5 facts about Wonder Girls

I don't know how I did but I found an article People magazine (A quiet famouse one in US) wrote an article on Wonder Girls. However it was published 3 years ago o___o
Wondering who The Wonder Girls are? Already a pop phenomenon in Asia, the South Korean pop quintet – which includes members Sun, 20, Yenny, 20, Mimi, 17, Yubin, 21, Sohee, 17 – is making a splash in the U.S. with their infectious bubblegum pop tunes.

Their first single titled "Nobody" landed on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, making them the first group from South Korea to make such a mark in the U.S. But tween girls know them as the group that shared the stage with the Jonas Brothers this past summer.

Here are five fun facts about these five fresh-faced females:

1. They're tight with the JoBros:
The girl group lived the dream of tween girls everywhere: They spent almost two months with the Jonas Brothers as their opening act for the U.S. leg of their 2009 world tour. The girls bonded with the brothers on the road to the point that Joe has been spotted wearing the Wonder Girls shirt, and on Sun's birthday in August, the rock trio bought her a cake (cue adoring sighs). At the time, Sun tweeted, "The guys came to me and wished me a happy bday w/a gorgeous cake! Thank you to the Jonas Brothers for making my bday so special!!"

2. Their manager was a '90s megastar:
The man behind the group is a star in his own right. Singer-songwriter J.Y. Park became a K-pop sensation in the 1990s, releasing seven albums. He later opened an intensive music school called JYP Academy in Seoul where all five Wonder Girls studied before forming the group.

3. They are reality TV veterans:
The girls have already conquered the small screen. MTV Asia created a reality show about them called MTV Wonder Girls, which followed the group in their everyday lives. Also, Sun was the winner of the Korean equivalent of American Idol called Special Project: Developing a Genius before joining the Wonder Girls as the group's de facto leader.

4. They started an online dance craze:
Their popularity in Asia peaked when the video for their 2007 single "Tell Me" sparked a viral dance craze and inspired fans began to post their own renditions of the moves.

5. Yes, they like dressing alike:
With their '60s style bobs and doo-wop wardrobe, these sweet-faced girls embrace a retro-Motown vibe. The band told instyle.com that their main fashion inspirations are timeless style icons like Twiggy to Audrey Hepburn.

Le Wonder gurlz and tha man!

Oh god my title =__= Such a wannabe XD
As you've noticed I haven't been updating that well today, I've been sleeping 24/7 because of lack of sleep but I guess that everything will go back to "normal" tomorrow ^o^
Saw a picture on fb that Wonder Girls uploaded with Akon
Did they use wigs when they filmed for Like this? .___.

It's going well for Wonder Girls

"Wonder Girls’ “Like Money” achieved the #1 position on the Bugs, MelOn, Soribada, Daum, and Naver Music real time charts."
- Dkpopnews
Well it seems like it's going perfect for Wonder Girs. I haven't seen any bad comments (yet..) and a lot of people like the dance and the MV. Good job gurls~

Wonder Girls - Like money ft Akon [MV]

OMO!! Me so exited!!!~
Wait.. how come I didn't know that they were going to release it today? =__= Oh well IT'S OUT!!! I don't know if I should like it or love it. The song was good but it was a bit too much autotune. The dance was also good and the rap part didn't sound bad at all. <-- not Akons XD

Wonder what the response on this collaboration is going to be :O Have to search some more.
OH RIGHT!! HAHAHAHAH XD Did you guys see JYP? ;'D HAHAHAHA! Trolling around even in WG MV :3
But the thing I wonder is if they ever met each other (Akon and WG) because there wasn't any scenes with them together. For exapmle the song "Airplanes" by B.o.B ft. Haylee (from Paramore) they never met each other when they filmed the MV nor when they sang it in the studio. The first time they met each other was during MTV something when they were going to perform XD Pretty epic actually...

Wonder Girls - Like money [Teaser #3]

THIS IS HUGE GODDAMMIT!!! TO WORK WITH AKON!!! I didn't hype that much before because they never mentioned him XD I hope that WG can bring new people to the dark side a.k.a kpop world XD sdikjsdvdsb I want the MV nao!!!!! ;D

Wonder Girls - Like money [Teaser #2]

I got to admit this doesn't really give me that Wonder Girls feeling, and that small screen made me go mad all over the place xD
However I wonder how people got the info about Akon beeing in the Mv with them =__=
Well I'm curious about theur MV now!!! >:3

Wonder Girls - Like money [Teaser]

My internet didn't work yesterday (night) and during a few hours A LOT of things has happened XD
Let's begin with Wonder Girls teaser for "Like Money". I didn't even know that they would release another MV... However the MV does look interesting, gave me that T-ara feeling from their "Day by Day" with the "digital stuff in the future" ;'D
When I read the comments people keep writing that they're going to make a collaboration with someone big in "Like Money" and a lot of people wrote that it'll be Akon O_O Damn... that'll be HUGE if that's the case!!!
Only 5 days left until the MV will be released!


Wonder Girls - Like this [Dance Practice]


That guy in the corner, just staring at them ^^ like a creep.. hahaha xD

That leg-squirrely dance they do look so hard O__o I mean I could probably do it, and it would look the same. But if you put me next to WG it would look all wrong. I wouldn't turn my hands or legs the same way at the same time as they do it. And since they all do it at the same time, it can't just be something random they do. There's like steps.

First you put your elbow there, Then you put your knee there etc. WTF?! hahaha, but I definitely want to learn the steps xD just LIKE THAT, YOO!! LIKE THAT!!~ hehe.. ^^

Wonder Girls - Like This [MV]

So. Many. MV's. Today.

SOOO CUTE!! Haha loved when they started to dance with the little babies, and when the old people started to dance.. AWWWW <3 And when EVERYBODY dances, daebak!!!

This must have taken a long time to make O__o To retake all the scenes, the long hours and all the people in the background. I didn't really feel the actual song (I didn't feel "be my baby" eaither, but now I love it ^^ so you never know..), but this MV is amazing. It has that "home made" feeling that I like so much ^^

Wonder Girls - Like this [Teaser]

Ohhh~ My sense of interest are tingle tingle *lame wanna be* XD
But it was really good :O And Sohee... so pretty *u*

As you can see the MV will probably be released June 3rd the same day as MONSTER (Big Bang) I don't want to be mean or anything but how did JYP think over there? XD I'm not trying to offend anyone or anything but it's pretty clear that Big Bang are somehow bigger than WG and they'll take everyone by storm with their MONSTER MV. Sure as a yt viewer you're like "So what?" but if you think on the business way in Korea (You can see this pretty clearly in variety shows when they talk about their record sales for example how the sale for this idol went bad because of Big Bang released an album on the same day bla bla) Wonder girls wont really have a big chance if you compare them to BB. It would be better if they released the song June 5th
Yeeeehhh a lot of text... I'm tired okay =__=

But woo~ I'm looking forward I somehow got some "Be my baby" feeling in this song ^_^

Big favourite right now:

I'm starting to like Wonder Girls more and more actually. They don't really have that über cute nor über sexy "thing" ? XD They have "sexy" clothes but their dance is much different compare to other girl groups (at least in Be my baby). It reminds me of old school you know (or maybe now -__-')

Have to love the fact that allmost all the groups in JYP, have to start with "JYP..." both WG and 2PM had the same "JYP, it's 2PM/Wonder Girls we're baaack~" with that playful voice ^o^

But I actually like the Eng ver more o__o

*Le English version*

I really like the girl in the middle :O Sohee* that's her name XD

Wonder Girls in America!!

The Wonder Girls attended the CVG Cinemas to premote their movie The Wonder Girls Movie just a few days ago in LA!

The girls that was in their song 'The DJ is mine' , School Gyrls was also in this video. Kind of fun to see them, and hearing that theit group and Wonder Girls are pretty close 8D

ALSO, thought it was kind of funny when they asked J.Y Park (JYP's founder) to go away from the girls so they could take pictures of only them xD (from 0:47 to 0:51)

But anywho, really want to see this movie! J.Y. Park said that this was a pop-version of Rush Hour, and I LOVE Rush Hour! xD So yeah, this is a movie I'd like to watch ^^

Wonder Girls unleash MV for new U.S. single, “The DJ Is Mine” ft. the School Gyrls

"“The DJ Is Mine” will be part of the OST (soundtrack) for the ladies’ Teen Nick movie, “THE WONDER GIRLS”. The high energy track was written by Crystal Nicole Johnson, a Grammy Award-winning songwriter who’s worked with Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield and more.

The music video will be launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today in 3D." - Allkpop

THAT'S JUST AMAZING!! xD Finally a kpop-group releases an entire song in english!! NOW WE ACTUALLY HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE!! Not that we never did before ^^ But I believe that a lot of people want the songs to be in english (sure not us, haha I even leart the words to their korean songs.. ^^).

But about the song, I actually liked it!!!!! :D After listening to it a couple of times ^^ The only sad part is that it's so auto-tuned :/ But I guess that that is what america likes now? You know.. techno style.

Wonder Girls vs. Wonder Baby

GOSH, she is to die for!!!!!!!!! xD

Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Wonder girls released their 2nd album on the 7th!!! It's called Wonder World and contains a total of 13 songs. One of these songs are called 'Be My Baby'. The MV to the song was released yesterday (November 5th).

It's not amazing, but it's not entirely bad either. I don't know what to think. They don't give me that WOW feeling that 2ne1 has given me. I guess that I'm just not such a big fan of KPOP Girl Groups..

"On the 6th, Wonder Girls’ producer Park Jin Young said, “Singers have to improve themselves, not change themselves. If they keep trying to change, they will eventually lose their own color. I had that in my mind when I produced this album of Wonder Girls. I wanted to make music that only Wonder Girls can do. However, it is surely different from their previous ones,” through his Metoday account."

What did you think of the Song/MV? Is it a Wonder Girls style like Park Jin Young wanted it to be or not? O.o I wouldn't know because I don't really listen to them. But you might? 8D

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