Block B - Nillili Mambo [MV Teaser]

Oh. My. God!!! IT SOUNDS AWESOME! THANK GOD!! I was so affraid that their "new" style would be very boring. I honestly didn't like many of the songs that was played in their teasers.. but this, THIS!!! This is just like the same old Block B I remember xD Swag, good sound and just awesomeness all over it ^^

AISH, and P.O looking fine as hell, and U-Kwon.. and ZICO!! And they all know how to dance now.. and they're all so schmexy!!~
SPAZZ!!!! djaisofhdasusf1k4ej23torhfwopwa!"!"RTGFEhrthjprse

The MV will be released tomorrow.. WHO ELSE IS EXCSITED?!


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