S.I.M.P #18

Uhh almost forgott about that >:S
The random song my phone chose... will be presented down a bit later.
This is one of those all-around useless fact that shows up! Huh nothing to say, however that boyfriend group is appereantly going higher and higher!! ;O Their popularity seems to increase. The reason why they didn't give me and BO that *___* reaction was because of their debute song Boyfriend. It was too UBEROOHMYFREAKINGACTINGCUUUTEEE~~ So we were like O_o'

Super Junior - Bonamana

Bounce to you bounce to you nega na na na...~~

I'm pretty curious, what does Bonamana even stand for? The first thing that comes up to my head is these Chiquita bananas...

Omo.. I feel like a retard but this is the first time I've noticed that Leetuk doesn't have a t-shirt *w*
Can I also barrow your jacket while we're at it? >:3 *naughty me*

B.R.A Live in action!

Okey the update hasn't been that good but it'll probably be better tomarrow hihihihihihih *pinky promise* :3
Well Bo's.... in the kitchen and... is eating?
And I am in our room in the small... dorm. Well our manager is sleeping now so yeah...
Let us enjoy the pictures ;) Not High quality really... U__U

                                                                                    HAHAHAHA I taka photo I taka photo, I japanese!


Told ya~~ ...

Day 5: What member would you want to be best friends with and why?

Uhhh... Yesterday when I saw a clip with these guys I saw them as my sons hahahaha X'D I was like
"TT___TT They have grown up so well... I'm so proud over you guys"

But now I've thought about it and that must be.... Junho ^w^
He reminds me a lot of Mir, and is pretty hyped up hahaha he seems awesome! ;D
Not a Oh-holy-awesome-text-that-"catch"-your-heart but that's all I could come up with for now >_<

A show were two ugly guys is going to be 2PM moms, oh gosh I laughed my ass off!
I LOVE Junhu's reaction (I first thought that it was Nichkhun -.-). He's like what the...?! And the guy showes him up on the wall "Shhh..we're your moms for a day" ... "O_o... HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA"
Priceless! ;D

It's getting back >:3

My feelings... hohohoh.. huh?
I have to still do my little work so the update can be a bit sucky <--- B.R.A's new word. BUT the update will be awesome later because I dont have ANYTHING to do ^^

I'll go on a celebration party with SHINee tomarrow... hehe. Bo will appareantly stay home... and fill his.. needs HAHAHAHAHAH X'D

So wait... only wait...

AHAHAHAHA so true :'D It's almost like G.O and his mustasch


That's just creepy...


Thunder and Dara

Okey, so I bet you know that MBLAQ's Thunder och 2ne1's Dara are siblings. That means that they are brother and sister ^^ Anywho, and what i just realized is that they both have double eyelid. Notice that it's not said in plural. That's right, they both have only one double eyelid!

Don't believe me?
Believe me now? ^^

U-KISS - Neverland Dance ver.

All of a sudden KPOP groups starts to put up dance versions of their songs. First A-CHA by SUJU and now this. ME LIKE!! ;D hahaha, now I just got to learn all the steps to this song and I'm good to go. Not sure of what I'll be good to go to, but I sure will be GOOD TO GO!!! ^^

Did you guys get that? :O

Well... yeah...

Just wanted to warn yah. I haven’t been able to write any posts yesterday I sat there like an idiot trying to write mine document thing buuuttt I couldn’t. So I will practically waste my whole day  to write it. I’ve been empty the whole day -.-‘

It’s one of those hello I am wired day, I can’t feel any hunger, I don’t feel tired, any anxiousness for not being not with my work NOTHING I SAY! O_o
So the update from my side will be pretty sucky. No feeling no post >:3 But Bo will probably entertain you today

I Think it's getting back, HAHHAHAHAHAHA! X'D

Heechul visiting SUJU members

Super Junior Heechul, who enlisted in the army on September 1st, has successfully complete his basic military training.

On September 29th, Heechul came back to spend one day with his fellow band mates. Sungmin wrote on Super Junior’s official website, “Heenim is back! He came back from training center…….. I missed him” He also shared his picture taken with Heechul.

In accordance to the media reports released before, after completing 4 week basic military training from Nohn San camp, Heechul will  commence his duties as Public Service Personnel at Seoul Songdong-gu district for next 23 months.

Moreover, Heechul will join Seongdong-gu office on September 30th.

Source: Here

Todays morning humour...

MIR!!! *Facepalm* X'D HAHAHAHAHAH!

Day 21 - Your favorite SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star

Day 21 - Your favorite SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star.

This question is the only reason why I have'nt been posting anything in this category. Why? Well, I don't know any pairings besides the ones within the group. So day 21, go scr*w your self. Hahaha, no but I'm not doing this one. Just for your information ;)

But today, I'll post day 22. So stay tuned!

Thunder changes his hair

As you guys should know by now is that Thunder is blond. Well, not any more!! His hair is now black ;) He recently tweeted a picture of him self saying "I changed my hair."

So, wich do you prefer? Blonde or Black?

S.I.M.P #17

Todays S.I.M.P were a little bit too late I see...
I'm going to skip the whole unessecary text now, I have to write a document thing and I must hand it over tomarrow, I haven't even started yet! *PAAAANICCC*

The son (<-- like my English teacher xD She doesn't say the G)
Hmm... I'm going to chose the first and "real" kpop song that I heard... let see what was it? It couldn't be Stay right? O_o I have already written about it *sweat*
Ahhh! Remember >:3

SHINee - Lucifer

Pretty funny somehow... It was a REALLY good first impression of kpop *drool* compared with Bo's, MBLAQ Oh yeah HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

It doesn't seem that I was the only one, YAAY For SHINee~~ ^w^
Unfortunelly 2PM is my favourite group but I'll always love SHINee for "welcoming" me in a disaster world called kpop

I always wondered who the guy in the green thing was. I was like "Weren't they five? Who the hell is that?" It took me 2 weeks to finally underestand the it was Taemin... TT___TT

I know it's the third time...

ADSGKNDFHBJN!!! It's the second time now! I hate my internet! Always delete my awesome texts...
Well this is the third time I'm putting up A-CHA including the teaser BUT! This is the second dance version so there's no earthquake like the old one, it's smoooothh~~ U_U

Poor cameraman...

LOL at the comments X'D Liked the second one best HAHAHAHA!
Well I somehow liked the whole swaying thing but I admitt that it was a little bit too much in the ending @_@

Naaaaw, MBLAQ

Okey, found this interwiew with MBLAQ from when they were in Brazil.

In the beginning when Thunder said "very beautiful ladies, beautiful boys too" made me laugh, haha sooo cute!
And when the MC asks in english "what's the best experiense here in Brazil?" at 1:41, and gives the mike to Lee Joon. When he ducked, I... I fangirled. Yes hahahahaha I did. Just so f-ing cute! And when he smiles (X.X)

And last but not least, look at the clip from 0:46 - 1:42. Hahahah the rest of the members look so bored. (They look bored alot, but I could really see it there ^^)
Then if you look at mir 1:33. That's actually really hot. Don't you think? ^^ And G.O + Seungho just sits nods :P

PICTURE BOMB!! - Awesume nails :3

Yesterday I sat and.. ehh... fixed my 'sisters' nails... xD
And that is because.... she really, how can you say this *sight* She loves how artistic I am... Yeah that's why >:3
So I played creative and here's the result. Maybe a bit sloppy but it will eventually fade away ;) Btw.. her hand isn't a modell hand, so don't judge TT__TT

Right hand
Left hand

RH (Right hand*) - Hottes(t) (2PM)                                       LH (Left hand*) - "smokes" from ex coffe (<-- "hot")                                                                                get it? Hot=Hottes)

LH - SHAWOL (SHINee)                                         RH - Thought of Taemin O_o'

LH - A+ (MBLAQ)                                                         RH - SGJTH (Seungho, G.O, Joon, Thunder & Mir)

LH - E.L.F (Super Junior)                                            RH - It's an Elf -.-' you know the santa thing...

LH - Heart <3 Kpop ^^                                                   RH - Random, as me...

It took me 2 freaking hours to do this TT__TT Now I'm tired...

Jay Park in LA!

WHAT THE %¤"#"?! ...
Jay Park, Far East Movement, B.o.B., Dumbfoundead, Sean Kingston and many more will be performing in LA on October 1. Websites are giving out free tickets. I'll be in America between November 22 - 29.

It's soooo close! I mean, I could have seen the one, JAY PARK!! I'll not have many chanes in my life to see KPOP stars perform. This would be like.. once in a lifetime. But nooooooooooo.. they chose an earlier date. %¤#"! KPOP.

Kpop.. you ruined my life. Now I'm depressed.. -.-

But if you are a lucky son of a gun and will be in LA on October 1, you could enter the contest ;)
For more information, just click here.

Rumours will always be rumorus.. right?

A few days ago when I lived my everyday "life" I read that Jay Park the former leader of 2PM is (maybe) going to go back to 2PM. They stated that JYP said that he'll come back. I'm actually not sure about that there was a reason why he left the group so... sure everyone say that it's because he didn't want to "drag the group down with him" But I think that there's another thing behind it as well. It feels like he has enjoyed the "I'm in a kpop group" days. He had his fun, and now he wants to do other things...

However he is still doing pretty well. He's going all in with his solo career, have released an album and have receantly been shooting a movie called "Mr Idol".
The movie itself is about a failing idol group that meets intense producer Oh Goo Joo. After going through aggressive training sessions they become top stars.

Hmm... I'll maybe see that... Well, it'll be released sometime in October ^_~

Day 4: Your favourite music video

I feared for this day TT___TT

I seriously love all their music videos AKJFSBKJAFB (Except for Take it off that was just wierd... and gay O_o)
There're so many that I like for example Hands up you seriously have to love that they don't have any dance moves, except when they snap their fingers and do the shot thing but some on?! They hit someone with a donkey/horse mask?!
Their dancing is EPIC! Without you - That OK sign X'D
Heartbeat - They dance like retarded dolls (and we have to learn it for the flashmob HAHAHAHA!)
But my favourite MV... Must be their Japanese one I'm your man. I'm obsessd with that music video...

They really fit in suits and and and and JUNSU! When he sits in the car and do that evil glance/look. When They do that HEAD SHAKE NECK THING!!! OMO!!~~
and and and when chansung sing and and that take of their ties and rip their shirts!! ALADASFGJN (!!) *______*
*Taking a chill-pill*
I saw their live performance when they did that hohohohoh *perv* Fell down from the chair when they did the rip part... how do they do that? Do they have a speciall shirt that's easy to rip? O_o

Okey huuuuu that's enough...

What the...?! (Random~~)

That neck thing and the evil look >:3

I love the dance choreography <3_<3

One day old... :K

Super Junior's A-CHA 1st dance version is out... well it was released yesterday though. Love how the camera
#"!!&&# itself ;'D
They seem... so "little" now O_o how many are they 11? 10? 9? Heechul - army, Kangin - army , Kibum Donghae? Or is Donghae over there? I've never seen those two so I'm a bit confused when it comes to that...

We don't need a text... here's the humour for this morning ^w^


2PM always pull of these oh no you didn't/bitch pictures...


HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH This literally won todays or this week best macro X'D

Nahh who am I trying to fool... This was priceless! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *hits the computer* ...
*throws it away* ...
*can't breath!*
*Hits the computer even more*
I feel sorry for my "working/school" computer... Do you know what it goes through daily?! The same shit that I do Home, school, lack of sleep, kpop, and lack of sleep... finally someone who can share my feelings U_U *nods* *nods*

BingBang - Tonight

I know that we don't update so much about BingBang, wich is a shame. I just listened to one of their songs, Tonight, and LOVED it! Not just the MV that looks more like an american MV. They don't stand beside eatch other and dance. Wich I don't mind, I'm just saying.. that's pretty much what every other KPOP group does ^^

But here you have it. BingBang's Tonight!!!

SHINee - Lucifer JAPANESE ver. teaser #2

Why the %#"&! haven't I seen this before?
It was released on September 14. Today it's September 28...

OH MI GOD! It's so... *pervy thoughts...*
Why you dance in water. Why? *Korean accent* ^^

But apperently the entire MV will be on youtube October 12. CAN'T WAIT! :
More stuff like this please! ;)


OMG!!!!!!! Thank god I didn't forget! Today is Shindong's 26 birthday!
Gosh.. He's getting old O.o

But Me and B.R.A Wish Dongie Hyung a "Happy birthday"

Picture taken today ;)

"On September 28th, KARA‘s Park Gyuri celebrated Shindong‘s birthday with a sweet cake and a message! The two are co-DJs on popular radio program, ’Shimshimtapa‘.

Gyuri had tweeted, “Shindong oppa’s birthday is today, September 28th!  Happy birthday, Dongie oppa!  Everyone, please wish him a happy birthday!” "

I enjoy it...

...and no I am not a sadist... I enjoy bulling BO >w<
I've been generally slow today don't know why the only thing I want now is a page with 12352346 millions kpop macros were I can sit and laugh my ass off. Gosh I love the person who "invented" macros .  .  . <-- three slow dots..

You'll propably call me later tonight or tomarrow, or maybe text me and say/write you suck (!!)
Note: The Green one is me and the gray/white is Bo


Day 3: Your favourite album The First Album 1:59 PM

They mean song right?

Oh gosh, how do you guys do this?! O_o'

They have all these classic songs:
I hate you
<-- But I chose it as my favourite song yesterday...
Only you.. -.-'

But I got really stuck on the song "Tired of waiting" Love that wierd wanna be mexican thing at the beginning and they look soo cool when they perform it *__w__*  <--- What the hell is that? o_o
So that's my answer ^0^
I know I ain't that wierd crazy fangasm that shriek and scream at everything, I talked with Bo about that and he claims that I'm wierd... Am I? ;O

Mähhuhuhuhuh TT___TT Eye candy for you... That will be 12$

HAHAHAHAHAHA FOUND AN EPIC PICTURE! - You'll see it another time...

S.I.M.P #16

Todays random song issss~~ DRUUUUMMMMSSSS!!!

Oh forgott the worthless text before. Okey ehhmm this is were I always confess something... One of my dreams in my life is to have a eating competition with Seungho ^w^ I am a freak when it comes to food and I've never lost any food competition against anyone. I think that it was Idol Army were MBLAQ had an eating competition and Seungho won of course and then I though, I wonder how it would be if I competed with him... So that's one of my "I-must-do-it-dream-before-I-die" Eww... my keyboards got sticky O_o

SHINee - Hello

It's so disgustingly (<-- ?!) cute -.-
I like Taemin's hair thought. It's a cool pretty in pink way and the modell was nice >:3

Maybe not pink... Damn you Bo... I don't really like Minho's hair cut (then) it was... fugly...
And everyone is wearing some that have a leopard fabric X'D

Boyfriend - Teaser

Don't know if it's the teaser for Don't touch my girl or if it's for You're my lady.

It says that it's for Don't touch my girl, but in the end they sing "You're my lady"?
Anywhoo, here you have it! Boyfriends new teaser!!!

So what do you think of their new style? I kinda like it. But It's still a bit to much. Not their style, but the cute image they always have. Like in the end? WTF.. haha sorry, but that was a bit to much for me. Was he crying out of happines or was he sad.. but smiling? ^^

But on the plus side, Boyfriend got their own category! :D

I should get a new category...

... for my lame-ass godmorning posts... >.<
As usual I want to start the day with some humour for me and for all of you readers. Kpop makes your life funnier... or do we even have a life? -.-'

Isn't that Jo kwon from 2AM? He sure does make my day...

HAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! THIS TOOK THE PRICE! (My mom thinks that I am something worse than a retard... note: She already thinks that I am a retard -.-)

I thought that nothing would beat this picture *points up* but this... *can't stop laughing*

BAAAABBOOOOO, Is that really Taecyeon? Did he really have that big feets/large legs? O_o'

. . .

Our statistic is like a woman having PMS...

...and its true -.- It can't go straight (Hahahaha lol XD)

I tried to do a post with my phone earlier but it didn't work. It's another "bully-BO" post ;D But when I tought about it... it actually fits every kpop fan girl out there so take a look mah ladies!

image description
That's what you do during math lessons in Sweden....

Lee Joon Aegyo

OMG. hahahahaa, mah man ^^

The "mission" was: Show aegyo to a sunbae for a favor.

"Had lunch.. How about a cup of coffee?"

"Do I have to buy?"

"That's right"

WTF? ^^ Is that what you call aegyo? Well.. truth is that it would probably work on me. But he'd still have to pay ;)

Day 2: Your favourite song

Are you serious? It's like asking do you like chocolate, chocolate, chocolate *5 minutes later*... chocolate or chocolate?
There are so many songs (!!!) O_O
The first song that really made me "open my eyes" was
I'll be back then
Hands up came
Without you, Again and Again, Only you, Thank you, I'm your man, Electricity, Heartbeat

Buuuutt! There's actually a song that I am stuck on (or I've been stuck on it for a long time) so I will pick it (randomly) as my favourite song
2PM I hate you, no the songs name is I hate you XD

They really look like a warm and loving group! TT___TT why can't I be there?!
I love how the MV is a "pick out" parts from their career and how much they have fought. And especially when they do those flips.
Junho fails and everyone gathers around him and give a "ohh man it's okey, are you allright?" aura :'D I am so proud over them AND! WHEN CHANSUNG DO THE FLIP OH MY ASGJAF! HE'S SO CLOSE TO BREAK HIS NECK! (1.58) It gives me a freaking heart attack every time but after a few seconds you get an awww.. feeling when the group is like "OH MY SHITTY GOD! ARE YOU OKEY?!" and he's like "Heh... my bad, yes I am fine" *awkward*...


S.I.M.P #15

I don't have any controll of the songs I've put up so I am sorry if a song can come up twice (but I will try preventing that...)
Okey I should start with a random and worthless text right now... did you know that my birthday is soon ^^ (only 2 months though -.-')
Well this song shouldn't be something new for you MBLAQ fans

MBLAQ - Stay

When me and Bo sings it:

Oh baby stay with me
me gante marisso jo me ga me jumbo
Yo tangmar Ja Ja Ja, Ja Ja Ja, Ja ja ja...~~
Oh baby stay together naman irocke na na na nanananananananananananananan!

HAHAHAAH We just come up with melodies/new words that fits the words THEY are singing... epic...

My hump, my hump my hump my hump my lovely..- Black Eyed Peace

There's one thing I wonder, and I am pretty curious here... how come you visit our blog? It must be the most lamest kpop blog in this world X'D

Awkward x2

I wrote a post yesterday and I said that I wouldd reveal how many times I've listened to 2PM I'm you man and man the resault was hillarious X'D
Both me an Bo lost the bet...

Geez it's hard to see...
Well the places haven't changed yet...

#1 MBLAQ, stay - 111 times
#2 F.CUZ, Midnight Sun - 105 times (Still don't know how it's on second place)
#3 2PM, Hands up - 94 times
#4 2PM, I'm your man - 85 times HAHAHAHAHAHHA LOL!!! 85 times in a week?!
That took the price...

That awkward moment when..

HAHAHAHAHA, such a freakin' awsome picture! ^^

Godmorning my little hubby birds!

It's starting to be a habit now... It's a new day and the beautiful clouds are rolling in to Sweden and at the west we'll se some rain but there'll be a storm at your moms house bacause of..her..... farts! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I am a lame person did you know that? I laugh at my own jokes if no one else does it, I need to fill up that empty space. But it's somehow good I can entertain myself alone (pervy...?!) to be more exact you can put me alone on a deserted island but I would still be sane and have a nice time alone, you can ask Bo about it ;D (Well not really...)

Just wanted to start the day with some tiny humour, just a tiiiinyyyy so it'll be some macros soon. Btw It's "photoshoot" time today (in my class) most of you know it right? DISASTER!


Do you know how much I love this?! Onew = Epic <3



Random stuff

This one made me laugh ^^

Hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!! :D

Don't be afraid

Come on guys! We know that you're there, so you don't have to be scared to comment. Please do. Give us some feedback so we know what we're doing good and what we're doing wrong.

Plus that it would help us get more readers, wich would make it easier to make this blog the #1 KPOP blog in Sweden!!!!!!

Thank you for supporting us. Keep up the good work! :D



I feel ashamed somehow... no I actually don't ^o^ Nevaahh!
This is a pretty random post. Did you guys notice that I bully Bo alot? That's just me XD
I love to bully people, and make them my praaay! Praaay I say *sadist*

A few weeks ago when I converted my Iphone to Itunes I saw my "Top 3 most played songs" and trust me... it was a wierd list...
I'm actually going to upload a picture but before that there's a song that I've played 24/7 in these 7 days (<-- haha get it XD) 
(2PM I am your man) me and Bo did a bet. He thinks that I've listen to it 30 times in a week but I think 40 so the moment of truth will come up tomarrow DAM DAM DAAAAAM~~

It's hard to se but...

#3 2PM, hands up - 90 times
#2 F.CUZ, Midnight sun - 103 times (Random... O_o)
#1 MBLAQ, Stay - 108 times

Do you know how much I listened to Stay when I was new in kpop, gosh! >_<

INFINITE - Paradise

"After a long wait and a good teaser campaign, the new MV "Paradise" for the Infinite's repackage album has finally been released. The album will be released on September 26. We can see a new concept of the group with a sexy, cold and mature image."

Soo... I guess that it's out now? hahaha ^^
However I have'nt seen it yet, but I sure will! But not now :/ But soon! (Y)

What do you guys think about it? :)


It's new, It's fresh (Only a couple of hours) and  I LOVE IT!
Kyuhyun and Yesungs voice's <3_<3 And Eunhyuk is totally pulling that blond hair of! Thank you makeup/hair something artist!
Lol Shindong X'D You can really see the result of his diet now, compared to other music videos...

It's a typical Suju song, *THUMBS UP*

S.I.M.P #14

I almost forgott the whole S.I.M.P thing ;__; I am tired...
Well okey song numero 14. Nahh I just can't tell it right away. I always have this pattern were I write something worthless and then the song shows up.
When I first heard this song it was a little ehh... but now I totally love it! Especially at the beginning were you can hear Hongki's voice like "MOHEEEOOOOHH" <--- a korean word -.-' I need to learn koren >.< Or I think it is Hongki O_o

FT Island - I hope

Their music video for this is so dorky good >w<


That guy looooooooook exactly like Mir -.- Jesus...

Day 1: Your ultimate 2PM bias and why

Okey before I start HAHAHAHAHA I promised that I would do this, like 3 weeks ago? But better late than nevah (or....?)

Well as I've said it before I normally don't have any biases and I don't, but 2PM is my favourite group and my favourite person is...... the maknae CHANSUNG!
You may have discovered it a long time ago >.< But he's my favorite maknae at all, so yeah...

Okey reasons why he's so cool >w< hahaha! He hits his hyungs, doesn't feel ashamed of it (I think) and you would have never thoought that he would be the maknae. Compared to other groups like SHINee you will see that

Taemin is the maknae
MBLAQ - mir
INFINITE - thatguythatIhaveforgottenhisname...

But 2PM NEVER! I first thought that Junho was the maknae but he's a few months younger that Chansung.
And another thing! He doesn't really act all "Ohh-hihih-I-am-the-maknae-so-I-am-weak-and-cute!" *puppy eyes*
So that's why Chansung is my ultimate "bias", CHANSUNG TEAM FTW! >:3 

Lol~~ when he had his long hair xD

Well ladies and gentlemen now you know (not really right?) why I totally love this dude called Chansung ^_~

A place that every kpop fan have promised themselves to visit...

Or finding their future husband or that their "boyfriend" is currently living there and is famous... you can see it in different ways ^^

TT____TT only 3 years left...
Ahh btw me and Bo have made this "promise" that we'are going to korea when we finish our school XD
Otherwise if he don't join me I am going alone 8D My dad even promised me that if I have good grades he'll pay the trip sooo, school here we come! >w<

B2ST - I Like You The Best


I actually liked it. It gave me a good feeling at the end. However, in the beggining I was just like "WHAAAT?" but then I was like "Good boy!" ^^

What did you think? And did you know that the girl was Son Na Eun from A Pink?

Onew, forever alone

LOL!!!! But I feel for you Onew, I really do. Poor kid, won't get a kiss from pretty Taemin :/

Just wanted to start the day with some humour

Well most of you people (or I hope that most of you people) is actually waking up and preparing yourself for school right now. Me and Bo may be a new group (Lol... XD) but we have our school duty just as any other teens. We're sorry if the update in the blog haven't been that good but it will be better... I've... relaxed... these two days Ö_Ö *innocent smile* ^^
And it was Bo's moms birthday yesterday so happy birthday to her (It feels like Bo should write this xd)

But I hope that your day will be as bad and hell:ish (<-- new word) as mine ^w^

I love these "I see no different" pictures, but the best one so far was Onew and a piece of tofu, priceless! X'D

I'm disapointed -.-

DUDE!!!!!!!! This was not supposed to happen :/
I saw this video of Mir being cute:

And after I started.. to giggle? &!1#"¤%&&# GIGGLE?! Yes, like a little crazy obsessed fan girl.
But I mean come on! He's so damn cute! :D Just look at him, not stoping. He just keeps doing random faces ^^ And the voices he makes while doing them, priceless!

Oh! My School - MBLAQ's Lee Joon

I really have to see this show. Oh my school seems like one of those show you'll never stop watching. Like.. never! So in short, this is my kind of show ^^

I saw theese video clips of Lee Joon from MBLAQ.

At first, I was like: "Why does he let the wind blow on his hair? Is he trying to be cool or something?" *Because it sure is working* (0:46)

But then I saw this:

Dang.. that got to hurt!!!
And the comment "Don't sing for three months" hahahaha, just cracked me up ^^

But as I said, I haaaaave to see this show!! ;D

Lee Joon + Bo = ♥

Gosh.. Just found out that Lee Joon from MBLAQ is christian. And my future "mate" have to be Christian...
So not only is he cute, funny, OH GOOOOOD so hot.. but he is also christian -.-

Hahaha, and even with that rediculouse hairstyle he looks smooking hot! Right?!
But he looks better with his normal, brown, wavy hair. OOOOOR his blonde hair!!! He looks very good in blonde (*^^*):


Look alike: Asher Book & Kyuhyun

I know it sounds wierd but when I saw the movie Fame today I saw a guy and he was soo "alike" someone and I just couldn't put my finger to it. But after a while I got it! It was kyuhyun >w<
Asher Book is the American version of Kyuhyun so girls... there's always someone out there :3


That "smile" @_@

huhuhuhmarhbnmahbakfnba<lwrjg!!! I need to shower -.-' Seriously...

Bo this is for you >:3

Update: A new cathegory XD Fan Girl - Sunday!

S.I.M.P #13

When it comes to kpop songs, I've the old ones... did you get that? 
I don't really know why but everytime I discover a new group I always download their old music and new ones if I like it.
Everytime I listen to music, I am pretty "Judgy". I can't be a crazy fan that LOVE every single song. Because when I judge,  I judge girlfriend!~~
If the first 10 or even 5 seconds of the song haven't given me a good impression, I don't listen to it.
But if it's good I listen to their voices and if that sucks I don't even bother listening to the song and thirdly I focus on the dance and beat. U_U Crazy dude incoming...

Ps. This is a "live" blog. Our morning posts is always timed but I am awake right now O_o haven't slept yet...
Another new thing about B.R.A I am a "night" person. I sleep during the days and party with my self (aka the computer -.-) the whole night. So it have some side effects when it comes to school ( I need to wake up around 06.00 then...) Anyone else out there? *_*

Well here's the song with my favorite group - Hottest here I come!

2PM - Only you

This was my favourite song before ;D However there's something that I really hate when it comes to groups and I will tell you that in another post ^_~

HAHAHAHAH Love the cartoon one X'D They look so alike!

Press F5

Just sayin'~~

The almighty B.R.A

As you know me and Bo are pretty close. We have only been friends for about 4 years though (? Correct me if I'm wrong now...) The first time I saw him I was like "We are going to be good friends" <-- got that "vibe"
Well that has nothing to do with this... both of us are quiet wierd (daaahhh the blog -.-') but our conversations are more wierd/random.
So we hope that you'll enjoy these conversations we have, and they could be a "monthly" lesson for you people who are incompetent 8D hehehoho (Like Bo >:3)

*Br = B.R.A, B = Bo

*B.R.A's Phone ringing*

*Br - Yeah, hello?

*B - Helloooooo <--- always drags out the o:s

Br - What is it?

B - I have figured out something...

Br - And that isss??

B - Well you know the word saranghe

Br - Yeah, it's I love you

B - After searching for a while, I finally know what it means

Br - Yeah, it's I love you, Love you!

B - Because they say it in neverland

Br - I know it's I love you

B - And it means I love you! :D

Br - . . . O_o I KNOW!

B - Really? Sarang means love and hae means you <3_<3

Br - I KNOW THAT! I'VE SCREAMED IT LIKE 14365 TIMES NOW!!! + they sing it in every song...

B - Ehh what?!, really? ... I've only heard it in neverland?

Br - you're stupid -.- ... *saranghe, saranghe, saranghe daaa~~* <--- MBLAQ's, Mona Lisa

B - Ohhhhh....... duuuuuuuh... hehe my bad ^^...

Br - No shit sherlock -.- Bye

*Hangs up*

Sight~~ Bo I sometimes wonder... I really do wonder.... Dude I hope that you feel ashamed! U_U
*nod* *nod*

. . .

Those hidden muscels and abs - SHINee

Let me guess you were just a normal person that came to our blog and scrolled here and there, and the BAM! You read the titel and that inner fangirl shrieked out.

Truth to be told I never thought that ANYONE from SHINee had something called muscles because they don't really expose it like other groups... they actually haven't it's pretty impressive compared with MBLAQ's Oh yeah hahahaha that was the most random shit I saw when I was new in kpop, gosh... X'D

Well instead of taking all the space let us see these pictures from SHINee exposing themselves *perv*. It seems that Minho have worked out a bit, Jonghyun have always had these tiny abs and Onew... did you guys know that Onew had abs?! ò_Ó ... interesting...

Ó_ò Note: That dude with blue t-shirt that's folding up his sleev and thinks that he's exposing himself and totally feel awesome... <--- going a bit over board




LMAO!! xD This year best photoshoped picture!

I feelt like a big fat perv when I saved these pictures -.-' *forever perv*
Hahahaha key didn't... and Taemin... you get it...

Kpop fan names?

Okey, so I've realized that certain fans are called certain names.
B.R.A told me to figure out what they were, and here are the results!

2 AM - I am
2 PM - Hottest

Did you guys get that? ^^ If you're a fan of both 2 AM and 2 PM you would say "I am hottest".
PLUS that 2 PM (like 2 o'clock) is said to be the HOTTEST time of the day ^^


You know, from beaty and the beast? (*^^*)

Big Bang - VIPs (comes from a line in their song VIP: “Big Bang is VI,VI,VIP.”)

C.N. Blue - Boices

Combination of “Blue” and “Voice.” The explanation given by FNC Music declares that C.N BLue‘s
fans are their voice.

F.Cuz - Runway

They haven’t given an official explanation but probably because to them, the fans are like their runway..

F.T. Island - Primadonnas

Named after the title of a song from their first studio album.

Infinite - Inspirits

Woollim Entertainment held a poll and Ispirit received 70% of the votes.

JYJ - There's no offical fanclub name for them.


All the members of MBLAQ are of A Bloodtype, and the + comes from Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. The “Absolute Quality” is A+.

SHINee - Shawols

It is named after their first studio album. SHINee fans also refer to themselves as Shawols. It’s a shortening of SHINee World, SHYA and WOL = SHAWOLS.

- Triple S

SS in SS501 stands for Super Star. The added “S” stands for Supporter.

Super Junior - E.L.F. (Everlasting friends)

This name is given to their fans who will always be their fans and love them no matter what. Also, it means that their fans are more than fans to them, they’re more like dear friends.

Teen Top - Andromedas

No official explanation given, but we can assume since Andromeda is the daughter of constellation Cassiopeia, that it may have something to do with that? (Teen top = DBSK’s Daughter?)

TVXQ/DBSK - Cassies

The constellation Cassiopeia is made of five points that create a W in the sky. The group DBSK also uses the synonym TVXQ. Tracing TVXQ on a keyboard coincidentally makes a ‘W’. The Cassiopeia fanclub refers to themselves as Cassies for short.

Why does every korean fit in blond hair?!

It's wierd that every kpop celebrities fit in blond hair. They shouldn't even be blond?! Or should they? My aunt is blonde hahahahahah it's pretty cool actually...

Key - SHINee

Taemin - SHINee (Gosh do you know how much I love those hair and makeup people? He looks much better compared from a few years ago with his mushroom hair TT__TT)

Eunhyuk - Super Junior

Lee Hong ki - FT Island

Jo Youngmin - Boyfriend U_U

L.Joe - Teen Top

Kan - F.cuz

Kevin - U-Kiss (Is it only me who thinks that he's soo cooool >w<)

Dongho, also from U-kiss. Never knew that he were blond -.-

Nichkhun - 2PM

Lee Joon - MBLAQ

Seungho - Also MBLAQ

Okey let us just say, every freaking celebrity have been blonde because they collour their hair 12353376437 a year... I really have to ask wich schampoo they use O_O
I could make this list 12 m long but... yeah...

I just wanna..

.. Kill my self!!!! Look at this picture:

He's in the middle of the street in Russia. And the picture was taken today -.- If only I could have been there. Look, Imagen that you find him there.. all alone. With no fans around him. That means that you could just run up to him and start talking. Maybe get his email? Hahhaha lol, maybe not. But still!!! 

GOSH.... I know that if he just gives me one look, he'll fall in love *dreaming*.
Well, I can always dream (*^^*)

S.I.M.P #12

Deep inside me I wonder why I ever created this list -.- I don't even know what I'm doing...
Well another random song I've picked now is from a drama actually. I remeber when I got my Iphone. I listened to that song every freaking day on youtube O_o Because I didn't know how to... download music XD ...

You guys who are korean drama freaks should know this one ^^ Well I should shut up know and stop writing. I need to pee.................... >_>

(You're beautifuk drama) A.N.JELL - Promise

Younghwa from CN Blue, A random chick I don't know, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hongki from FT Island ;D You should totally see it!

I know I'm a freak... I wonder how many times I've finished a post with writing "I'm a freak"?! O_O

Minho goes buff!

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS FREAKIN PICTURE?! Well, macro. But you know what I mean. Okey, so my reactions:

1. OMG... who is that?
2. That looks photoshopped O.o
3. *Thinking about Lee Joon and his abs*
4. What's wrong with the belly-button?

B.R.A calls me and says that it's Minho from SHINee


Hhahaha, he is gonna get soo many fans now! But that's better for me though. Now ShaWols (SHINee fans) might not give Jonghyun so much attention, wich gives me a bigger chans with him (*^^*)

Something funny... XD

Geeez... do you guys know how exhausted I am? Well secret story friday here it comes. Nah seriously I don't even know what I'm writing but here comes the story!

I sat calmly in my spanish class and my teacher reminds me of a "thing/document" we're supposed to hand in today. a.k.a a picture of yourself, name and class (because... O_o ... I think it was for her to know all the new students... wierd) and the only place that have pictures is tha facebook (I have around 200 pictures, 211 to be more exact ^^ <--- important to know...) so I logged in and started from the first picture and here comes the funny thing:

*starting to go through every picture*

*10 minutes later*

Ò_ó ....

*hitting my computer and stands up*


I am not exaggerating now, that was my reaction and for the 3125242564 times, I was the center of all attention. I think that I've made a bad impression on my new class -.-' *sight*
Well I can't take any serious pictures, that's actually true it's really hard for me if you look at every 200 picture the most "normal" pic must be were I stick my tongue out >_<

I suck...
Me got a crave to read a manga <--- that wierd Swedish accent that's really irritating. It's so fugly *Mean girls* X'D
It was a long time actuallly REAAAALYY long time ago I bet that I've read over 200 mangas ^0^
I was a Japanese freak before but now I am more korean... damn you kpop -.- The older you get, time is the least thing you'll have... <--- deep... U_U

Skip beat, it's freaking hillarious! Gosh I love it ;D (It's the anime cover though o_o)

Mehehehe luvve this chick >w<

Death note - The most f***ed up psychogical manga evah and Liar game it's just too... smart?

Well here's my top 3 mangas
It's a know B.R.A better post ;D

Rain joining the army?!

DUUUDE, like everyone is joining the army this year :(

"On the 23rd, according to K-Pop officials, Rain was given notice to join the army on October 11 from the Office of Military Manpower Administration.

Rain has been telling people about his army schedule.

Rain will perform a concert on the 24th and the 25th at the Olympic Park. It will be his last concert before he joins the Army."

We'll miss you!! ♥

Omigod!!~~ A-CHA teaser

Ahhh loking forward!! >w< I really liked their comback song A-CHA huhuhuuh :3
It reminds me a lot of Mr simple though... *Heechul* U_U

S.I.M.P #11

This must be one of my favorite songs...(!!!) Nahh I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS! Man I would kill someone (and not go to jail) for going to one of their concerts. In a previous post Bo wrote that they will be the judge in Thailand, let's go to THAILAND!!!!!
I am going to ask me and Bo's manager and we will see >:D We will see....
But the dance for this song, really you have to LOVE those OK signs they do X'D

2PM - Without you (Love Chansung's voice and Junsu and Wooyoung aannd okey nahh I'll stick to my favorite cool ass maknae Chansung! ^^ Chansung FTW!)

Do you know how hard it was to me when I discovered this group and saw this MV?! I COULDN'T SEE WHO WAS WHO!!

The concept of the commercial :)<

Ladies and Ladies (Sorry if there is any guys out there. But truth is that we don't know because you guys dont leave any comments -.- So we guess that it's only ladies out there ^^)
The product that I will do a commercial for iiiiss......


For the chick one                                                       The lonely one         

The normal one

For the one going wild...                                                 The exhausted one         

(Close up)

POOfume the new perfume that litterally fits everyone

So what do you guys think? I think that it will be a hit ;)
Especially when I heard some ideas on how the shoot will be ^^

Collection #2 (Teen Top)

Here we go again! It's funny that he's a korean version of Taylor Lautner, don't you agree?
I saw "Making the artist" with teen top and it's embarrassing, when The leader talks... he just can't... When he talk, he rap >.< Even the other members say that X'D´

C.A.P In coming

SHINee - Lucifer JAPANESE ver. teaser

1 reaction: OMG... that is sooo hot!!! Cant' wait!
2 reaction: JONGHYUN!!!!!!!! ♥
3 reaction: It sounds much better in korean ^^
4 reaction: Why do they say "Lucifer" in a different way? I mean, it's in english right? They say it in an english accent on the korean version. So do they really have to make a japanese accent on the word "Lucifer" on this version? Just saying xD
5 reaction: Dude, why did Taemin get so much "screen play"? But boy, can he dance!!! He looks soo hot (*^^*)

Put you hands up, put you hands.... nahh... CONGRATULATION!!!!

Happy birthday Kim Kibum (#21436257 hahahaha there's to many people naming their kids Kim Kibum. It's a cool name I am going to do it.... Kim... Kibum... YEAH!) okey a.k.a Key from SHINee
That diva is turning 20 years old! (I don't really know the Korean "age" their way of counting is wierd O_o)

I don't know but is it only me who's thinking it's impressive that Key actually let them cut his hair like that? I don't say that it's ugly, it's pretty cool actually but I thought that he would be a diva and say
"AMAGOSH touch this *points his hair* and you're dead!"

JYJ Get out MV

Humm... It's actually pretty okey (I'm listening to In heaven now xD) *careface*
But it reminded me a lot of In heaven at the beginning U^U
JYJ sings a lot of "ballads"/sad/slow songs. I liked it better when it was a little EUHH (Bad explanation TT__TT) in their songs (when they still were DBSK/TVXQ) for example Mirotic.

Yeah I met him ^^

Well my day have been pretty hectic Me and Bo meet MBLAQ and yeah...
It's decided that I am going to shoot a commercial all alone, I don't really know what Bo will do but he will propably write it.

The idea and everything else have been set but we will film the commercial in a few weeks so it will take some time but I will make a post tomarrow where I will show you guys the concept so look forward to it XD

Ahh there it is! They came to the kitchen and seriously Seungho... + food = O_o' 

Eye candy for the ladys!


SHINee - Key

MBLAQ - Lee Joon

MBLAQ - Lee Joon

SHINee - Taemin

SHINee - Taemin

Infinite - Woohyun

Cover Dance Festival Roadshow 40120

So you might have seen the previouse posts me and B.R.A have put up before. You know, that SHINee is in Russia and B2ST is in Spain. Well apperently there will be this show called:

Cover Dance Festival Roadshow 40120

I guess that it's a show where Kpop stars travel all around the world to watch cover-performances by other people. The finals will be held in Korea. Here you have the whole article:

MBC's "Cover Dance Festival Roadshow 40120" will air starting September 22, Tuesday night at 11:05PM. 

The South Korean Visiting Committee targets Hallyu fans from around the world with "Cover Dance Festival Roadshow", and is hoping to attract people from far and wide. The "40120" in the title symbolizes the 40,120 kilometers it takes to travel once around the globe.

On September 22, starting with the preliminaries from Russia, "Cover Dance Festival Roadshow 40120" will travel to Brazil, America, Japan, Thailand, Spain, then finally in Korea for the final performances. Everything will be divided into eight episodes. 

Each country will have its own judge, with SHINee in Russia, miss A in America, Kara and T-ara in Japan,2PM in Thailand, and BEAST in Spain. 

On October 3, Yoon Do Hyun from YB Band, along with SNSD's Tiffany and Yuri will emcee the finals in Kyung Joo Indoor Gymnasium. Sixteen teams will make it past the preliminaries to make it to the big performance competition. DBSK, SNSD, and 4minute will judge the finalists. 

A PD from the program said on September 20, "This isn't just a program to see who can follow our idol's dances. It's a chance to show K-pop's influence and power in the Hallyu world."

Stay tuned for more information! Don't forget to watch "Cover Dance Festival Roadshow 40120" to see people like you perform your favorite idols' dances!

I really wish they could come to Sweden. Me and B.R.A would kick ass!!!!!!!!!! But I guess that I'll have to meet them in another way. And the only way for that to happen is to become famous.. One day my friends.. one day ;)

S.I.M.P #10

Okey a random song that I chose from my list now... I really liked this song in the beginning of my kpop obssesion >w< but the new songs have pushed it away -.-' If you now what I mean. I am actually listening to this song right now *careface* XD
Before I say wich song it is there's something I want to confess (on Bo's behalf to) I don't really like Big Bang's music. I don't know why but they didn't give me that WOW impression, they seem pretty funny in shows etc. I have listen to their songs but as I said Me and Bo deosn't really like Big Bang so we're sorry if we don't update so much about them U_U

G-Dragon - This love (cover)


A hit? ;O

Read that Lee Joon had been cast in a drama called Fy Again, interesting...
I am going to meet him in a few hours and we will see if there'll be any photos of both of us ( XD ) HAHHAHAAH!
We will see... we will see...

You should maybe see it Bo ;) Ha can be naked.... half... half... naked.... abs..... body.... Joon.... AKRHBDFBNKSGB!!!


Funny SHINee #2

Hahahaha, look att Minho and Key's face! And where is Jonghyun looking? ^^

This almost takes the prize! (*^^*)

Taemin Laughing at key running ^^

S.I.M.P #9

Hahahaha my list is wierd... you know what, I'll just pick from my Itunes list because the songs change place 24/7 so I am insecure now!

*Wait a minute*

Okey Itunes sucked too but I have a new way to fix it...
Back to the song!
Here is number 9 ^_~

CN Blue - Black Flower

I really like their music it's somehow different compared to other groups + this is a REAL band

Did you realize how serious I was in this post? Ò_ó
Let us fix that...
KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEEKEKEKE <--- how my grandma laughs hahahaha XD


Collection #1 (Teen Top)


Here comes a new collection huhuhukukukikilikglahgs <-- result of lack of sleep...
I am not done with MBLAQ yet I have Thunder and Seungho left BUT that doesn't hinder me to collect new names from another group 0w0 This time it's Teen Top's turn!

L.JOE ^^

I don't know why but that pink is so pretty... O_O

Me and Little Leetuk ;)

Oh! did I btw say who I met a few days ago on one of our photoshoots?
Yeah Leetuk from Super Junior. They were appereantly shooting a "Look-we-had-a-few-years-ago-and-are-trying-to-look-cool-in-it-now" Of course he wore a wig and etc. All the other members were there too but Leetuk was the one who were done first ^^
Bo was fixing his makeup so I visited their loge/room (or what you call it..) alone and he's a awesome guy!
Serously?! ME = Love his humour!

Well that's all I had to say. Tomarrow I'll go to a very speciall meeting alongside with my school (It's a hectical life you know...)
But to every one of you here's a picture I took with Leetuk while waiting ^_~

The theme for me and Bo was "Old-man-clothes..." X'D

B1A4 - Beautiful target

Gosh (*^^*) B1A4 also have this über cute MV!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like this song and actually enjoy watching the MV, even though it does not make any sence at all? ^^ Or at least not to me, but I guess that if I understood what they're saying the MV would make sence.

WAIT!!!.. Google translate ;)

*55 seconds later*

Okey, so I was searching for the lyrics and I found a translation. The MV still dosen't make any sence ^^
Hahahaha, I also found this line: "Come into my heart dot com, ID password ‘your love’". SOOOOO CUTE!! But yet a bit cheese. However I guess that's just Kpop!


THANK YOU GOD!! *fangirl scream* See the one on the left? Thats Jinyoung from B1A4.
See the one on the right? That's my bias and dream boy Lee Joon from MBLAQ.

See any difference? Well ofcourse, but it's very hard though! :D The great part is that Jinyoung is born 1992, and Lee Joon 1988. So there's only 3 years between me and Jinyoung and.. 7 year between me and Lee Joon * le sadface*

Sooooo.. that means that I could STILL LAND A GUY LIKE LEE JOON!!!!!!!! :D Just hope that his personality is as korky as Lee Joons (*^^*)

Now I just need to learn stuff about B1A4 and hopefully like their songs, and then I'm good to go! :D

Yoseob in Spain!

Soo, Yoseob is in Spain? Why won't they ever come to sweden? *sad face*

Look at him.. All gorgeous with his smile and stupid V sign..
Hahahhaa, noo I'm not going to hate on him just because he's in Spain and not here.

Anywhoo I heard that B2ST left for Spain to participate as judge for the Cover Dance Festival K-Pop Roadshow 40120 which will be held on the 19th. Again, why not come to Sweden? It's like.. psst.. sooooooo much cooler here(?) Truth is, it is much cooler. Temperature wise ^^

O_o Omo....

Why oh jesus why?!  TT_____TT
These are some pictures from a flash mob in Russia. SHINee went there to judge.
Seriously Sweden actually sucks! I played Wordfeud with a guy who comes from USA and this was our conversation:

(B.R.A)B- So were do you live then?
(Guy) G- In New York, wich part in America do you live in?
B - Really ;O Ehh... I live in Sweden
G - OMG! That is so cool!!! That's so awesome!
B - Actually not... Sweden sucks >.>

Yeah I said that Sweden sucks, and it does . <--- End of discussion

Betting 10 bucks that they were dansing Ring Ding Dong on the first pic >:3 *Sight*


Have you?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to just sit on a train and let it take you anywere? And later sit alone and eat some candy while waiting for the same train to take you back home? Well I have... And it's boring as hell... -.-'

S.I.M.P #8

It's 8 right? This time it's not an U-Kiss song ^^ SO BE HAPPY!!!
Love the beginning if this song Molla na na na na na Molla~~

I don't have so much to say (surprised?)


Typical me to always write a useless text at the beginning then the song and thirdly a random pic on the group -.- *sight* I should get a life...

Is it only me?

Seriously this chick, SHE'S HOT!! I can turn like... yeah... ehh... well...


Let's not think about it anymore...

ASDGKNSDBGI!!! Ga In from Brown eyed girls
She's my first bias in a girl group (or any group at all) HAHAHAHA! That's pretty funny... XD
It's like the seventh time I am listening to their Abracadabra song, it's stuck in my head! STUCK I SAY *faint* @_@
I even do the dance when I wash the dishes, you know the butt shake dance (?)
But they seem pretty old. Everyone is around 29, the leader 30 and the youngest (Ga In) is 23 it feels like the group will disband soon... the groups nowdays is like half their age xS

Love it...

LMFAO! Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A THIS is a catchy song! It totally gave me a Harry Potter feeling xD
I am starting to like brown eyed girls...
but there is something that I wonder... How long does it take to film this? O_o The have like 1234241 different oufits, hair etc.


Collection #4 NAAAAT! (MBLAQ)

Do you know how mad I am?! (Yeah I am a geek when it comes to wordfeud but I love to collect these names xD)

So close with Seungho >.<
I won't upload a picture of him because he doesn't deserv it... yet...
Now I am depressed...

Well, our blog sucks so I can only write om the title >.< But B.R.A has done it again -peace! 0_0

Yeah... about that...


Submitted by whatcolorwillwepainttomorrow

Do you know how much I cried/laughed when I read this? I didn't get it before but now... priceless! (Their song I'll be back na na na na na <--- korean words -.-')

Seriously I am thinking about collecting all of these awkward moments and have them as my background pictures on tha computah, in the ghetto yo!~~

Why.. do you.. have... hair extension?! Why? O_o

Let the video speak for itself...
Love the curly haired guy with the big glasses (you get it...) expression XD
Bo this is you manly bias ^^

S.I.M.P #7

Ahh... (<--- no I am not having sex) it's annoying because I don't know wich list I should fallow in my phone. Every freaking song have switched place...
But I'll once again take the song on the first place now, and that is *durum* *durum* <--- Home made drums XD
Nahh I will tell you later. I have downloaded this song receantly so I haven't really listen to it that much but I should do it on my way to the school tomarrow. (You know to be a trainee is quiet hard *sight* SM Entertainment, JYP, YGE etc. is like fighting over me and Bo, we are like the next hit in tha kpop world!) *Thinking a bit out loud*

U-Kiss - Someday

Yeah I know that a lot of U-Kiss songs is only showing up but have patient my so not dear friend ^^

The root of all evil...

A few days ago Bo uploaded a clip with 2PM and 2AM dancing Abracadabra (parody) well let ut say that this was the root of the... wierd... ass... vidoethattheyhadtodo!
Btw I LOVE how Chansung and Jo Kwon laugh it's like "aaa...AHAHAHA..ha..HAAA!" Hahahahahaha it's like a chick having pms...


"Jaebum is in Seattle
Nichkhun* is in Thailand
Junsu in Daegu
Who the hell is Junho?"

Yepp, that cracked me up
"We just ruined our reputation..." I would actually REALLY want a group like this X'D

G.O + Mir

If you don't know by now, there's something wrong. YES, I stalk kpop stars on twitter (a)
And they always post selcas of them selves. So that is why EYEEEE (= I.. You could not see the
bold type if I just wrote I -.-) always post selcas on them ^^
However G.O is the one that posts photos regularly, so here you have another one!!

If I can say so my self. G.O is actually very pretty (*^^*) Don't you think?
And just looove how Mir smiles there behind him ^^

Top 10 men with beautiful legs.

HAHAHAHAH, duuude. Top 10 men with beautiful legs? Well, I guess that this is something very good to know. Watch the video to see the results ^^

So true!!!! (*^^*)

Now, if you did not understand anything of what they were saying.. me neither. So here you have it:
10. MBLAQ's Thunder
9. Super Junior's Dong Hae
8. TVXQ's Chang Min
7. CN Blue's Jung Shin
6. BEAST's Yo Seob
5. Jay Park
4. 2AM's Jo Kwon
3. JYJ's Jae Joong
2. Big Bang's G Dragon
1. SHINee's Taemin

S.I.M.P #6

It feels like one day I'll end up writing S.I.M.P 124 on the title xD But let us wait for that day
Back to this! I haven't really listen, LISTEN that much to this song but it's okey. I like most of FT Island's songs especially Hello Hello that was actually one of the songs that really made me interest in kpop.
I really love when Hongki sings, you can really hear him sing from his heart. It isn't a lot of kpop artists who can do that + FT Island must be one of the few (real) kpop BAND that I know. You know a dude that plays the drums, 2 dudes on the guitar, 1 dude on the bass and 1 dude who sings XD

FT Island - Girls don't know


The promise...

Well yesterday I promised you guys a photo of me and Bo showing our abs in celebration of our 1 month anniversary (of the blog) so I'm going to put up 2 pictures from our photoshot. Soooo let the photos speak for themselves...

Me B.R.A


We had to take the photos REALLY quick so the faces might look a bit odd. But our body... well.. it shows, right? And I guess that that's the point. You wanted to see out hunny abs, well there you go!
A lot of people say that I really look like Yoseob, and so did our director say.. Hmm...

Flashmob in Sweden!

Well you guys, Just read that Sweden will have a flashmob on October 22th!!!! So if you feel like it you should join! Here's the information:

Vi möts mellan klockan 12.00-13.00 22 oktober vid Kungsträdgården
OM det är några som kommer lite senare meddela mig då! 
och om det är några som kommer med tåg/buss och inte hittar runt, berätta även det för mig! så fixar vi det! 
Vi kommer stå med en skylt där det står "KPOP SWEDEN" 
Så ni hittar oss ^_^

Där har vi kul haha XD 
Pratar/Fangirlig-fanboying/Lyssna på musik/dansa(Tränar in dansen) M.M! 
Ta även med en vit T-shirt/linne (som ni inte är så rädda om) 
För jag kommer ta med mig permanenta färgpennor! Så kan vi ha kul med det! ( blir som ett litet minne + matchar vi varandra under dansen!)

Vi kommer sedan gå ner till Plattan och "uppträda" kl 17.00 (ifall de blir för mörkt så kan vi ändra tiden på plats!) 

efter kan vi bestämma oss för att gå och äta eller något! (hörde att de fanns en Koreansk resturang i stockholm ;D hahaha XD)

Det vi söker efter just nu = Någon som filmar och något vi kan spela musiken ur, så det hörs en bra bit! 
Meddela mig om ni vet något, känner någon som kan filma!

här kan i hitta tutorialvideona -->http://booxeen.blogg.se/2011/september/kpop-flashmob-tutorial.html

MEN för att vara med så måste ni berätta de genom att kommentera! (nu när all information finns här, så kan ni bara kommentera ifall ni ska komma eller inte!^^ )

Source: http://booxeen.blogg.se/category/kpop-in-sweden.html

And for all of you other people from other countires, a video of the flashmob WILL be uploaded in youtube. so stay tuuuned!!! ;D

Collection #3 (MBLAQ)

Do you know how awesome I feel? (Btw for you who didn't know Wordfeud is a game that you download if you have a touch phone etc etc)

To be honest I only aimed (-.-') to get Joon but when I saw the rest of the words it stood Lee so I was like "What the hell..." *All high school girly girl*  , You didn't get that did you? Ó_ò


S.I.M.P #5

I am getting FREASKFJVAfb-khdnfsbfdsanbv .lefsndböjsdbolfdä-jenmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbnbnlobföbföfböbnöönböseajök1!!!jq3w+t¨9y

Okey angry manegment.com It's the THIRD time I'm writing this post *sight*
Well every song in my phone have !"¤¤% but let us not get to worked up on that *because I never get angry*
It's a song that I recently found out, and I love it! Especially the violins at the beginning. It's like music in my ears
Hahahahah get it? X'D
Here it is ;)

Park Jung Min (SS501) - Not alone


Okey that's enough... some of you may wonder were I've been (or not -.-) but I have been out the whole day and I was stupid enough and didn't make some post beforehand. I have texted Bo 2134524374 times = 5 times and said to him to make some posts for you (do you see how kind I am? DO YOU?! :O )

Well tomarrow we have our 1 month anniversary (gosh it sounds so lame >.<) and M2stasch will for the first time show their Honey abs ^o^ *cheer*
Our schedule have been full (a.k.a hell = school) and M2stasch will reunite about 5 weeks? So stay tuned! -.-'

But I will bomb this blog with posts now, and next week so don't worry, be happy... <-- have you heard this song before? Pretty catchy ó_ò

Tuuuneeed!~~ -.-'

SHINee funny!

The story of G.O's mustasch

Well, I guess that you all have seen G.O from MBLAQ's mustasch right? But nowadays it's not there. At first it was hard for me to see him without it, but I'm used to it now.

So the story I've heard was that he was just so sick of just being "the guy with facial hair". I guess that I can agree on that. I mean on every variety show I've seen with MBLAQ, hair is almost the only thing they talk about when talking to/about G.O. (Only seen 2 variety shows though ^^)

I also read that he was only attracting nunas because of his mustasch. “Although I was an idol, only nunas liked me”, “I want women my own age to like me”.
And this is what Seungho had to say aboit it: “Although we’re friends, when I look at G.O with a mustache, he feels like a hyung”.

So what do you prefer? With out without Mustasch?

PS. I like him sooooooo much better with his hair down (*^^*)
(well, he has his hair down on every picture, but I like it when he has a lot of hair.. ehm.. just see pic 2 ^^)

Source: Koreaprecious.blogspot.com , Allkpop.com

The well fed kid...

Oh I forgott to say this.
A few days ago I saw a small, 1 episode show with 2PM called Haha Mong. That was seriously priceless T_T
I laughed my big ass off?!. It's two guys (old ones) who are dressing themselves as women and will be their "moms" for a day.
Junho was really cute in this show ;D
But here comes the funny part. They went to every room (Junsu & Taecyeon, Chansung & Nichkhun, Wooyoung & Junho) And they saw a picture in Chansung and Nichkhun's room and pervy me thought that it was porn...  =_= Buuuuuuuttttt..... the reaction from Chansung was the most random ever so I doubted that it was porn. Well it was light porn hahahahahahahhahahaha!

Well all of you can propably see this picture right? Especially the muscles...


"He must have been wealthy when he was young" was just... perfect! X'D
This was the picture they found of Chansung when he was around 1 year old?

Leeteucks Workout ^.^'

Guys, you know Leeteuck? The leader of Super Junior?

Yes, that guy. Innocent right? But gosh, hahahaha let me show you some other pictures!

Woah, he sure is ripped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stop looking!!!! -.-' *drooling all over the computer screen*

Jonghyun, really? ^^

I don't know if you guys have ever seen this before, but this kinda ruined my image of him..

Can't see it? I'll help you:

Still noo?? How about noow??

Yeah, that's right!!! Jonghyun has a severe damage of treasure trail. You know, the hair from your bellybutton growing down? But it's wierd though. I mean, he has no hair anywhere else, but then out of nowhere BAAAAAM(!!), treasure trail..

But hey, he is still my bias and I'll love him no matter what!! Not even having treasure trail will make me groused out ♥

Day 20 - Your favorite SHINee moment

LOL.. wtf.. lol?? YES, LOL!!! hahahaha, I love all SHINee moments (how can you not??) But there is some I really can't stop enjoying.

Is it wierd if I like.. get excited? Don't lie!!! You get excited to, right?!?!?!?!?!?! (*^^*) Gosh... Key is such a camwhore!! But a very sexy one (A) And Taemin.. hehe *pervy laugh*

They're all just soooooo cute!!!!!!!! And look at 00:56. Naaw, a TaeKey moment ♥

INFINITE Sesame player?

A few hours ago I discovered that Infinite "have" a sesame/kkaeal player. The one I saw with MBLAQ was hillarious!
I think that I'll give it a shot. Let's see if the members are fun ^^ Their songs are good.... so far... :O

The blond guy (down in the middle) somehow reminds me of Taemin... Ò_Ó

LOVEE~~ the dorky cover hahaha!

Look alike: G.O & Harry Potter

I mean like, come ooooon!!!!!!! You do see it right? Hahhaha, I sure do! But yet.. they are soo cute (*^^*) 

Do I like it?!

The first thing I see: Mir with fake boobs Ò_Ó
The second thing I see: Joon taking off his T-Shirt and is trying to do I-don't-know-what and flash his abs :3
The third thing I see: Cheundun and Seungho sitting and laughing att Joon. :'D
The fourth thing I see: Cheundung is sneaking his way to Joon to see his abs/whatever he now does
The fifth thing I see: Mir's boobs bouncing everwhere. U_U

Tell me what you see ^_~

G.O looking good!

Hello everyone!! Saw on twitter that G.O from MBLAQ tweeted a picture of himself in a Taekwondo uniform. Looking good mah' man!!! :D

Also heard that the picture was taken in Peru. Why? Well, I read that he is there as part of MBC’s special program titled, “KOICA’s Dream: Peru.

Maybe something to watch in the future? What do you think? ^^

S.I.M.P #4

Muhhhhoooohuhuh, <---- A cow who's digesting X'D

Well the lycky number four, It's a song that I listen to everyday! ò_ó
Love all the wierd mixes (wrote it on a previous post 2PM hands up, 2PM again and again, MBLAQ Mona Lisa and Michael Jackson)

INFINITE - Come back again



*Sight....* Guess who?

I don't know how many of you have seen this but... guess who? I don't know I somehow feel depressed hahahahaha -.-'
Yeah it's that person *points down*

Kevin... from U-Kiss, yeah you read it right, KEVIN! He dressed up as a girl for the Star King (?) and performed Man Man Ha Ni. The producer said that he should wear the makeup and a wig.

Here's a clip when Kevin was in Star King, you'll appereantly understand a bit more (why he dressed up as a girl it's a competition "Guess the sex" or something)
I am sorry but there isn't any subs but you'll laugh anyway, there's one clip I think but you can't even see the people... so this is better than nothing.

2 reactions...
#1 What the hell?! The woman with the fake cat on her shoulder hahahahah!
#2 3:31 NO MATTER WHAT! YOU MUST SEE HIS PERFORMANCE!!! OMG!!! The biggest "oh-my-shitty-god-that-was-random" feeling EVER hahahahaa loved it though ^__^ It seems that he's doing fine without his group... phuhahahahaha what am I talking about LOOK AT HIM X'D
Lol at the chick and the dude who's trying to dance with him <.< 


This reaction seems to be pretty common for them... O_o

Yeah here it comes...

Okey I don't know how many times Bo have put this song up but this is the first time i hear the WHOLE song and I just can't stop.... LOVING IT that's what you thought I would say, didn't you? >.<
It's actually pretty catchy but I can't stop.... laughing HAHAHAHAHA! My gosh! Here come's everything I want to say about it:

#1 - This is the first oh-my-god-I-am-so-cute-song from MBLAQ, it feels a bit wierd but I am starting to like it.
#2 - It's even more wierder (?! not a word I know it) to see Seungho acting all lovely dovey cute hahaha! But it doesn't look too stiff...
#3 Lee Joon was born to make this song! X'D He's totally enjoying himself!
#4 ... G.O's high pitched voice, priceless!
#5 The ending was freaking EPIC! That was so cuuuttteeee! Mir *Saying something on korean that I don't underestand* -.-' Piggyback ride Cheundung and TADDAAAA~~ Ahh loved it!

Wait a minute... *searching all over youtube*
This is what they said at the end (I think)

Mir: Cheondungie hyung!

Cheondung: What?

Mir: Do you know?

Cheondung: Yah, I don't know.

Or something like that ^^


HAPPY B-DAY Lee Jung Shin!!!!!

OMG, almost forgot!!!!! Lee Jung Shin from CNBlue turns 20 today!!!!

Happy birthday mah' boooy!!!! ♥♥♥

S.I.M.P #3

Every U-kiss fan should know this song...
It must be one of my favorite top 3 songs right now! Bo says that it's the best kpop song he had ever heard. ADGAFGJN!!!! How can you say that?!?!?!?! Ò_ó It's like saying do you like chocolate or Chocolate? See?! 
Seriously... yeah.... >.> *Crazy fanBOY* here I come hohohuhuhuhahahah!
I am tired -.- I have to do my homeworks... I don't have a life

U-KISS - Neverland

I am inlove with Kevin and Soohyun's voices W_W

First time I've cried to a song...

It's somehow depressing TT___TT
I have to start listen to JYJ now
(They will also be under the category TVXQ/DBSK)

This is what I do during my lessons

Yeah school isn't my thing right now... So instead of listening to the teacher this is how I entertain myself ^w^

Go Shindong! ;D, look at Ryeo Wook's reaction xD

small teukie. hahaha.

It's akward....

Submitted by ilovevi

Do you know how true this is?!?!?!
We have a work in English and we're supposed to chose one song and analyze it I was like

*looking around...* OwO'

*Youtube.com, search: 2PM hands up*

*Wondering if I could take it... makes a scary laugh for myself*

*Texting Bo and ask if I could chose it or not, or will it be wierd if i took a korean song*

Teacher: And you'll have to pick an English song
Me: *Throwing the computer away and gets depressed...*

I am seriously off when it comes to English songs now... I don't even know who's "The hit-artist" or what the "latest song is" -.-'
Well well as long as I have my kpop *pats the computer* :3

Another big transformation

For not so long time ago I wrote about Eunhyuk. How he had "transformed" in a way that I couldn't even see -.-'
However I found another duuuuuuuuddddeee okey my bad I won't do it. Another person* that have "transformed" Gosh it feels like I am talking about a surgery man kind have never seen... <.<

Well here's the second one, Yesung who's also from Super Junior


Well I suck when it comes to fix a so called "before and after picture" TT__TT
But pack to the point, don't you think that something have changed? Well exept for the hair cut and the makeup (wow...) but his I don't know, his eyes? seems different. And don't say that it is because of contacts -.-
*Sight* But according to me I think that he have changed (a lot...)
Hah! I think I know... It looks like his face have gotten a lot skinnier O_o' And it's not because of me dragging the picture too much HAHAHAHAHA XD
No seriously it's not. That's how the picture should look like...

Going to the store.. ^^

Hahahhahahaha, so funny ^^

Heechul seends a chueseok message too all of you fans! ^_~

Well firstly I didn't get a shit, but it was propably awesome.
Secondly the army life doesn't seem that bad... he's at least alive...
Thirdly aww so sweet ^^ He's maturing for everyday that goes (I think...)


I haven't really seen another group that are younger than me. I am still 15 ;D I've seen some members that are 15 but not younger, my birthday is the 27 December sooooooo it's late hohohohoh! *evil laugh* on other hands... Bo he's 16 now >:D Oppa/Unni/Transvestite here comes Bo, you old b*stard... XD

Why 2PM why?! TT___TT Hahahahahah! (except the third pic... I think it is TVXQ?)


Awkward Asian Moment # 19

That awkward moment when someone asks you what your favorite Disney movie is and you answer Mulan and that person gives you an all knowing look.

... -.- The funny thing is that Mulan IS my favorite Disney Movie... So shut up >.<


2AM +2PM is.. Dirty eyed girls!!

LOL hahaha, 2PM and 2AM made a dance cover on Brown eyed girls song Abracadabra a while ago ^^


S.I.M.P #2

Here comes another Suju songs, trust me there'll be a lot x'D
But I really like this they are sooooo awesomeee!!!

Super Junior - Superman

How can everyone in the group rap so well?! O_o
And is it only me who can hear (directly) when Ryeowook sings, raps or whatever? He surely stands out... ^^
I don't know why but I literally DIEEE when i hear Yesung. He must be in my top 3 best voices evah! His voice is so... special?

Bam bam bam bam BAM BAM! ----II----


K-Celebs who silent-mode their mobile:

Alexander (U-Kiss)
SooHyun (U-Kiss)
Park Jung Min (SS501)
G-Dragon (Big Bang)
Minho (SHU-I)
In Seok (SHU-I)
Jinon (F.Cuz)
Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

K-Celebs who use their own songs as ringtones:

Kiseob (U-Kiss) – Man Man Ha Ni
Kevin (U-Kiss) – Shut Up
Cheon Juson (CO-ED SCHOOL) – Too Late
Miryo & Jea (Brown Eyed Girls) – Love Is…
Jin Seok (SHU-I) – Bomb Bomb Bomb

K-Celebs who use songs by other people as ringtones:

Eli (U-Kiss) – All Be There by Usher
Minji (2NE1) – Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna
Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) – Christmas Song by Faith Evans
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) – Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae
Rana (9Muses) – Beautiful Thing by Xiah Junsu

K-Celebs who use standard ringtones:

T.O.P (Big Bang)
CL (2NE1)
Sandara (2NE1)
Park Bom (2NE1)
Ye Jun (F.Cuz)
Ji Hyuk (Supernova)

Hahaha lol at the ones using their own songs as their ringtones Ó_ò

source: http://kpoprants.wordpress.com/2010/12/23/%e2%96%ba%e2%96%bawhat-kind-of-ringtones-do-kpop-stars-use/#more-17432


Hahaha I totally remember that I panicked everytime I discovered a new group...

No comments -.-'

HAHAHAHAHA The first group that pops in my head... MBLAQ...

Seriously I think that I have heard 4... Kim kibum (key in SHINee), Kim kibum (U-KISS), Kim Kibum (Super Junior) and that Kim kibum I don't remember wich group he was in

This totally fits Bo...

Mir... I love you! ;O

Soo cool :O and beautiful...

Mir beatboxing

Hahaha, so adorable!!!!! And that he looks so serious while doing it (*^^*)

What do you think, can he beatbox? ^^

Taemin Macros ♥

Because you're woth it ;)

S-I-M-P (Song In My Phone) #1

Okey another new category hahahaha! x')
Well we should "offer" as much as we can... well I thought that it would be something "funny" to show you guys the kpop songs I've in my phone, and I will take the first song that pops up in my list and that is....

Super Junior T - Rokkugo

This is a song that seriously makes me happy no matter what. On my way to the school, when I listen to this song I always laugh, and people around me thinks that I am stupid... -.- Well I am but that's not the point! >.<
I totally recomend it hahahah :'D

The super sexy boys and their... pfft... pretty outfit xD
Shindong, Heechul, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kangin and Leetuk

A new category

Okey I have made a new category called rating dance covers. I really like to see people who do GOOD dance covers and yes I am a bitch when it comes to judging. I am really picky.

Here's one cover I found 2PM again and again

I am laughing my ass off every time I see this. Seriously?! At the beginning the one who have Jay's part seemed to hyped and the space? I love how they dance WITH the wall xD
And the guy at 0:49 he's tripping over himself hahahahahahahahahahah ;D

Some parts were OKEY but it didn't impress me at all...

Omo!! O_o Chansung, Junho and the two kids "¤&¤/!!&)( I HAVE to see that ;O
Lol~~ they are dancing at a rice field hahahaha :'D And Chansung when he gets hyped and just jumps x'D

Day 19 - The funniest SHINee member

Well.. *sigh* I don't know.. They're all funny. Actually Taemin is just cute, Minho's hot and Key is sexy. So I guess it would have to be between Jonghyun and Onew. Aww, Onew condition and all od Jonghyuns facial expressions ^^

Hahaha, and with the background music. Gosh, it's kinda scary. In the beginnen he's like. Dude.. I know you took my chicken ^^

And last but not least, just funny moments with SHINee :D

They have much better "funny moments", but this is the one I could find. So enjoy!!


OMG!! hahaha, found Lee Joon from MBLAQ's audition thing from 2007!!!

Goosh, he's so cute with his natural hair like that. Haha and at 2:15 when he screams ^^ WTF?
I can't really understand what he is saying (well luh duh :P) but I think he's auditioning for like.. becoming an actor, and the last 30 seconds or so he does his thing dancing.

But to be honest, he did not dance that well. I mean, he dances so much better now! And sadly.. I know people that dances better than he did in this clip. But hey, thank god they made him a member in MBLAQ anyway. They gave me someone to look at all day and night (*^^*)

A daily conversation with the (so not) famous Bo ^^

Yeah... no comments?

Minho, my man!

On September 13, SHINEE’s Minho participated in MBC 2011 Idol Athletic Championship. Minho participated in 100m hurdle race.

Minho won first places for the first and second Idol Athletic Championship’s hurdle races, and was expected to win this round, as well.

As soon as the starting signal went off, Minho set off like a lightening. He ran ahead of all other celebrities.

The commentator remarked, “He’s like a CF. He runs like Liu Xiang the Chinese hurdler who won Olympic medals.”

Soruce: Korea.com

I really want to see this. But Nobody seems to put the clips up on youtube, only small part :( But maybe it's becuase it's not a show, it's more like the real olympic games. They go for hours!!!!

But anywhoo.. well done minho, well done!!

I am alone...

We don't really write our "private life" in here, me and Bo (Hahahahahaha what life... xD)
But I am awefully tired and alone right now. It's my last class before the whole shaBAAM ends and we're sorry if the update has been bad today, blame Bo because he quits much earlier than me...

HOOOOOweverrr.... let's say some things about kpop.
I've read that CN Blue has sold over 15 000 tickets for their show, somewhere...
Congratulations for them. They're getting bigger now.
This and next year would be the year for Infinite, CN Blue and U-kiss I just have this feeling ^_^
Well U-kiss is already famous but they will be BIGGER, bigger I say!


Joonghyun - SHINee DooJoon - B2ST

Well I don't really have any words over here, if you have any... please share some.
Bo says that these pictures are photoshoped it may be but this actually cracked me up! Hahahah! Look at them xD Two dragqueens! So Bo what do you think of your bias now hahaha! ;D


Here's the whole show with 2PM (In my previous post i put up a clip with Junsu and here's the whole show) okey it's only part 1 but I think that you'll be able to find the rest...
Gosh I laughed my poor butt when I saw this you MUST see it! Even if you are a 2PM anti-fan >:D Junho FTW!! I've fallen inlove with 2PM all over again ;__;

I saw that MBLAQ also guested on the show but this Juri girl seems to be the MC O_o?
Well well thay are in this show now, I have to watch it tomarrow :'D
Now I can sleep with a huge #"%#%/ smile on my face :3

Poor Junsu TT_TT

HAHAHAHAHA I have to see this episode! In matter of fact I am going to do it Now!
It's Infinite girls, The woman who's in MBLAQ idol army (one of the hosts the-name-I-don't-remember-again) is in this show ;O

Day 18 - The best dancer in SHINee

Well.. this is a hard one. NOT!!!! Hahahaha, ofcourse it's taemin. His not the lead dancer for nothing you know ^^

Ouf, the beginning.. HOT!! (*^^*)
He's a very sexy dancer, for all of you who did not notice that ^^

Super Junior's Shindong loses weight?

Today (September 12th) Super Junior's Shindong tweeted a picture of him in a hanbok, the traditional korean dress, wishing everyone a happy Chuseok (korean thanksgiving day).

What I could not help but noticing was that he looks alot thinner in this picture then usual :O
He also said in his tweet: "Happy Chuseok! Forget about a diet, eat lots of delicious food with your family. I wore hanbok for the first in a long time."

(This was him before.)

Sooo.. I guess he's on a diet? Good for him, becuase it's working! But I still feel bad though. I thought it was great to not only have idols that looks like a freakin' super model. He was the one that showed us all that it's not only the outside that counts. He has a great voice, and that's what really matter.

But I guess that the media got the best of him. Well, whatever makes him happy makes me happy!!! :)


The combo song

Infinite - Come Back Again
It's funny how this song is a combo between Michael Jackson, 2PM again and again, 2PM Hands up and MBLAQ Mona Lisa


U-KISS comeback stage!!!!!

YESSSSSSSSS, found the video I was talking about earlier! U-KISS's water performance!

HOOT!! (*^^*) What do you think about their comeback perfromance? :D


"2PM are currently in the midst of their first Asia tour "2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR" which started with a concert in Seoul, Korea on September 2nd. After circulating through Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Beijing, they will come to Japan in December. The tour, which will be a compilation of all the activities they did for their decorated Japan debut in 2011, is predicted to have a tight competition for tickets."

'2PM ARENA TOUR 2011 "Title Undecided"'
12/5 (Mon) Osaka-jo Hall
12/6 (Tues) Osaka-jo Hall
12/8 (Thurs) Nagoya Gaishi Hall
12/14 (Wed) Saitama Super Arena
12/17 (Sat) Marine Messe Fukuoka

Source: dkpopnews.net

Man that would be a really good birthday present.... WHY DO I LIVE IN THIS STINKY COUNTRY?!

They (koreans or asian people) got funny reality shows we got Jersey shore (nah that's funny) We got celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew?!

They got Yoseob, we have Justin Bieber
They got Taemin, we have Rebecca Black?!?!
They got 2PM, we have The jonas brothers
They got U-KISS, we have Justin Bieber
They got Superjunior, we have JUSTIN BIEBER!!!?!?!?!

The world is unfair, do you see this Bieber huh? Do you!?
Bo let's go to Japan...

Day 17 - Your favorite variety show cut of Jonghyun

Hahahaha, he's saying "BACKWARDS! I'M FALLING BACKWARDS!!!" ^^ And do you hear his voice while saying it? ^^ "Sigh" Jonghyun, Jonghyun, Jonghyun (*^^*)

But hey, what'd you expect from my man? *B'tchy voice* ^^ ahahah

Hahah "Is this the kind of reality you all wanted?!"

The three last clips was from "Hello Baby"
I reeeeeeeaaally have to see this show!!!

Who is this?!

Can anybody tell me who this is?? (*^^*)

Wish I was in Singapore T.T

Source: Korea.com

MBLAQ - I don't know #2

Haha, I'm very sorry for uploading this song so many times, but they keep doing new performances with it ALL THE TIME!!! So anywho, in the previous post I told you that U-KISS had been on an episode of SBS' Inkigayo. Well, MBLAQ did one as well.

So this is fresh, fresh!!!! This aired today, so enjoy MBLAQ fans. All the other fans can ofcourse also enjoy this ^^

U-KISS water performance?

DAMN!! I couldn't find the video of U-KISS performing on a special stage filled with water on youtube..

Yeah, that's right. U-KISS gave an performance in an SBS' Inkigayo episode that aired TODAY!!! So that might be why the video has not been uploaded yet. But I'm sure that it will be soon, and as soon as I see it, I will put it up on the blog! ;)

B2ST's Hyunseung

Hello!! Was just looking around in twitter when I saw the cutest picture of Hyunseung from B2ST.

Awww!! He's just so adorable..

Can you see what is wrong with this picture? I had trouble seeing it at first becuase I just couldn't take my eyes of Hyunseung. But after a while.. well, let's just say something popped up ^^

Traditional photoshoots?

Well the title says pretty much. Okey every boy group seems to take these "wanna be korean verision kimonos" photo shoots (yeah I don't know what those things are called) It's something traditional if I am not wrong. But I didn't find any picture of MBLAQ Ó_Ò why not?!?!?! ;O

FT Island



Daaaamn I was like "Okey I don't think they have any on Suju because they are too many..." And them BAM! Haha XD





Honestly, our photoshoot rocked everyone elses. We have the prettiest outfits

MBC music core - U-KISS

Yesterday (2011 09/10) U-KISS performed songs from their second album Neverland on the show MBC Music Core.

Well, what do you think fo their performance? I liked it alot!!!! U-KISS FIGHTING!

2 PM strikes again!

OMG Seriously I don't know if the previous one or this one won the picture "fight" hahaha ;D


Na Na Na Na Man Man Ha Ni, FTW!!!! >:D

I am going to "#&(/!! the group, gosh I totally love them right now!!! *Crazy fan..*
And Shut up is also awesome!

Love this picture on U-KISS :'D

Mir ♥ Seungho

GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Just sooooooo cute!!!! Mir ♥ Seungho, I ♥ MBLAQ..

MBLAQ - I don't know

I know I posted this song before, but here you have a better video of them. And they are just to die for!!!!!!!! OMG... I don't like this. Like... seriously. I feel bad knowing that I will probably not ever see them in real life.

And the song. It's growing on me. "Blablablablablablabla I don't know what's in your mind"
And I love how high-pitch G.O's voice gets while singing ^^

Day 16 - Your favorite variety show cut of Onew

Hahahaha Onew is just awsome!!!! ^^ I like him... (*^^*)

OMG!!! when he sings the girls part, and then all of a sudden he starts singing like that guy.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! :D

He dropped his mic, tried to catch it and....??? ^^ 

And you might have seen this one before on SHINee misstakes, but it's just so damn funny!!! ^^ However we all know that his voice is to good to be true. When he fails (but in a funny way) it only shows that he is human as well :P

Getting confused...

You know a few weeks ago I wrote down every groups and members name and my brain is exploding soon!
I have forgotten every code (like for visa cards), birthdays etc because of so many names!!!!
And the worst is, more is just popping up!
I want to learn every group and the members name but seriously it's getting impossible especially these 6-7 boy groups that are new/"new"

* B2ST - 6 members
* INFINITE - 7 members
* U-KISS - 7 members "9" with the former
* Teen Top - 6 members (well now I know all their names...)
* Boyfriend - 6 members (?)

These five groups are killing me -.- Right NOW every korean guy looks the same >.<
Here are the groups and members names my poor brain know.

* FT Island - 5 members
* MBLAQ - 5 members
* TVXQ/DBSK - 5 member
* Super Junior - 13 members (<--- It was a hell... took me around 2 days)
* SHINee - 5 members
* U-KISS - "9" members (now 7)
* Teen Top - 6 members
* 2PM - 7 members (now 6) 
* CN Blue - 4 members
* SS501 - 5 members
* F.Cuz - 4 members (now 3)
ANNNDD * M2STASCH!!! - 2 members hahaha XD

Then we have all these extra:
Bi Rain
T.O.P (Big Bang)
G-Dragon (Big Bang)
Nana (After School)
Uee (After School)
Yoseob (B2ST)
Jang Geun Suk

And a lot of other names that I can't come up right now...
68 names when it comes to groups and 77 names if you count "every one" Jesus I am going nuts over here -.-'
And I will learn more names... So If you want anything just contact me blaqteenpop@hotmail.com hahahaha :'D

Here's an awesome picture on Super Junior instead. Do you think that I would upload every single group?! Hell no
They look a lot so it's good enough xD

That new group I am starting to love...

Guess whoo :O Okey yeah it's U-kiss. I am loving them more and more, love Dongho's personality he seriously don't give a shit hahaha ;D
But it's a shame that Kibum and Alexander was forced to leave, it somehow didn't make sense. Who the hell wants to kick those two awesome guys?! :O

My new reality show list to watch, U-kiss haha ^^

Juliette (Live)

Hello!!! So yesterday SHINee made an appearance in TV Asahi's  “Music Station”.
They got very positive reactions from the netizens (People online ^^).

I actually liked this performance. And it looks like they got some rest if you watch their last Live apperence. If you did not see it.. Hahaha, I tried to find it on youtube but could not?? But on that clip, Jonghyun voice cracked alot and they all just looked very tired. Maybe it was'nt their last Live apperence. Maybe it was at the beginning of this year? Haha I dont remember.

But anywhooo, in this apperence they sounded great according to me! ;)

Day 15 - Your favorite variety show cut of Taemin

I have said it before, and I'm going to say it once more. I have not seen any variety shows of SHINee. So I just pick some random clips that I like ^^

Naaaaaw, ahhahaha so cute!
Translation from youtube: 

"I am SHINee's maknae, and is in charge of cuteness"

Then he does aegyo and there are noona's screaming "Oh How Cute"

You go girl!!! I mean... boy ^^ hahaha naaah, just kidding. But well done!!! He got that other guy down in like 3 seconds!! ^^

I'll end with this video. And truth is, he is veeeery cute! Don't you think? haha (*^^*)

And at 00:35, I was like.. Minho and a girl? wait a minute... OOOOHHHHH!!!!
Hhahahahhaha ^^

btw.. this video reminds me alot of my and B.R.A's MBLAQ kkaeal player teaser video. You know... becuase of the song in the background :P

Oh no he didn't...

Oh no you didn't Onew...


Okey long story short I was bored and started to watch clips from Nigahiga and all of a sudden I see a guy that really look like Jay Park and when I read the information, it was him!
Haha that is so random and cool. I've seen this clip before but I didn't listen to kpop then buuut as I said it's him!
I totally freaked out and called Bo and he was sleeping hahah xD

OH MY #!"%!#¤&!

Some of you may already know this but THIS IS SO COOOL!!! I WANT TO BE THERE TO!
Brazil that was pretty random... WHY CAN'T THEY COME TO EUROPE?!?!
-.- I am jealous...
HAHAHA I love how everyone screams at the korean parts but when the English part comes in Oh yeah everyone is like "Oh yeah, Oh yeah..." xD

Pictures that will make you... yeah I don't really know what ro write in this box... -.-'


I don't think any girs mind that...



This made my day... Yepp it totally did... JUST LOOK AT THEM!

Look alike: Yoseob & B.R.A

RIIIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?! hahahahahaha ^^

A classic!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This won the prize!

It's funny...

You know I've thought of some things. Korean people are usually... how can you say it... bad in English or the way they pronounce it. It can REAAALLLYY sound bad and sucky but here comes the funny thing. On every kpop song the usally mix English in it. 1/10 part of the song is English (or maybe less I don't know..) And in the songs their English sounds... normal... xD

I haven't really heard Thunder/Cheundung speak English before but in this video it's pretty good O_o

Aaaannddd the whole under my skin thing bla bla...

Then we have the leader! Okey now my point comes out. I've heard the leader speak English before (in a reality show) and yeah it was a little... but here when he sings "So why don't you get it" it's too... good.

I wonder if they take another person and just cut his words in hahaha :'D
Well that's all folks. Go and sleep now, the show is over.

Now to the serious part, I'm sorry that I haven't been sooo active lately it's because of school and homeworks etc. but we're trying hard both me and Bo (or me... Bo's school is.. special xD I go to a smart school :3 ) It's hard to combine a 24/7 update blog and school, it really is, TRY ITTT!!! Nah don't...

Day 14 - Your favorite variety show cut of Key

As I said before, I haven't seen any variety shows of SHINee. So I'll just put up some funny clips on him ^^

Hahahaha Mir at 00:18 ^^ But Key.. our favorit diva!!! Dang, he sure can dance to girl songs. Haha, and the crazy thing is that he looks while sexy doing it!!!

OKEY.. this one was not funny, but it was just sooooooo cute!!!!!
I really need to see this show!

Look alike: Jay Park & JefferyFever

While streaming on youtube I found this guy called TheJefferyFever. Another comedian from asia.. but he was kinda cute ^^ Anywhoooo, I also realized that he looks alot like Jay from 2PM.

You have to agree, right?!?!?!?!?! ^^

CN Blue opens for Linking Park!

Yepp, you read right!!! CN Blue is apperently opening for Linking Park's concert “A Thousand Suns Japan Tour 2011.” on September 10th. That means.. this saturday!!!! :D OMG. hahaha, CN Blue fighting! Well done guys. Can't wait to see you take over USA :D

Men in mblaq

I feel bad for G.O. haha, he did not get to say anything!!!!!
Then at the end of Thunders teaser.. when he and Mir speaks baby language. AAWW, that was just soooooo cute! :D Or when Lee Joon smiles in his teaser.. man, it's to die for!!!

The dancing machine!

:O Taemin was a baby from god when he was in elementary school, jesus look at him!
But you can see that he was really camera shy back then, the kid blink his eyes 234435784368 times in a minut hahahahahah nah I'm not going to be mean now, he has improved a lot! ^_^ *proud fan*


Don't really who that is but I'm 100% sure that it's two members from B2ST

They're freaking me out...

My Gosh hahahahahaha!

Saw a "new" group that I haven't heard before and THEY ARE FREAKING ME OUT!
I searched for them *my best friend* Wikipedia and they debuteed 1996-2001 hahahaha and I though that they were still "aktive". They are the so called first generation boy band. The group's name is H.O.T and it stands for "High-five Of Teenagers". That's pretty lame... ~_~

Well here comes two pictures, are you ready? *creepy* ;O

Hahahaha look at the Mir wanna be guy ;D

But the guy with the tatoo actually looks like Wooyoung from 2PM...

The first picture was the worst *nightmares* =_=

This girl is #"%#/&(!! awesome! Clones FTW!

The moment that many of you have not been waiting for is here!! ;D

MBLAQ cartoon

If you guy's have seen MBLAQ idol army then you should recognize this ^^

Hahahha, loved this episode ^^ If you haven't seen MBLAQ idol army then let me just say.. YOU SHOULD!

BTW. can you guys see who is who on the cartoon picture? :P

Day 13 - Your favorite variety show cut of Minho

Weeell.. haven't seen so many variety shows of SHINee. Actually.. I have not seen even one variety show starring SHINee ^^ So I decided to just pick som random youtube-clips of Minho :P


(Before the comments Taemin says "Woo I have so much I want to say") Then:

Taemin: You're way to tall!

Minho: While Hyung was growing what were you doing?! (Saying Taemin is young)

Taemin: I can still grow taller! (He's saying that Minho is old)

Bad news...

Well it's not bad news on that way BUUTTT... B.R.A will be not so active today/tonight. I have to many homeworks and need to do those. But I will come back tomarrow >:D

SOON the MBLAQ kkaeal player parody will be uploaded (after 123425643 years...)
Soo yeah we have worked very HARD on this so you better watch it! ^^
A random post can come up a bit later but now: Homeworks!
You'll have Bo so it's fine...

What did you say? Aww you don't want me to leave you guys to that wierd man with the wanna be G.O mustasch? Don't worry I will come back soon ;)

When SHINee is shy..

.. Jonghyun covers his face

.. Taemin covers his face

.. Key covers his face

.. Minho covers his face

and Onew… falls down(?)

Hahaha, Oppa... BIG LOVE!!!! ♥♥

Why does he keep doing this to me?

Lee Joon... ♥♥♥♥♥

Collection #2 (MBLAQ)

Here we have Mir!!! (MBLAQ) Now I only need Joon, Thunder and Seungho. It will be hard to fix Seungho..
Me are so awesome!

Look alike: Taylor Lautner & "C.A.P"

It's pretty funny, when I first "discovered" Teen Top I though that C.A.P actually looked like someone... then I read a comment on youtube and they said "C.A.P is the korean version of Taylor Lautner"
And that is so true hahahahaha! They don'r really look alike, alike, on that way but they somehow look alike, well you get it -.-
If not buzz off, nah just kidding... DON'T GO!!!

Mixed emotions...

First expression: ahh food... I am hungry!
Second: Oh gosh its like Lady and the Tramp, DON'T!
Third: are you competing now?
Fifth: Don't fall down from the chair... >.<


Guuuud new everybody!

I am officially done with the #"!¤&%/ subs and now I need to fix the intro a bit. But MBLAQ kkaeal player parody will propably come up tomarrow ^^ *Yaaay*!! xD

Well I'm tired... =_=

A new group...? For you?... For me?

Huh... have you ever heard of the group Battle? They debuted 2006, so it was a long time ago but they are still present. However three of the members have enlisted the army and one of them left the group because of some acting career. For now it's only one member hahahahaha Lol~~ I'm so mean ;D
So they haven't really been active right now... maybe a new group to like?

Personally I'm a bit insecure... they haven't really made a woow impression on me and I receantly found out Infinite, I've heard of them before but for the first time now I have listened to one of their songs, Be mine, and I LOVE THEM! ;D



I promise you, ever since I started listening to kpop.. I can see it everywhere?!?!?!?! I mean, before I ever heard of kpop, I hardly ever.. no.. I NEVER heard someone mention kpop at all. But now..

01:11 - 01:19

01:45 - 01:54

and soooooooooooo much more!!!!! :O

Day 12 - The very first SHINee song you listened to

I can still remember this one. B.R.A had just started to tell me about this thing called K-POP. She then showed me some songs, Oh yeah by MBLAQ and Ring Ding Dong by SHINee.

My reaction:
1. Ring ding dong? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wtf?? Koreans are wierd.
2. Well.. there wasn't any second reaction. I just decided to not listen to K-POP. I mean.. Oh yeah? Ring Ding Dong? hahaha. But then when I heard 2pm's Hands up I started to give my attention to K-POP. And before you knew it, I was hooked! I mean.. It's a very big part of my life now? Hahaha, and this just happened a couple of week ago!!!!

So.. to the point. The first SHINee song I ever heard was Ring Ding Dong. The song I thought was a joke became one of the songs I can't stop listening to ^^

Super Junior’s Leeteuk announces he will join the military next year

Look at that... I thought that Leeteuk would be leaving wih Heechul... It's sad to hear this xS When he goes Kangin will come back bit stiiiiiiillllll!

AMAGOSH He's so cute ^0^
Is it only me who thinks of Lee Joon when I see this picture? O_o


This is what he said:

“I plan to enter the military next year,” 
“I’m saying this so I don’t get hateful comments such as ‘Just go the the army’.”

“The Tokyo Dome was a dream stage for me"
“It was always my wish to stand on it before I left for the army.”

Well now we are prepared for it we have one year "to do what we want".... so.... shall we stalk them? XD Who's with me?
I said it before but I'll say it again they should have put Super Junior on hiatus and send all the members to the army for two years and after that they will make a comeback and their newest single can be "Baldie Baldie, never gets to old'ie, old'ie" See I can be their manager...

HAHAHAHAHA I just couldn't resist it!

Dam.. dam... daam... B2ST

A few days ago I saw a van outside my school and had to take a picture of it (*stalker*...)
Their logo totally got me hooked up, you wanna know why? Of course not but still!
I thought of B2ST, you just have to switch the E.

Don't you think so?! Huh? Huh?!?!?! ;O

A classic!~~

I am always laughing whenever I see this... it's a shame that hey "broke up" as a group :/
Is it only me who's getting annoyed on the chick? She's always repeating everything they say -.-' Gosh...


Wooyoung totally made my day in 2PM's Cinderella Sister parody, Gosh! I haven't seen the drama. Yet I laughed my ass off! The end was EPIC!! 8D
Junho is seriously the best mom evah hahahaha! And Junsu the great retarded kid ROFLMAO! (Yeah I'm to lazy to write all those words...) :3
Nickhun the chick with steroids HAHAHAHAHA Have to see it now! *8 minutes and 50 seconds later*
Best 8 minutes and 50 seconds in your life, or maybe not. I couldn't upload the clip here, so click here to see it ;)

Dam Dam Dam Daaaaaam!!...
Chansung and Nichkhun... ;O

SHINee pre-debut!!

Not much have changed. But let me just say.. they do look hotter now. Hahaha, don't know how that works.. that they haven't changed but still looks better now. Maybe it's because they got hair stylists and make-up artists now?
I mean.. they did look hot before, but with their new haircuts and make up on they look sooo much better! Don't you agree? So I guess that if EVERY korean had a different haircut and some make up on they would all look hot. WOW... I am soooo going to marry a korean ^^

But anywhooo. What do you guys think of the SHINee members then and now? Do you see any big changes?

Lee Joon - sexy(!!).. and dorky ^^

You'll never get tired of 2PM

HAHAHAHA I love how Jay is just standing there while Taecyeon fails xD

Just a while ago I though that he would do something sexy... but I was wrong...

I seriously want to see them perform ;O

:O Someone is cheating on Jonghyun...Onew?...Taemin?.......KEY?!


I will do it to ^0^ huhuhu

Day 1: Your ultimate 2PM bias and why
Day 2: Your favourite song
Day 3: Your favourite album The First Album 1:59 PM
Day 4: Your favourite music video
Day 5: What member would you want to be best friends with and why?
Day 6: What member would you want to be related to and why?
Day 7: Your favourite OTP
Day 8: Your favourite live performance
Day 9: The very first 2PM song you ever heard
Day 10: Your first thoughts on 2PM
Day 11: Your favourite 2PM picture
Day 12: Your favourite 2PM photoshoot
Day 13: A 2PM dance you’d like to learn
Day 14: A 2PM song you never get tired of
Day 15: Your most played 2PM song
Day 16: Your favourite 2PM lyric and it’s meaning
Day 17: Your favourite 2PM CF
Day 18: Your favourite 2PM cover of a song
Day 19: Your favourite 2PM interview
Day 20: A 2PM song that reminds you of someone/something
Day 21: Your favourite tweet by a 2PM member
Day 22: Your favourite 2PM cover of an American song
Day 23: Your favourite 2PM dance battle
Day 24: A member you’d kiss
Day 25: A member you’d place the “I love you” game with
Day 26: A member you’d go to the club with
Day 27: A member you’d date
Day 28: Your favourite body part of your bias
Day 29: A gift you’d give 2PM and why
Day 30: Anything you want to say to 2PM?

Will propably start with it tomorrow or the day after. It depends. I am writing subs for MBLAQ kkaeal player parody for now ;)


"Who's on the picture :D"

Well I'm making a big freaking deal over here but this is my "first" private post comment hohoho (You'll have the feeling to Bo...)
Okey back to the point. The one bending ovah is Chansung from 2PM and the other one is Jokwon I think from 2AM ^^

No words...

Jokwon Chansung - perfume

Mir in action... can YOU see him? ;O

Day 11 - Your favorite SHINee music video

Gosh.. I bet everyone think's that I'll take Lucifer. Truth is that Lucifer is probably their best MV. But that would be sooo boring! Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong is like the only song's I've used in 30 days of SHINee :(

You know what that means? That means that I'm not going to pick Lucifer. Nope, I'm going to pick... Hello.
Why? Well..

Reason 1: They are soooo freakin' cute in this mv!!!!!
Reason 2: It kinda has a story in it.
Reason 3: Jonghyun.. my SHINee bias, looks sooooooo good in this MV!!
Reason 4: This MV can actually make me blush (*^^*)

Little baby Niel!

Omo~ O_o
Look at him! He looks so tiny!!!
Compared to the Niel now.. well let us say that it is a big difference somehow.

I don't really know if I really like their wierd haircut and colour. Sure they stand out but it somehow feels a little bit to much. They looked better in their Clap video compared to Supe love. *_*
Well that's my opinion...

APRIL KISS, new girl group!

Hello everyone! So I heard that there was a "female 2PM" group and had to check them out. Apperently the group is called APRIL KISS and just started in this business. Their debut song "Hello Buss" got great response from online netizens.

"Hello Bus" is a song with strong characteristics combined with catchy lyrics and an addictive melody. APRIL KISS did not appear like a rookie group as they showed their live skills in order to conqueer more music fans."

Personally.. I don't really like this song. It's not that catchy and the dance moves, well.. they're very average. I guess that that is why I don't like girl groups. They don't impress me the way guy groups do.

What do you think about APRIL KISS?

Mir's twin brother? :O

These boys are pretty good and seriously that dude (who dances Mir's part) looks exactly like Mir except that he's a bit shorter... I don't know why but I can't stop laughing when I see this video hahahaha ;D

SHINee - JoJo

OUF!! At the begining, when Jonghyun sings like that. SHIIIET!! ^^ hahaha, but this song is not getting out of my head?! "Hey.. my jojo. Love.. yes jojo"

Man.. I really need to start looking at some other kpop groups. I'm stuck on MBLAQ and SHINee ^^ But I'm starting to listen to B2ST and I know that I should start with BingBang soon. And soon it will be! ;)

Hahaha so cute!

Hahahaha a part of me is laughing my ass off and the other part thinks this is really cute!
Of course the cute part must be that Yoseob is sleeping and the funny part... yeah do I even have to explain it? xD DooJoon totally made this picture!

What the?! Didn't he sleep just a while ago? O_o

The "lovely" story of kpop!

Well now I'm going to be all sentimental and write about the day me and kpop found each other. I think it was 5 or 6 years ago. When I visited my grandma. She showed me a serie called "Full House" (Bi Rain plays in it, you know the dude who "made" MBLAQ. If not you know that awesome ninja in ninja assasin, that was him...)

Well just wanted to show you! That's him ^^

Okey back to the story, yeah I saw the serie Full house and I totally loved it! And I got stuck on their OST/song. But after that it all went down. I was a little girl (10 years) and didn't know that something like Google existed or even internet. So I forgott the whole korean shabang!
Then three years later I saw a Japanese anime (Kaleido star ^o^) and discovered a "new" part of Asian stuff (lol stuff~~)

It's awesome you should see it ;O <--- Kaleido Star

Then I got reunited with Full House all over again (Yeah I visited grandma and took the series from her. I have the whole season beside me but it's dubbed in Chinese)
Okey I don't think that you give a crap right now...
After Full House I finally... discovered internet and I sat there and geeked korean series (still do it) but this time it was My Girl and I fell in love for the song. And for almost 2 years the only korean songs I listened to was those two "OST's" HAHAHAHA! But two months ago I started to see the "new" kpop world and now I discover new groups and songs every month or week, it deepends.

Well that was my story. Bo's much more interesting hahaha (not) well it's up to him if he wants to write it ;)

The famous Full House and the song I fell inlove with :/

My Girl! I love the beginning, Mozart ;D I had never cried this much in my whole life when I saw this. Poor dude who had long hair ahh he was so miserble! :'(

I like this version of Juliette better... xD

Day 10 - Your favorite SHINee couple/pairing

That would have to be between JongKey and 2min. Actually.. JongTae is also veeery cute! But JongKey would probably win this one. Maybe it's because I've seen so many macros of them, or maybe it's not? Haha, because I've seen macros of Jonghyun and Taemin as well ^^

So the reason is probably just that they look so cute together!!!

Hahahhaha, Key totally flirting with Jonghyun! ^^ 

And wtf is this?? ^^

Dance Covers

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

Seriously these girls are AWESOME!
Have geeked (almost) every dance covers they've made. They are usally 5 however I love that they are 9 on Sorry Sorry hahaha ;D

SHINee - Lucifer

Well done... ;)

OMG.. this is just..

"Sweat ran down Key's face as he laid in Jonghyun's bed, sheets crumpled up at his feet. Jonghyun moved in a repetitive motion, trying to find that right spot as he thrusted in and out. "Unghh I can't take this anymore Jonghyun," Key groaned. "Be patient Kibum," Jonghyun grunted, sweat dripping quickly down his face, as he continued to search for that one spot that would satisfy them both. "GO FASTER YOU IDIOT!" Key screamed not wanting Jonghyun to take his time. Jonghyun pushed faster, and finally with one small 'click' Key thrashed around the bed in a frenzy. "THERE JONGYUN, GO HARDER AT THERE!" He yelled. They had both been waiting for this moment for the past hour. Jonghyun gave one last push, and pulled the straightened bobby pin out of the jammed door lock. The other band members worried faces came into view as he opened the door. "Are you guys alright?" Onew asked,"You were locked in that room for a long time without any airconditioner."

HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA, now read it one more time. It's not as kinky as it was before now when you know what it's really about ^^

Sooooooryyyy~~ =_=

We're sorry that we couldn't upload MBLAQ kkaeal player parody today! We had some problems. Bo could't send me those clips he fixed and I couldn't send mine. So we have to change/shift our (correctly mine) USB memory and uppload/download/save and fix these clips. We are done with one of them and we only need to fix subs for the second one and "put" these two together. Then we're done! It will propably come up on tuesday or wednesday!

Sorry if the text was boring >.< but we will compensate with a lot of posts this week ;D

Yepp as you can see we have been woorking really hard... welcome to my crib! Just kidding ^^ 
My little "Home studio"


Day 9 - A SHINee dance you would like to learn

This one is soooo esay!!!! LUCIFER!!! Without a doubt. This dance is just so freakin' awsome. So yeah.. I would like to learn the Lucifer dance ^^

CN to the Blue! Totally hooked on this song <3

No matter how many times I listen to this song, I always laugh at the part were they scream xD

The biggest transformation...

When I first saw Super Juniors comeback Mr Simple the blondie caught my eye (duhh he's blond, okey whatever...) And for 1 week (I think) I wondered "who the hell is that?" I sat there and rattled up all their names and the stupid me still never got it. But in the end I got an "AHHHHHAAAA" moment and thought of Eunhyuk. Never thought that the blonde little boy was him ;O


DOES THIS EVEN LOOK LIKE HIM TO YOU?!?!? Well personally I have to say that he really looks good this way, he somehow fits.. in blonde O_o

Today is Jang Hyunseung's birthday!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jang Hyunseung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is Jang Hyunseungn from b2st's 22 birthday.

So this is from B.R.A and me:

Roly Poly dance

Hello!!! Sorry for such a crappy update, but me and B.R.A are fixing our kkaeal player video for you guys. So hopefully the video will be up today!

Anywhoooooo; Right now I'm waiting for B.R.A to fix some things with our video, so I'm trying to learn the Roly Poly dance steps. I know a few of them, however I want to know all of them! ^^ Same thing with SHINee's lucifer. But that will have to wait ^^

I actually like this song as well. Don't know what it's about though. But that has never stopped me ^^
Do you guys like this song? :D

Good news...?

Goodmorning our little hunny bunnys (getting psycho here, lack of sleep... *_*)

Okey! Hopefully me and Bo will publish our MBLAQ kkaeal player parody part one today/tonight and hopefully it will be a huge succes and we will move to Hollywood and get an oscar for making the best movie in history...
Well you can always dream hahaha! :3

Now you'll only have to wait and see, wait and see...

RELEASE**** Our art director sucks...

M2stasch members profile

Some of you (just one though...) wonder who we are, dam dam daaaaam!
Here's a members profile on the best group!!!

Stage name: B.R.A
Full name: Venus Embrace
Position: Lead vocalist, rapper, dancer
Birthday: 27 December, 1995 (15)
Twitter: M2stasch
Specialties: Tennis, Singing, English, Swedish, Chinese, Persian and Spanish
Has never EVER lost a food competition against anyone (Takes food very seriously).
- Can freeze up and not move for seconds, and then start moving like nothing has happened.
- B.R.A can sing like a girl. A very talented girl!
- He keeps changing his tone of voice from high pitch to low pitch (his manly voice).
- His ideal girl is supposed to have a good personality and a bad sence of humour.
- Is the maknae in the group.

Stage name: Bo bae
Full name: Borat (last name secret)
Position: Lead dancer and lead rapper.
Birthday: July 1, 1995 (16)
Twitter: M2stasch
Specialties: Basketball, English, Spanish, Arabic and sports.
- Has lost EVERY food competition against B.R.A! (EVERY ONE!!! sandwiches, sushi, pancaces etc.)
- Is a mommys boi!
- Is a dirty person, never cleans after himself. (B.R.A have to take care of the dirty work)
- His ideal girl is one of those people from Biggest Looser! Maybe not but she have to be a funny person. AND a good housewife...
- Is the leader in the group.


Ps. Those name was totally fake... xD (Well duhh...)
However everything else was true... kinda...

Day 8 - A SHINee dance you know all the moves to

As I'm saying every day. I'm still new to KPOP, but truth is.. I know the moves to Ring Ding Dong!!!!!!! :D. I really wanted to learn one of their dances. Lucifer was to hard and all the other ones were boring. So I picked RRD and now I know the moves ^^

DAMN! Can you guys hear the song? It dosen't sound like the original, right? I kinda like this one better :O Or maybe I'm just talking BS..
What do you think?

My bad, ahahha. Guess that the sound sounds better with headphones ^^ Took them off now, and the song sound precisely like the original one ;)

Collection #1 (MBLAQ)

Hahahahaha G.O from MBLAQ! Only have 4 left ;D
Btw it's a wierd word thing game that I played with Bo


Just wanted to let you know that poor B.R.A is sitting in tha school and is trying to study... TT_TT Guess what B.R.A got a school computer so there'll be more update about everything ^^

Gosh I love this picture *^_^* Mir and his nephew is so freaking cute @_@ I totally want to be the baby right now...

MBLAQ tries to say "je t'aime"


Koreans can be creepy...

You all (must) know that it is mandatory to enlist the army when you're in Korea and if you are a male of course. It's from the age 19 to 35 after that you MUST join the army. Of course it's an exception if you are sick or hurt. (Like, serious hurt or sick, serious...) *_*
You'll have to do some tests to see which level you are on. If want to know more klick Here

If you don't join the army you are concidered beeing a coward who doesn't keep your country "dear" (kinda...) 
There's some people who have done literally anything to escape the army. Everything from hurting themselves to escape to another country. Now you wonder "What the hell does this have to do with kpop?! bla bla and I've read this crap for nothing". Well just shut up and keep reading because here comes the interesting part.

A kpop artist that have done anything to avoid, join the army:

Yoo Seung Jun

He was "on his way" to enlist the army but became a U.S citizen. The government in South Korea consicered his action and deported him to the U.S and banned him from Korea. Pretty harsh...
This is only a short fact if you want to read more just Google his name or anyting!

Suju in animation style

I seriously love this picture on Super Junior hahahah! I bet that Shindong is the one lying in the middle with some snacks and Heechul is the one pooking (Red Pyjamas) another member hohoho (santa here we come xD)

MBLAQ's follow up "I Don't Know"

September 1 (Today) MBLAQ performed on stage with a new look and a new singel!!!!! I really like their new look, and the song is growing on me (*^^*).

Let me just say that:
- Seungho looks GREAT with blond hair
- G.O is always cute but kinda looks like Harry Potter with those glasses
- Lee Joon.. hot as always!
- Thunder also looks very good with blonde hair. It also feels like he has changed his personality a bit. He was so cute and akward before, but he gives more of a sexy vibe now. Don't you think?
- Mir is growing on me.. but Lee Joon will always be my #1 (A)

What do you guys think of their new look. But most importantly, what do you think of their new singel?!

G.O so funny ^^

But I do wonder.. dosen't Juri ever get hurt? I mean, during MBLAQ idol army they all kinda goes against her, and in this show, G.O does this. Am I the only one feeling bad for her? :O

Hahahha laughed so hard though when he said "what's this double screen for?" and the gesture he does with his hand ^^

This only makes me sad..

Lee Joon is just so ÜBER cute! And that only makes me sad. I live in Sweden, and there is not one guy here that can act cute without feeling gay. How suckie is'nt that?!?!?!?! I mean.. a guy should not have to feel gay for beeing cute. But I guess that that is the problem we have here in the western countries. Guys just have to be masculine. So my conclusion is.. I want a Korean. Yepp, I'm going to marry a Korean ;) That's my plan! :D

Day 7 - A SHINee song you know all the words to

Ehrm... there is not really any of SHINee's songs that I can all the words to. But I know the word to the chours of Ring Ding Dong (a) haha. However I really think that I should learn one of their songs. It's just that it is very hard for me to memories the words, cuz' the words to mee are just sounds. I mean.. I don't speak korean. But I know(!!) that I can. I've learned MBLAQ's stay chours wich is in korean just fine. So, soon.. very soon I'll know one of SHINee's songs. ^^

Must watch!

Seriously this is a parody you have to watch haha! @_@
Part 2 and 3 is on a page called youtube and a dot and a com...

SHINee misstakes #2

I just can't get enough!!!! So funny at 2:42, 3:06, 3:28 ^^

And at 4:10. Hahaha "Taemin: OH yeah I forgot I was JUST about to scratch my neck, coincidentaly. :)"
And then 4:30, when Jonghyun just sitts there like..  yeah.. HAHHA that's my Bias ^^


All the ELF's wish you luck!

I think that most of you got the point when I wrote ELF.
Yes it's Thursday...
Yes Heechul will join the army...
And HELL YEAH that we're going to support him and wait for the day he will come back!


Good Luck booii!!~~ ^_^
Don't let the dudes fall in love with you! ;O

Here's a list I found on Facebook it's a "schedule" for Super Junior to enlist the army @_@

Kangin= 2010-2012
Leeteuk-Heechul= 2011-2013
Yesung= 2012-2014
Shindong= 2013-2015
Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon= 2014-2016
Ryeowook-Kibum= 2015-2017
Kyuhyun= 2016-2018

We'll only have to wait around 7-8 years to see Super Junior as a "full" group again, FIGHTING! Wiihoo hahaha I'm going nuts here. Lets sleep now and stop talking ENGRISH!!! - Mir

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