M2stasch is disbanding

Wow that sounded depressing... XD 
It feels like I'm sayin goodbye to a big part of my life #truestory but I guess everything has an ending? And after every ending there's a new beginning. Ohh~ I always wanted to write something cheesy like that XD 
Both me and Bo has come to the conclusion that we need to "disband" M2stasch now. I am the only one who's updating this blog regulary, I'm also going to attend my 3rd year in high school this wednesday, so will BO. I don't want to have this 'must' feeling to update the blog which will lead to crappy posts anyway and I don't want to write halfhearted posts to you guys. 
It has been 2 great and fun years running this blog, I've or - we both, have meet so many new people who shares the same interest as we do *cough fangirling over asian boys..* and we've gained so many new and random memories ;w; I remember our first days as M2stasch. We went to Swedens' first kpopflashmob (like M2stasch...) and boy... that my dear friend was awkward XD However neither me or Bo regret forming M2stasch ;D
We want to thank you for sticking our with our terrible grammar, made up words and fangirl days~ We also had our 2 years anniversary 6 days ago but unfortunately.... I forgot >_________________> 
We won't deleted this blog because it's like a treasure box filled with feels and memories for us ;w; It'll be fun to visit this blog again after a few years and see the Idon'tknowwhat side of us ;'D 
Once again thank you guys and goodbye! :D


Postat av: Daniella

D''': Why?! Jag kommer att sakna eran blogg T____T Men det är erat beslut and I accept it.. But still I'm sad!

Sv: Känns så konstigt att svara tillbaka här när ni ska sluta blogga.. Men anyways! Jag vet jag måste titta på Avatar, jag älskar den serien :D Haha de kanske försökte få han att vara lite kawaiii, asså eftersom jordgubbar är så söta xD
Jaha okej, tack så mycket! Jag trodde att de flesta koreanska serierna är rip offs av anime's, jag googlade på manghwa och det stod på Wiki att det är typ en gammal variant att rita på, asså typ tradditonell, men jag måste inte har orkat läsa igenom det noggrant :p

Gah, nu vart jag ledsen, tack för att ni förstörde min kväll -.- Jag vill inte att ni ska sluta blogga :(

2013-08-18 @ 19:41:55
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Postat av: Sanna

... wat

2013-08-29 @ 16:45:53
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