Block B - Nillili Mambo [MV]


My bad I didn't really have the time to write about the MV XD
Was it only me who started to get teary and all that kind of stuff? I was like "They're finally back! ;w; *sobs* I can't believe that the whole controversy thing was half a year ago O__O Time flies by pretty fast .___.
Back to the MV... I-LOVE-IT! This is what I mean with doing a whole new theme/concept but to still have the group vibes in it! This was seriously awesome! One of their best songs/MV's.
Seeing Kyung chasing a chicken seriously made my day~  And imagine seeing Jaehyo running around on the street shirtless :3
Aaaaand U-kwon's fail at the end (with the gun) ;'D
Amagod I'm spazzing like a freak XD I'm happy that they're back and I can't describe how much I love their concept this time (YYY) Now I need to search for the lyrics :p


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