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I don't really know how many of you guys here are manga/anime fans like I am buuut I wanted to share 4 anime, animes, anime's O.o that I'm currently watching :3 *long post*
Avatar the last airbender
It's not really anime (from Japan)... It's actually an American animated serie. But I'm drugging this right now, love the comedy and I've always been a sucker when it comes to the 4 elements. So I totally recommend it, it's only 61 episodes (divided into 3 "books" - seasons)
Naruto Shippuuden
Gah... ninjas... do I have to explain the awesomeness?! There are actually a lot of episodes and it's still ongoing. The first "season" has 220 ep and now the second one is up to 324 ep. It's... 544 ep total and it's not done yet. I can't even describe the nolifer in me ;w; Especially when you calculate the time I've spent watching this. But it's great, believe me .__________.
Soul eater
I haven't watched so many episodes but it seems promising so far :3
Ah~ Another awesome anime just like Naruto :3 It feels like it shifts a bit too much between "booring" and exciting. At some parts the plot doesn't seem to develope at all but all of a sudden action shows up everywhere and you just want to flip tables for hours... 
You can watch all of these anime on Animefreaktv but I'm currently watching Avatar HERE
Heh long post... but these are some series I'm watching right now >:3

Postat av: Daniella

Åh! Jag älskar Avatar, har tittat på nästan alla avsnitt när jag var yngre.. Förutom det sista -.- Föresten, i den sista anime'n huvudrollskillen heter jordgubbe xD Ichigo betyder jordgubbe tror jag.. Men det har säkert flera betydelser :p Vet du ifall Korea har anime? Jag vet att de har manga, men då heter typ manhwa eller nåt sånt ^^

2013-08-15 @ 11:57:55

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