Reasons to Love... #3

.. Lee Joon

- His Sexyness

- His Dorkyness / Cuteness


- His body

- His Dancing

- His Smile

So I guess it's quite obvious that I love him the most for his dorkyness and cuteness ^^

3 Years With MBLAQ♥

Well, as B.R.A wrote before.. there are two groups that share the same debut-date. Guess who? Haha noo, the headline doesn't say who it is at all ^^

IT'S MBLAQ!! They released their debut album "Just BLAQ(teenpop)" October 14, 2009. The same day they released their first MV, "Oh Yeah". Gosh, I've got so many memories with that song! Hahaha not very positive comments I had about the song, but they were kind of funny ^^ I was a very judging person back then..



- come to me, sweety
- yes, sir *-*


Still the same dorky dorks.. xD

However.. 3 YEARS!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love you guys soooo so much!!~ Keep beeing the guys you are, but can you for God's sake (and my sake) come to Sweden? T_T Joonie.. how are we supposed to get married if we haven't met? Through mail... but I still want to see my husband!! COME SOON 8D

MBLAQ highlight clip from BLA% tour in Bangkok

Saw this clip yesterday and asdkfbskdjfbsdfh ;w; I wanna see them live so badly now!! Especially Run. That choreography must be one of the best ones I've ever seen.
G.O and Mir persorm their song too *o*

I don't really have time to write anymore have to help mi madre =__= I wanna sleep~


Thunder - Don't go [Audio]

I'm so lazy for waiting to listen to this >__>
After G.O and Mir here's Thunder's turn. They haven't really promoted the song "Don't Go" because he will only perform it during their BLAQ% tour, I think...
He doesn't have a bad voice but not the best one either. It's just a song you can listen to nothing catchy that'll make you go "OMG WOW" however there was some autotune here and there which I didn't like.
He had a hard time during his debut days but he's still fighting his way up. Well all I can say is keep fighting! =3=

G.O & Mir - Wild [Audio]

Oh interesting! Yesterday I read that they would do a collaboration but I didn't know that they would release it so fast :O  But I actually like it. Gave me that MJ feeling in the middle of the song and Mir, one of the best rappers (according to me) just nailed it! So this was just awesome! :D

At the breathing part 1:27 was it only me who whispered MBLAQ? XD (<-- in their Y MV)
Apparently they'll perform it for the first time on their BLAQ-tour (July 30th) I wanna see it live! :o

MBLAQ & IU - Rainism


Hahaha sooo cute Thunder and IU reunite! xD And when they like bumped into each other at 0:30 ^^
IU is so cute!! Like a really small pretty girl ^^ As long as she stays away from Joon I'm cool ^^ hahah

MBLAQ &amp; IU dancing to Rainism


Before my national exam yesterday little me (wtf.. XD) sat and scrolled around on the Running man list of episodes. I checked the last episode on the list that'll be aired next week 20th may and saw this:

HOHOHOHOHO!! MBLAQ will appear on episode 95 next week!!!! This is just... amazing *tears* But Mir won't be there -_- WAE?!
For you who didn't know Lee Joon appeard in episode 8 a long time ago. So If you're a MBLAQ freak just watch it ^o^ Or Lee Joon biased...

Thunder and the Running man crew-PD-I-don't-know-guy

Oh it's a VJ in Running Man XD (<-- Camera man)

I found this pretty weird... It says that Mir won't be in the episode together with the members how come he's... there? O_O

MBLAQ funny MJ dance ^^

the thing starts at like 1:20

Hahahahha "Michael Jacksuuuun~" ^^ And Lee Joon's move the second time! hahaha, wtf? xD And I love how they all team up against him (against Joonie), hahahaha, that is some real sh*t right there! ^^

If you haven't seen MBLAQ Kkael Player, then go see it now! O__o It's seriously like the funnist thing ever! ^^

MBLAQ Pre-debut pictures

A few weeks ago me and BO found some pictures here and there on MBLAQ before their debut. So thunder wasn't really a member (If you didn't know thunder took another members place 15 days before MBLAQ's debut) that stranger in those picture is Kim Sang Bae.

Btw ALL the pictures aren't really pre-debut pictures . . . U_U







You know Seungho was skinny as h**l look at his legs on the second picture O_O He's looks much, much, much, MUCH better right now ^_^

They always say that the reason why a member quit/leaves is because of "personal matters" and it was the same with Kim Sang Bae. But I read somewhere that he actually ran away Ò____ó They didn't really say if he ran away from the dorms or ran away from home. But you can't relly trust that source 100%, it'll be a mystery till we die. If they don't announce it all of a sudden . . .

Some Blaq facts~



Aww I remember this episode ;D

You know... the whole thing gets weird when you forget ti read cat and dolls T___T

For more Click Here~

Ze BLAQ tour

No not the BLAQteenpop ent XD BLAQ like in MBLAQ. Well they'll kick off a tour during June 30th

One of our friends arrived in Japan a while ago *nupe not jealous at all* I LOVE SWEDEN! . . .  Only Swedish people get the irony.
Inclusive a concert in L.A April 28th.
You know what I don't even get affected by this anymore, Scandinavian people has already accepted the fact that they'll NEVER come here. So I'm just waiting till the day I'll graduate!~

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa (single members ver.)

Didn't know how to explain, but did you guys know wthat there was a version for each member in Mona Lisa?! O__o

Seungho Ver.

It's kind of awkward when he dosen't sing xD The best parts is in the beginning (0:18, and all the other scenes when it's white) and when he's with all the others ^^

G.O Ver.

Again, the best parts is when he's with the other members.

Lee Joon Ver.

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!!! xD hahaha no, but seriously.. everything was perfect O_O. Only thing that looked a bit funny was when he lip-synced to "baby say yes~". If you pay attention to it, you'll see what I mean. Haha it looks like he has such an accent when he says it (even though he's not really saying anything..). Do you see what I mean? ^^ You can see it at 1:04.

Thunder Ver.

It was so painful to see him just standing there trying to.. do stuff? xD When he wasn't singing.. DNASLDMANSLKDANSLKDNRIE it was so awkward! Hahaha, only me who felt that? ^^ It got better when he started to sing though.

Mir Ver.

Mir, you little hottie. Haha this was not awkward at all!! And OMG, his peace-sign at 1:44, MIIIIIIIIIIIIIR!!! You little cutie! (from little hottie to little cutie ^^)

Which one was your favorite? I have to say that my favorite was Mir's version! He looked like the most "natural" one ^^

The Park sibilings dad (Thunder & Dara)

I was a rebelious kid yesterday and watched some episodes of MBLAQ sesame/kkaeal player instead of studying. And I always tend to read those top comments because I'm a nolifer, so I saw 2 comments about their dad and some stuff they've gone through so I had to search for it. This is what I found:

That's some brutal stuff O_O

I guess these are the reasons why Thunder is very protective of Sandara.
In ep1 of kkaeal player , G.O asked ” If only Sandara and the MBLAQ members were left on this Earth,
who would you introduce her to ? “. Thunder doesn’t want to answer and would rather have 10 fart bombs.

I still remember that part XD

Truth to be told I want to say that I respect them even more right now. But I wont... Because I will somehow see that as pity, and yes they've gone through a lot and they're quiet hated but there's a lot of idols out there who has some similiar problems so it doesn't feel right to respect someone more because of this.

HOWEVER! I have to say that I've been respecting Thunder A LOT without telling you. (Well I'm respecting everyone taking the path as an idol) but have you seen what Thunder haven't done yet? He hasn't been using his sisters name to get more fame. Even if a lot of people dislike Sandara, a lot of people still like her and you can't really deny the fact that she's in one of Korea's the world's most famouse groups. (And both 2NE1 and MBLAQ debuted the same year *off topic*) Compared to other celebrities (in general) Thunder haven't really been using Sandara's fame to get some himself. I'm seeing how hard he's been training to "come to the top" by himself. And I'm really respecting that. Word.

Posted Image

Thought that this was some useful info for all the A+, Blackjacks, Anties etc. ^_^
Park Sibiling hwating!~


MBLAQ Random Dance on Weekly Idol

Hahhahaa, I don't know if this is funny because it's late or if it's actually just really funny xD

HAHAHAHAHAHHA SEUNGHO!!! xD I literally laughed out loud!!! ^^

MBLAQ - G.O.O.D Luv (dance ver,)

OMG, the dance moves are so cute!! Haha and Joonie, you look so happy when dancing. If you look at him then the other members, it looks like he's the one enjoying himself the most xD Seungho also looked like he had a lot of fun. Thunder too O__o well they all did (maybe not G.O as much, but he did smile!)

Jtune Camp Y U NO SUB?!

skdvjbksdavjbsd TT_TT It's something about their 4th Mini album, duh... >_______>
HAHAHAHAHAHA Mir looks like one of those old fashioned Swedish dorks XD And have you noticed that Thunder in going all in on making his body... big? Okay to put it more simply: That he has been working out lately. He's not that skinny babyfaced Thunder anymore ê_ê

A photo shoot in Harpers Bazaar

That hair.... so ugly XD

MBLAQ New app...

Omo! What's this?! Is this a korean version of guitar hero? XD
I haven't heard anything about this and there's games like this for Suju and T-ara O__O Have to check out this app...

Click here for more info

But I think that you have to pay for it *le sadface* ;w;

G.O & Mir (MBLAQ) - I Already Knew

What is this? O__o went on to youtube to see if I could find SHINee's new album and came across this:

What do we have here? Apparently it's the OST for "Strongest K-POP Survival"? Haha that's at least what I got from the title of the song. It's good background music, if you know what I mean. Imagine you're on the internet and it's way to quiet, what do you do? YOU PLAY THIS SONG! xD It's not much so you lose focus on what you're doing, and it's not a bad song either. It's the perfect background song ;)


Oh! This was uploaded yesterday :O Didn't really check youtube but gaah!! So cute ^3^ I love these kind of MV and Baby U must be one of the best Japanese songs I've heard ^^ Must be on the second place after 2PM's I'm your man *hohoh eye-candy level this high~*
Some of the parts were from their show MBLAQ making the artist (I think...) That was my first or second reality show TT_TT
Time goes so fast~

MBLAQ - RUN (M!Countdown)

Remember when Seungho got injured? This is when:

Thank God he was still able to perform!
Mehehe, mah boois~ YOU GUYS NAILED IT! The dance is so f-ing hard core! You gotta love it *and you gotta love the hater's saying~* (mehehe.. if you heard the song, you'll get it ^^)

I'm not loving Lee Joon's new hairstyle, but dang!!! Does Ninja Assassin moves *using my hand as a fan (not a fan that idols have.. but an actual fan)*

They all look so ghetto! YEAH MON! They all got tha' spirit of a young gangster being gangstah' *jamaican accent*

Haha okey, it's late.. Good night!!!

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