Funtime with MBLAQ

ashinator:  omg

O_____________é.. Yeah.. at least we can go shopping together!!! xD

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa (single members ver.)

Didn't know how to explain, but did you guys know wthat there was a version for each member in Mona Lisa?! O__o

Seungho Ver.

It's kind of awkward when he dosen't sing xD The best parts is in the beginning (0:18, and all the other scenes when it's white) and when he's with all the others ^^

G.O Ver.

Again, the best parts is when he's with the other members.

Lee Joon Ver.

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!!! xD hahaha no, but seriously.. everything was perfect O_O. Only thing that looked a bit funny was when he lip-synced to "baby say yes~". If you pay attention to it, you'll see what I mean. Haha it looks like he has such an accent when he says it (even though he's not really saying anything..). Do you see what I mean? ^^ You can see it at 1:04.

Thunder Ver.

It was so painful to see him just standing there trying to.. do stuff? xD When he wasn't singing.. DNASLDMANSLKDANSLKDNRIE it was so awkward! Hahaha, only me who felt that? ^^ It got better when he started to sing though.

Mir Ver.

Mir, you little hottie. Haha this was not awkward at all!! And OMG, his peace-sign at 1:44, MIIIIIIIIIIIIIR!!! You little cutie! (from little hottie to little cutie ^^)

Which one was your favorite? I have to say that my favorite was Mir's version! He looked like the most "natural" one ^^

M.I.B members profile

~ Member Profile ~


Stage Name:

Birth Name: Namekawa Yasuo

Date of Birth: March 23, 1987

Height: 177 cm

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Composing, Web surfing, snowboarding, sports, movies, vocal exercises

Specialties: English, guitar, piano



Stage Name:

Birth Name: Kim Han Kil

Date of Birth: July 26, 1988

Height: 178 cm

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Listening to music, writing lyrics, exercise



Stage Name:

Birth Name: Kim Ki Seok

Date of Birth: February 14, 1990

Height: 177 cm

Blood Type: AB

Hobbies: Listening to music, writing lyrics, watching movies

Specialties: Rapping, beatbox



Stage Name:

Birth Name: Sim Jong Su

Date of Birth: February 27, 1991

Height: 185 cm

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Writing rap lyrics, watching movies

Specialties: Rapping, writing lyrics


Answer on le commentios~

A while ago we got a comment from an anonymous person, you know who you are >:3 Where he/she asked if we knew any good kpop blogs:

I don't have the energy to translate this but I summarized most of it up there~

Well I'm gonna reply in English here. It depends if you want some personal funny blogs or just some big kpop blogs in general and in which language. I only know swedish ones ;w;

Swedish kpop blogs in general (<-- in my opinion):

Booxeen - Swedish kpop blog
Yorkiz -  ---II--- ( = Same this as the one up there)
Feedmekpop - ---II---

Swedish personal blogs:

Then the classical one: 

Well I hope this somehow "helped" you ^^ And right!...

Welcome to the dark side >:3 huhuhuh = kpop
A new world where you'll work 24/7 to take care of your groups and they will repay you with their bodies... or something. Yes their bodies.

Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias


I don't really have a favorite. I like all the pictures my changsun is in (yes.. his real name is changsun. Lee chansung. Chocking ey?! xD)

The Park sibilings dad (Thunder & Dara)

I was a rebelious kid yesterday and watched some episodes of MBLAQ sesame/kkaeal player instead of studying. And I always tend to read those top comments because I'm a nolifer, so I saw 2 comments about their dad and some stuff they've gone through so I had to search for it. This is what I found:

That's some brutal stuff O_O

I guess these are the reasons why Thunder is very protective of Sandara.
In ep1 of kkaeal player , G.O asked ” If only Sandara and the MBLAQ members were left on this Earth,
who would you introduce her to ? “. Thunder doesn’t want to answer and would rather have 10 fart bombs.

I still remember that part XD

Truth to be told I want to say that I respect them even more right now. But I wont... Because I will somehow see that as pity, and yes they've gone through a lot and they're quiet hated but there's a lot of idols out there who has some similiar problems so it doesn't feel right to respect someone more because of this.

HOWEVER! I have to say that I've been respecting Thunder A LOT without telling you. (Well I'm respecting everyone taking the path as an idol) but have you seen what Thunder haven't done yet? He hasn't been using his sisters name to get more fame. Even if a lot of people dislike Sandara, a lot of people still like her and you can't really deny the fact that she's in one of Korea's the world's most famouse groups. (And both 2NE1 and MBLAQ debuted the same year *off topic*) Compared to other celebrities (in general) Thunder haven't really been using Sandara's fame to get some himself. I'm seeing how hard he's been training to "come to the top" by himself. And I'm really respecting that. Word.

Posted Image

Thought that this was some useful info for all the A+, Blackjacks, Anties etc. ^_^
Park Sibiling hwating!~


MBLAQ Random Dance on Weekly Idol

Hahhahaa, I don't know if this is funny because it's late or if it's actually just really funny xD

HAHAHAHAHAHHA SEUNGHO!!! xD I literally laughed out loud!!! ^^

Don't fool yah self, I got you babe - Zico

Aww hahahaha so cuute, look at... ehh... Eunhyuk? Kyuhyun? Thatguyinprofile

Created by: woahcasey


submitted by Dafferdoodlez
Lol XD

created by Horosha33
Kevin isn't really a diva-DIVA if you compare him to Key, Heechul and Jo Kwon...

submitted by Dafferdoodlez

created by omokikwang



Happy Birthday to B.A.P's awesome rookie leader Bang Yong Guk who's turning 22 years old today!!!!! (23 korean age) I should make a freaking list with kpop kissable lips because he totally belongs in that list together with Seungho, Jay Park, Ki Kwang etc huhuhhu TT^TT <-- This is what I'm thinking during my free time . . .


I don't really have that much to say but Happy Birthday to SPICA's maknae Bohyung who's turning 23 (24 korean age) years old ^_^

Birthday kid shares a photo

Today he tweeted this along with the photo *points up*:  “Everyone, thank you once again. I love you. I’m feeling great this morning, so here’s a selca, [I haven't posted one in a while]! We’ll be back safely. Thank you everyone~ smile~ bbyong!”
NAAAW, habibi!!! (I guess everyone knows what habibi menas? O__o
WHY U SO PRETTY?!?!?!?!?!?

His eyesmile 8D <3

School strike!

You know what, I give up... for now heheheoho *trollface* I've been studying and filming my ass of during these days weeks. Do you know how my teachers thinks? Their way of thinking is:

"Oh well, let the students have 1 week holiday and work for 2 weeks then they'll have 1.5 week to
do 7 freaking tests, 3 reports, 3 homeworks and 1 big ass poject after that they can enjoy another holiday and come back to do 3 tests and other shitty stuff"
And yes I've been counting all of them, and yes I'm beeing realistic now. I want to literally kill myself.

On top of that... I have to find a work T___T I NEED MONEEEEEYYY!!!! *desperate kid* everyone, litterally EVERYONE are working at McDonalds but... I dun wanna >__> So I have to find one now! Have to sign up for a course thing to practice driving sadkfjsndkfjsdf *daily problems á la B.R.A*

Oh right... do you know why I need some monheeey? <-- ah who cares, well now you have to care XD But I'm trying to collect some money for my trip to KOREA~ after graduating... but I have to options:

#1: Take care of my sister get 2000 swedish crowns, go to a trip to Spain with my parents and a trip to "Malmö" lol XD

#2: Work my ass of to get more cash during the whole summer.

So which one? You know what... #2 sounds more tempting. Pfft take care of my sister AND go to a trip with my PARENTS = Killing yourself with a squirrel in your brain. Slowly but painful...


Life is hard... *wants to write something inappropriate but restraining myself*

Gonna watch a drama or something and enjoy my life to the fullest. The hell will begin tomorrow DAM DAM DAAAAAMMM!!!

Top 5 kpop rappers [Boys]

I've been pretty eager to do this post but it takes a long time to write these kind of posts -_- and me + time right now = isdjkbfaksdjf!! So this is gonna be a fast one and I will do that typical "Start with the last one"

On numero 5 is no other than our leader Bang Yong Guk. It was pretty hard to chose between him and Zelo but in the end.. he's the chosen one. That husky and manly voice makes the whole IT in his rap.
I wasn't really fond over his and Zelo's debut song, or to be more exact: it didn't really give me a "waow" feeling *T.O.P style* But I started to love him after listening to Warrior. HU!~

;w; Our second little leader Zico ended in the 4th place on *le list* but I talked with BO about him yesterday. He's a really good rapper and he got that husky manly voice too, but his rap is a bit "stressed" <-- hard to explain (Bo Bae: When he raps, he does it in a fast and a bit cocky way. Haha.. cocky xD Not that he's stressed when rapping, but that's just his way he does it ^^). But it isn't bad at all because I really like his way of rapping! It gives you a... cocky feeling *don't misinterpret* especially in the song NalinA or Tell them.
Bo Bae: what were the chances that B.R.A also would write "cocky"? hahaha xD

I know it's weird, our third leader JR is pretty "new" but he's still in my top 3 (funny that all of them are leaders XD) I don't know why but his rap in their debut song Face was something I've never heard before. It sounded dirty, but in a really, really good way. Trololo hahaha XD
But he caught my interest when I heard him rap, and I'm kind of waiting for more here...

It was so FREAKING SADLJBGFALDJB HAAARD!!! T____T Do you know how difficult it was for me to chose 1? well as you can see I chose both of them XD Leader GD with his badass rap, especially in blue and T.O.P... How can you explain T.O.P?! He's the first rapper in history (or in my history...) that has such a sexy voice when he raps. And believe me, I don't usually use the word sexy but gosh sadkgfbsdkbds!! When I heard Tonight, my whole body just shivered ;w;


Well after all the leaders the little maknae Mir plopps up~
This little boy has been my favourite rapper since... I discovered MBLAQ? And that is 7 months ago or something. After 1 year soon no one has taken his place yet. Yes that husky manly rap puts the gasm in eargasm XD So cheesy. I have a thing for husky voices as you can see :3 you.can't.describe.this.amazing.guy! Especially.his.rap!

So yeah that was my top 5 rappers! Hope you enjoyed it...? can you even enjoy a "top 5" text?! O__O  Oh well IT'S FRIDAY!!! Woop Woop~

Day 19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

TVXQ's Changmin talks about.. special videos:

Haha, but I love the fact that he's very open about it. And that his mom is there.. xD

SHINee talks about special videos too! ^^

If you listened to Changmin's interview, you heard that 99.9% of thw world has watched special videos. I really believe that SHINee is one of those 99.9% xD


Jonghyun: o.0 How in the world does he know?!

Minho: -_- Poker face. Must.Keep.Poker.Face

Key: :O What?! Not in front Taeminnie!

Taemin: *_* Hyung~What's Porn?

Hahahahhahahahaha! ^3^

~Mnet Chart~

So what happened with Big Bang's Fantastic Baby? XD
Well you can clearly see that SHINee is back~  But the random thins is Big Bang's Bad Boy plopping up all of a sudden O_O

*Le online votes*
Oh right! I should listen to B1A4's Baby I'm Sorry XD
But SHINee has also taken over the online chart, however no one has beaten MBLAQ - It's war yet. They where on the first place for about 1 month? or more?


You know what... I just listened to B1A4's "Baby I'm sorry! and I'm somehow mad and disappointed... To make it short I'm mad that they ruined every members voices because if that crappy autotune. Especially Sandeul's. Rage... 

MBLAQ - G.O.O.D Luv (dance ver,)

OMG, the dance moves are so cute!! Haha and Joonie, you look so happy when dancing. If you look at him then the other members, it looks like he's the one enjoying himself the most xD Seungho also looked like he had a lot of fun. Thunder too O__o well they all did (maybe not G.O as much, but he did smile!)

Soy Un Dorito

Hahahahaha trollface finally found the gif XD


created by:
I seriously love these "Y U" macros XD

Created by


Happy birthday to damnass pretty Ki Kwang (Gi Kwang!? Getting confused here T__T) who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) Y U so old? TT_TT Gosh the 3rd picture is so pretty I had it as my background pic but changed it to Onew's chicken -.-


MBLAQ's Mir gets kissed on the lips?!

When I saw this video.. *angry face*

HAHAHAHAHAH the guy just watching them kiss!! xD His awkward face at 0:22, priceless!

No worries Miracle lovers. The girl in this video is his sister Go Eun Ah! Haha, I really thought it was a crazy fan at first. And the other guy in a red t-shirt is like her date or something. And gosh!! Mir after the kiss, hahahahhaha, he looks so devastated! You poor little baby. Getting kissed by your sister. Must be hard
:( hahahahah ^^

Here's the whole thing:

That's... very convenient. The clip was uploaded yesterday? ^^
Must be fun to have her as a sister. Or better yet, him as a brother!! Hahahaha, they're so cute together xD When she hold hands with her date, and Mir starts stuttering :'). Such a good brother, caring for his sister!! But they really do have this love-hate relationship. Like the beginning when she ties his shoes and he's all like "Why are you pretending to look after me?". Haha, it's so fun to watch xD

M.I.B - Celebrate [Comeback Teaser]

well look at that... yeah what to say I don't really listen to this group >_> But I'm gonna do it now so we'll see if they're gonna be a favourite. But they are once again one of those 3897643278 rookie groups that debuted last year.

Oh my kasbhdfjsdbfsjahf! faq! I seriosly thought that he was a woman... then I saw the teaser. For god sake this is even more confusing that Ren. This picture just broke the record O_O

Look alike: Kocoum & GD


Hahahahah Funny, cuz it's true. Well I bet that you where like "Wth Kocoum..?!" But when you saw the picture you got that *pliing* "Oh it's Pocahontas!" right? -__- If not.. then you haven't experienced childhood XD Nahh but Pocahontas and Mulan are my 2 favourite Disney movies <3 Pretty ironic.. Mulan = Chinese, Me = Chinese >___>

Well about this look alike, it's thanks to my friend bacause she started to scream "HAHAHA HE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THOSE INDIANS FROM POCAHONTAS" And she was right. But GD is a damn hot indian in that case <3__<3
Btw, is that a cookie tattoo on the right side of his chest?! O_O

Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

There's not that many KPOP idols that are younger than me. But if I could choose anyone it would be...

2AM's Jokwon! Hahaha don't really know how to explain why, but this dude is so amazing!!! xD He would be awsome as my younger sibling! It would be like having a younger sister as well ^^

I couldn't find a compilation of Jokwons moves (alone). This is the best I could find, but you do see Jokwon, right?! xD Hahaha, damn guuuuuuurl~


And yet, he's this really pretty boy!

My reaction at 0:05


SPICA Members Profile

~ Member Profile~

Birth Name:
Kim Bo Ah

Stage Name: Boa

Nickname: A Fool

Birthday: January 14, 1987

Position: Lead Vocalist, Leader

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hobbies: Baked potatoes, rolling around

Specialty: Singing

Education : Yeoju University – Commercial Music Major

Facts: She’s was INFINITE’s former vocal trainer.


Birth Name:
Kim Bo Hyung

Stage Name:

Nickname: Miss Bbo

Birthday : March 31, 1989

Position: Lead Vocalist

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 51 kg

Education : Dongguk Women’s University

Hobbies : Studying about machines, exercising

Specialties : Exercising

Facts: Rumored to have been apart of 2NE1′s original line-up before she was introduced to a different company.


Birth Name:
Yang Ji Won

Stage Name: Jiwon

Birthday: April 5, 1988

Position: Vocalist

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Education: Dongguk Women’s University – Acting

Hobbies: Watching movies, daydreaming, cooking, reading, jumping rope

Specialties: Japanese, Belly dancing

Facts: She’s former member of T-ara & Five Girls. Appeared in Kim Kyu Jong’s “Yesterday” MV.


Birth Name:
Park Joo Hyun

Stage Name: Juhyun

Nickname: Ju Bongee, Park Jara

Birthday: November 29, 1986

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hobbies: Cooking

Specialties : Playing pool, any sports with a ball

Facts: Featured in Heo Young Saeng’s “Let It Go” MV


Birth Name:
Park Na Rae

Stage Name: Narae

Nickname: Park Nal, Park Do

Birthday: February 23, 1988

Height : 165 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Education : Kyunghee Cyber University – Post-Modern Music Major

Hobbies : Listening to music by herself while walking, watching anime, drawing

Specialties : Drawing comics, sleeping



Jay Park - Happy Ending (Rooftop Prince OST)

This is sooo not Jay Park!! xD But it still sounds good in a way? O__o Haha, damn. This song is so not me, but lately I've been listening to weird songs that's not me at all! ^^

Rooftop Prince is a Fantasy, comedy and romance drama. I don't really know much more.

Omo!! Yoochun is in the drama!! :O

SM - I AM Posters



Ohohohoh That lovely second poster~ ^3^ But is that really all the idols from SM? Shouldn't it be more?
Well I can't deny the fact that I'm really looking forward, even if SM is my least favourite entertainent... But the thing is: What's the movie about? O_O

I wanna go to the toilet...

created by ajiakenkyuu

Made by donghaefishfry|tumblr
Aww Joong Hyun ^3^

created by: ajiakenkyuu
TToTT We sure do~

created by: Johannanas

created by: Johannanas

created by: Edittan

created by: Edittan

Hehehehohohhahahahhaha XD

created by flowerpetals
O_________________O Oh my...

HAHAHAHAHHAA MY dad seriously thinks that I'm an idiot...

Yesung does it again~


Do you know how many times I've been thinking on this?! For example if you're on a fanpage and a random persons comments name is "Siwon", how the heck would you know if that's him or not?! Or even on allkpop?! Or FB GODDAMMIT?! Hahahahaha! They can be anywhere XD

Exactly what I thought... I would probably hate myself the rest of my life TT_TT To be in the same chatroom as Yesung and say that he's fake and after a while to read that he was the real thing . . . *feeling worry for you guys* XD

SPICA - Painkiller

Ohh the song that I've been waiting for!! O________________O

The biggest reason why I really, really like this rookie group are because of their voices. They aren't like any other girl groups with that peep light voice they got real powah in their voices! That's what I call real talent!
Especially Boa, or Kim Boa (<-- don't want to confuse you with SM BoA)

Here are the members~

But the thing I somehow hate with this group (it was the same with Russian Roulette) is the parts. Each member doesn't have the "same amout of parts" Jiwon and Juhyun doesn't have many parts at all. But they're as awesome as the other 3 members. I really like Juhyun, her rap in Russian Roulette was awesome!

I know that a lot of people will relate this to 2NE1's Ugly (as I wrote in their teaser) but it's 50/50. It doesn't really give that 2NE1 Ugly feeling at all, it's completely different but if you watch really carefully then you can see some similarities, that's all.


Shinhwa - Venus

I directly thought of that song "I'm your venus, I'm your fire, your desire". You know, B.R.A's real name is Venus ^^ (you can read it in our members profile!)

This is Shinhwa's 10th album!!!!!!!!! SHESUS, all the other groups are on their 4th mini album xD
Their new album is called "The Return" (I guess I can see how that connects) and here you have the MV for their title track 'Venus'!!

OMG!!! A non-asian girl!!!
And that's some pretty sexy dance moves (1:06 - 1:16) O__o wonder if anybody will say something about that, because somebody always has something to say about the MV's being to sexy (which I don't mid at all. Unless it's someone dancing sexy with Joonie. THEN I mind!)

The special-effects in this MV were awsome! Like the one in the end when she floats in the air. And the song is great too "You're my blablablablablablabla Venus~"... catchy ^^

And then that they're not that young either is very impressive (because they can still dance. But not as good as the young ones. Their dance moves were not as powerful. But that dosen't change the fact that they danced!)

Some kpop related stuff

A few days ago I visited my cousin to celebrate New Year, yes I celebrate 3489237 New Years. No but this is the last one. It’s Persian new year ^_^ <-- Gonna celebrate another one in my house this week askfjbakdfjbadf I dun wanna TT_TT

But while I studied I found some interesting things in that tiny room



Hohohohoh Kai, Sone & YG... Like a boss! >:3

Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

Probably MBLAQ's Mir! Since I can't really see him as a bf or husband. But because I reeeeeeeally like him, I figured he would be the perfect brother! xD

He's just like me! Very hyperactive and just very childish. I have my days when I'm not like that, but the days I am.. man, people think I'm crazy! ^^

Here's one of my favorite clips of Mir:

Would love to have him as a big brother <3

This weeks U.P.A.H.I







JR a.k.a Junior Royal, that's a pretty odd "name" Junior Royal... XD
But this boy, it's so freaking hard to explain but HE'S SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL!!?!?!?!!! He's cute, natural, charismatic and hot O_O Hohohohoh BO! Said so! There's pretty boys out there born 1995!!!

JR my new bias, that's all I had to say! His rap sounds dirty somehow XD

But Baekho isn't bad either I was amazed when I saw a performance from NU'EST..

TVXQ - Still (Japanese)

I'm sorry, but I'm very very tired and my daily routine is messed up, so I need to sleep.

I have no idea why we haven't put this up yet O__o but here you have TVXQ's Japanese single "Still" that was released 2 weeks ago!


ddofexo:  I had to. I just had to.
Aww I love these Mean girls macros!! ;w;

credits to

credits to

credits to

Jjong =___= ♥

credits to





Happy Birthday to the member Inevernotice Hoyaaa!!~ Who's turning 21 years old (22 korean age) Yeah... what to say? Debut soon? And have a good Birthday!!! :DDD

Sherlock on KPOP music mondays

Haha you gotta love "KPOP music mondays" xD

- "Hey! Hey! Hey! Eyes! Eyes! Eyes! Crime scene!"

Taemins "Hm. That women disappered. Oh well. LALALA!"

- "Ooh, I'm going to give this one to GD!"

AHAHAHAH, so true! xD

That comment... XD

Before I start I just wanna say "AWWWWWW SOO SWEEETT!!" I saw that comment that a fan? Can you say that a blog fan? XD Well he/she sended it yesterday and gosh you made my day TT_TT I started to scream XD Okay let's just... continue...

A few days ago I wrote this post:

And a while ago I saw this comment:

HAHAHAHAHAHA *trollface* Well now I got a bit disappointed, It fits so... WELL! T_______T
Well thank you hahahaha this somehow made my day ** ;D

New Category

We now have a new category!!
It's called "Kisses and Crossdressers" and it's under Random.

I guess you understand what this category is all about xD

You guessed right:

INFINITE - Be Mine Japanese ver.

Hahahaha I don't know if I'm mentally retarded or just lost -.- They released the Japanese version 1 week ago and I haven't listened to it. I always tend to get disappointed in Japanese versions but this one was quiet good. Not as good as the Korean one but it was still good.

Sung Gyu's voice is also more powerful in the korean version but it sounded pretty lame here XD And L showing that confident side as always~

Day 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)

Yeah.. definitely not TAKEN's "Young Boy" xD Or maybe I should pick that one.. just because! Haha, there are some weird-ass lyrics out there ^^

I don't know if the challenge asks me to pick on in korean AND one that's translated. I'm going to take it as if that's what they want.

My favorite korean song would have to be.. O__o NalinA, Lonley, Stay, Blue and that weird song I put up two days ago in "day 14".

My favorite song translated would have to be.. to be honest, I don't really read all of the lyrics translated. I always watch them at least once, and if they're not like TAKEN's "Young Boy" I don't really care. I know what the song is about and that's all that counts. I don't care WHEN every ord popps up, or know the exact lyrics but I still love the songs.

So a song I like the meaning to.. Lonley, Stay, Blue, BAAAAAD BOY!!!! I like Big Bang's "Bad Boy" as a favorite korean song as well xD

Don't mess with GD

DON'T YOU MESS WITH JIYONG!!! He'll go all super ranger on you O__o

LED Apple - Sadness

Found this music video for LED Aplles song sadness. They released the album... not so long time ago? And here's the music video. I couldn't really pay attention to it (had to change clothes) but the song sounded nice, a bit LED Appleish XD But the MV seemed a bit weird and awkward...

Well of to go~ <-- school . . . TT___________________TT

What KPOP has done to me (part 4)

KPOP has changed my way of acting around people. I'm not as "gangster" as I used to be. It's very hard to explain, but in short.. I have a fandom now! Everything is so much better when you have a fandom.

A fandom is the community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. (In this case, a music genre) Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers and WE WHO LIKE KPOP are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people.
Yeah, didn't really get that either O__o But when you have people liking the same stuff that you like, you automatically have very much in common!!! You can open up to eachother within seconds. You can't really share that feeling with others that don't share this fandom with you. Plus you spazz like you've never spazzed before!!! I never really went all crazy about boys before.. oh boi, oh boi, oh boi~ do I now!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Fandom can be everything from Harry Potter, One Direction, KPOP(!!!!), Indian Films etc.

Because you're reading this blog, I guess you're in the KPOP-fandom. Do you belong to another one? Some KPOPpers I know are in to the Justin Bieber fandom -.-' hahaha.. Bieber...

Me with others that share my fandom:

At first

2 minutes later

.. true story ^^

Give it up, Give it up, Give it up for INFINITE!!*

                     cr:vangmonie cr: divaddicted

cr:iseul23    cr: Cindy ~
Hahahaha *trollface*

                 cr:dubusmile  cr:dubusmile

               cr: nanadorable    cr: swoonerholic

INFINITE Second invasion Evolusion teaser

Well this one came out a long time ago... (a few hours* XD)
Omo! That was just.. daebak! It sounded soo good O__O And the members hehehehohoho... still looking fine as ever! Btw did you see that Jung Shin look alike?! Couldn't really see who that was but I just have one work to say: Smex!

However while thinking about it... INFINITE has been releasing a lot of teasers but with a "larger gap". for example they don't release a new teaser every week. They wait like.. one month? Or something, before they release another one. When will they debut?! TT_TT

This week or..? e____e

Big Bang PHOTOSHOOT (with Terry Richardson)

These photos are from

 Me and Big Bang #3

 Big Bang and Lanni at my studio

 Me and Big Bang #4

 Big Bang at my studio #3

 Me and Big Bang #2

 Me and Big Bang #1

 Big Bang at my studio #2

Big Bang at my studio #1

I like all of them! But my favorites are number 2, 3 and 6. Because there's like this hobo in pic. 2, they all look so funny in pic. 3, and Terry himself looks like he's trying a bit too hard in pic. 6 xD

Which one do you like the best? 8D

Jtune Camp Y U NO SUB?!

skdvjbksdavjbsd TT_TT It's something about their 4th Mini album, duh... >_______>
HAHAHAHAHAHA Mir looks like one of those old fashioned Swedish dorks XD And have you noticed that Thunder in going all in on making his body... big? Okay to put it more simply: That he has been working out lately. He's not that skinny babyfaced Thunder anymore ê_ê

A photo shoot in Harpers Bazaar

That hair.... so ugly XD

KPOP stars and their Helium Voices

7:47, he just takes the balloon and sucks the air from it *dirty* xD
8:43 PRICELESS!!!!!! hahahahahhahaha, and his laugh at 9:04! Cutie xD

JOOOOONIE!!!!!!!!!! Hahhahahaha, reminds me of when he sat in a car with Seungho and sang "Oh Yeah" ^^

Did you know that...

Apparently Taemin has abs . . . O____O

It's somehow half...

I was like:

After a while I realised that it surely was amazing! (<-- Taemin having abs) so the reaction turned into that *points up* to this:

then I realised that... this post didn't make sense at all:

And 5 minutes later my mom called and said that I had to boil some potatoes I was like:



 <-- omma

But now I'm like

I'm gonna have a hectical week (3 tests this week, gonna do one now, 2 homeworks, 1 essay and a project that need to be filmed)



Day 15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss

Yeah.. I don't really have one of those yet.

2PM's "10 our of 10" makes me miss Jay Park being a member of 2PM? I know that he was let go from the band before I listened to KPOP, but when I started to listen to 2PM the song I listened to was songs with him in it. So I got used to him being there. Then when I started to listen to "Put Your Hands Up" and other songs I got disappionted. Jaebum :c

Again & Again

10 out of 10

Jay is in both of these songs :')

Look alike: Song Jong Ki & Sandeul

I bet that you still remember Jong Ki. I've made a freaking Look alike with him and 2 other idols too, this is probably the third one I think XD And Sandeul... I want to see how your parents look like, I'm dead serious! O__O  I want to meet the creators... *sounding dirty all over again* XD

But I totally agree with this look alike, to put it simply Jong Ki is an older versio of Sandeul. That's all I had to say about it!

Tablo's father passes away..

Rapper Tablo‘s father has unfortunately passed away on March 26th.

A representative of YG Entertainment revealed, “Tablo’s father Lee Gwang Boo passed away after suffering from a chronic disease on the morning of March 26th.”

Tablo is currently standing at his wake in tears with wife Kang Hye Jung at a funeral parlor in the Samsung Hospital in Seoul.  The coffin will be borne out on March 28th.

May he rest in peace, and we hope that Tablo and his friends and family find the strength to make it through this difficult time.

Stay strong Tablo. I know how horrible this is, my father has also passed away. Don't put pressure on yourself to perform, instead take time to greive. It's very important. And may your father rest in peace <3 :'c

Girl look at that body~ I - I - Work out! YEAH!

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made by magangstaboy

created by beautaeful-
Aahahahahha my ribs hurts T_T

E.T phone home...~ Well not really but I starrted to think about it

A group that I'm waiting on...

Okay a bit hyped right now but yesssss. ESQ It's good that they didn't debut last year because during the end of the year inclusive September was the so called "See and dump" year. There was a new freaking group that debuted everyday so they would just be one of the gang? pile? or something <-- The Swedish way sounds much better.

But I'm somehow looking forward to this group even if the standard this year is high but they got some real shit in there. Sorry I just wanted to use that word. But they seem to have some "High quality members" Better? XD
So I'm waiting allkpop, just bring those news already!

K9... dunno why but that name gives a JR look alike...

CN Blue - Hey You (MV)

I'm just going to put this MV up. Because B.R.A is such a bigger fan than me, I'm going to let him say stuff.. haha xD But just basics. This is "Hey You", CN Blue's title track song for their third mini album. 

Cool MV (That's the only stuff I'm going to say ^^). The full third mini album to be released on March 27th.

Okay B.R.A taking over! >:3 ksadjbfskdfb <333333 I fell in love with the intro <3__<3 it was amazing for god sake! But Yong Hwa's lips wasn't really in sync with the song so it looked pretty ugly XD The chorus was just great!! It's just like the teaser but it gave me a different feeling with the melody however the studio thing reminded me of FT Island's - I hope (duh...)

Some stuff I'm a bit dissapointed on, are that Minhyuk and Jung Shin doesn't sing at all TT_TT I know that Minhyuk can sing because he did it in Heartstrings however I'm doubting on Jung Shin but if you're a member of a band (especially in Korea) you should at least be able to sing in a average voice or something.
The last thing I'm disturbing myself on a bit are the foreigners. I'm like Dafuq?! Why are the foreinger all over the studio? I bet that they don't have a cameraman/manager/cleaner/crew who're foreigners or is that a special theme they have?

Oh well AWESOME CN BLUE!!! Really looking forward to your album!!

Seungho.. those Lips!

How come everyone get's to feel those lips except for me T~T

(What is this scandal O__o Seungho and Thunder?!)

And I'm just standing here like

I mean, imagine kissing those lips O__o

MM. MM. MM!!!!!!!!!! SEXY!! xD

EunHae - Oppa Oppa Japanese ver.

Okay okay I admit (-_-) I've been the lazy one here for not uploading this. They released the Japanese version a long time ago but I haven't seen SM upload this yet so I had to search for it.
I can easily say that I prefer the Korean version more, sure there's a lot of good Japanese versions out there but the Korean a.k.a the real version is usually the best one.

But the end was just EPIC! Shindong and Sungmin coming out of nowhere XD

NU'EST ELLE Girl Magazine Photoshoot

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

Ending with one of the most cutest gifs ever TT_TT

Ren! - nuest photo

askfjbsakjfbaskfjcbaskf Baekho and Ren <3 Wonder how the fans will name the couples XD <-- totally interesting
Rekho? Khore? hehehe hard khore XD

Morover they also released the first episode on their reality show CLICK HERE to watch the first episode with ENG subs~

The feeling you get...

... When the person you thought about looked different compared to his character in a drama. Yes it's far fetched but it happened yesterday ;w;
A few months ago I finally introduced "you can watch asian drama online" to my mom and that was probably the best decision I've ever made in my life!
(I wanted to do it a few years ago but I knew that I wouldn't be able to touch my own computer anymore. We had 2 computers. Number 1 was broken and the second one was mine but now I've got my own school computer mohaha :3)

Okay back to the point! So I saw that my mom watched a drama called Summer Desire's and I saw an amazing chinese guy! (<-- she doesn't watch Korean nor Japanese dramas) He was a mix between Siwon, Hangeng and Kyuhyun TT__TT So pretty...
He even has that butt jaw :)3 <-- that one XD

Well he looked like Hangeng, Siwon and Kyuhyun in the drama -__-

But then I saw his "real" pictures a.k.a when he didn't play that character *points up*

Doesn't that give you some Siwon vibes? The final touch would be if he had those Shibrows.


I'm sorry but the heck am I doing?! This post must be confusing as ****

Okay about the drama this fella was in:

The storyline seemed pretty interesting but then I remembered... it's an Asian drama... and everything just screams CLICHÉ! And a lot of actors SUCKED at acting. I started to laugh because of it XD The 3 main characters was good (yes 2 guys 1 girl, even more cliché screaming) but the rest was just askfjasnfkjasfbkasf!

Original picture

So if you wanna watch it then rape
Another thing is that the girl is a trainee (in the drama) and I'm like SHE'S 30 YEARS OLD!! You're 20 years too late honey... trainees these days are as old as my little sister -.- and the ones debuting are as old as me or younger TT_TT

Mr Lovely Chonny <3

ASdajksfbaskföb (y) I seriously Love him!!!
Zih? Ziaah? ZIah? "He's one of the best singers in korea... and he looks like a really nice person" HAHAHAHA the heck. About the way of pronoucing his name isn't it the chinese way? you don't really say Z to X Xiah (Chi-ah) the X sound should turn into a Chi or something.

"I'm questioning my sexuality right now.. no I'm joking I'm not" That's what fangirls do everyday Chonny...

But way to go! He's having the same problem as I do... and that is not beeing able to pronounce those freaking Korean names XD "I CAN'T EVEN PRONOUNCE MY FAVOURITE MEMBER!"

Gosh those drum rolls, only perverted people get those two positions XD the down and up e__e
Sorry but I'm like quoting the whole freaking video here but he's too awesome!

"GD with that style with that fashion"
"T.O.P with the sexyness and the voice"
"Taeyang and he's just naked all the time"
ROFL XD *falling down the chair*
"Daesung he's just funny and he's like... he's like... not as pretty as the others but he's still nice"
hahahahahahhaha that's actually why he's my favourite. I've said this to BO before, sure Daesung isn't the hottest one in big Bang but he's still my favourite = Bias because of his personality (y) but that part in Fantastic Baby, him beeing chained to the floor... ohohohoh~ >:3

I don't really have that much to say about this XD I don't really listen to girl groups, but I'm on my way! :P He's doing the singing the english/easiest/most catcy word and continues the song with a na na na na.
Me "Oh baby stay with me na na na na" <-- MBLAQ - Stay


How can a red cow give white milk when it only eats green grass?

Uhuh that was a must sing song during my primary days XD

created by soonny

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created by lunarlimelove

shizznizzle:  You argue, you lose.

submitted by&#160;: heart-andseoul
Aw mai god hahahhahahahahha XD Oh~ I remember this part in Hello Baby I've never laughed do hard *yes hard..* in my life, when Onew started to draw on Jonghyun's picture thing XD

I couldn't really find that specific part but here's the whole "drawing on every member" part. You can clearly see how Taemin is enjoying Yoogeun's "hitting Onew's crotch with a toy" XD

I'm like;

"Minho SHINee be the fathers of my babies"
One baby with each member hahahah ... gosh... I'm such a hooker >___> XD

People change... I think...

Yes I'm sending some FU vibes to the clock for taking away 1 hour akfbashbs ._. I need to study now...
So I saw this picture on fb:

Me: *scrolls down*

Oh stop this bullshit my mom doesn't even have fb so why am I trying to suck up to her X'D (wait is that how you say it.. suck up? Sounds weird.. it sounds dirty XD)

Here are the WINNERS!~

So after 1 week here are the winners from our Iphone 4 shell contest!

On comment number 3 was a person named "Alex" and on 4 was "Daniella". Good Job to both of you (well you didn't really do anything but... XD) and we're sorry that the rest of you guys didn't get chosen :/ Don't blame me, it was that random number thing ^3^ Good luck next timu~

Well check you emails guys you have 3 days to send your answer!

SPICA - Painkiller Teaser

Ohh look at that! They've been my favourite rookie girl group so far, well after Russian Roulette so this looked intresting. The song seemed a bit "weak" in the teaser. I'm in my "beat" period so I want some pop songs like B.A.P's Warrior, NU'EST Face, Block B Nalina etc. But I can be wrong... *as always* XD

The setting also looked intresting I'm looking forward to the MV but without a doubt this MV will surely be compared to 2NE1's Ugly. Even I did it XD

Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

There are two songs that actually makes me smile. Like really smile!

The first one is MBLAQ's Stay. I smile because everytime I hear it, I think of the time when I just started to like MBLAQ and KPOP overall. I remember how I mostly just had a crush on Jonnie and how G.O had his m2stasch (c what I did there? xD).

The other song.. I don't know if it qualifies as a KPOP song. But it is in korean!

You have no idea how hard it was for me to find this clip!! Because it's all in korean and I have no idea who's singing it, I had nothing to search for on google. I know the chorus of the song and tried to search for that but that didn't work.

So what I had to do was copy the name of it from my phone like this:

Then the hard part was copying the letters. I went on to google and found this thing that told me what each letter stood for (but I had to find the letter my self and puzzle the thing together.) I actually found out the first word which is jang! But that didn't help. After 15 minutes I found this virtual keyboard. THANK YOU GOD! And that's how I found the clip xD

This song makes me smiley because.. whenever I hear it I keep thinking "WTH am I listening to nowadays? What if somebody hears it through my headphones O__o" But the fact that I really love this song is undeniable!

Korean people are smart...

Haha such a big ego...  X'D <3

askfjbaksfjb That's why you're called Jonkey

>____> Well that's sweet. Didn't he have a thing for cucumbers? Or something like that?

Awww ;w; Then they weren't true friends!

TT____________________________TT I find it kinda hilarious...

Haha lol such a nolifer

And some smart answersXD

Puaah!!! If you just knew how many girls are standing in a big fat line, waiting to be you girlfriend -_-

SHINee - Sherlock & Stranger (live on Music Core)




It must be hard to hear the fans sing with you. It would make me lose focus and sing at the wrong time if they sang when I sang xD But they sounds great!! Remember how they sounded last year? O__o I saw a clip of them singing Lucifer and gosh.. that was horrible ;w; They all looked so tired and they couldn't really hit the notes etc. But not they're back, stronger than ever!!!!

What's up with Taemin's skirt? xD Firts Bi Rain, then Thunder from MBLAQ (Mona Lisa) and now Taemin. I bet you there has been others with the same type of "skirt" ^^

WELCOME BACK SHINee!!! (not that you guys were ever gone.. ^^)

Groups you haven't heard of (part 32)

This... was a long time ago... I found an old group out of nowhere XD


To tell you the basic stuff, they debuted 1998 and the group consists 3 members (that sounded wrong -.-) but they're a shemale gruop a.k.a mixed :3
Apparently the group has been through a lot of *piip* so here's some more details about it:

Cha Seung Min left for the U.S. to study abroad. Kim Jong Min replaced him starting from their third album. Kim Goo was jailed for possession of ecstasy in 2002. During this time, Koyote performed as a duo until Kim Goo was replaced by Kim Young Wan, previously a member of the group Cola and dance team Friends. Jung Myung Hoon replaced Kim Young Wan for the fifth album. He was previously a member of the group OPPA and PLT. He left to serve his compulsory duties for the military. Bbaek Ga replaced him starting from their sixth album.

Uhuhuhuhuhuhuh THIS IS A FREAKING COPY! From Turbos Black Cat!! (I wrote about them in G.Y.H.H.O part 30)
But I do like this, even if it's copied. I thought the girl was a boy and the group consisted 29324 people *including the background dancers* e___e

Hehehehe kpop during 90's. While korean listened to this I tried to dance with Britney Spears song's - Baby one more time <-- old favourite XD *awkward*
But the kpop songs in the old days wasn't that bad either, it's not like I'm suffering while listening to this :P Well well it's nice to learn some kpop history~
So take the opportunity to read this stuff instead of google it by youself ^_^

Only me who thinks dirty here... 1 girl 2 men.... AKSFNSLAÖFASLD I should stop >__>

Funny Cheondong (MBLAQ's Thunder)

Okey, so this is IU and Cheondong (don't know why they sang together.. maybe it's because Thunder (I know I used Cheondong before, but now I want to use Thunder.. and I know that I used the "()" in a "()" which I don't really know if you can do.) auditioned for JYP before O.o Buuuut.. she's in LEON ent. ..?). They're singing together. I understand why her voice sounds so girly, but what's up with his voice?! xD

Hahaha the last comment, I didn't even hear him singing at first!
He sang the exact same tone as her (maybe not exact).

oh, NOOOOOOOW it all makes sence.. xD

This is nothing bad, it's only another reason for us to love him more!! \(^O^)/

I am sexy and I know it!~ Or...

created by thatdopekidemy
Funny... cuz they're finally gonna debut soon

       created by thatdopekidemy                                Created by: Edittan

Made by

You know you want to.

"As I eat my ass some more exposure, less has been the intention was" Trolololo hahahaha XD


~The contest is over~

Yupp the title says everything.
Well at least we had some participants and we'll name the winners later tomorrow ;-)

Stay tuuneed~ <--- hate that word >_>

Random pic BO liked on fb XD


adskjgbas She's so freaking cute!!! >///< I just wanna pinch those cheeks T_T

Happy 28th (29 korean age) Birthday PARK BOM! Shazaaaaam 28?!?!? She's 30 soon O__O pretty hard to believe >_>

And a fast Happy Birthday to f(x)'s maknae Sulli who's turning 18 years old (19 korean age)
Pretty funny, Park Bom is exactly 10 years older than her XD

This Birthday post was pretty lame but what to do...

BTOB members profile

Seo Eunkwang (서은광) -
DOB: November 22, 1990
School: DongShin University - Music Major
Height: 173cm
Weight: 62kg
Position: Vocal, Leader*

If you check other members you can see that some members doesn't have that position note. Or something... And when I checked ever single one I couldn't find the leader so Wikipedia made my job. Apparently he* - Seo Eunkwang is the leader O_O That was a schock...

No I was just joking with you!!! HAHAHA I thought there was a member who was born 1989. It's funny cuz he's only 7 days older than the second oldest guy *points down* huhuhuh you where so close boy. Only 1 week...

Lee Minhyuk
(이민혁) -
DOB: November 29, 1990
School: Dankook University - Music Major
Height: 173cm
Weight: 61kg
Position: Vocal, Rap

I'm seriously getting confused here =__= There's a Minhyuk in CN Blue (Drummer) and a Minhyun in NU'EST
. . . AKFNALSFALSF >___> But this is the Won Bin (The main character in Secret Garden) look alike :O Well if you watch the MV carefully.

Lee Changsub
(이창섭) -
DOB: February 26, 1991
Height: 177cm
Weight: 64kg
School: Howon University - Music Major

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA WHAT A NOLIFER!!! *brutal* Lee ChansuB! Only me who thinks of ChansuNG from 2PM? My favourite maknae~ ^o^

Lim Hyunsik (임현식) -
DOB: March 7, 1992
School: Howon University - Music Major
Height: 177cm
Weight: 66kg

ASLKBFALSJFB!!! AND THIS WAS THE KI KWANG LOOK ALIKE!!! Not really here but in the MV!!! BELIEVE ME PLEASE!! XD *desperate* I really like his voice. That "pure" one I wrote yesterday. However he only had a small part.

(신동근) -
DOB: March 10, 1993
Height: 175cm
Weight: 63kg

Well as you can see I tend to write a comment for every member XD So I just had o write something here... Peniel... that's a odd name O_O You know for a Korean.

Jung Ilhoon
(정일훈) -
DOB: October 4, 1994
School: Hanrim Multi Art High School
Height: 176cm
Weight: 64kg
Position: Vocal, Rap

Ohh it's that rapper with the uneven eyeliner! XD Only 1 year older I see...

Yook Sung Jae
D.O.B: May 2, 1995
School: Hanrim Multi Art High School
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68kg
Specialties: Vocals, Snowboarding
Position: Vocals, Rap

ASLJFBASLJFBASLFJB!!! *= another look alike* gosh I'm so hopeless ._. At first I thought that he was Lee Min Ki (He's in the drama Shut up flower boyband - the one that gets hit with the bus on the gifs BO uploaded XD) but apparently Lee Min Ki is 27 years old -.- AND HE'S BORN 1995!! BUT HE'S STILL OLDER THAN ME!! WAEEE!!! TT_TT 
It's actually good... I don't know why I'm complaining. I'm getting depressed everytime I see NU'EST or even worse... ZELO DAM DAM DAM~ I feel like a failure hahahahah X'D

But I've got to admit after listening to their song Insane non-stop yesterday (because of a page that only had 1 song... that 1 song was BTOB - Insane -.-) I'm somehow stuck. That wonderful beat in the beginning and the catchy English frase in the chorus <3

SM I'AM Teaser

I have nothing to say...

As a matter of fact! I do have one thing to say: SOO CUUUUTEEE!!!! I WANNA WATCH ITTTTT!!!!


Okay that was 3 things... I really want to see it :O

EXO finally debuting!

I bet that no one has missed this news yet?

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA After 3298248973 years FINALLY! No... SM will probably make another bullshit and fool us fans and send that trollface picture. They succeeded with SHINee's Sherlock XD Fans waited over 48 hours for that MV. That's a true Shawol I have to say, or a freak O_O XD

Lovely top comments~ <3

Even if a lot of people are complaining over SM's way of promoting them, as a person reading economic I have to say that SM are some smartass people. Tell me if you know 1, just 1 kpop fan that doesn't know who EXO is. EVERYONE knows who EXO is and they haven't debuted yet. Sure it's SM ent who's promoting them and they're one of the biggest entertainments in Korea. But instead of making a fast promotion a.k.a release 1 teaser and the MV after a few days, SM has once again started a trend to release 1238721 teasers before a groups debut/comeback.

So if anyone mention the sentence "a lot of teasers" BAM! EXO will plopp up XD So in my point of view SM had a really smart strategy this time BUT as a fan I'm mad and irritated as hell, just let them debut for Gods sake! -_- 

Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

I could make this simple and just say 4Minute, but I don't think that's fair. Only reason I dislike them is because of HyunA, and only reason I dislike her is because of that whole "HyunA and Lee Jon" thing...

So a group I dislike besides HyunA....
I don't really listen to groups I don't like (not that I don't like them. It's just that I don't like their music). So if I don't like their music, I don't feel like I want to learn more about them. So I just don't. And because the ones I do listen to I like.. I don't really have a group I dislike (because I don't know anything about the groups I don't listen to). Savvy? ^^ *Jack Sparrow style* I don't really know if I was "savvy" about this text, but if you were, WELL DONE!!!

So yeah, that's my answer!! I dislike HyunA.

Yeeeeah.. I might not like her, but I like this song xD

SHINee - Sherlock (dance ver.)

Gosh, the move at 0:21.. HDASLAREBGWÅAW!!!!!! xD (when they all make a pose and just stay there for like a second) And I also like this whole "domino" thing where one of them starts doing a move, then the person next to him does the same and then the person next to him starts doing it and so on.

Anyone knows if they've performed this on like Inkigayo yet or something? O__o

PS. Anyone else noticed Onew's fail at 0:31? xD


This version is so amazing!!! Looooved it!! xD It looks like they're having so much fun and I bet they are. I don't know what this "YG on air" thing is, but this is what it said on the description-box:

BIGBANG Presents Special Stages for "YG On Air - BIGBANG ALIVE", one stage per day through Naver and YouTube!
These special stages were produced by YG through two versions, band version and performance version with the use of techno crain cameras, as well as eight special effects cameras that are normally only used for producing music videos or movies. The first stage to hit the spotlight on March 20th will be a band version of "Bad Boy".

Oh.. is that why the quality was so good? O__o
But anywho, I LOOOOOOOOOOVED this performance xD Mostly because of the colors, the different version of the song and the fact that they looked so happy! And that they sing so good live is still a bit chocking. It seriously sounds better than the real audio. It has more feeling ^^

~Mnet Chart~

Everybody say woop woop~
Big Bang's Fantastic Baby is still hanging on there. No one (or no group) has beaten MBLAQ It's war yet. They where on the first place during a long time O_O
I don't really know how to react to the chart this week. The songs from 2nd place till 5th are pretty random for me ê__ê The only song I've listen to is Miss A's Touch.

Is.severly.still.there  ._.
I'm pretty surprised to not see any Big Bang songs on the 1st place. But just wait till next week... Because Shawols will make their move soon. SHINee will probably be on the chart next week. You'll see... you'll see...

That awkward moment when.. xD (SHINee ver.)

This happens:

JONGHYUN!!! You cutiee ^3^ Bowing and everything to that... biaatch. No, she's not a biaatch. But why did she just walk away? Biaatch.... -.- But it was a bit awkward when Taemin started to sing "Ring Ding Dong~" xD hahaha and his "Sé-pa-síba" at the end ^^ (Spashiba means thank you in Russian.. If i'm not wrong ^^)

I'm sleepy T__T

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by thatdopekidemy


jinofish:  LOL i made this a long time ago and didn’t post cause i didn’t think anyone would get it. its so old it has my old url lololol

Hohohohohohoh *trollface*

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  created by flowerpetals

fuckyeahkpopmacros:  Made by lollidella-dream


031112 MIB KangNam M.I.Bs Kangnam to make his acting debut in a new tvN sitcom


I'm sorry this will probably be a lame happy birthday post because I don't even know who this is XD We have a category for M.I.B so I thought that I should make a happy birthday post for him ^_^
Well... Happy Birthday Kangnam from M.I.B who's turning 24 years old (25 korean age)

That's... it... O_O

NU'EST I'm Sorry + FACE (live)

"FACE" is such an addicting song! And shesus, JR!!!!!!!!!!!! Is his name supposed to be "Junior" (because Jr. stands for junior ^^) or just basically "Jay Are"?

I don't get the punches Baekho is giving his fellow members at 1:58. First of all, he dosen't hit them with passion, he just walks there like "yeah.. hit, hit, hit. Whatever.." and that the others don't fall back as if they actually got hit? Yeah.. whatever -.-'

Other than that, NU'EST, come at me bros!!!!!! xD

BTOB - Insane MV

A bit late but the MV is finally out~

Now the "B.R.A the critics" will come out a.k.a the bitch XD The MV and the song was much much much better than the 1st teaser they released. I never checked the second one but the first one sounded really bad. But I wasn't 100% happy with this either.

The good stuff was obviously their acting skills as a rookie group. It was really good especially if you compare them with EXID >__> And ohohohoh there was a guy his voice was like  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *________* They had some good rappers (especially the first guy *pointing down*) and I saw a lot of look alikes like Hyun bin, L.joe (only because of the blonde hair XD) and a Ki Kwang :O

I wanna meet their makeup artist. Look at the eyeliner/eyeshadow difference between the right and the left eye hahahahaha XD Or should it maybe look like that? :O

But there was some parts that was a bit "eh.." *simpson style* for example 2:23 seemed so lame XD I wanted some more BAM! and HUA! In their voices, sure they sang loud but I wanted some power in it~ They somehow held in something -.- Except for the Ki Kwang look alike, his voice sounded so pure and clear T3T
Their dance was also a bit average, it wasn't something you remembered, so it wasn't REALLY GOOD nor bad.

However their Engrish was really good and the chorus was really catchy ^ω^
But let's see what they got. Gonna wait for other songs ;-)

CN Blue 4th teaser - Yong Hwa

Yalalalalalal! *MYNAME thing~* A lot of teasers and MV's will come up now because they've bombed us with teasers and MV's today ô_ô

I talked with my friend yesterday and we spazzed over CN Blue's comeback. I was waiting for Yong Hwa's teaser and now it's out!!!!!! He got the longest one XD Everyone had between 20-30 seconds and Young Hwa plopps up, like a boss with 43 seconds >:3
Huhuhuhuh I'm sitting here like a 3 year old kid waiting for something...

But Jung Shin had the coolest teaser ^u^

Day 12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard

Honestly, I'm having a hard time remembering if it was SHINee's "Ring Ding Dong" or MBLAQ's "Oh Yeah". Either way, that was NOT a good start for me. Introducing a person to KPOP, you should let the person listen to something that sounds like the music the person's already listening to. You know, so the person first gets an idea of what KPOP is, not the whole thing ^^. You don't want to show the person a crossdressed guy at first, ahahahaha, man.. that's not a good start at all!

I didn't see a crossdressed guy, but I did see guys with makeup singing "Ring ding dong, Ring ding dong~" and dancing some weird-ass moves along with it. Haha, my thoughts back then were not so positive xD And after hearing this song and MBLAQ's "Oh yeah" (which was not a good song either to start with, because I was a hiphop person, and those songs were just too... KPOP ^^) B.R.A let me listen to 2PM's "Hand Up".

Now THAT'S a song he should've let me listen to first, because that song sounds like the music I used to listen to before
KPOP! I was still sceptical towards KPOP after that, but I eventually got into it and here I am! Long post.. No photos O__o


I remember how weird this was for me xD

But even back then, Joonie made me go HNNNNNG! ^^

OMO.. two things
Picture 1: Is he wearing contacts? O__o
Picture 2: HAHAHHAHAHAHA look and Thunder xD

Look alike: Jinyoung & Kim Sa Rang




HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sorry but of all the things you could look like, you had to look like Kim Sa Rang ;w; Yes I know it's 3 pictures but it feelt like I couldn't really pass that "look alike" feeling to you guys too. If you've seen secret garden then you know what I mean.
Their faces are a freaking copy (but not on the pictures) However Jinyoung's is a bit skinnier compared to her.
She got that... chubby face *not claiming that she's fat or anything because she's really beautiful* Her face is quiet similiar to Park Bom. With the whole.. chubby cheeks/face thing...

If you watch some clips of secret garden then you'll also get that look alike feeling XD

SHINee - SHERLOCK!!!!!! (MV)

SPAZZ, OMG brb *dying*

OKEY, and I'm back! It was amazing!! The beginning was soooo hot and öFKJASEkdjDk!!! However I got one thing I didn't like.

I didn't really like how they styled the guys. It's not bad, but they looked much better before. And be honest, didn't Taemin look a bit... funny at 2:53? And remember how I said that Key was the hot one now? Well not anymore -.-' Why didn't they let the hair be as it was in the teaser photos? O__é Sure, his hair was okey at the end, but still. Yet the girl looked beautiful! BTW, did you know that the girl is SNSD's Jessica? xD

TAEMIN!!! You don't sound like a girl anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D
Why didn't Minho get as much screentime as everyone else? TT_TT
What's up with the "Most Beautiful Girl In The World" thing? ^^
And Jessica totally helped them to find the Jewelry, so I think she should get some credit to! xD

Okey, mixed emotions, but overall it was AWSOME!!

The multi talented guy O_O

Dunno why but I started to search around on kpop members a few days ago, on wikipedia... XD *trololol* On the corner of the introduction part are some (birth?) info and other stuff. I saw a member that had 3218723879 different "talents" so, I searched for other members too (the ones I thought could compete with him)

I thought that Seungho could be the one to compete with that *secret member* but no, plan B was Hong Ki but no...

And that multi talent guy is.................................. *BIG FAT DRUMS*

Yong Hwa! SHABAM! Look at that hahahahahahha!! 7 freaking things! But Beatbox, does that really count -_-
But it's amazing to be able to play that many intruments, I'm like "Share some of those talents to us non-talent ones you bastard lovely guy <3

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (good or bad?)

So I think I just found out where these macros came from:

It's from "Shut Up! Flower Boy Band".. right? O__o

It seems good on the trailer, but not as crazy as the gifs xD I kind of liked the gifs. Anyone who watches this drama that can tell me.. is it any good? 8D

B.R.A Says: OMO!!! That Suicide guy is in the drama!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA XD  (A guy that always want to kill himself in the movie Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do and the drama boys before flowers: Jung Eui Chul) at 0:42

This drama is a must see right now. I need to know if he'll threatens to commit suicide here too XD

Doin it the girly girl way~

Btw don't forget our contest!~ It'll end tomorrow and don't be afraid of joining, it's free after all mohahaha :3

Heheohohoh Mean girls hahahaha XD

Not so many macros today but I'm dedicating these T-ara macros to Boram~
I'm so nice.... HAHAHAHAHAHAH . . .

Pixie Lott ft. GD & T.O.P

Uhuhuhuhu it's out ^3^ Me gusta!
Pixie Lott's voice is still amazing as ever and I'm really proud over Big Bang and happy for GD & T.O.P. Kpop is getting biger!!!!!
I was pretty amazed to hear that T.O.P's engrish was english O_O I never doubted on GD but T.O.P was.. good... his english was really good. *amazed* XD

Okay I shouldn't really be that cheesy person who's saying positive things 24/7. As I said I'm happy and proud over them *etc etc*. But the song wasn't really my thing. It didn't really catch my attention and my body didn't really quiver (as it always do if I hear a really good song for the first time). Nut good job? Or something. Pixie... you should be ADKGNADLKN honored to work with GD & T.O.P TT_TT


Foto dan Profil Jeon Boram, Personil T-Ara

Foto dan Profil Jeon Boram, Personil T-Ara

Happy Birthday to you T-ara's babyfaced Boram!!!~ Who's turning 26 years old (27 korean age) that seems pretty old O_O To be honest I don't know what I should write about her -.- I thought she was Qri *fail* XD

Big Bang - I Love You (SES Parody)

HAHAHAHAHAHA, What did I just see? WHAT DID I JUST SEE?!?!?! OMG TOP!!!!!!!! xD First of all, he CAN'T sing ^^. Second of all, he looks so happy here compared to how he looks now :c. And third of all (you can say that right), HE DANCED!!! (2:24) And by his own will! X_X

And what's up with those fugly laughs? xD Like "ehohohhehehe" *in a creepy TOP voice*
AND THE SKIRTS! gahahahaha, omg, I'm loving Big Bang more and more! xD

Sorry for only talking about TOP, but he is seroiusly the center of attention here! ^^

BtoB - Imagine & Insane

HOW COULD I MISS THIS?!?!?! BtoB has released their debut title tracks!


It's so beautiful TT_TT I don't know why, but this song reminds me SOOO much of another song, but can't tell which. It's very annoying -.-'


They're both so good!!!! But I prefer Imagine ^^ or do I? Haha can't really make up my mind.

Now all that's left are the MV's. BtoB, you're definitely a group that could ruin my bias list. (But never take Lee Joon's place. No one can EVER take is place!!!!!!!! xD)

CN Blue 3rd Teaser - Minhyuk

UUrrgghhhh T^T *sounds dirty*
I'm seriously freaking out with these teasers. 2012 seem to be the year of teasers. It's the "new it" -.- What happened with the old days when you had 1, 1, ONNEEEE teaser for a comeback, song, or a group.

Totally refering to EXO right now XD

I'm not taking it bad, in matter of fact I'm waiting like a hyped dog for Yong Hwa's teaser. Of all the teaser... Jungshin's end was a ANKSFASLJ HALLELUJA moment for me *__*
And can you believe that this is Minhyuk?! THAT MINHYUK WHO PLAYED IDON'TKNOWWHO IN HEARTSTRINGS!!!

Day 11: Your favorite k-pop music video

Damn, that's a hard one. I.. don't know :c

I can't really think of any MV that I've been all like "OMG, THIS MV!!!". But I do like B.A.P's "Warrior" and Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby", "Love Song" and "Haru Haru".. AND their "Bad Boy" MV ^^

Then I like all those music videos that's not really a MV, like MBLAQ's "G.O.O.D Luv" and "Baby U".

But there isn't a single MV I don't like ^^

Why I like this song is that it looks like it was all filmed in one shot, plus that it's slow-motion which means that they had to film everything double speed so the sound would be right ^^

Big Bang after the recording of the MV:

Haha, they're like little babies! xD

Those stuff B1A4 got...

When I searched on Sandeul to find some picture for that U.P.A.H.I I had earlier today, I found a picture on a member that made me go all OMO AKSDFNSLIKF!! O_O
That was a surprising picture I have to say...

Well let's start like this: Did you know that Jinyoung has abs?

                                                      WHOA. Ok so you thought that B1A4 was full of cutie pies with nothing really adult and masculine to offer? At least, not enough to perv on correct? We are oh so very glad to be proven wrong by Jinyoung here. Now if only you and CNU could get the rest of your band members on the &#8220;stripping&#8221; train then a whole LOT of bana&#8217;s lives would be made.

Now you know it...

*____* daze...
He doesn't really have that OMG PACK! But it's coming. I thought that eveyone from B1A4 would be flat you know, because of that über cute and skinny (wtf..) image. But this was like a big fat fist on tha face...
However he was inhumanly pale/white/bleached in this picture. He's a whiter and more cleaner version Edward in Twilight XD At least he doesn't sparkle (y) Well well this was todays schock for me, Jinyoung having abs... la la la~

Seungri teaches us how to dance "BLUE Choreography Point"

And Seungri does it again!!! He did a "dance tutorial" before and tought us some dance moves to their "Fantastic Baby" (He has also done one for Bad Boy). Now he teaches us some of the choreography to their hit "Blue".

Hahaha the name of the dance xD "Goal Celebration Dance"

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

Lol wanted to write Young Hwa but I remembered that he was last weeks U.P.A.H.I -_-
But I had a really hard time to pick 1 from B1A4, to be honest it was a pure hell! I was like "hmm should I chose Jinyoung? But Sandeul is also pretty but Gongchan too, but wait CNU is that really cute Jungshin look alike but wait Baro then?" SKDLVLSDJVSLDVLSDBV

Did that typical close your eyes and pick one:


This little fella was the result

He somehow reminds me of a mix between Key and Eunhyuk at some angles... weird o__o
Yeah I don't really know what to write or say except for three words "Look at him!" ASKNSALKV!!! TT_TT

BtoB - I Stole the Lips (from sitcom)

I don't know what this is. Well it's a performance *duh*, but where is it? O__o they didn't really say anything in the info-box except that they'll debute on March 22. But what did you think of the performance? And why are they only 5?

OH WAIT, this is from a sitcom that a part of the group is currently starring in. It's JTBC's sitcom 'I live in Cheongdamdong' and they play as trainees dreaming to become the next big idol group. Haha isn't that pretty much what they're doing IRL? ^^

But I liked this song! The performance was not WAOW, but it wasn't bad either ^3^

In my head~

Well before I start the morning humour, I have some thaangs to say ^^ The post I'll do from now on will be a bit halfhearted because it's sick how much things I've got during these 2 days. My wall is spammed with notes, yeah I almost cried yesterday, I can't handle it anymore >__> So BO... you're gonna take more resposibility XD . . .

AND! I celebrated my third new year yesterday hohoh = cashflow~ It was *le persian* new year. Mohahaha and I've seen that people talk a lot about these small red envelopes you get during Chinese new years, I've got a lot of those so I though that I should take a picture on my collection *trollface*

But let's start with the morning humour.
Godmorning guys!~
/Greetings from SEAWNFKSALDKFBSALD Sweden...

omg Wookie&#160;! Nobody hasn&#8217;t told you where babies are coming from!? D:

&#8230;oh really? :&#8212;D


 Calm down Kyu&#8230; it&#8217;s not that serious :&#8212;-D

Camwhoring eh?

MBLAQ New app...

Omo! What's this?! Is this a korean version of guitar hero? XD
I haven't heard anything about this and there's games like this for Suju and T-ara O__O Have to check out this app...

Click here for more info

But I think that you have to pay for it *le sadface* ;w;

Big Bang PMP CF

I know, this is a very old CF (2009)

BUT IMAGINE HAVING THAT APP!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha Daesung, I think you've become my bias in Big Bang ^3^

KPOP Fails (falling edition)

The best ones: DooJoon, L.Joe, Jonghyun and Daesung

HAHAHAHHAHA Zico, acting all cool xD JUST like Doojoon. Hahaha Doojoon, LIKE A BAWS! ^^

CN Blue - Hey You (Teaser)

Holy crap!! Is that really him playing? O__o
This has such a typical CN Blue sounds ^^ It sounds like the only song I've heard from them, "I'm a loner". Don't you agree? xD

Oh, btw, it was Jong Hyun in the video (The guitarist and vocalist. Wait.. that means that it was him singing in the end? DAMN this boy got talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Random post

Sorry I just have to show you guys this picture:

Don't know why but the kid look Chinese O_O It's probably because of the hair. That arabic/persian letters on the corner is just added so yes I think the kid is Asian somehow XD
I almost cried while watching this picture ;w; For god sake this is priceless!

As you know I went to school yesterday (after 3 weeks -.-) but I'm just going 2,5 weeks then it's holiday again~ huhuhuh >:3 A lot of first years have their national exams right now and of course I'm one of them and the teachers in my school wanted to start with the English national exam, yesterday (speaking part) and I knew life waned to f*ck me a little harder so I guessed that I would be on the first  group to do it. BUT they've postponed it till next week... However here's the funny part:

I know my teacher tend to write oral... it sounds so bad >_>

*brb running to the corner in the classroom*

Another funny thing that happened yesterday was once again during the English lesson where I showed some pictures to my friend and all of a sudden this one plopped up:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH The awkward moment when a picture on a asian guy plopp up. No but seriously do you know how hard it was for me to explain this picture hahahahha!!!

Buddy: So.. is that your boyfriend or..?
Buddy: You sure...? So this is what you do during your free time ey...

*Brb running back to the corner*

Day 10: A k-pop dance you’d like to learn

Yeah.. lets make "the list". (The list will not be in order of what dance I'd like to learn the most *Cinema, dark and fast voice* Yeah, you know what voice I'm talking about ;))

The List:
- MBLAQ - Stay
- SHINee - Lucifer
- SHINee - Replay
- Infinite - BTD
- BIGABNG - Fantastic Baby (It's not that complicated though. It's that part Seungri thaught us ^^ Now all I need to do is learn it...)
- Miss A - Breathe
- 2NE1 - I Am The Best

And yeah.. that's about it ^^



NU'EST gonna do a reality show~

Woop woop~
I've been waiting for this somehow, they're like... B.A.P #2 XD
If a rookie group gets more populer then they'll get their own reality show but enough chat let's warch the teaser:

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Ren *trollface*~ Everyone looks so badass and then... Ren and his lollipop XD
JR he's... really beautiful O_O *drool* 
But I wonder if Ren really chose to have this image. You know to look like a girl or if it was something the company made him do to be more populer. Well that's a mystery~

CN Blue inspired nail art (really short nails)

Well *cough* The nails I've been fixing receantly has been reeeellly short ;w; That's why I haven't made any nail art posts. But I was bored yesterday (skiping homeworks, HELL YEAH) so I took some white polish and made a disaster art XD

It's like comparing those nails to these:

I'm like: ;w;
We'll just have to wait for the nails to grow and you're going to see some badass kpop nail arts ;-)
(To see more nail arts just click on ~Nails~ on the categories at the right side of the blog ^_^)

BtoB - Insane (MV Teaser)

OMG, we got so much of the song!!!!!!!!!! xD "So insane. She gave me so much pain~" Naaah, you poor bobo :c But damn, this year is really though for debut-groups to debut O__o I mean B.A.P, NU'EST and now this. I kind of feel bad for them, because if they're not great, people might not pay so much attention to them.

But hey, this song was pretty badass and so was the video! On March 21st they will release the ballad track, “Imagine”, and this up beat dance track, “Insane” as a double title track, which will be released digitally.

#1. What does it mean that they'll release the songs as a double title track?
#2. What does it mean that it'll be released digitally? Like on youtube?

Haha, got that last sentence from Allkpop, and that's why I have a problem understanding it. It's not that I don't understand what I'm writing xD

I'm a loner TT_TT

Yes.. after watching Heartstrings I've become CN Blue biased... really hard =__=
I'm listening to their songs 24/7 ,watching some reality shows with them and spazzing everywhere! And they're going to release their 3rd mini album soon!!!! ksadjnskd!!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH I was like "SHIT! Since when did Young Hwa have abs AND look like Lee Joon?!" Then I saw G.O in the corner XD

Ohh I've seen this photo shoot, it's from CN Blue making the artist ^_^

More like Power Rangers~

Forgot to upload this on *le blog*
Was that really Jungshin singing?! I haven't really heard him sing Solo before, but DAAAAMN if that was him O_O



I see a mustache...

Let's begin with F.Cuz's former member Lee U~ (Left the group because he wanted to go solo -_-  ^^) This pretty little boy is turning (probably 24...) Omo only 22 years old (23 Korean age) !!! I thought he was much older O_O
Okay only 1 year difference but that's a lot... in my world.



AKFNSALDKFSADLJBAJSDL *Dying all over the place* Well I admit that I'm not such a huge fan of B1A4, dunno why but their music haven't "spoken to me" yet, lol.. XD BUT EVERYONE ARE SOO FREAKING CUTE!!!! IT'S SICK!!!!! They're cute without even trying to be cute. This sounds pretty rude but they're like a better version of Boyfriend except that Boyfriend somehow tries to be cute 24/7 while B1A4 has that natural cuteness.
And Sandeul's voice is just to die for T___T

Okay thoday-o is B1A4's Sandeul's buuurthday he's turning ... 20 years old (21 korean age). Are you freaking kidding me? Is he 20 years old?! He looks like a 17-18 years old kid >___> *still illegal for me* heh..

I hope that both of you will have an awesome birthday, it's the day where you can boss people around without feeling any guilt mohaha >:3 So just do it!

SHINee's 4th mini album "Sherlock"

Why is everyone releasing ther 4th mini album? xD

01. Sherlock

02. Clue

They sound... the same? O__o

OHHHH.. Makes sence ^^ Thank you yuinyanfromhell!!! xD

03. Note

Now where have I heard this song before? O__o maybe in a teaser? Haha, can't really remember. No.. yeah it's probably from a teaser! xD

04. Alarm Clock

05. The Reason

Really liked this intro.. and the song in general ^^

06. Stranger

SHINee's version of "FANTASTIC BABY"? xD But this song was also pretty good ^^
"ola la la la la la LA!!~" (0:11) and "ooooh oooh ooh oh. OOOHOOOH. OH~" (0:22) and the part after the "OH" right before the chorus was awsome. That's probably going to be stuck in my head now xD

07. Honestly

Aaaaww~ I love guitar songs <3
Love the fact that this mini album had everything! A "dance"-song (Stranger), a guitar-song, a typical "SHINee"-song (Sherlock), a pepp-song (Note) and some slow songs ^^

G.O & Mir (MBLAQ) - I Already Knew

What is this? O__o went on to youtube to see if I could find SHINee's new album and came across this:

What do we have here? Apparently it's the OST for "Strongest K-POP Survival"? Haha that's at least what I got from the title of the song. It's good background music, if you know what I mean. Imagine you're on the internet and it's way to quiet, what do you do? YOU PLAY THIS SONG! xD It's not much so you lose focus on what you're doing, and it's not a bad song either. It's the perfect background song ;)

A New group in tha house - BTOB

Or "Born To Beat". I believe that most of you have heard of them by now and they released a teaser from their song earlier today.

A lot of people relate them to B2ST (Well they're from the same agencies..) but I don't think that they give the same feeling as B2ST at all. The standard for this year is awefully high right now and this song didn't really give such a PAOW feeling.
I'm not saying that all the songs should be in a hip hop way but the piece Cube gave us was pretty bad. How can I say it in a good way... It feelt like their music didn't have any soul in it.... you get it? XD
Or to be more exact the one who sang it, didn't sing with his feelings.

I didn't get that fuzzy feeling I get over a good song on this group (yeah it's hard to explain), they only had the looks. That's it. 

But I could be wrong... 


Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance

Hmm.. O__o

Hahaha I DON'T KNOW?! No wait.. I do know ^^

Of course.. ^^


Sure, they're not as good as the boy groups. But there is something about crossdressing that I just love xD But the weird part is that I perfer the guys singing their own song AND I perfer them singing the girl-song!! ^^

NU'EST members profile

I am: Baekho. 16 years old. July 21, 1995. 179 cm, blood type AB.

in one word I am:
deep brown color eyed charismatic masculine power vocals

a time when i was happiest during trainee days:
when i heard news that I could perform on stage with Afterschool Blue noonas for their “Wonderboy” song

Role model:

Ideal type:
cooks well, a girl with a lot of aegyo

I am: Ren. 16 years old. November 3rd, 1995. 178 cm, blood type O.

in one word I am:
inside my mysterious neutral charm is an erratic cute boy

a time when I was happiest during trainee days:
when i was confirmed as a member of Nu’est

Role model:
Michael Jackson

Ideal type:
a girl who lies down looking at the blue sky above the green fields

I am: Aron. 18 years old. May 21, 1993. 176 cm, blood type A

in one word I am:
Smooth and smart charms and captivating romantic guy

a time when i was happiest during my trainee days:
when I appeared on SBS Music Festival stage, appearing on the ceremony stage even before debut… even now I can’t believe it.

Role model:
Anthony Hamilto

Ideal type:
a girl with a bright and pure smile

I am: Minhyun. 16 years old. August 9th, 1995. 181 cm, blood tpye O

in one word I am:
Sharp loose man (? not sure)

a time when I was happiest during my trainee days:
being featured in Afterschool Blue noona’s
“Wonderboy” and Orange Caramel noona’s “Shanghai Romance” music videos

Role model:
Eric Benet

Ideal type:
a girl who cooks well and has interest in fashion

I am: JR. 16 years old. June 8th, 1995. 178cm, blood type O.

in one word i am:
intensely charismatic boy hidden in a pure smile

a time when I was happiest during trainee days:
when i was featured in Uee noona’s “쏙쏙쏙” song and also performing together at the fanmeeting

Role model:

Ideal type:
a girl who is strong on the outside but tender on the inside

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Ren's ideal girl "a girl who lies down looking at the blue sky above the green fields" I was like Wtf..?! O_O
I'm seriously loving this rookie group, their songs are so good T___T But I'm getting depressed everytime I see them... ADKVNSLDKB BUUUUUTT... I'm still the youngest one here hohohoh still hanging on XD How do you feel BO?

BO Answers: Dude, JR is older than me and that's all that counts ;) (JR is my bias and future husband in NU'EST ^^ PS. Joonie will always be my one and only, but he says that it's okey for me to have other husbands, as long as he's the most important one!! xD)

It's sick...

... how amazing they are, or he is... she is?

I'm like sitting here like an old fascinated monkey wondering how he* could do that. It's amazing right?! All the shadows, light he's creating while painting... ASDGAKGANDKNA! That was perfect!!!! Especially the one with Nichkhun. How can you make the t-shirt look so weet and sticky?! T^T
Looking forward for more videos.

Hahaha T.O.P <3

OMG, just died!!! xD I don't really see TOP like this a lot. But whenever I do, it's always amazing!!! 8D haha TOP.. can't digest what I just saw, it's too.. it's too...

Going 1, 2, 3, SOLD! To Ms. Noona, Peddo Noona


created by uglyparty


kekekeke i couldn&#8217;t resist ^___^
Ew... XD

Oh so freaking cheesy


Created by

Created by PhotoshopKpop
Heheheheh such a bad humour ;'D

created by PhotoshopKpop

created by ConKyubineDlite
The funny thing is that... he doesn't really have a girlfriend either... It's just a picture on him 5-8 years later having abs XD

Song of the week #15

This weeks song is not a new song. Instead the song will be a song that I just recently started to play over and over again. This S.O.T.W is..... *drumroll*

2PM - 10 out of 10

Haha, never seen this version before! Only seen the real MV with G.NA
Now THAT is a funny MV xD Especially the end when G.NA's boyfriend comes and then they just move on to the next girl and shouts "10 OUT OF 10!!!!". It's funny because they just sang an entire song about how rare it is to find a girl like G.NA, and as soon as she leaves they find another girl like G.NA xD

And Junho's face at 0:18 *dying* or when Wooyoung's like dreaming at 1:20, Taecyeon and Junho at 2:10 and.. Just the entire video!!!! You know what, I might as well put up the real MV ^^

Hahahahaha 2PM, I love you guys ^^ You're like the only group that can act like this, and that makes you more fun to love.
To me you guys are 11 out of 10!!!~ <3

Day 8: A k-pop song you know all the words to

I honestly don't know ALL the words to any KPOP-song. However I do know a lot of word in:

MBLAQ's "Stay"
GD & TOP's "Knock Out"
SHINee's "Lucifer"
Big Bang's "Always"
And.. Can't really think of any other songs. OH WAIT!!
2NE1's "Can't Nobody"



SHINee's Sherlock Audio

For you who wanted to hear it ^_~

Aww these boys are seriously back *cries* TT_TT
As I said before this song really reminds me of their debut days, wonder if the whole album will do it :3

It's kinda weird as a kpop freak (I know it's fan but freak sounds so much better) you're able to tell which song "belongs" to which group. For example this is a typical SHINee song, you just know it. Something that we call
sisxth sense >:3

That's why I got so confused when Big Bang released their mini album Alive, it didn't give a typical Big Bang feeling at all (except for Fantastic Baby) But I'm not saying it as something bad, their mini album is awesome and they must be the first group (for me) that breaks that weird "group-song-feeling"

Okay sucky explanation here...

As BO said: "The awkward moment when Key became the hottest one in the group" True... but Taemin didn't look bad at all in the teaser :O

SHINee's Sherlock MV Teaser

ASFJVCASDLJBASDF I've been spamming youtube right now!!!
You know I haven't really been hyped or fangirling over SHINee's comeback but this made me go DKADDALJBA especially that "SHINee is back..." that dance~ >__>
The song reminded me a combo between Love like oxygen and Juliette


¤ Heartstrings - Review ¤

I'm gonna stop writing small reviews because they always turn out to be really long -.- I always tend to write crap here and in my reviews and I'm trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but there might be some. So if you're a "sensetive" reader mianhe ^_^

Let's begin with the plot from dramacrazy:

This was an okay drama to begin with. It gave me some "Playful Kiss" feeling (Another drama with Kim hyun Joong in it). It wasn't something that 'took me by storm' but it was sweet, funny and entertaining to watch. This drama was just as other dramas with those (really obvious) cliché scenes. Gosh dying everytime I see those XD
The end was good but I wanted a more "clear wrap" on it. I've seen worse endings but for me, this ending was only okay. I wanted to have a better insight on their relationship after the whole thing and their reunion seemed a bit rushed ;''D *complaining like a hag* But I'm picky when it comes to small things...
Right! Dunno why but I'm a bit sensetive when it comes to the student-loves-teacher stories and those 2 first episodes was a fist right to my face XD It was so hard watching it and that  ASJDGBASLDJG **** scene gave me a blackout for 45 minutes*

Overall this drama gave me a weird feeling compared to other dramas I've seen. I have a weird lump feeling in my throat . . . o_____o

The characters were good, especially that despicable wb director (the one with glasses) and the girl Hee Joo. Totally fell with CN Blue's drummer Minhyuk, ASDKFNSDLÖFKBSDKF =3= that scene where he wiped away Hee Joo's tear and started to cry himself was just... my heart broke TT_TT
But I have to admit there was a guy that caught my attention. I liked his way of acting and he has a wonderful eyesmile! *__*  daze~

But the thing I absolutely loved with Heartstrings was all the songs. A drama I usually see has 1-2 songs that's catchy and fits the drama, but the songs in Heartstrings were PERFECT! I fell in love with all their songs and you can clearly hear that FT Island sang some of the songs. Or you could clearly hear Lee Hong Ki's voice.

Yong Hwa - You've fallen for me

Uh-hu this must be the best song in the drama!

Their OST - Because I Miss You

Another OST - To Love me

And so on XD
Well I recomend this to you guys who want to keep your heads warm. It's quiet entertaining and a bit more realistic compared to other dramas (like for example Secret Garden). But it was those non realistic scenes that made those dramas better than Heartstrings.
Heartstrings didn't really have a complicated story, everything was just simple but it's just that they made those simple parts a bit detailed.

And I can't deny the fact that Park Shin Hye is really beautiful :)
I wonder how it felt to record this drama after You're beautiful... he failed to get her in that one but succeded in this one xP

BIGBANG's Seungri tutorial on how to dance the "Wiper Dance"

I really tried to find a good gif for the Wiper Dance, but I just couldn't :c
Anywho, here you have the tutorial made by no other than Seungri!!!! xD

GOOD LUCK! and..


What is this? O___o - New teaser(?) photo

Saw this picture on tumblr. IT'S A NEW PICTURE???? Because they have those new hairstyles that we... love so much ^^ To be honest, they kind of ruined Jonghyun TT_TT. He fits better in longer hair. But he's still a sexy little t-rex xD

Plus that they were recently spotted outside:

Jonghyun, heeeeere you look like that charming guy you are! Actually, they all look good here! Haha, maybe it's just the styling on all the teasers they've done that made them look like they did ^^

To see more pictures of them outside (photos taken yesterday) you can click here.

B2ST Ideal girls

This is what you will do:
1. Read through everything they've said maybe laugh at some of them and you're somehow painting up how their ideal girl will look like, most of them will probably be from a girl group you know.
2. Have one of those "calm-3-seconds"
3. Start to be a bit anxious thinking that you'll NEVER match their type of girl.
4. Starting to think over again and laugh at your previous condition. Now you're planning on HOW to get him because you're like "Gurl, I was borned to be married with you *snap*"

I did nail all of them right? Maybe except the snap part...

Doojoon – a girl that knows how to play soccer, well manner, pretty personality and likes his parents.
Doojoon's ideal girl is also someone who captivates him at first glance .

Junhyung – a tall girl with swag, knows how to dance. Junhyung ideal girl is someone with sharp wits and laid back personality.

Hyunseung – a girl with a pretty head ? . Big double eyelids is also in the list for Hyunseung’s ideal girl.

Yoseob – a girl with long hair and fair white skin.Yoseob’s ideal girl is someone who is cute.

Kikwang – a girl that laughs pretty and has a sense of humor (members say his standards are low.) Kikwang don’t look for physical features, I look for the personality.

 BEAST IS THE B2ST Dongwoon Wallpaper[1600x900]

Dongwoon – a cute and pretty girl, well mannered, looks pretty when she ties her hair.Dongwoon wants his ideal girl to have a compatible personality as his

What to say...? I don't really believe in these kinds of things because most of them are just bullshit *sorry for the language* but to make a "fast judge" I have to say that Ki Kwang is the prettíest one in the group but he seem to have the "lowest" standard, compared to the other ones. That's pretty... special >_>

Eye Candy - Pelvic Thrust/Body roll edition


And last but not least, Running Man's Monday Couple:


Neon naege banhaesseo, banhaesseo~

credits: @armanifan14
Actually I don't mind at all =__= Bet that 1344123 people out there haven't rebloged this XD


Omo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard~ Haven't you seen this Family Guy episode?!

Aww Yesung is also there mushed in the corner...


Man these faces are priceless!

It's real!! :O

Not so much of an desciption.. =_= But I saw this on dramacrazy a while ago (!!!)
Mulan was or is my favourite Disney movie, pretty ironic cuz I'm Asian XD Well I REALLY REALLY LOVE That animated movie! But they ruined it a bit with Mulan 2 -_- I should watch this movie soon O_O

But I'm think that I'll start watching Running Man from now on. I can't see a drama and be in the school at the same time *retarded kid* the drama world will take me away mentally so I can't focus -.-

Click here to watch it~

It's pretty chill out there

How was that saying again? "The calm before the storm" ? It sounds much better in Swedish O_O
*shock x100* <-- That something actually sounded better in Swedish.  
Yeah there isn't so much going on in the "kpop-world" well at least nothing big, that's why our blog has been a bit slow and something happened with BO that's why all the posts are written by me right now ^_^

I'm trying to write a small review on Heartstrings for you guys *totally failing* so yeah...
However 2 days ago... my appa came home HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA He came home 10 PM WITH A FREAKING HAMSTER!?!?!? That's probably 2012 most random thing >__>
But it hates me TT^TT My fingers hurts and I have bitemarks all over my hand AFJLSALJF FML *running to a corner*

Her name is Doris hohoohh I gave her that name >:3 You know like that blue fish in Nemo XD
I've been realising something. My posts always end in a abrupt way...

Look alike: Daesung & K.Will

Wahh that's amazing! XD I don't know but Daesung's look is somehow... special. A lot (or all) the kpop idols have that slim and "perfect" face but Daesung's is a bit, how can you say it in a good way... it's out-streched XD He looks like my mom...
Okay back to the thing. And yes K.will have the similiar out-streched nose and mouth T^T *bad at explaining*

That forbidden love...

Such an uncreative title =_=

This is a song from U-kiss I haven't seen/heard before O_O I thought it would be 1-2 years old but it was out the 14th February, Valentines day~ ^__^
I should seriously check out all their albums inclusive the Japanese one, some parts reminds me of "Tick, Tack" pretty similiar actually...

But I can't deny the fact that Kiseop was really pretty here o____o and he had a lot of parts :O


(Well before I begin this is our 2000 post!!! XD . . .)

As you know (or maybe not) M2STASCH had their 200 days anniversary 1½ week ago so we want to celebrate with you too! Gosh that was such a cliché. But let's start with the price this time!

It's not a "WAAAAAOWWW Thing" it's something homemade just like last time XD We're going to give away:

2 iphone 4 shells
(or for iphone 4s).

But I'm not saying that if you don't have an iphone you can't participate, EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE!~ ^3^
Here's some shells I've made before:

This was mine...

And this is BO's

I've also made an example on how one of the Iphone shells will look like. I'm going to do give away 2 shells as I said. But the one who comes at the first place will win a more "special" shell that he/she can get. Just like mine and BO's. You can chose a more private shell where you can have WHATEVER you want (But I should of course be able to do it -.-) you can have a B2ST, KARA Teen Top, SNSD INFINITE etc. etc theme. But for the second place dude *trollface*
will have a more specific theme and it's this:

You can either chose this or have "Engrish~" on the back, and you can also chose your own "side-text". Of course if you come on the 1st place you can also chose a shell like this but you're also able to have something more complicated ^_^

So that's all I had to say about the prices but here's a short summary for the:

1st place:
*You don't have a more "specific" theme, you're freee to chose anything
*You can also chose the theme as the 2nd place.
*You can chose the colour, text, shape, size, quote, group etc.

2nd place:
*You have a more "specific" theme and can chose from "I'm so groove, I'm so spechul~" or "Engrish~"
*You can chose the colour, size and some of the texts.

Right, the shells are white so that's the back colour. The black one was just an example and they're easy to take off and push in *dirty* XD

Okay! To apply for this contest isn't hard at all! It's not as complicated as the first one and you don't have to share, spam or write an essay as a comment XD
The only thing you need to do is:

*Write "I'm in" on the comment box and how long you've liked kpop.
(And only 1, ONE comment not 2 or 13435. Only 1!) :3

Here's an example if you didn't get it:

So yeah that's it! Not hard at all. And yes you must write down your mail adress for us to see. We have to be able to contact you somehow. You are going to recieve an email from us where you'll get some more info about your price. But! You'll only have 3 days to answer back and if you don't then you'll get
disqualified. However if you're on the 1st place and get disqualified then your place will automaticly be given to the 2nd place winner ^^

But that's all I had to say. I've been writing down everything as clearly as I can so please read it properly and if you have any questions just comment or send to our mail
I hope that you'll apply so hwating!~
Right! ANYONE can apply you don't need to live in Sweden to have a higher chance to win C:

The contest will end Friday next week (23rd March) and we'll raffle out a name on the day after.

And once again THANK YOU FOR READING THIS BLOG!!!! <3 :D


Minhyuk pre debut (high school) picture

As I said I'm currently watching Heartstrings and you can't hate Minhyuk's character!! TT_TT So.freaking.sweet. Sure I would be annoyed and creeped out as hell if a guy like that stalked me 24/7 but he's so adorable!

Found a picture on him during his high school days:

The left one is his high school picture... not the right one XD

Heh hard to believe ey? Actually not... His face is still the same (exactly like heartstrings) the only thing that's different is hair and makeup. That's it! He hasn't changed at all! That picture is probably 2-4 years old and to me looks the same, maybe a bit skinnier.
The wonders of makeup... gonna kidnap a Korean dude, style him a bit and put some makeup and then ta-dah~

A worrying scene ... T__T

Sometimes I'm wondering "The heck am I doing with my life right now?"
All the kids out there are either with their friends, families, partying, ***!"¤&#¤ ing etc. But me... I wasted my saturday night (last week) on this:

Watching Secret Garden with a box full of handkerchiefs (<-- it was a sad scene okay?! =___=)
(Btw you MUST watch this drama!)

What am I doing with my life U___U

But I'm mr Pimple~

Created by kenyanprincejang.

 My first macros T_T

Created by funnykpopshit.  
Reminded me of Einstein...

created by dubuluvshinee

created by dubuluvshinee

Created by funnykpopshit.
ASDVNSDLÖKSDLÖKF Wae?! He shouldn't have cameltoes!

 this is my first time making a macro so excuse my lameness xD
HAhahahaha Lol XD

Funny.. cuz I saw it a while ago (a.k.a a few weeks ago)

fuckyeah2pmmacros:   …even you okpotter, even you.  Thanks, never2much2pm!
*brb dying* XDDDD

All in one~

This is a pretty useless post but before the unnecessary stuff plopps up, I just wanna say that the "long awaited" contest will begin tomorrow and more info will come later (around 12 pm Swedish time)

                                                                          Random macro...

So yeah.. this day... or these days has been really awkward. I'm finally done with the working thing and I'm going to school this monday. I have 2 awkward moments here:

#1 The awkward moment when you sleep on the bus and wakeup then realises that it's pitch-black and no ones in it.

Yes I was asleep on *le bus* I woke up because of some noise and heard the word "garage" so I went to sleep again but something was wrong. Apparently the driver shut the whole thing down and drive te bus to a garage. So I screamed a bit (lie... I just talket XD) and he dumped me on my own station and now I'm writing this... *fail*

#2 The awkward moment when your ex. teacher's daughter was your boss in that store you worked in.

Boss : So where do you live?
Me: I live in ...*
Boss: Do you know a woman called Lena?
Me: Yes...
Boss: That's my mom ^_^
Me: *stoneface#* 
Random-chick-working-there: awkward...

That's just... weird.... Especially the awkward part XD

Well awsome moments... Remember it's a contest tommorow so don't forget to rake part in it~  ;')

I'm depressed TT_TT

I really want to learn to play the piano like this! I do know the basics, but I want to know more than just the basics TT_TT I've tried to learn the notes and it's going.. okey I guess? But I need help!!! GAAAH. Anyone who knows a good youtube clip where they teach you this kind of stuff? Or just anything. I'M GETTIN FRUSTRATED! I want to play the piano :c

Hahaha okey, very depressing post. But right now I'm depressed, so this is what you get. But no worries, I'll get happier after I eat something xD

B.A.P funny.. thing ^^

Okey, so you're alone with one of the members from B.A.P.
This happens:

So what you do is that you just press 'Prnt Scrn' and then go to paint, or any other program that you can paste the "prnt screen"-photo you just took in, and then paste it. So 'Prnt Scrn', open paint and ctrl+v!
If there is something that you don't understand then you can just ask!! :D

This happened to me:

SPAAAAAAAZZ!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA, I love you too Jongup!!! xD
But what us caressed? O__o need to check it up.

Just died.. 8D

So what did you get?! xD

PS. I've uploaded a similar thing before but with BIGBANG. You can check it out here!

B1A4 - Baby I'm Sorry (MV)

0:18 ♥ Baro ♥

0:32 ♥ Jinyoung ♥

0:59 ♥ Sandeul ♥

1:16 ♥ CNU ♥

2:01 ♥ Gongchan ♥

BARO!!! Omg his hair! xD It looks great, but I liked him more with blond hair O__o
And CNU, haha that side-cut he has, every other person here in Sweden had that before.
AND GONGCHAN HAS GONE BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little boys are growing up :') They feel more mature now. But I do miss the "Beautiful Target"-days ^^

And now to the song/MV. The MV was good! Haha you should've seen my spazz at 1:15. IF I WAS THAT GIRL.. I wouldn't be able to hold a straight face. I mean come on! xD Sandeul is like stroking her hair.
The song was awsome! Especially at 1:00. That's when the song really kicks in!

Day 7: A k-pop song that makes you cry

I have only cried to one KPOP song. Ever.

Big Bang - Haru Haru

I've only cried to this song once, and that was the scond time I heard it. The first time I heard it, I only read the lyrics (as can you in this clip). Then I found this comment that told me about the story, THEEEEN I watched the song again and looked at the MV. Because I knew what the MV was about and I knew the lyrics, the emotions just got overwhelming and I started crying.

The Story:

Okay here's what really happened. The girl pretends to go with the T.O.P. and she gives him GD's ring and everything. She does this because she is sick and she doesn't want GD to be sad. She's going to have a surgery for her to pass away peacefully and everyone knew about it except GD. So Tae-Yang calls GD to tell him. But when he arrives at the hospital he is too late. T.O.P. gives him he ring and tells him that he lied and she really loved him. The end :(

Got it? She only did it so when she died, GD wouldn't take it too hard. But she always loved him TT_TT

To get rid of all the sadness

Hahahahhaa, why did he spin like that? xD Taeyang didn't even push him that hard ^^

And this one just because he's hot
Well he is, isn't he?! xD

~Mnet Chart~


Hahahaha lol XD I knew that Big Bang's Fantastic Baby would be on the chart this week but they kicked the top 15 songs asses just like that! I've gotta say Big Bang has made an incredible comeback, probably kpop histories most awaited and suceeded comebacks ever. (I think... -.-)

Nothing has happened in the Online voting chart. All the BBC's are still hanging on out there and I read that Zico got some kind of throat problem. He can't talk nor sing without beeing in pain ;w;
Oppa Hyung get well NOW!

SHINee - Sherklock (Dance Teaser)

Hahahha Key.. keymera! Of course he found the camera and had to stand infront of it xD But damn.. It's almost like Key is the hot one now in SHINee!!!!!!! O__o

Anywho, the dance. That's the dance they showed us in the teaser photo!! xD

Buuut.. they danced the other way in the clip? Like Onew's fingers are pointing right, Key's and Taemin's were pointing left. I guess it's just the camera ^^

It's FRIDAY!~ I wanna sleep =__=

created by Horosha33

Is it really thaaaaat awkward? I have a friend who's having her own picture as the background pix. on her phone XD


created by chibisuz


   Created by hp-groupie

Kyung family photo

Yesssssss.... The guy standing in the right corner is Block B's little Kyung. The girl is his older sister and the boy his younger brother (and the omma and appa)

Found another blog with some Block B facts so CLICK HEERRUUU if you wanna read it, funnt facts ^_^

CN Blue - Still In Love (MV)

Not such a big CNBLUE fan, but I really liked their song "I'm A Loner". This song actually reminds me of "Im A Loner" ^^

So this song was composed by no other than Yonghwa (Leader and Lead vocalist), not bad! Believe me or not, I honestly liked this song ^^ AND it's my kind of MV. Almost. You probably know by now that I like MV with random clips of the group just having fun performing, playing etc. This song was clips of them recording the song. Maybe not the same thing, but at least it looked like they were enjoying themselves! xD

The entire mini-album will be released March 26th!!!!!!!!

Soohyun (U-KISS) - Snowman

Soohyun from U-KISS (the leader) just recently released his solo ballad "Snowman".

This. was. just. soooooooooooooo beautiful!! Don't know why but it kind of made me think of a mix between Bi Rain's "love Song" (especially between 2:54 and 3:02) and Yoari's "Excuse Me". Because that's exactly what it sounds like! xD

SHINee - Sherlock (Teasers)

Here you have what the song "Sherlock" sounds like:

JONGHYUN!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED YOU!! xD Haha that mini heartattack you get at 0:26.
And his shirt.. isn't that from GD and TOP's "High High"? Or maybe it's just the playboy's mansion rabbit ^^

SHINee's back. back. back. back~

And then we have a teaser photo for their upcoming MV!!

It's getting closer! Their comeback.. it's their comebaxk that's getting closer xD

Old clip on NU'EST :3


HAHAHAHAHHAAH!!! Their voices sounds so... mature and good in their debut song but in real life... everyone is in their puberty XD That reeaaally high pitched voice, especially JR, the heck ;'D

JR - A mix between Jonghyun (SHINee) & Mir
Ren - Kevin (U-kiss)
Baekho - Sunggyu (INFINITE)

That's all the look alike's I could find for now XD (Well maybe not in this clip but in their song FACE) And of course Aron took over the English part with the new site
Everyone else: *Trolololo*
But it's sick, everytime I see them I get depressed =__= SDJBSLDJSDLJ WE ARE AT THE SAME AGE!!! BUT ALSJBDFLSJBDL!!! ....

*brb running to a corner*

Day 6: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group

There. Are. Too. Many.

I like all of 2NE1's songs!!! O__o
I'll just put all of them here:

2NE1 - Lonely

2NE1 - Ugly

2NE1 - I Am The Best

Okey, I'm not going to put all of their songs here. Haha, but here you have some of my t.o.p songs (C WHAT I DID THERE? ^^)

Of course I also like "Fire" and "Clap Your Hands". But I don't want to kill you with clips.. xD

Younghwa pre-debut pictures

Two words: Picture bomb!


Wahh how cute!~
It's pretty funny to watch old pre-debut pictures when the idols where... themselves ^_^
No makeup, no have-to-look-perfect-in-front-of-the-camera-look and no worries u__u

Funky Nails

Hello~ Long time now since me or B.R.A did a nail post. So this is what my sister is wearing right now on her fingers:

Left picture, Left hand. Right Picture, Right hand ;)

IT'S SO MANY COLORS!! GAAAH SO. Many. colors.... *It's-so-big-and-fluffy voice (from despicable me)*

No shit Sherlock...

Puhahahahhahhahahahahaha! TT_TT

created by thatdopekidemy



-__- no comments..

Omo the fudge happened here hahahaha! XD
Jonhyun... who are you trying to fool? Your mom?


      Ohh that was a cute picture ^3^


Taa taaaam!~ 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AA's (Double A's) RAPPER JUWON!!! Who's turning 24 years old (25 Korean age) A typical line: Damn that's old -.-

Well I hope that AA will release more songs like "Because I'm crazy" this year. Hwating!

EXO-K & M - History (Dance Practice)

Can't get over that they do the same thing with EVERYTHING. Even dance practice videos!! xD To be honest, it feels like I'm just seeing everything twice (but sometimes it's in another language).



HAHAHAHAH the beginning, PRICELESS!! xD I bet it would be hard to do that with jeans. That means that they have to have lose pants when they perform it live 8D


So today is "White Day" in Korea. White Day is like Valentines Day, but it's only the guys who give sweets and chocolate to girls. On Valentines Day it's only girls who give boys sweets and chocolate (I believe ^^)

NU'EST member Minhyun made a cover of Ra.D's "I'm in love" in honor of White Day

And here's some other KPOP-stars who wish us a Happy White Day! xD

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Kim Tae Woo (G.O.D and Solo Artist)

Minzy (2NE1)

Taemin (SHINee)

Key (SHINee)

B.A.P!!!!! xD

OMO, Jongup hahaha at 2:44. That was sooo awkward xD He just stood there clapping like "YEAH!! yeah..." *Stops clapping* And he really looks like Joonie O__o (from MBLAQ)

Well yeah, I guess that's it. HAPPY WHITE DAY EVERYONE!!! <3

NU'EST - Face MV

0:13 BAEKHO- Main Vocals

0:20 Min Hyun - Main Vocals, Center

0:31 Ren Choi Minki - Mood Maker, Maknae

0:37 Aaron Kwak - Vocals Hometown: Los Angeles, California

1:03 JR Kim Jonghyun - Leader, Rapper, Dancer

Hahaha, sorry, but the kicking scene at 2:25 just looked so fake!
I don't really get the video. It feels like it's the entire school against them. And I honestly don't know when it's them or when it's.. not them. Haha, but I guess I'll learn with time ;P

And what's up with Ren.. like seriously, do they WANT us to think he's a shemale? O__o


update: Apparently there is members from tempest in this MV. Tempest is another (not yet debuted)
KPOP group from Pledis (Pledis is the name of the company NU'EST belongs too.)

UPDATE 2: OMG!! Look what it said in the info-box:

SWEDISH COMPOSER?!?! HOLY SH*T, I live in Sweden!!!! xD

Secret Garden - Short Review

You know I'm writing "Short review" everytime (I've only done this 1 time XD) but the whole thing ends up with a 1398319 m long post. I've lots of pictures (no not really) from this one so here we go!~ *Super Mario voice*

In the past posts I've been mentioning Secret Garden a lot (Now it's Heart Strings :3) Secret Garden was a drama I had heard of before, a lot. I've seen parodies and other clips regarding it but I thought it would be a slow, boring and an old drama but it wasn't. I got stuck after part 1 on the first episode! XD

I hate when the main protagonist is weak (a.k.a crying 24/7 and need a man to have some virginia balls*) but this chick, whoooo! She's badass! AND I LOVED IT!

*Virginia balls - My way of saying balls. You know balls are really sensitive so why should you "grow some balls" when they actually suck? A virginia tolerate more beating compared to balls. Okay I should stop now -.-

                                        Giving you the cover while trying to get back my dignity... XD

The actors was great! Both of them succeded playing a boy respective girl. That guy played it too well... Xd
And the songs was awesome! I really liked that tension/playeful song that always plopped up when something really something really exiting was happening. Have to search for it >_>

Man those kissing scenes... This must be one of those Top 3 dramas with a wild kissing scene. I don't know why but Asian dramas tend to have weird kissing scenes... They stand like a stone block in front of each other (mostly the girls while the guy do the "work") and let their lips touch each others. they don't even pout it =3= <-- like that it's more like this =l= HAHAHAHAHA XD If you are a drama freak then you know what I mean.
But this drama had the IT even the girl went crazy

So I saw this scene in the last episode and I was like "What the heck?! O________O"
Are South Korea... or... ah.... If you're currently a Korean person who's reading this, don't you guys have any strict rules toward this or is this a different thing for you guys. Because in Sweden (In SWEEEEDEEEN -.- In Sweden... Feeling depressed all of a sudden) you'll get a fine if you so that "sign". We have strict rules about the Natzi cross thing in our country.

Well Well.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA The heck XD It's on a grave FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! XD

That's all I had to say about this drama. My reviews doens't really turn out that well in the end but I REALLY, REALLY Do recomend this drama! It was awesome! You can watch it at DramaCrazy ^_^

                             I died like 124314 times because of cuteness overload. IT'S SO SWEEETT!!! ;W;

Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

It has been and always will be:

MBLAQ - Stay

Jooooooonie, your hair!!! I really like it like this ^^ Your hair don't look bad now but during your "stay"-days your hair was just amazing! And so were the other members hair. Maybe not Thunders (1:35) xD I like Thunders hair better now ^^

You're killing me.. <3

Hahaha random gif on... Mir? xD

Look alike: Junsu & Insoo

Damn you BO... Everytime I upload or chose a specific picture the first picture I see on the screen is Jonghyun's teaser picture (That weird Sherlock concept thing) -_- My eyes goddammit! Okay not really "AH MY EYES!" more like "ehh meh eyes~ *sissy girl*"
Well to the look alike!

Arent they pretty ^3^
Their nose, mouth, eyes and hair gives that look alike vibe :3 


Sorry it's to hard for me to concentrate over here, that picture on Insoo is just... too perfect O_O And I totally want a milkshake right now...

MBLAQ funny dance

Found some funny dance-clips of MBLAQ on youtubexD

G.O dancing to HyunA's Change

Lee Joon dancing to SNSD's Genie

HAHAHAHAH, don't know if he ruind the song for me or if he just made it better xD

MBLAQ dancing to Y

From "Heroes" ep. 2

Now that is what I call dirty dancing!!!!!!!!! ^^

ICWUDT ... No I didn't ê__ê

(via fuckyeah2pmmacros, fuckyeah2pmmacros)

Made by lollidella-dream
Take your pants off, take your pants off, Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-take your pants off!~ *random*

created by kawaiivshentai

Oh shit I thought it was Whitney Houston

created by kawaiivshentai

created by kawaiivshentai
Kekekeke XD
I'm sorry but have you guys noticed how wicked kpop freaks minds are?! XD That's why we get each other but if you went to a "normal" person... then I don't know what would happen with you.

created by randphotos@tumblr


Big Bang - Fantastic Baby Japanese version

Well uhm...
The Japanese version wasn't really bad but I'm still prefering the Korean version and the Korean MV was MUCH MUCH better. One of those top 3 highlights with the Korean MV was Daesung's part where he was chained to the floor XD And they didn't have it in the Japanese MV... TT_TT AND GD's hair in the beginning...
At least we saw some T.O.P-dance XD

But it was Okay...

I'm sorry but T.O.P WAAE?!?!?! XD Everyone was dancing and you strolled around... YOU STROLLED!!! (2:04)


Hahahahahahahahahaha, what tha?! xD

Hahahaha THIS^
His name is.. Lee Minki? Is that the name of the character, or his real name? And is this even a show? THEN WHAT SHOW?!?!?!?!?! xD

Big Bang - Dumb, Dumber, More Dumb, Mr Dumb and the dumbest

Let's call Se7en and 2NE1 while we're at it! *weird humour*

All in a big fat pile...
Hahahahahahaha Seungri XD </3
It's funny I was like I see like 3? 4? people where's the rest but then I saw T.O.P hair... and Daesung's. I can't stop smiling everytime I see this pic, it's so... fail XD Böghög (Rough translation: Gay pile) as Swedish people say...

Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias

Don't really have an ultimate KPOP girl bias. But some I like are:

2NE1's CL and Minzy

and 2NE1's Dara

Hahaha I love these three girls. It's kind of sad how I see all of the girls from 2NE1 as my girl-bias, but not Bom O__o But it's because I feel a connection to these three. I don't really feel that with Bom..

This weeks U.P.A.H.I

You know before I begin with this I have like... 314713273 different kpop artist that I can't chose. But when I'm actually writing this my brain is like "    "   <-- see the empty space? XD





Aww this man..
A freaking multi-talented guy who can EVERYTHING! Fell for him when I saw him on Running Man XD And I'm now currently watching Heart Strings hohohoho fail...
His way of imitating other celebrities is just.. brilliant! XD

I wasn't that "OH ASLKDBNALSJB!!" when I saw him in You're Beautiful. Sure your heart brakes like 329847 times because of this scene:

But I was like "Guuurl you'll never be together with the chickdude/shemale"
And that's not a fact.. it's the truth u_u

Hello Baby! - Lee Joon style

That's why he's my boo~ <3

SHINee's sixth photo~

Lol Taemin XD Hahahahahha

Omo that's pretty soon...
Only one week to go~

Did you know... it's only Tuesday TT_TT

Hahahahahaa XD

O_O   Omo... G.O's moustache... I miss it ;w;

  by photoshopkpop 

Hehehehohohihih!! Wtf... -.-

Man my humour is getting worse HAHAHAHA XD

by gdkissme

You know what... I'm gonna show this one to a non k-pop fan and see his/hers reaction XD

Trolololol Is that... yogeun? O_O So cute he looks EXACTLY like Minho


Reminded me of Gary from Leessang ^_^

Happy Birthday Mr Big Eli~ *trollface* who's turning 22 years old today (23 Korean age) ... what the.. WHY IS EVERYONE TURNING 22, 23 or 24 NOW?!?!?!?! Y U SO OLD?!

And lastly INFINITE's face-out L!!!! Who's turning... *drums* 20 years old (21 Korean age)!! 
I've gotta say he's really pretty, no doubt ;-)

Well I hope that both of you will have an amazing birthday! And INFINITE Fighting!~ With your comeback!

I just died a bit...
started to sing "Bad boys, Bad boys watcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when we come for you?!" at the end >:3
We're waiting.. we're waiting...

2PM CF for Woongjin Coway (Behind the scenes)

Something is wrong with my computer :c Can't see the video. Actually I can, but there is no sound and the clip is going 3x faster then it should go O__o

But they looked so cute in past-forward mode xD Haha, but I'll make sure to see this clip later!!!! They always look like they're having so much fun!

NU'EST's Member Aron (teaser)

Ouf.. that car 8O

Hahahaha no, but only me who thought of B2ST's Kikwang those last 6 seconds? I guess it was because of those eyebrows. OH, did you guys btw know that I have a thing for eyebrows? It's not that big of a deal, but I really like thick eyebrows. And if they're darker then the haircolor.. AMAZING!

SHESUS, he was spekaing english in the video! Hahaha and very good english as well! But he probably don't speak that well IRL. None of the korean men do.. Except for U-KISS members xD

What he said: "This is a story about a dwarf and a giant, but its gonna end, just like David and Goliath. Keep up with my pace, if you can. Don't lag, Wile E. Coyote, cause I'm Road Runner, Fast !"

Hahaha read it on youtube. Thought it was a joke at first, but then I listened to what he said. Interesting...

Update: He's half American, he lived in California before, stupid... -.- <-- BO

Scary moms...

They are scary... in a really cool way O_O
I believe that some of you (?) have seen some of their covers. They are a mother - dance group/class. I'm seriously amazed! They dance SO FREAKING good, and they're in sync like hell for beeing so many AND those outfits are just the dot over the i!

I'm like:

*Watching the dance covers*

*5 minutes later*

*Looking at my mom*


"Nahh never gonna happen..."

SHINee's last comeback teaser photo!!!!!!


not that into the first picture.. but I REALLY liked the second one xD

Now that all of the teaser photos have been released, I guess their music will soon be released!! WEHOO, excited shawol over here!

Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

.... If you don't know who by now, then you're veeeeeeeeeery slow ^^

MBLAQ's Lee Joon

That's all I had to say...

Some "Did you know facts"

Now I know it XD *not beeing ironic at all* <-- I'm 100% serious O_O


I'm like WAE?!?! XD Genghis Khan... *the neardy me will come out now* Genghis Khan was an emperor of the Mongolian Empire. He was like... the kingest of all the kings in Asia a long time ago. The powerful "Great Khan" that people say, I hope that most of you know him, he is almost as famous as god XD <-- at least in Asia.

Sure the name Genghis Khan have that secret message of them beeing the best of the best (I mean B2ST now) but wtf.. I'll only connect that to Mongolia and they ain't a monglian group at all... (Mongolid, HAHAHAHAHAHA!! förlåt TT_TT <-- You swedes know what I mean)

 <--- *Le Genghis Khan*

Taeyang... what happened to the rest of the group? 0.0
I'm sorry but I can't take T.O.P serious at all, he looks like a joke standing these while looking cool and hot XD WAOW~, I gotta love your awkward - and stiff:ness *pervy thoughts*

2AM's comeback Album ’F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love’

Hahahaha, that's a funny name for a mini-album xD

The mini-album consist 6 songs, and for one of them the MV was released yesterday!

01 - You Were Mine

02 - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

03 - Erase All Our Memories

04 - One More Second

05 - How To Break Up Well

06 - I Love You, I Love You

Got any favorite song so far? ^^


Hahahahahah good one!! XD
And true... TT_TT

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Submitted by skulljay   submitted by skulljay

BIGBANG Contest Participants

I don't know if you guys have heard about the contest BIGBANG has arranged. If not, you can click here.

Anywho, found some very talented participants on youtube I wanted to share with you guys.

IzzyLovesMusiCk - Bad Boy (Female Version on the ukulele)

OfficialDmeanor - BLUE (R&B Version)

metalsides - BLUE (Violin version)

urbangermany ft. TheBeatboxHitmanTwo - BLUE (Acoustic Beatbox cover)

HAK107 - BLUE (Guitar Version)

I don't know if this guy is participating in the contest, but he's awsome so I'll put it up anyway ^^:
asianpianist - BLUE (Piano Version)

Song of the week #14

Don't remember if I posted a S.O.T.W last week, but last weeks S.O.T.W should have been BIGBANG's 'Fantastic Baby'.

But no problem, it'll be this weeks S.O.T.W instead xD

BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby

Okey, instead of writing things I liked about the MV (Which is pretty much everything...) I'll do this

His lips O__o

His eyebrow lift xD

The slow-motion part

Yeah.. this part 8D

AND ALL THE OTHER FREAKIN PART's!! Did you guys BTW see that 180 trun GD did with his mouth at 0:12? That's some scary shit ^^

Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group


This is like seriously the only hard core girl group!! They're not trying to be cute, they're true gangsters! xD No, but I really like LOVE their music and them as a group. You know, they got that HipHop-swag that I love so much and that's a rare quality to find in KPOP-girl groups O__o

SHINee's fourth comeback teaser photo!!!!!!

DAMN!!! Key, you look so hot!! Haha the first picture SM actually succeeded with (out of all the SHINee comeback photos) He didn't look... like the other ones did, and he don't look like that diva he normaly looks like (which I don't mind him looking like). But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, these pictures made me look at Key with completely different eyes xD


Uh-hu now I'm seriously fangirling, dunno why... I'm really really really really looking forward to this group. :D Muhahahahaha!!


JR - 8 June 1995 (Leader)

Baekho - 21 July 1995

Minhyun - 9 August 1995

Ren - 3 November 1995 (makne)

Aron - 21 May 1993

Are you freaking kidding me?! It's 3 who's born 1995 You can see how the age is going down for every group that debuts. Last year was the year of 1993 and this year...
But the most depressing thing is that those 3 guys are even older than me TT_TT

Dear mom...


// B.R.A

OMO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I SAW WRONG IT'S 4!! 4 WHO'S BORN IN 1995. THE FREAKING LEADER IS 17!!! Or 16 now but... THAT GUY UP THERE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD! WAEEE!!?!?! *brb dying and crying in a corner*

Groups you haven't heard of (part 31)

Hm.. I'm somehow finding this group intresting but they aren't that good. You can clearly see that they're a rookie group and they need A LOT of training.
Some of you may have heard about them but I bet that the majority haven't ^^


They're a 5-members group who debuted 2009 but they are trying to promote the group in Japan right now. The meaning behind SHU-I is: "So Hot Union for Idols". I'm sorry but that cracked me up... the members has also been given 'specific trait' they will be known for:

  • Inseok (leader)
  • Hyungjun (pretty boy)
  • Minho (main vocal)
  • Jinseok (dancer)
  • Changhyun (charisma)

  • Their debut song BOMB BOMB BOMB.
    It was, okay? Nothing that will make you go WAAOOWW! But I didn't like the MV. *gonna be a harsh bitch now* They don't dance so well, I read that they had been training together for 2 years but the way they dance in this MV seem stiff and awkward. They're also out of sync sometimes and they don't really "give all they got".

    Something positive is that their vocals isn't that bad...

    Their way of dancing was MUCH better compare to BOMB BOMB BOMB. But some of the members in the back look a bit stiff,

    JYJ's Yoochun trolling xD

    and Junsu and Jaejoong just sitting there like "... wtf?" That was EPIC Yoochun, EPIC!! xD
    If you want to see the actual clip you can click here ;)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U-KISS' LEADER Soohyun!!!! He's turning 23 years old (24 korean age) todaay-o~ That's old -.- It feels like I'm writing "he's old" on every birthday post when someone turns 23...

    You know what... I'm going to watch a reality show with U-kiss. I haven't seen every episode from vampire but yeah..

    BIGBANG - Blue & Bad Boy (live)


    It's so beautiful :')

    Bad Boy

    The beginning <3 Haha and the "BRAAAAA" at 0:21. B.R.A, your name is everywhere!!! xD

    Jay Park, you little cutie!

    Sounds.. legit ^^

    MBLAQ - Baby U MV

    Oh! This was uploaded yesterday :O Didn't really check youtube but gaah!! So cute ^3^ I love these kind of MV and Baby U must be one of the best Japanese songs I've heard ^^ Must be on the second place after 2PM's I'm your man *hohoh eye-candy level this high~*
    Some of the parts were from their show MBLAQ making the artist (I think...) That was my first or second reality show TT_TT
    Time goes so fast~

    Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

    My favorite KPOP guy group has been the same ever since I started to like KPOP. I guess you guys know which group I'm talking about. MBLAQ!!!!!

    I like this challenge. It's not like the other challenges where you have to explain WHY you like the group/song etc. It's so hard to explain. In this challenge, you can just simply answer with one word! AMAZING! ^^

    MBLAQ - G.O.O.D Luv



    Yesterday I sat and geeked Secret Garden (that's some good shit... I thought it would be a bad and boring one) and all of a sudden my internet decided to mess around with my life a bit more *player* so everything went all !"¤!#%! BUT! If it didn't go all !"¤!#%! then I wouldn't notice this:

    What do you mean with airing -.- They're recording it right now (!!!) I'm pretty hyped about this but it's a shame that there's a new cast. It won't be like the first season TT_TT I want Rain and that Song something girl to play season 2 ... It will probably be good (I think?) but it won't beat season 1.

    *Song Hye Kyo! Hohoh found the name XD


    Here you have a much better version of BIGBANG's live performance!

    Hahaha, GD's "catch me on fire" at 0:58!!!! And their dance moves are so groovy! (especially the dance moves during the chorus) And Taeyang, ouf!!! That dancing machine!! It feels like all his dance moves are natural, they don't feel forced you know xD

    HAHAHAHAH and did you guys see when Taeyang just pushed Daesung away from the camera at 2:51?!
    Oh right, and Daesungs voice, once again.. TO DIE FOR!

    I love this country... - old man from AXE commercial

    mysweetdelight:  LOL


    I see it... that's Ben Stiller and the other one is CL

    created by keytchup

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~  OwO

    created by annhea

    © jungtoria

    SHINee's third comeback teaser photo

    I'm sorry SM but the heck?! XD Who's the brain behind all of your decisions lately? EXO.. now SHINee ;w;
    I'm not that fond of SHINee's comeback concept, I've seen better =_= But let's not complain I liked the third picture :O So cute~
    And thank god... they didn't ruin my image of Onew with a half naked pictures on him

    I'm pretty curious here. What was the purpose on that artistic picture?


    Wanted to start the first one with the most "important" one for me:


    Waahh~ So handsome and cute TT3TT
    SGDADKNSD!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MBLAQ's MAKNAE MIRRUUU~ Who's turning 21 years old (22 korean age) O_O Are you freaking kidding me? 21 years old?! Wasn't he 18 a while ago?! Age is just a number... his personality is like a 6-year old kid >_>


    [I seriously love this pic]

    And lastly the rookie group MYNAME's little Insoo is turning 24 years old today (25 korean age) that's old =_=
    But I'm waiting for a comeback from MYNAME over here. I can't be the only one who has drugged their song Message. That was probably the best last-minute-debut-song last year (there was a new group who debuted everyday during October - December -.- it's sick...)

    ~Mnet Chart~

    *The awkward moment when Big Bang comes and push everyone a rank down*
    Well not really an awkward moment, but I hope you know what I mean ê_ê Shouldn't Fantastic Baby plopp up soon? (Probably next week) BOOM SHAKALAKA

    Aww MBLAQ are on the 2nd place now :/ You know they didn't get so much attention when their choreography for Run came out. I thought that they deserved a bit more :/ x2
    But I'm once again really happy to see Block B's - Nalina on the online voting chart. The fans haven't given up yet~ <3 Keep fighting! ^3^

    30 Day KPOP-Challenge

    Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group
    Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group 
    Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias 
    Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias 
    Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group 
    Day 6: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group 
    Day 7: A k-pop song that makes you cry 
    Day 8: A k-pop song you know all the words to 
    Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance 
    Day 10: A k-pop dance you’d like to learn 
    Day 11: Your favorite k-pop music video 
    Day 12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard 
    Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why 
    Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile 
    Day 15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss 
    Day 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation) 
    Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling 
    Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling 
    Day 19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group 
    Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias 
    Day 21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias 
    Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group 
    Day 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated 
    Day 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated 
    Day 25: Your favorite k-pop music video 
    Day 26: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist 
    Day 27: Your favorite dance battle 
    Day 28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist 
    Day 29: A k-pop song you never get tired of 
    Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

    YES, this is a challenge I'll try to follow for the next 30 days ^^ Have NEVER finished a challenge before, but if we're lucky, I'll finish this one!

    So starting tomorrow, I'll post.. these posts xD

    Pretty but weird quotes from our most loved ones

    That was a sucky and cheesy title . . .  -_- Well here we go~

    "I hope I can meet a gentle girl who can spend life without being chased by time, a relaxing and comfortable life."


    -SS501: Kyujong.

    "Onew always walks coolly in front of many people but in the end he trips."


    -SHINee: Key.

    "I find a woman pretty when she is hurt or seems weak."


    -SHINee: Taemin.

    Has he even been together with a woman? o_o

    "We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world."


    -Super Junior: Leeteuk.


    "It was my first time seeing people with blonde hair overseas. So I was like, “Ah, this is overseas."


    -SHINee: Taemin.


    "This is my friend that we use a lot. Say hello to the trampoline."


    -SHINee: Onew.

    "It’s fine if you laugh at us. It’s good. Whatever you say… whatever bad comment? It doesn’t matter. We, will be 2PM until the end, with the 2PM name we will do our best to go right to the end."


    -2PM: Wooyoung.

    "Never forget to smile."


    -SHINee: Taemin.

    "I like photo shoots better because it gives us more freedom to express ourselves instead of being strict to guidelines."


    -2NE1: CL.

    "I’m kind of a masochist."


    -DBSK: Changmin

    Hahahahha Someone is at least admitting something here...

    "Even if it were only for one day, I would like to be a bird, because birds are carefree."


    -2PM: Chansung


    Fan: What kind of skinship do you like lately? Hug? Holding hands? Putting arms across shoulders?”

    “More than what you expect."


    -SHINee: Jonghyun.

    *Naughty thoughts with JonKey*

    "For me, all mothers in the world are my goddesses."


    -BEAST: Yoseob.

    S.I.M.P #48

    Omo long time ago, I used to do one everyday O_O Well have to start with it again hohohoh~ Xd
    I can't really write so much in this S.I.M.P I just randomly found it on a page I visited *a page* naughty thoughts... not really -_-
    It's an OST (I think) for a drama called Jumong,

    As I said before I'm not that "ASFJAS OMG!!!" on ballad songs but sometimes some of them can be really good.
    This drama was on the 406th place and I saw a funny review:

    Hahahahahaha! XD It was the best historical drama ever! - gives 10% out of 100%


    She reminded me of Whitney Houston 0.0

    The Big is going BANG!

    I'm like "They see me rollin', they hatin...~"
    They're seriously taking over 2012! Their 5th mini album is a huge success and a lot of antis or other fans think that Big Bang are overrated bla bla. But they aren't. Truth to be told there's a lot of groups that is overrated but Big Bang's comeback ain't overrated. They deserv all the spotlight and I'm feeling sorry for debut groups. Comeback groups have a shot (for example SHINee, everybody likes SHINee~ *trollface* XD) but the debut ones... naah... (For example NU'EST sure they've cought my interest but I'm still feeling sorryu for them or EXO... hahahahaha)

    Good job Big Bang keep the hard work! I'm looking forward the collaboration with Pixie Lott. I liked her a lot before I listened to kpop ^_^

    SHINee's second comeback teaser photo

    *dying x1000* XD
    Every company is going all in on these comeback photos but I think that Big Bang is the one who has suceeded so far. Just sayin...
    Is this some kind of England-Brittish concept SHINee are doing or..? Well yesterday I wondered how Taemin's would look like and I don't know I like it but I still hate it. The picture gives you a hate-like feeling xd

    But daaaamn that boy is skinny... >_> Those grapes wont make you fat~

    NU'EST's Member Minhyun (teaser)

    So.. beautiful TT_TT

    She's a hole makaaahh!~

    I've been terrorised with weird music during these days when I worked, I longed for kpop so badly TT_TT But there was a song that reminded me of Trouble maker *the title*, my ears... ;w;

    created by superseoul11

    I wanna taste that...

    created by becauseof15 &lt;3
    ASKFADF HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my! O_O Simon is even bigger than Shindong *I'm not beeing mean* I bet that even I'm bigger than him O_o




    It's hard to believe that this "little" girl is the leader for one of Koreas biggest Kpop groups. I'm not really a SNSD fan but Happy Birthday leader Taeyeon who's turning 23 years old today (24 korean age) Eveyone in SNSD are quiet young. Everyone are around 23 years old this year (2 of them are 1-2 years younger) so they have A LOT of time left compared to Suju xD

    SHINee's first comeback teaser photo!!!!!!

    Hehehehe.. nipple ^^ What happened to his "buff-ness"? O__o Maybe it's just the lighting?

    SHINee, finally!!! They'll be releasing their 4th mini album 'Sherlock' on March 21th!!! So this is just one of their teaser photos. I'll make sure to upload the rest of them when they come out! xD

    INFINITE's dancing CF for Samsung Galaxy Player!

    INFINITE is all over now! All over "allkpop" that is ^^. They apparently made individaul clips with them dancing together with the Samsung Galaxy in their hands.

    Sungyeol (Position: Vocal - Born: 1991)

    What. The. F.
    Hahaha his dance moves the first 12 seconds (up til' the spin) is just plain awkward. But he still looks so cute!! xD

    Dongwoo (Position: Rap - Born: 1990)

    YEAH BABY! That's my baby.. from INFINITE ;D Haha seems like they all will be shuffling ^^

    Sunggyu (Position: Leader and Main Vocal - Born: 1989)

    It's not as awkward anymore ^^ (the dancing)

    L (Position: Vocal and Visual - Born: 1992)

    To be honest, they all actually know how to shuffle. It's not easy you know O__o haha even though they do it in a very goofy way, it still looks.. good. Maybe not the first time you see it, but after the fourth clip it looks good ^^

    Sungjong (Position: Vocal - Born: 1993)

    Woohyun (Position: Main Vocal - Born: 1991)

    Liked this dance best so far xD

    Hoya (Position: Rap, Vocal and Dance - Born: 1991)

    NOOO, THIS WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt! xD Maybe because he's the "dance" guy. I guess that means that he is the lead dancer? ^^

    INFINITE comeback teaser!

    DONGWOO!! mehehe, he's my bias in INFINITE ^^ But omg!!! I love ALL their songs, so it's a good thing that they'll make more xD

    We have so many comebacks this year. Wich one are you looking forward to the most? (the ones that will come and the ones that has already happened).

    EXO - History

    I'm still not very into EXO. So here is what allkpop has to say about them:

    "SM‘s most anticipated boy group EXO-K and EXO-M have finally revealed the MV for their second prologue single, “History.”

    The single will be released on March 9th in both Korean and Chinese by EXO-K and EXO-M, respectively, much like their first prologue single “What is Love.”

    Although their debut date hasn’t been officially announced, fans are speculating that they won’t have much longer, especially with the release of the MV for “History.”

    EXO-K Version (Korean):

    EXO-M Version (Chinese):

    OMO, was not going to listen to the song, but when I heard the first 5 seconds I got stuck. It's so catchy!! (The version I heard was EXO-M's version ^^). Not bad at all!!!! I actually liked this song! But that dosen't mean I'll be watching all their teasers -.-' However I might start watching them from now on! xD

    This weeks U.P.A.H.I

    For you guys who saw those pictures on a specific person, here's the result of beeing a rookie kpop idol:


    Heh funny ey?
    His abs are kinda special compared to other kpop dudes~ they... plopp out in a weird but touchable way. He's really pretty but I can't shake that pre-debut picture out of my head ê__ê he looked like Mir... (If you're a MBLAQ fan you know what I mean)

    My T-shirt

    Oh right! I forgot XD *Such a surprise sherlock* -_- I'm getting annoyed over myself sometimes. Well me and BO went to a korean karaoke night thing (or to make the whole thing a bit easier we went to another kpop meetup) and while we were there you could make kpop pins/t-shirts and I did both of them ^^ *geek smile*

    I only took some pictures on my T-shirt so I'll show you the pins another time (BO didn't do any of them -.- Bought a Lee Joon pin for him)

    Suju on the back (yes I know it's not a HQ picture or anything -.-)

    AAAAAAANNNNNDDD *le front*

    I had a REALLY hard time to decide (It's like "chose your top 3 kpop abs" or something . . . ê_ê) Couldn't find a picture on 2PM so I wanted to print Bi Rain on the front instead. But in the end I had to chose Big Bang... BECAUSE THEY'RE BACK! BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!

    The funny thing is that I wanted to wear this fabulous t-shirt when I visited my grandma a few days ago. I wore it and wanted to go~
    I took it off and chose another shirt instead. I couldn't really find a good explanation to my relatives why there's 2 half naked guys on my t-shirt, 1 guy having blue hair, 1 guy having white hair, 1 guy having some hair extension looking like a girl and 5 guys wearing heavy makeup. so the easiest solution:

    Change your t-shirt *shazam*

    TOP's eyebrow lift

    that ayay-eyebrow kills me everytime T3T

    SPICA - Doggedly

    Ehm *caugh*.. SPICA apparently released a song called Doggedly (That was a long time ago dude.../B.R.A) Remember SPICA? They sang that song 'Russian Roulette'. Yeah, I don't know why I haven't heard of it before O__o

    But here you have it, SPICA's Doggedly:

    Liked how the whole MV was filmed, and the song was not too shabby. SPICA dosen't really sing my type of songs. I don't mind their music, but it's nothing I really listen to. However, I liked this song more then their 'Russian Roulette' ^^

    PMS - Pee Makes Shit

    HAHAHAHAHA I'm sorry for the title TT3TT Do you know how many times I said sorry and hello yesterday? Probably 583 times. Well as you know (or maybe not) I'm currently working, that's why the update from my side has been really bad. But I'm trying...
    So give BO an applause for taking care of the blog *cl-ap* *cl-ap* XD

    credit to the maker

    HAHAHAHAHHAH /*brb dying*/ (Go and make me a sandwich woman! HAHAHAHA)


    Hehehe Jo Kwon... such a hoe XD                                                                                No it's not :O

    created by: abandonedromance

    OMO look at this ;O

    Are you able to see who they are?

    Image Hosted by
    Kim Seyong – Miss A’s Fei – Jay Park

    Image Hosted by
    Jay Park – Kim Seyong – Idon'tknowwhotheheckisthat?

    HAHAHHAHAHAAH!! I'm sorry but what? Yes you can clearly see that it's Jay Park and Fei (<-- funny her name means fat in chinese XD) but Seyong?!?! (From myname) there's some facial features that's similiar but daaaamn! He was chubby and brown before his debut XD

    Song Hye Kyo & John Park - Switch

    John Park is that who just recently released the song 'falling'. I still haven't heard it, but I really have to! People keep saying it's amazing. Anywho, he and actress Song Hye Kyo released the song 'Switch' earlier today (it's her debut song!)

    OMO! It's the chick from Full House!!! //B.R.A

    What do you think? Good match?

    Naaw, they're so cute together!

    Hahaha read on the comments that this is a CM for Laneige. Don't really know what a CM is or what Laneige is ^^ Tried to find out the meaning of CM. This is what I found:

    Hahaha probably not that. It probably means something like "commercial music" or something xD

    Nine Muses mini album 'Sweet Rendezvous'

    So Nine Muses just released a new mini album! Check it out:

    Who R U


    This MV actually got released today! xD



    'Figaro' was actually released last year, but yeah.. so these are the song's in Nine Muses new mini album Sweet Rendezvous!!! 

    GD's and Taeyang's tattoo (2012)

    GD's Tattoos "forever young" and "mind control"
    My first thought was "NOOOOOOOOOO, he just ruined his body T__T".. and it still is. Why would he make it so big? Aish.. I don't know. If he like's it I guess it's okey.

    Taeyang's Tattoo. I like this tattoo more then GD's. I also really like it because it's a cross xD And a very pretty one as well!!

    These tattoos were made in February 2012 (last month). You know that doing a tattoo on the ribs are one of the places on the body where it hurts the most. Haha, damn, that must have been some long hours for them! I mean, those are pretty big tattoos wich must have taken long time to finish. Just saying ^^

    2NE1 - SCREAM

    What is this?! I just found it!!!! DUDE, is this something new from 2NE1?!?!?!?

    Oh my f-ing God, this is a new single from 2NE1's first Japanese album 'Collection'!!!



    You can't see all the text. Tried to find it on youtube, but I failed :c

    HAHAHA isn't G-Dragon the leader?! xD But hey, he's not the oldest so. But what do they call eachother then? The leader (GD) says hyung to TOP and Taeyang and they call him.. leader? Aish~ I don't know.

    But sheus, G-TOP!!! xD I'm so shipping them 

    Bi Rain - Rainism & Love Song

    I don't know why, but lately these two songs have been stuck in my head.

    Bi Rain - Rainism

    (The song don't start until 1:25)

    Hahaha the last time I saw this I was all "Why is he coming out of the rain?? -.-'" *5 seconds later* "OOOHH, because his name is Rain.. duuh -.-'" HAHAHAHAHA!

    Can't get that "RAINISM~" part out of my head ^^ I sing that part randomly when I'm at school, home or on the buss. Thank God I don't sing it out loud! And the dance he does at "I'm gonna be a bad boy.. I'm gonna be a bad-bad boy~".. it's... steaming xD

    Bi Rain - Love Song

    Haha only me who didn't get that he was dead? B.R.A had to explain it to me because I was all like "Dude, why is he on her bed like that, and how the hell can she not wake up?" and B.R.A just gave me that stare.. then he said "He's dead! Haha damn, your stupid".

    After watching it now.. Yeah, I guess I was xD

    Here it's more the dance that got stuck in my head, you know when he:

    + that banging his fist to his heart.


    Saw this when I connected my Iphone to my computer:

    See how many times I've listened to the songs?! I know I listen to music, but come on!! That's impossible!!! 2030 times on B1A4's OK? 1480 times on SHINee's Amigo? And if you add all of those numbers.. that's like.. more time spent on music then the time I've actually liked KPOP!! O__o

    Haha okey, maybe not. And it's funny because none of my absolute favorite is up there (well, I do love mblaq wich is MBLAQ's Stay, and lots of others). But that could be because I don't want to get tired of them, so when they come up on my Iphone, if I've listened to it recently, I click to the next song.

    I learned my lesson when I played MBLAQ's Stay 24-7. I still love the song, but I killed it :c

    Just because..
    MBLAQ - Stay

    I know I've posted this up many times before, BUT IT NEVER GETS OLD!

    Toe ---> Hoe ---> Ho ---> Message ---> MYNAME

       created by Ubernoona  

    *Drinking like a baws*

    created by madebymina

    Created by funnykpopshit.

    credit to Byzantiumsailor

    created by supernaturalminds

    Herchul hehehehe *bad humour*


    Lol that smile XD



    . . .


    Xing Xong Happy Birthday to FT Island's leader Jong Hoon who's turning 22 yeard old today (23 korean age) :O Hong Ki is actually the oldest one... <-- for you who didn't know he's 5 days older XD Hahahaha! Funny..

    M2STASCH 200 days anniversary

    Me and BO are just !#¤"`?¤ we're mentally retarded right now so we are sorry if.. yeah I don't even know what I'm sorry for -_-
    Well yesterday was M2stasch's 200 days anniversary :P (6 months... man that's a lot O_O) and we didn't do that typical clip we always do because we're busy with another "project" or something. It's a cover XD *trollface* If everything goes as we have planned then the cover will be uploaded on Friday or Saturday (So stay tuuneed~)

    But as always me and BO are realy grateful to you as a reader (who reads our blog, duh -_-) we're trying really hard and sometimes that lust to take care a "big" blog disappear so we're sorry if we're doing half-assed (halfhearted) posts.

    Comment or send a mail if you want anything specific on this blog, SO LET'S KEEP FIGHTING!~ Or something...

    Oh Right! Don't know when BUT we will have a contest during this or next week, so once again stay tuneed~ 

                                                       Giving you a picture on our manager Lee . . . ;w;

    KPOP-stars go to H&M event!

    WEHOO~ As you guys may know, H&M is a very famous Swedish brand (or maybe not brand, but a store ^^). Some of our favorite stars walked the rep carpet for the ‘Marni at H&M‘ launch party that was held today!

    Stars such as SUJU's Donghae, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. Se7en, SNSD's Sooyoung and Jay Park!

    Hahahaha wtf were they wearing?! Eunhyuk, I'm sorry, but you should not show your legs like that xD

    Yes my friends.. those are his legs! ^^

    C-REAL - Joma Joma

    Need to write an essay.. Here you have C-REAL's MV for Joma Joma!!!! ^^


    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! I've been waiting for this moment!!!

    Oh gosh, the first 5 seconds. GD's HAIR!!!! xD

    Taeyang just feeling the groove, Seungri's part of the song (Don't know why, but it's like ALMOST the best part of the song, 2:16 - 2:30) and OMG, Daesungs' body, Daesung's VOICE!!! This is totally one of BIGBANG's BEST SONGS!!

    And now to TOP I guess ^^ He's always so cool, and those green, thick eyebrows. Or should I say "ayay-eyebrows" xD Naaaah, I love his eyebrows! Then the slowmotion part from 3:09, HOT! Yeah.. I just like the MV in general, and the whole "fighting for music" concept. Yeah.. BIGBANG FIGHTING!

    NU'EST's Member Ren (teaser)

    Is that a girl or a boy? O__o hahaha, I honsetly had trouble seeing that he was a boy! He's a hyung/oppa for me!!! Shesus, but I really like the beginning when HE cuts his hair xD It's so cool in a way.

    So yes, NU'EST's debut will be the 15th. We'll see what they have to bring to the KPOP-world! ;D

    Random is random because Random is the name of a guy...

    Hahahah *trollface* I'm not claiming anything here..


    You seriouse man? O_O It's like... water?



    Look alike: Onew & Joong Ki


    I made a look alike between Joong Ki and ... (yeah already forgot it) last time -.- That that was just a fast-glance-look-alike.
    But Song Joong Ki is like a mini me version of Onew XD Wait a minute...

    *2 minutes later*

    I mean Onew is a mini me version of Song Joong Ki O_O (<-- he's 4 years older) that was weird..

    Look what I found :O

    A members thing on NU'EST XD
    They seem so cute~ ;w; and close... I'm looking forward towards this group more and more *bring it on boy na na na~*

    Hahahaha *stoneface*

    WAOW *stoneface* <--- T.O.P

    I want one of these t-shirts

    made by

    Created by BananasAndCream~

    created by pandawoon i just had to macro it ok?

    Oh no he didn't...

    created by: Jasminutane
    Omo Jasmin look at that :O (Found it on fuckyeahkpopmacros)

    The funny thing is that.. it's true -_-

    Running Man with Big Bang eng subs~


    I just died a bit when I saw that preview. I wanna watch it but I'm so freaking tired! TT_TT Had to work today (gonna so it for 2 weeks) yaah~ >__> The only time I sat was when I ate, otherwise I worked non-stop for 7 hours. AKFAKFBASDKASF and it was the first day . . . Well well..

    Muhhuhuhuh I wanna watch it U_U


    NU'EST Face teaser numero dos..

    .. but with another person XD

    I'm actually looking forward to this song. A lot of people compare them with EXO but I can't really see any similarities. Sure the beat was a bit like EXO's (I don't remember the song) but that's it. 
    I wonder when EXO are going to debut...

    To be continue...

    SHINee's Juliette

    Okey, so found out that SHINee's Juliette is like a.. cover song?! *NO DUH* haha, I kind of knew if before, but I only thought it was small parts that was taken.

    SHINee - Juliette

    And the original song..
    Corbin Bleu - Deal With It

    After listening to only KPOP for a while, you forget your first reaction to it. After watching these two videos, that reaction came back!! Haha, SHINee looked like small kids (but very cute!!) compared to Corbin who was more of a man. Don't take me wrong, SHINee are also men.. but you know.. xD

    So this just took me back to the time when I just started listening to KPOP! Haha, I was so stereotypical before. But not anymore, thanks to KPOP ;)

    Now to the song. Shocking, right? O__o SHINee took the whole thing! (the melody.. the lyrics are not the same ;))

    PS. Gosh, just remembered.. I had a such a big cruch on Corbin before! Haha, I got it after watching the disney channel movie 'Jump In'. Those were the days ^^

    BIG BANG - Fantastic Baby (MV teaser)

    Big Bang released a preview of their AMAZING song 'Fantastic Baby' on this weeks episode of SBS 'Inkigayo'!!!

    Ouf, they're so f-ing cool!!!!! You know what, I don't mind GD's hair anymore. He looks good no matter what xD And have you guys noticed that not one singel MV from Big Bang has dance in it (well.. Bad Boy has some, but not like other KPOP-Groups Music Videos). I don't mind that either, but come on. I want to see you "DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE~... BOM shakalaka~"

    One of the best articles I've ever read!

    This one cracked me up as hell!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Have to add some good quotes too!
    The category was:

    Top 10 People Most Likely to be Gay

    *Warning for sensitive people. Don't read this*


    10. Brian Joo


    09. Tony Ahn


    08. Bada


    07. Key


    06. Kim Dongwan

    - You may be asking yourself, “steroid man? How is he possibly gay? He works out too much. He could probably bang two girls while beating up the local mafia gang.

    Trololo HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


    05. Ga-In


    04. Park Jungmin

    - Here’s how gay he strikes most people: combine 6 part Shinhwa, 1 part Son Ho Young, add a dash of BoA bitch evil and you will acquire Jungmin. Take with a lemon and don’t take it on an empty stomach.


    03. Jo Kwon

    - Christ, where do you begin with this guy? He’s willingly cross-dressed as a Girls’ Generation member and a Wonder Girls member. On Wild Bunny, he even went so far as to outglam that ugly lesbian hag Ga-In. When you see him on Star King and other variety shows, he might as well shit rainbows and sweat sparkles.

    Oh my hahaha! I started to pee on myself! GOSH! HAHAHAHAHA!!



    02. Super Junior

    - At this point, I decided, “fuck it. I’ll just add all of them into 2nd place. They’re an orgy of an unlucky 13 members.”


    02. Park Jaebum

    - Well, after all his “Korea is gay” comments, all Korean Beef has to say on this is “it takes one to know one.”


    01. Korea and Korean Netizens

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH #1 Was a good twist XD  I know that a lot of you are mad (or am I wrong?) but don't be mad. Sure you may feel offended or.. yeah I don't really make this sound good but the one who wrote this was obviously "joking" or just sick so don't put in too much hate ;')

    If you wanna read the whole thing Click here~


    Be My Babe collection (dance)

    Wonder Boys

    Wonder Boys members ;
    SungJong (Infinite)
    Mir (Mblaq)
    Shindong (Super Junior)
    Kwanghee (ZE:A)
    HyunMoo (One of the MC)

    2PM + Jokwon


    Thunder (MBLAQ)

    Hahaha, so cute! He kind of fell while he was dancing. And the part when they sing "baby~".. it looked like he did a fake pregnant belly with his hands! ^^ And that he then apologized *le making weird face because I think it's so cute that he apologized*

    I remember before.. I didn't really like this song (when it first came out), but it has grown on me!!!!!

    IT'S OUT!!!

    The episode with Big Bang is out! hohohoh *evil smile* but it isn't subbet yet >_>
    For you who wanna watch it without subs TOUCH ME HERE!~
    I've been taking a break with the whole: watching-running-man-till-4-AM instead I'm watching secret garden till 05:30 AM ^^
    I have to say it's a must see drama. I couldn't hold myself any longer especially after I watched Big Bang's parody and a specific episode on RM (BTW Did you know that Simon and Martina have been in RM?!?! <-- That music Monday couple *eatyourkimchi* they were in episode 19)

    *stole a pic from them* I'm going to honest, yes I'm jealous!

    Truth to be told...

    It's a special day today~
    But we're going to tell you why a bit later. Me and BO are working really hard for a thing right now (it will probably come up during this week) and another "surprise thing" will also come up during this week ^_^

    That's me sometimes..

    created by constaepation.

    created by DalkomhanCandy

    Who's that O___O *amazed*




    I was like "Taehyuk... Taehyuk... TAEHYUK!"
    Not really... but it's that Kevin look alike I did a long time ago. Once again I don't really have so much to say about this boy. (Taehyuk from the rookie group TAKEN) is turning 21 years old today (22 korean age) It's funny.. I'm considerating myself as someone old. I'm like crying rivers here thinking I've become to old to be in a kpop group now TT__TT

    ... what to do...

    B1A4 - Time Is Over


    That was kind of hard to read.. right? ^^ But yes! A full album will be released on March 14th. They've actually already released a song, 'Time Is Over', and this song will be one of 10 songs that will be in their album IGNITION

    B1A4 - Time Is Over

    Very different from their other songs. If you compare this song to Beautiful Target or OK! Haha damn, they've sure become more mature, or at least their music has ^^

    Big Bang beatboxing




    Funny comments:

    B1A4 Sesame Player

    GUYS! Remember when me and B.R.A watched MBLAQ Sesame Player (or Kkael player) for like 2 days straight? No..? Oh okey, but we did! ^^ And then apparently INFINITE did the show, and now B1A4?! I HAVE TO SEE IT!! xD It was sooo much fun watching MBLAQ do this show, can only hope B1A4 will be as fun to watch. However I bet that INFINITE was pretty fun ^^ At least they seem funny.. looking! Haha naah, but seroiusly.

    If you want to watch the first episode of B1A4 Sesame player with subs:


    You're welcome!

    perogogo:  Soft Left Side: Modest Jinyoung holds his lower stomach, while cutie Baro hold his inner thigh but both spread their legs the widest Into it Right side: Secretly sexy CNU &amp; Mischievous Chansik both GRAB THEIR CROTCHES LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. AW YEAH. Moral of the story: B1A4 ARE AMAZING. THE END.

    Teen Top Crazy Remix

    Aww Hahahahahaha one word: *faint*

    I remember when I "followed" them during their debut days, they've grown so much TT_TT *proud* my boys are rubbing themselves against the microphone now ;'D (One day B.A.P will also do that just wait for it, they're still rookies)

    Have to love that fuzzy weird ending AND NIEL's little ponytail AWWW DJSALFSALJBF!!!! and C.A.P... was that a running man >_> (2:48)

    Oh RM... I saw an article on allkpop where G-Dragon got humiliated... I wanna see it ;w;

    Because we love you..


    A fast (and late) happy birthday post for this fella'~




    N:SONIC's Leader J.Heart (probably unknown for some of you) is turning 24 years old (25 korean age) today. I don't really have that much to say but it's a shame that N:SONIC isn't that well known. I actually liked their song Super Boy. They should at least do a comeback ^^ (after 5 months... XD)


    Did Big Bang just have their concert?!?!?! Saw these on youtube:


    Only me who really think he looks like a girl? O__o yes? Well then...
    And what's up with GD's way of running? If you look at 0:16 you can see him run. He runs the same way in their MV for 'BLUE' ^^ It's kind of cute though! xD


    TOP DANCED!!! HALLELUJAH!! xD Never really seen him dance before. But he dances in his own way.. like he's so chill when he dances. It's almost like.. he's not dancing. Deep stuff! It's late.. don't judge me! ^^

    Guess we'll just have to wait until other clips comes up on youtube from BIG SHOW (because the concert was today, people haven't really had the chance to upload the videos yet. But soon!)

    Other then that, I sooooooo totally like FO' REAL liked the dance they danced xD It's so goofy in a way ^^


    Saw this schedule thing in my phone a while ago.
    This means that RM with Big Bang has already been aired in Korea (and it ended 1 hour ago) :O I wanna see that episode naaaaaoooo!! Why am I here -_-
    I just have to wait for the subs... just wait... just wait...


    This dude (AsianPianist on youtube) is amazing, and he's not getting the attention he deservs. That's why I'm going to upload some of his covers.

    SHINee Medley

    MBLAQ - This Is War

    U-KISS - Neverland

    2NE1 - Ugly

    His music speaks for it self 

    B.A.P - Secret Love (to baby)

    Gaah, so late! Just had a pack of wolves (egyptians) at home.. they all just left. AND WE STILL HAVE SO MUCH FOOD!! How is that even possible O.o Who cares.. more for me ^^

    So yes, B.A.P released (2 days ago) a MV for their fans (baby's.

    Haha at 0:28 (who ever that is) smelled his finger like "SMEEEEEELL" xD
    Don't know HOW MANY TIMES I've said this before, but I really love these kind of MV's ^^ It feels much more personal and my babies don't walk around obsessing over girls ;)

    And now to the song. It's soooo different to Warrior, but it was actually good. I mean it's hard to make a song as good as their first (because Warrior was just.. WOW). But I guess they want to show us another side of them and made this more sensetive song for us Babies xD

    Those heights in Korea...

    If you're one of allkpop's daily readers then you've probably seen these two articles:



    TEEN TOP – 175.1 (5 feet and 8.93 inches)

    B2ST – 175.6 (5 feet and 9.13 inches)

    The BOSS – 176.4 (5 feet and 9.44 inches)

    FT Island – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)

    Dalmatian – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)

    N-Train : 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)


    Big Bang – 177.2 (5 feet and 9.76 inches)

    Boyfriend – 177.3 (5 feet and 9.80 inches)

    Block B – 177.4 (5 feet and 9.84 inches)

    INFINITE – 177.8 (5 feet and 10.00 inches)


    Twi-light – 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)

    Super Junior - 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)

    ZE:A - 178.2 (5 feet and 10.15 inches)

    MBLAQ – 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)

    MYNAME - 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)

    SHINee - 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)

    B.A.P – 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)


    CHAOS - 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)

    TOUCH – 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)

    BoM - 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)

    M.I.B – 179.2 (5 feet and 10.55 inches)

    B1A4 – 179.4 (5 feet and 10.62 inches)

    HITT – 180.1 (5 feet and 10.90 inches)

    U-KISS - 180.5 (5 feet and 11.06 inches)

    AA - 180.6 (5 feet and 11.10 inches)

    2PM – 180.8 (5 feet and 11.18 inches)

    Giant Groups

    – 181.1 (5 feet and 11.29 inches)

    TVXQ - 181.2 (5 feet and 11.33 inches)

    SS501 - 181.2 (5 feet and 11.33 inches)

    CO-ED School (SPEED) – 182.6 (5 feet and 11.88 inches)

    CNBLUE - 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)

    Supernova – 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)

    FOCUS - 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)

    X5 - 186.2 (6 feet and 1.30 inches)


    Giant Groups

    Nine Muses – 171.9 (5 feet and 7.67 inches)

    Dal Shabet – 169.3 (5 feet and 6.65 inches)

    Rania – 168.8 (5 feet and 6.45 inches)

    After School- 168.5 (5 feet and 6.33 inches)

    Tall Groups

    CSJH – 167.5 (5 feet and 5.94 inches)

    SPICA – 167.4 (5 feet and 5.90 inches)

    Chocolat - 167.0 (5 feet and 5.74 inches)

    f(x) - 166.8 (5 feet and 5.66 inches)

    Average Height Groups

    SISTAR – 166.0 (5 feet and 5.35 inches)

    Girls’ Day – 165.8 (5 feet and 5.27 inches)

    A-Pink – 165.4 (5 feet and 5.11 inches)

    5 Dolls – 165.2 (5 feet and 5.03 inches)

    Davichi - 165.0 (5 feet and 4.96 inches)

    Short Groups

    miss A – 164.2 (5 feet and 4.64 inches)

    T-ara – 164.1 (5 feet and 4.60 inches)

    Jewelry – 163.8 (5 feet and 4.48 inches)

    4minute - 163.8 (5 feet and 4.48 inches)

    Piggy Dolls – 163.7 (5 feet and 4.44 inches)

    Wonder Girls - 163.6 (5 feet and 4.40 inches)

    Girls’ Generation – 163.5 (5 feet and 4.37 inches)

    Shortest Groups

    KARA - 162.6 (5 feet and 4.01 inches)

    2NE1 - 162.5 (5 feet and 3.97 inches)

    SECRET – 160.8 (5 feet and 3.30 inches)

    Brown Eyed Girls – 160.0 (5 feet and 2.99 inches)

    I'm like O__O
    I don't even fit to be in a girl group nor a boy group -.-  To tall for the girls and to short for the guys. I'm a midget for the guys and a big fat whale for the girls, like come on?!
    HAHAHAHAHA SHINee on the average... Minho must have saved the group (if you think about Jonghyun's height XD)

    Well this is just...

    This is what I do when I'm bored =__=

    Why am I orange?! TT__TT

    It feels like I'm bringing up the whole Block B topic again. But truth to be told, it's pretty quiet now :O
    The whole thing was exaggerated and I hope that those wonderful boys (sounds like an old granny...) will make a good comeback soon. It feels like we'll have to wait a year or something and it's a shame because they were on fire with NalinA and now they have to start all over again.. :/

    Keep fighting!~ 
    Especially you P.O

    Look alike: Yoo Ah In & Jong Ki

    *misshaped pictures* XD I actually "noticed" this on RM (me and that show -_-) Jong Ki had to wear hotpants as punishment but couldn't do it with the other RM members because he filmed a drama with Yoo Ah In AND JYJ's member Yoochun ;O (a historical one)

    At first glance they really look alike but if you watch them carefully... they don't  ê__ê 
    Well both of them has an über baby face (they're like 30 years old? Okay more like 27/28 years) asian people...

    Hohohoh tha punishment~ Well there you have the name of the drama ^_^

    PLEDIS ent. first Boy group:


    Finally! I've been seeing that name since the beginning of 2012 and I wondered when they would debut. Here's the teaser for their song Face:

    Ohh~ The song was really good! Hahahaha everybody's chock "Is Rean really a guy?!?!" Yes he's a guy =__= and JR is *le leader*. Found this text on the mening behind NU'EST:

    "The first boy group of PLEDIS leading the trend with creation of new and stylish music!The name of urban electro band ‘NU'EST’ stands for NU(new), Establish, Style and Tempo. Meaning is 'creation of new music according to a new style."

    Let your eyes eat \^ω^/

    Hohohohoh~  *drool*







    massminority:  idk idk idk but im hard- hard

    *cries* WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!?!

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 30)

    Wooo~ number 30! . . . -.- Well I wrote that I would do a G.Y.H.H.O on that old group:


    Well ehm... Turbo debuted 1994 (lol before my birth XD) and it consisted 3 members:

    Kim Jong Kook
    Kim Jung Nam

    You may know Kim Jong Kook from Running Man (I can't take him seriously here . . . >_>) but Turbo disbanded around year 2000 even though they were famous. They disbanded because Kim Jong Kook wanted to go solo and was offered a contract worth 700 million won (more than half million USD). Wow.. now he sound like a complete douche -.-

    Lol the intro ;''D

    They debuted with the song My childhood dream. Their MV is not really the best one, but I've got to admit the song isn't bad at all :O I thought it would be much, much worse...

    Comments referring to this song

    (the conversation goes from down to up)

    Hahahaha the fight between these two. Have to love the fact that the whole "I made a smiley" thing is true u__u I also do that.
    No smiley - You're a dick/douche
    Smiley - You're a nice person

    This must be my favourite song from Turbo XD Kim Jong Kook... I just.. yeah... but his voice isn't bad at all. He was quiet pretty when he was young :o

    trolololo :3

    He somehow looked like Siwon there :O

    Is it bad if I say that Kim Jong Kook looks really good here T___T He's 35 years old after all... akdsvnskdj U_U

    I'm singing my bluuuuueeees~

    Created by hp-groupie


    ~Mnet Chart~

    Omo almost forgot this. Well the chart got updated yesterday (well maybe 2 days ago for some of you -_-)

    I'm pretty chocked.. where's Big Bang? 0.0
    Well I have to say that touch is a really good song, one of my favourites but I can't really say that it's one of
    Miss A's best songs. Their best song must be Goodbye Baby or Good girl Bad girl (just sayin) And I have to listen to Falling by John Park too. I heard that it's a really good song.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAH XD Only 1 week... and MBLAQ is back on the Online vote with Run instead. But that choreography for Run is no joke, it's daebak! <-- first time using it o_o
    And big bang is there with 2 songs :O I'm just waiting on Fantastic baby hohoho >:3

    Yonghwa <3 - Is it meternal reedy

    As you know I've been geeking RM everyday now (well duhh ... Running man*) and Yonghwa has plopped up, in RM 5 times now (!!) and 2 of them have been dubble episodes. I cried when Joong Ki left but if there's anyone, ANYONE out there who would replace Joong Ki. Then it should be Yonghwa. I'm falling pretty hard for this amazing guy right now~!

    Wooyoung like a boss "Is it my turn already?" then yonghwa... *facepalm*


    Big Bang ALIVE concept photos (part 2)


    Okay I'm done. Well I don't really know if YG will release more concept photos on big bang but yeah... gonna upload those too.

    Everybody seem to hate GD's long hair on the side thing, but is it only me who really likes it? O__O

    Okay this is a bit off the topic but somehow not. A few days ago BO wrote that Big Bang was going to be in RM (Running Man) and I've been geeking that show the whole week now . . . AND THE EPISODE WITH BIG BANG WILL BE OUT THIS SUNDAY!!! HUHUHUHOHOHHO But I have to wait for the subs though -.-

    U-KISS Japanese album

    DUUUUUUDE! How come I never knew the fact that they've already released two new Japanese songs AND MV!!?

    U-KISS - Forbidden Love

    Haha yet, there has not been one singel song from U-KISS I didn't like! I really liked this song xD Now let's hear the other one O__o

    U-KISS - A Shared Dream

    The water scenes.. SOOO MBLAQ STYLE! xD
    The song.. come on! The first song I'm not crazy about :c It's not bad, but it's not my type of music.
    I don't know if there's any other songs that they've released, but I don't think so O_o ukissmedia (their Youtube account) haven't uploaded anything else, so.. yeah ^^

    I also read that these songs are doing pretty well! 
    With the release of their first official album ‘A Shared Dream’, the boys ranked #6 on the Daily Album Chart, and their single “Forbidden Love” ranked #9 on the Daily Single Chart. As of the today, the boys have gone up in rank as their album and single have ranked #2 and #6, respectively!

    I personally liked Forbidden Love more, but I guess it's good that other people like the song I didn't (so U-KISS won't be to sad that I don't like it. Yeah.. U-KISS do care what I think ^^)

    [DAZE47] R U Ready - Teaser

    Haha I know I just copied the title of the clip and put it as the title of this post, but I don't know if the name of this group is DAZE47 or R U Ready xD The info-box didn't say much either. It just stated this:

    DAZE47, new electronic duo performed in club ANSWER, KOREA where also performed DJ SET on Feb. 29, 2012

    DAZE47 will debut soon!
    Can't wait!

    R U READY?

    *Hoho* my bad.. maybe I should read it more carefully next time xD So yeah, DAZE47 will debut soon!! I liked the music in the clip, but was that from their song? O.o

    I liked this teaser though, because it's not that typical KPOP-teaser, it's more of a teaser you could see on MTV ^^ 

    nothing more to say except.. R U READY?!?!?! xD

    Another.. EXO TEASER! (#23)

    Yeah.. I only watched the first 4 teasers so I don't think I'm going to watch this one ^^ But it looks like they're a lot of people in this clip. Maybe it's time for their debut soon?! xD


    He's really beautiful, especially on the... both pictures.

    I see manboobs...

    Man I suck -.- Almost forgot to make a happy birthday post. Well it's a bit "late" but here we go~
    Mister Lee Hong Ki is turning 22 years old (23 korean age) today. A lot of you may recognize him from the drama You're beautiful.
    We hope that you'll have a really good day especially after your successful comeback.


    ... that's the first thing I'm going to eat when I go to Korea.

    The first thing that plopps up in my head is MBLAQ's Run... You better Ru-u-u-u-u-n~

    Big Bang ALIVE concept photos (part 1)

    Last time I uploaded Idon'tknowhowmany pictures on Big Bang and their Alive concept. But new ones are out and I didn't see facebook nor allkpop upload these *lack on other sources* XD fail... allkpop and facebook are the only ones I got . . . TT__TT
    As you can see it's only part 1 because I found over 16 pics (17 if I'm going to be more exact -.-) so I'm going to upload those later ;)

    The abs looks to... perfect O_O

    Big pictures FTW!!~

    MBLAQ - RUN (M!Countdown)

    Remember when Seungho got injured? This is when:

    Thank God he was still able to perform!
    Mehehe, mah boois~ YOU GUYS NAILED IT! The dance is so f-ing hard core! You gotta love it *and you gotta love the hater's saying~* (mehehe.. if you heard the song, you'll get it ^^)

    I'm not loving Lee Joon's new hairstyle, but dang!!! Does Ninja Assassin moves *using my hand as a fan (not a fan that idols have.. but an actual fan)*

    They all look so ghetto! YEAH MON! They all got tha' spirit of a young gangster being gangstah' *jamaican accent*

    Haha okey, it's late.. Good night!!!

    Leeteuk died?!

    Hahaha don't be scurd (ghetto way of saying "don't be scared" ^^). He didn't die. Or.. at least I don't think so O__o

    Haha, Leeteuk so cute! Comes out of nowhere screaming. It's funny how he ran into the room, like.. basically ran TO the messile. Because if he had stayed outside, the messile wouldn't be able to hit him.. right? Haha anywho, props to Shindong for the special effect!!

    Maybe next time we'll see Leeteuk in a Hollywood film, don't you think? xD And Shindong might be the director of the movie. You know, Shindong is very good at making films. He's the one that made Eunhae's "OPPA, OPPA" MV ;D

    2NE1 Preview (with Will.I.Am)

    So this is a preview of one of their upcoming songs with Will.I.Am (they worked with him. I don't think he'll actully sing in the songs though ^^) But it sound's great!!! You can hear their accent when they sing, but it doesn't matter and DAMN the melody is awsome! This will probably be one of the better club-songs out there! xD

    "Come on, Come on, Come on~" It feelt like the crowd got to hear the whole song, but that the fancam only got 1:45 minutes of it :/

    Anywho, this is another comeback I can't wait for! 2NE1, AMERICA IS WAITING!

    This month's actor (part 1)

    As I said one week ago (?) I was going to do a "this month's actor" were I would chose an actor (girl or guy) as the best actor/actress and now I'm not only counting Korea in this, but the whole Asia ^_^ *hohoh proud somehow* . . . -_-
    So I've been thinking a lot on this and my choice as the first person evaah beeing this month's actor is my favourite actor in general.


                                                                                  Kim Jae Wook
    Korean actor


    April 2, 1983 (28 years old)

    • Antique Bakery (2008)´

    Tv Series

    • Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)
    • Bad Guy (TV series) (2010)
    • The Kingdom of The Winds (2008)
    • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)
    • Dal Ja's Spring (2007)
    • Ruler of Your Own World (2002)

    I have't really seen all those series (=__=) BUT! I've seen Antique Bakery, Mary Stayed Out all night and a small part of Coffee prince. I've gotta say that the role change from Mary Stayed out all night and Anique bakery was something.. special >_> Going from a cold director to hard core gay that was *applauses*

    It's quiet hard to explain but I really, really, really like him. His way of acting is special he lives up to his character and I really like that :3

    So I recomend those dramas for you guys (•ω•)
    Ta-da~ That's all I had to say

    M.I.B at "Will I Am in Seoul"

    Remember when I told you guys I would post M.I.B's performance up here? xD

    Hahaha, Don't know if this counts, but there isn't any other videos out there yet. But this felt more like a club then a concert. Maybe it wasn't a concert? O__o And they all looked hot, you know, because it sounded like hip hop and they did hip hop moves! xD

    Guy + Hip Hop = HOT
    (even if he's really not, as long as he goes Hip Hop he can hip hop into my heart.. C WHAT I DID THERE? xD)

    MBLAQ Run chorepgraphy

    Look what I found!!!! :O

    A while ago BO wrote about Seungho's back injury and here I found the choreography -__-
    WAHHH!!! They've gotten so much better!!! Especially Lee Joon :O (It's so typical him having a fighting scene in the middle of the dance . . . after the whole ninja assassin)

    This must be the best dance choreography I've ever seen, it's so freaking awesome! Have to love the dance steps they do in the chorus.
    Well good job guys, I can clearly see that you're working really hard right now. The comeback with it's war, hello baby and now Run ^_^

    Seungho rushed to the hospital?!

    Read that MBLAQ's Seungho got rushed to the hospital. He injured his back while MBLAQ was pre-rocording their M!Countdown performance, and apparently they were going to perform RUN. Remember the song I posted as S.O.T.W 11 or something?

    I've never seen the choreography but it's said that RUN's choreography is very powerful and Seungho has had problems with his back earlier, so while pre-rcording the dance he got injured.


    According to their agency, “‘Run’ is known to be a performance with a powerful choreography and Seungho was known to have back problems. But during their second pre-recording for the performance, Seungho injured his back and collapsed.

    They continued, “Seungho has been transported to the hospital and is currently receiving an examination. Based on the results, we’ll be determining whether or not he’ll be able to go to his next schedule.”

    PLEASE GET WELL SEUNGHO!! MBLAQ is never the same without every member there..


    I... yeah I'm gonna do a G.Y.H.H.O with Turbo. They're one of those old groups just like g.o.d, H.O.T, 1TYM etc. and one of the members were *drums* KIM JONG KOOK!! a.k.a Sparta or Commander XD If you are currently watchiing RM (Running man) then, you should know what I'm talking about. I saw an episode where they played a game called "diet karaoke" and I saw an amazing dance move that came from Turbo's song Black cat.

    This one:

    *skip to 0:45 for the dance* Everyone is in this show O_O Even HaHa

    It looks easy but it's hard as ADKFNSDALKGSADLKJVNBD!!!
    Here's the funny things:

    * There isn't even ONE tutorial on that dance move on Youtube
    * There isn't any dance tutorial on that dance move AT ALL
    * They don't even have this dance move in their MV for Black cat they only do it while performing (live...)
    * Aaanndd... the clips are really blurry on their old live shows and it's filmed really far away... so you van see nothing

    So practically that clip *points up* and this one *points down* are the only "tutorails" left were you can learn it..

    Jihyo the die hard fan of Turbo... Did you hear that fangirl scream?! O__O yyyyaaAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

    That U-know Yunho smile...

    As you already know SM goes all in when it comes to the looks. So I found a picture on Yunho yesterday (don't ask me how I found it -.-) and I think it was during TVXQ's debut days?
    Well it was a smiling picture:


    Damn that was a good dentist...
    Look how freaking perfect, white and shiny his teeths are O__O
    But I think that picture is from his trainee days.. don't you think so? He looked really young and chubby there.

    Nothing to say...

    created by Alennia^^

    Created by Alennia^^
    The funny thing is... he totally won T_T


    created by beautaeful-

    Another one:

    First time I'm THIS early wahhh :O

    you know what I'm tired =__= I've been watching Running man the whole night *morning*
    I just wanted to upload the teaser >_>

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