Block B - Teaser [B-Bomb]

I actually find this pretty depressing, this morning when I visited youtube's channel I saw that Brandnewstardom uploaded this teaser clip 5 minutes ago but I couldn't watch it ;w;
Everybody say WEEHOO!!!~ They're back!!!
I've been listening to Block B's albums these days and I miss them .____. The whole controversy was just ridiculous (according to me) but that is quiet forgotten now however they've been through a lot of shit during that time. But then Nichkhun and T-ara came hahahaha XD *mean humour*

To be honest I started to laugh at the beginning because it looked lame but daaaaamnn! that was swag on high level! The whole thing just badum tsakfjasljdfbsajfd~
The MV will be released October 17th so they have plenty of time to release other teasers ^_^
Btw was it only me who couldn't stop focusing on his nipples?! O___O


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