This may be a bit early but it is new years somewhere on this earth XD 
But Happy New Years guys!!! Let's hope that this year will be just as epic as 2012. We've met so many new people and done some random sh*t as well, let's work our asses to reach our main goal.
note: Goal = Go to Korea one day...

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

TVXQ's Changmin

Kpop idols who aren't Korean

Started to search on random things yesterday and thought of Kpop Idols who aren't Korean. It's quite funny considering the word Kpop idol...
I'm not thinking about idols who're born in other countries but beeing Korean. For example Eli, he's born and raised in US but his parents are Korean. I mean Idols who are born in other countries (or even Korea) but their parents aren't Korean at all. 

So here's a small list on them :3
Miss A - Fei [China]
Miss A - Jia [China]
2PM - Nichkhun [Thailand]
f(x) - Amber [Taiwanese]
f(x) - Victoria [China]
Super Junior - Henry [Taiwanese & Chinese]
Super Junior - Zhou Mi [China]
(former) Super Junior - Hangeng [China]
M2stasch - B.R.A [China & Iran]
M2stasch - BO [Egypt]
Yeah the last ones... XD 
It seem to only be 8 people out there who isn't Korean - Korean.
Some members from U-Kiss, SNSD, NU'EST, 2PM, Teen Top etc. are born and raised in USA but their parents are Korean. So this was more like a "idols we knew who weren't Korean.."

Macro time =3= [#76]


~Mnet Chart~

Wut... what did I miss now? XD
I find it surprising that Yoseob is #1 on the chart and Lee Seung Gi just vanished o____o I actually liked that song :o
I didn't even know that Sunny Hill released a new song and who the heck is The Seeya?! XD *lost*
To be honest I've been waiting for a christmas song-bomb during these weeks without any results. All the idols released at least one christmas song last year but I've only heard 1 or 2 christmas songs this year and I don't even remember who the groups were XD

Gayo Daejun red carpet - asdfghjkl feels ;w;

Oh god I just made a big fat post but everything got deleted =__=
My internet hasn't been working for the past 2 days and I'm using my internet from my phone right now. AND I missed Gayo Daejun during these 3 days ;w;  *brb running to a corner while hitting myself*
Oh right EXO "debuted" as well last year on Gayo Daejun while dancing with other dancers ;3
CN Blue
Ohh I like their coats
I'm sorry but what the heck are you wearing Minho?! It looks like my grandma's shirt together with my mom's long dress. It just looks bad... .___.
Miss A
They looked so freaking gorgeous in their dresses ;w; Idols usually wear short and daring outfits but they look so elegant~ 
Super Junior
Kang Sora
Her dress seem to be a bit short at the front
Aw They look so handsome
She looks gorgeous :O

You're Beautiful Actors-Style [Eye Candy wannabe]

Just finished the drama "You're Beautiful" in 4 days.. Haha I'm in love!!! With Shinwoo (aka Yong Hwa from CNBlue ^^)



Not really eye candy.. but I still enjoy watching these gifs ^^

Macro time =3= [#75]

When I first got introduced to Super Junior

And now

That’s Kyuhyun’s dick

I can tell from the angle of his pelvis

asdfghjkl Yoogeun ;w;
Lol I don't even remember this part XD
His face: Aaaww heeell no he just didn't! 


Lololo which one of them? XD I love to do that and I can only do that 3 times a year...
Original photo.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U-KISS ex member Kim Kibum who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!!! I hope that you'll have a great day and just, good luck ;'D

Gayo Daejun!!!

I had completely forgotten it! I thought it would be around 30th december but nooo -_-
Apparently the other shows SBS and the other one will show tomorrow and the 30th
Here's two links for KBS Gayo Daejun
The first link sucks and the second one has a really bad quality but ehh..

Girls' Generation - I got a boy [Dance Teaser + pictures]

SM has finall released the teaser for I got a boy and the MV will be released 1/1 2013. A good start on the year for all the sones~
It's the first time I don't see them wearing any killer heels in the MV o___o However during the first second I suddenly got a Suju (Sexy Free & Single) and F(x) (Electric schock) vibes. They way they stood and their makeup. The song otherwise seemed to be so so. It hasn't gotten stuck.. yet XD
A lot of people has been talking about Hyoyeon's teaser picture and her nails XD I believe that they did the nails loose on purpose but why? -__-
Love her eyes :o
Her hair :o
Her... hair O_____O
But I like this puke of colors all over the place and the asdfghjkl! OuO Looks promising


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B.E.G's Narsha who's turning 31 years old (32 Korean age) oh snap! XD 31... years old o__o 
I didn't really have time to write any posts because I celebrated my birthday... alone yesterday XD 

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Last photo

Oh I totally forgot it XD Hahahahaha I suck ;D <3
The smile 2 days ago wasn't an idol as I mentioned, it's a person all the kpop fangirls wish they were and love her for the way she acts. She's the queen of YOLO
Jung Juri
I remember reading a gif where she explained why she acted the way she does towards the idol and her simple explanation was "I only live once" or something like that..

Macro time =3= [#74]






Sometimes i wonder what’s on their choreographer’s mind..


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Totally my humour XD


L’Oreal sparks new meaning to “Cover Girl”.









Another birthday...

I've never done something like this before and I find it somehow weird... =___=
But today is my birthday as well 17 years old... 1 year left till 18. Gosh I'm getting so old ;___; I remember those days when I went to my sister's kindergarten to take her home and the punks asked "Are you her mom?" I wanted to punch them... so badly XD Jk... no I'm not.
Oh well I guess it's the time for me to show you guys random and awkward picture on me when I were a child?
And yes that is my dad's underwear
Well yeah... ._____________.


Was it only me who actually liked this haircut?
Aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 2PM's fashion terrorist Ok Taecyeon who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age)!!! I feel like a dork being sentimental and stuff. I can't believe one of my boys is getting so big (age... not mentally just age..) I'm sitting here and waiting for their Korean comeback so badly right now. They'll be my #1 group no matter what so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!! XD

Did you know that...

G-dragon had a small part in 2NE1's "Fire" MV
HAHAHAHAHAHA I seriously didn't know this! I thought the gif was photoshopped or something but after cheching the MV it's true ;D
at 3:17 XD 
It's funny because I've seen this MV sooo many times but I've noticed him there X''D


I remember when I wrote their 8th years anniversary last year and I don't know how to write a better one o_o I wrote that I want to see 5 of them really badly on stage together and I don't want to ruin the mood but they'll never do that again. It's sad but true, however isn't that why all the cassatopias' are still hoping? 
It may sound cheesy but isn't hope the last thing that leaves a person? ;-)

HAPPY 9 YEARS guys! And a big applause for Changmin and Yunho who're fighting their ass off! You guys are doing a great work! Make 2013 an epic year as well <3
Posted Image

Macro time =3= [#73]

Omfg hahahahahah
Bush's dad XDDD <333


You're so beautiful and I'm so pitiful ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYNAME's maknae Chaejin who's turning 17 years old (18 Korean age)!!! One of the kpop birthdays I'll never forget, he's 1 days older than me after all :p

Kpop fangirl problems..

Lol so true XD
Thanks a lot kdramas...
When Himchan landed in America, he was blonde. The day of KCON, he had black hair. Then a few hours later for the concert, he&#8217;s blonde again.
I feel sorry for his scalp.
Like now...
*sarcasm* Because obviously one person&#8217;s actions reflects an entire group&#8217;s.
The #1 rule of all fandoms: Don&#8217;t be a belligerent cunt jerk.
Never be a jerk towards other fandoms

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 24

I'm a bit mad because of the one-day-late calendar, my internet didn't work yesterday so I couldn't do a merry christmas post either -__- But I hope all of you had a really great day yesterday!!! ^3^
But "yesterdays" smile was no other than Big Ban'g maknae Seungri!!
And finally last smile of the year!

A tips: It's not an idol

Macro time =3= [#71]

We won't really update today except for morning humour and the calendar thing~ 
Alien vs doll... I wonder who looks cuter -__-'
Not mine, found it on google, have no idea who made it, unfortunately :(

Lol XD

Dara on why she loves acting

About 21/12

So... what did you guys do? XD 
I was actually at a "graduation" party (more like a holiday party) we swedish people have some compicated.. ceremonies in school >__> I thought ehh even if I'm going to die tomorrow at least I can die somewere random. So I was in the subway and at 12.01 am I listened to:

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 23

Yes sir! Yesterday's smile belongs to SNSD's Sunny so congratulations Sanna (again.. XD) 
Whose smile this time :3
*doing it small because I can* >:3

Bad and good news~

A few days ago A-prince said that their european tour would be cancelled, I wasn't really that sad to be honest XD I've never liked that group so much but it was a must to see them but now... they won't be here.
However Teen Top will make a tour as well and some of the countries will be in europe and there's a fb page CLICK HERE who're trying to bring Teen Top here. One of them are going to talk with T.O.P Media as well and see if they'll be able to come here. So if you live in Europe and are willing to come to Stockholm to see them comment that ^ picture!!! :D

Macro time =3= [#70]

Yeah, sure... sleeping habit...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Block B's Sexy beast Jaehyo who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!!! I just wanna asdfghjkl you XD

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 22

Well this is awkward XD I've totally forgot this Christmas calendar thing but it's only 2 days left ;D 
The smile 4 days ago was no other than EXO's Chanyeol~
And here's today's smile~ :3

Every kpop group:

Uee Kim Hyun Joong
Sohee Jaehyo
Hongki Ren
Yongguk Hyosung
Chansung Sooyoung
Wooyoung JB
T.O.P Siwon
Nichkhun Yongguk
G-dragon Changmin
Yunho Leeteuk

Macro time =3= [#69]

The kid&#8217;s face
Lol hahahaha
Are you serious? Large?! If he freaking wear large then the men in our country should be XXXL in Korea O__O Like the fudge?! He would probably be a XS-S here...

Finally 1 billion views!

I've been waiting for this for a long time now! Congratulations PSY for 1 billion views on youtube!!!!! O___O 
Btw.. didn't they say that the world would go under because of 2012? XD We're waiting here...

Lee Hyun Woo ft. Kwang Hee - High High [Cover]

So recently I've been crushing on "To The Beautiful You" actor Lee Hyun Woo. He looks like such a charmer! THAT SMILE! THOSE EYES!! T^T haha he's very good-looking ^^

AND HE CAN SING (rap)!!! I know that nobody can replace GD and TOP... but hey, it's still a great cover! Maybe he should debut as a singer? Hahaha maybe not.. he's good as an actor.

And he's only born in 1993!!! WE GOT A CHANCE LADIES.. and gentlemen... hahaha xD


Macro time =3= [#68]


Ahhh, poor baby on the second photo. But he just keeps going like the strong man he is!! ^^
submitted by: choisiwantsit

Sunggyu playing with the ghost
So.freaking.true XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Dalmatian's Daniel who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!!! So old already? OuO I can't believe how much he has changed since their debut days, he's still dorky but damn it's almost as someone took a black snake and turned it into.. gold? Okay bad example but you get my point... I think

Macro time =3= [#67]

submitted by: choisiwantsit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO C-clown's rapper T.K  who's turning 17 years old (18 Korean age)!!! He's currently my biased in that small group~ And he's only 1 week older than me o__o

Macro time =3= [#66]

What the...
"That's a good question..." *ignoring him*

Rewind YouTube Style 2012

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This was awesome! ;D I can't believe that 2012 is ending soon o__o And I regret nothing with all these fangirl moments ^__^

Did anyone else notice the zebra who shuffled at 1:27 XD


I'm back?

*phew* Yesterday I mentioned that I had a big exam tomorrow and I decided to postpone it until next year so I've been feeling really bad about it but it's for my own *my ass my own...* my grades sake XD So I don't have any school work left! HEEEY SEEEXY LADEY!
I saw some fancams on Big Bang's concert in London and I'm like ;______________________;

Oh well I need to rest a bit and charge myself for next years hell, literally.
*abrupt ending*
Oh right, a friend of mine decided to start a fan blog about GG so check it out ;)

80 facts about Teen Top

One of those random fact posts, I don't really have the time to rea every single one of them but I read a few and though about sharing with you guys XD *lame*
* TEEN TOP’s balloon color is pearl light lavender purple. Their balloons have white stars on them.
*Changjo looks up to BIG BANG’s Taeyang a lot as a dancer.

* When he lived in America, L.Joe used his real name, Lee Byeonghyun, but the people around him nicknamed him Joe.
*The only person using his real name as his stage name in Teen Top is Niel. Niel is short for Daniel, his first name.
*Chunji’s stage name means ”to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth.
*If you put Chunji and Changjo’s names together, “chunji changjo”, it means “the creation of heavens and earth”.
*When Teen Top where guests on Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha’s radio, Changjo said his ideal girl is Narsha.
*Teen Top practiced their debut song “?? (Clap)” for about 3-4 months before their debut.
*A month after Teen Top’s debut, when asked about the changes in a month’s time, Chunji answered that he grew taller.
*When Niel was younger, he admired Se7en a lot. L.Joe liked Fin.K.L.
* Ricky likes to play board games, such as Monopoly.
*I f L.Joe could get close to any celebrity he’d want, he’d wish for it to be his role model, G-Dragon (BIG BANG).
* When Changjo was younger he did taekwondo and jeolkwondo. His dream was to become a bodyguard.
* One of C.A.P’s hobbies is design. He does graffiti a lot.
* Meeting the fans personally, like at a fan sign, makes Ricky happy.
* Niel describes Supa Luv as a song with a cold name but refined melody. He says it’s a dance song with a good beat.
* The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”, which means “rough and arrogant man dance”
* C.A.P has three tattoos:one on his neck, an angel/demon on his left shoulder blade&“carpe diem”written on his right shoulder.
* Leader C.A.P says they will become a Teen Top who always gives us different images of themselves.
If TEEN TOP were to choose between a sexy noon/a cute noona: Chunji&LJoe pick a sexy noona.Ricky&Niel pick a cute noona.
* Changjo admired Dong Bang Shin Ki a lot when he was younger. Ricky admired Jewelry, and Chunji g.o.d.
* L.Joe lived with his father in Korea before he joined TEEN TOP. His mother lives in the US.
* For Niel’s birthday last year, L.Joe stayed up at 3 AM to compose a birthday song for him.
* L.Joe lived in California for 5 years.
* The first time Changjo met Niel, he thought he looked like a Simpson.
* Niel relieves stress by tormenting Ricky.
* In TEEN TOP’s dorm, Niel and Ricky are roommates since they’re the loudest members in the band.
* Ricky says the Teen Top hyungs treat him and Changjo really well.
* When Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha asks Ricky if he knows how old she is, he shyly replies “two times my age”
* When asked about a manly member in Teen Top, Ricky answers that it’s C.A.P and adds that “he looks like a really cool man”.
* According to the other members, Ricky is the shyest/most embarrassed member of TEEN TOP.
* Ricky is the fake maknae and always claims to be the maknae even though Changjo is the real one.
* The most talkative member is Niel and the quietest member is Changjo.
* Chunji has a pink phone with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.
* C.A.P told Chunji that he has a small face.
* Niel was jealous at RickJoe, when they are practicing their kissing scene in mnet japan, elle photoshoot.
* Ricky was L.Joe’s first kiss.
* Niel Said To the students who think that uniforms are plain, you can wear it with a cool bag!
* C.A.P’s ideal girl is Jihyun from 4minute, while Ricky’s is Hyomin from T-ara. Chunji and Niel both like Song Yuri.
* Teen Top’s average age is 16.3 years old.
* C.A.P likes English but he makes lots of mistakes with English spelling.
* Changjo’s height is the same as niel’s which 1cm shorter than c.a.p
* Changjo doesn’t have sharp jawlines.
* When i become an adult, i want to fall in love.” – Niel
* CAP likes to write his own rap.
* "The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”; rough and arrogant man dance.”
* “C.A.P says Shinhwa’s Andy taught them directly before entering the army, and he always supports Teen Top, so they always feel thankful and stronger.”
* Since the fans keep on cheering for Teen Top enthusiastically no matter where they are, Changjo feels that Teen Top are getting more popular little by little.”
* Ricky always gives his hyungs a lot of aegyo and he talks a lot. -Chunji
* Ricky’s really mischievous and he’s like Teen Top’s adrenaline. -L.joe
* When I am watching the movie with others, I love scaring them at suspenseful parts. -Changjo
* I always try to have a kind heart. -Changjo
* He has a brother who is five years older than him. – Chunji
* He went for private audition and showed his skills by singing Neyo’s So Sick – Chunji
* He likes brain-game and loves to re-arrange puzzles. – Chunji
* He loves to play games on his iPod whenever he has free time in the dressing room.
* He often do 1000 pieces ones puzzle. He didn’t do it at the dorm, he usually do it at home with his father.
* He usually takes his dirty clothes home once a week and bring it back the following week. – Chunji
* Chunji & Ricky wanted to go to Disneyland when they were in Japan.
* If he get a chance to do solo concert, he wants to sing a ballad song. – Chunji
* Chunji got abs.
* Chunji looks like Jessica [SNSD]
* Chunji can’t sleep without pajamas, and him will feels weird.
* When I have free time I’ve gone by myself to the theater. -Chunji
* Ricky is the most hot tempered out of all members.
* His dream was to be a doctor specialized in cardiothoracic surgery. – L.Joe
* He has played piano for about five years and has a lot of interest in composing songs.
* He often look at the mirror to look for the perfect angles in showing his expressions on stage. – LJoe
* During the audition, he rapped to his own song and also a song by Epik high and Dynamic Duo. – LJoe
* He began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song “Heartbreaker.” – LJoe
* He said that he prefer to be a couple with Chunji instead of Ricky. Because Chunji can sing as well. – LJoe
* He promised the other five members that he would write each of them a song. – LJoe
* He said that Ricky was the one who welcomed him warmly when the first time he went to the practice room.
* L.Joe is the apparent skin ship devil.
* He was a model student and got A’s.
* LJoe first couple was Niel, then he ran away to Ricky and Chunji.
* L.Joe went to America when he was 12 and came back to South Korea when he was 17.
* L.Joe is the shortest member. And he wants to grow taller.
* Chunji likes solving puzzles. He usually does the ones with 1000 pieces.

Macro time =3= [#65]



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO B2ST's rapper Junhyung who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)!!! OuO I already listened to all your songs yesterday so I've done my celebration part XD 

A-Prince official Europe tour dates

Urgh, I need to study -_- I have an exam on Wednesday and I haven't started to study yet so I'll be a bit off during these two days, so will BO. 
But before that... A-Prince has finally released the dates for their European tour!
OMG!!! IT'S STOCKHOLM!!! DESTINY!!!!! XD *jk* They could've landed anywhere here in Sweden but thank god it's Stockholm and it'll be 8/5 on a... wednesday?! O___O wut? XD AMAGOD HYPE!!!

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 17

These christmas calendar's are getting a bit off-track here XD 
But yest-yesterdays smile was no other than 4-minute's HyunA ^^
Lol mass producing smiles XD Whose smile? :3

Macro time =3= [#64]

It's funny because after a few years Ren will probably become one of THE MOST manliest and hotest idols out there... just wait and see.
Omg XD

Some people don't see the beauty in kpop...

Yeah I was chatting with a friend a few minutes ago..
The worse part is that the macros on Big Bang's secret garden plopps up after a few posts XD

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

This weeks U.P.A.H.I goes to the Korean version of Taylor Lautner XD (according to me...)
Teen Top's C.A.P
Oh dear shesus lord of Idon'tknowwhat HALLELUJA!

Macro time =3= [#63] *Secret garden vs. Big Bang



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FT Island's Jaejin who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)!!! He is so tiny XD What to say... o_o I hope that you'll have a great day? >__> *stiff* 

~Mnet Chart~

I don't know what the Mnet chart thing went, or to be more specific the online votes. Instead here are the top 10 song on the chart
But I've been catching up after 24387623 years and 3298479 homeworks but I've only listened 2 songs on that list hahahahahah XD When did Secret release another album after Poison? *lost* 

Yoseob's Caffeine was so so, I didn't really have any high expectations, oh lord I sound like a harsh bitch now >__> But that's my opinion. I actually liked B2A4's Tried to walk O__O I started to dislike them a bit after "Baby I'm sorry" so.much.autotune. and their voices are so powerful but dat autotune -__- Yet tried to walk was really beautiful and the MV must be one of the most beautiful MV's I've even seen .__.

Macro time =3= [#62]

ho dong: let’s be honest … have you kissed a girl? changmin: … i have. hana: he’s good at it!
I like that "Yes I have... what else?!" face of his XD
I'm sorry but how the hell...?


At the request of Manda and Stacy

BROTP? O_O A new word?! Again?! XD


A man danced to "Gangnam style" and died

I read the news a few hours ago and found an article where a man died while dancing "Gangnam style". It's a swedish magazine and some stuff are just wtf, like this one XD

Trebarnspappan Eam­onn Kilbride dog efter att dansat ”Gangnam style”. Den 46-årige britten firade förra helgen sin frus födelsedag. Men när han försökte sig på hästdansen från PSY:s musikvideo föll han till marken med bröstsmärtor.

Det visade sig vara en hjärtattack. Sjukvårdspersonal anlände fem minuter efter det inträffade men kunde inte rädda honom.


– Han var alltid festens mittpunkt och han älskade att dansa, säger hans fru Julie, enligt The Sun.


I brittiska medier varnas nu medelålders män för allt för livligt dansande.

Rough translation:


The father of three, Eaminn Kilbride, died after dancing "Gangnam style". The 46-years old briton celebrated his wife's birthday last weekend. But when he tried on the horse dance from Psy's music video, made him only fall down to the ground with a chest pain. 
It seemed to be a heart attack and the medic arrived 5 minutes after the incident but they couldn't save him. 

- He was always the life of the party and he loved to dance, says his wife Julie, accorind to The Sun


The British media are now warning middle-aged men for dancing lively.



I'm like what.the.heck?! XD When someone get some time to shine the media always try to throw some shit at them. I'm not raging because it's Psy *yes I'm am... XD* But I mean in general as well. 

This article was bullshit all the way, I'm sorry for the wife but according to this article it's almost as they're blaming Psy because of his heart attack O__O



Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 14

Oh god I'm finally "free"~ TT____TT Not so many exams left so I can finally write some more posts >:3
But we haven't made the calendar thing for a while now and we're sorry -_- And the calendar... 3 days ago XD Was no other than Jay Park, so congratulations Robie ^_^
And here's today's smile

Macro time =3= [#61]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wow that is just... XD
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JYJ's Junsu who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age)!!! Oh you're getting a bit old here dude XD *lame and fast post* Dunno really what to write about him ... he's an epic guy but I'm not that biased over him o__o

SHINee & EXO - Lucifer & Sherlock [Dance Practice]

There is too much going on!! In the beginning, the guy in the red hood.. poor guy dancing with the wall xD And Taemin in the smiley shirt when he spreads his legs (0:11). Then the guy at 0:38 who still hasn't gone to the wall, when he is at the wall and SHINee comes against him.. hahaha he looks like he's going to get raped! xD

I like this.. too bad it wasn't longer ^^

Macro time =3= [#60]

Lol I'm just like Kyung X'D



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHINee's chicken freak leader Onew who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)!!! Awww Appa is growing up now ;w; I hope that you'll have an awesome day with an awesome chicken cake XD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Block B's B-bomb who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!!! Oh god everyone are getting so old now .__. Or... I'm getting old as well O_______O 2 weeks until I turn 17, oh lord I'm an Ahjumma soon TT^TT

2PM to make a comeback!!

2PM has announced that they’ll be making a comeback as early as January  next year!


JYP Entertainment stated, “2PM is currently working under the schedule of making a comeback early next year. We can’t give any details on the exact timing yet but it will be in the beginning of the year.”


This will mark their first comeback in a year six months since their ‘Hands Up‘ release in June of 2011. Since then, the boys have been focusing on international activities while hinting at a comeback in September or October of this year.




F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!! ;_________; *running around* I've been waiting for 1,5 year now!!! Sure I've been keeping up with their Japanese comeback, but still. XD 
AMAGOD *fangirl mode*


Because tumblr doesn't work

Tumblr doesn't work
I handed in my work 1 sec too late (literally...)
I suck at math

And we will update later tomorrow because tumblr doesn't work XD *end of life*
- Current state -

Jay Park on instagram

LOL HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH I wanted to make a printscreen on 12-12-12 12:12:12 But I missed it hahahahahah *fail* 

Oh well back to the point. Bo texted me and said that Jay Park has an instagram account
Damn bigpic.com XD It makes sense to have 16 000 followers but why doesn't he have a profile picture? .__. 
However I couldn't really find a link to his instagram but his account name is Jay Park :3

Bo: NOOOO, his account name is jparkitrighthere (j park it right here)

Macro time =3= [#59]



Oh snap 3 people =__= Going to make a fast birthday post but I find it pretty funny that two T-ara members are having their birthday at the same day xd ANNNND another thing I realized, a lot of people will get married today because it's 12-12-12 ... 12:12 o'clock XD To be honest I don't really give a f*ck but we won't have a similiar date after 80 or 90 years :3
                                                                    Oh god this was pretty sad ;w;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BORTH Q-ri & Eunjung from T-ara who's turning 26 years old (27 Korean age) and 24 years old (25 korean age)!! Q-ri doesn't look like a 26 years old woman/girl.../idol XD damn :O
Lol "Your almost-picking-nose" face XD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Big Bang's panda maknae Seungri who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age)!!! Amagod I can't believe is your birthday ;D You haven't grown that much, mentally so I'm fine with the number XD

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 11

Yeah no one really guessed on yesterdays smile but it was no other than T-ara's Eunjung :3
A new one today~

TS Entertainment makes official announcement on SECRET’s accident

As reported, the girls were traveling to Jamshil and the van they were in hit an icy patch and slipped on a curvy road, slamming into the right guard rail and flipped over. All the members were immediately transferred to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. Unlike the previous report that stated Hyosungwas severely injured, it was Zinger who suffered the worst injuries with fractured ribs and a bruised lung. The rest of the members and the manager who was driving suffered light injuries and bruises, and were released from the hospital.


TS Entertainment said, “The top priority is for the members’ health“, expressing that SECRET’s activities will be altered according to the members’ health condition.



That moment when the info is wrong...

I don't really know who Zinger is but I hope that she'll be okay :O If her lungs are seriously injured, then there's a risk that her voice, something O__O *random guess*
But damn how the heck did the driver manage to flip the whole van as well?!

Macro time =3= [#58]

I should totally watch MAMA .__.
American dramas kiss                                                                        Asian dramas kiss

Secret involved in a car accident, Hyosung seriously injured


SECRET was involved in a car accident.


The girls were in a car in Seoul, Yanghwado at around 2AM KST in the morning of the 11th. The car crashed into the guard rail, injuring 5 people.


Member Hyosung was seriously injured and was immediately taken to the hospital. The other members are also injured and currently being treated in the hospital, but the severity of their injury is not yet known.


The police is currently investigating the accident through witnesses.


- Allkpop



I'm like noooooo not my Hyosung ;w; Not the girl who's growing on my bias list for every minut ;______; I seriously hope that all of them are well, and I'm eagerly waiting for some info about Hyosung here .__.



Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 10

Oh god I'm so exhausted =__= I feel like a wimp for complaining so much XD Both me and BO are quiet busy now, it's the last rush before the holiday next week :3 Woop woop~
But yesterdays smile was of course Suju's Donghae :D
Guess whose smile this time ;)

Macro time =3= [#57]

Hahahaha smart!
Romance on high level XD
Didn't really get it XD
Lol crying as well? :''D

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 9

Sorry for the late calendar thing, we'll post 2 smiles today instead :3
Yesterdays smile was no other than Secret's leader Hyosung
So congratulations anonymously person who always guess right when no one does .___. who are you...
Guess this one~ 

Party hard x2

I'm like:
After 72 freaking hours I'm finally done with my exam and it went on 9 pages! 9 freaking pages! So I'm finally Sexy, free and single but not ready to bingo yet. I'll be ready for that one next week... >__> *lame*

Macro time =3= [#56]

Lol!!  HAHAHAHA Smart one!!! 
I posted a gif thing before were someone asked "What is the most essential item during live shows for SHINee?"
Ehh it was worth a shot Taemin... 
And the heck?! Do they really give Key alcohol?! XD







Minho may seem mature, but he’s fake! People say he’s very manly and well-mannered, but most of the times he’s acting like a child, always playing around with his hyungs. So annoying!” Key

“Minho-hyung is really scary at times. When he’s angry no one wants to go near him because he might explode. 10 minutes later he goes back to acting cute like nothing happened! He’s weird but I like him.” Taemin

“Minho… I don’t know him. All I know is that he’s a living existence of selfishness! Also people love to make fun of him because he acts cute. It’s cute.” Onew

“This kid says thoughtless things all the time, like ‘I’m good looking’ or ‘I’m the best’. So childish! Ah, I love playing around with him, our friendship is like that.” Jonghyun







HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHINee's flaming charisma Minho who's turning 21 years old (22 Korean age)!! Gaahh I can't belive this dorky guy is already 21 years old ;w; I never liked him that much during my firtst kpop months because he seemed so stiff and harsh XD Especially in Hello Baby, but boy if I were wrong! You can't even describe this guy ;D

Oh well HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear~ 



A little slow here...

yeah I've been writing my exam the whole night so I haven't been able to do any posts but here they come~

Swedish TV Tonight!


Probably going to watch Rush Hour 3 as well.. Someone else staying up to watch these movies? ^^

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 8

Eeeeeeyy >__>
Wanted to write Hello or something but that...didn't go so well XD Yesterdays smile/mouth or something was Teen Top's Niel ^__^ I just wanna squeez them :3             
Well guess todays smile :3
Ps.The update today may not be the best one because I have a freaking exam I need to hand in tomorrow and I haven't even started with it XD *fail* 

Kpop Idols Tremendous Weight Loss

We've done similiar posts before about kpop idols and their looks. However I found an online thread where someone uploaded pictures on kpop idols and their weight loss and I was like: O______________________O Some of them surely dedicated their time to lose weight in a healthy way while some of them literally starved themselves =__=

Well folks' don't sit there and torture yourselves if your body doesn't look like a kpop idols because some of these methods are just sick -__-
Big Bang’s TOP lost 20 kg in 40 days! TOP’s motivation was being rejected by an entertainment agency because he was ‘too chubby’.
2AM’s Changmin lost 30 kg in 6 weeks. Before debut, Changmin weighed over 100 kg; he lost 18 kg in the first 3 weeks and 12kg in the subsequent weeks. Changmin’s method was very simple: eat 2 blocks of tofu and run for 6 hours per day

Yeah... and only 6 hours per day... only 6 hours...
Hyuna lost over 20kg before her debut. Her motivation: after being told that she looked like “Shin Jung Hwan.”
Oh damn Hyuna O___O Btw this is Shin Jung Hwan:
Lol XD
Super Junior’s Ryeowook went on a ‘skipping rope‘ diet in order to effect the change
Leetuek’s ‘wife’ on We Got MarriedKang Sora must’ve lost a considerable amount of weight to get from ‘before’ to ‘after’.
Secret’s SunHwa maintains a strict 1400 Kcal diet of salad, half a roll of kimbap, two bowls of cereal, and 200 ml of milk daily
SECRET’s Zinger wasn’t fat to begin with but she lost a ridiculous 6kg in 1 week
Zinger’s secret was to drink water for 1 week. As in, only drink water. No food. Just water. Zinger began to eat again once she felt herself getting dizzy. Her motivation: after being told to get off the stage during a performance.
Like what the heck?! 6 kg in 1 week?! And she starved herself?! She wasn't fat and she'll only gain more weight when she eats after that "diet"
Suju's Shindong has been on numerous diets throughout the years with varying degrees of success.
Shindong’s method: eat lots of vegetables without dressing. He also publicly announced to his fans that he was embarking on a diet; which motivated him and made him more accountable
Nine Muses' Sera has lost 20kg since her pre-deubt days after experiencing the extremes of yo-yo dieting. At a height of 170cm, Sera weighed in at 70kg before her diet. So how did she do it? In the mornings, Sera drinks a mixture of powered grains in order to curb her tendency to binge. She also does aerobic exercises and weight training at the gym for an hour per day.
Mighty Mouth's Sangchu lost 10 kgs in 10 days, resulting in the amazing transformation above. Hismethod: replace meals with pumpkin and sweet potato and run around the Han River every day.
This is just... respect man XD But must have taken more than 10 days to get that body, seriously o__o
LED Apple's Jaehoon lost over 30 kg before debut. His before and after photo shows a person who went from a round face to one with gaunt cheeks and a v-line.
Jewellery's Park Jung Ah spoke about the pressures of weight loss for a celebrity after losing a total of 20 kg. She confesses: “As opposed to exercising, I needed a quick way out so I went to the extremes and starved myself.”
Once again this is one of those what the heck moments. You.sterved.yourself.
Sure this isn't unusual in the kpop world and the majority of the kpop idols starve themselves but it's still absurd >__>

Macro time =3= [#55]

Did you say math?!
None of you can ever hold kitty!
Meanwhile in Korea
Pffft.. XD

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 7

Urm.. I have no freakin' idea who this is hahaha, but that was the smile of yesterday..? Is it Bom (2NE1)?...
Update: Hahahahahaha XD You noob *refering to BO* Yes that's Park Bom from 2NE1. That is actually her before all the operations.
Not the best smile out there but... her lips... @___@

Anywho, and today we have another nice smile ^^

Who is it? Tell me, tell me, tell me now~

~Mnet Chart~ ?

I couldn't really find the "whole" chart including the online votes as well. But this... seems a bit weird XD Lee Hi's hasn't released another album called "Scarecrow" or has she? o_o 
I don't even know anything anymore *running away*~

Macro time =3= [#54]


OP: chunsa-su
Hyun Bin welcome back ;D
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH I'm totally gonna do this!!! If I ever get pulled up on a stage -__-

this had to be done.
*mind blown*

*brb running towards a corner*

As bored and lazy as I am, instead of going to sleep or study, I decided to check out that event button thing and see the next birthday that will plopp up (facebook friends XD) And I came across with this...
*5 minutes later*

Jay Park TV [Ep.04]


He doesnt have a house anymore..? (0:50)
But gosh.. his voice has gotten so much better!! That cover "Nothin' on You" that he sings, I have that song in my phone and DAAAAAAMN does he sounds better here! He has improved so much! :')

Hahaha and OMG KYUHYUN?! Wth?! xD
But that ending though.. "some more iphone fororey?" ^^
I keep felling in love and out of love and in love with him over and over again.. this isn't healthy haha

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 6

Yesterdays calendar was a bit more tricky and I knew that a lot of people would think that it would be G.O's mouth, but nevah!  Because yesterdays mouth/smile was no other than....
Bi Rain :'3
Here's todays calendar, guess who ;')

Hyun Bin discharged from military

“Thank you to all the media and fans who have made it here despite the snow and difficult conditions,”he started off.


“I promised to greet you again after 21 months as a hardened soldier, and I think I have been able to keep that promise while serving in the Marines. I think I am now able to greet you as a more solid and confident person,” he continued.


“Having received so much encouragement and interest from everyone before enlisting, I started my life as a soldier with a happy heart, and due to the consistent support and energy that you have all sent me even after enlisting, I think I am able to now stand here alright and healthy.”


“I wanted to act so badly,” he admitted before the silence that followed due to his tears.


“Since I couldn’t act during my vacations, I’d go to places where hoobaes were acting and would watch them and think about it… But now, the time has come for me to be able to act again, and as much as everyone has waited for me, I want to work hard in preparing to show you the acting I’ve wanted to do. I have stored all the energy that I’ve received as a soldier, so I will return energy back to everyone,” he concluded.





OMG I'm like: ;________________________________; YOU'RE FINALLY BACK *sobs* First Lee Jun Ki and now you and later Heechul ;w;  


We're glad that you're back! Can't wait to see your next drama/movie <3



Macro time =3= [#53]

The reality of 거짓말.
Lol is that really Siwon?! It doesn't look like him on the last gif
It is? O__O
Oh yeah apparently it's a fruit. You learn something new every day XD
It's funny that the color is exactly the same, you know without beeing a little bit too light nor darker.
OMG HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH And how he shamelessly hides behind that thing XD


To watch Kobra tonight on SVT 9.30 pm folks *swedish folk's* XD

It's chaos over here! We can't even handle snow anymore XD I was over 1 hour late for the first lesson and after the lunch break all the teachers had a "Code Idon'tknowwhat meeting" and said that we should go home because of the "typhoon". It was nice because it was my longest day today buuuuut. I sat there with some guys trying to plan a way to get home but everything was canceled!
But I'm home... nerding kpop :3

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 5

HAHAHAH LOL I was like brb shooting myself XD I'm trying to make this harder but goddammit! >__>
Yesterday's mouth belonged to SHINee's Jonghyun so congratulations to all of you XD 
But THIS time... >:3  Good Luck~

PSY & Big Bang Drunk at MAMA after party

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet but I found it on fb XD

Daesung go home, you're drunk XD 

Love the fact that all of them are randomly screaming here and there, are they singing "Open condom style"? Or gangnam style O__O 
I was like who is that idiot who's standing over there with a coat when it's so ho......t, oh it's T.O.P

Me: O__________________________________________________O dafuq?!
The title should be more like "Big Bang's Daesung drunk" ;'D There are some fans out there who are probably shocked by this but I bet that the majority of you are thinking just like me "They're human beeings, grown ups as a matter of fact and they can drink as much as they want!" And I wouldn't mind beeing at a party with the YG family either :3
And I seriously love Daesung's hair OuO



Macro time =3= [#52]

Lol that's a new one XD

Me:  Lol JK XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Girls' Generation's Yuri who's turning 23 years old (24 Korean age)!! I'm not a über big fan of SNSD but I have to admit that she's one of the top-prettiest women in the kpop world ^^

Head to Toe

I know I've posted this before, but it's so funny to watch!

Hahahaha, and now when I know so many of the songs it's just.. more to it. I guess it's a KPOP thing xD



Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 4

Urgh... you guys are too good TT
Yes, yesterdays mouth belongs to SUJU's Eunhyuk. And congratulations to Sanna who answered right :3

Good luck with this todays mehehehhe ^^


2PM Shanghai concert [photos]

I saw that 2PM uploaded some pictures from their Shanghai concert (that 2PM tour thing XD) a long time ago. I've been hiding in a corner because of this ;w; One day... I'll be able to see them live, one day...
Chansung ;w; <3


Macro time =3= [#51]



P I S S I N G  M Y S E L F

bby ur face


YB, TOP &amp; GD in 20 years

im going to start crying
Lol wat?! XD 
Aww he's sleeping X''D 
Saw these comments:

I think top sort of just dozed off during the backstage interview one day before the shanghai concert. He’s like didn’t even move an inch during the interview. Did he really fell asleep or is it just me thinking too much? If he really did doze off, HE NEEDS MORE REST. REST TABI REST. YOU STILL NEED MUCH MORE ENERGY FOR FILMING AND OTHER CONCERTS T_T 













Kpop on Swedish television

You got it! For all the Swedish people trolling here SVT decided to do a documentary on the kpop phenomena and it'll begin at 9.30 pm on wednesday! 


Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 3

Hmm.. I think this is too easy for you guys, so no more smiles! More like random shapes now (of the mouth ^^).
Yes.. Yesterday's smile came from Sulli from f(x).

So from now it's going to be a little harder (hopefully hehe).

Hmm.. maybe this is too easy as well -.-' Haha we need to pick harder people. But the point was actually to make it easy in the beginning, but I think we underestimated your powers of knowing every single body-part of our idols.

So.. who is this?

Macro time =3= [#50]

EXO's best facial feature:

BAAA hahahaha! Yes! Twitter helped us find the original creator of this awesome picture!
Eunhyuk: Obama, Bush, Clinton, George Clinton, Washington!

GD's latest tattoos...?

A few hours ago GD uploaded a picture on his instagram and we (Me and BO) suspect that it is new tattoos? Or stickers? Or..? XD The heart looks like ink (from a pen) but the cats look real, like tattoo real, not real real.

I'm usually a sucker when it comes to tattoos but why two cats? o_O It's not really 100% sure that it is his tattoos but if they were... why two cats? XD Why not dogs? I mean.. he has two dogs? They won't be so pleased seeing these.. stickers? tattoos? haha xD

Told ya...


Block B’s U-kwon in a relationship

Allkpop top story here we come!




On December 2nd, U-Kwon left a post for BBCs on the group’s official fan cafe, disclosing his relationship with the model.


He wrote, “I have a girlfriend. I believe a lot of you already know that. When I talked about my first love recently, the person I was talking about was Jun Sun Hye, a model four years my senior. Whenever I was going through a hard time or about to fall, she was always by my side and supported me to stand back up again. We’re a source of strength for each other and are meeting with good intentions. We make each other happy. I’m sorry to all of the fans that I’m surprising with this sudden piece of information. I think my girlfriend will be surprised as well that I’m writing a post like this.”


He continued, “I wanted to be closer with my fans but wasn’t able to because of small incidents and misunderstandings which upset me gravely. I was too embarrassed to smile at you all without telling you the truth. I want to show who I truly am now without hiding anything and be loved by my fans for who I am, Kim Yu Kwon.”


Concluding the message, he stated, “I’ll continue to show a more truthful and brighter image of myself to our fans. I promise to continue to work hard and improve as a member of Block B. I’m sorry to all of BBCs. And thank you.”



Oh my god.... XD HAHAHAHAHAHHA This year! THIS YEAR has been amazing yet heartbreaking XD Even if we're really happy for his or her sake the fact that our biases here and there are revealing their relationships somehow breaks my heart, and don't deny this my dear friends -__- 


Imagine beeing this girl and all of a sudden read this, I wonder how she or even her company will handle this o_o But AMAGOD CONGRATULATIONS U-KWON!!!!!! 



Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 2

So yesterdays "Smile" was very easy to recognize.
Yes.. it was Bang Yongguk from B.A.P my #1 smile of all time! xD
So congratulations Emelie for guessing right :3

So, can you guys guess whose smile this week will be?

Well.. can you?

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

JYJ's Jaejoong

Macro time =3= [#49]

Amen to that


About Amber changing her image

Allkpop's top-stories are changing much faster than me eating... *lame* for you who hasn't seen it, Victoria announced that Amber would change her image by growing her hair out :O Amagodshe'lllooksocute!!!
I wonder why she decided to change her image... but a lot of people seem to like the idea while others mentioned that it will look like a drag with a wig O__O Like wtf?
However I saw a picture on her with/photoshopped (?) long hair~
She doesn't look bad at all so stop complaining! ^3^ But we have to wait and see the progress now...

B1A4 - Tried to Walk [MV]

Urm.. saw on the Mnet Chart that B.R.A put up that B1A4 released a song? I'm sooooo late with all the new stuff that are happening! As you may know, my internet didn't work, so I'll just blame my internet ^^

Tried to Walk


Feel bad for laughing at CNU the first time I saw him (1:43). He doesn't fit in that hair style, but in the end, it all was amazing!!! CNU didn't get so much to sing though.. same thing with Gongchan. They barely got any screen time. It felt like it was all about Baro, Sandeul and Jinyoung.
Sandeuls voice btw.. has it gotten deeper? O__o I like it ^^

I like it all!! just not the fact that not all of the members got so much spotlight..

Christmas Calendar 2012 - Day 1

YAAAY! It's already December 1st, and you know what that means? Only 24 days until Christmas! Just like we did last year, we will have a "Christmas Calendar" during 24 days. Last year we had abs as our theme. Not complaining hehe, but this year we're going for something more genuine.

We thought we should start the calendar very easy. So guys, can you guess whose smile that is?

We will also post it on our page as well just CLICK HERE~

~Mnet Chart~

I can't believe I missed MAMA ;____________; *random* I only saw 10 minutes were Song Jong Ki and Park Hye Shin plopped up on the redcarpet btw she was sooooo beautiful!!! It feels like I've betrayed kpop and a lot of random/funny/historical stuff happened at the award as well...
Okay back to the chart! I have to admitt I need to catch up once again who the heck is Noel? XD And I've only listened to 1 song on the online shart -___- I haven't even checked out Sungkyu's solo and he's my top-singer-in-INFINITE... *sight*
The best one from this weeks chart is Miss A, I haven't been listening to the new songs so the choice this time is limited >__<

Macro time =3= [#48]

HAHAHAHAHAHAH I should totally do this as well ;'''D
FINALLY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH a kpop idol who fights back... the fans XD


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZE:A pretty boy Siwan who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age)!!!

I've been sitting with the computer on my lap for 5 freaking hours, literally trying to write a book review. My eyes are exploding and I'm like FUUUUU I've been writing.... around 200 words maybe? That's the pressure you get when you think that this review must be an A review. Someone please shoot me I don't even know what I'm talking about .___.

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