You're Beautiful Actors-Style [Eye Candy wannabe]

Just finished the drama "You're Beautiful" in 4 days.. Haha I'm in love!!! With Shinwoo (aka Yong Hwa from CNBlue ^^)



Not really eye candy.. but I still enjoy watching these gifs ^^

Lee Hyun Woo ft. Kwang Hee - High High [Cover]

So recently I've been crushing on "To The Beautiful You" actor Lee Hyun Woo. He looks like such a charmer! THAT SMILE! THOSE EYES!! T^T haha he's very good-looking ^^

AND HE CAN SING (rap)!!! I know that nobody can replace GD and TOP... but hey, it's still a great cover! Maybe he should debut as a singer? Hahaha maybe not.. he's good as an actor.

And he's only born in 1993!!! WE GOT A CHANCE LADIES.. and gentlemen... hahaha xD


Reasons to Love... #3

.. Lee Joon

- His Sexyness

- His Dorkyness / Cuteness


- His body

- His Dancing

- His Smile

So I guess it's quite obvious that I love him the most for his dorkyness and cuteness ^^

R-rated stuff...

Oh damn! Who is dat? o__o

Changmin (TVXQ) Eye Smile

I can not be the only one that has noticed Changmin's "Half-eye smile". Haha if you haven't noticed it before, here are some pictures:


You get the point. Haha but it's so charming!! His Eye smile is really something special.. plus that he's super adorable! ^^ Haha and he seems like such a funny guy! Have to watch shows with him (variety shows). Right now though I'm watching "Oh! My School", but after that I'll make sure to watch something with Changmin.. and Yoochun!!! He also seems to be a very funny guy xD




The DJ at the end HAHAHAHA.. sounds like she got an orgasm xD But I totally understand. This is pure eargasm!! ^^

INFINITE [Dance Practices]

Yesterday I wrote about ZE:A's dance practice video. I mentioned that I thought Infinite was the best "in sync" dance group out there. This is why:


Be Mine

Come Back Again

See what I mean?! They're crazy! It's all in sync, it's powerful, they move very sexiii~ xD Haha it's all just perfect! And in the last one (which is my favorite BTW. Both the song and the dance), they looked like they had so much fun!! And omg.. Dongwoo, YOU SEXY MOFO! (sorry for my language.. for those of you who know what MOFO means ^^) but daaaaaang boy! You're making mama go crazy.. mehehehe, but I don't mind.

So yes, this is my favorite group when it comes to dancing. 2PM is also pretty good, but they're more like athletes dancing. Infinite is like dancers dancing ^^


Eye Candy - HNNNNNNG!!

1/100 gifs of my babies; jongup the noona killer

Eye Candy - GD Style

jiyong’s smile after kissing seungri is so beautiful. and it looks like seungri was about to smile but then he put on his poker face and acted like he didn’t care. lol we know you liked it Ri :3



so jealous.  I want to rip out her hair >_<

Happy Birthday GD ^^

R-rated stuff...

Oh god those photoshoot pictures on Siwon made everyone fall of their chairs LOOK AT HIM @__@


Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (GIRLS part 2)

Oh wait.. that's Ren ^^







that’s cool . I didn’t know that only ‘Asians’ bleach their hair .

/reblogging for the Junhyung gif LMFAO

 The gif… LOOOOL

but but, i find them good looking lol

um………… not only asians does that.

wonder what she would think of this blog….smh

Eye Candy - B.A.P style

1/100 gifs of my babies; jongup the noona killer

Random stuff #12

Love Rain BLOOPERS xD When he kissed her and she thought it was a dream blablabla ^^

Seriously the best WGM-couple out there xD

This bromance is to hot for me to handle O__o

Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (GIRLS part 1)


10/50 photos of NANA (Flashback era)

Jonghyun & Taemin, all fans go crazy!!!


My bad, this is like gold!! Oh my sweet mother of God!!! WHAT IS THIS?!!!!! WHY AM I SO EXCITED?!?!?!?!?! Taemin is stealing my man, but it's ok?!?!!!

I need to find the whole video OMG...

This video will have to do for now.. O__o


Blonde KPOP-stars looking HAWT!! (part 5)

(Mehehe.. managed to sneak Jr. in as well ^^)

Although I cried “don’t leave” You left without looking back, Bad Girl..

Eye Candy - 2PM Style


2PM’s Taecyeon and Junho In Cosmopolitan Korea [PHOTOS]

JUNHO HAVE FREAKIN' ABS!! No chock though, everyone in 2PM has abs ^^

Eye Candy - SUJU style

Eye Candy - Jay Park style


-[]- prew prew !! hahaha 

This guy.. I could just post photos of him all day! DANG BOY!! Please be my baby~

Random stuff #10

Haha I always do these random-stuff thingys when I don't have anything to write..


OMG BRIAN JOO!! Hahaha Y U SO SEXY when you talk like a girl ^^
"I am beautiful and you is pitiful, I don't know whatchu talking bout' gurl" Daebak xD


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