B1A4 CF for Wuttisak!

HAHAHAHAH, it looked so forced!!!! Not their cuteness (that's all natural baby!!!), but their reactions and their "WOW"s and "OOOH"s. Don't tell me you didn't notice that O__o But what can you do. ALL CF's nowadays feel fake. Only reason I look at them and enjoy them is.. well, because of groups like B1A4. I'm satisfied with just watching them ^^ *le perv*

So Wuttisak Clinic is a Thai cosmetic company. It's funny how B1A4 does stuff in Thailand now but not in Korea. I WAN'T A FREAKIN' COMEBACK FROM YOU GUYS!!! But maybe it's smart to wait a couple of months, knowing that like 103e214fu82 other groups are having their debut/comeback now. So yeah, you wait guys. However, I'll be waiting for that comeback of yours O______o


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