oh - Charisma-dance machine - rapper

    Love youtube comments!

    Is it only me who thinks about the-world-is-going-under-2012 when I read (the purpose) this comment XD


    I've seen A LOT of macros/gifs when it comes to Onew and his chicken, and I mean A LOT. But the best one I've ever seen... pfft *tearing up* it's just... HAHAHAHAHHAHHA THE BEST MACRO I'VE EVER SEEN!!!

    *points down*

    Priceless! ;____;

    #1 Read, #2 laugh, #3 Think that you're an idiot reading this, #4 go and sleep

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess Credit:Cupcakegoddess

    ROFL! "but with a crew"
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! Wasn't that just mean 0.0 ?! It doesn't need any ha-ha XDDDDDDDDDDDDD <--- it needs those.
    "Min-Whore" good one...!

    A piece of Seungho

    OH MI GAD.. when I wrote 'A Piece of...' I directly thought of the KPOP group with like 20 members A-Peace. Hhaha anywhoo, thought that I would start the day with being a bit generous! MBLAQ's Seungho, all for you..



    Yeah.. that just happened ;)

    Really? 0_0

    TAKEN is different from most idol groups as they don’t take any direction from the agency. We have given them the freedom to perform the kind of music that they desire, and we will not be meddling with their plans.
    They have come up with their own group name, as well as their concept, their songs for the album, and much more. They are without a doubt unique and will be expressing their individual colors


    Well ehmm.. the first thing is I hope that you can handle the freedom. There isn't a lot of groups, or there isn't any groups at all that have this "power" over themselves. 
    As I said before they didn't really give me a big impression. Their song was a bit catchy and they are good dancers but that's it. (here's the song)
    It feels like they wont be able to handle such a "freedom" when they're still a rookie group. But you'll never know...
    So I'll sit here behind a screen on my lap, sitting on the other side of the earth and just wait and see... wait and see -.- How many times have I been using that line?! O.o *forever alone with my screen*

    It felt one of those *careface* posts XD

    G.NA and KevJumba?!

    WTF, I dont get it!??!?!! Is yotube sensation KevJumba and singer G.NA with each other as we speak?!?! O.o

    People are asking them questions.. are they supose to answer?? SOMEONE, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

    Day 19: The member you want as your best friend

    HA! Easy one, MIR!!! Why? Well, he is like the friend that would never get tired of me. When I say: "Hey.. let's play something", he would be all like: "HELL YEAH LETS PLAY SOMETHING!!"

    Hahhaha. I really feel like he is my long lost brother. Everyone seems to think that he is crazy, but I see him as.. me? Usualy I am just as hype as he is, true story! ^^

    Sure, some of the other members would be fun, but it would be freakin' awsome to have Mir as a brother!!! (*^^*)

    Yepp, that's about it! ^^


    Like after 342235 years I've finally realized that Big Bang is in Europe, and now in Belafest!!!

    It doesn't matter if you are an E.L.F, B2uty, A+, HOTTEST, V.I.P or whatsoever. Now all the kpop fans have to join forces <-- lol XD and vote for the first kpop group (evah!) on MTV EMA! *dying*

    After this... well, let us say that kpop is going to be the new thing. A small part of me is like "well... I want kpop to be something special where not so many people will know about it" and it's a wierd feeling and I bet everyone (or most of you) feel like this. But a bigger part is hyped-ass and can't wait for the day kpop will take over the world huhuhuh!!!


    That price wouldn't be wrong to get as a late birthday present eyy~ T.O.P?
    *feeling like a retard XD*

    Naaw, little Taecyeon!

    Look what I found :')

    Hahaha, chess club?! Really??? Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

    And now he looks like this O.o :
    He looks almost the same. Except that he has more of an maskulin face and a very defined jaw line *curls*

    Chendoung (Thunder) Evil Laugh

    Hahhaha, saw the video B.R.A posted about Seungho's laugh. I then found this video

    Hhahahaha, I really don't know why. But when I hear someone elses laugh and it sounds.. awkward or just funny, I start laughing too! Don't you? ^^

    This guy must be the most awesome man on this earth!

    Just sayin!
    It's to hard to describe Seungho, he's so mega über awesome COOOOL!!!!!!~ Lucky girl/man who'll marry him TT__TT
    And you have to LOVE his laugh, I kept laughing myslef without knowing why -.-' (Everything comes from MBLAQ kkaeal player. Totally recomend it if you just want to laugh)

    *Proud* ...

    ... kpop fan ovah here *jumping up and down*
    This is what I saw on the Itunes app thing O.o

    Kpop is getting biggah!!! <-- tired -.-

    Kpop celebities with red hair

    I thought of something... well actually not... It's almost like that "blonde kpop celebrites post". There isn't thaaat many celebrities who color their hair red, like REAALLLYY ÜBER RED! And when you see them, they totally stick out in their MV Xd

    Posted Image
    Hong Ki - FT Island

    Posted Image Posted Image
    Park Bom - 2NE1                                                                           G-Dragon - Big Bang

    Heechul - Super Junior

    Seyoung - MYNAME                                                             Teamin - SHINee

    Chansung - 2PM

    Dongho - U-KISS                                                                          Bi Rain

    Posted Image
    Ga In - Brown eyed Girls

    Posted Image
    Jo Kwon - 2AM

    B-Bomb - Block B (more like pink... O_o)                                  Junho - 2PM (...both of them o_o)

         Posted Image  
    L.Joe - Teen Top                                                                   Jun Hyeong - B2ST

    Junsu - JYJ (TVXQ U___U)

    Well let us say that korean people fit in every hair color -.-


    Finally AA made their stage debut like today? Now?

    I'm sorry hahahahhahahahahahah you made my day ^w^
    I'm not claiming that he's ugly or anything but he's somehow... creepy... he doesn't really "pull-off" that heavy eyeliner. It makes him look wierd... He's the only one in the group with such a heavy makeup. If they removed it everyting would probably look... better o.o

    you know it's pretty funny how I always have this ehh "stuckness" among maknae's. I always get interested on te maknae and the leader.
    When I first heard SHINee = Taemin
    MBLAQ = Mir
    MYNAME = Chaejin
    2PM = Chansung
    INFINITE = Don'trememberhisname + the leader

    And now....

    AA = Ho-ik the true maknae... he was the one with the angel voice U__U No matter what I'm always stuck to these maknae's. I thought tha Kimchi would have it so the link/chain/thread could brake or whatsoever. . . <-- Three miserable dots ;___;
    Well ehat to do...

    It's pretty impressive Aoora is the one who has coposed/produced this song and Woosang is the choreographer. He has also made choreographies for Super Junior and.. anothergroupIdon'tremeber
    Well congratulations for you guys! Looking forward to your success... ^^ mohahaha XD

    M.I.B - Music

    I know that M.I.B is a new KPOP group that debuted on October 25, but I found some videos with each member singing. Solo. So I thought that I would post them up!!!

    Artist: Cream (M.I.B)
    Song: Do U Like Me

    Don't know why, but this song reminds me soo much of USA. It might be because it sound like every other American music you hear on the radio. Hhaha, but I liked it ^^

    Artist: 5Zic (M.I.B)
    Song: Beautiful Day
    This was actually also a very god song. It's like nothing I've heard of before. It's... unique! And it does not really sound like KPOP O.o

    Artist: SIMS (M.I.B)
    Song: Hands Up
    This song was.. not as good as the other two. It's was not so catchy and the melody was not so good either.
    Artist: KangNam (M.I.B)
    Song: Say My Name
    This was not a great song either, but at least it's better then 'Hands Up' ^^ It actually got a bit better at the end. But it's supose to be great from the beginning. And did he really kiss that girl in the MV?! Okey, dumb question. But still.. that's, almost never been done before?! Hahha, just hope that the girl won't get to much haters ^^

    These were all uploaded on October 2011. Sooo, which song did you like best? Presonally I liked 'Beautiful day' the best!!! :D

    You wanna be on T.O.P?

    Meheheheheh two different messages >:3
    It's either Top model or Big bang, you choose! hohohoh *peerv* O3o

    Me and my dad came up with the best thing ever, or I did... I haven't mention him here, right?
    Well he's... eh... special...

    Yesterday when we sat and ate food while watching tv
    (Yes we have tv in every freaking room, even the kitchen... not the toilet.. xD)

    Dad: Do you know how white people get black kids?

    Me: ... ehh no? *either adoption or cheating?!* <-- thinking

    Dad: They drink to much coke! ^o^

    Me: O_o heh..hhehe so if they drink a lot of sprite they will have white babies and when they drink to much fanta... they'll have asian babies (<-- asian = Yellow) XD HAHAHAHA

    Dad: Yupp

    *5 minutes later*

    Dad: You know I rather prefer adopt a kid from China rather that Africa

    Me: So you're a rasict now?

    Dad: What noo! You know I only hate two kinds of people in this world #1 Rasict and #2 Black people
    *sits there and laughs at his own joke*


    It went from that *points up*
    to this *point down*

    No comments? U__U



    Dara & G-dragon a couple?

    I had no ide that this was even a possibility O.o
    But then I came across this article:

    "The rumors and evidence about this couple is continuously spreading.

    Daragon couple came from the names of two people involved, namely Sandara “DARA” Park of 2NE1 and Kwon Ji Yong “G-DRAGON” of Big Bang. According to observant fans, they are trying their best to hide their relationship. Yet, there’s too much evidence out there.  When you watch some of the fan made videos showing evidence of their relationship, you might come to the same conclusion.

    The rumors and evidence become stronger as time passed by. For example, in an interview last January 29, Dara was asked who is her ideal man. She shyly said that when it comes to her ideal man, there are always different men in mind, but this time it was G-Dragon. After giving her answer, she shyly smiled. When she explained why she chose G-Dragon, she simply answered it’s “G-Dragon”. She was touched by his move when they were in their company’s ski trips last year. Same explanation was said by G-Dragon on a different interview.

    In another example, the fans noticed that these two were wearing the same bracelet and ring that only couples wear. Speculations became stronger than ever when CL, 2NE1′s leader, bought the same ring as a gift for their group so that people will lessen their speculations. CL’s tactic didn’t lessen any of the speculations because it was so obvious that 2NE1 members were trying their best to hide what really is going on. If the 2NE1 members are trying their best to hide it, one of the Bigbang members gave some hints about the couple, or let’s just say he tries to reveal it. That member was Seungri, the youngest member of Bigbang who happens to be G-dragon’s room mate.

    Fans like me are still waiting for their confirmation. All we have to do is to wait for them and show them love and support in everything they do. More updates about this couple soon."

    Did you guys read all of that? If not then here is the conclusion: There are a lot of stuff that says that 2NE1's Dara and Big Bang's G-Dragon are dating. However both of them are denying it.

    But it would be very cute if they actually were a couple! They might not look as the perfect couple, but they do look cute together (*^^*)


    Look alike: Young Saeng & Kimchi


    Just had to XD Now I want to pinch both their cheeks Mehehehehe o3o

    I couldn't write Kimchi without laughing... Seriously hahahaha XD *careface*

    Mom: Are you studying?
    Me: ehh.. yeah *watching half naked guys on tumblr*

    I seriously hate this...

    ... why can't I discover a MV in time?! Checked LEONENT youtube chanell and found this

    Ohh so sad... Even Miryo's rap is sad TT___TT I love Brown Eyed Girls mening behind every MV, most of them has a really deep meaning ^^

    Btw, there's one thing I wonder why the heck does Leon ent. upload other companies (groups) MV?! B.E.G doesn't belong to them, MYNAME doesn't belong to them and neither does Boyfriend O_o

    Y U TAKE OTHER MV'S >__>

    Jonghyun :L (Drool Face)

    OMG.. hahahahhaha, the third picture reminds me so much of my mother!! Yesterday me and my mother went to my brothers Basketball game. Hahah I promise, my mommy looked EXACTLY like Jonghyun does in these pictures (Mostly like the third picture ^^)
    BTW, I'm actually going to start playing basketball!! Just so you know ;) *careface*

    B1A4 - ... A song

    Hhaha, don't know the name of the song.
    Anywho, I found this video yesterday of B1A4 while looking around in Youtube.

    The first 2 second. PRICELESS. Hahahha, Shin Woo (CNU) looks so... pervy(?)
    Have you guys ever heard this song before? It was released on July 13 this year O.o
    I really liked their other songs 'Beautiful Target' and 'OK'. But I don't really know about this one..

    *1 hour later*

    OMG, keept looking on BA14 music videos on youtube and found a song called 'Only Leard Bad Things'. I had never heard of it, so I clicked and ended up on this MV!! So yeah.. the song *pointing up* is called Only Learned Bad Things.

    Because I'm naughty naughty!

    A special morning o3o *for you*
    Instead of funny gifs & macros it's more like... naughty ones? *thinking of the head line...*

    Well enjoy all the peddos or pervy noonas! -.-
    RIGHT! I've actually though of something... Many groups have young members and the youngest ones I have seen is born 1995 like me and Bo. However they are always older then me -.-... Bo is already a peddy/pervy noona/oppa whatever... XD
    I want to be a pervy noone toooo ;___; But noooooo!! No one can have their birthday AFTER the 27th December 1995, or they can't be born in 1996 -.- The youngest person of all the maknae in different groups is Cheajin from MYName... ONE DAY BEFORE ME! WHY COULDN'T HE BE BORN ONE DAY AFTER ME?!?!?!

    Wating eagerly for the day I become a ASGFSDHJ noona/oppa!! never mind >__> *forever a pervy something-something*

    Always Yoseob XD

    Isn't that Joon? Trying to dance the song Y? T__T ?


    and I'm going to watch a movie later today... well that's just great. I will pay for a movie I can sleep to insted -.-

    How I entertain myself during the night/day XD
    The first one with Sungri was just... aweful O.o <-- sound like a brittish hag pfftt... ;'D
    But the "falling-down" accidents are just priceless... It's the same freaking girl that always fall down from SNSD... fail!


    ASDFGHJKL!!! Forgot to write it TT___TT


    Getting big eyy! (24 years) I haven't really been that all-in when it comes to Big Bang but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YOU GUYS ARE ON T.O.P SOON!!! (hahha lol ugly humour)
    YOU'll BE ON EMA!!! EMA FOR SHEEESUS SAKE!!! The time of kpop is here soon! You are representing KPOP for the whole world now! YAYAYAYAYAYAYHAHAHA *fan-girling* XD


    Koreas version of Taylor Lautner will turn 19 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Keep beeing that wierd leader that always rap while talking XD

    B1A4 - OK

    How come I haven't posted this song before? I've actually liked it for a while now O.o
    Well, well.. better late then never, right?! :D

    Really like the part: "I love yoooooooooou~" (*^^*)
    Don't you guys like it? *Eyes wide open, looking crazy.. expecting a yes*

    I miss these guys. Where have you been? I've heard that they went to Japan, but for how long? *le sadface*

    Why me not notice?!

    RAAAAAGGEEE!!! The teaser came (hihi *perv*) out yesterday
    Waiting patiently >3<

    ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee has been under the knife

    On November 3, ZE:A's Hwang Kwang opend up about his plastic surgeries and why he made them.

    "..He also opens his heart about why he was driven to have a series of plastic surgeries: “I felt the other members had superior appearances to me at that time. But I know that I’m still at the very bottom of the appearance ranking because it’s impossible to beat out those who are born handsome."

    Naaaw, dude(!!) you should have more confidence!! You don't look bad at all!! I did see some photos of him before the surgery, and the only differences is that is nose is slimmer. Boy, you looked just as pretty before as you do now!!!

    Here it is!

    Really thankful for this one! ^w^

    Aoora - My gosh he seems cool X'3 Have to luuv that hair...!
    He's 25 O_O . . .

    Woosang - It just doesn't look right... XD HAHAHAHHAAHAH!

    Juwon/Joowon? Different everytime... (L) and Ho-ik - Geez he doesn't look like the maknae O.o


    Wanted Aoora to be the leader... dissapointed B.R.A TT__TT


    Saw an interview with BIG BANG's Daesung on Sanna's blog.
    The part that made me want to post it here on blaqteenpop was this part:

    There are three months left of this year. How will you be spending your time?
    I plan on taking a break for the rest of the year. I am a singer and my work is music, but for the time being and for the rest of the year, I want to focus on church. I am one of the leads in my Hepzibah group, so I want to focus on that. I am so glad that I am able to serve in so many different ways in the church, and I pray that I will be able to well handle anything that comes my way, that I will be a living testimony. When I go up to the main chapel, I laugh to myself thinking about how I used to come in hiding my face. No one here considers me a celebrity. I am just another oppa, a dongseng, and a friend.

    As a Christian, this made me sooo happy!
    I had no idea that koreans were so religious O.o But that's a good thing though!! ^^

    Gosh.. I should have read the entire interview before posting this. I had no idea about the accident. But now I know better. I'm glad that you found the support you needed in the churc. And know that you're true VIP's will love you no matter what and so will God. (Sure I'm not a true VIP, but I totally support you! ♥)

    Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ gif

    I don't have one, I have a few. So I guess that this post will be: 'Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ gif(s)'

    I could keep putting up Gif's I like of them all day. But I don't have the time.. sorry -.-

    Me didn't know TT__TT

    I will write a post about their birthdays later... For you stalkers hohoho XD (including me...)
    I thought the blondie was the maknae TT__TT *le sadface*

    There's a lot of groups that doesn't "make the oldest member the leader" these days... well I can only think of MYNAME for now...

    2PM Ultra Lover ;O

    About a month ago? A saw a MV from 2PM, Ultra Lover... I thought the song was 1 year old XD But it was apparently realeased this year.
    I think that they're third on the Oricon Weekly Chart (just one place under MBLAQ's Baby U TT__TT)

    Huh less than a month old...
    2PM's way of beeing über cute XD me like mehehehe <-- pervy laugh á la M2STASCH!

    HAPPY FACE! new group...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I posted a new group just a few hours ago in the morning (taadaa~)
    Bo you really had to text me  and say that there's a new group eeeeeyyy -.-'

    If I get tired of these rookie groups, yes!
    If I like them, it depends!
    If I like this one, me don't know!

    They actually debuted a few days ago O.O YAH! DO YOU KNOIW HOW HARD IT WAS TO FIND ANNNYYYTHING ABOUT THEM?! NOT A SINGLE PICTURE (okey fine just a few... but no group picture... okey maybe 2 or 3...) OR EVEN THEIR SONG!!!

    *sight~* Give it up fooooooor:

    AA (Double A)

    After 500 years I finally found their debut song, audio too -.-'
    When I heard a bit, it didn't really give me that WOOOW! feeling but after listening to the whole song... I heard a Suju frase from Sorry Sorry hahahaha X'D (1:15)
    And I also heard a wonderful voice, an angels voice... ~.~ *shineeee* (Not SHINee , shine o.o) I'm dying to know who's voice that is TT___TT Make a MV! NOWW!!!

    The membah's!

    I actually got stuck on the maknae XD he really look like Young Saeng (SS501 it's his birthday today ^w^)
    It's the blonde duuudeee ;D They say that he has a dark voice and he's the lead singer ^^ (wierd...), maybe the angel voice ~.~ *shineee x2*

    After searching for 900 years!! I finally gathered all the members name

    Aoora - Leader
    - Maknae (the blonde one) SOO COOOL!! HAHAH THE STAGE NAME XDD Kimchi...

    I don't know who's who -__-'

    BUT!! There's another reason why I like this group! They don't really have any look alikes (except for the maknae) It feels like in every other rookie groups, the company had to pick these new look alike people from these bigger & famous groups to make a new one... did you get that?! O_o

    On the previous (new) group post I said that at least 4 new groups will popp up during this month... I bet a new one will come tomarrow X'3

    Well although there's a lot of rookie groups that has debuted this year MYNAME, BLOCK B, N:SONIC and maybe AA is my favorite rookie group for this year ^^ But we will see... we will see... *dark-face*

    Leeteuk has a son?!

    Found this on Facebook:

    WHAT?! A son? nooooo O.o
    I looked it up on wikipedia, but it said nothing about Leeteuk having a son. Then I saw another picture of them and it said that the babys name was Kyumin. When I then searched for both their names on Google, this came up:

    Hahhaha *phew*, it was just the baby from 'Hello Baby'. HHahahha, mindfu*k ^^

    MBLAQ - Baby U

    HOW CAN I HAVE MISSED THIS?!?!?!? MBLAQ has a new song called 'Baby U' which was realesed on October 26, and it's doing pretty well. It's ranked as second on the Oricon Weekly Chart, first place on the Billboard Japan Hot Animation and it ranked as first, three days in a row on the Recochoku Chart! CONGRATULATIONS mah' brothers! :D

    2 things.
    #1 - LOOVE this type of music videos! (*^^*)
    #2 - It says every where that the song was realesed on October 26. But this youtube-clip was realesed October 9? O.o

    And if you didn't know, the Song is in Japanese. It was also selected as an opening theme for a Japanese animation. Got to see that show ^^

    SHINee - London Pictures

    Hello everone! Believe it or not, but I finally got out of my depp mode!!!!!!!!! xD
    I want to share these pictures with you guys, because.. It's still SHINee. If I would have been in my depp mode, hahahhahaha, I would never post them. But now because I feel happy and not so sad by seeing them, I got no problems sharing them!!

    ENJOY!!! (*^^*)

    he..hehehe...heh new group

    *twitch* *wink* ASDDG!!
    Well nothing wrong at all. I wonder how many new rookie groups will popp up during... let's say 1 month? Bet 4 more will come.

    This group actually released their MV and "debuted" yesterday


    It's so freaking sick and wierd! Every one of the members look like members from other groups, I'm seeing Kevin, Junsu and T.O.P look alikes here... EXCEPT FOR 1 GUY! And thet is the dude with black hair, pale skin... and gray cloths...
    Here's a good comment I found on youtube:


    This surely is a catchy song... Imma young boy Imma young boy..~
    But I don't really know... According to me they don't really "stick" out and I was a bit irritated on their voices. They mixed/autotuned 95% of the song, so everyones voices became wierd-husky-chock:y-dying voices TT___TT
    a bit sad...
    Well you never know, they might suprise me...

    I read some comments here and there. There's a lot of people disliking this group... There's a new rookie group popping up every week =__= And I'm not the only one who thinks that one of the guys look lika Jusu from 2PM hahaha X'D

    So what do you think?


    (leader) Seongwon


    Skip the text and let's go with the bad humour!

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by taeshineemint
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! Raaageee XD Like SM I posted (here)

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Created by      
    Oh hahahahahah X'D
    I sometimes wonder if the company behind Block B had the intentions to make some look alikes from ever boy group, mix it and finally make the group Block B O_o

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Yay, cricket.
    >__> XDDDD

    chananacreampie:  @onichick HAHAHA Brian #win
    Made my... minute...

     fuckyeahkpopmacros:  made by unedited gif by
    MHHHHHMMMMM...! *snap*

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BO!!!!!!! "You shouldn't do that"
    Yepp THIS made my day XD

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess

    fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Credit:Cupcakegoddess
    So cute~~ TT__TT



    ASDFGHJKL!! I remember the first time I discovered SS501 My brain: "Me wanna pinch his cheecks..." LOOK AT IT T__T mehehehehehe O3O



    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Saw this video on Jasmin's blog. It's B1A4's member Gongchan (*^^*)
    Can't help but... but to almost.. cry? Yeah!!! My eyes are actually watering up :'S

    I will from now on be an EMO until I go to Korea -.- Do you have any idea of how jealous I am?! I bet you do, cuz' you feel the same, right? ^^ Let's be sad together!!!

    Well, now i'm going to keep on raping the replay button until I get a bit happier ;)


    Darn!! I knew that if we had a "korean film night" (Me and B.R.A) I would feel like this. Why is Korea so damn far from Sweden? This is the same feeling I had when I had a thing for The Jonas Brothers... but yet, this is so much worse! Why is it still 3 years until me and B.R.A can go to Korea and experience what almost everyone else has experienced? KPOP-stars are in Spain, Russia, Paris, Germany, USA and ofcourse Korea. But not Sweden.. buhu.. *depp mode* T-T

    Noo.. I bet you never even knew that we existed, right? -.-

    F.Cuz finally adding a new member!!

    Well I don't really know if you've heard about the group F.Cuz.
    They "debuted" around 2010 and I don't really think that many people have heard of them...
    Here you go!

    Midnight Sun, my favourite n__n

    No one


    Two pretty catchy-ass songs (Have you noticed that I always have to end some bad-ass words with ass?! XD)

    The lead singer LeeU droped out from the group and wanted to go all in for a solo career. And now after 21435235 years they've made up their minds and brought a new member to reform the group.
    They're now in Japan and promoting new singles etc. They have been there for 3 months?!?!

    Well I hope that they can reform the group in a good way and finally be one of the top groups! I like them ^^

    Mehehehe liked these pictures ... *drool* on Yejun

    Oh My God! :O
    Look at that...

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    Look alike: P.O & T.O.P



    Hahahahahahaha, P.O . . . X'D *facepalm*
    A pretty scary look alike right? I remember when I saw P.O (BLOCK B) in their music video Freeze.
    Well here it is, P.O and T.O.P (Big Bang)

    I've thought of something... I haven't done a *piip* during this holiday O_o Only been sleeping and eating... I feel a bit depressed -__-'

    SHINee in London!

    Yesterday when SHINee came to the Heathrow Airport, there were a lot.. I mean A LOT of fans waiting for them!!!!

    God, look how close they were!!!!!!!!!! BDAKFDJDAZAFA, Me want to see them T-T..
    And just look at how close we are:
    *Sad Face* TTTTT_TTTTT

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