Jay Park - I Like 2 Party [Dance Practice]

Oooo boy, o boy, o boy, o boy!!!!~
I just love Jay Parks dance videos, since he us such an amazing dancer!!!!!!!!! Gaaah, just want to do.. things to this boy! xD

I don't know what it is with Jay, but I can't stop loving him. I remember before when I had a little problem accepting his language (he cusses a lot), but now I'm used to it? So now I'm back in love with him. Gosh.. haha stop doing this to me!

And just to show you guys exactly how amazing this boy is at dancing, check this out:

He's got a cute butt.. ^^
And I don't know what it is with me and those "aaahhh" sounds. Like the one he does at 0:33. LOVE IT!!!~
I know it's not him doing the sound, but he does that sound in a lot of his songs haha ^^
And yeeeah. SEE HOW AMAZING HE IS!!!!!!! ♥.

2PM - Heartbeat + Again & Again [2009 MAMA]

Okey guys, I know this is very old. But I was stalking Jay Park the other day and came across this video of 2PM. This live perfomance was performed after Jay had left the group due to all the controversy about what Jay had written to a friend on Myspace. If you guys don't know the story (which is pretty old) I could make a post about it. But most people probably already know the story because it's an old story. However that's not the point. This video is the point.

I don't know how well you guys know these songs. But in the second song (Again & Again) they actually kept Jay's spot empty and nobody sang on his parts. To me, this was very emotional. I don't know if it's because they sincerely cared for Jay, or to make all the anti-fans they got to be happy. Again, if you guys don't know the whole story, I could make a post about it. But either way.. I appreciate what they did here.

Here is the actual MV for 'Again & Again'.

Haha I don't know why I posted this. I guess I was just very touched, and... haha just enjoy it God dammit!!!!

Jay Park TV [Ep.04]


He doesnt have a house anymore..? (0:50)
But gosh.. his voice has gotten so much better!! That cover "Nothin' on You" that he sings, I have that song in my phone and DAAAAAAMN does he sounds better here! He has improved so much! :')

Hahaha and OMG KYUHYUN?! Wth?! xD
But that ending though.. "some more iphone fororey?" ^^
I keep felling in love and out of love and in love with him over and over again.. this isn't healthy haha

Kev Jumba vs. Jay Park

Streaming around youtube (as usual) I came across this interesting video.

Hahaha, how come I didn't see this before??? O__o It's actually kind of funny xD And here.. here we have my ideal Jay Park-personality. He's a little gangster, but not too much.. just perfect mehehehehehehe ^^

Jay Park has starred in so many other Youtube videos it's crzy! Need to look for all the other clips haha. Maybe he could join in on one of M2STASCH's videos xD

(Bottom to top)

But.. didn't he meet G.NA?!?!?!?! Hahahhaha damn, another mistake dude! xD

Hehe.. humble Jay ω

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me [Dance Practice]

Feels like I only post stuff about Jay now ^^ Well what can I do, there's so much going on! xD

Hmm.. people keep shipping these two. I don't like -.-' Hahahah, no but they fit together. I bet you that when he sat down on the couch he was sooooo checking her out! Haha because DANG can she move her hips!

The dance is very simple, and you kind of need a partner if you want to dance it (not really.. but it looks a bit lonely if you don't have one ^^)

So what do you guys think? Are they a good OTP?

He has gotten quit skinny O__o EAT WELL!!

NS Yoon-G ft. Jay Park - If You Love Me [MV + M! Countdown]

It's so sad TT I didn't really get the ending.. so he was just one of many? I liked the song though, their voices really match together. And I loved the fact that Jay was singing in english at first ^^

They recently (today) performed this song on M! Countdown actually!!

Wooah, Woaaah.. to close! Hahah no, I'm cool with it. But DAAAANG she can move her hips! And she's so tall O__o hahaha or maybe it's just Jay who is very short ^^ And the ending!! What the fudge? Did he really get scared? xD

But she didn't sing live right? It's too good to be live... haha
Found this pic:


Hahahah Jay Park photo-bombing AOA's group picture xD

I Miss Jay...

No, not you Miss Jay..


I meant that I miss Jay Park. What happened to him?! He used to upload so much crap on his youtube channel. Come on Jay.. I miss your crap O__o HAHAHAHAH I do!!!

Man.. I love his dancing, his singing, his rapping, his personality (even though it can be too much at some times) and just him! Dude, upload like a dance cover or something like you used to!

From 1:05, the way he moooooves~ so sexy xD But it feels so awkward ^^

I love both of these Jays. The cute and dorky one and the swag, all up in this ho* Jay. The reason why I love this remix is because I actually like the original one. Haha Jay is what I used to be. But then KPOP came into my life...

I regret nothing though haha. But Jay, COME BACK!!!!

Jay Park [Gangnam Style Dance]

He doesn't really start until 01:10.. but oh my. I don't mind watching him just stand there ^^ He looks so good! Like the old Jay. Don't know why, and it's really sad, but since I saw like the "real" Jay Park.. I've liked him less. I like guys who are respectful and nice but still got swag. Have this weird thing for bad words (cussing).. I don't like them -.- And I don't like them coming out of this wonderful boys mouth. I can handle a few cuss words, but they're never ending! He cusses non-stop!

In this clip though he looked like the Jay I freakin' fell in love with. Hahaha maybe it's because he looks more innocent ^^ But still got that swag baby!

Jay Park TV [ep. 3]

WARNING!!!! These clips are PG13 lol.. hahaha Just saying. So watch at own risk.
OMG.. the beginning.. hahaha wtf! And when they rubbed him against ice at 6:20. His laugh at 6:20!!! Hahahaha Jay.. "You're everywhere bro.. everywhere"

Jay Park - New Breed [MV]

Hhahaa I don't know if the song is called New Breed.. but now it is -.- And I guess this is the MV xD

Jay, keepin' it real!! xD I don't know if I love his new style or not. Or maybe I shouldn't say new style. I mean, this is the real Jay Park. I kind of like it.. but I think i liked the "nice" boy-style more. Maybe because I don't like him cussing.. Haha I don't really know ^^
I still love his music, like the style he sings in. I just don't like all the cussing. He should make a version where he beeps out all the bad words xD
But yes ladies and gentlemen, this is Jay!!! And I'll supporting him always! 8D

AND KEEP IT UP posting new videos. Keep it touch with your fans babe, this is what all the stars should do xD However, I guess not all of them have time to post videos like this all the time O__o But still..

Jay Park TV?!

WHAT IS THIS?! There are already 2 episodes out. This isn't good for me. Last night I had a dream about him :'( We were so close!!! Dang it.. I hate the feeling when you really like someone and you know you can't do anything about it. But Jay... one day, ONE DAY you'll read this and fall deeply in love with me mehehehehe xD Just because.. no particular reason why, you just will ;D

Episode 1

WAE ME NOT THERE?!!??! He's pretty much just walking around O_O Hahahha and the place at 2:40 reminds me of "I Am Legend" the movie. It's so empty.. and dirty O__o

at 4:51 "all work and no play, makes Jay, Cray.zay..baybay?" it should have been "all work and no play makes jay cray.zay, but the person who can fix it is.. bo bae, my baybay" RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!? xD

And such an awesome ending xD

Episode 2

He's like a big baby hahaha, a big baby that thinks he's badass. Don't know if it's cute.. or annoying? Haha naaah, he's cute xD And I love that he speaks english!!

Some of you might think "what the hell?! why is he like this?" because he was such a sweetheart in 2PM. Well as you guys may know, how you see the KPOP-idols are probably not the way they are IRL. I mean, they have to act staright and not do any mistakes because netizens can be very brutal. Just take all of these new stuff happening with T-ARA and Nichkhun. Netizens are being so harsh that T-ARA might not even make it another year. Netizens have so much power in the KPOP-world. That's why they can't act however they want (the idols). They need to "please" us or it won't go well for them. Nuf' said..

This is the real Jay!

Jay Park [Dancing to Dirty Bass]

YAAAAAY!!!!!! Me so happy when Jay uploads stuff xD And when he shakes his butt at 0:38 8D
I really like the.. place where they are dancing, it looks so dope! (I have to use the word dope at least three times when i write something about Jay. Dope)

Don't know if it is because I really like him.. But Jay Park must be the best dancer in this video O__o But I don't think it's because I like him. I think he's just a really great dancer.. and that's WHY i like him xD

JAY, we need more stuff like this, so keep it going (keep it popping, locking, shake it, never stop it, just keep on rock it) <---- read it in a robot-kind of way ^^. I know it should be like "keep rocking it" but then it wouldnät rhyme with stop it -.-'

Allkpop's interview with Jay Park!


I~ Caaaaan't heeeeeeeeelp~ FALLING IN LOVE.. WITH.. YOU!~
Haha naah, but when they asked if he would sing anything else than hiphop & R&B and he said maybe stuff like Jason Mraz because it's "sexy", I just went 8D
Hahahha, there is something about it when he talks about sexiness or.. girls haha, something that makes it a bit harder for me to breathe. He can take my breath breath breath~

But one thing bugged me. When he said that he was trying to sleeve up his arm with tattoos.. WAE?! Like he want's to cover his whole arm with tattoos. Why does he want to cover up his beautiful body? TT_TT

And the thing I was waiting for "I'd be Ironman.. he's a pimp. He's DOPE" hahaa.. dope. My little baby xD
Now all i have to do is become Scarlett Johansson ;P

Jay Park - FRESH A!R:BRETH !t [Album]

I don't know if this is an album, a mini-album or just a mixtape, but our beloved Jay Park has recently released 6 new songs that you can get for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xieq3xu1med2mxx

01. Do What We Do

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, JAAAAAAAAAAY?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?! xD You guys do understand what he's singing about right? haha wth, dude, you're making me blush ^^ If this would be in korean I wouldn't have understood what he was singing about, but now I do. So that's a good thing haha

02. Be With Me 2night

A bit more appropriate, but that line "ooh, girl.. you different from these girl that I'd be sexing~". I think he's very,, into girls haha. No duh, but this feels more like him.. because you know.. he IS a bad boy ^^

03. Hopeless Love (ft. Cha Cha)

He said that he was cheating on the girl at 0:36.. Yeah I'm sorry Jay, but I don't know if I like this song. That line "I'm a d*** to you when I should be giving d*** to you..." in the beginning (the first thing he says) I can actually listen to the other two, but this.. yeah hahaha no comments.

04. You Know How We Do (ft. Dumbfounded)

There's something that happens with me when he raps. Even if he raps about very.. girls in a.. funny way. But to be honest, I think I'll se Jay in a completely different way from now on O__o

05. Hopeless Love
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA I can't see it? It says I have to be 18 years or older. WTF JAY? WTF?!?!?! What the hell are you singing about??!?! Well here's the link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TyYZgaQ9MQ&feature=player_embedded

06. Body2Body

Haha it's very catchy, but I feel like I got his point. We know "How You Do It", and we get that you have a "Hopeless love" and that you looooove girls!

But I can't deny that it's a very catchy song

An Exclusive Interview with Jay Park (2011)

So this video was made about 1 year ago, but it's still very fun to watch ^^

Gaaah, hahaha I just love the way he speaks!!! Jay, please marry me T3T

Jay Park [fanvideo]


This video made me very emotional. I'm almost 100% sure it's because of the background music though haha xD But Jay Park.. I honestly don't know why he is so great to me. He doesn't even have an amazing voice, sure he dances well and to me is very good looking. And then what? His personality might not be the best, but I still love him. AND HIS STYLE IN CLOTHS!!

Haha, I guess it's just the whole thing. You know, his everything.. that's what makes him so awsome. Plus I kind of have a little thing for bad boys ^^

Jay Park, whatcha doing?

Found this clip on youtube from Jay Park's official Youtube-account (jaybumaom0425). It was uploaded friday, so it's fresh fresh!

Haha love how he always slaps his hands together and make all those hand movements. Like a true Egyptian xD And his "Dope", haha get can't get over that. He says it ALL the time. "Uhm.. yeah.. it's gonna be DOPE!"

1:43, mmmmmmmmmmh! Hahahaha Jay, I honestly love you, you dorky wannabe, will be, is.. gangster! ^^

And when he's in the arcade-room. Sheeeeesus.. I so wanna be there with him and play :c Then that last minute? Jay, what's wrong with you?! Haha he looks high xD "I look like Snake.. Snake from the simpsons, yaah, totally" This is why I love you dude, It's all here!!! haha ^^

Win Jay Park tickets!! (for you guys in america)

And of course there's a giveaway that's reasonable that provides you two tickets to go see Jay Parks concert in New York and Silver Spring, MD. Now the funny part is that yesterday, I should have been on a plane towards America. But because I have school, only my brothers were able to go :c

So if Jay Park has his concert in New York during these two coming weeks... God hates me :S

Haha okey, enough about my problems. If you live in america, make sure to enter this competition!!!! this is what you do:

• Follow APAHM’s twitter Share the story with the hashtag #APAHMxallkpop

• Comment below on why you love Asian culture (Don’t forget to leave your @username (Twitter)below!)

Thats it! Tickets will be distributed via WILL CALL.

If you’re from the West Coast, have no fear! allkpop will also be giving away two pairs of tickets to theSan Francisco and Los Angeles shows, so stay tuned!

You can also purchase tickets here

Contest ends 11:59pm EST May 7th 2012

Good Luck!

Read more about the contest here: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/05/jay-parks-apahm-tour-east-coast-tickets-giveaway

Jay Park - Nothing on You, Know Your Name, Girlfriend (Star Awards 2012)

GAAAAAAH!!! Love it when he sings american songs!! Hahaha, don't know what it is though, but whenever he sings an american song it makes me go "OLALAAAA~".. sort of ^^ Even if he's not really singing it in english..

And I know, I know.. the girl at the end -.-' She's a famous actress from Singapore, Jeanette Aw, so I don't really mind ;D

Here you have Jay Park singing "Nothing on You" but in english. (This cover was made before 2010 I believe)

He has improved so holy cow much since this!! (Don't want to use God's name in vain ^^)
But that doesn't mean he wasn't any good. A really like this cover from Jay Park!!!!! xD

Jay Park Aegyo!!

Hahahha those last two, how the hell is that aegyo? xD

Jay Park recently showed off his special, 5-set aegyo in front of actress, Lee Si Young on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘.

On the April 28th broadcast of the show, Jay Park and Lee Si Young worked a long day, as they sat in the recording room bringing out ideas to create the perfect song.  However, Lee Si Young was having a hard time and mentioned, “I’ve been thinking all night, but the lyrics aren’t coming to my mind.”  Due to the exhaustion, the actress couldn’t help but mess up her hair in frustration.

To cheer her up, Jay Park started practicing all sorts of funny facial expressions.  After he perfected his expressions, he said, “Look here” and showed his special, 5-set aegyo.  Upon seeing his adorable face, the actress instantly cheered up and gave a bright laugh.

The couple also had a fun time together, watching Jay Park’s recent movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘.

*Cough Cough* What do they mean with couple? O__o WHAT THE HELL IS "MUSIC AND LYRICS"?!
Ohhh.. ok, it's like them doing a song for this group called "Tiny-G". So I guess that's what they mean with "couple" ^^ hehe.. oups xD

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