An angry A+

I heard that during yesterdays MBC Gayo daejun MBLAQ and U-KISS got some different treatments XD I saw a clip on MBLAQ's performance on Sanna's blog. Man I got angry as *******************

G.O, Thunder and Seungho's mic! :@
W-T-F -.- You could see the the confusion on G.O's face... Well, not gonna let out all my rage now. Instead let's read other fans rage XD

Obviously Gayo daejun this year sucked... Everything can't really be perfect, of course there'll be some problems here and there but it feels like they should've been a bit more professional when they know that the biggest event/concert/something of the year will be held by them. (Aiming at the 3 of them SBS, KBS and MBC)
Let's hope that this years Gayo daejun will be better (y) This was my first one after all XD


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