8 months with B.A.P

A lot of babys' *lol* are having a mini celebration nao~
It's B.A.P's 8 month anniverary, today, yesterday, tomorrow .____. They debuted with Warrior, September 25th but everyone seem to celebrate it today e__e
And I'm like "Wat . . . ~____~"
They've actually done A LOT during these 8 months... 3 different albums/MV's, actually 4 inclusive Crash, a lot of interviews and shows... That's what I call a hectical year. A lot of people *cough, me, cough* usually think that B.A.P, EXO and NU'EST are the most "wow" groups this year. Or the be more exact they're the top 3 boy groups who has left a good impact/impression for us kpop fans (there are other groups as well, note: I said top 3) but if you compare these top 3 groups B.A.P is the one who has been onging all the time and then NU'EST, lastly EXO. <-- sure they've done a lot of concerts with SM Town...

You know what I can probably write a whole essay on this without having a point... so let me just say well done B.A.P and may you always release powerful albums!~  happy 8 months ;D


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