Those stuff B1A4 got...

When I searched on Sandeul to find some picture for that U.P.A.H.I I had earlier today, I found a picture on a member that made me go all OMO AKSDFNSLIKF!! O_O
That was a surprising picture I have to say...

Well let's start like this: Did you know that Jinyoung has abs?

                                                      WHOA. Ok so you thought that B1A4 was full of cutie pies with nothing really adult and masculine to offer? At least, not enough to perv on correct? We are oh so very glad to be proven wrong by Jinyoung here. Now if only you and CNU could get the rest of your band members on the “stripping” train then a whole LOT of bana’s lives would be made.

Now you know it...

*____* daze...
He doesn't really have that OMG PACK! But it's coming. I thought that eveyone from B1A4 would be flat you know, because of that über cute and skinny (wtf..) image. But this was like a big fat fist on tha face...
However he was inhumanly pale/white/bleached in this picture. He's a whiter and more cleaner version Edward in Twilight XD At least he doesn't sparkle (y) Well well this was todays schock for me, Jinyoung having abs... la la la~

Postat av: Sica

Haha, hate to break it to you but that's a fake picture. They pasted Jinyoung's face from one of the pictures in their OK photobook onto some dude's body

2012-03-27 @ 03:58:35

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