B1A4 - Oyasumi, Good Night [PV]

So this is a remake of their korean song "Baby Good Night". The guys will be releasing their second Japanese album on August 29th!

AWWWW, THIS MADE ME BLUSH SO HARD!! but the ending.. f*cking bastard O__o He's like cheating on them?! I don't like it anymore. From absolutley loving it to freakin' hating it T_T
Because I mean, it was so cute how they helped each other and all the stuff he did for the girl.

Some things I realized though. The car's steering wheel is on the right side? Yeah.. haha and the girls at 02:30 haha

Here's the korean version:

OMG hahahaha they're both cheating here!! I perfer the Japanese MV. It was so much cuter xD But yeah.. don't like the fact that they're cheating -.-'

Well, got to go! I'm dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight~


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