I remember when I wrote their 8th years anniversary last year and I don't know how to write a better one o_o I wrote that I want to see 5 of them really badly on stage together and I don't want to ruin the mood but they'll never do that again. It's sad but true, however isn't that why all the cassatopias' are still hoping? 
It may sound cheesy but isn't hope the last thing that leaves a person? ;-)

HAPPY 9 YEARS guys! And a big applause for Changmin and Yunho who're fighting their ass off! You guys are doing a great work! Make 2013 an epic year as well <3
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TVXQ - Catch Me [Dance Practice]

Well.. it got better during the end xD At first they were not really in sync, but that improved during the end. AND OMG the transitions betweem them?! WAE SO GOOD?! It looked so cool, like how they lifted one guy and made the other one disappear behind them etc. And those wavy snake things they do. Kind of reminded me of High School Musical 2, but I still liked it ^^

TVXQ - Catch Me [MV]

Wahhh :O

I don't really have high expectations when it comes to SM (You know their MV's) it's their trademark to put the idols in a room and make them dance so I'm over when it comes to that part. But this was just.. :O It didn't "sound" like TVXQ at all! It was a new side of them ^o^ And 3 things I seriously love is:

1. When they burp out some words in the beginning. It doesn't sound like a weird autotune, they're burping :3
2. Those parts when they use their metalic arms to create something something... that's just amazing!
3. The dance move when they push Changmin up from the floor 4:12, I'm like how the heck... Do you know how much strenght and muscles that requires?! Do you?! Me neither but I can't do it...

All I know is that I have to see a live performance... and to check out their new album~
Mai gawd they're gorgeous!

Changmin (TVXQ) Eye Smile

I can not be the only one that has noticed Changmin's "Half-eye smile". Haha if you haven't noticed it before, here are some pictures:


You get the point. Haha but it's so charming!! His Eye smile is really something special.. plus that he's super adorable! ^^ Haha and he seems like such a funny guy! Have to watch shows with him (variety shows). Right now though I'm watching "Oh! My School", but after that I'll make sure to watch something with Changmin.. and Yoochun!!! He also seems to be a very funny guy xD


TVXQ [Comeback Teaser Image of Max]

These "Comeback photos" are a bit boring.. they haven't changed at all -.-' I guess the thing fans are getting so excited about is just the fact that they're having a comeback ^^

TVXQ comeback! + Yunho [Teaser Picture]

What time is i? It's TVXQ COMEBACK TIME! xD
On September 24th they'll release their album "Catch Me". So soon~

Feels like there will be an "Combeack"-epidemic soon ^^ First Exo, Block B and now TVXQ xD

The last time we heard from TVXQ were during their "Keep Your Head Down" era.

Ahh.. absolutley love this song :') And it was released January 3. it's about time you guys did a comeback! O__o

Xia Junsu - Press Conference in NY

I haven't been paying attention towards this but Junsu is going to do a world tour...
I don't know but I somehow find it odd O__O Everything went so fast, is he really that popular (well he is popular) all over the world that he can gather thousands of fans in one place?
Oh well here are some pictures from his Press Conference in New York

Xia Junsu - Uncommited [MV]

Meh.. it wasn't entirely bad. But.. yeah haha, I don't have that much to say xD The song was O.K!!
he says in the song "She told me that I be unfaithful and I cannot believe" and "She said you can’t be committed, I said baby i dont really get it

Dude.. what is it that you don't get?! Even in the MV he cheats on her. Haha like come on -.-' You only think you can stay commited.. but that's why you're making this song. To show how uncommited you are, no matter how commited you feel. We saw you getting all touchy with that korean girl.. that wasn't your girlfriend in this MV. Yeah!! We saw you Junsu.. O__o

haha ^^ i'm tired.. Just got out of work. GOODNIGHT GUYS!!

Xiah Junsu - Uncommitted [Tracklist + Teasers]

I don't know why we haven't uploaded this yet but... here you go xD
So he's trying to make a move in the U.S as well. A lot of idols/groups seems to do it nowdays, or the big ones are trying however no one has really succeeded. Sure Psy is going to L.A now to do something but he didn't even try to make it in America.
Okay enough about that. I smell jelly all the way~ I read some crazy comments on youtube so I'm only waiting till the MV will be out and pop a nice bag of popcorn and prepare myself for a catfight on the comment section ;'D I sound so lame right now... the song was...? Couldn't really hear so much except for the word "player" so It wasn't the best thing I've ever heard.
But he looks hawt in that white... hair color XD


2.Tarantallegra Feat.Flowsik Of Aziatix (Oriental Ver.)

3.Uncommitted (Inst)

4.Tarantallegra Feat.Flowsik Of Aziatix (Oriental Ver.) (Inst)


OHHHHHH So that random dude in the MV who rapped was a member from Aziatix... makes sense now XD

The album will be out soon or to be more exact August 23rd. 1 week left folks'







Sasaeng Fans (LONG TEXT)

I don't know if you guys have heard of sasaeng fans, but they are these extremly hardcore fans that would do anything for a picture of their idols. Not only pictures though, I think the proper word for them would be stalkers. Like creepy obssessive stalkers. I read so many crazy things they've done to their idols and I don't really know how to react.

For example there has been lots of scandals with sasaeng fans and JYJ/DBSK.

Things Sasaeng Fans have done to JYJ/DBSK members:
–Made a copy of the key to DBSK’s apartment 
–Followed Changmin, then broke his pinky finger 
–Froze DBSK’s phone account, checked their call history on their cell phones, and checked one by one to see if they called a girl 
–Looked for DBSK’s personal seal to register marriage documents 
–Snuck in lingerie in DBSK’s bags 
–Secretly ordered a bunch of pizza and chicken to DBSK’s apartment and forced them to pay for them
–Snuck into their apartment and kissed them while they’re sleeping
–Saved menstrual blood to give the oppas as a present
–Been the cause of their car accident 
–Found the phone numbers of family members and called them
–Hit Changmin with a bag full of rock
–Used members’ social security numbers to sign into various internet sites
–Tapped their phones


And more. (source~)

When I read this.. I didn't really know what to think. What kind of people would take fandom so far? Sure, I know how it feels to be in love with Idols and I know how desperate one can get at some times. But that is no freakin' excuse for behaving like this!! Who sneaks in to their apartment when they're sleeping, isn't that illegal?? O__o

I also read this report that told the Sasaeng fans side of it all.
Apparently, most of the sasaeng fans are outcasts from school. That means that they have more time to stalk their Idols. These fans can spend all their time stalking their oppas, going to their dorms, practice rooms and salons. But to get to all these places they need taxi, and for taxi you need money.

Lee (
15) spends about $1,000 USD a month on her sasaengactivities alone, which mostly goes into paying for the taxis that chase her oppas down.

Renting out a sasaeng taxi for a day costs $300 USD. She saves money by working part time at convenience stores and comic book rental stores, as well as saving $500 USD that would normally go into her after school classes.

She revealed, “I heard that there is also a girl that prostitutes herself to make money for her sasaeng activities.”

Sasaeng fans usually sleep or spend the night at PC rooms. Some will even be homeless during the summer and skip out on school. Extreme sasaeng fans go as far as to drop out of school completely.

The sad reality is that there are taxi services, as mentioned above, catering specifically for sasaeng fans. These special taxis will speed as much as 200 km/h to chase after vans that idols ride.

As if all of this wasn’t already hard to believe, there are actual companies that fans can hire to spy on and watch over their oppas’ every activity all day.

One official of such a company revealed, “Sasaeng fans are stalkers. They’re not normal,  they’ve mentioned killing someone, and even themselves. Some even ask us to find out what color clothes their idols wear to bed.”

One sasaeng even offered $100,000 USD if the company could steal her idol’s underwear.

The fans were then asked about the hatred and criticism they’ve been receiving since the scandal with JYJ came to light in the media.

Park (18) replied, “There are rules even amongst ourselves that we must keep. The fan that tried to kiss oppa broke one of our rules. I heard that, that particular fan was assaulted by other sasaengs for breaking the rule.”


So yeah.. what do you guys think about this? I could understand some of it. If I could see my idols on the street because I know they are there, I'd sure go and see them!! But not like this. Not stalking them like a crazy person, chasing them down with a cab -.-

Junsu (JYJ) - TARANTALLEGRA [Dance Ver.]

Now that is some hard core dancing!!!!! STARSTRUCK OVER HERE!! Kind of. Haha xD
The only thing I want to comment on really is the ending. I mean, sure it looks cool in a weird animalistic kind of way. But imagine recording that xD I've been infront on the camera and doing that.. would not be possible for me. Hahaha I would feel so awkward doing it!

But then again, he has been doing this for a while now ^^ anywho, this dance ver. was DAEBAK!!
"Tarantallegra, blablablabla, Tarantallegra, blabla.bla~" <----- stuck in my head now -.-'

Junsu - Tarantallegra [MV]

Lol that hard name XD I can't watch it right now so I'll write something about it later. But here you have it Junsu's Tarantallegra~

*daze* O___O

Where shall I begin? DAAAAEEEEEEBAAAAKKK!!!!
JUNSU YOU'RE AWESOME!!! The MV Surely was one of a kind, but who the heck is that dark skinned* guy who rapped? =_=

This was a huge transformation from his previous song "In heaven" to this! (Btw I just realised the girl in "in heaven" is SONG JI HO!!!!! Hahahahahahah XD I'm so slow <-- yes it's the chick in Running Man)
And damn he's hot! The song was good, it wasn't really catchy when you hear it for the first time but it will probably be a really catchy if you listen to it 2-3 timees.

But the part where the foreign girl danced was pretty random, in matter of fact the whole MV is quiet random he brings the word wierdness to a whole other level compared to Lady Gaga XD The MV attacked me with the feeling "sadist" especially in the end when everyone held a camera and filmed him... kinky... 

Otherwise this was just daebak! I'm waitng for the day he'll perform it live ^_^

Junsu - Tarantallegra [Teaser]

The name of the song was hard to write -_______- lol XD
But this teaser made me giggle all the way hahaha you can't deny the fact that the girls and the boys almost looked the same and it was pretty weird... or the whole thing feelt weird. It gave me that sadistic gang bang feeling O__O *never mind me* but damn that was sexy...
He looked a bit lame and girly in the beginning, you know when he walked... but it just became sexier every minute second* huhohoho :3

Boy I'm waiting for the MV and the song now *pervy smile*

I'm actually looking forward because this concept/teaser/everything seem to stand out compared to kpop in general. Well and those last 2 picture creeps me out as ****.
And the last picture on Junsu and his new hair cut/color he's... hot O_O

The irony behind these quotes:

“Only when the five of us are together can we be called TVXQ.”

“If anyone is to leave TVXQ, I will go back to being a regular high school student.”

Me: Trololololo XD Hahaha no I'm mean now ê__ê

Well here you have other (funnier) quotes from TVXQ:

Fan: Oppa, if your brief and me drop into the water, who will you save first? I believe that oppa is a wise person.
Changmin: My brief doesn’t know how to swim, so do you know how to swim?

The members were looking back on their trainee days…

MC: I heard you guys worked really hard before debute?
YH: Yeah. We had to go on diets often to keep fit.
YC: We always go to bed without eating dinner…
JS: It was hard for us to sleep because we were so hungry…
JJ: Last time, when Changmin and I really couldn’t sleep, we went out to walk around…
CM: We were really hungry that day, and when we passed a really high class restaurant, the smell of food hit us. Then Hyung asked me: “Do you like that?” I nodded. Hyung looked at me and said: “Then let’s walk back…”
MC: … What happened next… ?
JJ (@.@): We wondered in front of that store until closing time…

"I think I'd marry Yunho if I were a female. Because he's so manly..I think he'd protect me well." Jaejoong

"Jokingly I say to Yunho 'Let's not live together.' When that happens Yunho will start to panic and apologize to me." Changmin

TVXQ - Still (Japanese)

I'm sorry, but I'm very very tired and my daily routine is messed up, so I need to sleep.

I have no idea why we haven't put this up yet O__o but here you have TVXQ's Japanese single "Still" that was released 2 weeks ago!

JYJ's Yoochun trolling xD

and Junsu and Jaejoong just sitting there like "... wtf?" That was EPIC Yoochun, EPIC!! xD
If you want to see the actual clip you can click here ;)

That U-know Yunho smile...

As you already know SM goes all in when it comes to the looks. So I found a picture on Yunho yesterday (don't ask me how I found it -.-) and I think it was during TVXQ's debut days?
Well it was a smiling picture:


Damn that was a good dentist...
Look how freaking perfect, white and shiny his teeths are O__O
But I think that picture is from his trainee days.. don't you think so? He looked really young and chubby there.


Dude, I don't know either. But it was hot ^^
All I know is that this is a PV (preveiw) of a longer commercial that will be about 4-5 minutes. Haha, sounds more like a short film then a commercial O.o

It'll be a commercial for women's fragrence.. interesting. Haha anywho, the Lamborghini was hot, and so was Yunho and Changmin ;)

Just watch it!

I read this in the description box:

Kai was in it for god sake!!!! Hahaha XD (The one with the red hoodie) I don't really hold any grudges against EXO or Kai if I'm going to be honest. It's just this crappy way of SM building up this non-existing-tension right now. I knew from the beginning that Kai was the longest trainee for SM in EXO and sure he deservs to have his time to shine, but 18 teasers?! TT_TT
You usually have 1 max 2. SM just broke the record...

TVXQ <3 Y U no 5 anymore... </3

Is it bullshit or just bullcrap?

Saw this post when I had class yesterday and I shrieked like a cow... attentionwhore.com *trolololo*
Well after a while my useless brain started to think a bit. You know I heard that the reason why they don't reunite is because of personal matters. (Dunno like a fight between the members, was it Changmin and Jaejoon? Something about their family. Well shouldn't bring up stuff I ain't 100% sure on...)

I can't really find anything witty here to say bacause I haven't really been a hardcore cassiopeia I just enjoy their music, it's sad that they've split up and I want them to reuinite again. But not through a company I never had heard of before, the heck Avex?! Not even... ... yeah I've lost my hope on SM I don't really think that they will dp anything >__> But I rather want them to personally make up

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