B1A4 Sesame Player

GUYS! Remember when me and B.R.A watched MBLAQ Sesame Player (or Kkael player) for like 2 days straight? No..? Oh okey, but we did! ^^ And then apparently INFINITE did the show, and now B1A4?! I HAVE TO SEE IT!! xD It was sooo much fun watching MBLAQ do this show, can only hope B1A4 will be as fun to watch. However I bet that INFINITE was pretty fun ^^ At least they seem funny.. looking! Haha naah, but seroiusly.

If you want to watch the first episode of B1A4 Sesame player with subs:


You're welcome!

perogogo:  Soft Left Side: Modest Jinyoung holds his lower stomach, while cutie Baro hold his inner thigh but both spread their legs the widest Into it Right side: Secretly sexy CNU & Mischievous Chansik both GRAB THEIR CROTCHES LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. AW YEAH. Moral of the story: B1A4 ARE AMAZING. THE END.


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